Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prabhakaran limits public appearances

On the 16th of this month, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam opened what it said was an Elder's Home in Kilinochchi. Usually, these types of events are inaugurated by LTTE leader Velupillei Prabhakaran. In this instance however, it was his Wife Mathivathani who attended the event (See Photo - Source Tamilnet). With the recent publicity given to the air raid which destroyed part of Prabhakaran's underground bunker, many began to speculate that he did not attend the event due to the injuries received in the incident. Latest Military intelligence reports suggest otherwise.

Apparently, LTTE's intelligence service (TOSSIE) has warned Prabhakaran of a plot to assassinate him in a public meeting by assassins disguised as civilians. As a result of this warning, LTTE leader has avoided attending several public functions recently with the latest one being the Elder's Home opening. It is still not clear if the warning mentioned the army's Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) or a rival faction within/outside the LTTE. LRRP has penetrated deep into LTTE controlled territory and so has intelligence cadres from the breakaway Karuna faction (TMVP).

Meanwhile tension prevailed in Kilinochchi on the 18th when hundreds of civilians staged a protest against a LTTE leader who allegedly raped a 13 year old schoolgirl. The angry mob is said to have damaged several vehicles belonging to the tigers. According to MI, LTTE leader in question and several protestors have been detained by LTTE's de facto police.


  1. There is a message on the DefenceWire blog about "Blog Piracy". Does it refer to this blog?

    (Hope Not)

  2. technoguy,
    The best place to ask that question would be in DefenceWire blog.

  3. "Meanwhile tension prevailed in Kilinochchi on the 18th when hundreds of civilians staged a protest against a LTTE leader who allegedly raped a 13 year old schoolgirl. The angry mob is said to have damaged several vehicles belonging to the tigers."

    What is happening in the dreamland? Are they running out of female cadres?

  4. This is the reality LTTE leadership is facing. They are getting a taste of their own medicine. They don't know who to trust anymore. LRRP should continue to add more pressure to the LTTE leadership. Slowly but surely leadership will crumble. It's a matter of time. TMVP has it's own plans.

  5. Well said SLDF..!!.I hope they are enjoying their own medicine...Think we should carry on what we are doing right now..must instigate an LTTE collapse from within instead of occupying territory..

  6. guys is down? I cant seem to access it.

  7. Take out the under-ground bunkers and flush the sewer rats to the surface.

    Easy pickins from there.

  8. LST

    seems to be since this morning.

  9. Defencenet,

    A news report this morning mentioned about an army attack on an LTTE bunker line using tanks. Can you confirm this or shed some light on this assault. According to the report the attack was successful.

  10. "LTTE leader has avoided attending several public functions recently with the latest one being the Elder's Home opening."

    So, what does the fcuking SOB do? Yep, instead, he will just send in his wife, hoping the SLAF will bomb the venue and that way, he too can rape a 13 year old school girl with no fuss!


    What a "Tamils' rights" "liberation struggle" this bloody circus has become! Proves that in essence, there was never an issue with “Tamils’ rights” lacking in Sri Lanka!

    Today spoke to a SLDF honcho and what I gathered is the LTTE casualties over the last 6 months have been more than they would have lost over in three years, years ago even when there was active fighting going on! The 5's 10's 15's daily are truly piling up and one can see the slow bleeding contributing the inevitable collapse of this monster's body, which might happen much sooner than we all expect I am told.

    After many sustained attacks to weaken the Pol-Pot regime of Cambodia over a period, in its own time of choosing, the North Vietnamese army just smashed through the Khamer Rouge defenses (which once were deemed formidable as here was a guerilla army that had even taught a bitter-lesson or two even to the US forces!) to finally rid Cambodia of that murderous skunk and his genocidal regime and this is exactly what is going to happen with the LTTE I firmly belive.

    OaO Asithri

  11. If we are going to use tanks to assist our troops in the frontlines and attack on the FDLs, it would be wise to upgrade our T-55 tanks to deal with the threats of the LTTE's anti-armor units.

    Upgrading our T-55 tanks to the T-55AGM versions would be wonderful. Other impressive upgrades for the T-55 type tanks include the upgrade to M-55 S version and the upgrade to the Pakistani Al-Zarar versions.

