Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fighting escalates in Nagarkovil

Heavy fighting broke out between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) when the former launched a fresh limited operation targeting LTTE assets on the Nagarkovil forward defense line, today (30th) dawn.

map-4ca37aec7688 (2)

Soldiers of the army's 53rd division and 55th division moved ahead of their positions at around 12.00AM to launch a surprise attack on several LTTE bunkers on the front line. Their advance was backed by artillery fire and armored vehicles including T-55 main battle tanks (MBT). 35 bunkers in the FDL have been captured by the army. 20 bunkers out of the 35 are reported to be destroyed during battle. At least 10 LTTE cadres are confirmed to be killed and 10 SLA personnel too have been injured.

A large number of LTTE cadres who were manning defensive positions in the frontline pulled back to their second line of defense in the face of army advance. Troops are currently defusing mines and booby traps in the newly captured areas.

Update: Sri Lanka Air Force Kfir bombers raided an LTTE operations command center in Weddukadu, South of Muhamalai few hours after the SLA advance.


  1. I just heard in V FM news that, aymy captured Muhamale LTTE forward defence line and more than 30 LTTE carders were killed.

  2. ALL ABOARD! Next stop Elephant Pass.

  3. I feel that we should now march forward from all established front at once. My thought may not correct with ground realities, but what I know is that our military leadership will do it on their own way.

  4. Jiffy..
    the only real obstacles in the part of the army are mines and them coming within the range of artillary guns.. i am praying.. the airforce is helping them instead of polishing the planes.

  5. Defencenet, army website says Muhamale FDL also captured.

  6. b#1,
    "Defencenet, army website says Muhamale FDL also captured."
    Yes. parts of it.

  7. ***
    Decorations for National Day!!!

  8. Defencenet,

    Is this a limited OP to cause damage or also to hold to the captured FDL. It seems the LTTE has fallen back to 2nd FDL, can this be due a tactic. Muhamalei area is heavily trapped and the open land does not provide any protection.

  9. It would be wise to fit the new APCs and IFVs in the newly formed mechanized brigade with SLAT armor kits.

    SLAT armor can be produced locally. Dunno, why we are not doing it though.

  10. LTTE's first bunker line falls as Army foray terror defences in Jaffna


  11. TamilNet
    Brothers and sisters of Eelam, you have a chance this 4th of February to come and show your support for your ethnically pure soon-to-be existant homeland, Eelam. Activists of the LTTE will be holding an anti-Sri Lanka demonstration in front of the official residence of the British Prime Minister on this day.

  12. sri Lanka

    another Tamilnet
    LOL ! is different to

    i think is a fake site

    real tamilnet is

  13. If only 10 LTTE caders were killed SLA's objective was not met. LTTE save life and withdraw only to fight more prepared on tomorrow. So now LTTE prefer withdraw to fighting for land. Also SLA should expect 'surprise' attack on new FDLs. It's true we need capture whole missing area, but doing that without killing the bugs means SLA have to live with bugs and fight later which is not cool. Also I don't think it is a good idea to march towards EPS at this time. I can't see any clear advantage to SLA militarywise, apart from gevernment can sell such a victory to public and survive another few months with high COL or go for election. If SLA target poonaryn atleast risk for Jaffna will reduce. I guess it is almost impractical do that from Palai side, so that's why SLA going through Mannar, longer root.

  14. Very interesting, I cannot wait until I can understand the strategy behind this move by SLA. I have a feeling this can be beyond "Busting Bunkers". And the next interesting is that SLA overwhelmed the LTTE with this surprise attacke. You can say this was a surprise attack, but soldiers stationed in a critical front are used for surprise attack. This we saw in previous time when SLA advanced the LTTE retaliated well. Definietly LTTE must be expecting intrusuion and agression along the Muhamalei FDL. Given that they had to run. Is this an indication that the LTTE cannot face many fronts or are they on a demoralized state. Probably their leaders and experienced caders, whom are naturally vigilant and has morale might be hiding in the deep.

    I have to add another point, SLA has also learned and done their home work how to traverse this difficult terrain.

  15. What happened to the LTTE chemical weapons? We havent seen them being used..

    Lots of scary things being said now..

    School children in south to be taken hostage by the LTTE..

    Big attacks expected on Independence day...

    On another note saw a documentary on National Geographics channel yesterday on Pablo Escobar the Colombian Drug baron and his capture.

    This was around 1992. The US provided some state of the art technology to trace Escobar. Voice recognition through cellular phones and pinpointing the location. Done through both air borne vehicle and also land vehicle.

    I am sure the US and may other countries posses more advanced technologies like this to trace people....

    Is there a similar body to the FBI in the UK? If so can we tip it off about the LTTEs planned demonstrations on independence day?

  16. LKDOOD.. how can u say that.. TamilNet.TV is the real TamilNet. Look at their pro-LTTE articles in the past..

  17. kiri

    the equivalent to the FBI in the UK is MI5 WIKI


    FBI is the best in the world(i think) & they are cool :)

  18. Guys.. Take a look at this.

  19. DefenceNet,

    Are Muhamale & Nagarkovil same front or two different fronts?

  20. sri lankan

    there are two guys/girls here :

    Sri lanka

    Sri lankan

    why can't you guys get a different name LOL !

  21. DefenceNet, forgive me for asking this.

    What do you think - is this a planned military move or is it influenced for a political motive, esp since the Independence Day is just ahead ?

    You had reported of a similar move in seperate post on Wednesday, November 7, 2007 - "Heavy fighting erupts in Muhamalai "


  22. Sandun

    check out this MAP of North FDL

    it looks like the two are seperated

  23. well, tamilnut has other versions too, as I know. different domains for probably in other languages. This .tv is for some country. So any one knows is this legel? I hope we can have more fun.

  24. MI5 is the equivalent to CIA I think.

    Whatever it is is there a UK body that acts without influence from the UK politicos?

  25. I love surprises... Let's give them more and more of their own medicine...
    Keep up the good work our brave bro's and sis's.

  26. Sandun,

    This picture from gives you a good idea

  27. this news is too good to be true.

    "i am praying.. the airforce is helping them instead of polishing the planes."
    me too

    it is going to be bloody difficult to maintain this new FDL unless the SLAF destroys tiger heavy guns that may be preparing to target the SLA.

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  29. thanks lkdood and Romeo...

    it seems that they are two different FDLs in the same line but separated by sea (lagoon??).

  30. no government organizations act
    without influence from politicos

    every security org. takes orders from the government

  31. lkdood-
    When comes to national security, organisations can point out the security threats to government.
    Then government will prioritise where the man power more needed.

  32. it looks like sea to me but it could be a lagoon

    Mmm.. time to have some fish

    no money in pocket LOL !

