Friday, December 14, 2007

Sporadic clashes reported near Wanni, Jaffna defense lines

Sporadic clashes between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) continued along multiple fronts in the Northern battle theater. Fighting was reported along Jaffna FDLs near Muhamalai, Kilali and Nagarkovil while clashes continued at the Wanni front near recently captured Adampan area. A total of 10 soldiers have been killed in the past few day's fighting while another 25 more have been injured.

Battles erupted along Jaffna FDLs when small attack formations of the 55th division launched limited attacks on LTTE bunkers near the frontline. Although several pro LTTE media termed the attacks as "attempts to advanced into LTTE held territory", these were merely hit and run style attacks conducted by the army on regular basis. These types of missions are not carried out with territorial gains in mind as their main purpose is to destroy as many enemy assets on the frontline as possible.

Vavuniya front also heated up when SLA directed heavy artillery and MBRL fire at a suspected LTTE gathering point in Pallaimodai. Ground based intelligence reports indicated that a tractor carrying LTTE cadres too was hit by SLA artillery fire. Casualty figures in these incidents cannot be confirmed as of now.

Meanwhile soldiers of the 3SF (3rd Special Forces) ambushed a LTTE convoy in Mannar killing at least 10 LTTE cadres in the process. The incident took place east of Adampan where heavy fighting had raged for the last few days. 3SF is renowned for its deep penetration and Long Range Surveillance (LRS) units such as the legendary "Alpha Squad".


  1. Quite a lot of misguided conjecture on the LTTE being successful if Hillary Clinton comes into power. While whether the voting American is ready for a woman Commander in Chief is even unknown to the next American, as usual the angst seems to run high on a lot of totally non-Americans.

    But what a lot of people do not seem to understand, or under-estimate is the US's commitment towards wiping off terrorism. It was Bill Clinton who listed the LTTE as a terror group and his wife is no different. While Clinton may benefit from the fund raising by the terrorists, she will have no compunction about distancing herself from any tainted persons without the slightest hesitation.

  2. Guys,

    Bill Clinton was a great politician; his niceness should not be eclipsed by his sexual misdemeanors.

    However, his wife is not a good politician at all; she has not got any vision nor has she got an ounze of charisma that her hubby had. She personofies irritation on an astronomical scale.

    Her new found affection to terror groups - including Tigers - show her naivity. She can keep grinning until Republicans wait, gather ammunition for the involvement with terror groups for fund-raising, and fire at her faster than AK-47.

    She has not got the ingredients to become a global politician; just another ambitious woman shadowing a great husband.

    We have our own home-grown experience about what the women in this league are capable of; stirring up emotions in the short run, and ruin the country in the long run.

    If Americans look at the recent political history of our little country, they won't vote for a woman to be the head of state.

  3. patriot I saw you question about Janaka Perera. I have come accross a bunch of great interviews with him on the internet.

    They are brilliant reading, I suggest everyone who hasn't seen them take the time to read them.

    There was another great interview which I can't find anymore, where he describes older stuff, like how Gamini Dissanayake decided to name the current Janakapura as "Janakapura" instead of the originally proposed "Gaminipura", and how he chatted with Wijeyweera while he brought him down to Colombo (and that means no, Wijeweera wasn't killed in a shootout with the police some estate). Appreciate if someone can find a link to it.

    This is a particularly interesting sentence from the Lakbimanews interview about his appointment as commander of Jaffna in 2000.

    "When Jaffna was starting to throttle, General Balagalle and General Chula Senerathne were in Jaffna in charge of all the operations. I told General Weerasuriya the Army Commander to let me go, because they couldn’t do it. Then he said, ‘no General Ratwatta will never hear of it, he will throw me out.' But I went again I went and talked to him he said the same thing, he said General Ratawatte will never agree to it. On the 20th of April he came after the Security Council meeting and said Elephant Pass is gone. He said he has given the order to withdraw from there. He also said that Jaffna was a matter of days. But he said that I have been appointed the Overall Commander to take over Jaffna. Then I said if you are saying Elephant Pass is gone, Jaffna is a matter of days, are you asking me whether I’m prepared to commit suicide?"

