Sunday, January 20, 2008

Special Forces celebrate 21st birthday

Special Forces (SF) of the Sri Lanka army celebrated their 21st birthday on the 5th of January at Maduru Oya SF training base. Army commander for Jaffna, major general G.A. Chandrasiri, attended the event as chief guest. Ever since its inception in 1986, the Special Forces regiment improved continually and has become one of the most powerful entities within the army.

Special Forces was initially raised with 2 officers and 38 soldiers by Brigadier G. Hettiarachchi (now retired). Initially it was known as CTT (Combat Tracker Team) and then as RDF (Rapid Deployment Force). RDF scored huge successes in Operation 'Vadamarachchi' leading to the inception of SF. Another key figure in the formation of SF was Colonel A.F. Lafir (PWV, RSP, PWP *) . He commanded the 1st special forces regiment till his death in 1996. Colonel Lafir was killed while leading a 250 man volunteer SF team in Operation Thrivida Pahara which's aim was to relive Mullaithiv SLA base which was besieged by LTTE.

SF enjoys the honor of taking part in every major military offensive since 1986. From Long Range Surveillance (LRS) missions to offensive raids, Special Forces units are used to perform specialized missions in operations. As of today, there are 3 Special Forces regiments:

1st Special Forces regiment (1SF)

Established in 1986, the first special forces regiment consists of the most experienced SF units in the army. 1SF is usually used in ground operations. The Rapid Deployment Force (RDF) equipped with motorcycles is a speciality of 1SF.

2nd Special Forces regiment (2SF)

2SF was established in 1994 as dual purpose unit specialized in both ground based and sea borne operations. It has its own assault boats, diver teams, underwater demolitions unit and boarding teams as well as squadrons specialized in ground based warfare.

3rd Special Force regiment (3SF) 

3SF was established in 1994 as a sea borne special forces unit. However with the rapid growth of Navy's Special Boat Squadron, 3SF no longer takes part in sea borne ops. Instead, it performs special missions such as deep penetration attacks and ground based intelligence gathering behind enemy lines. 3SF's Alpha Squad has been extremely successful in these areas and is feared by the LTTE.

A rapid increase in SF recruitments was seen in 2007 probably due to the wide media publicity given to the capture of Vakarai, Thoppigala and several other major LTTE bases in the eastern province. SF spearheaded these operations with outstanding success. However the same media publicity almost cost the lives of Alpha Squad members when their identities were compromised in a local news bulletin.

*PWV - Parama Weera Wibhooshana, RSP - Rana Soora Padakkama, RWP - Rana Wickrama Padakkama


  1. My best wishes to the SF and may triple gem bless you all...

    defencenet: what is the total number of SF in the SLA?

  2. these occupants should stick their own country. They will return in bodybags soon enough.

  3. the boss-
    You are the biggest looser any one has seen.
    Wake up and see some reality. Be a normal human than a terrorist. Animals are better than Terrorists.. Therefore I can only wish you to become somthing other than a terrorist.
    Do some day or late evening job.... Support your family. At least they will benefit if you do not want to.

  4. Theurwan Saranai Special Forces.

    Suba Uppan Dennayake Weewa..
    Many Happy Returns..
    Piranda nal Waltugarain..

  5. Perein, your knowledge seems to be lacking as your English grammar.

    6 grammar mistakes in 7 lines.

    The word terrorism had its renaissance after the 9-11-attacks.

    From there on the term 'terrorist' has been used as a tool to oppress peoples movement or revolution.
    You sir are a good example of that. And your government is about to be exposed in front of the IC for oppressing innocent tamils.

    Don't worry, Eelam is inevitable.




  8. What are the chances of LTTE attacking SLA front lines from rear(using their black tigers like AAB)?

  9. ...A series of requests in form of questions and answers were discussed.

    The following are a sample of suggestions that were discussed:

    * Ban the Government of Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth

    * UK Government to facilitate seamless supplies of essentials and medical supplies to the war affected North and East of Sri Lanka which is predominantly Tamil area.

    * UN resolution sponsored by the UK condemning the abrogation of the CFA by the GOSL

    * Europe wide arms embargo

    * How best can the UK Government work closely with the Royal Norwegian Government to revive the peace process

    * Importance of LTTE de-proscription


  10. Following is a section of the "Sunday Times" Political Column. Interesting.

    " His chubby cheeks lit up as he exuded a warm smile. It was no photo opportunity. Yet, the pose stood frozen for a few seconds as the man from the land of the rising sun stared in the face of Ranil Wickremesinghe, Opposition and United National Party (UNP) leader.

    That expression was Yasushi Akashi's only answer to a question raised by Wickremesinghe. He asked whether media reports of Japan wanting to curtail aid to Sri Lanka were true. Seizing the silence that followed was parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake, the shadow Foreign-Minister-hopeful of the UNP. He asked the same question the other way around --whether media reports that Japan had assured continued aid to Sri Lanka were correct. He was alluding to widely publicised state-run media reports that Akashi, Japan's Special Envoy to the peace process, had endorsed President Rajapaksa's recent actions and the flow of aid would continue uninterrupted. "That is not correct," he declared. The face lit up again and he broke into a smile."


    Two more massacres...

  12. the boss-
    As you worked out... my first language is Sinhala. Therefore I do not worry when I make mistakes in English.


    UN is playing its dirty politics against Israel too..

  14. Well said perein, you don't go brotherless!

  15. the boss-
    This is for you...Work one hour extra each day to earn extra couple of £ or $'s. Send some books to these kids if you can. At least they will have a better future.

    Thank you bro.

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  17. guys

    anybody have new video from the ground ?

    somebody here posted LTTE AA gun video

    i like to see more :)

  18. hemantha,

    Once this Tiger menace is dealt with militarily once and for all, the traitors in the UNP and the likes, must be exposed in chronological order, along with their stupid comments and predictions.

    Can they get any lower than this, politically or morally?

  19. The shameful thing is while Britain is expecting a 'bold political solution' from the govt., it tries to cripple the govt.

    Can't they do same to the tigers?

    If not that means they are hell bent on protecting the tigers and we need not give a flying frat about want they want

  20. Moshe Dyan,

    Don't worry about what the British say or do - too much mate.