  33. perein

    you are right

    politician's surely influence the activities

  34. Sri Lanka: Where journalists live dangerously


  35. Tamilnet has no updates on the incident today

  36. guys

    JVP is planing to have demonstrations
    Island wide against rising COL :

    will there be any effects on the government ?

    they may look away ?

    any ideas ?

  37. More areas been captured means we are getting closer to LTTE air wing toys.
    Let's keep eye on the sky all.

  38. Ltte denies what the SLA says ..they said that they repulsed the offensive so wait and see ....

    The GOSL is looking for a Victory news before the Independent day... So wait and see ...Is there any truth in it ahh? hmmm

  39. Shyam-
    Hope you have watched US forces taken over Iraq?
    Iraq leaders said the same thing.
    Now LTTE's following....

    As I always requesting from you mate, be a non terrorists supporter. If you know any of your friends who are in LTTE FDL, get them to leave the arms behind and attend school/s. You can do lot more for tamils by following those steps rather than crying for useless LTTE.

  40. Ltte denies what the SLA says ..they said that they repulsed the offensive

    LTTE always tell this just to hide the truth..

  41. hmm..

    I remember the same scenario on the second reading of budjet. GOSL has launched a major offensive over Muhamalai. t( while reading the budjet president was expecting a victory or a surprise news to announce at the parliment. but at that day we heard a sad news ie. SLA loosed 160 odd if i am not mistaken. and two tanks i guess.

    hope they have learn t on that and started a fresh on muhamalai.

    will see ..... expect a good news

  42. Guys, off topic, but can someone help me with this. I'm looking for a list of all LTTE front organisations on a recognised website. Not Spur, etc, but a neutral site, like a US govt site or UN site.

    Specifically I'm looking for official confirmation that the Tamil Centre for Human Rights (TCHR) is an LTTE front organisation. Thanks.

  43. "airforce is helping them instead of polishing the planes."

    yako SLAF eke porak meka dakkanang umbata kane para thamai :)

    seriously guys...SLAF fly boys are doing a great great job with limited assets and high amount of flight hours under their belts...
    Hate to see even a light hearted remark like this against those guys...
    High respect for our boys from all forces

  44. DB, check out -

  45. @ David Blacker

    UR from an Advertising Field if i am not mistaken?

  46. defencenet,guys (earlier threadd)
    wikipidia shows that we operate 10 Chengdu F-7B this true,coz i thoght we only got 4 of these inclusive of the trainer??

  47. Tamil Ealam flag raised in a canadian university festival ...In that occasion they raised all county flags... Srilankan flag also raised

    Here IS the LINK

  48. Defencenet,

    Is this capture permanent - on both fronts? is a bit vague about it.

  49. Guys,

    The air force in action over Muhamalei too; army units seemed to have passed on the coordinates. Good coordination.

    Tamil Eeelam flag! ha ha. World's smallest state, but not short of superlatives: barbarity, deception, murder, robberry, the list goes on.

    Is it worth the piece of cloth it is drawn on?

  50. Shyam,

    Its indeed sad to know that Canadian University Students are this dumb to fall prey to a bunch of terrorrists

  51. - Eelam means "Sinhala".

    Its ironic then some Tamils wave Eelam flag claiming a "Tamil Homeland".

    - The words "Sri Lanka" on the other hand is race neutral.

  52. hmm. the world must watch these things ya. is canada banned Ltte? any idea?

  53. Well let 'em raise flags or whatever, but we should all thank Raytheon and the Canadian government for the new radar system, developed with Canadian tax dollars. I guess tax-paying Tamils in the diaspora would have help pay for it too. :)

  54. The main objective of the operation was to disrupt the stability of LTTE FDLs, not to capture land. But since the army overran 35 bunkers, they may switch strategies. We cannot tell what they would do exactly.

    "It seems the LTTE has fallen back to 2nd FDL, can this be due a tactic. Muhamalei area is heavily trapped and the open land does not provide any protection."

    Actually the army captured the first ltte FDL in Muahamalai back in late 2006 (several weeks after LTTE's failed attempt to take Jaffna).
    Even then LTTE fell back to their second defence line. The Army did hold on to the newly captured line (it is under SLA control to date) so it may be possible to hold on to newly captured ground even this time.

    "If only 10 LTTE caders were killed SLA's objective was not met. "

    It could be more than 10. Even around 25-30 is possible. But only 10 names are verified as of now.

    Are Muhamale & Nagarkovil same front or two different fronts?"

    They are two different fronts separated by the lagoon. We'll include a map if we get the time.

    "I feel that we should now march forward from all established front at once."

    That would be suicidal, especially without the proper planning.

    "is this a planned military move or is it influenced for a political motive, esp since the Independence Day is just ahead ?"

    No this does not seem to be a political move. This is one of the five fronts that the army hopes to open up in an advance towards Wanni. If LTTE gets their way in fortifying the FDLs, such an advance would not be easy.

    "Ltte denies what the SLA says ..they said that they repulsed the offensive so wait and see .... "

    Of course they would say that. Tamilnet is one of LTTE's weapons (propaganda, funding, IC etc).

    "airforce is helping them instead of polishing the planes."

    They are doing a good job with the available assets. An LTTE command center south of Muhamalai was bombed few hours ago.

    "wikipidia shows that we operate 10 Chengdu F-7B this true,coz i thoght we only got 4 of these inclusive of the trainer??"

    As far was we are aware we only have 5 such planes inclusive of trainer.

  55. Defencenet,
    Many thanks for your input.I am relieved that the airforce is active and helping the army.
    These tigers/wild buffalo/etc are waiting for a grand die for EELAM in a gory massive bloodbath.. so we need to be on the lookout to make sure the LTTE does not join Thaaamilselven with the entire SLDForces.However they are very welcome to do it alone..

  56. Thanks for the update defenceNet

    "They are doing a good job with the available assets. An LTTE command center south of Muhamalai was bombed few hours ago"

    wow weldone SLAF. Keep it up. Sorry to see some can't remember what they have done recently specially the hit on Thamil Selvan.

  57. Thank you defencenet. i'm relieved to hear that the SLAF had bombed south of muhamalai today; that's the way to go.

    not only VIP jobs (i mean taking LTTE VIP targets!!), the SLAF must do these low key jobs as well; well done boys.

  58. Hiru,
    No one is forgetting the honourable deeds of the airforce.What we all want is for there to be a minimum of army casualties which will enable more people to remember the victories of the airforce than less.

  59. We wish the armed forces all the best and good luck and hope the terrorists will be thing of the past,paving way to prospertity in the land.


    Thank you Defencenet.

