Friday, July 6, 2007

LTTE artillery hits SLA positions : Thoppigala

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fired their long range artillery at army positions in Narakamulla north today, killing at least 6 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) personnel. The positions shelled were areas recently captured by the SLA. Five soldiers and one army Major were killed in the incident.

Following the army's advance, LTTE had moved their long range weapons including mortars and MBRLs to a location west of Thoppigala. LTTE is known to operate at least 2 6-barreled Multiple Rocket Launchers and at least 4 120MM Mortar launchers in the eastern province. 120MM mortars (nicknamed 'arti mortar') have a range of 7-10KM and the mortar shell is known to inflict heavy splash damage on impact.


  1. The LTTE is cornered to a small area. Some are fleeing in pockets. I believe infantry is deployed to tackle running LTTE carders. The best strategy the LTTE will use here is escaping as small pockets. The Army has a tough time with the alien terrain.

  2. defencenet,yesterdy i saw footage on tv showing a completely difrent model of MBRL the SLA was using in the was a six-wheeled model.i understand the RM71 is an the pakistani model 7 if so could someone shed light on the model.definitely looked like a refined GRAD 21 russian MBRL!!

  3. I guess to hit so accurately the LTTE must have forward observers working around there close by? I guess even within now SLA controlled areas.

  4. recently I saw a video done by the media unit of the SL army in the thoppligala front.There were lot of tiger bodies scattered and there were scenes of soldiers unloading bodies of tigers KIA from a tractor.Seemed that the tigers had taken a major blow.But not a single website linked to the SL defense has posted any information about these attacks and the severe losses that LTTE has faced. Most of the people in the south are not aware of this and even politicians claim that SL army has been trapped in toppigala.
    Defencenet, Why is this happening.Why the army is covering the LTTE's losses? Is this because of any stuff related to Human rights violations?

  5. Hello MBRl-can you please post a link to that video.

  6. srilankan, I was able to have a look of that video thanks to one of my close friends in SL army. Its not published as an online resource.

  7. The way these tigers are getting away with their heavy weapons is becoming a joke.I can hardly complain because i am not a soldier fighting for the country on the front line sacrificing mylife.David what can be done to destroy these weapons

  8. O.K thanks MBRL.It is actually NOT a good idea to release it on defensenet.This is because it is better to portray the "injured party" to IC.Something to do with this "fair play" bullshit.IC=some fat bitch/bastard with a mug of tea waiting till 1700 hrs to get home to her family.Please forgive my comments this morning defensenet.By the way does anyone know who "mr Brown" on sirlankanewspapers is?

  9. this is exactly what some reporter said about LTTE units a few days ago in the daily news i think

  10. mbrl,
    Army is not covering LTTE losses. The bodies in video were of the 30 KIA on Narakamulla battle. Although the news of 30 KIA was published on many news sources, the video footage was not released fearing 'international concerns'
    (make no mistake army did nothing wrong in the battle. But you know how biased the IC is; foreign news agencies such as BBC could air bodies being unloaded from a truck and compare Sri Lanka to yet another Iraq (as they have done many times in the past)).

    But even without IC pressure, not all SLA operation videos are released to public. There are many videos which can cause threats to the lives of commanders if they are ever released to the public.

  11. DefenceNet,

    I saw the yesterday's article about the Big ship in Lakbima.Can't we destroy the ship before LTTE try to do something from it?

    Otherwise we will have to buy torpedoes also one day?

  12. srilankan,

    Following is Mr Brown's contact info as in domain registration.

    Viran Brown
    No 54 Pagoda Road
    Colombo, Sri Lanka

  13. rifard,
    It's a Czech built GRAD variant. Other than those and RM-70, SLA owns few older Pakistani MBRLs as well.

    Ship cannot be bombed coz the company which owns it has made an official request to help recover it.
    Bombing the ship now could cause diplomatic problems. But MI has the ship under microscope and if LTTE tries anything funny it will be bombed.

    Let's hope it wont be too late.

  14. rifard....Denet is correct that's a Pakistani MBRL cuz, RM 70 are 8 wheelers ! That ship has all inds f toys for the Ltte to play with those buggers know Lloyds of London will get after the GOSL if they bomb it on the beach but,if it sails with offensive capabilities it's fair game !Gen.Fonseka said ltte might have 20 120mm guns ? Correct ?

