Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Government to pull out from the Ceasefire agreement

The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has decided to pull out of the cease-fire agreement (CFA) with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The move, when implemented, would mark the official end of the nearly 5 year long agreement which has been in tatters since mid 2003.

Latest move by the GOSL coincides with a roadside claymore explosion which occurred in a civilian populated area killing 5 and injuring 28.




  2. Assailant of Maheswaran an intelligence wing member

    (LeN, 2008 Jan 02, 6.30 PM) It is revealed now that the arrested suspected assailant of United National Party (UNP) MP T. Maheswaran is a member of state intelligence service. His name is Thomas Collin Valentine alias Wasanthan.

    Wasanthan is a long time residence of Colombo and worked as a bodyguard of Minister Douglas Devananda while being a member of Ealam People's Democratic Party (EPDP). Later he joined the state intelligence wing and worked there for five years.

    Meanwhile, L. Dharmasiri, a security officer of MP Maheswaran who is now in hospital due to gun shot injuries says that the suspected gunman is a former security official of Minister Devananda.

    Dharmasiri shot at the assailant as soon as he saw he shot at the MP. He later recognized the assailant at the hospital although he did not identify him.

    When 'Lanka-e-News' enquired from Police Media Spokesman DIG N.K. Ilangakoon about the information that the suspect is an EPDPer connected to state intelligence, he said tht he had no such information.

    DIG Ilangakoon said that a statement had not been recorded so far from the suspect and it could be done perhaps today (02).

    'Lanka-e-News' learns that the gunman was identified as Tholar (Comrade) Johnson and Tholar Collin within the EPDP.

  3. wow...LEN folks must be so bloody good at their job to find confidential stuff like who works for intelligence agencies etc :)
    what a joke :)

    the boss
    sldf will kill anyone who takes arms against the legitimate forces of this country and it's people and challenge the territorial integrity of this nation. if those who take arms against this country happens to be tamils thats their problem.
    Remember that you lot has lost every single major battle from Mavil Aru and lost all that territory including the whole of east. None of those fake courts and fake police etc in fake peelam functions anymore.
    Hell even piraba himself can't attend a function and has to send his wife...
    Government has endured so many atrocities by the ltte including a suicide attempt at the commander of the army and thousands more violations to the CFA...thousands more violation than that of GOSL.
    If gosl decides to annul the CFA after tolerating things for so long... it's with good reason.
    Coming weeks will see whose really stupid not to settle for a reasonable solution but to ask for a fake mono ethnic homeland

  4. why do u have to lie about it? is to get others support?
    When did tamil say Eelam was mono-ethnic? that's racism from your side actually.

    Eelam will be multicultural utopia.

    If the sinhalese are so sure about eelam being doomed already why don't you give us a timeframe of 12 months where we will have eelam, and you will have sri lanka.
    Then lets see how the developement goes. I can promise you Eelams living standard and economic will be far better than what SL has ever achieved since WWII.

    The tamil diaspora alone has more knowledge than the sinhalese together.

    12 months enough to prove the world that tamils have been detained by nazi sinhalese for all these years.

  5. the boss
    that's why you chased away all the muslims from Jafna and suburbs within 24 hours eh?
    you see any other races living in killi and other ltte dominated area...are their any sinhalese there???
    whatever you're it and sell it. there's gotta be a hige demand for that sorta by the likes of you...
    On the other hand all races are living peacefully in gosl areas...

  6. "Then lets see how the developement goes. I can promise you Eelams living standard and economic will be far better than what SL has ever achieved since WWII."

    yeah yeah...that's why your sungoat leader has been sending other people kids into the battlefront to get killed while his ones are safely studying abroad :)
    you lot deserve leaders like piraba and deserve to suffer the way you suffer for supporting that kinda thinking...

    enjoy the ride mate...
    ltte will be fried and and i hope you will live to see the fake peelam dream disappearing forever

  7. boss and ranil:

    Please go to LNP and discuss out of topic issues or you can open another blog. Lets discuss the ramifications of CFA withdrawal.

  8. "The tamil diaspora alone has more knowledge than the sinhalese together."

    oh yeah...and with that knowledge what have you achieved...
    only child soldiers, suicide bombers, bra bombs and a world renown name for being terrorists...
    what an achievement

  9. onecountry bad :)

    now on topic... why do you think gosl wanted to withdraw from the CFA at this juncture? we were anyway doing ops against the ltte and and cfa was not adhered to by both parties.
    is there a technical or strategic reason for the official withdrawal?
    I always thought it was good to hold onto the cfa for PR reasons and continue to pound the tigers was a better ploy to keep IC happy...
    don't think gosl will make a rash decision at such an important stage... there's gotta be some logical reasoning behind it

  10. Nice to see a government that'll actually stand up for itself and basically tell the "international community" to go screw itself by abrogating the ceasefire.

  11. BBC reports :

    The Sri Lankan government decided to withdraw from the CFA signed with the LTTE, minister Keheliya Rambukwella told BBC Sandeshaya.

    The Government decided to take 'measures to protect national security', the Defence spokesman said.

    Asked whether the withdrawal means the government is officially declaring war against the LTTE, the minister replied: "No".

    "But we are concerned about the national security."

    The full interview is followed:

    Minister Keheliya Rambukwella:

    What we decided is taking into ground realities, while it (CFA) had been violated nearly 10,000 times by the LTTE, we should annul this agreement. This agreement was signed in order to seek whether there could be a peaceful arrangement which does not come on our way.

    Besides that national security is threatened at every corner. And everyday it is threatened so it is not very relevant so we are not in a position to hold onto it and therefore it cannot be one sided affair. More than anything else whenever the national security is threatened we do not take any other agreement into consideration because the foremost thing in the country is to uphold the national security so we have made our decision today and it will be put into practise after following the conditions that are laid out in a manner in which you can withdraw from that agreement.

    Q: Does this mean the government is formally declaring war against the LTTE?

    A: No. but we are concerned about the national security.

    Q: What about the SLMM?

    A: These are the things that will follow on this. It will be done according to whatever the protocolas that are available to us.

    Q: Is the government giving two weeks notice as agreed in the CFA?

    A: The procedures will be practised.

  12. Question by BBC: Does this mean the government is formally declaring war against the LTTE?

    Answer by minister Keheliya Rambukwella :
    No. but we are concerned about the national security.

    no ? i'm really confused +_+

  13. ranil:

    "why do you think gosl wanted to withdraw from the CFA at this juncture?"

    I am not really sure. Is it possible that MR trying to bring JVP under the govt? That was one of their demands.

  14. anybody have any ideas on the future ???
    more blasts ???
    all out war ???

  15. LKDOOD is that any different than what's going on now?

  16. Illegal.existence

    currently there is no all out war ?

  17. It is all out war, and the CFA has been a meaningless piece of paper for the last year and a half.

    The government probably didn't take this decision considering the benefits it can receive from foreign governments, if there are any. It's more about the local population. The economy isn't going that well and all the President has to stand on is the war effort and his strong policy against the LTTE. The CFA was generally disliked by the Sinhalese, and abrogating this will boost the government's popularity.

    I'm just wondering if there's an election in the pipeline.

  18. Illegal.existence

    inflation will continue to rise
    oil just touched $100/a barrel

    i also think there will be an snap election if things go well for the government(army gets some LTTE area quickly)

    if the army can't make a big move into LTTE area withing couple of weeks to few months election will be postponed

    in the meantime MR will try to get JVP support

    JVP has always hated the CFA

    i have a question :

    because of the government got out of the CFA will there be possibility of sanctions from the internation community?

  19. The Government must have done this to satisfy the JVP. The JVP would not bring down the Government but would bring it to its knees with unending strikes if their demands are not met.

  20. WOOOOHOOOOO, get rid of that CFA and the SLMM! Now we can take on terrorists how they should be taken on. God Bless Sri Lanka


  21. The Boss,
    What a delightful suggestion. You can have Elam for 12 month and we can do a side by side comparison, can you do better than the Sri Lankan government or not. But for make the comparison scientific, we have to set matching environments.

    1) Elam should be held multi party democratic elections and appoint a president and a parliament.
    2) We should agree to setup a new terrorist group, demanding a independent county on north of Elam after 3 month, and that terrorist group should bomb ever where in the Elam, including temples, banks, schools and what so ever destruction necessary to kill civilians and bring down the economy of Elam.
    3) India should train and feed above terrorist group.
    4) You should take all the Tamils who live in Sri Lanka to Elam.

    Your target is, trying to perform better than Sri Lankan government, under the matching environments. Do you think you can do better?

  22. jonathan, and lkdood. The governement has done this because majority of the SL people believe why keep SLMM and norway? We all know they are the ones smuggling weapons and causing destruction to our country. The govt enjoyed getting money from donor countries to rebuild while they took on the LTTE and now the LTTE is cornerned and they need to finish them off. They cant do that if norway is still the peace facilitator. Ranil monkey wickramasinghe asked "why hasnt the govt not cancled CFA if they are really fighting the LTTE"? well buddy, now there is your answer, NO CFA!!!

  23. TO Mahinda Rajapakse and any other politian:

    We dont care, steal all the money you want, make houses, buy air planes, as long as you Finish this LTTE terrorism from Sri Lanka, we dont mind!!! That is the mindset of the civilians in sri lanka and they will stand behind any govt that will finish off the LTTE.

  24. sam, dont even give these LTTE terrorist supporters attention. Let them dream of peelam while SRI LANKA will kill every Tamil LTTE terrorist!!!

    One Nation
    One Flag
    One Country

    SRI LANKA!!!!!!!
    The home of the Lions.

  25. with the CFA gone
    WAR is sure

    with war what happens ? prices go up^

    Army, Normal people will need cheaper food so what do the government do ?

    start a new company

    i'm not joking LOL

    read this :

    Indian exporters of essential foods to Sri Lanka may be hit hard if importers and distributors in the island carry out a threat to go on strike against the Sri Lankan government's bid to enter the trade on unequal terms.

