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Prabhakaran unlikely to be injured in air raid

Many Sri Lankans all over the world were in an upbeat mode on the 23rd of January when Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets raided a clandestine LTTE military base deep inside the jungles east of Iranamadu. Reason for the jubilant mode among the crowd were various reports (both military sources and public media) which suggested that the LTTE leader could have perished in the attack.

However latest intelligence reports suggest otherwise. According to them, the LTTE leader was not at X-Ray base when fighter jets raided it. Therefore it is highly unlikely that he suffered any injuries in the aforementioned air strike. The LTTE, however did not get away with a few destroyed buildings. X-Ray base was a top secret installation to which only senior cadres of the organization were allowed entry. According to our sources more than 20 LTTE cadres including 5 leaders (none of them top level leaders) of the outfit were killed in the attack. An unknown number of cadres including fighters from Imran Pandiyan regiment who were in charge of defense of the base, are said to be injured.


  1. guy called shyam talked about transporting kafir to colombo habour to send for the repairs..

    yes there is little truth in it.

    Those are not kafir's. Those are two MI24's in two large boxes. New from russia(not brand new). Send to rathmalana to assemble it on 22nd jan 2008 at about 0800hours from katunayake.

    srilankan air force never ever shipped aircrafts for a repairs. Only send the parts from air cargo.There are another three large boxes arrived same day in same flight but not send to rathmalana.I wounder what??????????

  2. 1000kg bunker buster bomb explosion make 3.3rekter scale earth quick with instantly killing anyone in first 500m (even in bunkers) and wounding,shocking,paralyzing or killing in next 500m.(based on introduction given by officer)

    Then think what can do with 24 bombs.

    I agree prabakaran may escaped but surly something huge happened.

  3. From previous thread:

    "Thats what u can say .. SLAF lost another kifir i think there is only 1 kifir left and the others are MIG 24 & 27 srilanka thinking about buying F7(Made by china) from China .. Not from USA ok"

    No Kfirs were seriously damaged in AA cannon fire. A MiG27 sustained some damage but was repaired. Currently there are 10 Kfirs and 7 MiG27 (1 out of 7 grounded pending maintenance) fighters in SLAF fleet.

    "so it is certain that tigers had their AA guns (mobile - may be)close to this area.

    but there is another hilarious part in your news item.


    almost all SLAF air raids (except those using gunships) are carried out on previously gathered information. Deviating from given coordinates cold result in destruction of civilian property and lives given the payload those fighters carry.

    "after hitting the designated target; they must be allowed to take ancillary targets as required, using the guns which are hardly used."

    strafing on ground targets is possible but to do this they would have to descend to lower levels/reduce speed. This can be dangerous against AA fire and most of all its not that effective against ground targets.

    "The offensive which made my SLA is repulsed and push em back to their earlier positions .3 dead and 9 wounded
    .. THE SLA moving ahead as they did in Jeyasikkuru "

    SLA is moving ahead employing a completely different strategy than the one they used in Operation Jayasikuru.

    "Defencenet will you continue to report ?
    please continue to report the truth !"

    We do not believe in suppressing information (by information we do not mean national secrets) so we would continue to report. We have never revealed any military secrets that puts national security in jeopardy and we never will. by the way we do not agree with media censorships. In this age people will find out one way or the other.

    "defensenet any info on the SLAF on the sea tiger camp?"
    It wa an accurate hit but there are no details of LTTE casualties yet. May take some time to come through ground based sources.

    "defensenet please update on the adampan. I believe we are very close."

    We are close but there is still a long way to go. The area is heavily mined. There are about 800m to the Adampan town center from current SLA positions and SLA wont rush it with the minefields and IEDs to avoid casualties.

  4. "I agree prabakaran may escaped but surly something huge happened."

    Definitely something big happened. This raid did more damage to LTTE than last 10 raids combined.

  5. "SLA is moving ahead employing a completely different strategy than the one they used in Operation Jayasikuru."

    could you please elaborate, defencenet? what's the difference?


    After the attack all the phones in Kilinochhci area were switched off. They do not answer the phones. A-9 road was closed. Black flags had been hoisted in some places. We have evidence that a powerful person was caught up. But we have no evidence whether that it was Prabhakaran. I do not say that he’s not alive. But he’s living like a dead man.

  7. Thank you defencenet.

    However, i still think we must attack (by available means) tiger AA guns.

    our 16 planes are very valuable and precious and any threats to these must be handled aggressively.

    the power of 24 bombs is definetely BIG but NOT effective as the objective was not met.

    defencenet will answer your question. pending that.....

    the jayasikuru operation was launched to liberate the A9 road and adjoining area. although A9 road is economically, politically important, when it is closed, it is not strategically important. the jayasikuru operation concentrated on LENGTH and not so much on WIDTH.

