Friday, December 28, 2007

SLAF jets raid LTTE safe house

Fighter aircraft of the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) carried out a bombing raid on a pre identified LTTE safe house in Puthukuduirippu region today noon. The strategic location was identified as an LTTE leader's gathering point.

Map image

The targeted base was located in the LTTE stronghold of Mullaithiv, south of Piramanadukulam. It is not yet known if any senior LTTE leaders were present in the base at the time of bombing.

SLAF has seemingly stepped up air strikes on LTTE military installations after the sea battle that took place near Delft island which destroyed a locally made UFAC  and damaged an Israeli built Dvora belonging to the 4th Fast Attack Squadron of the Navy. The Air Force has flown consecutive sorties on both days since the sea battle, after being relatively silent in the past two weeks.


  1. The silence of the normally prompt TamilNet on this issue is deafening. All encouraging indicators so far. If the SLAF encountered AA gun-fire during the attack, the response you would like to encourage is simple: Drop. More. Bombs.

  2. According to tamilnet the previous day's bombs fell on a tsunami camp. And only five livestock animals died in the bombing.

    Must be sungoats cows.

  3. Guys,

    Although the SLAF carries out intermittant raids the DPU has gne silent after the events on the 25th which were blamed on them!

    Normally tamilnet used to report high DPU activity before that. However, their news items are always misleading.

    Tigers are in a major sympathy seeking excercise using the Mervyn incident. However, what they failed to see is that people won't kepp quite against intimidation forever; there will come a time when Vanni fellows will take things into their own hands and assault the tigers.

    Already LTTE is finding it very difficult to maintain law and order in their own territory; things are likely to get worse as violence escalates.

    Anyhow the govt. has made things clear for the tigers "you mess with us at your peril". When the whole word is glued with anti-terrorist feelings, tigers are handicapped from retaliating this SLAf strike!

    Well timed, well done.

    The best we can do for Ms. Bhutto is to wipe out all suicide bombers. Strike when the iron is HOT!

  4. londonistan,

    I agree. Tamilnet goes silent or refer to MOD news when they get royally screwd. No news from TN is good news.

  5. "DPU has gne silent after the events on the 25th which were blamed on them!"

    They've always operated in silence. That does not mean they are inactive :)

  6. CDL can make a grate fighting machine, if they are able to modifiy UFAC111 to counter suiside boats efectively.

    Lots of militaly technologies are being developed copying natural attacked behaviors of animals.

    Sudden thick smoke is a good diversion tactic (mention by different blogger), to avoid hitting suiside boat and same technic is used by some sea creatures to deceive the predator

  7. andare

    I agree, thats why I have said that installing smoke grenade launchers on the FACs will give it a slightly better chance of survival in battle. It won't make the FACs fool proof against the LTTE suicide crafts but it will tip the balance more in the FAC's favor.

  8. Goldeneagle;

    Smoke screens can provide a fatallydeceptive sense of security. The screen makes it impossible for the layer to view the threat environment, while those outside the screen know where the target is generally. In this era of fast moving projectiles and suicide craft, that would be similar to walking into a fight blind-folded.

    Smoke screens worked well during the WW1 when entire armadas of big ships lined up to shoot at each other from miles apart.

    In our context, the fighting is at much closer quaters and quicker too, leaving very little margin for error.

  9. Andare

    The name comes from a clown named 'Andre' during the era when Daskon adikaram (D'Ascond d' Adigar, a French man) was in court.

    D'Ascond forfeited his head to the executioner's blade when he spoke out about a birthmark Rajasinghe 11's youngest wife had in her pubic area...

    Just an interesting historical morsel.

  10. Guys

    Going back to the Dovra incident. The only way a suicide boats can take out the Dovras is once it has been disabled. it is only once the dovras are disabled that the suicide boats go in if not the Dovras can just slam the throttles and get out of harms way.

    The replacement cost of a Dovras is around Rs. 500 to 700 million. Cost of crew... priceless

  11. LTTE declares names of 18 sea tigers killed in Delft sea battle
    Sat, 2007-12-29 03:26
    By - Jaya Rohana

    Colombo, 29 December, ( Out of the 40 sea tigers that were reported killed in the sea battle South of Delft Island last Wednesday (26), LTTE have declared names of 18 sea tigers (including seven senior sea tiger cadres). Naval intelligence monitoring have intercepted the following 18 names which consists of 03 Lieutenant Colonels, 04 Majors, 01 Captain, 03 Lieutenants, 06 Second Lieutenants and a sea tiger (all self styled).

  12. DN,
    Of course DPU is operating in silence. My point is tamilnet used to report regular "DPU" activity/interactions.
    This has reduced to zero lately.
    For a month nothing of the sort was reported, strange!

    However, TN now has little credibility as they go all out to cover up their military losses.

    In another development the Defence sec. has called for a ban on the LTTE and the end the truce. Logical demands. Banning the LTTE makes many things easier for the law enforcement.

    If the only bad thing about the ban is that no peace talks would follow, we shud go ahead and ban it. Any way the LTTE is now more than ever incapable of "peace talks".

    APRC has promised to come upwith a political solution within 2 months; in almost a month the Indian PM would be here on the condition that a political solution is ready. President repeatedly says that a political solution will be considered AFTER the war, not before.

    Coupled with the DS's demand, does this mean a very large excalation of violence in January'08?

  13. UFAC is built to accomodate 12 crew mwmbers. Is it really required for the navy to full the boat to the maximum????.

    Can't the NAVY atleat reduce the number of crew to 8 to sustanable management of the vessel.
    That way, loses can be minimise and speed of the boat can be bit improved.
    Sometime simple changes can bring good results.

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  15. I think it's time to buy atleast two mini submarine with attack capability.. Then Navy could attack those LTTE boats from under water...

    LTTE has released names of 18 Sea tigers killed in Delft (Asian Tribune)

  16. ruthefeed,

    More misinformation from desperate MR clans on the web. No the LTTE has not released any new info on the sea battles. All deaths of sea tigers were accounted for by Tamilnet then. The news of the 18 deaths is absolute BS and is a blog entry from dailymirror opinion pieces that was then plagiarized by Asiantribune, surprise surprise....

  17. As far as I understand half of Delft's Dvora fleet is out of action after this incident and some desperate sln, in a bid to save their incompetence make up sorry tales of huge enemy losses.

    If you were to count up claims of ltte losses, there wouldn't be any tamils left on the island.