    "India is one of the major suppliers of essential foods to Sri Lanka. Most of the onions, potatoes, sugar, chick peas and all the chillies come from India," Hemaka Fernando of the Essential Food Commodities Importers and Traders Association said on Wednesday.

    "Per month, we import 7,000 tonnes of potatoes, 10,000 tonnes of onions, 15,000 tonnes of sugar, 1,000 tonnes of chick peas and an equal amount of chillies from there," he told media.

    Following the rise in the prices of essential foods - inflation now is an unprecedented 24 percent - the Sri Lankan government has been thinking of entering the import and distribution business by establishing a company and giving it tax concessions.

    But private traders, who handle 95 per cent of the import and distribution, are alarmed by this move and are planning an island wide shut down.

    "If we bring the shutters down, the country will face dire consequences," Fernando warned.

    "If the trade is taken over by a state institution, it is the people of Sri Lanka who will suffer. In place of an experienced and well-organized group of traders with over 40 years of experience, there will be bureaucrats who will do the bidding of their political masters. There will be no scrutiny of their actions," he said.

    The government claims the private importers and distributors are responsible for the rise in the prices of essential foods. It says they are not passing tax concessions and reductions in the price of imports on to the consumers. But Fernando refuted this allegation.

    "For example, the price of sugar in the international market is $285 per tonne. On Dec 25 last year, the government removed the customs duty concessions on essential foods, which triggered a rise in the retail prices," he said.

    import business people are dead LOL !
    thank god i'm not in food import business

    food importers can now import weapons

  26. Defencenet

    i just read an article on

    article link is :

    here is a part of the article :

    'The Silavathurai area up to Puttalam border was captured by Sri Lankan Armed Forces on September 2, 2007.

    Once this strategically important region was wrested from the LTTE, it became impossible for LTTE to fly their air planes and bomb Sri Lanka's strategic location in the Colombo metropolis. Their flights will not be able to fly from Wanni to Colombo. The distance from Wanni to Colombo is not manageable by their light aircrafts.

    my question :

    is this statement true ?
    so no more LTTE air planes coming to colombo ?

  27. lkdood,

    What is your point here?

    Are you gonna scare us on "WAR" and its concequences? Whats the real difference of "all out war" and the present situation?
    Why you talk about "inflation" , "prices go up.." ??
    We are already in a war and experiencing those well. Yes thats the reality and price for struggle against terrorism. We all should realise this is not Disneyland !!, just accept the practical truth.

    Obviously there could be other (sometimes negative) consequences compared to present situ, with CFA beeing abolished. Like the attitude and actions towards SL from IC.. lets talk about those rather than getting ourselves scared unnecesarily.

  28. Skywalker

    cool down :)

    i'm not trying to make any points

    i'm not trying to scare anybody LOL !

    i just posted an article from the indian media

    prices have been going up and will continue to go up

    government is trying to address the raising prices by stating a government owned company

    Skywalker i agree that we should start talking about IC & the future of Sri lanka

  29. I don't think the government has made this decision to make the JVP happy (may be the idea was there in a corner of it's mind). If it was the primary target the move would have been made before the final vote of the budget. And neither it took the decision because it was afraid of JVP's (would be) a wave of strikes. (I think JVP is wary of consequences of such an action which can seriously backfire on them.) It wasn't an ad-hoc decision but a part of a well thought out strategy decided on prior to the bombing incidents and implemented at the first given opportunity.

    We didn't tear the cease fire agreement off not because of the sheer love of it but because we were wary of the international backlash which the probability of happening is much less now. There is no benefit in keeping this agreement intact which is inherently biased towards LTTE. Only the time would tell weather this is the most opportune moment to abrogate it. (I believe this is the time for it.)

    The move indicates a major deviation from the government earlier policy which always kept the door open for LTTE to come for negotiations which it could use to avoid a crushing defeat from the military if such eventuality arises. So the government is shutting the door tightly indicating their intent on crushing the LTTE both militarily and politically. And I believe they are going to propose a certain way of devolution (may be by implementing the 13th amendment) in which non LTTE Tamil parties would act a major role. Abrogating the ceasefire and banning the LTTE may thaw the JVP and JHU hard line stance a bit allowing the government to make more concessions to Tamil parties. Will everything work according to the plan? Nobody knows the answer to that.

  30. I like the following article. it covers all aspects of the war.

    click here.

  31. Guys

    Just ignore the LTTE supporters. They crave attention, don't give them any.

    Don't repond to their insults, no matter how provocative they may be.

    If you respond to them the blog gets taken into another direction discussing non-defence related rubbish.

  32. Eight suspects arrested
    -Daily News

    The Colombo Crime Division probing into the assassination of Colombo district UNP MP T. Maheshwaran has so far arrested eight suspects, Police Media Spokesman DIG M.K. Ilangakoon told the Daily News yesterday.

    The investigating teams also recorded a statement from the alleged gunman who had shot at the MP at the Hindu Kovil now undergoing treatment at the National hospital Colombo.

    The gunman sustained injuries in his head in the returning fire from the Police officer providing security for the MP and was later identified by the PC at the National hospital as he was undergoing treatment there.

    One civilian was killed an 10 civilians were injured in the cross fire. The revolver suspected to be used by the gunman was also found inside the Kovil premises immediately after the incident. It was confirmed that it was a micro pistol commonly used by the LTTE pistol group.

    "Vital details relating to the incident was divulged by the suspected gunman in his statement given to the Police," DIG Ilangakone added, declining to give details.

    "It was fairly a lengthy statement as he was questioned from yesterday morning to evening," the DIG added.

    According to initial investigations the alleged gunman, a resident of Jaffna has been living in Wattala area for a few years.

    "Police commenced questioning the other suspects arrested on Wednesday," the spokesman added.

    The funeral of slain MP T. Maheshwaran will take place this evening at the Hindu section of the Borella cememtary. His remains are now lying at his residence in Wellawatta.

  33. I think CFA would have scrapped when LTTE killed former Foreign minister Mr. Laksman Kadiragarmer.

    I believe it is the right thing (CFA), IF LTTE continue to target Civilians. SL Forces should continue current stratergy.. while look new ways to target LTTE leaership..

    We should increase more road blocks.. it's very inconvenience for general public. but prevention is better than cure(excuses).

    One thing I want to highlight is, when LTTE leaders are dead and war is over and when Sri Lanka become peaceful country, People like "the boss", "upul" will lost their refugee status in their present country where ever they live..and no where to go....

  34. Reuters Report-

    Norway says Sri Lanka monitors likely to leave

    OSLO (Reuters) - Peace mediator Norway said on Wednesday that a Nordic ceasefire monitoring mission was likely to be withdrawn from Sri Lanka after Colombo said it would annul a 2002 truce with the rebel Tamil Tigers.

    Norway's Development Aid Minister Erik Solheim, who brokered the six-year-old ceasefire, said Norway was willing to continue to serve as facilitator of Sri Lankan peace talks as long as it enjoyed the confidence of the parties to the conflict.

    "I think it is most likely that it will have to be withdrawn," Solheim told Reuters, referring to the Nordic monitoring mission. "Its presence in Sri Lanka is based on the ceasefire agreement."

    Solheim said he feared the Sri Lankan government's decision to end the ceasefire would lead to an escalation of violence in the Indian Ocean island. He called it a "negative and sad development."

    The truce has been dead on the ground since a new phase of the two-decade civil war began in early 2006.

    anybody having a party ? lol

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Guys,

    Some topical abbreviations for fun:

    LTTE Leading Tamils To Extinction

    BBC Blatantly Bias Corporation

    AFP Agents For Pandemonium

    CFA Certificate For Appeasement

    UNP Unite National Pariah

    UPUL Uniquely Provocative Unnecessary Liability

    BOSS Bewildered Ostrich Seeking Servival

  37. making up new meanings for short terms is so fucking childish, I did that when I was 9-year old. Well what else should I expect from a Sinhalese mongrel, rofl.

  38. LOL girious, that was hilarious man, on top of that, BOSS is cursing and yet he is calling you childish....hahhahahahahhaahaahahha what a loser

  39. hey boss man, u dont belong here. go clean toilets.

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  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Gentlemen we are the real fools not boss.Boss is here for some entertainment only provided by us.This guy has all of us responding to his comments like kids instead of focusing on defense matters.

  43. sl

    Just ignore the LTTE supporters. They crave attention, don't give them any.

    Don't repond to their insults, no matter how provocative they may be.

    If you respond to them the blog gets taken into another direction discussing non-defence related rubbish.

  44. Sl they dont need a homeland in SLanka.They have tamilnadu,malaysia,lets see..and all theses western countries they live in.these are now their homelands.In future i hope the people in these countries wont use them as scapegoats for all their impending problems and blame them for consuming resources that the majority populations of those countries need.

  45. the peace loving eastern and northern tamil peoples currently in SLanka and in refugee camps in india need a homeland in SLanka.We should not try to stop people who want to immigrate.we are a democracy after all.

  46. qurious.. i like your nomencleture..LOL!!!

  47. Everyone recognizes that the CFA was a joke that was violated by LTTE more than 10,000 time during the period.

    CFA provided an unprecedented advantage for LTTE to spread their foothold thanks to the support of Norway and various interested parties.

    Now, whether there is CFA or not, the process of elimination of LTTE has begun.

    The government needs to keep its momentum going and terminate this LTTE menace for good.

    This whole process is subject to survival of current President, his military top brass, and the military assets. Both the military and political stability in the South, and economic resilience are also key factors of winning against LTTE. Therefore, focus should be given to all the elements.

    Security (and Health) of the President and the Military Leadership should be well looked after, and sound programs should be launched to strengthen the other mentioned aspects.

    Winning is not far..!

  48. the BOSS IDOIT, for heavens sake don;t use the WORD NAZI here... IT's a party name that was in Germany and I have even given the wikipedia reference in an earlier post. We know that u left ur brain in kilinochchi when u load ur ass to a fiberglass dingy to get to india and then to norway but I didn't think that u r that stupid.......

  49. Upulam u seems to be little wiser than the boss goon so pls try to convince that fellow the meaning of the word nazi when u guys meet in a eelam aka kolam function in toronto or oslo.

