Saturday, July 14, 2007

SLAF bombs LTTE targets in Mannar

Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) jet bombers took off from KAB to bomb identified LTTE targets in the heated Mannar region today at around 11.30AM. Several LTTE mortar positions and gathering points were bombed in the raid. Fighter jets attached to the 10th fighter squadron took part in the sortie.

Meanwhile Naval troops observed an unidentified aircraft in Trincomalee region yesterday. It is now confirmed that the sighted aircraft did not belong to SLAF. It is speculated that the plane belonged to Tamil tigers and it was on a training/intelligence mission. 

Meanwhile on the 13th, many pro LTTE media claimed that a Sri Lanka Air Force Kfir Jet bomber crash landed after being hit by anti aircraft fire. The statement was backed by photographic evidence; photographs showed what was supposed to be parts of the damaged aircraft. However, DefenceNet can confirm that this claim is completely false and no SLAF aircraft were damaged in any such incident.


  1. DefenceNet
    What is latest from Thoppigala. Is it under gov military control? Why no news from you about Thoppigala.

  2. leelananda,
    Thoppigala is under govt control. However pockets of LTTE cadres who fled from the fallen bases have hit the jungles. Some are said to be in the jungles of Nayaru in Trincomalee awaiting to espace to Wanni. Others are still trapped in jungles west of Thoppigala. Operations are continuing to eliminates the fleeing LTTE cadres.

    All civilian populated areas in the eastern province are now under government control. There are no LTTE bases left.

  3. A Super Massive attack on Jaffna is the LTTE's ultimate plan...

    This is going to be the LTTE's biggest gamble..

    It is going to be this year...

    Please be ready..

  4. Attack , Repeat Attacks should be the best defence for SL .

    otherwise these terrorist dogs will regroup to kill all of us .

    don't give them breathing space . keep attcking to make them busy . otherwise they will kill us

  5. Some details and images of Thoppigala ope is in the following link

    Battle for Thoppigala - 2007

    Check this image also:

  6. There is a cooment in a sunday news paper about a sargent in the commandos corps named Pathirana who was captured by the tigers when he went behind enemy lines. The tigers have cut his arms and later have beheaded him and have displayed his body to the fleeing refugees of the area.
    DEFENCENET, is there any truth about this claim?
    Yes infiltration and information gathering is a serious task and these worriers need to be given the 110% credit for performing these tasks.but there is always a risk of being captured and if captured they will be definitly killed. Is there any precautionary messures taken to avoid such embarrasements? of course these worriers deserved much more credit than that....

  7. "DEFENCENET, is there any truth about this claim?"

    Yes this story is true. Sgt Pathirana was engaged in a Long Range Surveillance mission behind enemy lines at the time of his capture. There are precautionary measures which are followed by every LRS unit but sometimes they fail. However the chance of a LRS unit getting captured has been extremely low and this is one such occasion.

    Commandos who later overran the place were able to recover the body of Sgt Pathirana. But it was too late.

  8. sf admirer-If this info is true may he attain nibbana and may god bring peace to his family.Are all these brutal deeds done by a few senior LTTErs who never leave their bases in the north?.MI needs to find out.There is a limit to saying we left the LTTE because we were mistreated.

  9. DefenceNet ,

    is there anyway directly funding theses WAR HERO Families ? ( Like sgt Pathirana ) without third party intervention ( in case of third party it shoud be transparent ) and wihout exposing the donor ?

  10. Saying "we left the LTTE because they ill treated us" is ok however this is not a defense after committing the most heinous crimes.
    Defencenet do you happen to know how many LRSMissions were captured statistically over the past 20 odd years?

  11. Tigerkiller-I dont mean to butt in.I think the best form of attack is to feed false intelligence to the tigers.But since that is very difficult-Not to attack but be ready for them once they attack and kill as many of them as possible specially when they are retreating.then retreat back to base.Its pointless holding on to land in the north at this point.Thoppigala is different.

  12. SriLankan

    I agree that kill ( specially Leadres ) as many as possible should be the strategy . Yeah try to hold land in north will be very costly.

    What said in my previous post was contionous (and repeat ) pre emptive attacks on LTTE targets make them busy not allowing to regroup to attack us . it does not necessarely mean to caputre land

  13. The army has to make these guys use their resources (fuel,manpower,equipment,ammunition)including bombing them when possible.At one point this will become low.I think that lots of people in the north are held under threat of death.Reducing their resources will enable more peace loving people in the north to escape.It is assumed that the navy is successfully cutting off reinforcements from the sea-a gigantic task in itself.

  14. tigerkiller,

    You will have to contact their families personally if you don't want to go through a third party.

    Or you may contact Army Seva Vanitha (they are reliable) unit to get more information in this regard.

    Telephone & Fax: 0112 343953 E-mail:
    Address: Seva Vanitha Army Branch,
    Army Headquarters, Colombo -03,
    Sri Lanka.

    "LRSMissions were captured statistically over the past 20 odd years?"

    Unfortunately we do not have actual stats. But it's on very rare occasions that they get captured. LRS units being KIA is more common than MIAs.

  15. tigerkiller,

    "is there anyway directly funding theses WAR HERO Families ? ( Like sgt Pathirana ) without third party intervention ( in case of third party it shoud be transparent ) and wihout exposing the donor ? "

    Great thought! It seems that you are not currently living in SL. Therefore, I suggest you to visit the family of Sgt. Pathirana personally next time you visit SL or get you folks to do it today. Also check if there is a way to help his children's education through their schools. That seems to be the dream of Sgt. Major Ajith Wasantha (like any other parent) and you can honer his memory by making his dream come true. You can utilize the help of their schools to do this anonymously. Also it is another way to direct your money for the kids future.

    Otherwise there are plenty of institutions to do this including the Mahanel Mal Movement.

    It is a great thought you got. Give it a jump start today and you will not know where to begin with. Opportunities for you to this are countless, almost.

    I also recommend visiting the national war memorial in Mailapitiya, Kandy next time.

  16. tigerkiller,

    I want your good thoughts to gather full steam soon. I am sure that you have heard the saying that the gems in our great motherland is born from the blood of great heroes who gave their lives to defend it. I believe that these kids are the true gems of our future and here we get a great opportunity polish them.

    I wish you all the luck and resources to help these kids!

  17. Let me express my heartfelt condolences to the family of Sgt. Pathirana and my deep gratitude for his services that he rendered to the cause of a unified country and people.

    It was a good idea by one of the members of the blog to get in contact with the family without the involvement of a third party. Hopefully I will be able to do something like this when I eventually start working.

  18. Thanks Sam for the encouragement . Actually when I was in SL ( Just after my A/L) myself and couple of my friends got together and collect some money and make some donations to Ragama Ranaviru Sevana . We all went there and spoke those disabled WAR heros and distribute what ever we took ( books , pencils etc.)

    Now I am strong possition ( monitoraly )than those days .

  19. I am willing to help couple of kids of a fallen hero in terms of long term scholarships for grade school or university. How do I do that? I too like to deal with family directly. Is there a way to get information of such families? Thanks!

  20. How all the kind people can help the brave war heroes is to spread the word among your friends about the sacrifices the war heroes have made.If you are in the U.S there are lots of very generous people over there who really like to help but dont know how to make sure their monies go to the right people and dont get used for admin nonsense.Fx even if every student in a particular school contributes one dollar each i am sure that will amount to something significant for these needy people.

  21. dewey,

    Hang on to that thought. Currently, SLR 2000/month is a decent money for a kid to utilize in educational expense. Try to contact the OBA of your school to find the kids of war heroes and donate the money quarterly or annually. Alternatively, you can deposit about SLR 150,000 in an account and instruct the OBA remit interest to the kid every quarter. In that way you initial cost is high but you never have to be worried about it again. When one kid is out of the school, OBA can select another child who meets your criteria.

  22. Defensenet lets say a person wants to send clothes(used but in very good condition),books etc to the seva vanitha branch-can the army use them?.if so how can you do that say from the U.S?

  23. srilankan,

    Please e-mail about this and you will get detailed instructions from them.

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  25. Hey whats this jet that the SLAF is operating:

  26. Similar to Dewey and Sri Lankan, I also wanted to help our affected military families in some way, but have not been able to find any meaningful way of accomplishing this.

    However, SPUR in Australia seem to be doing a great job in this regard. I did attempt to contact them via email a couple of times, but never received a response. Does anyone in this forum have any affiliation with SPUR? If so, could we arrange for a representation in the US for this valuable organization, with a view to help fallen Sri Lankan military heroes' families? I am based in the US and would be happy to assist in any way possible.
    Please communicate via this forum or the SLAF and SLNavy blogs listed herein.

  27. Oshada

    It's an F-7, an upgraded Mig-21.

  28. Here's the SPUR link:

  29. Thanks Defencenet-will do.Sorry i know this is not in your domain.
    Tropicalstorm a few days ago there was an article in the papers about a Slankan high school student who was involved in sending books for kids to SL?.I cant remeber her name. Her family may have some relevant info for you.Sorry I cant remeber the e-mail though

  30. Confrontations at Madhu Kill Tigers & Destroy Their Mortar Position

    VAVUNIYA: SECURITY FORCES by Saturday (14) afternoon completely destroyed the LTTE mortar base used by the terrorists to attack troops at the PERITHAMPANE FDL on Saturday (14) morning.

    At the request of the Bishop of MADHU, the area has been declared a peace zone promoting the facilities of MADHU devotees during the festive season. Capitalizing this situation, terrorist launched the attack using mortar and artillery.

    Troops opened a heavy volume of retaliatory fire with artillery and mortar causing grave damages to the LTTE.

