Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beirut camp overrun: SLA reach Thoppigala mountain

Sri Lanka Army's infantry formations spearheaded by the commando regiment, reached Thoppigala mountain and secured the area without much rebel resistance few hours ago. Majority of the LTTE cadres who previously occupied defensive positions in the area had fled in the face of multi pronged army advance backed by air support. Sri Lankan flag is now hoisted on top of Thoppigala mountain.

A large number of destroyed vehicles belonging to LTTE have been discovered by troops in the past few hours. These include five tractors loaded with food supplies, two double cabs, one lorry and five motorbikes.

LTTE's eastern province leaders including Jeyam and Nagesh are suspected to have fled to the jungles west of Thoppigala. It is believed that LTTE moved their heavy artillery guns including 3 120mm mortars and 2 6-barreled MBRLs to these jungles as well.

Operations to capture areas west of Thoppigala are still in progress.


  1. Dear bloggers please send videos and pictures or international link about thoppigala operation.

  2. DefenceNet.

    I saw that 2 120mm mortars were recovered, with the wheeled carrigers on the MCNS site.

    "2 6-barrled MBRL"

    I thought that the 107mm MBRLs came in 12 tube launchers?
    Do you know if our what losses our boys suffered?

  3. nemesis,

    yes two 120mms mortars were recovered. MI says there may be 3 more.

    We are unable to confirm on 12 barreled launcher. As you mentioned typical 107mm MBRLs do come with 12 barrels.

  4. Thanks DefenceNet,

    Hats off to you guys too for keeping this blog going.

  5. 120mm mortar launcher pix r here.

  6. Well done SLA.
    I hope they will keep the controle of Thoppi area this time onwards. However there are some critics say it's coslty to keep under SLA control. However there should be strategic plan to impliment asap to void any SLA losses. As par as I understood this time GOSL is going to have election soon. This is a good idea.
    People should know the difference between LTTE rerrorists & GOSL this is good chance to prove that.

  7. can someone pls confirm if our 2 SAAR 4 missile boats are operational or not? apparently there are major issues of serviceability,weapon system malfunction,etc.thats what happens when u buy 2nd hand israeli boats!!i supppose those gettin the commis wont mind a cent,anyway!!!they live in palaces wit parapet walls,so who cares?

  8. Well done boys.
    Even you are small country but doing very well over their.
    We are facing big Terrorist attack here. We will kill all terror including LTTE over here. We want to finish all Terrorist from UK.
    I am personally very happy about SL government Army how treacle such shit LTTE Terrorist.
    Best of Luck for SL Army and we will do same here as well

  9. Congrats to our boys and girls in the armed forces!

    Any news on the LTTE casualty numbers? Seems like they have done a runner again! If they have retreated, have the armed forces really closed all escape routes?

  10. Sri Lankan Commando is very powerfull and very high moral at the moment. I am very well proud their performance since they are intelligently attack to terrorist with our small damages.
    We will be wipe all kind of terrorist including LTTE from the UK and would like to see same result in Australia and USA as well.
    Now real combination in the SL Army. Very strong leadership with their forces is the winning strategy as i believe.
    UK is warning to all kind of terror and LTTE as well.
    LTTE is collecting so much money from UK and i want to stop all kind of money collecting programs with help of Australian government as well.

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  12. well done but we need to finish off the rest who fled to the west of thoppigala with 3 120mm arti mortars and 2 MBRLs.If anyone of these baberians were to be given any chance of escaping with thier weapons in tact, the whole advantage of this operation will be reduced!!

  13. What a Fantastic day!!.May the triple gem bless all our troops in whatever capacity they serve.I remember the time some members of the LTTE supporting diasphora were having dinner parties after a few LTTE child soldiers fired some rockets into an army camp and killed 100's of our troops(god bless all our troops).I hope the same LTTE diasphora are having dinner parties today.What a victory for all our citizens (Tamil,sinhala,muslim)today!!

  14. Whatever the LTTE might be, you have to admit that they have fallen back from Thoppigala in a very organised way. I just saw the 120mm mortars that were captured by the army, both of which have been disabled prior to their recovery. They left the area heavily mined to make progress difficult for the army, thus allowing the other LTTE cadres more time to retreat.