  18. CFA is the greatest thing LTTE achieved after fighting 20 years war. This already dead CFA has to be abolished at some point of time. But it is the only thing GOSL has, when deeling with IC.

  19. Defencenet

    India has the RAW and Pakistan has the ISI, what does Lanka have for a global intelligence service?


    here we can get the various combination of weapons that can be mounted on the existing typhoon weapon masts ... DN and other which one of this would be ideal for us as far as cost and usability is concerned.
    Sad not note that we still fight tiger's 23mm s with 20mm canons.
    Earlier there was a rumor that dovras were mounted with small MBRL launchers too? if so their cluster effect would be ideal for such an engagement that took off delft.
    INY comments pls?

  21. Upul

    What is your problem.No one here said anything about the accuracy of,tamilnet,asiantribune or even LNP.They just shared information that they had come across in order for them to draw their own conclusions.

    In fact that is the reason for most of the bloggers to come here:to share information and ideas.

    Who are you to tell us what is correct and what is not?

    No thanks,we don't need your help.

    on the other hand why do you come here and waste your time reading this blog when you have your so accurate source of information-the Tamilnet

  22. Attack is the best defense..The point here is to get tiger sea cadres to concentrate on 2 or more offensive modes duing the battle.this is because it is not easy to think of 2 forces at the same time..what we need is combined operations between the navy and airforce.i am amazed how these tigers seem to have no problem getting engines for their boats

  23. The LTTE terrorists have created a bogus front organisation called Tmils for Justice in the US and are collecting funds to hire a lawyer to get their ban lifted.


    It is similar to LTTE terrorists spending Millions of Dollars for Hilary Clinton's campaign.

    Hilary may also be desparate for money, because she seems to be talking in support of this ruthless terrorists.

  24. dulith,

    I have merely commented on the purported accuracy of a government propaganda site for some of the seemingly naive readers. I don't give a rats ass what you or other MR fanatics may think..
    You are entitled to what you believe and you most certainly are free to be brainwashed by shameless, comical sri lankan government propaganda. But when such crap leads to senseless loss of life and propagates human misery, then its ones duty to makes counter opinions heard.

  25. Dulith,
    Don't waste your time mate. He doesn't understand your language. I remember few weeks back "Mixer" was explaining to him in a very simple manner. And I guess both "Upul" and "The boss" understood "Mixer's" language really well. Because both of them together disappeared for sometime.


    According to this article, a tiger 122 mm arty piece was destroyed a week ago by SLA and it also says that SLA is 3 kms away from MADHU sector.
    DN, Is this true, Please answer when u have a chance, and please do something to stop the virul infractions that has happened to this blog too.
    FYI all VP lovers , Don't answer this question coz I know hw access tamilnet.
    FYI, we come and respect this place only because we know that its hard to believe tamilnet,nitharsanam as well as claims.

  27. Dulith-Most of these LTTE supporting sadists live abroad. They are here for entertainment purposes only and to show all they possess "foreign currency".Now the worst thing you can do to this LTTE scum is to better yourself so that you can compete with them for jobs overseas(if you live in SLanka).This LTTE phenomenon is all about "jealously".I think they have this feeling that they alone have the right to hold jobs overseas while we should be restricted to Slanka.Ie going back to 1948..

  28. For any dumb commenter... Even a year old kid can identify 'Kotiya' or not by looking at the writing style. So Upul or who ever, please stop filling junk on blog, and mind your own farm. We need some peace of mind here. If you really really dont have any thing... still work some extra hours man. your people badly need support. :)

    "Every thing for the Mother Land"

  29. these LTTE supporters like "Upul" and "the boss" are just bunch of old tamils who are supporting terrorism. But in the end, they are supporting indirectly to kill their own tamil blood hahhaha...and all i gotta say is "keep talking buddy, keep talking, nobody is listening, but keep wasting your time so you get your paycheck in the mail" all in all-..lets continue to play with this rat upul if your ever bored. The only oversea jobs this monkey has ia self employmenet and previous toilet cleaner.

  30. The only and best possible way to flush the vermin out is to keep pummeling the rat holes....

  31. DefenceNet,

    Can you comment (when you have time) whether LTTE has got any Submarines...? or are they buidling any thing like that...

  32. Rutherfed,
    "Can you comment (when you have time) whether LTTE has got any Submarines...? or are they buidling any thing like that...

    It is speculated they have a mini sub. But this is unconfirmed. But it's a fact that they have been going after that technology for some time. One of their early attempts to build a mini sub with Norwegian ex special forces members help (in Phuket, Thailand) was discovered. After that several LTTE activists have been caught with submarine blueprints and technical details. It was only in last month that Unconfirmed intel reporters suggested about an LTTE submarine exercise in the seas of Mullaithiv.

    But ltte does have underwater scooters which they smuggled in during the CFA. these can be equally dangerous as a sub when used on a civilian target such as Colombo harbor.

    The only sub chaser the Navy has is currently not operational.

  33. Attack is the Best Defence,
    "Sad not note that we still fight tiger's 23mm s with 20mm canons."

    It's sometimes worse than that. Some of the larger LTTE craft have been fitted with 30mms for well over a year while our Dvoras only had 23mms. Many SLN personnel paid with their lives because of a corrupt previous SLN commander who worked on a personal agenda and ruled out the need of 30mms. Although late, steps have now been taken to get 30mms for at least some crafts in our FAC fleet.

    "According to this article, a tiger 122 mm arty piece was destroyed a week ago by SLA"

    Yes an artillery gun was taken down by a SI team last week. However this does not mean that now there is no threat from LTTE artillery. Guns placed in the no war zone are still active.

    "As far as I understand half of Delft's Dvora fleet is out of action after this incident"

    That's not correct. 1 UFAC destroyed. 1 Israeli built FAC damaged but repairable. Two crafts is not half the Dvora fleet in Delft region.

    "Is it really required for the navy to full the boat to the maximum????."

    Well it is. You need people both to maneuver the craft and to man the guns. Normally casualties are expected in a battle. If you go in with a limited crew and if any of them got injured, the craft can be easy prey for the tigers (they may even capture it).

    "The only way a suicide boats can take out the Dovras is once it has been disabled."

    No there have been instances where LTTE suicide cadres managed to ram (or at least go near and explode, causing enough damage) high speed suicide boats against functional Dvoras.
    LTTE has released video footage (which can be considered quite authentic) of such incidents several times in the past.

