Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heavy LTTE casualties in air strike

It was only yesterday (24th) when Sri Lanka Air Force used 6 of its fighter jets to raid a major LTTE military facility deep inside the jungles east of Iranamadu. More details are now surfacing regarding the aftermath of one of the most devastating air strikes in the Eelam War 4.

According to military intelligence reports, hospitals in Kilinochchi are being filled with wounded LTTE cadres. Intel reports suggest that a significant number of cadres from Prabhakaran's elite guard unit, the Imran-Pandiyan regiment, are among the wounded.

However there is still no confirmation on any injuries caused to LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran. The pilots who took part in the raid could not confirm if anti aircraft fire was directed at their planes or not. LTTE usually places its truck mounted 14.5mm AA batteries in close proximity to LTTE leader's hideouts in fear of air strikes. If AA fire was absent when the attack occurred it may be an indication of LTTE leader having just left the scene prior to bombing. This however is a wild guess as of this moment.

SLAF used 24 bunker buster bombs to attack the X-Ray base, razing its buildings to dust in a matter of minutes.


  1. DefenceNet

    Macho ubanam deyyek…

    Any video of the airraid sir ????

  2. May be the wild guess (though informed and educated) is correct.

    in that case, this prize target needs to be taken soon.

  3. Way to go Gen Fonseka!! way to go!.I hope this attack created more casualties than would have occured if this LTTE force was used in a conventional ground offensive.As i said before..the generals policy of killing mass concentrations of cadres with the airforce is super.If VP survived this attack who cares..well get him next time.Now what needs to happen is for vp to have to explain to the northern citizens this large number of he has to fight 2 wars on with us and dissention among the LTTE ranks.MInd you my heart bleeds for those poor peace loving civilians in the north.

  4. Nevermind.however sadly according to simon gardner..the imran pandayan cadres have self healing they will be up and about in no time..

  5. 24 bunker busters!?! Ouch!! That is really going to hurt. Bunker busters are usually 1000-2000lb bombs. Thats about 5-10 tons of explosives depending on the type of bombs.

    If VP was there, then chances are that he is at least injured assuming that the bombs were even vaguely accurate. The shock wave from a 2000lb bunker buster is enough to knock people out who are not even close to the bomb. If you are anywhere close to where 24 bunker busters are used, you would suffer quite severe internal injuries even if you avoid direct exposure to the blast.

  6. Now these guys r stunned by the attack yesterday..we should speedup things..should not let them get a chance to have a breath. If we let them off the hook now they will start bombing colombo south and will try to turn things around in favour of them..

  7. It seems tamilnet hasn't been updated for a while.. interesting..

    Irasiah comments clearly suggest that they have no clue what to write about the air strike.. haha

  8. miliyaa,
    On the contrary we have to wait and let the LTTE hierarchy explain to the people why they have been getting so many bodybags recently and not the SLDF as promised by Balasingham.

  9. DefenceNet,

    If Any video or image from UAV about the attack will be more interesting.

  10. My guess is that , LTTE would not have used AA fire in close proximity to Prabhakarans location after the incident in Jayanthi Nagar. Despite the AA fire, the big terrorist got hurt and that only proves AA fire is useless for Kfirs and Migs. One reason I’m saying this is if they locate AA somewhere it would be a clear indication to our fighter pilots that some valuable target is nearby the AA location.

    If LTTE fired AA guns from the thick jungle east of Iranamadu needless to say this would only motivate our SLA guys to carry out more sorties in that area. Therefore the absence of AA fire, in my opinion is a strategy adopted by them knowing that SLA is on the lookout for AA fire.

  11. Defencenet-
    Can you please add a link with the profile URL (Where the announcement is present), so it would be faster and simple any user to click and undestand the info.
    Keep up the good work mate.

  12. "LTTE usually places its truck mounted 14.5mm AA batteries in close proximity to LTTE leader's hideouts in fear of air strikes."

    Would n't you think that would have given a good land mark to SLAF if that policy been adapted by LTTE.
    Wonder they may have kept the AA trucks away because of that reason? (Specailly area is a no man zone)

  13. My guess is that they don't have any AA guns at all. If they did, they would have used it by now. There is a limit to the ass kicking they getting from SLAF before using one of them.. if they have any..

