Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Explosion near Lake House building

An explosion has occurred near the Lake House building in Colombo. According to reports there are no casualties.

Update 2: A parcel bomb placed inside a phone booth near the Regent flats went off at 7.50PM today (8th) causing a loud explosion. No civilian casualties or damages to vehicles reported.


  1. At the WTC, heard the lake house blast... just heard another noise about 2 mins ago (it seemed more distant though) please post if you'll hear anything.

  2. Would the dismantled search points - dismantled by order of the supreme court - have prevented this? If the answer regrettably is yes, then each of us are indeed being asked to sacrifice our very lives for democracy, the rule of law and the principle of separation of powers. The 'internatinal community' despite their rhetoric when it comes to sri lanka, would not stand for this on their own soil. I feel the LTTE would set off nuclear bombs in colombo this year, if they had them. May be these are the death cries and desperae acts of a fanatical mob, but we have been here before. Can we last a year of this? I think for our future, we must.

  3. This is very sad situation and LTTE always wants to make this to happen and pressure the government. All the people in SL must be extra vigilant. And most importantly opposition must be with the government rather than thinking of power gain. No one should trust the LTTE including innocent Tamils. If the war is up for another 10 years its more damaging to Tamils than Sinhalese as Tamils might vanish from the country.
    When this kind of thing happened in Europe people showed their anger by demonstrating in the street but in SL, still we blame each other and not united against the enemy.
    Today UNP all other parties have got big responsibility to act against LTTE terrorism rather than cunning political gain.
    If the SLF fighting in north we would see more bombs in south so be unite and fight against common enemy.

  4. Happy No-CFA day on January 16th!!
    -Mahinada Mama

  5. "Would the dismantled search points - dismantled by order of the supreme court - have prevented this? If the answer regrettably is yes"

    I dont agree with the above point. Supreme court did not ask not to check. I guess it asked to dismantle permanent barricades. I dont think permanent barricades could prevent this.

  6. Londonistan - The permanent road blocks (which were those dismantled) would not have prevented this. There are plenty of alternative routes to take to avoid them. It was a waste of resources to have the security forces man these checkpoints. Plus the traffic build up at those check points were definitely more of a security hazard to the ordinary man on the street

  7. If anyone associated with the government defence establishment is reading this,

    I urge you...

    Please take both these incidents today as deviationary attacks to mislead our seceurity forces.The main attack could be on the way.
    Please take note.

    Any LTTE goons reading this,Don't think you can ever scare the people of south.We are accustomed to your barberic acts now.We are concerned,yes.But we are not scared.

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  9. If we continue to search the same amount as previously with random checkpoints, the permanent checkpoint issue is irrelevant. In many ways being permanent made them less effective as everyone including terrorist knew when to expect them. Atleast so far Supreme Court hasn't said we have to check less.

    Other thing is that we must search women drivers the same amount as men. Once I saw a car parked and woman driver just sitting and talking on phone for over 30 mins. When I told the police who was at the top of the road he walked past the car and then back again. Later day he came and thank me for telling him but when I ask if he found anything, he said "sorry sir, I can't search because it is woman driver and it can mean problems for me." Anyway he had kept walking by so she drove off. Maybe it was totally innocent but it clearly showed big problem our forces have in already difficult situation.

  10. Moderators:

    Please delete unrelated posts from this thread and future threads. Your blog is used for terrorist propaganda purposes.

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  12. The constitution pre-dates the terrorist threat. The role of the Supreme Court is to interpret laws and governmental action for compliance with the constitution.

    The Supreme Court has interpreted the constitution and found that permanent checkpoints etc are contrary to the protections provided by the constitution.

    Perhaps we need something like USA Patriot Act which restricts certain freedoms for a limited period of time while a war situation is prevailing.

  13. Is the PTA in effect now?
    That could just be the ticket now.

  14. This may be another practice session of sinhala kotti? Could be possible, since this bomb was just an explosion without casualties. Also previous claymore was targeting Mr. Dassanayake could be another target practice.

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  16. chintha, the boss and other LTTE scum,

    Please take your LTTE propoganda to some other place. Your chances of convincing other about how nice LTTE is less than zero. We all know that LTTE members including the Killer Velu are mentally challanged and unable to function in a normal society. You are very naive to think that your garbage terrorist propoganda has any value here. Please don't smear excrements wherever you go.

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  19. The boss. You become annoying just like any other teenager try to involve in adult talk. So please stay in the topic.

  20. Dear Guys,
    I would kindly request you all to ignore some immature idiot’s comments on this blog...
    please just ignore they do not know where they were born or who they are...

    again please ignore and pay attention to the situation we want to think & talk

  21. Keep counting 1..10 before you reach 10 Hillary will see the exit point..
    Also every one can follow the latest poll details by when nothing else to do.
    People do not want another Clinton or Bush after 28 years between those families.
    Anyway before Nov 2008 game would be over for LTTE.

