Friday, January 4, 2008

Army overruns LTTE bunker line amidst heavy resistance

Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army yesterday overran a key LTTE bunker line at Palleikuli amidst heavy resistance by the tigers. Part of the LTTE forward defense line north of Mannar along with 7 fortified bunkers are now under the complete control of the army. According to military intelligence, six LTTE cadres have perished in battle and another 10 more have been wounded. 1 SLA soldier is reported to be killed and another 6 soldiers have been wounded.

During the past week, the army was able to advance few hundred meters (in one occasion 800 meters) into LTTE controlled territory through several locations along the Wanni FDL (Forward Defense Line). More than 40 LTTE cadres are reported to be killed in a number of sporadic clashes that occurred when small attack groups of the army assaulted LTTE frontline positions. 11 SLA soldiers too have been killed and 20 more have been wounded in these incidents.

Several strategically important locations are among the newly captured areas. Task Force 01 (58th division) commanded by Brigadier Shamindra Silva wrested control of Uliyankulam entry point few days ago while the 57th division took complete control of the village of Thampanai in Vavuniya after weeks of fighting. Two of LTTE's operations centers in the frontline (Vietnam base and Five-Four base) were overrun in these battles.

The army is exploiting a known weakness in the LTTE outfit in Wanni battle. LTTE's limited manpower keeps them from fighting simultaneously in multiple fronts. The army on the other hand is doing the exact opposite. They have already opened two fronts In Mannar and Vavuniya and have strategically placed the 59th division in Weli-Oya. This deployment somewhat confirmed LTTE's fears of an army advance into Mullaithiv through Weli-Oya sector. Due to the shortage of manpower, LTTE's sea tiger wing members too have been ordered to man positions in the frontline bunkers.

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) stepped up airstrikes on LTTE positions in Mullaithiv and Mannar during the past few days. LTTE targets in Alampil and Viduthalaithiv were attacked and it is now confirmed that two of LTTE's regional leaders perished in one such attack.

Meanwhile a SLA 2nd Lieutenant wounded in Slave Island claymore explosion succumbed to his injuries today morning. The death toll of the mine blast has now risen to 6. Out of the 6 killed, 2 are school children. 27 were wounded in the incident including 16 civilians.


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  2. I have a small question....Tamilnet is saying SLA advance defeated & You are telling SLA overruns LTTE bunker.....

    What is the reliability of both claims?!?

  3. people come here becos they cnt rely on the claims by TN or and we believe and respect DN and DW very much. so there is no point comparing the crappy TN with this blog.

  4. according to TN claims all the kafir jets have been downed by LTTE missiles by now. (which is rather funny...)

  5. Defencenet,

    Thanks for the informative update;

    I left the blog yesterday on a low, as two bloggers - Illegalexistance + Goldeneagle - annoyed me personally, taken the role of old schoolmaster with a metaphorical stick in the hand. By coincidence, I saw them doing the same in Defencewire, when I just went there, being curious! I honestly thought those two were relics from Premadasa era - no tolerance for others opinions.

    Anyway, I respect most bloggers who wants me to put an end to all this. So, I am going to erase that unpleasant thing from my psyche.

    I started the day on a high, though. Hilary Clinton has lost IOWA and done it very badly. What a way to start the day! This woman is no different from our South Asian counterparts: cashing on the legacy of their honourable husbands. Only assest she has is that awful grin. Her only vision is boundless ambition for power. Embracing terror groups is not her last act of stupidity: if the wings are not clipped, she may come up with more. Well done Obama!!

  6. guru,

    According to Tamilnet, the LTTE have not lost the east, they didn't lose their smuggling ships etc etc. So I would be more inclined to believe the reports on Defnet, DefWire, and other non-LTTE sources.

  7. Government says that the army could walk to vanni this year....but can this happen....LTTE is giving a strong resistance , government says that they have left with only 3000,it can't be 3000, if they have only 3000 carders its a shame to Sri Lankan many battle fronts we have 3, so each battle front is having average less than 1000 LTTE carders, perhaps 500-600, that can't be true........

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  9. Guru,

    The answer to your question is very simple.

    Defencenet, provides us with information, even when it is not the stuff we want to hear about. For instance, the KAB attack, recent Navy setback are two cases in point.

    When do you think, the Tamilnet has been that informative, while the LTTE was going through bad patches?

    After much-soul-searching, they told us the demise of Thamil Chelvan; that is also for propaganda purposes, highlighting that he is a political figure not that of military.

    There have been a string of death of senior cardres; Tamilnet is eerily silent about that. It is crystal clear tht something happened to Prabhkaran on or around 26 November, Last year. Tamilnet has not been generous on this occassion too.Even after a major clash of a professional army against conscripted teenagers/children, casualty figures of Tamilnet stand at ludicrously low numbers - 2, 3, or 4. We came to know what happened to Soosai from Soosai himself after his recovery and then on Tamilnet.

    If you look at these well-known small instances, you can see that facts directly related to LTTE, that put them at a disadvantage, are under-reported or not reported at all in the Tamilnet.

    However, Tamilnet provides some correct information in other matters. So, I don't mind visiting it time to time to fish out some details. I am sure most bloggers do the same - quite rightly.

    So, trust this blog more than the Tamilnet, especially when the LTTE is on the run.

    Have a nice day guru.

  10. Thanks guys for answering my query....

  11. Guy,

    I think SLA should carry out current stratergy(Hit and Run) and capture ground when there is an opportunity...SLAF should continue to bomb LTTE bunkers, supply routes to weaken LTTE more.... should attack LTTE bunkers during night..Shoud not Rush be rushed to walk into Wanni....We should ask India incrase their surveilance in their waters...


  12. Guru they are holding the experienced fighting cadres back to defend the wanni.what you are going to see is massive suicide attacks against the army by LTTE female cadres

  13. we have also to encounter the SS piraphaharan tank divisions+the specialist "makkal padei" assault teams so..more like 30,000 left

  14. Hi Defencenet,

    Can you give some idea, what is the distance from Mannar-FDL to Mulative, Vauniya to Mulative and Welioya to Mulative...?


  15. DefenceNet.. when you have the time..Are most of the soldiers injuries due to mines or artillary fire(i dont mean mortars)

  16. Can a Tamil speaking guy shed some light on this photograph on this link, please? I assume that is so-called Charles Anthony Brigade. What are they up to?

    This is the link

  17. Grious,

    Its same which was on TN

    SLA advance in Vavuniyaa defeated, 3 SLA killed

  18. B#1,

    Thanks, for the information.

    By the way, I am Qrious = curious , as you have perceived it.

    See you soon.

  19. srilankan,
    you're talking about tank divisions... does the LTTE have strong enough armoured units to face the army's attacks? (or attack the army, at that) & I thought makkal padei was the unit they made up of civilians with some basic training, not a special unit?

  20. Guys has its both strengths as weaknesses. Time to time, the site shows some conflict of interests for obvious reasons too. On several occasions, it has gone to very low-levels of reporting that people with little or no brains would even approve. But overall, reporting gets improved significantly over the last few months i.e. 8 - 10 months. Still it battle the information and propaganda conflict. If the to play more on propaganda aspect than information aspect for obvious reasons, we should not have a big hem and haw about it. Tamilnet is one of prominent out of hundreds of LTTE propaganda mediums. People who understood these aspects go for alternative mediums to see information and balanced views. DN, DW and various other news-papers and websites provide different dimension of information and analysis. We have to know that even careful efforts were taken, any of these sources can also contain contaminated or distorted information, owing to millions of reasons.

