Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fall of Adampan imminent

Soldiers of the army's 58th division backed by artillery fire and armored units overran a section of LTTE's forward defense line south of Adampan, Mannar yesterday. 9 LTTE cadres were killed and 12 more are reported to be wounded when army overran 7 bunkers on the FDL. Advancing SLA forces are now about 800m from the Adampan town center. 58th division (Task Force 01), is advancing towards the major LTTE stronghold of Viduthalaithiv through Adampan sector.

Clashes erupted 8.30 AM in the morning when SLA units moved ahead of their current FDL towards LTTE controlled territory. With the recent construction of the second defense line between Adampan and the tiger stronghold of Viduthalaithiv, it was expected that the LTTE would pull back without offering too much resistance. However the tigers resisted the army advance for a significant amount of time until they were finally forced further back.

Meanwhile SLN commandos from the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) recovered a large cache of ammunition hidden in Peraru jungles, west of Nilaweli. 63 RPGs, 6000 7.62mm rounds and two T-56 weapons were uncovered. LTTE is known to use this jungle route to send guerilla attack teams into government controlled territory.

The Sri Lanka Air Force  bombed what it called was a transport base of the LTTE located in Kilinochchi yesterday (25th) morning. According to the pilots, the target was accurately hit. LTTE however denied the claim mentioning that the bombers attacked a civilian populated area. This claim however is disputed as LTTE's anti aircraft guns fired when the jets flew above the target. LTTE does not place its AA guns in locations that are of no military significance. Pro LTTE did not admit the placement of AA guns around the bombed location. Instead it claimed that "Liberation Tigers anti-aircraft unit rushed to the area and opened fire when SLAF fighter jets swooped over the suburb, forcing the planes to higher altitudes". If this claim is true, how the LTTE units performed the miraculous task of beating supersonic jets to the scene of bombing is beyond our wildest imaginations.


  1. "Liberation Tigers anti-aircraft unit rushed to the area and opened fire when SLAF fighter jets swooped over the suburb, forcing the planes to higher altitudes". If this claim is true, how the LTTE units performed the miraculous task of beating supersonic jets to the scene of bombing is beyond our wildest imaginations.

    no human can beat super sonic jets except for Superman LOL!

  2. I think it advisable for the gosl to withhold any information about escapees from Vanni,as it jeopardizes the others coming out of that hell, says our ex followers.

  3. Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers must compromise for peace: envoy


    Lanka's UWDS a 'naked agression' into India's sovereignty


  4. I think the bigwigs who used to run TN have all perished and its the minnows that are doing the job at the moment and thats how these stupid remarks come to be.

  5. Speaking of tamilnet, did anyone notice that the pictures they have, that was supposed to be taken from the recent SlAF bombing of what they call school grounds, has been edited in 2005 ?

  6. Hey Hot news for u guys .. U know a damaged air craft was on the way to Colombo Harbor to send to pakistan or Ukraine to fix it up... which is damaged by LTTE AA's ..its a Kifir and it's broken into pieces 3 containers carrying it from KAtunayake to Colo Harbor through the A3 road ..

    This time LTTE AA's targeted the Jets

  7. shyam:

    I thought LTTE captured a KFIR in mid air.

  8. Thats what u can say .. SLAF lost another kifir i think there is only 1 kifir left and the others are MIG 24 & 27 srilanka thinking about buying F7(Made by china) from China .. Not from USA ok

  9. Shyam, do u have any info on whether the 3 pieces landed seperately or at diffenent times, after being blown 2 pieces by AA fire?

  10. The SLAF still don't have the facility to bring down the Zlins... what about u r air defence system...ARE the SLAF using to say info how the EELAM BIRDS bombed and the path of their flying ahh... Damn man they messing with the 2nd generation fighter jets...

  11. Yes we are planning to sell some of those mig24 to russia. You dont know jack shit do u

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  13. Lightning_Struck_Tower,

    Dude the KIFIR got damaged and made a crash landing in the SLAF base i could say this coz of the condition of that bird ..and SLAF have to pack em to containers so they reassebled the bird and bringing it to reached wattala-TOYOTA company at 7.10 am this morning ...if u know any1 on that sate ask at em if u don't trust me ok...

  14. shyam,
    Please don't waste space here to post your stupid jokes. We come here to get an idea of the security situation, not to have a good laugh .

  15. Shyam, thanks 4 da info. I trust u now. We have 1 kfir. One got blown by aa fire and the other 9 got misplaced. Could u also provide some info on this mig 24 craft. Cant fint specs for that on net.

  16. "Liberation Tigers anti-aircraft unit rushed to the area and opened fire when SLAF fighter jets swooped over the suburb, forcing the planes to higher altitudes".

    Sri Lankan will be sending LTTE for following evens to the upcoming Olympics.
    *) 100 M running
    *) 200 M running
    *) 120 M hurdles
    *) 400 M hurdles
    *) Heavy weight lifting (Because of take the weapons and run fast scenario)
    Apologies if missed anything out... Please fill free to add to the list :)

    Thank you for the cracking article.

  17. Lightning_Struck_Tower....
    its not a MIG 24, its a KIFIR ..Oh GOSL now start selling those to bring up the economy ;-)...

  18. hey shyam,

    so you live in wattala, ha ha; will get your....

    stop begging here; you won't get Tamil elam from us; so stop begging here idiot.

    we knew for a long time a jet was damaged and its nothing new; just wait till it gets fixed and start bombing again!!!

  19. it is sad if the kfirs were damaged and destroyed.I am sure all northern peace loving tamils will agree with me.Question:does anyone know how many "invincible" imrans ge pade's we killed with x-ray attack where x-rated films were being made for vps consuption with underaged girls?.does anyone know how many pades are on life support machines now?..sorry i dont speak thaamil

  20. on the topic.

    so it is certain that tigers had their AA guns (mobile - may be)close to this area.

    but there is another hilarious part in your news item.


    this proves my earlier point that the authorities must allow the pilots to be bit more proactive during air raids. after hitting the designated target; they must be allowed to take ancillary targets as required, using the guns which are hardly used.

    these aa guns and operators got to be destroyed.

    of course SLAF pilots are relatively more educated than the SLA, etc. and would never attack civilians.

    plus, the international law allows the use of force even in civilian areas if acts of terrorism are carried out from there.

    during the gulf war MiG-29s were destroyed by the USAF in close porximity to mosques, schools, etc.