  50. DefenceNet,

    According to Lakbima News paper, SLAF raided LTTE campes in Mannar and Mulative, Can you comment on that?


  51. any news on that battle today in mannar?

  52. noltte=peace

    We may destroy the last LTTE stronghold in Wanni soon, but not the LTTE ideology.

    The LTTE ideology is indestructable and will out-live us all.

  53. Geagle..your right bro..But the question is this:Can a carcass maggot canadian living in a canadian ghetto claim to have a right to tamil eelam after been born and educated in Canada..say i n 50 years time from now?

  54. srilankan

    They can claim whatever they want. Any one can claim whatever they want.

    Hitler claimed that the Ancient Greeks were actually Blonde haired Aryans because otherwise they would have been able to build such an advanced civilization.

  55. Geagle:what will happen is the president at that time will say..sorry BOSS your canadian since you are born there..therefore you dont possess this right or give him/her an alternative answer.This eelam idea is for eelamists to live abroad and control going back to 1948 when tamil professionals had sinhala drivers..

  56. correction of the previous post
    ***Hitler claimed that the Ancient Greeks were actually Blonde haired Aryans because otherwise they would NOT have been able to build such an advanced civilization.***

  57. srilankan

    Most of the offspring of the diaspora are westernised(ipods, jeans, movies, clubbing) and have not shown any real desire to one day settle in Eelam if it is ever created. There are a few youngsters who are devoted to the Eelam concept but they are not in the majority.

    I'll say that most to the Tamil diaspora youth will be married to whites 50 years from now. And most of their offspring won't be able to even speak Tamil.

  58. Heavy fighting has been reported in Paalaikkuzhi in Mannaar, where Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) fighters have put up stiff resistance from 5:30 a.m. Thursday in response to a ground troop movement by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA). Heavy exchange of artillery was reported in the area and the fighting was continuing at 9:30 a.m., according to initial reports from Mannaar.

  59. GE..i hope so.. i really do..but i hear friendly talk to the contrary..but i pray your right.this is the tamil parents nightmare..Is this why eelam is so important to them i wonder.
    Lets read whats going on in mannar

  60. Wanted verification from DN on this news item.

    Those MR supporters need not answer.. Don't waste your emotions on Upul, better save you tears of sadness for the coming year.


    COLOMBO -- A powerful claymore mine ripped through a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) bus at 9.30am on Wednesday morning in Slave Island, killing five people are inuring 25 more.

    The mine was concealed inside an air-conditioning unit at the low budget Nippon Hotel, facing the main road, in the ultra high security zone, police reports say.

    SLA's HQ and several military nerve centres are within yards from the explosion site.

    The targeted bus was ferrying western trained commando troops to an award ceremony to be held at the Army HQ, according to Sinhala media reports.

    None of the troops aboard the bus can ever return to the battle front, according to hospital reports.

    Some on the bus died, while the injured have lost at least a limb each, hospital reports added.

    The Nippon Hotel is often used by the Sinhala nationalist JVP party as a venue for press conferences.

  61. GOVT has done a big mistake by announcing CFA cancelation.
    Instead of that GOVT, would have banned the LTTE, so that automatically CFA would have gone to natural death.
    word game is very improtant, when we are dealing with IC.

  62. The bus was caught in the explosion in front of nippon hotel and it was heading to the direction of galle road and usually the vehicles going out of the Army HQ goes that way not the vehicles going IN. The usual going out path is turning left after passing slave island railway station and again turning to the right just opposite the airforce HQ. SO the way the bus is stopped at the explossion, there is very unlikely that it's going to HQ. Anyone who has a proper understanding abt the area of Slave island will understand wut I am telling here..

  63. Hi Defencenet,

    Was there another blast in A'pura (kabethigollawa)?

    please update on that, if you have time..


  64. Dear Friends,

    I have been reading all the posts for the last few weeks.

    Actually the BOSS, and Upul has been very successful. They have purposely messed up the blog. Taken away the "Military Strategy" or "Brainstroming" capability of the blog users. Their diversion tactic has payed off.

    Please friends, ignore these two. They are not realistic. I honour an enemy whom is realistic and ethical. LTTE doesnot fall in to both categories.

    If their motive is messing up the blog, do not encourage them by replying.

    Else they are day dreamers, if so let them enjoy their dreams.

  65. attack is the best defence

    You are 100% correct. I also would like to add that the area is not an ultra high security zone. Anybody could walk in to the area anytime. Also the Army HQ is at least 1 km away from where the incident happened.

    Anyway these are acts of desperation by LTTE.(Leading Tamils To Extinction) I like it.LOL!

    By the way there seems to be two more bomb blasts. Final war?? Perhaps running out of options. This is the time for highest allert by Sri Lankans. sinhalese are graet in coming together in case of dissaster. Best evidence is what happened in King Dutugamunu's [Silva] case. Can we do civillians arrests in Sri Lanka?

  66. CNN report :
    Government said rebels must disarm before any future peace talks

  67. Guys,

    The SLAF has already retaliated Israeli style just as I said so.

    Obviously air strikes would have killed more than 33 terrorists.

    According to lankatruth the next week is going to be declared a week of war.

    This makes sense if you look at the target. The Indian PM is due here for independance early February.

    The govt. has promised him a political solution.

    Govt. has also promised to 'wipe out the terrorists' before a political solution.

    This means within the remaining 3 weeks they must pull through a military victory.

    Any comments?

    A swift and violent operation can do many good than a slow one.

  68. AFP report :

    "We have raised an alert, especially in Colombo -- we have deployed more men," a senior police officer said.

    Government spokesman and media minister Anura Yapa said the government viewed the 2002 truce agreement as a "flawed document."

    "The government does not want to be a party to a non-functioning ceasefire agreement," Yapa told reporters here. "But, it does not imply that the government has shut the door for negotiations."

    There was no immediate reaction from the Tigers -- although LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran had already said in November that the peace process was a waste of time.

    The defence ministry said the government had also decided to formally end any negotiations with the rebels, who want to carve out an independent Tamil state in the north and east of the ethnic Sinhalese-majority island.

    "The government sees no point in having any attempt to come to a settlement with a terrorist outfit," the ministry said, quoting its spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella.

    Analysts said the government of President Mahinda Rajapakse, which has a slim majority in parliament, may also have pulled out of the truce to woo the hardline but influential People's Liberation Front, or the JVP.

    The JVP saved the government from a humiliating defeat at the December budget vote and has been demanding the abrogation of the ceasefire and an end to Norway's role on the troubled island.

    Press reports here speculated that the end of the truce could pave the way for the JVP to rejoin the government it left in 2005.

  69. Moshe Dyan

    i think also that something will happen

    may be a push into LTTE area?

    if the lankatruth report is true we will see some big movements ?

    tamilnet is also reporting of a 'ground troop movement'

    maybe we are seeing that start of something big ???

    any ideas guys

  70. Reuters report:

    With the pact formally ended, the gloves are off and any hopes of resurrecting collapsed peace talks any time soon are dead and investment in the $26 billion economy could suffer.

    "This means all out war," said Iqbal Athas, an analyst with Jane's Defense Weekly in Colombo. "The government has dropped the peace option and has opted for a fuller military onslaught on the rebels."

    "One thing is certain, there'll be more confrontations. There'll be more violence now," he added. "The government perceives it to be end-game ... It will be the most intense period of war Sri Lanka has seen."

    Wednesday's announcement came hours after suspected Tiger rebels bombed a military bus in central Colombo, killing four people and wounding 24. It was the latest in a litany of attacks that have killed hundreds in recent months.

    "Undoubtedly they (the military) have made some gains. But that should not blind them to another reality," Athas cautioned. "We do see explosions taking place in the city of Colombo and places like that."

    "Every time something happens, we wake up to the fact that they (the Tigers) still have some strike capability."

  71. I have avery bad bad feeling about this advance!!.Why in gods name dont we just continue with attrition.I have a feeling that these boms are going off to encourage the army to walk into a well laid trap as the tigers/whales/rhinos would have thought of this also

  72. New Delhi’s Asian Age commented editorially that in the 25 year old sepratist war in Sri Lanka , for the first ime the hunter has become hunted and Tamil Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran is on the run.
    December 26 editorial said, “the situation has dramatically changed in recent months and for the first time in all these years, the troops appear pretty upbeat after pushing the Tigers out of the east.”
    The editorial furter pointed out, “the truth is still pretty scary from the Lankan Tamil point of view: real danger is knocking at the heavily fortified walls of the Big Tiger’s bunkers in Eelam’s Kilinochchi.”

  73. Moshe dyan,

    SL Army does not need to rush to get the victory to show to Indian PM. Victory is for the whole country. defence forces know what to do to achieve that...

    I think Every police station in western provice and other provices should increase road blocks and search..

    SLAF should carry out raids in the night too...

  74. Colombo (PTI): Sri Lankan fighter planes on Wednesdaystruck twice on LTTE bases destroying the outfit's supply centre and killing two of its leaders even as ground battles in the restive north of the country left 11 Tigers dead, the Defence Ministry said here.

    "Air Force fighter jet planes pounded on a LTTE supply centre at Alampilli in (rebel-held) Mulaithivu this afternoon," it said adding, "the LTTE supply centre was completely destroyed."

    In another incident, it said, the air force jets hit a sea Tiger base and an LTTE intelligence centre at Wedithalathvu in North-western Mannar in the morning.

    "It has been confirmed that two LTTE leaders were killed in the incident," the Ministry said.

    The Pro-LTTE website Tamilnet quoting "Tamileelam police officials" claimed two civilians were wounded on Wednesday in Alamipili in Mullaiththeevu district when Sri Lanka Air Force bombed a civilian area there

  75. as we have limited time, we'll answer some questions breifly.

    There is no mass troop movement in Mannar (at least as of now). LTTE tried to recapture Parappakandal and SLA has defended the strike.

    The bus was not carrying commandos. It was en route to hospital and only 13 people were on board.

    A pressure mine explosion in Kebithigollewa has resulted in the death of 2 SLA personnel. Another 3 have been wounded.

