Friday, December 7, 2007

LTTE reinforces Wanni defense lines

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were reinforcing defense lines along Wanni in the wake of intensified fighting in the area. Latest rebel move came as the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) launched several limited offensives on strategic positions that guard entrances to Wanni LTTE heartland. Most of the missions were able to meet their objectives with extremely low casualty figures for the army.

Meanwhile, LTTE could be observed deploying their more experienced units to Mannar region. To boost the morale of female LTTE cadres manning FDL potions, LTTE has assigned 'Vidusha' to this sector. Vidusha is one of the most senior members of the LTTE outfit. With army opening multiple fronts towards Wanni, even the Charles Anthony brigade (which had previously been deployed near secondary defense lines of Wanni) is showing more signs of activity. Up to now, Charles Anthony brigade was rarely used in battle even though they were deployed near the war zone.

Meanwhile the army successfully thwarted a fresh attempt by the tigers to regain lost territory near Mannar-Vavuniya defense lines. It is believed that at least 20 LTTE cadres were killed in this incident.


  1. gradual mobilisation of all units will be vital to thwart attacks into wanni.Would be interesting to see how the CA brig fares.


  2. There is a possibility, LTTE might allow SLA troops into certain area intentionally to box them before calling in Artillery..

    This is what they did in Muhamalai last year.

  3. 14 Charles Anthony cadres found dead on the battlefield. SLA has destroyed 4 LTTE bunkers along FDL.

    Reports coming from our MI indicates that LTTE is suffering on daily basis.
    Also pigs have been observed flying over Iranamadu.



    Looks like its Malaysias time....

  6. The Boss

    Nope, no pigs flying over Iranamade were observed. But there are reports of LTTE cadres running back to the jungles with the tail suck between their butt cheeks. I guess they coudn't handle the firepower of the SLA.

    DefenceNet, after we defeat these cowards in Mannar-Vavuniya what do you think will happen next. Will we be marching into to heart to Wanni or are there more defence lines near Killinochi or other areas? Please answer my question when you get the time.


  7. Ignore Boss guys.. do not waste your time with a junk Troll...

  8. Very well said noltte=peace well said.:):)

  9. Vibe your wrong.One only reason the cadres ran back into the jungle was because they were due for the monthly haircut:):)...currently given by inexperienced staff due to Barber's demise

    navy capture of fibregum for boats

  11. Guys,

    Road blocks are removed in Colombo on the orders of the Supreme Court.

    Has the Judiciary got it right this time?

  12. Damn it vibe you have no idea how difficult it is to find a good barber these days!!

  13. LTTE & Keith Vaz

    I can't understand our SL High Commission & there responsibility in UK

  14. Lankaputhra..I read this article also.It really does not mean anything the LTTE or the ENTIRE episode between the SLanka high commission and british govt.Well lets put it this way ..let the LTTE supporting tamils spend their money to buy weapons.We just have to ensure that we sink the ship or better still capture it.Dont think that 2 unknown politicans speaking at the EXCEL implies that the entire british govt is with them..

  15. Dere were reports sayin LTTE controlled Adampan was captured by SLA in some news papers.can any one confirm it???

  16. DefenceNet, Guys

    Any news on this "submarine" manuvers off mullathivu?

  17. Does anyone know a way to edit the bomber vid to a shorter version? Rather tech-illiterate in this area. Original too long and beginning too soupy for my liking. Suggestions most welcome.

  18. LTTE depends to a great degree on psy-ops to boost morale, by resorting to name branding sordid monkeys. Usually there is observable heightening of preparedness and morale whenever these 'name brand' monkeys are assigned to a flagging and beaten outfit. SLA should stay with the selective targetting strat on these items too.

  19. "Any news on this "submarine" manuvers off mullathivu?"

    Hi Nemesis what is this about? Whose submarine? Thanks

  20. nemesis,
    "Any news on this "submarine" manuvers off mullathivu?"

    No news on this regard mate. Anyway Mullaithiv was bombed 3 times by SLAF within this week surprising neither tamilnet nor published that news.

    "Dere were reports sayin LTTE controlled Adampan was captured by SLA in some news papers.can any one confirm it???"

    Yes Adampan was captured. In fact several days ago. LTTE tried to regain control once but army were able to hold them at bay.

    you might find some software to do that in filenetworks blog.

  21. Roadblocks,

    The Judiciary should have given a period for GOSL to remove permanent road-blocks.

    It should be the way old established systems are removed. It would allow SLDF to plan and implement new measures in lieu of old measures that they have used to. Adaptation takes time. This is about National Security.

    ..and I am not sure whether the courts took Emergency situation in the country into account when giving this order.

    Law under normal circumstances should be different from emergency situations.


    This is good news guys...


  24. Anyone know anything abt the attack on this link?

    Thx for the info. Will chk it out.

  25. Didn't those charlie boys get creamed by our SF guys in the earlier engagements also ?


    Some LTTE clowns in the forum claimed that all of the dead in the blast were men and they were soldiers...

  27. guys
    what you think about removal of road blocks ...I do not know how much it effects to day today life but hearing that it's removed I m speechless. There is something wrong with the system..If something happens who will take the responsibility of innocent people...

    I think whoever went to courts should see blood on his hands...

  28. "I think whoever went to courts should see blood on his hands..."

    Hi LP, if anyone should be blamed it is the corrupt cops who were manning that check point. Have you read the details of the case? This cop demanded a bribe (bottle of perfume in the car), the petitioner refused to give it so he was arrested which resulted in this case and the subsequent fine for 4 police and the government.

