Tuesday, January 1, 2008

T.Maheshwaran shot dead

United National Party lawmaker T. Maheshwaran was shot dead by unidentified gunmen near the Shivam Kovil in Kotahena today (1st) at 10 A.M. Mr Maheshwaran who received critical gunshot wounds was rushed to the Colombo hospital. However he succumbed to his injuries approximately half an hour later. Another person who was with the parliamentarian at the time of shooting too has been seriously injured in the incident.

Update: 1 more civilian has been killed and 10 others have been wounded. 4 women and a child among the wounded.


  1. The guy who profited by smuggling weapons and supplies to the LTTE? Good riddance.

  2. Killing is not justified; he is a civilian.

    However, he made an unpatriotic mistake by taking a very hard line on behalf of RW and the rest who are hell bent on defeating the government for their own ends, to embarass the defence establishment, at a very difficult for the country, which made a lot of people to viem him in a very critical way. He found fault with the security forces but never raised a finger against the LTTE. That cannot be phrased as heroism or impartiality or political ethics.

    He has a right to raise the alarm if there were excesses against the Tamils, which in my opinion, was not the case. But he tried to make some political capital out of it; so, the stakes become high, inevitably.

    Going international is good for politics, but counter-productive in the long run. International agencies have their own agenda. They did not want to see the end of the conflict. On the contrary, let it ferment so that they can survive on the misfortunes of the millions.

    It is high time other parlimentarians also learn this uncomfortable truth and live the lives sensibly. This country belongs to all communities.

    Happy New Year to all Guys.

    May his departed soul be at rest!

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!

    on this story :

    army.lk is reporting :

    UNITED NATIONAL PARTY (UNP) Member of Parliament Mr. T.MAHESHWARAN was seriously injured and rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Colombo National hospital after suspected Tamil Tiger pistol men struck him while he was doing prayers in the Sivam kovil at Colombo KOTAHENA at about 10.00 a.m. today (Jan 01).

    The Parliamentarian succumbed to injuries after a major surgery, according to hospital sources.

    Nine more civilians, believed to be Hindu Prayers who have been hacked or with cut injuries were also admitted to the National Hospital, the same time.

    Preliminary investigations says that suspected Tigers have committed the crime, creating pandemonium inside the temple, most probably with a view to shifting the attention away from the murder of the MP.

    As this report was filed one more civilian injured in the incident died of his injuries.


    hacked ?

    defense.lk is reporting :
    two pictures of the MP in the Nation Hospital


    dailymirror.lk is reporting :

    Two dead, Twelve injured in Kotahena killing

    The UNP condemned the killing of its MP T. Maheswaran and claimed that the government solely responsible for the incident. UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake said that the government pruned MP Maheswaran’s security in order to kill him.

  4. This is sad since he is a civilian and pro tiger media may well use this to their maximum advantage in the foreign countries. This is very bad. Those things will never give any edge to the government and govt can't give any excuses for this as well .(This may be a thing done by the tiger intelligence but the way the scenes have been happening, the direct finger will be pointed out to the govt. ) Paramiliteries also shud understand that killing LTTE hierarchy..and the military is the most important thing not going for the voice of tigers such as sampandhan, raviraj mahaswaran or upulam. Every one knows that they directly support LTTE but since they are civilians living under the govt control , it's a clear sign that they depend on us so it's our duty to protect them. Other than thier big mouths, they have no significance in this conflict.
    SO again this is a very sad thing that might have bad impacts for the govt's war effort when the grup based attacks have decimated the LTTE FDLs.

  5. From a January 16, 2007 SPUR report,

    "It is widely reported in the Sri Lankan media today that the UNP MP T Maheswaran has been questioned by the CID about parts for an aeroplane found in a ship owned by him used to periodically ferry goods to Jaffna.

    It is reported that he obstructed the officers investigating this smuggling racket.