    Apologies if any q was unanswered.

  76. did any of you guys hear about this story ?

    some tamil group in the USA is going to bring a court case against Gothabaya and Basil Rajapakse, and Army Gen. Sarath Fonseka in USA

    they say on the there site that these 3 are US citizens ?

    i have only heard that one of the brothers is a US citizen other brother has PR(green card)

    i have never heard of Mr. Sarath Fonseka is a US citizen or a green card holder

    anybody who have more info. please share

  77. thnk you defencenet for answering the questions to enlighten the bloggers who have gathered here to get the truth and to dilute the fairy tales of the eelam dreamers.
    Thnx again for ur valuable service we really appreciate your effort.

  78. thanks DefenceNet for the update

  79. "According to Lakbima News paper, SLAF raided LTTE campes in Mannar and Mulative"

    targets in Alampil (Mullaithiv) and in Veddithalthivu have been hit. No details of casualties.

    Two LTTE stategic locations in Veddithalthivu were bombed and if they caused enough damage, it would be a serious blow as the 58th division (TF01) has been advancing gradually towards this area.

  80. CNN-IBN report:

    More unrest in Sri Lanka – the Lankan Cabinet has terminated its six-year-old ceasefire agreement with the LTTE. The withdrawal comes into effect two weeks from now.

    The Norwegian truce monitors are being informed. It's not clear if India had any prior indication of this.

    Large-scale military operations against LTTE strongholds in Killinochhi, Elephant Pass and Mullaitivu could be imminent.

    LTTE supremo Prabhakaran is believed to be hiding in this thick jungle area. The rebel group has suffered severe reverses over the last year losing its bases in eastern Sri Lanka.

    2007, November it lost key commander Tamilselvan, who was killed in a Sri Lankan air strike.

    The government also maintains Prabhakaran got severely injured in the November air strikes.

    On Wednesday, Lankan fighter planes struck twice on LTTE bases destroying the outfit's supply centre and killing two of its leaders even as ground battles in the restive north of the country left 11 Tigers dead, the Defence Ministry said.

    "Air Force fighter jet planes today pounded on a LTTE supply centre at Alampilli in (rebel-held) Mulaithivu this afternoon," it said adding LTTE supply centre was completely destroyed.

    In another incident, it said, the air force jets hit a sea Tiger base and an LTTE intelligence centre at Wedithalathvu in North-western Mannar.

  81. Upul,

    You didn't lose your temper or dignity at my abbreviation. The BOSS did, however. He swore at me using utter filth; but I will never swear at him, even in my sub-conscious.

    So, my crude conclusions are as follows:

    UPUL is just an LTTE sympathaiser.

    BOSS is a die-hard LTTE man, who may lose a lot, in the event of the outfit being wiped out.

    Inability to share even a small joke is an essential aspect of this menacing clique called Tigers.

    Being a true Sinhalese Buddhist I have a soft spot for both; so, I wish you both a very happy and prosperous new year!!

  82. Dear Friends,

    I have been reading all the posts for the last few weeks.

    Actually the BOSS, and Upul has been very successful. They have purposely messed up the blog. Taken away the "Military Strategy" or "Brainstroming" capability of the blog users. Their diversion tactic has payed off.

    Please friends, ignore these two. They are not realistic. I honour an enemy whom is realistic and ethical. LTTE doesnot fall in to both categories.

    If their motive is messing up the blog, do not encourage them by replying.

    Else they are day dreamers, if so let them enjoy their dreams.

  83. :

    Army overruns LTTE bunker defence at Pallaikuli, Mannar

    Sri Lanka army overran the bunker defence of LTTE terrorists, at Pallaikuli, North of Mannar after hours-long battle this morning (January 3). According to the defence sources in Wanni, troops destroyed six LTTE bunkers during the military offensive launched around 6.a.m.

    Army Radio monitoring units have revealed that six LTTE cadres were killed and over 12 other suffered injuries in the incident. Also, one army soldier died and 6 sustained injuries in the same incident. The injured have been directed to immediate medical attention.

    Clearing operation is underway...

  84. Q;

    They cannot match this as they are burning with defeat and terror.

    Your Buddhist upbringing is OK, but violence must be met with violence. Actually it is extreme hospitality and extreme 'maithree' that has destroyed the nation. You guys must learn from Imperial Japan and superpower China how to remain buddhist and at the same time champion own interests.

    On the matter of fast-tracked war, can the govt. survive a long lul after abbrogating the CFA? I do not think so. The more time you allow to tigers now, the more are the chances they do virtually ANYTHING!!

    It will be a foolish decision to walk the army into vanni like ranjan wijeratna tried to do somewhere the same and got clogged.

    It must be a fastforward attrition war that is needed.

    Anyway unless a large number of terrorists are killed, chances are that they will again regroup and fight even many years later.

    According to Tamil sources from Vanni assaid to relief missions, people feel the impending massive war; most do not seem to care after 25 years of nonsense; some are actually happy that something is happening.

    Also a few SLRC-Mervyn type incidents have happened. Those people want to live like Colombo tamils, they don't want to fight and die for a stupid tamil elam.

    Some have even shown pictures of sri lankan places and former leaders and eargerly expecting the army!

    Hopefully the LTTE won't send off the remaining relief workers after tuesday's send-off.

  85. tamilnet :

    Tigers thwart SLA movement in Mannaar, 10 killed

    Sri Lanka Army on Thursday suffered heavy casualties and abandoned a ground offensive through Ku'lakkaddu in Paalaikkuzhi in Mannaar, according to initial details released by the Mannaar operations command of the Tigers. The Tigers mounted stiff resistance against the SLA troops that were backed by heavy artillery and Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher fire since 5:30 a.m. More than 15 SLA soldiers were wounded in the offensive push which was thwarted at 11:30 a.m., the Tigers said.

    The SLA troops were withdrawn to their original positions, the Tigers said.

    Sri Lankan military officials are yet to release any details of the fighting in Mannaar.

  86. Anyway i hope the politicos are not applying undue pressure on the army.Like moshe said..this attrition was doing the job>Anyway its in General Fonseka's capable hands now as opposed to that goat buluwela..

  87. :

    Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama will today convey, in writing, to the Norwegian Ambassador in Colombo Tore Hathrem the government decision to abrogate the Cease Fire Agreement. The message will be convoyed at a meeting scheduled for this evening at the Foreign Ministry.

  88. Guys

    When it comes to this war at this stage of the conflict, slow and steady wins the race. We should not rush things, do what works and if it ain't broke..don't fix it.

    And lets not forget that this conflict will be decided out in the seas. Never forget this fact. Gain full control of the seas and the LTTE will be starved of weapons and truly isolated from the rest of the world.

  89. Hello,

    Boss, I wish you for a very happy new year in good faith, despite being sworn at by you very badly for poking a bit of fun at you.

    Please give us a little update about your real boss - Mr Velupillai Prabhakaran. How is he doing these days? Has he recovered from that close-shave?

    A close-associate recently said nothing happened to sun god; yet in the same breath, he said, the sun god eats well now. What does he mean? Has the sun god rejuvenated to an infant, all of a sudden, after the air strike?

    A lot of strange things are happenning in the kingdom of Vanni, for better or worse.

    Boss, please give us an update, without quaralling for trivial little things with us.

  90. This comment is indeed curious, qrious.

    If he is eating well now that means he was not eating well before? Perhaps a little indigestion caused by large razor balls?

    What could cause him not to eat well?

  91. earlier they didn't have enough human flesh available but now since 10-20 goons parish due to small scale attacks, he has lot of food available that's why he's eating well!!!

  92. Happy New Year to you all!

    Sad it had to start so violently .

    Rutherfed is right the CFA was dead the moment LTTE assassinated Mr.Kadiragarmer. LTTE truly is Leading Tamils To Extinction.

  93. Excellent!!! Actually Gota Has Asked to do this, cos he is sure that wanni will be captured very soon. He postponed this decision strategically to set up the LTTE. Gota is one of a Great Guy,,,very radical...If he capture Wanni!!!I think we should make him the President of this country...we want a dictator to Develop this country...with Person like strikes/no hanky panky...we need few ministers like him..just imagine if he can win a 30 year war with the worst terorist within 3 year....achieving a developed nation within 10 years would be a piece of cake!!! Long Life GOTA

  94. Yep; long live GOTA and long live Sri Lanka.

    Apparently he was a programmer in the US; you got to have the brains to be one.

    His approach has been fantastic and methodical so far. For many reasons I think he is very slow.

    I agree politicos should not apply too much pressure on the army to quickly deliver; but at the same time think of what tigers can do if they have time. Remember they only need one chance.

    Where's Upul and them?

    they go to all lankan blogs and cry. They are like the mothers who go to police fellows' houses, temple priests, politicians and cry and plead to save their drug-dealing sons who are now in prison.

    its time they understand that we do not have any soft corners for terrorists.

  95. AMPARA: LTTE terrorists launched a hand grenade on the Special Task Force (STF) during a foot patrol in TURENILAVANI, AMPARA on Wednesday (02) at around 8.45 p.m.

    The STF retaliated and after the confrontation recovered three LTTE bodies and the items given below.

  96. Gen Fonseka is a green card holder in US. His family used to live there for few years. But I wonder that can be used sue him in US. A long shot I guess. Desparate times, desparate meassures for LTTE I Guess.

  97. Naval hero...


    It looks to me 13 Naval personal lost their lives when P413 went down...

    Anything new in regards to the AAB attack?

    May be defencenet can shed some light here on both these incidents.

  99. Cool blog. Keep up the good work

  100. Guys,

    I am someone from technical background and totally ignorant in defence matters; you guys are doing a great job in providing us with reliable information.

    However, I beg to be different with you guys, on one issue - to ignore boss and upul. I think we must win them over to our camp under the umbrella of Mother Sri Lakna. It may be hard, but perfectly feasible. Don't forget even VP started his 'great journey' with a rusty pistol, bought for Rs 60.00, second hand.

    So, as the first step, I am trying to entertain these folks, in the hope they will change their minds.

    As the true revolution starts in the cradle, as an old saying goes, I came up with my own nursery rhyme for both Upul and Boss.

