Sunday, July 1, 2007

LRRP attack hits LTTE escort

Sri Lanka Army's deep penetration unit detonated a claymore mine targeting a senior LTTE leader's escort last week. The target of this LRRP attack was a senior leader of the LTTE; Colonel Bhanu. 3 senior LTTE cadres were killed in this incident but Bhanu is said to have escaped unharmed.

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) detonated a claymore mine deep inside LTTE controlled area north of Mannar targeting the LTTE convoy. Bhanu's double cab which got caught in the explosion was completely destroyed. However the primary target was not in the vehicle when the explosion occurred. 3 senior LTTE cadres who were traveling in the double can were killed instantly.

LRRP consists of highly trained soldiers of the 3rd Special Forces regiment (3SF). Successful Long Range Surveillance (LRS) and Deep Penetration Unit (DPU) missions carried out in the recent times have caused panic in LTTE ranks with LTTE leadership limiting public appearances.


  1. More we kill them.. more we gain..brilliant..good work DPU

  2. If this is state terrorism, I'm with the state terrorists.

  3. This is exactly what the SLS should do..Target the leadership and the LTTE will die a natural death.

  4. Hats off to the LRRP Boys,

    Great job, make uncle prabha shit in his pants!!
    and then take him out :)

  5. good work give them fear and the heat of death. GIve them the fear of death that they gave the fellow sri lankans (Specially SInhaleese and Muslims)
    Attack is the best way of Defence.

  6. MBRl,

    well put man. We should drive fear in to them! Phy OPs pays off well!

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  8. Aha well, the carcass-maggot Bhanu must be mad now...he just missed a grand opportunity to become a revered "maveerar" to this grand cause (a lost cause, but he does not know it!)

    Aha, Bhanu the maggot, keep going about and do not despair...better luck next time as the SLA SF (3SF) will make sure that the next claymore will be right under you’re your seat! Aha, this is so despicable…I love it!

    Bhanu the scumbag and his fat Pol-Pot master appear to have underestimated the will of Sinhela youth to fight and preserve the sovereignty and independence of Sri Lanka, which the Sinhela youth have done for 2400 years! These carcass-maggots cannot realize that if we had been a weak race, today we should be a part of India, more putridly, a part of South India’s Dravida dominance. No, the Indo-Arya warrior blood in our Sinhela youth will see to it that we remain free from the South Indian machinations take over our land for another 2500 years if that’s what it takes!

    Bravo LRRP/DPU heroes! Go get them terrorist maggots at your own leisure! Happy Claymoreing!


    OaO Asithri

  9. Hey defence net what is the exact target of these 1000kg bombs.
    I think this is the ideal illustration of western duplicity on terrorism.when our forces discover such a lethal bomb it doesnt get any publicity at all whereas primitive bombs discovered in london gets hours and hours of tv analysis. BBC has once again proved their media impartiality by not even mentioning this in their so called BBC SINHALA web site.

  10. n300,
    It looks like the truck was to be exploded in Trico, not in Colombo. Sometimes security briefings are held in Trinco of which the senior commanders of the army take part in. Given the bomb's large impact radius, LTTE could have detonated the lorry close to one of these meetings to deliver a deathblow to SLA.

    On the other side, the target could have been a set of politicians who tour the area. Investigations are still going on and the current details are a little foggy.

  11. Defencenet,

    Has SLA established the IDs of the three senior LTTE reached the maveer status?

  12. The brave LRRP did not kill anyone.According to a senior barber in the LTTE hierarchy they performed a phased retreat but this time into the ground.

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  14. First of all I just want to start things off by congratulating the LRRP boys for their amazing work. Furthermore, the best of luck for any future operations.

    Secondly, I want to ask the members who live in Sri Lanka at the moment about an ITN news report on June 30th about the London bombings. The report implied that there was some connection between the London bombings and the arrest of the senior LTTE members in that country. I thought that this was a highly misleading report because it is highly unlikely that the LTTE would be involved in something like this, despite the fact that they are notorious for such attacks in our motherland. The magnitude of misinformation being propagated by the government to the local Sri Lankan electorate has reached alarming levels since of late! These bombings are more likely to be as a response to the recent Knighthood awarded to the Salman Rushdie or the fact that a new government was in power after the resignation of Tony Blair.

  15. oshada..What do u think winston churchill(we will fight on the beaches..we will fight in every ladies dressing room..never surrender to the naaziees)would have done if the british press behaved the same way SOME MEMBERS of the SL press are behaving now during the battle of britain?.This is our battle for a united Srilanka.

  16. My god considering the attitude(s) of the LTTE "keyboard" worriers on the Govt needs the support of every Srilankan possible.It is amazing considering this LTTE "international menace" that some reporters keep publishing unpatriotic junk trying to demoralise the security forces who are sacrificing their lives to protect the population.

  17. Well done DPU. Our prayers are with you guys always.Long life to you boys. Keep up fighting terrorist with terror tactics.That is the only way. I am ashamed of the present indian leadership. Madam Sonia Gandhi S husband Rajiv was killed by this Fat terror uncle devil incarnated Praba and they are proving to b so impotent by allowing him to live in peace. Shame on our mighty neighbour India. Y dont they atleast help our forces covertly by sending some of their black cats to join our DPU lions so that they can slowly but surely decimate the terror outfit leaders.

  18. Gentlemen any truth about the following report?

  19. I am a bit confused as this DPU attack has not appeared in any other sites. Anyhow love to believe that the encounter did take place and what is claimed is Koran truth. In Sri Lanka what stands between Peace and prosperity for all communities is the terror outfit LTTE and if we can make arrangements for Fat terror supremo to go to his rightful place which is HELL 20 million Sri Lankans will have a place which will again be called a paradise.

  20. "I am a bit confused as this DPU attack has not appeared in any other sites."

    There is no need to be confused. These attacks are never acknowledged by the govt or LTTE (LTTE sometimes admit these in the form of civilian casualties). This is because LRRP is a shadowy part of the forces. Everyone knows its there but no one speaks of it. Some local newspapers publish info on some of these attacks.

  21. Well done to our brave DPU soldiers. Offtopic: I request Asithri to tone down the Indo-Aryan rhetoric.. there's no need for that and it is an insult to the Hela who migrated from different parts of India.

  22. Lankapura,

    Too bad if the "Indo-Arya Sinhela" tag that I am truly proud of is making you queasy

    Before you get the wrong message, let me tell you that I firmly believe that today Sri Lanka belongs to ALL her citizens, irrespective of their race or origin (except of course, the LTTE terrorist scum).

    Although today SL belongs to ALL equally, it is an undeniable, inalienable fact that it were the Indo-Arya Sinhela warriors from NE India who not only founded the nation and subsequently fought valiantly against each successive South Indian invasions (and at great odds often), to keep SL what she is today - an independent, sovereign nation and not another state in the Indian Federation.

    Since this war began and the vile "thamil-eelamists" went on their offensive against the Sinhelas, actually the Buddhist-Sinhelas to be more specific, there are even Sinhelas who are today feeling rather uncomfortable about anything that overtly celebrates their Sinhela identity, more specifically their Sinhela Buddhist identity.

    No mate, I am not one of those as my sense of pride in my Indo-Arya Sinhela ancestory is rock-solid (no apologies from me ever on that account) and it is my inalienable right to be so and not for others transgress on it. I invite other Sri Lankans, from whatever other origins they may have sprung from, to be equally proud of their ancestry if such ancestry speaks of undying, unwavering patriotism to Motherlanka!

    PEACE to all patriotic Sri Lankans!

    OaO Asithri

  23. Oh! what GREAT news to start a rather boring week at office... ;-)
    I just looooooooooooove these LRRP guys... cant just imagine how brave these brothers are... :-)

    This is the way to go, target the LTTE leadership, just like we did with the JVP and it will be over in no time! I know, it's easier said than done, but atleast I'm happy that we are on the right track!

  24. Asithri, the tag does not make me quesy, it embarrasses me. Have you done a genetic test to see if you are Indo-Aryan? Sinhala people consist of migrants from different areas of India including Kerala and Tamilnadu. Our food, dances, martial arts, script, all come from Kerala. But if it makes you feel superior, keep fantasizing.

  25. Thank you defencenet for the info..

  26. Some people need all the help they can get to feel better about themselves:)

  27. I just read an article on lanka truth about the govt "stopping the war"-comment by JVP.I know it is not related to this page but i am curious as to what advantage can be gained by this for the forces bcause this is the last thing we need now after all this sacrifice the forces have made for the past 30 years.Do the forces need time to rest and regroup..considering only a small force is peing used at anyone time?

  28. they may want to stop offensive operations but why now?.. i hope history is not repeating itself.

  29. Hello Editor,
    Read about a greater Ealaam agenda recently in one of the comments consisting of entire East n North of Sri Lanka, Entire Tamilnadu state and most northern atoll of Maldives. How true this infor can be as we read recently in Dhivaina newspaper of a SriLanka Tamil married to a Maldivian and using her surname and being a very succesful and powerfully rich in Maldives and also opening an Indian Restaurant at Reid Place as well as have bought a resort in that Atoll which leads to systamatic preparations of acting once LTTE is ready to activate their greater Eelaam plans. Please enlighten me.

  30. lankaputhra said:
    'Asithri, the tag does not make me quesy, it embarrasses me. Have you done a genetic test to see if you are Indo-Aryan? Sinhala people consist of migrants from different areas of India including Kerala and Tamilnadu. Our food, dances, martial arts, script, all come from Kerala'.