    Do not expect everyone is accurate or everything said by any particular source is gospel. Do your own digging, questioning and analysis too. Read widely. It will at least provide you with some degree of enlightenment than sticking to one or two sources for information, believing that what is being said is gospel.

  21. BTW guys, all what I have said has been said by Lord Buddha 2500 years ago. It applies to today too.

    Use your "Vignana".

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  23. tries to something difficult at a difficult time; some of the erros in it are quite serious - grammar, style and the use of words like warlike material, without calling them weapons or arsenal. But its propaganda aspect is not as bad as that of the Tamilnet in defending the LTTE. is much better and shows the signs of improvement, all the time. In this context, we have a soft spot for; it will come out of darkness in due course.

    We all agree that the Tamilnet is manned by able people: presentation is good; articles are nicely written; but their blindingly obvious inclination towards the LTTE, does not allow them to be true professionals in the field.

    The behaviour of the journalists in AFP, AP and BBC is not any better either. This bunch of people, in their respective countries, is known as engaged in checkbook journalism.

    Just look at the way they report the end of CFA: they are repeating the same damn thing over and over, until everyone is bored to the core. I think blogger will make their existence irrelevent one day.

  24. Defencenet...

    Approximately how many tanks does LTTE having???
    And the strength of their artillery?

  25. A significant LTTE build-up is reported in Weli Oya sector in recent weeks. Recce parties have observed the construction of bunkers in the area and heavy traffic of LTTE vehicles. The defensive fortifications and beef-up comes in anticipation of the possible deployment of the Army's newly formed 59 Division. This division is currently undergoing intensive training in small batches.

    It is likely that the LTTE is attempting to safeguard its hinterlands north of Weli Oya. The area beyond Weli Oya is Mullaithivu. If Mullaithivu is lost, Kilinochchi could be surrounded from three different fronts.

    Guys any news about this?

  26. nice page

  27. Guys,

    The phrase in my post - checkbook journalism - must be corrected as cheque-book-journalism. My apology.

  28. Guru,

    The Tamilnet again caught in its infamous act; it says an STF officer got killed in an ambush. But the says, he suffered minor injuries.

    This is not blowing out of proportions; blowing out of all proportions!

    This is the problem with the Tamilnet; it just puts the stuff that the die-hard Tamil diaspora wants to hear.

    It used to do the same, when the liberation of the east was in progress; I am sure, those who believed its reporting - word for word - may have come in for a rude awakening, on the hearing of the news of its total capture.

    Anyway, there is reliable information that the readership is dwindling. Don't blame it on the army, Tamilnet.

  29. Chamal...well your right..i was only joking..but we have to be aware..of the makkal padei..some support the terrorists.So assuming they have no combat skills they still have the skill to become suicide bombers.Obviously all civilians are not LTTE expect that we are going to face a barrage of suicide bombers.I got this idea because they are threatening to kill retreating cadres ...which is what the russians did in WW2.So from the russian book ..during the german advance because they didnt have tanks initially they rammed german tanks with other vehilces.on a similar note a large number of well placed suicide bombers will engage the army.

  30. Only military might will correct situation, says LTTE

    The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has indicated that only a demonstration of its military might will change the present international climate in its favour.

    V. Balakumaran, a senior member of the LTTE, said in an interview to the National Television of Tamileelam (NTT) last week: 'The international community has been vacillating in taking decisive actions on Sri Lanka because they are unable to relate their own interests to the chaotically unfolding political and military situation in Sri Lanka.'

    'Only the demonstration of military strength by the Tigers can bring clarity to the situation for the international community to correctly relate their interests, and aggressively engage,' Balakumaran said in the Nilavaram programme.

    'We expect 2008 will be the year where we can overcome the diplomatic hurdles that confront us,' he said.

    However, while asserting that demonstration of military power was needed, Balakumaran said it was necessary to show the international community that the LTTE was also interested in a negotiated political solution and that it was not a nihilistic terrorist group.

    'In 2003, we proposed ISGA (Interim Self Governing Authority) as a framework which will satisfy us, our minimal requirements for power sharing. So, based on this, the international community cannot call us obstinate, or terrorists. Hillary Clinton also identified us when she articulated a more nuanced definition of terrorism.' Balakumaran said.

    The allusion was to US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's remark in a media interview last year that she did not consider all armed rebel groups as being necessarily evil and nihilistic and cited the Tamil Tigers as a group which should prompt a more nuanced approach to armed militancy.

  31. Sri Lanka 'needs UN monitors'

    US-based Human Rights Watch says the United Nations should send observers to monitor the fighting in Sri Lanka.

  32. Sri Lanka not looking at February for Indian PM's visit

    Sri Lanka said Friday that it was not expecting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to visit the country in February, to be the chief guest at the 6oth independence day celebrations.

    'We are not looking at February or any other specific date for the Indian prime minister's visit. What we would like is a bilateral visit by the Indian prime minister in the course of 2008. No Indian prime minister has paid a bilateral visit to Sri Lanka in the last 20 years,' Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama told the media here.

    Asked if any other date had been fixed if Manmohan Singh was not likely to be in Colombo Feb 4, the country's independence day, the minister said it was for India to come up with dates.

    According to diplomatic sources, the Sri Lankan government had invited Singh to be the chief guest at the Feb 4 independence day celebrations. But the Indian government had not taken a decision in the matter.

    Reportedly, India wanted the Mahinda Rajapaksa government to bring out a credible devolution proposal to resolve the ethnic question in the island ahead of any such visit so that Singh could justify the trip to fellow Indians.

    Asked whether Sri Lanka was expecting India to play a role in the peace process now that Norway's position as peace facilitator had suffered serious erosion after Colombo abrogated the ceasefire agreement Oslo helped broker in 2002 with the Tamil Tigers, Bogollagama said that New Delhi was indeed in the picture.

    'India is very much visible. Like Sri Lanka, India is keen on working towards a sustainable peace in the country,' he said.

    Rajiv Gandhi was the last Indian prime minister to pay a bilateral visit to Sri Lanka in July 1987

  33. Is a ban on LTTE Lanka’s next step?

    Sri Lanka’s decision to call off the February 2002 ceasefire with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is at one level a logical move as the truce was only on paper.

    In the last two years and more both sides have used air power and artillery in what is virtually a full-fledged war between the two sides.

    Yet Wednesday’s move signals the growing confidence of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the defence establishment in Colombo that the military has gained the upper hand. The next step could be a ban on the LTTE.

    The President’s brother defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had already given a hint in an interview to the government-controlled Daily News last week.

    He said the government should officially withdraw from the ceasefire and ban the LTTE for a fresh approach to the Tamil question. The ceasefire agreement brokered by Norway had become a joke in the eyes of the people, he added.

    While calling off the ceasefire agreement is just a formality, banning the LTTE would set alarm bells ringing across the world.

    This would indicate that Rajapaksa has slammed the door on negotiations with the Tigers. Even hardline governments had refrained from taking this extreme step.

    Colombo had not banned the LTTE so far - unlike India, the US and several other nations - on the grounds that it would be difficult to hold negotiations with a proscribed outfit.

    So clearly the government is now in no mood to talk to the Tigers before crushing them militarily. President Rajapaksa had publicly said so recently.

    India has so far refused to comment on the latest move but a ban on the Tigers without an accompanying political package for the Tamil minorities would not be welcome.