    A large number of Tigers were confirmed killed.

    Ten soldiers were killed and 34 injured in the confrontation.

    Claymore Mine & Hand Grenades Found

    Defencenet when you have the time please keep us informed about this battle-mainly on casualty figures.

  31. i am getting this really bad feeling that this confrontation at Madhu was a really intense battle.Did SLAF participate?

  32. What about cyanide? The cyanide will give the tigers some sort of confidenec; assurance of quick death instead of enimy torture and painfull death. However our guys need to be damn brave to go in to enimy side even without a cyanide.

  33. Radar Out ???

  34. Good thoughts on supporting our heroes families.. for those overseas the SPUR program pointed out by tropicalstorm is very convenient and effective.

    On another matter, just saw a program on the Bushmaster APC

    I understand the Buffel is now made locally. Interestingly it shares the V-shaped hull with the Bushmaster. That, among other things, has made it more effective against IEDs in Iraq, compared to American vehicles. The terrorists will now resort to IED type attack in the East.. it is in our best interest to keep improving the Buffel. I'm sure our engineers are doing their best - good luck to them.

  35. Guys, there is also another way we can help Sri Lanka. Currently we are at a relative disadvantage when it comes to campaigning with policy makers in nations such as the US.
    To address this issue in this crucial time, we are in need of active Sri Lankans who can call, fax and communicate with senators in their respective states. The information that needs to be used in such communications can be provided from an already organized think tank...
    I would appreciate your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on this. What we need mostly are a committed group of volunteers who would use approx 10 - 15 minutes of their time, whenever needed. Your anonymity and confidentiality would always be assured.

  36. Srilankan:

    [i am getting this really bad feeling that this confrontation at Madhu was a really intense battle.Did SLAF participate?]

    Brother, this was a blitz attack by the LTTE from the environs of the Madhu church. As you might know, the Catholic priest of the Madhu church had asked that the church and its environs be considered as a "demilitarized zone" by the SLA and the LTTE during the Madhu festival and both agreed to allow the pilgrims attend it without any military action. However, as the LTTE mf-scum have done on numerous occasions, they just broke the promise (likely with a laugh) and used the Madhu church’s environs to fire mortars at the SLA FDLs and that's how the casualties came about (10 killed and many more wounded).

    So, here we are...we have got sucked again into another LTTE ploy and sacrificed precious lives of our brave boys!

    I say, fcuk the Madhu or any other festival! What comes first is the country's security and the security of our boys who are risking their lives to assure it! This is not the first time the Tamil catholic clergy of SL has pulled a stunt to help the LTTE maggots. Time SLA took this as a serious compromise and terminated any guilty culprits, whether wearing cammies or “black & white with any shade in between” with "extreme prejudice." After all, it is an open secret how Bishop Rayappu Joseph has helped LTTE on numerous occasions and Madhu church coming under his jurisdiction, it makes one think how simple it must have been for him to pull this trap! Here’s a relevant link to further my assertion:

    OaO Asithri

  37. Guys

    What the TamilNut was parading as a shot-down Kfir was in fact the remains of a cluster bomb dropped by a Mig-27.

    These guys have no problem with lying today, even if it gets caught the next day. For folks who constantly live a lie, such activities must form mainstream life.

  38. srilankan,
    What happened was that LTTE placed their heavy mortars in the no war zone near Madhu church and fired at the FDL. Around 12 soldiers KIA and another 30 wounded. SLAF did hit some targets but cannot confirm the outcome.

    That's the civil aviation radar (Piduruthalagala) thats offline. This primarily deals with air traffic control. Air Force radars are online.

  39. Thanks Asithri and Defencenet.I wonder why the LTTE are trying to divert the attention of the Dforces?.Give their 150-200 odd cadres trapped in thoppigala time to escape?.Wonder what the confirmed LTTE casualties are.

  40. One fact is for certain.The LTTE need to engage in some offensive activity from time to time to keep the diasphora money flowing(given voluntaryly or due to intimidation) .This means that they have to make the 1st move.What the SLDF (very rightly) are doing is waiting till LTTE cadre concentrations are detected and then killing as many as possible.Very good strategy!.I am not suprised if the troops come across an 80 yr old LTTE cadre with a walking stick soon-what a tragedy. what has happened here is that this LTTE which many Tamils supported (actively/passively) in the past has come back to haunt them and our sinhala boys are paying with their lives to free them of this menace (with the help of the tamil population now).This is probably what Ranil Wick reasoned when he signed this onesided CFA.He foolishly thought that if the Tamils want the LTTE they can have them without considering the repercussions for the country as a whole.

  41. Hey wait a minute-The 200 retreating LTTE cadres have left a stock of Bata slippers behind!

  42. DefenceNet,

    ST says it was the Military that has launched a new campaign to recapture Thampanai.

    what is the truth here? who launched this operation? did the military capture areas around Thampanai as ST says?

  43. anymouse,
    Initially it was the LTTE who attacked using heavy mortars (stationed in the no war zone) at the army FDL. Then the army launched a limited offensive to destroy mortar positions. Forces have made advances but sporadic clashes are still continuing. LTTE mortar fire from no war zone has stopped as of now.

  44. I read a very disturbing news item in a paper.Why in gods name are reporters allowed to take pics of military hardware deployed in the field?

  45. Defencenet,
    There is a rumour circulating Anuradhapura that upto 3000 Tigers and their supporters crossed in to the Vanni region through Horowpothana i.e(town in between Trinco and Anuradhapura via Mihintale).
    LTTE always used the area to cross to the Vanni from East. Remember the Kebithigollawa bus boming..

    Is there anyway that you can confirm this?

    Thank you..


    Check the map and guess what...

  47. It seems that LTTE used the "mini-ceasefire" in Madu area, set all the traps, bombs etc. and attacked us expecting a limited offensive from SLA. Whole Thoppigala operation we lost 18 and this incident 14. I guess our guys ran into the tigers trick and traps this time.


    Ofcourse LTTE now badly need some 'victory'. There are no more isolated SLA camps. (unlike Mulathiv after Jaffna) The most effective way is 1000kg bomb in Colombo. Sending air tigers to Trinco or Colombo may be second option. Third is over running Jaffna island by sea tigers. Forth is attacking FDLs in Jaffna, Omanthe, Mannar or Welikanda. I guess Welikanda or Mannar will be next big target of LTTE.

  48. Also, it seems that tiger-priest has done his duty very well this time too. GOSL need to come up with a counter stratergy soon. LTTE use this 'sacredness' in Madu church with the help of tiger-priests and with the covering of international media. How long are we going to sacrifise our soldiers to the artilary fire coming almost from the church?

  49. Any comments on the LTTE's recent show of force to reporters? I am talking about their mock military exercises. Looks like they are preparing for a major battle. Some tiger cubs were telling me that they are planning to overrun Jaffna. I just hope MI knows more about this than us :(.

  50. Hello Uthum-A tiger cub told you? many tiger cubs do you know.?.Has this cub surrendered?.

  51. lol i debate tiger-cubs on facebook. Most of them are from Canada and London haha. I just call them tiger-cubs. But this certain cub was telling me things about how the LTTE was going to rebound and that the army is too over-stretched; he was just going on and on......I personally think we should be mindful, we should be better prepared than being sorry at the end.

  52. Can u pls ask this cub why they are leaving such a large number of expensive bata slippers behind because this is tantamount to undressing.Why the only article stopping these cubs from being classified as nude is this "traditional" blue sarong!!-What will happen to the LTTE at this rate?

  53. SF Admirer, suicide is usually the only option if one doesn't want to be captured. I personally know of a couple of occasions when this happened, and once a section commander I know had to kill a wounded guy who didn't want to be left and was too badly injured to be moved.

    When I was in the Army, we'd always change mags when the last round was in the chamber, so we'd have one bullet available at all times. Fortunately for me, it never came to that.

    Lankapura, while the V-shaped Buffel helps when it comes to landmines, it's no use against directional mines or IEDs mounted above ground.

  54. As you know all this bravado is fine when you are not in SL.As you well know in the UK and Canada if they lift a hand against a "whiteman" the whiteman is going to trash him and there is nothing he can do about it.In Canada these guys are there to work since the canadians are "too lazy" to do certain jobs they consider "menial".

  55. anyways theres been a lot of talk about an impending LTTE assault on Jaffna, I'm getting really worried now.

  56. still no news about the tiger MBRLs
    Defencenet, is there any information about the allegation of the UNP MP that the army allowed ramesh and his carders to flee from thoppigala?
    Am sorry for asking this but if this is a false claim, can this betrayal be tolerated any more? can t we do something about this?
    Today is saying that in mannar, more than 100 soldiers are missing in action.
    UNP.LK link

  57. These guys are "bigshots" when they are in the company of the less well off Slankan citizen.Quite simply they capitalised on this LTTE struggle-On occassion showing canadian immigration how "tamils" are tortured in SL by showing pics of that hindu festival where some devotees insert nails? into themselves.I am happy to say that since the world had changed in the last 30 years what i want most of all for ALL Slankans is gradually happenning.That is more and more are getting the opportunity to live and study abroad.I am so proud of the 2 airforce officers who gained entrance to that prestigious US defense academy.SO PROUD.

  58. Uthum i would not worry about it really.The army has got competent people now as opposed to the very distant past.Ask him if it is possible for the LTTE to attack in "single file"?

  59. Our problem is that we were never keen on an army or had proper border controls.So we suffered a lot even if we had good people to lead our troops because we had neither the weapons, training or the required international exposure to handle these LTTE "coolies".One exception-i dont consider forcibly conscripted kids "coolies".