    Completely agree mate. Owing to the geographical location in the middle of the major sea routes, it is more than likely that we have more than just the Indian ancestry in the Sinhala ethnic group.

  31. Lankapura:

    It is a fact that our customs and food, dances, etc. have been influenced by the migrations from various states in the South Indian, including Kerala and Tamilnadu that you mentioned.

    However, to say:

    "Sinhala people consist of migrants from different areas of India including Kerala and Tamilnadu"

    is not only naive, but mischievous too! This is the type of mischief separatist "thamileelamsist" are into now, to dilute the Sinhelas' predominant and unalienable right to consider Sri Lanka their Motherland.

    For example, as per your view, Tamils en-masse from Tamilnadu have "migrated" to SL and then shunned their language, religion, etc. and became Buddhist Sinhelas and that is truly comical to say the least!

    Also, the Sinhela language's script is not from "Kerala" as you misguidedly quoted. Sinhela language belongs to the family of Indo-Arya language family and it's written form comes from the Brahamic Script (closest link being Paali) and not "Kerala." The fact that Kerala's Maalayalam written form is also an offshoot of the Brahmic Script is incidental as Brahmi Script is also the origin of most North Indian (and South and Central too) languages' written form. I see you need to do some serious research. Here’s a suggestion: Just type “Sinhala” under Google and go from there and come back and tell me what authoritative source tells you that Sinhalese came from “Kerala” or “Tamilnadu”…!!!

    No, I don't need to "fantasize" myself about my origins which are now being questioned by a murderous, separatist-terrorist group that is out to re-write Sri Lanka's history, specifically by questioning the origins of Sinhelas as documented in our Mahavamsa chronicle and supported by all archeological findings to date, and I see your attempt is no different.

    Dude, just as you have not genetically tested yourself to claim for certain that you are a "Sinhala" from "Kerala" or "Tamilnadu," (lol!) I too have not tested myself genetically to back up my claim that my ancestors came from NE India's Bihar/Bengal/Orissa region (for example where the "Sinhapura" still exists as a location in Orissa and "Anuradhapura" is a distinct place in Bihar and it too was a mighty kingdom once, etc. etc. etc.) . Anyway, if ever you do find this test in your local blood clinic, let me know and I too will partake! LMSSAO!

    Until then, you be proud of your origins (as per your fanciful interpretations) and I will be proud of my origins and that way, nothing gained, nothing lost. However, do not try to belittle my faith in my proud ancestry and heritage as that I find deeply offensive (as that’s what murderous “thamileelamists” do!)

    OaO Asithri

  32. "Although today SL belongs to ALL equally, it is an undeniable, inalienable fact that it were the Indo-Arya Sinhela warriors from NE India who not only founded the nation and subsequently fought valiantly against each successive South Indian invasions (and at great odds often), to keep SL what she is today - an independent, sovereign nation and not another state in the Indian Federation."

    ditto asthiri (as per usual you say what we all feel, but dont have the guts to actually vent!). and even if we aren't all indo aryans by descent, fact is if you call yourself a sinhala, this country has a special relationship to your people. being sinhalese is like belonging to a club, a special group of people. it's like the aborigines of australia. being Austrlian isnt just a piece of paper for the abs (piece of paper being one's 'citizenship papers'). The Abs aren't Australians, they ARE AUSTRALIA! same with the hela people..the SINHA HELA. None of you revisionist, half cast maggots should forget that. There's a lot of people in this world who aren't comfortable with that reality. to those people i say: sit back, take a deep breath and deal with it. sri lanka is sinhala and sinhala is sri lanka. you're all welcome to stay here, but the sinhalese won't EVER become like the aborigines of Australia. they've tried that sh#t on us for a very long time, but we ain't about to hand that on a mantle to anyone.

  33. Totaly out of the topic; Sinhaleese did not come to Sri Lanka from anywhere. If Sinhaleese came from anywhere in India (Dhambadiva), Sinhaleese had to exist in India at that time. (If they didn't exist there how could they come from there?) But there is no evidence to say Sinhaleese (the langauge, culture, people...) exist in India at anytime. So the rest is common sense. Some people from some places from India came to SL time to time, they mixed with the people already lived in SL at that time. After few hundred years they came up with a NEW langauge, cultre, value system and life style. This new group was known as Sinhaleese.

  34. ccc.

    spot on. that's why we're the hela people. the hela people of australia had the bejesus kicked out of them by white colonisation. but here, the integration of other ethnic groups never amounted to a complete destruction of our culture or dominance. for the most part 'they' copied 'us', not the other way around. but one should be very wary of the future. listening to all the academics out there it seem in the future there won't be anything called nationality , race, or ethnicity (presumably). well that maybe so mr academic, but if you want to erradicate the sinhalese 'ghetto mentality' GOOD LUCK.

  35. defencenet: if no other site has any information regarding this attack... how do you get these info?

    i know how the DPU work... well at least worked... back in 2001 i got to know from a very reliable source that guys from the DPU were very deep in the LTTE... that a couple of those guys have even traveled with VP in the same vehicle before the MC incident. of course these guys were tamils...

    that is where asiri come... machan this is a defence forum not a forum for sinhalese extremism...

    by the way i'm an extremist too... a SRI LANKAN extremist not sinhalese ...though im a Sinhalese…

  36. Well, abt time LRRP's got in the act.According to "Nation" the 3D radar has been installed replacing the 2D junk ! So, AAA radar guided or manual unit ? It's amazing our guys can be trained that fast but, better now than never ! Hmmm.... we'll findout.Can someone ID the SLAF aircraft loading the 2 patients at Palaly on D' photo ? AN 32B "Coke" maybe ? Thanks fellas !

  37. Sinhala is an Indo-Aryan language. It is not Dravidian although it has been influenced by Tamil. Whether people like to accept it or not there was a movement of Prakrit-speaking people from North India to Sri Lanka. That is why Indo-Aryan languages are spoken in Sri Lanka (Sinhalese) and the Maldives (Dhivehi) and are two closely related languages. Either these Prakrit-speaking people populated Sri Lanka first, and then migrated to the Maldives, or they simultaneously populated both Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Sinhala also shows influences of both western and eastern prakrit, suggesting that there were migrants from BOTH western India (Gujarat) and eastern India (Bengal). The Sinhala language itself developed in Sri Lanka as did Dhivehi in the Maldives. While there is no doubt that immigrants from South India were assimilated, if the Sinhalese people want to choose their indentifical basis on these Indo-Aryan language speakers, then so be it. If you say that the Sinhalese look 'nothing' like North Indians, I would suggest you have a good look at the inhabitants of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttaranchal, West Bengal etc - you cannot differentiate them from the Sinhalese but they are all very much North Indian.

    As an example, the David Blacker character has a Tamil mother but identifies with his Burgher background and claims to be Burgher. That's his perogative.

    The Sinhalese and the Maldivians are Indo-Aryan language speaking societies like the Marathis, Gujarathis, Punjabis, Bengalis, Oriyas and so on and so forth.

  38. Defence Net,

    I have a question on these LTTE cadres who surrender to our Forces. When they surrender, they give various excuses. Some may be genuine...but others? Can’t they use this as a strategy to get away? I heard that some of them have been offered foreign jobs. If that’s the case, then they can easily fund their organization from overseas. Sometimes we see that those surrendered once are handover back to their parents. This will create opportunities for them to join back to LTTE and share inside information of our forces.

    How do the forces over come this?

  39. Harry / Jiffy thanks for your input is good to know there are Sinhelas who are not "embarassed" of their origins - as some Sinhelas are today to suit the bloody murderous "thamileelamists."

    Being proud of one's ancestry and heritage is NOT about denigrating another's ancestry and heritage, NOR is it about being a "supremicist" or "extremist." You are only a "supremicist" or an "extremist" if you use your sense of pride in your ancestry to persecute others from a sense of superiority (like the LTTE carcass-maggots do).

    I have said before and I say it again, while I am proud of my ancestry, I am a firm believer that OUR Sri Lanka's every sq. inch today belongs to ALL Sri Lankans irrespective of their ancestry - except of course, to the LTTE carcass-maggots.

    This Blacker guy who takes periodic digs at me is obviously suffering from an inferiority complex as anything "Sinhela" obviously gives him the bloody headaches. Well, he will have to get used to it as Sri Lanka's majority is Sinhela Buddhist and not Zulus! LMSSAO!

    Anyway, as you said Harry, he being from a mixed parentage of Burgher and Tamil, he doesn't need to take digs at others to compensate for his complex, but should choose his identity (if it's Burgher, so be it) and be proud of it.

    OaO Asithri

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  41. Harry, thanks Bro for the elaboration of the Indo-Arya heritiage and in particular of the Indo-Arya link in the context of Sinhelas and Maldivians. You have done a good job I see.

    In my professional life I associate with many highly successful Indians who live in the US (some CEOs of IT firms in the US) and what's noteworthy is most of my associates consider me as a "northerner" or "one-of-us" because they very much aware of their history and they know exactly which country the Indo-Arya civilization migrated to and they are mighty proud of that knowledge. I never had to tell them anything about the origins of Sinhela as they already knew about it based on their own learnings of their own history.

    Anyway, this topic came up only because of someone rather offensively questioned me on my right to be proud of my, let's back to WAR discussions as I agree that's what matters today...TO KILL THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF LTTE MAGGOTS WITH EXTREMET PREJUIDCE!