    While India has no love for the LTTE, New Delhi realises that without the Tigers the Sinhala Buddhist establishment would be unwilling to give the Tamils their due. The Americans as well as the EU would push the President, as will New Delhi, not to take the next step.

    President Rajapaksa can be expected to take some time before following his brother’s advice. The mood in Colombo is triumphant, the defence services believe the LTTE has been considerably weakened. The eastern province has been freed by and large from the LTTE stranglehold.

  34. defenceline,

    What do you mean by India? - politicians or bureaucrats or regional politicians or defence establishment.

    None of those will be interested in our affairs, unless its national security is directly threatned. Indian politicians have better things to do rather than safeguarding what they see as 'Dravidian Interests'. Their political life span is very short and they try to make the best of it as soon as possible.

    They got involved in our mess, thanks to short-sighted policies adopted by the then JR regime. Premadas humilated India on all fronts to play to the local gallery and India reciprocrated by arming Tamil gangs to meet the challenge. It is not something borne out of emotion; just a strategic move - pretty disastrous one for both nations, in the long run. In this context, the Indian factor is irrelevent. India has to worry more about what goes on with its arch-rival, Pakistan and especially the fate of nuclear arsenal.

    However, the invitation extended to Mr Manmohan Singh is a wrong move. It puts him in a difficult position and brought about an unnessary intermediate goal eclipsing the major one - winning Vanni.

    I think this is Bogollagama stuff.

  35. "..LTTE's limited manpower keeps them from fighting simultaneously in multiple fronts."

    thats the way. bleed the bastards of manpower. the new tamil eelam will need to be run by women and children at this rate!

    history must be re-written on the outcome of protracted guerilla warfare, and this new chapter must be written in Sri Lanka. the naysayers and IC pundits must be made to eat their words. only we, the sinhalese, will ultimately decide the fate of all Lanka and to the shock horror of all and sundry this will be a MILITARY VICTORY (first and foremost).

    viva hela diva! viva sinhalayo!

  36. india is full of pussy's man those wankers started funding the ltte and now they are scared of them. and remember in operation liberation when the great general kobbekaduwa corned that fat bastard those gay indians saved his ass

  37. Defencenet,

    Tamilnet says about some civilian casulties following an air attack; it is time to warn in Colombo and suburbs for a retaliatory attack. This has been the pattern in the past. Hope the authorities take some steps to alert people about this, before mourning in the aftermath.

  38. I think that the strategy our boys are using is excellent, starve them in to submission, I also think that using the mahason balakaya more would be great. they could cut out the supply lines reaching the front line then the job will be easier for the infantry.

    using snipers would also be great i mean with a small squad of snipers the tigers will be too scared to come out of there rat holes. they could pick off high rankers, and cause a lot of moral loss. no one should ever underestimate a well trained snipers, there are an immensely potent phsycological and physical weapon.

    now that we are friendly with russia we can get an array of incredible weapons like the Uragan” Multiple Rocket Launcher System. that thing can fire AP and AT mines
    so it can stop the ltte from retreating by sending mines behind there line of retreat or surround them.

  39. The Tamilnet again caught in its infamous act; it says an STF officer got killed in an ambush. But the says, he suffered minor injuries.

    how do u know that speaks the truth, fool?

  40. Source: Human Rights Watch

    Sri Lanka: Truce End Shows Need for UN Monitors

    (New York, January 4, 2008) �
    The imminent departure of Norwegian-led monitors from Sri Lanka highlights the need for a UN human rights monitoring mission, Human Rights Watch said today. The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission is leaving because of the Sri Lankan government's decision to end the 2002 Ceasefire Agreement with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). "The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission was deeply flawed, but its monitors helped to minimize abuses against civilians," said Elaine Pearson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch. "Now the need for a UN monitoring mission is greater than ever."

    The Sri Lankan government announced its withdrawal from the ceasefire agreement on January 2, 2008, hours after a bomb attack on an army bus in the capital, Colombo, killed one soldier and three civilians, and wounded 28 others, mostly civilians. The ceasefire had largely been ignored by both the government and the armed secessionist LTTE since major new fighting broke out in mid-2006.

    The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission was created under the ceasefire agreement to monitor truce violations, including killings of civilians, by the government and the LTTE. Originally consisting of about 60 monitors from five Nordic countries, the mission was scaled down to 20 monitors from Norway and 10 from Iceland in 2005 after the European Union proscribed the LTTE, which then demanded that Nordic EU members leave the mission. But even at full strength, the mission never had the appropriate mandate or capacity to play a strong protection role. Both the government and the LTTE frequently ignored its recommendations, and its monitors were often denied access to areas where serious incidents had occurred (including, for instance, to Mutur in Trincomalee district, after 17 humanitarian workers were murdered in August 2006.) Nonetheless, individual monitors often showed initiative at the local level that provided some measure of protection for those at risk.

    "Civilians caught up in the fighting will have a harder time finding safety once the monitors have withdrawn," said Pearson.

    Human Rights Watch called on both the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE to immediately implement practical measures to protect civilians from continuing armed hostilities. The government and the LTTE should:

    * Agree to the establishment of a United Nations human rights monitoring mission in Sri Lanka;
    * Designate demilitarized zones as sanctuaries in conflict areas and pre-position humanitarian relief in known places of refuge;
    * Improve humanitarian access to populations at risk, including by ending unnecessary restrictions on humanitarian agencies;
    * Whenever possible, provide effective advance warning of military operations, both broadly � through loudspeakers, radio announcements or leaflets � and directly through messages to community leaders; and
    * Appoint local civilian liaison officers who are known and accessible to local communities and have sufficient rank to ensure that community concerns are heeded.

    HRW thinks they own Sri lanka
    LOL !

    i have a request :

    please ignore some people here
    they are crazy

  41. BBC report :

    'No military solution' for Sri Lanka

    India says it regrets escalation of violence in Sri Lanka
    Indian authorities have once again insisted that there can be no military solution to Sri Lanka's national question.

    In response to Sri Lankan government's decision to unilaterally withdraw from the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA), India says "what is required in Sri Lanka is a settlement of political, constitutional and other issues within the framework of united Sri Lanka".

    Indian Ministry of External Affairs in a statement added that Sri Lanka could only achieve lasting peace through such a settlement that is comfortable to all communities in Sri Lanka

    very funny
    war is happening now
    it will continue

  42. Definitly SLAF this time has done big damage again to the LTTE.
    Because TamilNet says, it was a Tsunami camp with some children houses around.
    If you analyze all SLAF attacks, according to tamilnet either location is a tsunami camp or children orphanage.
    No one need now good intelligence to locate these LTTE basterds, because they are always somewhare around tsunami camp, children orphanage, schools and church etc.

  43. GOVT should closely monitor norvigien activities. those bustereds can try every possible way to fail the SLDF of defeating LTTE.
    They did that, when jaffan was under-seige. ARMs cargo planes were high-jacked and try to delay the supply for the SLDF, so that LTTE could catch the jaffna. They did lot more thing to help the terrorist.

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  45. Guys what type of spectacular attacks can the LTTE be planning right now? We need to watch out for diversionary attacks that can turn the tide of the war.

  46. "Are most of the soldiers injuries due to mines or artillary fire"

    Due to landmines and booby traps.

    "Approximately how many tanks does LTTE having???
    And the strength of their artillery?"