    I honestly don't think there's a better person in the country to be leading military operations today. But politics, politics, politics....

  4. "I honestly don't think there's a better person in the country to be leading military operations today. But politics, politics, politics...."

    Mr. Janka perera was a great general. I wish there is a way to obtain his experience to forward the current war effort. Having said that I must say another great general (Sarath fonseka) is leading our military right now. Today our war machine is the finest ever and LTTE is the weakest (after Indian army left) and General Fonseka is the most responsible for this conversion. So general fonseka and general Janaka perera had achieved the greatness in their own ways. Trying to compare them and making one greater by undermining the other is not that good an idea.

    Actually General Fonseka also acted a major part in the battles against LTTE after Elephant Pass was lost. In general Janaka Perera's own words..
    "Then he said he is giving me General Sarath Fonseka. He was briefed and said that I have been appointed Overall Commander of Jaffna and I need a day to finish my religious observances. General Fonseka was instructed to fly on the day he was briefed."

  5. Can some one confirm this? In this article who is the prime minister they are talking baout? Ranil W, Mahinda R, or Rathnasiri W ? I can't understand why LTTE wanted to kill nay of these at that time.

  6. Intersting points according to her;

    1) Even in TID there can be tigers.
    2) Tigers intelgence read all the newspapers.

    (This realtes to the article in the above post)

  7. Hemantha, I don't want to make any judgments here, but Muhamalai. We lost 300+ men for zero tactical gain. However much the government tries to spin it, that wasn't an operation launched by the commanders in jaffna without the knowledge of the military leadership in the south.

  8. I am hardly an expert w.regard.t hilary.What the LTTE are concentrating on is this wonderful fascinating "human rights" issue.Ie the lack of human rights for tamils in the north and east.The biggest stumbling block is the loss of the eastern province.In future you will see lots of LTTE "masala dosai kuruppiah" pistol gang killings(in accordance with the new LTTE terrorist mode)of civilians both in the north and east.Of course many civilians in the North will be asked to report(under duress of course)fake murders and disappearences (to IC)obviously performed by the army.Another immigration exercise under way!!.This is where hilary comes in..See even if the LTTE are a terrorist organisation ALL the srilankan tamils are not and they expect hilary to be lenient with immigration etc..not to ask embarrasing questions..are you an LTTE cadre.?.FX.. This is why the eastern province should be protected and developed at all costs..see what Hon pres is useless 2 cents..

  9. Government will lose the budget vote today.

    Even MR knows it.However they seem not too bothered by that.Obviously they are tired of being sandwitched between JVP and UNP and have realised that it is better to go for fresh elections to clean-up the mess the parliament is in today.

    I believe that is not too bad a decision.My resons are,

    1) They(SLFP) can gain atleast 100 seats on their own even with the current high inflation levels.

    2)whatever said and done UNP is in shambles with their top leaders from majority of districts in the government ranks apart from SB,Sajith and Mangala

    3)people have no trust in Ranil

    4)Government backed Karuna group can get atleast 7 seats in the east in coming elections

    5)EPDP and TULF can gain atleast 3 seats in Jaffna without LTTE goons filling the ballot boxes as we have seen in 2004.

  10. The tamil people are not doing this..the LTTE will offer certain LTTE supporting northern/eastern tamils a house fx in the U.S in return for a lifelong payment of a certain % of their wages for the cause

  11. Dulith
    MR administration is in now way the best thing that happened to SL, but i think they do have a better way of tackling the LTTE. The global anti-terror sentiment also is helping our case...
    But MR also needs to get his act sorted... Things like the failed Muhamalai advance for political reasons etc cannot be accepted...
    300+ lives is no bloody joke...
    UNP also have done some good at least on the economic front when compared to present government but that's about all they have done...
    And if politicians stop fighting for their personal agendas and started fighting for the national cause, we'll have lot less trouble not only on political front but also the monetary and military fronts...
    Ranil W is an intelligent man IMHO but all now he is power hungry and nothing else. This is not the best juncture to spend millions on elections etc... that money can be much better spent on more important issues...

