Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 SLA injured in LTTE attack : Thanamalwila

A suspected Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) guerilla attack team opened fire on SLA soldiers engaged in a search operation in Sirinandapura, in Thanamalwila area at around 12.30 P.M today (22nd). Two soldiers were reported to be injured in the incident. According to SLA sources the injuries are not critical. Soldiers were ambushed while they were looking for the whereabouts of tigers using a K9 unit.

This is the second time in two days that security forces personnel made contact with the LTTE team in Thanamalwila region. A police patrol was attacked yesterday (21st) night at around 7.45PM in Kithulkotte. 3 policemen died in the incident. 


  1. Defencenet,
    Why don't our people direct gunships to the area immediately after they come under attack? And weren't there any traces of damages to the LTTE?

  2. Well, it seems like we cannot track these terrorist teams. How many search operations did we have now? It's really puzzling how they could survive this much of time.

    Now, if we can't find them by search operations we have to try some other ways to finish them off. Eg - We can disguise security perssonel as villagers and position them amongst them(in place like Chenas) with smaller weapons like pistols. We have to try things like these now if we r going to be successful.

  3. miliyaa,
    Not too sure if that will work. If a highly trained commando team can't destroy them, it's unlikely that few people armed with pistols will be effective against them.

  4. Chamal and miliyaa, i share your concerns. We got to be practical to kill these bastrads.

    BTW I suggested sniffer dogs sometime back.

    We must end this LTTE nonsense; every night LTTE cadres bring bad news; curse them.

  5. moshe..actually sniffer dogs have been used(defencewire).This is the idea..we wont be able to capture them immediately..but this will force the LTTE to keep changing their location in order to evade the soldiers..and with the increase in this CDF..we will hopefully catch them.Dont under estimate the CDF..they may not be experts but very determined which is what you really want.

  6. the problem is when you keep running you make mistakes.. and hopefully will also reveal your safe houses..these fellows are not an IMF team:)

  7. i mean mission impossible team:):)

  8. Now this is looking pretty bad for us guys. we had about 3 contacts with this unit and this time it was with a SLA unit that was sent in to take these bastards down...
    what's the point in sending k9 units and SLA if they can't get any hits on the enemy once they have tracked them down...
    The longer this lttte unit lives the more courageous ltte folks will get to continue these types of attacks

  9. off topic...
    dailymirror web reports that the president has told the press the recent colombo bombings were not carried out by the ltte.
    Is this guy for real or is he on a witch hunt to take out some political opponents?

  10. Well guys we can't really blame the soldiers involved in the operation. Just imagine how it is like for them. You have to be constantly on the alert while looking for tracks and traces of the LTTE, and at the same time have to look out for booby traps and ambushes. And we can't really expect the whole LTTE group to be destroyed in a single attack. It's not like a whole commando platoon is sent to the jungle... they are small teams and they do the best they can. The LTTE probably have suffered casualties too but hard to verify it unless you find bodies etc.

  11. people be patient,
    if we can do a better job we should go there and do it.

    At least there has been some contact. Hopefully the terrorists will tire down and we'll get them. But be prepared another attack may pop up some where else. In fact I am surprised that there weren't a few other attacks like this.

    Defencenet, is it the same team that gives chase from SLA? Or does different take charge on shift basis?

  12. you got a point ranil

    "what's the point in sending k9 units and SLA if they can't get any hits on the enemy once they have tracked them down...
    The longer this lttte unit lives the more courageous ltte folks will get to continue these types of attacks"

    the colombo bombing thing is still speculation but there were past events similar to this done by the ...

  13. chamal
    it's not about blaming the individuals but we gotta take this threat seriously...
    We have to wait days to make contact with this unit and we all know how difficult it is to track them down...but after making contact if we don't have the firepower to take them out, at least partially our present strategy is not working...
    How much longer will we have to wait to make another contact?
    How many SLDF and civilians will this team kill before that?
    How many more ltte cadres will get a morale boost by the sheer survival skills of this unit?

  14. "if we can do a better job we should go there and do it."

    that is not the point here. we do other jobs in SL that helps the country in other ways so that military have budgets to wage war. we all can't be soldiers.