    I just keep thinking about the time when we lost EP and although we were overwhelmed by a force superior in numbers we still could have destroyed our ammo dumps and heavy weapons before retreating - I hate hindsight lol

  15. The way i see it now the govt can resettle many citizens of SL of all communities who have undergone immense suffering due to this conflict (this conflict=an LTTE immigration exercise).Well if you had 13 years any donkey can plant mines & organise a "phased" retreat" or haircut.I think today is going to be a "gloomy" day for simon gardner.

  16. I guess LTTE stratergy is to save thier man power, ammo and withdraw to jungles so that later hey can attack SLA in guarilla mode in the long run. In this way tigers can claim to their tamil disapoara and IC "we are still active in the east". So SLA need to eliminate all the tigers from these jungles; this will take time.

    Next thing is we need to open new fronts in wanni and jaffna and keep tigers busy. If we give them time, we are giving time for them to attack Jaffna or our areas next to wanni.

  17. some videos abt thoppigala

  18. Nemesis:

    I posted you a reply earlier in the earlier thread, but here it is in case you missed it:


    No fear there mate...i.e. about SLA leaving the Thoppi to allow LTTE infiltration again. No, that will not happen again. Earlier I talked to a a SLA "honcho" and the confirmation I got was that Thoppi will have certain "surgical" teams consisting of SLA "instructors" and xxxx xxxxxx (no, I don't need to mention it here as I am sure you get the drift) to assure that LTTE scum will never establish (sure, there will be those hit-and-run attacks, but never will they "establish" there) themselves in the EAST again!

    The EAST is gone and so has the LTTE feces-maggots' dream of "thamileelam" to be carved out of OUR motherland!

    Got to go...calls for a bloody good drink!

    OaO Asithri

  19. Asithri

    Thanks, Yes I'm sure the Army will do the needful.
    About the "xxxx xxxxxx" if they are who I think they are....they sure could use the Army Instructors!
    I don’t mean to be disrespectful of them, I appreciate what they do. But as time has shown they need to sharpen their skills and coordinate.

  20. What great news :)
    must've been a great moment for all those SLDF boys who fought for this...

    Can't SLAF UAV's spot those MBRL's ltte are moving around with???
    these gotta be truck mounted or at least jeep mounted right?
    Hopefully very soon we can takedown Nagesh and Jeyam with their heavy weapons in Toppi West

  21. ranil,

    The MBRLs do not necessarily have to be vehicular mounted, small MBRLs come with a wheeled chassis or tripod, thus enabling them to be towed or moved by people.

  22. It seems that Army has intensed security in Colombo as all most all the vehicles are being checked. Heavy traffic in everywhere

  23. There is a news line on defence net
    "LTTE has detonated a claymore targetting an army observation point in Neelchcheni"

  24. Hope there have been no damages to our brave soldiers

  25. What kind of donkey will say that the thoppigala operation is nothing.The bigger donkey is the sarong screwball in the background aimlessly screaming "jayawewa".Has not the population of our country had enough of this LTTE?.-sorry defencenet for the comment.

  26. It seems that some people have learnt nothing after 30 years of misery.

  27. There's news of a DPU/LRRP attack on a Tiger vehicle LAST EVENING in which a senior LTTE officer was killed. Any word on this?

  28. Casualties of Thoppigala offensive:

    SLA : 40 soldiers KIA (including commandos), 25 critically wounded and may never be able to return to battlefield.

    LTTE: 175 cadres killed and an unconfirmed number wounded.

    There are still about 100 -200 LTTE cadres scattered in the jungles west of Thoppigala so the battle is not over yet.

    It's not easy for UAVs to detect those MBRLs coz of dense tree cover in the jungle. Those MBRLS may not be truck mounted and are way smaller than army's RM-70.

    For the last two weeks LRRP has struck at least 5 targets in Wanni.
    We can confirm that a senior LTTE cadre (Lt. Colonel rank) and at least 4 other cadres (Tamil Eelam health personnel according to Tamilnet) were killed in one of them (The LRRP team that coordinated this attack was not part of 3SF).
    Other DPU attacks may or may not have been successful.