  60. David, EXACTLY.. I didn't want to spell it out.
    If you check the Bushmaster, the V-shaped hull is internal. Outside that there is another layer which gives it a box-shape. There may be something in it for our guys to learn.

  61. The silence from the Catholic Church is stunning. If anything happened near the church everyone from the Pope down will be blaming the SL forces. It is up to us to keep informing the relevant people - at least so that they will think twice before speaking out next time. Specially helps when the message is coming from Catholics..

  62. Lankaputhra-Is the church trying to save people by being silent and not antagonising the LTTE?

  63. SL, I don't think so. Locally I'm not sure. Internationally it is a matter of who ever cries loudest gets the worm. When terrorist sympathizers keep going to their local churches and repeatedly complain about massacres, human rights, whatever, people believe it without checking the facts. In this case, because nobody is complaining to them, they probably don't even know what's happening.

  64. Lankapura-On the involvement of the catholic church i am not sure either.The best thing is to liberate the area first.Then we can findout for sure.

  65. sf-admirer,
    There is absolutely no truth to Mr Kiriella's claims of SLA creating a safe passage for eastern LTTE leaders to escape to Wanni.

    Well at least 100-200 LTTE cadres have espaced to Wanni (from Thoppigala). It's definitely not 3000. Most of the fleeing cadres are frequently ambushed by army commandos so a large number are still trapped in Thoppigala jungles.

    Meanwhile army has neutralized one LTTE mortar position near Madhu. However LTTE offered extreme resistance causing casualties to the army. Overall (Mortar attacks + close combat) 15 soldiers have perished and 40 are injured.

  66. Defencenet any idea of how many LTTE casualties in Madhu?

  67. srilankan,
    The actual LTTE casualty figure is unknown. But they had the upper hand of this battle.

  68. Trying to make out that the RC church in SL is somehow pro-LTTE is silly. It isn't a church issue. However, you must understaand that the opinions of senior RC clergy in the NE will always reflect the demographic of their members. Just as RC clergy in the south do. The fact is the clergy and membership of the NE RC church are mostly Tamil, so their sympathy will be with the Tamil cause (which isn't necessarily the same as the LTTE).

    The RC church is mostly apolitical, but has a tradition of siding with what it sees as the oppressed against what is usually oppressive states. If you've looked at RC involvement in South America, Africa and SE Asia, you'll see this.

    The nature of the war in SL has made it very brutal on civilians, and the nature of the security forces (conventional as opposed to guerrilla) approach to the war also means that civilians suffer more casualties as a result of security forces actions (unwitting though it maybe) than LTTE action. Since these civilians are Tamil, and since the NE RC church is made up of Tamils, it'll inevitably reflect the views of those Tamils -- which often is anti-GoSL.

    The direct inverse is articulated by the Buddhist clergy, which reflects the views of its Sinhalese Buddhist adherents. The only thing I'm surprised about is that the NE RC clergy hasn't taken a more active role the way the Buddhist clergy has. Probably this has been avoided to prevent religious discord.

  69. Lankapura I think we are falling pray to these "stories" in papers.Consider this article on Tnet about a member of the clergy making statements he never made.

  70. There is an article on LNP about a fresh offensive started in the wanni region. I think it is reffered to that recent clashes in east of madu.
    So was it an offensive or just a retaliatory attack on LTTE motar attacks????

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. David, I agree partly with what you are saying - there is no problem if the Church speaks out for catholics or anyone who they think are oppressed - whether or not that is true. At the same time they should speak out when the LTTE abuses the church surroundings to launch attacks.

  73. LRRP At its best... cpl of punks become Maverars..

  74. Hello Dhinuksha-Nice work of LRRP!!.I wonder how many innocent villagers this guy has brutally murdered in the course of his life-probably his only "achievement"!.Shame they could not cut him to pieces.In death he looks such a pathetic cad!.From the photos the LTTE cadres look perfectly well fed.Are the bombing missions working?


    I don't think you guys really get what I tried to say yeasterday...

    There was a canal in this map which is named "Bodigoda Aru".

    I don't think there is such a place in Thoppigala...

    There must be a reason to name this place that way( by the SLA)..

  76. This fellow TAmilbarber is thinking..surely since the age of 12 i have been slitting innocent peoples throats with a knife or alternatively shooting them for target practise .However now i am a "bigman" in the hierarchy so the LRRP will not attack me because i am the next leader of "Tamileelam".

  77. In this particular incident SLA said that they confronted 150-200 LTTE cadres
    and killed only one..(checked the above link with the map) ...Killed only one?? They are witholding some info here...

    My guess is, this is highly unlikely...The death toll must be higher.

  78. Yes the recent claims are very doubtful. We have deployed commandos to ambush and hunt the fleeing LTTE carders who are trying to escape having very less amount of supplies and without any cover of reinforcements. They have been contineously pounded by the SLAF. Like defencenet mentioned earlier, SL authorities might not want to publish the exact tiger losses because of the pressure of the IC and other human rights vampires. But these moves only allow people like kiriella the opportunity to show that the security forces are loosing this battle.

  79. Why would they withold LTTE casualities. I too was wondering why they managed to kill just one when they confronted 150-200.

  80. They can always say that after a fierce gun battle they found so many bodies. I don't think IC would care a bit.

  81. They probably dont want the LTTE to know-maybe some cadres surrendered

  82. Well, I am a bit pessimistic. I think most of the cadres escaped unharmed.

  83. Will trappping and forcing these cadres to surrender benefit MI?

    this article maybe of interest (IF TRUE)

  85. "At the same time they should speak out when the LTTE abuses the church surroundings to launch attacks."

    Ideally, yes. But then the Tamil population too should speak out when they are used by the LTTE, but they don't. There are many reasons, including the fact that the GoSL cannot provide adequate protection to people living in LTTE-dominated (not controlled) areas. A goood example is what happened to that Hindu priest who garlended Mahinda -- he was killed very quickly. If the GoSL wants people to speak out against the LTTE and side with the GoSL, it must protect them. Another reason is that while RC church in the NE probably sympathises with the Tamil cause, it doesn't necessarily want to take sides, and so doesn't speak out against the military execces of either side. The request for a peace zone in Madhu shouldn't be seen as some dastardly plot to help the LTTE, but a genuine effort to keep the Madhu church area free of violence. The fact that the LTTE is attempting to make use of that effort is unfortunate, but the blame for it must be placed on the LTTE and not the church.

    For instance, during the JVP period of terrorism, many Buddhist clergy sympathised with their cause (if not with their methods) and were often unwittingly helping the JVP. That doesn't mean they were pro-JVP.

  86. I am with David on the church issue.I think they are just trying to survive under very trying times.the way things are i wont put it past the LTTE to murder catholic priests and blame it on the LRRP for instance

  87. check out this story.

    Click Here

    Sad but true. Do we care about them?
    a shitty 500,000 grant by the world bank to fund their venture housing allowance of just 5 ministers!

  88. I feel so sad for them but MR will look after them after this is over.We can help them also!.Did anyone see the photos at the bottom of a tiger attack on a dummmy army camp

  89. Hi Defencenet, and others, any truth to these claims on TN last few days about LRRP soldier killed and now 4 SF killed?

  90. As jack mentioned I think he is referring to this Tamilnet story:

    Defencenet, any info on these events?

  91. SF Commandos and LRRP guys are the nightmares of these baberians and they would like to claim every army soldier KIA as LRRP or SF. These elite units are trained to perform tasks far more better that these tigers expect. As past said, there in no credibility of the news posted in tamilnet so we r not sure about the losses of the SF. If this claim is true, its a big loss comparing the low rate of losses in the thoppigala offensive. And its clear that LTTE has deployed thier best troops in the vanni and nothern FDLs (may be the imran pandiayans, jeyanthans and charles anthony big with black tigers) I am sure that thier sarong brigades are not anywhere close to the FDLs.

  92. The army is pushing harder for such a long time in the madu sectory to break the LTTE defence lines for months without much success and it seems that they have become very much predictable.Setting up mortors in no mans land and provoking the troops with continues motor attacks compelling them to launch a limited offensive and then attack the approaching troops has been thier way of attack for such a long time. Its known that LTTE has used thier mortors extensively in this assault. The threat to the SL forces from the continues mortor attacks has been a key feature in the past 10 years of this conflict and if we analyzed the casualty rates of the SL army, most of them have been caused by the mortors.
    The forces are preparing for an offensive in the northern sector and the threat of the mortors and artillery is imminent.

    ""DEFENCENT, is there anything possible to destroy the artillery and mortars remotely. I can remember that we have bought some radar equipment with the capability of picking the enemy gun positions. How is the LTTE using their gun positions successfully avoiding the air attacks? "

  93. Hello sf admirer-However good the LTTE are none of them are immune to those wonderful cluster bombs.I just hope we have not used up our good bombs prematurely

  94. "Hello sf admirer-However good the LTTE are none of them are immune to those wonderful cluster bombs.I just hope we have not used up our good bombs prematurely "

    Hi SL, the problem is getting the bombs to the right target, as af admirer mentioned it looks like the LTTE fires off a good volly and then moves out, meanwhile waiting in ambush for the SLA response, so when the jets get there the mortars are long gone, then the cycle repeats.

    Even look at the estern offensive, before the fall of Vaharai, almost every other day we were given news that SLAF had taken this gun position or that mortar position etc.

    But in the end it was found that the LTTE themselves had destroyed their heavy guns and left behind the mortars, so it seems the SLAF claims were not accurate.. and that was just the east where the LTTE were boxed in with not much room to manouver, up in the north they have all sorts of places to move their equipment.

