Sunday, December 30, 2007

Video - SLA storms LTTE bunker line during Thoppigala operation

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The video shows a group of commandos from the army's 2nd Commando Regiment overrun part of a fortified LTTE bunker line during the Thoppigala offensive. 2nd commando regiment, commanded by major Uditha Bandara, was one of the first army formations to reach the Thoppigala mountain after a 5 month long battle.


  1. Thank you Defencenet for the Great Video...

    Long live SLA.....Bravo....

  2. I think some of these scenes are used in this youtube montage- (aka 'cross that line (Tribute to the deadly MAHASOHON brigade)')

  3. Defencenet,
    When get a chance, can you please update all of us with situation in Wanni.

  4. the army commander has made some interesting points today; he promised to annihilate the remaining "3000" tigers within the first 6 months of 2008. He also says they try to maintain a killing rate of 10 terrorists a day; but to kill the "3000" , the killing rate must be 16-17 a day.

    I doubt that the LTTE is down to 3000; they must be more than 10,000.

    He has also hinted that the SLAF would take all LTTE targets; that is encouraging.

    SLAF must take extreme care in protecting the katunayake base; another LTTE attack is looming in it soon, i think.

  5. Guys,

    Upulum alias Upul is a rare breed indeed - a cross between a cobra and a snail.

    He spits out venom over both the truth and reality and only thing leaves behind is a ruthlessly sticky legacy. Branding an element of his kind as a tiger is a serious insult to that beautiful qadrupud, that lives it life in dignity.

    The best way to keep this species under wraps is to ignore him and his venomous contribution, that lacks in integrity and reality.

    He may turn to his flop-idol - the so-called sun god - for an ounze of commonsense that in turn may gurantee his survival on this planet with us, the fellow mortals.

    My advice for him is to hurry up, if he is willing to take the above step; the news reaching from the battlefront says the closing date for those requests is approaching faster than we can pronounce pirapaharn - the de-sankritanized name for the sun god.

  6. MosheDyan,

    You are right 3000 is far too less than the actual figure...It is better to expect 30000 , rathar than 3000...Because SLA will be shocked if they see 30000, instead of 3000.

  7. Then why did the Army Commander say 3000?

  8. opposed to reporters the army commander will only give an estimate he is comfortable with.We should expect say 50, many kids below the age of 18 are in the wanni?

  9. According to MI reports LTTE does have more than 3000 active cadres. The figure is around 6000-7000 (excluding the so called civilian militia.)

  10. Is this training or real battle? Were there any LTTE cadres in these bunkers? Video footage should have included dead cadres to show the authenticity.

  11. onecountry,
    It's real battle. The actual video is 23 minutes long. We cropped it because of bandwidth limitations. Hope to post other parts too when possible.

    "Video footage should have included dead cadres to show the authenticity."

    Video includes footage of LTTE bodies lying on battlefield. The images are bloody and extremely violent. Some corpses do not have their clothes on. Do you guys think we should post that footage online? Should we have a poll for this?

  12. Edit and cover the private parts with black squares and post the video..

    Just a suggestion!

  13. defnet,can i get the full link to the youtube site-to view the full-length video with dead bodies,for xtra satisfaction & delight!thank u!


  14. renegade,
    The video is in one of the hard disks . We don't know if its available online. It's 240MB and we cannot upload the entire thing all at once due to bandwidth limitations. We will be posting smaller clips when time permit.

  15. Few points,

    1. The Indunisian Ship - That ship and the crew's story must be thoroughly investigated prior to releasing the crew. It is highly unlikely that they just ran out of fuel if they have touched an Indian harbor prior to the same.

    Lead up to this incident, there were high activity of LTTE i.e. trying to buy a trawler in India etc.

    In addition, we need to investigate from where the Arms came to LTTE that was subject to the recent skirmish with the Navy.

    My speculation is that this ship brought the weapons for LTTE and either unloaded to the trawlers or to boats manned by LTTE while it was in the international waters. Perhaps they had to loiter for days in the high-seas (than expected) as the LTTE boats did not arrive as planned (Indian coastguards apprehended the Trawler supposed to go there to pick weapons). Then they ran out of fuel supplies.

    LTTE's current major form of weapon supplies through Fishing Trawlers with FALSE BOTTOMS, and small fishing boats manned by LTTE cadres.

    Navy should not release this ship without thoroughly investigating the story.

    2. Army should station some Arty or MBT as appropriate in Mannar and Delft to take out Sea Tiger landing points along the North of Mannar coast.

  16. grious,

    you seem to give me too much credit..
    your commentary is standard stuff I have encountered from people all over lanka both Tamil and Sinhala.

    One of the reason, I believe lanka will remain way behind and falling from the rest of world in general is acceptance of irrationality, unfounded fears, superstitions, hocu pocus. Its no wonder battle are planned based on horoscopes and so as a belief system in victory or defeat.

    I am sure MR has his army of soothsayers claiming great things for him and his family.

    Certainly CBK had her share, RW uses it and these are some of your major leaders.

    I knew Premadasa inner working from family friend. He was in the same irrational, horoscope believing mode. see what it got him ?

    In this day and age when all of this irrational fears have been left behind by the rest of humanity who have evolved further up the ladder of life, people on lanka still continue to hold onto them.

  17. nl=p,

    your sln boys already released the ship.

  18. defencenet:

    This is my take. I am not eager to see dead bodies. But, LTTE routinely parade such videos for the consumption of diaspora for fund raising. If we have a counter video, that may help blunt their propaganda. As always, we should have higher ethics when it comes to showing dead bodies.