  29.;_ylt=AmkPQMtPONUtX7UDofQNgDkZO7gF-Can someone please tell me how reuters is getting hold of these photos?

  30. buscan someone pls confirm if our 2 SLN SAAR 4 missile boats are operational or not? apparently there are major issues of serviceability,weapon system malfunction,etc.thats what happens when u buy 2nd hand israeli boats!!i supppose those gettin the commis wont mind a cent,anyway!!!they live in palaces wit parapet walls,so who cares?

  31. Srilankan
    It's from reporter who is in East at the moment. I will let you know if he gives me permission to give his name.

  32. The AP pic is credited to Gemunu Amarasinghe.


    [His friend and colleague Lieutenant Colonel Tamil Vanan was one of three Tiger fighters killed a day earlier by a roadside bomb ambush inside rebel territory. The insurgents blame army troops using their own guerrilla tactics against them.]


    This confirms your previous report..

    Thank you for your efforts..

    Give our regards to all those brave sons of the soil..

  34. Thanks lankaputra. what i am worried about is this guy showing pics of the MBRL-assuming that they are stationary.Can the LTTE look at these pics and guess where the launchers are?.

  35. DefenceNet,

    There is a new story in TamilNet about a crash landed K-fir due to LTTE AA fire. Also there is a reference to their previous fantasy shooting down of a Mig. Luckily, the Kfir has landed on SLA side and some parts shown in photos were left behind in LTTE side. Is there any grain of truth to this story?

  36. defencenet is ther any truth about this fantasy story poor fellows are trying hard to give some consolation news to their tax payers abroad I guess.
    Looking at the parts of the so called crash landed air craft in tamilnut, there are lot of questions about their credibility. and just imagine can the ground based CANON fire hit a supersonic jet flying over 2000km/h (sure a heat seeking missile can)
    Think that tamilnet is loosing its credibility rapidly thus becoming a story like Alice in Wonderland......he he

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  38. lol those pics on Tamilnet.....they don't look like aircraft parts at all. And I highly doubt that their AA guns can hit our supersonic aircraft.....I mean we have trouble shooting down their crop dusters so how exactly can their similar AA guns shoot down jets that are like a 10x faster? I think this is another sham by bullshitnet.

  39. sf admirer, I don't know if the story is true or not.

    But anti-aircraft guns use 35mm cannon shells. Low flying aircraft in other theatres of war have been brought down by .303 rifle fire. Cannon shells can and have shot down supersonic jets before. It is not impossible.

    That doesn't mean I believe the story on Tamilnet. They are desperate for something .. anything to distract from the LTTE ass kicking at the hands of the army in the past few weeks.

  40. Yes whats this about a Kfir being downed? The pics shows green parts, for a fact I know none of the Air Force Kfirs are in green or camo colours. All them are in a grey colour scheme. I think the tigers must have crashed one of their own planes. And from what I know about Air Force tactics, the Kfirs are used for high altitude bombing. There is no way an AA cannon can fire at a Kfir flying at 20k feet.

  41. Can someone tell me in SLA in average how many LMG's are issued for a group of soldiers on patrol?

    It seems that LTTE is using more LMGs densly than SLA.

    LMG can provide great cover compared to a T-56 and what I believe is that in direct confrontations, SLA loses on many occasions because of higher fire power of LTTE LMGs.

    Is this true?

  42. We need to wait for Defencenet's comments about the possibility of a Kfir making a crash landing.Considering the age of the planes i am hardly surprised.I am no aeronautical engineer but the biggest problem these planes have is "material fatigue" due to flying at high speeds for a long time-F(Time,Speed).After this is over we need to equip our forces with new equipment in the course of time suitable to smash an LTTE uprising in the future.

  43. defencenet

    where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?

  44. According to our information no SLAF aircraft has been damaged/crash landed today.

  45. Sinhala media reports DPU attack in Mulathiv and Lt.Cl. ranked tiger was among the dead. This is in addtion to "health personal" attack.
    Tamilnet pics seems very bogus even to me who don't know any thing about parts of jets.