    (1)the present operation is about width/depth as well; therefore the present operation is slower. did we lost any ground (so far) in areas that were liberated? NO. this is because of the width/depth apporoach. it is more important to attack locations important to tigers militarily than capturing roads, etc. important during peace times.

    (2)anyway the longer the operation takes, the more will be tiger casualties. this is the other difference.

    (3)also if mannar and mulaitivu can be captured, tigers will be further cut-off from their supplies. in jayasikuru op. this did not happen.

    (4) the present op. is well backed up by the SLAF and SLN. they attack LTTE strategy making places and training bases exhasting the terror group of these two vital sources. the jayasikuru op. was completely different. although in my opinion, the SLAF help for SLA in active battles is very very low. this is a possible area of improvement.

    (5) during jayasikuru time, tigers had access to eastern jungles, manpower sources, beaches, etc. now they don't have. i vaguely remember a Zimbabwe/Israeli ship carrying a large stock of mortars for the SLA was diverted by the LTTE in 1997/8 to their ports!!! i don't know whether the ship berthed anywhere or unloaded its deadly cargo. now the tigers cannot do that unless they land an arms shipment along the mulaitivu coast in which case it will be easily spotted and destroyed.

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  9. Thank you Moshe Dyan for you clarification.

    Still, since i'm anything but an expert on military matters, i have a few problems understanding the terminology. what do you mean by "length/wide/depth", for example?

    I remember to have read once that Jayasikuru was a "tacticly complex" operation, in which the SLA tried to outmaneuver the ltte, and not a "schock and awe" type of strategy in which the enemy would be overrun in a few weeks or so. In fact, i remember that someone dubbed it the "longest offensive in military history" (i can look up the link, if you like)
    - indeed it lasted more than a year, right?

    Therefore, I do not see much of a difference to Jayasikuru in the current operation. Both were "slow" and "cautious".

  10. yes slow and cautious, but the jayasikuru op. was abit faster, for instance it did not take so long to capture ares to the periphery of A9. it lasted for 2-3 years(???) becuase it captures a large extent of the A9 road, much larger than ever before (or after).

    tigers (more) willingly withdrew in jayasikuru as they knew what to come; this time they know if the SLA penetrates any of the 4 FDLs, they are finish. where can they run to?

    you may agree to other other reasons i gave.

    the width/depth is about the area of focus. in jayasikuru, SLA was not concerned about for example, mulaitivu, puthukudurippu, adampan. it was mainly ALONG A9 and its adjoining areas. now, the whole FDL is being redrafted across a wide area.

    another point i may add, the present operation has 4 geographically seperate front. though the mannar front is the most active, the others keep up the pressure and tigers and their limited stock of arti. are divided among these 4 (not to mention the 'middle' which is banged by the SLAF as never before!!)

    in fact the SL is in where tigers were in 1999. tigers are too far stretched and cannot handle 4 fronts simultaneously. things will be highly exciting when the welioya front hots up even further and the vavuniya and muhamalai fronts also start firing!!

    tigers are getting a dose of thier own medicine this time (which they gave the SLA in 1999-2000).

    who was stretched then? and who is stretched now?

  11. tth,
    "could you please elaborate, defencenet? what's the difference?"

    Well we see that moshe already did a wonderful job on that. Basically the group based attacks which play a primary role in current operations were seldom used in Jayasikuru. Also attention was not paid to multiple fronts. It was one unplanned troop movement.
    Besides the Jayasikuru was a politically motivated operation that was rushed to meet political objectives. In the end it turned out to be the most disastrous operation ever for the SLA.

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  13. I dont think VP is in India. He could be in another country or dead or still mingling among civilians in Vanni... get him guys!
    shoot him at site. Post mortem recommended to veryfy his identity. No war tribunals for him.

  14. [Definitely something big happened. This raid did more damage to LTTE than last 10 raids combined.]

    Is it possible that their takaran planes got hit? I can see two LTTE air-strips through google maps in this area.

  15. hi guys,
    as per the latest int..this MAY be the end of so called LTTE AF..theres nothing to hide.what is the most valuble to LTTE than there leaders..that thing has been lost.not all,,, may be one or two.still they never allowed any civilians entering in to Xray
    matara ayya,
    As i said earlier VP safe..still RAW is better than ours when it comes to VP matters.not like us they have direct entries to the vanni.
    only thing i can say in this blog is 100% he is indjured an he need medical support,,even few TN leaderes invite him TN.but he refused.
    VP is in srilanka,he never ever wanting to go anywhere..dont underestimate this buger he's ruthless.
    i personaly thinks we have to stop talking about current opertions too much here cause there are so many "shyamms" machang.