    There are also reports by COPE of the widespread corruption in many Government departments and corporations. One should also ask how a member of parliament was capable of paying US$ 36million (that is more than Rs 3.6 Billion) for this ship. Maheswaran now says that he only paid one million dollars for the ship. Who does he think he is taking for a ride? You cannot even get a decent piece of real estate in a prestige area in Melbourne for that kind of money. It will be interesting to ascertain whether this UNP MP had declared his assets correctly and had paid the right dues to the Commissioner of Income Tax who is working hard to broaden the tax base. Is this an LTTE ship bought with LTTE money? Maheswaran has also been accused of profiteering from transporting essential goods to Jaffna . He is accused of prioritising the transport of cement and kerosene to maximise profits whilst neglecting the transportation of essential goods such as rice and milk food for infants. If he has not paid his due taxes, how did Maheswaran generate this massive income to purchase a ship?

    Civilian, politician or otherwise, you collude with the LTTE, you don't deserve to be alive in Sri Lanka. There's nothing wrong with highlighting corruption or abuses within the government, but supporting the LTTE is unforgivable.

    Maheswaran crossed the line way too many times, and just like Kumar Ponnambalam, this is another passing Sri Lankans aren't going to mourn. We've been soft on such scum far too much for our own good.

  6. I guess it's the same thing happened to Lalith A.

    By reducing security, may be MR admin wanted to say "if you are against us, you risk your life (by LTTE)".

    As I remember Maheshwaran was a UNP MP. Atleast he was not with TNA. Probably this was done by LTTE and it is easy to put the responsibilty on GOSL as his security was reduced from 17 to 2 cops.

    What MR admin should really have done is using these tamil, non-LTTE politcians against LTTE in a effective way while protecting them; Not let LTTE kill them, due to their criticisms against MR admin.


    The handling of HR issues, international issues, local politics, economy and every thing is now making a negative contribution to a possible military victroy.

  7. Defencenet,

    Happy new year to you.

    Could you please give an update on the attack by the SLAF on LTTE training camps yesterday?

    It looks like a well-coordinated and prolonged attack.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. This is unfortunate. LTTE once tried to kill him. He escaped with injuries. But this time they got him. After the A9 closure his ships were always available for transporting goods to Jaffna. Actually the president praised his contributions in a recent cabinet meeting. That praise may have been his death warrant. And if he ever colluded with LTTE I doubt he did it willingly (I haven't seen any evidence connecting him to LTTE).

  9. Killing him at a time when his security has been reduced will bring very bad consequences to the government. This assasination could be the work of LTTE to bring the GOSL in to disrepute.
    But at the end of the day it's childish politics by GOSL.
    We have to be extremely careful not to help the LTTE to obtain the sympathy of the international community in this year in which the LTTE is facing annihilation.
    Small incidents like this will damage our reputation and the world will stop trusting us. When that happens it will be very costly & difficult to revert the waves.

  10. Thank God this son of a bitch is dead. The UNP held on to this asshole knowing full well he was in cahoots with the LTTE.

  11. Alleged Tamil gunman arrested on killing of UNP parliamentarian

    An alleged Tamil gunman was arrested today morning(January 01) following the assassination of UNP Colombo district parliamentarian and his body guard, at the Kotahena Sivam Kovil, defence sources reveal.

    The alleged gunman was wounded in return fire from a personal security officer of Mr. Maheswaran, Kotahena Police said. The suspect, identified as a resident at general area Gurunagar in Jaffna, is under close custody of Police and receiving treatment at the National hospital- Colombo, sources further added.

    More information will follow.

  12. If he was in Malaysia he would be long dead by now.

    All pro-LTTE politicians were systematically targeted by the LTTE later.

    Amirthalingam, Premadasa, CBK, Rajiv, etc. etc.

    Sending goods to jaffna is a sensitive issue. Also other business involving Jaffna. The ATLAS bus operator was killed a few years ago by the LTTE over a dispute.

    At this crucial moment if all food transporters to Jaffna (including potential transporters) can be gunned down, it would be fantastic for the LTTE. Whole jaffna peninsula will fall like Elephant Pass. LTTE has already asked all NGOs to leave Mulaitivu; they want to do the same to Mulaitivu.

    If anyone blames the govt. he is a utter fool. Amidst real trouble the govt. is going through, it is suicidal to do such a thing as killing a TAMIL OPPOSITION MP!!

    It was none other than the LTTE that attempted to kill him in March 2004. They waited for the right moment when their friend Mervyn played havoc to kill another victim.

    Lack of security is only a minor concern. Anura has survived with lack of security!!