  46. Anyway 'Kfir crash landing news' has given some releif tothe BBC after the disturbing news from thoppigala.

  47. Magnet... take a pill n' chill OK ! Need get the Whole picture here not assume !Check & punch kfir C-1 maybe someone can ID the parts seen on Tnet.One photo looks like the Bomb rack and another the brake parachute cone aft above exhaust. But, the photo of pod
    ( not nose cone ) confusing cuz, Kfir doesnt carry built in pods only fuel pods. The green paint well, that's primer to protect the metal usually it's yellow but,here it's green ! Wait few days folks and Well get it ! Why does Tnet still claim the loss of Mig 27 in May ?

  48. This "kfir parts" are for the benefit of the memebers of the tamil diasphora supporting the LTTE.

  49. People, People, People - Please!

    Calm down...take a deep breath...exhale...aha, doesn't that feel better? I am not into Yoga here and in any case, don’t do a headstand if you are wearing a skirt!

    No Kfir has been hit – no ifs and buts! I talked to "someone" in SLAF and he (one day soon when we have popped all the feces-maggots I will reveal who he is, but not now for obvious reasons) laughed at even the question.

    Kfirs are not low-altitude bombers and they cannot be brought down by your garden variety AA fire. However, when they are taking off and coming in for the landing, it is possible to hit them with regular AA fire as they, naturally, are at low altitude. In the war theatre, I am told that the pilots have strict operational codes and protocols that they have to follow, which preclude them from coming into low altitude without “override” from SLAF tactical command that they in contact all the way. Flying a Kfir or a MIG is not the same as flying a crop-duster!

    I guess some LTTE mf’s smoked too much of Ganja (you know they cultivate that stuff widely as a cash-crop, but I guess some buggers do sneak in and puff a few joints at leisure now and then, especially as they are deprived of the natural body-wants – well, except of course for the Fat Black Ugly Pig who is reported to have a harem of “newly minted” virgins from the LTTE female camps!) and when they saw the anti-missile flares coming out of the Kfir, in their doped state they thought they had hit it! Then the propaganda maggots just went and picked up some scarp metal and presented them (after a quick spray paint job!) to say here are the remains of the Kfir.

    After all, why not pull a cheap trick like this if it helps to assure that the Tamil Diaspora money will keep coming in? After all, the loss of East is a huge blow! The Fat Black Ugly Pig promised “thamileelam” years ago!

    LMSSAO! :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  50. SLAF Kfir crashlands after anti aircraft fire - LTTE
    [TamilNet, Thursday, 12 July 2007, 12:47 GMT]

    LTTE: Sri Lankan MIG-27 jet fighter shot down
    [TamilNet, Monday, 30 April 2007, 14:38 GMT]

    Kfir bomb explodes under loading, 4 airmen wounded in Katunayake airbase
    [TamilNet, Sunday, 08 July 2007, 11:37 GMT] ("Intial reports said the bomber aircraft, preparing for its mission on Kudumpimalai jungles in Batticaloa district, was damaged in the mishap and another fighter jet parked in the airbase was also sustained damage due to the mpact of the blast.")

    ******Hey guys, Do we have any more supersonic jets left.........???, According to Tnet there shouldn't be many left........

    :)) :))

  51. I am copying this article from LNP as I do not know if the link will last. I believe this is a well written and balanced article. Suprisingly it has only 2 comments.

    Thoppigala through political glasses

    The government is gung-ho and the Tigers are licking their wounds in the aftermath of the fiercely fought battle for Thoppigala. It is, however, a matter for happiness that the government has, as we reported yesterday quoting sources close to President Mahinda Rajapaksa, said its crucial military victory will not stand in the way of the on-going efforts to evolve a political solution.

    Government propagandists are all out to make a political Himalaya of Thoppigala while the Opposition claims the government has nothing to crow about as that terrain is of little strategic importance. It is trying to bolster its claim with opinions expressed by retired Indian generals, who led the IPKF operations against the Tigers in the late 1980s. The real war, it claims, should be fought not in the East but in the North, where the LTTE is strong.