  95. Hi Jack.We should not discount the SLAF achievements out of hand.I know your not doing that. Actually jack in my opinion SLAF is best used to kill as many LTTE cadres as possible.Now keep in mind comments made by troops in Tgala-they say that the air stinks with dead corpses-i hope not 100% animal ones.It does not matter if they have not destroyed as many weapons as claimed.Once areas are cptured the army has to sweep it with a fine toothcombe to find out where weapons are hidden-im sure there is still a lot to be found.-I hope they are keeping a large stock of Bombs in handy because it is going to get much worse before it gets better

  96. Firstly this LTTE war has been an exercise in immigration and accumulating vast sums of money.Secondly the LTTE kills just because they can kill and they are not like the IRA.However the question here is:Can you spend the money if you and your whole family are dead?

  97. A blog article:

  98. hi Defence,

    is this story is true?

  99. MI should just assassinate Karuna, hes getting out of hand now.

  100. I am sick and tired of these Catholic priests siding with the LTTE. The biggest loser is Rayappu Joseph who left behind that policeman in LTTE custody and didn't have the guts to ask for his release or to even admit he was with the policeman. The policeman was chasing a paedophile so I guess it's no wonder the priest didn't give a damn about what happened to the policeman. It's interesting to see these Catholic priests at all those Pongu Tamil festivals crowding around and holding placards of Prabhakaran. I guess they worship a different god.

  101. Defencenet as far as you know..Is there any truth to the article in asiantribune forwarded by patriot.Accordingly this reporter has very close contacts with MI!I know MI consists of people but surely is not their anonymity their best defense?

  102. Well, Serendib, a lot of us are sick and tired of the Buddhist priests who are baying everyday for more war (but too chickenshit to actually fight), who are living off taxpayers' money and selling their dutyfree car permits. Which god do they follow?

    As I've already explained to you (did you even bother to read it), the RC clergy isn't particularly pro-LTTE. They just live and work and worship in LTTE dominated areas, caring for a Tamil populace that has been far more brutalized by the GoSL than the LTTE. You think they're gonna welcome the Army with hugs and kisses?

    The Sinhalese RC clergy in the south obviously reflect the Sinhalese population they serve. I could tell you more, but I've already explained it so perhaps you should actually get a clue without promoting religious discord on this site.

  103. DefenceNet what are the problems preventing the army absorbing the Karuna cadres-(when you have the time)-other than the additional expense?

  104. Spot on david… Serendib your trying to stir a hornets nets here so please keep your comments in line with this blog…

    DefenceNet I know you guys have better things to do than monitor all the posting here but the last comment by Serendib was totally uncalled for and should have been junked…

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. Defencenet,
    Is there any truth to the story about Karuna helping the LTTE elite to escape?

    Furthermore, I can't believe that the Asian Tribune article openly discusses the fact that the SLDF MI have decoded the LTTE transmissions. During the 2nd world war, when the British finally managed to decode the German enigma, it was kept as a national secret. In fact, the British even went so far as to avoid some key ambushes that would have given the Nazis a heavy defeat, in order to protect the secret of the broken enigma!

    With respect to the low LTTE and SLDF casualty reports, I think it has become obvious since the encounters in the North have intensified. The LTTE have always been fighting a running battle since the failed Mavil aru offensive and its objective was to preserve its military capacity while allowing the army to capture the land! While in the North, the army has been fighting for each meter of rebel territory with heavy casualties on both sides.

    Personally I feel that we have switched to the Northern theater of operations too quickly. The government started something progressive in the East and they should have stuck at it to complete the rehabilitation and democratisation process!

  107. I dont think we switched to "northern operations" as such too soon. The LTTE is trying their best to draw our attention away from decimating their cadres still trapped in Tgala.

  108. Hi everyone,
    Catholic roman Catholic Buddhist Hindu UNP Sri Lanka whatever we cant believe on anything only option I see right now is fight and win , at present only one who’s capable of doing Mahinda Rajapakse I’m telling this because only few people have helped him to win presidency we have to remember that and who’s helping him with ought unnecessary conditions.
    In this occasion most important thing is who’s supporting the war and against it?
    Winning the war could solve most of the matters and it’s the only answer for all the vultures against us and once again the only option. These TV discussions and political meetings what ever are just a fake coz government can’t reveal the military and political secrets if they have such an agenda to winning the war, obviously it can be understood.
    So my opinion is we have to support this war if we want to live free life withought foreign troubles

  109. "Furthermore, I can't believe that the Asian Tribune article openly discusses the fact that the SLDF MI have decoded the LTTE transmissions."

    Hi oshada,

    I think that must be a typo if you look at the sentence again doesn't this make more sense:

    "Intelligence sources revealed that the Tigers has modified or else completely abandoned the old code language and are using a new coded language which the army couldN'T easily decode."

    See I think COULD should be COULDN'T, I mean why would the LTTE abandon an old 'harder' code for one that is easier to decode??? Makes no sense at all.

    Also the other aspect that doesn't make sense is why the army would have a hard time decoding the old 'karuna' code either as I am sure they know it by now Karuna should have given it to them ages ago.

  110. defencenet,

    how true is this article?


    Karuna cuts deal to let Tigers escape from east to Vanni
    Tue, 2007-07-17 12:48

    Colombo, 17 July, ( Asian Tribune was informed by reliable sources that Velupillai Prabakaran, leader of the Tamil Tigers, has ordered Jeyam, Special Commander of the LTTE in the Batticaloa Amparai district, to return to Vanni with his cadres, leaving behind a minimum force of 30 to 50 cadres.

    Cadres left behind are to work with the intelligence group of the outfit in disrupting the peace and stability in the region. The remainder of the 360 hardcore Tigers will now seek to escape the cordon thrown by the Security Forces.

    Earlier on 11 July Sri Lanka Army captured the last bastion of the Tigers in the east. The Government has decided to celebrate the complete capture of the east on 19 at the Independent Square in the Torrington Avenue in Colombo.

    According to sources close to Tigers in the east, Jeyam has contacted Karuna the former renegade Tiger leader of the East, requesting safe passage for them to leave from Thoppigala through the Main Supply Route Batticaloa Central – Welikantha up to Chenkalady. Then they hope to pass through Batticaloa North to Trinco South and from there to cross into Kumburupiddy coast to embark on the boats of the Sea Tigers.

    Army intelligence sources who intercepted the telephone conversation between Karuna and Jeyam it is learnt are still decoding the conversation as the conversation was based on the LTTE code used before 2004 during the period Karuna was with the LTTE.

    Intelligence sources revealed that the Tigers has modified or else completely abandoned the old code language and are using a new coded language which the army could easily decode.

    According to available reports Jeyam was speaking on the telephone of Sinnathamby, the confidante of Karuna, who is from Kiran. Karuna trust his relatives and collegues, namely Ranjan, Thavaseelan, PLO Mama and Sinnathamby all from Karuna’s birthplace of Kiran.

    During the conversation Jeyam has agreed to part with 1 crore Sri Lankan rupees in his possession as service charge for safe passage from Thoppigala area to Kumbrupiddy sea coast in the Trincomalee coastal village. Jeyam also agreed to give details of places where LTTE has buried some of the sophisticated weapons so that Karuna Group may if necessary take possession of them. According to the talks Karuna group also has agreed to provide large stock of food provision needed for the LTTE, to be delivered to them at Pulipanchakal.

    Asian Trubune learnt that normally Karuna Group buys their food provisions only once a month and deliver them to their bases and offices in the East. But reports revealed that Ranjan made the purchase for the second time in the month of July and they were destined to Pulipanchakall.

    Intelligence reports also state that Ranjan of the Karuna Group who is in charge of finance has bought the required provisions such as rice, potatoes, ‘Anchor’ brand milk powder, condensed milk tins, tea leaves, chilly powder, sugar, fish cans, dry fish (sprats) and Red Bull 9 (Energy Drinks) for Rs. 15 lakhs in Batticalao as well as in Welikantha and the food consignment has already been delivered at Pulipanchakall nearly 10 days ago before the fall Thoppigala.

    Asian Tribune reported earlier that the LTTE cadres are splitting themselves into small groups of five and ten have started trekking towards Kumburupiddy.

    - Asian Tribune -


  111. It is simply "astonishing" how many articles are trying to create a rift between Col Karuna and the Govt.

  112. How could one of their best commanders join the side of the "sinhala buddist chauventistic govt"?

  113. Serendib,

    I agree with you view that the RC Tamil clergy in SL is actively supporting the LTTE. Your story about that rotten bastard, Rayappu, basically giving the child protection agency policeman to LTTE and then washing his hands off is a good example of their bias. In addition, these LTTE supporting bastards actively lobby the IC to cut off aid to SL. As you said, it is also true that they attend “pongu thamil” rallies and carry placards of VP the mf. Bishop Saunderanayagam of Jaffna has been no better! Now these are not what I call actions that are for "caring for Tamil populace" as this bugger Blacker pointed out!

    Serendib, your statement was not anti RC, but rather anti-Tamil RC clergy who support the LTTE maggots and that is an open secret in SL. Do not be dissuaded by buggers like this Blacker here who has an agenda - i.e. an anti-Sinhela Buddhist agenda and this has been confirmed by “Harry” here who has seen his writings in another blog.

    Hey Blacker, your anti-Buddhist priest rhetoric is coming out strong so much that it bloody well stinks! In that respect dumb ass you are no different to the "thamileelamist" maggots that we all love to liquidate with unmitigated glee! LMSSAO!

