Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fighting in Mannar, Vavuniya

More than 50 LTTE cadres and 10 SLA soldiers have been killed during last two days of fighting along Mannar and Vavuniya defense lines. Over 30 soldiers and an unknown number of LTTE cadres are reported to be inured.

Fighting erupted in Vavuniya when LTTE resisted a two pronged limited offensive launched by the army. Soldiers of the 57th division moved ahead of their forward defense lines to launch attacks on LTTE positions in the area. At least 25 LTTE cadres were killed in the firefights that erupted soon afterwards. SLA too suffered casualties while crossing the no man's land as it had been heavily mined and booby trapped by the tigers.

Mannar front also heated up when defending LTTE cadres clashed with soldiers of 58th division. 58th division (also known as the Task Force 01), under the command of Brigadier Shamindra Silva, has been gradually moving towards the LTTE enclave of Vilathithikulam.

Meanwhile LTTE's intelligence has warned the outfit's leadership of a possible army invasion through the Weli-Oya sector. Although this has been LTTE's speculation for nearly 6 months, the army is yet to start a mass troop movement into Wanni through Weli-Oya. LTTE have been strengthening their defenses in the area ahead of Temple Hill amry base with additional defence lines being built and trenches being dug. SLA's 59th division has been strategically deployed in this area. 59th division, commanded by Brigadier Nanda Udawaththa, is the newest offensive division to be raised by the army.


  1. Sounds like this is what we've been waiting for, the big push into the Wanni. From, quoting an interview by the army commander,

    "In an interview with a popular local weekend newspaper 'Rivira' yesterday, Army Chief, Lt. General Sarath Fonseka said, SLA have begun advancing into non-liberated areas of Wanni and Northern fronts in five major offensive divisions. Further, in his interview, the Army Chief revealed that two offensive divisions from Jaffna would join the advancing troops from Mannar, Vavuniya and Welioya fronts."

  2. Sounds like just before or just after 16th we may see lot of movements.
    Thunurwan Saranai my bro's and sis's.

  3. Perein..i hope there is no large scale troop movement on part of the 59th div.Now lets see..if the LTTE want a morale booster for their cadres..they will pit their best fighters against an inexperienced division.Basically they are inviting the 59th to slaughter.I think this gradual encroachment works fine.

  4. ty Defencenet for the update

    things are getting very interesting

  5. Most likely the 55th division and elite 53rd division including air mobile units and mechanized infantry units will join the battle at a later stage.

  6. defencenet:

    Appreciate if you could post a map showing the areas of current offensive operations as long as it doesnt contain sensitive information.

  7. It is a tragedy if brave soldiers get caught in booby traps and mines. LTTE must have laid thousands of mines along the FDL.

  8. contention exactly.We need to have some tactic to counteract these mines and booby traps.

  9. The Hindu: Co-Chairs ask Colombo to finalise devolution plan



  10. [###my contention exactly.We need to have some tactic to counteract these mines and booby traps.###]


    Please pass on the this message to your superiors. A research and Development sector for our armed forces is essential.

    Technological innovation is the way forward for problems such as this.

    For example, a competition to design a machine to counteract these land mines would get all the Engineering students off the picket lines and into the labs.

    The fame and glory of knowing you were a part of the Sri Lankan War on terror should be enough motivation to get this done.


  11. Defencenet;
    Have we received newly ordered air units after Anuradapura event yet?

  12. Sunday Island:Current VIP security systems are flawed admits IGP




  14. One soulution to land mines are written in the thread below this.

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  16. Guys,

    I think the Handle "GA" got a very valid point. We need something in place to save the lives of SLA soldiers from heavilly mined LTTE FDL's.

    A remotely controlled heavy vehicle with bomb absorbing capabilities is the answer to these booby traps.This is something the SLA can build with the existing technology.Send it first before an invasion..Sure it will signal the enemy the presence of SLA but SLA can save more lives on the battle field this way.

    Asking those brave men to walk into mine fields is a CRIME against humanity.

    It is old school stuff..

    Kevin, you are write someone wrote about it in the previous thread.

  17. Hey this blog seems really glad i found it randomly..
    one come kilinochchi areas cant be zoomed in as close as some of majority of sri lanka?
    google is getting paid not to ?
    or do governments just have to pay for detailed satellite imagery?

    im pretty sure that terrorist outfits however, use what ever means necessary to plan their strategies..

  18. Two sentences from Athas's situation report caught my eye.

    "Constraints prevent me from giving details except to add that a senior Army official told a top-level conference he was confident the Madhu church area would be under their control within the next two weeks. He said the troops were within six to seven kilometres from the Church area."


    "In the light of the stepped up military offensives on Tiger guerrillas, the Ministry of Defence is taking steps to ensure all equipment and other military needs are met. Last week, an Air Force transport plane flying in defence supplies made a stop over in an Asian country. Its takeoff had been delayed after one of the pilots was not available. An inquiry is now under way to ascertain the circumstance. Some reports said he had adjourned to a restaurant for refreshments. Unidentified persons had drugged him there and escaped with his money leaving behind only his identity card. Air Force officials remained tight lipped about the incident."

    I doubt the LTTE is has the resources to pull something like that off, but you never know. Any info on that defencenet?

  19. aqua

    you have a very good question there ?

    there are so much of these companies out there not just google

  20. ty Illegal.existence for bringing it up

    i forgot to check it out today

    very interesting stuff on Mr Athas's Situation Report on the Sunday times

    here is the full report


  21. 1. Constant close Air Support will be very critical in winning this war.

    We have to concentrate a lot and coordinate in this aspect.

    Night attack capabilities for Airforce is a MUST too. Our poorness is affecting this.

    2. Battles are fought in many fronts, and international PR front is a key one.

    GOSL needs to fight this effectively, as every Dick and Tom in the world now try to poke their fingers into Sri Lanka and try to execute LTTE agenda.

    This MUST be effectively countered.

    The country has many educated people who can articulate things well. GOSL should search for such people and make them take those bulls by the horn.

  22. Illegal.existence, drugging and theft from tourists is common in a lot of countries, so it does not have to be LTTE. Wonder whether it was a restaurant or a massage parlour :-)

  23. Aye! for hasty R&D and implementation of remote controlled heavy vehicles (road rollers etc.) for clearing mine fields.

    We need to explore this area urgently.

    And what about silly string to counter booby traps. US troops effectively use this to counter booby traps in Iraq. This an extremely cheap way to find trip wires. Have we even looked at using this??

  24. Tigers trying their favourite and proven escape strategy - racial violence.

    Refer TN about an exaggerated Tamil-Muslim tensions in the East.

    There were many more important news yesterday and today but TN chosed to report this!!!

    "please keep the CFA; we will adhere to it 100% this time; pleaase stay Norwegians"
    - S Nadesan January 2008

  25. Defencenet,
    Will 53rd Div. join the battle? I thought they were deployed in the northen area. When you said they are going to join do you mean that they will be called in from the Mannar front or will they attck from the north?

  26. Chamal, 53rd will join from the northen front. When they will join will depend on the situation. On the other hand 55th div has already taken part in the first phase with a series of group based attack on jaffna fdls.
    Illegal.Exsistance, the pilot incident doesnt seem to be ltte related. Looks like a random mugging.

