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Images: Special Task Force training

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STF Training

Special Task Force or the STF is the elite counter terrorist force of the Sri Lanka Police. It was founded in 1983 and by now employs more than 8000 highly trained personnel. After the Tamil Tigers began their campaign for a separate homeland, STF's primary task has been to defend the eastern province from LTTE threats. Their latest counter terrorist operation (Operation Niyathai Jaya) saw the fall of more than 20 mini LTTE camps in the Ampara region.

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  1. --Investing in and using STF--

    It is very importent to invest in STF in terms of training and man power. As Denzil Kobbekaduwa said we need to win people to win the war. Tamils are included. When you deal with civilians, specialy tamils, get the difference between SLA and STF. As STF is part of police they had been trained on dealing with civilain issues. But I don't think it's a part of SLA duty to deal with civilian issues. Thus after a given area is liberated (cleared) we need to setup civil administration. delaying this is not for our advantage. At the same time if we just use normal cops thier training may not be sufficient to counter possible LTTE attack. Thus STF is the best answer.

    As I know STF is used only in East (not in north). While keeping SLA why don't we put STF in, for example Jaffna? so that SLDF can maintain more friendly relationship with tamils.

    # Also, as I know STF is the only unit learn tamil. I would say SLA should give a tamil course to at least selected people possibly with a additional pay for successfull candidates.

  2. I'm not a fan of the Rajapakse regime but this article written by an Indian for that matter might make me a convert

  3. Defencenet, Guys,

    The UN is again at it; this time in Somalia.

    The Ethiopean Prime Minister says they are hyping up things while parrotting what NGO say.

    These are serious allegations against the organization.

    We must expose these career bureaucrats, who are only interested in furthering their own agenda for the survival in their jobs.

    please see the link


    Island newspaper claims Nov 28 airstrike that injured velu was carried out by the LTTE.

  5. qurious your right there bro..these un agencies are there for the jobs and the free paid holidays..of know the "adventure element".In case of the LTTE there is also competition to get some "additional income" if you parrot what the LTTE says..

  6. Jonathan,

    I have been reading Balachandran's articles in the past too..

    He has been constantly attacked by LTTE whenever he wrote against LTTE (and calls him a Heyna :-)..

    But, overtime observation shows that he is gradually giving up to LTTE.

    Even though the following article may seems pro MR and Pro GOSL, the underline message is in somewhat in favor on LTTE (kind of in the same line with a CIA brief to the Congress).

    LTTE's strategy is to furiously attack whoever journalist that criticize LTTE, if they can not be bought.

    LTTE's money is successfully talking in many high-profile journalist circles. However, it may be that LTTE's constant personal attacks that made Balachandran losing his stiffness towards LTTE.

  7. Another article criticizing Balachandran (the other side :-)

    A little bit about him.

    BTW, the interview has been made by a big LTTE shot based in Canada.

  8. This is nothing to do with National Security, but a different type of security.

    It is increasingly heard that Sri Lanka is becoming a ground for infant abduction in hospitals.

    I would like to hear from the security experts here. What kind of security do you guys prescribe?

    Note: that the mother had to use the washroom.. The hospital seems to have no mechanism to securely keeps a baby until the mother return back from the washroom.

    Is the Minister right saying that it is the mother's fault or is it lack of security or facilities in the ward? Here in the US, in many hospitals, the newborns get an RFD tag that triggers unauthorize removal of a baby from the ward. Couldn't Sri Lankan hospitals have a "Secure Room for Babies?" with supervision.

  9. Noltte=peace
    what more can you expect from stupid ministers mate.
    what a dumb thing to say.
    The mother is grieving for such an un-bearable loss and these losers come and talk utter rubbish...
    The hospital should have some form of system to safe guard it's patients from these kinda things...
    chances are that this crime was also done with some form of insider support...
    CCTV cameras also might be a decent idea... at least even after the crime was committed such footage will help in capturing the culprit

  10. DefenceNet

    Nice to see the link for the pictures on the side. Suggest you make it more prominant.

    Indian excercises 'Dakshin Prahar' [Southern Strike] could well be the prelude to the decapitation or extraction strike against the convicted LTTE criminals that successive Indian govt's have been putting off until an opportune moment to wind up the Rajiv Gandhi case. This is bound to put extreme pressure on Velu, all of which is nice to have.

  11. tropical,
    Thanks. Will do so when whenever we get access to a desktop machine. may or may not take a while.

  12. DNet

    Is there anything I can do to help? Where are you located?

  13. SL and Indian Air forces to conduct joint excercises, following the success of Dakshin Prahar.

    India is starting to join the fight folks. They are likely to do it without getting their hands soiled.

  14. Couple of interesting articles;

    LTTE trying to smuggle Velu for treatment;$All/66B4A788B7258292652573B80047C9B2?OpenDocument

  15. Dear Friends, As a matter of National security I feel it is important for me to inform you of an individual who is closely linked to the LTTE and had been funding them from the U.K.
    Now based in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka he is now a key rebel contact to the UK Tamil community. I urge you to question him to resolve these issues. What is alarming is that his activities have gone unnoticed.
    He was deported from U.K in relation to card fraud earlier this year. Please see the links below detailing his fraud activities.
    Below is the individuals address and Tel No. Please take action immediately
    Address : B1-2/8, Soysapura Flats,Moratuwa,Sri Lanka.
    Telephone : 0094 777-521812 / 01-636844
    At a time of International scrutiny we as Sri Lankans must aim to highlight these crimes that individuals such as Mr. Kathirgamanathan commit. In the name of preserving our National security I urge you to immediately arrest and question this individual.
    The Kathirgamanathan family are known supporters of the LTTE within the Tamil community.
    It has been bought to my awareness that Brathaban has contacted Shami Chakrabarti, she is a director of Liberty, a British pressure group. She is widely respected in the British Parliament as a prominent campaigner against human rights abuses.
    In order to maintain our sovereignty as a nation I urge you please arrest and question this individual to prevent further International scrutiny.
    Kind Regards

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