    They have at least 9 tanks (all captured from the army). Current condition of these tanks are unknown. Non availability of parts is a serious issue for the LTTE when it comes to dealing with armored units.

    Artillery: over 30 field guns - 122mm, 130mm and 152mm variants.
    At least 2 107mm 12 barreled MBRLS.

  47. We just handed the gun back to the enemy, by rescinding the CFA and kicking out the Norwegians.

    It is true that the CFA was already obsolete, but by being the first to openly defy it, SL took a step that in hindsight we will regret.

    This may open doors for the LTTE that will be very disadvantageous to us.

  48. Grious

    I nearly fell off the chair laughing, after reading abt you feeling low and down over someone else' comments. Please try to be grown up about these things.

    Others' opinions need not spoil your day. If it does, then the blogspere may not be your ideal domain.

  49. Obama and Clinton's policy are nearly identical. Both have made disparaging comments about the GOSL and have hinted at interventionist intentions.

    Apart from military threats from democratic as president, there will also be economical repercussions. Seeing US trailling economically due to outsourcing, rising unemployment, credit squeeze and flight of industry to low wage countries such as China, India and other nations. The word protectionism has reentered the American vocabulary. This will include raising of taxes from foreign good and reversal of free trade agreements. Industries like textiles will be where American will try to reclaim dominance early, since it relies on limited industrial infrastructure.

  50. hinted at interventionist intentions. - particularly regarding human rights and use of UN to sort the worlds problems.

    This will gather further momentum towards human rights monitoring by UN in sri lanka.

  51. Now that we are looking at history; I wonder whether you guys realize what the tamil extremists have udnerstood for a long time. It is the fact that throughout history the tamil-sinhala conflict has always been won by the majority.

    This will be the last such conflict, since the world is changing so much with enormous rapidity, the next generations will not be interested in territoriality or related conflict.
    So with a conclusive defeat this time, history will be written once and for all.

  52. "by being the first to openly defy it, SL took a step that in hindsight we will regret.

    This may open doors for the LTTE that will be very disadvantageous to us."

    Agree with you there. In all three previous Eelam Wars, it was the LTTE who broke the truce first. By being the first to close the deal this time, we send out a "no peace" like message to the IC (it'll be interpreted that way regardless of what we mean ).

  53. The US will never change its stance towards people it has even for once considered 'terrorist'.
    The Palestininans are a clear example. Even while talking to them , it is Israel's safety that remains teh prime concern.

    It is true that SL is not Israel. Yet it is also one of teh few longest surviving democracies in the world, and located strategically enough to affect major economies decisively.

    Based on that fact, even the US will tow India's policy and will need all non-governmental military groups dis-armed. They'll probably heat up the human rights stuff a lot more to keep the pressure on.

  54. Sri Lanka Ends Truce, EU Express Deep Disappointment

    Brussels - European Union (EU), expressed deep disappointment over the unilateral withdrawal of the Sri Lankan government from internationally supported and Norway inspired, 2002 Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) on Friday.

    The European Commissioner for External Relations Benita Ferrero-Waldner expressed Friday her "deep disappointment" over Sri Lankan government's decision to abrogate the 2002 Ceasefire Agreement.

    "This decision risks complicating the already difficult situation in the country. I firmly condemn LTTE's recent acts of terror and statements announcing further violence from their side," she said in a statement.

    "As Co-Chair together with Japan, US and Norway, the EU has always held the view that violence is not the appropriate way to solve this conflict. A lasting solution can only come from a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement," said Ferrero-Waldner.

    She hoped that the Sri Lankan government will come forward with a substantive devolution offer around which negotiations can start as soon as possible.

    The International Community’s marginalization of the Tamils’ side of the internationally supported, Norway inspired, 2002 Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) is the primary reason for the failure of the Sri Lankan CFA between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL), a political observer of Sri Lanka told TNS in Brussels.

    Thus, encouraged the Sri Lankan government to unilaterally withdraw from the CFA to press ahead with dangerous and destructive military options to what many governments including UN believe is an essentially negotiated peaceful settlement to the longstanding legitimate grievances of Tamils. It is the only way forward for many decades old civil war in Sri Lanka, he noted.

  55. Clouds gather over Sri Lanka's economy

    In the pile of garlic on his vegetable cart Richard Amith sees exactly what is ailing Sri Lanka's economy.

    The price of garlic - an important ingredient in many local dishes - has nearly doubled in six months, says the Colombo street hawker, and the same is true for the other vegetables on his trolley.

    "Day by day, prices are going up, not going down. That is Sri Lanka at the moment," he says.

    His concern points to one of the key issues faced by Sri Lanka. The island nation's abundant natural resources and relatively liberal economy have made it South Asia's wealthiest country on a per capita income basis. But as it faces soaring inflation and an escalating civil war after the government this week brought a formal end to a 2002 ceasefire agreement with Tamil rebels, there are questions over whether it can maintain its prosperity.

    Sri Lanka's economy, which is estimated to have grown 6.7 per cent in 2007, has proven remarkably resilient. After receiving an initial boost from the 2002 ceasefire, which led to a pause in more than two decades of civil war, the economy has delivered robust growth.

    Ajith Nivard Cabraal, the central bank governor, says last year capped the first time the country has had three consecutive years of growth of more than 6 per cent. "And that's notwithstanding the difficulties with oil shocks and [the civil war]," he told the Financial Times.

    A strong domestic economy has been helped in recent years by a rise in textile exports, manufacturing, construction and mining, and a recovery in rubber, tea and other commodity industries.

    But clouding this picture is inflation, which last year reached almost 16 per cent. This left the central bank targeting a consumer price rise of 10-11 per cent this year in what economists see as an ambitious aim. .

    Fuel subsidies indirectly account for about 30 per cent of Sri Lanka's budget deficit and this is set to rise in line with global oil prices, analysts say. At some point, the government will be forced to pass on these increases, which will push up the cost of everything from electricity to food.

    "I don't think such an ambitious target would be achievable, especially given that the economy is on the verge of another oil price revision," says Danushka Samarasinghe, research manager at Asia Securities in Colombo.

    With the war against the Tigers set to escalate, defence spending could also become an increasing burden on the budget. Still, few believe the war will kill off Sri Lanka's economy.

    Foreign investment continues to rise, with telecoms operators from Malaysia and India entering the market.

    Remittances from overseas workers are increasing and there are moves to try to take advantage of neighbouring India's economic boom.

    With India's port infrastructure creaking under the strain of its rapid economic growth, Colombo's port, for example, is expanding to try to take a greater share of its neighbour's container shipping traffic.

    "We have a window of opportunity for the next 15 years," says Saliya Wrickramasuriya, chairman of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

    The tourism industry is still struggling, with hotel occupancies hitting a near record low in the third quarter of last year. Yet it occasionally shows some signs of life. In the past few months, occupancies boomed largely thanks to a cricket series between England and Sri Lanka that attracted an influx of British tourists.

    But even if the economy does hit the central bank's 7 per cent growth forecast this year, the concern is that the country could be doing much better if it were not for the war.

    "The issue is, if this conflict was resolved, the country would see a dramatic revival that would change everything," says Mr Samarasinghe. "We saw the spark of that in 2002 when the ceasefire was first signed."

  56. Tropicalstorm,

    You misread my message; feeling down does not mean got depressed by two bores - GoldenEagle and Illegalexistence.

    When I type something in I made sure it is informative enough for fellow bloggers. A lot of typing made me tired while getting my message across.