  22. Defencenet-
    How does the Clamore works? Does it need some one to control it some way?
    If this is the case surely some one needed to be present when target reached...
    That means civilians near by would have knew some info who has done Clamore.

  23. Vote for Mitt Romney. With a fortune of $250M The Boss can't buy him!

    Obama knows very little on foreign affairs - he refered to the "President of Canada". However if he does become president he is smart enough to educate himself before the inauguration and see right through the "buyers". At the moment he knows that it's domestic policy that wins the presidency.

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  25. "How does the Clamore works? Does it need some one to control it some way?"

    The variants that LTTE is known to use are remote controlled. A person who is around 100m away from the bomb location detonates the bomb using the remote controller.

    This type of claymore mines can be countered using jammers that can disrupt the signal from controller to the detonator (usually effective within a 100-200m radius). SLA does have jammers but the current amount is not adequate for all transport vehicles.

  26. Defencenet,
    How much is one of these jammers?

  27. kiri,
    Not quite sure about the price.

  28. Defencenet,
    Also could you kindly explain the contradiction between you and R*C* about the charles incident?

  29. kiri,
    Sorry about that; forgot the questions from that thread.

    We can confirm that it was LRRP who carried out the attack. Maybe the internal conflict in the LTTE helped track Charles's whereabouts but it was the army's DPU which actually nailed his coffin.

    About Pottu Amman ordering intel wing cadres to read DefenceNet; we dont think so. We have not revealed any classified information here and LTTE intel wing has many other easier and faster ways of obtaining confidential info.

  30. 14 SLA killed in Mannar. 3-hours fighting.

  31. the_boss,
    That casualty figure is incorrect and is exaggerated. Only 3 soldiers have been killed.

  32. defencenet:

    tamilnet is reporting that 14 SLA soldiers were killed by LTTE at Mullikulam in Mannar sector. Any truth to that?

  33. When does the Ceasefire become invalid? What date does war officially restart ?

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  35. my dear friends,,,
    I am really sorry about, what I have written in this blog. I know , I am doing far more damage to my tamil nation by helping LTTE.

    some time I go mad,,,, Please ignore my postings, if you see such postings again in the future...

  36. the boss

    dont give up buddy, we need your input on this blog.

  37. Somebody has cracked the password of "the boss" or he is bipolar. Either way, the boss needs lots of help. I agree in principal that you should not give up, mainly because you are living proof we have for the despicable nature of LTTE scum. Please don't give up the style, I beg not to!!

  38. the boss who wrote the previous post is not me.
    His nick is the_boss with underscore, mine is "the boss".

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  40. the boss

    dont give up, fight until die.

  41. also notice his poor usage of commas. They are placed in inappropriate places which makes his sentences sound non-sense.

    not only that, but he has alot of other grammar mistakes aswell.

  42. LTTE Thwarts Mannar Attack, Kills 14 Injures 40 Sri Lankan SF

    Mannar - Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan security forces (SF) clashed in Mullikulam, Mannar area when SF tried to advance into the LTTE held area using heavy artillery and mortars, at least 14 SF troopers were killed while at least 40 SF troopers were wounded, according to the civilian sources in Mannar. Sri Lankan government last week unilaterally scrapped the truce pact which was signed between the LTTE and the GoSL in February 2002 under the Norway sponsor, which automatically also ends the monitoring mission. It gave the mission a mandatory two weeks' notice to pull out. International community reacted sharply on the unilateral ending of the truce by the GoSL and voice serious concerns on the plights of the civilains.

  43. "the boss who wrote the previous post is not me.
    His nick is the_boss with underscore, mine is "the boss"."

    Ha Ha Ha, what ever you like to say man. Seriously, you need to go to a doctor.

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  45. I recommend a psychiatrist the boss.
    It really works, I go to one regularly.

    You all know my bad temper and hatred towards tamils. And of course my depression I have been through since I came out of the closet and became a proud gay.

  46. In related but distant news;

    In New Hampshire, the terrorist hugging ol' hag seems to be losing the Primaries while the brotha is on the upwardly.

    Things could still change, but for now it is nice to see some people squirm.

  47. Perein;

    Re; how the calymore works..

    You plant 'em facing the tiger putas and wait for it to go off.

    That's all you need to know.

  48. There is one thing the reasonable minded realize, which has been a silent yet decisive factor in this conflict.
    No matter how bad it is, Sri Lanka has always had a democratic way of life, a tolerant life style, with all of its attendent inadequacies.
    By the simple fact that the tigers haven't won, the majority Sinhalese and even the majority tamils and others continue to live in an environment of tolerance. If the tigers did win, there would be a mass scale purge of thousands of people; definitely all sinhalese, muslims and most tamils who would refuse to bow down to them.
    That is the simple reason they will never win. The WILL of the people is against them. There is no beating that.
    SLG needs to take advantage of the fact and talk more and often to the vanni tamils. There's potential for greater political and military advantages there.

  49. its the will of the tamils who keeps LTTE running.

    I laugh at you pathetic clowns who desperately tries to separate the tamils and the LTTE.