  21. Guys,

    Im not sure but...

    If what i say truns out to be right this "shyam" guy will have to eat his words :)

    I think the Air craft (wich was covered with a canvas) was on its way from Katunayaka AFB to BMICh for display @ the "Dayata Kirula" expcib.

    I think it's a unservisable air frame of a Kfir C2which has been turned in to a display pice like the Puccara and the SIAI 260W which are seen @ expos.

    Hope DefenceNet can clear this up.

  22. Sarath Fonseka interview.

  23. moshe dayan,
    They were on a bombing raid, so probably were only armed with bombs plus cannon. (No ASM's, rockets etc.) After spending the bombs, they wouldn't turn around to attack the AA with their cannons. It would be hard for something moving at above the speed of sound to attack a small target with its cannon. Also it would be risky to head straight at the AA gun to aim when it's firing at you. Why take unnecessary risks when they are not really a massive threat? I assume they drop the bombs and head back to base.

  24. nemesis..dont waste your time with LTTE diehards.We never wanted this war and the LTTE had plenty of opportunity to come to peace talks.Too many of our innocent srilankan peoples have died because of this murderous filth.

  25. When the soviet Union broken to many , Ukrain took the many Jets and now it holding the company of MIG production. but Russia still have the competition with USA so it began to produce jets which are equal to F series fighters made by USA.
    But Ukrain start selling the OLD fighters to other countries and it have a agreement with 3 contries to manufacture MIGs(Issrel,USA, Pakistan is not sure) but USA never sell MIG coz those are not sure enough on battle field ... Pakistan air force using the 80Migs in and India also Using MIGs but now they using F series from USA coz India Lost many MIGS during the Past years but not by shot down by the enemy fall down coz of technical fault... AAnd the maintanance also cost a big amount. so most of the country avoide the MIG

    But the srilankan Government Still depends on MIGs .. but they can buy F7 or later version from China with a low cost

  26. Moshe Dyan

    Are we begging at you regarding of Tamil Eelam... We stop asking and begging or whatever u say with 1983 massacre ok...We are in the position of taking the tamil eelam ...Eelam is already there there is a government ... u people are have borders and we need pass to come over here so its shows there is another country....
    you people lost voting in UN lets wait and see what else u gonna loose....i am not here for joking

  27. Very distressing news..some envoy has suggested that the LTTE should come to peace talks!!!..what in gods name has been happening over the past 30 yrs envoy? too late...
    What buttala people want from LTTE

    from film "indepenence day"
    What do you want us to do...ltte
    Die..die..die.......govt of sLanka

  28. tease talks; not peace talks.

    anyway withot balla-singham and chelva, there is no way tigers can do that now.

  29. stop begging for tamil elam here, shyam.

    this is not the place for that; go to hell.

  30. I think its pretty unreasonable to blame the cop who encountered the suspicious people near parliament?
    How many of you have actually held a T56?
    It is one of the most cumbersome assault rifles around! If you factor in the slight build of most policemen in SL then drawing your weapon on short notice to engage an enemy becomes a mission lol.

    As nemesis said urban cops shouldn't require anything more than a 9mm. Yes there is a war going on but the type of targets these guys will have deal with won't need the massive 7.62 slug lol.

    A 9mm is better not just because of a quicker reaction time but also if consider firing a T56 in a buit up area you have to consider what's behind the target as well because in more cases than not the slug will go through your intended and hit something you don't want to hit (civils).

  31. //If this claim is true, how the LTTE units performed the miraculous task of beating supersonic jets to the scene of bombing is beyond our wildest imaginations.//

    You have under estimated tamilnut.

    #It killed 12 troops injured 26 by snipers within 3 hours.
    #Gunned down a mig and kfir. (Parts of a kafir also shown. May be other remaining parts went back to KAB and now on the way to harbour.)
    #Some time ago tamilnut had automaticaly activated air defence system. But nowadays it seems tamilnut itself has to activate it.

    Two possibilities.
    #Tamilnut writers are becoming better in writting fairy tales.
    #They provide what is good for their EDPs (externely displaced people + tax payers in all around the world. Whoever gave money to LTTE, should feel at least little bit good after reading tamilnut.

    Thus in either case tamilnut is doing a good job. (And free fun for us also)

  32. Srilankan,
    Hey all the Peace talks were ended up by the GOSL not by the LTTE ok...U have to do whatever u promises to the other party during the Peace talks... But srilanka every time go to peace talks when they r loosing the war...

    everyone hate violence ..but u people always worry and shot only sinhala people get killed..y don't u people talk about the murders and abduction on tamil people by the SLA ahhh....Rn't they humans ahh...

  33. Oh Boy Kfir sent for Ukraine? My Ass he he.. who da hell is this Joker.. Guys pls concentrate on our affairs.. let alone this joker to his bullcrap... LOL.. what do you think we eat cow dung?? stupid!!.. lol

  34. Hey Guys, Please stop arguing with this stupid Shyam. Lets concern about something important and let him live his own ponna dream.

  35. Prabakaran Injured... Now in a Hospital in Chennai...

  36. SL Army Commander Lt. General
    Sarath Fonseka - 24.01.2008

    YouTube Video

  37. Air Force bangs at LTTE's Sea Tiger nerve centre - Mullaithivu

    (Saturday the 26th of January at 1.05 p.m.)

