Friday, January 11, 2008

Explosion in Colombo fort railway station

An explosion has taken place in the fort railway station. According to available information, the explosion has occurred near the 4th platform.

Update: Only one casualty reported so far. A civilian with minor injuries has been admitted to hospital.


  1. heard the news just now
    you are very quick on the draw :)

  2. trying ma best to get some news on it
    hope not too many casualties :(

  3. yes fm says it was in a platform inside the station...
    since it's peak time...there might be casualties

  4. Near 4th platform. So far 1 civs admitted 2 hospital.

  5. We are updating via mobile. Soon the networks will jam and we may be cut off from net temporarily.

  6. ok time to head home...going passing fort and the port...

  7. yes're correct.... dr. hector weerasinghe was on radio just now saying only one person was admitted with minor injuries...

    I'm off... catch you later

  8. I keep my ear to the ground.There is a rumor goingaround that the rebels will try to pin down our security away from the battle fields by blowing up vital bridges,and other importanplaces of the country's infrastructure.Some one in this blogg asked as to how many of them are in the EP.70% of the guys in Sampur and Topigala infiltrated furthur south,mingling with the estate people and the hardcore with the stuff are in area close to Lahugalaareas and Yala. Where is Lahugala?They have made these plans years ahead.Also crossing to Vanni by an areas btn 184-185 KM posts off Trinco Kanthalai strch of main road.Pass this on.Few disgruntaled are opening up as they are not willing to put up anymore.Sorry for any gramatical errors as I have no time to correct, as I got to get back to work.

  9. Another pathetic effort bu the LTTE to hide their failings in the North. Glad to hear only one suffered minor injuries.

  10. citizens need to be alert and should have some idea about who to contact if they notice anything suspicious. we need a tel hotline or something of this nature (maybe we already do?). still, whats the point of a hotline if the information is not processed in a timely manner to pre empt a terrorist attack? the setting up of such systems is a must if we're to live with a long term terrorist threat on our capitol.

  11. How practical it's to set-up some CCTV camera's in public places. Since most of the shops has CCTV now, Surely shop owners can help by pointing extra camera towards to entrance.
    Hopefully info which we can grab from those can help every one.

  12. Defencenet

    The poster by the handle specialforce has post on LNP:

    "vanni offensive folks has officially will be in three stages with the second being planned being the deadliest...

    more information will follow when time is right...

    six fronts with seven offensive divisions for the first time in action...

    lets hav the fingers crossed folks...ill leave to sri lanka in 10 days..."

    So tell me, has it really begun?

  13. perein..yes, high time for sri lanka to have these installed. most western cities have cctv on all their main thoroughfares. sri lanka should also invest in IT products which assist in intel mapping. new technology helped the military, now its time to invest in intel.

  14. As GE says Defencenet please do post any information available...

    I did not get the full picture about how those bulldozers were used.

    I was thinking that we could use road roller, their rollers designed with studs suited to apply enough pressure to trigger the mines. Or it could be a special vehicle designed for this purpose with armour, prefrably remore controlled or manned.

  15. is this 'specialforce' guy right ?

    has the war started ? i mean a big offensive ?

    after what GoldenEagle has posted
    so far 'specialforce' has not posted any more info

    this is his site on LNP


    he last updated 2 hours and 40 minutes ago on the incident in the railway station

  16. Jiffi-
    Getting the CCTV done big scale could be costly as well as time consuming.
    That's the reason we need support of shop keepers as well as general public who ever can assist in short term.
    There is no reason why shop keepers does not want to do this. Simply safe guarding customers can bring more customers towards them.

  17. goldeneagle,
    "So tell me, has it really begun?"

    Actually the first phase began some time ago. No mass troop movement yet.

  18. I'm not implying anything but what purpose does this bomb achieve?

    If I were a terrorist I'm not going to go through the trouble and danger of smuggling and setting up a bomb just to set it off in a public place at a non peak time and injure just one person. I just don't see the rational behind it.

    Anyone have any ideas???

  19. ty defencenet for the update

    what is define as a mass troop movement

    10000 or more ? or 500 ore more ? or something in between

  20. jonathan :

    i think they are trying to remind the government that they can play games in Colombo

    i think you will see these situations
    in the future to scare the people & government

  21. May be it was the work of amatuer sinhala koti?

  22. jonathan,
    "I'm not implying anything but what purpose does this bomb achieve?"

    It could be many things. It could be a test of some kind (unlikely though).

    Most likely its just another psy op. I.E.- Tigers are trying to inject fear into the minds of southerners who are upbeat about military victories.

  23. lkdood,
    10000 or more ? or 500 ore more ? or something in between"

    It's too early to tell that.

  24. defencenet,

    defWire has posted a comment about the deployment of the 59 div.

    If this is no classified could you please update us on it more.

  25. ga,
    we've already made several posts regarding the 59th division. You can find them:

  26. defNet,

    I may not post comments that often but I have read all these articles with much interest.

    I was just wondering what this new development is about.

    Specialforce and DefenceWire have both made comments about it and I was wondering whether this would affect operational secrecy or whether this is public domain intel.

  27. defencenet
    links don't work :(

  28. ga,
    There is no new development as of now other than small scale attacks which have been going on for some time. These attacks are considered as the first phase of Wanni offensive. Main objective is to soften up enemy defenses and destroy as much of the infrastructure (bunkers etc) on front line as possible.

    Major thrust will come after phase 1 is complete. This will be launched with the intention of capturing land and advancing into LTTE heartland. Both parties are expected to suffer heavy casualties in this phase.

    So far it's only small scale attacks.

  29. lkdood,

    Those links are not fully visible. triple click on them to select fully and then copy and paste.

  30. ga

    i think they put out info that is known by lot of people

    i don't think they will put national security at risk

  31. also, saw something about military claiming to crush the tigers by June 2008 on several sites.

    As far as we know military commander has not said anything like it. They have a well drawn out plan and it's most unlikely that they will change it to meet a June 2008 "Deadline".

  32. Defencenet could you please name these web sites you mention on your post ?

  33. defencenet, LKdood,

    Thanks for the news. I sure do hope this is non critical intel.

    It is wonderful that DefNet, DefWire and specialForce are keeping us up to date with the current situ but I would hate to see us jump the gun and reveal an offensive before it has even begun.


    That is the best thing to do, carry on the attrition stage for a bit longer before the major offensive. I was getting worried we were going to do another jayasikuru.

    Also, it is useless to expect the SLDF to plan military objectives to meet political deadlines.

    My advise is DON'T DO IT.

  34. Lanka to hand over Prabhakaran to India if arrested:Rajapakse

    Sri Lanka would hand over LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran to India if he was apprehended if New Delhi made such a request, President Mahinda Rajapakse has said.

    "If they ask for him, I will send him there. ... Why not? He has killed so many people. If India wants him, certainly I will send him to India," the Sri Lankan President told NDTV's 'Walk the Talk' programme.

    "On request from them (Indian authorities), I will do whatever they want," Rajapakse said.

    He maintained that Prabhakaran, who is accused of being behind the assassination of former Premier Rajiv Gandhi, would not be granted pardon by India.

    He said LTTE would not agree to any compromise for a peaceful resolution of the ethnic issue afflicting Sri Lanka.


  35. CFA means one thing to the terrorists another to the gsol.Terrorists never lived by the mandate of the CFA,by violating it ove 7000 times and killing over3000Tey are cunning and clever by asking the IC to bring it back to gainresptability,where their creditability hasdiminished and losing heavily in the nort.CFAwas our advantage greatly during that time,but thanks to the violations by this outfit,it has been made useless will right later about the pros and cons of the CFA.Be vigilante might create chaos in the south to divert the resources from the North.Our sinhalatigers and the underworld will be used,specially the mixed gang that operated from the Walikada prison,using cell phones,had good immunityfrom srutiny and searches,No time to correct grammar..