    :)) :)) :))

    Cheers, OaO Asithri

  42. DefenceNet

    Why cant we hire some satellite from a foreign company to get the live feeds on northern part of sri lanka???? is it very expensive ??? I heard from my mates in the airforce the UAV is not the best cos the LTTE can see its flying.
    When we have a big military operations (or big tiger build up )this will be very useful. Cos we can do the maximum damage to the LTTE by using MBRL + artillery and airforce. There are some satellites, which got infrared capabilities that can detect the LTTE maggots hiding inside thick jungles .
    Why cant we get that ?????

  43. Asithri, you're welcome bro. It would be great if you (and others who are interested) have a look at this incredibly interesting Wikipedia article:

    Kamboja colonists of Sri Lanka

    It is a well researched and well sourced article and all put forward by Indian contributers. The Sinhalese have links to BOTH western and eastern North India (as well as more recently South India).

    "The earliest colonists of Sri Lanka migrated from northern India but controversy exists as to the provenance of these early colonists; the traditions contain evidence for both the northwestern and the northeastern parts of the Indo-Gangetic plain. The first colonists probably hailed from the Saurashtra in Gujarat. Their ancestors are believed to have migrated earlier from Sinhapura of upper Indus near Kamboja/Gandhara region to the Saurashtra peninsula in Gujarat via lower Indus. Before arriving in Sri Lanka, these earliest known colonists called at Soparaka on the west coast of India and landed in Sri Lanka at Tambapanni, near Puttalam on the day of Parinibhana ("decease") of the Buddha (542 BCE or 486 BCE)."

  44. While everyone's free to be proud of their heritage (real or not), it gets a bit tedious when every single post by some posters is peppered with racism against other ethnic groups who have just as much right to SL as the Sinhalese. Or when eery post has a little "heil Hitler" added in.

    Asithri I think you're a bit confused about the original indigenous peoples of Australia & SL. You've compared the Sinhalese to the Aborigines, when you should be comparing the Veddhas to the Aborigines. The Veddhas (like the Aborigines) got their butts kicked by the colonists, and the colonists were the Indian Sinhalese.

    While I thank you for your interest in my paraentage and ethnicity and your exhortation to choose my ID and be proud of it, that is my personal life, so I exhort you to go fuck yourself. While feeling pride for one's heritage is useful if you're a minority (like you are right now in the White Man's World), as it help build up your sense of self, it has no real basis. To feel pride for something that happened by chance and in which you played no part is ridiculous.

  45. You are in no position whatsoever to point fingers at others over racism, David Blacker. You are a racist of the highest order and your bigotry is only superceded by your hypocrisy.

    By the way, there was no such thing as "Indian Sinhalese." The Sinhalese are unique to Sri Lanka.

  46. Harry, regardless of personal opinions, I think it's best we keep this blog a little civilized and stay away from bashing each other. Other people's ethnicity is really their own business.

    We probably shouldn't be discussing this here, but weighing in a little

    "The Veddhas (like the Aborigines) got their butts kicked by the colonists, and the colonists were the Indian Sinhalese."

    David, if you, like most Sri Lankans, believe the Mahavamsa entirely, what you said would be true. However, a number of factors like the lack of any evidence what-so-ever of the existence of a "Sinhalese" people in India or the definite proof found that over a millennium before Vijaya's arrival our ancestors were trading with the Egyptians etc. etc. could possibly mean the Mahavamsa account is (at least a little) way off.

    Frankly, I don't think anyone can say with any certainty where we Sinhalse originated from exactly, and that debate is probably left to some political blog somewhere. Right now, given that this is a Defense blog, all that matters really is whether people, Sinhalese, Muslim, Tamil whatever, are with us against the LTTE. Whatever reasons they chose to oppose the LTTE for, is of really no consequence.

  47. Gentlemen gentlemen the problem is the LTTE..Please lets not argue among ourselves.I would really appreciate some learned input about these artilces (ltte suicide bombers hiding in thoppigala, sinhalese supporting tiger cadres with food in yala(if kids should be surrendered to govt)) in the asian tribune.

  48. "You are a racist of the highest order and your bigotry is only superceded by your hypocrisy. "

    You mighta as well piss into the wind my friend. If you want such allegations to be taken seriously, please quote where I've been racist, bigoted or hypocritical. If you can't I'm afraid you've got your heaad up your butt.

    "David, if you, like most Sri Lankans, believe the Mahavamsa entirely,"

    I don't believe it entirely. For instance I find it unlikely that the Sinhalese ethnic group (it's not really a race) came into being when a lion humped an Indian princess. However, I think it has elements of truth, and the fact that the Sinhalese originated in India is fairly widely accepted. The fact that there no longer is any traces of a Sinhalese ethnic group in India doesn't mean anything as often an group of people can migrate and their remanants may die (or be killed) off.

    While the evidence of international trade with SL prior to Vijaya is still debatable (there's no real incontrovertible evidence), there is no signs of real civilisation in SL prior to it.

    I agree that it matters little where the Sinhalese originated from, except when the "Aryan" theory is used as rhetoric by the Asithris and Harrys as some sort of vindication of their existence.

    I apologise if this is all getting too personal, but an easy way to avoid this is to desist from spicing up one's posts with slogans that others who don't subscribe to that point of view will find tiresome and even offensive.

    For instance, being from a minority, and having served in the Army in combat against the Tigers alongside not just Sinhalese Buddhists, but Malays, Moors, and Burghers, I find it deeply offensive when someone who doesn't even live in this country keeps ranting on about the fact that this is the land of the Sinhalese Buddhists. It isn't -- it's the land of the Sri Lankans. If it were the land of the SBs, all the SBs should come back and fight for it, and not be slaving for the White Man. Now, those are my feelings, so sshould I end all my posts by saying things like "This is not the land of the SBs and never will be"? No I don't. I try to stick to defence topics until someone gets in my face and is smacked for it. So why don't we all keep our feelings on race and ethnicity to ourselves and also drop the terms like "corpse-maggot" etc. Most of the Tigers are much braver than the people who appear on this site, most of whom are too cowardly even to give their real names, never mind fight in the jungle. So let's respect them as the enemy and discuss what we're here for.

  49. Pissing in the wind is what you do David Blacker. What's worse is when you get the dribble on other folks. You may enjoy massaging your prostrate and ejaculating everywhere you venture in the Sri Lankan blogosphere, but don't expect other people to remain mum while you engage in onanism of the most depraved kind. You know yourself that you are a racist, bigoted scum. Go back and read what you have written about the Sinhalese at Ravana's blog. That's only one example. And as for your bigoted hate attacks on Buddhists, the less said the better. I find it amusing how you deny your racism and bigotry when it is plain for anyone here itself to see. Maybe you display another racist outburst against the Arabic people right here it self and prove me wrong.

  50. Hello David when "LTTE" explosives are discovered what happens to them.. i mean are they made "inactive" and stored in army camps?

  51. ares,
    "if no other site has any information regarding this attack... how do you get these info?"

    Info comes directly from the army.

    "When they surrender, they give various excuses. Some may be genuine...but others? "

    Yes this does happen. Unfortunately, it's not easy to detect such cadres. But most of them are genuine deserters. Some even offer to spy for us. And as you said, those who complete rehab are sent abroad, offered jobs but are monitored by the MI (its not easy).
    There are several other method to detect fakes. This forum is not the place to talk about it.

    "Why cant we hire some satellite from a foreign company to get the live feeds on northern part of sri lanka???"

    There are spy satellites that can monitor entire Srilanka but none are accessible for us. Since they are military sats, hiring is impossible.

    There is tech to track down the location of the caller when a call through a satellite phone is made. One such incident occured when LTTE agents made a call to Wanni command from Norway during peace talks. But obviously we didnt get access to that info.

    To everyone,
    Please dont use offensive language or racist comments in this blog. Such comments will be deleted.

  52. SL, it depends what sort of explosives you mean, aand how exactly they are recovered. I don't think mines are resused. They are usuaally dismantled totally and disposed of. Demolition charges that use quantities of military explosive such as C4 or RDX could be reused. Improvised explosives made from recovered arty shells and stuff is usuaally destroyed.

    Harry, I have never said anything racist against anyone on a blog. If you feel I have, please quote me so that everyone here can judge for themselves, instead of having to take your dubious word for it. As for your accusation about the Arabs, as I told SL earlier, I said that some soldiers in a pic someone linked to looked like Arabs. Now if I called you, Harry, a donkey, whould I be insulting donkeys? I'm sure you see the connection :)

  53. Thanks David-Why i asked was that i was worried about the pilferage of captured explosives because i am sure they are worth a large sum of money to some traitor.I am not saying our brave troops are traitors.

  54. Daivd Blacker, please, enough with your lame denials. You have called the Sinhalese lazy good for nothing people (along those lines) in various blogs, the latest being Ravana's blog. All people have to do is look at your long trail of bigotry strung out across the Sri Lankan blogosphere and that goes for here itself, where you have attacked other people for no reason at all.

    If a white person said "fucking blacks" is that not racism? I guess Darren Lehmen calling Sanath and the rest of the Sri Lankan cricket team "black cunts" is not racism either. He should not have been penalised.

    Your example is as lame as the rest of your 'arguments.' I guess when I look at a picture of Burghers, you or others wouldn't mind if I said that they look like "fucking karapoththas"

    Gotcha, David Blacker.