    Why do you think LTTE has existed for 30 years now? Its because of the people. You can never stop LTTE without a political solution for the tamil cause.

    LTTE is in another words the saviors.

  50. Abu

    I agree with you. Permanent check points never caught anything worth their expense and economic cost to the nation. It is much better to do them as needed, on a surprise basis, and based on intel. That makes them more useful, potentially results yielding and also performs the added function of alerting all civillians to unusual and suspect activity, which brings more eyes into the game. At permanent check points, people are bored to the death and only struggle to hide their hostility, which is counter-productive to the purpose.

  51. defenceline

    "..dont give up, fight until die.."

    Give me your address and I'll help you there...


  52. Oops, after reading too much of boss, I use the world "tamils" to say LTTE. I may many crazy things after reading too much of the boss. Imagine what can happen to the bosses close associates?

  53. From Lankapage,

    "Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa has reinstated the security checkpoints and searches in the wake of the twin bomb explosions today that killed a senior Minister, sources close to the President’s office said."


    While there's a possibility that surprise checkpoints may catch more LTTE cadres, it'll definitely be harder for them to smuggle weapons into the city when permanent checkpoints are in place.

  54. Uncle terror has decided to come to colombo to visit for a few days.

    MR, Bro and Co must be wetting their pants in fear. There are obviously real deadly consequences for Sinhala sri lanka due to MRs genius actions...

    Anyone with motorcade on the road can be next...

  55. Uppulam

    “MR, Bro and Co must be wetting their pants in fear.”

    Nada Nada…Not likely scummie. We now have a real “southern” clan in “MR, Bro and Co” and it is not the same kind as Ranil the sankara pansy – who gave you filthy terrorist scum the lock stock and barrel! LMSSAO!

    “There are obviously real deadly consequences for Sinhala sri lanka due to MRs genius actions...”

    So, “Sinhala Sri Lanka”…? Wow!

    Well, if that’s how you feel, how about you and your lot of filthy scumbags vacating it and going over to live in “Tamil Tamilnadu”…? LMSSAO!


    “Deadly consequences” were underwritten when Ranil the fcuking pansy signed that CFA and allowed over 18 shiploads of weapons to be delivered to you scum, including hi-tech telecom/surveillance equipment that were allowed to go through no lesser place than the KIA! Nha, now the true Sinhela warriors are taking it all back and as you bugger saw, the CFA is gone pooooof!

    “Anyone with motorcade on the road can be next...”

    Except anyone named “Charles!” LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  56. IllegalE/TropicalS

    In my view, I too think both, permanent and surprise checkpoints are a must. I would not discard the importance of permanent checkpoints as there have been a few major busts at them, including that explosive laden freezer truck that would have blown everything within a couple of acres to smithereens had it got to Colombo.

    Risk Management should be a multi-layered strategy - be it in the business world or in national security.

    Greets to you mates...

    OaO Asithri

  57. TropicalS

    [Re; how the calymore works..

    You plant 'em facing the tiger putas and wait for it to go off.]

    Truly LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  58. Ceasefire cremation could turn into hellfires

    Ayubowan, vanakkam and assalamu alaikkum though it seems that peace is not with the country and instead it appears that the abrogation of the ceasefire agreement is plunging Sri Lanka into what many analysts see as the ceaseless-fire of a virtual hell on earth.As a Sunday newspaper headlined it, the abrogation might be seen by the government and its cheer squads as largely a case of cremating a dead letter. But most observers fear the pyre of this cremation might set the whole country on fire while giving the LTTE an international licence or platform to push for its agenda of a separate state. They warned 2008 might be a year of intense war with all its disastrous consequences to the people and the country.

    The abrogation of the much battered ceasefire agreement came two days after the New Year began with deadly fireworks at the Kochchikade Hindu temple where the outspoken UNP parliamentarian T. Maheswaran was gunned down as he left the sacred place.

    Killings in holy places are a sign that the loss of respect for human life is reaching unholy proportions.

    The police chief and some government spokesmen are blaming the LTTE for the slaying of the young MP who was also a millionaire businessman. EPDP leader and Minister Douglas Devananda is strongly denying any allegations, claiming that interested parties are trying to tarnish the EPDP image because of the leading role it is playing now in working out a political solution to the ethnic conflict.

    In a TV interview a few days before he was slain, Mr. Maheswaran alleged that his security guard had been reduced from 19 to 2 after he voted against the budget, but government spokesmen are disclaiming any responsibility on the basis that the guard was reduced on the basis of a Defence Ministry “threat assessment” whatever that is supposed to mean.

    The next day, the Tigers allegedly hit back with the Nippon bomb explosion which left at least four killed and about 30 people injured. The target was a military bus but most victims were civilians and most people are now afraid to travel near military or police vehicles for fear of bomb blasts.