    On the US issue... I hope that Senator Hillary will get what she deserves pretty soon for sleeping with the terrorists.

    On our battle fronts..
    ltte has been constantly bragging how they repulsed our hit and run attacks :)
    Hope our boys can neutralize as many heavy guns and mortar launchpads during those missions since most of our casualties seems to be coming due to indirect fire.

    If i may ask... are there any naval experts in your team?

  12. ranil,
    If i may ask... are there any naval experts in your team?"

    Unfortunately, No.

  13. folks check this out..

    Operation Thoppigala (PC Game):


    It's not much but a good attempt.

  14. DEFENCENET, Illegal.existence, I have been fascinated by the leadership of Gen Janaka Perera and there is lot that we can even learn from his dedication and bravery. I would really like to read how he and Gen Fonseka turned the tide in jaffna in 2000. If u find any useful article pls post a link here..

  15. Budget Voting Today:
    JVPers...Listen carefully. We do care your political idelogy or whatever. But, now, We only think about our country and fight against the terror. If you support to end this government, don't come to our homes to begging votes next time. We will never welcome you.

  16. Illegal.existance,
    More than one year after Loosing at Muhamalai, after the East is won, while successful battles are being fought in the Northern front day after day, it’s unfortunate that people are still trying to rub the Muhamalai lost on general Fonseka.
    During the last 16 months our forces were fighting a war mostly offensive in nature. During that period we had to fight two major defensive battles in Muttur and Jaffna where we were able to win both. Apart from above two instances we were always in offensive against an enemy who owns many (around hundred) long range cannons multiple hundreds of mortar launchers and sufficient stocks of ammunitions. So one should understand here that LTTE’s long range attacking capabilities grew many fold during the ceasefire period. As a result of this, armed forces in offensive were bound to have lot of casualties. Kill ratio of 1:250 is not possible anymore (This feat was achieved in the Walioya battle (defensive) under Brig. Janaka Perera. But the quality of the enemy combatants as well as their fire power was much inferior).
    During last sixteen months we were in offensive, we lost just one major battle where we suffered heavily in human life wise (We lost few battle tanks too) which is the Muhamalai battle some love to mention always. There can be many reasons for the lost but leak of inside information may have acted a major role. (During the ceasefire period LTTE became extremely rich and the system allowed (some times demanded) many members of armed forces to have cross contacts with LTTE as a step of confidence building. Making rich LTTE contact (not that rich) army personnel regularly will make a traitor every once in a while. I don’t see any intelligence in Ranil who made this happen. It was pure stupid.) If the reason to the loss is a traitor blaming the commander is not justified.

    The second point many raise is that the tactical advantage of Muhamalai battle. Of course lost battles would not give any tactical advantages. (But if you can kill many enemy soldiers it would be a plus point in the long run.) But if everything had gone according to the plan Elephant Pass (at least down to Iyakachchi) would have been under our control now. If that was the case Jaffna would have been safer and Punerin and Kilinochchi would have been lot vulnerable than present. “Tactical advantage” is not an absolute concept. It depends on the circumstances.

    As a summary
    1)Tactical advantage of Muhamalai battle would have been great if we won it.
    2)Inside information would have been a major factor for the loss.
    3)That’s the only major battle lost during the sixteen months of war (Army).
    4)We are fighting a capable enemy. Once in a while we may loose a battle. But if we can keep winning the rest we will win the war.
    5)Repeating the term “Ranil is intelligent” won’t make him intelligent. The way he handled the ceasefire was utter stupid. He had such a faith in LTTE he was planning to reduce the size of the armed forces.

    Following is a section of the Athas’s defence column after two generals saved the Jaffna from LTTE.