  34. Defencenet: any updates regarding this article....

  35. SLA overruns LTTE stronghold: several LTTE leaders injured- Mannar [Updated]

    Security forces advanced further into non-liberated Wanni area, today (December 29) following hours long artillery duel with LTTE elements in general area Parappakandal at Mannar defences, ground sources said.

    Troops forced and held into the LTTE defences at Parappakandal, Mannar, a major terrorist fortifier, military sources said. Latest ground reports confirm several LTTE leaders including 'Adavan master' and Susilan were among the terrorist casualties.

    According to troops, advancing military units were met with heavy LTTE resistance during the pre-hours since this morning at around 6.15a.m. 'Intel' reports citing intercepted LTTE communication said, hundreds of LTTE elements were on the flight due to increasing strife among its ground leaders following heavy beating at the hands of security forces. Bahnu, Laxman, Parthivan, Susilan and Adavan master were identified to have led LTTE terrorists during the heavy fighting today, ground sources further revealed.

    LTTE terrorists have engaged heavy artillery barrages including 130mm and 122mm guns during its last efforts to hold the defences, security sources said. Troops launched decisive long range heavy gun fire before consolidating its positions, military sources added.

    Security forces have inflicted heavy casualties to LTTE though numbers of dead and wounded were yet to be confirmed, defence sources said.

    More information will follow.

  36. Defencenet:

    ""Some of the larger LTTE craft have been fitted with 30mms for well over a year while""

    I have to humbly disagree with you there!!..

    The LTTE do NOT posses any 30mm cannons!!.. this was confirmed by two different sources at Naval Intelligence and Army Intelligence..

    The heaviest calibre gun they have is the 25mm.. in fact more precisely.. Chinese Type-61 Dual-25mm cannons:

    They have mounted these on their heavier version of the "Muraj" class, as a dual pair with its original mount as shown here:

    Or as a single unit as shown here:

  37. ‘Norwegian ex special forces members’

    I spoke to an ‘ex’/ ‘retired’ UK SAS officer a while back and they are still sparingly used by their Ministry of Defence to transport sensitive packages around the world to places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq etc. The principle reason, as he explained it to me, is due to their training and the fact that they can travel around armed in comparative anonymity. When you say ‘ex’ Norwegian Special Forces, I think we should take this word to be a euphemism for deniability.

  38. GrimReaper,
    As far as we know, few 30mms were smuggled in during the CFA. SLN's dvoras had a hard time battling sea tigers as the 30mms could take out the dvoras before their 23mm guns came within firing range.

    But then again we could be wrong.

  39. londonistan,
    Yes them being ex-special forces members does not completely eliminate the Norwegian connection. Norway has time to time proven that they support the LTTE.
    Allowing LTTE peace delegation to visit and video Rena Special Forces base and sabotaging MBRL launchers from Czech are just two occasions.

  40. Madhuka,
    "any updates regarding this article...."

    Yes SLA has advanced a fair bit of distance into LTTE territory but it hasnt been a walk in the park. Casualties have been suffered due to heavy LTTE artillery fire. However LTTE elements in the region are now in disarray after several of the regional leaders got injured.

  41. Defencenet:

    ""As far as we know, few 30mms were smuggled in during the CFA.""

    As far as my contacts can reveal, this is not true!!..

    All the shells recovered from SLN Dvora's hulls thus far after confrontations with the Sea Tigers have been 14.5mm, 23mm and 25mm.

    They have not discovered a single 30mm shell yet..

    ""SLN's dvoras had a hard time battling sea tigers as the 30mms could take out the dvoras before their 23mm guns came within firing range.""

    This is true with the 25mm cannon as well..

    There was a really good article about the capabilities of the "Muraj" boat on LNP:

    ""But then again we could be wrong.""

    I suppose i could say the same thing about my information.. :)

    I guess it boils down to how good your original source is.. My two contacts at Naval and Army Intelligence are quite certain about their information!!..

    Is your source trustworthy and verifiable!!..

  42. grimreaper,
    "Is your source trustworthy and verifiable!!.."

    pretty much yes.

    "All the shells recovered from SLN Dvora's hulls thus far after confrontations with the Sea Tigers have been 14.5mm, 23mm and 25mm."

    One Dvora which was destroyed in September 2006 (Commanded by M. Panditharathne) showed signs of damages from 30mm fire. Back then SLN lost two Dvoras in quick succession prompting the authorities to go for 30mms ASAP.

  43. Experts,

    What is this?

    If you got time, there are heaps of pics here .Its tresure trove.


    More pics...


    This is what we need for Velu...

  46. Defencenet:

    ""One Dvora which was destroyed in September 2006 (Commanded by M. Panditharathne) showed signs of damages from 30mm fire.""

    That is indeed very interesting!!..

    I say that because the version I heard of the same story was that they were 25mm shells!!.. Hmmm..

    ""Back then SLN lost two Dvoras in quick succession prompting the authorities to go for 30mms ASAP.""

    This appears to have been the case..

    But it would appear this upgrade was not implemented across the entire FAC Fleet..

    The Colombo Class MkIII that was destroyed, and the Super Dvora MkII that was damaged in the encounter on the 26th were both only equipped with 23mm Guns according to my Source.. can you verify this??..

  47. tangara, is the official site of LTTE's photography unit. It indexes photos of various LTTE formations indexed by regiment name.

    For those who dont know tamil:

    Charles Anthony:


    Sea tigers:



    Mortar regiment:



    Black tiger:

    General Photos:

  48. Guys,

    In my opinion, it is not a good idea to invite the Indian Prime minister for the independant day celebrations; his participation, according to media reports, is conditional. So, government may try to rush through a set of solutions, just to please him. These short-sighted cosmetic measures never solve any problem nor do they address any issue. The Indo-Lanka accord that was signed in 1987 was one such disaster reached in a rush. We know what happened in the aftermath of it.

    Mr Manmohan Singh is a gentleman without a scar. He will never try to get any political advantage in meddling with our internal affairs. Unlike previous prime ministers, he at least, maintains a dignified silence over ou problem. Unfortunately, you cannot say the same thing with most of the Indian politicians, especially those who come from the south.

    So, the solutions in haste is, catastrophe in disguise.

  49. "The Colombo Class MkIII that was destroyed, and the Super Dvora MkII that was damaged in the encounter on the 26th were both only equipped with 23mm Guns according to my Source.. can you verify this??.."

    Yes this is correct only a limited number of FACs are currently equipped with 30mm cannons.