  27. Chamal, 53rd will join from the northen front. When they will join will depend on the situation. On the other hand 55th div has already taken part in the first phase with a series of group based attack on jaffna fdls.
    Illegal.Exsistance, the pilot incident doesnt seem to be ltte related. Looks like a random mugging.

  28. An ltte vehicle transporting reinforcements to wanni fdl was ambushed by sf yesterday. 10 ltte cadres who were inside have gone mia.

  29. I would love to know Army Recon teams use target illuminators. so that SLAF can destroy them.

    This is an effective way of neutralizing enemy without risking lives of the soldiers.

  30. srilankan / Tangara-
    I do not think any one will get forces to just walk on the mines and booby traps field.
    Till todate this war been addressed very organised way, comparted to past. Somthing tells me we do know what we are walking into in Wani. May be we have managed to get some mind fields maps to avoid this.
    Forces may wait till 16th in outside ring with out addressing with proper plan. Also surely Air force will play a bigger role during Wani offensive.
    However we do need to make sure public out side Wanni (ie: Kandy / Colombo etc.) look after their own back yard with out giving any chances to Terrorists.

  31. Defencenet;
    Is this somthing you can answer currently please?
    "Have we received newly ordered air units after Anuradapura event yet?"

  32. DefenceNet,

    Has one of our miltary arms equipped some of its units with the NORINCA Type-97A 5.56mm Bullpup?

    I saw them being carried by a patrol. So its no secret.

    The Type-97A was used by the Tigers in the AAB attack. And was used by prabhas and other Tiger leaders bodyguard units.

  33. correction:
    That is NORINCO Type-97A.

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  35. ga, Tangara,

    We don't need to re-invent mine breaching systems. There are many such technologies on the market, see links below for just two of them.

    Driving remote control vehicles across mine fields is not going to work, and anyway its something like a mechanical flail which has been used since WWII. For one thing a mine field is not a narrow stretch of land. There are mined areas all along the FDL's and troop movements are over a wide front. The southern FDL stretches pretty much from the west coast all the way to the east coast.

    Portable mine/anti personnel obstacle clearing systems as given above will be more effective. They can be carried and used wherever as required.

    The use of mechanised infantry units and more use of APC's will also help to minimise casualties from mines.

  36. nemesis,

    Do you mean the QBZ-97A?

    If we are finally using more 5.56mm weapons, that would be awesome. Since the Chinese and other non-NATO/Western countries are now manufacturing weapons/ammo in this calibre, I think we can safely make the transition without having to worry about supplies.

    However, I'm not a particular fan of bullpup models. At school in the UK we use to train on the cadet version of the SA-80. Although accuracy is good, bullpups are cumbersome to carry around and use compared to conventional rifles.

  37. Perein..Many thanks for your input.However we have missed the point.The point being that this battle is about brave soldiers walking into mine fields-they are the mine clearing "equipment".According to DefenceWire we have lost a 1000 soldiers and 4000 injured of which the majority are due to mines..with 25% of the injured not being able to return to the battlefield..since last quarter of 2006..This tells me that our war is with mines..ignoring the shelling responses.. i assume the majority of shells hit trees given the duration between shells say this time LTTE cadres can goto timbattoo and back..

  38. Shay,

    Yes it is the QBZ-97A. Sri Lanka has been using 5.56mm caliber weapons since the mid 1980s.

    The FNC, M-16A2, M-16 Colt Commando and resently even the H&K G-33/53 uses small numbers by the SLAF. But the 5.56mm didnt catch on in SL for many reasons,

    On Bullpups, the SA-80 is not the best bullpup around, the Styer AUG and SAR-21 from SG Kinetics are soild weapons in their own right, especially for fighting in urban areas. But they do have their weaknesses.

    I think after the war the SL miltary needs a good overhaul guided by lessons learned locally and lessons leared by others abroad.

    The 5.56mm has the accuracy, low recoil and weight but lacks the hiting power of the 7.62x39 russian used in the T-56A2 the current primary battle rifle of the SL miltary. The 7.62mm lacks velocity & accuracy in burst/auto.

    I think we should give thought of going for a compramise like the
    6.5mm Grendal or 6.8 Remington SPR which combines the best of both 5.56 NATO & 7.62.39 Russian.

    But we must wait and see if the
    6.5 & 6.8mm rounds break out of the SpecOps community and becomes a standard rifle round in a few countries (inc. onese which would sell to us in bulk & when ever we need it) :-)

  39. nemesis,

    I'm aware that Sri Lankan forces have been using a variety of 5.56mm weapons in limited numbers for a long time. I had this discussion with David Blacker sometime back and he felt that the reason they didn't catch on was mainly because we weren't assured of a steady supply of parts and ammo since at that time 5.56mm weapons/ammo were manufactured almost exclusively by NATO countries.

    Not sure if I agree that 5.56x45mm lacks the hiting power of the 7.62x39mm. Most studies show that it has better yaw and fragmentation than the 7.62mm round leading to much more extensive injuries. That is why both the Russians and Chinese have moved to 5.45mm and 5.8mm respectively.

    I havent heard of the 6.5mm or 6.8mm. But the 5.45mm and 5.8mm is also supposed to combine the best of the 5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds.

    US Special forces at least for the time being seem to be sticking with 5.56mm. The FN SCAR which is likely to be the standard SOCOM rifle is chambered for 5.56mm and 7.62x51mm in the LMG role.

  40. Thanks Defencenet for the info on 53rd.
    Nemesis, I have seen a weapon like this with soldiers of the Air Force(not sure if it's the same but looks very much similar) But I haven't seen it with the army. Anyway the Air Force seems to be ubgrading their weapons these days. Most Air Force patrols are carrying new weapons instead of the usual T-56 & 81

  41. Some info for MI

    LTTE activists from Australia stranded in Vanni

    Sources close to the LTTE in Colombo confirm some eleven odd Tiger activists who had visited Sri Lanka some six month ago from Australia are stranded in Vanni due to escalating fights between the government forces and the LTTE. Most of these operatives were in Colombo and were carrying out some work for the LTTE there and is said have gone to the LTTE controlled Vanni approximately three months ago.

    They fear their return to Colombo will lead to them being arrested and they are also facing transport difficulties. The prominent of the activists is said to be the elder brother of London head of the LTTE, A Chrishanthakumar well known as A C Shanthan. He is said to be a committed full time LTTE activist in Australia. A C Shanthan is currently on bail following his arrest and detention under Terrorism Act 2001 for his part in the activities of the proscribed LTTE in the UK

  42. Hey guys,
    I found this pic on the AFP website and I was wondering which section of SLDFs the guy in black belonged to?

  43. srilankan,
    This is good news. Maybe at least now those LTTE supporters overseas will realize that things are not running their way at all (as the LTTE is trying to show them)

  44. Oshada,
    Looks like he's from some police unit to me. Here's a closer picture.;_ylt=AgqOXSflw20UEVp8WBuOIQGaK8MA

    He's wearing a number on his uniform, very much similar to what the police wear

  45. Shay,

    I am fully agree with you that there is no need to invent the wheel..Now the question is how much these Israel mine clearing systems will cost the Sri Lankan tax payers?I guess these are in millions.It is almost like suggesting why not we go for RAPTOR's instead of Cheaper Migs.You know what I mean here...

    Yes , If the SLA has that kind of money then they should go for it..
    What most of these bloggers are suggesting is a cost effective way to get rid of this menance...

    Remember LTTE is using cheaper IED's to achive what the sophisticated Land mines can...