    “The changes, which came as a surprise, were the talking point this week, not only in defence but also in political circles. Both, Maj. Gen. Perera and Maj. Gen. Fonseka, are among those in the forefront of battle hardened veterans of the ongoing separatist war. Their postings together to the northern theatre of operations came amidst claims that the duo had remained sidelined until battles there had escalated, particularly after the Army's withdrawal from the Elephant Pass defence complex.
    Taking over the reins from the then ground commanders, who came under severe criticism, both for their inaction and inability to appreciate the ground situation, the duo made strenuous efforts to stabilise the situation. LTTE's "Operation Oyatha Alaikal" (Unceasing Waves), which began in November, last year, had triggered off a string of debacles for the military. It began from the Wanni, extended to Elephant Pass, to Pallai and later to Eluthumaduval. Tiger guerrillas had reached the outskirts of Jaffna.
    It was then that the duo took over their responsibilities. Maj. Gen. Perera took on the role of delivering a daily radio address to troops in the battlefield, in addition to regular meetings with field commanders. The exercises were to shore up morale and gear the troops to fight back. He also visited troops on the battlefront. Maj. Gen. Fonseka was also a regular visitor to the battlefront and acquired a reputation for what was called "bunker hopping" – moving from bunker to bunker talking to troops.”

  17. Attack is the best defence,

    Following links may be helpful.

    click here.

    click here.

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    click here.

  18. Srilankan,

    I agree with what you said; the problem with Ranil Wicremasinghe, when he was in power, was the the circle of western advicers; the strategy shrouded in spin provided by them was purely hypothetical. They may work in the world where they come from, but not with an outfit of LTTE calibre, which is least bothered about basic decency. Ranil Wicremasinghe went along with it making consessions after consessions, until Chandrika put a stop to it - may be the only sensible thing she did during her rein.

    The breakaway of Karuna happened during this period; I think it is a coincidence and not a product of Ranil Wicremasinghe's strategy.

    Ranil Wicremasinghe got the whole thing wrong from the onset. The way LTTE fooled him during the elections may have come as a rude awakening; but he still clings on to this failed mindset.

  19. Lightning_Struck_Tower That thoppigala game seems pretty good for a do i get the full version of it?..

  20. Renegade, full version might not be out yet. When its done i think it'l b on that page. In other news anura b has crossed over 2 opposition

  21. Nice, lankaguardian is reporting the budget has been passed. Looks like the JVP abstained.

  22. Now let's complete the game before next budget.

  23. Illegal.existence,

    The interview with Janaka Perera you mentioned can be found in the following link;

    Click on "Lakbima" link on the left side, and select the article "charithayaka nodutu peththak...."

  24. OMG Rauf Hukana Huththa and Ponna Ranil just got slapped big time. Would have loved to see their ugly faces when the budget was passed. HAHA! Props to the JVP for doing what they did, not a big fan of theirs but credit where credit is due. Infact, I'm beginning to like em now.

  25. Ha ha James, you seemed to be really got p***** o** by this guy Hakim.

    None of us is a fan of him; I think we all loathe him even before his cross-over.

    I don't think this guy will never live in peace; the woman - quite precisely her ghost - who set herself fire in front of his residence will haunt him for ever. He does not need any more enemies, political or otherwise. He got plenty of those - both visible and invisible ones.

  26. Anura has the habit of choosing the loosing side all the time...
    Let's hope this is the end of another useless Anura. I'm sure he will join dearest Akka and both will cry together.

  27. Qrious, Rauf Hukana Huththa is one vainglorious man. I don't hate him because he's Muslim or anything like that, but jesus what a fucking asshole he is. He claims to represent Muslims by jumping from one party to the other. Did anyone say CUCKOLD? (google the term if you haven't heard of it). He's making a big fuss now over 'land grabbing' and 'religious freedom' I mean what the FUCK?

    Where was his fucking concern when the LTTE controlled most of the eastern province? Not a word of thanks for our soldiers who liberated the area. Nope, instead it's this continuous whine.