  50. great discussion guys and DN thnx for answering my questions as well!!
    Would like to know more abt destroying the LTTE 122mm arty

    rather happy to see the nice and constructive discussion with out the interference of the LTTE goons.

    keep us informed and thnx!!

  51. Tangara:

    I am quite familiar with ALL the pictures from "" .. :)

    But thanks anyway!!..

    PS.. You first pic set shows the ""lighter"" variant of the Sea Tiger "Muraj" Class..

    This boat has a much shallower draft then its more deeper hull cousin..

    The ""lighter"" variant only comes with the ZU-23 23mm or the ZPU-2/Type-58 14.5mm as its main armament..

    The ""heavier"" variant is equipped with either a Twin or Single Type-61 25mm cannon.

    The picture in your second post is a ZU-23 23mm cannon.. which is the exact the same gun used on most of our FAC's

  52. Attack is the Best Defence:

    ""rather happy to see the nice and constructive discussion with out the interference of the LTTE goons.""

    With respect to the characters in this blog that fall under that category.. just ignore then!!.. :)

    Their presence in this blog is good indicator of the wide spread disillusionment and flagging morale..

    What these minions fail to appreciate is most people who are quite conversant in military affairs get their information directly from sources within the Military.. and hardly depend on or for smidgens of data..

    It is however rather unfortunate that the people that manage these two Government Websites, do not appear to have the skills to present information in a logical, organised manner!!..

    Anyway, thats just a personal observation!!.. :)

  53. DefenceNet..when you have the time..when the army were advancing into LTTE territory.(news report-29/12)..was the airforce targeting those long range guns.?

  54. DN

    What are these tracked vehicles?

  55. Grimreaper

    wholeheartedly agree with you. And that is exactly why youngsters like you must take the initiative to fill that vaccuum.

    A few of us do whatever we can, but that is hardly enough. On defencenet you get some info and graphics on the SLA and affiliated forces. I have created two blogs, for SLN and SLAF for which DN has links on the right-side of the page.

    There is a very big need to effectively communicate especially with our expatriate anti-terrorist Sri Lankan population and show them that we possess the capabilities that are needed to deal with the issues facing the nation. Pictures tell a thousand words, and impartial reporting wins hearts.

    Please do whatever you can. It does not take too much time, and your country needs your help NOW.

  56. srilankan:

    'DefenceNet..when you have the time..when the army were advancing into LTTE territory.(news report-29/12)..was the airforce targeting those long range guns.?"

    This is what I question all the time. To me, our 3 forces act like three different entities. They dont seem to coordinate attacks which could be very decisive in winning battles. Why our leadership don't see that way?

  57. Article says they had an hour long arti duel with heavy long range guns. SLAF had plenty of time to locate them while they were in action. Perhaps there is something that I dont see. Something preventing them from attacking.

  58. any idea what happened to the indonesian ship that was intercepted by the navy of the west coast

  59. One country,
    Many thanks for your input.We need to wait for comments by DefenceNet since neither of us know the actual situation.hopefully the SLAF was used even to a limited extent.The more i read regarding these "artillary duels" i get this idea that the writers think that using a gun to fire a shell into "tiger territory" is creating "enormous casualties" among the tigers.Of course i am no military man.If i was a tiger the moment i hear the first shell i will take cover in my bunker as opposed to fire by MBRL.Consider also that since shells are loaded manually(say 2-5 mins between shells-which is enough time for a tiger to take cover-even if say 10 guns are firing simultaneously)what real damage other than psychological is been done to tigers?.i think some people think that when the tigers fire 50 shells at you you should fire 50 back which is doing this "considerable damage".Here we have been firing 1000's of shells during a period of 30 years..and the majority of those LTTE big guns are still intact which is the key to these battles.I dont know how effective big guns are in softening defenses unless they are targeting straw/wooden huts/bunkers.
    I hope the politicos are not forcing the army to take unnecessary risks

  60. DN

    What are these tracked vehicles?

    December 29, 2007 8:05 PM

    --- Type 63 (armoured personnel carrier)


  61. and the turrets are home made >_<

  62. @ onecountry

    actually the prb is our forces cannot do such a thing tat u expect. mostly LTTE deploy the long range guns in fully crowded areas. tat kind of target is very hard for slaf to get. if one bomb fell on the civilian settlements n kill several dozens of ppl this war would be truned to the exactly the opposite direction by international community. itz well knwn fact tat LTTE is gud in propaganda campaign. and another thing is SLAF cannot use helicopters for those kind of attackz coz it has a 200% risk on SLAF side. LTTE can easily shot down a helicopter. this war is not easy as we expect but our military has enough strength to finish LTTE. Let tem finish this war step by step

  63. One country.what is really irritating me is the trouble that families of the armed forces have to go through when they have no "bodies+tags" to prove that these MIA's are really KIA and therefore cannot get the "pittance" paid out to them.I mean it makes me so angry that if i could get away with it i will strangle the idiot behind the desk myself if possible.

  64. Don..what one country is speaking about is the general coordination between the army and airforce.However it appears that we dont have airforce assets to risk..

  65. Sri Lankan,

    Once a member of the forces goes MIA, due to some operation or incident, for more than 6 months the Government re-lists them as KIA's and issues a death certificate so that the family's then are eligible to receive pensions and the likes.

  66. I heard that U.S. Marine Corps, Ukranin and Russian Air Force will be dropping by Sri Lanka to hand some military help or should I say "cooperation" very soon

  67. Recent intel indicate the Indonesian vessel unloaded arms for the LTTE. Have they been released already?

    Apparently RAW alerted our intel on this but nothng was done.

  68. TropicalStorm, I wouldn't trust lankaenews if I was you. You'd have to be mad stupid to believe the Navy wouldn't have acted on such intelligence.

  69. hey guys... i just came back from testing the new arms and equipments we got off the indonesia ship.


  70. I smell rat with this Indonesian ship for one reason...

    When the SLN intrecepted it, the Captain said they ran out of fuel..
    The question,

    How come that is possible, if the ship started off from India enroute to Indonesia to run out of fuel close to Sri Lanka? They were about one tenth of the journey and ran out of fuel..
    Did the SLN checked whether they actually started off from India by verifying the relevent port(s) in India?

    As some LTTE diehards in the fourm claims, may be the Ship was transporting weapons and ran out of fuel in their return journey back to Indonesia..

    Hate to believe this,
    That was the most likely scenario.

  71. From lankaenews,

    News is out, 2 Dvoras not 1 were sunk.