    Shyamms freind,
    now you have only two..what you going to do with two..i mean !!!!!!

  16. Defencenet

    it is nice to know you will continue blogging :)

  17. lkdood-
    Are you living in this borough? if so worth writing to council about terror

  18. No let up in military offensive against LTTE: Rajapakse


  19. The LTTE bitches are doing a witch-hunt in Vanni Tech and took away about 10 students saying they are for a special assignment. As the rumors, some ex PLOTE cadres who were involved in intelligence work for LTTE also have been brought to this team. They all have been falsely suspected to have passed info to the GOSL. They have been taken through jungle routes to Kebithigollewa and handed over to another LTTE agent in Kebithigollewa.. then they were feared executed by this LTTE agent.

    Now now most of the LTTE gatherings in Mullative has been at night. People are afraid to get out after dark, as LTTE suspect everyone as spies. No mobile phones or telephones for civilian use -all have been banned. Having caught with a recently used mobile phone means sure death.

    One has been told that LTTE has access to any telephone bill/account from Colombo of any telephone operative company. So, people are too scared to touch a phone even. Still there are dare devils in Mullative who wants to pass info of LTTE scumbags. They want the government to publish totally secure telephone accounts, so that they can call and pass necessary info about LTTE. People in Vanni are too tired of LTTE, and want them to be finished off. Despite LTTE's info restrictions and brain-washing, people have heard about how LTTE has been beaten in the East and the good life they enjoy without LTTE. They want the same thing happened in Vanni too.

  20. perein

    i don't live in that area

    It is an area that has lot of Sri lankan tamils & i have few friends living in that area also

    i don't think the council will take any action

    'The commemoration was kept under wraps until the two days ago for fear of police action or the event being reported to the authorities by the Tamil public which has become tired of the LTTE's constant demands for money and support for their events.'

    i think the police are aware of this event

    just 1 hour 2 go till the event

    i will post if i hear anything

  21. lkdood-
    It's a small theater and capacity would be around 100 max (if they are lucky).
    I think by writting to council could be able to stop the future events like that.
    However I do not think this area has too many tamils compared to Eastham or Wembly etc.

  22. I feel that it is not impotant to imagine Prabakaran's dead. What we want to achive is that Terrorism free Sri Lanka. Prabakaran's ticket for the hell would definitely delivered by the army, if it is still not delivered.
    What is the important in this X-base attack is that, LTTE has accepted that 25 acres land destroyed due to the attcak. That is very good point. When Americans hit Hiroshima that guided to end of world war. If this kind of unimaginable thing happen to the enemy, it would definitely guide us to success. So...long live Sri Lankan forces. SRI LANKA - TERRORISM FREE LAND.

  23. A war memorial will be unveiled for the indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives in fighting the LTTE terrorists.

    We should be grateful fo the Indian people.

  24. as pointed out by Maha,

    The attack could be targetted on LTTE air wing assets and key personal. Pls note this location is close to suspected Iranamadu runaway where it has been beleived to be one of the locations which Tincan planes are hidden inside.

  25. The attack could be targetted on LTTE air wing assets and key personal. Pls note this location is close to suspected Iranamadu runaway where it has been beleived to be one of the locations which Tincan planes are hidden inside.

    What suspected runaway. Use this link to see it yourself.


  26. Patriots:

    Here’s more proof of the UN’s “fifth column” operating to bail-out the LTTE motherfcukers who are today on the road to extinction:

    News item 1:

    News item 2:

    Now here’s the more worrisome sequel to the above:

    What infuriates me is how GOSL fails to capitalize on this type of discovery to discredit the HIGLY CORRUPT UNO which is trying its best to open a “Human Rights Monitoring” office in Sri Lanka…which in other words is the attempt to partition Sri Lanka like Cypress and give LTTE the “thamileelam” on a platter. Obviously, elements of the UNO have been “bought over” by the LTTE’s vast money, but so far GOSL has done little to highlight such evidence to the International Community - with all due wide publicity!

    Aha, GOSL certainly have a few ropes to learn about the counter-propaganda/publicity management science yet and I have been advocating that it hires a reputable law/publicist firm from abroad (many such good ones are found here in NY staffed by eminent lawyers, ex-senators, etc.) to do the job (which pathetically our GOSL bureaucrats are repeatedly proving inept at doing).