  14. I just can't stop laughing after reading the LTTE Peace Secretariat statement about the bombing.

    "Extensive bombing over forest areas in Kilinochchi

    In three separate sorties spread over 20 hours, Sri Lankan Air Force carried out extensive bombing over Ambalahamam forest area in Kilinochchi destroying vast extents of forests.

    At 11.30 am and at 5.20pm on Wednesday and again at 6.45am on Thursday Sri Lankan Air Force dropped more than 16 bombs over the Ambalahama forest area damaging around 10 hectares of forest land.

    The Forest Protection Division of the LTTE has undertaken extensive forest replanting in recent times. These young plants as well as many old forest plants were destroyed in this mindless bombing of the Sri Lanka military.

    Speculation is strife among Kilinochchi residents about the rationale behind the bombing of forest areas which only results in the destruction of the environment.

    It fails to mention that it was a "civilian settlement".

    Their press releases are usually very professional, even more than those of the defence ministry. But reading this, you'd think they have gone mad. Maybe we got some of their top leaders who used to issue press statements and now only a bunch of stupid minions are left.

    In any case, it all points to increased disorganization within the LTTE.

  15. According to Mt. Ilanthirayan (Motta Ilanthirayan) SLAF attack targeted civilian settlements (as already predicted by you guys). But though SLAF has used 24000kg bombs, Mt. Ilanthirayan hasn't reported any civilian casualties, even few cows as before. This time, their response was too short.

  16. Perein

    "LTTE usually places its truck mounted 14.5mm AA batteries in close proximity to LTTE leader's hideouts in fear of air strikes."

    "Would n't you think that would have given a good land mark to SLAF if that policy been adapted by LTTE."

    A truck usually means a pick-up type vehicle, its not very big. You can easily put a camouflage netting over it so it cant be spotted from the air. The radar on Beech HISAR and other surveillance craft will not pick it up unless the vehicle is moving.


    "My guess is that they don't have any AA guns at all."

    They definitely have AA guns and have used them on numerous occasions. Sometimes Mig's have come back with some damage caused by AA fire. The fact is that most AA guns cant be used to target a jet fighter, at least not the kind that are available to the LTTE in the black market.

  17. Thanks for raising our hopes Mr. Illanthariayan and the LTTE suicide Secretariat ! Would you please tell that a wild pig also died after the sorties ?

    The two statements from the terrorists re-confirms that our SLA guys were bang on target !!

    I think the most recent statement might have been written by some other diarrhea member instead of their regular article writer

  18. shay
    didn't a mig27 got hit pretty seriously from AA fire and had to make a emergency landing at AAB sometime ago? Heard some tail section and fuel tank areas were hit...not sure though...

    btw... the iraqi's have used rpg's to bring down apachis so as long as you get a lucky hit...even conventional AA guns can do the job...
    Just that the odds favor the jet fighter

  19. Ha ha ha the SLAF bought 3rd generation fighter jets to bomb forests...! If anything big happened y the defence ministry is dumb.. u ppl know y they say like this after bombing in forest area..? they have to shut the peoples mouth about the increase of prices ...

    So please don't keep on dreaming ...

  20. ranil,

    Yes, I also read about a Mig making an emergency landing at AAB after taking fire. You're right anything can be used to shoot down a low flying plane, but what I meant is that the LTTE would have to be extremely lucky to bring down a fighter plane with the AA guns they have. That's why they're desperate to get missiles. Even then, the type of missiles that are available to them won't have much chance of shooting down a jet.

  21. Now the SLA burying something in the Mannar forests and not allowing people in those areas but now the civil sources said that they are burying the DEAD SLA troopers during the clashes and says a few casualties to the media's and the people.

    The same thing happened during 1995-6 after the Mullaitivu Base captured by the LTTE..In that operation 1400 SLA killed in action but GOV bury them in Vavuniya jungles and said minimum casualties on their site ..and added them in Missing.

  22. Defencenet is reporting

    "TROOPS MOVING northbound after clearing some Tiger dominated areas surrounding PARAPPAKANDAL, ADAMPAN, MANNAR in the past few days made further advance into the area west of GIANT TANK (Yoda wewa) and held on to the territory capturing the road that runs from the northwest towards the southeast by Wednesday (23) mid-noon."

