Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Task Force 01 captures Vivattankulam

Soldiers of the army's 58th division (also known as Task Force 01 - or 01 Kaarya Sadhana Balakaya in Singhalese) today overran the LTTE bunker line ahead of the village of Vivattankulam, South west of Adampan, Mannar.

Map image

More than 20 LTTE cadres are believed to be killed in the prolonged firefight which started at 8.30 AM in the morning. However we cannot confirm these casualty figure as of yet. The army has overrun 16 bunkers in the LTTE defense line. Sporadic clashes are still continuing in the area.

The 58th division, commanded by Brigadier Shamindra de Silva, is advancing towards the major LTTE stronghold of Vidaththalthivu through Adampan. TF-01 is comprised of 8th Sinha regiment, 10th Gajaba regiment, 6th Gemunu Watch, 8th Gemunu Watch and 9th Gemunu Watch.


  1. well done TF1; the journey to Adampan is much slower and tougher than i thought.

    hopefully they keep SLA casualties low as possible all the time; mines and booby traps should be their priority.

    Our thoughts are always with them.

  2. Defencenet,

    Why TN report like this
    "SLA attacks school bus in Madu, 8 killed, 35 wounded" ????

    Is it true??

  3. two hacked to death in Wagomuwa.

    this is the obnoxious war that rages on targetting civilians; we haven't killed them yet.

    possibly this is another group given the location.

  4. wasgamuwa attack was on two forest officers..
    getting into nature reserves and taking on soft targets seems to be the in thing for the ltte these days

  5. DefNet
    Pls update when you can on the tnet accusation of DPU targeting a school bus and killing 8 or so?
    ltte seems to be going on this schools kids route for a while now...

  6. So far we are not aware of such an attack on a school bus.

    And the map in the article is not complete. Vivattankulam is to the East of Palaikkuli.

  7. I saw this from TamilNutt

    according to initial reports from Tamileelam Police officials in Madu.

    I have my doubt whether these so called Tamileelam Police officials can withstand in Madu until they release the final report... :)

  8. Defencenet,
    No casualties were suffered by our troops in this operation?

  9. The article in Tamilnut reports the attack targeted 'school children and catholic clergy'. Seems to me like a good chance for them to get international community's attention. My guess is that this is fabricated or they did the attack themselves to make up a good story. The LRRP is not stupid not to realize that the bus was carrying civilian children. (And they usually target leaders, right? LTTE leaders can't be expected to travel in busses, so it's highly unlikely that LRRP was involved I think)

  10. LTTE is getting ready to hit another bus in the south. They have done similar things earlier with Nugegoda bombing. A bomb in the south follows the fabricated story in LTTE news.

  11. Attack on children may be done by themselves to justify their bloody actions in south. It had happen according to daily mirror.


  12. Sri Lanka seizes rebel stronghold


    SAARC summit to be held in Sri Lanka


  13. Guys,

    Panhida is right; an attack on school children or a civilian target is just around the corner. This has been the pattern.

    Let's do our duty for the hapless civilians in the south, by at least launching an awareness camapain here and on the phone by telephoning our loved ones, asking them to be on their guard.

    It is just a matter of time before these brutes show what they good at - carnage.

    Please guys, spread the word; ask people to take care of themselves, especially school children.

    Better to be safer than sorry.

  14. Tamil friends. This is a bad news for many. Just look at this image.
    It is sad India and US are like this

  15. This bus attack must be from LTTE so that they can kill more innocents in south …
    Please be vigilant LTTE going nuts

  16. [MANNAR : Army captured Viyattankulam in Mannar and ten terrorists were killed and ten bunkers destroyed in the confrontation today (29) morning. Army troops captured six LTTE bunkers, killing 12 terrorists in Pallekuli in Mannar today (29) morning.

    Five bodies of terrorists were recovered. On a subsequent search operation following military hardware were recovered.

    T-56 Weapon 01
    60 mm mortar bombs 70
    Claymore bombs 03
    Large stock of T-56 rounds


  17. lankaputhra

    Hey dude do u have nuts ahh? The Srilankan Army showing their true colours now...... If u don't know what happened just keep your mouth shut ... they targeted the SCHOOL Kids on the Hero's day also....now they killed 11 kids and 6 other civilian and 17 wounded....

  18. Hey guys is there any1 who care about those kids who were murdered by the DPU Climore mine.. U don't understand the pain ..u'll have to feel for it...from the posting; all the tamils can learn about You all. ... the LTTE is correct they have to do something(I hate violence on civilians) they have to target the Enemies......Hey boss just learn about this People

  19. Defencenet

    has there been a attack today on a bus in LTTE controlled area ?

  20. Shyam-
    Where did you get your info to prove it's DPU?
    Wake up.. Look at another example of tricks played by LTTE to your own community.

  21. They are trying in one hand find a distraction for losing a significant town Vivattankulam, and in the other hand put pressure on the govt to stop the offensives. If people riot or the IC complain, the govt will lose momentum in the offensives. This is exactly what LTTE wants.

  22. Hey bloody Shyam,

    There are no bloggers who draw barbaric satisfaction from the death of Tamil civilians or school children, in here.

    The present army are not indulging that sort of things either; I am absolutely certain that the soldiers are not doing this sort of things deliberately. Can you tell the same thing about the bloody outfit? They do it deliberately and blood-hounds like you draw that despicable satisfaction from the suffereing, when that happens.

    I am glad the god you believe in created hell along with heaven. The hottest corent of that place is reserved for your bloody leaders and sympathesiers like you; prepare yourself for that journey. It is just around the corner. Psychological part of that torture has already begun for your leaders. Don't look elsewhere; look at the big brown pathces that appear on their cheeks.

  23. Shyam,

    Don't be hurry to come to a conclusion.

    If this attack was really on civilians (school children), my deepest sympathy for all. but this could be done by 3rd party who need to punish LTTE by SLDF.

  24. SLA attacks bus carrying school children in Madu, 17 killed, 17 wounded/SLA denies any involvement


    Sri Lankan army kills 43 rebels in clashes


  25. ltte boot licking goons must understand that it was their own sun goat and their fellow goatans are the animals who are force recruiting children as young as 10 and then sending them to battle...
    The biggest child killers are the ltte themselves by dragging kids into this war...

  26. Dear Boss,
    Don’t get overwhelmed by some Joke picture on WWW. It's as funny as you comment here!

    Killing unarmed civilians is a Sin and should be punished strongly. But since it's a report coming through TamilNet, no one even care about the credibility of the report, as people are not idiots to keep falling to the same trap that LTTE Terrorists are setting everyday.

    Since LTTE terrorists have killed from Innocent Civilians to International Leaders, I don't think we do not need your comments as a lesson to feel the PAIN.

  27. it is very sad what has happened(if it has happened) :(

    people(anybody) who done this should be brought to justice

    killing children & innocents is unacceptable

  28. Qrious-
    Very well said mate. Let's hope we can help Shyam to give-up terror by reading these at least.

  29. what do u mean by 3rd party doing this ahhh..? IN mannaa there is no EPDP or Karuna ok..but LTTE never targeted their own people...it happened inside the LTTE under control area...LTTE claims that the srilankan DPU did the massacre...this not a new incident the DPU targeted many vehicles like that..the targeted ambulances also.....they just detonate the bomb if they see a vehicle thats what they doing...