    Above all most of these systems you suggest are most likely will not be sold to third parties.

  46. chamal..if it is about my last post..we dont know what damage these LTTE supporters have done and exactly what info they have gathered.At a guess it is about the movement of VIP's.
    My recurring nightmare (among others)is that the army is going to be butchered in this battle because you are going to have every mathivathani becoming a suicide bomber and blasting herself as any donkey can become a suicide bomber.We dont have enough air assets..our biggest problem..if you ignore the mines..get ready mentally because this is going to get very deadly.

  47. There are mine clearing vehicles that can be remotely controlled.

    One such vehicle is the US panther

    We can make a similar vehicles by converting old tanks and IFVs we have into mine clearing vehicles.

    The current US panther vehicles weigh about 60 tons, we can make similar lighter vehicles using the smaller bodies of our discarded tanks and IFVs.

    It would be wise to add some additional armor to these vehicles(SLAT) to protect them from LTTE RPGs.

  48. Tangara is right, the Israeli system is fairly new and does look very expensive.

  49. "I do not think any one will get forces to just walk on the mines and booby traps field."

    Correct. No one dives headfirst into a well known booby trapped area. But in war everything does not go as planned and every path you take is not 100% clear.

    ""Have we received newly ordered air units after Anuradapura event yet?""

    Most of the new uavs are here but the process with mi-35s (overhauling+new acquisitions) will take some time to complete.

    yes we do have that T97 5.56mm but we do not know that actual number of such weapons in out inventory.

    And as for your question in previous thread about India delivering a new OPV, the answer is no. At least not at the moment. The only large Indian vessel given to SLN currently is the SLNS Sagara which is a Vikram class OPV.

  50. About mine clearing machines

    We dont even have enough tractors or trucks to transport the troups.

    These panthers are for land mines. Our biggest problem is Anti Personnel Mines mass produced by LTTE using low tech wodden boxes and AA bettries wrapped in polythene. Imagine a huge play ground randomly scattered with mine fields. We will never know where they are untill somebody steps on them.
    Lets imagine we buy one of these sophisticated machines. It may have to move in an orderly fashion like a lawn mover to clear the mines. One would argue that it only needs to clear a path so troups can advance. This is not prctical for several reasons.
    1. A slow machine in advance of the troups negates the 'surprise' element of the attack.
    2. Troups dont move in a path when advancing, the whole line goes forward simultaneously

    The only succesfull methods used so far are poking the ground with a stick, and keep advancing on the same footsteps of the one in front of you.

    Ground realities are completely different from what we see from our comfortable armchairs.

  51. Even peacetime APM clearing operations are extremely difficult and time consuming.Modern ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems are used in such projects but still encounter a variety of difficulties when applied to the detection of buried antipersonnel mines, e.g., a high clutter level and strong surface scattering.

    Unfrortunately at the moment I am afraid we simply have walk through it, if we want to get the enemy by surprise!

  52. Mottapala,
    Your corrections are appreciated.

    Surprise element to be used:
    - Can't we attach some type of foot attachment to the soldiers that will spread the pressure of the foot across a large area so that APMs will not go off? Something like skis?

    do troops know when they are walking in a mined area?
    what is the destructive cone of these APMs?
    Do they have steel balls in them?

  53. Japan Peace Envoy Hints Aid For Sri Lanka May Be Denied -AFP


  54. 36 LTTE fighters, one soldier killed in Sri Lanka: Army

  55. Guys


    Take a look at the link provided by psiriwardana, on the FBI.

    It is an interesting article with immensely indicative of political direction and carrys a lot of propaganda mileage.

    Lets' distribute this article far and wide.


  57. I am surprised that the defence forces have not thought of finding a way to clear the mines, in a fast acting situation, in the field. We have seen on TV newscasts, years ago, during golf war how the Allies cleared the path using rotating machine that was spinning a couple of chains, ahead of the armour plated tank or tractor. I am, sure ,if every effort was made, they could have either bought them from China or Eastern Europe or Russia. They are bound to have, some lying in their stores. I was speaking to one of the veterans in a pub a couple of years ago, and he says any thing similar to this machine, would be a very large, of the scale of a rotating grass cutter, where the rotating plastic wire is replaced by a heavy chain. Army should have experimented on a such a machine mounted on a heavily plated JCB with protruding metal girder that would mount the rotating wheel with a few chains, with a ground clearance of at least 7 feet, to prevent the damage from the blast. Only the chain gets damaged. This could be a simple solution for an operation that would only last a few days. Nothing is impossible these days, if you have the will.

  58. Kevin

    Armor plated bulldozers do the job really well.

    But in this war, the 'Force Protection' will have to be an infantry task, led by the SF following instructions from the LRRP and MI. In any case, as the forces move further into LTTE areas, their exposure to small team attacks will become higher.

    Danger is an occupational hazard of war.

  59. There’s something else that came to my mind, with respect to M.clearance,where in the web I read in 1999,where an international Charity, to save time and effort have experimented many ways to disable APM by disabling the torch battery by spraying corrosive acids,H2SO4 or even Caustic soda and bleach on the soil and when the rains diffuses this to deeper levels, it gradually eats into the casing and the battery,thus disabling the APM.SF must try any thing, perhaps using a powerful horse of a fire fighting equipment to spray the liquid. Worth a try!

  60. Tropi...
    You are right and lets pray the Commanders in the field will be blessed with the proper stratergy,must finish this menance,once and for all.

  61. Thank you Defencenet for the info.

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  63. People in US.


  64. Guys just to ask a question... How effective is the usage of "Bangalore Torpedoes" for mine field clearance?

  65. MI-35, that is one crazy russian heli. Has anyone seen one up close? All i have to say is wow. Such a sophisticated, deadly heli and definetly will boost the name of the Sri Lankan Air Force.

  66. we MUST protect all of our Sri Lankan Air Force assets from the insane tamil ltte

  67. Defencenet or others

    what is this sniper gun ? is saying :

    FOLLOWING INFORMATION, troops recovered one sniper gun belonging to LTTE with its magazine and nine live rounds from the general area of SANGARAAPURAM in VAVUNIYA this morning (13) around 9.00 a.m..

    The weapon sniper, magazines and 9 sniper rounds were found in an abandoned.


  68. kiri

    We have tried something like that. It was a 'V' shape armour plate heel for the soldiers. Still the blast broke ther limbs and blew off their balls.

    They are filled with steel balls, nails etc. Can adamage any part of the body including eyes. Imagine you set your foot on a mine and fall on another! Very scary.


    Problem is the surprise element. No need to waste money on a rotating chain. A simple buldoze would take the few inches of top soil where the mines are buried. The brish army has developed something like that which make the top one foot or so to make a path frot he other tanks.

  69. This was a famous army saying.

    'issarahing Jhonny. Pitipassen Phony'

    'Phony' here means Gen Fonseka driving the troups forward threatning to kill them if they retreat!

  70. shrilankan confilt with tamil must be solve through talk and negociations.srilankan army must follow human right of tamil other wise there will be many division of srilanka

  71. Mottapala,
    That's really funny :).

    Issarahin johnny, pitipassen pony he he..

    I was thinking more on the lines of a light (may be woven from cane [Wevel]) large foot gear that would spread the pressure from the foot which would not "blast" the mines.

    Your comments have prompted me to rethink...