  38. Shooting a Kfir or Flogger doing 300-400Kts at low level with a radar guided gun would be hard enough...

    but to do so with a manual twin 14.5mm Type-58 that is going to be very very hard, and would need an experienced gunner, a stable gun platform and a ton of luck...all of which tigers don’t seem to have in quantity..

    and each gun is fed with a 150 rd belt..and the rpm is usually keep @ around 450-500rmp in burst..or around 200rpm in sustained fire...

    btw the twin 14.5mm have mechanical ring sights made up of three rings: for 100m/s, 200m/s and 300m/s from the order inside to out.....
    not very easy to keep on a A/C of like Kfir and MIG-27 with their attack speeds (specially @ low level)

    plus the gun mount is traversed by a hand cranking wheel...

    so i guess Tamilnet expects us to use our vivid imagination like they do to picture tiger AA "chasing" the boys from No 10 & No. 05 Sqd Lol

  39. SLA faces stiff resistance in Mannaar
    [Fri, 25 Jan 2008, 16:45 GMT]
    Three Sri Lanka Army soldiers and two Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam fighters were killed Friday when Tigers offered stiff resistance to SLA units that stepped up an offensive push targeting Adampan in Mannaar, according to LTTE Operations Command in the district. A ground troop movement headed by tanks with the support of artillery and Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher fire from Tha'l'laadi base, was halted at 1:00 p.m

  40. TN: Fishermen begin indefinite strike


    17 Tamil rebels killed in Sri Lanka


    Sri Lankan jets bomb Tamil rebels' naval headquarters, military says


  41. For those who have not seen!

    You tube - Rupawahini news on X-RAY BASE on 23 Jan

    title: "Air Force raids "X-RAY BASE" LTTE's nerve centre, kilinochchi"


    also see how lions hunt on tigers in wanni jungles:

    "Sri Lankan Lion Hearts (3) - The March to Victory"

  42. GaalleMalli ,
    How many times the GOSL show the same video..don't u have at least something in ur brain ahh? u feel really sad for you man.

  43. The offensive which made my SLA is repulsed and push em back to their earlier positions .3 dead and 9 wounded
    .. THE SLA moving ahead as they did in Jeyasikkuru

    And the SLAF targeted the Civilian again ..bombed on White peignoir building...I wanted to know r the SL pilots are blind ...

  44. ...I wanted to know r the SL pilots are blind ...


    no air force/air service allows blind people to fly

    what planet are you from ? LOL !

    if i mean IF SLAF bombs civilians its wrong

    i think everybody agrees with that

  45. I wanted to know r the SL pilots are blind ...


    hey you should ask this questions form tamilselvam not us..

  46. Skirmishes between the troops and Tiger terrorists gather momentum with troops capturing Tiger (LTTE) strongholds day by day, constant and close supervision and assessment is regularly needed since hundreds of brave soldiers are committed for the cause.

    In less than a week, Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, Commander of the Army on Friday (25) made his second tour to trouble-torn Mannar and Wanni areas with a view to taking stock of the latest developments pertaining to ongoing humanitarian operations.

    I don't see praba doing this..wonder why ??? too scared i guess..

  47. India for political settlement on Tamil ethnic issue: envoy


  48. true srilankan,
    "I don't see praba doing this..wonder why ??? too scared i guess.."
    You know what, I don't think he ever has done it.

    Is Praba good as a military leader? (I mean is he involved?) It's mostly his senior commanders that make the battle plans isn't it? Even in the past the likes of Karuna were responsible for the successful operations of the LTTE. Seems to me like he's just there as the 'leader' and the other people do his job for him. Can somebody please explain about this?

  49. Guys,

    I heard that Tigers have an additional problem, in addition to to fighting for survival; this time, even the dead are not safe. Their starving dogs - the real ones, because Tigers sometimes behave in a manner even worse than these creatures - are used to eat human flesh and it has become insatiable apetite for them. This has developed into a serious problem, in Vanni. It looks like whole nature turns aganist these b*******!!

  50. The LTTE diehards claim of Damaged Kafir taking to Paksistan or Ukraine is an utter lie..

    It is highly unlikely Kafirs will be repaired in either country..Kafirs are Israli built aircraft and how it will be fixed in any of the countries you mentioned is the million dollar question?

    Don't lie shame...

  51. the ace,

    Yes, it is really funny. They are indeed photos taken in 2005 as shown below. This camera was in the market since 2003.

    Orientation of image: 1
    File change date and time: 2005:06:24 23:39:09
    Image input equipment manufacturer: FUJIFILM
    Image input equipment model: FinePixS2Pro
    Software used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
    Copyright holder:

  52. What the terrorist punks can’t understand is the people who dislike them and oppose them are 17 million, should all the jet bombers are inoperative, still the majority could muster enough forces to overwhelm them and starve them in their rat holes. If VP has been taken away to India, then it would be failing on India it’s obligation to it’s good neighbour and it exposes the defect and weaknesses of the defence establishment of SL.

  53. Media censorship & defamation law should be introduced at once - Gotabhaya


    Defencenet will you continue to report ?

    please continue to report the truth !

  54. Sri Lanka defence chief calls for ban on Tamil Tigers: report


  55. Guys this is not defence related but I want to share with you patriots...

    Lal Hemantha Mawalage is a producer attached to SLRC who played a major role in Mervyn Silva incident.Yesterday he was attacked in Athurugiriya.
    I have been a strong MR supporter ever since he came to power considering his policies adopted to fight LTTE.
    However I am not at all happy with the way he handled Mervyn incident and infact disgusted with it.
    with this incident I totally lost it.As a singhalese I must confess I no longer care about this government.However I do not want ponsy Ranil to comeback and kiss VP's butt.We are at a real catch 22 stuation here.

  56. Dulith,

    I heartily agree with you.

    I just don't understand what is MR's affiliation to this thug. Shows his own morals and ethical standards.

    At the same time, war I suppose is the most important issue at hand right now towards which, MR seems to be doing something pro-active.

    So I guess, we shall hold off for some time and bear the rest. After all, not everyone can stay in power indefinitely without the support of the people. (even though, by the time they are forced out, the damage is done. ex: Ranil, Chandrika)

    The most important thing, we as a people, need to oppose this corrupt politicians and need to develop the required mentality to think beyond green and blue.

  57. "Defencenet will you continue to report ?

    please continue to report the truth !"

    Defencenet is posting on blogspot owned by Google run from teh US so I don't think these laws can apply to them. Only issue would be if their identities were known in Sri Lankan itself.

    So I say fear not, I am sure they will continue whatever happens :)

  58. I am living in Seeduwa and I saw that two aircrafts were(heard those from China) unloading from AF carrier's to the runaway from Colombo-Negambo main rd with high security.

    DN you have any idea about this?

    even i heard like same incident was happened in the morning also.

    I think Shyam was mentioned about it. But those were not damaged these are new Air crafts.