    The biggest political explosion seen by many as the biggest political explosion of the New Year week came that evening when the Cabinet quietly and unanimously decided to abrogate the ceasefire agreement. According to reports the proposal was presented by Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake at the end of the Cabinet meeting as part of “any other business”. It was approved without debate or discussion with minority ministers including Douglas Devananda, S. Thondaman and P. Chandrasekaran reportedly not opposing a move which many observers believe would bring more suffering to millions of people mainly in the Northern and Eastern provinces. While the national reaction was mild or muted, the international community has reacted strongly to the government’s decision to abrogate the agreement.

    The United States said it was deeply troubled, the United Nations, the European Union and other countries also expressed similar concerns. The main opposition UNP in a statement accused the government of paving the way for the LTTE to now fight for its objective of a separate state.

    According to most analysts and opposition parties, important decisions which could have serious repercussion to the country and millions of people are being taken not so much by the Cabinet but by what they describe as the ruling coterie or troika – dubbed by the UNP as the Rajapaksa Brothers’ Corporation. The troika including Defence Secretary Gothabaya and powerful advisor Basil Rajapaksa along with other government front liners are insisting that the LTTE has been weakened and they are confident that the Tigers could be wiped out this year. It is described as the eradication of terrorism.

    According to figures given by government information units and the state media, more than 4,000 LTTE cadres have been killed or injured. Whatever the reality or the real figures, the LTTE said over the weekend it was ready for a full scale war this year and vowed to fight to a finish.

    Most defence analysts believe the casualty figures on both sides have been heavily blown up and point out that some years ago the same claims of liberation or victory were made by defence chiefs like Anuruddha Ratwatte, but what happened after that is bloody history.

    As history is repeated, different views have been expressed on how successful, costly or bloody this new chapter would be with the economy reportedly tottering and the cost of living escalating to proportions where literally even the sky is not the limit. It reminds people of the recent “No Limit” explosion.

    The prices of flour and gas went up as part of a Christmas explosion while traders have warned the prices of some 12 other essential commodities are likely to soar because the government has withdrawn tax concessions given for those items. Though millions of people are known to be struggling for existence, analysts say the alleged or apparent success in the war appears to be more palatable to a majority mainly among the Sinhala Buddhist electorate as seen in the policy and the attitude of the JVP. Thinking patterns among them appear to be based on that belief or claim that the war is being won and would be won.

    If what is happening in Iraq for instance could be taken as a warning then dreams could easily turn to nightmares as President George W. Bush realizes now. Some defence analysts are warning that one major strike somewhere could change the whole scenario overnight.

    Internationally some analysts believe Sri Lanka appears to be losing, annoying or antagonising most of its friends. One immediate result of the abrogation of the ceasefire agreement was the decision by India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to put off his visit to Sri Lanka to participate in the 60th Independence Day celebrations. India has insisted there could be no military solution to the ethnic conflict, though it is strongly opposed to the LTTE.

    Another casualty of the abrogation of the ceasefire agreement was presidential peace advisor Jayantha Dhanapala. He resigned his post citing personal reasons but most observers believe he is disturbed that the peace option is being dropped. At the United Nations Mr. Dhanapala specialized in matters relating to nuclear disarmament and some analysts say his move might be a sign or warning of something like a nuclear explosion.

    While one Jayantha quit on a matter of principle another Jayantha took centre stage in a real life drama on the sidelines. Navaloka heir Jayantha Dharmadasa left or had to leave his post as cricket chief to give the bat to World Cup-winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga.

    While Mr. Dharmadasa was given another top post as chairman of the National Film Corporation fingers were being raised or pointed as to how and why Arjuna Ranatunga got the powerful post in cricket. Most observers believe Mr. Ranatunga was in the middle of the wicket politically and the top post was given to him to prevent the possible crossover.

    Like politics, analysts say cricket is very little of a gentlemen’s game today but more a path to fame and fortune in this era of the market economy which promotes self interest, individualism and rat race competitiveness.

    So as we move into 2008, instead of light at the end of the tunnel most observers see a conflict of one tunnel after another or if there is some light it might be that of an oncoming express train.

  59. The LTTE has transported large consignments of weapons and ordnance from ………

    Defence net
    Can you confirm this? When did LTTE transport these weapons? Any connection to recently apprehended Indonesian Ship?

  60. Asithri

    Welcome back.

    Now you are in US.All the LTTE goons are hanging into the hope of Hillary Clinton comming to power and bailing them out of their present predicament.

    What is your opinion on this?

    Do you think Hillary or any other future US president would be so naive as to bail out a terrorist organisation they themselves have banned and are proven guilty of assasinating a leader belonging to another nuclear state(India)?

    Whatever said and done we really miss Mr.Kadir here

  61. not confirmed yet but a there was a sound that sounded like another bomb Koswatte or maybe Kotte

  62. tks jonathan
    heard the same news but not confirmed

  63. Daily Mirror Claims that the sounds were from a passing out parade in Kelanimulla Angoda army camp

  64. price of flour, cricket ... are these defense related issues who is going to stop this idiot posting crap here... defenceline pls don't put massive articles.... just post the url pls...