  36. hey dude just wana remind url tat we dont info going in to wrong hands so talk about wat has hapend an wats hapening an plz dont talk on things that should hapen or wil might b the intel that the enemy needs...thanks alot ceya

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  39. Check out the front page of the FBI website

    The top story is about the LTTE, with the heading

    "Taming the Tamil Tigers:
    From Here in the U.S.

    The article summery

    "They are among the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world. They have murdered some 4,000 people in the past two years alone and have inspired terrorist groups like al Qaeda. And they have operatives here in our own backyard. Learn how we are working to stop the Tamil Tigers"

    Now what happened to the people who were saying the LTTE owned the US?

  40. Re: CCTV monitoring it can be practical in places like stations and airports. There is software that can take an initial snapshot and then keep comparing to later snapshots detect any new stationary objects such as unattended parcels.

  41. This is expected... typical terror modus op. Hang on folks this is gonna be rough !

    Pound the army .... pound them ! VP we will get your fat ass !

  42. Akashi off to seek peace in Sri Lanka

    Kyodo News

    Japan expressed concern Friday that the Sri Lankan conflict will escalate and said it will send special peace envoy Yasushi Akashi to the country Sunday to call for continuing dialogue.

    "We are very worried that Sri Lanka's decision (to withdraw from a ceasefire agreement with rebels there) will lead to further conflict," Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura told reporters in announcing Akashi's three-day trip.

    "Japan would like to call on the Sri Lankan government to continue efforts toward a political resolution through dialogue," Komura said.

    Akashi is scheduled to meet Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse and other senior officials during his visit, the Foreign Ministry said.


    guys also check out my blog(just started) :)


  43. oops ! this is the link to my blog


  44. After reading this blog for a long time, I decided to actually say something.

    Thanks DefenceNet, and the rest of you. It's really great to read this, and most of all, to actually have some hope for an end to this nightmare.

    With regard to intelligence, I wonder is there anyway to make our people participate more actively. Most people would say anything for saving their motherland, but money is always the main goal. So isn't it possible to have some kind of reward system for providing good information that leads to successful arrests of terrorists in the south, specially Colombo. Ofcourse this should not be allowed to be like in former east germany etc. But atleast at this critical time, I think this would help turn every ordinary citizen in to an active intelligence agent.

    If there is any such system at the moment, I haven't heard of it, so more publicity would be needed.

  45. Lanka turmoil: Threat to India's soft underbelly by Colonel Anil Athale (retd)

    Ever since Mahinda Rajapaksa took over as Sri Lankan president in 2005, there was apprehension that the hardliner would opt for a military solution to the four-decade-old Tamil problem. This year Sri Lanka has abrogated the ceasefire agreement with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and fighting has broken out. There is real danger of the island turning into another trouble spot in the Indian subcontinent.

    While many Tamils disagree with the means used by the Tigers and its fascist outlook, they nevertheless regard them as saviours in face of Sinhala chauvinism. This is the greatest strength of the Tigers and makes it possible for them to survive. There is no military solution to the underlying political problem, a fact well understood in India.

    full article :

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  47. Defencenet,

    In the previous post, I said the following..Any possibility that this idea will be implemented by the Sri Lanka Army??

    [SLAF must do the talking in Wanni..Sending SLA in to LTTE mine fields is a Sin...

    Instead they should send a massive buldozer with a barriers made up of used TRUCK tyres fully inflated with air(better still with heavy non explosive gas other than usual air ).The tyre barriers must be placed infront and back as well as on the sides to absorb the damage from explosives.This is what the Australian Army did in Vietnam.They used this method to distroy 50000 mines planted by their own soldiers in and around a camp..The reason for the distruction of mines was, they lost the mine field MAP and the mines had to be distroyed in order to prevent accidential explosions.I saw a documentary in regards to this and how it was done...
    The massive old rusty truck can be used instead of a bulldozer...The fully inflated tyres will absorb any explosions...This is worth a try rather than sending those BRAVE men to their deaths..I have seen several dozens of unused SLA vehicles close to their camp in Colombo Fort.They can use these unused rusty vehicles which are rusting due to various reasons.)

    The above method can be used to detonate LTTE mines and booby traps in the Killali defences or else where..

    Making the truck remotely controlled is not a difficult task ...



  49. LTTE is now desperate. They can resort to any means to stop the SLDF and put the GOVT in trouble.
    think following scenario..
    schools are very easy targets. If LTTE, get children of a elite school like, royal collage and demand fully implement of CFA AGAIN to relese chilrens, what will be the outcome.
    IC can think that it is a really a just demand and can push the govt to the wall to agree to it. IC even can redefine LTTE as freedom fighters, because they are asking for peace.
    On the otherhand, GOVT can try to do a commando crack down on terrorists. In the event of that, terrorist can kill lots of childrens and out come can deadlist on the GOVT.
    internal presure from the parents can be enormous and it can be the end of the govt.
    GOVT should be prepared for all type of attack scenarios.

  50. But panic should never rule; the govt must ensure that.

    Glad many here have a clear head and see the threat AS IT IS and not the way the enemy wants us to see!


    Troops were moving on a tractor in the area when they fell victim to that explosion.

    This can be prevented with a simple solution of employing a remote controlled "Bomb Excavator", which I suggested earlier.

  52. I wander if this news I just heard is significant?That another Srilankan Airbus 340 had an accident,this time at Frankfurt.this accident, similar to that happened in London,flight which I was on the 15th of Oct.Could this be sabotage, a plane worth $100 Million?Perhaps someone is tring to frighten air travellers to SL,could be part of the war effort to reduce the inflow of Forex.Government and Emirates should ask the interpole to check this out.Usually the pull back groung crew are sober and competant as the pilots andair traffic controllers.Two accidents in 10 weeks is very rare for the same airline with a small fleet,specially in a well regulated air ports like Heathrow and frankfurt.

  53. Fighting for a Motherland? As the ceasefire disintegrates, more bloodshed lies ahead

    The civil war in Sri Lanka turns 25 years old this July. With no end in sight to the conflict, the (mainly Sinhalese) Sri Lankan government recently stated that it would not renew the ceasefire agreements signed with the paramilitary Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which were brokered by the Norwegian government in 2002. The LTTE reaffirmed its commitment to abide by the ceasefire, but anyone who has been near the island state during the last two years will realize that there has been anything but peace. To give some idea of the scale of the war, Sri Lanka in 2007 was the most dangerous country in the world for journalists after Iraq and Somalia. The ceasefire has been all but a laughable notion in recent times. The Sri Lankan government on its part has resisted this movement with a mixture of incompetence and butchery. Noted for its casual use of rape and torture, the government has gone out of its way to scupper peace deals in order to maintain its grip on power and therefore money. Corruption reigns supreme in Sri Lanka with opulence for those that can afford it, while on the east of the island there are still people living in tents constructed with old rice bags, three years after the tsunami struck.

  54. Looks like good old Mr. Hariharan is trying to get back into bed with LTTE

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  57. "68% Sri Lankan women widowed due to war"

    You are a stupid idiot. I can understand why LTTE is loosing the war. Everybody who had some brain has gotten killed and now they are left with idiots like defenceline.

  58. Defenceline

    where did you get that '426 killed' number ?

    Defencenet or anyone

    can you confirm Defenceline's numbers ?

  59. The acts of the poster with the handle "defenceline" (NOT DefenceNet), the boss et al. can be constituted as cyber terrorism.

    They are trying to drag this blog into utter chaos and destroy any effectiveness that it may have.

    This should not come as a surprise. This reflects the core attitude the of the LTTE terrorists.

  60. oh..Defenceline is posting fake news

    why do people do that !

  61. Kiri,
    "This should not come as a surprise. This reflects the core attitude the of the LTTE terrorists."

    Well said mate. Their organization is constructed on Bull shit.

  62. Defencenet
    Why are they using small bombs now, that can't do any real damage? First near Lake House, now this... Don't they have anything more or are they just trying to frighten the people? Could this be something like a rehearsal for larger attacks? If they are trying to frighten us, why don't they use larger bombs, which will both cause damage and they will succeed in frightening our population?