    Had the government used provisions of the Prevention of Terrorism Act against the likes of Maheswaran, Ganeshan, etc. they would have survived in prison.

  13. Article from the HINDUSTAN TIMES

    Nilova Roy Chaudhury and agencies, Hindustan Times
    New Delhi, January 01, 2008

    More and more reports emanating from Sri Lanka are suggesting that Vellupillai Prabhakaran, head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), is injured and dying, or even dead.

    If these are correct, India can step into the peace process in Sri Lanka directly, a senior Indian diplomat said. Without its founder leader, the LTTE cannot survive, the diplomat added. With the LTTE out of the way, India would have no problems stepping in directly to try and resolve the island nation’s ethnic crisis.

    Aware of the fact that the world’s attention at the moment is focused on Pakistan, the Sri Lankan government has been quietly pressing ahead with its military solution to the ethnic problem. “The government (in Colombo) seems hell-bent on pursuing a military solution, with no attempts to come up with a credible devolution package,” a diplomatic source said. “The Lankan government is hoodwinking India by claiming that it is keen to devolve power.”

    If the LTTE were “de-fanged,” India could press for a “devolution package” for the Sri Lankan Tamil minority, sources said. “Awful human rights violations are taking place in the name of attacking the LTTE,” the source said.

    Indian officials said they can’t confirm reports that Prabhakaran had been injured or killed, as the Lankan authorities claimed. But “something is certainly up,” they said.

    A senior armed forces official said he would remain skeptical about claims of Prabhakaran’s end until he saw concrete evidence.

    “He has been killed off several times in the past,” the official said.

    Aware that India is caught in a piquant situation vis-à-vis the LTTE, Colombo has been pressing ahead with attacks on LTTE positions.

    According to reports emanating from Colombo, Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has said LTTE rebels would not be able to withstand the ongoing three-pronged attack on their strongholds in north Sri Lanka though they are putting up fierce resistance.

    “The LTTE would not be able to successfully resist troops on three different fronts,” Rajapaksa told The Island daily on Monday, even as he acknowledged that the rebels were putting up stiff resistance. The Sri Lankan armed forces were attacking the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Mannar, Vavuniya and Jaffna simultaneously, he said, with both sides using heavy weapons like artillery and multi-barrel rocket launchers. Government troops had done “exceptionally well” in the recent high intensity battles, though inclement weather was causing problems, said the Defence Secretary, who is Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s brother.

    He said he had made it very clear to the three service chiefs that the onus of bringing peace to the country was on them because only a military victory over the LTTE would ensure a peaceful settlement of the Tamil question.

    Sri Lanka’s army chief said the leader of the country’s Tamil Tiger rebels could be dead within six months and the military’s aim is to kill 10 rebels a day, a newspaper report said on Sunday. Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka was quoted by the state-run weekend paper Sunday Observer as saying the security forces have occupied Tamil Tiger forward defence lines and surrounded the northern rebel held Wanni rebel base.

    India is up to its old tricks again. I guess old habits die hard.

  14. GoldenEagle,

    We don't have to worry about what these journalists say. No Indian politician wants to get involved in our mess. By nature, their political life-span is very short; so, what really matters to them is their own survival. The security agencies may have their own agenda; but they are not saint too. It is wrong to assume our big neighbour as a united country. It is a divided country with fault lines criss-crossing at so many joints. It is a fragile structure of various races. The multitude of culture elipses even hinduism that is the dominant facet of the society. For instance, in Punjab, all speak Punjabi, but divided along religious lines - Sikhs and Hindus. Among Sikhs, a highly noble group of people, there are divisions along cast lines. The division between the South and North is alarmingly wide; they hate each other so much. There may be concerns in the defence establishment for strategic reasons, but I think they are aware of the old saying - once bitten twice shy.

    In short, it is no joke if someone says that India is united only while playing cricket and against Pakistan.

    I don't think our Giant Neighbour will burn its fingers again.

  15. India is a problem for any south Asian nation. they will never let other nations to grow up...

    they will put their dirty hards create more problem...I think India should stay away.. Remember they created the LTTE. Indira Gandhi breast feeded and provided funds/weapons to LTTE. Rajive Gandhi Provided Foods and Weapons..
    They Are Bastards..