    OaO asithri

  27. Looks like the government has purchased an advanced radar system from Canada. I didn't see any reports about it in any local media. Seems to be a really good one too. If it works as the news report says it does, we could all but cripple the LTTE's arms smuggling operations.

    "Raytheon Canada officials are hoping the sale of advanced high-frequency, surface-wave radar (HFSWR) systems to Sri Lanka for maritime surveillance, as well as new research on a next-generation system, will rekindle the Canadian military’s interest in the technology.

    Raytheon and the Canadian Forces developed the radar system to track small boats and aircraft out to 200 kilometers. But concerns the technology would interfere with civilian communications prompted Canada to shelve the 43 million Canadian dollar ($42 million) program.

    Those concerns, however, didn’t stop Sri Lanka from purchasing the system, although Raytheon is not providing many details. “It’s technology that works,” said Denny Roberts, vice president of Raytheon Canada.

    He said the company is now marketing the system to other nations. But Raytheon is hoping the Sri Lankan purchase will show the Canadian Forces that HFSWR is a system that can be a valuable surveillance tool.

    Canada canceled the program in fall 2006 after determining it could interfere with high-frequency civilian communications. International and domestic Canadian telecommunications regulations limit the use of the high-frequency band for radars, and the systems would have had to be shut down if they interfered with commercial communications, military officials said.

    The Canadian Forces decided to continue operating two experimental sites on the east coast, but military officials now say those have been shut down. Canadian Navy Cmdr. James Day, a director of maritime requirements, said the future of the project is being “reviewed at the highest levels. At this point in time, we’re not employing the sites to do surveillance off the coasts.”

    Day said he couldn’t speak about Sri Lanka’s purchase, but noted that Canada could not simply ignore international and domestic telecommunications regulations and continue to operate the radars.
    “The actual requirement is for persistent active surveillance of the maritime approaches, and whether that is done by HF or by some other means are things we have to look at,” Day said. “However, we can’t all focus in on one tool that may be the silver bullet. At this point in time, because of regulatory issues, we can’t make that silver bullet come to fruition.”

    The telecommunications regulatory problems surrounding the system arose after the government received one complaint from a member of the public. Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), the military’s science branch, expects to launch a technology demonstration program in the coming months to deal with the issue of the high-frequency signal interfering with civilian communications.

    The government had planned to spend 43 million Canadian dollars to build a series of HFSWR sites on the east and west coasts to monitor the maritime approaches out to 200 nautical miles. Canada had committed to installing up to seven of the new radars by 2008 in a major effort to improve homeland security.

    HFSWR is unique in that it can track objects at much greater ranges than conventional line-of-sight microwave radars. The radar transmits high-frequency waves that follow the curvature of the Earth to detect and track targets hundreds of kilometers beyond the horizon. It uses the ocean as a conducting surface to increase its range.

    Microwave radars are restricted to distances defined by the line of sight or the horizon, with detection not much beyond 30 nautical miles. For surveillance of surface vessels and low-flying aircraft beyond that range, the only alternative up to now has been to operate shipboard and airborne radars, but the cost of 24-hour surveillance is not practical.

    Work on the radar has been ongoing since the late 1980s at DRDC and Raytheon Canada, Waterloo, Ontario. In 1996, DRDC and Raytheon Canada developed two radar test sites in Newfoundland on the east coast.
    Surface-wave radar was used by the British military to a limited extent during World War II, but advances in computer technology have greatly improved the concept.
    The Canadian radar sites were to be used to track suspicious vessels approaching North America, with Aurora maritime patrol aircraft providing a more detailed look at such ships.

    The range of HFSWR was affected at times by wind and high sea states as well as other atmospheric conditions. On some days, the radar’s range would reach the 200-mile limit, while on others it would not go much farther than 50 miles. Still, military officials were happy with the system’s performance, noting that it was a unique radar.

    Military officials also have noted that tests have shown the system can successfully track an aircraft about the size of a Beech King Air, a small twin-engine passenger plane with a span of about 18 meters.

    Defencenet, do you have any info about this? Is it operational yet?

  28. Here's an excellent article about the CFA and the de-proscription of the LTTE:

    (after a long time that I saw a well articulated analysis such as this)

    Happy reading…

    OaO Asithri

  29. And here's the link

    Looks like it's gonna be time for the Navy to kick some more LTTE ass.

  30. IE-

    Good stuff man...thanks for this exciting news. Hope Raytheon in Canada is ready for protests/criticism from LTTE SWETs/WEPTs living in Canada and that RCMP has been alerted to spot and apprehend LTTE undercover agents.

