Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fighting in Panama

A group of soldiers engaged in a search operation near Panama village (northern part of Yala sanctuary) came under a LTTE attack at around 5pm this evening. Although the battle is not reported to be of large scale, at least one soldier has been rushed to hospital due to the nature of his injuries. A squad of commandos have been deployed in the area immediately after the attack.

According to an LTTE cadre who was arrested previously, a group of 30 cadres had managed to enter Yala sanctuary when their base in Kadiraweli fell to the army few months ago.


  1. Defencenet -Thanks for the update.
    I thought this area was under the control of the stf, has this been given to the army now?

  2. Great work! I hope we have good trackers...we must hunt this lot out!


    was the WIA Medvaced out by the SLAF? Hope the AF would move at least 1 or 2 Helicopters to wirawila to assist the commando's...and Ops in the area

  3. How can these units can survive for months in Yala while under Gov control?
    Surely there must be lot of unseen areas in Yala for our forces too?

    Can not we get any details from breakaway group about these units and location? They may know old places where those units used to hang around!!!

  4. I think the LTTE units operating yala be accustomed to jungle life. It would be hard to track them down, but not impossible.

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  6. Out of topic,

    Thanks to JVP sponsored trade union action(I am not 100% percent sure about this, however no trade union exists without JVP's patronage) at hospitals, SLA was called in to help sick patients.


    Is this what you call JVP patiriotism..?

    Write Directly to the JVP to protest their NEVER ENDING strikes against Srilankans.

    This is disgussting behaviour by the JVP sponsored trade unions.

    This is from Island.

    Health workers defy Court go ahead with sick note campaign
    Health workers yesterday defied a Court order against their proposed trade union action and went ahead with their planned two-day sick note campaign yesterday.The Colombo District Court on Monday issued an order barring the Health Services Trade Union Joint Front (HSTUJF) and 14 other health sector trade unions from going ahead with their sick note campaign on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  7. Is there any update to this news?

    Defencewire had posted that a seperate commando team had pursued the LTTE team, any news on that?

  8. Three soldiers were killed this morning in Tantirimale, Anuradhapura when the LTTE attacked a picket point
    -Daily Mirror

  9. Hemantha, if u r from bgsu i should say i realy enjoyed ur articles on divaina few years ago. Keep up the good work.

  10. (apologies for the duplication on defencewire. Bit of a mix-up ;-))

    Gents. Out of the topic, but I've noticed the following

    LTTE Deaths 2007


    From 27th November 1982 – 20th November 2007 = 19877

    They claim 954 LTTE’rs KIA, in the article. However;

    LTTE Deaths 2006


    From 27th November 1982 -20th of November 2006 = 18742 Tigers have died

    Excuse my maths, but surely 19877 – 18742 = 1135 (and not 954???)
    So why the discrepancy of 181 cadres? (1135-954). LTTE telling porkies again? Deliberately understating their losses for this year or something?

    LTTE Deaths 2005

    In the above linked article in tamilnet, they further say 818 cadres died in 2005 -2006 ‘season’.

    Up to 15th November 2005 the number killed was 17903 according to http://www.island.lk/2005/11/26/news13.html (slight discrepancy again 839 deaths compared to 818 claimed for that year)

    Let’s put this down to human error on the part of the LTTE in being unable to do a simple subtraction and not a case of creative accounting on their part (i.e. 818+954=1772 deaths claimed in 2 years, compared to 19877-17903=1974 actual, according to their own cumulative totals each year). Some contradiction of their own figures or what!!

    What is interesting though is, even going on the LTTE provided (unreliable) figures, some 1974 cadres have been ‘liberated’, in 2 years since the collapse of the ceasefire.

    Which is 19 cadres approximately, killed every week.

    If you just consider the figures for 2006-2007, where there has been an intensification of the war, this figure goes up to 22 LTTE cadres killed every week.

    *Note, the LTTE figures do not include those ‘permanently out of action’ injured cadres . That would be interesting reading.....

    * What would also be interesting reading is the number of cadres the LTTE killed/lost from the Mahattaya and Karuna splits and fighting.

    Something else that is interesting on the breakdown of 19877 (this year’s updated figures)deaths
    7,161 ‘war heroes’ were from Jaffna,
    5,002 from Batticaloa-Ampaa'rai,
    4,467 from Vanni (Vavuniyaa, Ki'linochchi and Mullaiththeevu districts),
    1,782 from Trincomalee
    1,139 from Mannaar

    Which is a total of 19551. So where did the other 326 cadres come from?