    Mind you, Upul is flexible whereas Boss is as stiff as VP's now-injured spine.

    You may forgive me for moving away from defence stuff, for a moment; but remember, my motive is goodwill, shrouded in friendship.

    VP and CO went up the hill,
    Looked through bino at the FDL,
    Things unfolding are not theatrical,
    VP looked for an olive tree for a while;
    With Chelvan gone and Pottu in hiding,
    VP runs out patience and ideals
    Vanni is arid and VP made it barren,
    Olive trick won't work this time round.

    With apologies to the creator of Jack and Jill


  102. Qrious,

    You are a Qrious Poet..

  103. Renegade,

    Is there anything left for MR or GOTA distroy further in this country?

    Man let him have some fun...

    JVP/JHU clowns have done enough damgage that others are negligible.

  104. Qrious, you should have enough people to convince on LNP. I suggest you start there, without helping taint these defence related blogs with all the bs that has been going on.

  105. Guys,

    Don't be so downbeat about our country because of the state now it is in. I think the worst is over.

    I think we all make the collective mistake of pinning our hopes on politicians. What can they do? We elect them and they reflect our aspirations. And they get the blame for everything. It is unfair and will not get us anywhere.

    People of every race must take their share of the blame. The problem is our sets of attitudes. They are a cross between outright selfishness and ruthless ambition. Until that is evolved into 21 st century, we will have to live with these affairs for a while. However, war did not created the gap between the decency and indecency; it certainly widened it. If that comes to an end, thing will improve, I think exponentially. That is what happened in Europe, sixty years ago.

  106. defencenet:

    I read differing commentary on battlefront last few days on different sites. Frankly, I would trust you more than any of these. Do you happen to have any information?

  107. oh well, dont cry little babies. rofl

    U.S. suspends defense export licences to Sri Lanka

    [TamilNet, Thursday, 03 January 2008, 14:42 GMT]

    Department of Defense Trade Controls of the U.S. State Department announced in its website that U.S. is suspending defense export licences to Sri Lanka. This announcement follows the signing by President Bush of the H.R.2764 bill of the 110th Congress of U.S.A., Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2008 which barred sales of military equipment to Sri Lanka.

  108. Tamilnet :

    SLA advance in Vavuniyaa defeated, 3 SLA killed - LTTE

    A ground operation launched by the Sri Lanka Army in Paalamoaddai in Vavuniyaa - Mannaar border area was defeated by the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam in a clash in which three SLA soldiers were killed and seven wounded. The Tigers have seized military hardware in the clearing operation after the clash. The clash lasted for 40-minutes, LTTE's operations command in Vavuniyaa told media in Ki'linochchi Thursday.

    There were no LTTE casualties in the confrontation, the Tigers said.

    Sri Lanka Air Force MI-24 gunship provided air support amid artillery and Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher fire to the SLA unit that attempted to advance at 5:20 p.m. Thursday.

    Defencenet any info on this ?

  109. Times of india :

    At least 37 LTTE militants and 10 soldiers were killed in fierce clashes between Sri Lankan security forces and Tamil Tiger rebels in the island nation's embattled north, the defence ministry said on Thursday.

    Sri Lankan army on Thursday overran the bunker defence of LTTE militants at Pallaikuli in North of Mannar after hours-long battle, it said, adding at least six rebels and one army soldier were killed in the clashes.

    Twelve LTTE cadres and six soldiers sustained injuries in the confrontation.

    Meanwhile, the pro-LTTE website Tamilnet quoted Mannar operations 'command' of LTTE as saying that more than 15 Sri Lankan soldiers were wounded in Pallaikulli clashes.

    "The Tigers mounted stiff resistance against the SLA (Sri Lankan Army) troops that were backed by heavy artillery and Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher fire since this morning," it quoted the LTTE rebel leaders as saying.

    The SLA troops were withdrawn to their original positions, the Tigers claimed, the website said.

    Meanwhile, according to the Defence ministry a group of 15-20 LTTE cadres yesterday targeted troops in the Parappakandal area in Mannar. Ground troops assume at least 10 militants were killed in retaliatory fire, it said.

    In another incident, four militants were feared killed during a search operation in Vilathikulam in Vavuniya yesterday, the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) said.

    Separately, as many as 11 LTTE militants were killed in clashes with troops in Muhamalai and Killali in Jaffna yesterday, it said, adding two soldiers were also reported killed and four injured in the incident.

  110. To those who were claiming "boss" and "upul" have diverted the discussion:

    military matters don't happen in vacuum, politics and economics are all interconnected. This is the unfortunate truth.


    you can't force a nation to stay bounded within another country, against people's will. A lot of the more developed western countries have figured this out and allowed for such transitions to occur by peaceful means for the good of the future.

    to the rest of you:

    No insurgency like that carried out by the LTTE has been shown a failure, in fact such insurgencies have at worst stalemated, more often resulted in success for the insurgents: Kosovo, Eriteria, Vietnam (Vietcong), Hezbollah (Lebanon/Israel).

    stalemate: Colombia (for over 40 years, 40+% of country in rebel hands...).

    But Colombians have complete American support unlike Mr and Co.

    Then what about Angola ?

    Angola was cold war conflict.
    Vietnam would appear so at first but what united vietnamese to the cause was pent up nationalism.

  111. worst case you can accept Angola as a success against the insurgency.

    But the see the ratio:

    success: stalemate: failure


  112. Anyone notice the UNP hasn't outright condemned the gov.'s decision to withdraw from the CFA? That says a lot about how popular the decision is going to be amongst the public.

    And the fact is, the "international community" has already accepted the fact that the government is back to waging war against the LTTE. The CFA really meant nothing to them.

    The biggest advantage for the president is the local propaganda value he's going to gain from it. You can just imagine the ad campaign about "The man who had the courage to free the country from the rata pavadena giwisuma".

    Now the question is when's the ban coming? About time expressing any sort of support for the LTTE because a punishable crime.

  113. its good that american media is now reporting about Sri lanka decision on the CFA.
    Today they banned SL from defense export too.
    Tomorrow Hillary Clinton will become president and the ban on LTTE will be removed because she knows the LTTE = tamils.

    I can't wait to get Eelam. Its gonna be so much to do there from the beginning. Building up culture, politics, welfare, juridical institutions, stronger military.

    And I would love the day when we give economic aid to the rotten state of Sri Lanka run by Sinhalese.

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. upul i think you comparing the vietcong to the ltte is god damn dumbest thing I've ever heard.first off all the viet cong fought for a just cause they were not trying to commit genocide in the name of a no existent and mythical dream, they were fighting for their motherland. thats why the won, and Ho Chi Min was not a genocidal maniac like your sun goat.

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. This is our homeland, its called Tamil Eelam. Tamils history on Sri Lanka goes back to ancient age.

    When the war is over, we will surely be able to prove it with archaeological evidences that remains in our soil.

    Imma gonna make a new homepage dedicated to Tamil Eelam the country ;)

  119. renegade is another ltte supporter. He is talking about how the MR and the brotehrs have ruined the country. Yet they have done one of the greatest things in history..that is canceling the CFA, getting the Norweigans out. Fighting the LTTE and clearing out the East. Who cares if they are stealing money????? as long as they get rid of LTTE terrorism.

    One thing about our country is that there are ppl who will only vote for UNP because their whole generation voted for them, they fail to see any wrong with their party because to them its like their blood. This is wrong, ppl should be able to change their partys according to the candidate.

  120. and remember man us sinhalese never give up, we faced more than 20 invasions most of them from tamils and we came out on top all the time we only lost to the english because of traitors. and remember that the gay chola empire was was destroyed because of know of the story of king gajabahu going to south india and screwing up the cholas it is said that the only thing left in the battlefield were swords and sheilds all the rest was burned to the ground

  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. the boss is getting delusional man tamil ealam lol. there was never a tamil homeland there will never be

  123. patriot, there is so much history of Sinhalese of Sri Lanka. No other country can deny it. There is soo much history from Tamilnadu for tamils that no other country can deny that it is the homeland for tamils. End of story. :)

    And your right, we sinhalese never give up. That is why the word Sinha is in our name as we are the Lions, the kings of Sri Lanka!

  124. The Boss and Upul

    Did you claim your land in Killinochi? Better do is soon or else you'll loose it when the military takes over.

    P.S: I don't think Hillary will win the election and by the time there is an election, the LTTE will be hiding in the jungles with nothing to eat and drink. I think that's the future of Eelam. Tamils living in the jungles :)

  125. the boss

    Tomorrow Hillary Clinton will not become president

    it is not the general election
    it is just a party nomination in the state of iowa

    general election is in NOV 2008

  126. Guys,
    How is the weather in Vanni? Is it rainy?

  127. I wonder if any of you are of the opinion that Hillary Clinton, as well as the many U.S. attorneys, like Bruce Fein, will use the GoSL's unilateral withdrawal from the CFA as fodder for the proposed breakup of Sri Lanka starting in 2009 once Hillary is elected.

    What chance does the GoSL foreign ministry have of combatting Clinton and Congressmen Pallone, both of who are already deep in the pockets of the Tigers. GoSL Foreign Ministry seems to have no capacity to do its job of convincing US media (like PBS and NPR which have GoSL bashing interviews with HRWatch and the like, with no opposing view point whatsoever.

    The GoSL FM refuses to look at the blindspots it is facing, namely the Clinton-US attorney angle (I am referring to Bruce Fein and the other high powered US lawyers who are preparing lawsuits against GoSL for war crimes). How will GoSL even pay for the legal expenses starting in 2009?

    It is foolish to ignore this blindspot. Does GoSL think it can ignore the West at the Security Council? What did Russia and China do for Serbia? And the Russians are related to Serbia and still failed to deliver protection.

    Finally, when Clinton removes the ban on the LTTE in 2009, and the LTTE is using advanced U.S. Military equipment and trainers (not Pakistani discards like GoSL), how do you think this will turn out, especially when GoSL has no diplomatic media reach, and no legal preparation for what is coming in the Clinton US.