    Let me take this in piecemeal fashion, in case the message can’t get through to your coconut:

    "the RC clergy isn't particularly pro-LTTE."

    Moron, Serendib was not commenting about RC clergy in SL, but about Tamil catholic RC in Sri Lanka and I have already commented above to reinforce Serendib’s view.

    "They just live and work and worship in LTTE dominated areas, caring for a Tamil populace"

    Really? Carrying placards of VP and cheering at LTTE pongu thamil rallies is “caring for Tamil populace???????” Gimme a break you bloody crackpot!

    "that has been far more brutalized by the GoSL than the LTTE."

    Really? This statement speaks volumes about you!

    This coming from an ex SLA boggles my mind. As I said earlier, you are likely nothing but an uneducated cheap school drop out who joined the SLA for a bloody paycheck and just deserted at the first opportunity! Pathetic!

    "The Sinhalese RC clergy in the south obviously reflect the Sinhalese population they serve."


    When did the Sinhela RC clergy in the south attend any of the rallies against the LTTE or when RW the freaking pansy was virtually handing over the NE on a platter to the LTTE and was ready to cement it by accepting the LTTE's ISGA (which even foreign constitutional experts had said was the stepping stone to the LTTE declaring UDI and forming "thamileelam"..??? No, it was the JVP and the JHU Buddhist priests with the average Buddhist Sinhela man/woman who took to the streets in mass protests and not the Sinhela RC clergy!

    Give it a rest Simple Simon!

    Go read more war stories! LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

    P.S. DefenseNet, I have post the above as I saw how this Blacker came down on Serendib for raising an obvious point, unpalatable as it may be for some, earlier. This dude’s anti-Sinhela Buddhist rhetoric keeps coming out periodically and it is time people started standing up to him and cutting him down to size. Or else, we will have a situation no different to the LTTE – aggressive minority kooks trying rule over the majority and majority’s aspirations!

  114. Silly String.
    I mentioned this once in the blog but probably it went unnoticed.

    I've been reading the thoppigala special on the Dinamina and it seems Silly String will be very useful.

    Can some one tell me whether we are using Silly String and if not can we start using it?

  115. I think the silly string is useful in an environment like Iraq with soo many buildings to search, but in a terrain like thoppigala, or Wanni, it wont be useful as it does in a urban envt. But still it can be used if we search bunkers or buildings, Here is a good source you guys can get more info abt how this silly thing works to protect lives. source

  116. "I agree with you view that the RC Tamil clergy in SL is actively supporting the LTTE."

    Asithri, do you still belive in Santa too?

    "Your story about that rotten bastard, Rayappu,"

    Quoting an individual act means nothing. Army officers have been tried and convicted of helping the Tigers; therefore should we assume that the Army is actively supporting the LTTE. Tell me you've got SOME modicum of common sense, kid.

    "In addition, these LTTE supporting bastards actively lobby the IC to cut off aid to SL. "

    Got any evidence of this? I thought not.

    "your anti-Buddhist priest rhetoric is coming out strong so much that it bloody well stinks!"

    Oh, I've never made it a secret that I'm anti-Buddhist clergy (as opposed to anti-Buddhist), just as you've not disguised your anti-Christian hatred (or rather, hatred for aanything that's not Sinhalese Buddhist). The SL Buddhist clergy is a disgrace to its name. They represent a philosophy/religion that stands for peace & good deeds, but is corrupt, political, and actively promotes hatred & violence.

    "n that respect dumb ass you are no different to the "thamileelamist" maggots that we all love to liquidate with unmitigated glee! "

    And you're no different to the retards at Angoda. When did they let you out BTW? And what "we", Asithri? You're just a wanna-be loser who'd shit his pants at the first sight of a Tiger. Laugh your arse off at that (but don't forget to wash first).

    "Moron, Serendib was not commenting about RC clergy in SL"

    Well, the original comment (made on July 16th) has been removed by Defencenet (I guess), but he articulates his point like this: "I am sick and tired of these Catholic priests siding with the LTTE."

    "Carrying placards of VP and cheering at LTTE pongu thamil rallies is “caring for Tamil populace???????”"

    The priests (like everyone else in those areas) are living under a terrorist regime? What do you expect? If the LTTE says show up and cheer, everyone does. The GoSL has amply proven unable to protect its supporters in the NE (remember the Hindu priest), and quite ready to kill Christian priests and then cover it up (the protestant pastor shot in Jaffna earlier this year). So I'm not surprised the RC clergy leans towards the Tigers (as the Buddhist clergy in the south leaned towards the JVP terrorists).

    ""that has been far more brutalized by the GoSL than the LTTE."

    Really? This statement speaks volumes about you!"

    Yes, really. I've been there and participated in the war. Everything I talk about is first-hand experience, unlike your hero-worshipping juvenile bravado. I'm talking about the GoSL here, not the military (which is merely an arm of state policy). It was state-led Sinhalese oppression that created the LTTE (and other separatist groups).

    "This coming from an ex SLA boggles my mind. As I said earlier, you are likely nothing but an uneducated cheap school drop out who joined the SLA for a bloody paycheck and just deserted at the first opportunity! Pathetic!"

    You readiness to make assumptions without knowledge just backs up my view of you as an ignorant retard who just makes up stories about Army contacts and big-shot jobs. Stop being such a wanna-be, Asithri. Finish school and have a look at the world. Perhaps you should even join the Army and have a look at the war too. It is exactly because I am an ex-soldier that I kow about war. I was fighting the Tigers at Vasavilan and EPS when you were probably wondering what those funny hairs sprouting around your dick were. IF you know anyone in a combat unit of the Army (big if), they're probably telling you the stories all soldiers tell dumb-fuck civil groupies of war. Soldiers talk about the real stuff only to other soldiers.

    And as I've told you, I'm not a deserter, I was invalided out of the Army because of combat wounds. So if you, a civilian scumdrop who'd probaby never make it through basic feels big and brave because you can insult me on this website (you wouldn't be able to do it in real life and keep walking), go ahead. Doesn't bother me. I've got more respect for deserters (some of whome are medal winning heroes) than retards like you. Come to that, I have more respect for Tiger fighters than I have for you.

    "When did the Sinhela RC clergy in the south attend any of the rallies against the LTTE..." blah blah...

    Why should they attend rallies? The clergy is here to attend to the people, not form political parties and deal in luxury cars like the flag-waving, venom-spouting excuse for priests that the Buddhist clergy is. If RC clergy attended political rallies in the south, they'd be crucified by the Christian public.

    "aggressive minority kooks trying rule over the majority and majority’s aspirations!"

    Well, this aggressive minority fought on behalf of the Sinhalese majority so that wankers like Asithri (who are too cowardly to fight) stayed home and jacked off to the war stories.

  117. check this out..!;_ylt=As_yhSpe1VsWatdGOK7MJrpgWscF

    Track the bastards (journalists) you’ll track the terrorist!

  118. David spot on again… sorry nothing to add… you have hit the nail on the head or in this case Asithri… The problem is with radicalism… whether it is in religion, race, cast or like in Asithri’s wannabe case of patriotism. I believe radicalism give you tunnel vision or in Asithri’s case might be just too much masturbation

  119. Grandpa Blacker...

    My my my...aren't we in a foul mood! Whatz up oldie, is it that you can't afford the Viagra or is it that you are still suffering from the punishment the LTTE baby-brigade did you upside down? :))

    Old jerky, you expect me to believe in your "invalided" war story? Good one! Were they self-inflicted? LMSSAO!

    Hey old you think you can take me on eh? LMSSO!!! If only you knew!

    Boastful faggie, no I would not demean myself to tangle with your type of ill-bred, uncouth, anti-Buddhist Sinhela sankaraya.

    Keep wankering and supporting your LTTE supporting Tamil RC clergy have said nothing in your trash to convince me that they are not supporting the LTTE. You obviously haven’t read the interviews Bishop Saunderanayagam of Jaffna has given pleading with the IC to curtail aid to Sri Lanka (I understand your English vocabulary is limited, but still you could ask for help). As for the Buddhist priests, they have for the past 2400 years have been the guardians of MotherLanka and they will continue to be so and a bloody new-found sankaraya like you is just a shit-speck compared to them and what they have done to keep SL an independent, sovereign nation. Scummie, fyi, when SL was under Chola, Dravida, Pandya occupation in the past it was the Buddhist priests who did the “rallying call” (and frequently were killed by the invading armies for that reason) for the reigning monarch of the day as the total subjugation of the Sinhela race by these south Indian races would have also meant the demise of Buddhism in SL and hence the "Sinheal Buddhist" identity which is deep rooted and sacred to the majority of Sri Lankans (yes, not to a dog cum drop like you!). Your anti-Buddhist clergy stance means fucking diddly to us as to us, you are simply irrelevant! So, keep wallowing in your bloody anti-Sinhela Buddhist bigotry!

    Aha, go watch your Rambo movie old fart...I got better things to do than argue with a culture-less, ill-bred, low class bugger like you! You are simply not in my league!


    OaO Asithri

  120. Yankeezulu,

    Sounds like you were an "alter boy" to Rayappu who appears to have altered your gait!

    I see one anti-Buddhist Sinhela dirtbag trying to apply balm on the rotting nuts of another!


    OaO Asithri

  121. Hahaha. Asithri, you sure have issues. What happened, man? No aarguments now -- only foul-mouthed insults. You must have sad childhood, my friend. Maybe you shoould see a shrink about that.

    As for taking you, Asithri, thanks for the invitation, but I I'm not into small boys. Maybe that's why your Army "homchos" like you so much. Do you swallow too?

