Monday, March 10, 2008

Explosion in Wellawatte

An explosion was reported near Wellawatte Roxy cinema a short while ago. According to available information, the blast was caused by a parcel bomb.

1 person has been killed and 3 more have been wounded in the incident.


  1. //...Former U.S. Associate Attorney General Bruce Fein has called upon an eminent Sri Lankan diplomat and present ambassador to the U.S. to an open debate at the National Press Club on American soil. Does the call challenge the intellectuality of our Sri Lankan generations? Will Sri Lankan Ambassador to the US Bernard Goonetilleke accept this call to show that Sri Lankans are prepared for any challenge? ....//

  2. Terrorism.. terrorism..

    I do not know what UN, GB and EU want to call these..

  3. Actually the explosion has taken place much more closer to the Arpico Super Centre rather than close to the Roxy. One body can be seen lying on the road.

  4. It seems so called NGO's have to heard about this yet. Or even Ban Kee Moon might still sleeping. Beacuse no statements were heard condemning these LTTE attacks on civilians whic are also human rigts violations..

  5. prathibha gamage, how is this a ltte attack, this has taken place in colombo, the capital of sri lanka in GOSL territory so judging by the opinions of your government this must have been done by your government because it's in their area. They blamed the sivanesan killing on the ltte because it happened in vanni which is ltte area and said the ltte must take responsibility for anything that happens in their area right? So i guess any attack outside ltte area such as attacks in colombo and anuradhapura and moneregala should be done by the government forces because it is in their areas.

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    No body armour for security personnel..

    People do not want to wear helmets when riding motor bikes.

  8. thiru,

    How many Sinhalese and Moors are living in the areas illegally held by LTTE? How many Tamils are living in South? Answers to your question can be found once you find answers to above question.

  9. Wonder what will happen with this Bruce Fein debate thing. According to the article ninja pointed out to our top candidates Bogollagama (my father knew this bloke, not the most genuine, I'm sorry patriots, but that's the truth) and Bernard Goonethilake, the SL ambassador in the US.

    Kadiragama, man what a loss. :(

  10. On second thought, guys I think no matter what the article says, staying away from debating with this Bruce Fein is a good idea. Why? Because we don't negotiate with terrorists or it's supporters, Bruce Fein is openly in suppport of them.

    And ban the LTTE in sri lanka!

  11. "In November 1998, Bill Richardson, then US Energy Secretary, spelt out his policy on the extraction and transport of Caspian oil. ”This is about America’s energy security”, he explained. “It’s also about preventing strategic inroads by those who don’t share our values. We’re trying to move these newly independent countries toward the West. We would like to see them reliant on Western commercial and political interests rather than going another way. We’ve made a substantial political investment in the Caspian, and it’s very important to us that both the pipeline map and the politics come out right."

    Link to article above:

    That's about kosovo and how their plan was to put a pipeline through kosovo. If there's oil in the Bay of Manar, the US and UK and the west will most probably pro-seperation of Sri Lanka and like the quote above says, support the new country.

    This is what I'm worried about. What are we and can we do if this happens?


    Seems like not fake picture. (at a glance) cos has a sequence of pic.

    I have no access to TN.

    hope u all referring to these pics

  13. "I have no access to TN."

    Use a proxy site such as or to access tn if you are in sri lanka

  14. @ Lightning_Struck_Tower

    Thanks. All of them are blocked...
    its all right

    since i have DN.

  15. sam perera, these attacks on both sides are conducted by the warring parties-the GOSL and the ltte not innocent civilians living in certain areas.

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  18. thiru said...

    prathibha gamage, how is this a ltte attack, this has taken place in colombo, the capital of sri lanka in GOSL territory so judging by the opinions of your government this must have been done by your government because it's in their area. They blamed the sivanesan killing on the ltte because it happened in vanni which is ltte area and said the ltte must take responsibility for anything that happens in their area right? So i guess any attack outside ltte area such as attacks in colombo and anuradhapura and moneregala should be done by the government forces because it is in their areas.


    ur argument would have been acceptable if a pro LTTE was killed in GOSL controlled area.
    In both the cases they were GOSL supporters.. U forgot to see that..

  19. My heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of this tragedy.See what has happened because of the army offensive..We cannot fight the LTTE..they are just too strong..Tell me has any man on this earth other than vilu-pulaai (trying to get my canadian accent right)created a formidable force like the black tigers with white stripes?..who can fly at will by sprouting wings??.We need to go for peace negotiations now..this time lets select sudan hopefully due to a lack of brothels

  20. two wonderful films i strongly recommend to our contributors are
    Independence day and Event Horizon

  21. DN

    (Out of subject)

    I have a doubt. can u clear me pls.

    I browsed allover the net with regarding Parappakkandal falls to Army new.

    one thing i just got clicked was, the statement is single sited. security media centre and lankaenews all south media stated the same report in various angles. but non of the international media was claimed or reported the same. (leave the pro Ltte site a side) even BBC/reuters ect..

    you can even say BBC/reuters are pro Ltte if so recommend a valid international media which carries our ethnic situ reports pls.

    ppl pls explain me where am i wrong..

  22. crimewatch

    All the international media get information from either LTTE or MCNS, defence ministry. I don't think any of them have their own sources at ground level. Parappakandal is not a majpr city apart from being importent for SLA military wise.

  23. @ ninja

    oh is that.

    while reading some article they mentioned in the middle of a thing, "SLA say they captured Parappa'l" (basically denied)

    If Media center or the is the only way to get the ground report, if so how come DN gets the fair and reasonable (believable) report from war zone?

    cos, a good eg. the Nov A'pura Air base news, DN released thome thing deferent than the Defence.LK but Non of the media reporters seen (entered) the camp there after. but "Iqbal athas is the first person who reported 26 air crafts destroyed or damaged" to Hindustani times.