  55. Harry, I see logic & comprehension aren't your strongpoints. When a white person says "fucking blacks", who is he insulting? When you call me a "fucking karapoththa", are you insulting cockroaches or are you insulting me? If you can answer those questions you'll realise that when I say someone looks like a "fucking Arab" (or a Chinese or whatever), I'm not being racist, nor am I insulting Arabs. If I said you were a fat potato, am I insulting potatoes? How long will it take you to get it?

  56. day by day this is becoming . Wish we all can stick to the topic.

  57. And whatever I said on Ravana's blog wasn't racisst. If I had, you'd provide the exact quote (with a link). Anyone can say "you said this". I can easily say that you've insulted the Sinhalese and praised he LTTE (in fact I'm sure you have) :)

  58. Asithri,
    It is right to view Hela or Sinhala as same as being Sri Lankan, the same way anyone who comes to Australia becomes Australian. That is what we want. Sinhala range from the blackest 'kalu sinhalaya' to fair-skinned sinhalya of North-Indian influence or even Europeon. They all fight for our country.
    Blood is blood. You don't have any special 'indo aryan' blood running through your veins. If you want to feel superior than a 'kalu sinhalaya' of South Indian ancestry, it indicates some inferiority complex on your part.. may be some small physical features. Your thinking belongs in Nazi Germany, not the Hela Diva that has welcomed and absorbed people from all over the world.

  59. "is not only naive, but mischievous too! This is the type of mischief separatist "thamileelamsist" are into now, to dilute the Sinhelas' predominant and unalienable right to consider Sri Lanka their Motherland."

    Now I am an Eelamist because I talk about your stupidity? Your mistake is that you mix Sinhala with some stupid aryan-dravidian story sold by Europeans to divide Indians. Some Sinhala 'castes' are in reality South Indian tribes. We have to be proud of our Hela culture and appreciate its links to all parts of India and other parts of the world - not hang on to some fantasy about an 'aryan' race. I have had the privilege to meet patriots like Ven. Kasyapa even today who was British, identifies himself as a Sinhala, and does more for our country than you or I ever will. Your bigotry is an insult to them.

  60. And for the language enthusiasts, while the Sinhala language is clearly linked to Prakrit, the script comes form old Kannada of South Indian origin:

    The Old Kannada is essentially the continuation of the Kadamba script. It is used to write South Indian languages of Kannada and Telugu. In fact, Old Kannada is also known as the Kannada-Telugu script.

  61. David I see that you are unable to see how racist and bigoted you are. No wonder you keep denying it, when it is so plain to see.
    I guess looking in the mirror is not your strongpoint. Yes you are so totally right, when you say someone looks like a "fucking arab," it certainly means you're not insulting them or being a bigot and when I say "sakkili demala" or "karapothu lansi" it also doesn't that I am being insulting or a bigot.

    Harry, I see logic & comprehension aren't your strongpoints. When a white person says "fucking blacks", who is he insulting? When you call me a "fucking karapoththa", are you insulting cockroaches or are you insulting me? If you can answer those questions you'll realise that when I say someone looks like a "fucking Arab" (or a Chinese or whatever), I'm not being racist, nor am I insulting Arabs. If I said you were a fat potato, am I insulting potatoes? How long will it take you to get it?

  62. David I see that you are unable to see how racist and bigoted you are. No wonder you keep denying it, when it is so plain to see.
    I guess looking in the mirror and seeing your own flaws is not your strong point.

    You are *so* totally right, when you say someone looks like a "fucking arab," it certainly means you're not insulting them or being a bigot. Likewise, when I say "sakkili demala" or "karapothu lansi" it also doesn't mean that I am being insulting or a bigot. And when white folks call black people "nigger" or "black cunts", they're not being racist either.

    Calling somone a potato is not bring race ethnicity into it is it? It certainly does seem that you use your prostate as your brain and your tenesmus as your stimulating mechanism.

    Have another go David, your attempts at trying to dig yourself out of your wet, muddy and fungating hole totally suck. You might do better trying to fight your way out of a paper bag.

  63. "the script comes form old Kannada of South Indian origin"

    No it does not. The Sinhala script is an offshoot of Brahmi. Brahmi gave rise to the scripts such as Oriya (which is an Indo Aryan language like Sinhala BTW), Sinhala, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil.

  64. the history of the vaddas as i understand it was that these people had reverted to or continued a hunter gatherer lifestyle by their own choosing, not because they were a 'separate people' or somehow physically unique or because they pre-existed the 'sinhala arrival'. no such 'arrival' happened, because there was always a hela bassa spoken in sri lanka. modern sinhala is a deriviate of that language (with various other inputs as well..pakrit, tamil etc). in phyisical terms too there is no difference between a vadda and a typical sinhalese/tamil. the vaddas just look the part with their unkempt appearance (this is a tourist puller mind you). as i said before sinhalese is the culmination of various foreign cultural and social inputs. i forget who did the research but i once read that when a study of the vadda languages was carried out by the british, it was found that their spoken words only differrentiated a little in sound to regular sinhala.

    so yes, if there is a 'native' people then the only group that can lay claim to that heritage is the sinhalese. the argument here is not simply about bloodlines, it's about culture. i have seen numerous aboriginals here who dont even look the part (that is, they're very mixed) who claim to belong to this or that tribe. this is a very good example of how culture works. culture is like a club you belong to. you don't need to look like a 'sinhala' per se (whatever the hell a sinhala looks like), but if you were raised in that culture by default that becomes your heritage.

    maybe i am a racist (maybe). but look at the argument from a sinhalese perspective. its easy to side with minorities all the time, but people should see what its like being the majority. there are some deluded sinhalese who have suddenly become 'internationals' after they've married tamils or foreign women (lol), but on the whole most sinhalese feel a special relationship to sri lanka that entails (in part) that sri lanka is their only home (in every sense, culturally, linguistically, religiously..i suppose that's also culture). no other group can say that. if you're a minority you should try to understand that and live accordingly. as a social worker who works with aboriginal children once told me, "what they want more than anything else, is recognition that this is their land".

    that's how i feel too sometimes.

    anyways that;s all im ever going to say on this topic. hope the DPU guys do well. in an ideal world we should only go after the leaders, not the footsoldiers.

  65. "Now I am an Eelamist because I talk about your stupidity? Your mistake is that you mix Sinhala with some stupid aryan-dravidian story sold by Europeans to divide Indians. Some Sinhala 'castes' are in reality South Indian tribes. We have to be proud of our Hela culture and appreciate its links to all parts of India and other parts of the world - not hang on to some fantasy about an 'aryan' race. I have had the privilege to meet patriots like Ven. Kasyapa even today who was British, identifies himself as a Sinhala, and does more for our country than you or I ever will. Your bigotry is an insult to them. "

    It is not a "stupid theory." Linguists break down languages in South Asia into two main groups - Indo-Aryan languages and Dravidian languages. Sinhala belongs in the former category, while Tamil belongs in the latter category. The Sinhalese come from various backgrounds but if they, or certain people within that group want to identify with their 'Indo-Aryan' ie North Indian roots rather than their South Indian roots then that is up to them. Their North Indian and Veddhaic roots are more ancient than are their South Indian roots. The power of the Indo-Aryan language in Sri Lanka is evident from the fact that it still exists today after thousands of years despite being separated from sister Indo-Aryan languages in North India. The same situation exists for Dhivehi in the Maldives. If you want to celebrate your South Indian roots then good for you, likewise good on Asithri if he wants to celebrate his North Indian roots. Don't assume that your position is the superior one.

  66. oh and where i said above "internationals" should read "internationalists" (like the communists). try as i might to be an internationalist (ie. one whose home is anywhere and everywhere) i cant really turn my back on 'our people'. if you ever find yourself saying that ("our people") ,you may empathise a little more with my point of view. "our people, our land"...those things cant be programmed out of the system. once you're taught that you take that to the grave.

    asthiri, harry.. ultimately people who think like us will die out.

  67. Jiffy, I wouldn't worry mate. The Sinhalese are very good at assimilating various people. The process is continuing today. I don't mean that in a supremacist way at all, but that's how it always has been in Sri Lanka. A few generations ago, quite a few of the Sinhalese along the western coast identified themselves as Tamils and spoke only Tamil, but today they identify themselves as Sinhalese. Currently, the Burgher community and the Malay community are also assimilating into Sinhalese society. The fact that they are very small minorities is aiding this process. I've met plenty of Malays and Burghers who speak better Sinhala than many of the the kalu suddha Sinhalese. And I have also come across many "Indian Tamils" as well as Ceylon Tamils who can only speak Sinhala and not Tamil. They identify themselves as Tamils however, but I think that will disappear by the next generation who will consider themselves to be Sinhalese.

  68. "No it does not. The Sinhala script is an offshoot of Brahmi. Brahmi gave rise to the scripts such as Oriya (which is an Indo Aryan language like Sinhala BTW), Sinhala, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil."

    Yes it does.. Brahmi is the root of all, but Sinhala script did not come directly from Brahmi.

    Look at Brahmi script:
    And old kannada:

    What does Sinhala look like? Characters like Ra and La are almost the same.

  69. "It is not a "stupid theory." Linguists break down languages in South Asia into two main groups - Indo-Aryan languages and Dravidian languages. Sinhala belongs in the former category, while Tamil belongs in the latter category."