  63. May be tigers want to use terror but at the same time avoid civilian casualties to lay claim to their moral standing to get sympathy from the IC.

    There are definetely thosands of bombs in Colombo that came with the CFA. These must be found soon.

  64. Chamal.. it could bea trial run for something much bigger.The other point is that it shows how successful the SLDForces have been on secuity.

  65. moshe i agree with you bro. i think the LTTE have a limited supply of bombs in colombo and also a "chain-which remains intact" to move explosive materials into the south when the need arises.At the moment it seems like they are having a problem of moving explosives into the south(they are beginning to find out that offering a policemen Rs 10/= to look the otherway is not working as effectively as it used to in the past. therefore they need to conserve the remaining explosives in colombo just in case they get an important vip target.

  66. Moshe

    [There are definetely thosands of bombs in Colombo that came with the CFA]

    I fully agree with you brother. Ranil the fcuking pansy allowed LTTE to bring in a motherload of explosives to Colombo and some are still in LTTE safehouses in Colombo although over the years since 2002 (CFA year), Colombo police and the STF have been able to uncover a sizable amount through dawn raids and “gonibilla” modus-operandi (I have heard personal accounts of such from STF).

    I saw an earlier post from you re. this…

    The bottom line: The CFA favored these filthy Tamil tiger motherfcukers royally as never mind the explosives they brought to Colombo, the rotting lepers were also able to bring in 18 shiploads of weapons to SL – quite freely - as Ranil the pansy asked SL Navy to “Do not interfere with LTTE’s activity!” This was also the time when these filthy lepers would come right up to our boys at checkpoints and spit in their face and walk away – knowing that our boys were in mortal fear and would not retaliate for the fear of getting fired from the SLDF!

    So bro, do not let any motherfcuker here tell you that the CFA was advantageous to GOSL/SLDF (only VP Pig and RW pansy cock-s’s would tell you that!) LMSSAO!

    I have battled this pov here many times with LTTE/Ranil supporters, but well, OaO Asithri is always ready to castrate a few more gooks if need be (as many of you know me by now!) LMSSAO!

    Greets to all my patriots…

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. in haste…busy/traveling...but it’s time to go party now.

  67. looks like the fbi story about LTTE is getting much publicity. :) All you have to do is go to their main page and the story is the MAIN STORY.
    Here is a direct link to the story

    By the way, if you read the article, below you can report people like "boss" but you wont need to do that because someone has already done so for supporting terrorism openly. :)

    have a great day guys. A bright future is ahead of us for Sri Lankans.

  68. asthri, good to see your comments, just makes my day! lol

  69. Some one told me that LTTE is planning an attack in Kandy this Monday....rumor has mad many schools and government offices close on Monday...they said that there was an early threat before the no-limit attack also

  70. Like I said before, those people who openly support LTTE terrorism on this link as well as places like LNP are being closely "monitoried" and they think they are having fun, but little do they know what they are up against. :)

  71. blogs where exactly did you hear this rumor?

  72. Moshe Dayan's article about ceasefire.. a compelling read in the previous blog.

  73. All-
    This monday (14th of Jan - Tamil Thai Pongal Day. ) is a public holiday in Sri Lanka anyway.
    Usually all schools are closed on holidays...
    Not sure about Blog Blogged blogging..

  74. asthri-
    Good to see you are back in kicking mood...:)
    Sounds like you are advertising French Connection these days...
    How are you doing buddy...

  75. "o bro, do not let any motherfcuker here tell you that the CFA was advantageous to GOSL/SLDF (only VP Pig and RW pansy cock-s’s would tell you that!) LMSSAO!"

    Yeah, that's a good tactic. Stick your head even further up your butt so thaat frightens you. Lol.

  76. I just wished we have a few more OPVs in our navy, a few more Beech HISARs for our airforce and a few 300mm MLRS units for the army before we start the full thrust into Wanni.

    If it was upto me, I would keep the attrition phase going for a bit longer. You know....really soften them up before the final blow.

  77. GEagle..thats what they are planning......The good Gen Fonseka i am sure is going to do this with the least amount of casualties.

  78. OaO Asithri,

    You always pump up the forum!

    I found it impossible read your name when you wrote to another website.

    Yes I agree it was Ranil's ill that cursed the nationala security of SL through the CFA.

    BUT we all agree that CBK+MR were also honeymooning the LTTE from 2004 April - 2005 October during which period SL lost its best ever patriot, intellectual and leader - Kadir.

    At least during Ranil's time CBK ordered the SLN and SLAF to destroy few tiger ships. But during CBK+MR time this number was ZERO!

    This period also had the LOWEST CFA violations by GOSL (and the LTTE too).

    So it was not only Ranil.

    But all Sri Lankans should support the present govt. in fighting the tigers; it is not a political party against the LTTE, but the whole SL (and its many wellwishers including the US) against the LTTE this time.

    FBI won't do untimely publications even if some dumbs think the CFA abbrogation was untimely!!

    Weaping tigers must understand that US policy is not governed by personal views (unlike in the case of the LTTE and other Tamil Naadu politics where personalitites are EVERYTHING) expressed by politicos during election time. They are advised by highly experienced and shrwed advisors. (true some decisions were faulty).

    LTTE has already thrown away God Murugan's pictures and replaced them with Hilary's pics. Hard luck tigers, things are done differently from TN in the US.

  79. NOT MY WORDS..... but interesting....


    Ban Tamils and jokers like Karunanidhi / Jayalalitha from Indian politics.

    by Ritu Singh on Jan 12, 2008 04:16

    The point is.... If you migrate / reside / temporarily stay in any country, then you should ENSURE that you fall in line with the law of that land & IN CASE you do not like / respect the law of THAT land, then you should leave that country / land and return to your homeland...

    Tamils have been traditionally an atrocious lot.. They migrate to greener pastures, seek out choicest employments and then ultimately try to make the foreign land their own..!!!!

    Tamils have no identity in this country.. I mean you see Kannadigas, Telugus, Punjabis, Gujaratis, Malayalees all falling in line with the law of the land that they migrate / reside in.... But not the tamils.... Tamils are scheming, spineless and cunning people who do not hesitate to stab even THEIR OWN bretheren to suit their individual needs....

    Its all the more irritating to see Tamils behaving like morons when they say that they will not imbibe the national language of India... You put together 3 tamilians in a room filled with 10 people & you will find all the non-tamilians conversing in a common language like English / Hindi... but not the tamils... they will keep yakking on in tamil even if the remaining 7 people do not understand a word..!!! Such is their self-obsession... And lastly where will u find more morons like tamils who build temples for their favorite actors n actresses annointing THEM as GODs..!!!!

    Tamils should be boycotted till time they fall in line with Indian sentiments...!!!


    LTTE is terrorist organization and must be eliminated. i like all south indians except tamils

    tamils have problems with everyone, be it other southern states or sri lanka or malaysia...

    tamilians dont tolerate any other language in tamil nadu, why should sri lanka tolerate tamil in their country??

    it is good they are acting against tamil in sri lanka.

    same way brahmins are discriminated against in tamil nadu by giving everyone else but them reservation, same way malaysia is also treating tamils there.

    hindus should realize tamils are not hindus.
    one can see that by the culture of the state which abuses lord ram and tries to damage ram sethu. they are like taliban of afghanistan which destroyed buddha statue.

    i support action against Tamil terrorist in sri lanka, and i support their total elimination from sinhalase sri lanka. sri lanka is correct in not tolerating tamil on their land just like tamils in tamil nadu dont accept any other language in their state.

    well done sri lanka and india.

    jai hind

    jai hind.

  81. As you can see there is no love lost between Punjabis, Gujaratis, Marathis, Malayalis, Kannadigas, Telugus..... and Tamils.

    Lots of Indians regard Tamils as troublemakers.

    It would be a mistake for Sri Lankans to consider Indians as a monolithic entity who support the LTTE.

    Kannadigas, Telugus and Malayalis who are also South Indians can't stand the Tamils.