  128. I wonder if any of you are of the opinion that Hillary Clinton, as well as the many U.S. attorneys, like Bruce Fein, will use the GoSL's unilateral withdrawal from the CFA as fodder for the proposed breakup of Sri Lanka starting in 2009 once Hillary is elected.

    What chance does the GoSL foreign ministry have of combatting Clinton and Congressmen Pallone, both of who are already deep in the pockets of the Tigers. GoSL Foreign Ministry seems to have no capacity to do its job of convincing US media (like PBS and NPR which have GoSL bashing interviews with HRWatch and the like, with no opposing view point whatsoever.

    The GoSL FM refuses to look at the blindspots it is facing, namely the Clinton-US attorney angle (I am referring to Bruce Fein and the other high powered US lawyers who are preparing lawsuits against GoSL for war crimes). How will GoSL even pay for the legal expenses starting in 2009?

    It is foolish to ignore this blindspot. Does GoSL think it can ignore the West at the Security Council? What did Russia and China do for Serbia? And the Russians are related to Serbia and still failed to deliver protection.

    Finally, when Clinton removes the ban on the LTTE in 2009, and the LTTE is using advanced U.S. Military equipment and trainers (not Pakistani discards like GoSL), how do you think this will turn out, especially when GoSL has no diplomatic media reach, and no legal preparation for what is coming in the Clinton US.

  129. qrious

    "So, as the first step, I am trying to entertain these folks, in the hope they will change their minds."

    Take it over to LNP not here. This is a defence blog.

  130. sl, patriot, vibe, lkdood

    Just ignore the LTTE supporters. They crave attention, don't give them any.

    Don't repond to their insults,NO MATTER HOW PROVOCATIVE THEY MAY BE.

    If you respond to them the blog gets taken into another direction discussing non-defence related rubbish.

  131. sl et al,

    Just a few points.

    1) You are falling for the provocations of Upul and Boss and becoming hysterical. Either engage them without lapsing into rabid racism (which goes against the spirit of this blog), or ignore them.

    2) Not everyone who finds fault with Gota is a peacenik/traitor/LTTE supporter/RW cupboy. True leaders know that criticism can be invaluable. Gota is undeniably effective in many respects, but some of us might think it prudent to wait till the war is won before proclaiming him god almighty.

    3) The abrogation of the CFA is not, in and of itself, some great and glorious victory. The consequences are unpredictable and, at the very least, open to reasoned debate. As has been happening on this blog.

    4) Tolerating corruption for the sake of the war is downright retarded. Sooner or later a moral rot will affect our progress on the battlefront. And we have seen this time and time again in SL. We need some sense of discipline and sacrifice now more than ever. Starting from the top.

    The leader who defeats the Vanni butcher deserves all the rewards and adulation in the world. But surely only after the job is done.

  132. lkdood:
    Tomorrow Hillary Clinton will not become president

    it is not the general election
    it is just a party nomination in the state of iowa

    general election is in NOV 2008

    do u think I am stupid? I said 'tomorrow' as future-tomorrow not literally tomorrow. Don't you think there would have been more media attention if the general election was tomorrow?
    well what should I expect from a Sinhalese. ROFL

  133. Hey, the boss,
    keep dreaming of the kolam state. For Tamil state go to Tamil Nadu and ask the Indian central government for a seperate state. See how the react to you :)

  134. Tropical Storm,
    I think you have missed some key facts:
    First, Congressman Danny Davis visited Wanni three years ago as a guest of the LTTE. He said he didnt know who paid for the trip and he said he didn't know where he was going.
    Second, read the remarks of the US State Dept South Asia head - Richard Boucher. He explictly stated that the SL Tamils deserve a "homeland".
    Third, of course US congressman are bought and sold all the time. Look at Hillary and Bill's past. Any American can tell you that. Either you are softpedalling this issue in a disinformative way, or you are totally ignorant of US politics. EIther way, your attitude is shared by GoSL FM and that kind of hubris will lead to deproscription within 24 months unless someone learns about American politics soon. Perhaps it will be learned about in an Eelam History textbook in the future, sad to say.
    Finally, read the SL Defence Ministry reports last month which said that Hillary is linked to Tamil Tiger fundraisers. How much more crooked do you want? How do you expect to counter the NGO and legal advocates in the next couple of years? THis is no joke. China and Iran will not save anyone. They are at risk themselves. Your complacency is ruinous. Why do I need to read about the Clinton midwifery of Eelam in a textbook ten years from now when, if you and the GoSL could drop their pride and learn about the corruption of US politics and the undemocratic NGOs, this legal challenge could be grappled with.

  135. GoldenEagle, Illegal existence,

    Please complete a proper sentence in your writing, before asking me to go to LNP.

    What sort of defence significance is in your writing today?

    You two also are in a league of your own; sliding towards to the one both UPUL and BOSS belong, by stealth!

    I am capable of writing both defence and defence related matter if and when the need arises.

    If you two think I take heed of your advice, you are dead wrong Don't envy what you don't have men!

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. This comment has been removed by the author.

  138. US State Dept has given a veiled threat (salvo) to Sri Lanka through its press release. It has highlighted the responsibility to protext (r2p) of states. Failure of R2P is what has been used in East Timor, Kosovo and other Western involvement to grant independence. What is gratifying is that this has now become a by-partisan effort both by Democrat and Republicans in the face of Sri Lanka turning using human rights abuses (abduction, extra-judicial killing, ethnic cleansing overwhelming use of forces against non-combatants), turning to pariah states and increased international isolation as mentioned by Reuters.

    Press Statement
    Sean McCormack, Spokesman

    Press Release by US State Department..

    Washington, DC
    January 3, 2008

    Government of Sri Lanka’s Withdrawal from Ceasefire Agreement

    The United States is troubled by the Sri Lankan Government’s January 2 decision to terminate the 2002 cease-fire agreement. Ending the cease-fire agreement will make it more difficult to achieve a lasting, peaceful solution to Sri Lanka’s conflict. We call on both the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to avoid an escalation of hostilities and further civilian casualties.

    All parties to the conflict share the responsibility to protect the rights of all of Sri Lanka’s people. We urge them to work toward the goal of a just, political solution that ensures the rights of minority communities and benefits all Sri Lankans. Only a peaceful political solution, not a military one, offers a way out of the current cycle of escalating violence.


  139. grious has every right to comment as he has done. Although I don't agree with his views, I do respect his point of view as any sane person would.

    Certain elements (mainly MR diehards) are here to perpetually harp against free thinking and discussion. They will argue it saps morale or what have you and advocate censorship of thought. They seem to seek elimination of all other views that don't match their carbon copy, broken record templates....
    "They seem to want people to pray x times to god MR and family" and cleanse "putrid" thoughts, give keys to the home, car, wife and children to the MR government.

  140. Ask yourself this, what benefit is there to the country, its people, armed forces to claim connection with Duttugemunu of ancient times, have life sized posters of MR at junctions and roundabouts. Have party and team members wear red salve clown costumes at key events ?

    If anything such moves sap morale of the soldiers more so than free thinking.

  141. the sinhalese mongrels are starting to fight against each other. Time to leave.

    mission accomplished.

  142. :

    The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission says it will be terminating its monitoring activities in the country on January 16 after the government today issued, in writing, the mandatory two weeks notice as per the MOU signed in 2002.

  143. Fellow tamils, lets do NOT CELEBRATE this decision by GOSL until it really happens (which is 16.January).
    GOSL might undo this if the IC keeps hammering GOSL like it has been in the recent, referring to statements issued by UN, Canada, Norway and USA today.

  144. Upul, Boss,

    There are Sinhalese Idiots as well; if you think those species do not exist in the Tamil community, my congratulations for both community and its genetic-make-up. I feel a bit envious too.

    Those two undesirable elements - GoldenEagle + Illegalexistence - cannot write a single sentence properly and when someone tries to inject a bit of fun to this blog to fight off their boredom, then their envy runs riot. Hope the two remain quiet, without being too big for their shoes. I will not communicate with that pair again. They are in my bad books. They have forgotten I have admirers too, here.

    Even in war, soldiers can have some fun, in the face of imminent danger. That is the birth of march-past music. Nazis did that with utmost efficiency.

    Now, you can see this is a blog with everyone can put forward a view. Most of us are against the LTTE, and not the Tamil community. I have a lot of Tamil friends and so do a lot of Sinalese.

    The trouble makers are the extremists of both communities and pathetic bores like GoldenEagle + Illegalexistence, who cannot write a single proper sentence, while forcing us to devour their written diaroeha. May the Noble Triple Gem bless the pair to grow up a bit both intellectually and socially.

    I will not be surprised, if they bark at me again - showing their true nature and the clan they belong to.

  145. Grios,
    Let's end this quarrelling. Please. When we are mad we bad mouth once in a while. But no reason to continue this craziness. Why act as southern political parties whose behavior despised by most of us.
    The quality of these two blogs has gone down dramatically recently. LTTE elements were able to start the process and we helped them blindly. Small amount of shit can spoil a pot of pure water.
    Whatever the shortcomings of the other bloggers their writings were always genuine. But these LTTE shitters have only one aim. Propaganda. They don't care about genuine discussions. They use lies, half truths, truth and any other shit for their propaganda purposes. Their whole organization is built upon shit. If they want more shit they go to shit bases (equivalent to data bases in our dimension) already built by LTTE. So don't hope of having genuine discussions with these shitters. It's just a waste of your valuable time.

  146. Editorial
    -The Island

    A symbolic interment
    The government has at long last relegated the CFA to the catacomb of legality. Eulogies, requiems and sermons being dished out may mislead one into the belief that its demise occurred only recently. But, make no mistake about it, the CFA became brain dead shortly after its birth. Thereafter, it had been kept on a heart and lung machine for years in the hope that a miracle would bring it back to life like in a fairy tale.

