Tuesday, July 10, 2007

LTTE regional leader, 4 senior cadres killed in DPU attack

A claymore explosion set off by the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol blew up a vehicle carrying LTTE cadres killing 5 and injuring 3. The incident took place inside LTTE controlled Mankulam area. An LTTE regional leader is said to be among the killed.

The vehicle was disguised as a medical services and transport unit to avoid army interception. MI had recently warned SLA of LTTE's use of Ambulances and relief/aid related vehicles to transport its cadres for military purposes, without detection.


  1. great work boys...keep it up!


    Do you know how the DPU guys recoganized the "medical" transport as LTTE and not the real thing?

  2. "Do you know how the DPU guys recoganized the "medical" transport as LTTE and not the real thing?"

    This type of mission is not carried out without solid intel. That is all we can say here nemesis sorry.

  3. Bravo.. Bravo.... what a good news.. it's a shame other 3 did not go to hell too.

    Keep up the good work boys / girls. Theruwan Saranai.

  4. Well done guys ..
    Really proud of u guys .. SF 1,2,3

    Thanx defense net for your info..

  5. oh! what great news again... :-)
    way to go LRRP... way to go...
    we all owe you guys a lot for the sacrifices you make!
    And weldone MI guys for cordinating these type of attacks.

    Btw, just curious, has anyone seen how TamilNet has reported this incident? Wont be surprised if they are accusing us of attacking ambulances... ;-)

    And any idea of the identity of the regional leader killed? I mean the rank/unit/name?

  6. Tamilnut SAYS

    Five persons, inclduing Tamileelam Health Service personnel and civilians were killed in a Claymore mine attack by a Deep Penetration Unit (DPU) of the Sri Lanka Army inside Vanni near Mangku'lam around 10:00 a.m. Tuesday,

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  8. I understand DefenceNet, sorry for posing that question.

    Any how what matters that we put the wack on few more tiger brass in a area they think they are safe!

  9. Untill LRRP finish their duties, no Air strike take place in North.????

  10. LTTE generally categorised these as accidental....but this time they have accepted that it was a DPU attack (strange!!!)

  11. Probably because they're trying to pass it off as an attack on civilians.

  12. nemesis,

    Usually, LTTE cries bloody murder if it really was a civilian convoy with lots of pictures and names. It is also interesting to see that "Tamileelam Health Service" personnel got blown up. The reference to such shady agency is a good indication that it was real LTTE who got killed. Keep up good work SLA.

  13. "Do you know how the DPU guys recoganized the "medical" transport as LTTE and not the real thing?"

    Nemesis, have U ever heard of the term "MOLE"...? ;-)
    key to successful intelligence operations, mate!

  14. btw, do we know which regional leader got killed?
    Hopefully so called Terror leader (yes the very fat one) may join them soon !!!

  15. I found some photos of some MBRLs used by the army that I don't recognise:


  16. Below says 8 got killed...
    Hopefully they all will end in hell.

  17. It's Type 81.

  18. Dont worry-the LTTE representatives to the united nations (sritharan & mahathanamutta Associates) speak to the UN about this dastardly act of the sinhala buddist chauvenistic govt.they will also hold a conference about the latest developments in "hair cutting techniques".Sorry defencenet for this comment.could not resist it.

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  20. Nice work DPU ! Now go get Soosai & Timpu... by the way what type of assult rifle W/tripod does that STF trooper seems to be carrying on that Yahoo photo ?

  21. BTW, Divaina published that the UK police found documents relates to very new naval equipments based on recently arrested people's information.

    Defencenet, What kind of equipment are they? Did LTTE already smuggled tmem?

    We know now SLN use 30mm guns and LTTE had same even before we et them.

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  23. defencenet:

    You said Tora Bora was taken few days back. Now Samarasingha is saying that it is not true. They are yet to take Tora Bora. In the meantime, LTTE supporters claim that Army had to retreat from Tora Bora area with high casualities. What is going on?

  24. Happy claymore-ing boyz! Many happy returns of this day!

    Yeah baby, it's payback time!

    Yes, payback for the over 200 SLA/SLAF boyz who were slaughtered in cold blood during 6 week period in Nov/Dec 2005 - the period immediately following the promise the Fat Black Ugly Pig gave President MR to give "some time to address the issue!"

    Yep, true to his usual cunning and deceptive form, the bloated pig said that only to assure the maximum kills for the claymores that he had set in place during Ranil the pansy's "ceasefire agreement" and knew very well the they were ready to go off in a matter of days, but wanted the SLDF boyz to think it was “peace time” and not be on guard!

    Frankly, I wouldn't give a flying f if these vehicles are run by Mother Theresa herself as DPU's claymores are indeed the respectful adoration we should show them! lol!

    "Take no prisoner, scorched earth" policy is the imperative at hand as it inevitably will be the dawn of a new era – an era where “terrorism” will only be a term kids learn in textbooks when they read history!

    Go get them bros...terminate the maggots with extreme prejudice!