  59. Rupahavini images show T-55 tanks being used on the Mannar front. I belive that once the north east monsoon is over in March, the main offensive will likely start. Monsoon weather restricts the army's mobility. It is difficult to move the armor, heavy artillery and logistics that are necessary to sustain the fighting units.

  60. Shyam(Shahyam)
    You seems to be spreading false rumours about Pakstan repairing our air assets,just to upset India.Why don't you be more usful by helping to build more public loos in your home land in TN?

  61. Buddika,

    i also living in Seeduwa area and i also observed the same incident at Katunayake area in this afternoon

  62. DN do you have any update on this incident?

  63. jack

    i also HOPE this blog continues :)

  64. Dulith
    My friends and I are in the same situation, supporting him to get elected, now see what is doing to the country? Now he is the President, he is deaf to our pleas and grievances and in fact his administration is become a nuisance and an obstacle to our wellbeing. Someone is advising him wrong. We appreciate the forces for doing their best to secure the territorial integrity of the island and no thanks for the politicians for not allowing the rest of the country to function normally, impeding our lives and business, with no regard.

  65. "GaalleMalli, How many times the GOSL show the same video..don't u have at least something in ur brain ahh? u feel really sad for you man."


    I can understand your frustations about videos on GOSL victories,try to come to the reality now. Look around you; up & down, left & right, east & west, north & south, with your eyes and then you will see how unrealistic is your elam dream! Tigers lose in every hook & corner! They look like same videos but every video is about another victory!

  66. I am not certain how many of you will agree with this; but I have known members of the Rajapakse family for quite a while. In fact one of them is almost family to me. Yet in recent times, I've noticed a level of arrogance in these folks which was never seen in them before. As a result a lot of good people who genuinely liked them are gradually moving away.
    The sad thing is, Sri Lanka seems to be cursed with being the playing field of the low type for its existance. When even those who for once have the opportunity to break the pattern of family governence seem to degenerate into sub-human standards once they taste power. Unlike Premadasa, the Rajapakse's bring promise of liberating the land for true democracy, and yet they are starting to fail the test of integrity.
    So we may eventually revert back to the same 'known yaka is better than the unknown angel' thinking..
    Sri lanka's karma is bigger than its ass hole.

  67. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  68. The Kafir 2000 is basically an Israeli copy of the French Mirage 5. It uses a General Electric J79 engine, manufactured under license by Israel. With the U.S. arms embargo, it might not be possible to get the same replacement engine. However, there may be equivalent engines out there.

  69. Pakistan trainers are one of the the main reasons the SLAF is what it is today. The current Pakistan Ambassador and previous one were both Air Vice Marshalls in the Pakistan Air Force. That is no coincidence. It was rumoured that the bomb attack on the previous Pakistan ambassador was done by Indian intelligence agencies.

    The Chinese designed Pakistan built K3 Jet trainer is used to teach Sri Lanka pilots. Pakistan trainers are training our pilots.

    During the 1990s there was a smilar embargo on Pakistan by the U.S. Therefore, Pakistan had to develop an indegeous capbility to service their C-130s, F-16s and Bell helicopters. With the U.S. embargo on Sri Lanka Pakistan is more important when it comes to repairing planes such as the SLAF C-130.

  70. This website is more of opinion sharing info blog. This would not effect the defemation laws or media censorship. The type of newspapers that do effect it would be like tamilnet, pro LTTE newspapers that spread false rumors and newspapers that give away too much military info to the public as a whole. They wouldnt waste their time to crack down on defensenet, trust me.

  71. As I predicted folks, I said within almost 1 week and a half, Adampan will fall to the forces. Next week you will see (week and a half). Keep your fingers crossed.

  72. Nobody is perfect. Same applies to MR. MR has done more things in 2years than 4 presidents did in 30 years to the country in the elam war. Give up your political and ethnical differences and do something to the country where your daughters and sons can have a better lives tomorrow than what you have today!

  73. SLAF has targetted sea tiger camp, hope soosai was there to receive the gifts from up above.

  74. Guys, the inevitable truth that the war is already over. The world understands it is against LTTE terrorism, and has nothing to do with the aspirations of the ordinary tamils.

    Just the battle remains. As long as the govt lets our military do its job, that will soon be over as well.

  75. galllemalli, that is difficult for certain supportesr because in sri lanka, once your a UNP, u'll always be a UNP no matter how crazy, dumb, ponna, ranil ponna wickramasinghe mght be. That guy should be deported to antartica to live with the penguins. Maybe he will sign a ceasefire with them.

  76. troicalstorm, after the "war" ends, it will still be difficult, as I believe, lot of terrorists will hide in jungles and start hit-and run style attacks and terrorise everywhere. Then the people will need to fight back. I too think that racism existed long time ago, but I really dont think we need an interim adminstration for north. We need to treat the whole sri lanka as one and devolve power to provinces. Simple as that.

  77. Language is very important. Sri Lanka of course is a sinhalese spoken country (since it is the majority) If you look at Italy, people speak Italian and English. of course there are minorities who speak diffeent languages, but they are forced to learn English and of course Italian to function. United States in California has areas dominated by Mexicans. but not ONCE, U.S. will allow them to run their business with ONLY spanish. They require them to speak English and have english receipts, etc.

    This is not the case with Sri Lanka, and that is the problem. We need to educate sinhalese to learn tamil and Tamils to learn Sinhalese more then anything because they dont live in Tamilnadu, they live in Sri Lanka. Then everyone will see each other as ONE and not as 2 separate people.

  78. To undrstand the dynamics involved in intercepting a high velocity target, you also need to understand the terrain in which the interception is intended to happen.
    Firing at airborne targets is easy when the target is high and 'hangs' in the sky long enough. Gives enough response time for the gunner. Alternately, the gunner must be on a high elevation with a command of the sky to shoot at lower flying targets.
    The Vanni offers neither.
    When the jets come in low at high speeds, it is on you before the sound arrives.
    Anyway, the claim to have beaten supersonic jets by a bunch of AA guns arriving by road is manna for the nattamis, given the fact that the only other entertainment these poor fucks in the godforsaken jungles have is to sniff each other's asses and pissing contests.

  79. tropicalstorm lol..i cant believe they have people in tamilnet writing these kinda things.. "AA rushing to the area to open fire" lol..these guys must be uneducated morans running these sites, ALL FOR THE MONEY. LTTE is a big money making orgnization at the cost of killing their own people as well as innocent sinhalese.