    What do you think Defencenet?

  12. ge,
    An upgrade would help immensely. Specially with LTTE possesing newer AT weapons such as the PF-89:

    See pic:
    (and look whos manning the launcher)

    Even PF-89s with their somewhat primitive viewfinders can be deadly in terrains like Muhamalai (as we learnt least year).

    Pakistan has the resources and capability to upgrade our tanks. And Pakistan has agreed to donate further $31 million as defense aid to SL (in addition to the $51 million which they gave earlier this year). So we may get at least some of the tanks upgraded (unconfirmed).

  13. defencenet

    I assume that if we do go for the Pakistan upgrade, that means our T-55 tanks will be converted to the Al-Zarar model right?

    Its a good upgrade, but my personal favourite in the T-55 AGM upgrade offered by Ukraine.


    I think the T-55AGM is said to be on par with the T-80 tanks. But its weight in increased to 48 tons. Is that too heavy for our bridges?

  14. GEagle i am more worried about tanks being "bogged down-ie sitting ducks" in this bad weather

  15. PF-89 is manned by our very own brig. chelvan no :)
    poor sod, all that threatening got him no where except into peelam.

    getting better tanks is defa a good thing but our guys should properly plan and execute their missions. All it took was a few well dug traps to take out our tanks in Muhamalai right... So all that fancy technology is beaten by a better thinking and rather premitive but smart execution...

    the T55-AGM seems like quite a neat killing machine... don't think we have reactive armor in any of our present tanks like the AGM has right?

  16. DefNet... what i wrote 4 you on DW on our piracy issue


    "We have tried our level best not to include politics in the blog be impartial and it's disappointing to see that it has been a fruitless attempt."

    I've been on your blog much longer than i have been on this one. At worst, your blog has "bloggers" who are quite "vocal" about their political support and most of them boast and support the present regime. So maybe when one goes through the blog they might think that the blog itself is heading in that direction.
    I remember how your team tried to keep politics out of it and only focus on defense issues since that was the best thing to do maintain healthy flow of information.
    You have little control over what bloggers post so it's not your fault if the overall view seems political if that's what it is in the first place.
    Sorry if what i posted insulted your work. It's a mistake from my part and not that you have failed in the duty that you set out to do.
    You're doing a great job and please do keep it up. Don't let these kinda incidents stop you.
    I'm gonna stop posting on either of the blogs and just be a spectator from now on :)
    cheers brothers and keep up the great work against these terrorist bastards
    Signing off

  17. Sri Lankan

    You are right, a T-55AGM can get bogged down in muddy conditions. But then again the same can be said about our current T-55 tanks.


    I don't think we have ERA armor yet.

  18. ranil,
    It's all cool. No hard feelings and there is no need at all to stop commenting :)

  19. Guys,

    The following is a very interesting link; very nostalgic too.

    It shows how our people - Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims - used to live in 1850's.

    People seemed to be happier with what they had; they were very healthy-looking and slim; they did not show any sign of an aggressive nation. On the contrary, they all seem to be living in perfect harmony, while respecting each other.

    It is very interesting to see that there were pictures of two old ladies who had lived over 100 years. So, they may have born around 1750. May be the first photographs of our ancesters. It is breathtakingly sentimental folks!!

    Please click this and enjoy.

  20. Hi All,

    here we can see all the Donkey Brigades

    (Pirabha is taking half of the Tamil speaking population to the hell with him - what a leader)

  21. Intersting parts of the article pulished on from Daily News

    The pilots who carried out the task observed that anti air craft guns at the location were activated once the target was hit precisely. That confirmed that the Tiger leader was definitely there at the time of the air raid.

    The Tiger leader has around 200 guards around him all the time. The SLAF has received reliable information that 116 of Prabhakaran's bodyguards also perished in the air raid.

    Though there was no intelligence report about the exact damages caused due to the air raid the SLAF observed that the area was completely sealed off by the LTTE after the air raid.

    According to information available the LTTE removed rubble from the location to save the life of Prabhakaran who had been trapped inside a destroyed bunker.