    If u dont know how it's done... here it is
    link name
    people like boss and upulam who are interested in your crap will have the chance to visit the link and read while u not interfering the valuable defence related conversation here

  65. Hope that this link will be helpful


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  67. Guys, we are being taken for a ride by some LTTE goons here. They have effectively sabotaged the discussion here. So do not fall prey to these scum terrorists and ignore them all.

    Defencenet, could you please delete this filth posted by the terrorists here keep the discussion focussed on defence strategy.

  68. "The Boss" is crying, because his name was misused.
    "DefenceLine" screwed up, as he thought his colleague gave up at last.
    "Upul" is back, because the propaganda falls in front of their eyes.
    What a Bunch of Jokers, trying to prove what's already F*C*D UP!
    "Attack is the Best Defence",
    Way to go!

  69. Like an obstinate deaf mute pig the one posting as "defenceline" keeps on stuffing this blog with articles.

    I move that all posts of this person be removed.

  70. Please ignore what should be ignored and shall we discuss some of the items in http://www.thebottomline.lk/2008/01/09/B23.htm


    For example,
    "WHEN" were there obtained?

    "LTTE explosives in hand
    The LTTE has transported large consignments of weapons and ordnance from Bulgaria (SA 14, LAW), Ukraine (20 tons of TNT and 35 tones of C4), Cyprus (RPGs), Cambodia (small arms), and Croatia (32,400 mortars), which remains the largest quantity of armaments ever transported by a non-state armed group .
    Sri Lanka Armed Forces shouldn’t underestimate LTTE. "

  71. I can't believe that people here are still falling into the trap of responding to the LTTE supporters.

    They come here to annoy us and disrupt the defence related discussion here.

    Ignore them and they will leave, cause they can't get what they came here for.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Dulith, greets mate…

    [Do you think Hillary or any other future US president would be so naive as to bail out a terrorist organisation they themselves have banned..]

    This is entirely possible not because of naivety, but simple political opportunism or expediency.

    Like anywhere else, US politicians are notoriously opportunistic and will do some stunts that tend to stun us now and then! It is a known fact that certain LTTE agents in the US have rallied round Hillary with moral and material support and it is entirely possible she will not want that support eroded as clearly she would want to go for more than one term and would not want any bridges burnt.

    […and are proven guilty of assasinating a leader belonging to another nuclear state(India)?]

    Now this is where it can get complicated for Hillary if she tries to go soft on the LTTE carcass-maggots. As long as India firmly stands by its own ban of the LTTE, it does not matter what ole hag of a lesbian bitch goes to the Oval Office as antagonizing India (a consumer base of 1.1 Billion that corporate America is today quite servile to) will not happen. This is why in the context of wiping out the LTTE mf’s, India’s stance is more important than any other country as India can sway other nation’s opinion and admirably has done so in the past. So far India has shown she is prepared to take a hands-off approach, but we should not take that as a perpetual gift. We should capitalize on it with all due dispatch and liquidate the mf’s as fast as possible – which is what the current MR GOSL is admirably doing, but we may need to ratchet up the pace with new strategies and weaponry (in the works I hear).

    Having said all of that….

    I will concede the point that US administration’s stand vis-à-vis SL is not something we should consider trivial. As such, I am also of the firm opinion that GOSL must hire a reputable law firm/PR firm in the US to counter the anti-Sri Lanka sentiments that have been taking root slowly but steadily. The importance of this is something GOSL seems to be ignorant of and we have repeatedly expressed our concerns to MR GOSL and hope soon the light bulb will go on. There are other efforts that I will not dwell on here for the obvious reason.

    OaO Asithri

  74. Bentz

    [Hidustan Times say the lake house blast was target @ AF chief Roshan Gunatillake - Hw come no one reported dat b4??/]

    This is not confirmed, but only a speculation at this time. Evidently, the mine had a timer and if you are targeting a specific individual to come by in a vehicle, I would say it is not the modus operandi. In this case, it is alleged that RG had passed by the area 3 minutes earlier and 3 minutes is too long an error factor in my view.

    OaO Asithri

  75. asithri

    I agree, the GOSL needs to counter the LTTE propaganda in western countries. They should put aside some money annually for this purpose.

    With that said, the LTTE is digging its hole deeper by carrying out suicide bombings. No matter how hard the diaspora may try to clean up the LTTE's image in the west, one international headline grabbing suicide bombing can make all their effort be in vain.

  76. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  77. Now here's the kind of news that makes me have a sound night's sleep (it's bloddy hell 1am here):

    Sri Lankan Troops Seize Rebel-Held Territory, Kill 20 Tamil Tiger Rebels []

    1/9/2008 12:12:49 AM Continuing its offensive against the LTTE, Sri Lankan soldiers on Tuesday, captured a rebel-held territory in the embattled north following a fierce battle that killed at least 20 Tamil Tiger rebels, the military said Wednesday.

    Military spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara said troops seized about one-square kilometer of rebel territory near the village of Parappakanda in northern Mannar district Tuesday night. He said 19 rebels and one soldier were killed in the fighting and five soldiers wounded.