    If this is true, then kudos to the present Conservative Govt. of Canada as I believe had it been the former Liberal Govt. of Canada, this sale would not have happened (as the Liberal MPs were always greedily and hypocritically sucking up to the WEPTs/SWETs votes in Canada).

    OaO Asithri

  31. "Looks like it's gonna be time for the Navy to kick some more LTTE ass."

    Agree...looks like more contributions from the SWETs/WEPTs are going to sink to the bottom of the deep blue Indian Ocean soon!


    OaO Asithri

  32. IE,

    Thanks for the news...

    As usual India won't be HAPPY...

  33. R*fard&C*ble,

    Thanks for the info..What do you know about the fate of Velu in Vanni?

    Any updates on that?

    Enlighten us please.

  34. Out of topic,

    Can't the GOSL send skilled labourers to USA.?

  35. Thanks Asithri for the CFA article - great stuff.


    there are a few more POSSIBLE ones ..
    9 29 / 80 28 (directly north from the main runway)

    9 14 / 80 29 (directly south from the main runway)

    the fact that all 3 are along longitude +80 always puzzeled me. any views, anyone???

    but these sat. images relate to 2005/6. they are not updated and will not be updated for a few more years.

    there are a very few real time imaging services; i don't think available for SL.

    a satellite would cost about one tenth of the defence budget if it piggybacks on a "free" or "low cost" journey to space by some country launching sat.s The possiblity of a generous offer must be considered; who knows even the most stingy nation can have a bit of genorosity for a little island. malaysia used military contracts to get the russians to send the fist malay to space. though we don't have the bargaining power, nothing wrong in exploring.

    last week india sent an israeli sta. into space. some called it a strange alliance.

  36. IE,

    Good find on the Canadian radar system but I just wish that info wasn't in the public domain because that's exactly the type of info that we don't want publicised.

    I do have a couple of questions though. The very last para in the original article says that it "could even track a Beech King Air". Now does this mean that this is the smallest aircraft this system can track? Zlin's are way smaller!! Or are the SLDFs purchasing this system purely for maritime purposes?

    Does this purchase mean that the MOD is thinking about covering the sea approach when the LTTE aircraft do attack again?


    Tamilnet claims 15 SLA dead..An LRRP team defeated...

    May be Defencenet can help us on this...



  40. It is unfortunate that news about the Canadian Raytheon radar has made it to the public domain. India has vetoed numerous attempts by GOSL to acquire air defence radar systems from countries other than India. Instead India has sold Sri Lanka a first generation air defence radar made by BEL, a Govt of India owned company. The Czech Republic, the source of orgin of the LTTE planes, had previously offered to set-up an anti-aircraft missile system and provide training to SL personnel, apparently motivated by moral reasons, but that too was vetoed by India.

    "Evasion of Radars. A lot of debate has taken place on the efficacy of the Radar provided by India. Some in Sri Lanka were quick to blame the Indian Radar for the failure to detect the incoming raid by low flying aircraft. It may be recalled that India supplied the Indra series of Radar (produced by Bharat Electronics Limited), which is still in use both by its own Army and the Air Force.

    The press in Sri Lanka have gone to the extent of suggesting that Indra was supplied to prevent the entry of Chinese who were ready to supply 3D Radar to Sri Lanka at a competitive cost. The hostile amongst them have even suggested that the only good thing that the Sri Lankans received was Budhism some 2500 years ago! The fact of the matter is that if the Sri Lankans wanted 3D radar it was also available from India. It is quite clear that the assessment was that 2D radar was sufficient to provide advance warning of the type of aircraft that was in LTTE possession at the time of threat evaluation. The 3D radars definitely have the advantage of providing height information, which the 2D radars are not designed for.

    The detection by any Radar is a matter of physics and is dependent on design factors. As a rule the lower the aircraft, the shorter is the detection range due to the curvature of the earth. In addition to specially designed Radars for detection of low flying aircraft, Air Early Warning and Control System aircraft (AWACS) or an Air Early Warning (AEW) aircraft (minus the control architecture required for control of Fighter aircraft). By no means is it suggested that Sri Lankan Air Force should equip itself with such advanced expensive systems just to tackle a few small aircraft of the LTTE. However it needs to be borne in mind that it is to overcome this limitation that Air Forces with out the AWACS/AEW capability always resort to establishment of Mobile Observation Posts (MOPs) to enhance the reaction at the base. Tiers of MOPs would provide the direction and quantum of threat to the components of Air defence system."