    I am not ashamed of telling when I am drained out; saying otherwise is sheer hypocrisy, as our politicos and Tamil do all the time.

    However, patronizing blogger and bores must be dealt with in the language they understand. I think I did just that, regardless of the race or whatever.

    Boss, I honestly thought you will mature a bit: never lies; it disclose its own losses in pain.
    Any idiot who cannot see this is ideal to be treated like a lamp post so that a dog can lift its hind leg against. Boss, weat the hat if it fits you.

  57. My life and my choices in a country at war: A personal reflection

    Where to start, what to write….

    2007 gone, 2008 started. When I ask myself what I wish in year 2008 I sincerely, hardly find any answer for myself. However, lot of life stories were replayed in my mind. Competing for attention, I’m torn between these choices.

    How am I to choose?

    I’m thinking of my dear friend who was shot dead two months back and left his speech impaired wife and two children behind. How can I support this family?


    Should I think about the mentally ill woman who was found near an army camp who was shouting and removing and throwing her jewels without knowing what she is doing. After a great deal of intervention my two staff and I manage to get her into a hospital. Later found out that she was also 2 ½ months pregnant and has a 2 year old son. On receipt of the address from the hospital when I visited her home the family members who had desperately searched and given up started to cry when they heard all the detailed news about their family member ….. The way they treated me and their plight of helplessness…


    check it out

  58. Lightning_Struck_Tower and TropicalStorm, the government obviously didn't take this decision without thinking long and hard about it. Mahinda has done enough stupid stuff over the last two years, but he won't simply decide to pull out of the ceasefire for domestic gains and give the finger to the international community.

    Stuff like quiting the CFA happen in public view. There are enough goings on behind closed doers that we don't know about. The government made it clear to foreign governments long ago that they plan to militarily destroy the LTTE. If any sort of actions were to be taken against the country then, they'll already have been taken.

    The international community knows that there are two possible outcomes from the government's current offensives. Either the LTTE is severely crippled and the government puts forward some sort of power sharing agreement with Tamils, or the military offensive isn't a success, the government is humiliated, the LTTE registers a number of military victories, and we're back to 2001. The former means pretty much problem solved. NOLTTE=Peace :). No human rights abuses, no child recruitment etc., everyone's happy. If it's back to 2001, a new peace process will have to be drafted anyway, because there's no way a process from a decade before is going to be accepted by both sides.

    Either way, having a piece of paper isn't going to change things. The "no peace until the LTTE is defeated" message was sent out a long time ago.

  59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  60. defenceline,

    Clouds gathers not only over Sri Lankan economy but also over the global economy as a whole, as well. They have different names: credit crunch, mortgage crisis etc. But all boils down to a alarming scenario. Economists get things wrong as do military pundits.

    EU, USA and the Scandinavians do what they good at: releasing statements from time to time; they have to appease lots of layers of audience. That is called diplomacy. Take them with a pinch of salt, defenceline.

  61. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  62. Hi Guys,

    Western Countries concerns about the SL gov end to CFA, they condemn when high profile figure or civilian get killed. they just words only no action like NATO (NATO=No Action Talk Only).

    We should not concern about the USA election, who ever wins does not matter. Eventually, we have to find ways to deal with our own problems..USA Aids nothing, compare to Japan or any other country's help...

    This is one of the best opprotunity to finish LTTE once and forever.

  63. Guys,

    Click this to read a good defence update.

    Health Warning

    Boss, I don't recommend the above for you, if you are vulnerable to a heart-attack - if you have got one, of course.

  64. When War is over (Parayabakaran is over by then). Our politician should look at the current political system... while doing development works in the country...

    Tamil Political Parties: TULF, EPRLF, TELO, EPDP, etc

    Muslim Political parties: SLMC, etc,

    Sinhala political Parties: Sihala Urumaya, etc

    Those political parties should not exists, they are based on either race or religion. so they become racists or extremist..They always talk about their people, they always asking from government. they are not giving back to society, their politician get a salary from tax payers money..

    We should not have political party either base on race or religion. political party should have representative from all races (Tamil, Muslim, Sinhala, Burger..etc). It is important for unit of the country..Such political parties should not allow to participate in an election if they do not have candidates for the entire country...


  65. the muslim extremist war will be next...what a joke. I dont understand why there should be a political solution, when it is the sinhalese and muslims who cannot even go up north or visit kilinochichi without being killed by LTTE. its the true sri lankans that should get the political solution. Either you let us roam in our own country, or be killed.


    If you guys looks closely, you can see the books in the shelf...

    Special Forces, Windows...etc..


    The other thing that I remember Karuan said that one of the fingers of Velu(dont know which hand or which finger) is missing due to an explosion.

    Can someone see the missing finger? Hillarious , but I am qrious...

  67. Boss, the below is not for you. See the title:

    Adults Only

    A few months ago, a self-styled Colonel in Tigers got wounded by a shrapnel from army fire; he lost a sizable part of his upper lip along with moustache. So, he was taken to an eminent surgeon in Vanni for a surgical correction. The surgeon, on thorough examination, came up with the solution and whispered it to the injured Tiger: “the fleshy part for a tissue graft must come from his wife’s most valuable asset, due to its hairy nature.

    After much soul-searching, the Tiger and wife agreed with the suggestion and the operation went ahead, the following day, much to the delight of the couple.

    However, the surgeon insisted seeing him every week, for some time, for which the self-styled injured Colonel answered in the affirmative.

    On his first weekly visit, the excited surgeon inquired about the operation. The Tiger, replied that everything is ok, in their customary way, even if hell break loose.

    “However, there is a little problem,” he went on explaining. “Whenever, I try to urinate, this is what happens,” he did a wink, while dragging his injured lips in that direction, putting the blame squarely on his little Colonel.

  68. sl dude,

    are you allowed to visit every part of the south now ?

    Can you just walk into anyones home, business or property ? Just like a sinhala individual can deny you the right to come into his home, so do the Tamils.

  69. The other intresting thing is , that the photo is dated (from the link I figure out) 23 December 2007...(The use Perl language script to show this exclusive pic..)
    Are these (sankathi) guys trying to convince us that 26/28 November attack(s) on Velu didn't inflict any wounds on Big Cat?

    Can anyone please shed some light?

  70. tangara
    its random picture from there web site.

  71. patriot

    "now that we are friendly with russia we can get an array of incredible weapons like the Uragan” Multiple Rocket Launcher System. that thing can fire AP and AT mines
    so it can stop the ltte from retreating by sending mines behind there line of retreat or surround them."

    The Smerch and the Chinese A-100 will be better options.

  72. Hey upul and the boss

    Quick, go and sign up for the LTTE. They're in shortage of manpower and they could use some idiots like you.

    And the boss said "We will be running the world for our needs in very near future."

    Muhahahahhahhahahaazz You're a funny guy. How can the tamils rule the world when they clean toilets all over the world? Or did you mean tamils will lead the world in cleaning toilets? Keep up the good jokes. I love them.

  73. DN and others,
    Intersting article on vidusara January 02, 2008. I am metioning this as this newspaper is not related to defence afairs but this article is. It's about the kidny diseace in rajarata areas. Sorry can't give the link.

  74. qrious

    "However, patronizing blogger and bores must be dealt with in the language they understand. I think I did just that, regardless of the race or whatever."

    Ouch. The flames. They burn.