    Time to hit the sack (no I don't mean where it hurts LMSSAO!) See ya catz later...keep cool.

    OaO Asithri

  78. Kiri,

    "LTTE explosives in hand
    The LTTE has transported large consignments of weapons and ordnance from Bulgaria (SA 14, LAW), Ukraine (20 tons of TNT and 35 tones of C4), Cyprus (RPGs), Cambodia (small arms), and Croatia (32,400 mortars), which remains the largest quantity of armaments ever transported by a non-state armed group"

    The bottomline article is referring to what was acquired by the LTTE in the last stage of the war, before the CFA. I have read the same details in previous articles.

    LTTE attempts to acquire SA-16 if true seems to be a new development. However, the Elta supplied anti-missile systems already available with the SLAF are capable of defeating the SA-16 and SA-18.

  79. Breaking news..."hilary has won the election"..Ltte masala dosai brigade has joined the US forces and are on the way to SL with the 7th fleet of course.Hilary has said that the next US preisdent will be an LTTE member!!.My god lets leave SLanka now

  80. hilary has appointed.mathivathani's fathers gay lovers grand daughters cousin sister as the vice president of the UStates!!

  81. shay

    The real fight has not yet begun, as our army moves closer to Wanni the LTTE will start showing their true strength. Fortunately our military has itself not shown its true power yet. Since our military command has decided to thrust into Wanni lets see how it plays out.

    This up coming "final war" I think will not be the final chapter in this conflict. The LTTE and VP's egos are too big to live with defeat. But the question is how will they play their cards.

    Will they go for an all out slug fest? or will offer minimal resistance and back down to fight another day?

    My main worry is that VP will try to slip out of the country to India if things get too tight for him in Wanni.

  82. One of the Biggest prob, which we have is the, attitude of decision makers in the defence sector.
    We used to always undermine the local knowledge and talent in technology sector.
    To counter Clamo bombs, there can be locally found solutions. But professions in the technology sector, should be properly involed for the development of vepons and other gadjets.
    Clamo normally comprise with a detonateor+plastci explosive+ steel balls.
    Plastic explosive normally will not explode, due to a normal heat.
    Even you can bearn it for cocking purposes. it always require a detonator to create a enough pulse to trigger it.
    So if a one can analize the material property of explosive in the detonator/clamo, i belive, finding a solution will not be so difficult.
    I do not know, how is TNT/detonator explosive, going to react for Microware. Checking the material properties, should be able to find out the resonance frequency of explosive.
    Adjusting to such frequencies, one can observe the behaviour of the explosives.
    All these are very cheap experiments, one can do.

  83. GE,

    I think the upcoming battles will be a pure slug fest. VP/LTTE/diaspora ego will not allow them to retreat and fight another day as a purely terrorist outfit.

    The LTTE in all its dealings projects itself as a de-facto Govt. They need the areas under their control because it is the only tangible achievement they have to show to the diaspora.

    If they did not have territory, the LTTE would become like any other minor insurgent group (i.e. southern Thailand, southern Philippines, Iraq etc). Nobody takes these groups too seriously and it would be like going back 30 years. It would amount to a massive loss of credibility for them and would shatter the myth that ealam can be achieved.

    It would also deprive them of resources, most importantly the pool of manpower/cannon fodder who can be forcibly recruited.

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. ---LTTE Supporters---

    1.0 Good things.

    Presence of LTTE supportes in this blog implies even they seek other sources of information apart from pro-LTTE media. Winning the trust of even LTTE boys should make DN happy for thier great work.

    On one hand arguing in online forums is much better than fighting and killing. May be government should promote online forums among tamils so that they can come and blame on us without joining LTTE. This also says these LTTE boys need sinhalese for entertainment though they live abroad and want to kill the same.

    2.0 Bad things.

    When some SLA deaths reported these LTTE supporters express their joy here. They beleive tmailnut which says 1 tiger injured once a month. (But end of the year 1000 dead !) It is very sad that these people living abroad probably, having everything, become happy when people get killed in SL.

    Majority of LTTE caders don't know what they are dying for. (How can a 16 years old boy learn all the political hostory and relevent background and make an informed decesion?) Actually these key board tigers should go to FDLs and fight rather than those kids there.

    3.0 Copy Pastes

    It seems some of the KBTs are busy so they just copy paste. If you really want to point out a news from another site you can give the link.

    4.0 Action and Reactions

    Many guys here ignore them. But it is a waste of every ones time selecting what to read as some others do respond. Hiding the comments worked for me, looking at handle. But it also takes time.

    5.0 Dear Defencenet Team,

    You run this blog putting a lot of effort and hard work. This is great for like minded people to obtain and share fast, reliable defence related information and facts.

    #Do you want to provide a platform for propaganda of others, just by copy pasting articles from other sites?
    Isn't this a misuse of this blog?

    #Do you want to make this an reguler entertainment site too?