  41. defencenet will probably say:
    No LRRP team has been defeated because I, defencenet, get my reliable information from SL informants. ROFL

  42. illegal.existence

    The purchase of this HFSWR radar could change everything. What a wise purchase this has been on our part.

    Hopefully this radar will work as good as it is advertised. This radar could make us totally aware of whats happening in our seas.

  43. "Tamilnet claims 15 SLA dead..An LRRP team defeated...
    May be Defencenet can help us on this..."

    Real number of sla killed is around 4. And no more than 10 are wounded. 3 of camouflaged LTTE bunkers have been destroyed.

    "defencenet will probably say:
    No LRRP team has been defeated because I, defencenet, get my reliable information from SL informants. ROFL"

    Once again it's funny to see people blaming DefenceNet for publishing actual casualty figures whenever 'their side' is at the receiving end. But we have seen the very same people quote our articles to show that 'their side' is winning whenever we revealed a setback by 'the other side'. If anyone wants to see casualty figures beneficial to their side, we suggest they stick to the official propaganda mouthpiece of 'their side'.

    By the way, how can the team be 'defeated'? Tigers SAW some LRRP units and that's a victory? (When yo ucome to think of it, yes that IS a victory.)

    "Defencenet, do you have any info about this? Is it operational yet?"

    no its not operational yet. There are some hurdles to its implementation. If they are overcome, hopefully the SLN will be more effective in limiting LTTE arms smuggling.

  44. @defencenet

    Don't worry about buggers like boss.. u r doing a great job. keep it up....

  45. @ defencenet

    If u know pl tell me what sort of aircrafts SLAF is going to buy from ukrain,rusia and china?

    I only can confirm two mi24's here.

  46. matara ayiya,
    "If u know pl tell me what sort of aircrafts SLAF is going to buy from ukrain,rusia and china?

    I only can confirm two mi24's here."

    Three Mi-35M s will be purchased and several others already in SLAF fleet will be overhauled.

    No confirmation on Mig29 deal and most likely it wont happen.

  47. One of the biggest factors that Sri Lanka has to combat is the Tamilnadu elements that support LTTE materially. Eventhough the Central Government of India has withdrawn all the support to LTTE, DMK, Tamilnadu Chief Minister and several other Tamil Devil Parties in Tamilnadu are materially supporting LTTE. They provide shelter, arms and explosives to LTTE. The Police in Tamilnadu usually are teethless to combat them, as both the "nadu and badu are both belonging to thieves".

    Nedumaran donating millions of Rs worth Disposable Anti Tank RPGs to Prabhakaran in the recent times is one of the open violations of Indian law that has gone un-punished.

    "Official sources also revealed that at least 200 industrial units in Coimbatore that had remained closed for a considerable period of time had suddenly resumed activity recently. These were searched for any illicit production, the officials said." -AFP

    Since most of the arm ships have been destroyed by Navy, LTTE's main supply source is India. Bicycle Balls, C-4 explosives, TNT, Mortars, RPGs, 7.62 MM bullets come to India via sea routes.

    The recent Navy installation of Sea Defence System around Kachchathivu is a barrier to this smuggling. This is why Tamilnadu fisherman have been led to carry out protests on the guidance of LTTE. What usually happens is, the large Indian trawlers bring weapons/explosives and release to the sea on small quantities on submerged state. LTTE manned fishing boats picks them up and hide inside false bottoms in their fishing boats, and bring to the shores. Navy is not capable of checking all the fishing boats one by one.

    The Indian fishing boats encroach Sri Lankan seas, just to keep the normalcy of this activity. Not all the trawlers bring weapons. But their duty is to encroach the seas and maintain the state constantly in order to provide cover for the actual smuggling boats. This situation should be effectively countered.

  48. noltte=peace

    Remember we discussed ASW and Mine warfare by the Navy before?

    As an Island nation SL needs to use the sea more effectively as a defensive barrier. Naval mine warfare in the Navy's blood, some of the first boats during the WW2 times (R.Cy.Navy then) were ocean & coastal minesweepers.

    With SL strategic maritime importance we need to guard our harbors and shipping lanes. Mines are good defensive weapons and it would be devastating for SL if they were used against SL effectively, thus we need to master mine laying and counter mine warfare.

    We stressed the need for the navy to improve their ASW & MW skills and hardware.

  49. This Shyam is a much bigger joker than BOSS.

    BOSS is completely insane from the first appearence.

    Shaym is worse, from the first look he doesn't look insane, but post after post he turns up to be a much bigger joker.