    What road is it they're talking about? Is it the A14 Mannar-Vavunia road, the road through Adampan and Andankulum, or another smaller road that lies between the two?

    And Shyam, do you know the difference between "strife" and "rife"? Apparently the LTTE PS people don't.

  23. Shay the thing is the fighter Jets flying over than 2500 meters they Radar guided AA's can spot em if it fly less than 2500 meters .. thats y they seeking for the missiles..

  24. IE
    SLA was planning on capturing adampan town according to many sources...
    possible the road through the town?

  25. shay
    don't bother replying the troll :)
    look at the "facts" he's presenting :)

  26. Ranil, yeah I thought it may have been that one, but then probably would have said Adampan was captured. All they're saying now is "areas surrounding" Adampan and Giant's Tank have been captured.

    Looking at the Tamilnet map , they could either mean the A14 (the road through Uyilankulam), the road through Adampan and Adankulam, or the road in between them, which according to Tamilnet is from Puttukadu to Vaddankandal.

    I'm inclined to think it's the last of the three, but I'm not really sure.

  27. lol sinhala-tamil, good one.

    But even though "Shyam" sounds Muslim, it's also a Tamil name.

  28. Adamban ...thats in their dream ...the SLA can not fight with the LTTE women cadres ..i don't know how they gonna fight with the guys .....anyway lets wait and see

  29. ranil,

    Don't worry. I dont discuss things with toilet cleaners.

  30. Every one thinks the LTTE losing everything ha.. i am feel bad for them isn't there anyone to feel it was a trap which is started in Mavilaru and end it with Peace talks ... LTTE made only two incidents to end up the peace talks agreement one is closed the Mavilaru Dam and the other thing is boycott the peace talks in Geneva ...other things which they need to end the peace talks is made by the Great President MAHINDA RAJAPAKSHA

  31. the other great ltte plan is to loose the war get all their cadres killed starting with the child soldiers and get SLDF to think they have won the war...
    what stupid SLDF doesn't know is that Velu nana is increasing the strength of his troops in afterlife so the eelam war 4.0.1 is fought there and sldf won't stand a chance...

    brigadier tami chelvan is in charge of the after life troops until piraba gets there...

    stupid sldf is only gonna make the plans happen much quicker than ltte has planned for :)

  32. DefenceNet
    I spoke to one airforce guy today and he said another major attack happened today involving 6 supersonics ? is that true ?

  33. Ranil..hahahaha..LOL!!..well said..but iam sad we cnt mount a naval blockage..we dont want any fishing boats with vp on its way to india,

  34. It is interesting that this time 'Eerisiya' Ilanthirayan denied any leaders were affected by the attack. Previously they just kept silent.

  35. Defencenet,

    Are you sure about the use of 24 Buner Buster bombs in this attack? It would be most unusual if such numbers were used in one attack.

    Also as i can remember, Some of the bunker buster bombs use depleted uranium. Does the ones deployed by AF include them? What is the exact type of bunker busters we are using?

  36. thats what i was abt to ask. given the weight of a single bunker buster (1 ton) this mission would have pushed the limit of aircraft performance. i suspect only MiGs were used given their higher payload capacity. so what are we talking here..6 MiGs each carrying 4x1 ton bombs? anyone know how much a MiG can carry exactly?

  37. isn't it 1000lbs or pounds and not killos?

  38. b2spirit,

    I doubt if the SLAF bombs use depleted uranium. Most likely they are using normal Mk83/Mk84 and Russian FAB-500/FAB-1000 general purpose/dumb bombs as the warheads. Most bunker busters use these same warheads. They can be converted to smart bombs with LGB tail kits for better delivery.

  39. was just looking it up on the net. says the flogger can carry 4000kgs. seems like a fit!

  40. bad. yes i think you're right. pounds not kgs. 24 smart bombs is a lot of $$$. i hope they killed something!

  41. Not sure about all 24 bombs are bunker busters.But used 24 bombs. fighter planes never land with bombs remaining in there armory. If kafir or mig landing I am 100% sure that is empty(unarmed). So they air borne with 24 bombs(in three times).