    How about this? A Small roller just wide enough accomodate the width of the foot path of a soldier, studded so that it creates max pressure with minimum weight in the the roller and a long handle, say 6 or 7 feet that the soldier can push to clear a path in front of him. It should keep the surprise element in tact.

    Mottapala what do you think. Your comments are highly appreciated!

  72. rajendra...we all agree with you brother..WE DONT WANT TO KILL PEACE LOVING TAMILS..DO YOU UNDERSTAND..WHY BECAUSE THE PEOPLE IN THE NORTH ARE OUR PEOPLE ALSO..but people are sick to death of this LTTE bs.

  73. Rajendra
    I totaly agree with you. But let us deal with the LTTE first and free the tamils. Then we will talk to tamils.
    S L Army will adhere to human rights when they are dealing with humans. An outfit who killed 600 policemen when surrendered cannot be dealt with adhering to human rights.
    We are trying to protect the human rights of majority sri lankans wheather sinhala or tamil. The freedom to go about without been blasted off. To see their children come back safely from schools.

  74. kiri..that wont do because when the troops are under artillary fire they wont have time to pick and choose the path they use to retreat and the casualties will skyrocket.

  75. Mottapala,
    What if the soldiers run in measured sprints? Would that at least reduce the extent of the injury?

  76. kiri
    Your two ideas are contradictory. If we distribute the pressure by this cane thing so that the mine are not activated same thing will happen with the roller. If we make the roller more heavy who the hell is going to push it. Our soldiers are average 'game' kolla not bodybuilders. Remember they are already carrying 20 - 30kg of stuff on their backs.

    If you are slow in advancing you are sure to get targeted by the enemy. If you run with lightning speed still you have a chance.

  77. Be practical kiri. Velocity of a shrapnel will still get your ass even if you run at 50mph!

  78. "It should keep the surprise element in tact.

    Any device or technique that actually sets of the mines are going to elminate the surprise factor, since mine field are usully sown pretty broad and wide as soon as the periphery mines start going off the enmy knows, exactly where you are coming and can rain down mortars and artillery.

    So these methods are good when clearing areas after a fight is over, but not when mounting surprise attacks on FDL positions.

  79. lkdood that rifle is a Dragunov SVD 7.62x54R semi auto rifle.

  80. mottapala,
    I was not suggesting the two ideas to be used together.

    I agree math has to be done to check the feasibiity of the hand pushed roller idea. Say you have pointed studs on the roller that will create "maximum" pressure with the "minimum" weight. The roller can be used in advancing, and if they have to retreat the marks made by the roller can be used to trace a path back?

    Mottapala, yes I concede that even if they run shrapnel will catch up with the ass. No arguments there. But will it reduce the extent of the injury? You said earlier that the experiment of the V shaped food pad broke their lims and blew their balls off. Might running at least save their balls?

  81. ty jack

    this weapon is openly sold on the internet

    it is so easy to get

    i just can't believe it

  82. jack, if a mine goes off by foot or by other device (roller or whatever) it has the same effect of nullifying surprise right?

    So I tend to think that this "particular" problem is not an issue if one wants to consider this idea.

  83. Chandrasekaran: India should involve itself


  84. Ok people I am going to get some sleep.

    Mottapala, thanks for shooting down my ideas. Hope to see more of you in the blog.

  85. India upgrades coastal security to face Tiger threats


  86. 'Deep penetration squads notch up successes against the LTTE'

    Guys, this article is excellent. Lets talk about it tommorow.

  87. guys, just came across this interview with the president -

    you know, i think the so-called political elites both in sl and abroad have underestimated this man.

    first, he is brave to attempt an interview in a langugae he is not a 100% conversant in. second, his views have solid thought and sense behind it.

    shortly after the AA attack it was said by either defencenet or defencewire that, it would not have caused the damage that it did if a jamis aiyya from down south was put in charge of airport security (rather than the self-styled 'posh' lot or 'elitists').

    I think given the example set so far, the same can be said for fighting a war.

  88. Guys,

    Pullidevan of LTTE peace secretariat warns that if the army enters Vanni, they will pay a heavy price.

    DPU is exempted!

  89. qrious,

    you are wrong. Pullidevan will have to pay the price. he may have to find a place to hide...


  90. qurious, tamilchelelevan also warned if the army were to invade into the east as well, but the army advanced, invaded and liberated the east anyway. :)

  91. pullidevan aka terrorist, not a peace secretary lol

  92. Great news! I was told that the Thai pongal event at London's Alexandra Palace was so poorly attended,the ltte fellows couldn't even pay for the hall.What a pity,sin aney!

  93. sl

    [tamilchelelevan also warned if the army were to invade into the east as well, but the army advanced, invaded and liberated the east anyway]


    Not only that, the SLAF fried the leper’s nuts to “anguru” in a bunker when he was blissfully asleep!


    OaO Asithri

  94. "Pullidevan of LTTE peace secretariat warns that if the army enters Vanni, they will pay a heavy price"

    Yes they will, they will pay it with a bunch of roadside bombs against LTTE leadership, a few thousand rockets and artillery etc. Seems they have started already.

    Thesniper rifle in your link is the Dragunov SVD. I think it's the main sniper rifle used by our forces.

  95. londonstian, i checked out that video of MR, i'm pretty impressed with how he handled some questions. Interesting interview, specially when the guy asks him about "norway" lol


    lol..Good to hear from you again. I think he was born "anguru", and that blast made him "kalu ma kalu anguru" lol

  96. [Pullidevan of LTTE peace secretariat warns that if the army enters Vanni, they will pay a heavy price]


    From the annual "maaveerar" speech promises to these type of ad-hoc promises…but none delivered.

    I think the Tamil diaspora should sue these buggers for the non-fulfillment of a contract!


    OaO Asithri

    p.s. obviously, if SLA is going to pay a "heavy price" if it enters Vanni, then that should be kept a secret by Pullivevan (as that would in essence be a “surprise tactical advantage”) and not to be broadcasted this early! Who does this bloody rotting leper think he is fooling? I hope SLA catches the leper and ties his legs to two MBTs going in opposite directions! LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  97. sl

    greets bro...hope things are kicking well with you...

    warm regards,

    OaO Asithri

  98. news from Colombo...

    Some recent "suddha-kerillas" have gone very well I hear...more importantly, some captured carcass-maggots have ratted giving valuable intel and other arrests (or "white-van rides") are imminent!


    OaO Asithri

  99. About the link mottapala has given in the Nation, it shows some pictures of weapons said to be captured from LRRP. But surely these guys don't carry around such huge mortars with them behind enemy lines?

    Sorry jack, i didn't see you've already answered lkdood's question.

    "this weapon is openly sold on the internet. it is so easy to get"
    I think most light weapons used in this conflict by both parties are available to be purchased in the internet. However, I think LTTE is getting them from some arms smuggler, as it would be cheaper to them and easier to smuggle into the country.

  100. Got to get some stuff ready for tomorrow...catch you cool catz later.

    Keep up the great discourse I see here.

    Cheers, OaO Asithri

  101. The more i think of pullidevan's comments..why do i get the feeling that this is for the benefit of northern people.Does he want to show them that the tigers are "invincible" because if the people realise the tigers are weak..they may overthrow the tigers themselves and also there may be problems with recuitment?