  80. Sl,

    You are absolutely right.

    Some srilankan politians must be shamed of themselves about their political agendas. An election is held once a period. After the election is over politians have to accept and respect the decision of the voters/people and let the people who were chosen work till the end of their term and extend support and criticise when necessay. What is actually happening in SL is once a party is defeated in an election, they start an anti govt campaighn next week. Look at the world politics, how developed countries do their politics.

    Sri Lanka has a war of terrorism in the face of ethnic crisis. They argue language as a barrier btwn two ethnics. Then how come same tamil asylum seekers live in London, paris, Newyork, Amsterdam, Olso, Torronto, Melbourne cities? Do they ask for a seperate state their too? We sinhalese has only this country where sinhala is spoken. Tamil is spken in many countries as a main language; India, Malasia, singapore etc... Most people dont realise that sinhalese are harrased by tamils for the last 30 years. I am not trying to give you a racist idea here but try to make you understand how unfair is this war to both innocent sinhalese and tamils in the name of sun god,VP.

  81. Tropicalstorm
    You are absolutely right.
    I will, sadly disagree with you about MR doing so much in 2 years.
    He can’t simply take credit for winning the battles in the North as it is done by the brave forces for which his administration along with CBK and the fake general Red garden allowed the forces to get demoralized and bled, for 20 years. If they have honestly run that period, we wouldn’t have had this desperate situation. I don’t think just printing money, letting lose thugs(unpunished) like his close friend Mervyn,extravergant trips, jumbo cabinets to mention a few is something he has done as good in the last 2 years. He is making things worse, perhaps deliberately or otherwise. If he had encouraged an atmosphere for a vibrant economy, then the country would have had much more money to buy the stuff to defend herself.

  82. Tropicalstorm
    You are absolutely right.
    I will, sadly disagree with you about MR doing so much in 2 years.
    He can’t simply take credit for winning the battles in the North as it is done by the brave forces for which his administration along with CBK and the fake general Red garden allowed the forces to get demoralized and bled, for 20 years. If they have honestly run that period, we wouldn’t have had this desperate situation. I don’t think just printing money, letting lose thugs(unpunished) like his close friend Mervyn,extravergant trips, jumbo cabinets to mention a few is something he has done as good in the last 2 years. He is making things worse, perhaps deliberately or otherwise. If he had encouraged an atmosphere for a vibrant economy, then the country would have had much more money to buy the stuff to defend herself.

  83. Expedite Prabhakaran's arrest - Congress MLA


    Government drops another bombshell on LTTE(defense column)




    JVP will take to the streets against 13th Amendment


    Mass graves and claymore blasts By Ranga Jayasuriya(defense column)


  84. Well said Kevin. This notion of winning the war first and sorting out everything else later is, in my opinion, a dubious one. The level of dysfunction we see on our roads, public institutions, and politics has an inevitable bearing on the way we function on the battlefield. The more successful we are in fighting waste, corruption and inefficiency, the more successful we will be in fighting the terrorists and achieving a final victory over separatism. It is an immensely difficult undertaking, but that is surely what strong leadership is all about.

  85. I agree with Galle malli that MR has done more in two years than the previous incumbants have done in the last thirty years. He has shown a courage that none the others have displayed. In 1987 the Army was poised to destroy the LTTE after Vadamarachhi under Gen Kobbekaduwa but JRJ backed down after India made the parippu drops, and the rest is history. In the Mavil Aru operation, Manmohan Singh warned MR, and has since warned him on several other occasions, not to resort to military action, and now MR is making history after telling India, U.S., U.K., Norway, the UN and the International NGOs to get lost. He is the first head of state whose brother was a regular army officer (Gotabhaya was Col of the Gemunu Watch), and whose son voluntarily enlisted in a service arm. The military is winning this battle not because it was enlarged by 30,000 last year but because of better strategy, and better motivation. MR's speech at the gallantry awards ceremony at BMICH is almost Churchilian. Have you ever known another president who attended a funeral of a civillian victim in the last thirty years. I understand that there is cronyism, waste and patronage but that is part of the Sri Lankan political system.

  86. gallemalli,kevin,tropicalstorm and casc, srilankan,

    I believe there is pro's and cons of MR. I too believe that MR has done more then what most presidents have done in the last 30yrs as far as MILITARY goes. MR has let the forces think on their own instead of politically interfearing. I know first hand how it was with previous presidents. Giving weapons for the soldiers but telling them not to fight. Thats the kind of situation it was. Soldiers demoralized by that more then anything.

    What needs to improve is corruption. People argue about the jumbo cabinet, but one must understand that MR has to make sure everybody is on his side (hence the jumbo cabinet) otherwise he loose the support because most ministers are hell bent on only making money and not developing the country.

    If there was a president who is not corrupt even the slightest, please show me as I believe there is NONE in this world.

    Of course lots of money being wasted, but at least Sri Lanka and its forces is able to fight terrorism to defeat this nonsense that has took down our economy. Once we take care of the terrorism, the people of the country can take action to take down those who are using our tax money to buy luxury cars.

    I think MR deserves more credit then ranil or CBK here. Specially for taking bold steps to end CFA, get norway out of our country, not allowing UN monitors, and telling the IC that Sri Lanka has every right to fight terrorism! Wouldnt you agree?

  87. "Power is Nothing without Control"

  88. Yes SL I completely agree wth you.

    Sri lanka was served with rotten political leadership in the past. The military was completely demoralized because of the political leadership.

    Some of the things our leaders did in the past include, Premadasa instructing 900 policeman to surrender to the LTTE knowing exactly what the LTTE was going to do to them, CBK letting the Mulativu Army Camp and Elephant Pass army Camp fall in which over two thousand soldiers lost their lives, and Ranil's actions in exposing the army intelligence operatives in which more than 50 intelligence operatives lost their lives. How can we expect poor village boys to die for their country while their political masters are not supporting them but actively working aginst their interests. MR has done a good job galvanizing public opinion in support of the war. He has made the war the country's number one priority. Also, he has made the soldiers feel that their cause is noble and just, and that their actions are necessary to save the country.

