Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Prabhakaran did receive minor injuries in air raid - Military Intelligence

Several days ago, an article written by D.B.S Jeyaraj suggested that the LTTE leader received minor injuries in a SLAF Air Strike. However the Sri Lankan military did not issue any statement regarding this incident as ground based intelligence sources had not confirmed the news. So many factors suggested that the story was based on rumors and speculation and was a false lead. However, according to latest intelligence reports, LTTE's seemingly invincible leader is confirmed to have received minor injuries in the said air strike.

The air strike which is said to have caused the injuries involved three Israeli built ground attack aircraft of the 10th fighter squadron. They dropped 12 MK80 Series bombs near Jeyanthi Nagar in Kilinochchi district on the 28th of November. One or more bombs that were dropped had hit the bunker in which the LTTE leader was residing at the time. He received minor injuries to the right shoulder when parts of the underground bunker crumbled upon impact. Although Prabhakaran's injuries were in no way life threatening, he was immediately evacuated to a secret LTTE installation where he was inspected by several doctors who declared the wounds and bruises were nothing of serious nature.


  1. Damn.. It did not break that capsule and got into to his body. Could have given his supporters to re-use the TC's black / white flags with out buying any new once.
    All most there... let's drop the 13th one to his head.

  2. ROFL. Blogwrite please give me some of whatever u have been smoking. LOOOL

  3. boss, it's hard to believe, aint it mate? Guess the sun god didnt hide well enough

  4. Scum boss,

    Don't worry. Velu is a god. He is immune to any attack. Just relax and go back to LNP.

  5. The boss,

    How does it feel to be in the loosing side aka the LTTE?

    The next bomb will take out the fat pig with his homosexual bodyguards.

  6. Another version of the capture of Adampan

  7. I'm sort of glad the prick didn't die quickly. 'One piece at a time', i say.

  8. Vibe & Sam..well said.The only people who have not leant from life is this LTTE filth..they have forgotton that what you do to others finally comes back to you.I hope the LTTE disaphora are celebrating the deaths of xx amount of cadres on a daily basis especially at christmas time!.I hope it gives them a very good feeling.I just prey that these LTTE kids surrender to the army so that the rmy can go after the ltte die hards.Anyway perhaps the die hards can all be sent to canada to be buried in a canadian war cemetery???..or in the constituancy of that greek canadian coolie?

  9. BTW, Reading this blog by LTTE supporters (continuously) just indicates the reliability of defencenet. Defencenet must be very happy about their grate work. Enimies' comments may be more valuable than friends' admirings.

  10. Defencenet, if this is true it could it be that even the SLAF were not aware, and were after some other target?

    Why were regular bombs used if they suspected Prabakharan's bunker was there? Wouldn't they have made sure and used a bunker buster like for Thamilchelvan.

  11. Out of topic.
    Vibe, shouldn’t insult homosexuals. I have come across all sorts of homosexuals, but never a terrorist.
    If Piriba got injured this time, it is nearly an accident only. Just a little Christmas bonus. But for the real bonus, we all have to work very hard.

  12. Looks like MI is close enough to smell Velu's butt. We also need to take out some of the secondary tier terrorists, like Balraj and Pottu who have their own fan clubs that can become a problem later.

    Perhaps direct contact with some of these gentlemen with a carrot and stick approach may prove useful.

  13. "Defencenet, if this is true it could it be that even the SLAF were not aware, and were after some other target? "

    It could be possible. But we cannot confirm this as of now. However they definitely received information that a high priority target was in the area.

  14. the news is that 12 bombs were dropped... that's a heavy payload for one target and SLAF won't discharge so much of firepower in one place unless they knew they were after something big

  15. What a pity. They should have used a few 1000/2000lb bombs. Thats more suitable for taking out bunkers. Perhaps they didn't know there was a big bunker at that place.

  16. guys ...
    you must read this..

  17. I was happy to hear that Sun god is safe. He does not deserve that kind of end. He should suffer first for his evil doing and then die. Thousands of people perished their lifes to satisfy his fancy ideas. So..he very much deserve to suffer, that only give some respect to the dead.

  18. Just a thought,
    I wonder whether Mathivathini was brought into the scene recently fearing the elimination of VP.As in other asian cases like Sirima and Sonia,VP might be planning a tranfer of leadership to his wife until his children are matured.

    Speaking about Mathivathini I remember how Rupavahini ran a TV drama glorifying VP+MV love story during the days of Ponsy Ranil Wickremasinghe.I still turn red with anger when I remember this sort of idiotic blunders commited by RW and the clan.

    Honestly,Do you think this man(RW) can save Sri Lanka?

  19. Piyal

    I disagree with you, we must take out VP as soon as possible. Even if it means a swift painless death for him. We must try to wrap up this silly conflict as soon as possible.

    If Sri Lanka is to achieve its true destiny, then the LTTE threat must be dealt with as soon as possible.

    We must sieze every opportunity that comes our way with both hands. Don't expect this sh*t to have a Hollywood style ending.