    How come DW and DN didn't make this update.

    (Lanka-e-News, 2007 Dec.29, 6.30 PM) A foreign intelligence service accuses the Government that it ignored the information provided two days before the fight in Delft Sea and the suspicious ship in Arugam Bay Sea on December 26. The Government security forces suffered immensely due to this ignorance.

    The intelligence service informed to a DIG of the Presidential security and another DIG of SIS on December 24 that LTTE was preparing to transport a top official or a shipment of arms. One DIG told that he would pass the information to the Defense Ministry although the Defense Secretary would not care it. He told that although he could understand the importance of it, the bigwigs could not.

    Two days later, an Indonesian ship was found anchored in Arugam Bay Sea. The Captain said that the ship was short of fuel. A twelve member Indonesian crew was on board the empty ship.

    The foreign intelligence service says that the Navy captured the ship after unloading arms shipments to the LTTE.

    Similarly, the Sea Tigers attacked the Navy that was not alert and two Dvora Fast Attack Crafts and a number of personnel were lost.

    This foreign intelligence service is engaged in safeguarding their country from terrorism and it is not studying the problems in Sri Lanka. They accuse that the higher officials ignore the information passed to Sri Lanka due to their arrogance.

    Lanka-e-News previously revealed how this intelligence service provided information on the LTTE attack on the Anuradhapura Airbase a week earlier. The Government ignored it and suffered a huge loss.

  72. Defencenet
    "One Dvora which was destroyed in September 2006 (Commanded by M. Panditharathne) showed signs of damages from 30mm fire."

    Late M. Panditharathne is a very good friend of mine … do you know him ??? his death was huge shock for me cos I spoke with him week before the it happened.

    People say different things .. please tell me what went wrong in that occasion???
    Even navy commander said he was one of the best dovra officers he had .
    Im very proud of him.

  73. Guys,

    I can tell you one thing...SLN will never ignore such a warning by a foriegn intelligence agency..
    Lankaenews claim is therefore unsubstantiated.

  74. Stuff mentioned on lankaenews corroborates whats in Sunday Times by Iqbal Athas..

    By Iqbal Athas
    The aftermath of an Air Force bombing raid at Tharmapuram in LTTE dominated Wanni.

    "Despite the customary lull during the Christmas season, an intelligence warning last Monday sounded a note of caution. It said the Sea Tigers were planning to attack Dvora fast attack craft (FACs) of the Navy in the North in the next day or two. There had been considerable radio traffic as preparations had got under way for this purpose. "

    Could both sources be lieing, I think not. Tangara, if you are speculating say so...

  75. Also Iqbal Athas confirms more than one Dvora was destroyed by saying this:

    The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) claimed that four of its cadres had died in the encounter that lasted nearly four hours. However, the Navy dismissed these claims and declared over 40 guerrillas were killed and their boats destroyed. This is both during encounters with the Navy and after the air support they received. An Air Force Mi-24 helicopter gunship and a Kfir fighter jet strafed guerrilla boats.

    They gave chase to the withdrawing boats that sped towards a base near the Kokilai area, located on the coast in the northeastern fringe. Independent verification of casualty counts is not possible. The Navy also dismissed LTTE claims that another fast attack craft was badly damaged whilst a third was also hit. Some of the other details related to this incident, though very much in the public interest, cannot be revealed for more than one reason.

  76. The Impending Reality

    MR Regime has improved on a couple of things that CBK regime never managed to do.

    CBK regime went for outright news censorship when things when from bad, to worse to nightmare.

    MR regime learnt from this and is playing shadow and dagger game. No official censorship, but intimidation, assault and murder of journalist not falling in line. The rest they hope will roll into place like rats.

    MR Regime's media spinning is undoubtedly successful, it has cultivated an air of eminent victory out of thin air by preying on the weakness of the colombo upper crust and middle class sensibilities.

    It has reinstilled various myths, reinvented MR as modern day Duttugemunu, claim that Tamils need to be freed from dictatorship and oppression, claim of Tamil alieness to lankan soil and more Tamils prefer to live in Sinhala south than VP's North.

    The bulk of this support stems from
    Colombo's pro-establishment urban upper crust (the ones with internet connections) closet Budhist ideologist, who were always behind the war. They also felt the least impact from its outcome, except for the occasional attacks within Colombo itself.

    The upper/middle class also is behind the war effort, although it has lost due to souring economics, but more due to fear of whats to come.

    The peasant/working classes provide the labour and susistenance for the MR regimes war effort, but paradoxically also has the least say. It is the group most affected by the economic mismanagement and has started to show rising violent anger towards the regime.

    Situation on the ground has shall we say been altered to make MR imagineered feat sound plausible. It takes two or more to tango and hence there are mysterious other players.

    Myths are created to cover up the humble reality. The reality however is massive economic, political and social mismanagement.
    The argument has been that all that doesn't count. It is standard Machiavellian Logic, 'end justifies the means'. The argument has been that MR's regime has done a fantastic job with the military. MR supporters will hold to key on the ground facts, the supposed emptying of the LTTE from the East, with minimal casualties, superior air power and targeted strikes against LTTE leaders, effective use of LRRP and new on the ground intelligence. The underlying factors that have given an impression MR is doing a fantastic job is becoming a myth, as with other other honeymoons that transition into outright dictatorships.

    Why ?

    *Centralization of arms procurement - no oversight, rampant corruption

    *Media stunt based military planning and execution - no vision, back to Jayasikiru politicization of military

    *Reliance on unreliable intelligence /paramilitary sources, allows for enemy to infiltrate and influence attack strategies

    *Ad hoc choosing and elevation of military officers, civil service - to ensure loyality to regime, but discourage meritocracy

    *Over expansion of real estate - Greater dependence on playing to gallery, need to out show previous military victories with greater ones, without accounting for the real long term costs.

    Impending Choke points

    International Community - Pushing for Human rights Monitoring, trade sanctions, pariah status

    The international community is MR regimes worst enemy. It fought tooth and nail to bring down the regime at various key points behind the scenes and continues to do so. MR regime and the modern West are incompatible, but nevertheless palatable for the moment. However IC failed due to its limited influence outside of Colombo's western urban elite, has limited on the ground contact and repeated failed hopes in a loosing horse.

    The objective of the IC then is to break its dependence from beyond the colombo urban elite and tap into the masses. It has dangled foreign aid, Tsunami reconstruction as conduit to influence and shape the Sinhala masses. It also makes contact and tries to nurture middle level to upper echelons of the military office corps. All of which will be necessary for it to directly counter MRs growing influence at some point.