  89. Karuna attacked in UK prison


    Bloodying the Tiger’s nose(defence column)


  90. Casc(v)

    ‘He has made the war the country's number one priority. Also, he has made the soldiers feel that their cause is noble and just, and that their actions are necessary to save the country.’
    We agree with you on the above points, but it is the duty of any leader of a country is to back the forces, when the country is treatned.Nothing to praise or give hosennas.You see! Churchill was defeated soon after winning the war, it’s not because the people in UK was not ungreatful,but because they expect much more from politicians, other than winning the war. That’s why these countries are progressive and highly developed. We must inculcate their mindset in SL, then we see things different, which make us all very uncompromising towards the people in power. So using my own yard stick I am very disappointed with our politicians, may they be green,red,blue or yellow. I will still maintain that he hardly has done anything good to talk about, but ruined or burned a few brides left.Srilankan affair is one of them and his reason is not acceptable at all, not in this day when we need every little help. I curse those ministers that have greedily demand a jumbo cabinet without helping the government in power to defeat these terrorists and put the country on the track, without seeking privileges and reward. I hope the voter will remember them in the next elections.

  91. money, money, money, gimme gimme gimme! - minsters throughout the world, including U.S.

  92. defensenet any info on the SLAF on the sea tiger camp?

  93. The fact is that all 4 former Executive Presidents of Sri Lanka and MR had same powers as chief-in-command to three forces and police. Every president tried to bring a solution for the crisis and handle interferences from IC and Human Rights groups. MR deserves this credit (military victory) from the way he handles IC and leadership he gives to the military (he let war veterans to handle the war). He gave new moral for the disappointed soldiers and he appointed honest, country loving, determined commanders to right places. In short, MR was a new leadership with a strong determination to put an end to the war. There may be corrupted ministers around him and he might have pampered them but MR needs their support to run the show. When the country is saved, when the people realize who are bad guys then there will be an election to send bad guys home. Till then, let’s support him and our soldiers without political interests to fight against terrorism. It is only two years of his government and we should not allow opportunist to take political advantage of the situation. If it happens, Elam war-V will be a definite victory for LTTE and UN will declare Elam as a homeland for Tamils!

  94. Yes gallemalli!
    We will support this President,but he must make a note of our concerns and rectify it,without waiting for the war to end.

  95. why are getting dragged into political discussions in a blog about the patriotic war, politics is ugly its power is alluring and dangerous it changes men and makes them greedy or greedier, its even uglier than war .

    There good things and bad things about MR while we should praise agianst his stand against terrorsit we should scorn his decisions about the cabinet and all the ugly politicians from UNP and other useless parties he has taken into the government, buts thats for later wait till the war ends in victory.

  96. Hey ...i cant help but agree with most of you commenting here.
    Mahindas election in to presidency, to me, was the sign of a change starting to happen in sri lankan politics..

    he is not perfect ofcourse.. and also power tends to corrupt people .. even ones with the most honest intentions..

    but i know he has tried to do so much more with the power he has.. building pools with 'gifts' he received from visiting dignitaries.. while presidents like chandrika probably stored them under their beds (almost true story)

    and i can confidently say that he wants to see a peaceful country with tamils sinhala what ever race living to gether...
    his children have many tamil friends too.

    i just hope our forces and all this beating our country has taken throughout the years will finally pave way to make sri lanka the paradise island we know it can be.

    rome wasnt built in a day.. so lets hope the general will of the people will overcome the petty thugs(mervyn the idiot) and their deeds..

    honestly .. if i was working at rupavahini that day.. i would have seen to it that he get more of a beating..but thats another story..

    while im on a high.. just want to thank defencenet for blogging and keeping the rest of us informed.


  97. gallemalli,kevin,tropicalstorm and, srilankan

    I think we are all in agreement on the need to reform the institutions, the need to minimize corruption and waste, and the need for good governance. MR's problem, I think, is that his Govt is hanging by a thread in parliament, so his room to maneuver is fairly limited. The Govt was barely able to pass its budget recently. MR will no doubt become politically invincible when the war is over. One advantage in a democratic system, even flawed, over a totalitarian eelam is that the people will have a say at some point.

  98. Re. MR I agree with sl. Despite my deep disappointment with his corrupt government, I do concede that we have to give him due credit for the achievements that was gained in the battlefield.

    As Kevin says, it IS the duty of the leaders to back the forces all right, but then, previously who did it as it should be done? Hence it is my opinion that we should give this govt. the due credit it deserves with regard to the war.

    But however, accepting the corruption as part of our political system will not improve matters. There definitely is truth in it, but acknowledging that it is so and letting it to be so will make matters worse. Whilst appreciating the pros of the Govt. (whatever govt. it is) we have to continue to fight the cons in an attempt to come out of this sad status quo. As to improvement of corruption at the end of the war, this is not going to happen. The corruption, tyronism, and egoism is going to just get worse. I would like to bet on that!

  99. would like to remind that there is no such thing as eelam nor will there ever be. Bogus myths Vs over 1000 hears of sinhalese history cannot and will not change a country to bunch of mythical eelamist or terrorists. :) We should be proud for our belated heros of this country who fought with bear hands, swords and together with elephants to defend the territorial integrity of Serendipity aka Ceylon aka Sri Lanka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. SL is cursed with shit politicians. all politicians are es eh i tee.

    but replacing one cesspit with another is hardly the solution; in fact it is worse than otherwise.

    MR is no exception.

    but in my personal opinion ratnasiri would do a better job than MR especially at THIS STAGE of the war.

    some highlight MR's weaknesses only to bring back the dumb ponnaya praba-dck scuking ranil!!

    that should not be allowed. the 2008 PC election must be held as scheduled and as the JVP contests seperately the SLFP is going to lose and that will be a damning message to MR & Co.
    MR's idiotic brothers must go.

  101. defensenet please update on the adampan. I believe we are very close.

  102. moshe dyan, i would like to say, gotba is very important at this stage and we need him to finish the war. LTTE will soon be banned because of him. Lot of inside work with Russians and Indian help has been because of him.

  103. Let us face a basic fact:

    SL politicians, like politicians in most places, can be corrupt and inept. All SL politicians prior to MR fared miserably at BOTH the economic and the military front, but MR has at least come out shining on the military front (so far) and as the saying goes, “what good is worrying about the economy if you don’t have a country?” is something we must bear in mind in all fairness at this stage.