    According to this article M'malee and N'Kovil both first FDL's were captured.


    Letters of fallen women LTTE tiger caders...Must for Tamil diaspora...

  62. Nadesan asks for seperate state from UN.

    "On 28 January 2008 at 2.30pm, a Sri Lankan military Deep Penetration Unit attacked a civilian bus on the Madhu-Palampiddy road.."

    "We, therefore, urge you to consider recognizing Tamil sovereignty as a constructive approach to end the unending five decades long, large scale, and serious rights violations against the Tamil people."

    This is the confirmation it was LTTE who bombed the bus. They bombed the bus so that there is material to pack a good punch in this well crafted letter asking for separate state. They probably wrote this letter a day or two before the planned bomb.

    Pulidevan claimed the children were going to a "sports event" in the middle of a war zone!

  63. Great work by the army.

    BTW, there are two translated letters written by female LTTE cadres (who were at the FDL's before army captured them)in today's Daily News. The LTTE supporters here should read that....understand what those people are going through because of the madness of their leaders.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Tangara-
    You are right about
    "We need brains to win the War with LTTE..We can't rely on pure luck..Because there is no such thing when it comes to war.."
    I do not think we are relying on luck at present.
    If you look at the troops are well organised as well as well trained.
    Let's not get panic mate

  66. More extracts from Nadesan's plead
    we have entirely eliminated those under the age of 18 becoming members of our organization....

    We have consistently called for the 100 percent implementation of the internationally supported ceasefire agreement....

    Does he talking by mouth or as*?


  67. Going by the LTTE strategy, it is obvious that they want to keep their Mannar and Western sea board defences intact for two way traffic between India and their territory.Most probably they have stationed their experienced caders along Mannar Defences..Caders who are manning defences along Vaunia-Wellioya sector are not upto scratch..I think SLA understand this situation ..

    I could be wrong..May be Defencenet can shed some light..

    Hope SLA will not fall into a trap like the 2006 Muhamale dibacle...May be LTTE is planning to do just that in every front...

    I don't like the idea of exhausted troops to march in to Wanni to face more relaxed elite LTTE formations..

    Sri Lanka wins cricket matches not because of their BRAINS but because of the TALENT..(most of the time)
    We need brains to win the War with LTTE..We can't rely on pure luck..Because there is no such thing when it comes to war..

  68. "we have entirely eliminated those under the age of 18 becoming members of our organization...."
    Wonder how they measure age in Eelam? Not by years, that's for sure...

  69. Defencenet,

    Is the low tera casualty rate yesterday an indication of another trap like previous fights at the national front? Did LTTE just withdrew without a serious battle and arty fire? I hope that our Army and Air Force are having their fingers on the triggers to counter any LTTE counter attacks.

  70. Tiger plan to explode bomb in Colombo revealed


  71. "Is the low tera casualty rate yesterday an indication of another trap like previous fights at the national front?"
    My guess is that once the LTTE faces and attack they cannot resist, they immediately withdraw to more secure positions. Their plan will be to withdraw all its cadres to a stronghold (eg. Elephant Pass) and give a stiff resistance to the army. The job for the cadres at the FDL's is to slow down the progress, so that the rest of them can prepare for this battle. What do you guys think about it possible? (might be stupid, I don't know)

  72. Ha ha ! Great work

  73. chamal..
    your idea implies that the LTTE are trying to save cadres..if so wont these continous withdrawals congregate their cadres in one particular area ..which will make it that much easier to kill vast numbers of them eventually with the help of the airforce?.i thought the idea was to preserve as many cadres as possible to launch terror attacks from various parts of the country and fight another day?.I am no military person but i think the structure of the LTTE has broken down in some areas and this behavior of retreating is done by individual LTTE commanders..and not according to someplan..although we have to assume there is some plan behind this.

  74. this is interesting.. am ust read for all

  75. srilankan,
    "if so wont these continous withdrawals congregate their cadres in one particular area ..which will make it that much easier to kill vast numbers of them eventually with the help of the airforce?"
    Theoretically, yes. But they got a lot of civilians around the base at Elephant Pass, (That's what I heard sometime ago, not sure about the situation now) which would make it hard for the SLAF to launch large bombings. Only precision bombing on headquarters etc. based on very accurate intel only will be possible.

  76. A stock of BODY ARMORS being transported to Killinochchi by an NGO has been apprehended by Medawachchiya Police.

  77. Chamal,
    Well i take your point but it would not solve the problem of congregations of LTTE cadres which makes it easier for the army to control their movements..I dont see how the LTTE can fight a guerrilla war in the south or defend themselves in the if all their cadres are congregated in certain areas

  78. At the rate this is going, LTTE won't be fighting for their eelam. They will be fighting for their survival (Or their leaders' survival, more likely) I suspect that Sun Goat is now keeping this war going just to survive, not because he really believes he can get eelam. He fears his death (which may be just around the corner) and he's afraid to face it when it comes. Those brainwashed LTTE cadres are not fighting really for eelam, but to let their leader live a bit more....

  79. Guys,

    Judging by the recent detections in Anuradhapura / Medawachchiya sector, we can see the difference made by Major General Sanath Karunaratne.

    I wish the other vulnerable areas were also brought under the strict supervision of the army, suspending the civil structure for the time being; we can live with that temporary inconvenience.

    The army is an organization with very high discipline and solid command structure with very little room for political interference, at least at present. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the police, despite the presence of quite a few very abled people.

    So, we have to make some 'unpallatable' decisions during difficult times.

  80. Guys,

    The head-without-a-head of the political division of the LTTE has written to the UN, asking for the recognition of Eeelam.

    My mole at the heart of the organization has seen the address of the envelope! it was as follows:

    The Paper Shredder
    The office of Secretary General
    Head Quarters
    United Nations
    New York

    It is funny, isn't it folks?

  81. @ Qrious;

    I just wanted to inform thats the SLA don't have a discipline ok...they already did lots of raping and all ..and another thing more than 150 SLA is infected by HIV thats confirmed....recently u know what happened in HEITY(I don't know the corrct spelling for the place)

  82. Hey guys take a look at this its real cool and real funny

    About srilanka bad boys

  83. shyam-
    is that the best you can come up with for a rainy day like today?
    Try again....
    Give up the Terror.. Help those front line kids to get to school/s.

  84. Re-Post from the previous issue:


    I agree with Somson and the reason are gettin in to this blog is to know updates regarding the situation in country.

    But now ppl here are arguing each other and the main focus deviate from what is intended. That is what want to happen by LTTE supporters (No need to tell who are they here)

    can we collectively agree to stop these kind of talks, those criticise each other in this blog, which will gain nothing.