  82. More from Indians......

    Squash the LTTE like rats...!!!
    by Ritu Singh on Jan 12, 2008 04:31 PM | Hide replies

    LION (personally you mew like a cat..!!) wake up from your dream..!!!

    Despite the fact that Sri Lanka was never the homeland of the tamils... it is surprising to see foolish people trying to claim another country as their homeland..!!! I mean what could be more atrocious..?????

    And then the organisation they support... the LTTE is nothing but a cowardly group of terrorists who have been safe ONLY because they had the tactic support of past Indian governments, whom they were temporarily able to misguide...

    But now that the world has woken up to LTTE's cowardly face.... no country is willing to support them... Look at how Malaysians ruthlessly curbed the tamils (well in time, because otherwise Malaysia would have been another Sri Lanka in waiting..!!).... And let me tell you had the Malaysians not ruthlessly curbed the tamil protests, it would not have been long that we would have witnessed idiots like LION claiming Malaysia also orginally belonged to tamils..!!!

    LTTE should be banned and it should be hunted down like rats and squashed down with no mercy... Terrorists who brainwash small children and women by giving them guns and turning them into suicide bombers and human bombs should be not shown ANY mercy... Prabhakaran, if he is hurt, should be executed... And if he is dead, his body should be thrown into the gutter so that it rots. No respect or mercy for LTTE scums...

  83. "Please keep the CFA, we will adhere to it 100% this time. Norwegians, please stay"

    - LTTE political wing leader

    After ending the CFA, the whole world is rallying around SL, it seems.

    Mr Anandasangaree's prophetic words came true.

    "Abbrogating the CFA will show the world the real face of the LTTE".

    First a US govt law enforcement agency; now boiling Indian public opinion. After all, only these two are the effective international community as regards the SL conflict!!

    As quite correctly stated in the Island Editorial, CFA was LTTE's hen which laid golden eggs for them. Now it is no more.

    LTTE may carryout more bomb attacks; thereby it will only gid its own grave. How can the IC protect those who bomb civilians?

    As I mentioned in a previous post, either way LTTE is screwed. If it wins the war by targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure, they are dead meat in the hands of the IC.

    On the other hand if they were beaten by the SLA also they are dead meat.

    LTTE must understand that either way they are doomed ans should immediately save themselves by stopping all violence and agree to what the govt may give.

    Actually it is very likely that many LTTE leaders had already understood this by now. They might take a decision with or without the sun dog.

    The lesson from CFA abbrogation - Better late than never!

  84. Ajith..the Bitch who turned young girls into suicide cadres is still living freely in england as mrs balasingham..and this tart has the oddacity to publish a book mind you of all things..

  85. "First a US govt law enforcement agency"

    Don't be so naive. Do you think the FBI report was written last week? It's something that was in the pipes for awhile, during the CFA. It's just been released at the same time.

  86. well what is important is that the FBI report was finally published and no one could stop it from publication.David reading your post and moshes about the CFA..i learnt a lot about what the LTTE had which i would have never known.

  87. AFP:

    Sri Lanka fighting claims 67 ahead of peace envoy trip: army

    last 36 hours ?
    66 LTTE
    1 Army

    are these numbers true ?


  88. : Fleeing Tigers will not be allowed shelter in India says Defence Minister A.K.Antony


  89. LTTE will be defeated by year-end: Sri Lanka Army chief


  90. LTTE will be defeated by year-end: Sri Lanka Army chief


  91. Ikdood-
    Are you looking for free hits for your site?
    You would be better off submitting your site to search engines.

  92. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  93. perein :

    what are you talking about ?

    sorry for the double post

  94. Sri Lanka has a right to take action against terrorists: Pranab(Indian External Affairs Minister)


  95. Boss, plz avoid posting racist comments.
    Lkdood, we cant confirm that figure of 66 .

  96. Boss, plz avoid posting racist comments.
    Lkdood, we cant confirm that figure of 66 .

  97. pooh pooh!

    People according to tamilnet (looks like it's again being blocked..) reports some interesting developments..

    "Co-chairs request Colombo to provide diplomatic access to Ki'linochchi"

    If this is true we have to rally round and rise against this finger poking as a nation!

  98. This comment has been removed by the author.


  99. LTTE's last stand is around the corner...

    It is most likely , Velu is no way in control of Wanni..Pottu amman is running the show for them and he is the DEFACTO LEADER..

    Pottu engineered all the killings and leaking the whereabouts of LTTE leaders , including that of Velu..It is likely Velu is injured after SLAF bombing.Infighting within the LTTE already showing the signs of imminent collapse in Wanni..

    I will give the following as reasons for my conclusion.

    1). The Statement by Nadesan promising the 100% implementation of the CFA by LTTE.(The word 100% is important here).If Velu is in full control this statement would never have come out of LTTE peace negotiator. Atleast Velu would not allow this statement under any circumstances atleast in the present form..Velu promised on the day of his maveer speech to wage war against the Sri Lankan state.That was in November..In December LTTE policy make an unbelivable U-TURN and wants to embrace peace.)

    2). Nadesan is scared of the whole thing and he wants to stop the Wanni offensive by the SLA some how.The following Video reminds me his plea to the International community to save them.(

    3).Statement by Dr. Illanthirayan saying his leader was EATING WELL when asked by journalists.(this confirms that Dr. Illanthirayan's patient was NOT eating prior to that statement.This confirms once again that Velu is not well.)

    4). During the recent funeral of Charles, Pottu or Velu (or his son or Wife) did not appear for the ceromony. This confirms the internal rift further AND Velu isn't incontrol of the organisation.

    5). Ruhmour has it, that Mathivathini fled to India 3 days ago.(It is likely that Velu's son fled to India immediately after TC's death.)

    6). LTTE's miserable show at FDL's where they experience collateral damages..No LTTE leader got the stomach to fight the advancing SLA fighting formations..Figters are demoralised.I wish SLA asked some of these Child soldiers to surrender.

    7). Immediately after TC's death Velu appointed Nadesan as his successor.But Charles died and NO REPLACEMENT so far.(Confirms the internal rift and the rest.)

    8). Velu dissappeared after 28 November and only few including Pottu knows what really happened to him.That is why Pottu is acting like a meniac.

    9). No statements in Tamilnet regarding the present situation in Wanni..Reminds me the Post Thoppigala days.

    10). India also confirms the fact that something is UP in Wanni relates to Velu..

    11). If Velu is not dead atleast Pottu is not listening to the leader..

    12). Since Velu has been the central figure of LTTE, the present poor show by the LTTE confirms that Velu is not in control of his organisation.


  100. One thing that I am unhappy about GOSL is ,

    before they walk away from the CFA, they should have demanded from LTTE, 100% percent commitment of LTTE to the CFA and laying down of arms fully by the LTTE , failure to do so will result in GOSL abandoning all negotiations with the LTTE.

    The GOSL missed this vital last minute diplomacy infront of the world.

  101. Tangara,
    I agree with you on two points.

    - We should do our very best to get as many LTTE cadres to surrender (especially the little ones)

    - We should have been much more diplomatic in abrogating the CFA. An ideal opportunity would have been the attack on AAFB. This hurried decsion makes me think that it was the JVPs influence that got it torn so unexpectedly.


    81 LTTE dead after 2 days fighting.

    Worth a try asking LTTE caders to surrender.

  103. 5). Ruhmour has it, that Mathivathini fled to India 3 days ago.(It is likely that Velu's son fled to India immediately after TC's death.)

    I want to add the following to the above point...

    Immediately after TC's death, helicoptor was airborned from Wanni and Indian radars confirms the flight and informed the SLAF..Now the question is who was on that helicoptor??..It is likely a third party whisked away some one important within the LTTE like Velu's son.

  104. Kiri,

    Thank you very much for the feedback..Why you agree on only 2 points out of 14, I mentioned in my posting?

    Can you elaborate?

    Do you think Velu is in control of the LTTE?

  105. defencenet, why did u delete my comments?? they were not racist remarks either.

    I just posted that the hope of Eelam will live on and that it was a multi-ethnic state.