  19. It will be interesting to hear DN's take on this...

    Do we want dead body parades to invoke thoughtful discussion on defence related matters ?

    By doing so the site looses its reputation and credibility fast, modern web viewers understand they are being blatantly toyed with emotion if thats done.

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  21. True some LTTE fansites have done this to their own peril, case and point Nitharsanam.

    Spur's site by that standard is complete abject failure

    Treatment of the naked bodies at Anuradhpura, considered by Buddhist to be sacred, by MR goons, sure showed "higher standard" of ethics than LTTE.

    That was a watershed moment that clearly showed the moral and reasoned emptiness of the regime. We await a lot more stupid actions in the future.

  22. yes we also need to use the tiger losses to add more credibility to our claims of the LTTE casualties. IN the thoppigala mission, I saw a video where 2 tractor loads of bodies of dead LTTE carders and i;m sure that there were more than 50 dead bodies most of them female. govt or army didn't publish these videos that shows the difference between a ruthless terrorist organization and a legitimate govt. but not giving the photographic evidence adds more venom to these LTTE goons and their claims abt the govt casualty claims.

  23. listen lanka is filled to the brim with conspiracy theorists, so it sure wont convince them (thats most of the population).

    Each side will say the other has taken civilians and dressed them up for the photo, done photoshop, the list goes on..

    Good luck with that!

  24. As for the musing of the 3000 LTTE to be killed (by Lt. Gen. Fonseka) to make a substantive difference to bring about an early end to this war, the following I thought is noteworthy:

    [According to intelligence reports, the Security Forces estimates that the LTTE is having only 7,000 Tiger cadres strength in the Wanni prior to the commencement of Wanni operations in March 2007.

    Leave aside the exaggeration part; the Security Forces have been able to kill more than 2,000 in the Wanni during this year alone.

    These figures have been collected with the confirmed reports from the ground troops engaged in battles in Wanni and also through intercepted radio communications of the LTTE. So the Security Forces have been able to reduce the strength of the LTTE in the Wanni by 2,000 in this year alone. Then the LTTE has a strength of more than 5,000 in the Wanni sector including the civilians who have been given weapon training by the LTTE to be deployed in Weli Oya, Wanni and front in Jaffna. ]

    When we consider that 20 -30 LTTE mfers have been killed daily over the past months, although skeptical at first, I now believe the 2000 LTTE KIA this year is not far fetched.

    I invite bloggers to read the full text in:

    Incidentally, even Gota has now come out with a reasonable speculation that the fat black ugly oily pig is dead.


    Mate, many thanks for the video. I for one am in favor of posting it in full, even in installments, particularly including the segments of maggots’ disintegrated mushies! LMSSAO! Let’s face a basic fact: This war is not a Sunday picnic in the park and after I saw pics of LTTE massacres of Sinhela children in the N & E, I decided nothing else will cause me greater revulsion in future. As well, in any case, it is good for LTTE hooters to see the futility of war and these pics have a way of conveying it thousand times better than in words. I remember when MOD released the pics of Sampoor LTTE dead bodies (like bloody flies strewn after bug-spray!) in many sites all of a sudden the hardcore LTTE hooters were throwing in lines like “this horrific war must stop.” Anyway, this is only my opinion and I respect the majority view here.

    OaO Asithri

  25. and the video released by the LTTE just after the operation "FROG JUMP" that overran the mulative SLA base was the most horrifying video that I have ever seen. Most of the video, where it was recorded in dark, the pics are not that clear but the sound is very much clear.women LTTE bitches , with knives and sticks, search the ground amidst the attack hacking the wounded soldiers while screaming and shouting in tamil with anger in a tone of cursing. In between we could here 'aioo ammo epa.. such singhala words with feeble voices' .Later I heard from a friend of mine in SLA that LTTE has later edited the original video thus removing the brutal parts of it and only showing the captured weapons and vehicles.THere more than 150 captured soldiers were burnt alive ... another news report stated..
    Upulam when u have time pls send your black tiger mates a msg that when ever they carry a suicide attack in the future, just to carry a full suite in a protective bag.
    .... he he if they wish they could add a tie too....

  26. defensenet please post some of those videos and try to black out if there are any with naked bodies...i need to show some people (UNPers) that think the thoppigala fight was fake and the war thats happening is fake isn't FAKE and that it is REAL. Because they keep saying "i see footage, but it looks like they are fighting nobody"

  27. "Do we want dead body parades to invoke thoughtful discussion on defence related matters ?"

    First of all there is no dead body parade. If you read the comments from the beginning, onecountry asked if the events shown in the video were real and asked if there were proof of casualties. As a matter of fact the video footage happens to include such evidence. And do not forget, casualties are part of war.

    That's how this is related to defense matters.

  28. its funny how this leech named upul is talking to himself hahhaha.

    asithri, good to see you again here. Are you still living in NY? This is "fuuu#LTTE" from LNP from long time ago, im sure you remember my screen name hahaha

  29. speaking of people being burnt alive,

    sri lankan government troops use to burn whole village of tamil civilians to death, SLN did many such dirty deeds killing and butchering civilians of all ages.

    With the Haiti incident your peace keepers have finally garnered world attention for their misdeeds.

    asithri need to rally people to his cause is a sure sign of deep emptiness and weakness. He can't use reason to persuade people so he wants to prey on people's lowest instincts.

  30. defensenet, any info about that ship they caught with indonesian nationals? has it been released?

  31. DN, I didn't imply there was dead body parade here already..

    It was a hypothetical line of reasoning...

  32. upul do you like to bite on cynaide capsules when your bored?