    You are stating the obvious, but missing the point. The aryan superiority theory was fed to Indians to create a division between North and South Indians. It still works today - Northerners look down on Southerners. It is sad to see that some Sinhalese have bought in to the same mindset without a proper knowledge of history. What we have to hold dear and be proud of is our culture. That does not have to involve looking down at others.

  70. Sorry Lankapura, but the Sinhala script is an offshoot of the Brahmi script and not the Kannada script. Look at the Malayali script, the Ka and the Ga are almost identical to the Sinhala but Malayalam is a much younger language than Sinhala. Brahmi gave rise to the scripts of two Indo Aryan languages - Sinhala and Oriya, and several Dravidian languages - Kannada, Telugu and Tamil.

  71. "You are stating the obvious, but missing the point. The aryan superiority theory was fed to Indians to create a division between North and South Indians. It still works today - Northerners look down on Southerners. It is sad to see that some Sinhalese have bought in to the same mindset without a proper knowledge of history. What we have to hold dear and be proud of is our culture. That does not have to involve looking down at others."

    I'm sure you would like to believe a conspiracy theory of the evil white man coming up with a theory for the sole purpose of "dividing" North and South Indians, but it was the white man who was responsible for creating today's India. If not for the white man India would be a plethora of nation states and not one single entity. Did I say anything about looking down on others? Nope. This is what you have brought in from your own prejudice. What I did say was that if the Sinhalese, or certain groups within the community prefer to identify with their North Indian heritage then so be it. And if others want to identify with their South Indian heritage then so be it. Is that so difficult to understand? Why do you have a problem if Asithri wants to celebrate his North Indian heritage? You seem to think that if someone identifies more with his North Indian heritage that automatically means he is looking down on whatever South Indian heritage he/she may have. That is really lame.

  72. You don't have to be sorry, I am quite happy discuss this. I wouldn't say any resource on the internet is 100% accurate, but have a look at this:

    Oriya script looks nothing like Sinhala. Brahmi did give rise to scripts of Northern and Southern Indian languages. Looking at the different scripts, I personally have no doubt that Sinhala is closer to the Southern ones (Grantha, Kadamba, Old Kannada) which gave rise to the current day Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil scripts. If you can prove otherwise please do so.

  73. It is common knowledge that Sinhala script is an offshoot of the Brahmi script. You're the one claiming that is descended from the Kannada script. It is up to you to prove your claims. BTW the Sinhala script "looks" like the Telugu script too. Add Thai and Burmese to that as well. The Burmese script is descended from Brahmi as well - hey maybe it came from old Kannada as well like you claim Sinhala did eh?

  74. Well it is common knowledge that Brahmi was the root of all the scripts mentioned, so you are not adding anything new. Keep repeating it if it makes you happy.

  75. And keep making sweeping claims with no proof if it makes you happy. At least my claims are based on fact while yours are based on "oooh looky, I found this on the interweb and this script looks like Sinhala, the ra and the la, if you add a stroke here, and a stroke there and take this stroke away and add a dot here, they would be identical, Sinhala script MUST be descended from this!"

    Whatever floats your boat Lankapura.

  76. May be your indo-aryan blood prevents you reading the article?

  77. So you're saying that having a certain type of "blood" in one's veins means that one is prevented from reading some article? Did you not go to school and learn science and biology? Or do you suffer form sort of mental imbalance after having gorged yourself on alcohol or some other mind altering substance?

  78. No I specialized in ancient languages at school.. how about you?

  79. For someone who claims to have specialised in ancient languages at school you seem to lack basic knowledge not only about languages, but also about science. Regarding languages, firstly, just because scripts look alike it does not mean that (1) they are related to each other and (2) one is descended from the other. This is pretty basic stuff, but it seems to have escaped your "specialist training." Secondly there is no such thing as "Indo-Aryan" blood. There are differenty types of blood but this is based on the type of antibodies that are found on their cell surface. And having type A, B or whatever blood does not prevent anyone from reading.

    Perhaps you went to a "special school" where you "specialised" in ancient languages. Did you learn to clap properly there too?

  80. Ok, I've had enough on this thread.. good luck to you :-D
    For the sensible patriots, I ask your to promote a 'Hela' identity based on inclusion, not exclusion.

  81. Dude, this whole thread started when I commented on Asithri commenting on his 'indo-aryan' blood. Or did you miss that??

  82. I think you need to practice what you preach Lankapura.

  83. Dude, but you're the retard who thinks that having his 'indo-aryan' blood keeps one from reading a page on the interweb. Duh.

  84. "Regarding languages, firstly, just because scripts look alike it does not mean that (1) they are related to each other and (2) one is descended from the other."

    Like I said, read the article.

  85. "Dude, but you're the retard who thinks that having his 'indo-aryan' blood keeps one from reading a page on the interweb. Duh."

    Look up sarcasm in a dictionary.

  86. And what the hell is the interweb??

  87. Oh was that your attempt at sarcasm? My bad. Might have to work on that one.

    And you want to know what the interweb is? Look up a dictionary yourself.

  88. This argument is very interesting!

    Now stop it will you!

    I have learnt the skill (at least to some extent) to stay on the topic and on the theme of this blog. I hope our other learnered friends and brothers will do the same.

    Though it's very tempting to butt in, I am going to ignoooore this and comment on the defence related stuff only..

  89. "Like I said, read the article."

    Like I said, prove your claim that the Sinhala script came from the Kannada script.

  90. The burden of proof lies with you, not me.

  91. Kiri, good luck with that, cos I'm not seeing anything related to the topic :)

  92. Hasalaka,
    The idea of having access or evening owning a spy satellite is a mouth watering proposition.

    How much would this cost?

    Anyhow this would be something that India would really dislike that may be the issue here if it is not money.

    But how about google earth? I think you can purchase very recent images for a price. Do we already have this facility?

    How about zeppelins? Can we use unmanned zeppelings as spy flying objects?

  93. Hello kiri..we dont need spy satellites.We already have 20 million of them. what we need is a 24 hr rapid reaction force that can respond to information received from civilians

  94. Ha ha, Harry, you're so entertaining. I love it when someone actually doesn't have the IQ to argue a point but goes ahead anyway. OK, so lemme explain it to you in a way that a retard would understand and hope yoou won't have to strain to get it.

    1. When someone is insulted by being compared to someone or something else, who do you think the insult is against? The person compared, or the comparee? That's a multiple-choice question, so you should find it fairly simple. If you manage that, we'll move on.

    2. Now do you understand the difference between being compared to an object (like a cunt or a cockroach or a potato) or a colour (like black), as opposed to being compared to another person or race (Arab, Chinese, etc). If you said that you understood the difference, we'll move on, if you said you didn't, go back to Step 1 and start again.

    3. OK, now that you understand that there's a difference, do you agree that if you call someone a nigger or a cockroach or other such racially loaded epithet, you are making a racist insult, but that if you say someone looks like a potato or an Arab, that you're not using a racist insult but just being insulting?

    If you agreed with this, then you'll realise that I haven't been racist (just insulting), if you haven't got it yet, repeat the steps in whichever order you like. If you disagree but still want to argue, you'll be confirming my original analysis of your IQ, especialy when you are unable to get past the above three steps.

    "Calling somone a potato is not bring race ethnicity into it is it"

    And bringing "race ethnicity" into it doesn't necessarily make it racist (I could tell aa woman she's as beautiful as a Thai and that will not be racist) anymore than leaving it out makes it non-racist. Eg: calling someone a black cunt (gynaecological) or cockroach (zoological), neither of which have race or ethnicity contained in them still are racial insults.

    "Have another go David,"

    Oh, I don't need to, but I will cos it's such fun when your opponent is an inept and ignorant of what he's talking about:)

  95. i have a query about the airforce sorties at night.Now we hear on the news that a large number of LTTE guns have been destroyed.These planes are bombing from say 30K-50K ft?.How can we be sure that we have destroyed a gun for example because by the time we send an UMV to take pics the LTTE can replace a good gun with a previously damaged one or for that matter use dummies .Assume no secondary explosions

  96. But Sri Lankan,
    How many of those 20 million can provide information about the territory that Tamil Tiger terrorists hold?

    Why as Hasalaka points out we use UAVs in the first place?

    I think the satellite angel should be useful here?

    And again how about zeppelins???

  97. Kiri... i am sure that there are people in the north that supply us with intelligence-TMVP people,fisherman etc.other source are surrendering cadres and people who flee the area. Also remember we have naval vessels that petrol the north.I take your point though.Area wise the LTTE dont hold so much land i think although they "control" more land than they "hold".I think these guns are on some kind of mobile transport and well hidden probably in underground bunkers of some sort.

  98. SL, the SLAF doesn't bomb from 30,000-50,000ft, it's much lower than that. 50k is about the altitude of an airliner!

    Kiri, how much effort willl it take to shoot down an airship? They are the biggest and slowest moving things in the sky. No one used them after WW1 cos they were such sitting ducks. And they're pretty expensive too. What can aa Zep do that a UAV can't?