    And who the fuck wants to hear loudspeakers blaring every fucking day and night? Whether it be pirith, muslim calls to prayer or gospel songs? I mean seriously? Why make this a 'religious freedom issue'?

    Muslims get to have their own Muslim schools, build their mosques and maddrassas anywhere, have their loundspeakers, print their Islamic books, there are special flights by SriLankan Airlines to Mecca, the government provides free clothing to make a hijab, pig-based medicines are not imported despite being cheaper, animals can be slaughtered in any fashion in the neighbourhood, Muslims are in high positions in the government, diplomats, and yet.....this asshole cries about "religious freedom".

    Is there any fucking Muslim-majority country in this world where non-Muslims have the same rights and priviledges that Muslims have in Sri Lanka?

    I mean seriously I can't even take a vesak card or cross or hindu statue to the Maldives, it gets confiscated and trashed.

    Stop pretending to be some fucking saviour of the Muslim people Rauf, you're just communalisng everything.

  28. Thanks for your input qurious.Well people like Ranil and Chandrika are not interested in people just politics..(ie being in power)..See this is the chain of thought cultivated at political science classes in london....According to them Slanka ends with colombo and the suburbs..Thank god the budget was passed.Lets see what happens.I dont mind politicians being interested in power and what they do with their personal lives.. provided they do something for country...All this is is this false "british values" bred into the ranil generation of politicians.I like to see chilcotts face

  29. perein well said mate.
    "Anura has the habit of choosing the loosing side all the time..."
    Just make sure now both anura and ranil stay together happily, peacfully long time ...(where you know)

  30. Big Thank you to JVP. We are realy proud of you.

  31. Ninja Bandara-
    Those two (Anura / Ranil) has lot of similarities, let's hope on the bed as well as off the bed they would stay as losers.

    As for the JVP, they need to have a life away from books and face the reality.
    I still think, JVP should not get funds from any one until they start to think the reality.
    Also our University boys and girls has to concentrate on the education rather than trying to play with politics. None of the developed countries has this issue.

  32. I do know politician in SL corrupted however now at least we know that we are fighting against the LTTE. Also I believe that MR can’t do anything about the expanding of Cabinet as everyone is asking him a share (potion), so to stay in the powder he has to give something to everyone to keep them with him…this is all about politics..
    However I have a huge faith on MR and he will do something better for the country as a whole. I hope will clean all these shit one day and make my country better…
    That’s what I believe and my dream…
    May the triple gem bless Sri Lanka and we desire something better now…enough is enough …you can’t suffer forever because of this LTTE shit …remove or finish them forever.

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  34. Patriots,
    Try to neutralize the LTTE infilitration of Hilary Clinton Campaign before it becomes a major headache for the SL government on dealing with LTTE.

    I found this information from (

    Here is further evidence: Copy of a letter to Tamils in USA
    Urgent Appeal for More Help to Support Sen. Clinton's Fund Raising to Reach Our Goal before December 12, 2007

    Dear Friends,

    First of all we would like to thank all of you who contributed to the Hillary Clinton for President fund.

    As you all know, we all are supporting Sen. Clinton to in the primaries. We think she is the only one who can bring the chaos that we face in the US and the other countries to an end. We definitely will benefit by Sen. Clinton becoming the next US president. All the help we do now will not be forgotten by her campaign. She needs our help before the primaries.

    We are looking for the right candidate to support. We are confident that Sen. Clinton will win the election. Even if we are wrong, former president Clinton will be a powerful advisor to the next president. He will make lot of difference in policy-making that will benefit us.. Help to Sen. Clinton at this time is essential. If she becomes the next president, she will remember us and recognize us as "Tamil Americans and Friends of Hillary Clinton."

    We are planning two stages to help her. The first stage is to raise 20K or more by December 12, 2007. The second stage is to have an event with both Clintons in March or April 2008. This will be exciting. We will tell our story to them. By March, we can do more fund raising through our Tamil and American friends. It will be easier to collect, since she will already be the winning candidate.

