Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Images: Artillery Regiment - during Muhamalai battle

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Artillery Regiment

Last August, LTTE deployed a large number of cadres in an attempt to recapture the Jaffna peninsula which fell to the Army in 1996. Thanks to the army's infantry, artillery and mechanized units, LTTE offensive was halted in the forward defense lines of Muhamalai and Kilali. These photographs show the artillery regiment in action during the battle for Jaffna.

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  1. Great job DefenceNet..may the triple gem bless each and everyone of the troops.

  2. Nice,although these images were around 4 sumtime didnt see them online.Gud work DN...:)

  3. good pictures, how odl are they and what is the red and blue circle on the rocket launcher? Always good to see artillery in action, less work for infantry...

  4. Great start for the media collection. I can almost hear those guns.

    My suggestion is to set up a link aside from the main body of the blog for the pictures, so that they can be viewed without having to scroll thru the whole blog.
    This is important prevent them becoming inaccessible later when the present postings/articles become archived.

  5. qinq

    Red and blue are the colours of the artillery regiment. So it could be a regimental marking.


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