    I see some obviously pro-RW/UNP kaakas here are out attacking MR GOSL without realizing the above salient point. Another has attacked Gota without realizing that all what Lt. Gen Sarath Fonseka and other SLDF commanders have achieved could not have been possible without the unstinted, totally dedicated support Gota has given the respective Forces as well as the TOTAL EMPOWERMENT he has bestowed upon the various military commanders within SLDF!

    In the past most military debacles were attributed to crass interference by the politicians, but in this case, Gota is not only NOT a politician, but he is one of the SLDF himself, but still, he has chosen to “support but not interfere” respecting and placing confidence on the military commanders to “get the job done” and this strategy has been a key contributory factor to the great successes we have seen on the war front.

    So dudes, let’s be realistic and fair and not be blinded by this scourge of “SL party-politics” shall we? After all, once the war is won and if we are not happy with MR GOSL we will send them packing home unceremoniously as we have done with previous GOSLs …no big deal…so, I don’t think that should be a cause for concern to us as history has shown, we Sri Lankans are brutally unforgiving towards errant politicians!

    I say “once the war is won” as to remove MR GOSL at this point and give the reins to Ranil the Ponnaya who is waiting to suck the Fat Black Oily Pig’s dick (thank you Moshe! :)) and hand over nearly 40% of Sri Lanka to the Pig is not the answer we are looking for when we say “out with terrorism!”

    OaO Asithri

  104. rajivmw

    Ha Ha Ha...truly LMSSAO!

    Hey Blacker, howz it hanging dude? Still limpy? LMSSAO!!!

    Nice try at wearing cammies under "rajivmw," but that wasn't a very good try I must say dude!

    How did I figure it out? :) :) :)

    No poor sod ever comes here and complaints about the SL roads' pot-holes as an added reason for attacking MR GOSL and wanting MR GOSL out (so that RW Ponnaya can step in) other than you, so dude, that's how your cammies got blown away – to now show your pink underwear!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. As the "Police" said in their song..."I'll be watching you.." ya...!!!


    OaO Asithri

  105. sl-

    Greets brother...good to see you blogging here and throwing some senses to some myopic thinkers I see here!


    Scorpion aka OaO Asithri

  106. Athas makes an error


    Under VPs picture he says

    "In this super-imposed photo, Prabhakaran holds an assault rifle. It is mounted with a silencer (and a grenade launcher) which suggests the picture was taken whilst at firing practice in an open area"

    In my opinion ;
    The barrel of the gun is fixed with a Muzzel break NOT a Silencer. And the forward grip has a laser designation/pointer & tactical flashlight and NOT a Grenade launcher. The AK viriant (possibly Bulgarian by the cosmetics looks of it but I might be wrong) has a polymer 30rd magazine.

  107. correction

    "The AK viriant "
    should be The AK variant"

  108. Guys,

    Most of the bloggers in here were not fans of MR. I was one of them. However, he must be credited as the only recent leader who did not conduct the war with political goals in sight. This is something, even his political enemies admit - quite reluctantly of course.

    We shouldn't underestimate the way he defied odds, when the LTTE was known to be invincible: he stood up to the international community; all our past leaders buckled under pressure; he handled India very well in extremely difficult circumstances; he was fearless and showed the masses he was there to look up to; above all, he made lots of pundits, both local and international, eat their words, when it came to their political forecast.

    Leaders, like great thinkers, are born not made. There are a lot of Sri Lankans who are not SLFP supporters; but they all admire this man for his handling of this war that tortured us for well over 30 years and humiliated as a nation for generations to come.

    Once the LTTE has been dealth with, he must wage war on corruption and inefficiency front too. If he fails on that front, forgivenss of masses will be in short supply for a great leader like him too.

    I think he may have read about Churchill; he won the war and then lost the election. It sums up my whole point.

  109. sorry, except Gota; i forgot Gota.

    i never associate Gota with MR&Co. he is exceptional; may be beacuse he is not into politics.

    i have talked to him personally; he is very down to earth and humble; not like the rest.

    again, i don't propose that homo homo sapian (ponourable ranil) as the president or PM; he is better being the longest standing opposition leader.

  110. There's a great article in this week's Sunday Times about the fighting in the north. It's probably one of the better articles published during this phase of the conflict, containing actual reporting from the front lines.

    Where men fight and guns boom

    One part that was pretty interesting,

    "The Tigers have received such a battering that none of their big guns like the 122 and 150 milimetre mortars which have been pounding away at military positions till recently have been silent for more than a week in this entire stretch. Either they have been targeted by our own guns as we saw at Periyatampane or they have been taken out by air attacks. Another possibility is that they are low on ammunition with virtually all their transport ships destroyed by the Navy last year. But there is plenty of firing by them using the much smaller 60 milimetre and 80 milimetre mortars."

  111. I am with asithri..on this.As for corruption continuing after the war lets wait and see.There is a section of SLankan society that does not want this monstrous war to end and dislike has nothing to do with thuggery/laworder(although should be seriously dealt with in future).It has everything to do with the distribution of resources among the rural population of SLanka.When this war ends the resources of SLanka will be distributed more fairly among ALL citizens of SLanka.This is giving some superrich sleepless nights.

  112. illegal.existence..nice article bro..:):)

  113. Nemesis,
    you are right about the muzzle break.
    But I would have to disagree with you about the gren launcher! I think that's either a tourch or a laser designator - too small to be a gren launcher.

    It is absolutely horrifying that someone who has covered this conflict for almost 20 yrs still doesn't know his way around the AK family of weapons. I mean how the hell did this guy get his job at Janes? Do you guys think we should send some of his work with the inaccuracies to Janes lol

    This guy is whining about media being restricted but what he is allowed to write is still wrong!

    I am with Gota on the media monitoring to an extent. But I feel the best way to go about it is NOT to call people who are critical/inaccurate "Pro-LTTE" but instead prosecute them under current laws as any democracy should!

  114. The silencers for the AK-47/AKM-47s are a lot bigger than the muzzle break on the ST picture.

    Do a google for PBS-1 noiseless firing device and you'll see.

