Saturday, July 7, 2007

Commandos ambush LTTE transport

Sri Lanka Army's commando units ambushed an LTTE transport killing at least 15 cadres yesterday. LTTE cadres were fleeing the besieged Thoppigala region using two tractors when they were ambushed.

Commando units have been spearheading the Thoppigala offensive which has been progressing slowly amidst stiff LTTE resistance. Army's infantry formations have virtually surrounded the Thoppigala region, blocking all major supply routes to remaining LTTE bases. However, the LTTE has been able to smuggle in essential supplies and ammunition to their major bases in Thravikulam which is supposed to be the hideout of LTTE leaders including Nagesh and Jeyam.


  1. I just can't believe how the LTTE is managing to still smuggle in arms and supplies into the Thoppigala area despite being completely surrounded. As the situation stands there is no doubt that the area will fall to the armed forces however, this latest round of attacks shows what will happen when the forces are re-deployed to areas in the North for the upcoming campaigns. If the armed forces are failing to prevent LTTE infiltration into the East with the heavy concentration of our forces for the Thoppigala offensive, does it really stand a chance of preventing LTTE sabotage operations when the planned elections draw nearer?

  2. After their defeat in Sampur and Vakare they had time to withdraw to wanni. This at least would have saved their man power. But what does their decesion to fight in Thoppigala means?
    1)They might expect SLA will not attack thoppigala. (though SLA clearly announced it.)
    2)Allowing SLA advance deep in to thoppigala and then use gaurilla tactics and doing maximum damage to SLA.
    3)Buying time: irrespective of the outcome of the battle. Within this time they try to get a big (economical, defense or political) target in Colombo or out station so that loss in the east will be balanced out.

    However I think we should not push SLA giving deadlines to celebrate annivasiries. SLA should fight minimising their casualties without time constraints.

  3. Defencenet,

    BTW, We heard earlier captain Nilam was missing with his family. I also saw some time ago in a UK published LTTE newspaper claimed Nilam and his family are under LTTE custody. What can you say about this incedent?

  4. "UK published LTTE newspaper claimed Nilam and his family are under LTTE custody. What can you say about this incedent?"

    It's entirely false statement. Captain Nilam is not in LTTE custody.

  5. Dear DefNet,

    Mate, I have tried to stay neutral, but I have speak out againt LTTE supporting agenda here as if I cannot, then I might as well not be here.

    We evidently have a deranged and "got lost from the tribe" poor bugger here who is uttering cockamamie nonsense like:

    "On the other hand we have clowns such as this group (with very indo-aryan names) lobbying to stop 'ethnic cleansing' by the government.
    (only accessible to facebook members -
    please join and tell them where to go.)"

    What the bloody hell is this? Who the bloody hell is this???

    Obviously, I see your blog is attracting all kinds of riff-raffs, including bloody thamileelamists brainwashed idiotic "Sinhelas" who are out to convince us other Sinhelas that we are really "Tamils" or "Keralas" from South India...!!! Bloody hell, idiocy has no limits I see!!!

    I wonder if this indirectly Tamil terrorist supporting poor bugger (who, like the stinking bloody thamil terrorists, is now questioning our Mahavams, and that is the Mahavamsa we all have learned in our history education in SL!) is on a special agenda as he keeps coming in with this attack on "Indo-Arya" label to humiliate the Sinhela race and he is no different to the racist "thamileelamists" as that's exactly what they do at every turn - to question the Sinhelas’ origin and say that the Sinhelas are really south Indians!

    Maybe this bugger is really not a Sinhela and he is just another LTTE MF rascal who is masquerading here under cover as a Sinhela...and that would not be the first time and would not be the last in a new forum given the efficiency of the thamileelamists’ propaganda machine!

    Anyway, DefNet, please read the postings and you can decide as to who is on what agenda here...i.e. using your blog to promote a cockeyed theory that is also what the "thamileelamists" are promoting (i.e. to question the origin of Sinhelas as per Mahavamsa!)