  99. Thanks David.I dont think the airforce should come out with these news items about "successfully" destroying guns etc.There is really no need for the general public to know right now.After the war it a different matter.I am sure the US and UK dont give out details of their air operations in iraq,afganistan etc

  100. I think the best use of bombs are on LTTE gatherings..

  101. Kiri-About these satellites.. im no expert i confess and only guessing here.they are prohibitively expensive.Also these LTTers seem to be better at it than us.So what is to stop them tapping into them and feeding us wrong info or leading us into some kind of trap.I am way way out of my depth here

  102. defencenet: why don’t we just talk about 'defence' and political stuff here rather than sinhala heritage.

    asiri: I'm dam proud to be a Sinhalese. I’m proud of our culture, our values, I’m proud for what we stand for. And it’s good to talk about our heritage but not here. There should be another forum to talk about it. This is a defence forum so let’s just limit the conversation to defence related news and political. Since war-defence-politics are on the same page.

    AND yeah… Sri Lanka belongs to LTTE as well... It belongs to all of us... Sinhalese Tamils Muslims and anyone who is frankly eligible for a Lankan passport...

    My point is, war isn’t a cricket match... we shouldn’t be happy or proud that we are killing our own people... We should instead morn the fact that these morons, the LTTE and the Tamil Diasporas that finances them are blind.

    We need peace BUT NOT at the cost of the sovereignty or the territorial integrity of our country... we should workout a power devolution package...

    Personally I’m against the type of power devolution that the UNP and the UNP dissidents talk of... I think Indian model constitution is a weak one... I firmly believe that power devolution shouldn’t be based on ethic lines but regional vise.

  103. Praba wants a power devolution package along regional lines as well.However as we all know his regions occupy a significant part of land mass and costal areas.

  104. "Jiffy, I wouldn't worry mate. The Sinhalese are very good at assimilating various people."

    that's been an ongoing 'work in progress' for 2500 years as you rightly put it! someone else called this the great buddhist- sinhala 'project'. in the 20th century the politicans in partnership with the sanga seemed to have revived that herculian undertaking- but instead of integration we got a civil war. mind you, the aim itself (one national language , one people) was not the problem rather the way they went about it.

    dear defencenet:

    over on the lankanewspapers forum all sorts of theories are being bandied about the mbrl type used onboard the super dvora. i was wondering if you could shed a little more light on this. one person reckons its a single barrel launcher of chinese origin on the stern of the vessel. is this true, and how did they fire it at night?


  105. Now what about colombo-this is 60% tamil/muslim.who gets it then?

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. Harry, way to go bro...I hope you finally got your point across to that "lankapura" dude who had the audacity to tell me to "tone down" my pride in my Indo-Arya roots, which is what started off this whole exchange! Some of these guys have to bloody crassness to tell others to not be proud of their roots…just like the filthy “thamileelamists” who are out today to re-write Sri Lanka’s history!

    I see even when you and I have told him repeatedly to be proud of his "South Indian" roots (if that’s where he believes his ancestors are from) and let other be proud of their North-Indian roots, the poor sod keeps insisting about his version of "roots" is the correct or the predominant one and then blames others of superiority!!! To complicate matters he bring Sinhela language script into discussion and first says Sinhela script came from "Kerala" then changes his mind and says it came from "Kannada" when you and I both showed him that the origin for the Sinhela script is Brahmic and either through ignorance or pure obstinacy he refuses to give up. Anyway, I have no further comment for this guy as it is evident to me he is just stuck in a groove.

    As for this Blacker character…he is truly a comical one!

    I read with amusement of his lame excuses and denials in trying to cover up for his anti-Sinhela bigotry (and other bigotry) elsewhere. This guy should be in the circus…he’s a specimen! Hey Blacker, I see you have asked me to “go fuck yourself” and I want to know from you if that’s what you did when you deserted the SLA after the LTTE baby-brigade “did you upside down”…?!?!?!


    On the war front, good to see another 4 “maveeras” got added (or “popped”) to the list!

    OaO Asithri

  108. Hello Asithri:what should worry us all is the govt being asked to stop the war-"offensive operations" and go for "peace talks".I am sure considerable pressure has been brought on the govt.

  109. Srilankan,

    Certainly there is pressure on the govt. to stop the war and the chief architect of mustering this pressure on the GOSL is Norway.

    These bloody Norwegians can see the LTTE carcass-maggots getting decimated and want to throw them a lifeline by getting GOSL to stop the war. We have seen this over and over for the past near 25 years.

    In my view, the blame for this lies with the MR GOSL. Like how MR promised in his Chintanaya, had he gotten rid of Norway and asked another neutral party (Japan for instance) to be the peace facilitator, likely we would not be facing this type of secretly orchestrated pressure. There has always been ample evidence of Norway helping the LTTE c-maggots, but GOSL didn't take the initiative to shame the rascals in the world opinion and kick them out (for a modest free, a hot-shot PR firm in NY could have done the job superbly).

    I know the situation is compounded by Ranil the pansy also going round the world and speaking on behalf the LTTE's interests by saying that MR GOSL is doing the wrong thing by executing this war and it must be stopped and peace talks commenced with the LTTE. This is why I say that this pansy should be tried for treason one day!

    Anyway, in my view, the solution lies in agreeing to have peace talks, but to not stop the war...especially, covert ops from the DPU/LRRPs and continue to kill the terrorist maggots as that alone is what will stop this war one day - lack of cadres for the LTTE to fight the war (they have all the money, but no bodies to pick up the guns).

    OaO Asithri

  110. There is a lot of intresting events that are going to unfold soon in the defence front. Yet i see most of the debate on ethnic issues. The best way to solve that is to use DNA. You will realise that all humans are of African origin. Lets concentrate on defence issues.

  111. Navindran
    Well said bro :)

    this will also become a cess-pit like

  112. "one national language , one people"

    Don't forget "one leader". As someone infamous once said "Ein Reich, ein Volk, ein Fuhrer", right?

    "and I want to know from you if that’s what you did when you deserted the SLA after the LTTE baby-brigade “did you upside down”…?!?!?! "

    Nah, they were too busy humping all the Sinhalese women in the border villages ;)

  113. Hello Asithri:I think there is more to keeping norway than we read in the papers.What we need is the opinion of a presidential advisor which we dont have to find out exactly why the president kept norway.

  114. What the president may have thought was that
    1)Norway does not want to solve problem-they are in SL for a summer holiday and to support the LTTE.I think the biggest fear of this so called EU co-chairs is that we will actually invade wanni.So lets keep the incompetent mediator so that the president will have a free hand to whack the LTTE militaryly.

  115. Anybody want to comment on my idea about using zeppelins to spy on LTTE?

  116. Kiri, I already did:

    "Kiri, how much effort willl it take to shoot down an airship? They are the biggest and slowest moving things in the sky. No one used them after WW1 cos they were such sitting ducks. And they're pretty expensive too. What can a Zep do that a UAV can't?"

  117. How high can a zeppeling hover? Doesn't that dictate whether we can use them or not?

    I am not suggesting zeppelins instead of UAVs but to explore the possibility of its uses.

  118. Troops closing in to the last Tiger stronghold of East
    Wednesday, 04 July 2007
    Speaking to press persons today (04) at the Media Centre for National Security Military Spokesperson Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe said troops are successfully marching forward consolidating their control in the cleared areas in Thoppigala – the single LTTE stronghold in the Eastern part of the island. This Morning Sri Lanka Air Force targeted four LTTE military points in the west of Thoppigala.

    "LTTE are mainly having their camps only in and around parts of two areas in Thoppigala that is Narakamulla and Taravi. Troops have taken control of certain parts of Narakamulla and Taravi areas as well," Brigadier Samarasinghe added.

    Further he said that according to information the military is receiving Tigers, in small groups, are withdrawing towards the north and some have entered the jungles of Kannjikudichcharu in Ampara.

    During the clearing operations, troops have recovered 1233 Antipersonnel mines, 50,111 T56 ammunition, Claymore mines, Anti Tank Mines, large and small generators, different types of vehicles (vans, lorries, motorbikes, double cabs, tractors, scrappers etc), communication sets, C4 explosives and many military items.

    "LTTE have laid lot of AP mine fields and in order to minimize the casualties of our soldiers we are very carefully laying the clearing process," Brigadier Samarasinghe added.

    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 July 2007 )

  119. Where is the "one four" base located?

  120. I wish the army wont give details of captured items.1 blanket,3 nappies,6 pyjamas,50 flags..who cares..I dont wish this as an insult to our brave troops who are in the field.why this "need" to list everything like an accounting body? It just gives the LTTE an idea of what weapons have been discovered and what hasnt.

  121. Kiri, I'm not sure, but not high enough to be out of range of AAA or Tiger aircraft. They are also probably more expensive than an UAV.

    SL, it's all part of the propoganda war, and gives the impression to the public that progress is being made. I don't think the Tigers are waiting to for the Army to release a list of items to figure out what has been lost.

  122. Check this out about Zeppelins..

    Blakcer, some items here contradict your arguments..

    "The main use of the craft was in reconnaissance over the North Sea and the Baltic, where the admirable endurance of the craft led German warships to a number of Allied vessels. During the entire war around 1,200 scouting flights were made. The Naval Air Service also directed a number of strategic raids against Britain, leading the way in bombing techniques and also forcing the British to bolster their anti-aircraft defences"


    "Anti-aircraft defences were becoming tougher and new Zeppelins were introduced which increased their operating altitude from 1800m (6000ft) to 3750m (12375ft). To avoid searchlights, they flew above the clouds whenever possible, lowering an observer through them to direct the bombing. The improved safety was counteracted by the extra strain on the airship crews and the British introduction in mid-1916 of synchronized-gun fighters. The first night-fighter victory came on September 2, 1916 when Lt. William Leefe-Robinson shot down one of a sixteen strong raiding force over London, using incendiary ammunition."

