Sunday, December 9, 2007

Poll Results

Several Days ago we conducted a poll regarding the personal attacks that are often seen in the comments sections. According to the results, a vast majority (nearly 80%) have voted in favor of deletion of such comments. This does not mean that we will start censoring comments; we believe in freedom of speech and we certainly do not want to play 'big brother' by imposing censorship. Comments will only be removed at a last resort.

Anyway it seems that our first poll did not draw much attention. Less than 10% of our average daily readership voted. Even so, the 80% majority against personal attacks clearly indicate that most readers do not enjoy such arguments. Therefore keep your comments civil and polite if you want more people to read them.


All DefenceNet members will communicate using the account DefenceNet bearing profile number 11553575476849786179. This number can be found at the end of Profile URL. Beware of impostors.

Comments with racist remarks, personal attacks and misinformation will be deleted. Replying to any such comment will only encourage the saboteurs to post more. We request all our readers to ignore such postings and continue the discussion without diverting from the theme of the blog.