    T. Maheswarana is a normal politician. but he is a PRO LTTE Man. like Mano Ganeshan. who is trying to leave the country..
    I hope Government is not involve this case...UNP and PRO LTTErs looking for Opportunity like this..

  16. defencenet,
    Reuters: "The police had arrested a person from Jaffna. One of (Maheshweran's) security personnel had fired at him, and he was also admitted to the hospital," said Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara

    UNP should not make any comments without facts it's harming the country as a whole..

  17. GoldenEagle,

    Something catches my eye from the hindustantimes article.

    Indian officials said they can’t confirm reports that Prabhakaran had been injured or killed, as the Lankan authorities claimed. But “something is certainly up,” they said.

    This means the Indians are also thinking that something happened to Velu too..

    May be RAW is busy investigating this.

  18. Loss of human life is always a tragedy. Maheshwaran lived amongst the Sinhalese and worked against them like a maggot. Do not forget that it was one of his ships that had a wing of a plane. Nothing serious happened in the so-called investigation. Who knows that he was supplying planes in parts to LTTE? In any case Sri Lanka is a better place today.

  19. We need to mourne the death of effective judicial process in Sri Lanka, which makes even moderate persons condone extra-judicial action as an acceptable alternative.

    Today we kill our enemies outside the law. Tommorrow it will be our friends. That's how most reasonable minded people are going to think.

    THere was a great need to pursue the evidence found when this guy's ship was intercepted. The system failed. A potential terrorist supporter continued to enjoy unprecedented systemic advantages while working against the very society that was feeding him. Today he is no more, no tears there, but his passing is just another step in the process of society's continued brutalization.

    That should concern all of us.

  20. Tropicalstorm i agree with you.however what we know is limited to info in the newspapers(re:investigation into arms smuggling)so we dont know what really happened.I hope Mr Maheshwaran was not killed By the LTTE.this does not mean that if he was found guilty of terrorism he should escape the law.Anyway we have a much more sadistic brutal enemy to fight.Lets make sure we keep our minds focussed on that issue right now.I hasten to add we have to devise ways to save these LTTE child cadres in future because they may be sources of vital info also.

  21. Death of UNP T. Maheswaran:

    His only "crime" to be born a Tamil in MR's criminal regime.

    He was known to be outside of this pro-LTTE/anti-LTTE debate.

    The emerging pattern in MR's criminal /thugs who commit these crimes is startling. They use public holidays and holy shrine to carry out their dirty deeds. It is the same regime that would show naked bodies in public in a Buddhist sacred city.

    Incidentally this dastardly crime was committed in colombo port high security zone.

    The regime wishes to remind everyone there is no sanctity left on the island. Those poor souls who are burdened to live in sri lanka, live at MR regimes mercy, that is the message.

    As I had warned earlier, criminal regimes like these need normal "innocent" people to feel such actions are justified with cock and bull justifications, a completely baseless rumour of helping LTTE or what have you. Hitler took over 1933 Germany through such a mindset.

    It was after all the same anti-ltte forces who earlier claimed Maheswaran was forced to vacate his Jaffna seat.

    Remember such rumors can be pegged on anyone, without any proof. Its just someone powerful who has to peg it on you.

    Going after a UNP MP signals that the MR regime now has the courage and readiness to go after bigger political members within the sinhala community to complete the dictatorship This is a bow shot for them, both JVP and UNP.

    Why would he ever target the sinhala community ?

    Didn't MR promise he wanted to finish off Tamil terrorism ?

    MR knows full he can't fulfill this promise. It is mainly due to economics, current world outlook (R2P), impending military stalemate, rise of world petroleum/natural resource prices and rise of a new cold war on the world stage. A lankan politician's promise is not worth the paper its written on. So before MR's true "empty" hand is revealed, he will want to have complete control of levers of power.

    This is why UNP members are scrambling for RWs security knowing full well what is in store. The regime wants to take out any and all potential threats for dictatorship. UNP with its backing from the West and India, it feels is at a break point. Use of the threat, coercion and bribery will crack the remaining members. India also has thrown its hopes with another force in lanka. For security reason, I will not elaborate any further on this.

    On the JVP front,
    Weerawansa and Amarasinghe were personally threatened and MI "intelligence" files on them relating to JVP insurrection were given a perusal by Mr. 10% Basil before the third reading of the budget.