  102. ga, Tangara and others,

    I think Mottapala exlained very well why a remote control vehicle or a flail (rotating chains attached to a tank) wont work in a real battlefield situation. Such devices will only clear a narrow path. So unless you expect the troops to advance into the Wanni very slowly and in single file behind a vehicle, its not going to work. If they try to do that, mines will be the least of their problems.

    Troops often advance over a wide front, maybe a few hundred metres or even kilometres across, so how many remote control vehicles/flails would you need cover the whole area for just one offensive formation?

    Another important factor as someone mentioned is the element of surprise which is lost if you try to use slowly moving vehicles to clear mines.

    That is why modern mine breaching systems are designed to clear a path fast, so troops can move quickly across it without losing the element of surprise.

    Tangara, yes a thermobaric system is expensive. But a rifle/rocket launched detonating cable type system (of which I provided a link) is not expensive and can even be put together locally. Both are available not just from Israel but any major weapons manufacturing country (i.e. China) and will be made available to SL, it is not sensitive technology.

    Local innovation is good, but you have to be realistic about what can be done. Most often you cant invent new weapons and have to work within existing weapon system. The existing weapons are there for a reason (i.e. they work and incorprate years of battlefield knowledge). So the choice you have is either pay and buy it, or copy/improve it and build the same thing locally. This is what the Chinese, Israeli's and everyone else has done.

  103. Why GOSL will fail and fail badly....

    By an individual who is certainly very learned.

  104. "Perein..i hope there is no large scale troop movement on part of the 59th div.Now lets see..if the LTTE want a morale booster for their cadres..they will pit their best fighters against an inexperienced division."

    Just because the 59th is a new division, it doesn't mean that its battalions are inexperienced. The 59th is merely a new command. The battalions will be the same battle-tested units we've been using.

    "Has one of our miltary arms equipped some of its units with the NORINCA Type-97A 5.56mm Bullpup?"

    Nemesis, are you sure about this? I haven't seen these in use. And all the pix of the weapons from the AAB attack are of Kalashnikovs. Got any pix of this weapon in use in SL?

    "I found this pic on the AFP website and I was wondering which section of SLDFs the guy in black belonged to?"

    He's got a police shoulder patch, so he's probably Civil Defence Force. They've also been issued with the old US DCUs.

  105. I mean, "very learned" compared to a complete idiot like me.

  106. Upul: Whoever wrote that article is a clueless moron for the following reasons:

    1) If you are writing an article or stating your opinion, it is ridiculous to first justify the author's "qualifications." Like that is supposed to impress anyone?! So the guy who write it is studying terrorism. Big deal! The people whose strategies he's discounting have much more impressive credentials and I've certainly read more insightful articles on this matter written by those who are much more qualified (and didnt feel the urge to trumpet their intellectual superiority).

    2) By reading the rest of his "article" it is obvious that he has no concept of international law, or the sovereignty or the territorial integrity of a nation vis-a-via terrorism.

    3) The whole premise of the article seems to be that Sri Lanka somehow needs the permission of the IC to retain its territorial integrity and sovereignty. What the hell kind of an argument is that? Yes, of course a bunch of murderous mercenaries, thugs, or terrorist can kill everyone in sight and occupy land for e certain time. They might even have legitimate causes and grievances but that does not mean they are suddenly entitled to their own sovereign territory. That didn't even happen in the days of the wild West when America was colonized; once the federal government was formed, the nation was intact and under the laws stipulated in the constitution.

    4) According to the author's idiotic and childish views, during the Mafia years in America, the Mafia could have claimed Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York because they exerted control over those territories with their use of violence! And then America would have to justify to the IC how Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas should not become independent and separate from the United States and be given to the Mafia? What kind of bull-crap is that?

    What the author of that article needs to understand is that not withstanding the ability for a bunch of murderous thugs to control territory by terrorizing civilians with force and abrogating democracy or freedom of speech, that does not mean that they can unilaterally declare or stake claim to sovereign territory that is theirs. If that were the case, this whole world will become quite an interesting place! There is a word that describes such a place... Anarchy!

    As mentioned by the Indian foreign minister, Sri Lanka has every right to combat terrorism and a bunch of blood thirsty violent thugs and restore order and peace in the control for ALL Sri Lankans, including Tamils.

    As for the author who wrote that article, it's apparent that he should go back to school. Oh yes, that's right, this "learned" individual is in school. Apparently he still has much to learn!

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. Beware of the desperate (must be one of MR god believers set free from a mental institution) individual posing as me, his name on this blog is using lowercase "upul" (accounting from afghanistan).

  109. I always expected such shameful, despicable conduct from MR supporters, but now it is confirmed in the spotlight.

  110. thatshowiseet:

    Typical irrational verbage. You never bother to mention why, rather you rant like broken record with same standard reasons..

    More than one person here needs to go to school and learn....

  111. is reporting,

    "Air Force has just commenced heavy air strikes in the Wanni region. Defence ministry claims that SLAF fighter jets led pinpoint air strikes at an LTTE intelligence hideout this morning, North of Puthukkudiyiruppu in general area Kombavil, Mullaittivu."

    Anyone know what they mean by "heavy"? Is it anything special?

  112. Dear David,
    Many thanks for your comments.

    did you notice something else.He seems to think that mentioning a foreigners name will give some credibility to his claims.the funniest part of it is that he mentions an institution in spain?..this guy is completely clueless about the spanish mentality to say the least..just take it from me..but i suppose it is good to "impress" some good people who will take his reporting at face value because they dont have any info to the contrary..

  113. Typical irrational verbage. You never bother to mention why?

    More than one person here needs to go to school and learn....

    upul aka Revy,

    Are we talking about yourself and other LTTE terrorist supporters here? This is the same man/woman who talked about "Sinhala Monkies," a few weeks ago. Before talking about others scholastic aptitude, you shall consider taking a couple of reading comprehension classes since you were unable to comprehend the points noted by thatshowiseeit. Before talking big about despicable acts by others, you should look at your own despicable acts in the past, specifically in this blog.

  114. UPUL wrote....

    Why GOSL will fail and fail badly....

    By an individual who is certainly very learned.

    Upul,Your learned person is Dinesh Dodangoda.He is a very well known Gal Kolla(Homosexual Partner) of Ranil Wickremasinghe.As a result he was appointed as an MP out of nowhere!
    He himself couldn't face the UNP rank and file hence left politics(or chased away?)

    Do you expect a person like that to say anything good about MR GOSL strategy.I feel sorry you LTTE supporters have to quaote a person like him to prove your point.

    Seriously,I respect what Pulithevan had to say more than what Dinesh Dodamgoda says

    Anyway Upul I respect your comment and argument without comming up with non relevant comments

  115. upul,..?? this guy is still alive? oh man, another dirty fly back in the blog to spread diseases about non irrelevant issues. They are after you buddy, they are after you...

  116. Welcome back upul.

    I read your article.

    lankaenews is owned by either ravi karupaih (later karunananayake) or kumar rupasinghe according to what i hear. It ranks very very low in google's rank in sri lanka news. This means not many rely on it for news.

    The article by Dodangoda (who had a very very colourful past) does not provide any evidence of his claims; it has only a few UNRELATED (to each other and to the topic) quotations and many political blames; that's all.

    I'm sure Tamilnet journalists can do a better job. I read with interest what balakumaran has to say. If you know his article collections anywhere please provide the links.

  117. SLAF pounds LTTE intelligence hideout - Mullaittivu

    Please any update on this ??

    This time may be Pottu????