    When they are subjected to pressure by these lobbies, they produce statements, and that is all; we have been there before.

    They have plenty of problems of their own, on the home front: arrival of illegal immigrants goes unabated; vital data of millions of people is lost in transit; the economy has slowed down along with housing market; juvenile crime is getting out of control, to name but a few.

    Most of the problems they face, are the direct result of liberal elements taking the upper hand.

    The indigenous white people feel under siege. The right wing extremism is on the rise and it is a matter of time before it reaches the critical mass.

    Simon Hughes, the MP who raised the Srilankan issue at the House of Commons is one of those liberal guys. They know very well they will never come to power; so, they can come up with all these hypothetical solutions that are not realistic in Milkyway galaxy, let alone under our humble sun.

    People just take what he says from one ear and spit out through the other; the grey matter inside the skull does not allow it to stay inside any longer than a split second.

    Any way, this MP is a good human being. He is a product of a Baptist minister and so, understandably may be sticking to his Christian belief. But his views cannot co-exist with commonsense.

  21. Moshe,
    It was due to the British and Indians mollycoddling these bastards for over 50 yrs that we could not solve this problem sooner and of course our own stupidity.I hope the mighty JRJ is enjoying his executive presidency right now.Moshe keep cool.. the Hon pres knows what he is doing.

  22. Before we panic..we have to investigate the intentions of the authors of these articles in newspapers since our info/reactions come from them.

  23. But Christianity NEVER advocated interference with other countries. Jesus had all the motivation to take on the Romans and in fact the reason why the Israelites rejected Jesus was he did not take on the Romans.

    For that matter he was NEVER invloved in political manuevers.

    So if a "good" Christian is trying to interfere with other countries he no longer is such. This MP is just trying to save his fat arse from the voters by ascceding to any crap vrought up by them, right or wrong. Not much different from lankan politicos!!!


    But Q, the problem is these MP bastadrs can influence our MP barstrads! In fact they have already!! Hopefully the president b* will keep his head clear.

  24. Hey guys found a pretty good (old) article from the sunday observer (2004) about the indigenous APV manufacturs in SL, its a pretty good read:

  25. Moshe,
    Dont let yourself get out of control over what is published in a paper(s).As we all know the purpose of a paper is to print anything in order to sell copies.

  26. Moshe,
    Let me put it this. way.right now "EELAM IS BLEEDING..BLEEDING BADLY..AND GOING TO EXPLODE SOON"..whether we win or loose..if we win o.k if we loose we will back another sinhala/muslim vp and restart this problemo!!

  27. You called me racist? May I know why?
    Is it because I claim my homeland back?

    Is it because I criticize elements of the Sinhalese propaganda machinery?

    Is it because I have a different opinion than the rest?

    To me it seems like you are the true racists. Yes, I have kept an eye on this blog forum.

    I've seen everything from suggestions about raping tamil girls in public and to carpet bombing all the tamils and remove the from the face of the earth.

    Let me straight it up again,
    LTTE = Tamils,
    Tamils = LTTE.

    Without the existence of tamils there would be no LTTE.
    Without the existence of LTTE there would be no tamils left alive.

    IC will open their eyes and see through the mask. A fairytale is the base of your mindset. The sinhalese mindset cannot be changed. 30 years gone, 5 different governments elected, 0 political solution offered to the tamil cause.

    We see no other choice but to resurrect the ancient tamil kingdom and claim back the land of our predecessors.

    Au revoir....

  28. I remember we lost Col. Lafir and his team because the top brass didn't send the needed reinforcements in time. More mistakes, and we lost one of the best men we had in this war.

  29. boss,
    You're the one who lives in a fairytale. Where was there an ancient tamil kingdom in SL? All they had was the land the indians stole from our sri lankan kings. And political Solutions have been offered, but your sun goat is the one who didn't accept ay of them.

    the rest of you guys,
    Sorry about this reply to him, just couldn't resist. Won't happen again

  30. Chamal,
    You have a very valid point.its about this(vp) idiots in bollywood movies..He does not want to become a laughting stock within his own community.So instead he is sacrificing innocent northern tamil kids while educating his own..At the end of the day i hope it is worth it.

  31. 1 year=365 days..365..364..364 less 1 second..less 2 seconds..less 3 seconds

  32. Perein-These kids wont stand a chance in hell against the army..what kind of sane person can call this lunacy liberation.?

  33. Bond 007..booond..shaken(SLAF),Fried(MBRL),Roasted(LRRP-mines),Stirred(SLA)

  34. read about current ops in buttala


  36. so much for yur!!

  37. Dulith..Thanks for the link..just as i had anticipated.Previous post meant for bond007..license to kill &murder and of course be killed and fried/roasted of!!

  38. lankaputhra,
    "what is the total number of SF in the SLA?"

    We dont have the actual figure but it's above 3k.

    We have repeatedly requested you to refrain from posting racist comments. If this continues we will chain delete all your comments.

    "You called me racist? May I know why?
    Is it because I claim my homeland back?
    Is it because I criticize elements of the Sinhalese propaganda machinery?
    Is it because I have a different opinion than the rest?"

    It's not for any of the reasons stated above.It is because you start most of your comments with "you sinhalese...".

    I've seen everything from suggestions about raping tamil girls in public and to carpet bombing all the tamils and remove the from the face of the earth."

    Please show us where these comments are. We will delete them ASAP.

    We welcome difference of opinion. Without that a forum can not exist. But make sure you present your argument without insulting races.

  39. Lion hearts...
    Lion minds...
    Our guys
    Our heroes....

    TO my brothers at SF and SLA...
    The freedom I enjoy now is paid with your blood...
    The freedom i owe you will carry with me for many lives...
    Even though you guys are dead...
    You guys won't die in our hearts...

    I dedicate this video too honor them....

  40. the boss,

    Idiot, Tamil Kindom? There wasn't a tamil kindom even in India!

  41. The Boss,

    ( English is not good for you, but..)

    Take 10 minutes and think deeply what i'am telling here.

    "Is there a NEXT GENERATION of Jaffna People"

    That is because of people like you.

    Still you have time to change your mind, please..

    Try to protect existing innocent tamil people.