  115. Blackhawk

    Mate, i have said that it is NOT a grenade launcher. and like you i too think its a Laser pointer with a tactical flashlight.

    I agree about the sad state with regard to War reporting by people like athas.

    What was Janes thinking when they took him in??

  116. guys dunt forget to read the article in today's lankadeepa news paper. it has an exclusive interview with GOTA

  117. i fear for the baby racket scandals that are going on in sri lankan hospitals. Some sources confirm, they are being used by certain foreign countries to raise them, train them, for spying purposes and to gain intelligence. Very sad to see that our world has already come to this.

  118. lkdood-
    Are you living in this borough?
    if so worth writing to council about terror activities

  119. Many apologies nemesis,

    Should have read your response more carefully.
    lol that's what happens when you start reading at 6am lol

  120. guy called shyam talked about transporting kafir to colombo habour to send for the repairs..

    yes there is little truth in it.

    Those are not kafir's. Those are two MI24's in two large boxes. New from russia(not brand new). Send to rathmalana to assemble it on 22nd jan 2008 at about 0800hours from katunayake.

    srilankan air force never ever shipped aircrafts for a repairs. Only send the parts from air cargo.There are another three large boxes arrived same day in same flight but not send to rathmalana.I wounder what??????????

  121. GOSL must act soon to stop NGO’s LTTE helping activities in North and NGO’s must be charged if they do any wrong doing...
    see the link

  122. shyam,
    "Thats what u can say .. SLAF lost another kifir i think there is only 1 kifir left and the others are MIG 24 & 27 srilanka thinking about buying F7(Made by china) from China .. Not from USA ok"

    No Kfirs were seriously damaged in AA cannon fire. A MiG27 sustained some damage but was repaired. Currently there are 10 Kfirs and 7 MiG27 (1 out of 7 grounded pending maintenance) fighters in SLAF fleet.

    "so it is certain that tigers had their AA guns (mobile - may be)close to this area.

    but there is another hilarious part in your news item.


    almost all SLAF air raids (except those using gunships) are carried out on previously gathered information. Deviating from given coordinates cold result in destruction of civilian property and lives given the payload those fighters carry.

    "after hitting the designated target; they must be allowed to take ancillary targets as required, using the guns which are hardly used."

    strafing on ground targets is possible but to do this they would have to descend to lower levels/reduce speed. This can be dangerous against AA fire and most of all its not that effective against ground targets.

    "The offensive which made my SLA is repulsed and push em back to their earlier positions .3 dead and 9 wounded
    .. THE SLA moving ahead as they did in Jeyasikkuru "

    SLA is moving ahead employing a completely different strategy than the one they used in Operation Jayasikuru.

    "Defencenet will you continue to report ?
    please continue to report the truth !"

    We do not believe in suppressing information (by information we do not mean national secrets) so we would continue to report. We have never revealed any military secrets that puts national security in jeopardy and we never will. by the way we do not agree with media censorships. In this age people will find out one way or the other.

    "defensenet any info on the SLAF on the sea tiger camp?"
    It wa an accurate hit but there are no details of LTTE casualties yet. May take some time to come through ground based sources.

    "defensenet please update on the adampan. I believe we are very close."

    We are close but there is still a long way to go. The area is heavily mined. There are about 800m to the Adampan town center from current SLA positions and SLA wont rush it with the minefields and IEDs to avoid casualties.

  123. who is this new rat shayam... he he insult using a muslim name for an LTTE goon (Evryone can remember the katthankudi massacre where over 100 muslims were killed while they were praying in thier mosque... )
    This brat doesn't know to tell "jayasikiru" .. jeyasikkuru....wut is that.. is that a name of a tiger bitch who was roasted in a FDL in muhamalei or mukkamalei as TN say ....
    DEFENCENET is becoming a headache for dispora now as well as the most of the guys have found out that TN is becoming Alice in wonder land day by day...they tend to rely on sources like this.
    As far as u idiots like to dream SLAF has no kafirs or MIGs and the bombs that are searching the FAT UGLY pig's balls from the sky are unleashed by UFOs (coz even the aliens hate LTTE )

  124. Guys a war memorial is going to be built for Indian soldiers who put down their live in Sri Lanka fighting against the LTTE terrorists.

    We must show our appreciation to the people of India.

  125. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  126. "The JVP today said that they would fight tooth and nail to stop the government from implementing the 13 amendment. JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe said the amendment was passed by an illegitimate parliament which got its term extended through an illegal referendum."- Dailry mirror

    Where are we heading to?

    What did they do at APRC for two year?

    JVP as a leading political party what solution they have after LTTE is millitarily defeated?

  127. Wrong Asithri. FYI I share a middle name and an ancestral town with our President. So I'm certainly not David Blacker.

    But I am glad you didn't confuse me with anyone who takes you even remotely seriously.

    Once more the immortal words of the Police:

    'de do do do, de da da da... is all I want to say to you'.

  128. Strategy page under "Enemy within"....

    "The LTTE is taking a beating. Dozens of weapons storage sites have been captured by the military. These include boats that provided floating ammo dumps (some holding up to a thousand tons of munitions and supplies), able to move along the north coast to where they were needed. But the air force and navy have figured out how to spot these, and long range army patrols have found ammo dumps and camps deep inside enemy controlled territory. GPS enables the patrolling soldiers to accurately capture target locations, so the air force can quickly and accurately strike.
    ....So far this month, the government believes it has killed nearly 700 LTTE fighters, while losing less than forty soldiers. About a hundred civilians have died as well. Dozens of LTTE bunkers have been captured and troops have advanced over 20 kilometers in places. The army believes it is on a roll, and is planning to keep this up. Thus, in six months, taking down an average of 500 LTTE fighters a month, they would break the military power of the rebels. This is causing political problems, because many senior politicians do not favor a military solution. Many Sri Lankans agree..."

    -Strategy page

  129. "Nice try at wearing cammies under "rajivmw," but that wasn't a very good try I must say dude!"

    Ha ha ha. Asithrini, Suggest you don't tax your peanut brain with detective work. Spelling and syntax still seems a challenge to you. Try comprehension after that, and if all of it works, perhaps you can find a map and a torch to find your arsehole.

    Besides, I'm MUCH better looking than Rajiv.


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