  118. DefNet,

    please update on SLAF strike.

    The rest of you,

    On other business, what do you guys think about small HOVERCRAFT to pass troops over the mine fields?

    I haven't studied their technical features so I wouldn't know whether they create enough pressure on the ground to trigger the mines.

    look in to it, we can't rely on foreign purchases forever, we need to build things locally. IE CDL.

  119. ga,

    Hovercraft, if its small enough won't exert much pressure on the ground. However they cant move through jungle/rough ground, which is where the fighting is.

  120. the fact. aren't the hovercraft easy pray for snipers..

  121. the hovercrafts thrust should be enough to set off least the more sensitive ones...
    plus it's can only operate in flat grounds...

  122. shay
    didn't US troops use the detonating cable to clear mine fields during the iraqi war?
    sounds like a cheap and quick way to clear a safe route across minefields.. wonder why our boys haven't tried this yet

  123. Aren't we using a toned downed version of scorch earth warfare supported by arti barrage?

    Any mines along the way should theoritically be cleared.

    Of course a gun battle between soldiers and terrorists would lead to unplanned movements resulting in casualtie.

    Any views?

  124. Related to the safe house SLAF strike,if it's "Mhaa Urra" the Big Pig.. Surely there wont be any announcements by LTTE.

  125. Ranil,

    Yes, the detonating cable devices have been around for ages, so would have been used in the Gulf. However, even these are more suitable for attacking a fixed position with a known heavily mined perimeter. They have their limitations when troops have to move on a wide front and not along a fixed path/road (which is the situation we have here). In such a scenario you would need some sort of thermobaric device to clear a large area. Not cheap, but war is very expensive. Mech. infantry would also help.

  126. LKDOOD

    it's the T-86(Type 86) sniper rifle which is a Chinese varient of Russian Dragunov SVD

  127. sri lanka to buy explosive detectors

    Inspector general of police sri lanka, mr victor perera, addressing a press briefing yesterday at police head quarters stated that the sri lankan government going to buy several new high tech explosive detecting devices. each of these devices cost 3.6 million srilankan rupees. Regardless of the high cost, government has ordered these devices to secure general public form LTTE bomb threatens. Recently LTTE violence escalate throughout the sri lanka, several bomb blast also had been taken place inside high secured colombo city.

  128. Interesting idea re: hovercraft. The skirt must be designed to absorb the explosion. It won't be hovering if the skirt is damaged.

  129. 1. I can see the interest in all of you guys about local inventions and I totaly agree. We must do it and should have started a long time ago. But if ir you look at the reality it is very different. We have not invented anything significant. Remeber this is Sri Lanka and defence forces are a cross section of our own culture. Did you know that the even the vehicles of armed forces are serviced in private sector. [majority]. There is no encouragement for innovations or at least for cost saving efforts. During the peace time atleast we didn't even fish in nothern waters to provide troups with fresh fish. When somebody started to do that 'mudalalis' in colombo protested. Smae thing happened to the Farms.
    2. For a long time [up to MR time of course] SLDF was stuck in a Sandshurt mentality. Fortunately MR, Gota, Fonseka trio changed it. In short 'game kollo' came in to power. MR was an ordinary man who would have a drink with his friends in evening [Gal & pol of course] and lead a simple life. You guys know how such a man would react when challenged. He would reat the typical southern sinhala way. This exactly what is happening and this is why it is effective.
    For the first time in Sri Lankan history a pure sri lankan is ruling.
    Ground work started a long time ago before things were published. For eg. LTTE hotu kollo and kello who were roaming around proudly in bycycles were assaulted by unknown persons out of nowhere. Within weeks they all dissapeared.

    LTTE knew what was coming and that was why they tried to kill Fonseka.

    Simple approche the Sri Lankan way, and it is working. We cant deal sri lankan problems the American way can we? eg. What would you do if somebody is caught stealing coconuts in the village?[ hora pol karaya] Call the police?

    3. We shouldn't try to get examples from what americans did in Iraq. If the enemy at Galleface roundabout and you are at Kollupitiya junction and you want to get them by surprise would a hovercraft help. No. You prey to god and run!Who fire firs would win. { aim properly of course]

  130. TRO sponsored mega event in Paris cancelled. South indian stars who were to attened were refused entry to France.

    Smae in london for Thipongal a total fialure.

    See asian tribune.


    He Hee!!!!

  131. ga,
    I'm not too sure about the hovercraft idea. As far as I know, it's pretty large and slow, which would make it an easy target. (And since it's not as well armoured as a tank, it wouldn't be too hard to destroy) And we don't have that many hovercrafts either, so it will have to make several trips to the battlefield and back, carrying a somewhat small infantry group. This team, while waiting for reinforcements, will naturally face stiff resistance and probably will suffer a lot of casualties. And the troops will have to unload in one place, and then spread over the area they have to attack. So I'm not sure if it'll work....

  132. Hovercraft, can not be used in jungle terrain...

  133. There's an article in

    It says
    "The air sorties were made following real-time ground information, confirmed a LTTE gathering at 10.45.a.m, SLAF sources said"

    Does 'real-time ground info' mean that an LRRP team was in the area? If so, why are they announcing it to everyone?

  134. at the condition of these poor folk who have surrendered to the navy..Is this this so called "liberation struggle" sh*t?what has it achieved except give bogus asylum seekers the change to immigrate for economic gain?

  135. bangalore torpidos are being used to clear mine fields.

  136. Another slap on Goatboy's face by CJ

    SC orders additional security to Hakeem

    Hearing a FR case filed by SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem on slashing his security, a Supreme Court bench chaired by Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva today ordered Defence Ministry to increase Hakeem’s security. Hakeem is to get two new back ups, and also special security arrangements when he travels out of Colombo.

  137. tamilnet reports:>
    Heavy fighting in Mannaar, 30 SLA killed - LTTE
    [TamilNet, Monday, 14 January 2008, 13:56 GMT]
    Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam Operations Command in Mannaar has claimed to have thwarted a major push by the Sri Lanka Army launched in Parappaangka'ndal area on Monday. SLA ground forces attempted to advance into LTTE territory with the fire support of Sri Lanka Air Force and heavy Multi-Barrel Rocket and artillery fire. The SLA movement was thwarted after almost 8-hours of stiff resistance. At least 30 SLA soldiers were killed and more than 100 soldiers were wounded, , the Tigers said.

    Heavy fighting broke at 5:30 a.m. and lasted till 1:10 p.m.
    any truth about this?

  138. tamilnet reports

    At least 30 SLA soldiers were killed and more than 100 soldiers were wounded, , the Tigers said.

    what is the actual figures?

  139. operations command.??.is this for the pacific ocean operations command or the atlantic operations command..also how many field marshalls,admirals were under this command.How many divisions and aircraft carriers were under the command..vital info..does anyone know..people in bata slippers dont count..clark's shoes o.k but bata slippers a definite NO.

  140. DefenceNet when you have the time let us know the actual casualty figures..

  141. Those tamilnet casualty figures are inflated. Divide those by 5 for actual figures.

    Meanwhile an LTTE artillery position north of Mannar has been destroyed by airstrikes.

  142. Don't tell me this is not related to defence. SLA,SLN,SLAF,LTTE,Kokila Gunawardana(Karuna),Pillian,Dogclass all eat rice.