    If any LTTE killed in DPU attack they claim for but if its civilian they denies ....

  30. Thats great news!!

    I seriously wonder the SLAF's attack using 6 fighter jets last week,seems to have been an utter flop..coz just destroying a few buildings & creating HUGE craters is not enough.u goto eliminate some top ranking striped ONES!!..like defnet reported,only 15 cadres were killed,most likely children/women cadres

    iqbal athas reported that the the Kfir's carried 3 bombs each(1 1000kg in the center pylon & 2 250kg on the outer pylons),but apparently they are NOT bunker-busters according to iqbal.defnet,guys can u confirm if bunker-busrters or normal steel bombs were used inh this unsuccessful attack?..plus the "floggers"carried some SF2KE??!! bombs??.what on earth are those??..

    reference to earlier threads,we should indeed target Pooneryn quickly & knock out those heavy artillery guns,before a disaster happens at Palaly AB or KKS Harbour..cant we helo-drop a special-forces team into this area to neutralise the arti-guns,& after they complete their mission,extract them,out of the pooneryn area??..

  31. Shyam,

    How can you identify EPDP-Karuna-LTTE-LRRP separately as most of LRRP's operate in LTTE areas are tamils??

    According to you statement this is done by LTTE.

    It will be confirm if any attack happen on civilians in south.

  32. Defnet,guys the new Mechanised Infantry Division(MID),seems to be using APC's,not IFV's coz the guns they carry are very puny & tiny,for any real combat effectiveness-most likey they are 12.7mm or 14.5mm machine-guns..come on,now..we are much better off,with our existing BMP-1,2 & 3'S..those new armored vehicles are gonna get knocked out,by Tiger anti-armor squads with RPG's & LAW,the moment they step into the battlefield!!Any ways,they look like chinese APC's to me.wonder what model are they??

  33. Renegade..you took the words right out of my mouth..well said.
    lets put it this way...a young ltte adult with a gun likes to use it.its like cops and robbers..of course no one thinks of getting shot..only escaping..so those armed vehicles are like items on a video screen...you have to destroy them

  34. Iran lanka's biggest friend-defa!! not hypocritical,like say USA or those shittin sub-human pigs israelis??..(iran was lanka's 2nd largest aid donor last year,after japan)-from the sunday times

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  36. B#1 ,

    Don't think something stupid ok...I said there is No EPDP and Karuna coz those are working with SLA ....its done by the SLA's DPU ...i mean it ok

    The blasts on south is most of them done by the SL Intelligents Department ... all the blasts held just days before the overseas diplomats visited srilanka .. .Now the President of Srilanka said there is an another group who is doing these for their political purpose.... what u gonna say for his message(He's president)

  37. Well Shyam, then blasts in the LTTE controlled areas are done by the LTTE.

  38. Hey shyam,
    why don't you go to wanni and fight against SLAF...
    Do you know how many Tamil students cant go to university because of LTTE ?
    Why Tamils are comming to colombo if they are happy with LTTE?
    Why Tamil doctors are not willing to go to Wanni if they like LTTE?
    and after all, this is not the first time LTTE manupulated the war...many times in history..
    They killed monks, priests, students, farmers, etc if they want…
    my friend just think about you ..you may be in somewhere Europe or USA and glorifying LTTE to do more violence …end of the day your fellow Tamil sisters & brothers get killed…are you happy?

    Same here in Sinhalese side..

    Regarding the land you want 1/3 of SL you will never ever get it because you have only 500,000 Tamils living in North (most of them they do not want seperate country)…if LTTE carry on this war for another 20 years ..We will not see any Tamils in north …
    Be honest man history is made up of alot of mistakes we must correct it..we still can correct the future..LTTE is based on killing & violence ..they have killed more Tamils than Sinhalese.
    Just think about the population we have only 3mil Tamils in SL ..from that more than 80% living out side North …so please let your brother & sisters to live peacefully & get the democratic path to get their rights..
    Otherwise you will not have anyone in SL to at least call after 20 years because you are enjoying your life in the west and preaching (sending money) to get killed.
    Finally Sri Lanka belongs to all of us who love this country..no mater what the race or religion..
    this is not DS, Bandaranayaka or Ponnambalam or Prabakaran country ..it's our country..Sinhala, Tamils and Muslims who were born there...
    May all terrorist get killed ..and may all Sri Lankan have peacefull future in SL

  39. Raji;

    I condemned that incident i am against for that ok ..but u just scroll up the forum and see is there any one condemned on that matter ...

  40. yes,srilankan those armored vehicles have low-caliber machine guns,not heavier cannon..their armor protection APPEARS to be of welded steel,aswell..gonna be easy pickings for small 2/3 man tiger anti-armor teams..its absurd,coz we already have really good armor,like BMP's..i s'pose one army top-ranker could not resist the COMMIS from the armor deal,to purchase those puny APC's-its always the "COMMIS",mate!! like Donald Trump says in THE APPRENTICE-"Nothing personal,it's just Business"-in this case involving our brave soldiers lives..-ohye!!

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  42. Thanks Peren. I agree with renegade. This incident, if true, and the attack on the X-ray base show the intelligence had been not at its best. I am sure that the army must take stock of the incidents and take remedial measures.

    The killing of Tamil civilians who had been enduring decades-long hardship is very regretteable and should not be repeated. It is morally wrong.

    Unfortunately, the credibility of Tamilnet and other allies is not reliable and therefore, push us, the mere mortals, further into the dark.

    Semi-barbarians like Shyam make a meal out of tragedy. His god has started warming up the hottest corner of hell, in anticipation of the forthcoming arrival of the brutes - en masse, of course.

  43. guys,
    shyam is talking crap as usual.
    "but LTTE never targeted their own people"
    No tamils have ever died in LTTE bombings?

    "LTTE claims that the srilankan DPU did the massacre"
    So of course there is no doubt that it is true

    Let's not jump to conclusions OK? There is no proof yet that this was done by LRRP, or this really happened. Let's wait for more news on the subject. Of course if this is true, it is wrong. No doubt about that.

  44. Lankaputra,

    well said brother....

  45. Shyam-
    "this not a new incident the DPU targeted many vehicles like that..the targeted ambulances also.....they just detonate the bomb if they see a vehicle thats what they doing..."

    Wow I do feel for those poor DPU guys. Risking there lives to get into the enemy territory just to bomb any vehicle they see coming.They must be nuts.

    He he...

    You sound like a 5 year old complaining about something to your school teacher!

  46. I think the APC's used by the new Mech infantry are Chinese Type 63 or 69. The machine guns on them are atleast 12.7mm, I think they are closer to 14.5mm. The BMP series APC/IFV are as vulnerable as the Chinese APC's to RPG fire, none of them can withstand a direct hit unless it is at the front armour. I know BMP-1's rear doors and housings are filled with fuel, absoltutely crazy in a combat situation, taking a direct hit to the rear would mean everyone inside would be incinitrated.

  47. it is interesting to see if something happens in the south ?

    God please save all the innocents !

  48. Renegade..lets hope this mechdiv is used primaryly for troop transport.
    to LTTE
    oh yes..hes president..really??are you sure??..hes president of "sinhala buddist chauveistic government"..your president is currently in chennai..recovering from wounds..ask his advice.