  33. thats a rhetorical question, dont answer it lmao!

  34. Greets mate...hope things are well.
    As for the Indonesian ship, I heard two angles:

    1) this ship was only a "dry run" to test SLN's capability to intercept the real arms shipments waiting to arrive via other ships from Indonesia (Indonesian corrupt military is behind these efforts it is alleged).

    2) the ship could not rendezvous with the expected LTTE smaller crafts (due to intense SLN patrols) and when ran low on fuel, jettisoned the lethal cargo when it was inevitable SLN would be apprehending it.

    I know there is a third angle by some saying that the cargo was already unloaded by the time SLN apprehended it, but this was dismissed by my source as highly unlikely given the pretty tight cordon of SLN patrols.

    OaO Asithri

  35. asithri, thanks for the info

  36. Sorry, the above post was specially meant for my pal, noltte=heaven (lol)

    OaO Asithri

  37. sl, greets mate...hope you are still castrating those LTTE lunatics in LNP!


    OaO Asithri

  38. Upul,

    I asked everyone to ignore you and yet was forced to drop a few lines, especially for you.

    You earned the wrath of the most bloggers by taking a very pro-LTTE line that is blindingly obvious. This is a blog that discusses defence matters in a reasonable way.

    We are not fans of MR. Nor do we approve of everything he does. However, the stance taken by him against the LTTE is right and we all support him in his endeavour.

    We do not live for centuries; during our life time we want the freedom to move around our own country that was robbed of us for over thirty years. The Singhalese also suffer due to this conflict. People yearn to see an end to this. Those who want to see otherwise are Prabhakaran - for his own survival - and rogues in the defence establishment - who used to make a fortune out of the perils of the nation.

    LTTE tried to blow up General Fonseka, when the ceasefire was firmly in place. LTTE is notorious about violating agreements signed in good faith. An elected government cannot do that; nor can an army that is accountable to the government. LTTE can do it and they are acoountable to none. Attacking General Fonseka is not the only cowardly act committed by the LTTE in peace time.

    This has been their strategy all along - Pr-emptying the potential threats. This has been successful for the outfit. That is how they got rid of its enemies. However, this is not clever stuff. There are a lot of people who are capable of doing this sort of things, but they are not ruthless enough to go that far, wheras the LTTE is.

    You talked about the rationale. Looking at a horoscope is not irrational, after all. If you go along that track, praying to an invisible god/s is also irrational and people must give up on that too. Your beloved leader, Mr Pirapharan is doing exactly that, when sending hapless Tamil children on suicide mission - god Murugan.

    Pirapaharan's success is not rational. His survival instincts does not stem from his intellects -5th grade something. His guidance may have been something outside him. However, it certainly is not divine. No positive spirit can inspire a person to indulge in such a killing spree.

    He is under the influence of an evil spirit. His nearest rival is Veerappan who dominated Southern India with decades of notoriety; some illiterates in Tamilnadu treated him like a god. He ended up being branded a bandit and Pirapaharan will leave a legacy that is close to Himmler of Nazis, in similar circumstances.

    Finally, our politicians are not the only ones who seek supernatural help; Scotland Yard, FBI and the likes always use mediums or clairvoyants in this regard to solve serious crimes - not as a last resort though.

    Be a reasonable boy, Upul! Don't be an extremist like Pirapaharan. Extremism breeds self-contradiction.

    Your hero is living proof. Just think of the way he fell in love with Mathivathini. He bent his own rules, didn't he?

  39. Grious

    [We are not fans of MR. Nor do we approve of everything he does. However, the stance taken by him against the LTTE is right and we all support him in his endeavour. ]

    Well said...I ditto that mate.

    OaO Asithri

  40. most of the guys here r not MR fans and most of us r not Gotabhaya fans as well. But the tough stance that they took is wut we really appreciate. (and we never thought of comparing MR to sun god ..... he he...)
    As citizens of this country, we were enjoying the peacetime very much and the RW govt was dedicated to the ceasefire very much. 4th eelam war was a creation of LTTE. GOvt only retaliated in apr when the army commander was attacked. By that time over 50 soldiers were killed by IEDs.
    That's why most of the people here think that LTTE is an entity that cn't be trusted and should be fought with fire to fire strategy...

  41. Attack is the Best Defence, the "4th Eelam War" wasn't thrust upon the government by the LTTE. They were playing into Mahinda's hands when they launched all those attacks and blocked off Mavil Aru. Mahinda wanted this war, because that was how he was going to establish himself in the face of the people, and deep inside most Sinhalese wanted this war too. Fingers crossed that we can archive the final result that we want.

  42. Defencenet, nice job posting the video. Such footage has been very rare. I don't think showing videos of dead LTTE cadres is that much of an issue. If you look at any footage from past conflicts, World War II for example, there are tons of images of dead combatants.

  43. Some of the LTTE casualties in Thoppigala operation:

  44. There are many ways to check for the recent presence of explosives on that ship. It can be done electronically by scanning for spectroscopic analysis, or can be done by the use of chemicals that are now commonly used in airports to screen suspects.

    But the SL govt needs to check this ship thoroughly before releasing it.

  45. defencenet:

    Thank you for the video clip showing LTTE casualities. I will use it wherever I can to dent LTTE propaganda.

  46. defencenet:

    I have asked this question before. Sorry if you answered already.

    When we engage in hour long artillery dual, why can't we have Air Force identify the location and neutralize it? Is there any military/technical reason why we don't do it? I have read many times that their arti pieces are mobile and we cannot track them. It won't be the case whey they engage in hour long arti duals. Appreciate your response.