    Rice prices increase steeply
    The local rice prices have seen a steep increase in the past one week, with a kilo of samba costing Rs. 80 today (Jan. 14th).
    Wholesale dealers say they have to pay Rs. 5,150 for Samba Rice from mill owners who claim a short supply.

    The selling price is between Rs. 70 and Rs. 75 for normal Samba, and the best quality is marketed at between Rs. 80 and Rs. 82.

    Rice price reaches Rs. 100 mark
    Samba being sold at a Colombo shop

    Consumer Affairs Minister Bandula Gunawardena blamed the world market as retail rice prices soared this week with the price of a kilo of a locally-produced good quality samba being sold at Rs. 100. The average prices of Samba were ranging from Rs. 70 to 85 while the price of red rice was more than Rs. 65 a kilo. The prices are to likely increase in the coming weeks, according to rice millers.

  143. chintanaya-
    Do you follow the Global Prices at all?
    Rice price increase is due to Pakistan issues.
    It's hitting all over the world. If you look at the Sri Lankan rupee getting better rates compared to most major currencies during last 2 weeks (Compared month or 2 ago)

  144. ty DefenceNet for the update

    Tamilnet does not mention no. of LTTE

    Defencenet any figures on the LTTE side ?

  145. The selling price is between Rs. 70 and Rs. 75 for normal Samba, and the best quality is marketed at between Rs. 80 and Rs. 82.

    I would expect to times these by 5 to get the price of rice in JAFFNA

  146. lkdood,
    No actual figures available on LTTE casualties. However one of their regional commanders have suffered injuries.

    "please update on SLAF strike."

    There were multiple sorties. One on Puthukuduirippu intelligence base and others on targets north of Mannar. No details of casualties but one of their artillery positions in Mannar has been hit.

  147. guys i saw on lankaenews that rice is Rs 100
    even in polonnaruwa it's Rs 80

  148. chintha.... please don't paste crap here this is where we speak about military related matters not consumer goods.

  149. ty Defencenet for the quick update

  150. DefenceNet..has the artillary position been completely destoryed?.If so this is good news at least however considering another 100 of these positions still remain intact..

  151. Guys.... Once the prices in international level get soar, local prices will go up too. Simply more demand.
    What I do n't get with our lot is, when the local farmers getting paid less, they all shout.. When local farmers getting paid more they still shout...
    Common guys let's live with some reality...
    Sorry we are going well away from topic of the blogg.

  152. Srilankan-
    It's still one less than the total artillary positions. Less be calm... this is much more longer than a Cricket Test Match brother.

  153. Perein..i am very calm bro.If is was taken out then thats good news..If anything what is worrying me is the weather..i dont want mechanised infantry to be bogged down.I get this feeling that this LTTE are "waiting" for some event..i dont know why..but they are waiting..

  154. :

    LTTE heavy artillery gun damaged in air raid- Mannar

    Intercepted LTTE communication revealed that, an LTTE heavy artillery gun was damaged today (January 14), following an air raid carried out by SLAF jets, North of Parappakandal in Mannar, around 1.p.m.

    According to reliable information, a 122mm artillery gun has been damaged in the aerial strike. Meanwhile, military sources citing intercepted enemy communication believe that, an LTTE senior artillery coordinator identified as Mangalesh, also to be among the terrorist casualties.


  155. yesterdays the NATION articles,by DBS jeyaraj,has shown a tremendous transformation,from his earlier articles,when at sunday leader,which was biased towards the tigers-indeed we thought he was a tiger journalist!!..but yesterday's superbly written analysis,has cast all those doubts was a well-balanced article,pointing fingers at no one..thats what we need..and iqbal?..well,i'm definitely starting to lose respect towards him,since he does not disclose the info that we need,under false pretext of "pressure",wheras that same info is freely available elsewhere..thats BS,then why write a defence column??

  156. perein..we need to have a "BIT" of a blitz on the LTTE before they realise what is going on..i suppose it is too late now because we have got into this habit of broadcasting what we are going to do well before we do it.On the otherhand seems like a stupid idea now..

  157. Srilankan-
    Well... Idea is simple. Re-capture the lost area.
    And LTTE is every where these days and surely they would know what our plans well before you are me find out.
    Also by going public and saying what we going to do does not mean, that's what exactly going to do.. right?

  158. perein..true very true.i wonder if convoys of food and medicine are ready to move into these areas as soon as they are liberated.These poor folk appear to be on the werge of starvation.!!

  159. Srilankan-
    Surely once safe guarded the area, people will leave the houses and will come to the camps like in East.
    You are spot on about the basis needs. Soon as we re-capture the area ,should concentrate on basic needs.
    Also found the latest strategies of getting other countries to start some development work (ie: Hambantota Habour, Cole Power units etc.) are really helpful.
    Once those countries put their money forward need some return back.
    So international level extra pressure will get applied for Terrorists to leave the arms behind.

  160. guys check this video out

    Multiple Rocket Launcher


    if they are coming after me
    i'm hiding underground LOL !

  161. Defnet,

    thanks for the update,

    the rest,

    I can see what you mean about the vulnerability of the Hovercraft.

    I was just thinking along the lines of it's resistance to explosions since the skirt could take an explosion without much trouble.

    Come on people we have to try things like large speakers to play "artillery and MBRL fire" from one side while real fire is sent from another or setting up real size models to look like tanks which can be rolled into place with a little smoke so it looks like a full on assault. etc etc etc. That would confuse the hell out of them.

    I'm not a military man, so these are probably stupid suggestions.


  162. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    MANNAR : TIGER TERRORISTS faced a major setback after they lost nine of their bunkers west of PARAPPAKANDAL, MANNAR Monday (14) in the face of strong fire power of the Army.

    Nine Tiger terrorists lost their lives in confrontation with the Army troops while eight other Tiger cadres were severely injured.

    Soldiers who captured the nine LTTE bunkers, conducted clearing operation in the area.

    During confrontation, two valiant soldiers laid their lives. Fifteen others sustained injuries in exchange of fire.


  164. hey man .. if these guys were stupids how abt ur clown the boss... he once compared LTTE arty wing to shiva linga....
    wut you think abt that comparison if you think these are stupid comments?

    some malnutrition faced clowns wearing bata slippers and even without having an underwear wearing a worn sarong holding a T56 and running like a pig and you address him blue,greay,white,purpel etc.. tigers colonels, majors ect....
    Isn't this a much better joke.....he he stupids ....
    while your supremo big ugly fat pig lives underground in his rat hole... eating well.....

  165. OurTamil.Com,
    Next time you post, do so minus the racism.

  166. this blog is going to be like LNP LOL !

    fighting always :(

  167. LTTE front organisations running riot in UK


  168. Attack is the Best Defence-
    I think those were DSI :) ...
    Ignore the time waster bro.

  169. Ikdood-
    I saw some article saying.. Due to heavy rain in London lot of people could not attend the White Pigion driven LTTE programe.
    Did you get lot of rain yesterday in London?

  170. Sri Lanka says no immediate ban on Tamil Tigers


  171. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  172. Cool... This guy got nothing to do... He keep the audit trial... Backing up his typing before posting etc.
    I wonder how board the little mouse is.....

  173. OurTamil.Com ,
    Your second post was deleted by mistake. We are sorry and it wasnt deleted for racism.

  174. Hey defencenet,
    how come you delete my 2nd post as well? i did removed the racist bit in it.

    Where is the freedom of speach?