  49. By the way... any more news on the vehicle from the health ministy carry protein biscuits?...i hope MI is investigating this!!

  50. lankaputhra ;

    they are scared of SLA,SLAF because they are ruthless ...if the LTTE withdraw from the places and what will happen to the people do the SLA let them live free ... lets take an example JAffNA its a opened jail... There people getting kill or people missing (5 per day its average) this is said by not me by the opesition leader, human watch and by the SLMM .. actually we are away from the country ..lets talk about the Colombo there also people getting killed and abducted by the gangs commin in white vans but they showing that they are from CID department. And if they are not work with GOSL can they go through the check points ahh ..i think u heard that people going overseas because of this Killing spree by SL

  51. Green Tigers
    from TamilNet.tv

    Yes. In a new and startling development the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have declared their open support for the “Green Movement”

    In a statement by the LTTE web site of the non-existent peace process, the LTTE have expressed shock over an instance of Sri Lankan air force bombing one of the “extensive forest replanting done by the LTTE in recent times.”

    The residents in Killinocchi are said to be in a state of shock over the bombing which destroyed their beloved trees which they have not seen for over 10 years because the LTTE have declared the area a “high security zone". Now they will even lose the luxurious of gazing at the trees from afar. It’s believed that this is another move by the Sri Lankan government to make life miserable for the inhabitants of Eelam.

    Read the full story @ Fake TamilNet
    Fake Tamil Net

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  53. Raji ;

    U totally talking about tamils now its racism ok..! Don't we have enough with 1 war .some of the people like you are the reason for the war...

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  55. shyam,
    You say yourself that you're not in the country, and yet you comment about those things as if you have actually experienced them firsthand. Let me assure you that 75% of what you hear in the international media about SL are lies in favour of LTTE. If you want to know the real situation, you have to live here. You're doing the same thing that foreign governments are doing.....condemning everything that happens here without knowing the truth, based on false reports.

  56. shyam,
    you are blind with racial enmity. You just count and see how many tamils are being killed every day by LTTE, just because they happen to have different voice.
    How many kids are forcefully recruited and getting killed in the FDLs.
    If I wish to destroy tamils and their culture and and all other values, I would like the GOVT to maintain the WAR forever without clear win. Because eventually LTTE will give a tamils free state to other inhabitants.
    If you get the numbers correct, you will see LTTE has killed large number of tamils, which was never happened in the history before.

    If you wish the destruction of tamils, please help LTTE and fund them to the maximum!!!!

  57. Raji;

    We don't think thats easy but we don't think that we can not make it... We can make it man...lets wait and see...

  58. sri lanka,
    cool blog, the fake tamilnut.

  59. chamal ;

    Dude i just left the country 2 weeks before ..ad i know what ever happen in srilanka .... U remember i am the 1 who posted first that the SLAF transporting a bird through the road from Katunayeka to colombo ok. so i know everything ok ...i know well enough about the country and the current situation

  60. If you remember the MUTHTHUR aid workers incident, This school childrens death is no difference to that. When the SLDF going to overrun areas, fleeing terrorist will kill more and more civilians to put the blame on SLDF.
    This pattern can be seen in the future in large scale.

  61. yes shyam, let's wait and see. You've waited several decades so all you'll have to wait now will be just something like an eternity..... In the meantime, Sun Goat's son goat etc. will be in charge of LTTE (Oh....sorry I forgot. Sun goat is invincible isn't he? I guess his son goat won't get a chance to play the leader)

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  63. andare ;

    just imagine man if the LTTE kill its own people how they gonna extend the number of soldiers ..ahh there are new faces join with them to protect the people from SLGO

    U people always tell that tamils can live anywhere the government is not like ltte we never target people ..and the next second what u do..u arrest tamil civilians and put em in to jails or kill them or send them to their own places ....just try to know about the cunning GOSL

  64. Defencewire confirms that this attack has taken place. No idea yet who has done it, but either way GOSL is going to face a lot of difficulties from internatioal community, HR groups, opposition etc etc. My worry is that LTTE will make this an excuse for attacking schools and children in the south.

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  66. andare

    Hey man that file is almost closed in UN ..the SLMM claimed for the SLA have done that cruel massacre ...and the UN also saying its done by GOSL...so what..? even the GOSL is silent ..where is their enquarry report ..? How many divisions they have for every incident but non of them ended ... i just asking the report can u submit it here.....?

  67. Come on guys, let's just shut up and let shyam publish his mad ideas. As I've said before he's not accepting logical explanations, we're just wasting our time and the space here

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  69. check this www ..those are pictures of civilians who killed by shelling and air raids in side the LTTE undercontroled by the SLA & SLAF


  70. shyam what the fuck are you doing here go to the all ltte orgy with your long gone buddies from this blog Upul and the boss

    and to all the humans who do not support terrorsism just dont give a shit about what he says this gonna be the last comment against shyam single mindedness and stupidity

  71. Yes there has been such a claymore attack and the casualty figures mentioned in Tamilnet are correct. Theories about LRRP being behind the attack are mere speculation. Lately Tamilnet has been calling even regular SLA units as "DPU". Besides LRRP does not attack random targets.

  72. patriot;

    U know one..the crack says other to that they are crack .. like what u terrorists say others as terrorist ... u people are the real terrorists .... u said UN is terrorint
    UNP is terroris
    the MEDIA are terrorist
    Norway is terrorist

    Its a silly think ok

  73. guys chill out.. :)

    everybody has there own opinion

    what i can say is there has been a incident(DW&tamilnet confirms it)& 17 have died :(

    lets wait & see what more we can learn

  74. Defencenet,
    Then is our speculation about LTTE itself being behind this attack true?

  75. raji,
    You comments are downright racist. We have a zero tolerance policy on such comments and they have been deleted. LTTE and general Tamil population are two separate entities.

  76. U.S. Group advocates for Tamil Statehood


  77. There is a new air craft landed in Katunayeka airbase arround 5.15 but its not a MIC or Kifir ...its something else it must be F7 (i think)...u guys got any news about it?

  78. DefenceNet

    thank you for deleting those offensive comments

    we don't need HATE
    we need LOVE :)

  79. There is a new air craft landed in Katunayeka airbase arround 5.15 but its not a MIC or Kifir ...its something else it must be F7 (i think)...u guys got any news about it?

    Is that a new one or old one...whats their mission ..or are they doing some kind of drills for the feb 4th

    Any news about it....!

  80. people, dont answer to the Shyam or boss handles. more and more you answer they win and the forum fails.

    Please remember that!

  81. defencenet,
    wikipidia shows that we operate 10 Chengdu F-7B Fighters.is this true,coz i thoght we only got 4 of these inclusive of the trainer??

  82. srilankan, i sincerely hope that those new APC's of the MID go behind the T-55 battle tanks & not in front,when in battle..anyways,hopefully these APC's can be retrofitted with a heavier gun,maybe 25mm or above..otherwise i prefer to name these new APC's as "ACC"s-ARMORED COFFIN CARRIERS..

  83. Guys, about the MID..... Let's just see how they perform when they go into battle. No use trying to predict now. I'm sure the commanders have a proper plan for using them, instead of just sending them charging in.