  75. goldeneagle, qurious is a funny intellectual guy, you gotta give em some credit for the joke he put up about the tigers lol

  76. Latest news, a Special Task Force truck has been hit, any details of casualties defensenet?

  77. sl

    When one chooses to respond to the LTTE filth here the blog suffers.

    It becomes a chest thumping pissing contest between two groups.

    Lets face it, the LTTE supporters will never change their stance. They will go to their graves firmly believing in Eelam. Eelam is as real to them as the keyboard they type on.

    So why even bother trying to change their points of view? Much more capable bloggers have sparred with them and to no avail. Just look at LNP, how many of the LTTE supporters there changed their stance on Eelam? None.

    Can imagine Upul or Boss one day saying:

    "Gee, qurious and sl you guys are right. I was wrong all along, Eelam is also wrong. The LTTE are terrorist murderers and henceforth I denounce them"

    Face it, it will never ever happen. The sooner the bloggers here realise that the better.

  78. A Tamil is already spokesman of NATO. A black man will soon become US president. So its plausible to see a Tamil boy growing up to became a US President in say 30+ years time.

    Boby Jindal, a Gujarati is Louisana governor.

  79. sl:

    Check Attack happened yesterday and they escaped with minor injuries.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. In this blog there are people who are close confidantes of presidential candiddates that they know exactly what the US presidential candidates are going to do..
    I say again the reason some of these people even bother to speak to us is because of the success of the SLDForces.May god protect them in this murderous struggle they they are facing.

  82. Qrious and others who take this blog for entertaining purposes, pleas go to another blog for your amusement. I sincerely request fom all of you keep this blog only for defense related matters.

    Upul and Boss, please help DefenceNet to keep this blog clean. By doing this I’m sure you also benefiting far from uncooked information.

    Navindran, hats off to you man…

  83. My god..latest news ..impending attack by NATO and us has dispatched the USS enterprise to SLanka.....All please claim refugee status in any embassy representing a rich point apporaching embassies on poor resources for refugees to take advantage of.

  84. good article on defencewire about LTTE tiger strength...Seems like even the poor leopards have lost their about seals whales..cockroaches?

  85. joker in trying to portay this murderous filth as a organisation interested in a political solution now..but only now..i wonder why..reminds me of this pointless peace initiatives when tigers are weak at least according to papers

  86. GE ...from a previous comment can those rockek launcher systems used to place mines for example behind a retreating used to detonate mine fields by firing *** at them.Can a personal mine be detonated by a vibration.I know they are detonated when people step on does not sound the samething to me.

  87. Eranda,

    I am an intellectual who proves that humour, however subtle it is, can co-exist with both defence matters and a good constructive discussion.

    When did you make a constructive contribution to this blog? a typical Sri Lankan bore who finds faults with others, while literally impotent to do anything otherwise.

    I came across two more bores recently - GoldenEagle and Illegalexistance - who copy down stuff from the previously written articles, then dump here and want us to absorb them at their face value; then they must be congratulationg themselves on what they call a 'contribution' to the blog.

    Is that a defence discussion? Eranda, you are also added to the company of bores. Don't forget that the over-recital of the phrases like defence matters, time ang again, creates exactly the opposite effect.

    Do you honestly think these bloggers will be interested in the strict technical details of military hardware? There are no arms dealers here; we want more news and less opinions.

    When there is no news, the blog is idle and you bores have the ingredients to make it paralized. We try to keep it alive with a bit of fun - sometimes at our own peril.

    When I think of you three bores, I recollect what my grandmother used to say when I was a little kid: "Balla piduru kanneth naa, kana gonata denneth naa." The nearest translation for our Tamil folks goes as follows: " The dog does not eat 'hay' or 'straw' nor does it allow the cow to do it"

    If they haven't got the gene in their DNA for a laugh, they must go to an appropriate deity for restoration purposes bu a miracle. That is why I try to keep Boss here despite being attacked - quite venomously, at times - by him from all sides. He may be an expert Hindu in finding the right deity for the bores. Mind you, he is anti-Sinhalese to the core, but may mellow a bit in the face of this urgent need.

    There are guys in here who provides good material for information purposes; our beloved Defencenet heads the list of constructive bloggers.

    We admire them and nurture the blog to keep it alive by the simple process of 'gentle stirring'. Some get 'bruised', of course, but that is not nothing compared with what our brave soldiers go through in the battlefield, on daily basis.

    These three bores - GoldenEagel, IllegalExistence and now Eranda - have one thing in common. They can't stand a trace of humour. Their writing is so asymmetrical towards one end and they call it technical. I call it intellectual aberration.

    I think this particular defect - tendency to go one side - stems from the fact that their centre of gravity is not at, where it should be. It is time they consulted a gynaecologist to see whether the 'balls' are in a functioning state.

    I know this is not defence; please forgive me bloggers for the distraction. Unfortunately, the defence matters cannot be discussed in isolation, as these bores suggest. It is an integral part of our existence.

    The idiots who try to make it distinct are not challenging me, but commonsense.

  88. DefenceNet,

    Has the Navy taken delivery of another indian ship?

  89. srilankan

    I think the mines used in smerch and other advanced rocket launcher systems have a timer in them. They are set to detonate at a specific time.

    For example, you launch the mine containing rockets so that they land behind the enemy lines thus scattering the mines. Then drive the enemy back so they have to trample the mines in their haste to get away.

    The Russians did this to the Chechen rebels in one instance.

  90. qrious

    "Unfortunately, the defence matters cannot be discussed in isolation, as these bores suggest."

    I don't think that I have read anyone suggesting you should discuss defence matters in isolation. If you want to discuss defence matters then more power to you. After all that is what this blog is for.

    On the other hand responding to LTTE supporters who come here to insult and wind up posters makes the blog as a whole suffer.

    And BTW, when you start slapping labels on people you will soon find yourself increasingly isolated in this blog. You can call be a "bore" all you want, I don't mind, but the more people you add to that childish list of yours the more you will find yourself isolated in this blog.

  91. "Like onece we did, we will not hesitate to invade Maldives and start our operation from their. "

    Idiot, who is "we"? The operation in the Maldives was purely mercenary, paid for by a Maldivian businessman as a front for India, and the mercs were all former TELO and TNA troops, not LTTE. Oh, and remember what happened to them? They had their arses handed to them by Indian Para Commandos.

  92. guys, great war pundits and war lords ,
    was there a air raid threat during the early hours of today? atround 0315hrs today the power was cut for approxmtly 25mins, during this time i heard jets flying. may be the pwer cut was just in Kotte,Battaramulla,Malabe area and the jets were a figment my imagination but few others had heard the jets too.
    any news on this?

  93. Boss,
    How you going to invade Maldives after being wiped out from SL? I assume you realize that all LTTE's heavy weapons and naval transports will be captured or destroyed by SL forces, so LTTE will have to swim to maldives i guess...from there wage a war against Maldivian forces with 100 cadres at the most (and win), set up a base there, then recruit new cadres (of course people will be very eager to join) then from there come back to SL and attack. And Indian and Sri Lankan Air Forces will just sit and wait while they do all this.

  94. Hello Bore No1 - GoldenEagle,

    You talked about my isolation; don't forget I have quite a few admirers here. That is why I took on you three, in a bold move.

    I recommended so many people to this blog and they enjoy it, in its current form. When they don't see anything new here, they complain that nothing is there; so, I encourage their stay with a bit of fun. What is the wrong with that? They won't contribute anything under a psudoname. But they are there. So, my looming isolation, as you predict, is just a pigment of imagination, fuelled by fantacy.