    The offensive in Vavuniya is conducted by Major General Jagath Dias, the General Officer Commanding 57 Division. Dias survived a claymore mine attack at Kidachuri, Vavuniya Thursday night.

  48. In this bunker raiding video, why SF did not use RPGs first?

    They risked their lives by directly storming putting their life in real danger.

    A life of a solider is million times worth than an RPG.

  49. Defencenet,

    I too like to know the answer to Onecountry's query.

    If the SLA can overcome LTTE arti fire, this war is half done.

    Also I would like to know what will happen if a heavy arti is just air dropped from a say helicopter from an altitude of 3000 metres? Will it explode as it is supposed to or just destroy itself?

    Suppose it actually explodes, imagine the destruction it can cause on LTTE when dropped right on the spot than just shelling like a blind throwing stones. I know no country has done it (some have used Fletchers - a smaller kind of artilery without a warhead). I doubt my assertion that it will actually explode.

    Upul was of the view that since arti is an impact weapon it will explode as usual on impact, but I have my doubts.

    Increasing the efficiency of SLA, SLAF and SLN attacks by whatever means is a must to win the war. We do not have an open cheque defence budget. Each arti must produce LTTE casualties not just deterence.

    In an earlier article in DN it stated that in a warfare like ours, there should be a ratio of 1:20 between the terrorists and the security forces.

    If there are 200,000 security forces(?), for efficiency sake, there should be 10,000 terrorists, right?

    I now agree with DN that there are 3,000 hardcore LTTE cadres left with heaps of untrained villagers/kids bearing weapons.

    With a proper strategy, it will be like large-scale fishing; exciting times ahead.

    Let 2008 be a year of war so that at least 2009 will be a peaceful one. We never had a peaceful year since 1983. Peace does not mean the LTTE killing dozens of SF personnel.

    If we could achieve peace without an "annihiliatory" war, we could have achieved it in the 1980s.

    No pains no gains.

  50. Moshe Dayan,

    What needs to happen is not throwing arti from air, but to have UAV support (spotting and fire correction) for Arti and MBRL teams.

    Manual spotting is not a very effective way of directing arti or MBRL fire. It creates lot of waste.. i.e. millions of $.

    In most of the occasions,with manual or no spotting, you may fire $50,000 worth of arti to get one kill.

    But, if the Arti and MBRL teams can get accurate coordinations through UAV support, you may expect a kill for $500 to $750.

    This is what should happen.

    I answered about dropping arti earlier. You do not need to drop arti, but Dumb bombs would be enough if you can afford to fly the aircraft to spot LTTE units.

    A UAV can better spot LTTE units than a flying MIG. That's why we need to have a tight integration of UAVs, arti, MBRL, ground troops, Navy, and the Airforce itself.

    Both day and night flying UAVs can help to increase force multiflier by many points.

  51. I agree with noltte=peace that we must make UAVs and artillery work in tandem. Like the bow and arrow.

    Plus we need to buy a few fire finding radars to the spot where the LTTE artillery fire is coming from.

  52. aitbd,

    you ignore the fact LTTE's eastern political leader was killed by paramilitiries armed and motivated by govt forces in Feb 2005 who was there was Tsunami coordination efforts in the midst of the ceasefire. Such planned undermining of the ceasefire, so soon after Tsunami showed the government was never interested in peace.

  53. grious,

    while your penchance for dialog is welcome:

    I think you presumption LTTE is wholly Tamil is misconceived.

    Is it in LTTE's best interest to seal off Eelam from Sinhalese.

    Did LTTE deny entry of people of all walks of life of the Catholic denomination to visit Madhu church ?

    But where settlement of people are used as weapons, to unsettle the existing owners (of mostly private land), subvert day to day life and start impose communal dictate, your sure can't expect another Nation (Tamils) of people to take lieing down ?

  54. Agree. No country has ever dropped arti from air!! I was just thinking aloud.

    However, my point is rapid deployment. Simple air dropped bombs, explosives, IEDs, even mortars !! should be considered to weaken LTTE FDLs quickly.

    UAVs take a long time to assemble, fly over, return, then to view footage, arrange SLAF jets, gunships to fly and attack. LTTE has a great ability to move their arti pieces quickly.

    I agree with the idea of fire finders. But we have a limited stock of these.

    Original Moshe Dyan was flown to Vietnam in the late 1960s by the Americans. He said "anti-terrorism/insurgent warfare is helicopter warfare"

    The Mi-24 is highly underused in the Lankan conflict. This has tremendous potential if put to aggressive use. However, it needs a 30mm gun, a 12.7mm gun is nothing.

    Another shortcoming of the Mi-24 is that it is also a troop transporter. We do not want such a troop transporter in battling LTTE FDLs. Instead it could be used to carry dumb bombs. But some changes may be needed.

    I completely agree with the cost per kill. Someone in the ministry must do these calculations of all operations. We have to manage the finances of the war better using accounting ratios.

    The economy is already bleeding heavily and can actually stop the war if war related expenses increase beyond proportion.

  55. To grious:

    While its an elected government, its also a lawless one and widely accepted so by the rest of the world (forget about Tamil opinion).

    If its so lawless what right does it have to dictate rules and regulations ?

    *Infact the govt made the serious violation first, killing of LTTE easternn political head two months after the Tsunami.

    *It was thinking LTTE was weakened by the Tsunami and now was its chance.

    *Govt. undermined and didn't follow the agreement already signed within 30 days of the ceasefire agreement. What point is there to negotiating any further, when you can even implement a signed agreement.