  15. and the other thing is that this SLA unit should've known the enemy they are tracking a very capable one...
    these can't be from ltte regular fighters...gotta be some elite unit...
    SLA should know that 99% of the time they are walking into an ambush when trailing such a unit and be prepared for that both equipment and strategy wise...
    pointless sending a lightly equipped unit when we all the once contact is made...we are already at a disadvantage and it won't be a fair fight...
    Instead of complaining about the situation, we should see how we can better ourselves to take these bastards out...
    they will not surrender and they will take down as much as they can...

  16. ranil,
    It's not a matter of lacking firepower and strategy. It's just not a 'piece of cake' kind of thing to do.
    We cannot bring a large number of troops here to control this threat. That's just what the LTTE wants our people to do. Also they would want to draw our special units from away from the battlefields and deployed in this area. Their top leaders don't give a damn if their team perishes or not as long as they've done their job (i.e to spread fear and confusion among the people in the south)The army on the other hand, tries to minimize casualties to own troops.

  17. rofl,

    8000 troops to be deployed in south to hunt 10 tigers.

    Its just like putting 50 000 soldiers in little Jaffna in fear of tiger attacks.

    You guys really got something called dignity? :Dloooooooooooool

  18. boss where are your nuclear weapons?

  19. boss,
    "8000 troops to be deployed in south to hunt 10 tigers"

    How many cadres has LTTE deployed to hunt army's LRRP teams?
    All the cadres who are not in the FDL's and also civilians.

    And btw where did you get the idea that 8000 are to be deployed? From Tamilnut? Then I'm happy to see that LTTE's intelligence wing is falling to pieces.

  20. hey guys..
    there is only one way to track and destroy these terrorist. i.e. to systematically roundup them by experience teams.
    These is no gain, if we are not systamatic in search operation, even if we use thousands of troops.

    Some body ask, whether we can do this job. Yes I am no military person, but I can give a plan, which can be more than 90% successful in rounding up a small terrorist in a jungle area.

    Place teams in enogh distance and let them converge to the central point, where incident happen.
    0 0
    0 0

    0 0 0

    0 0

    0 0

    if all slowly converge, there is no way for the terrorists to comeout.
    Distance can be calculated easily, if we know the timegap between first encounter and the time to deploy troops.
    If the actions are quicker, search is faster and number of troops required is less.

    Droping troops can be done acurately by using GPS and with 5-6 min GPs map can be created.
    if all teams equip with a GPS device, accurate convergence can be done. some of the above activities required, are seperately used by SLDF and it is nothing for them (using GPS).
    But there should be a central command center to guide and advice team.

    Same techinc should be repeted, untill all the terrorist are killed.

  21. Guys,
    Why are they attacking army teams in the jungle? Wouldn't it be better for them if they avoided confrontations with the army and carry on with their usual terrorist operations? But they seem to be intent on picking fights at every opportunity they get. Either their leader is stupid, or they must be concentrating on doing as much damage as possible before they are destroyed. This confirms my belief that their top leaders don't expect this team to return to wanni, doesn't it? They are just supposed to do their jobs and die, just like the team they sent to KAB. The terrorist sun goat doesn't give a damn about even his best men, the only thing he's worried about is the safety of his own ass.

  22. Is it possible that 2 SLA injured by friendly fire?

  23. Just as in Vietnam,gruellas needs a path to move about from place to place, since the jungles are thick, may use the nature cleared path of the streams and rivers. It would be a good reason to track them down along the banks of kirindi oya that directly connects to Butthala and Thanamalwila also there’s no danger of snakes etc.It is also safe for SF to use the streams to move about as far as possible, to avoid LMs

  24. onecountry,
    "Is it possible that 2 SLA injured by friendly fire?"
    I don't think so. These are Commando and SF teams that we are talking about. It is highly unlikely that they make mistakes like shooting their own people.

  25. Chamal:

    This is an embarassment to the army already. Anything is possible.

  26. Defencenet or others

    {Tigers deploy snipers to confront SLA troops in Mannaar

    At least 12 Sri Lanka Army soldiers were sniped and killed and 27 wounded Tuesday morning}

    any info on this ?

  27. come on guys,
    "This is an embarassment to the army already"
    Just because they fail one thing, it doesn't mean they are idiots. We jump around and cheer them when they are winning, but one single failure and we start blaming them endlessly. What kind of support is that? Our duty as civilians (who are being protected by them) is to encourage them both in their successes and failures. They will achieve their objective, but we must not expect them to get it overnight.