  42. A MiG-27 can carry roughly 4MT+ bombs all in the underbelly. A Kfir can carry about 4MT but only 2big ones on wings.

    3 Kfirs = 2 x 3 = 6
    3 MiG27 = 4 x 3 = 12
    total = 18

    tigers say it was 16.

    but 24 is possible where not all bombs were 1MT in weight.

    the total efficient ordnance of the 6 planes,
    4Mt x 6 = 24MT (maximum)

    although the maximum payload is higher it is not advisable to exceed the normal payload.

    so, although 24 bombs is possible, 24MT is not very likely.

    very high possibility of using many 500kg bombs also among 1MT ones

  43. b#1,
    "If Any video or image from UAV about the attack will be more interesting."

    So far we havent got one. If we get hold of one we'll definitely upload.

    "Can you please add a link with the profile URL (Where the announcement is present), so it would be faster and simple any user to click and undestand the info."

    We'll ook into that. Thanks for the suggestion.

    "My guess is that they don't have any AA guns at all. If they did, they would have used it by now."

    They have and they have used them. By AA guns we dont mean AA missiles but AA cannons.

    "What road is it they're talking about? Is it the A14 Mannar-Vavunia road, the road through Adampan and Andankulum, or another smaller road that lies between the two?"

    They must be talking about the road that leads to Adampan town from Manthai.

    "Are you sure about the use of 24 Buner Buster bombs in this attack? It would be most unusual if such numbers were used in one attack.

    Also as i can remember, Some of the bunker buster bombs use depleted uranium. Does the ones deployed by AF include them? What is the exact type of bunker busters we are using?"

    It was a mixture of different bomb types. We cannot confirm the actual model numbers as of now. But it's probably the heaviest payload to be used in the 4th Eelam War. SLAF did not want to do the same mistake of using 250kg bombs as they did on Jeyanthinagar. Had this payload been used there, results would surely have been different.

  44. @moshe

    Remember fighters flue three times in a single mission.

  45. jiffy,

    Both the Mig's and Kfir can carry 4000kg (8000lbs) nominal payload. However, the Kfir's effective payload is much less as it needs to carry extra fuel pods, but it should be able to carry at least one 2000lb bomb on the centre pylon. Mig's should be able to carry several 2000lb/1000kg bombs.

    But I agree number of bombs seems quite high. They could of course have used lots of 500lb bombs as they have done in the past, but these cant really be described as bunker busters.


    Yes, the Mk80 series bombs are in lbs and Russian KAB series are in kg. I'm pretty sure that the largest bomb we can use is the Mk.84/KAB-1000 which is 2000lbs. I don't think the Kfir's can carry anything bigger, Mig might be able. Defnet, perhaps you can clarify.


    ranil, dude they were 1000kgs after all. so each jet must have carried its max payload. some tight flying by the boys in blue!

  47. Matara ayya,

    you are right, if it was even two times it would be possible to drop 24Mt; but there is a possibility of a lesser weight.

  48. "Had this payload been used there, results would surely have been different.'

    does this mean valu got away this time too? damn!!!

    Jiffy no probs bro :) and btw. i'm sure they killed quite a lot..
    even if velu had gotten away, this is a huge hit on the morale of their fighting cadres...

  49. ranil,
    "does this mean valu got away this time too? damn!!!"

    We meant the results in Jeyanthinagar bombing would have been different.

  50. thanks for the info shay and matara aiya. just to clarify..were both kfirs and migs used?

  51. It seems now you guys have enough practice how to deel with LTTE suppoters, thanks to boss, upul.... Let them talk to themselves and don't waste your time.

  52. Now there is a news spreading threw air force which says five top level funerals arranging in killinochchi. It doesn't say who/what/when or where.

    @ defencenet
    can u confirm this?

  53. Matara Aiyya-
    Oyyaa namee Neyamai..

    Where did you get the info please?

  54. oh.. I am just telling what i here and see .thats all. don't think i am right all the time.

    As my job I have lot of chance to speak with air force officers(regiment and communication).

    remember i also want to know the truth. Go to my blogs. then u can get an idea how i am getting this info.

  55. Matara Aiya,

    Any news regarding MIG 29s that we talked couple of months ago. are we getting those Birds??