    It's a pity, but you're making both yourself and this site look really bad. Since you're just an anonymous loser, it doesn't matter what people think of you, but it's a pity about the site degenerating into one more racist slur forum like so many others.

  122. Hey dudes pls stop all these personal arguments and lets keep away the sensitive topics related to Religion and Race.
    I saw a picture of anew equipment known as a RCL weapon in the thoppigala battle used by the army and this is the first time that I have seen such a weapon. Can anyone here pls brief us about the nature of this weapon. I remember that this kind of a weapon was used by LTTE in the attack of EPS. D/B is this true according to your experiance?
    Defencenet, Is this an arti weapon of wut is the difference?

  123. hey, wake up guys..................
    Army has found one of the MBRLs used by tigers, visit

  124. Army uncovers an LTTE heavy weapon (MBRL) - Thoppigala.

    more details about this? Any photos?

  125. I was hoping we can discuss the Catholic Church or Buddhist monks without getting in to personal attacks - because it is related to defence and the current situation. But it doesn't look like it, so I won't continue it.

    But I want to add that as a Buddhist I am proud that monks throughout history have been at the forefront of standing up for the country. If that meant going for war they have done that too - from the time of King Dutugemunu. Anyone who says that is against Buddhism is ignorant.

  126. Hmm i wonder who gave info to army about MBRL.No disrespect to our brave troops-but Tgala is a very big place.I hope Col Karuna can get his friends in LTTE areas to turn against the LTTE at the right time-when the army is about to invade.

  127. The troops "DUG UP" the launcher.

  128. Max Max, How many of them they have DB ? any Idea, by the way this is not Czech Republic made I hope.

  129. Lankapura- it is a well known fact that buddhist monks have fought wars.

  130. Yes army has indeed found the MBRL buried in the jungle. Yes MI got a tip off about its location from a well trusted source.

    Asian Tribune stories about Karuna helping senior leadership are not confirmed. Thats mere speculation and wild imagination.

    We've been busy for the last 2 days so couldnt update the news. But all those religion bashing comments will be deleted momentarily.

    As we've said before guys, this is not the place to talk about them.


    LTTE is talking tuff here..

    Everyone, please be ready..

    If you let the guard loose these meniac's will run amock..

    Keep the presure at its present level..

    I think what we should do is to put a blockade on the North East and bomb their targets from air..

    We don't need a costly ground war that is going to kill Sri Lankan soldiers by the dozen.

    The GOSL must come up with an acceptable solution to all tamils before starting any offensives in the North and East.

    We need to settle the refugees first the East.

    That is the only way forward.

  132. Guys, what do you think of the fly-over in Trinco?
    I don't think it was an aborted mission or a training flight as some have called it.
    I'd bet the terrorists were gathering intelligence on any new precautionary measures put in by the SLAF. It is well known that they have spies around Ratmalana and Katunayaka airports. Probably trying to figure out whether the radars picked up their plane and whether any aircraft were getting ready for interception.
    Keep them guessing boys! May be consider stationing some helicopters capable of intercepting the tiger planes in Anuradhapura or Trinco?

  133. Before we go for any offensives we must fully secure what we captured from the east..

    We must come up with a solution now. Suppose LTTE attacks and
    retake Jaffna and declare UDI..
    (Hope this will never happen..But we can't under estimate LTTE.)

    International community will accept the LTTE UDI(independence) declaration thinking GOSL will never going to grant any autonomy to the tamil people of Sri Lanka. This will be the line of thinking of the International community.What they want now is to stop the fighting one way or the other.They are now waiting for the law of the jungle rule to prevail,
    i.e. let the strongest win..

    For another 20 years international community will have a say on this country because the amount of aid they give..

    In that situation we can't blame the International community. For them Sri Lanka is another 3 world country.

    GOSL must understand this situation and must come up with an acceptable solution to the tamil people.

  134. The danger of LTTE declaring the UDI is always there as long as this war continues..

    GOSL must understand that..

    India will NOT COME to our aid if Jaffna falls and LTTE declare Ealam.

    They don't care much about the Sri Lanka.

  135. SF Admirer, the RCL (recoilless rifle) is a heavy crew-served anti-armour weapon, and is best described as as an oversized bazooka. It's not a new weapon. The Army has been using a 105-mm version since the early '90s or before. Many were mounted on stripped down Land Rover Defenders and other 4x4s. At EPS they were used as highly mobile arty that coould be shifted from one end of the perimeter to the other. Unlike arty however, it's a direct-fire weapon and the gunner must have a line of sight of the target. I can't remember whether the Tigers used RCLs at EPS when I was there, but they had a lighter man-portable 90-mm version that was captured from the TNA, and was originally supplied by India. I think it was called a Wombat and was similar to the Carl Gustav RCL that the Brit Army uses.

  136. Tangara the GOSL needs to address the needs of the tamil people-THIS IS A MUST. Especially those poor souls in the east.But it needs to done once the LTTE is decimated or else we will have the LTTE for ever.Too much to explain.If it is done BEFORE the LTTE will use it to establish a Tamil EELAM and make this war drag on forever and we will loose because economically we cannot sustain war indefinitely and the LTTE will make even MORE MONEY.WE DID NOT NECESSARYLY CREATE THE LTTE.But our stupidity and short sightedness in the past helped them.I hope we are not looking down on Tamil SL citizens in Colombo for example.We need strict border controls.NO SWIMMERS/BOATS FROM TAMILNADU WILL BE TOLERATED EXCEPT FOR SPORTING ACTIVITES.YOU cannot swim from TNADU and gain citizenship of SL based on your swimming skills.This fellow VP wanted to "internationalise" his smuggling profession.The behaviour of the "sinhala buddist chauvenistic govt" was only an excuse.He would have found another in the course of time.As for the tamils:A POOR TAMIL FARMER IN THE EAST = A JAFFNA TAMIL DOCTOR IN TORONTO AT LEAST-SINCE THE POOR MANS WORKS IN THE BOILING HOT SUN EVERYDAY TO HELP FELLOW SL CITIZENS LIVE-(FOOD) for example.None of this "indian" cast BS ok?. SO IS THIS IDEA OF A WIFES FAMILY PAYING A DOWERY TO THE GROOM.This is sl and not TAMILNADU.Many friends of ours protected tamil families in "1983" just for you to know.

  137. Asithri,

    Sticks and stone my friend…

    I’ve seen some of your postings on other blog sites too… you seem to relish in stirring things up and have very little to contribute other than for scathing personal attacks.

  138. tangara,

    Hasn't LTTE already done the UDI? They have all kind of namesake Tamil Eelam services.

    Yes, we are our own saviors. No foreign country except for India has the need or interest to have their ground troops helping us. Even India's help is doubtful since they think that they are immune to the Eelam madness.

    I believe that stabilization of east with a non-separatist Tamil leader is important at this juncture, while containing (also make it untenable) LTTE in North. We can help (not install bur legitimately elected) Karuna to be that leader. All the sacrifices made by our great soldiers will be in vain if we don't settle the issue politically.

  139. Asithri,

    I am also a Sinhala Buddhist. I am also proud of my identity. However, I don't believe that we are superior to anybody. A Sinhala Christian, Moore Muslim, Tamil Hindu or Tamil Christian shouldn't be above or below us. It is the performance of an individual that matters to me (One can be a Brahmin, not by birth but deed- Gauthama Buddha). I believe that we live in a very different world today with racial identities fading away. After all, Sinhala Buddhist identity is an amalgam of many Indian subcultures. Also keep in mind that there are enough non Sinhala Buddhist fighting tirelessly to end this LTTE madness and some have given their lives (Hon. Lakshman Kadiragamar, Col Muthalif, and Col. Lafir to name a few). I don't want to dishonor the memories of such great people. That is my choice and however you want to believe is your choice.

    Sam Perera

  140. Army has captured a MBRL of LTTE according to

    People stop bickering and shall we concentrate on this news item. Any pictures available yet.

    And also about silly string, I think it would be very useful as it is being said that thoppigala was heavily booby trapped.

    What I would like to know is whether we have even tried to use silly string. Rather than putting a wet blanket on this why can't we try this out. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg you know..

    Any body please post more info about the captured MBRLs!!

  141. All,
    Defencenet goes extra milage to give us lot of valuable news while serving the country.
    Therefore can we please assist the Defencenet team by keeping the discussion to topic rather than going personal / political.

  142. Tnx for the information David,
    Capture of the MBRL is a fantastic news and again shows that the traitor kiriella's claims that the army allowed LTTE to slip out of thoppigala with their heavy weapons is entirely fabricated.
    Why there is no rule to take an action legally against these kind of dogs who betray the blood and courage of our worriers.
    Guys no matter if buddhist or hindu or .... we all need to raise a voice against these traitors . This is one of the most important things that we can do for our heroes.

  143. Kiri, isn't the Silly String for trip wires? How is it going to help with anti-personnel mines?

  144. Indeed, for trip wires. So at least some booby traps will have trip wires wouldn't it? Can't help with APMs.

    Talking about APMs. Do they have shrapnes inside them or just explosives. If there are any metal components can't we use metal detectors? I have seen soldiers scraping the earth in search of APMs. what's the story here?

  145. yes thats was a cluster bomb that was recovered.why? dint it explode on impact?can some1 tell me what make/model was this bomb.anyway are our mig27's stil flown by ukrainians.why cant our fellows get trained on them?v r wastin too much money on these mercenaries.obviously there had to be a defect in the cluster bomb.y else wasnt there any impact.