    I stopped visiting blog purely because of it's only for arguing. I dont want defencenet to become someone like it.

  85. Srilankan,

    It was in V FM News.

  86. Wasgomuwa killing not by LTTE – Police :POLICE


  87. Ohh ma god...god sake police have found it....Normally the GLSL always claim LTTE for any thing happened ..... hey any body have news about claiming the LTTE for the Presidents sons .. Are they the reson for their births ....its suitable for Keheliya and SLA spokes man

  88. Qrious,

    Nadesan pleads with Ban Ki Moon for a separate state. As you may know Ban Ki Moon is the UN Gen. Sec hand picked by US to handle the North Korean issue. A week after FBI label LTTE "one of the most dangerous extremists", Nadesan writes to Ban Ki asking for a separate state. :))) This must be what Balakumaran was meaning when he said this year would give 'clarity' to the issue. The biggest problem with these dudes is that they are not in tune with the world realities or just plan stupid.

  89. Military censorship alleged in reporting Northern FDL casualties
    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 30 January 2008, 08:10 GMT]
    Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Palaly high command have been censoring casualty figures of SLA from clashes in the Northern Forward Defense Lines with Liberation Tigers, reliable sources internal to the SLA said. While the SLA Media Information Centre said only a single SLA trooper was injured and SLA captured several LTTE bunkers during an SLA advance to breach the FDLs in NaakaraKoayil and Mukamaalai, internal military sources confirmed that more than 40 SLA soldiers were killed and nearly 100 injured after LTTE engaged the SLA in resisting the advance.

    Sorry for posting from other sites...Y is SLA doing such kind of activities

  90. Defencenet/guys


    Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Palaly high command have been censoring casualty figures of SLA from clashes in the Northern Forward Defense Lines with Liberation Tigers, reliable sources internal to the SLA said. While the SLA Media Information Centre said only a single SLA trooper was injured and SLA captured several LTTE bunkers during an SLA advance to breach the FDLs in NaakaraKoayil and Mukamaalai, internal military sources confirmed that more than 40 SLA soldiers were killed and nearly 100 injured after LTTE engaged the SLA in resisting the advance.


    is this true or false or half true etc.?

  91. Shyam,

    Yes, some elements of the army were naughty - I mean very naughty - in the distant part. I don't deny it. Please, remember that was when the army was under the wrong leadership, propelled to that position by political interference.

    There may be abuses; but they are nowhere near what you want us to believe. There are no rape allegations levelled against the army by the civil organizations recently. The LTTE are doing it all the time; they may even accuse the army of cannibilism in the coming months, when the beating intensifies on all fronts. No one is surprised with that scenario.

    You can't give a clean bill of health to the LTTE, when it comes to sex: scores of LTTEr's have been summarily executed for this indulgence in the past; leaders have been striped of their 'titles' for abusing junior cadres; it is public secret that the top senior leaders have scores of 'girl friends'. You can't say that sexual activities that take place among cadres is always with consent.

    I would like to bring your attention to the letter written by a femal cadre recently to her family, in which she says she experienced everything that can happen to a girl - read between the lines and make out what she implies. For a Tamil girl, the most precious thing in her maiden life, is her virginity. Do you think it is one-off? These are also battlefield casualties - least reported, yet goes on unabated.

    You say Srilankan soldiers have HIV and in the same breath, that they rape Tamil women. So, one doesn't need Einstein's brain to make out the connection - you imply soldiers pick this deadly virus from the Tamil women. How outrageous is that? What more insults can you heap on the very community you claim to safeguard?

    A soldier on the frontline - whether it is a Tamil tiger or Sinhalese army soldier - treads the fine line between death and life. You cannot expect the most immaculate behaviour of an individual in that situaltion. Put yourself in their shoes and see for yourself. We can minimize excessess, but can't completely eliminate it; the rational thinking just shut itself off, when someone is on the verge of death.

    It happense in the US army or any other army in the world, that includes UN peace keepers. Even European soldiers were not immune from it - if you read newspapers, in addition to blogs.

    All these things converge towards one focal point - war is ugly. Come under our umbrella, dispose of your racist garment, and support us mate, to deal with this menace, once and for all.

  92. Guys,

    A handful of our bloggers, just pop up and say 'Don't make this blog like lnp.'

    In the past, I engaged in a vicious verbal dual with some guys on this issue.

    I don't know what they really want.

    Do they want us to behave like hermits, suppressing all our emotions?

    Do they want us to behave like university lecturers to adopt that text-book mentality?

    Do they want us to be a bunch of bores?

    If boredom gets its way, this blog will also follow a familiar path towards that destination - irrlevance. We don't want that to happen.

    Military news don't come as we wish. Nor can we dream of them coming out like a continous flow; it involves precious human lives. What do they want us to do, in the absence of military news? Just staring at the white space of a web page or swallow the serial numbers of military hardware?

    Of course, there are some LTTE sympathesisers here; but they are manageble and not that nasty. We can live with them and hit back if they go beyond the tolerance limit.

    I think the blog should remain the way it is now. It is good and a platform for constrctive criticism. I never go to LNP; if it has become ugly the reason may be the participation of people who cannot write a proper sentence in English, yet full of emotions to express what they feel.

  93. qrious,
    I agree with you. You can argue as long as you can prove your points. But some people here argue on practically nothing. (that is to say, if you can prove them wrong with perfectly good points, and yet they keep posting the same crappy ideas here without any proof it's no use arguing with an idiot like that, let them believe that tamilnut is the only source of truth around)Replying and arguing with them is no use at all. That's what we got to avoid.

  94. Guys/Defencenet,
    Seems like the battle is still going on? News reports that LTTE is still retreating with more than 30 dead. Is this true? (This is according to Swarnawahini news..... don't know how reliable they are)

  95. Guys don't fear. LNP admin is a neutral guy. He's working on a new system to help people get back to serious discussions and keep out the people who take down the whole purpose of discussion with their hatred speech. I'm sure this system will work out for everyone and hopefully we will see more productive discussions there soon.

  96. Guys,

    I always wondered as to why the army is apparently slow in breaking through Muhamallei, Killali and Nagarakovil.

    On seeing the pictures of the bunkers only did I realize how challenging that task is. I never thought they are fortified to that strength.

    I think the involvement of mechanized divisions did the trick.

    However, my curiosity still remains intact as to why the Airforce cannot bomb them from the air, despite the FDL stretches around miles and miles, yet not manned every inch.

    I hope one of you guys will educate me on the second point. At the moment, my ignorance troubles me about it.