  28. First of all, Tamilnet should learn how to tell a lie. Even the highly trained army snipers don't get more than 30 targets like this in one day. And usually snipers' job is to take high profile targets and perform recon missions. They don't go around killing every 'Private Nobody' they see, it would reduce their effectiveness as the enemy is sure to take countermeasures, and they will be unable to perform their main task of targetting enemy leaders.

  29. Any truth to the TamilNet article about LTTE sniper fire casuing casualties in Mannar?

    Just think aloud. How do you counter such tactics? To take the USA sniper situation from a couple of years ago that an earlier contributor mentioned, people were encouraged to walk in diagnal lines on pavements! How do you translate this onto the battlefield where the onus is on speed and capture/pacification of as much bunkers as possible.

  30. I do not believe in military solution: Rajapaksa


    12 Indian fishermen arrested by Sri Lankan Navy


  31. Sri Lanka signals shift in war on Tamil Tigers

    "We will hit if we are hit," the president said of his military strategy.

    "The recent operations in the north are not aimed at advancing... I don't believe in a military solution," he told reporters.


  32. confirmed.
    9 SLA sniped down, many more wounded of shots in chest.

  33. very interesting development !

    what happen to
    'tough talk' ?
    'clearing the north'?
    'freeing the north people'?

    maybe the president is being pressured by the IC

    i'm confused

    what do you guys think of the presidents comments ?

  34. londonistan,
    Snipers depend on stealthy and well planned attacks (that is to say they stay hidden for hours on end, waiting until they get the perfect shot) to achieve their targets. They change their positions slowly, often after each shot, so as not to fire from the same position which would give them away. And as I mentioned in my previous comment, they are used to eliminate high profile enemy officers and material (heavy weapons, aircraft etc.) that may be valuable to the enemy. They don't attack low profile targets as there is always a risk of his position being revealed at each shot he takes.

    The situation you mentioned is different. It is a civilian populated area, where there are, obviously, no defences. This on the other hand is the FDL, where our own snipers are positioned. They would spot the LTTE snipers easily if they started shooting everyone they saw. (A friendly sniper will know the possible places where the enemy will be hiding and will direct fire to those positions. And also because of their rapid movement when taking such a high no. of targets, they can be easily spotted) In a charge by the enemy, marksmen -not snipers- may be used for this purpose but even they cannot be expected to gun down such a number of enemy personnel. (considering that the advancing troops will be covered by machine gun fire, artillery etc.) A sniper rifle is not a machine gun, it's built for precision and not rapid fire. It is simply not possible for a sniper team to take such a number of enemy targets within such a short time, avoid detection and not suffer any casualties. So obviously, this fabricated article was given by the Tamilnet without even having a knowledge of basic sniper tactics.

  35. the boss

    tamilnet says 12 dead ?

    u r saying 9 dead ?

    who is right ?

  36. "tamilnet says 12 dead ?

    u r saying 9 dead ?

    who is right ?"

    May be none.

  37. I got news from a reliable source that its 9 SLA killed. I dont know what tamilnet uses as source.

    Anyway, defencenet u shite cunt. I told you many times before do not point fingers at LTTE when a bomb goes off in Colombo. Yet you did several times despite my advice. And now even your president says LTTE wasnt behind the bombs.

  38. OMG !

    why do people use such bad language here

  39. Boss
    Perhaps there’s no military solution, but we have the right to crush the terrorists, the ones that killed your Prsident,the FM,school children,etc,etc.it would be folly to talk to such criminals.
    Solution will be discussed, if necessary with people who are not willing to take arms against the state and it’s people.
    By the way is there’s a castor plantation of some proportion in Vanni?

  40. Boss
    Perhaps there’s no military solution, but we have the right to crush the terrorists, the ones that killed your Prsident,the FM,school children,etc,etc.it would be folly to talk to such criminals.
    Solution will be discussed, if necessary with people who are not willing to take arms against the state and it’s people.
    By the way is there’s a castor plantation of some proportion in Vanni?

  41. "Why don't our people direct gunships to the area immediately after they come under attack?"

    Gunships need to be launched from SLAF bases. This takes time. By the time they reach the scene, attackers have ample time to hide. Besides, the effectiveness of observing from above is greatly reduced due to the tree cover in the dense forest.
    No confirmation on LTTE casualties.