    [We do not live for centuries; during our life time we want the freedom to move around our own country that was robbed of us for over thirty years. The Singhalese also suffer due to this conflict. People yearn to see an end to this. ]

    The reason for the current state is not because of VP or the LTTE. At the core of the problem is extremist Sinhala community mindset that "Lanka is their island and theirs alone. Everyone else is alien or humble visitor and have no legitimate human rights".

    While individual Sinhala community members may not feel this way, your state institutions act that way.

    Even if VP vanishes, you think everything will be back to normal ?
    Impossible, you will have someone else follow the same line of logical actions.

    [Pirapaharan's success is not rational]

    Leaders of one sort or another have certain gifts (including MR and VP) you have to give credit here, otherwise they wouldn't be leaders.

    Intelligence or for that matter intellect is not a product of going to school alone. There are have been many self-taught gifted minds in history who have had next to no schooling.

    [VP success is due to evil spirit] or [VP success is due to good spirit]
    Such predominant thinking in both Tamil and sinhala society will mean both groups will collectively be subservient to the rest of humanity for a long time after a war or not.

    I dont' want to meddle into religion or for that matter your belief system, but if anything runs on divine intervention, then human effort, reason is all pointless.

    Surely you must agree you have the ability to choose or are you saying thats a product of divine intervention as well ?

  56. Here's a great article, on how important it is to win the hearts and minds of the people of the Vanni in order to complte the task set before the SL defence forces successfully.

    It is not just military might that is going to work from here onwards. The need for the govt to speak to and connect with the tamil civillians has not been greater than it is right now. Let us hope they will utilize every possible means to communicate with them effectively, regularly and provide the assurances these folks need and deserve. After all they are the people of the land and have every right to determine what its and their future is going to be.
    Success is possible, even if the batteles aren't over. SLG needs to stop fooling itself abt military conquest and conquer the people first to the side of democracy against the anarchy and terror of the tigers.

  57. upul, sl and company.. ppl seriously, c'mon guys we know both sides are at fault to be frank i despise both sides...srilanka as a whole could be advanced if it werent for all this shit..if it is anyone to blame.. blame the politicians.. and dont be accusing each other with so much prejudice >_< ...

    P.S .. i hope we keep this thread to discussion of military affairs and to kiddish fights >_<

  58. SL government has passed some legislation with regards to Upul and his friends:

  59. I like to place a condition on this "hearts and minds campaign". That condition is law and order.

    the hearts and minds campaign must stop at the bounds of law and order.

    A good example is the right is the sinhalese to settle in the North and East; no one can deny this. If by settling the Sinhalese in the North or East, Tamils get "hurt", that is OK. On the other hand if for the sake of "hearts and minds" of Tamils, the Sinhalese are restricted, that will only make this island lawless.

    I really appreciate what Malaysia/Singapore are doing. They NEVER tried to win the hearts and minds of the minorities or the majority. They BLINDLY executed the law for (almost) everyone.

    Therefore law and order is much much more important than winning the hearts and minds of ANYONE.

    Lay down the law hard; if anyone cannot abide by it, let them leave and encourage them to leave.

    The law and order should NEVER bend to satisfy anyone; it should only take a NATIONAL view.

    This is the mistake SWRD B did; he tried to bend the law to win the "hearts and minds" not the nation while Malaysia/Singapore actually clamped down on "hearts and minds" for national interests.

    Please think over this again. This is a tricky one.

    What we should do is the RIGHT thing not the GOOD thing.

    If you have Tamil close friends you can ask this from them. Do you have relatives in SL? If yes and if they are not too old, will they move to Canada, UK, etc. anyway in the near future (whether there is war or peace)? A resounding YES is the answer.

    If you have Tamil friends in SL, ask them whether they would stay even in a peaceful SL than migrate to Canda, UK, etc.

    Again they would prefer to migrate.

    This has nothing to do with SL security situation. They simply want to be in an equal status like their relatives, etc. This is the reality. Tamil girls want to marry guys from Canada, etc. Their parents also want that. Tamil guys want to live in Canada, etc. so that they are in par with their cousins/friends. This is the reality.

    There is no point trying to stop them. Almost 50% of SL Tamils now live abroad. Financially almost 80% of wealth of SL Tamils lie abraod. Therefore it is natural that the remainder also go where they are happy and together.

    Bending the SL law to cater to them is suicide for the SL nation. It should rather concentrate on those who are based in SL (including expat SL citizens).

    It is the country that should win in every attempt not individuals or communities.

    Should we follow SWRDB's "try to gratify everyone" policy or Lee Kwan Hyu's "gratify the nation" policy?

    The choice should be clear.

    When people see that law and order is supreme, they follow the law (if they can't they leave). A law abiding SL is definetely a truely developing SL.

    The same thing can be viewed from the "failed-state" perspective. If each community's communal happiness is to be guaranteed at the expense of the state, it becomes a failed state. There would be multiple (often conflicting) interests between races and between each race and the nation. If a communal priority is selected, national priorities would suffer, plungin the state into a failed state. A classic failed state is a state where many groups run the country in many (conflicting) ways.

    SL can very easily fall into this if each communal aspirations are to be met. On the other hand, if a national leader says "to hell with communal demands, I'm going to do what is best for the country", he would be a true leader. Unfortunately, that type of leaders are rare in SL.

    This theory applies not only to communal demands, but also to trade union demands, politicians' demands, international community's demands, NGOs demands, journalists demands, undergraduates demands, jobless youth's demands, etc.

    Every problem must be looked at from the national pov.

    Give the north east people law and order (not community gratifications/demands), they will be eventually happy. Give in to their demands (which are manipulated by politicians, NGOs, etc.), the nation will suffer.