    Military strategies of the present-day political leaders smack of policy U-turns on the part of their parties. President D. B. Wijetunga, to whom appeasement was anathema, upon being inducted as President Premadasa`s successor, launched a military campaign in the East in 1993, in keeping with his policy that defeating the LTTE was contingent upon the clearing of that province. Military experts of his government boasted that they were driving the LTTE from the East and cornering them in the North `like water poured into a funnel`. Their position was that the weakest link of the LTTE had to be attacked first of all! Ably assisting President Wijetunga in his war effort was his Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who used to even chair Security Council meetings at that time.

    President Wijetunga managed to achieve his military objectives to a considerable extent and held Local Government elections in the East. Maj. General Lucky Algama was instrumental in making that project a success and openly advocated that weakening the LTTE militarily was a prerequisite for resolving the conflict. That was why the LTTE killed him in 1999 at a UNP meeting on the day when it made an abortive attempt on President Kumaratunga`s life at the Town Hall ground. It obviously wanted to effect a regime change without Algama, who was tipped to be Secretary of Defence under a UNP government. (The claymore mine attack on Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is also evidence that the LTTE goes all out to prevent battle hardened soldiers from functioning as Defence Secretaries.)

    President Kumaratunga stood the UNP`s military strategy on its head and pulled out troops from the East to take Jaffna back. The PA government believed it was not `the tail of the Tiger but its head` that had to be attacked. Hence, its decision to launch Operation Riviresa, which it justified on the grounds that the LTTE had already put infrastructure of a de facto separate state in place and UDI was only a matter of time, with Jaffna under its control.

    Here is what the then Minister Mangala Samaraweera, who was a trusted lieutenant of President Kumaratunga had to say about the situation that had prevailed in 1994/95, in an exclusive interview with The Island (Aug. 11, 1997): `That was a very serious matter. One of the so-called Eelam stamps had even been registered with the London-based International Philatelic Bureau. The danger was that the registration of that stamp was tantamount to recognition by that institution of Eelam as a separate state. For, only states can issue stamps!`

    President Kumaratunga, however, found herself in a contradiction. She publicly admitted that she had offered the North to the LTTE in 1994 without elections for a period of ten years. The LTTE had rejected the offer as it wanted the Eastern Province as well. Later she went to war with the LTTE to wrest control of the very province that she had offered to the outfit on a platter. She also tried to achieve that feat at the expense of the Eastern Province that she had refused to grant to the LTTE. Intriguing, eh?

    What is of greater significance is how the SLFP and the UNP have changed their positions on the war effort. The SLFP-led UPFA now believes the East has to be cleared first of all, though it is not seeking to do so at the expense of the North. The UNP, which wanted to strike at the `weakest link` of the LTTE?the East?at one time, is pooh-poohing the government`s successful military campaign in that province. The SLFP dissidents loyal to former President Kumaratunga, who offered the North to the LTTE like?to borrow a word from her political lexicon?a bibikkama (a kind inexpensive cake) are now stressing the strategic importance of that province. The UNP dissidents who were bitter critics of President Rajapakse`s military strategy are now full of praise for it.

    Interestingly, for the first time since the inception of war, a government is in control of Jaffna and the Eastern Province, the be-all and end-all of Eelam, at the same time. The present military strategy appears to be a cross between those of the SLFP and the UNP. But, strangely there is no convergence of interests or views of the two parties.

    Sadly, political interests of some leaders have taken ascendancy over national security and it is natural that Thoppigala is being viewed through political glasses!

  52. I see alot of comments on tamilnet reporting here and in LNP. I would like to remind people that when they first reported that Pallai was rocketed by their airplanes. It was laughed off but it was later true. Hence we should not underestimate the news though its pro LTTE. However at the same junction we should also not fully buy in to it. There is a possibility of LTTE fire or plane misfunction which they have used to their advantage.

    Another comment I see on LNP is about TamilSelvans threat to hit economic targets. People have commented that the LTTE is desperate after losing the east. In regards it does carry weight. However I see that the LTTE is using the loss of the east to legitimise their attacks on economic targets.

    Its a costly affair to hold onto the east. There is a need for another 50 000 armed personnel for the east. With a already drained economy, its a further burden. Hence a celeberation is necessary for boosting the morale of the soldiers and their families.