    So if not for these corrupt elements making life difficult for ordinary citizens this wouldn't have even been an issue.

  29. Tangara..the few toy planes of the LTTE are not really the problem.It is those artillery pieces that are probably in reinforced bunkers.The govt is doing the right thing by spending more money on troops(provide employment,good training,..etc)than doubt more troops mean more equipment to a certain extent.

  30. The Rajapakse Strategy
    By Geoffrey Evarts
    -Asian Tribune
    click here.

  31. Noltte=peace,
    Please read the following news item.
    "AP to investigate fairnessof Sri Lankan conflict coverage
    By Mendaka Abeysekera in New York
    International newswire Associated Press (AP) has agreed to investigate the fairness of its coverage on the Sri Lankan conflict.
    The assurance was given following months of protests by the Consortium of Sri Lankan Expatriates, who highlighted the biased reporting by AP with regard to the April bomb blast in Vavuniya, which killed eight persons.

    The consortium met a top official of the newswire, John Daniszewski, on December 7 in New York.
    The AP news item titled ‘Sri Lanka roadside bomb kills 8 aboard bus,’ which was published in April this year, accused the Sri Lankan Government forces of deliberately targeting civilians.

    The consortium has been challenging this AP report since April.
    During Thursday’s meeting, Consortium Representative Sumith De Silva pointed out that the Sri Lanka military has a tightly-knit command structure with accountability.
    It was also pointed out that LTTE accused the military of killing 11 children, following which the Nugegoda bomb blast was set by the LTTE as retaliation.

    The Consortium Representative had highlighted that prominent Tamil Political Leader V. Anandasangaree’s statement that he, as a former MP for Kilinochchi, stating that there are no children in that area other than LTTE cardes is sufficient.
    In response, Deniszewski promised to investigate the AP news report and publish a correction if the report was wrong."

    click here.

  32. Hemantha many thanks for the link.i enjoyed reading.The asian tribune guy..isnt he in norway?

  33. Sri lankan,
    "Hemantha many thanks for the link.i enjoyed reading.The asian tribune guy..isnt he in norway?"

    You are welcome. I think AT editor T Rajasinghaam lives in Norway. I am not sure. But I don't know much about the author of the above article.

  34. Guys,

    We need a name and shame strategy for nabbing the corrupt cops at checkpoints or elsewhere - not only the lower ranks, the big guys who are in charge of them.

    Normally, what they do is they send these well-hackneyed age-old circulars to those guys insisting good behaviour at work; they in turn sign them showring ridicule upon them. That is the end of the story. It fails, and quite dismally.

    If the top cops send out a few of the good cops incognito as civilians to nab these filth within the force, they can get to grips with the situation.

    They must do away with silly circulars.

  35. Defencenet, Guys,

    Could any of you give me some enlightment, with the necessary constrains on of course, about the role to be played by the newly formed mechanial division of the army?

    I must very humbly admit that I am pretty ignorant of military hardware and its corresponding roles in battle.

    Can it be a decisive factor in the final phase?

  36. wats the scene with a sea tiger submarine spotted making manoevers off mullaitivu coast?..probably this is a "sang-o-class" mini-sub acquired from the North Koreans?..I feel this tilts the naval seapower balance slightly towards the tigers..I mean,they already do operate "stealth" attack boats,so what next?..In fact,the SLN has been able to recover one or two "human torpedo" submersibles & stealth attack boats,with a really innovative auto-cannon..they were displayed at the exhibition @ BMICH in feb this year..The naval officer whom i spoke to,admitted that the SLN was usually a step BACKWARD,from the sea tigers,whose innovation & tactics,took some time to get accustomed to..

    In fact,today's sunday observer,had a photo of a "sukhanya-class" OPV,which for its great size,was ONLY equipped with just a few machine guns,& a 40mm cannon!!..True,it has greater endurance for deep-sea ops,but atleast upgrade the friggin weapons!!..c'mon why cannot we fit a 76mm or higher gun to this ship?..and the radar/fire control-systems?..well,virtually non-existent!!..a sea tiger "wolf-pack",could easily send this sitting duck to the bottom of the ocean,in case they are able to evade the escorting FAC's & Gunboats..

  37. Aussie rent-a-pilot runs the tincan airforce.

  38. What happened to the Sunday Times comedian/con man Athas? Gone on vacation or had a complete run-out of cockeyed ideas? Maybe ST fired him..

    And then there's the hottest vituperate against anything SL on Asian Tribune, T Gunasekera stirring a hornets' nest and getting bitten in style.

    In anycase, the increasing and forceful participation by Sri Lankans of all shades and from all over makes for interesting debate and also opens the prospects for effective countering of terrorist propaganda. Kudos to all those who've contribued towards this phenomenon, in particular those young Sri Lankans who commit valuable time and effort towards leading this effort in the blog world.

  39. What happened with Tisaranee Gunasekara? Never liked her writings, if any of her predictions are to go bye, apocalypse is tomorrow.... and has been every since she has been writing.

  40. Hemantha,

    Thanks for the article bro..

    I just saw this here..

    AP needs to be taken to task for many things..

    Some scum clearly in Asian Sub Edit Desk is supporting LTTE.

  41. "I mean,they already do operate "stealth" attack boats"

    Lol. Don't be silly, Renegade. The Tiges don't have stealth boats. The suicide boats have a reinforced prow for penetrating SLN hulls, and these look a bit like a stealth fighter. That's all.


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