    I highly reccomend Shaym to revist and educate on the history for last 30 years and you need lot of study on Military technology and tactics.
    This guy is a typical brain washed LTTE supporter.

  50. strict surveillance and strict punishment for crossing the maritime border, strict action, will get those indian fisherman who is getting bribes, to be very afraid as they reach Sri Lankan waters. They will not dare to enter the sri lankan MBL because once they understand the SL Navy will take tough measures to protect its country from smugglers and invaders. That will shut them up as well as..mines that will protect our waters from these fisherman lol

  51. Abhaya ,

    Don't talk about srilankan Tactics ok.. they never had a strategy level plans before they just fight with out a plan... even now also they don't have a plan to vipe all the LTTE they try to occupy some land ok...u can find that from SARATHA FONSEKA's report to the media .. . try to know something tactics mean its totally suitable for VP(The HERO)...he withdraw from east and did 2 things gathered his soldiers for a big battle and step away from the peace talks......

    Another thing Military Technology..every new wepon is interduced by them... recently the used a AUTO TARGET AQUARING SYSTEM... ever heard about it lol..? Only a few country using it(USA, EU) ..discovered by USA ...THE LTTE used it in ANURADHAPURA BASE ATTACK(Operation ELLALAN) ...

    Even the multi Barrel is also interdused by LTTE but it can fire 20 rockets

  52. syam,
    No offense bu i didnt understand a word you just said.

  53. who is this new rat shayam... he he insult using a muslim name for an LTTE goon (Evryone can remember the katthankudi massacre where over 100 muslims were killed while they were praying in thier mosque... )
    This brat doesn't know to tell "jayasikiru" .. jeyasikkuru....wut is that.. is that a name of a tiger bitch who was roasted in a FDL in muhamalei or mukkamalei as TN say ....
    DEFENCENET is becoming a headache for dispora now as well as the most of the guys have found out that TN is becoming Alice in wonder land day by day...they tend to rely on sources like this.
    As far as u idiots like to dream SLAF has no kafirs or MIGs and the bombs that are searching the FAT UGLY pig's balls from the sky are unleashed by UFOs (coz even the aliens hate LTTE ) and all the latest weapons are descovered by the LTTE yes cool keep ur dreamz with u but don't shit here go and find a brothel like

  54. Police have seized 39,000 compact high protein food bars at a polce checkpoint at Madawachchiya. The country of origin is clearly shown in the photos: Norway.

    It is a good thing MR threw the rascals out and abbrogated the ceasefire. Norway was clearly playing a double game.

  55. high proteins won't help the dying bastards in the northern front this stock might be for the fat pig I guess

  56. Hey Guys,
    Please try to understand these "madayans" in correct way (the boss, upul, shyam...)

    They do not help LTTE or tamil people who live in north.
    These Madayans ultimate objective is to keep continue the war as long as possible until they get the
    citizenship from the country where they live now.
    They don't care even all the Tamils got killed (..they can
    gain a big land area when they back to SL).

    They are selfish.
    they want to make sinhalese angry and against the tamils by posting these kind of noncense and keep the war continue while they playing with prostitute in foreign countries.

    So let them to kill their Nation.

  57. Health official pressurizing police to release ‘high protein’ food stock!
    (LankaTruth: 27th January 2008 15:24 S.L.T )

    A senior female official of the Health Ministry is pressurizing Medawachchiya police to release the ‘high protein’ food that was apprehended last evening while being transported to Killinochchi in a container vehicle belonging to World Food Programme of the UNO.

    According to our sources this female official of the Health Ministry has telephoned the OIC of Medawachchiya Police regarding the consignment of ‘high protein’ food and has demanded that the container be released immediately claiming that it is a consignment of food belonging to Health Ministry.

    However, the police have not taken any measures to release the container. The food that the WFP had been transporting to Killinochchi is a kind of ‘high protein’ biscuits of the ‘PB 100 compact Fera Pheutical’ type.

    The percentage of the contents of a biscuit is:

    Weight % energy % Proteins 14.3 11
    Fat 31.0 53
    Carbohydrates 47.5 36

    These biscuits are usually used by the Deep Penetration Unit of the Army and the STF. According to investigations that have been carried out it has been revealed that two more containers of the same food stuff were to be sent to Killinochchi.

  58. Sham , Shyham whatever your name is ,it seems when you get excited your ability to communicate deteriorates.Was that Tamglish you were using before? LOL.
    Or did someone spike your vadai?

    All offense intended.

  59. Hey Buddy we care about tamils over there specially in the Colombo Area ...we scared of you ... we scared about if a situation comes up like 1983 massacre...