    "Defencenet, is it the same team that gives chase from SLA? Or does different take charge on shift basis?"
    No. Different teams are used depending on the area they are deployed in. Not all soldiers deployed in the area are commandos. Majority are CDf,STf and regular infantry. Two injured in the attack are regular infantrymen.

    "Anyway, defencenet u shite cunt. I told you many times before do not point fingers at LTTE when a bomb goes off in Colombo. Yet you did several times despite my advice. And now even your president says LTTE wasnt behind the bombs."

    Here are the links to our posts regarding those two incidents:

    Please show us where we actually confirmed that it was the LTTE that carried out these attacks. At least read the articles before you comment about them.
    There is no logic in your posts; just a random set of slang words.

    Meanwhile SLA has taken complete control of Manthai-Adampan road. Video footage of this events were released to local media today. And the sniper story is completely false; it is not even worth commenting on.

  42. thanks defencenet for the debate

    anybody please post the video that defencenet just posted about

  43. Chamal/defencenet - thanks for the perspective and correction.
    Looks like TamilNet correspondents/contributors are getting a bit desperate... at least their not getting as worked up as much as 'the boss' appears to be(!) In the words of Yoda: 'anger leads to fear, and fear leads to sufferiiiiiing'!

  44. "Sri Lanka signals shift in war on Tamil Tigers”

    Above is a heading of an AFP news item. In the past we discussed their journalism with examples. If still you need to discuss the above news item feel sorry about you.

    "We will hit if we are hit," the president said of his military strategy."
    We were being hit for past 2 years. So of course we will hit back.

    "The recent operations in the north are not aimed at advancing..."
    Army commander was telling that too. The key word is the "recent operations". It doesn't imply that the future operations will fall in to the same category.

    "I don't believe in a military solution," he told reporters."

    Nothing new here. Every Sri Lankan politician was telling this for years. Nobody believes in military solution for the so called "ethnic problem". Terrorism is a different matter. It has to be crushed militarily. Mahinda was kind of responding to Sing+Brown statement about "no military solution etc.".
    He is trying to show that he functions in the same wavelength as Brown and Sing does.

    Some of you are having hysteria here. Our armed forces have achieved many successes and there were shortcomings too. Every time some thing bad happens some starts to jump up and down like proverbial monkeys, making many comments belittling the armed forces. If you want a straight line progress, find a parallel world because it aren't going to happen in this world.

    Generally, don't base your comments on a single news report. If one does that he need to expect the risk of being seen as an idiot (I made that mistake twice). When you comment on a politician's comment always be mindful about the political background behind that comment.(My two cents.)

    You know guys. I like this "boss" even though he is a bitch. I just expect bitchy comments from him. Nothing more nothing less. But one or two guys here, I keep thinking very highly of them. But suddenly they convert themselves in to dumb asses. Strange.

  45. What we need is K9 teams highly armed trackers tracking this LTTEers. My fellow patriots be patient. It takes times to track enemy in this thick jungle. What about night vision equipment for our SLDF to track them in the night when the LTTE lay low.

  46. DefenceNet,
    I do not agree with you.
    if SLDF can not adjust according to the situation, victory is difficult, if not impossible.
    One or two helicopters to operate from down-south for two/three week , is not a big thing. they can easily use wirawila SLAF base.

    Why cant SLDF rounded up these basterds using GPS. I can not understand the thinking going on in TOP BRASS.
    Military spokesman said, area is 400,000acres and it impossible to cover.
    What i am seeing is, too traditional thinking going on now.

    If SLDF needs, i am not hesitate to collect money to provide atleast 10 GPS devices.

  47. DefNet,
    I found this vid on youtube apparently uploaded my someone called Defencenet. Is this you!

    I just want to put out there I fully support the war on the LTTE but putting up vids lik this is wrong (this applies to the MOD as well).

    The graphic display of the dead is horrific and is reminiscent of entities like al qaeda and the armed groups of africa. Why do we have to descend to this level?


  48. Lanka mines sea borders to block Tamil Tigers


    32 killed in north Sri Lanka, additional security for south


  49. "what happen to
    'tough talk' ?
    'clearing the north'?
    'freeing the north people'?

    LKDOOD, tough talk was NEVER put into action.