  15. Thanks conspiracytheory.I was curious because his selection of articles for opinion were slightly "one sided".

  16. Have the CFA to thank for letting them get more artillery guns.

    Don't know if this is accurate:
    4 Billion Pounds! That is about 10% of Sri Lanka's GDP - imagine what that can buy.

    Have to be thankful that a few weapons ships were destroyed by the navy.

  17. LTTE will use the beached FARAH 111's RADAR...

    Wouldn't they?

  18. tangara,
    They seem to had dismantled the radar from the ship.

  19. yes LST is correct the radar was removed immediately after the capture of the ship.

  20. If my eyes correct that MBRL is Chinese Type 81.

  21. DefNet,

    Your earlier point is correct per my info too from the SLA brass...

    Although most LTTE losses are videoed, they are seldom released to the public. GOSL is cognizant of a adverse PR in IC if it releases too many of these as basically, the pics show dead bodies of teenagers/children (often girls) and not your typical grown up, men. After the Sampoor/Mutur/ etc. MCNS did release some pics and I am told some criticism did come back to GOSL from various quarters...however, GOSL is still has not censoring them altogether, but evidently has toned down.

    Speaking of such LTTE disasters, just last night an ambush on the LTTE in ThoppiG had worked brilliantly and basically the carcass-maggots got massacred. Today they have found 15 dead bodies and one of the SLA commanders said:

    "We have found the remains of 15 dead Tigers, but some of the bodies are in pieces ... so there could be more."

    WoW! As my buddy Jiffy says, I loveeeee it! This is a handsome return for the killing of our 6 heroes with mortar-arty the day before. Not sure if our RM70/71 MBRL babies did the pulverizing, but something certainly made hamburger-meat out of the rascals. Now, one can understand why MCNS would not want to release a video of this finding!!!

    Now before some self-righteous dude here tells me to not gloat over these "war kills" and "tone down" my "rhetoric," (yes, there are self -appointed censors of this blog; this is infuriating as such censorship right should be held by "Defencenet" only!) let me go on the pre-emptive and tell that NO, I don't gloat over human beings getting killed. However, these are not human human being will take an infant by the legs and smash the infant's skull on a tree trunk in front of the weeping mother and then hack the mother with an axe/sword and leave her to bleed to death (as LTTE has done on many of raids on those poor farming Sinhela villages in the east).

    Go SLDF boyz, go wipe this scum off the surface of our soil and this planet as they have no right to LIFE!

    OaO Asithri

  22. Asithri,
    Yes mate this is the plain truth that I also can't understand.These scarecrows cannot be categorized as human beings and they needed to be dealt seriously. I am shamed of the dual standards that the IC and the human rights organizations keep.They are so tight lipped when LTTE is conducting ethnic clensing activites.WHen some of our soldiers who were captured in muhamalai debacle were hacked to death against all the international regulations, nothing was said about that.

  23. "I am shamed of the dual standards that the IC and the human rights organizations keep.They are so tight lipped when LTTE is conducting ethnic clensing activites."

    True, but it is our own government's fault for not being able to match the LTTE's PR machine. Those who wanted to do something formed organizations to lobby foreign governments - and we are seeing the results now.

    On the other hand we have clowns such as this group (with very indo-aryan names) lobbying to stop 'ethnic cleansing' by the government.
    (only accessible to facebook members -
    please join and tell them where to go.)

  24. Side effect & Defencenet,

    Yes man, That MBRL sure did look like the Type-81 Chinese MBRL.

    are you sure its a Czech made MBRL?

    Well at least the truck looked like a Chinese SX2150 six by six wheeler!
    Maybe it was exported to Pakistan and they gave it to us?

    Doesn’t really matter as long as we give living hell to the LTTE!


    I saw a Navy FAC on the front page of the Observer. It looked like the front gun was a twin... do you know what it is?
    I read that the navy ordered 50 14.5mm twins, but some time back the navy had got some twin 23mm cannons. Which could it be?


  25. any possibility of the FACs having 30 mm guns yet? This was a much debated topic for years and are we still unable to fit these precious FACs with these heave guns?
    BTW, in the last major sea battle SL navy has fired rockets from their crafts but seeing most of the FAC pics I cant see any launcher tubes.


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