    The CFA was doomed right from the word go, having been signed on Feb. 22, 2002 against the backdrop of a fierce sea battle between the Navy and the Sea Tigers who were smuggling in a large quantity of arms in spite of the LTTE’s self-declared ceasefire, exposing its real motive. The LTTE’s hand in the drafting of the CFA was only too evident. It was tailor-made for helping the LTTE gain legitimacy and officially recognising some parts of the country as being ruled by the outfit thus bolstering its claim of running a de facto state. Even the then World Bank Country Director for Sri Lanka Peter Harrold had the audacity to recognise that claim as being valid in a press interview!

    The CFA was in fact a fait accompli thrust on the then Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who didn’t look quite chirpy, when he signed it, as was clear from the conspicuous absence of handshakes etc., on that occasion. He cut a very pathetic figure when he placed his signature on a document which had already been signed by Prabhakaran, whom Anton Balasingham later referred to as at a media conference in the Wanni, attended by the international press, as ‘both President and Prime Minister’ of the areas under LTTE control! The CFA was also signed behind the back of President Chandrika Kumaratunga, who was also the Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces! That was nothing but diplomatic ‘thuggery’ on the part of Norway and other countries backing it, to coerce Sri Lanka into prostituting her sovereignty for a mess of pottage.

    The end result of the CFA was the undue internationalisation of the conflict, increased foreign interference with the internal affairs of this country, legitimacy for the LTTE and the creation of an environment conducive to LTTE arms smuggling operations. According to Karuna, the outfit took delivery of 13 arms shipments between the signing of the CFA and his breakaway in March 2004. Two LTTE ships were destroyed during the UNF regime and eight of its rogue vessels have been sunk by the Navy ever since.

    The LTTE, according to the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) violated the CFA over 3,800 times (by last April) while the armed forces stood accused of over 350 truce violations. The LTTE never wanted to abrogate the CFA, which it found to be a milch cow. The outfit continued to violate the truce with impunity, while its allies used the CFA to ratchet up international pressure on the government to give up its war effort. The CFA thus became something like the Machakos Protocol, which those countries involved in conflict resolution here devised by way of a solution to Sudan’s conflict, much to the detriment of that country.

    The SLMM was blatantly biased towards the LTTE and at times the monitors looked more pro-LTTE than even Prabhakaran, who despite their services had some of them roughed up and kicked out the monitors from the EU member states following the EU ban. The SLMM’s partiality to the LTTE only strengthened the hand of the critics of the CFA and brought the countries they represented into disrepute as nations sponsoring terrorism.

    The CFA was only a part of a bigger plan to involve the UN in the conflict here and the LTTE allies were busy working towards that end on the pretext of campaigning for human rights protection and the so-called Right to Protect (R2P). They were striving for the creation of a permanent Line of Control on the basis of the areas demarcated by the CFA. That is why the LTTE never withdrew from the CFA.

    However, it may not be correct to argue that it is for the aforesaid reasons that the government has decided to abrogate the CFA. Its political compulsions had a lot to do with it. President Mahinda Rajapaksa is desperate for numbers in Parliament to retain his majority. The alignment of forces at the last budget vote, both inside and outside Parliament, proved the government’s dependence on its former ally the JVP, which is demanding the abrogation of the CFA as one of the conditions for extending support to the government. President Mahinda Rajapaksa cannot accede to its demand for pruning the jumbo Cabinet, as he fears a string of defections from the government ranks in such an eventuality. So, the government may have sought to appease the JVP by dumping the CFA. It may also have perceived the CFA as an impediment of sorts to its planned onslaught against the LTTE in the Wanni as it left room for LTTE allies in the garb of truce monitors to continue their operations in the conflict zone and be of some help to Prabhakaran.

    It is being claimed in some quarters that the abrogation of the CFA means the end of the peace process. But, the question is whether there had been any peace process after the LTTE walked away from peace talks by making its ISGA demand in 2003. Both the peace process and the CFA were as dead as the dodo. Would the conflict have escalated to the present level, had there been a CFA or a peace process in effect? What the abrogation of the CFA amounts to is a symbolic interment thereof courtesy of the government.

    Cabinet Spokesman Minister Anura Yapa has emphasised the government’s commitment to a political solution. We only hope the government will honour its pledge and bring relief to the people caught in the conflict without rendering their lives more miserable.

    If the LTTE is willing to give up violence and talk, let there be a brand new peace process to be conducted according to a timeframe, a CFA not partial to anyone and a group of impartial monitors from neutral countries capable of efficient monitoring without peddling hidden agendas. Why should anyone weep buckets for the disposal of a mummified CFA and a decomposed peace process?

  147. qrious, dont take what goldeneagle and illegalexistance, personally. As you and I perfectly understand it is fun to pick on the two babies (upul and boss). Defensenet as well as others in here would like to keep this blog only on defense matters as it has been all along until these two nut bag LTTE sympathisers came, making unnecessary comments about nothing. I believe we both can still pick fun at these idiots, but only to a certain extent as they will keep talking about nothing until someone comments back. I clearly do not think goldeneagle nor illegalexistance is extreme.

    it is funny, how idiots (upul and the boss) work overtime to come into a blog and try to give out their mythical, dream, opinons just to get attention. They are either divorced, or must be on the verge of suicide.

  148. This comment has been removed by the author.

  149. Regarding this ceasefire abrogation. I expected more criticism from international community. It's kind of expected. If our counteractions are professional there would be no problem. Our weakest link is the foreign ministry. It's not just the inability of some top people but the lack of conviction for the course worries me greatly.

    Few months back I used to worry about the LTTE activities around democratic camp in US. But not anymore. There won't be any LTTE controlled area in our country when Hillary comes to power (if she wins) at the end of this year. And they won't have a sea going arm or even a tin can air force too. So why worry.

  150. Well said Hemantha, this is a really a common tactic - one idiot who is 'reasonable' and trying to engage people in useless conversation, and one 'extreme' idiot just provoking others. It is really sad to see these particular two idiots getting responses. Let's face it there is absolutely no point in trying to convert idiots' point of view, and even if there is, this is not the place for it. The idiots can keep there point of view until the last terrorist is eliminated from the Wanni - and then they will shut up.

  151. Defencenet

    If you can't keep this blog purely dedicated to the defence matters by deleting non relevant comments and personal abuses you will be failing in your duty as a moderator.

    Guys, for the last time shall we just keep this blog for it's intended purpose.

  152. We will of course get some bashing from countries. But they fail to understand that the CFA only existed on paper anyway and that Sri Lanka is always ready to talk if the LTTE is to lay down their arms. I think we should be greatful of India, because they are the ones that is not letting any other country finger in. Basically, if Sri Lanka becomes unstable, it is not a good thing for India. Pakistan is becomming unstable, but India doesnt like Pakistan so it is not a problem for them. U.S. is trying to destablize Asia, with China, Japan and Russia in the way, it will be hard for them to do.

  153. defencenet:

    I too second above proposal. Please deleate irrelevant posts. This blog is now becoming like LNP.

  154. This comment has been removed by the author.

  155. as much as I hate India for starting this whole LTTE terrorism, they are our biggest ally against the U.S. The U.S. has to be the stupidest country ever to make more enemies. Russia has the capability to crush them. So does China and India.

  156. This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. i said before we are the idiots.Why?..because these idiots are overseas doing good jobs and they pay an insignificant percentage of their monthly income for internet charges.but look at us in we are wasting both our time and the little bit of money we have worked very hard to collect under very trying circumstances on entertaining these 2 LTTE supporters other than putting it aside for the betterment of our we are the idiots not them.
    If these fellows get EELAM..a big if.. i am sure we can find our own sinhala "pirapaharan" and join up with a muslim "pirapaharan" and start this all over again.Let this go on for the next 1000 years.

  158. Sl..Now you are falling into the are begining to take large cut/paste articles seriously dont.Lets put in this way if someone wants to put a point across that the whole world is thinking the way he you think he will place an article that says the contrary?

  159. defensenet, any news on the battlefront?

  160. srilankan, which cut and paste are you talking about? are you talking about the cutand paste about the army?

    I have Cut and Pasted so defensenet can comment on the truth and the real casualties...

    "Tigers Flee with Deaths & Casualties; Their Bunkers Razed to Ground

    MANNAR: A FRESH ROUND of heavy fighting between troops and Tiger terrorists erupted this morning (3) when troops stormed the Tiger bunker line at PALLIKKULI, west of ADAMPAN around 7.30 a.m.

    Six Tiger terrorists were reported killed and more than a dozen of LTTE cadres were seriously injured, according the latest information.

    Reports further say that six LTTE bunkers were completely razed to the ground by troops who are now consolidating positions in the area.

    One valiant soldier received fatal gun shot injuries and later succumbed to injuries on admission to hospital.

    Six more soldiers were also injured in the incident and were rushed for medical treatment.

    Meanwhile, troops in NAVATKULAM Thursday (3) killed one Tiger terrorist who was manning a bunker in the area at about 8.15 a.m."

  162. Sl you have decided that the US is a stupid countries because of some cut and paste job dont by thaaamil EElam?.i dont think so bro.

  163. Sl
    no the "wonderful" cut and paste jobs done by Thaaamil eelam to convince others to support their way of need to ask yourself one question..that is how many newspapers are there in the US?
    Now if the US sent the 7th fleet to support Thaaamil eelam then i would be worried.Who helped us doing the tsunami?

  164. you got ask why would US help you during a tsunami ?
    US does look after its interest, it has no value for the poor sinhalese nor the Tamils living on the island. It merely helped to show its policeman status, not out of any great friendship to crush any movements.
    Norway is an agent of the US and the country is obviously pissed...

  165. SL you can be sure of one fact one of the main reasons the LTTE supporters are here is they are worried not for themselves but for thaaamil the forces must be doing something right.May the triple gem bless each and every member of our forces.

  166. sla is doing something right, that they didn't do before ? get real ?
    SLA has done nothing new, its the same old bag of tricks.

    Tell me why has US banned all defence exports to sri lanka ? All it has allowed is surveillance cooperation, thats something US benefits and not Sri Lanka. The Americans very smart.. T

  167. This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. Defencenet,

    I strongly believe that you should remove a few cancers like upul,the boss, chintha etc if you want to maintain the sanity of this blog. All the discussion, prior to arrival of these cancers, were focused. Just like many rabid LTTE supporters, the objective of these cancers is to break the order here. In other words,they are here to litter the blog with incoherent and baseless arguments. Just like LTTE to Sri Lanka, they are social cancers to this blog. Therefore, I strongly suggest you to remove postings from these cancers or block them altogether.