  106. Ceasefire abrogation a violation of human rights:Chandrasekaran


  107. NDTV: Fierce clashes kill 81 in Sri Lanka


  108. Moshe..Can you see what we are up against... one is saying that they are all LTTE supporters..but the key here is education

  109. The army has to make every effort to save the kids..ill bet that all or most of the 81 were just kids..we need to go after the cruel inhumane bastards who are forcing these kids to fight with savagery...

  110. The Hindu: Fisherman seriously hurt in firing by Lankan Navy


  111. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  112. search operations in several roads


  113. The last 2 statements of BOSS says everything...

    LTTE lost it. The LTTE suppported TAMIL diaspora overseas knows that VELU LOST THE WAR..

    It is over...

  114. you idiot "the boss". It's people like you who don't have a rational thinking, that should be annihilated from civilized world.


  116. well it looks like it has already started.I will be spending some time in the temple remembering my friends who have died for our country at ******** **** and elsewhere.I never thought this day will come.It gives me so much pride that our forces are finally finally in a position to face this monstrous barbaric filth.May god protect our fighting forces,protect their lives and grant them strength to confront this monstrous filth aka "vashanaya" that has plagued our country during the better part of my life

  117. tangara,
    Not that I disagree with your other points, but I strongly agree on the two points.

    I think what you are putting forward is probable.

    Myself, am not sure whether VP even died at some point. If you remember after the Tsunami there were reports that the LTTE smuggled in a exotic coffin. Does anybody know for whom this coffin was for? The coffin arrived but no funeral was announced as far as I know. However, if this is the case it is rather surprising that Karuna would not reveal this.

  118. the war hasnt even started for us.

    All these numbers you are pulling out of your magical hats are totally false.

  119. Tangara

    Interesting points 1-12

    I think there are a lot of smoke and mirrors going on. Not quite sure by whom - the LTTE or the GOSL

    There is something strange going on in the Wanni. Something is up. No question about it. But the question is what?

    Looking back, all of this started with DBS Jeyaraj announcing that Velu was injured slightly.

    The Illanthirayan comment was interesting too. Then the whole rumour about Mathivathini doing a runner and also her being at the opening of the old people home (no Velu)

    I very much doubt Velu is injured.

    I think we are being led up the garden path here.

    GOSL would wish to demoralise the LTTE cadres.

    The LTTE may be trying to hide something

    Misinformation may have been released to DBS as well by the LTTE.

    The truth could be something simpler.

    Simple as maybe Velu is no longer in the Wanni. He is no longer in Sri Lanka.

    Doing a runner could explain a lot. His absence. The lack of fight by the LTTE. Charles death due to factionalism. Mathivathini's alleged escape to Tamil Nadu etc. etc.

    My own take, if you cut through the smoke - Velu may have done a runner, after seeing that the writing is on the wall.

    No injuries. Nothing. Just running away to live and fight another day. There is a precedence for him doing exactly that before.

    We may just be seeing smoke and mirrors courtesy of the LTTE or the GOSL.

    This could be a far simpler explanation.

    Of course all of this is speculation. I have no hard evidence.

  120. Cakeboy, others,
    What would be probably countries for Velu to hide?

  121. Tangara

    Frankly, I think your points about the CFA and its abrogation by the GOSL are totally naïve.

    You said:
    [One thing that I am unhappy about GOSL is , before they walk away from the CFA, they should have demanded from LTTE, 100% percent commitment of LTTE to the CFA and laying down of arms fully by the LTTE , failure to do so will result in GOSL abandoning all negotiations with the LTTE.]

    Laying down arms fully is NOT part of the CFA and if GOSL had put this as an ultimatum for staying within the CFA, GOSL would have looked ridiculous. No, the only reason why the GOSL could justifiably (in the eyes of the IC) abrogate the CFA is if the LTTE did not abide by its conditions substantively (and we all know how the LTTE violated it!) and not any NEW conditions. This is the technicality of this issue…seemingly simple, but somewhat complex at the same time. Therefore, GOSL abrogated the CFA on the basis of violations by the LTTE and justifiably so.

    Having said that…

    GOSL need NOT give an ultimatum to the LTTE about laying down arms (i.e. a surrender) as it has been there always and is there for the LTTE to take even today. MR in the past repeatedly asked the Fat Black Ugly Oily Pig to sit down for talks – one on one with him – to solve this so called “Tamil issue,” but each time such an offer was made either it was ignored or worse, the Pig escalated killings. Mind you, when MR extended that invitation to the Pig, it was not even under a pre-condition of laying down arms! Also pls understand taht abrogating the CFA is not the end of any future negotiations as the CFA does not stipulate that once it is abrogated, no future negotiations can commence between the parties! (In my view, the time for negotiations is long past; now its time for gassing the heinous mf’s to ashes!)

    As such, let’s not get muddled in our thinking….

    Basically, the CFA was dead (as claimed by both parties to it openly). Although the LTTE also claimed it was dead, clearly it was still advantageous to them – exponentially – than to the GOSL and this is why the LTTE has now come out begging for it to be maintained saying they will abide by it 100%! Wow! Does not this alone tell you to whom the CFA was of a key strategic benefit?

    One of the conditions of the CFA was the permission for the SLMM to move about the country at will and do the “peace monitoring” job. Now we all know that these LTTE biased white gooks did their best at every turn to help out the LTTE and a key problem our SLDF had (I use past tense here purposely) was that the SLMM personnel and their vehicles had complete “diplomatic immunity” (free from searches) and it was getting more and more problematic for the SLDF at this stage of the Vanni “liberation war” to have these white gooks go places unrestrictedly, especially into LTTE controlled areas.

    As such, it was evident that this stealthy bunch of spies had to be taken out from the equation. Where civilians cannot venture into easily, SLMM have gone and there have been allegations that they (directly or indirectly via other NGOs) have passed the garnered sensitive info. to the LTTE. SLMM, in short, was becoming a sort of a “fifth column” that was too problematic to the GOSL’s successful execution of the war against the LTTE mfs. It is true SLMM had recorded thousands of LTTE violations, but I understand that in those cases they had no choice as most of those complaints came from Tamil civilians and not GOSL/SLDF. For the thousands that they recorded, there are also thousands of violations that the SLMM swept under the rug I understand. So, let’s not get carried away by the SLMM’s record and say that was a clear benefit of the CFA. A neutral “peace monitor” would have painted a more horrific picture of the LTTE’s behavior.

    OaO Asithri

  122. Tamilnet:Paramilitary opens fire on Muslim worshippers at Mosque in Kaaththaankudi


  123. Tangara/ Asithri-
    Gents... you 2 are greate... Given the ever needed heat towards to the blog.... Where have you 2 been for a while...

    Would be nicer all or most of your links get done in one post rather than one after the other...Looks to me all goes to one web site....
    Would be much nicer and can keep things tidy...

  124. [What would be probably countries for Velu to hide?]

    Good question. Not many countries these days would want to piss of India.

    Possibly Eritrea. Maybe South Africa. Perhaps Norway if they can hide him. North Korea?

    Who knows.

  125. cakeboy-
    If we can prove VP is out of country, I'm sure moral of LTTE will go down to the carpet. Surely more and more LTTE supporters will cut down the funding too.
    Tangara's point 5 is intesting...This could be the first link to prove LTTE human exports :)

  126. ok who thinks that this guy who has been sentenced to 57 months in jail in the U.S will become a kind of "girlie" to those big black hunks in prison who are starved of nourishment?