  50. Oshada,

    I watched a bit of the clip, SHOCKING, I had to turn it off. Reminds me of footage from Africa. There is a limit to propaganda, this is just babaric. Images like this should never be released to the public. Sickening

  51. Andare
    It would be difficult to detect the rebels in the undergrowth of Monaragala as they will hide, nor sooner they hear the rotor of the helicopter, besides the resource of a helicopter is to valuable, as the real front is in the north. It would be o.k. if they are fitted heat sensitive camara,the ones used by the Police in UK to track criminals on the run..

  52. i hear considerable amount of tamils karuna faction and others fighting along side with SLA infantry

    is this true?

  53. Thanks Defencenet,
    I assumed that the team on the ground could provide the position of the enemy to the gunships, so that they can attack with their cannons and rockets even if they don't see the target. But it seems everything would be over by the time they arrive.

    GPS can't be used until we find the team, as they won't be moving around the jungle in a predictable manner (going in the same direction, speed etc.) After we find them though GPS can be used to provide the location of the enemy to our commanders/other teams.

  54. defencenet
    Is Fernandopulle and sripala de Silva out of the country?Perhaps they might negotiate a truce.sripala ayiya being a good chap and being the health minister,might priscribe Oxygen given to....get the drift?
    Prez does not want to go to Killinorchi,right?This is Srilanka,I don't know why?

  55. Peace delayed
    APRC fails to meet deadline but President to get 2-page outline on 13th Amendment today


  56. Army makes steady progress(DEFENCELINE BY RUWAN WEERAKOON)


  57. Andare
    If the GPS location is mentioned by the rebels in their communications,then one can find the cordinates and direct forces,untill the forces's gps codinates tally with last known cordinates of the rebels,and they may moved.also if they used the cellphones,provided all three towers keep recieving the call without dropping the less unwanted links,then there is a way to find their location.we give that facility to the agencies here to track the location of the caller and his movement while he is moving,provided his reciver is still on.this is too exopesive for SL to set up.that's why I maintain that the days of the terrorists hiding will end,when we have a robust economy,which would attract a very high tech system in the country.If the country gets up to that of Singapore,everyone will be conented,would not have time to kill oneanother and terrorists liberators will vanish or punished.

  58. Moshe.Dont take comments made by Hon pres+co seriously.question:After these comment have the military stopped their offensive in the north?.if the answer is no..then all this talk is pointless because it is not backed by action.

  59. Just thinking aloud. What are the chances of using the same technique used by the US border patrol to catch Mexican infiltrators. They use helicopters fitted with large fans that cause dust and those who hide in the jungle run for dear life and air!!
    I have seen a tv footage somewhere.
    Only difference being LTTE terrorists should be shot whereas illegal immigrants to US are not.

    Obviously one problem would be (if managed to fix fans to a device attached to a copter somehow) the altitude as the helicopters should fly above ak-47, RPG range. This means a very long distance (1000 metres) between the copter and the fan.

    However, if this method can be developed it would be a very effective jungle/bushland warfare weapon.

    A temporary harm on wildlife must be expected but no major harm.

  60. srilankan,

    point taken; but it works both ways.


  61. http://www.sundaytimes.lk/080120/Columns/sitreport.html-iqbal-sit report..

  62. have you even better to the border of mexico? the geography is very different compared to the geography of sri lanka. It is a desert out there near the cali/mexi border. For a sri lankan chopper to be hovering, blowing air into trees isnt going to do anything. It will make it easier for the LTTE to grab an RPG and aim at the chopper. Sri Lanka is very green, specially this area. Mexican/U.S. border is very dry, U.S. lets the border hoppers hop, most of them die of dehydration due to the heat and no source of water to be found for a loooong time.

    I hope I didnt blow my cover..lol

  63. That was directed at Mosha Dyan

  64. i've been to the border; not crossed it!!! i thought the southern jungles had patches of sandy areas, no?

    never seen this type of a copter in real life just a tv footage.

  65. moshe dyan, some areas have sandy patches yes,, but nothing like the U.S./Mexico border areas where the mexicans people cross. It is very dry, and very sandy.

  66. why every freaking thing (the damned jungle, the f* terrain, the siht NGOs, the f* IC, etc.) is saving the gory terrorists!!

    any info on how the Bolevians hunted the che guvara group? anyone?

  67. I don't post links, ever, but I think everyone should check out these two videos.

    Here are the links>>


    2 great videos.

  68. moshe dyan, they will find these 4 groups. One thing for sure is, they wont be found alive. Have faith in the forces and they will have faith in themselves.