    Intelligence reports indicate that the top Tiger has sustained injuries or fractures in his arm and a leg. Since the Tiger leader is already suffering from diabetics the situation has got worse and the LTTE is making attempts to evacuate him to a foreign country for further treatment.

  22. LTTE has lost most of its large arms smuggeling ships.

    Now they are getting help from Karunanidhi to bring weapons first to TamilNadu and then transport them to Sri Lanka in small fishing boats.

    This is what's happening right now.

    LTTE is trying to put pressure on Indian government and the Sri Lankan Navy by coming up with many false allegations.

    Even with access to rich Naval resources, India is failing to curb LTTE activities owing to the large sea area that they have to monitor.

    LTTE's main supply line is the fishing boats. Large number of Fishermen ID Cards found in Silawathurai Sea Tiger Camp shows that LTTE disguising as fishermen engages in Arms Smuggling.

    Navy needs to do more...

  23. Prabhakaran lives more than 40 ft underground

    Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran lives more than 40 ft underground in a massive, well provided, and seemingly impenetrable bunker complex hewn from rocks in the middle of a thick jungle in northeast Sri Lanka.

    Adele Balasingham, the Australian-born wife of the late Anton Balasingham, the LTTE's ideologue, describes Prabhakaran's office cum residence in the Alampil jungles, in her book 'The Will to Freedom'.

    'Our cadres led us down the steps into a room about thirty to forty feet underground. To our amazement, we could see that this subterranean haven of tunnels and rooms had been chiseled out of the underground rocks. Our room had been carved out, high enough to stand up in and move around comfortably.'

    'Mr.Prabhakaran's room was even deeper underground than ours,' she writes.

    'Low lying roofs constructed over the bunkers, and banks to divert water, prevented the monsoon rains from pouring in and flooding the bunkers.'

    'Stronger than concrete, this underground granite structure stood up to the heavy downpour of the monsoon rains when the entire jungle turned into a muddy quagmire.'

    'Since we were deep into the earth, where the sun's heat has no access, the room was absolutely freezing, particularly at night. My bones ached from the cold and I wondered how it could be endured over a sustained period of time. But obviously it had been, and without any ill-effects,' she notes.

    The expansive complex was more like a village than a camp. It had been cleared of virgin jungle. The LTTE's cadres had pulled out rocks and cleared the foliage except the giant trees, which gave it good cover. Sixty to seventy feet wells had been dug, only to find that there was no water!

    Since the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) was on the prowl in the Mullaitivu jungles at that time she was referring to, keeping 'Base One Four' supplied with food and other necessities was extremely problematical.

    From 1987 to 1990, the IPKF was fighting the LTTE as the latter had refused to comply with the India-Sri Lanka Accord on the ethnic question and lay down arms.

    Under these difficult circumstances, the LTTE's cadres in Base One Four had to survive on rice and dhal without salt, Adele says.

    The routes of the food suppliers had to be changed frequently to avoid being detected by the IAF's MI-24 choppers and the IPKF's foot patrols. Mines had to be detected and dodged.

    Though the camp was visible from the air, and the IAF's choppers could swoop down, the casualties in Base One Four were minimal, Adele notes.

    The place had, however, been very well defended on the ground by a network of mines, booby traps and snipers, as the IPKF learnt to its discomfiture when it attempted an air borne assault on Alampil in the latter stages of the war against Prabhakaran.

    At the present time, Base One Four will surely have a ring of anti-aircraft guns as the Jayanthinagar camp had when the SLAF struck it on Nov 26.

    Military analysts here say that Prabhakaran will be in danger of being hit from the air, not when he is in Base One Four, but when he ventures out to meet his cadres or attends functions outside.

  24. defenceline,
    One-Four base is perhaps the LTTE's most secure base. However nowadays Prabhakaran is not known to use just one place to hide. He has several safe houses which he randomly visits. According to MI, he sometimes switches places several times a day, depending on intel reports.

    Interesting articles by B.Raman:

    Quote from above article:

    "The LTTE’s ground-based anti-aircraft capability is very weak due to the difficulties faced by it in procuring new equipment from abroad."