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  43. Ppl usually point out grammar errors and spelling mistakes when they run out of valid points for the original argument.

  44. b#1 made a good point. I have visited Jaffna on many occassions since 1995 until 2005. Each time the streets got more deserted. why?

    tamils have left it. LTTE first chased the sinhalese, then muslims then tamils, thereafter the army chased them away!

    rich tamils from the west send money for the ltte to use their own cousins as cannon fodder.

    What a joke is this tamil nationalism?

    we know that most of these tamil nationalists are abroad. at least have some alligiance to your new countries, else they will also chase you.

    expecting a seperate tamil state from tiny SL is another big joke; especially when most jaffna tamils live outside SL. Their new homeland should be toronto.

    one golden rule of life is that you must be grateful for the land that sustains you; otherwise you will lose all the benefits. if toronto tamils stop thinking about SL their lives and the lives of sri lankans will be better.

  45. Hi theboss,

    Your real boss, VP has repeatedly said about an event that inspired him to take up arms against the government: he had been told, may be by his learned father, the way a Tamil family were burnt alive, during the riots in 1958. According to 'legend' he asked in turn why couldn't Tamils defended themselves and his father had said the security machine was run mainly by the Sinhalese. So, VP decided to jump start his campaign of 'freedom struggle' in style - by killing a fellow Tamil; Mr Alfred Durraiappah, the mayor of Jaffna, bore the brunt of VP's new found passion.

    This is the only research - home work - he has done before launching the menace, that lasted for three decades.He did not have the intellectual capacity to go into details by studying history; nor did he have the tendency to tolerate an alternative opinion. He grew up among smugglers and the operational tactics that he employs to this day, bear the hall marks of his early mode of life, despite being born into a dignified family - doing everything by stealth.

    Some of our Colonial masters committed crimes against the indigenous Kandyans, when in power. We don't blow them out of all proportions to make a political meal out of it; simply because, those barbarians were just misfits. There were noble Englishmen who contributed immensly to the betterment of our people; John Doyle is a case in point; there was a governer who was embarassed to his bone-marrow, when he was showered with foods by the locals, free of charge.

    We have our misfits in the community and you have yours. How sensible is it to hold the whole community to ransom, for the acts committed by some idiots in any community?

    If we emulate VP, we must torture every whiteman whenever we spot them in the country for something that some of their predecessors committed. His philosophy is naive to the core; unfortunately, some Tamils with vested interests, jumped onto his bandwagan and the infamous snow-balling started.

    His 'achievements' for the Tamil community are now well-known and soon will be well-documented too. A single word sums up all that - embarassment.

    King Elara didn't behave like that; we still have a soft spot for him. His statue still commands respect while standing next to his great rival - King Dutugamunu - in the Ruwanwelisaya temple, in Anuradhapura.

    Politics can be a bloody game; it could be even dirty.But the Tigers urinated on every boundry of that human discovery.

    If you dare erect a statue for VP in post-VP-era, what will be your epitaph for him?

  46. Defencenet,

    (when you have time) can you tell us more about Col.Lafir and his final battle in Mulathiv. I know many SLA guys have a big respect to him, but don't know why.

    That 'rape' comment was in the previous thread. One guy commented, no one promoted, some opposed. If some one reads just only that comment (which is highly unlikely) might get a wrong impression about the blog. No need to say about one who is seeking a mistake to blame on the blog.

    BTW, racism is a very sensitive mental feeling. Some people ask what is the (ethnic) problem we have in SL? Actually what we have (for one to two centuries) and the main reason to war is tamil racism planted by some tamil politicians.

  47. DefenceNet,

    Was SecOps team raised under the then DFI (mid 1990s) ?

    Well done to the Special Forces Regiment! Any time, any place, any mission....

  48. Guys,

    Give us an update on what is going on in the battle field.

    There is information famine here and we are starving.

    Even our beloved Defencenet is quiet on this issue; but the battle front isn't.

    Those of you who have contacts can sprinkle some data here.

    We want to keep this wonderful blog alive and kicking; so, don't accuse us, if we slightly go off-the-track, out of bordem.

  49. The boss et al is trying to divert the discussion of this blog.

    Please don't respond. If those points need to be argued I believe this is not the place for it.

    Defencent, you haven't commented on fixing a theme for this blog.
    Someone came up with it on the lines of "we are here to discuss how to defeat LTTE and Separatist Terrorism and the current status of that" the latter being rather important. If some one want's to aruge that we should not defeat it or whether it is infact Separatist terrorism this blog should not be the place for it.

    Defence net please commment.

    However I guess we can talk about Multi barrel mother in law launchers and Nuclear weapons possed by the LTTE.

  50. Qrious-
    I'm also with you mate. Was expecting some breaking news by bringing some article from SLN site to give some lacking hot news... I do undestand why Defencenet want to stay away from that for now.
    However was expecting some sort of news related to Mannar front as well as few other places....
    Any one with some breaking news? other than general web articles.

  51. ninja bandara..the person who knows about this is Anadasangaree..he must be feeling very foolish now..

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Sorry guys,

    I am a bit bored now; am I to take that cliche for granted? no news is good news.

    Boredom is very dangerous and can cause self destruction. We can't afford to fall prey to it.

    By the way guys, I noticed recently that most of the Tiger leaders have developed a dark patch on the sides of their faces, including VP; it is clearly visible on Nadesan's face too.

    I thought the cause was testesterone - the substance that turns us into a heap of dynamite in bed - or rather lack of it. On a naughty note, I thought they are caused by females, while on unofficial erotic rituals.

    On second thoughts, it occured to me that the Tigers are banned from such activities and they are high moral ambassadors who do not indulge in such acts. So, there is little room for my hypothesis.

    In the end, I drew my own fragile conclusion: these are worry patches; things on the Vanni front have taken their toll on the Tigers - finally.

  54. Claymore mine and pistol found during search operation - Monaragala

    Monaragala Police during a special search operation conducted today (January 19), evening at G-Lon estate in Maragalakanda, found a claymore mine, a pistol and few warlike items, defence sources report.

    According to Police sources, the items were found hidden in a rock cave in G-Lon estate.