  84. Hey authour there is another guy in my name can u blog him ....its a request....

    Hey U don't use my name man...Are scared of me....U want me to leave from the Forum haa?

  85. i think there are more than 2 shyam's

  86. Bruce Fein: U.S. Declaration of Independence validates Tamil Statehood- TN

    "Applying the 'self-evident' truths celebrated in the Declaration of Independence, the United States should recognize the right of Sri Lanka's long oppressed Tamil people to independent statehood from the racial supremacist Sinhalese," says Bruce Fein, the associate deputy attorney general under President Ronald Reagan, and a lawyer for Tamils For Justice, a U.S. group of Tamil activists, in an opinion piece appearing Tuesday in Washington's conservative news paper, The Washington Times.

    Fein argues, the history of the persecution of the Tamil people "easily justifies Tamil statehood, with boundaries to be negotiated," and points out, "The Declaration of Independence proclaims: "[W]hen a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce [a people] under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

    Fein chronicles his reasons for his stand by drawing on the principles articulated in the U.S Declaration of Independence drafted by Thomas Jefferson in June 1776.

    Fein states: "In the last two years, four Tamil parliamentarians under the ostensible protection of the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) have been assassinated. Sri Lanka's signature became predation, repression, and state sponsored race riots against Tamils, the first organized on May 27, 1958.

    "The 1958 Sinhalese Only Act was a landmark in the history of Tamil oppression. It generally excluded or handicapped Tamils in public or private employment, education, housing or welfare. Roads, schools, hospitals and public utilities were shortchanged in Tamil areas, which reflected a Sinhalese policy of "separate and unequal" that has persisted for 50 years," he adds.

    "In 1961, Tamils began a nonviolent, Gandhi-like protest in favor of regional autonomy. The Sinhalese government answered with assaults on the demonstrators, mass arrests, detentions of Tamil members of Parliament, torture and shootings.

    "In 1983, the Sinhalese government originated race riots that culminated in the slaughter of 4,000 Tamils. No prosecutions were brought against the Sinhalese culprits.

    "There is no parallel to the United States Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education (1954). In 1970, for example, the GOSL inaugurated a system of standardization, which required Tamil students seeking college admission to score substantially higher marks than Sinhalese applicants," Fein says illustrating State-sponsored violence and discrimination against Tamils.

    Fein details in the article a Tamil family's struggle against State sponsored harassment and intimidation.

    Fein also points to the Canadian Supreme Court, which "In re Secession of Quebec (1998)" elaborated that a right to secession may arise whenever a government flouts its obligation to represent "the whole people belonging to the territory without distinction of any kind." Tamils have been treated as third-class citizens for a half-century, Fein asserts.

    Faulting the recent statement of Sri Lankan ambassador to the United States, Bernard Goonetilleke, who Fein claims falsely likened "the persecuted Tamils to the Confederate States of America," Fein questions, "Is it any wonder that an ambassador has been defined as an honest man sent abroad to lie for his country?"

    SC: TN

    Ballo ke gahuwata kandu paath wenawada ape "matara ayya"?

  87. I don't know who u r ...but i know that u r doing it for to just stop me..... ok bye for all Defence net friends....Specially bye for Mattara aiyaa the only 1 respect in this forum ... BYe guys

  88. impersonation is not allowed. Comments with fake account have been deleted.

  89. Thanks difence net .. i just want him to stop posting in same name...

  90. shyam.. you forgot me? - gallemalli

  91. galllemalli. thanks for posting

    Bruce Fein
    i took one look at his picture.. and yep.. i assumed... he does look a bit hungry and like he could use a couple of thousand grand from the ltte.. which is probably what happened..

    its terrible to assume though.

    lankaputhra... cant help but agree. well said.

    ltte has to be finished off and it is no easy task. blessings of the triple gem and all other gods to our soldiers.

  92. Defencenet,

    If something happens immediately all are jumping in and telling LTTE did it and shyam & other guys telling SLA did it....Why accusing of each other?I hope this forum is to discuss what happened actually...not to Jump on each other...

  93. Balaguru

    i agree with you 100%

  94. If some one tells the truth with fact and figures.. he/she has every right to jump on to others and acuse.!

  95. "chbalk said...

    If some one tells the truth with fact and figures.. he/she has every right to jump on to others and acuse.!"

    How you can say some one telling the truth?!?Do you have any evidence you can post here that LTTE did it or SLA did it??

    Nobody knows exactly what is happening in front..Even defencenet itself post comments like "believed to be killed","According to SLA sources","suggest"unless and until they are not sure about the news....

  96. hey guys,

    I'm new to this blog and I was hoping that someone could answer a question for me.

    Does anyone know how the new mechanized division is going to take part in offensive operations? what is their job? are they going to spearhead the attack? (I hope not)

  97. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  98. The awarding ceremony of the cap badges to the newly formed Mechanized Infantry Brigade

    YouTube Video

  99. --Civilian attacked--

    We can put civilian attacks in to two folders; on sinhalese and on tamils.

    1)Incedents in governemnt areas any one can verify however in LTTE areas there is no way to verify independently. So it is easy to LTTE make-up stories if they want. (This doesn't mean every claim is false, just a technical assumption.)

    2)When some thing happened to tamils, it is a big crime for tamils. It is sad they were unable to feel same when same happened in south on sinhalese. (wiseverse also true.)

    3)LTTE denied all the civilian attacks in south. LTTE elements claim they were done by SLA to 'discredit' LTTE. When same happened in LTTE areas LTTE blaim on 'DPU'. There are people who beleive all of this.

    4)Possibilites for civilian attacks;

    @SLA kill in south and north
    @LTTE kill insouth and north
    @SLA kill in north LTTE kill in south
    @SLA kill in south and LTTE kill in north
    @By third parties
    (South means government areas, north means LTTE areas.)

    5) But there were no formal proof end of investihations for any of these attacks for past 30 years. So how do you account for these? It seems we account for them as we like. Tamils in their way and sinhalese in thier way. Any other way?

  100. SnakeVI

    welcome to the blog

    why you say 'hope not' ?

    normally infantry units give the charge

    note: I'm not an expert

  101. I am too disgusted by the events in the past few days that happen to both my good friend and I in Kandy. The president was in Kandy over the weekend. Police or army offices came to our closed flats, threatened our security to break open our private rooms, not even our close relatives or friends allowed access. Thse guys threatened to break open our wardrobes and our closed private bed rooms. We are true patriots, investing over million sterling each in Kandy and we have sacrificed our own lives, campaigning in the unstable East, twice during the President’s election. Now we know how he could show his gratitude to us.
    The country is in real peril, surely due to their own stupidity the terrorists will get to the Prez and the top commanders, it’s a matter of time, mark my word!
    My good friend wrote to the President about how he prevented a rouge vehicle owned by a high ranking Police officer deliberately parked his suspected car,(See one of my blogs) with the great difficulty got it removed.
    What happened on the 27th of Jan(few days ago),when the President was once again visited Kandy, this time a brother of an Army Colonel brought his car and parked just 60 feet from the president’s residence, with so many police standing by, helpless to get the car moved, the people in the area took the law into their hand, confronted the owner, where he was abusive with filthy words coming out of him, resulting him getting assaulted by the public. Later this thug brought a whole lot of other thugs, threatened to smash the Singer show room which happened to be nearby, where this horrible incident occured. It seems the corrupt officers and their kin and mates are compromising the security of the state. Perhaps the unlimited source of money with the rebels will get our local thugs and contacts to do their work in the south, to the extent that the president’s life could be in the hand of these corrupt people. I am not at all surprised with the rebels knowing the trip of the Army commander to Jaffna in advance, surly a mole or moles are responsible. They deserve what they are going to get and likes of will never cry for them.