  146. Sam Perera,
    Hasn't LTTE already done the UDI? They have all kind of namesake Tamil Eelam services
    No they haven't done that before...
    They will do it if and when Jaffna is captured..This is the line of thinking of Analysts most foreign and local..This is the ultimate goal of the LTTE, capture Jaffna one way or the other...
    What I fear is the LTTE infiltrations into Jaffna is on the rise...Multiple attack on Jaffna will decimate the SLA...If we can get something on the ground (a political solution) then even if the LTTE captures Jaffna international community will NOT ACCEPT the LTTE UDI..This is my guess.

    It takes only one country to accept the UDI..Maritus is the one country that is waiting for this...

    We need a solution now..Before it is too late...

    We cannot keep the status quo forever..

    We need a solution on the ground for the tamil people to accept.

  147. David and SF admirer,

    Yes i think the tigers use the Indian (licensed to make) version of the famous Carl Gustva 84mm RCL, It is said to be a very formidable weapon for the infantry, specially for hitting fortifications and Armor! Ideal for “Bunker Busting” and AT work.
    The tigers are known to mount them on Backhoes and Improvised armored vehicles.
    It fires a range of HE-Frag, HEDP, HEAT and illuminating rounds with effective ranges up to 700m on fixed and 400m on moving targets. The Carl Gustava is in use in many NATO countries and is wide spread. The USSOCCOM uses them in Iraq/Afghanistan now.


    why did the Army lost touch with RCL's? Is it because of the RPG? or was it something else like lack of ammo and parts.


    Most APM are now made of plastics with very little metal. So they are hard to find with first Gen. Mine detectors which "look" for metal.
    hope this helps..

  148. De facto state

    Earlier international media used wording like "rebel stronghold in Kilinochchi" etc. But after the loss of East they say ".. in north where rebels run a de facto state..". However LTTE area is not even a de facto state, even though they have seperate police, courts, etc. They have not fulfilled all the requirements for a de facto state, I guess.

    I hope SLA will find remaining big guns too very soon. Any pics of captured MBRL?
    I am pretty sure Kiriella will say "I have relaible information that the MBRL was moved back to thoppigala from wanni before the ceremony according to a secret pact...". No surprise.
    Arial bombings?

    At Wakare also SLA found burried 152,120 guns. Thoppigala two 120 guns and now one MBRL. All of them were destroyed by tigers before burring. Our air force say they destroy that gun position, this gun position all the time. But we never found any gun destroyed by arial raids. I think SLAF destroy only the position where gun was located;not the gun.
    Religion and war

    Relegion is a sensitive thing in SL. But in 89/90 more than 500 budhist monks got killed by SLDF. SLDF need to come up with a stratergy (Ofcourse not the earlier one) to neutralise tamil RC/cristian priests in NE as LTTE use them nicely.

  149. Eventhough this is not the proper forum to consider about on going issues arising from Christianity in our motherland, David Blacker's comment require a reply. Much has been written both by local and foreign authors about this subject. Following link carries a reasonable primer that concern's Sri Lanka.

    While nobody has control on circumstances one is born into - e.g.. ethnic background of biological parents, language or religious belief/ practice, no reason to behave like a proverbial shrimp with shit on it's head ! However difficult/painful it may be, proper understanding of the causes that continue to bedevil our society may help us to mitigate these issues at some point in time.

  150. telecom:

    My hat's off to you mate! You have proved my point.

    Sam Perera:

    Mate, this is NOT about religious superiority (read my posts and see where have I said so). This is about TAMIL CATHOLIC CLERGY IN SL SUPPORTING THE LTTE! Yes, this was in response to this Blacker sankaraya who said:

    "a lot of us are sick and tired of the Buddhist priests who are baying everyday for more war (but too chickenshit to actually fight)"

    (now is that a way to talk about our Buddhist priests who have always stood up for MotherLanka and on account of that, have been slaughtered by the LTTE (remember Aranthawala massacre for instance)

    AND Blacker said:

    "Tamil populace that has been far more brutalized by the GoSL than the LTTE"

    Now you decide.

    I know some high ranking non-Sinhela Buddhist brass in the SLA and SLAF and none of them speaks insultingly of Buddhist priests like this bugger does. They have come to accept the fact that these priests are the moral guidance of over 80% of the Sri Lankans today (sure, there may be bad ones just as in any religion) and for that reason, they respect the Buddhist clergy and gladly receive frequent blessings from them in the war theatre. Obviously this low-ranking sankaraya must have been an outcast in the SLA (if it is true that he was in the SLA in the first place; I have my doubts and this could be another LTTE maggot masquerading here as a ex-SLA!).

    This is NOT about religious differences. This came about from this rascal standing up for the Tamil Roman Catholic clergy in SL who we all know are supporting the LTTE. They do that in SL as well as abroad, so his assertion that they do it out of fear of the LTTE is bullshit. I personally have seen these rascals in the forefront of LTTE rallies in the US, Canada and Australia in my frequent business travels, but this sankaraya (from a mixed parentage of Tamil and Burgher) is not only denying it, but insulting Buddhist priests to cover it up.

    Anyway, I have no further comment for this cheap, ill-bred, cultureless, likely father-unknown, sankaraya.

    OaO Asithri

  151. Nemesis, I don't think you can saay the Army's lost touch with the RCL. As far as I know, it's still in regular use. The thing is, unlike the RPG and LAW, the 105-mm version is not man-portable, so haas to be mounted on vehicles or in fixed positions. You obviously can't take it on infantry patrol, for instance.

    The link Telecom has provided is to a rather absurd article that tries to sell some sort of world Christian-LTTE conspiracy to enslave the Buddhists. It lists a lot of unsubstantiated allegations, and is remeniscent of the accusations bandied around when the Anti-Conversion Bill was being pushed. I urge Defencenet to please remove this link as it's insulting to Christianity and can only lead to more arguments over religion on this site.

    If the Buddhists here don't like my responses to Asithri and other bigots, please refrain from starting up these discussions on politics, race, and religion.

    "now is that a way to talk about our Buddhist priests who have always stood up for MotherLanka"

    The Buddhist priests have always taken sides and have suffered for it -- those are the consequences of action. If you want them to be treated like saints, think again. And what I said about Buddhist priests was in response to the insults thrown out at other clergy on this site by racist cowards like Asithri. I will continue to respond to these insults as long as the site allows the insults to be posted.

    As usual, the poof is now accusing me (as he does with anyone who disagrees with him) of being in the LTTE, questioning my parentage, insulting my race, etc :). It's always amusing to see the ignorant and retarded fall back on hatred when logic fails them.

    We all kow he's a cowardly, insecure, moron with less IQ than a donkey, so I'm not surprised. I AM surprised that DefenceNet is allowing him to use this forum as a platform to spout rubbish. I'm quite disappointed too, actually.

  152. DefenceNet,

    I too will NOT stand by when a racist, religious bigot of a scumbag says our Buddhist priests are "CHICKENSHIT."

    The funny thing is the same scumbag who said Buddhis priests are "CHICKEN SHIT" is now pleading with you DefenceNet for censorship of my retorts and the removal of that valuable link from "telecom" which speaks volumes about how the Tamil clergy in SL and abroad is supporting the LTTE agenda – on the grounds that such censorship will help avoid religious discord! Wow!

    Yes, this call for censorship is after all the insults he has thrown at others (including Buddhist priests) and others (including yours truly here) have socked it back to him with lunu-ambul (i.e. rich in spices and salt)! LMSSAO!

    A typical soldier's behaviour? Nha, more like a bloody ponnaya's behavior!

    DefenceNet, no, I don't believe censorship is the answer as if it were, then you would first need to ban a scumbag like this who periodically insults other religions and races!

    Anyway, DefenceNet, I congratulate you on hosting this informative and rather animated at times blog so that divergent views - some even from a low-life like this who support the LTTE terrorists' agenda by bashing the Buddhist priests - can be debated.

    OaO Asithri

  153. Your Buddhist JHU priests are just like you Asithri -- CHICKENshit:)

  154. Blacker said:
    [Your Buddhist JHU priests are just like you Asithri -- CHICKENshit:)]

    And your LTTE supporting Tamil RC clergy are like you Blacker - drops of rabid dog cum! :))

    Aha, now it is "Buddhist JHU priests" whereas earlier it was all Buddhist priests. Keep changing your tune LTTE supporting sakkili-karapothu old wanker, who cares.

    Hey scummie, you are no match for this hot-blooded dakuney Sinhelaya, so give it a rest and let it hang limp! :)) In my region, we let stray dogs have ill-bred buggers like you for breakfast! LMSSAO!

    Anyway, the day is not long when we patriotic forces will put a bullet between the eyes of LTTE supporting scum like you and anyone else, even if they happened to wear black and white or purple! No, the security of OUR MotherLanka is too important to have Anti-Buddhist-Sinhela rabid dog cum drops like you tread on our sacred soil.


    OaO Asithri

  155. Hahaha, forgotten your medication again, ponneya? Bullet? The only place you have bullets is up your ponna arse where your god-like Buddhist priests are fucking you. No wonder you're regularly laughing your arse off, it's been stretched so much Prabha could probably crawl in. Laugh that off, loser.

    BTW, cleaning toilets in a bank doesn't make you an investment banker either, cockbreath:)

  156. Aww don't get too upset David Blacker. We know you've been anally raped by your Catholic priest father. That's right guys - David Blacker's dad is a man of the frock. How many little boys has he butt fucked and raped inside church walls? Did he take you to "confession" often? Catholic priests who support the LTTE should be lined up and shot like the rodents that they are. Theese overfed, paedophilic fat fucks are a cancer eating away not only at Sri Lanka, but the rest of the world at large. I bet you make your cock-gobbling catholic priest dad proud, David Blacker.