  55. Four days have passed; no tigers were killed in the south. more civilians have been killed after the official figure of 12 was declared a few days ago.

    tommorrow it will be even higher. this like the early CFA time; LTTE kills people at will.

    something is really really wrong here.

  56. Moshe,
    That count could be 30 innocent people.Let the army do their job bro

  57. Defencenet,

    Sunday Leader newspaper claims that SLA withdrew from Mullikulam after LTTE counter attack. Any truth in this?

  58. on moneragala massacre

  59. Vigilante,

    People who run both Sundya Leader and Daily Mirror are in prayers that something should go wrong with the military operations. You can sense what they are eager to see, when you just see the outline of these papers.

    Soldiers are dying; women are being widowed; kids get orphaned. Yet, there are some among us who love to see them escalating on all fronts and creating the gloomy view that the army is fighting for SLFP or better UDF.

    This is moral bankruptcy of the worst kind, on the part of those who run these publications.

    By the way, there is a picture with MR visiting the grieving relatives of a victim in Thanamalvila; I was never an admirer of him. I must confess however, I am warming up to him now. He shows a great qualities of a leader at a very crucial time for our country: fearless, calm, standing firm against international conspirators and doing his level best to relieve the masses of suffering, that unfortunately goes unreported.

    What more can a citizen expect of a leader?

    May the noble triple gem bless him in his mission in full!

  60. there are 5 members who discuss how they gonna rape tamil women. So funny. whos the fucking racist u cunt. Here is an example:

    "If all is fair in love and war, rape is OK. Especially most LTTE fighters are thangachchis."

    wtf u sickos, deserve beating.

    all of them in

  61. Guys, shows a picture of two female tigers killed in action at a bunker.

    I posted a very critical piece of writing about them, when I heard that they were responsible for Moneragala massacre.

    However, when I see the picture of those dead girls, my heart mellows; thay have been lured into a trap by the outfit and are left with very little choice, other than choosing this fate.

    That is why people with conscience want this to be over soon; There are millions Sinhalese who don't want to see these pictures. I am sure, the army don't want to see them either.

    Let's hope this problem will see an end soon.

  62. ninja bandara,
    Here's the story of Col. Lafir's final battle as I know it. If there are any mistakes I hope Defencenet would correct them.

    On 1996 July 17, LTTE launched a massive attack on the SL army base at Mullaithiv. By evening it was getting out of control, so the SF was called in. Lt. Col. Fazly Lafir and his team volunteered for this mission, and this team was taken to Trincomelee from Maduruoya, from where they were transported to Mullaithiv in four MI17's and a Bell-212. Around 4.30pm they got on to the Mullaithiv beach. It seems that things didn't go too well from the start, the landing came under heavy fire and the SF team suffered several casualties. The LTTE cadres were well positioned to defend the beach but after heavy fighting, part of the beach was captured by the SF team. From there they asked for reinforcements and were told that they were on the way. Therefore, they broke through LTTE defences and advanced towards the camp. However they met stiff resistance and were pinned down about 1500m from the Mullaithiv camp. Around 9.30am (18th) around 40 men were wounded from LTTE mortars, including Lt.Col. Lafir.
    He was gravely injured in the face by mortar fragments, and died at around 10.15am.

    After this, the SF team continued to fight, but it seems the reinforcements from GW were called back and they were left alone. However they fought until the end, until 19th evening, when all communications with the camp were lost. 68 survived from the camp, and reported back to Welioya. 55KIA were handed over to the army, 1408 were MIA. This was the time when LTTE managed to capture 2 artillery guns, and first time a brigade HQ was captured.

    But as you said, Col. Lafir is widely respected not only because of this, but because of his legendary achievements earlier. If you want to know all of them you really should read a book recording military operations carried out in those times

  63. Ltte area leader for Thenmarachchi division, known as chengan, has been killed by army.

  64. Defencenet;
    It's all waitting for... What a good news to break..

  65. Sri Lanka Govt to Propose Transfer of Power


    Sri Lanka says independence celebrations on despite bloodshed


    34 LTTE men killed in Sri Lanka Army offensive attack


  66. Guys, save these maps on ur computers.

  67. WOW !

    Side Effect

    thank you for the maps :)

  68. side effect,
    great maps. just what i've been looking for

  69. Defencenet:

    Director General of the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS), Lakshman Hulugalle

    Troops have advanced four km from the Mannar battle front and 20 km ahead of Omanthai, Vavuniya.


    any truth in this ?

  70. Welcome guys, also below link contain all the maps we need. Have a look..

  71. Qurious,
    I am one of the sinhalese who dont like these pics.Can i ask if you are in you 20's,30s or 40's?.We have lost a lot of soldiers in this war because they refused to fire when they saw a child was pointing a gun at them.I wish to god that these kids will surrender and the army is doing everything possible to make them surrender short of killing i have said many times before.However we cannot expect the army to choose who to shoot simply because in the heat of battle they dont have time to decide who to shoot and not.You have to remember the only reason we are having any semblence of peace is because of our forces.What i am going to say is a bit cruel..are you sure that these female cadres wont kill us if their leader says so.Remember the incident a few months ago with the 77 soldiers .pows taken prisoner and what the female LTTE cadres did.I think we have to pity the poor Srilankan tamils held hostage in the wanni..
    In future you will see most of the female LTTE cadres turn into suicide bombers and jump into military formations.

  72. Qurious,
    I forgot to add that we dont know if these cadres volunteered for the LTTE.

  73. Qurious:
    Unless we are careful very soon we will begin to loose 100s of our brave heroes..make my words

  74. Srilankan,

    Yes, it is a difficult time for all of us; a difficult decisions for army officers to make too. Let's hope this is brought to an end with minimum human casualties.

  75. srilankan, qrious,
    Even if they did volunteer for the LTTE, it would be because they were brainwashed. No sane person would join up if they knew the reality. So either way, the blame for these deaths go to the great sun goat.

  76. President visits Killed Civilians


  77. Chamal,qurious,
    absolutely and i agree with both of you.A long time ago..some kids!!.kids fired rockets into a military base and killed 100s of soldiers..cant remember exact details.It was a dinner party joke among the Tamil diasphora for years to come.
    The reason i said this:
    Never underestimate the LTTE.You are speaking about a section of people who are capable of anything ..ANYTHING.