    Actually the tigers have several truck mounted 14.5mm AA guns. These are deployed around safe houses whenever Prabhakaran visits them (In short, they are a mobile AA unit).
    Kfirs are normally immune to 14.5MM cannon fire as they normally bomb from high altitudes. MiGs on the other hand have flown some low altitude bombing runs and they were damaged by LTTE AA fire on at least 3 of these occasions. Anyway the damages were minimal and have been repaired.

    Meanwhile the Mi-24 gunship damaged in AAB attack has now been repaired and is now in working condition.

  25. noltte=peace

    I am not surprised that the LTTE had to resort to using fishing boats smuggle in weapons. Thats pretty much the only option they have after most of the cargo ship fleet was sunk.

    The LTTE will have to use alot of fishing boats the match the quantity of arms that could have be tranported in their now "rusting in the sea bed" ships. That is where it becomes advantageous for us. You see, the more vessels they have to use the greater the chance of getting caught by our navy. If we detect and catch some of these smugglers, we can extract valuable info from them about how the arms smuggling systems works and at what times and places it occurs.

    Time is on our side, the more we catch these covert fisherman/weapons smugglers the more this LTTE smuggling network will get exposed. Once we get the desirable amount of info on these networks we can wreck havoc on them by attacking and disrupting them precision. It will be very hard for the LTTE to keep this kind of small boat based smuggling network a secret because unlike the big cargo shiped strategy this is not a one shot deal.

    I have a feeling that this reliance on small boats to bring in weapons in only a stop gap measure, till the LTTE can buy more sea going cargo ships.

    Thats my take on this issue.

  26. GEagle-Thanks for your input.This current offensive with tanks(b2spirit-comment) (which we know nothing about)makes me anxiuos because of these LTTE anti tank units.I hope DefenceNet will kindly provide us with as much info as possible when time permits.

  27. So now that this piece of shit is injured he is a "good fellow"?.We must deploy the navy to kill him if he tries to escape Srilanka.This is a war not a dinner party.

  28. sri lankan

    I agree with you, using our current tanks in the frontlines against an enemy armed with lethal anti armor equipment is risky. We need to up-armor our tanks or we could pay a big price.

    With regards to VP, if it is indeed true that he is seriously injured then we must do everything possible to make sure he does not escape from the island. The LTTE could use a stealth boat or a midget sub to transport him out of the island. Our ground intelligence is the key to stoping this. I just wished he would have died in the attack instead of getting injured.

  29. GE-Thanks for your input.Armoured units cannot really advance till those long range guns are taken out.I am no military man but i hope and pray that politicians are not forcing the army into action.These LTTE cadres are just waiting for these armoured units.

    As for VP we will look "bad" not just diplomatically but in many ways if we kill him while on the way to a doctor.It should be done in secret.Like you said It would have been much better if he had died.this guy may also creep/be carried into the norweigian embassy and claim asylum.

  30. srilankan

    Who cares if it makes us look bad. If we come across an opportunity to kill him even if he is on his way to a doctor I say sieze that opportunity with both hands. To hell with what the world thinks of us. "Kill him, or he'll come to kill you" thats the mindset we should adopt.

  31. "The LTTE is trying to sneak its leader Velupillai Prabhakaran out of Sri Lanka for treatment abroad following severe injuries he is said to have sustained in an air raid last month, a government-owned newspaper claimed today. The "Daily News" also claimed 116 of the 200 guards protecting the LTTE Supremo had died in the recent attack by the Sri Lankan Air Force, in which Prabhakaran was said to have been injured."

    PTI Indian News daily


    Any truth in this?

    If this is true he will surely have to be on the move. This where MI have to do it's home work. Also I may be mistaken but I see Pottu as the best target than Praba. And would like to see MI putting more resources to track his movements. If i'm not mistaken he is more dangerous and ruthless than the "leader" himself.

  32. Grious,
    "The following is a very interesting link; very nostalgic too."

    Thanks mate. That was a treasure.

  33. well seems to have bitten the dust. Still offline.

  34. sri lanka will definetly be the the country to learn anti-terrorism fighting tactics around the globe. I believe our armed fores have far surpassed the knowledge on how to fight terrorism compared to Israel.