  97. qrious,

    The SLAF has limited assets at present. They are limited to a handful of fighters which already seem to be on a heavy schedule.
    I don't think that we have the planes to spare to bomb a FDL.
    Also, the same objective can be achived by using a heavy tank to knock out a few bunkers and open a hole in the line. (think thats what we did)
    Using jets to do this seems an unnecessary expense. They have bigger fish to fry.
    hope that made sense.

  98. shit bro i herad that some gunmen had gone to the Colpetty apartment of Rupavahini employee Duleep Dushyantha last night and threatened his mother at gun point asking her son’s whereabouts. Dushyantha had not been at home during the incident.

    man motherfucker mervin needs to be killed before he harms anyone again

  99. patriot,

    Yeah machang, that SOB needs to be stopped. But that won't happen. It's certainly clear that mervyn has done some things for MR. For the wars sake I think MR better watch it and make sure mervyn doesn't go ahead and spill the beans.

    Now what I do wish is Mervyn died of some kind of disease or an over dose of what ever the hell drug he does.

  100. However the LTTE leadership will not put this declaration of independence or the new constitution to paper. This is in accordance with the LTTE’s new Green Initiative and is aimed at reducing the usage of paper and thus protecting the environment.

    from website

    thats just plain ridiculous... haha
    although i am scared of people who genuinely would believe this crap.

  101. Yep ... mervyn should have had it good when he came in to rupavahini..

  102. guys

    OMG !

    whats with the language ?

    this blog is getting ugly :(

  103. lkdood,

    For the record, all I said was SOB, that's not so bad.

  104. hehe... guys, Mervyn is not related to defence. In fact he's not related to anything (except maybe extreme stupidity)

  105. Wanni liberation in progress - SL Gov


    Sri Lanka military destroys 35 LTTE bunkers




  107. have you noticed something really nice about this thread today

    there are no LTTE fanboys hear

  108. chamal is right mervin is useless i mean he got to the parliament by national draft man.

    only drug dealers and UNP members like, for the drug dealers he is a very good freeind. and the UNP he is perfect propoganda, i mean at times wonder if he is a UNP mole in the gowernment to give them a bad name

  109. Fan boys are busy preparing for

  110. machang

    i was not posting about you

    i was posting about patriot

    this kind of language is not acceptable(i think Defencenet would
    also agree with me)

    'man mother@@@@@@ mervin needs....'

    patriot :

    i understand your anger !
    keep it cool :)

  111. anyways my last comment on politics.

    Why the fuck does he call himself a descendant of Dutugemunu, he should be shot just for that for dishonouring the name of our greatest leader in history

  112. machang
    i'm a snr. member at LNP...have nearlyl two thousand posts there but not that active nowadays... and let me tell you from my personal experience that LNP admin is in no way neutral...
    He has kept ltte goons on the site when they were using filth continuously while quickly banning any others who used such offensive language...
    rules should be the same for all IMHO and if one favors a certain segment ubfairly...that person is no longer neutral

  113. @shyam

    You talked about new flight at katunayake one day ago.But we don't have any news about landing new fighter plane in katunayake.(confirm)

    But wait another month. SLAF have surprise for the ltte.............

  114. anyways man the ltte AT weapons arsenal (RPGs) can deal with our T55 armour, we should get better tanks like T70s or i might be dreaming hear T80s they can deal with multiple RPG hits right.

    It would be a lot easier if have some good tanks they could go ahead of the advancing infantry and soften up or annihilate targets behind FDLs closley followed by Mechanised Infantry with support from Mi35 or kfirs,

    I might be too ambitious here but I talking about a blitzkrieg type warfare, Hitler used it and general norman used in iraq 2003 it works.

  115. we should use our air superiority to maximum advantage, we should use them to target terrorsit supply line to battlefronts and bridges, we could easily encircle them

  116. Women militants forced to join LTTE in Sri Lanka


  117. did you see the map on defencewire

    we have them sorround we could a pincer attack and encircle the remaining terrorist and form our own FDL round them.

    my ideas might have many faults or be downright stupid

  118. heh heh :)
    i'm with anyone who bashes that stupid thug dr.mervyn

    rats like that should be poisoned out of society...
    sadly mr. president don't have the guts to weed rodents like this out...

    probably he has something on the prez himself otherwise why wouldn't any right minded leader take out these sorta jokers

  119. careful ranil man those nazis at LNP would kick you out for just saying that

  120. not for saying about mervin but about that LNP admins

  121. patriot,
    Today's Muhamale attack involved T55 MBT's as well. Seems they were sent in (around 5-6am) after the infantry units softened up the resistance during the night, anyway they have done the job very well. Don't think RPG's are much use against an MBT though. You'll need multiple hits. I believe LTTE uses RCL weapons for this purpose. (But due to the way this operation was carried out, by carrying out an infantry attack first, the LTTE probably would have been unable to use their RCL's)

    And BTW, T80 etc. are more heavier, right? Can they operate in those environments with a lot of sandy ground?

  122. patriot...
    let's say that i know how to handle those hollow brained fellas :)
    The good thing is that it doesn't take a lot to corner them in their old warped logic :) :)
    I've been open about the admin fella too... Don't think the bugger give two hoots about it cos he himself knows what he's doing is not exactly "moderating" as an unbiased individual :)

  123. guys

    why don't the SLAF buy a F-16

    yes ! i'm not crazy LOL!

    on wiki it says cost is :

    US$14.6 million

    Kfir is US$4.5 million

    SL gov. can save money buy cutting spending/selling some unimportant 'something'/increasing taxes on luxury goods & stopping wastage

    what do you guys think ?

  124. no man t80 is lighter than t55 but it still got better amour. it was good that infantry went in to soften up (but this could possibly result in some un=necasary casualties) but that could be avoided if had better tanks

  125. ranil,

    I know the admin quite well and I also noticed that there are certain members who get kicked out for using filth but I've seen that happen to both sides. He's not that politically motivated. If anything I think the very fact he's coming up with a new system to keep out filth and get people to discuss more seriously is a good sign he's a neutral.

  126. lkdood,
    We can't get F16 even if SLAF wants to. It's an american product, and USA is not selling us anything that can be used for warlike purposes. They even objected to Israel selling us Kfirs saying that Kfirs have american engines

  127. lkdood,

    I don't think SL can buy F16's at least not one with American parts in it.

  128. Yes but the Kfirs we have don't have the GE American engines. That's one way to circumvent the US arms issue. I also heard that the Chinese have F15 or something, maybe those don't have US parts in them.

  129. ranil,

    You'll see the new system. It's based on self moderation. It's like a senior member posts an issue and that poster gets to moderate his own thread. I'm telling this will work. I suggested it to him.