    International Community (WEST) wants to see a lanka (the island) best shaped for its business interests (period). It has no compulsion on Sinhalese Buddhist ideologies or for that matter Tamil ones. It does not want to see LTTE win through use of its 'terrorist' tactics but has made clear numerous times that it cannot object to partitioning of the island into Tamil and Sinhala states through other more conducive means (if its good for business). As much as it hates specific terrorist tactics, it also vehemently hates the impending dictatorial rule on the island. It for that matter hopes to Tame the Tigers, while also levering control over the south. It does not want to see MR regime stay for long, even the LTTE and India understand this and their actions Or for that matter patience makes sense introspected from that perspective. This explain lack of LTTE willingness to loose substantial men or resources to attempt daring feel good attacks and gain new real estate. India has decided on a hands off, being more Western that West policy and by doing so gaining acceptance as a member of the Western cabal.

  77. Defencenet

    India has the RAW and Pakistan has the ISI, what does Lanka have for a global intelligence service?

  78. goldeneagle, they have your sexy mom who tries to sleep with world leaders in order to retrieve valuable information.

  79. thats nice upul. meanwhile we're killing your homies. just sit tight and watch the fireworks.

  80. '..Media stunt based military planning and execution..'

    He heard that one from Tamilchellan..

  81. Media stunts-
    Muhumalai I, II, III ?
    Short memory ?

    Muhumalai I - 450+ Dead
    half of Jaffna armoured corp captured or destroyed for slfp meeting

    Muhumalai II for budget speech..

    TS death - I can tell you his home was well known since he was public peace negotiator.

  82. The best way forward for the LTTE would be to assasinate the eladership that's on the wanted list for Rajiv Gandhi murder and appoint someone who can talk to India.

    Of course Velu will never allow that. That's why anyone with those qualifications will be swiftly eliminated. It is as easy as calling the SLAF with the coordinates and the job is as good as done.

  83. Everyone can dream.

    End of the day, VP is safe because a significant majority of Tamils, more than ever before support him.

    The supposed friction between ltte and tamil people exists as in any society but is way overplayed.

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. Jiffy, don't bother. Waste of time...

    Anyway a bunch of papers have been reporting that a group called "Tamils for Justice" wants to hire a former Deputy AG to help them force the US gov. to de-proscribe the LTTE and file charges against Gotabhaya. Funny thing is, Bruce Fein, the lawyer they plan to hire wrote this in a article in the Washington Times few years back.

    "The Tamil Tigers seek a secessionist state in the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka through terrorism. Characteristic of like organizations, the LTTE undertakes auxiliary activities that strengthen its terrorist torso and sweeten its public face: political organizing and advocacy; diplomacy; social services and humanitarian aid; economic development; establishment of a quasi-government on the Jaffna Peninsula; and, defending Tamils from human rights abuses.

    Two plaintiffs in Humanitarian Law Project insisted on a constitutional right to upgrade health care in areas controlled by the LTTE.

    Medically assisting the LTTE, however, facilitates terrorist abominations. Its injured members more quickly return to terrorist duties. And the LTTE more readily attracts grass-roots sympathizers, financial contributions and terrorist recruits. The nefarious LTTE terrorist goal of partitioning Sri Lanka into separate Tamil and Sinhalese nations would be closer.

    Good luck to the Tamils for Justice trying to convince Fein to help the LTTE. Tamil expat groups which support the LTTE seem to have so much intelligence, don't they?

    Fein incidentally ends the article

    "if the law sustains a constitutional right to assist foreign terrorist-secessionist organizations against countries with which we are at peace, then the law is a ass, a idiot"

  86. Defense net

    I am a great fan of this blog. I really like the way you handle comments. Recently you had a very interesting and thought provoking discussion with Grimpear.

    I have few questions; why is it so difficult to fit 30 mm canons to all the UFACs and FACs in SL Navy? Is it the cost or something else preventing it? How many attacking crafts (UFACs and FACs) are in our fleet? Is there a gun (that can be fitted to ACs) more powerful than 30 mm.

    Thanks again for providing us with a great forum.

    Peace for SL

  87. LANKAENEWS is not that much of a reliable information source but as usual I would really like to know if there is any connection with this and the reality from DN. PLS provide us with some information

  88. The Defence Ministry says the military captured a key LTTE location in Parappakandal, Mannar today...

  89. attack is the best defence - please some evidence for why lankaenews is not reliable ?

  90. well, yes sundaytimes has also confirmed that the boundary has shifted in sla army's favour during friday's incident in mannar.

  91. Hey man I asked the question from DN not u coz I don't want to ask questions from a person who just ctrl+c ctrl+v from tamilnet. I usually visit that site.

    U cn post all ur dreams and racial comments here as far as the admin allows u but pls as a gud custom, don't jump in between a constructive conversation pls pls pls..

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. but pls "attack is the best defence", I wanted to kindly ask you why lankaenews is unreliable ? Could you kindly spare your time for a courtesy reply ?

  94. yes man I will,

    the LTTE group that haunted yala was supported by few villagers and one such person arrested was used to find out the food storages and to track the team of terrorists those were later attacked by the commandos resulting a female terrorist being killed. Its now identified that the terrorists were assisted by few villagers. but the above mentioned article is completely against this.

    (AS usual, u might have a different story... tamil eelam version... probably on TN that we r not interested)

  95. where is the other version of events ? the news source for that ?

  96. Patriots:

    Talked to my SLDF ‘sources’ today…Mannar/Vavuniya situ extremely desperate for the LTTE mf’s as the their FDLs are rapidly crumbling so much so, even the SLDF military strategists are surprised I hear. All the talk of formidable defense lines that they expected were apparently a much exaggerated they have found. One of the biggest problems LTTE mfs got right now is not being able to pelt effective volleys of artys like they did during the Jayasikuru I am told…likely because the mfs are running short of arty ammo and not having the replenishments as called for. This is why SLN has now doubled up on patrols in that area of the sea.

    Altogether great news, but I agree extreme vigilance is the key operative word now.

    [Muhumalai I - 450+ Dead
    half of Jaffna armoured corp captured or destroyed]

    Wow! Yo LTTE brainwashed nut, where did you pick up this gut-rot? Is this how you go into self-denial to drown your sorrows of seeing how your hard earned funds wasted in a cause that is rapidly disappearing? Yes, I bet that feeling really hurts! Do keep your spirits up dumbo and keep giving funds to the LTTE as we not only want to see every single LTTE mfer liquidate soon (inevitable now), but also that every LTTE supporting shit-speck like you would have a deep sense of material loss when that is done.