  69. moshe, if I were you, i woudnt...rely on what the U.S. marine corps wrote about the che guevara in bolivia. At least not all of it.

  70. Guerrila warfare tactics can cause significant damage and wins at times with a conventional army. That is why it still works even today and it is still used around the world.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. guys,

    LTTE has being given snipers & our brave soldiers are being hunted one by one in mannar. altogethre 12 commandos have being snipped by the barstards. It's on tamilnet, is thsi true

  73. "Anyway, defencenet u shite cunt. "

    I really appreciate your patience with napunsakaya comments like this.
    wasting ur time to comment on this stupid brainwashed lunatic.....

    WHY the hell this guy is not banned!!!

    is this called "wal buru media freedom" where any lunatic can insult anyone who is against his path.

  74. Sampath
    read the posts by defencenet...he says it's completely false and not even commenting on

    Never said this thing is a "piece of cake" or a walk in the park mate.
    But the fact of the matter is that once contact is made if our teams are not capable of retaliating effectively what's the point in sending such a team in the first place. If the target is to kill these bastards we gotta make sure we send a capable team and there's nor argument on the fact that we have such teams...
    we can send thousands of troops just for the sake of sending them but even when these troops make contact with the said ltte team if the outcome is this...what's the point. If at all the ltte scum get's a morale booster...
    why can't SLA cut back on huge numbers and send a few elite teams on the trail of ltte's...
    And maybe even have another special squad standby so once contact is made they can be airdropped into a close location...
    The only way we can kill these guys is by attacking back and getting it right...
    DefenceNet has confirmed that the injured troops were regulars... Isn't it a shame that we're sending regulars to be hunted down by these ltte'rs...
    At least have some special squad standby like i said before so once contact is made they can get into action...

    Don't even both answering to bloggers in the caliber of The_Boss who doesn't even have the decency to address you properly. He's here to only disrupt things and not contribute positively in anyway. If i were you i would get rid of these guys not because they support the tigers but because their lack of respect for others.

  75. DefenceNEt
    sorry for the typo's
    it should be corrected as
    Don't even bother answering..."

  76. guys, defencenet, a question about this, Athas claimed that even first supposed contact that first night after bus attack was infact a booby trap 'gun trap' he called it, not sure what that is? (is it the old bullet burried kind of thing like vietcong used to use?)

    Anyway so are we sure this too was an actual contact situation or a similar booby trap? Thanks

  77. Here is the exact quote:

    "On Wednesday afternoon Army commandos entered the jungles near Welipara junction near Okkampitiya to conduct a full search. Hours later, the search operation was to trigger off reports that they had exchanged fire with the fleeing guerrillas. There was no such incident. One of the commandos had stepped on a trap gun accidentally. He was injured and rushed to hospital. The guerrillas had fled and the search in that area was called off."

    Athas sit report

  78. Kevin,chamal,Ranil,
    You do not understand, what I am saying. Choppers are only for the troops delivery and not for combat operations.
    Hiring private ones also will do the job.
    GPS is used for dropping troops acurately and navigate in side the jungle.

    If you make a fence like a circle, probability of slipping through the fence is very very minimal.

    GPS is used for that purpose and make the troops slowly converge to the center point.
    Center point, is where, initial incident has happened.

    This stratergy can achieve two things,
    1. Lesser troops
    2. Speedy operation

    Radius can be calculated based on the time taken for the responce.

  79. andare,

    What is this big deal you are making about GPS. GPS is only a tool for finding your location. The SLA is not lost in Buttala, and they can find their way. They are probably using GPS anyway, but that is not going to help the slightest bit.

    The problem is that its a large jungle area and we don't have enough troops to search through all of it. Making circles etc is not going to help in such terrain unless you put a soldier every 20m or so.

  80. andare
    I agree with shay...GPS is used by many SL civilians also nowadays and like Shay is saying, i'm sure our troops are already using it...
    GPS is only helpful once we have made contact with this tiger squad and quickly transfer those coordinates for other SLDF units in the area for a possible convergence...
    Hope sldf is using area folks who know the land very well...

    Gun traps might be still used by illegal game hunters in the area...
    This is sometimes a very crude "gal katas" type and it's operated via a string which the possible victim activates by walking through it.
    Few of my friends who had gone trekking in the area was warned by the civilians of these traps setup by Ganja cultivators which this area is famous for...
    I'm just speculating, it could've been a trap set by the tigers too

  81. "Place teams in enogh distance and let them converge to the central point, where incident happen."