    The message was clear, just like to the TNA mps whose relatives were abducted....

    There has also been a geopolitical realignment by the regime, taking sides with China, Pakistan, Iran, Russia axis which is squarely against the West. MR was completely humiliated at the UN general meeting in September. The West had shown its hand by giving firm refusal to meet with the head hancho and cold shoulders in general. MR had desperately tried to get a 10 min chit chat time allocation with President Bush at Waldorf Astoria during an informal gathering of the world leaders. That too was firm but poolitely refused. In the end the only important leader who was willing to meet with him was President of Iran.

    What to watch out for in the next few months, if things going according to plan for MR:

    *Trashing of CFA, banning of LTTE, dissolution of APRC.
    *Harsh new security measures via gazette notification may alternately involve dissolution of parliament and installation of martial law just like Pakistan.

  22. MR track record of personal double crossing should also be bared:

    Those who helped him (MR) and stood by his left and right shoulder during his elections campaigns have all been branded as traitors or caged up in his admin ,this includes his personal secretary Mr. Lalith Weerathunga who was humiliated into taking responsibility for the Pakistan fiasco at the Commonwealth.

  23. Does anyone know about an air-raid today's (1st) morning in SL that has virtually silenced all the LTTE communications?

  24. Upul

    “This is why UNP members are scrambling for RWs security knowing full well what is in store.”

    Because UNP knows how LTTE tried to bring Premadasa down by killing Lalith.

    Now it is evident to LTTE that they can’t fight MR militarily, now they trying to bring him down in other means.

    I have to say, it is stupid of them (MR govt.) to reduce security of these people.

    Once Anton Balasingham said: killing Rajive is a monumental blunder, I guess that’s what LTTE is now thinking about bringing MR into power (by not letting people to vote).

    Pease for sl

  25. SL

    I am not referring to micro-resolving each criminal act by the LTTE or other similar groups.

    This is a much beigger phenomenon, which has now become an entrenched part of our society. Rule-by-thuggery versus rule-of-law. It has been around for a long time and we've got used to it.

    I have no problem with Maheswaran's demise. These guys aggrandized themselves while glorifying terrorism. If anyone, these people deserve the fall-out as is happening. Those who sow the seeds of chaos usually reap the whirlwind.

    In combination with Merv the Perv's fiasco at Rupavahini and our society's temporarily exhilarated response in knee-jerk fashion, without any sustained effort towards forcing the govt to remedy the underlying causes which allow such behaviour by criminals who've acquired power is what I'm referring to.

    It is not enough that we beat the terrorists. It is more important that we do not become bestial in the process.

  26. "I have to say, it is stupid of them (MR govt.) to reduce security of these people."

    It would outwardly appear stupid, in the fight against LTTE, doing all this. But the intentions are obviously much sinister. Its threat not only to Tamils Mps but also Sinhalese MPs who attempt to cross the regimes path.

    MPs are caged into voting for MR, because his thugs have a compiled a dirty list of misdeed on each MP, used for black mailing.

    Maheshwaran was no friend of the LTTE, nor is Ranil.

    This impending war between the UNP and MR regime didn't just start with this. It included burning of Sunday leader, killing of UNP party candidates and other such nefarious activity.

  27. Many of Premadasa's tactics have been perfected by MR's crew.

    If LTTE tries to harm RW's UNP (an ally of the West) who it negotiated with, bringing the CFA, it knows very well it has no shot at Eelam.

    Hence such moves would be totally suicidal. There is no reasonable motive for LTTE to go against the UNP although both are also political enemies, since its the West that is also watching everything.

    LTTE is not after recognition from Sinhalese people or its politicians. It only needs acceptance of the IC (West) to accomplish its dream.

  28. Tropicalstorm,

    if rule by thuggery is an out of control manifestation, how come there was none during RW's time as PM ?

  29. Upul,

    Ha ha, you are back; I thought you have become a good boy in the new year with plenty of love and good wishes for us, the poor mortals.

    Upul, you talk about the rule of thuggery, by MR.

    Can you explain us - the blatantly ignorants - of the mode of governence by the LTTE? Is is democracy or rule of elders or something else?

    Is Vanni the uthopian homeland of Tamils? Can you tell us, with hand-on-heart, that the Tamils in this area live in total peace and serenity, if the noise of Kfir's is taken off?