    #Letting this blog another LNP keep people genuinly interested in defence related news away. I don't think you enjoy two sides fighting after putting some news item (like kukul pora/kukulan ketaweema as done in another site.)

    #After reading news from you some KBTs might feel so uncomfotable. But that is thier problem and this blog need not to used to solve their mental problems.

    #Probably you will not monitor this 24/7. Thus even removing unaccepted comments takes time. But I kindly request you to remove them ASAP so that every one can join a constructive discusion, making posie contribution which gives a real reward to your hard work. Thank you.

  86. defence.lk reports of Shankar being killed.

  87. About the LTTE arms issue....This is actually one year old news. It was reported in none other than in LNP!.

    Eight Countries Give Arms to LTTE - US Anti- Terror Expert
    Tuesday, 13 February 2007 - 11:11 PM SL Time

    DR. PETER LEITNER, President Counter Terrorism Research Center and Professor National Center for Bio Defense of the George Mason University identified eight major sources from which the LTTE procures arms and explosives.

    According to him the following are the sources for LTTE`s arms consignments. 1. Explosives, weapons and other supplies have come from the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, 2. Bulgaria (SA14, LAW), 3. Ukraine (50 tons of TNT and 10 tons of RDX), 4. Cyprus (RPGS),5. Cambodia (small arms), 6. Thailand (small arms), 7. Burma (small arms), 8. Croatia (32,400 mortars)

    He presented this list when was delivering the keynote address of Sri Lanka`s 59th Independence Day celebrations organized by the Sri Lanka Patriots at the Veteran`s Memorial Auditorium in Culver City, a suburb of Los Angeles California.

    Leitner said the amount of explosives and mortars transported by the LTTE remains the largest quantity of armaments ever transported by a non-state armed group. Most armaments he said have been obtained by using forged or adapted end-user certificates.

    He said fortunately the group is now listed by the US and EU as a terrorist organization. He said the LTTE effectively wages PSYOPS against the West. Leitner reminded that the LTTE is engaged in the old semantic game of using `National Liberation Movement`for terrorists and the word `Homeland` for `fiefdom`.

    He said the recent LTTE interest in negotiations appear to have been a direct result of US effectiveness in stopping the flow of billions of dollars to the coffers of the LTTE.

    Dr. Peter Leitner said terrorism should be called terrorism every where. If it is unacceptable when it is wielded against the US it should be unacceptable wherever it is wielded. He charged that certain inconsistencies in US counter terrorism policy create sanctuaries from which innocents are victimized. He said elimination of vagaries in definition, prosecution, and response should be a primary goal. He said the West need to pressure LTTE to engage in a negotiated settlement for their re-integration in to a unitary Sri Lanka.

    He said the West needs to overcome its tendency to create a romanticized moral equivalency between legitimate nation state and the terrorist who attack them. He categorically stated what happens in Sri Lanka does not stay there. It travels to other countries.

    Leitner said the LTTE has become the world`s most innovative terrorist organization. He said the suicide bombers known as black Tigers, boat-bombs, home-made mini submarines female combatants(30% of the Sea Tigers are women) , assassination of political officials, (it has killed two state heads) and claims that persist that some LTTE members have been trained in flying ultra-light aircraft are very good examples to that. These techniques have been copied, he said, by other terrorist groups that later target other nations. He said Sri Lanka therefore has become the world`s greatest learning lab for counter terrorism.

    Shankar dead.

  88. LTTE Eastern leader killed in Batticaloa by STF

  89. Britain warns its citizens not to visit Sri Lanka after 16th

    (LankaTruth: 08th January 2008 23:00S.L.T )

    Britain has advised its citizens not to visit Sri Lanka after the 16th of this month.

    Also, those British citizens who are already in Sri Lanka have been advised by the British High Commission in Sri Lanka to leave the country before the 16th.

    It is on January 16th that the Ceasefire agreement (CFA) that was signed between the Government of Sri Lanka and tiger organization cease to exist as GOSL has decided to abrogate it. SLMM has already announced that they would leave the country on that day.

    However, political analysts indicate by warning its citizens not to remain in this country after the 16th it could be ascertained that Britain was aware of the disturbances that is going to happen after the 16th.

    Mahinda para balla is destroying Sri Lanka.

  90. Are the UK Citizen brining lot of revenue to Sri Lanka?
    Stop talking from a***. It was only warning.. They only extended it from North to all over Sri Lanka.
    However soon after terror is over in Sri Lanka, our paradise will return to normal and tourist industry should pick-up.

  91. Chinthanaya

    You are the biggest ane(nail) I have seen in this entire blogsphere.Every blogger in this site knows how to visit other web sites like LankaTruth,etc.

  92. Chinta [para balla],

    "Mahinda para balla is destroying Sri Lanka"

    You are wrong

    This is how it should read.

    Chitha para balla is destroying DefenceNet

    Peee Velu para balla is destroying Sri Lanka

    Without wasting others valuable time why don't you go back to you Rat hole LNP.

  93. Chintha,

    I thought Ranil was the Para (alian) in srilankan politics due to his foreign (alian to srilanka) beliefs, conduct and norms.