  56. Matara Ayya

    "Now there is a news spreading threw air force which says five top level funerals arranging in killinochchi"

    Pow dara kadanna kaleyta giya kattiyak wenna athi :).. according to them we have bombed a forest..:)

  57. No... I don't know about mig 29's. But heard about a beach craft.

  58. “LTTE also ordered all shops in Kilinochchi town to be closed down immediately following the aerial raid”

    May be to join Forest Protection Division to replant the area

  59. Mattara Ayye-
    Dara Kappana yanna atthi Petti haddanna..

    Let's hope those 5 happened to be the top most 5 from LTTE.

  60. First...Can somebody confirm this?Then we can have a party.

  61. V FM has mentioned in the newscast that that this place used to be a medical centre of LTTE, and some VIP arrived at the place just before the attack. If this is the case (Assuming prabhakaran came for medication ) I wonder how all top leaders could havae got injured. Furthermore they are quoting Air Force Commander but I am not sure if the medical facility story was said by SLA Commnader.

    however earlier news mentioned that this place used to be a LTTE nerve centre of Kilinochchi.

    Defencenet, when you have time could you please let us know if there is a truth in this ?

  62. Any idea about those names until the confirmation?

  63. "Ilanthirayan says SLAF bombed Civilian Settlements. Another LTTE site says SLAF hit some hectares of jungle."
    Here are some doubts that anyone who has even little brain could raise.

    - Why they stopped all Radio transmission if nothing special happened?
    - Why didn't they publish some pictures of school children or blasted mechanical workshop since it is there normal practice?
    - Why they took so much time to comment on the incident?

    On the other hand,

    - Would an Air force of any country bomb a Jungle using its best fighter crafts with newly acquired/ expensive weapons?
    - Would an air raid be carried out without any ground/air surveillances?
    - Would the pilots confirm that they successfully hit the targets, if they were given some trees in a jungle to bomb?

    Surely it’s critical to show Terrorist Leader VP in some public event (If he’s Alive and if so, most importantly Unharmed) very soon because all LTTE supporters are dying to know whether it is THE END of LTTE.

  64. Latest News:

    Tamilnut guys also joined Forest Protection Division to replant the area.

    So, Tamilnut is silent from 10.17pm yesterday (23).

  65. guys-
    While we are waiting for the news, we should be keeping eye on still.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. IntelAttack

    - Why they stopped all Radio transmission if nothing special happened?

    Ans: Because their antennas where fixed on those trees.

    - Why didn't they publish some pictures of school children or blasted mechanical workshop since it is there normal practice?

    Ans: What is the point of publishing fallen trees, when a massive replanting campaign is going on?

    - Why they took so much time to comment on the incident?

    Ans: B'cos they are very busy with the re-plantation works and they have no time to answer those nonsenses.

  68. Guys,

    SLAF are on a new mission then, according to LTTE - Enviromental Terrorism.

    I am at work right now; if I can get hold of a dumbbell, I will subject it to a violent cycle of oscillations, imagining that what are on both ends are Illantharian's balls.

    When fear and uncertainty make inroads to one's psyche, the thinking parts, desert their usual niche. So, it can't be an exception for Illantharian.

    Hope the stuff is evenly distributed between where it lies now - his balls.

  69. Hi Defencenet,

    what about the DPU? Are they back in the Base?

    what are the other Important premises or Installation LTTE have got in Killinochchi or M'tive? SLAF could destroy them one by one..

  70. Superb news!!..24 bunker-buster bombs??.man,that's gotta hurt like shit!..

    I supose it would have been a mix of 500kg/1000kg bunker-busting bombs,being used..shay's correct,the Mig-27 can carry a bigger payload(4000kg),without extra fuel tanks,over longer range,compared to a Kfir..however,i'm not too sure whether the newer C-7 Kfir version,is able to carry a bigger load..

    The AA guns the tigers possess,may include higher caliber 23mm/25mm ones,as well,(as defencenet pointed in a previous thread)..since heavy caliber-naval cannon,can be retrofittted onto trucks & pick ups as well..most definitely from captured/disabled SLN FAC's & gunboats..not sure if these are radar or manually-controlled,tho..hope DEFNET can clarify..

    Anyway,the shoulder-lanched SAM's the Tigers have cannot bring down a supersonic jet(unless they are pretty lucky),when the jet is flying low.the "Floggers",therfore undergo a more heavier risk,compared to the Kfirs..