    Ok, so can we suppose that a Zeppeling can evade AA fire? If so the remaining threat would be LTTE air craft. Now that would be an opportunity itself if we can force their planes to take flight. We can keep an eye out and launch counter attacks with suitable air to air combat jets of suitable capability.

    What do you all think? We should be innovative as or more than terrorists are. Shouldn't we evaluate these ideas?

  123. thanks David you have a point.I know they have spies in liberated areas but why make it easy for them by releasing numbers much of such and such?.I cant imagine them keeping stock of specially bullets used?
    Kiri i am sure the army has done lots of ground work before they decide what to buy.I have a feeling some of the equipment purchased are recommendations by us forces-but i have not checked just a guess.

  124. Kiri,
    zeppelins either use hydrogen or helium air mix. Mostly helium because hydrogen is highly flammable. (see: The Hindenburg)

    Wikipedia refers to events nearly a century ago, when the best planes in the sky were Camels and Fokkers.

    Zepps are slow and vulnerable. They have limited maneuverability. I would fancy a Zlin's chances of shooting down a zepp before anyone in the SLAF can react. What exactly would a zepp achieve that a UAV does not? What sort of (expensive) equipment do you think we need to grab accurate visual intelligence at 6k to 10k feet?

    I'm not shooting your idea down per se - but I don't yet see the point, except change for change's sake.

  125. Interesting Idea Kiri.. only drawback flying higher would be that you would need more expensive cameras than the UAV. But surely a cheaper alternatives to Satellites.

  126. By the way I heard that defence expert Dr. Munindradasa who gave a lot of tech assistance to the forces passed away.. a sad loss.

  127. Dr Munindradasa was a very sad loss.It is people like him who can do wonders with military satellite technology.

  128. "What exactly would a zepp achieve that a UAV does not?"

    I suppose it could be stationary, and recon a large area for a longer time, feeding back real-time info during a mission.

  129. The question about the zepps is-In order to spy on the north will it have to be located within range of ltte guns-i mean a simple sniper rifle?.lets forget the ultra expensive camera technology probably used in military satellites.

  130. I think you are confusing zeppelins which are for transport with blimps. A blimp must be tied down to a spot to remain stationary. Wind currents do not allow for an indefinite hover.

    Let me ask you that question in a different way. Does the mobility of a UAV hinder its ability to feed back real time information on a large geographical area?

  131. Sri Lankan...
    SLAF fighters bomb from much less altitudes than tamilnet etc articles speaks about... even commercial airliners fly around 35k ft :)
    The SLAF migs have known to operate at a 250ft ceiling... that's very very low flying... Much easier to "outrun" MANPADS since the MANPAD operator have only a few seconds to acquire the target and fire...
    If my memory serves me correct it takes around 10seconds to do this and by that time the migs are long gone :)
    The only downside is that lower altitudes makes the jets more vulnerable to AA fire...but since you passover any given ground patch at higher rates in low flying...chances are on your side :)

    On zeps... IMHO i think it's outdated for good reasons and there aren't too much positive going for it for SLAF to even consider. You will need to train pilots to handle an airship and a whole new ground support team... These are very slow movers and you can't take off during bad weather etc...
    UAV's, AWACS and Sats can spy on the enemy to varying degrees without the enemy knowing that you're there... Especially sats are very "discrete" :)
    I think that's a huge advantage but i aint no military expert so i'll leave that to the guys who do it for a living :)

  132. Hello scipio the 2nd-im no military person.I take it that the zepplin will have a cockpit and a pilot?.How fast will the Zepp be traversing tiger territory? and how fast is the UAV.If the zepp is slower then will it not be more likely to be shot down.?

  133. UAV's are the in thing nowadays. they can be flown to and from anywhere in the world...some even have offensive capability...heavy electronics gear etc. it has become better than a human pilot doing recon over enemy territory... They can stay airborne also for longer times and i read somewhere that even solar-powered ones are being developed...

  134. SriLankan
    It's not only speed that matters... UAV's are also not very fast compared to air speed specs these days...
    The zepp has a large visual will easily spot it miles and miles away... UAV's are not so easy to visually detect and they have a very low radar signal if any at all... It's a much harder target to acquire and shootdown

  135. Scipio, I would guess that a UAV wouldn't be suitable for circling around feeding realtime info - it covers a smaller area, and it is susceptible to ground fire.
    Airships may not be totally outdated option - check this article on a Lockheed project:
    Have to admit it does not mention a recon function for it.

  136. Kiri, nothing that you've quoted contradicts what I've said.

    About AAA -- the comments made on Wikipedia concern 1914-18 vintage air defences. There were no special optical sights for these and no coordination of searchlight batteries. By the 1930s these had come into being, which is why airships were never used in WW2. Don't you think they would've if it was practical. As you've quoted, a Zep could climb to just over 12,000 ft. A modern .50-in round is effective upto 10,000 ft, and 14.5-mm or 20-mm AAA fire much further. Even in WW1, Zeps were never used in daytime because it was too dangerous.

    About air attack -- Wikimapia clearly states that the Zep became obsolete once fighter aircraft began to carry syncronised gun kit (enabling a machine-gun to be fired through the propeller blades) and incendiary rounds. If a WW1 biplane with two mid-calibre slow-firing MGs could down 16 Zeps in one raid, what do you think a Ziln carrying HE rockets will do to one today? They used one to shoot down a UAV last year, and the latter's much smaller and faster than a Zep.

    Then there's the fact that unlike the cheaper UAVs, the Zep carries a large crew which will be in danger. A UAV can be sent into the most dangerous areas with no risk to life.

    While it's good to think outside the box, we should be realistic. There's a reason why airships, hot-air balloons, glider transports, and mass paara drops are no longer used in modern warfare -- there are safer, cheaper, and more efficient ways to do things.

    Lankapura, how long do you think a 300m bag of hot air would last over hostile LTTE terrain if it was stationary. Back in WW1 there were no quick-firing AAA, heavy calibre sniper rifles, or RPGs and MBRLs. A UAV could cover the same areaa, much quicker, with multiple sweeps, changing altitude like the most manouverable aircraft, taking pictures and film footage day or night and relaying it back in realtime

    SL, of course the Tigers will know how much small arms ammo there is in one of their camps (at least roughly), so knowing for sure that they lost 15,233 bullets when they thought they had 16,000 doesn't matter much.

  137. "Lankapura, how long do you think a 300m bag of hot air would last over hostile LTTE terrain if it was stationary. Back in WW1 there were no quick-firing AAA, heavy calibre sniper rifles, or RPGs and MBRLs."

    Obviously if it can't go out of the range of AAA, there really is no point. It would be only useful as an alternative to satellites.
    Apparently they can go up to 70,000 feet.

  138. Lankapura
    US army have been using UAV's to monitor brigade level ground operations...they have one called "shadow" and MQ1c "warrior"
    the other us names like global hawk, predator, reaper are all real-time spy UAV's...and they have proven to get the job done :)

  139. ranil, point taken. I am not disputing the utility of UAVs. The question is would satellites be useful in ways UAVs can't be? I think the answer is yes. Then the next question is whether airships can be an alternative.
    Obviously I am not going to start designing one :-) Just throwing around ideas.

  140. I was thinking about on the lines of a stationary zeppelin (by using its what ever manouvering system, not to move but to stay stationary even in the midst of air currents), unmanned.

    Using an infrared camera would it not be able to cover a large area over a large time slot in contrast to a UAV? (I am not saying to get rid of UAVs, definitely not, but as a mid technology between UAVs and satellites). May be other optical devices and other technologies (laser?) can be tried out? Could it be a recon aid to LRRP or ground troops operating below. It should be researched whether some benefit can be gained from Zeppelins. And can't we build some locally down here?

  141. This comment has been removed by the author.

  142. satellites and UAVs perform different tasks at different overview levels. You wouldn't use a microscope when you wanted a pair of binoculars, right?

    As a reference point - the Eitan UAV series is supposed to do 240kt (around 400km/h) with endurance of upto 50 hours. Fastest zeppelin I've heard does about half that airspeed.

  143. Lockheed high-altitude geostationary airship project:

  144. umm. The Lockheed HAALM is being touted as a satellite replacement. Yes, it's cheaper than hoisting a satellite for AEW but ummm... aren't we fighting a slightly different type of battle here? Geostationary orbit is expensive.

    kiri, maybe your idea has merit. I don't know and I am not qualified to say. But do you really think the LRRP want a goodyear blimp floating around the sky near their next target? ;)

  145. Kiri, I think your idea is sound. Technical feasibility may be a problem, considering even Lockheed is still working it :-) However I think it can deliver the 'Patriot Games' style live feed for any type of ground operations or air strikes.

  146. Actually, thinking about it a minute. You know what might work?

    Go down to the Meteorology Office. Steal some of their weather balloons. Buy a 10 dollar webcam and fit it on the balloon with a power source (9v battery?). Use a RFID/bluetooth/Wifi transmitter to send the data stream back down.

    Balloon based UAV? Done.

    Don't forget to check the direction of wind before you release. One guy down on the ground with a laptop can record the datastreams.

    I'm only half joking.

  147. "But do you really think the LRRP want a goodyear blimp floating around the sky near their next target?"