  60. Shyam..
    maybe its high time you came to sri lanka for a visit and see for yourself how many tamil people live well in colombo and kandy..
    so dont shoot your mouth every chance you get without knowing whats going on.. ofcourse its ok to contribute to the blog but dont go blabbering like you want people to get into slugfests.

  61. defensenet, can you shed some light about the "UN high protein biscuits to tigers apprehended!" it was being delivered by world food programme, which was stopped. The stock of ‘high protein’ biscuits was discovered when the police searched a vehicle belonging to WFP bearing Reg. No. WP-GK-5578, which was being driven to Killinochchi without any permission from the Ministry of Defense or from any other government authority. "

    Defensenet is this another INGO supporting tigers indirectly? I fail to believe these high protein biscuits are for innocent civilians. And can you shed some light on the female official of the health ministry for kilinochichi?

  62. Guys,

    Did you listen to Sarath Fonseka Thulawa dicussion; I listened twice, he knows the 'art of war' and he is very confident, those days we had people like Sarath Munasinghe who says this war can not be won, how can we win a war when the commanders like Sarath Munasinghe was in charge those days; bastards

    But Sarath Fonseka said almost every commander now in battle fronts are young / new guys with ability, not seniority

    I think this man has really transformed the army to a great extent, good example for other governement & private organisations

    "Iqbal Athas says 2 senior LTTE guys died after X ray base attack & 15 casualties" normally his remarks are trustworthy; except the MIG deal story where he was taken for ride by Ponna Mangala,

    I Saw at Rathmalana 3 similar Air Crafts flying at the same time, they looked like PT6 trainers, but grey & look new, does that mean we got new PT6 trainers or are they some other Air Crafts

    Sarath Fonseka said we got 100 new War Tanks in the dicussion

    According to RAW, VP is not harmed by the X ray attck, they have confirmed this to Indian Government

    Are Bunker busters made in Srilanka?

    Guys' You'll are great / Thanks defencenet for having a blog like this

    I think If we organised beeter, we could run a better Propoganda strategy for SL which beats Tamilnet, Guys think about it this is the time our country need are little bit as well

    Take care

  63. Ok shyam,

    let me explain where you are..

    Past (When MR came to power):
    All you people started tel, that "LTTE needed the war,
    thats why they help MR to come to the power,
    within 3 weeks time LTTE will capture Jaffna,
    LTTE is very strong in military and they will establish eelam soon,
    etc etc...."

    "Even you kill VP, you cant put the fullstop to LTTE,
    You can win the war but you cannot totally eleminate LTTE,
    Even though you totally eleminate LTTE you cant solve tamil people problems
    etc etc.."

    How will be the future comments of Madayans like you???

    Eventhough the situations change like this, your "Muttalthanam" is still same.

  64. LTTE targets top military officials?

    The LTTE this morning fired towards the Palaly airport just minutes before a group of top military officials were about to land, reports said. The helicopter was subsequently diverted to safety.

  65. Copy of what I posted on Defence Wire, for the Palay incident -

    This is not the first time this has happened is it ? Why does our Defence top brass all fly on the same aircraft? Its similar to putting all the eggs in one basket.

    What 'IF' the aircraft goes down due to hostile fire or technical fault we would be losing the Defence Secretary, Chief of Defence staff and the Army Commander all in one go. What a morale boaster would that be to the enemy ?

    A similar incident occurred when a Helicopter carrying defence top brass along with former dep. Defence Minister Anurudha Ratwathe crash landed in LTTE teritory. They managed to escape. The Tigers were later learnt to have quipped something to the effect of - "You had the prey in you mouth but you couldn't eat it"

  66. @sampath

    "I think If we organised beeter, we could run a better Propoganda strategy for SL which beats Tamilnet, Guys think about it this is the time our country need are little bit as well"

    yes u are right and i put my hand up as number one. Are u have big plans?

  67. Matara ayiya,

    Definetly we could come up with a plan, let me think over the week & share my ideas with you guys, so we could contribute to the national interests by telling the truth to the world

  68. @defencenet

    Don't worry about buggers like boss.. u r doing a great job. keep it up....

  69. Onecounrty mate, tigers idiots have 3 more runways on north of Iranamadu by the lake and a small one south southeast of Iranamadu and one near Mullaitivu by Padi...? I cant spell the darn name but, SLAF bomed it 3 weeks ago ! It doesnt show on Google now not yet ! Check my mate Cerno on Flickr, he's got the best Google earth images. Good Luck !

    Pound them SLA Pound the mutts in Wanni ! Hope ya got Pottu !


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