  71. praba,
    LOL! well said!

    Can anyone confirm whether LTTE started moving to plantation industry since they got to know War isn't the right business for them?

  72. IntelAttack-
    You mean something they all can smoke?

  73. Hey Praba,

    i just Can't stop Laughing :D

  74. Oshada,
    From the previous post,
    "What's going on here? Why are our guy's doing the Nazi salute?"
    Those boys are taking the oath on how they will be protecting the motherland.....It's something that's done traditionally. It looks like the Nazi salute but it's not actually.

  75. Has tamilnet gone nuts? They lied, but used to give the story in a way that would convince someone who didn't know about it, but this report is really ridiculous. Maybe they are trying to make us look stupid (great idea, playing the fool themselves)

    The next thing we'll be hearing is that the LTTE wants a ceasefire so that all of its cadres can be used for replanting trees.....

  76. Chamal-
    They are not only trying fool us, their own supporters too.
    I'm sure all those LTTE supporters also looking for some sort of proper verification.

  77. Exactly perein, and then they will lose the people that are actually believing their reports on casualty figures etc., by publishing this kind of childish imaginations. Hope they keep publishing crap like this

  78. I think tigers want to hide the truth mainly from tamils since LTTE is facing losses in FDL's as well. They may also don't want their members in FDL's to give up due to this loss.

  79. Congress will not forgive LTTE: Gnanasekaran


    Sri Lanka panel urges power-sharing to end bloodshed


  80. SRI LANKA: UN human rights commissioner in the firing line


  81. Defencenet,

    Now, there is a report of the presence of strangers around Rantabbe reservoir.

    Police have been informed and a search has been carried out to that effect. Surprised? not really.

    No one was arrested except some Sinhala youths. dejavu

    Is another disaster in the offing? Let's launch an awareness campaign, at least here.

    Only way not to repeat the Moneragala debacle is to hold the police hireachy responsible for what is going on in his area of responsibility - a strict form of division of labaour. It may cost them time and resources to concentrate on petty crimes; but the country is technically at war. There is room for exceptions.

    Don't forget, the SSP and some ASP's have been transfered with immediate effect, after the Moneragala debacle.

    No need of closing the stable when that four-legged creature is gone.

  82. Boss and Upul both are missing too...Must have had sharpenal wounds tooo..

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. xray base? the area that covered by clouds??

  85. 16 bodies found from Kebithigollewa
    Sixteen bodies were found from two garbage dumps in Kebithigollewa short while ago, Kebithigollewa police said.

    any updates on this regard :(

  86. DefenceNet..can you kindly confirm if 16 bodies have been discovered in kebbitigollawa?.

  87. san

    nice find

    i think its in that area

    16 bodies ! :(

  88. kebitigollawa.. i thought they had the CDF to protect them.

  89. Batticaloa election is an opportunity to elect first Tamil Governor! – US Ambassador


  90. Grious
    My employee who visited thanamalwila and returned on Sunday said that the people were saying, that when they telephoned the cops, the cops responded lightly by asking if the tigers had spots and tails. I think the investigators must verify this by asking for the audio tape evidence. No one can blame the cops, as no one expected this to happen in this peaceful area.
    Bloody tigers and their local thugs have won by this horrible act. I am trying to organize another trip to Bati,Dutch bar,Arugam Bay, areas that had this incident, ending up in Kathargama,where we have excellent accommodation, but the drivers and the usual crowd that goes with us have got cold feet, but we will go there in a small number, even have to do on a motor bike. People mustn’t give in to terrorists by restricting their movements and living behind barricades. The government set an example to people,which they are not,sadly.

  91. LTTE suicide cult will always deny the death of their fat boy. Imagine the morale if they ever declare that Praba is dead?

    Their cadres will run back home.

    But this is excellent news for Sri Lanka. Forget the Human Rights warriors who have always sided with the LTTE.

    The likes of Louise Arbour and her ilk can go to hell. This is our country, we deal with our internal matters as we like. America dealt with their nation after 9/11.

  92. Tamilnet:

    Sri Lankan Police has located 16 dead bodies in Kiriketuwewa GS area of Kebitigollewa division in Anuradhapura district Thursday evening, initial reports said. The victims, all civilians, had their hands tied behind their back, according to the Police.