    That is why SL needs leadership to steer its ship in the RIGHT direction, not the direction each gang/group/community would want it steered.

  60. upul balla , Terrorism anywhere is terrorism. onderstand that LTTE is a terorism organization. And dont generalize that all sinhalese think the island is there, but in case of history, it has been the home to the sinhalese. we have no other homeland, where as tamils, they have Tamilnadu. That is the biggest difference here. so for ltte to come up with fake myths about homeland in north and east and commit suicide bombings,, its just hilarious. In the end, only more tamils will die and suffer due to ltte. The government in the past may have been stupid, but the govt now is only out to destroy terrorism, once we do that, the sinhalese can live anywhere in north they want and tamils can live without harrassment. Go talk to a tamil in colombo, they dont hate sinhalese and sinhalese dont hate tamils. Lastly, discrimination will always exist. That is pride of ones race. But in Sri Lanka, discrimination is not bad like in the old days where one cannot go to a certain place without being killed..oh wait..thats right, sinhalese still cant go live up north.

    So all in all. grow a brain, and keep this forum about military issues, now how stupid and old you are that you fail to realize the young generation of sri lankans, including myself will make sure there is peace in sri lanka between allcommunities and end LTTE terrorism! If you want your own tamil homeland, please look for India. Sri Lanka belongs to all peace loving people and it is the true and the ONLY "homeland" to the sinhalese. END OF STORY.

  61. Grious

    [We are not fans of MR. Nor do we approve of everything he does. However, the stance taken by him against the LTTE is right and we all support him in his endeavour. ]

    Well said...I ditto that mate.

    I double ditto this. I dont care how much money he might be stealing, as long as they eliminate terrorism. But the other politicians dont want it to end (ranil wickramasingha) because they wwant to make money too.

  62. "Asithri said...
    sl, greets mate...hope you are still castrating those LTTE lunatics in LNP!"

    asithri, they have banned 5 computers of mine. Not just the computer ip, but the network ip. its ridiculous. Yet, there are pro LTTE talking and laughign about innocent civilian casualties, and still they are not banned. That place is a joke, the only reaosn i am checking up is cause of specialforce as well as targeting people who are openly supporting ltte terrorism. Specially the ones that are living in Canada, UK and USA. Each one is getting reported to "certain" U.S. sources. They are being monitored or should I say "looked after" very well. :) I have done the same in youtube.

  63. Moshe Dyan,

    With UAVs, you will work on real-time video and location data streaming.

    That means, the UAV transmits real-time images and exact GPS data to fire-control. Then it is up to the Arti and MBRL team to use that data to pin-point their delivery.

    I agree that we should have several fire-finder units also strategically installed.

  64. Moshe Dayan

    I would say about 30%(1 million) of the SL Tamils live abroad. The Tamil population remaining in Lanka number just over 2 million, with 650,000 living in Jaffna Peninsula, 400,000 in Wanni, 400,000 in the East and the remaining 700,000 living in the South.

    I read somewhere that the SL Muslim population will surpass the SL Tamil in about a decade. That means that the Tamils in Lanka will be the 3rd largest population not the 2nd largest. I just hope that the Muslim population does not radicalise and wage Jihad to create a "Lankastan", thats the last thing we need. I hear in parts of the East some women are now wearing the Burka, this worries me.

    VP has done the most to destroy the future of the Tamil population in Lanka. An entire generation of Tamils living in the NE have ended up uneducated and without a future. The LTTE's practice of using young women and children in their ranks has clearly cost the Tamils demographically. In short this war has had the most detructive impact on the Tamil population. And after 25 years of this bloody conflict, what does the LTTE have to show for it?

    VP is Tamils worst enemy and yet some are unwilling to accept this because then it would leave them with no to look up to.

  65. nolttepeace

    The swedish ARTHUR fire finding radar is cool, but alas I bet they won't sell it to us. Better look for China.

  66. SL,

    [So all in all. grow a brain, and keep this forum about military issues, now how stupid and old you are that you fail to realize the young generation of sri lankans, including myself will make sure there is peace in sri lanka between allcommunities and end LTTE terrorism]

    you seem to insult the more mature, older folks of lanka, attempting to say that your sinhala older generations didn't try their best to 'eliminate terrorism'. Suddenly you come out of your little diaper and believe like a fool your generation has super powers and have all the answers give me a break...

  67. Guys, check following two links for the video (part 1 and part2). Above posted clip part of the second video.

  68. sl

    Mate, I will contact you somehow/someday soon and then we can discuss a few things of "mutual interest" in privacy.

    Yep, I agree with you about LNP. Bloody pathetic, I agree. Then again, who the f'ing hell cares bro I say...the real war is in SL and today we are liquidating the LTTE mfers with "extreme prejudice" and "unmitigated glee" with great KIA/WIA counts!

    Hang in there the saying goes, We Shall Overcome!

    OaO Asithri

  69. Attack is the best defense-i read your earlier comment with utter sadness.I wish i can tell you more about it.I like to see that video of the LTTE female cadres killing injured you have a link that shows the original version.I think general Fonseka is the right man for the job.Some idiot is speaking about peace???.Well there was a chance for peace for 30 years which was ignored because some people thought that they can "get away with it" and their finding out they cant.this is the time for us to keep our minds focussed on the war-sc**w peace

  70. In future offensives in the north we are going to encounter a large number of LTTE female suicide cadres like the russian army did in WW2.I asked this question earlier-How feasible is it for the army to have a fleet of remote controlled vehicles filled with explosives which they use against these "impregnable" LTTE defenses in their operations


  72. I think the forces chiefs are making a big mistake by predicting the tiger demise.this will cause a lot of tigers to integrate into the civilian population to fight another day.Its very simple you just become a "civilian".The idea is to kill as many of them as possible if they refuse to surrender.