  78. guys !

    my question:
    why is the president taking risk by visiting remote parts of the country ?

  79. Chamal,Qurious,
    I will bet that the cadres who were responsible for the death of those poor farmers in moneragala area are female LTTE cadres.Look at their photos of the dead farmers&families and tell me if their chena cultivations posed any kind of military threat to the LTTE?

  80. Gentlemen if you like some debate pls goto the defencenet page "fighting in mannar,vauniya.".a clauzwitz has some "interesting points".He seems hell bent on the international community interfereing in our affairs

  81. Guys

    Good job on ignoring the LTTE morons who post here to divert the discussing of this blog.

    I am happy to see that less and less of you guys are responding to these LTTE fools.

    If everyone starts ignoring them, they will leave, for it is no fun talking to oneself.


  82. Two more held in Tamil Nadu for 'assisting' LTTE


  83. Guys,
    I think havoc played by terrorist in south done be two seperate terrorist groups. May be all came as a one group and devided in to two near to GALGE. One team went to buththala side and other was stationed in GALGE on 16 Jan.

    After buththala killing, one terrorist group has fled to the direction of okkampitiya and the group, who trigger clamo to unicorn, has fled to thanamalwila area.

    buththal -- galge 22 km
    galge -- thanamalwila 20km
    buththala -- okkampitiya 5km

    buththala -- Jan 16: 7.30am
    galge- Jan 16 : 9.45am
    Okkampitiya -- Jan 16: evening
    thanamalwila Jan 17: evening

    If one team has done that, they have come from buththala to Galge within 2hrs and setup a clamo to Unicorn. Even if we assume that it is possible, will that team go back again 20km back to buththala side kill innocents in okkampitiya, knowing that army is searching in that area.
    Will that team come back again to galge side and then to thanamalwila about 40km to kill another 10 inocents. knowing that Army is searching a cross section of GALGE area. It is really highly unlikely.
    It is proved beyond doubt that those killing were done by two team and they are still at large.

  84. Defense net should definetly ban theboss for calling defense net a "fu#king C#unt" another tamil teenager who supports LTTE without any logic or proper knowledge. Yet, he is trying to teach others about grammer. lol

  85. andrae, I believe it is 4 groups actually.

  86. The army must be careful as they might be setting up more boobytraps while they are on the run. We should use dogs to sniff these disgusting ltte dogs that are killing innocents. After all of this, there is no internatinoal condenming any of this. Where the hell is Louise Fat Arbour, or any other country (other then the US) that said anything about the bus bombing of civilians? what a world we live in.

  87. lkdood,
    "Troops have advanced four km from the Mannar battle front and 20 km ahead of Omanthai, Vavuniya."

    In Mannar front it's true but we have not advanced (that means captured land) 20km from vavuniya. We have captured territory up to Thampanai and the areas ahead are not 100% cleared.

  88. sl,
    i think all these guys are in safe houses or houses waiting for nstructions from wanni.Setting bboby traps gives your opponent an idea of the area you operate in?..i wonder if they will be setting more booby traps

  89. ninja bandara, the_boss and others,

    "That 'rape' comment was in the previous thread. One guy commented, no one promoted, some opposed. If some one reads just only that comment (which is highly unlikely) might get a wrong impression about the blog. No need to say about one who is seeking a mistake to blame on the blog."

    Those comments have been deleted. The reason why they stayed this long is we did not see them (there were 250+ comments for that article). We apologize for that.

    First of all those comments should never have been made.
    Raping LTTE women fighters will descend us to the level of terrorists. What we should do is to try and rehabilitate them and put some sense into the minds that are brainwashed.

    "Sunday Leader newspaper claims that SLA withdrew from Mullikulam after LTTE counter attack. Any truth in this?"

    This is not true. It seems that the newspaper has misunderstood the context of the operation. It was a milited attack which had no intention of capturing land. If you hold on to the land in such a situation, you die.

    ninja bandara,
    "can you tell us more about Col.Lafir and his final battle in Mulathiv. I know many SLA guys have a big respect to him, but don't know why."

    Read chamal's comment. He gives a pretty accurate detail of the events.
    But he did not only have shrapnel injuries from mortars. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the early stages of battle yet kept fighting.
    And every single member of the 250 man team knew that there 'was no chance in hell' they were going to make it back. It was practically a suicide mission yet they volunteered.
    In fact very few in the army itself believed that the SF unit will be able to secure the beachhead. But they did. If reinforcements were rushed in time, lives of 1200 SLA personnel and most of the SF team could have been saved. Ones to blame for the Mullaithiv debacle were the military top brass at that time who were only interested in keeping their positions and their political masters happy. But unfortunately there were no punishments given ; Some even hold high positions in the army to this day.
    As for those artillery guns, it was not only two 122mms that were captured but as much as 6. Officer who was in charge of artillery guns in the base joined the LTTE during battle. According to MI he was a mule.

    Meanwhile troops have made progress in Mannar front with further advances into Adampan town. Although the defences of Adampan were breached about two weeks back, advancing further had been difficult. Around 20-30 LTTE cadres have been killed in the past two days fighting.

    Meanwhile the 53rd division has now partly joined the battle. They will be launching group based attacks on LTTE FDLs in the north. So far the attacks on northern fdls were mostly carried out by the 55th division.

  90. SL,
    no it is not four group. it is definitely two groups. it is easy to conclude from attack patterns and locations and timing.

  91. Defencenet great update !

    keep it coming :)

  92. DefenceNet..when you have the time..what did the top brass responsible for the disaster say when asked why they didnt send military reinforcements to save the SF and SLA units in battle.?

  93. Thanks defencenet and chamal.

    Sunday leader and other pro-UNP media reports those stuff not by misunderstanding, rather to mislead the public at least the UNP karayas. I guess they copy all such news from pro-LTTE media and report as thier own (as they were eye witnessing). If you read both pro-LTTE and pro-UNP media for some time you will understand the deal. Another question these UPN karayas asking is if east is liberated how come LTTE leaders killed by SLA in east now+how come bombs bombs exploding in east. According to this bankcrupt logic whole SL has to be out of government control.