  127. Even if Norway could not hide him there, they would have arranged the accomodation for him surely

  128. guys
    what about Maldives ? Seychelles ?
    Mauritius ? even Mayotte

    here are the other islands in the Indian ocean :

    Amsterdam Island and Saint-Paul Island (FR)
    Andaman and Nicobar Islands (IN)
    Ashmore and Cartier Islands
    Bassas da India (FR)
    British Indian Ocean Territory
    Christmas Island (AU)
    Cocos (Keeling) Islands
    Crozet Islands (FR)
    Diego Garcia (British Indian Ocean Territory)
    Europa Island (FR)
    French Southern and Antarctic Lands
    Glorioso Islands (FR)
    Heard Island (AU)
    Jaza'ir Khuriya Muriya (Oman)
    Jazirat Masirah (Oman)
    Juan de Nova Island (FR)
    Kerguelen Islands (FR)
    Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands (IN)
    McDonald Islands (AU)
    Pemba Island (TZ)
    Prince Edward Island (ZA)
    Saint-Paul Island and Amsterdam Island (FR)
    Socotra (Yemen)
    Tromelin Island (FR)
    Zanzibar Island (TZ)

  129. ”Yeah, that's a good tactic. Stick your head even further up your butt so thaat frightens you. Lol.”

    I too LMSSAO!!!

    Sounds like this weird bugger has experience in this kinky stuff! May be I should go for a drink with him (it?) and compare notes! You came to the right dude Maggie…OaO Asithri wears many hats and can change them before you can say “I LTTE wanker” LMSSAO!

    Anyway, who the heck is this cesspit maggot trying to hurt poor, humble OaO Asithri’s tender feelings?

    And what does “blacklightarrow” mean? Is it that black=blacksheep and lightarrow=limpy-lingam (i.e. an euphemism for erectile dysfunction?)…questions..questions…so few answers…life is indeed an enigma! :( :( :(


    OaO Asithri

  130. Perein, Jiffy, sl, srilankan, hemantha, Moshe, et al...

    Greets patriots...hope you guys are keeping well.

    Here's a timbit I got yesterday from a Tamil colleague in the US:

    Tamil circles are indeed buzzing about the "end" of the Fat Black Ugly Oily Pig. Many are already talking as if he's!

    I got to leave now, but will provide any new dope if I get later.

    OaO Asithri

  131. Asithri-
    When get a chance drop me a mail to pls.

  132. Guys

    I really wonder if VP was as seriously injured as some claim. He might have suffered minor injuries, but I doubt it is anything major. I am also suspicious of the statement by the LTTE about VP "eating well". This could be a carefully crafted subtle statement to mislead us.

    The reason I think this is because when the tsunami hit in 2004 there was a lot of rumors flying around that VP also died. The LTTE maintained strict silence over this issue and never really responded to the rumors. They later revealed that this was intentional, in order to confuse the GOSL. Later did we find out that VP was alive and kicking. But through their intentional silence the LTTE managed to confuse the GOSL momentarily.

    And another thing, I don't think that the LTTE is really running short of artillery ammo as many claim, surely they must have emergency stockpiles hidden somewhere. After 25 years of fighting do you guys really think that the LTTE would be stupid enough to be caught with their pants down?

    As defencenet said, the real fighting as yet to begin. It will get real ugly. I just hope the offensive won't be rushed to meet political goals.

  133. GEagle..keep cool bro.I dont think the pres will be foolish enough to rush the army for politial goals.The pres understands that he needs the army.The army under stands that they are protectors of ALL srilankan peoples not just the sinhalese.But the fighting will get dirty in more ways than one.What you will find is the LTTE killing innocent tamil people and blaming it on the army in order to get IC sympathy.See these murderous coolies are wizards at killing innocents.

  134. If things get tight for the LTTE they will try to carry out an act that will change the whole balance and momentum of the war.

    The only such act that I can think of is the killing of MR by the LTTE.

    MR must protect himself at all costs. I don't it would be wise of him to appear at public rallies, funerals, ceremonies etc when this war kicks into 5th gear.

    It would also be good if he starts using body doubles, to throw off potential assasins.

  135. srilankan

    If it was upto me, I would carry out more attrition and the naval blockade for a while. The Wanni invasion will come once we have sufficiantly weakened them.

    You using a meat tenderizer to throughly soften up the meat before cutting it into pieces.

  136. GEagle..the question is do they have enough ammo to defend an attack on multiple fronts..or lets say limited incursions on multiple fronts...hit and run tactics..which are working well for the army..

  137. Someone here, said that they might have a go at Kandy, perhaps not the Maligwa this time but it could be Vic. dam or the Katugastota bridge as it was in the air for some time. Publish it as much as possible, so the public will be eyes and ears. This theory must apply else where too. With experience of digital tech, as one of the pioneers. I could boldly say that it is too expensive to provide cctv,even in the selected places, as the system takes a lot of bandwidth(wide band)muxes and other exchange routers, and processors are far beyond our budgets and it is far cheaper to have service personals in the street. It could not track the guys who do the act before the terror, only after the incident, as we have no knowledge of the culprits before hand. We don't even have a proper database of the suspects also there’s no instant access to the database from a road block and looking at id s is a waste of time, since the sentry does not know who he is looking for. We must get a foreign company to set up a workable structure with a compiled data base of suspected people,etc.What complicates our security is that higher ups,and the Sinhalese thugs are part of their set up, for monetary rewards. Members of the public is our humble and effective source and help to fight this menace. Who knows, US might help us, once the HW argument is properly explained to them.They gave us the best deep water navy vessel,witout it we wouldn’t have sunk those terrorist ships.

  138. GEagle.. if it was up to me i would do the same as you.Remember these people who are fighting the war have been through it before. the chances are Gen Fonseka told president that he needs to have an open hand without political interference in order to prosecute the war before he took the job because he is a professional soldier. Remember there is gothabaya as well.i am sure they are not going to be foolish. Remember that this hit and run tactic has produced these results right now..what do you think will happen if we keep to these tactics for the next 3 months will force the LTTE to commit to a conventional offensive..they will be forced to for many order to pacify LTTE diasphora among others..thats when the planes come kill cadres..not that they will cease bombing targets.. I am no military analyst only a stupid old man GE.So dont take my word for it.lets see what happens

  139. No military solution to Lankan conflict: Co-chairs


  140. GEagle-Right now the LTTE are having to move their cadres can you see how logistically problematic it is for them to face an army on multiple fronts?.I mean the wanni is not th e size of the soviet union and this is not the seige of stalingrad

  141. Geagle what we need are tactics to save army lives due to mines/booby traps..this will be our biggest hurdle..we need to have some means of neutralising this mine threat.

  142. perein

    i post when i find the an item

    how can you post all items in one post ?

    i can't see the future :)

  143. sri lankan, you said "ok who thinks that this guy who has been sentenced to 57 months in jail in the U.S will become a kind of "girlie" to those big black hunks in prison who are starved of nourishment?"

    i would agree that he'll be meeting diff types of ethnicities. But I was surprised it was only 57months for the crimes he committed. Of course the main reason was he offered to give intelligence info :) He will have fun in jail. Anyone want pictures of him in jail with velus posters in his jailsale?lol

  144. Thirunavukarasu Varatharasa is his name
    57months on jail
    3 years supervised release for conspiracy to provide arms, ammunition and other military materiel to the LTTE
    Then he will be deported! He will have lots of fun in Sri Lanka in the Wanni if he can make it there..haha.

    The other two however, "Erick Wotulo, a retired Indonesian Marine Corps General, and Haniffa Bin Osman, a citizen of the Republic of Singapore, both pleaded guilty and face a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for conspiracy to provide material support and 20 years in prison for money laundering."

  145. The things that people do for money and for the killing of their own.

  146. Tangara, nice to see you back;

  147. you think "ille" is a good defense for him in jail against sodomy.Sl first things first.let him survive those 57 months first.I hope he does not convert the entire brotherhood of convicts.

  148. sorry bro..i am a bit cranky today..before i forget the americans are violating this guys human rights..he needs a seperate country while in jail.