  102. defencenet if possible can you give us an idea when can we expect another bomb in Colombo by the ltte/lrrp/mr&co/dpu/tmvp as the revenge for this attack?

  103. --On civilian attacks:more--

    Since it is not practical to wait until end of investigation we use some common sense. (A consequence theory)

    Suppose this was done by SLA. what are the consequences?

    SLA is now closer to madu area. SLA need civilian support and in generel they work keeping that in mind. This kind of attack is just opposite of what SLA supposed to do. Who wants prevent SLA enetering madu area? Madu is famaous for catholic church, so civilan attack in thisarea quickly get the priority from internetional media. Who is in trouble. No matter where in the country, increased civilian casualties results more preasure on gernment from IC, UN intervention etc. Who needs this? If it is found SLA is responsible for any of these someday what will happen? Is there any thing gain by SLA from such an attack? No. Infact this kind of things effect negetively ongoing military offensive. Thus all negative results for SLA.

    Now suppose LTTE did. What are the consequences?

    It is easy to convince civilians in madu area SLA did this and get support from them against SLA or atleast aviod they support SLA in future. These people don't have 100 sources for information, internet etc just LTTE propaganda. LTTE is a worldwide banned organization and has nothing to lose. Nither they are responsible to anyone. If one belives these were done by SLA to 'discredit' the innocent terrorist outfit then Rajive Gandi also should have been killed by SLA to 'discredit' LTTE + all other sucide attacks. Thus LTTE get no minus for this.

    Conclusion: xxxxx


    #Given the recent propaganda on attacks of school children and schools I think government should think about closing schools or incresed security.

    #LTTE is honest on one thing only. They fight for a seperate country. They don't care about tamil civilians or ony one else except their leaders. If LTTE can get an eelam do they care having 20 less civilians to live in there. Not even 20k, so far.

  104. Kevin..i was sad to read your good comments..this war has made monsters of people who under different circumstances would not behave this way..i blame the COLiving...but again there is no excuse what so ever for foul behavior.hope these problems will be sorted when this monstrous war is over.Some of these donkeys need to get an education

  105. Guy,

    According to ealiable intelligence sources the attack was definetly carried by LTTE.

    They are also having a strike in tamilnadu for undersea defence system with 1500 fisherman

    According to him, the LTTE is trying to get a UN or US/EU mediation to srilanka & already the diplomatic sources has communicated to srilanka

    further, they are planning to unilateraly declare elame & ask the Western powers to accept it if SL government doesn't come for negoatiation

    More news to follow,,, LTTE is expecting goverment change in April

    This time also I don'tknow whther our greedy sinhala population will vote for ponna Ranil to give oxygen to LTTE

    Remeber the famouse saying "Sinhalaya modaya; Kavum Kanna sooraya" I'm a Sinhala but sad to say about our people, there main concern is the stomach/money & sleeep......

  106. lkdood.

    Mechanized infantry were a concept developed by the german army to support the blitzkrieg. They knew that tanks spearheading an advance would over extend themselves and leave the infantry behind. thus exposing their flanks to small group attacks by infantry. the mechanized infantry was a solution as they would be able to move with the tanks and provide protection from infantry ambushes.
    the reason i said 'hope not' was referring to SLA spear heading the assault with the mechanized. I dont think a bunch of APCs can do any good against an enemy like LTTE who are very mobile and well armed. smashing into the LTTE battle line with our Mechanised division would be disastrous. (in my opinion)
    we should use their mobility to flank the LTTE FDLs once the group based tactics open up gaps in them (and when the main offensive is putting pressure from the front .
    SLA does not have enough tanks, experience or the need to actually call for an armored offensive at this time.
    Since the APC will protect against AP mines and IEDs they will allow troops to be deployed much faster around the LTTE flanks. I hope we stick to this strategy.

  107. From srilankagardian; (would like see defencenet comments.)

    Impending LTTE activity in and outside the Country

    LTTE planning to take hostage School Children in South

    Tiger Leader received every detail of the upcoming Air strikes from Colombo

    LTTE top level leaders planning fled to Africa

    by Our Defence Correspondent

    (January 30 , Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Source close to Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam reveals the LTTE dares that they are moving in Sinhala dominated areas planning to take hostage School Children to pressure to government and stop the war against the LTTE as soon as possible.

    “Hundreds of LTTE hard core cadres moving in Colombo and other Sinhala dominant areas for future attacks”, the source told the Sri Lanka Guardian.

    “Of course they want to stop the war in areas under their control” he added.

    Security has been alerted in Colombo for the upcoming Independence Celebration because of the LTTE threat.

    It was revealed to Sri Lanka Guardian that the Flying wing of the LTTE is planning a Kamikashi style attack against top level political heads in the Country at a public event. The Kamisaki fighter unit originated in Japan and was a suicide unit activated during the World War II against the Unites States. The LTTE’s Flying Wing is also using light air crafts like the Kamikashi soldiers.

    Our sources believe the LTTE will use those tactics to attack the President and other top level officials who are involved with the War against the LTTE.

    “The LTTE air strikes have never been at day time, they attacked during the night. But we do not think their future attacks will be during the night,” he said.

    Meanwhile the source also reveals, that the leader of the LTTE received every detail of the upcoming Air strikes from the high level military official in Colombo, A source of Prabhakaran is working closely with the top level military and political leaders in the Country.

    “It is still happening as in the past,” he added.

    SLAF’s recent attack on X-Ray base also was known to the Tiger leader before the attack. He fled the base less than one hour of the attack, but some of his personnel of his guard got killed in the attack,” according to our source.

    The situation in India, deadly deeds and strong activities of the LTTE are prevented because the government officials cracking down the LTTE without hesitation.

    But LTTE has been building up their links with African countries to move in.

    “The number 01 criminal City in the World, I know lots of terrorist units active here including LTTE. They are regularly raising funds and are involved in other propaganda activities. They carry on without any questioning from the Government,” our reliable source, who is working as an engineer in Cape Town told the Sri Lanka Guardian.

  108. Ninja Bandara

    thanks for sharing

  109. LTTE to demonstrate in front of British Prime Ministers residence on the Independence Day of Sri Lanka


  110. Kerala says it is probing reports that Prabhakaran is in state


  111. @Balaguru...
    I follow my instinct. Difference between truth and false is Defencenet and Tamilnet...!

  112. I just feel, more than a mole, there is a high possibility that an LTTE intelligence member/unit is in close proximity to our main airports. KAB in particular. MiGs and the Kfir are pretty loud. I've lived close to BIA.

    That A'pura base development plan should be completed quickly. We also should probably develop another air base. Keep shifting our attack crafts.