    The bossman
    [goldeneagle, they have your sexy mom who tries to sleep with world leaders in order to retrieve valuable information.]

    Yo, bossman the filthy coolie…remember me…OaO Asithri from LNP? That was a good castration that I did on you there once (aha, I loved every bit of it! LMSSAO!) and I see you have now come in here, dripping in with LTTE cesspit filth, and have attacked goldeneagle unprovoked! Yo, filthy leper, never mind goldeneagle’s mom, your ugly fat black oily unwashed mom I hear is today ‘performing’ in a LTTE massage parlor in Colombo, hoping to get intel from SLA grunts she ‘serves’…so who knows mf’er…you might even belatedly realize that you are half-Sinhela! Yikes! LMSSAO!!! (Remeber the saying - when you dish it out, you must be ready to get it too?)

    Attack is the best defense-
    Mate, I would not waste my time on lanakaenews…it is nothing but a mouthpiece for RW and his corrupt, unpatriotic kooks and that piece of trash would do anything to discredit the MR GOSL’s war effort – just for politicking purposes…no different to Lasantha’s trashy “leader” tabloids. This has been proven time and again.

    OaO Asithri

  97. Asithri

    Its best to ignore these coolies. They come here to wind people up to disrupt the flow of this blog.

    Another important reason they come here to launch attacks(more frequently these days) is that they are really fustrated and in despair on the inside. I mean stop and think about it. After 25 years of bloody war what does the LTTE has to show for it? Their LTTE is getting pushed back and pummeled and the diaspora know it depite all the efforts of Tamilnet to paint a rosy picture.

    The LTTE supporters come here and attack us with petty insults out of a real inner desperation. They are desperate men throwing wild punches in the dark while hoping for the best.

    I take their vile verbal barbs and attacks as proof that they are demoralised. Obviously the military must be doing something right in the battlefield :)

  98. Asithri - I thought popular individuals like you roamed sites like asiantribune, whats wrong even they (standard bearers of gutter journalism) kicked you out ?

    Your military leader Ponaya Ponseka admitted to at least 300 dead in Muhamalai (2006).

    Ponseka : quote

    There is another source somewhere that nets it 450+

  99. [I take their vile verbal barbs and attacks as proof that they are demoralised. Obviously the military must be doing something right in the battlefield :) ]

    Dude, with magical claims of 20-30 LTTE getting killed a day in coincidence with a budget vote, some sanity needs to prevail to forcefully bring out the truth.

    I only have the utmost pity for the brainwashed MR supporters, you have only put our quest for Eelam on the fast track (steroids).

    25 years of struggle will finally deliver...

  100. Many thanks jonathan for your comments.

  101. 20-30 terrorists killed per day is false....yes indeed
    Wut they do when the SF and commandos stormed in to the bunker line, is to remove their sarong and run naked misleading the stupid SLA forces yes indeed!! The soldiers who fire at the left palekart sarong, claimed that a terrorist is killed. and great leader potta amman is the one who has found this majestic way of retreating (facts collected by observing lizards)

    asithri, welcome bro!!
    machan these LTTE goons, specially that bossa is uncivilized inhuman idiotic brainwashed reptile who will even drink vp undergarment washed water. These guys are staying in norway collecting funds and doing odd jobs. pls machan don't get to their category. Lets keep away the moms and all bro!!It's not nice ... yes indeed they are uncivilized and that's why they indeed post such things. These bastards don't know that even singhala or tamil, mother is the most sacred person that the world has got and these baberians will even do any thing to any one because they are simply brainwashed and their prime objective is to gain the kolam thus forgetting their human values as well. Vultures who even send pregnant mothers as suicide bombers just because of this.

    WHILE DN implements a proper procedure to ban these immortals, wut we cn do is to teach these brain washed kids, a lesson how to give respect and get respected AT LEAST TO THEIR OWN KIN!!!!

  102. Upul,

    "Your military leader Ponaya Ponseka admitted to at least 300 dead in Muhamalai (2006)."
    The above link does not state that 300 were killed. Only that about 300 injured.

    The above link does not state that 300 were killed. Only that about 300 injured.

    "Ponseka : quote"
    This resource does not exist.

    "There is another source somewhere that nets it 450+"
    Well where is it?

  103. Upul

    "Dude, with magical claims of 20-30 LTTE getting killed a day in coincidence with a budget vote, some sanity needs to prevail to forcefully bring out the truth."

    Why even try? You know fully well that you won't be able to convince even one poster here with your Tamilnet news.

    I know why you keep coming here. Its because you are hurting and demoralized on the inside. You can maitain a facade for so long before it becomes transparent. There is no other logical reason for you to come here.

  104. Gentlemen...lets not take this LTTE retreat as a sign of weakness on their part.They are just waiting for the army to spread itself out so that they can kill a large number of troops in small camps and also the more we move into the wanni we come within the field of fire of many more guns and they have ammo.

  105. Apologies,
    This link should correct the last from island article.

  106. goldeneagle,

    You are free to guess all you want, its pointless for me to engage in these directionless motive discussions.
    Nevertheless, what I can say is this:

    There is nothing much for me to be demoralized about, so I believe your point has no basis.. You could go on on about your posting of that incident or this incident, but they are just boring yawners which we have repeatedly heard for the past 25 years.

  107. remember that we still have to face the 20,000 specialist crack commando divisions(Makkal pade?-specialists in demolition,..,..etc) in addition to charles anthony,black tigers,blue tigers,red leopards,white 'n' pink elephants etc.

  108. The truth is once kotiya strikes, most of you guys will go into hiding and will never be heard for years, I have seen this for the past 10 years on the web and doubtless will see it again.

    Chandrika and her regime was more dangerous adversary,

    MR will be cake walk, sit and watch the fireworks...

  109. upul and others,

    300 soldiers did not die in Muhamalai. 175 died and around another 125 of the wounded were in P1/P2 category and wold not ever return to battlefield. That is how this figure of 300 is made up.

    Anyway there is a significant difference between dying and becoming a differently abled soldier in the SLA. These soldiers are not thrown out of the army like useless trash. Instead they are assigned to desk jobs or are assigned to various welfare institutions such as Rana Viru Sewana.