  175. Defencenet;
    When you get a chance, can you please give us some indication of how our brave boys and girls are doing?
    Where about the places of heat-up firing etc.
    Assuming you have time some sort of map can help all of us.

  176. "Where is the freedom of speach?"

    As we said in the previous post it was a mistake. Plz re post if possible.

  177. Sri Lanka clashes kill at least 34


  178. Cool... This guy got nothing to do... He keep the audit trial... Backing up his typing before posting etc.
    I wonder how board the little mouse is.....

    hey muppet, dont you know theres a simple way to store sumthin temporarily in the cache memory pressin Ctrl + C?

    i alwayz do that before pressin the post button, cuz u never wen the connection wud get messed up while posting.

    nuttin to loose, takes less than a sec.


  179. is cache memory pls?

  180. yes keep pressing the ctrl+c before each post... I guess you do not do any more things than keeping the last posting in memory...
    you might need ctrl+z as well as ctrl+v before you have the loss+ctrl of your self..
    Enjoy the blog....

  181. The following was posted by on January 14, 2008 11:01 PM The comment was deleted by mistake and we are posting it below:


    "Come on people we have to try things like large speakers to play "artillery and MBRL fire" from one side while real fire is sent from another or setting up real size models to look like tanks which can be rolled into place with a little smoke so it looks like a full on assault. etc etc etc. That would confuse the hell out of them."

    Are you all this stupid??? its good to have wild ideas, but this is rediculous. Use ur brain to think instead of ur arse!

    You think LTTE is tht stupid? even a kid will know the real sound of explosion if he grow up in a warzone, wat made u think the ltte will fall for fake sound?

    jesus.... wat the crap these ppl thinking???

    using hover craft... lol... y not use a flying carpet?

    n tht other geezer, coming up with the most stupidest idea of having sumthing attach to the foot of the soldiers...

    - Can't we attach some type of foot attachment to the soldiers that will spread the pressure of the foot across a large area so that APMs will not go off? Something like skis?

    y not attach a tennis racket? tht'll spread the presure

    dumb clowns.....

    The comment above does not represent DefenceNet's views. As we said before it was posted by user

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  182. "can you please give us some indication of how our brave boys and girls are doing?
    Where about the places of heat-up firing etc."

    Mannar front is where the heaviest fighting is going on especially the areas near Parappakandal. Around 7 soldiers have been killed and 20+ are wounded but the figures are nowhere near those declared by And the operation has not been halted it will continue even though there is heavy resistance.

  183. ourtamilselvan... hey pls post something about the brand of rubber slippers some say its DSI...
    and some eating habits of the fat pig

    THIS question is for knowledgeable people ... not for tiger pussies!!

    Can anyone describe me wut a bangalore torpedo is and how it works. Why can't we use flame throwers to clear the mine fields?


  184. DefenceNet..when you have the time..with the help of the airforce what is offering stiff resistnce it the mines/booby traps?.I am trying to get a picture of the situation in my mind..

  185. Attack is the best initial idea to use them against bunkers..But remember what will happen if those tanks are punchered by may be a bullet.Also they may explode due to the hot sun..What will happen is that an army carrying frame throwers will become a mine field itself.

  186. Fifty-nine Tamil Tiger insurgents and one Sri Lankan soldier have been killed in a new outbreak of violence in Sri Lanka, military officials said [UPI]

    Sounds a bit overenthusiastic!

    Defencenet, any idea about LTTE Casualities?

    This fellow has got some humour. And what he says is kind of true. lol

  187. yes we need this kind of clowns here to have a balanced view as well as to have some enjoyment as well(as long as they don't spread racism) . BTW mottapala , pls change ur nick (how abt lending it to or upulam or boss.. the name really suits their role not yours... you have lot of valuable thoughts here.....)

  188. Now the tigers are getting a beating, the wounded tiger might react to it by damaging the national assets in the south.GOSL must appeal to the officers from village headmen to Mayors of town to reach it’s people, to look for suspected pacakages,close to bridges,transformers,railway lines and places of importance to the well being of the country. They must not be vigilantes who will try to contact persons and get into properties, but be the eyes of the law enforcement. This will reduce the burden on the Police,etc.Must make it difficult to the terrorists and their dormant sympathizers to do anything stupid.

  189. is just one thing i have to tell you..while you are enjoying digital electronics in the west think of what your parents will feel if you are the recipient of MBrocketlauncher your young people are experiencing right now due to the stupity and selfishness of a fat diabetic man whose intention was to propagate piracy at an intternational you think it will work?

  190. Kevin what you say is happening already.

  191. Attack is the Best Defence,

    "Can anyone describe me wut a bangalore torpedo is and how it works."


    Defencenet, any idea about LTTE Casualities?"

    Around 15 KIA and an unknown number wounded. These figures are unconfirmed and may rise.

    "with the help of the airforce what is offering stiff resistnce it the mines/booby traps?"

    Mines, Booby traps and on top of all their artillery.

  192. Another bright idea here.. lol...

    disable a minefield with the help of flame thrower...

    seriously guys, how do you come up with such ideas :S

    i got an idea, why not jst flood the whole minefield n then bring in the dvoras n kill all them terrists??? hahahhaa

  193. for this second and final posting to you.. the propaganda here..becuse its a govt site..Do you think the people in this picture deserve to die so your leader+the velvetithurai tamil friends of his can educate thier children overseas.?

  194. no offence

    but I do not agree with defencenet figures either

    7 killed (30/5 + 1, to make it look realistic)
    20+ injured (100/5 )

    ====> tamilnet/5

    i would expect tamilnet/2 or tamilnet/1.5

  195. Hey Srilankan,
    How stupid can you go? What choice does the people have in wanni other than fleeing? If LTTE bomb colombo everyday by air, wouldnt you flee that area to save your life?

    The tamils are suffering the worst couse of this bloody war.

    But freedom doesnt come without pain. No pain, No gain!

    But does the tamils in Jaffna have any better living standard under the racist government rule?

    Kidnap, Murder n Torture is a part of daily life under the sinhalese government controlled tamil home land.

    But if you look at the LTTE controlled area of our land, people living freely there, no fear of kidnap, torture and killing. The only fear the people under LTTE have is the Ariel bombing and DPU.

    Now dont tell me i dont know the ground reality. Cuz i lived in Jaffna under the LTTE control. Them days are golden days for me! not only for me, but All the tamils.
    Even if we get our Eelam now, i am more than happy to move back there.

  196. outtamil you are a joker..take a good look at the people.If everything is fine..why is your diabetic leader and his people eating food sent by the "sinhala buddist chavenistic govt".Why is he conscripting children..because he is too proud to accept peace like Hon Douglas Devananda? and also look like a right royal fool..(why is he trying to kill him ..god knows about 10 attempts so far).why doesnt he spend the millions he collects annually overseas to help educate all is people overseas.No pain no gain ..really so how come you are not fighting with your people when they are running out of come you are enjoying digital electronics in the west?.why dont you go and tell some families whose young children are faceing that monstrous MBRL fire tonight (that actually lifts you up a few feet from the ground on impact) pain no gain and see what they do to you.i think if you tell them they will teach you a lesson.In life there is something called coming to terms with oneself you understand?..i think your leader hasn't yet.The tamils have not been living under the "rasist govt..why do you think your worst enemy is dying in the 100' save your own people and bring them under the govt.Whats happening here sorry agin my last post to you..enjoy the blog


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