    Scorpio OaO Asithri

  6. Asithri,
    That whole Indo-Aryan argument in the previous thread was so un called for. We've decided to delete ALL comments involved in such discussions in the future (if there ever will be any more).

    Be rest assured that we will not let anyone use this blog to promote racism or false propaganda.

    As for groups in other social networking sites, it's useless to argue with them. Most such groups in, are moderated by people who are obsessed with racism. The wise move will be to ignore them and not to go personal with them.

    As for LTTE propaganda machine being superior to that of GOSL, we do need to get our act together with MCNS first.

    For example, most articles are written in a sentimental manner (we do admire the service rendered by the site, make no mistake) but if you take , the articles are written in a more professional manner.
    In short, Tamilnet's writing style makes you believe the story even though it's false propaganda most of the time.

    Another thing we do need to avoid is exaggeration. Saying 98% of Thoppigala captured while Tharavikulam LTTE base is still standing is a disgrace to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the operation.

    Who says we need to lie or exaggerate when countering LTTE propaganda? If you keep telling the truth regardless of who won, even BBC will begin to believe you after some time.

  7. For example, most articles are written in a sentimental manner (we do admire the service rendered by the site, make no mistake) but if you take , the articles are written in a more professional manner.
    In short, Tamilnet's writing style makes you believe the story even though it's false propaganda most of the time.

    100% right, well stated. Even our defence secretary who is doing a good job is not doing the best when being interviewed.
    There are a few non-government sites that are heading in the right direction.

  8. "ambushed"

    thats the key word. more of this needs to happen. ambushed, capital strike, infiltrated...

    nice terms. lets terrorise the terrorists.

  9. well done commandos!!
    any possibility of the FACs having 30 mm guns yet? This was a much debated topic for years and are we still unable to fit these precious FACs with these heave guns?
    BTW, in the last major sea battle SL navy has fired rockets from their crafts but seeing most of the FAC pics I cant see any launcher tubes.

  10. DefenceNet
    and Lankaputhra

    Mate ..please tell us your views about this website we started this about a month ago ..
    this website is done to counter the LTTE propaganda in NZ.

  11. Hasalaka, layout and aesthetics look fantastic.. very professional. Well done!

  12. I was interested in the Navy battle yesterday-7th.I am really astonished that the LTTE seem to be producing a large number of boats with amazing speed-meaning their capacity to build boats has not been affected in the least with ariel bombardment.They seem to be attacking the navy with this magical number of 15 boats.I think that this "15" boats is a picture on a radar screen-on radar i think a concentration of 15 boats appear as a "white blob"-depending on the resolution of the radar.Why isnt the airforce helping the navy to destroy more than 2 boats at a time?.What do you think?

  13. Defencenet, is there any news on the inadvertent explosion of a bomb while loading a Kfir at Katunayaka?

    Tamilnet is claiming that the Kfir was due to sortie over the Kudumpimalai jungles in Batticaloa.

  14. If the bomb did explode the plane must be seriously damaged. Strange as usually they are extremely careful while loading the bombs.

  15. heard it was a 30mm ammo that burst and not a bomb ????

  16. It was a 30mm ammo round that exploded. 1 Kfir damaged in explosion and 4 injured. 1 of the injured are in critical condition.

    Kfir damages are repairable.

  17. Did the bomb explode because it was "old"?

  18. srilankan,
    a bomb did not explode. 30mm cannon was accidentally fired.

  19. "The war plane was being loaded with weapons at the Katunayake air base -- which shares a runway with the Bandaranaike International Airport"

    so the airforce shares the commerical runway? i never knew this! wow, so if a mission was about to happen, the airlines have to loiter around i guess.

    I also never knew how much powder was contained in a 30MM round. Damn those things look solid.

    kfir with 30mm ammo belt?

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.


    dammit. it doesnt post links

  22. Jiffy, yes, runway sharing is a problem. May be fixed when the new international airport is built.

  23. Oshada, "completely surrounded" shouldn't be taken too literally, given the terrain. What it really means is that the security forces are able to dominate the area surrounding Thoppigala. It doesn't mean they're standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a ring. So that allows the LTTE to sneak in and out sometimes.


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