  149. Here is an answer to the land mines, seem to have learnt from the rebels. In 2005 I went to Bati and to Dutch Bar further south, visited a house of a relative who were swept away by the tsunami. we decided to drive south, passing a Muslim town, where some believers massacred in a mosque, driving further south to Arugambay,we entered the rebel area, as it was the only way through to Arugambay.The entrance to the rebel area was manned by the STF and the army and they request us to give a lift to security forces man in civilian, who was trying to get to his home in a village off Siamalanduwa.He found it safe to travel with us as we looked like tourists. I think the rebel area was about 10 miles long, on the left was the sea and on the right was flat parched land, where all cultivation was neglected, seems un habited of people and one could see a primitive tiger post with a flag on a pole as high as possible and what we all noticed was a whole hear of goats, over 500 and further down, a herd of cattle, with no human being attending to them. It was pathetic to see a such a neglected area of Sl and within their own,uncleared area we passed neglected Muslim cemetery on the sea side where a stray dog was pulling a half decomposed body of a person, that may have died during the tsunami, buried among other new graves. The point I am making is; when I asked the security officer, who was with us, why these herds of goats and cattle was not attended, he said that the rebels have stolen these herds from the Muslim villages and kept there to over run the STF and other camps, with these poor animals are chased ahead to detonate the mines, surrounding the camps. Perhaps anyone dared to go there could verify this fact, also any army guy could find out if animals are used by the rebels for this purpose. Perhaps this may be against the in. convention of wars? That trip was memorable to me. as we ended up that night in Kathargama,the sentries we met was killed by rebels, Our friend of our collage Kdiragamar was killed, at the same time a person known to our family, from Kurnagela,SSP Charles Wijertne was killed in Jaffna in a horrific way, a gentle man to the hilt, where under a flag of truce, walked hundred yards to sort out a dispute between two rebel factions of the tigers in Jaffna, I simply can’t explain his injuries, too horrific to mention. I went to his funral,the Dr who examined explained, as to what had happened, that has motivated me to have a campaign against these two bit punks, outside SL.One punk in another blog challenged me, saying that I need a visa to enter the EP but I gave the time and the place I would be in Bati,but no one turned up to make it my day. I had a wonderful night at a new 5 story hotel in Bati and at the back of the reception there was a big beer palour,where the friendly faces Karuna’s people hang about. You the cyber worriers must go there. they are extremely friendly and have no fear, one can’t find a more secured place than that. I will be there again for Easter, staying there and visiting the Dutch Bar, and those punks could make my day. I go to SL,very often and I spend much of my time in these areas, and one will agree as to how backward these terrorist areas are. Now you have heard one solution to the L.mines.If it is legal or not, I don’t know. During the attack on sampur too I was there with my brave friends, but not allowed to go beyond Welioya,but we turned south and took the challenge to go to join once again the Katharagamar festivel,where we saw terrorists escaping south in vans,heard in their comm.,that they were heading towards Lahugala and yala,unfortunately we had prior appoint with our family in Badulla and then to Kathargama,to see the Perahara.When you are in thick of it one does not feel the danger, but exciting.

  150. kevin, you said the army had told you that you look like tourists? Yet..your sri lankan? Am I correct?

  151. a visa to go to EP? thats hilarious lol..

  152. Sl
    Iam SL but being in UK since 60s,married to a forigners,traveled with foreign friend and the rest are burghers and we love the contry of my birth,comes there 4 to five times a year,as I have interests there.
    Just now I heard that Karuna's people had shot some muslim people in the mosque at Kathankudi,these tensions are truly simmering; on this very trip we entered Kathankudi,by a Muslim type arch on the road.We got down at this arch to video and film the posters the muslim community has put on the walls of this arch,with pictures of dead Muslims,killed by the tigers in a mosque.All bodies tied behiend their back.While filming,we were approached by a couple of members of the outfit and asked us to stop filming and I told them to piss off and continued taking pictures as well,then two small Muslim boys intervined and shouted at them saying that they(the muslims) have got two of their people of the outft in detention and they will do them up soon.I couldn't belive the courage of these 2 Muslim boys.I was suprised that these two terrorists were watching the street and the STF camp,next to the arch from the harware shop,when we woke up next day at Katharagama our driver told us that the terrorists have lobbed a grenade in to the STF entry point,after me bravely going there and warning them about our incident,That night was a bad night everywhere,not only they lobbed granades at Kathankudy camp,but they also killed the Stf and army sentry to the uncleared area and the next day Kdiar and Charles(SSP) was killed,so sad.What happened today in Kathankudy is to be expected,as the Muslims in that costal belt is getting very defensive and organised,almost creating another state,their communications and unity is so good,the muslim bees honey seller 10 miles down south town said the same thing as those two boys.I don't think they like anyone except themselves,and Karuna's people's reaction is to their hostility and I am afraid our problems will not be over by Vanni.There was something interesting that I noticed in Bati,a hotel that could not put us up,because it was full,had given our rooms to the Saudis and one of them by accident met in the bar named the PUB in kandy.He told me that he visited the EP and one can expect to get more grieff from that sector as well.Heaven help our island.Rathwatte nearly created another front with the Udathalawinna incident,fortunately the sinhalese and the Muslims live there happily.Bye too late here to correct or recheck.

  153. Kevin

    It's very worrying to hear that the Saudis are in the East. The Saudis come here to spread their Wahhabi intepretation of Islam. This the most strict and austere brand of Islam, and this is what is followed by and influenced the Jihadi terrorists in the world.

    Wahabbi Islam's main theme is that the world belongs to Allah, and anyone who consumes its resources without worshiping Allah must be killed. They actually teach their students in their madrassas to kill Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and any other non Muslims.

    Wahabbism is the true driving force behind radical islam. BTW just to let you know, the Taliban was a Saudi wahabbi project that started in the 1980's.

    Wahhabism used to be limited just to the Arab peninsula but after Saudi Arabia became rich with oil money they started to build hundreds of thousands of Wahhabi madrassas all over the poor muslim countries. They promised millions of poor muslim parents free education(religious brain washing) and free school meals for their children. So many poor muslim parents sent their kids to these madrassas.

    This world wide project started about 30 years ago, and today we see what kind of havoc these radical islamists cause in the world.

    Already I heard in Kathankudy women are covering their faces and men wear long beards. This does not look good for our country.

    Our government must stop the Saudi Wahabbi influence in our own country or we will face bigger problems further down the road.

  154. Gold....
    It is very interesting to know about this Whabbi sect of islam.I had a life long Muslim friend in Kandy and we were like brothere until 5 years ago and he started changing his attitude towards our friendship.Up to that five years,he came to my home ate and drank like a family member,since the last five years,he changed his ways.First year during my visit,he refused to eat in my house,then next year he only drank plain tea and the final 3 years he drank only water and the last year,he didn't step into my house,only met me in the Muslim hotel in Kandy,as I insited that he must accept my hospitality.I was very hurt,that it would have been my last meeting with him,in fact he deliberately gave me his new cellphone number which was wrong,since no one could fool me on this subject,I tracked down his new number and made a suprise call,being a coward as he is,he confessed from the other end,that he is a wahbbi and he has been told to not to be too famliar with the none belivers.It's a pity that monied saudies who have too much money,have nothing to do but spread their muck all over the world.If these arab idiots are sterring the shit all over the globe,I can assure you the Americans will not be far behind traking their activities.It could be a blessing for SL,if USA find that our local rebels are in cohoot with the Jehadists.Please inform the American Embassy,of any foreign jehardist activities in SL.These fanatics are an international problem,colletivly must deal with them.

  155. david,

    I don't feel right abotu this part that you said, "If these arab idiots"

    I have some arab friends, they are great friend just like your friend was. I agree that extreme muslim is bad. But I disagree that all arabs are idiots. Maybe I interpreted what you said was wrong but what I feel is that all these extremist wahabis are idiots whether they are sri lankans believe in wahabbi or arabs. Get my drift?

    Sri Lanka definetly needs to do something with extreme religion, but it is such a tough thin line. But I feel if we do not do something, we will have problems with our fellow brother muslim extremists, we must save them now.

  156. kevin, very interesting about the filming incident that you said. I too notice that the muslims in colombo are doing the same. They will try to purchase your own and pay twice the money but when it comes to selling the house they bought, they will only sell it to their fellow muslims. We need to make it clear that it doesnt matter if your muslim, tamil, they are all Sri Lankan. I too fear about these kinds of things. Becareful when your out in the east coast of SL.