    Who started the quarell? You three. How dare you ask me to go to LNP. I don't know even what it is. That suggestion is outright offensive and dictatorial. Where do you think you live to say these thing to fellow bloggers.

    I don't even say these thing against Boss, despite being mauled by him all the time. Nor do I entertain any blatantly racist views against the Tamil community.

    Try to respect others bloke, if you want to be respected.

  95. DefenceNet

    whats happning in vaunia/mannar??? last night LTTE offensive?

  96. DefenceNet, Guys

    We were told recently about the arrival of top-level military team from Russia. It was also reported that President Putin had extended his full support for the elimination of the LTTE terrorism.

    How feasible is the arrival of their latest most powerful conventional weapon - the vaccum one ? It is the ideal one to suck up the 'rats' en masse from the holes.

    The gadget in action can be seen here.

    NB: The triple bores should not visit the link; boredom and excitement are two sides of the same coin.

  97. qrious

    LNP =

    As for the rest of your post(rambling) does not even deserve a response.

  98. qrious even though goldeneagle and illegal existence's comments might bore some of DN's more immature readers. the valid points they present interests the rest

  99. reuters :

    Sri Lanka fighting kills 34 Tamil Tiger rebels, a soldier

  100. PTI report:

    Sri Lankan government has said there is no plan at present to ban the LTTE, after it scrapped a six-year-old ceasefire agreement with the Tamil rebel outfit.

    "As of now we have not thought of banning the LTTE," Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama told reporters here yesterday.

    "The talk of a ban has been speculative," he added.

    Political observers had expected that the ban and the abrogation of the ceasefire pact would come about simultaneously, but the government as of now only chose to pull out of the truce agreement.

    "We are looking at several options," Bogollagama said without elaborating, when asked what the government planned to do if it did not want to ban the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) now.

    The Foreign Minister recalled President Mahinda Rajapakse's statement on December 26 in which he indicated the government's willingness for talks with the LTTE if it came to the negotiating table after laying down arms.

  101. report :

    PM’s Colombo visit dates not yet finalised

    B. Muralidhar Reddy

    COLOMBO: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will not participate in the 60th Independence Day celebrations of Sri Lanka on February 4, the island nation’s Foreign Minister, Rohitha Bogollagama, said here on Friday.

    Mr. Bogollagama clarified that though Sri Lanka had extended an invitation to Dr. Singh, the dates of his visit are yet to be worked out.

    The disclosure that the dates of Dr. Singh’s visit to the island nation have not yet been finalised was made a day after the Foreign Minister called the Indian High Commissioner Alok Prasad to inform him about the decision of Colombo to abrogate the 2002 Cease Fire Agreement.

    According to sources in the Sri Lanka Foreign Office, Mr. Prasad reportedly told the Minister that New Delhi was concerned about the current situation in the island nation and would like to see faster progress on a political package for the resolution of the ethnic conflict.

    A few weeks ago, the Minister told Parliament that Sri Lanka had invited Dr. Singh to be the chief guest of the function on February 4 marking the 60th Independence Day.

    If the dates are firmed up, it would be the first bilateral visit by an Indian Prime Minister in two decades.

    Dr. Singh is also expected to be in Sri Lanka this year as SAARC Chairman. The 14th summit of the SAARC Council of Ministers agreed at their 29th session in New Delhi last week to host the 15th summit in 2008 in Sri Lanka.

    Mr. Bogollagama said Colombo was in the process of holding consultations with member States of the SAARC on suitable dates for the 2008 Summit. He said: “We are looking at the possibility of holding the Summit in the middle of 2008. The Summit, originally scheduled to be held in Maldives, is of special significance to Sri Lanka as it would coincide with its 60th Independence anniversary.”

  102. Patriot,

    It is not about what they say alone; they just can't stand other's view point or a bit of humour; they don't have a sense of humour. I can't change that; it is in the genetic make-up.

    The danger with boredom is, it is highly infectious; imagine a hall full of people and when one yawns, the domino effect sets in.

    These bores dared tell me to go to another blog; that is the whole point, thinking they are superior to others. On what grounds?

    Look how narrow-minded these bores are. He is telling me what LNP stands for. Is it a greatest site on the web? I am exposed to sites that are much more versatile than that. The mere suggestion shows these bores are living like the proverbial frogs in the well: they just see a circle that is little wider than the very place they are in.

    An old European alchemist has discovered that the inability to live and let live, actually starts from the wrong alignment of the individual's testicles; that is why I asked to see a professional in that field for an urgetnt-checkup.

  103. Xinhua

    COLOMBO, Jan. 5 -- Government troops destroyed several bunkers of rebel Tamil Tigers and killed at least six rebels, defense officials said Saturday.

    The bunkers belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were destroyed Saturday morning in northern Jaffna districts' Nagarkovil and Muhamalai areas, officials said.

    At least six rebel cadres were killed by the Army while four soldiers suffered injuries.

    In the northern Mannar district's Parappakandal and Adampan areas, a total of eight more LTTE bunkers were destroyed. At least three rebels were killed in the clashes which took place at around9 a.m. local time (0330 GMT), officials added.

    Meanwhile, the Army chief Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka visited the southern province's Yala national park Saturday morning to review the prevailing security situation there, officials said.

  104. qrious

    "It is not about what they say alone; they just can't stand other's view point or a bit of humour;"

    Thats not true. All I said was not to respond to the LTTE provocations in this blog, because if you do then the blog gets dragged into insult laden sparring match between LTTE loonies and the SL supporters. It ruins the blog for the rest of us who come here mainly to discuss defence matters.
    "He is telling me what LNP stands for."

    qrious you yourself said "How dare you ask me to go to LNP. I don't know even what it is." So I told you what LNP stands for; so you know what it is.

  105. qrious

    "I came across two more bores recently - GoldenEagle and Illegalexistance - who copy down stuff from the previously written articles, then dump here and want us to absorb them at their face value; then they must be congratulationg themselves on what they call a 'contribution' to the blog."

    I was the first one in this blog to mention about the Russian FOAB. I mentioned in this blog that we should try to get our hands on atleast one of them the very day the Russians carried out the FOAB test.

    You are just mentioning it now, I mentioned it over 2 months ago. So tell me now, who is really copying from who?

  106. qrious

    "An old European alchemist has discovered that the inability to live and let live, actually starts from the wrong alignment of the individual's testicles; that is why I asked to see a professional in that field for an urgetnt-checkup."

    Since you like to point out other people's grammatical errors in their posts, let me ask you..

    What is this "urgetnt-checkup" you keep talking about?

    Never heard of it. I know what an urgent checkup is but I never heard of an "urgetnt-checkup".

  107. times of india

    RAMESWARAM: A suspected agent of separatist outfit LTTE was arrested after a fight with a Tamil Nadu police when he was attempting to smuggle diesel for the banned Sri Lankan group at Mandapam.

    Mahendran, a native of Sivaganga District, was walking along the seashore with two cans of diesel when Sub-Inspector Ravi followed him on suspicion on Friday night, police sources said.

    Sensing trouble, Mahendran pulled out a sword and tried to attack the SI, who however, escaped unhurt, overpowered him and seized the sword and the diesel cans, they said.

    Investigation showed Mahendran was an LTTE agent smuggling essential commodities for the Sri Lankan militant group, said the sources.