    However there is a difference between how the Army treats soldeirs out of action and how LTTE treats their seriously wounded cadres. P1 wounded are a burden to the LTTE and at one time around 50 of such cadres injured in EPS battle (1991) were shot and killed under direct orders of V.Pirapaharan.

  110. "Muhumalai I - 450+ Dead
    half of Jaffna armoured corp captured or destroyed"

    As far as we know, 6IFVs + 6MBTs destroyed. That is definitely not half of Armored corps in Jaffna.

  111. comments by General Fonseka

  112. oh DN, upulam will not like this and he and the goon boss will surely attack DN saying that he's an MR supporter too...he he

    Srilankan, how abt formring apink panther brigade for tigers wearing pink tiger straps enabling our sniper core some easy pray for target practicing?

  113. half of the armored corp - I believe this was referring to offensive formations -though I could be wrong.

    Thanks for clarification on the 300 number.

  114. DN, do you have a verifiable source for the EPS killing of injured incident.


  115. Yeah, it is all too evident that this bugger “upul” is bobbing around here like a delirious mental patient, totally disoriented by the sheer magnitude of the losses the LTTE mf’ers are having these days. He is so disappointed with the way this “liberation struggle” is going that all what he can do is to come here and deny deny deny…just like how the SOBs of his ilk did during the time they were losing the east…starting with MavilA, the whole of east fell like a house of cards within one year, but these delirious rascals kept denying and saying it was all GOSL propaganda (well, RW and his gooks also helped these SOBs in their denials by making anti-GOSL/SLDF statements!). Only when once GOSL heli-lifted journalist and diplomats and proved its claim did the filthy maggots finally shut their mouths! So, no, I don’t think we need to be concerned by their denials. GOSL may at times embellish its claims, but at least GOSL/SLDF has delivered…whereas, these mfers, they deny but have nothing to prove their claimed bravados!

    GE, AttackisbestDef/Hemantha/Srilankan/tropicalS/noltte=p, et al…bros, good to see guys here best to you and yours for the season and 2008! I am unusually busy these days (‘tis the season too! lol) so I may not visit here often, but I am always with you guys in spirit. Many of you are truly talented dudes as I see from your military tactic/strategy comments…keep up the good discourse without letting out our secrets (if you are privy to any).

    OaO Asithri

  116. about sea battle

  117. "DN, do you have a verifiable source for the EPS killing of injured incident."
    he he he .....
    upulam, great kind hearted VP will he do a thing like this no way according to the facts that were planted inside ur brains no way ......
    TIGERS sending suicide bombers who were wounded in the battle... all these are fabricated stories by MR regime
    he he .. so is he (DN) a MR waiting to see u accusing DN for posting things against the supremo new IDI ameen (VP)

  118. Asithri-A very happy new year to you.Keep up the good work and focus your mind on your professional development.

  119. "DN, do you have a verifiable source for the EPS killing of injured incident."

    Cannot confirm whether there are any accounts of this on the internet. But the incident was confirmed by MI back in the early 1990s.

  120. illegalexistence,

    Keep up the good work bro...

  121. aitbd,

    unlike MR regime, I don't believe in censorship or hiding behind sarong of lies. This is evidence for weakness, lack of accountability, corruption not strength. In fact new set of measures are going to be introduced in 2008, claims Iqbal. I expect explicit media censorship will be on again and more media licenses will be revoked.


  123. Anyways, if everything is going so well , why try to introduce media censorship few months back, and possibly try again in the future ?

  124. Currently who are the ltte protagonists that are in this blog?

    Upul, the boss and who else?

    They have managed to divert attention away from normal line of discussion.

    Trying to get back on track..

    Gov is contemplating banning LTTE and scrapping the CFA.

    I think banning the LTTE is a bit disadvantageous. But I think the CFA must be abrogated. An opportunity came around when the AAB was attacked. A way must be found to do away with the CFA which has been in existence for way too long and which was utterly abused by the Tamil Terrorist organisation LTTE.

  125. I've heard that the Terrorists have clicked up the conscription figure to two from one family.

    Any confirmations of this one?

  126. if the army was to develop a suicide craft(say a remote controled car packed with explosives how effective will this be in war against LTTE?..comments by other bloggers appreciated.

  127. Sri Lankan,
    This is definitely something to try out!

    Also it has been mentioned that it is difficult to spot suicide boats.

    What if some underwater vehicle or device uses sonar or radar to track these boats which will help to intercept them better.

    I've heard the reason why these dvoras are sunk. It seems that near by explosions of high magnitude makes the engines of the dvoras stop. Then after the ammo runs out of the dvoras they are able to hold out the attackers but once the ammo runs out they are at the mercy of suicide boats.

    can't we device some contigencies to at least save the crew manning these boats based on the available parameters?

  128. Attack is the best defense:Currently according to illantharian..there is a brigade of pink tigers.They have the ability to rise up from the dead so it is impssible to kill them.This combined with the black tigers who have the ability to sprout wings and defuse bombs in flight combined with the crack divisions of the makkal pade will cause a lot of casualties in the future. the black tigers are currently developing a airbourne version of the bata slipper.
    Many thanks for your input.After some consideration I think is is pretty dangerous to equip the army with suicide trucks because i think the explosives in them may be detonated by the tigers on our side of the line.

  129. Kiri-with regard to the navy the communicators are the key.i dont think the officers on board even got a chance to inform other FACS that they were in trouble.It rough seas even binoculars are pointles because the cold water will stick to them imparing sight wont they?

  130. "Smoke screens worked well during the WW1 when entire armadas of big ships lined up to shoot at each other from miles apart."

    I'd disagree, Tropical. Small craft action can be compared to tank warfare, where heavily armed individual vehicles manouver in packs against each other, using speed, mobility and firepower to defeat the enemy. Tanks use smoke screens to great advantage, and the same principle can be applied at sea. Modern missile cruisers and corvettes also use smoke, so to relegate the tactic to history is a mistake.

    "India has the RAW and Pakistan has the ISI, what does Lanka have for a global intelligence service?"

    SL has three primary int outfits -- the Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DII), the Directorate of Foreign Intelligence (DFI), and the Directorate of Military Intelligence. The DII handles local needs, and the DFI foreign, with the latter operating primarily out of SL embassies and consulates. The DMI is the SL Army administration that controls its Military Intelligence Corps units, and while these units are responsible for strategic warzone int and tactical battlefield int, the DMI also operates outside SL.


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