    From the website: In position, an airship would survey a 600-mile diameter area and millions of cubic miles of airspace. That should cover the whole island :-)

    "Use a RFID/bluetooth/Wifi transmitter to send the data stream back down."

    Nah.. run an ethernet cable up to the balloon to keep it in place ;-)

  148. scipio,
    Just as you came up with the weather baloon theory I also thought about this.

    I have seen those baloons pretty high in the sky. And they are tethered aren't they?

    A web cam is no good of course and any thing heavy will make the project a flop. But is there a use that we can get out of this?

  149. Aren't those Israeli made radars that India were going acquire based on blimps?

  150. kiri, AFAIK those are not blimps in the conventional sense but rather inflatable catenaries. if you are interested.

    Tethering is a big disadvantage.
    To put it out of range of ground based fire and still be useful for recon would require expensive optics. Someone only needs to sneak up and cut the cable and we get to wave our expensive equipment goodbye ;)

    Setting up and hauling the balloon down is fairly time consuming. The helium air mix that goes into the balloons is very expensive. Ask any diver ;)

    There are methane and ammonia alternatives for smaller balloons, but I've never heard of those being used widely. Hydrogen is much cheaper, but just asking for trouble.

    I'm not trying to be negative but those are the problems that I see with your idea. I think it depends on what sort of recon and intelligence is required, to be honest. There is only so much that remote assets can do.

    To illustrate my point - the majority of military assets such as AA installations and artillery bombed by NATO forces in Kosovo were later found to be fakes. Spyplanes could not tell the difference.

  151. 600miles sounds fine on paper but what exactly can you spot in that area to what accuracy is another question...
    These were deployed during ww2 spot submarines...oil slicks mainly and in those instances the blip worked to that age technology...
    SL battle fields are such it needs more "close-up details" if that's the word for it... not sure how effective a slow moving spy aerial vehicle can get the job done :)
    Wonder if we can use a zep as a radar station...that whole fram can be designed as a radar receiver i suppose :) or are we now into science fiction :) :)

  152. one more time with a working link:

  153. Ranil your not into science fiction-its actually quite simple really.Thats why the loss of Dr Munindradasa is such a loss.

  154. what of those locally produced UAVs? i hear they're quite useful.

  155. Ranil consider the telescope arrays used for seti.They are also receivers.I am not sure if the entire shape of the zep can be accommodated fully though

  156. This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. This comment has been removed by the author.

  158. Scipio the 2nd,
    Yeah India has deployed several of these systems along the Tamil Nadu border as a precautionary measure against the Tiger air wing.

    I suggested the same system earlier in this blog as an early warning system against low-flying slow aircraft that the LTTE possess. Ground-based radars we had at the time were particularly weak at detecting aircraft at low altitudes. I don't how good the new Chinese 3D radars are at identifying low flying aircraft.

    By the way Defencenet, do you have any information about a clash that happened at the Kommaathu'rai SLA base where the Karuna faction members attacked an EPDP camp?

  159. "600miles sounds fine on paper but what exactly can you spot in that area to what accuracy is another question..."

    Satellites used by Google Earth can spot people. And spy satellites can achieve even better resolution. I am sure you have seen them used for cruise missile attacks in movies :-) High altitude airships could do the same.

    Scenario: Infra red live feed from Vanni.. you see a fat bastard crawl out of a hole. There's only one fat bastard in the Vanni. Type in the GPS co-ordinates, launch the Tomahawk.

    So we were not talking about WW2 technology. I don't think it is feasible - but it is certainly possible with today's technology.

    However, it would be better to start with something smaller. Two years ago our guys didn't even have technology to locate enemy radio transmitters quickly (ie during battles). And all that takes is really a couple of laptops with GPS and direction finders. I hope that was rectified.. anyone knows?

  160. Guys, while the zep idea might have some merit in the future (once Lockheed get it right), but I don't see us being able to get that kind of technology anytime soon (even if we could afford it).

    Right now, the only practical application I can see for the zep would be as either a radar platform or AWACS role.

    Don't forget that even if we acquired a zep that could hold station out of AAA range, we may not be able to get hold of the optical kit needed to make use of it.

    Overall, I'm against this sort of over-reliance on technology. It's like trying to fight the war by remote control. The US over-reliance on standoff weapons and satellite recce over human ones, haas often hindered them in Afghanistan and Iraq, where countries like the UK and Australia have done better. More recently we saw Israel switch to a US strategy in the Lebanese invasion which was an unmitigated fuckup. They relied on air power and technology to such an extent that the country that could carry out a raid across the breadth of Africa and bring back a planeload of rescued hostages from Entebbe 30 years ago, couldn't recover two hostages from their neighbour!

    I think we should apply technology intelligently. We are a 3rd world nation, and aare personnel haave limited training, our finances are also slim, and our maintainence capabilities also questionable. We should push for better technology when it comes to encrypted battlefield comms, radar and AA systems, better signal int LPs and all-weather day/night optical equipment for both ground, air, and sea arms. We shhould aalso be investing in a tech edge for special forces and the choppers that support them. We should also acquire the technology and training that will give our regular infantry aand mechanised units a total night caapability.

  161. Mass scale desertions from LTTE ranks, bravado from a toothy hyena and the sudden overwhelming interest of the ever present Norwegian fish mongers in surreptitious cease-fire activity.. Current intense efforts to stal the military defeat of the LTTE is an effort by these covert forces to provide our enemies another breathing chance to regroup and hit back.\ACQRTT200707050404RTTRADERUSEQUITY_0173.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

  162. David,

    I'm with you on what you say about Tech. reliance. I think we have been better off than the Americans & Israelis.
    But good old “Rifle, compass & map” days are changing and we should adapt as you said but only take what’s good for us. But not forget the proven soldiering.

    Our forces need Secure HF/VHF com at all level & ASAP. As you said our SIGINT has to improve.
    It is imperative that our boys “own the night”. Troops need NVG’s (at least 3 Gen) and know how to use them effectively. Our vehicles and armor need Drivers night sights too. All three arms need good day/night electro-optical vision systems. And learn to coordinate the advantage gained by them.
    Our SOF’s have done well but can do better. CAS and evacs must be on call and fast. I think we should invest in Light Observation Helicopters (like OH-6/UH-27) to support or SOF’s in the field.
    Indians have upgraded their rugged Cheetah heli’s to an armed recon platform called the Lancer. These Lancers have played big role in supporting the Napali light infantry against Maoist rebels.

    Precision artillery and bombs would be helpful wont they? We should try to get FCS for our MBRLs as well.
    As for training, well I think all three forces have to put their heads together and come up with first:
    A National Defense Policy (long term & short)
    A Training doctrine (which should incorporate all we have learned & improve skills and bring in new ones)
    Standardize most of our equipment and open maintenance & overhaul plants.
    Increase the requirement standards & better train both officers & NCOs
    And many more……..
    Over to you..

  163. I also think there has to be a lot more cooperation and integration between the three forces to streamline air and naval support of the Army. It's ridiculous for the SLAF to insist (as they have) that all aircraft be allotted to them, and only them. The Army needs its own choppers, as does the Navy. If this is not done, it'll be nearly impossible to have the air mobile capability that we need on the lines of the US 1st Cav in Vietnam or the 101st in Iraq. Ideally, a mechanized brigade should be converted to air assault with Kiowas, Hueys, Hips, and Hinds. Also, the Navy having choppers on board will increase its interdiction capability.

  164. This comment has been removed by the author.

  165. David,

    I see your point about helicopters for the Army and Navy.
    The 1st Cav did a great job in Nam!

    But do you think SL has the terrain for a Mech unit? An Air Mobile unit would do better.

    Didn’t the navy buy a chetak naval helicopter? What happed to that?
    Since we have two ships with heli-pads we should start our Naval Air Wing. BTW how much dose a chetak cost?

  166. Nemesis, we already have a mechanized brigade (regardless of terrain), and since the fighting in certain areas of the NE almost resembles conventional warfare with fixed front lines, etc, the ability to deliver infantry into the enemy's lap via APCs has its merits. However, an airmobile capability would be more important.

    But it'll take a lot of muscle by an Army commander to pull it off. I remember when the Army first started airborne training the SLAF tried to stop jump wings being awarded to paras, saying that only pilots could have wings! They were insisting that just one wing be given, as the RAF does to their PJIs.

  167. Blacker, agree that we need something like Soviet Frontal Aviation.

    Sadly, it won't happen any time soon. Not only will it require an army commander with considerable clout but also SLAF brass not to block the move.

    Only a presidential decree will force the SLAF to give up operational control of aircraft to the army.

    I'd love to be proven wrong.

  168. A compromise would be a composite airmobile brigade or brigade group, like the experimental one that presceded the 1st Cav. Army infantry battalions with attached arty and integrated SLAF rotoray wing air assets for lift and fire support. All under a brigadier with a full Army/SLAF ops, int, and logistics staff including air ops & int. But it'll take a lot of training as welll.

    I don't think a Frontal Aviation set up will ever happen given the size of our forces. The USSR was probably the only country to give its army jets. But dedicated helicopters isn't a revolutionary idea.

  169. David,

    thanks for you views.

    Do you think that if SLAF and the SLA set up a Joint Helicopter Command like in UK so that they could better serve the Army & even the Navy?
    In UK the JHC led to the now famed 16th Air Assualt Brigade being established.

  170. Definitely think that a composite brigade would be the next best thing to giving the Army an air arm.

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