    Some used to call him Paranil (among other names).

  94. Mahinda para balla is destroying Sri Lanka.

    It's high time that we block this joker from this place.

    DEFENCENET pls..... we need intelligent individuals not these type of 3rd class bloggers

  95. guys
    stop replying to retard posts by tiger lackeys in the blog.
    they will have no purpose if you stop replying to them so let's talk only defence related stuff and the rest can go to LNP for other useless crap

  96. DefenceNet
    anything new from the front?
    Tnet is claiming SLDF casualties from ops and artis...

  97. TN reports heavy fighting in muhamalei and mannar.

    Reading between the lines the mannar report is more of a cover up of LTTE losses. It tries to estimate army casualties due to LTTE shelling.

    BTW pro-LTTE media are once again playing the economy song. They are hell bent on exaggerating economic problems to stop military offensives.

    The govt. did so in 1996. After capturing jaffna in 1995 all operations were stopped until July 1996 when Mulaitivu was attacked.

    This strategy proved disastrous.

    It allowed more than six months for the tigers to regroup.

  98. defencenet:

    defence.lk claims that another 1 sqkm area captured at parappakandal in mannar while killing scores. I thought this area is already in army hands. Any update on the warfront? Thanks!

  99. The constitution of the UStates is to be rewritten by mathivathani's grade 5 teacher.

  100. onecountry defence.lk says troops captured area "ahead of Parappakandal defences". On the 29th they captured area around Parappakandal and setup said defenses.


  101. Guys,

    I just pow-wowed with someone from the SL’s "security establishment" and was told that as per intel, LTTE lepers have now sent out a SOS to their agents abroad asking that they do whatever it takes to get their host country's government to order GOSL to stop the Vanni offensive as the FDLs are rapidly falling. The mf's have now belatedly realized that it is impossible to fight a well equipped, well motivated, well leadered, conventional armed force (that SLDF is today) on 3 major fronts and there is panic within the LTTE leadership and it is permeating quite rapidly to the rank & file as per intel. The LTTE wounded are said to be housed in shacks with no electricity/water due to the lack of medical facilities/care/capacity and many are dying (vs. SLDF bravehearts with similar injuries are being cared for and saved with great success rates in our hospitals all over SL).

    As such...

    All kinds of horror stories are now going to come out about the "severe hardships on civilians due to the on-going attacks from SLDF" with all kinds of mass deaths, starvation, disease, etc. etc. reports, so all of us living especially in the West should kick our own counter-propaganda into high gear.

    OaO Asithri

  102. Fellows, dont arse-suck mahinda-maama.he & his cronies are indeed destroyin the entire country!! sharemarkets dull,various european countries have issued travel restrictions,killings & abductions are rampant..all done by the F@%k's in parliament!!..the tigers are indeed doing us a great favor by eliminating these asses!!like yesterdays minister-shitter!!..hope they can drive a truck into diyawanna or wherever those arses live & blow em up!!..im totally fed up.by this government which covers up all excesses by using their war victories,as cover..while they go around the world(spendin public m oney),to go on exotic vacations & shoppin,while making US(Sri Lanka),beggars..

  103. 2 Commando Regiment storms an LTTE bunker line - Thoppigala-YOUTUBE.

    are you sure this is actual footage of the operation,bcoz im not so sure.the SF seem to be running into the bunker,like GI-JOE!!..was it an already abandoned bunker?if so,wont there be any booby-traps in them,& shouldnt the engineer corps be sent in first,to neutralize these?..appears to me,to be some sort of training op..

  104. Renegade the LTTE shitter:

    [Fellows, dont arse-suck mahinda-maama.he & his cronies are indeed destroyin the entire country!! ]

    LTTE fcuking leper (a crafty undercover one at that)...I figured you would post something like this...LMSSAO!

    Ha ha, your LTTE mf's getting mauled by MR GOSL empowered SLDF has made you get the jelly-bees in your rotten scrotum eh? LMSSAO!

    Good one leper...nice try...unfairly bad mouthing MR GOSL is not going to work here as majority of these bloggers are true patriots and if they reside in the West, they are not going to plead with their respective governments to censure MR GOSL and order it to stop the Vanni offensive. :( :( :(

    BTW arsssehole...got any classified military secrets out from anyone here lately to pass onto your LTTE maggots? Still phishing? LMSSAO!

    LTTE fcuking leper...I suggest go find your mother in a LTTE run massage parlour in Colomb...LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  105. Guys, "Renegade" is the same LTTE leper who used to come here earlier as "Rifard" and pretended to be a concerned Sri Lankan (until his pro-LTTE bias was revealed). I believe his mission is two fold:

    1) To bring down the morale - despite military victories - so that it paves the way for MR GOSL to come down, which in turn he hopes will see a LTTE sympathetic GOSL (like one headed by Ranil the she-male)

    2) To fish for military tit-bits (slip ups) from those of us who have access to SLDF sources.


    OaO Asithri

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.


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