    You are a man on impulse; just calm down a bit, Upul.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Upul

    “If LTTE tries to harm RW's UNP (an ally of the West) who it negotiated with, bringing the CFA, it knows very well it has no shot at Eelam.”

    Is that why LTTE brought MR into power?

    That’s why LTTE shot some people (like in the case of Lalith) not bombed them, so that stupid opposition in Sri lanka always point the finger at the govt.

  32. LTTE currently rules by committee. Its not a one man show as many of you misunderstand Till it reforms (to what degree acceptable to the West, I don't know) and has shown a path acceptable to the West, it and Tamil people won't get Eelam. That is also a reality.

    Vanni is not a utopian homeland, but it is building a framework that will likely be of a more strong footing than the sri lankan system.

    Sri Lanka's corrupt, inefficient, over sized, overburdened civil service is also another reason, the country will not float for long.

  33. Your comments are so putrid, illogical and childishly naive.

    Perhaps you should be discussing such wet-dreams with like minded wankers.

  34. Mind you Premadasa became unacceptable for the West. It is highly unlikely for LTTE to have gone after Lalith. Lalith had launched an impeachment move against Premadasa and therefore there is ample motive to suspect the government (that bears striking resemblance to MR) then. Surely LTTE would have wanted the impeachment move to succeed no ?

  35. The days when the tincan airforce would make a two way run are running out. As the landmass shrinks and the recent actions by the SL forces have now restricted safe corridors, the next tin can attack will be a one-way journey.

    Let's hope SLAF realizes that and readies for airborne kamikaze type attacks.

  36. Guys don't repond to Upul.

    He only succeeds in averting us from discussing real and important issues.

    He craves attention, don't give him that.

  37. If taking out VP will make India want to make a comeback to our war, then it worries me.

    I want VP dead, but I also don't want India to come into Lanka again.

  38. Upul

    “Mind you Premadasa became unacceptable for the West.”

    Is that why LTTE killed Premadasa?

    According to Rohan Gunaratne; Premadasa (Lucky Algama) cleaned most of the East (even Karuna had to leave the east), and most dangerously for LTTE he started a robust development program in the cleared areas. Through that he started to win the hearts and minds of the people in the east.

    So LTTE, by killing Lalith cleverly found a way to bring Premadasa to the streets to kill him.

    LTTE is trying a similar trick against MR (this time politically).

    By the way Lalith was killed way after Premadasa defeated the impeachment against him

  39. Oooh please! Dont let him waste space in the blog.Must accept different ideas, but publicly bullsh**ing must be baned. this is not the parliment.
    Passing the ball wont help any way. Must find a way to stop these killings, 'cause moderators (even though he smuggled some stuff to LTTE) must survive atlast in this game.

  40. Defencenet, there is a rumor that there was a successful decapitation air attack on the 31st.. any updates?

  41. "So LTTE, by killing Lalith cleverly found a way to bring Premadasa to the streets to kill him."

    Your point defies logic. How would killing of Lalith by LTTE suddenly bring Premadasa onto the streets. It would have made Premadasa fear his own safety. On the other hand if Premadasa did it, it gave him boisterous belief he had total command and control in the south.

  42. and hence was overconfident in marching on the streets.

  43. Yes the initial impeachment was defeated, but it was close shave for Premadasa and that made it clear it was real threat for him.

  44. I hope the world can open their eyes and see Sinhala Nazi brutalism.
    Yet another Tamil politician is murdered in the capital of Sri Lanka.

    All these western countries says LTTE should drop weapons and become a political force, yet this incident shows what kind of future it is for any political forces opposing the nazi regime.

    Pulikalin takam, tamileela tayakam.

  45. Sad to see such a good blog becoming infested. Strongly suggest moderation to keep unwanted away.

    Fellow bloggers, please do a favor and stop responding to these guys and waste blog space. Please let defencenet run the blog. Thank you.

  46. Guys don't repond to the LTTE supporters.

    They only succeeds in averting us from discussing real and important issues.

    They craves attention, don't give them that.