    The hill country (i.e. estate tamils), Colombo or the South? 326 over 25 years is not a lot, and we may be overestimating the so-called support with alleged cadres from the hill country – according to the diaspora (that’s if you can trust the above breakdown – it could always be deliberately misleading).

    However in conclusion, IMHO, what the SLA forces need to do is up the killing rate. Wounding as many LTTEr’s would be a bonus too, to push their support/health services to breaking point and for also causing maximum demoralisation to the remaining cadres/ and an increasingly disgruntled wanni populace. Then again 2000 LTTE deaths minimum (and acknowledged by the LTTE) in 2 years of Eelam War IV, is pretty good going ;-).

    Going on present trends, we should be able to hit at least 3500-4000 kills in 3 years, by November next year. Remember, the 2000 odd deaths in the last 2 years were from a so-called ‘strategically withdrawing’ force in the east, and not one that one that has the luxury to run anywhere else in the north.....

    Sounds like Velu was not joking – it is starting to look more and more like the ‘final war’ for the LTTE after all eh!

    Note, the above is purely based on LTTE supplied figures and make no allowances for the underestimating of their actual losses, which are probably much higher. Like someone said, add the GOSL claimed kills and the LTTE claimed losses, and divide the total by 2 to get an accurate estimate.....

  11. Ninja,
    Thanks mate, but can't accept the honour. That wasn't me.

  12. Gentlemen about these deaths....could the deaths of the people who worked for the LTTE.. not be included in this count of 18,000+?..what i mean is actual cadres but did not have LTTE ID cards..what about those focibly conscripted but did not carry LTTE "official" ID cards?

  13. CakeBoy-
    One thing we should add to the LTTE lost list is breakaway group/s.
    That's a big lost to LTTE.
    Does any one know the estimate number in Karuna's group currently?

  14. Cakeboy,

    Good analysis, and looks to me you spend a good part of your leisure time to write it...Keep it up the good work Cakeboy...

    The descrepancy could be attributed to all those dissappeard LTTE caders..What do you think?


    When you get time, please update us on the progress of AAB attack investigations?

    I heard absolutely nothing about the progress or anything for that matter?

    My appologies for bringing in JVP stuff in to the forum...
    If you see the photo published in the dailynews front page, it refers to a badly injured SLDF personal who needs all our help to get well as soon as possible..When these hospital workers strikes these brave men who faced the wrath of the LTTE at the front are forced to suffer further due to the actions of the TRADE UNIONS.
    I just could not resists myself from attacking JVP sponsered Trade Union strike at the hospitals.
    (I am right it was JVP sponsored Trade Union. Here is the full story..



    Please do write to JVP and protests at their actions.

    To contact us: secretary@jvpnet.com
    To write to the JVP Leader:leader@jvpnet.com
    To write to the JVP General Secretary:generalsecretary@jvpnet.com
    To join us: join@jvpnet.com
    Publication orders:order@jvpnet.com
    About this web site:webmaster@jvpnet.com

  15. http://www.lakbimanews.lk/special/spe2.htm

    What keeps you ahead of the LTTE always?

    Douglas Devanandan:

    People say God is great. I am a Hindu without holy ash, I am a Christian without a Cross, I am also a Muslim, though I don’t wear a cap and I am a Buddhist who does not wear a robe. I believe in the sanctity of every religion.
    Meanwhile, I decide on 50 percent of my security arrangements. There is a Tamil proverb which says “ Only snakes know about other snake legs”. Of course, snakes don’t have legs, but they move fast and only the other snakes know how they move that fast.

    If we can succesfully distroy the LTTE millitary, the next thing the GOSL should do is to give comprehensive political freedom to the provinces, not just North East.

    That way we permanently resolve this.

  16. Be ready for any LTTE counter attacks...

    Since we heard nothing about SLN, there is a huge possibility that LTTE will mount a surprise attack on Naval assests..

    If you study recent LTTE attack styles, they rotate their targets from Millitary to Civilian and wise versa...
    Therefore I have very strong feeling that LTTE even mount a Delft Island type attack..



  17. From a another blog, Posted 25/11/2007. If you missed this..

    Its reported that 9 ltte cadres were confirmed dead with two Lt cols and an thus far unknown high profile two others.