    Andare, have you ever been into the jungle? Do you think it's like a cricket ground, where the soldiers can walk from the boundary to the pitch in a straight line? Don't be absurd. If it was this easy we would have destroyed the LTTE in 1982. The jungle is full of barriers like river beds, rock outcroppings, inpenetrable thickets, etc. There also never will be enough troops to cover an area in an unbroken defensible perimeter, or to complete the op in daylight. Whenever possible, the Tigers will kill a few soldiers or civilians (as they did yesterday) to draw troops to an area while they penetrate the perimeter somewhere else.

    "Why are they attacking army teams in the jungle? Wouldn't it be better for them if they avoided confrontations with the army and carry on with their usual terrorist operations"

    The mission is to draw more troops and attention to this area. It is the British Chindit operation in Burma in miniature. They need to keep up the pressure by creating regular incidents. They also maybe attacking Army and police patrols to draw troops away from an area where they wish to move through.

    "Just think aloud. How do you counter such [sniper] tactics?

    The only way to counter snipers is by suppressing their fire and killing them. The best way is with your own snipers. The next best is with direct-fire support weapons like RCLs. Snipers cannot be allowed to dominate friendly lines, as even a small number can bog down an entire offensive by killing high-ranking officers and crucial personnel.

  82. whoah..
    JNW says SLAF has bombed an ltte joint in iranamadu after MI saying Velu was there....

  83. "The only way to counter snipers is by suppressing their fire and killing them."

    "Enemy at the gates" has some nice insights into snipers... pretty good movie IMHO :)

  84. SLAF bombs 'xray base'
    heres the link: http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20080123_04

    anybody know anything about this base?

  85. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  86. Well, I guess what andare is saying some thing like this. Suppose at time t at the point x incedent happened. Then you calculate the maximum distance r from point x tigers can run to any dircetion within the time t to current time. (This is easily calculted) Then you send troops in choppers and they land on the perimeter of a circle whose center is point x and radius is r. So how many troops you need can calculate depending on the number r and distance between two troops. (it is nearly 2pir/required gap) So in this way he is correct at least theoraticaly. This circle will not be large as whole jungle with 1000sqkm and it will be more productive sooner you start. Here we need to assume tigers don't use motor vehicles and rather run by feet.
    For example if you start the op after 30 mins the incedent and if tigers can move 5 km away within one hour (by running through the jungle) you need to serach 200 sqkm only.

  87. Defencenet,
    Could you please verify this story about snipers in the Mannar fronts?

  88. ninja,
    You got the point. Other just talk nonsence!!!

    I am from Down south and I have trecked though jungle enough times.
    If you have a gadjet, which can tell you the direction to move, that is it.
    That is where GPS comes in to find the direction of the center point. Even a compass will do, if it is calibrated properly, may be with the help of GPS device.
    You do not need to go as a straight line, as far as you manage to maintain the direction!!!

    if manage to respond with in 1/2hr, area, which needs to cover is nearly 100SqM

  89. "Snipers depend on stealthy and well planned attacks (that is to say they stay hidden for hours on end, waiting until they get the perfect shot) to achieve their targets."

    This is the ideal scenario, but it doesn't always work like this. When breaking up an attack at closer ranges, snipers will use rapid fire and movement. Also, if there is no countersniper threat they will not worry about camouflage. Early US sniper ops in Iraq were a good example of the latter. Also, when breaking up an attack snipers won't just kill officers, but high value personnel like enemy snipers, machine-gunners, radio operators, and heavy weapons crews.

    "It is simply not possible for a sniper team to take such a number of enemy targets within such a short time, avoid detection and not suffer any casualties."

    It depends on the range. I haven't read the article, but it's not impossible. During WW2, SS sniper Sepp Allerberger killed 43 Russians in a four-hour encounter.

  90. Ranil.."enemy at the gates"..the producers have thrown in a very mediocre "bonk" for good measure:)

  91. "You do not need to go as a straight line, as far as you manage to maintain the direction!!!"

    That's true if your goal is to get from point A to point B, but not if you want to sweep and clear the area between point A and point B. Detouring will leave areas unswept which the Tigers can then use to hide or move through. I know it all seems simple on paper, but it's not.


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