  157. my previous post was meant for kevin and not david (typo)

  158. Kevin

    You are right, Wahabbism tells that muslims can never be friends with non-muslims and that it is not a sin for a muslim to lie and decieve a non believer.

    I really doubt that the LTTE and wahabbis will see eye to eye EVER. The Wahabbis desperately want this world to be 100% muslim with everyone following sharia law, while the LTTE is trying to carve out a monoethnic homeland in the North and East.

  159. Since I wrote in the blog, I had a visit of a young son of very good Pakistani friend, born in UK and very English in every manner When I asked him about the wahabbi sect, he very sadly told me that his father too belongs to it, but a very non violent person, but withdrawn in to his own little world in Pakistan. He is afraid that more and more will go that way. I too have very many arab,Persian,Pakistani friends, but seem to be withdrawing into their world. They can’t be trusted to uphold their word, I think the cork screw is more straighter than them. This is a sad fact and I have noticed, they being polite and coward like, wouldn’t hurt your feelings to your face, a bit hypocritical. When they say yes, it sometimes means NO. In other words, they are very economical with the truth. This is dangerous in this world, should they hold power. You see the chaos in Gazza,one time in Lebanon, now in Pakistan and Iraq and even in Afgernistan.You expect a country like Iraq to Welcome the Americans, when the threw out the Tyrant that gassed them, now see the ungrateful reaction the Americans are getting.Leberators over night became ‘occupiers’. We too have that ungrateful qualities in SL,where the Brits threw out the Tyrant in Kandy, with a agreed Kandy an convention and how did we thank Britain by their friend Kapettipola,treacherously turned against the British, thus paying the price with a scorched earth policy. Are we ever grateful for Britain for giving us a wonderful life of their last 50 years of their rule? Are we grateful for the infrastructure they left behind, like the national and local governments, the tea, rubber estates, the schools, the hospitals, railways and roads? Our idiotic no good leaders only good in changing the name boards and for the begging since independance from the very Western countries they so dispise,no different to the Arabs and other of that sect. They mostly watch their movies, follow and imitate their habits and even want to live there I UK and US as bogus refugees.

  160. kevin, we are very thankful of the british for the infrastruture that was left behind and anything else positive. of course there are faults as well. But in any world, peopple tend to remember the negatives more then the positives. I think it might be a lil extreme to say Sri Lankans behave the same way the sects do lol..but I get your point. That is why we all need to unite to end terrorism, corrouption, and to build this country ground up for the better with religious freedom and away from extremism. Whats crazy is that bogus tamil people who are bogus refugees spend their money to this war just so they can make more money at the cost of killing their own ethnicity. Very sad in deed.

  161. Sl
    You see, our Christian civilization to went through bad phase during the crusades we committed some of the worst crimes in Palastne,while the leader of the enemies name Saladin was more humane, and the other colonials like the Portuguese and Dutch too played the cruel parts all over the world, because they did this barbarian acts to their own natives, during those dark ages. Some of those acts were encouraged bythe fundamentalists from Rome, which subjugated even the Kings of England and Scotland. There was a brave king, named Henry the 8th,for various reason he fell out with the church, took no crap from them and protested the hegemony and nfairinfluences of the Pope and the catholic church, even executed one or two of their leaders, thus forming the Christian Protestant church, taking a bit of a breather from these religious zealots and I think the people in England was able to breath a bit better without, the fundamentalist Rome getting in their way. Years later when the people of England tried to be free and form their own Parliament with the help of Cromwell, Cromwell went to the extent of executing their own king, Charles as bigotry of the religion was used again to kill their own king, because he wanted to at peace with the Catolics.Many Catholics were hounded and killed. People came out of these religious bondages and the development of arts and sciences progressed in Europe and America. all started around 1800 and they are blessed with much virtues, and I am happy to have lived with them, greatly appreciative of them and I will bestow by gifts and favours to my poor people in the third world, specially SL.With our kind of mindset, we despise terrorists, why the western world seem to support them is for a valid reason, would like to make an exception for these terrorist in their land.So we must keep religion out of politics,if you want disaster.

  162. Sl
    You see, our Christian civilization to went through bad phase during the crusades we committed some of the worst crimes in Palastne,while the leader of the enemies name Saladin was more humane, and the other colonials like the Portuguese and Dutch too played the cruel parts all over the world, because they did this barbarian acts to their own natives, during those dark ages. Some of those acts were encouraged bythe fundamentalists from Rome, which subjugated even the Kings of England and Scotland. There was a brave king, named Henry the 8th,for various reason he fell out with the church, took no crap from them and protested the hegemony and nfairinfluences of the Pope and the catholic church, even executed one or two of their leaders, thus forming the Christian Protestant church, taking a bit of a breather from these religious zealots and I think the people in England was able to breath a bit better without, the fundamentalist Rome getting in their way. Years later when the people of England tried to be free and form their own Parliament with the help of Cromwell, Cromwell went to the extent of executing their own king, Charles as bigotry of the religion was used again to kill their own king, because he wanted to at peace with the Catolics.Many Catholics were hounded and killed. People came out of these religious bondages and the development of arts and sciences progressed in Europe and America. all started around 1800 and they are blessed with much virtues, and I am happy to have lived with them, greatly appreciative of them and I will bestow by gifts and favours to my poor people in the third world, specially SL.With our kind of mindset, we despise terrorists, why the western world seem to support them is for a valid reason, would like to make an exception for these terrorist in their land.So we must keep religion out of politics,if you want disaster.

  163. "1). The Statement by Nadesan promising the 100% implementation of the CFA by LTTE.(The word 100% is important here)."

    Tangara, I'm not sure your conclusion is right. I think this mostly a PR move on the part of the LTTE. They know for sure that the GoSL cannot revert now to the CFA without losing face (since they've declared a withdrawal), so they're trying to look good to the IC. The LTTE always claimed they were abiding by the CFA (even when they were violating it), so I don't think thaat this statement can be taken to mean that they want to go back to the CFA.

    "But Charles died and NO REPLACEMENT so far.(Confirms the internal rift and the rest.)"

    Again, we musn't be too hasty in our conclusions. It might mean that the LTTE doesn't want a new MI head to be targeted, and so are keeping his name quiet.

    "What would be probably countries for Velu to hide?"

    India for sure, Kiri.

    "clearly it was still advantageous to them – exponentially – than to the GOSL and this is why the LTTE has now come out begging for it to be maintained saying they will abide by it 100%! Wow! Does not this alone tell you to whom the CFA was of a key strategic benefit?"

    How is it advantageous to them, Asithri? Over the last year the GoSL ignored the CFA restrictions and carried out successful operations against the LTTE. If the CFA remains, the GoSL will still continue these ops. The CFA isn't a shield for the LTTE, but it was for us -- 'cos it gave the impression that we're still committed to peace but forced to fight -- which isn't a bad thing. The LTTE's latest statement that they wanna return 100% to the CFA is just a case of making points out of the GoSL withdrawal from the CFA.

    Your allegations against the SLMM are also mostly just JVP and JHU propoganda. There hasn't even been one proven instance of the SLMM helping the LTTE. Just rumour and innuendo. It was partly SLMM reports that led to the EU banning the LTTE.

    "And what does “blacklightarrow” mean?"

    Obviously, words with more than four letters in them remain an enigma to you. Ha ha.

    "erectile dysfunction"

    Still obsessing over penises, Asithri? Ha ha. My my, what subliminal info you give us. Lol.

    "GEagle-Right now the LTTE are having to move their cadres can you see how logistically problematic it is for them to face an army on multiple fronts?."

    Right now, the LTTE does not have the troops to man all areas of the Vanni, but as this area shrinks, there will be a point when their manpower and area reach critical mass. It is shortly before that point is reached that the GoSL must launch its major offensive. At this stage, the LTTE will be forced to throw its Charles Anthony and Imran Paandiyan units (currently in reserve) into the frontline. If the GoSL waits til critical mass is reached, the CA and IP units can remain in reserve as a fire brigade force.


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