  94. Trophy seems to be the stuff of science fiction come true, if it is genuine. Looks like a high frequency invisible) beam which locks into the incoming projectile. The close range may be due to infantile technology still taking time to track and lock on target before firing. In later stages, the range may increase.
    Looks really fascinating, but the guys standing next to such a weapon may have to get their children from the milkman.

  95. Does anyone have any recent scoop on Velu's medical reports? Either the kotiyas are in serious trouble with the big hyena down, on the way out, or they are playing a really pathetic sob-story to get the T'nadyu nattami circus to start bellyaching. It is a good thing that the govt is keeping that part of the story under wraps.

  96. " Looks like a high frequency invisible) beam which locks into the incoming projectile. "

    TS that was the main stream media getting carried away, in actuality it despenses a round of shot similar to a shot gun to shred incoming projectiles:

    Trophy Active Protection System

    "From the briefing provided by US sources, Defense Update understands that Trophy is design to form a "beam" of fragments, which will intercept any incoming HEAT threat, including RPG rockets at a range of 10 – 30 meters from the protected platform"

    So its not a force field or special beam as some media were reporting, but nonetheless it is a great tool!

  97. Here's a great article by B.Raman

  98. Jack

    Thanks for clarifying that.
    Something similar may be very effective against suicide craft as well, don't you think? Since a water borne craft would move a lot slower than a rocket propelled warhead, perhaps the aiming could easily be done by a fairly inexpensive radar, and firing could be done manually.

    Any thoughts anyone?

  99. "Something similar may be very effective against suicide craft as well"

    Well sucide craft are much bigger and I believe also armoured, so this particular system wouldn't be as effective. Since RPG, missiles etc are light and easily destroyed versus an armoured boat.

    But that is where systems like the us Phalanx CIWS come into play, but again would be too large to mount on small FAC type boats I think.

  100. best way to take care of suicide boats, is to stop the supplies, hunt down and destroy boats and target their sea tiger camps. But of course, this is easier said then done. :)

  101. Defence Authorities prevent Hilton Balloon Festival


  102. The daily target is constantly achieved with a tiger leader or two a week as a bonus; a very good sign.

    Madhu is likely to fall at ANY TIME soon not because the SLA is trying to take it but tigers find it hard to sustain their numbers. Mind you this is without the thrust from weli oya to mulaitivu.

    I think the SLA is waiting for the right time to launch the weli oya thrust.

    According to UTHR (J) many Vanni civilains had celebrated the SLAF attack on Killinochchi and some tiger leaders were cursed just within hearing range.

    The tide is turning. It should be remembered also that Vanni people were not directly affected by 83 riots or other forms of violence and therefore harbours little or no hatred towards the SLA.

    It will soon be like the fall of communism in Vanni when people take on the tigers OPENLY.

    I recommend the SLA to use loud speakers, air dropped leaflets/radiosets to hasten the fall of the big cat empire. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING tigers can do to stop it and the international community will look like idiots if they still harp on bulls-hit!!

    Thumbs up for the SLA killing machine; speed up boys.

  103. From Eelam to Tanamalwila

    "The Island" editorial.

  104. Guys,

    I don't live in Sri Lanka; please clarify the news item on ITN online-news: Mulathive is within sight

    Thanks in advance.


  105. Mahinda interview on NDTV 24x7’s Walk the Talk(Video)


  106. Jack,

    You are right that the CIWS is way too big for our UFACs and the best way to defeat something like a suicide craft is get get as many rounds on target as quickly as you can!

    My suggestion is something like the M124 minigun which can easily be accommodated on the UFACs/Dvoras even our IPCs.

    Have a look:

  107. Just to compare here is a vid of a minigun compared to a GPMG (which accounts for most of the weapons on our crafts)

    Pay special attention to the no. of hits each of the weapons gets on target

  108. DefenceNet,

    Ones to blame for the Mullaithiv debacle were the military top brass at that time who were only interested in keeping their positions and their political masters happy. But unfortunately there were no punishments given ; Some even hold high positions in the army to this day.

    Please name and shame the officers responsible. Some would be interested to know just in case they see them on the road somewhere so can be run over and over again.

  109. Qrious,

    if i were to answer your question: NO.

    Not much has happened in the Mulaitivu battlefront lately and chances are that it will NOT fall anytime soon.

    the new 59th diviasion (offensive) is to spearhead the thrust as you know but nothing MUCH has happened in this battlefron. This was the most silent of the many fronts that are active so far.

    But this will be the front to watch!!

  110. fall of mulaitivu and mannar in rapid succession will seal the fate of the LTTE to a great extent.

    this will more or less justify the "encirclement" attempt.

    but there must be a mechanism to pull out the civilians before the bloody thrust inwards.

    I recommend the SLA to use loud speakers, air dropped leaflets/radiosets to hasten the fall of the big cat empire by encouraging people out of Vanni.

    SL will be in real trouble if these civilians perish.


    LTTE in Canada just laundered $ 0.5 Million through TRO. The Phantom housing schemes seem to be the preferred method.

  112. Massive power failure in SL covering the entier island. Is it terror related?

  113. says the power failure was due to a technical fault.

    They're also reporting heavy fighting neat Nagarkovil. Any updates on that defencenet?

  114. panhinda,
    money laundering w.r.t housing schemes is pretty popular..was popular with the IRA and crooked british politicians.This method is pretty effective given the vast amounts of money involved is such schemes.

  115. Defencenet, thanks for the last two posting on our special forces of the Army and the SBS of the Navy.

    Have you got any similar info on the Special Airborne Force (SABF)of the Air Force? Isn't this the special forces wing of the air force? What is the equivalent of it in foreign forces ? like the Navy's SBS with US SEAL.

  116. Furthermore, wikipedia gives the following

    "Regiment Special Force is an elite Special Forces unit of the Sri Lanka Air Force, part of the SLAF Regiment. This unit is similar to the USAF 1st Special Operations Wing."

    Is the SABF and the RSF the same or different?

  117. Military attack kills 17 in Sri Lanka's north


  118. Defencenet,

    Any truth about the snhalanet report?

    / ...Suspicion on this have been raised in the wake of the missile defence system in the Sri Lanka Air Force Kfir and MIG 27 fighter bombers getting activated when jets bombed a terrorist hideout at Jayapuram in Kilinochchi, where top Tigers had gathered.