  20. Liberation Tigers on Tuesday said they attacked an outpost of the Sri Lankan forces at Veerapuram in Vavuniyaa at 1:30 a.m., killing five members of the armed forces of Sri Lanka. Tigers have seized a Light Machine Gun (LMG), a 40 mm Grenade Launcher and ammunitons, according to a Tiger military situation report issued to media....Any news about this...

  21. Dulith...This "love story" between VP+MP is such a joke..i mean to die of embarrassment..since MP was stolen from her lover..see it was like the movies from bollywood..hehehehehe.Poor women did not have a choice..

  22. "Colombo withdraws security, Mano Ganesan fears for his life"

    well he doesnt have anything to fear coz he's already on their side.

  23. In 'Who is responsible for weakening the LTTE', R jayadevan makes a very valid (even if rather irritating to some) final comment abt WHY the final war in the Vanni against the LTTE needs to be under international supervision.
    I've posted the entire article here;

    There needs to be an increased awareness on the part of the govt to focus more on the 'hearts and minds' part of the war at this point. The tamils supported the LTTE in revenge, got bitten and now in reality are a lost civilization. The majority Sinhalese and the govt need to clearly demonstrate that there is no intention of acquiring their traditional lands, but the war is to eliminate terrorism and bring law and order to the nation. The message should not be lost on the thinking Sri Lankans.

  24. From arrogance to humility; the rise and fall of a tyrant.

    This article smells of one thing; pleading for help and begging for sympathy. As the noose tightenes and the funding lines dry up, the supporters overseas need to run higher risks to continue to support the cause of the tigers. This is carefully manufactured propaganda which plans to create an emotional response from the hardcore support base to bolster flagging arms and finances by portraying imminent death on the 'charismatic' leader.

    There shouldn't be too much publicity gievn to this crap.

  25. Rupavahini news just confirmed the attack and Prabhakaran is wounded... it's not that far from victorty...

    So close but yet so far...

  26. Sri Lankan govt needs to make special broadcasts to the tamil civillians in the Vanni area detailing its intentions. It is very important to affirm and repeatedly re-affirm the fact that this is a war against the LTTE and not to deny anyone else any rights.

    It is also important to include the moderate tamil leadership in these media broadcasts. There needs to be very specific undertakings of economic investment, right of self-determination within a pluralistic framework and opportunity to determine their own future for the people of the Vanni, without having to live in fear. They also must be made to understand that mono-ethnic rule to the exclusion of others or terrorism of any sort will never be tolerated in any part of Sri Lanka and we are prepared to go to any extent to counter it.

    What I'm trying to point out is the importance of reaching out to the civillian population and creating an understanding, a bond and a working relationship so that transfering to civillian governance becomes seemless as areas are liberated. The military and intelligence opportunities do not need to be emphasized.

  27. Hey, how many time this IPKF, SLA, SLAF and Tsunami killing National Leader of Tamil Eelam Hon. V.Prabaharan. They can't touch his Hair even. Dnt be as pool. This gov. making you as pool. You also giving comment. He is v.brave man. Dnt see dream, If he dead, another Prabaharan Will come.The gov should give good solution to Tamls. Then they dont need prabaharan, And prabaharan also no need to fight with forces. Any gov did give good solution to Tamils? They did nt ask new think? They ask USA, India,Canada like states. Is this gov protect tamils? No. They r giving trobles to Tamils.

    Finally one thing u should understand that Why tigers are fighting? Who is helping to them? How they are this much of strong for long times? Why these tamil people behind them? Why they are nt thinking that this is our gov? What wrongs in gov side to Tamils?

    The Tamils and Shinhalese should win each other. THen only we can get real peace. Our country also will get develop. We are same mother children. Why we want to fight and each other getting cruel. First we should think. we r human. we can analyse problems. We r different from animals. If we r thinking possitively (win - win policy) We can find solution in one months. Some times Mr. Mahinda rajapaksha need war for earning money and share those with his family. Wht is happening in SL. Family politics going. V.worst.

    How many people suffering for meals. But gov spending more money to war.And poor youngers dieng in the war.
    All people born in the world for lives. Plz understand. Every one should understand and try to make peace in the country. keep the peace in ur mind.

  28. Chelvi,

    If you tell Velu to stop the war tomorrow, I am sure, the Government will follow a suite..

    Velu started the war in December 2005..

    GOSL has a duty to go after Velu..

  29. Chelvi

    I have some doubts as to whether you have a complete understanding of what you are saying. You say tigers and people in the same sentence and claim common humanity. The tigers have repeatedly proven that they aren't.

    That's why we treat them as animals. We do have a bullet for each one and a surplus for those who want to join them as well.

    Sri Lankans have tolerated this violent crap long enough. We will decimate the tigers. Make no mistake about that. Even if we cannot totally eliminate the vioent psychos, we will make their suffering so hard, history will remember what happens when you push the average Sri Lankan to the point of total war.

  30. Propaganda guys, propaganda...if we get all the people on our side, the LTTE would technically have nothing to fight FOR...xcept for VP's personally amusement..and if VP did die, wat would happen then? Im pretty sure the LTTE wud martyr him nd put up his son as a puppet leader, LTTE wud be run by other higher tier persons then...we shud take the bastard alive...


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