  130. lkdood,

    As much as I'm a fan of USAF toys I think SLAF getting F-16s are overkill. They cost 3x more than KFIRs and would cost much more to maintain. I don't think it can do the job 3x better than a KFIR can.
    I think the MIGs were a better option.

  131. we should take our industrial capabilties to the next level

    we should make guns and ammunitions under license, then we don't have to pays some ugly weapons dealers our money, look at the stuff we make now, no matter what we make we make them with good quality so i bet we can make some good guns, one factory is enough, then we can even design our own weopons specialy suited for anti terrorism, it can even give us good money after the war.

    I might be dreaming here but thats a valid point.

    but of course our greedy politicians are sure to steal bank loads of money.

  132. oh.. i did not know about that

    SLAF can get Russian & China planes

  133. yeah man the f16 are just too much for our economy and we also cannot service them.

    the chinese f 16s are not US types they make air planes called CHengdung F... we have the F7 from china.

    snakevi is right MiGs are a better option they are cheap, effective and reliable

  134. patriot,

    It's more a dream than a possible reality because the expertise needed to build ammunitions is non existent in Sri Lanka. Maybe simple things like bullets though and kevlar jackets for sure in the garment factories. But things like designing weapons is far from reality right now. What we need is more people to study these things abroad and bring that expertise back home, something that rarely happens.

  135. machang,

    With the Kfirs we may be able to get away with a different engine, but an F16 or F15 its different. Kfir is an Israelli product, they don't usually give a damn what any other country says, so they sold it to us. It's just the Kfir's engine that belongs to USA, but F16 whole thing belongs to USA. If they say we can't have it, then chances are we can't buy it even from a different country without their acknowledgement. (Unless some other country is making their own version of the thing and is willing to sell it to us)

  136. chamal,

    Ah I thought that F16's were fully American. I think the F something from China I was talking about was tha CHengdung F patriot was talking about.

  137. @patriot

    There is only one manufacture who makes body armors and armed sheets for buses, helmets neck guards harnets and many more...

    They are selling those for united nations army's also and in best quality.

  138. yeah machang you are kind a right but remember that man who made a fully atamoumatic gun in a village somewher back in the 80s but he was killed by that fascist bastard premadasa by wrongly accusing of being a JVP

    all i know is that even the sky is not the limit for us sri lankan if we put our minds to it.

    lets not forget our glorious past, we made mechanical wonders

    sri lanka just does give opportunities to smart people i mean think about the common university graduate he works all his life for a degree and he ends up in his moms house without a job or a life.

    The only way a man can get to high places and get good jobs is by supporting whatever gowernment is in power and reaching up the politicians ass.

  139. This comment has been removed by the author.

  140. yeah machang you are kind a right but remember that man who made a fully atamoumatic gun in a village somewher back in the 80s but he was killed by that fascist bastard premadasa by wrongly accusing of being a JVP

    all i know is that even the sky is not the limit for us sri lankan if we put our minds to it.

    lets not forget our glorious past, we made mechanical wonders

    sri lanka just does not give opportunities to smart people i mean think about the common university graduate he works all his life for a degree and he ends up in his moms house without a job or a life.

    The only way a man can get to high places and get good jobs is by supporting whatever government is in power and reaching up the politicians ass.

  141. machang
    don't know mr.brown personally but i have seen few instances myself where he was more "sympathetic" towards abusers who were with the tigers...
    if you are a poster at LNP i'm sure you will know this and i have brought this up quite often there :)

    it'll be good if they can clean up that place a bit... right now if you go there too'll also become one of them :) or worse you'll start hating the others...
    it has happened to many nice folks who joined there and the racists there just tends to bring out the worst in folks..
    Brown is not doing that much to control cos the man is getting hits on the site and that's what counts...

  142. 5 or 6 years ago making kevlar body armour, helmets etc... was a fantasy but now its reality, we cant just be backward and say that it is impossible to do this and that we should rise to challenge and make things happen by ourselfs, thats how great and powerful countries are made.

    look at china about 50 years ago they were in agreat famine which thanks to the triple gem we never experianced (except after kalinga Magas destructive campaign) the nation was crippled people died in the millions but look at them now they can even challenge america.
    all they needed was a small number of headstrong and influetial leaders and people (except for Mao he was a bitch he caused the famine)

  143. patriot...
    on about giving fair recognition for talentt... how about newly joined navy cadets getting foreign scholarships just because their pops is the president and ignoring the truly deserving cadets who would've earned it properly...
    why do people have to screw up like this and set a bad example...

  144. ranil u r right man that kid never even saw action but he got a navy scholarship

  145. patriot,

    small difference between china and us is that we're a small country. We can't do it all. We can however build our economy around certain industries. Like currently most money comes from the garment industry. I think we can move a head an revitalize certain other industries like say the fishing industry, we can make Sri Lanka a seafood hub of asia and export our seafood to huge supermarket chains like wal mart, tesco. That's just an example. The fishing industry there's already some expertise with the long line of fishermen we've had.

    But you're right about one thing, no matter what we do we need the right people with a proper vision to lead what ever it is that we do. Those people are rare while all the corrupt officials run a mock.

  146. yeah that chopper is sick check out this vid

  147. I think we're going a bit off topic. Sorry defencenet.

  148. lkdood
    that's supposed to be LongBow Apache's competition :)
    Watched i documentary on both of them...side by side comparison...
    If i was facing a battle between the two, i'd be on the russian gunship :)

  149. check this bad boy out

    Mi 28

  150. getting one of those is in the realm of possibility for us

  151. 67 killed in Lanka clashes, Air Force targets LTTE base


  152. Chengdu F7 and its variants are a Chinese copy of the Mig 21 with improved avionics and a more powerful engine..

    This is from a Russian website.

    Source: 10.05.07, Gazeta.RU

    Sri Lanka’s Air Force to Receive Five MiG-29 Fighters from Russia in Near Future

    Sri Lanka’s Air Force will receive five MiG-29 fighters from Russia in the near future, the Sri Lankan publication “Nation” reported, India-Defence.COM is saying.

    Besides Russia ((sic)), negotiations on the purchase of new fighters have been held with India, Pakistan and China’s air forces. The Russian side’s proposal has turned out to be the most acceptable. Sri Lankan officials are not revealing the cost of the deal.

    In addition to the purchase of the five Russian airplanes, the Sri Lanka air force hoped to upgrade its Israeli manufactured “Kfir” attack aircraft. After the installation of new aircraft radars, other corresponding equipment and air-to-air missiles, it will be possible to use the airplanes as fighters.

  153. According to, 7 soldiers received injuries in this battle. Hard to believe. I thought this battlefield is literally a mine field. It is impossible to launch a ground assault without taking many casualities. Tamilnet reporting 40 SLA dead. Truth must be somewhere between.