    OaO Asithri

  25. dewey,
    We really cant understand military spokesman's claim. According to our sources Tora-Bora is under complete army control (or at least all LTTE bases in that area are destroyed).
    But one thing needs to be said. Sometimes when the army overruns a LTTE satellite camp, they destroy the camp's infrastructure and return to their positions. This is not withdrawal and is done purely to focus on main objective.

    "LTTE supporters claim that Army had to retreat from Tora Bora area with high casualities. "

    High casualties due to what? LTTE had vacated the bases long before SLA overran them. There never were many direct firefights (except in Narakamulla - initial stages) in this offensive. LTTE seems to be conserving ammo and manpower for one final battle or they have decided to flee. Troop movement is slowed down coz there are thousands of land mines and death traps buried in the path.

  26. [LTTE looses Baron's cap; Troops reach Thoppigala ]
    Commandos and soldiers of the SL Army have reached the Baron's Cap (Thoppigala) few hours ago, said the defence sources in the east. With this victory, the troops have captured the nerve centre of the LTTE terrorists in their last stronghold in the eastern province.

    Meanwhile, the troops have also gained the full control over Narakamula, and Tharavikulama areas where the LTTE leadership had its' Eastern headquarters and fortifications. The victorious soldiers are presently clearing out enemy pockets scattered in the dense jungle and are perusing the LTTE cadres on the run.

    More details will follow....


  27. Defence.lk says that we've taken baron's cap. This is super news :)

    well done SLDF boys.

    DefNet... any news on enemy casualties and hardware taken by SLDF. This has to have been after an offensive right.

  28. None of those yahoo links work :(

  29. David Blacker-
    Look for the page source (CTRL+U) then search for the part of the yahoo link/s. Then copy and paste the full URL to a browser session.
    Unfortunatly page template cut of part of the url.

  30. David Blacker-

    click the courser on beginning of the line and press the shift and down arrow together. then copy and paste.

  31. David,

    triple click on a link to fully select it, then right click and give the copy command.

  32. Thanks, guys. Got 'em now.

    Rajaratasurfer, I can't see any pic with an assault rifle, and those guys are all Army not STF.

  33. Hey all,

    Just to let you know, you can use the < a > tag to give short names to long urls to make them easy to access.

    < a href="long url">Short link< /a>"

    eg for http://news.yahoo.com/photo/070710/481/xga10107101012

  34. Photo
    I think he refers to this photo, I think It is an LMG, and the other one should be an Uzi.

  35. The weapon with the bipod is an FN Minimi LMG, and the submachine-gun is an H&K MP5A3.

  36. Notice how Tamilnet is in either of two modes -
    1. Complaining about humanitarian issues or civilian deaths (damage control mode)
    2. Celebrating or fund-raising mode (like after the air attacks)

    When it is in the first mode for a long time that's always a good sign that they are getting hammered :-D

  37. Defencenet;
    When you get a chance can you please confirm below;
    Toppigala Last camp etc.

  38. Thanks puffy... :)

    I know what a MOLE is, i just wanted to know how the DPU made visual recognition and with what sort of optical device they did it?

    David and Rajaratasurfer,

    That LMG in the hand of the STF commando, doesn’t it look like a Unimax 100?

    And about the MBRL on the pic..i must say sure as hell looks like a Chinese Type-81 MBRL to me.

    But that’s not what counts...WE KICKED SOME TIGER ASS!!!! And got thoppi under the lion flag!

    I just hope our boys’ don’t leave in a hurry... we need to establish police, STF and CDF units in the area before the army sends its formations up north!

  39. Nemesis, sharp eyes. You're right. It's the Ultimax. The box mag fooled me. Also, the Minimi carrying handle is just in front of the receiver, but on the Ultimax it's at the front of the forestock.

  40. No fear there mate...i.e. about SLA leaving the Thoppi to allow LTTE infiltration again. No, that will not happen again. Earlier I talked to a a SLA "honcho" and the confirmation I got was that Thoppi will have certain "surgical" teams consisting of SLA "instructors" and xxxx xxxxxx (no, I don't need to mention it here as I am sure you get the drift) to assure that LTTE scum will never establish (sure, there will be those hit-and-run attacks, but never will they "establish" there) themselves in the EAST again!

    The EAST is gone and so has the LTTE feces-maggots' dream of "thamileelam" to be carved out of OUR motherland!

    Got to go...calls for a bloody good drink!

    OaO Asithri

  41. Gurrilla's need to be answered through gurrilla techniques..

    Why did not they use a Bigger Claymore?

  42. The FAT PIG Prabakaran have taught innocent Tamil children hate spite and destruction during the last 30 years. It is high time someone arrange an appointment for this PIG to meet God so that Almighty shall condemn this PIG to the most intese hell fires in hell. Him and his puppet Pottu PIG Amman should burn for centuries and for the crimes he commited against Tamils Sinhales and Muslims even his children and their children should be made to pay. Go to hell all you decendant pigs of Praba PIG.

  43. Thanks DB so we have Belgian arms hmmm ! Nice !

  44. Rajaratasurfer, my mistake -- it's an Ultimax 100 which is Singaporean, but the STF does have Minimis, and some of the Hueys have FN MAGs.


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