    The SLAF air strike was carried out at 9.30 a.m. on Thursday (Jan. 17), based on reliable intelligence sources. Pilots confirmed that the location was destroyed.

    According to the Air Force the planes' defence system gets activated only if anti-aircraft missiles installed in the target area./

  119. Moshe dyan,

    Thank you about the information on Mulathivu front.


    I hope there will be no unnecessary haste in military operations to coincide with the forthcoming independent day celebrations. We can celebrate things in style later, may be next year. The commanders must not be subject to undue pressure at a critical time.

  120. Now that's an interesting point qrious.

    Feb 04 should not be a magic date for the army; i agree.

    And the president should keep away from it without endangering his life and the lives of many others including school children.

    True independance would be when the last tiger is killed.

  121. APRC proposes implementation of 13th amendment


  122. All-
    What are your opinion about marking main areas where SL forces are gaining power.

    Open Map

    I do know we should not use this map for these kind of events. But at least area getting named and open community will get benefit from it while we can keep the track.

  123. i heard on itn that SLA is close to mulativ (i personally don't think
    it is true)

    guys any info ?

    i have no idea where to mark in the map :(

  124. perein

    it is ok to mark on the map
    (lot of people have already done it)

    WOW !
    it's so easy :)

    can anybody mark the north(Jaffna) FDL's ?

  125. lkdood-
    Let me have the Tag you have marked.
    Also may be we should have a marking with DN (DefenceNet) marked after the City. So we can follow the foot steps easily?

  126. lkdood-
    Had a look.
    mate, I think we should only mark the known places with correct description.
    So others will get benefited.
    Good work anyway...

  127. oh.ok

    do anyone have any idea about where the FDL's are?

  128. good camouflaged by ourforces in madhu area

    pic courtesy of
    (link of the news report on the slarmy website )

  129. Wow.. Already started some business in MADHU area...
    Long live our Bro's / Sis's.

  130. Can any one tell what is this weapon???

  131. this-the tamil canadians constructing a shelter for rhe homeless in jaffna..wonder why now after 30 yrs?-but i am not really happy for the displaced people.In return for this favour will they have to sacrifice their children.

  132. On second thoughts this has nothing to do with the dispalced people in uncleared areas..why is this been done now..sure sure the tamil canadians are heartbroken about the poor and have found a heart all of a i mean the real reason

  133. Srilankan,

    Thanks for the response. Take care.

  134. Bhathiya,
    Can't go to the address you have given. Are you sure it's correct? Please try again.

  135. "Let me straight it up again,
    LTTE = Tamils,
    Tamils = LTTE"

    Boss, you sorta forgot the East, no? Over there its:

    TMVP + EPDP + LTTE = Tamils

    "Without the existence of tamils there would be no LTTE.
    Without the existence of LTTE there would be no tamils left alive."

    Yes, of course the first part is right. Without Tamils we wouldn't have an LTTE. But the second part is wrong. If not for the LTTE there would be a lot more Tamils around.

    "We see no other choice but to resurrect the ancient tamil kingdom and claim back the land of our predecessors."

    Good luck. After 30 years of promises, there's still no kingdom.

    ""Regiment Special Force is an elite Special Forces unit of the Sri Lanka Air Force, part of the SLAF Regiment. This unit is similar to the USAF 1st Special Operations Wing.""

    RAF, the 1st SOW has its own gunships and other aircraft. The SLAF SF can't be compared to them. I think they are mostly used for securing landing zones. Sort of like the Brit Paras' Pathfinder unit.

  136. According to wikipedia,
    "The task and role of RSF's Squadrons involves;
    Recapturing air bases.
    Provide defenses in an enemy attack as a rapid deployment force.
    Rescue operations and recovering of downed air crew in enemy or friendly terrain.
    Assist civil authorities in national emergency."

    If I'm not mistaken I remember they were used to clear the Anuradhapura Air Base after the LTTE attack.

  137. Can we use body heat detectors for operations?

  138. blacklightarrow, thanks for the info on RSF, are they different from the SABF?

  139. Superb article,defencenet!! keep it goin..with articles like these,who needs iqbal "nana's"sitrep?..seriously,inthis sundays report,he seems to be highly hypocritical..first,he complains of a lack of media freedom(agreed,its true) & then he self-censors himself,giving lame excuses,like-"severe limitations prevent me from divulging further details..blah.blah"..if u dont wana disclose info,dont.instead,by telling us,of his inability to do so,he tends to annoy the reader..i used to read his articles a lot,but of late,i have lost interest in them..i think the NATION & LACKBIMA have a good set of writers,& that guy- dbs jeyarj is really good..if you are readin this blog,iqbal athas i strongly suggest that u get ur act together,before u start losing loyal readers,throgh self-censoring your writings..

  140. hey guys,
    have we acquired those 3 Mi-35 "M"'s as yet?..and also,what is our current fleet of Kfir C2/TC2/C7,Mig-27?..have we discontinued the use of those old F-7's?..whats goin on with the Mig-29 deal,by the way..hope its cancelled..

  141. defencenet,how do i post photos/videos to the blog?..

  142. Defencenet,
    Swarnawahini news says 27 LTTE bunkers at Nagarkovil destroyed. Is this true? If this is true, is this the work of the new Mechanized Infantry? It showed some pretty good videos too, with several APC's.

  143. Chamal,
    does swarnavahini say how many soldiers KIA,MIA,injured etc.

  144. Defencewire just announced the story related to 24 bunkers...

  145. srilankan,
    Defencewire has posted on this attack now so it seems to be true. The casualty figures are given there. (But it says 24 bunkers, not 27.... let's see what Defencenet says)

  146. Three Police personnel killed in LTTE attack- Thanamalwila


  147. Renegade,

    I believe our current fleet of Kfirs is 8 C2's 2 C7's and 2 TC2 trainers. With regard to the MiGs its 7 MiG-27M's and one MiG-23 trainer. I a not too sure about the Mi-35's though.

  148. I think a curfew is in order for Thanamalwila and other places around this area to calm things down.

    People will get restless as each day goes on.