  113. Kevin,

    It is a shame to mankind to terrorize another human being with arms and weapons. It is a abuse of power. We should not tolerate that at any cost. I hoped SL millitary is well disciplined! I havent seen SL police show respect to people when they maintain law and order. But since it is a cordon and search operation we also have a responsibilty to comply to their requests to enable them to do their job. But they should not use abusive language or force! Once the war is over we should clean those thugs, gangsters, criminals from the society and punish those who abuse their power!

  114. Be Aware!!!!!!!!!
    LTTE planning to take hostage School Children in South


    Tiger Leader received every detail of the upcoming Air strikes from Colombo
    LTTE top level leaders planning fled to Africa

    Sc: SL Guardian

  115. Was LTTE tipped off about visit?


  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. Sampath

    Declaring an independent state by a terror group, especially one that cannot defend its borders should not worry you.

    I am in the USA, and happen to know a little bit about what's happening.

    We aren't sleeping either.

  118. Sampath,
    "I'm a Sinhala but sad to say about our people, there main concern is the stomach/money & sleeep......"

    sounds like the lion-race has inherited these from the lion whose only concern is food (tey would even kill an elephant for food), power (would fight to death if required) and ALOT of sleep (14/24 hours)!!

    but lions survive; why?
    team effort, good killing skills and good leadership.

    an election in april is somwhat likely as the JVP is going to bring down the govt. if it goes ahead with the 13 amendment.

    i blame the president. he should first and foremost satisfy the SLFP/JHU/JVP voters; if he can't he loses on 2 counts.
    1. loses support of JHU/JVP forcing an election
    2. then, voters alos desert him as he is hellbent on the 13th amendment

    simply the international community has no voting power and the president pleases them at the expense of his voters.

    but to sustain his govt. somehow, needs more MONEY/CORRUPTION.

    he needs some JRJ tactics to manage all 3 conflicting forces and of course the LTTE as well!!!

    JRJ first hammered his political opponents (sirima, TULF, rajiv-praba friendship) into oblivion and then tackled other problems.

    he managed to win the 1982 election with Kobbekaduwa's vote as well!!!!
    what a go-getter, fantastic.

  119. Best thing would be some how tame JVP/JHU and drag 13th amendment few months until SLA deliver results. A ban on LTTE mihgt helpful.

    MR is amazing in the sense he use 30 years old district councils and 20 years old indu lanka stuff effectively. A so called political solution is a wepon in another fron in this war. JVP/JHU is too childish or too power hungry not to understand some realities.

  120. Security forces manning a road block at Vavuniya yesterday (January 28) nabbed a lorry attached to Kilinochchi Hospital along with two Health employees while attempting to smuggle C-4 high explosives,....Two Health Department employees and two others including the lorry driver and cleaner were arrested

  121. "LTTE planning to take hostage School Children in South"
    What do you guys think about this? I think they will go for more bombings instead of hostages, since they have the risk of their asses getting handed to them by a commando team if they try to take hostages. Bombs can easily do the job for them. (Last time they tried to take hostages-Lake House-it didn't go too well for them at all)

  122. "Last time they tried to take hostages-Lake House-it didn't go too well for them at all"

    when was that chamal?

  123. Defencenet,

    When you have time can you please update on;

    1) The canadian rader buoght by SL-It's use and effectiveness.

    2) The container cought with high proteen buiscuts-is it true two more already went to K'nochchi and two more has disapeared.

    3) The lorry cought with C4.

    4) SLgardian claims on a (high ranked) spy within SLAF-this website hinted about a big airbone attack few days before AAB attack.

    5) Can you put a map showing current FDLs and FDLs before fighting started in north.

    Taking hostages may not be very effective for LTTE. Such an atempt gets more disgust towards LTTE and more support for government. But any kind of air attack on independence day is good for LTTE propaganda. As I know chances are low to gun down them, so why chamikase?

  124. Defencenet
    Would you be kind enough shed some light in to some events in the past ?
    Some where in ‘2,or’03or’0 4s when CBK was in London for nearly a month or more,Mr Rathnasiri Wickramanayake who was acting for the President who was in London, unleashed the Mig 27s on communication towers in Poonerryen making Balasingaham very concerned made a lots of protests and pressure on the EU governments. He too was under the opinion that the Ukrainians were on that particular bombing run. Since then their moles in the forces tried to approach the Ukrainians and they have been boasting that the subsequent Mig 27 that crashed on a display of some sort was deliberate and was piloted by a Ukraine pilot. Is this true that it was a Ukraine pilot? A Ukraine lady who worked in London said that one of their citizens made money after plane crash in SL and that was the first time she has heard of SL until she met us. Then we too heard of moles in the AF trying to sabotage the Kafirs and my friend in the know communicated this by email to the AF(about a year ago) soon after this email a Kafir fell off the sky and could it be sabotage? We know that their no1 target other than the leaders is the air assets in Katu.I think they still have many moles, every where, paid by they vast resources of money. I think they are trying our security set up in places like Kandy, that’s why I reported the incidences during the Perahara and what happened on the 27th(see above).If the cops allow some people access to some places, where the public is not, then the tigers will use this weakness in our lawless culture. When ever we went to these boarder areas and other places where there was a road block, we took a friend of us an Ex Army guy with one leg and he always came out to speak to the people manning the post and we were let off without a check. These are shortcomings that will spell disaster. Both SWRD and Premadasa were killed by people he trusted. I am sure that the other incidents where the security was breached was due to this weakness.Money,being the root of all evil will be more lethal than our Kafiars., as money buys any body will spell disaster for us in the end.

  125. Every Sri Lankan knows that we usually do not take a single word uttered by our Prime Minister seriously. Still I am wondering how terrorism would be stopped by devolving power. The current terrorism waged by LTTE will never be stopped even if the GOSL gave them both the North and the East. Next stop for them would be the whole Sri Lanka through terror.

    'Devolving power will help eradicate terrorism in Lanka'

    Colombo (PTI): Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremenayaka has claimed that the implementation of the power devolution package submitted by a high-level committee will help eradicate terrorism in the island nation. http://www.hindu.com/thehindu/holnus/003200801281521.htm

    On another note, I saw recently that one of the LTTE websites was collecting funds to hire this lawyer to lobby against the GOSL in US law offices. Now this LTTE money talking. In the US, you can buy anyone for money. Free market and paid talk.

    This is part of the Tamilnet News article,
    "Bruce Fein, the associate deputy attorney general under President Ronald Reagan, and a lawyer for Tamils For Justice, a U.S. group of Tamil activists"....

  126. Has any body seen Pacha Baahu's statements yesterday in media regarding NE conflict?. He said Tamils must be given their own administration and rights to seperate from sri lanka. What an Asshole is he?.


  127. LTTE to declare independence from Great Britain

    "Following the United States declaration of independace the LTTE will soon declare their independence from Great Britain in a council of Tamil colonies from Toronto, Australia, Norway, England and France named “United States of Tamil Eelam”."

  128. Mawbima has a copy of a contract that Bruce Fein's law firm signed with Friends of Sri Lanka (FOSL) in 2006 to lobby in favor of Sri Lanka. I guess when that contract ended he must have got a counteroffer from a Tamil group. There are numerous lobbysts in Washington peddling their influence to the highest bidder. Anyway, The Washington Times newspaper is a rag that nobody reads. There are some fundamental weaknesses in the Govt's propaganda war.