  169. sam perera has all of sudden become a word doctor here.. MR diehards feel very intimidated by free thought, discussion and analysis. unless if you pray for their god, MR and family 4 times a day, you are an enemy. Using thought and reason is against the law in MRs government.

  170. Guys
    I think the best way to keep this blog clean is to not respond to these jokers who are trying to divert the attention away from strictly defense related issues...
    we're not here to discuss about ltte and their problems...we're here to discuss how we can defeat them and the present status of that effort :)

  171. hocus pocus, irrationality, horoscopes, discounted myths - thats what drives the regime.

    some soothsayer must have said, Mahinda tear up the CFA on this day and you will become modern day Duttugemunu....Sinhala people will worship your image for a thousand years.....

    such is the insanity of government decision making.

  172. Well said Ranil.As a matter of fact i have never been an SLFP supporter let alone a supporter of Hon President.But next time i will support him.

  173. Ranil:
    These LTTE fellows (i am not refering to anyone here) never thought that the day will come when they have to vacate the east (ie a large number of potential cadres and of course a lot of 13 yr old girls..for you know who.

  174. SriLankan
    Alleluiah for that sir :)
    I also support no political party but only what's right for the country the way i see it with my limited abilities. Divisions will only weaken us against the common enemy...
    If we stand strong and fight for whats right, nobody can conquer us.

  175. Cremation of Maheswaran

    by Daily Mirror.

    Last rites for slain UNP MP T. Maheswaran were held yesterday amidst a large gathering and the Opposition pointing its finger at the government calling for its resignation. Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, who made the key oration, called on all forces to unite to fight the undemocratic acts of the government and the terror unleashed by armed groups.

    Mr. Wickremesinghe recalled how Mr. Maheswaran had confronted the government MPs who brought a wreath of flowers into Parliament after the budget vote. “MP Maheswaran fought against this unruly act of the government and today we have witnessed yet another unruly act,” he said.

    He paid tribute to the slain MP stating that he had possessed great debating skills.

    SLFP (M) Convener Mangala Samaraweera called on all moderate Sri Lankans, to unite and stand up in protest against extremism of every kind. “It is time we said clearly and loudly that enough is enough,” he said

    Mr. Samaraweera said extremism and intolerance had become the rule rather than the exception in our country. He said extremism in every shape and form had been given the official seal of approval. “In the guise of fighting terrorism, the present leaders are establishing their own cult of brutality and violence, forgetting that elected leaders do not have the luxury of resorting to terror tactics even when fighting some of the deadliest terrorists in the world,” he said.

    “Therefore, a rigorous reiteration of liberal values is the need of the hour. It is time we emphasized our commitment to decency, democracy, and human rights, as robustly and vigorously as some of the state sponsored purveyors of hatred do,” he added.

    TNA MP N. Srikantha said the killing of Mr. Maheswaran was a challenge to democracy and all should unite to defend it..

    UNP National Organizer S. B. Dissanayake said the late MP was person who opposed LTTE Leader Prabhakaran by contesting the elections on the UNP ticket and turning down his request to contest on the TNA ticket. .

    SLMC Leader Rauff Hakeem, WPF Leader Mano Ganeshan (who made an unexpected appearance) and some of left party representatives also spoke at the funeral.

    A huge crowd was present at the funeral carrying placards and shouting slogans. The coffin of Mr. Maheswaran was put into the pyre amidst the wailing of his children. “Appa, Appa,” shouted his little son when the coffin was carried away to be placed on the pyre.

  176. Very well said Ranil..
    No disrespect for Mr maheshwaran..
    I wonder if anyone wailed when that poor farming village was made mince meat of..Oh i forgot there was on one left to wail..they were all in pieces including the children..silly me...i heard that they howled when they were being cut to pieces crying "anne amme".

  177. srilankan, i do not think that US is a stupid country merely based on the cut and past of the terrorist supporter. I base merely on my opionin. If you were to count how many enemies the U.S. has, you will have an understanding of what I mean. Also, CIA is in big trouble as we speak. The U.S. is only secluding themselves. I can careless about U.S. stopping military spending because well...those I cannot say.

    But what U.S. has done is horrible things to countries from South America to Africa, and now to Middle east.

    As I have mentioned before, Sri Lanka is not like any other country known, the people are unique, the policies are different, and the hearts of true sri lankans are stronger then the utmost known rays of the sun. We cannot be defeated, nor can we be bought, or broken or invaded. Our culture, history and traditions cannot be buried alive.

  178. defensenet, i too think you should delete if you get a chance of those (upul and the boss) of writing nonsense or things other then military matters consistently as they have been.

  179. DefNet,

    Can you please ban/delete posts from trolls like upul/boss. Becuase some people insist on replying to filth like them, it has become a hassle to read through loads of crap to find something worth reading/replying. People who want to entertain trolls can always go to LNP, without ruining this blog.

  180. This comment has been removed by the author.

  181. Hillary Clinton has only come third in Iowa. Lets hope the trend continues and the bitch looses.

  182. me too agreed on above comments.

    Its annoying to see unneccessary diverted discussions without any defence related focus or anything to do with the topics here.

    Pls guys , please... DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE BUGGERS.

    Their ultimate goal here is to take our focus away from productive defence discussions and critisisms with facts.

    Please i am pleading , dont ever try to feed them again, by replying,at least try.

  183. Defencenet,

    Ranil said:
    "we're not here to discuss about ltte and their problems...we're here to discuss how we can defeat them and the present status of that effort :)

    Is it possible to make this part of the official theme for this blog?

    If someone wants to convince bloggers who are on this stance to an otherwise stance, we could create another blog or use another forum like LNP to argue.

    When certain people try to do this we simply point them to that blog!

  184. few points to note...
    PLS IMPOSE some sort of moderation to this blog as others highlighted, it has become very difficult to pick important things ... and I even miss the important remarks by DN because of the crap.
    Pls just put the link when u have long articles.. don't paste the entire article here (ppl who paste tamilnet and articles.)

  185. Ranil said:
    "we're not here to discuss about ltte and their problems...we're here to discuss how we can defeat them and the present status of that effort :)
    100% agree... and the stupids like upulam and bobby boss needs to understand this. NO point coming here and blaming the moderators and all. waste of time.....
    Can we have this as the them of this blog so that these eelam lovers, if they have a pride of them selves, will leave with grace..

  186. qrious

    Judging by the responses in this blog, I would say that the majority of the bloggers here agree with me and illegal.existence.

    So tell me, do you still think that we envy what we don't have?

  187. This comment has been removed by the author.

  188. Let me clarify something to the bloggers.

    If Hillary does become president, she can't lift the LTTE ban by herself. She has to rely on the congress and 45% of the congress is still Republican. In this post 9/11 America, terrorism is a word that carries a huge amount of weight.

    If she does come out in support of the LTTE, the Republicans who despise her will make it front page news to bring her down. They will label her a terrorist supporter who supports the LTTE who in turn have had close links with the Taliban(stinger missiles) and Al Queada(suicide bomb training). They will say that she supports an ally of our enemy(Taliban & AQ).

    Once its front page news, the American people will seal her fate. She has to be stupid to go for a move like this, she will end up shooting herself and her political career in the foot.

  189. GoldenE,

    I agree with your comments. But it would be so much more satisfying if Hillary failed to even win nomination in the first place. All these LTTE maggots seem to be clinging to a few vague words she had uttered. Imagine how they would feel if after donating so much money she lost.

    Obama on the other hand could be good for SL. Being black and having some muslim connection, he would be sensitive to being called soft on terror. SL could use that to our advantage.

  190. "U.S. suspends defense export licences to Sri Lanka"

    Boss, why didn't you quote the article in full? I notice you left out the part whee it says that this decision will not affect US exporters supplying maritime and other surveillance systems to the SL military. That's all we need from the Yanks ;) We can get plenty of weapons from Eastern Europe and China.

    "A lot of the more developed western countries have figured this out and allowed for such transitions to occur by peaceful means for the good of the future."

    Actually, Upul, it hasn't. The UN has never accepted a UDI. And it probably never will. Any redrawing of borders have been done according to preagreed constitutions, or after the relegation of temporary agreements. History is against Eelam, and the sooner you realise it the easier it will be.

    "Tomorrow Hillary Clinton will become president "

    Ha ha if you think Ol' Glory is ready for a female prez (or for that matter a black one), you're dreaming. The next US president will be Huckerbee or McCain.

    "Who cares if they are stealing money?"

    Oh, I care, SL, I care. It's my fucking money, paid through taxes. I dunno whether you live here, so maybe you don't care, but I certainly do. And if they were skimming things while doing a good job, fine, but they're not. The road systems are a disaster, as are the rail systems, COL is spiralling out of control, people can't afford milk powder. And you think they're doing a good job??? There's more to governing a country than just defending it. I hope MR & Bros Pvt Ltd hurry up and win the war so that we can sack the lot of them and vote in a government that'll rebuild the country.

  191. Shay

    Obama won the Iowa caucus. Hilton came in 3rd(not even 2nd).

  192. DNet,
    An Idea:

    01. Cant you give a space to type a Title for each and every post with this description area?? Or give at least a Number for each post.

    02. Cant you keep all the posts Minimize state (only shows blogger name and title) when we load this comment page.
    If we need to view the comment we can click the title or the post number and see.

    Then these nonsense posts will remain minimize all the time.

  193. David

    "I notice you left out the part whee it says that this decision will not affect US exporters supplying maritime and other surveillance systems to the SL military. That's all we need from the Yanks"

    That was exactly what I was gonna say. Some people act as if we would run out of ammo because of this decision.

  194. folks, please read this article that has to do with the men caught tryng to acquire surface-to-air missles. For once, it is an unbiased article, and pleaes leave comments below that article as there are lot of LTTE supporters making false propaganda comments. Thanks for the support


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