  93. :(

    Solution is not finding

    but giving "Prathiprahara"

    to understand the "Prathivipaka"

    SLAF your turn has come. Heat you Engines and get more targets.

  94. Read this. It says vp is not there when attack was done and only 15 carders died.Article is in sihala and need sinhala fonts to read this.

    I am really confuse because I trust this site. I heard that this site have close connection with high ranking army officer.

    mixed information coming and don't know who should i believe.

  95. Dailly mirror reports 16 bodies found in garbage dump in Kebathigollewa

  96. Sri Lanka unveils peace plan; analysts lukewarm


  97. Matara ayiya

    only god know the truth !

  98. Sri Lanka asks Prabhakaran to give up arms


  99. Yes the story about bodies is true. Matara ayiya, no of ltte casualties definetely higher than 15.

  100. Yes the story about bodies is true. Matara ayiya, no of ltte casualties definetely higher than 15.

  101. Matara Ayiya-
    Thank you for sharing the info. However it's really strange how just a one news paper (with your given source) can do a announcement like this.
    Wonder most of these sites looking for some sort of early prediction to sell the papers / get some hits.

  102. i think a full invesigation needs to be conducted regarding the death of those poor people.I hope the "polis" did not ignore requests by the civilians.we need to findout how the LTTE has such a freehand in these killings given the presence of the CDF.Now i thought a bunkerline was constructed to protect people.This info is not on wonder if they are waiting for an "auspicious moment"?

  103. @defencenet,

    Do u have any news about five funerals.

    Yes.. U may right.. 24bombs just for 15 carders? It seems joke like ltte's forest replanting project.

  104. guys

    LTTE saying SLAF dropping expensive
    bombs to a jungle to destroy nature will be one of the funniest jokes ever

    who in the right mind would do such things ?


    where is theboss ?

    Defencenet have you banned the boss ?

  105. lkdood-
    we got nothing else to do... let's go flying and see how many trees we can destroy.... :)

  106. perein

    i'm just fueling my F16 & getting ready to attack the jungles & increase global warming

    ROFL !

  107. APRC recommends maximum devolution of powers to Tamils


  108. lkdood,
    Be careful you don't hit our 'boss'. He'll be in there planting trees probably. If he's killed there won't be anyone to provide jokes for us here.

  109. Maximum powers to tamils ahh...? hey ppl are you all still dreaming... wake up ppl ....thats the habit of SLA always dreaming... behaving like babies

  110. The great dr. thalaivar sungoat Praba has given maximum power to the tamils.
    which other leader has empowered children to carry weapons and get themselves killed to serve the leader?
    which other leader has given the "choice" to wear a Cn capsule around their necks so that once you're caught after committing a huge crime for the leader's sake, you get to taste the best poison in the world?
    which other leader has made women to carry bombs on their bodies and and even in their bra's and blow themselves up for the whole world to see liberation peelam style?
    which other leader has made an entire race look so bad by being terrorists, drug smugglers, racketeers, credit card scammers, gang violence in foreign countries etc etc etc...
    So stupid sinhalays and their stupid armies can't see what a service the great velu has done to all these tamils...

  111. Here is some footage of a SLA sniper from a Rupavahini newscast.

    It is @ about 4.20 in the vid timeframe.

    Credit to the original poster:

  112. Suicide bombing is interduced by Japan and it came through korea , Vietnam and special it used in India during the fight with with british ... you people made them to do that...when u people kill thier parents cruelly they won't be calm ... so pls try to know something about the ethnic pro ok.. the SLA killed more than 5000 tamil civilians and keep on killing ... if u mean LTTE are terrorist then what u gonna say about SLA the lord of terrorist

    Check out this link

  113. Shyam,
    You are one of the tiger cubs romaing here. You belong in the LTTE tree planting division. LOL!

  114. wipeltte..why are you speaking about tree planting the place is at the hair cutting could you not know that they are short of barbers..i mean!!

  115. I'm working for an organization which has very good contacts with journalists. So I phoned to check one of my schoolmate who is working as a journalist of National security. He said that even though National security not confirmed about VP’s death or missing, there are some minor media’s operate in India has already announced that VP is missing/Dead due to aerial attack.
    Defencenet is that true?


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