  157. It's disgusting to see these Sri Lankan Catholic priests draped in their silk frocks and decked out in bling that would make a rapper blush. Seriously do they ever give anything to the poor? Living in their palatial Churches, with gold grosses, diamond rings and posh cars while the people around themm live in mud huts and struggling to makes end need. Worse is seeing these so-called 'soldiers of christ' holding up placards of Prabhakaran and cheering him on like there was no tomorrow. If thesec cock gobblers want to worship racism and facism then they need to face the consequences. If it was in China the government would have picked these filthy paedophiles up and put a bullet through their brain. Of course, in Sri Lanka these fat fucks are allowed to whatever they want even if it is giving money or refuge to the LTTE or letting their child raping halls (ie "churches") be used as weapons storage sites.

  158. Rayappu Joseph and the other Catholic priest fucker in Jaffna - I forget his name right now - are absolute jerkoffs. They have lobbied the international community to impose sanctions on Sri Lanka and have appealed to them to stop providing aid. They have ALWAYS spoken for the LTTE and have NEVER ever spoken up for our security forces. In fact, that Rayappu Joseph completely ditched a policmen in the Vanni and never said a word until others in the South raised their voices. This must be what David Blacker means when he says that Catholic priests are "caring" for the "brutalized" population in the area. What a laugh. Even Madhu Church is being used as a launching pad for LTTE offensives and mortar attacks. And the Catholic priests there are so quiet but start screaming like rabid dogs if the security forces and be remotely implicated in anything detrimental to the church. A bunch of hypocritical bitches they are.

  159. I must say you guys are shining examples of Sinhalese blood. Ha ha. Did your mothers teach y'all all of this while they were being butt-fucked on the road? Or is the hate because y'all were fathered by wandering Tamils & Burghers.

    This thread is great. DefenceNet, I'll be linking this up on several sympathetic blogs. Cheers.

  160. Well David Blacker, I must say that you are a shining example of a Tamil mother and a 1/8, /14/ 1/2 whatever Burgher. You claim to be Burcher, what a fucking laugh! Did your Tamil mother teach you to hate the Sinhalese and did your Catholic priest dad introduce you to pedophilia nad bigotry towards other religions? I hear that in the USA the Catholic Church is popping millions of dollars out like turds for abused boys. Maybe you can get some? So you can buy your hobo Burgher ass some food and a house? Or maybe you can pimp your butthole to the man in the frock - your dad.

  161. Serendib, I'm proud to be of mixed race and totally Sri Lankan, to have fought for my country against the Tigers (unlike cowardly arseholes like you). I don't have the inferiority complex you & that poof Asithri have (were you two in the boarding together?) because you can't really figure out if you're Sinhalese, Tamil, half-Indian or which stone your ancestors crawled out from under. You don't even have the balls to use your real name 'cos everyone will realize just what you are (or what you're not).

    Keep up the abuse, you are giving a great example to all Tiger sympathisers on just why they need a separate state because they're surrounded by cunts like you:)

  162. Nah, you see, I know who I am. It's dickwads like you who don't know who they are. The Sinhalese and the Tamils know who they are. So do the Moors and Malays. On the other hand, screwed up folks like you run around everywhere postituting your "Burgher" identity. But it doesn't matter, people like you are going to be extinct soon. From the horse's mouth:

    Have a nice day, you Catholic priest dick sucking cocksucker :)

  163. Oh you know who you are, do you? Then we both agree that you're a retard? Ha ha.

    BTW, why do you need to pick a name like Serendib? Trying to convince us of you're Sri Lankanness? Haha. YOU have a nice day you arse-licking priest-worshipper. keep praising them while they drive aaround in limos and fuck your sisters when they go for pirith;)

  164. This comment has been removed by the author.

  165. Serendib,

    Bro, give this thuppahi-sakkili motherfucker a break to go wanker!

    He has been butt-stretched by his Burgher RC clergy father who one day picked up a LTTE Tamil hooker from a Colombo’s massage parlor (using church money), to produce the rabid-dog-cum- drop that he is.

    This filthy racist motherfucker thinks he can come in here, predominantly visited by patriotic Sinhelas, and insult the Buddhist Sinhelas and their clergy! This motherfucker is in the wrong forum.

    I think this thuppahi-sakkiliya is actually an undercover LTTE motherfucker. His stories of being in the SLA are a load of horseshit. No SLA soldier says "GOSL has brutalized Tamils more than the LTTE!" and to me that was the dead giveaway not his strong anti-Sinhela, strong anti-Buddhist clergy trash per se!
    Can you imagine a SLA soldier going to the war front with this kind of mindset - that "GOSL has brutalized more Tamils than the LTTE?" !!! Nha, this is no ex-SLA, but another cross-waving with one hand and Prabhakaran pic waving with the other hand terrorist-sympathetic lunatic!

    Even moderate Tamils like A'sangaree is admitting that LTTE has killed more Tamils than SLA, and this sakkili-thuppahi motherfucker says otherwise!

    As I said, the day will come when WE the majority patriotic Sinhelas will pick up these undercover LTTE agents (who have our brave boys' blood in their filthy hands), be it that they are like this rabid-dog-cum-drop or is wearing a white/purple "frock," and extinguish their terrorist-sympathetic pitiful lives forever!


    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  166. Comeon fellas cant we all get along....dudes ! Let talk Anti Terror ops here ? Any truth to Soosai having a really bad day ?

  167. BTW, since this IS a 'defence' site, lemme tell you guys a story. A couple of Buddhists priests (young guys) actually were in my basic intake (not my training platoon, but one was in my battalion) and the instructors (especially the corporals) hated them. Dunno why, they seemed OK. The instructors (especially the drill & weapon guys) would rape them nightly. One deserted in a week, and the other after ten days. So much for the brave Buddhist jackoffs defending the country.

  168. David, comon give Asithri a break. I know him well. He's had a tuff time n a unhappy childhood. He does live outside SL n thas why he needs to prove how patritotic he's. many asians living in the west have nothing to identify with n are usually insecure. I guess this is his way of getting back at all the white fucks who are screwin him up. So wen he comes here he feels a part of something. when an exsoldier (as you say u are) says stuff that dont fit into his picture its hard for him to handle.

  169. What sort of bloody military defense site is this? Isn't the militry supposed to be disciplined? Where's the fucking discipline on this site. You guys are a joke. Yakking like damn teenies. An where the hell is the moderator? Really sad that he cannot maintain order on the site. A bloody civilian could do better.

  170. I think a clarification is needed on a point raised here; regarding the issue of unilateral declaration of independence (UDI).

    UDI will be an effective way of establishing nationhood for any distinct group of people as long as they possess two capabilities; (1) the ability to defend a defined landmass, whether by themselves or with foreign assistance and (2)the ability to economically sustain that area, independent of the land they are seceding from. The LTTE possesses neither.

    Their incapability to defend the landmass is now irreversible, due to a number of facts such as inadequate man power/population and simple military inequality when compared to the SLG. This is compounded by the fact that they are already too dirty to be touched by any self-respecting international sponsor, even if such sponsor were willing to help.

    The areas gifted to the LTTE by Ranil W's outfit functioned only at a marginal level, even then due to funding that was provided by the SLG. Schools, hospitals and all infra-structure was paid for by the SLG. The LTTE is only an efficiently destructive mechanism, they only can blow things up, can never run an administration.

    For these reasons, UDI is not an option for them.
    Also there's not a nation on earth that would recognize a 'tamil eelam' declared by the LTTE.

  171. CCC

    You raise a few good points.

    The so called 'de-facto' state existed only at SLG's sufferance.
    When we say enough, it ceases. Case in point is velupillia not being able to strut his stuff this year in bogus military parades, simply because we say he can't.

    THis war will establish ground rules for everything, including the in/validity of routine media utterances.

  172. I heard the army was recruiting 25000 addition soldiers to secure the east.

  173. "I heard the army was recruiting 25000 addition soldiers to secure the east. "

    Hi slothbear, according to Athas in his latest sit report, this drive is going no where, seems the other posters above are right the military should have started this BEFORE the fact, though maybe they hoped the victory in the east would encourage more to join?

    "Army Headquarters launched a recruitment drive on July 1 to enlist 7500 soldiers to the regular force. This was part of the overall plan to enhance the Army strength by a further 25,000. By early this week, sources at Army Headquarters said only a total of 1800 had been enlisted. This is after recruitment procedures were relaxed. Earlier, regiments were allowed to recruit personnel only from locations where their headquarters were positioned. For example, the Sinha Regiment recruitment was from the Kegalle or the Gemunu Watch Regiment from Ratnapura. This time, however, they were allowed to recruit from any area in the country. Besides the 1,800 enlisted to the regular force, a further 950 have been enlisted for volunteer units. The recruitment drive will end on August 15."

    - Athas - sit report July29th.

    Next up is the following, defencenet could you guys comment? If I read this correctly it seems Athas is saying Soosai is still running things here? So how badly is he injured?

    "In addition, reports say, the Sea Tigers are also enhancing preparations. The western seaboard has seen enhanced Sea Tiger activity which senior security officials believe related to smuggling in military hardware, some of them from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Radio intercepts have revealed that Sea Tiger leader Soosai (Thillaiampalam Sivanesan) who was operating from his "headquarters" somewhere near Kilinochchi had been speaking to installations of his sea going arm at Pooneryn and to boats operating in the Gulf of Mannar regularly in the past week. Similar radio conversations had also gone on this week. "


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