  154. DW says: At least a dozen soldiers with serious injuries were also admitted to hospital

    Defencenet please update when you can


  155. off topic but IMPORTANT !

    Submarine cable cut torpedoes Middle East access



    NIDAHAS BAILA...........


    SINHAYA APE.......



    ~~~~NANDA MALANI~~~~

  157. I am in favour of Hon pres sending his son overseas for naval training..I hope his son returns to srilanka and shares his knowledge with other naval officers.i would have been disappointed if he sent his son abroad and also ignored the threat to our country at the same time and bending backwards to pacify the LTTE.I can live with this level of favouritism.

  158. I was just thinking how humourous it would have been if the hon pres was invited to the passingout parade where his son is studying while balasingham was alive..

  159. I agree with our patriots about we need to set up new industry in Srilanka beside garment industry. My suggestion is our government should setup overseas a industry technology and know how gathering division (inside the state intelligence agency) in acquiring new technology for the country from overseas and start local production of equipment. I heard Chinese have a very good industrial espionage division where they have well placed lecturers in the US Universities and Engineers/Scientist in acquiring US know how on different technologies. They are very good at making local copies of military and civilian planes and cars. Do you guys know just about every country in the world does industrial espionage on the USA. For a fact, France government has admitted that they officially conduct industrial espionage on foreign countries to help their own companies! It's about time our own government start conducting such to acquire know how to develop their own local industry in the global market. I think we should set up more technology parks (for IT and Engineering) we should start investing on building solar, plug-in-hybrid cars, hydrogen fuel cell cars (NOT immediately), and purely electric cars. I heard China is building a Renewable energy economy (building cheaper and better solar panels for home and work place installation and hybrid cars). Government should start heavily subsidizing people to install solar panels in their rooftops. People can have solar panels providing excess power back to the power grid and save money (Use electro Caps instead on batteries to store energy).

    Check out: our innovators should get and inspiration from the Aptera Motors regarding a 300 Miles Per Gallon (MPG) car!!! We should build a copy right here at home and provide many with jobs. Maybe our universities can start out giving Engineering/ science student final projects toward building such one.

  160. Is this true DN?

    SLA dumps dead soldiers in the stretches of Arippu

  161. gallemalli, we have known this for a while now. Nothing new.
    Also SL is in full strength attack now.

  162. wipe LTTE u r right man, but we should not only use industrial espionage but allainces as well

  163. show just one photo of this incident and shall accept that propaganda

  164. Another inside news:
    LTTE has obtained SAMs which is able to take down MIGs/KFIRs.
    They will be used when the war starts in fear of SLAF obtaining anti-missile protection.

    Video of the SAMs shown in a secret meeting in Europe.

  165. More inside news:
    COL. RAM and COL. prabha is in Amparai with 200 cadres. SLA getting ambushed on daily basis.
    Once a truck with 22 soldiers got claymored. All this is censored by SL gov.

  166. Boss
    It will be the day that your outfit will have the sams,even if you have it there, it’s too old and useless. Why have you have not tried any of them so far,only using primitive RPG s to bring down gunships?
    By the way where is the castor plantation in vanni? What is it’s extent?

  167. gallemalli,
    "SLA dumps dead soldiers in the stretches of Arippu

    So not true.

    "At least a dozen soldiers with serious injuries were also admitted to hospital

    Defencenet please update when you can"

    Yes around 15 soldiers were wounded in the firefight. Pro LTTE media reports of 40 killed and 100 wounded are just propaganda.

  168. the-boss,
    "They will be used when the war starts in fear of SLAF obtaining anti-missile protection."

    Majority of SLAF aircraft are equipped with anti-missile protection. in fact these were installed a good few years ago.

  169. defencenet sounds like a MOD. Trying to boost his soldiers morale.
    We'll see who have been lying when the civilwar ends.

  170. thanks DN,
    the boss, you too!

    the boss, is SAM story true too?

  171. Wipeltte
    Putting up industries in SL? Are you kidding? I have burnt my fingers in big way. Ask Peter Hill and likes of him if it’s worth while. Please don’t blame the war for our failures. Recent srilankan affair has discouraged any investor to come to SL.My friend and I are suffering immensely. I had a rep of a famous company asking me for a very big loan to keep themselves afloat and I just finished late lunch here in London with another big business man pleading for the same. I can only feel sorry and helpless to be of any big help. The infrastructure created is so bad, we can’t see any positive signs for the future to help them to bail them out. Forget the war, still things can be better if the government cooperates in an acceptable and positive manner.MR must have proven business and a industry based experts or consultants to help and advise him, preferably from Singapore,Israil or Taiwan(no offence to main land China).Having crooked business men and people who have no knowledge of international type of business is no help for him to carry the country forward.He must learn from the winers,just as we have done the hard way.

  172. Why do people keep reponding to idiotic LTTE posters?

    Don't you see they come here to divert the discussions on these blogs?

    Don't fall into their traps and just ignore them, no matter how provocative their baseless comments may be.

    **If you ignore them all the time, they will get bored and leave.**

  173. Prabakaran, in his jungle fastness in the Wanni, must be one of the happiest men in the world. Starting from scratch, unknown and unsung, with little education, he has risen to world fame having liquidated all his rivals, and been acclaimed as the most ruthless terrorist leader of the world..... SL Guarian

  174. To help foreign corporations thrive on Lanka, we must cut our corporate tax.

    This will make foreign companies rush to Lanka to set up their factories.

  175. Defencenet thanks for the update

  176. India trying its ’87 pranks again – JVP


  177. Machang mate , Chinese version of F 16 copy called Chengdu J 10 copied from the Israeli Lavi (F 16 Copy) program. SLAF tried to get a few F 16 from PAF but, US export laws barred that and we can do adequately with the Mig 27 & Kfirs. Given the fact SU 25 Frogfoot's are ideal for Northern skies but, it all comes down to mate..... $ & servicability.

    ? Backlightarrow are ya DB or DB are ya Backlightarrow ? Ya killing babe ?

  178. these ltte supporters are doing a really good social service to our country now innit?

    they help the people of sri lanka and expatriates smile and laugh even through a harsh and deadly war. missiles that take on our fighters LoL, prabha in batti LoL you guys are great man take a bow

  179. Rajarata,

    I was thinking the same thing. SU-25 would be a nice addition to our arsenal when the assualt goes into full swing. They will be better suited to provide close air support for our troops.
    Might be ab=n avenue that SLAF should explore

  180. Those impossible names of those god forsaken places need to be changed into something Borella, Rajagiriya etc.
    Teach the Tamil youth Sinhala and give them nice names like Silva and Perera, much nicer than Duraiappa or Rajapariyanayagam or whateverpullai..
    That's the best way to help those innocent tamil folks and solve this problem..