    Cowardly LTTE is massacring innocents to divert the attention else where. Reminiscent of what's happening on the web.

  149. Yes 3 police personnel were killed in Thanamalwila.

    "I don't live in Sri Lanka; please clarify the news item on ITN online-news: Mulathive is within sight"
    "i heard on itn that SLA is close to mulativ (i personally don't think
    it is true)"
    We are not close to Mullaithiv town if that's what they meant. 59th div is deployed close to the borders of Mullaithiv district. We have to cross the dense forest to reach the LTTE stronghold. So far no major thrust.

    "Is the SABF and the RSF the same or different?"
    SLAF only has the Regiment Special Forces. The only other airborne unit is in the army. It's the air mobile brigade which is an airborne commando unit.

    "Was SecOps team raised under the then DFI (mid 1990s) ?"
    Yes it was.

    "If I'm not mistaken I remember they were used to clear the Anuradhapura Air Base after the LTTE attack."
    It was army's SF which was used. Regiment Special Forces was not deployed in AAB when tigers attacked.

    "defencenet,how do i post photos/videos to the blog?."
    Currently the only way of doing that is to upload them to a web storage of choice (Images- Picasaweb preferred, Videos-YouTube preferred) and share the link here.

    "Swarnawahini news says 27 LTTE bunkers at Nagarkovil destroyed. Is this true? If this is true, is this the work of the new Mechanized Infantry? It showed some pretty good videos too, with several APC's."
    MID was not involved. 55th div carried out the attack.

    Raptor, renegade,
    "I believe our current fleet of Kfirs is 8 C2's 2 C7's and 2 TC2 trainers. With regard to the MiGs its 7 MiG-27M's and one MiG-23 trainer."
    1 Mig27 out of 7 is grounded. We have around 11 gunships (Mi24/35 variants).

  150. Panhinda
    I could name and shame some generals like Rathwatte or the politicians think this is not the time, when lives of our troopers are on the line, at the battle front and lets remember them in our prayers. Lets also hope (pray) that the Tamils, where ever they are, stop supporting the terrorists and come to their senses.

    My 6 key workers have just come back from their visits to familiar towns we passed likeTanamilwila,talulla,Wellawaya and Buthhala.They observed that no one, even the police in places like okampitya expected this to happen,because it was nowhere in the areas of conflict. On our trips, yearly to Katharagama,we turn left(a short cut) from
    Tanamalwila but yesterday they abandoned that stretch because it is now deem unsafe. I wonder how those Sinhalese folks feel in tat remote stretch?They are in the opinion that the terrorists have got together with the ganja dealers.they think that the terrorists hide out is in a place close to Simalanduwa,place sounding similar to toppigala,couldn’r remember the exact place,perhaps another hill?Leppord gala?.

    We were on the look out for suspicious people and things,24 hours while in SL,as we were nearly attacked in our own home in 1989 during that insurrection and we are cautious in SL and in UK too we are told to be on guard for our brand of terrorists.


    There were noble Englishmen who contributed immensely to the betterment of our people; John Doyle is a case in point; there was a governor who was embarrassed to his bone-marrow, when he was showered with foods by the locals, free of charge.

    I am a great admirer of Sir John Doyle, from the age of 9.I visited his grave, just to read the tablet and I think he liked the adventurous and exciting life. he is a son of a wealthy bishop of Hove Sussex, in England and up to now I pay part for the maintenance of the Cemetery where he is buried and one who looks after his grave daily, is one Charles Carmichael whose brother was my best fried until I left SL.I have read, researched so much about him, I seem to have taken his personality, to some extent. that’s what my friends say, besides my passion for his works, made me attract the attention of Lord Mountbatton,who lived in Kandy, was the commander of SEAC.After my Uni in London I was packing up to follow a higher studies on a US and he got me down to Broadlands and nearly commanded me keep the bridge btn UK and SL.That’s why I have taken a keen interest to go there and nowhere else, to the annoyance of my family in UK.
    We must be grateful to the likes of Sir John.Doyle,who befriended many people in the south, was responsible for throwing out the tyrants and traitors of that humble land after the Kandyan convention was signed. It was a dark age, worse than now, where the kings were is as bad as VP,and nayakeyas and Kandyan chiefs that had their ancestry and allegiance to south India, were subjugating it’s citizens to the worst methods. There was treachery among their own chieftens,where the situation very much similar to Iraq and Afgernistan.Present Maligawa was a place of cruelty and torture, for the pleasure of the alien kings and the Nayakayas,where no humble citizens were ever allowed to come near. We were lucky to be governed by a very learned king in England, who pastime was reading and acquiring knowledge about the colonies and it’s associated cultures. His collection of books is the beginning of the famous British liberary.He was a very family oriented and a keen agriculturist. Perhaps the famous Q gardens was his creation. But his ideas were out of step with those times and he was nick named the mad king. A prophet is never honoured in his own country.

    Doyle and the then governors gave the people and the humble people’s religion Buddhism it’s right place, chased the nayakays out of Maligawa and the adjoining Malabar street, built his official residence there, where the present Diyawadena nilame lives,clenced the Maligawa by bringing the relic with a grand perahara,where people were allowed be spectators for the first time where he had to guard the spectators and this noble even with 1500 armed troopers,as the nayakays never liked the new found freedom of the people , Hindu devales that surrounded the kings palace was turned into a place of worship for Budhists,they erased the bad memories of the murder of the family of the hero Ehalopola Dissawa in Bogambars wewa,by filling it up and recreating the present day Kandy Lake. They acquired a passion to any country they ruled. Another good example was the two people who were in charge of the first road built between Kandy and Colombo, major Skinner and captain Dawson built the first hospital for it’s citizens, not forgetting, the schools, hospitals other facilities that are the foundation of our infrastructure today. how did we show gratitude? By burning their flag? What a stupid thing to do and for them to take that lightly showed our weakness but their strength, that paved a way for our true sense of independence. It seems our corrupt politicians have taken that freedom and decent values away, one reason for Tamils taking up arms, which is equally wrong, because the equally suffering non Tamils didn’t take up arms against the state.

  151. Kevin,

    Thanks for your thoughts.. I have been reading much of your writings and find lot of hidden value and love for mother Lanka.

    Keep up your good work..


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