  73. i dont think his making a mistake. A war is psychological as well. It also lets people know where exactly the SL armed forces stand today. Because most people thought the ltte was invincible (guillible tamil disporsa) but only few of us knew the ground truth, which was the politians gave guns and what not to the army btu told them not to shoot. LTTE were able to have bases right near the army and they had the authority to fire whenever. This is how it was in 1992. And all the phoney "military analyst" who predicted that the SL govt woudlnt be able to win the war by liberting the east is now peeing in their pants as they do not understand what happend. The authority must be given to the armed forces to make the decisions, not the politcians and that is what is happening NOW comparedto BEFORE>

  74. sri lankan,

    The service commanders comments are part of the psychological warfare. The LTTE and their supporters have been doing the same for years (some of them now in this blog). If LTTE terrorists choose to flee, its better for us. Its difficult for them to reorganise to fight another day once the whole thing unravels.

    Remote control vehicles will be of no use (except for defusing unexploded ordnance). LTTE defences (i.e. bunkers FDL's) can be taken out more cheaply/effectively with existing weapons (artillery, air stikes etc).

  75. SL.. i dont disagree with you.Just one point when you make statements like what the defense chiefs have made (with honourable intentions)the general population i think may begin to feel "more secure" and let their "guard down" which makes them more susceptible to suicide bombs.I have very happy with the progress of the forces..particularly even if AABase attack was a disaster very few "pink 'n' white" tigers/leopards/chickens escaped.I am very pleased how they were killed

  76. Shay thanks for your comments.Ideally I really wouldn't want single to escape.I think they have the ability to reorganise themselves unless we takeout their bases in TNadu which we cant.Rest assured that ever if we eliminate them In SLanka,,this eelam pipe dream will exist overseas for many years to come till the new tamil generations have better things to do than waste our time.The question is- will die hard eelams ever let the future tamil generations forget.

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. I agree with srilankan.

    If the LTTE integrates with the people we are in real trouble. It is better to take them on in conventional warfare.

    We must kill a large number of them to bring peace. Otherwise they will unleash attrition on us.

    I agree with Upul's view on "extremism"; it is indeed a matter of perception. The world is not divided into extremists and moderates. In fact there are no moderates. They also have desires in regard to which they are extremists.

    Consider the following example. If Sinhala extremism is at say point +10 and Tamil extremism at say point -10, the moderates should be theoritically be at 0. If Tamil extremism goes wild and become -20, moderates should be at -5 which is the average. This means they are in "extreme" territory!!!

    To pull them back, Sinhala extremism should also go to +20!

    This was the "foolish" concept of "middle path" some politicos followed in SL!!

    Not known to them they ended up in unfamiliar territory!!

    The guide should be what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. In today's world doing the RIGHT thing is indeed revolutionary and difficult.


    Glory to the Sri Lanka Army...

    The back ground music from the movie Gladiator made it the most touching.

    According to the chinese the no. 8 is luckiest...

    That is why they will start the olympics on 08/08/2008...

    Hope the SLA will over come the LTTE threat with minimum casualities.

    I don't want these young men to die...

  80. Best wishes for 2008 to everyone - let's make it the last year for the LTTE terrorists.

  81. I want them go home to their loved ones...

  82. How about remote controlled steam rollers/road rollers to clear paths in mine fields?

  83. Kiri,

    Many in the techonlogy field love robots and US army is employing hundreds of them in their war against terror..As far as Sri lanka army is concerned they don't have any of these remote controled stuff(please correct me if I am wrong).I am urging everyone with the knowledge to work on these ideas..
    Atleast I started something on those lines..Only thing I don't have is, enough brains...If I can find few more people to work on these ideas then it is possible to deliver something in several months..Now I am trying to do fifty million things...If anyone wants to join me and work, I most welcome them.

    I have started my own blog...Drop me a line.


    Following is from the above link...

    Thank you to the youtube handle.


    "poor are the nations whom do not have heroes, but begged are the nations who have forgoten them..." Enjoy your was paid for with blood, and life

  85. "THere more than 150 captured soldiers were burnt alive ... another news report stated.."

    Attack, the naval infantry troops captured were shot by the LTTE, not burned.

  86. DefenceNet... when you have the time...a convoy of army busses were caught in a claymore explosion.Do you know the csualty figures.?

  87. Today our Airforce should be extra vigilant on a possible attack on Katunayake.

    LTTE is desperate, and Dec 31st is an ideal candidate for any such desperation.

    Sadly, the security of Katunayake airbase is not at its best either.

  88. "a convoy of army busses were caught in a claymore explosion.Do you know the csualty figures"

    Five personnel injured. one in critical condition.

  89. sl / Asithri,

    Have you tried using a proxy site to access LNP, hope it will hide ur identity;


  90. The Winning Strategy
    December 31, 2007: The army believes it has a winning strategy, and could crush the LTTE within six months. The armed forces are using the army, navy and air force in a coordinated fashion to weaken and destroy the LTTE. The navy blockade has stopped most ammo and weapons shipments to the rebels. The air force bombs rebel bases as quickly as they can be found (and intel work is getting better) while the army has developed new tactics that prevent LTTE infantry attacks from doing much damage, while using numerical superiority, and lots more ammunition, to push back the LTTE, and inflict several dozen casualties a day. This kind of pressure has been very bad for LTTE morale, and the army believes that the LTTE will collapse within the year, simply because they will have no more fighting strength.