    We would like to thank the people who have contributed already. If you decide to donate whatever your budget allows, please contribute half of it now and the rest can be donated after the early primaries. We are taking a chance and giving our full support to help Sen. Clinton. We expect she will be the winner.

    Please contribute before Dec 12, 2008 by visiting .
    Select the amount ( contribution range from $100- $2300) and be sure to answer the question "Were you referred by one of the hosts?" by selecting the dropdown name of either Ram Ranjan or Pat Pathmakumar. Please send us an email to inform us of your contribution to "RRanjan@"deleted".com" or "PattPath@"deleted".com ".

    If you want to send a check payable to "Hillary Clinton for President" by mail to Tamil Americans and Friends of Hillary Clinton, 36 Lincoln Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583.
    Note: Contributors should be US legal residents and at least 18 years of age. Visit for more information.

    Thank you.


    Please send an email to pattpath@"deleted".com to subscribe or unsubscribe to any future emails from Tamil Americans and Friends of Hillary Clinton. You are welcome to send your friends' emails to us for future mailing.

  35. is it just me or does DailyMirror copy from DefenceNet? I saw an article on DailyMirror which was practically a paraphrase (actually some phrases were directly copied) of a DefenceNet article mixed with some of the comments that followed the article (It's about the new aircraft acquisitions thing.) I cant seem to find the Dailymirror link now.

    I'm not saying it's bad or anything it just shows how far DefNet and the community has come. Way to go guys!

  36. Thanks James, Srilankan and the Guys,

    Yes, Rauf Hakim did not have a nice word for the soldiers who made the access to East feasible.

    Nor had he ever sympathesized with the common people of all races;

    These people wants macro issues to focus on - realistic or hypothetical.

    He is a lawyer by profession and people of his kind will not hesitate to extend the logic to even Islamic teachings and womanizing, no matter how publicized, can cohabitate.

    Ranil Wicramasinghe is the world's best political gambler. He keeps shuffling the card pack, until the luck strikes him.

    Anura and Hakim are ideal to place on either side of that pack - you all know what I mean.

  37. Ranil mate ....why Naval experts ? Just curious bro !
    Abt. RW he's pathetic wimp! Remember, the $17 world Bank gave to them? it all went US based high priced cosultants.Some as high as 200grand. Which ended up becoming a joke among the aid groups.He worse when it's comes to national Security. Remember Solheim & the norwies ran circles around him during the Ceasfire !

    By the way How's the Jaffna situ ?

  38. Guys and gals,

    This is important..
    If you got any information regarding the LTTE and their clandestine operations, please email that to:

    1. The links maintaining outside the LTTE controlled area.

    2. Location of possible boat yards.

    3. Type and size of boats they intend to use as suicide boats
    and Horse Power of boat engines.

    4. Their supply links in overseas, including in India,Thailand, Indonesia.

    This really works..Believe me..

  39. Our military establishment should put more focus on increasing the number of locally produced military hardware products.

    I think we should start manufacturing SLAT armor kits for all our IFVS and APCs that operate in the front lines.

    Plus we can also start manufacturing NERA(Non Explosive Reactive Armor) armor blocks. We have the material to make these and the technology behind is easy to master.

  40. All I wanted to tell about R2P has been said by G. L. Peiris million times better through a series of articles appeared in

    What an intelligent and eloquent elaboration. Can not think a better way putting it

    He looks like Kadiragamar.

  41. Country is represented by extremely able personnel in human rights front. Wish the same can be said about the ministry of foreign affairs.

  42. GE,

    Agreed about the local manufacture..

    i heard that more funding has been given for 2008! The gov. should seek controled Pvt. sector investment and R&D too. The SLAT idea is great, i wonder why the E&M engi's havent made them so far? I was thinking we should experiment with composit armour, we can find most of the raw materi. and develop multi layered spaced armour.

    but i got some bad news from some guys in the seems that the FAC sqadrons are not happy with the CDL made FACs.