  47. GEagle i would not worry about india.Remember that it is the duty of a reporter to sell papers by creating doubt and uncertainity in people.Full marks to you for pointing out the fact that a blog which is supposed to be discussing defense issues is discussing issues related to 2 LTTE sympathisers instead- which has been highjacked by them.See how dangerous they are..Now you see the problem western govt are facing when you have a bevy of these guys knocking at their doors.

    Tropicalstorm-Iunderstand what you are saying perfectly well.However we need to bring some peace to our country first before we can handle thuggery.Dont for a moment think that i agree with thuggery.But sadly due to poverty and very bad leadership in the past(as a result of this "attha ussana " contagion when offered a f**k**g loaf of bread by a corrupt politico at election time).Moral(s)of story:Use brain at election time dont be a slave to a loaf of bread,help your own family members,help people who need help and dont try to Sc**w them simply because they may do better than you in life,help your country even i na small way etc..need i go on?.Sadly we have to first rid the country of this LTTE filth.

  48. TC..there is another idea in my head that has been bugging me for sometime.Ijust couldn't put it into words till now..re this nugegoda bomb blast.Now the Police/security inside the building told people to evacuate it.But some people instead of evacuating the building...and leaving their belongings behind decided to approach the counter (where the suspect parcel was) and collect their belongings before leaving the building?..does this mean that they preferred to save their belongings instead of their lives?.Now if it was me i would have run out of the building leaving my belongings behind.Someone please please correct me if i am wrong

  49. DN & all,

    Wish you all a Safe & happy New year 2008!

    May the triple jem & all the gods look over our forces (both overt & covert).

    A lot seems to be going on defenceNet the last month, keep up the great work DN.

    Guys lets again try to keep politics, racism out of this blog. 2008 will be a very important year for the Sri Lankan Military, state & people. So lets stick to defence matters.

    Let the poor tiger loonies howl...its natural to be hysterical when the end looms in the horizon.

  50. Bomb Blast in Colombo????

    Close to Trans Asia?????

  51. heard a loud sound like an explosion a few minutes ago and just received a call that there may have been a bomb explosion around the Kolpity area... Can anyone confirm????

  52. We heard some noice from Colombo.....

  53. Defencenet & guys,

    A bomb blast is reported in Slave Island. Anyone know who/what the target was?

  54. supposedly in the slave island area!!!

  55. A safe,happy and prosperous new year to all

  56. near gangaramaya temple was the last i heard... anything more guys???

  57. Happy New year everyone . Lets hope that 2008 will be the year in which we will be able to eradicate LTTE and will be able to make some interesting and informative discussions with out the interference of LTTE clowns. Lets hope that the sakkili infection that this valuable information resource has been suffering for some time will be over and lets hope that DN finds the proper vaccination for the viral infection pretty soon.
    The word NAZI is used for a party in Germany.
    Nazism or National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus) refers primarily to the ideology and practices of the Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler;

    If u r uneducated to understand this.... use this and see
    use some other creative words....

  58. Ada Derana says that the Police media mentioned that the bomb targeted a bus in the slave island area

  59. the bus have supposed to have carried some important military people.
    nothing confirmed but lotsa rumors are flying around...
    defence.lk is still quiet ????

  60. suicide attack @ an army bus Thats wut I heard!!!

  61. Please Lets ALL keep calm and pray that no one was injured.I hope DefenceNet will inform us as soon as they have some concrete info.this was only to be expected after the new yr celebrations.I dont think the forces are going to withdraw though.These idiots think that destroying a few concrete buildings is going to make the army withdraw.They are in for one big surprise!!!LOL!!

  62. A large bomb explosion took place at Slave Island this morning (January 02) at 9.35a.m. According to unconfirmed news sources, a bomb was triggered off targeting an Army bus.

    Casualty figures are yet to be confirmed. More information will follow.


  63. arge explosion at Slave Island - Colombo

    [January 02, 2008]

    A large bomb explosion took place at Slave Island this morning (January 02) at 9.35a.m. According to unconfirmed news sources, a bomb was triggered off targeting an Army bus.

    Casualty figures are yet to be confirmed. More information will follow.


  64. 22 injured according to news...
    the army bus was caught to the blast but seems like it's not a 100% successful hit...
    22 people are injured and taken to hospital... military personnel are among the list...
    all this was on broadcast on Max radio

  65. yes fm says 4 people are dead...over 20 injured


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