    Extravangence and emphasis by individuals who themselves nor their families were involved in the fight for the east to boost their chances in comming elections is disgraceful and wasteful.

  53. "I would like to remind people that when they first reported that Pallai was rocketed by their airplanes. It was laughed off but it was later true."

    This was never true. No aircraft rocketed palaly base that night. However LTTE's possession of air power was later proved through attacks on Colombo and KAB.

  54. Dear David & Defencenet what are the chances of us permanently holding on to thoppi in the future?

  55. Navindran
    TAF has so far not used rockets on anything to my knowledge... Please correct me if i'm wrong :)
    they have only used gravity bombs...

    Fall of east will definitely be used for political mileage also but if anyone says that it doesn't have "significant" military advantages are talking about things that they don't know of...
    It's sad to see stupid politicians making statement undermining the military gains made by our brave forces...
    I'm sure almost everyone here knows what a bad hit to ltte to loose east.

  56. SL...sorry to jump in...but i believe those areas were "liberated" to be held. I doubt that i would be "held" the conventional way but it will not be given back to ltte :)
    Karuna faction can play a major role to secure this area and maybe gosl can get new recruits from those areas to keep things i tab

  57. Hey guys,
    See this article?

  58. Your welcome Ranil.Karuna should be convinced that infighting at this time is a very bad idea for our people in the east.Exactly what VP is waiting for.

  59. These fellows Peter Apps and Simon gardner are the worst of the filth in this world.the other guy Roland buerk?is different.Consider what the americans will do if these guys tried bad mouthing their forces in IRAQ/Afganistan.

  60. Defencenet, I might want to disagree with you on the rocketted part. I do believe that the LTTE had used their aircraft to rocket the bases. However the rocket attack was a failure in terms of hitting the targets. Hence the intial reports were played down. Their military spokesman Rasiah did higlight that they will use airmen. I do not think it was a freudian slip.

    A rocket can be as simple as a RPG mounted on the plane. The LTTE has possesed some land base shoulder fired rocket systems. Its not too difficult like they did for the gravity bombs to fix a release mechanism for the rockets.

    However land based rocket systems are not as effective on planes with also a limited load capacity. Hence a RPG for example fired from the bottom of the wing of an aircraft would not been as accurate and maybe not have the meat as if it was fired from the land.

    They have found that gravity based bombs are more accurate. However in the case of the SLAF with more precision boms, they still do not always hit their target. I guess the co-pilot for the LTTE is their bomadier.

  61. SRI LANKA: Disabled veterans battle high cost of prosthetics, unemployment

    I am not sure if you guys were refering to this article. However I believe I have higlighted this and if you are well to do or an employer, do find it in your heart to help them and their family. Ajob goes a long way and its a more dignified solution for them.

  62. Hi,
    The pictures were taken from an AC130 Specter gunship two and a half miles away! The guys in the picture are setting up a roadside bomb and planning to ambush an American convoy which followed a short while after the pictures were taken. They were setting up for the ambush and were pacing off the distance from the bomb to where the convoy was to pass by.

    check tis link.

  63. SL, holding Toppigala doesn't mean that the army will set up a base on the mountain or nearby. What they need to do is be able to dominate the area fully, and make it inhospitable for the LTTE. This can be done in a variety of ways through regular patrolling, air operations, and even training ops in the area. A bit like the US did in Vietnam's Rung Sat Special zone.

    Also, there's plenty of bad-mouthing of US troops too, so it's not just here. The way to use the media is to counter bad publicity with the truth and use propoganda, not shut up the media like our buggers are trying.

    Navindran, regardless of the ease or difficulty of mounting rockets on light aircraft, the Tigers have so far not used air-to-surface rockets in combat, at Palaly or elsewhere.

    And far from bombs being more accurate than rockets, as far as the Tigers are concerned neither have been very accurate since they've missed all their targets. The only success their planes have had was the shooting down of the UAV last October.

  64. pls can somone tell me how to access tamilnet,coz its still blocked!!

  65. What kind of donkey will say that the thoppigala operation is nothing.The bigger donkey is the sarong screwball in the background aimlessly screaming "jayawewa".