    They have voiced conserns about it to the HQ and MOD too. Some have asked that at least the hulls be brought from Israel and the superstructure and other components done here :(

    The CDL needs to do more, better and fast!

  43. nemesis,
    Any particular reasons why the SLN is not satisfied with our locally-made FAC's?..Hope its not due to to lack of FAT commissions,to fill their pockets & build "maligawas"..

  44. nemesis

    As far as I know, the FACs made in CDL have aluminum hulls. I think the Israel ones have steel hulls.

    CDL is capable of making steel hulls themselves.

  45. are you feeling today:)?

  46. nemesis

    Whatever the problems with the CDL manufactured hulls, I am sure the CDL is capable of fixing it. At the very least they can create carbon copies of the Israeli hulls.


    Not good....My heart goes to these brave men...
    During the last 6 months too many trafic accidents involving Security forces personal.

    What is going on?

  48. If you missed this...

    A Very Bad Year
    December 15, 2007: In the north, there have been over a thousand casualties, most of them LTTE, so far this month. The LTTE have a lot of young, poorly trained, fighters on the front line. These LTTE forces are chewed up pretty bad by the government troops, who have the benefit of air power and artillery. Not much is heard from LTTE artillery anymore, largely because the supply of shells has been cut off. What artillery ammo they do have, is stockpiled for special operations. The LTTE has said it will stop recruiting children (teenagers) this month, but that is unlikely. The LTTE is running short of manpower, because of combat casualties, and economic problems (lack of income and food) among the half million or so Tamil civilians they control in the north. About ten percent of LTTE fighters were killed or wounded, or took sick this month. The way things are going, 2008 is going to be a very bad year for the LTTE.

    December 14, 2007: Tourism is recovering, with arrivals 20 percent higher than the same period last year. The government is seen to have the war with the LTTE under control, and able to keep tourist areas safe from LTTE terrorism.

    December 10, 2007: In southern India, police make more arrests of LTTE arms smugglers. The police now gone after the LTTE purchasing agents, as well as the smuggling boats that have long operated out of south Indian ports.

  49. Guys,

    A piece of good news; another split in SLMC is in the offing. This time, two deputy ministers who refused to take the party line on the budget.

    Rahauf Hakim is a born-opportunist. He indulges in exactly what late Thondaman did - provoking the majoriy by every move.

    These so-called representatives of minority must learn from history. Dont indulge in excesses or else there will be more extremesist Sinhalese groups on the brink of taking wings.

    Extremism in Tamil, Sinalese, Mulim, German or Jewish is counter- productive. It borders on lunacy.

    It will drive you on a sentimental roller-coaster until the movement runs out of steam. What it leaves is a trail of destruction: Nazism, Muslim extremism of Taliban, Jewish extremism clearly show this.

    I hope Rauf Hakim will learn his lesson soon.

  50. GE, renegade,

    Yes mates’, I’m sure CDL can fix it, I hope they do it fast before some creep in the Navy top brass uses it as a reason to buy directly from Israel.

    As Renegade said fat bucks could be ONE reason behind the "worries", but the complains are about several vital operational performances which I would not reveal for obvious reasons. Reasons which might be very legitimate.

    I think it's time that the GOV. with the Navy and CDL set up task force to make a better design based on the proven boats.
    Several prototypes must be put through very hard sea trials before commitments are made.

    The fact is we need to replace the Dovra MK-1 era boats, and more importantly need to phrase out the Shanghai class FGBs.

    We need a new FG/FMB type vessel (around 40-50M i think) which could stay at sea for around 10-12 days and can maneuver well in shallow waters & deep sea in up to sea state 6 or 7, hopefully with a very small turning radius and good speed (35KT +), and strong full spectrum (SW,ASM,AAW) weapons. I’m sure if the CDL is given more time and gets good techno transfer they can pull it off.

    btw i think the Israeli FAC (shaldag & MK-II) have aluminum hulls. CDL is capable of making Alu & steel hulls.

  51. keep up the good work sl army
    go ahead
    make peace to the sri laknka


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