  129. Thanx guys for providing a map , so the news is more clear and detailed

  130. whoever's to blame...killing civilians and especially children should be condemned in the highest order...
    I highly doubtful that the truth will ever come out since neither part will accept responsability if they had a hand at this terrible crime...

    I hope at least the government can make sure that the injured are taken care of to the best levels...maybe they can get UN bodies involved and air lift those injured who need urgent medical attention etc

    and it's sad to condemnation of that incident seems to be lacking from the government side only further helping the terrorists cause

  131. What never makes sense is LTTE and the boot licker preoccupation with carving out and Eelam out of Sri Lanka. Whatever Bruise Feign says, ultimately the issue boils down to whether Eelam can be economically sustained and also on whether Indian geo-policial interests allow such an entity.

    I think most Tamils do not want an Eelam but they use LTTE violence as leverage for political change. This should not be allowed either. 13th amendment was also forced on us and as a result undemocratic.


    Remeber the famouse saying "Sinhalaya modaya; Kavum Kanna sooraya"

    Don't spit while looking up buddy.

  132. defence net could not report bus Bomb Blast carrying school school children?

    what ever happen either side. have to report to the public. all comes under defence right?

    is Defence net media ignoring tamils i guess.

  133. If you don't like this blog go the fuck away dev. No one is going to care.

  134. Mr. DEV,

    If you don't get the information you need, then go to the following site there you will get all the information you need


    This is the New Generation website by Tamileelam (prepared by Charles Antony).


  135. Remeber the famouse saying "Sinhalaya modaya; Kavum Kanna sooraya"

    True in other way around.

    if LTTE attackes some ware the whole bunch of troops will be their. showing their bike rides colours etc. mean time LTTE attacks their ass from behind nobody knows.

    good example Minister maheshwaran killing and Minister Dasanayake killing scenario.

    if they does it before nothing will happen to those ministers.

    Don't be over confident.
    i am in the middle and monitoring both stories. Both the parties are lying extremely. u guys are clapping from here. Run over their and fight for the nation. if you have a real sinhala bood.

    end of the day innocent people dies in the middle

  136. Hey Dev,
    I think following 2 sentences you made are contradict each other.
    if LTTE attackes some ware the whole bunch of troops will be their. showing their bike rides colours etc. mean time LTTE attacks their ass from behind nobody knows.

    i am in the middle and monitoring both stories.

  137. "1) The canadian rader buoght by SL-It's use and effectiveness."

    Ninja, I've just posted an article on this:


  138. @ SLPOWER

    i am in the middle and monitoring both stories.

    i meant was stories from sites to site varies, media to media same news in two different news. evenDefence media center release two stories at two given time. even those buggers does the same. in that fact i found this site is in almost the middle. but in blog ppl are fighting and trying to prove the GOSL what ever they do is correct. and if some one gives opersite story is, He/she is known as ltte, and want me to read tamil net. its clear almost all people express "Jathiwadi" on my view. even GOSL does the same. there is not fair.

    during this fight Army failed sevaral times but they dont give it to public. eg. PALALIBAS E attack. Defence.lk doesn't even know i guess

    is that ok with u all?

  139. "defence net could not report bus Bomb Blast carrying school school children?"

    Read all the comments mate. We posted it as a comment. If you have been reading DefenceNet, you'll know that sometimes we post news as comments. For example, we only reported the LTTE shelling on Palaly AFB as a main post, the retaliatory airstrikes were not reported.

    This is due to the time constraints and limited connectivity to internet, nothing else. Besides, maintaining defencenet Blog is not our first priority.

  140. This comment has been removed by the author.

  141. MR. DEV,

    [if some one gives opersite story is, He/she is known as ltte, and want me to read tamil net]

    You have got it wrong, not TAMILNET.COM



  142. Dev,

    First thing we must understand is, it is the truth which dies at first in a war. This is same in all over the world in all the time.

    during this fight Army failed sevaral times but they dont give it to public.

    Did any pro LTTE site told about what happened in X-Ray base?

    According to them it's only their planted trees which were dead.

    No bady wants to highlight their loses. Because It's a war.

  143. @ defencenet

    i saw the news on blog commets. as a on the main page does not appear. its not my business anyway.

    even i have distributed this link to all my contacts on the day of anuradapura attack. i saw this blog has reported the best ever news. i use to browse all over the net for defence news.

    but i blame the people who blast at opposition coment. in general i saw. a name called "guru" a tamil name was in this blog. automatically he is known as terrorist by end of the day. its not fare.

    i belive is that. this war is not going to end ever. GOSL newer winns. LTTE never looses. people of SL will suffer for years and years.

    Both political parties are playing a game there.

    time 4 u all to blast me.

  144. Dev,
    i also recommend www.tamilnet.tv it is wayy more accurate then the old tamilnet.com!!

    I have not heard such old saying as what you said, usually tamils ltte supportesr are known use the word "modaya" excessively as that is the only sinhalese word they understand how to say as well as they believe it is a major bad word to use...lol!

    Have you heard the FAMOUS saying, "demalaya parayah (foreigner), sinhalaya soora-weerayah!" lol

  145. Dev,
    *cough terrorist supporter *cough

    You got this "i belive is that. this war is not going to end ever. GOSL newer winns. LTTE never looses. people of SL will suffer for years and years. " the wrong way around..

    It is actually "GOSL never looses. LTTE never wins. Tamil people in SL will suffer for years and years, leading to extinction" please correct your spelling..the word "fare" is spelled "fair"


  146. whoever is the publisher for www.tamilnet.TV, i recommend comming up with phoney tamil names as www.tamilnet.com does. One story, they spelled the word "katharagama" as "kathirgamam" and in the same article they spelled it differently the second time as "kattirigamim"

    These fools are trying to make up so many fake names for these ancient villages that they loose track of their own made up lies. lol

  147. MR. DEV,

    [i belive is that. this war is not going to end ever. GOSL newer winns. LTTE never looses. people of SL will suffer for years and years.]

    You are wrong again,

    this war is not going to end soon unless third-party interfered. GOSL winns. LTTE looses. people of SL will NOT suffer IN FUTURE.


    Army Captured Muhamale LTTE Forward Defenceline. More The 30 LTTE carders killed.

  149. some more comments please. i have something in queue to share. will tell u after reading all your valuable comments.

  150. Anyone know a blogger/website for kids, please give the link. It will be help full for Dev

  151. True_Lankan;

    What u mean by the future ofter all Srilanken got killed by this war ahh....? People in the villages are starving now ...because of increasing prices ..The people who have money freedom can talk anything just think about others also....This war never gonna end..Until the GOSL Satisfy the tamils

  152. "These fools are trying to make up so many fake names for these ancient villages that they loose track of their own made up lies."

    its not just tamilnet my friend. there are "sinhala koki" inside liberal think tanks and universities all over sri lanka. these nameless, faceless individuals write and lobby for rewriting sri lankan history. groups like the center for policy alternatives and various others like it are also selling a warped history to the west making the tamils out to be passive victims of sinhalese aggression. its in vogue now to say everything in sri lanka was 'orginally' tamil.

  153. according to army web


    this is great news :)

  154. @Shyam

    U are right. i will second it.!!
    these ppl just cant understand ppl.