    An attempt to murder case and an attempt to smuggle diesel for a banned organization had been filed against him. Mahendran was produced before a local court which remanded him to judicial custody for 15 days on Saturday, they said.

    In December last, two LTTE cadres and an associate of them were arrested in Chennai and investigations showed they were in India to buy boats for the outfit. Besides, five persons, from Ramanathapuram and Rameswaram were arrested on December 11 for allegedly trying to smuggle beedi bundles to Sri Lanka.

    The police, dealing with terrorists, has stepped up vigil in coastal districts of the state in view of reports about smuggling of fuel and essential commodities for LTTE which is engaged in fighting Sri Lankan security forces.

  108. OK WTF
    Guys there are someone impersonating me. His nick is The_BOSS, my nick is The Boss.

    The fake Boss wrote '
    Like onece we did, we will not hesitate to invade Maldives and start our operation from their...... ' post. I didnt write it.

    So spare me for these flame wars.

  109. GE has sprayed the forum with urine, so that he can mark his territory.
    GE - get a sense of humour and a life (seriously)....

    For those not convinced Mahinda, bro & Co are not into rampant corruption:

    Where did the money from the USD 500 million Presidential Tsunami relief go to? All traces of it has vanished since CBK left office.

    Whose responsibility is it under ? VP living in Vanni ?

    Why is Basil called Mr 10% ? Because he gives ten percent of his earning to charity or to the war effort ?

    Gotabaya bought Mig 27 double the price from those during CBKs time cause, 20 years old Migs have better paint job ?

    If there is nothing to it, why threaten Iqbal Athas ? Its all for fun right ?

  110. also note that his English is broken. Alot of grammar mistakes.

  111. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  112. GoldenEagle,

    You admitted your mistake; then I will put the whole thing behind me.

    With regard to that 'grammar mistake', as you put it, I would like to say that in English language, there is a room for words to be hyphanated to make them stand as nouns. I think, the issue was addressed. However, in antiquated English - what you see in the Ceylon Daily News and the likes - the interpretation could not be on the same wavelength. Choose your camp with caution.

    Hello, Boss, I regret if the Boss is immitating you; I had a verbal duel with him under the impression that it was you. So, he is there to embarass you.

    We are not the best buddies yet, but I may be of help, if you want to chase this intruder off.

  113. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  114. Defencenet, better ban the above joker. Note the underscore between "best" and "defence".

  115. GEagle-thanks for your input.I was thinking of what equipment we can afford to buy in order to explode buried mines..any ideas..

  116. Year 2008 does not look for the blog; I just saw a partial-end of one mess and the Attackisthebestdefence is about to start another, now.

    His description of himself and the family, does not correspond with his identity of being a Sinhalese. I don't understand why he is not proud of who he is.

    I have a feeling he is related to 'the Boss': at the very moment I extended my hand of friendship to my old foe, Boss, this guy branded me being an LTTE. This is called unhealthy coincidence.

    Your description of riots in 83 is also a bit topsy-turvy. I assume you did not take part in those ugly scenes, that made us reeling with shame, in the years to come. Majority of Sinalese despised those acts, and I am proud that you are one of them, as claimed by yourself.

    GoldenEagle, I came to know about the Russian special bomb, exactly the time period you did. However, the reason I raised it today is to see whether the supposedly-warming up relations between the countries pave the way for acquiring them. I did not claim any authenticity of reporting it or its origin. However, I know there are a lot of new bloggers who are not aware of it and I just did. Misunderstanding is regretted; I do not claim to be having any military knowledge nor do I have any ambition to have any. I love to hear it from professionals; since I have a strong physics background, I may delve into physics-related bits of it.

  117. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  118. My profound apologies to attack is the best defence. I did not notice the underscore and my old foe - Illegalexistance - did. Thanks for him as well.

    LTTE sympathisers are sly. The word cunning is too soft for them.

    They have been engaged in these activities well over 30 years now and whole world let alone the Tamil community, know how counter-productive they can be in the long-run. The outfit is now on its last legs and General Fonseka knows how to paralyze that too.

  119. srilankan,
    "GEagle-thanks for your input.I was thinking of what equipment we can afford to buy in order to explode buried mines..any ideas.."

    ive seen certain flareup items that gets used, that burns up the mines without explosion. it burns a hole right through the mine using the explosives inside the mine to burn the hole. I think that is the safest way yet.

  120. qurious, as I have said before, too many LTTE terrroist supporters have registered on to this blog...some pretending to be good SL citizens while talking bad about everything in SL and picking fights with other genuine fellow sri lankans and the "obvious" others.

  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. This comment has been removed by the author.

  123. Army to recruit 15,000 this year

    The army hopes to recruit 15,000 troops this year, following what it claimed was successful recruitment drives conducted last year even as the north east conflict escalated, Defence sources said

    "The army will launch its latest recruitment drive as soon as logistics were complete," a Defence official confirmed to the Daily Mirror and expressed optimism that future recruitment drives would be as successful as the ones last year.

    "Youth are joining the military due to the recent series of victories against the LTTE especially in the eastern region," the official said.

    He said nearly 30,000 youth joined the army during the recruitment drives conducted last year and were now undergoing comprehensive training.

    The latest recruitment drive comes even as the government said it would liberate the remaining areas held by the LTTE in the Wanni region this year. Meanwhile the Navy and Air force were also engaged in a major recruitment drive.

  124. grious,

    How do you know whoever this is a ltte sympathizer ?

    Someone here is bored to death and engaging in this childish deceptive activity (with the conduct of bore trio, it wouldn't surprising at all)

    Here we go with hocus pocus conclusions only lankans can come up with...... (sigh)

  125. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  126. Racist comments, impersonating comments and other comments related to the above have been deleted.

  127. And we would like to request all bloggers to stop the infighting.

  128. I was observing the LTTE supporters presence here for some time.

    I saw a clear distinct characteristic.

    The LTTE supporters are clearly show extreme ethnic hatred against Sinhalese. In the other hand, the vast majority is ONLY against LTTE and their ethnic hatred and violence, but accepts Tamils as their fellow Sri Lankans. I have hardly seen extreme ethnic hatred against Tamils. This is a very good characteristic of maturity in thinking.

  129. Defencenet,

    Thanks for deleting the comments by those elements who have an obvious agenda on behalf of the outfit.

    Yes, in-fighting must be stopped; I was engaged in it, know, in retrospect, how ugly it can get.

    So, please be tough on in-fighting and causes of in-fighting too.

    Let the opinion of all bloggers be respected; if they stem from extreme racial hatred - Sinhalese or Tamil - please delete them without any hesitation.

    And also, the moment you notice the arrival of impersanators, please delete them without a trace.

  130. qrious

    "You admitted your mistake; then I will put the whole thing behind me."

    What mistake? I stand by everything I told you before. If you still want to start fighting with the silly LTTE posters here, then I'll still tell you to go to LNP. Deal with it.

    Now go ahead and call me a "bore". Name calling is the best a childish person like you can do.

  131. qrious

    "With regard to that 'grammar mistake', as you put it, I would like to say that in English language, there is a room for words to be hyphanated to make them stand as nouns. I think, the issue was addressed. However, in antiquated English - what you see in the Ceylon Daily News and the likes - the interpretation could not be on the same wavelength. Choose your camp with caution."

    You came here picking on other people's incorrect grammar, so I pointed out your own spelling mistakes.


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