    December 30, 2007: A major source of continued unrest in the east is the corruption that crippled the relief effort after the tidal wave hit two years ago. That event killed over 100,000 people along the east coast, and left a million homeless. Over $3 billion in aid was promised by foreign donors, but most of it never arrived, and most of what did was stolen by LTTE or government officials. Only about ten percent of the homeless got aid in rebuilding. The Tamils along the east coast are not happy about this.

    December 28, 2007: The army captured an LTTE cache of 1,350 landmines. This was a big victory, because these mines have become a major weapon for the rebels, who now spend most of their time on the defensive.

    December 27, 2007: The air force bombed another coastal village being used as a LTTE naval base. The LTTE uses camouflage and other deceptions to hide the activities of its "navy," but the government's military intelligence is getting better, and when a new LTTE base is identified, it is usually bombed shortly thereafter.

    December 26, 2007: Off the north coast, the navy intercepted a major LTTE supply convoy. In the ensuing battle, eleven LTTE boats were sunk, as well as one navy vessel.

    December 24, 2007: After a weekend of fighting, troops captured two LTTE checkpoints and a base. The fighting caused over a hundred casualties, most of them LTTE. The relative lack of artillery or mortar fire from the LTTE was a major disadvantage for the rebels. The navy blockade has cut supplies of ammo for the rebels, and this is curbing their ability to shoot back.

  91. LTTE's silence worries me again...

    They are up to no good...

    As noltte=peace said,

    LTTE must be planning to attack KAB...We need to secure it NOW.

    There is no point finding that the gardner maintaining the KAB runway's is a black tiger..

    Enough surprises.

    It is likely LTTE might even try a bombing raid tonight...


  92. Before we go into Wanni its best to continue this war of attrition for a couple more years. While this is being carried out it is of paramount importance that our navy takes full control of the seas surrounding Lanka. Then and only then will the LTTE be truly isolated from the outside world.

    Daily attacks on multiple Wanni FDLs will take its toll on the LTTE's young low level cadres. Its kind of a blessing in disguise that the LTTE is using young rookie cadres to man the FDLs. As these youngsters get slaughtered by our SF forces, we won't have to deal with them 10 years from now when they are more capable adults. Think about it, they are the future of the LTTE organization and nipping them off at the bud will help greatly to shape the future of this conflict in our favor. Its sounds brutal but then a again this is war not a picnic.

  93. I wish all the best for our forces & defencenet readers ...wish 2008 would be last year for LTTE maggots..

  94. DefenceNet, Guys Happy New Year to All of you!

    Upul, I hope you will shed your die-hard pro-Tiger image and make a constructively positive contribution to this great blog.

    May sanity break out in the psyche of Velupillai Prabhakaran, even at this eleventh hour, to minimize the suffering of innocent Tamil men, women and above all children.

  95. May his insanity intensify. and may he dig himself depper into the rectal orifice that the K'chchi hellhole has now become.

    That would make the resolution decisive and conclusive.

  96. Many thanks DefenceNet for your input.

  97. I read the following two articles of DBS Jeyaraj with lot of enthusiasm.

    Wants to share with you guys too
    "If Prabakharan is no more it would not be an immediate end of the LTTE. It would however be the beginning of the end for the LTTE."

    I do not agree with all what he has mentioned in the two articles.

    However, one thing we both agree, LTTE will vapour into the thin air when Prabha is no more.

    Tamils are tired of fighting and all the killings. They also want an exit from this LTTE led killing menace, and surely they will come to peace process.

    The next question is who is after Mahinda and Gota, if they were harmed.

    As a nation, we also should have a succession plan to take the same level of "LTTE defeating effort" forward in absence of the duo. No insult to the two.

    I certainly do not want to see Ranil the " " (Asithri's adjectives) come into power and give back the country on a silver plate to the maniac Prabha again.

  98. 2008 will be the year the ltte passes its use by date. my humble prediction for 08 is that if we continue to kill 10-20 every couple of days they will have to change their current modus operandi and go back to hit and runs. holding land as they do now will only be to their detriment. and if VP doesnt switch modes others inside will bump him off and make sure it happens.

    warm new years regards to all sri lankans here (and a speedy death to all others!)

  99. GEagle: this is what i want to implosion of the LTTE.I hope it is true and not pathetic propaganda.If true.. Way to go general Fonseka..way to go!!

  100. On this new years day..way to go sir..way to go..may the triple gem bless you and your family!!

  101. The war may not end in 2008. Even if it does it will pose new challenges and cleaning up for many years to come if not decads.

    But lets resolve to contribute in the best possible way to remvoe the biggesst obstacles
    this year.

    Wish all peace loving members a Happy New Year 2008!

    Kiri peni Ithirewa!

  102. Another killing that needs to be highly condemned whoever did it.

    May be it has been done to discredit the government. However, the culprits should be brought to justice.

  103. i agree with you noltte=peace.Mr maheshwaran's death should be investigated in full and the info made public.

  104. noltte=peace however if MR Maheshwaran was in collusion with the LTTE and was smuggling weapons he knew exactly what he was doing and getting himself into.Even though there maybe international repercussions i dont think any number of guards could have saved his life unless he was under self imposed house arrest which is not possible in his case.

  105. This is unfortunate. LTTE once tried to kill him. He escaped with injuries. But this time they got him. After the A9 closure his ships were always available for transporting goods to Jaffna. Actually the president praised his contributions in a recent cabinet meeting. That praise may have been his death warrant.

  106. I was the one who shoot that video . its not real

    Truth must prevail


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