  35. due to the high knowledge of how to fight terrorism by the sri lankan armed forces, this is definetly an asset to India as their neighbor can give advice if needed to Indian defense on how to control and fight suicide bombers to maniac terrorists like praba and international countries who wants to defeat and break the culture and history of a country as they have done to many countries like somalia, sudan, etc


    Daily mirror defence column


  38. There is a possibillity that LTTE will try to move their attack teams South to target all millitary/civilian installations like they did it in A'Pura.

    Be ready..

    Otherwise over heated economy will go further down the drain..

    Targetting the CEO of Sri Lankan airlines is not going to help the GOSL either.

    The GOSL is getting too arrogant.

  39. Guys,

    If the assesment in the aftermath of the attack on VP is correct, Nature does not want him to have a sudden death - decapitaion one or otherwise, but a very painful one.

    In the two photographs that appeared in Tamilnet we see VP deliberately covering his right-hand side; that may be the injured side. We do not see mass gathering of leaders in a cluster any more; just VP by himself.

    No question that the outfit is feeling the pinch of military pressure. It will be interesting to see, how long they are going to hold on to it.

  40. Recently SLA found a lot of whepons from Vavniya. When civilians found some whepons in A'pura no one investigated it. May be LTTE is trying to attack Vavniay AB or some SLA base. Best thing LTTE need now is another AAB type attack some where.

  41. I aggre. The best thing LTTE need is an attack on the scale of AAFB to put the SLDF operations back few months. SLDF watch out. Investigate all possible LTTE infiltrations or mission fully.

  42. How much total man power and weapons does LTTE have right now? How many black tigers do they have right now?

  43. Here is Hillary Clinton's comments about LTTE being a 'freedom fighter' group instead of terrorist group like Al Quaida.
    Listen to her bullshxt.

    This is pathetic of her to say this.

  44. Given the so colled innovativeness may be LTTE want to attack SLA commander by those heavy whepons, destroying a whole area, when he visits Vavnia. Such an attack inside government area will be a moral booster for both LTTE caders and tamil diaspora even though it will not be successfull. Also this tallies with usual, very basic VP formula. It is not difficult as Sarath F visits north so frequently. Should not forget what happened in Palali AB once, when he arrived.

  45. This Hila-ry will win. (Atleast we should assume.) LTTE is doing correct thing. We also should the correct thing;come with a suitable stratergy rather than complaining.

  46. GEagle..Thanks for your input.I agree with you about the mindset you suggest we should adopt.

  47. wipeltte,
    "How much total man power and weapons does LTTE have right now? How many black tigers do they have right now?"

    Around 7000 hard core fighters. Around 20000 total manpower including civilians in axillary force.

    Black tigers- Precise number unknown. Believed to be around 200-300.

    These are only estimates.

  48. DefenceNet..when you have the time..Have the tigers engaged their hard core fighters against us as yet?..
    Wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.May the triple gem bless all our troops

  49. Srilankan,
    Thanks, we wish you the same.

    "..Have the tigers engaged their hard core fighters against us as yet?..'

    Yes but not in large scales. Charles Anthony units have been used several times to recapture areas in Mannar.

    Victor and Imran Pandiyan were used in the defensive ops of Muhamalai.

    Jeyanthan brigade was sent to Vakarai to fight SF but they never engaged.

  50. Many thanks DefenceNet..May god help you and ALL our troops to defeat this murderous filth that has invaded our country for the past 30 years.

  51. Srilankan

    More like the past 2300 years.

  52. I know what you mean GEagle..i know exactly what you mean.

  53. a popular tamil song goes like this .."aasai aasai ippozhudu, peraasai eppozhudu.." Most of the sinhala nationalist guys are full of 'aasai' (aasaa) Sorry, guys you gonna be dissappointed very soon.

  54. puli, another LNP member LTTE supporter. Puli, ever heard of the word, "Puli-gona" thats what you are. Better start looking for a new job soon. May god bless our forces!

  55. The Psy-Ops war needs to be keyed up.

    There has to be increased access denial aimed at the tiger leadership from communicating with the civillians.

    Simultaneously increase 'info dumping' on tiger attrocities, proven failures, potential for future prosperity with alternate and moderate tamil leadership are some things that need to be delivered to the same target civillian group.

    This will increase mass communication needs on the tiger honchos and thus create greater electronic tracking opportunities for MI.


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