    Don't mean to get political, but hope our people will remember this betrayal next election.

  66. Hey rifard,

    I use the sites below that were posted on Defencenet before. All you have to do is type in the address of the site you want and press 'Begin Browsing'.

  67. Hey did anyone of you have any news about the 2 MBRLs that were reported in the toppigala front. Army has surrounded toppigala and said to have a complete control and if so is there any possibility for them to run to wanni having these wepoans with them.
    Lanka e news link


    People who make such statements should be invited to take part in the first wave of next army offensive. What kind of a S.O.B. is this?

  69. LSTower-Making this kiriella goon part of the firstwave is not a good idea because he will betray the army when a 10yr old LTTE cadre holds a knife to his Ba**s.

  70. Just reminds me how brave the captured army troops in the recent Muhamalai war were.

  71. By the way a cemetry of those tiger cadres who performed a "phased retreat" has been found in thoppigala.

  72. they were compelled to make a "phased retreat" directly into the ground.In hindsight the best place for them

  73. IF these claims are false who is going to stop this pig from insulting the army?

  74. The best way to hurt this guy is start investigating his finances-I assume he loves money more than anything else in the world?.But this cannot be done till the war is won and the LTTE decimated because it will open a can of worms-and the president cant fight on 2 fronts.I have a feeling some politicians are seriously scared that the army will win because then the president will start investigating some politicians because i think he is waiting to clean up.

  75. hey anybody know where Major General Janaka perera is?

    we need to use him for upcoming operations, he is the best commander after General kobbekaduwa

  76. I just remembered how these LTTE cadres killed a child.they shot him and while he was dying a dirty black faced LTTE female pig urinated into his mouth.We must never ever forget.

  77. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  78. The international media gave a vast publicity to Thamil Selvan ; "Our targets would be in the future major military and economic structures of the government of Sri Lanka". This means like, the tigers did nothing so far to attack our economic and military targets and now only they are going to do that just becuz they lost the east. This is justifying future terror attacks in advance. This is clever pshycological/propaganda operation. Our "spoksmen" need to learn from tigers how to answer to the media.

    If the SLA commanders are going to answer UNP's and Kiriella's questions they will not have time to fight a war. Since the war is the only thing present government doing right it's the only thing UNP wants to go bad to claim power for next election. (People are still happy about the government thanks to the military victories, despite the COL.) So the UNP needs the moral of SLA go down, military defetas, bombs in Colombo etc. But I believe the moral of our soldiers is some thing not going down by some thing like the mouth of Kiriella. Even if SLA gets Kilinochchi and heavy whepons Sripathi and Kiriella will say this is a jungle, this is by a secret pact, this is by giving money to tigers etc.


    BTW, Anyone knows what kind of stuff is that tamilnet shows as parts of Kfirs. IF they are really the parts of jets and IF the pics are genuine that means what??? (Again, I know nothing about jets and pics seem bogus.)

  79. Defeat In The East
    July 13, 2007: In response to the lost of their eastern territory, which was about half the area controlled by the rebels, the LTTE said it would now concentrate attacks on economic targets, using its terrorist skills to cripple the national economy. There has been an increase in terrorist type attacks in the north, and the LTTE is apparently trying to goad the army and police into attacking the Tamil population around the capital and elsewhere on the island, to make these Tamils more willing to support LTTE terrorist operations. This shift to an emphasis on terrorist operations indicates that the LTTE is unsure of its ability to hang on in the north.

    July 12, 2007: The government declared the LTTE defeated in the eastern part of the island country. The armed forces would now move most of their forces north, to take on the main LTTE force. This was a big boost for morale in the military, which had suffered many major defeats while fighting the LTTE in the past.

    July 11, 2007: In the east, the last major LTTE base was captured. The LTTE said it would continue waging a guerilla war in the east.

    July 10, 2007: In Australia, the LTTE's top fund raiser was arrested and accused of fraud, and belonging to a terrorist organization.

    July 9, 2007: In the east, troops continued clearing out the last major concentration of LTTE fighters, hunting for about 200 of them believed to be in the area of Thoppigala. Nearly 500 LTTE fighters have been killed in the east in the last five months.