  155. According to the www of LTTE all offensive operation by the SLA is repulsed and bushed back to the the earlier boundaries

  156. Dev;

    IF they understood the problem there is no war in this Island..It have to be better than the Singapore ..these people kill tamils thats not a matter to them ...

    There is a hot news ....the area around the colombo is not secure now coz they moved the army and police around the Gallface and independent square .....the in roads are managed by the BUS Conductors ...its shows there are shortage in the forces

  157. It's a good thing that pro-LTTE Shyam left this blog voluntarily.
    I started visiting this blog merely because it reports on military operations in the north in a perspective of a military specialist.
    What most of us are eager to learn is how the military goes forward, their tactics & real reasons for some of their operations which are not comprehensible in a average civilians perspective.
    People should not come here to argue that there should be no war, why the war started etc., LTTE is fighting for Tamil rights etc.
    There are enough other blogs to discuss those things.
    There are so many blogs where hard core LTTE supporters brake pots in 'palu geval'. In those sites our comments never get posted.
    Blogs like Defencenet are rare and these LTTE supporters should not spoil this. These LTTE supporters who have taken refuge in developed world are making false, ruthless & barbaric comments against our forces & they don't feel the agony of war.
    It is just few of us (specially in the cyberworld) who speak on behalf of our valiant soldiers, who sacrifise their lives for our beloved motherland.
    This war is not something we do for fun or for colonisation. It is something that we have to win to live in peace & dignity in our own motherland. Victory of our great forces is the only way out from this tragedy for all Sri Lankans, not just Sinhalese & Muslims.

    Thankyou Defencenet!

  158. Dev;

    IF they understood the problem there is no war in this Island..It have to be better than the Singapore ..these people kill tamils thats not a matter to them ...

    There is a hot news ....the area around the colombo is not secure now coz they moved the army and police around the Gallface and independent square .....the in traffic are managed and handled(some says Police have them the power i can't conform it) by the BUS Conductors ...its shows there are shortage in the forces

  159. somson ;

    If you let the tamils to live peace fully all can live peace fully otherwise the war will continue..Its started from the GOSL. I think u better learn about the ethnic problem pls ...

  160. Hey Shyam I thought u left:

    " Shyam said...
    I don't know who u r ...but i know that u r doing it for to just stop me..... ok bye for all Defence net friends....Specially bye for Mattara aiyaa the only 1 respect in this forum ... BYe guys"

    Unfortunately you are still here to divert the focus of this blog.
    Goto a site like www.tamilcanadian.com where only a bunch of hardcore tiger supporters can make comments. Or come to www.federalidea.com, where we can discuss our political issues indepth with sanity & wisdom.

  161. Defencenet:

    I agree with Somson and the reason are gettin in to this blog is to know updates regarding the situation in country.

    But now ppl here are arguing each other and the main focus deviate from what is intended. That is what want to happen by LTTE supporters (No need to tell who are they here)

    can we collectively agree to stop these kind of talks, those criticise each other in this blog, which will gain nothing.

    I stopped visiting lankanewspapers.com blog purely because of it's only for arguing. I dont want defencenet to become someone like it.

  162. there is more fighting here that in the ground


    i also agree with you

    no good will come with this fighting on the blog :(

    we don't need more heat
    we need more light - OBAMA

  163. Shyam & Dev,

    Dont you get it man. u guys dnt need in here. cant you guys piss off and discuss your "theory" somewhere else please. this is a blog where come and talk about Defence matters, and not your "Adonas" and dont think that anybody here will care about your croc tears. I think your wasting your time and wasting our valuable blog space.

  164. Bruce Fein was a one time IRA sympathiser and I am sure the ltte terrorists are asking that orgernization,what is left of it to help them out. Tigers in the past helped those terrorists to smuggle arms and drugs in their ships. Now the ltte is asking the favours back, that’s why likes of Martin McGuiness the Shein Fein leader come to Vanni and tried to patch up MR with the British government. This Bruce guy is just a mouth piece,proberbly doesn’t know where SL is. Just ignore him as long as we defend the territorial intergrity, using the full might of the forces, no one can dictate terms to SL.If the Tamils keep insisting on living on their own, a type of self sagregation,then they must ask countries like Norway and Canada to give part of their unhabited lands to put their eelam,that’s the best solution to the Tamil problem. We in SL wants to live in peace without dividing the tiny island.

  165. Amen to that Kevin! Amen to that!

  166. While the SLA Media Information Centre said only a single SLA trooper was injured and SLA captured several LTTE bunkers during an SLA advance to breach the FDLs in NaakaraKoayil and Mukamaalai during the last weekend, internal military sources confirmed that more than 40 SLA soldiers were killed and nearly 100 injured after LTTE engaged the SLA in resisting the advance.

    defencenet try defending that

  167. Renegade mate, the AIFV shown at Palay AB Chinese Type 63 - WZ-531K tracked. SLA also has the Wheeled WZ 553's which are v. good for Jaffna or Vavu.They cheaper than the BMP series and newer. Better than nothing mate ! SLA gotta do with what they have remeber, last week US Army MRAP mine proofer got destroyed in Mosul. So, it's the nature of the beast baby !

    Pound them SLA Pound them ! And for pete's sake dont let the ltte faggorts sleep at night...harass them all night !

    Is it true VP fatass's wife sought refuge in Kerala ?

  168. I have a copy of a proposal Fein submitted to the SL govt, offering to screw the LTTE sometime ago. Will post it and let you guys see.

    The guy and his little company are a maverick group of lawyers who masquerade as deliverers of tehe impossible and they typically fish in small ponds. SLG didn't touch them based on good intel. The desperate LTTE backers here in the US fell for it and its going to cost them closer to USD1.0million.

    Better Bruce gets the one million than a capable arms merchant vending rogue SAMs.

  169. "Notable published writings by Fein include articles advocating the impeachment of former U.S. president Bill Clinton and the current U.S. vice-president Dick Cheney and president George W Bush."
    This guy and his company has no political allegiance to anyone but for money. Ronald Regan gave him a top job, after that he was hired by the democrats to have ago at Prez.Bush’s AG,one Gonzales. he is suppose to be a man of high principles, but take up the cause of the terrorists like IRA and tigers, perhaps others who may be not wanted in their own country, just for money. All lawyers do that?

  170. Tropicalstorm
    With respect to your respond in another thread, I must say in this day and age the countries are bonded by common values, and in extreme cases like in Afghanistan and Sudan these values aren’t there at all and that could be a destabilizing factor for developed countries. This is the reason why these countries are concerned about the human rights etc.SL is getting her fair share of unnecessary attention from the IC because of the powerful terrorist lobby in those countries. If SL could get their act together on those lines of HW,then the lobby has no chance. These are checks and balances that the civilized world has created to safe guard all the nations, kind of a charter. Should any one create another Hitler or Polpot,who will come to the aid? If one put one’s own country into a such a situation, then we must accept that we can’t live by our own rules and show disregard to IC,or in a critical event, we may expect an international intervention, if we like it or not. I doubt that SL falls into that catergory,though the terrorists are trying to make a such a case.

  171. BAN shaym, upul, boss, dev for talking about things other then military related to get everyone off topic!!!!!! Get the f out of here, go back to LNP!


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