    Here's how Fein is getgting set to screw the LTTE.

  182. wipeltte

    We don;t need to engage in Industrial espionage. If the war stops, many Sri lankans will return home and will bring back major skills. That'll be enough.

  183. TropicalStorm said...

    Those impossible names of those god forsaken places need to be changed into something Borella, Rajagiriya etc.
    Teach the Tamil youth Sinhala and give them nice names like Silva and Perera, much nicer than Duraiappa or Rajapariyanayagam or whateverpullai..
    That's the best way to help those innocent tamil folks and solve this problem..


    that post alone can be used to make UN acknowledge Eelam if it only came out of ur presidents mouth.

  184. rajarata/senkavi,

    NO. su-25 although a later production is not better than the old Flogger.

    1.the flogger was remarkably successful in SL and we should stick to it.

    2. Flogger has a max. speed of 1.2 mac at low levels which is VERY important to its low flying missions (you know what i mean). su-25 has an overall max speed of about 0.8 mac - simply a disaster

    3. Flogger has a rate of climb of 0.22km per second whereas the frogfoot is only 58 metres/second!!! this is enough to shoot it down pretty easily on a manuvre.

    however, Su-25 carries air-to-air missiles; but withits very low movement speed would be useless in a dog fight.

    i disagree 60% with senkavi on our planes. our planes (about 17 of them) definetely can fly more than now. the max we ever used was 6 at the same time; normally it is only 3. this means an overall tunrover of only 0.33%. this is actually even low because we don't use jets everyday - though recently we had used them repeatedly.

    also as evidenced from history SLAF assets are prone for tiger attacks; they somehow damage these. on top of that technical faults also make the planes unusable after some time (thank god we are blessed with less so far). therefore the best thing to do is to use them as much as possible.

    jets can take alot of targtes along tiger mortar positions. just imagine one tiger motar gun getting destroyed. it can save dozens of SLA lives, limbs and miseries. of course the infantry cannot be replaced by jets; but the benefits to SLA from jets is ENORMOUS.

    even the deadly republic guard of Iraq was first handled by USAF only then the ground forces were allowed.

    in the 1967 war in israel, planes did most damage to the MASSIVE Egyptian force so that the TINY Israeli ground forces could go easy and safe.

    but as you know the 2006 Lebanon thing didn't go well. although Israel used a heavy air attack unfortunately on civilians mostly, saved Hezbullah fighers who only needed RPG7/29s to blast the Mrkeva.s (tanks). what israel should have done was to bomb more weapons dumps and supply routes than apartments!! but to be fair they did the best with available info.

    one big problem of SLAF has been their delay. it took 3hr:45min to bomb tiger gun posts last sunday. in the AAB attack, by the time KFirs arrived at the scene, the slow flying Zlings had landed AND removed to safety.

    on the 40% that i agree...

    i agree that the cost is higher. but also should consider the saving of many lives and limbs of foot soldeirs who CANNOT hide from oncoming mortar fragents while charging. our firefinders cannot target tiger 130mm guns 27-38km away!! if not targeted they KEEP ON firing with BLOODY DEADLY accuracy. if you have friends in the army they would tell you how BLOODY accurate the tiger shelling is (i don't know why). the only way is the SLAF. on the other hand if we chase away the tiger arti. group (as happened almost ALWAYS) they simply fire when the time comes from 27-38km away.

    all our bro.s/sis.s in the forces are doing a GREAT job we cannot do; but things can improve ALOT. we have the unchallenged air superiority and must be used to the max to bang the tigers mercilessly.

  185. Moshe,

    no offense mate, but you missed my point. I wasnt suggesting using the SU-25 to be used in the current role of the MIG27 in the SLAF.
    They are two different aircrafts, designed for two different combat roles. therefore you cant directly compare the specifications side by side.
    the SU 25 is a close support aircraft. it doesnt fly fast or high. IT has many hardpoints which can carry a wide variety of munitions as opposed to the MIG. the mig flies fast and higher. it take longer to do multiple passes over a battlefield and cant as effectively provide Close Air support. the only comparable plane to the SU25 in the same role is A10.
    My suggestion was to think about geting a slow low flying designated close air support aircraft to shadow our boys as the assault kicks of.
    I admit that it is more vulnerable to AA fire but then again it is not going to do the deep strikes that the MIG will be doing.
    also, it might be able to operate from smaller air fields closer to the front.

  186. GoldenEagle
    I agree with you that we need to cut corporate taxes to get corperation rushed into our country to set up factories. I also cannot stress that we need to improve our infrastructure for the new corporations to function.

    I also agree we need to setup joint ventures in the country with the understanding that they transfer some knowledge to our locals to create local know how. But to all this to happen we need a stable country without war.

  187. By the way, can our country become a major banking hub like Singapore? How can we become one?

  188. the boss,
    Can you let us know what type of SAMs did LTTE you claimed just obtained? Where did they get them from? Is it in battle field yet? How many did they acquire? Your comments in geatly appreciated.

  189. Guys
    One must shout loud about what I heard here in UK now that could be a reality soon. I don’t want to open a can of worms, as our valiant soldiers are fighting for the country. In my presentations in this blogg,I have questioned some people gone abroad. To me it would be advisable not to give Fernandopulle the job he now seeks as the minister of Aviation. I think our air assets across the tarmac will not be in the right hands, mark my word!
    Go back to the attack on the BIA.Are we deliberately going to repeat it? This is a sinister move.Mr Gotabaya,as said in USA,one must have ‘rocks in his head’ to allow it? Is he also black mailing the C in C,like Mervin Silva to get his own way and may we ask why he needs it?

  190. Wipeltte
    You asked boss as to how many SAMs the terrorists got and are we to take since UNP left the government we haven’t secured our borders to prevent the smuggling of arms to the island? I was told all SAMs have a limited lifespan on their type of sophisticated power unit and battery, if that is so the older models are of no use. I think the Taliban gets it supply from Iran and the rouge former state of USSR bartering with counter ban produced in that country.
    With respect to having a Singapore style banking hub in Sl,Just like the Air Lanka was created by them, then you must hire the Singaporeans to do that hub, and no doubt they might ask for a culture change in our set up. We have to make painful changes to our culture, the way we think, the way we govern our country. Must be a stable country. It was my people from Singapore that came down to set up Air Lanka,so change of culture is a must otherwise who will dare put his money in SL?This is what one politician tried to do, without dropping a bomb to rid of the terrorists and separatists for ever, but no one listened and he being ridiculed.

  191. LTTE seeks UN recognition for 'Tamil sovereignty'



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