    July 8, 2007: Off the north coast, the navy intercepted a group of LTTE boats, and drove them off. Three navy boats were damaged, and at least two LTTE rebels were killed. On land in the north, fighting continued outside Trincomalee.

    July 7, 2007: In the east, at least twenty were killed (12 LTTE and eight soldiers) as troops advanced on the last major LTTE base in the east. In the north, troops fought the LTTE outside the major port of Trincomalee, killing three rebels.

    July 6, 2007: Troops advanced in the east, closing in on the last major LTTE base in the area. Air force jets bombed known LTTE locations.

  80. Defencenet/other experts,
    While we celebrate the victory in the East, what is your assessment of readiness to face future air attacks for a LTTE morale boost?
    There were rumors of purchasing Mig29s, that seems to have died down. Has the SLAF looked at retrofitting the Migs/KFIRs or even the older aircraft (Pucaras, etc) for look-down-shoot-down and other air combat capabilities? Pucaras were used to shoot down British helicopters during the Falklands war, so it is a possibility.

  81. Lankapura:

    [What kind of donkey will say that the thoppigala operation is nothing.The bigger donkey is the sarong screwball in the background aimlessly screaming "jayawewa".]

    [Don't mean to get political, but hope our people will remember this betrayal next election.]

    Brother, here's something we both agree on! This bloody traitor of a MF, Ranil W, will one day pay the price, more than losing the PE or the GE, for insulting our brave heroes!

    This bloody mama's boy pansy from Colombo 7, is always denigrating the Sinhela Buddhist majority at the expense of pandering to the terrorist Tamils and he thinks he has gotten away with almost having given 1/2 of our Motherland to the LTTE scum (saved only by CBK's timely intervention - prior to CBK herself going insane with the flipping P-TOMS fiasco!)

    As Lankapura said, I too don't mean to get "political" here as I hold no political affiliations, but this is an undeniable politico-military fact (how Ranil and his cronies denigrate our brave SLDF boys' achievements for cheap political gain!).

    OaO Asithri

  82. Dnet,

    what was the sound continuesly came from Colombo harbor this morning?

  83. b#1...
    yeah yeah i also heard what seemed like heavy calibre weapon firing but not at such higher frequency...
    probably a Bofors gun...
    It was around 6-7am right???
    DefNet might have more info

  84. Tiger aircraft flies over Trincomalee!

    (14th July 2007 - 09:00 S.L.T)

    A light air craft belonging to tiger organization flew over the northern coastal area in Trincomalee say reports. This has been confirmed by radar and the S.L. Navy too has observed the air craft say these reports. Several civilians too have reported seeing the air craft.

    The aircraft had flown to northern coastal area in Trincomalee and then had flown towards Pulmude.

    Security sections say the flight may have been a training exercise of the tigers. However, security has been tightened to meet any eventuality say security sources. owever, However

  85. david niether did i cliam they used air to surface systems or their bombs were accurate. All i mentioned id that they probabily used some land based rocket sytem which probabily failed.

  86. Did anyone bother to shoot the aircraft? even with simple gunfire?.I think machine guns have a range of say 60 meteres-too short a range?.How about a sniper firing at it?

  87. defence net anything new abt today morning battle which was going on Mannar. i heard LTTE had big casualties .

  88. defence net anything new abt today morning battle which was going on Mannar. i heard LTTE had big casualties .

  89. I hope the forces dont spread themselves too "thinly".It could be a trap.

  90. LTTE casualty details are unconfirmed at the moment. 12 soldiers were wounded and one killed in the mortar attack.

  91. navindran, there's no evidence of ANY sort of rocket system being used on Tiger aircraft. No eye witness or ballistic evidence. Only LTTE claims.

  92. Navindran,
    We can assure you that not even a failed rocket attack (at least no rocket fell into Palaly base premises) occured back then.

    However the sound of a fixed engine aircraft (which may or may not have belonged to SLAF) was heard and the source of the sound is a mystery as of today.

  93. David, Defencenet, Thanks for the clarification. I was making an educated guess. Guess it was not right.

  94. This morning sound was from flying jets over colombo for rehersal - ceremony for Thoppigala

    source: Reuters


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