    A European country has agreed in principle to provide the SLAF with supersonic advanced multi-role fighter probably next year in the wake of intense diplomatic lobbing undertaken by the govt headed by a high profile defence and foreign ministry delegation recently.

    and also three ranger attacks have taken place in the general area of mannr and off vavuniya, of which the casualty details are not yet available.two double cabs and a jeep is reported to have been hit.

    elsewhere in the theater of battle preparations are underway for the formation of a new division modeled after the elite 53rd to be operational in the form of a mobile division along the vanni FDL...

    a large number of new recruits among the 27000 recruited this year to the SLA are presently being trained for the new division under the direct supervision of commander Gen Sarath Fonseka...

    upon completion two other fronts in addition to the already opened,including the newly formed welioya based 59th div underthe able leadership of brig nandana undawatte, three would spearhead the vanni offensive in the days to come...

  18. Cakeboy,

    Keep up the good work!

    Good analysis!

  19. cakeboy:

    900+ number is total deaths in the calender year 2006 (from Jan 1st). 1135 is the number from Nov 25th last year thus to Nov 25th this year. That is what I gather.

  20. Thanks for that Cakeboy!! Awesome work.

    More please! :)

  21. onecountry, yes that is correct, they were talking about calendar year, but still possibly an attempt to down play losses with semantics.

  22. A claymore mine has gone off targeting a civillian bus in Abhimanapura near Kebithigollewa.

  23. about 10 killed and 25 injured!

    defencenet any news?

  24. guys whats going on. News says there were 4 incidents were 3-6 SLA died in each one.

  25. Claymore explosion in Kebitigollawe, 10 civilians killed

    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 December 2007, 15:54 GMT]
    10 civilians were killed and 40 wounded when a Sri Lanka Transport Board bus was caught in a Claymore explosion Wednesday around 8:00 p.m. at Abimanagama near Dhammanawa in Kebitigollawe division in the Anuradhapura district, 23 km southeast of Vavuniyaa, police said.

    Last year, in June, 64 passengers were killed in a similar Claymore explosion in the area.

    tamilnet src

  26. 15 killed 23 injured all casualties are civilians. No military personnel are injured no killed.

    "News says there were 4 incidents were 3-6 SLA died in each one."

    Yes 12-17 SLA personnel have been killed during past two days some in clashes in FDLs and 4 more in a mine explosion.

  27. This is what BOSS said in 'Defencewire' about Claymore explosion in Kebitigollawe

    [the boss said...
    do u have any evidence that this was done by the LTTE? or are you like all the other Sinhalese just blaming the LTTE right on the spot?

    Yes "your forces" are disciplined enough to rape on foreign soil on UN mission.]

  28. true lankan, you inbred cunt. What has that to do with this subject or blog at all? Whats the fucking purpose of posting that here?

  29. I am sorry, if you are not the same BOSS appeared in Defencewire.

  30. DefenceNet.. when you have the time..This mine ..do you know if it was recently placed?..Now if so the LTTE are active in kebbitigollawa.

  31. "do you know if it was recently placed"

    Hi SL, since it is apparently a claymore I believe there has to be an opperator to set it off. There are triggered claymore's too, but I don't think they would use those on a road if they had a particular target in mind?

    Anyway very sad :(

  32. Thanks Jack..I thought this area had continuous army patrols..It is tragic we have lost so many precious lives recently ..If LTTE cardes are in the area they should be "hunted down and killed like animals"..

  33. Jack these guys think that killing another 100 people is going to make the army stop their offensive..what a laugh..

  34. GEagle..admitted that it is difficult to track the LTTE in yala.what is called for here is persistance and dedication by army.Not even ONE of these guys should be allowed to escape..

  35. David Blacker,i really enjoy bloggin with u,dude-keep it going,senore!

    Thankx,goldeneagle for the site!

    nemesis,are u sure we are gettin the upgraded turret for our WZ551 APC'S,coz i know they are currently fitted with 25mm Giat cannons..are you sure we have got just the 12.7mm guns on our WZ551's?.this turret is the same as that fitted onto a BMP-2 as well as the BTR-80A,rite?..and can u confirm that the BTR-80 operated by us,mounts the 14.5mm Heavy machine gun,& the BTR-80A,the 30mm cannon..


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