    But ITN & the state media Lied/changed the view on to success of SLAF forces. still available in Youtube

    hope u understand what i am trying to say.

    ie. I don't ever trust a or the army and the state media site cos they even does the (positive) propaganda like pro-ltte sites does.

    still confused whom to believe

  24. crimewatch

    You have not understood me. I was talking about international media. DN is not.

    DN,DW,Athas,may have their own sources from battlefield. But not any as I know.

    Your question was 'why you couldn't find any reporting fall of p'al without quating SL defence sources?'. And I think I answered that question upto my knowledge.

    Believing or not (or any other) is up to you.

  25. crimewatch

    If I give you another point, LTTE so far didn't accept loss of P'dal. Rather they reported heavy fighting is going on P'al which SLA sporksperson denied. (He said it is usual fighting across FDLs, nothing special and P'al is fully under SLA.)

    If both SLA and LTTE give the same new then these have no problem and they report. eg. fall of sampur, vakari ect. Probably LTTE is trying to get P'kal back if they lost it and they didn't anounce the loss of it as it put moral down of di-ass-pora. This may be another reason (not getting confirmation from both sides) for not to give publicity.

    Another reason may be P'dal is a small town, probably know Mannar, vavnia, Jaffana, Kili'chi, Mulathiv and few more towns only in north.

  26. eyewitness video..

  27. Daily Mirror has some pictures

  28. Very graphic pictures

  29. Hey Defencenet,

    Army has step up their operations in Mannar front. Have they started mass troop movement?

  30. //Former deputy sea tiger Mangalesh and three other sea tigers had been killed in Mannar. The incedent had taken place on March 8 and no details were availble at the time as to how they were killed, defence authorities claimed.// - Dailymirror

  31. Riyaz-

    Can you please confirm all fine in your side?

  32. Sri Lanka votes, 9 soldiers, 25 rebels killed in north


    // OFF TOPIC //

    Court allows NTT to sell Sri Lanka Telecom stake


  33. Lanka truth reported :

    UN rejects HRW report
    The human rights report forwarded by Human Rights Watch to UN has been rejected.
    The report in 242 pages was rejected by all representatives of Asian, European and African countries as a false report.

    it was also mentioned on ITN news

    nobody else reported about this as i know-
    anybody see any other reports except for Lanka truth & ITN ?

  34. it is weired that if a an Organisation like HRW makes a false report nobody else(Including Int. media )reports on it ???

  35. @perein

    what is going with Riyaz ?

    is he ok ?

  36. lkdood-
    He's from Wellawatte area right?
    Just wana see he had no issues due to the expolsion mate.

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  38. srilankan-

    bro, are u saying Riaz is not an "OLD MAN" or "Child" :)

  39. Wild elephants hold up Sri Lanka vote: police


  40. Lkdood-

    "Wild elephants hold up Sri Lanka vote: police"
    Koti madiwataa Alii .. :)

    Today is a historic day for all Sri Lankan. Does not matter how successful the voting is/was, it's a lot more closer to democracy than last few years.

  41. ^^^^ looks like there are 'aliyas' in the election

    LOL !

    i heard that a minister questioned why the UNP are not contesting the elections in the east today

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  43. lkdood-

    Last minute campaigning mate :)

  44. Deputy Leader of a breakaway faction of the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers the TVMP "Pillaiyan" VOTING !!!(PICTURES)


  45. To get into pointless discussions with Mr fein at this time is a very bad idea.If Mr fein cannot find ways of ensuring his stipend by the LTTE in future that is his life and nothing to do with us.He needs to find ways other than getting into discussions with us in order to keep the LTTE money rolling into his bank accounts

  46. Way to go TMVP!!..Way to go Mr Pilliyan..Way to go commander!!

  47. Check out this Blog has good articals
    on SL politics.

  48. This AT article gives much better explanation about Sivanasan's death.
    Intrigue Behind the Murder of TNA MP Sivanesan
    Mon, 2008-03-10 03:02

    Colombo, 10 March, ( The events leading to the murder of Tamil National Alliance Member of Parliament Kiddnar Sivanesan, now seemed like a mystery novel. Details emerging show intrigue and ruthless disregard for human life. Culled from the crucial conversation Sivanesan had with two other TNA MPs and a freelance reporter of the Tamilnet provide the backdrop to the turn of events ending the life of Sivanesan. What occurred between Tamil National Alliance member of parliament and others gradually unfolds, when sources who saw, as well as overheard a crucial conversation of the three MPs from the TNA and the freelance reporter of the TamilNet in the parliament lobby on 5th March are viewed after Sivanesan's death.

    For details read below:

    Sources, who wish to remain anonymous, revealed that TNA members of Parliament Vino Noharathalingam, Sivanathan Kishore both from Vanni and K. Sivanesan representing the Jaffna electoral district and one free lance reporter of Tamil Net were seated in the parliament lobby and were having a conversation on 5th afternoon. What followed after this is history now.

    During the conversation, Sivanesan MP was heard complaining about the high handed actions of the LTTE and the way they treat the TNA Members of Parliament.

    He told the other two Vanni MPs about the pitiable plight of M. Kanagendran alias Eelaventhan and how he was kept in house arrest in Vanni.

    Sivanesan told that Eelaventhan and his wife went to Vanni to meet the LTTE supremo and relate to him the circumstances under which he lost his seat in the parliament and to appeal for his re -nomination.

    Sivanesan said that when Eelaventhan reached Vanni, he was prevented from meeting the Tiger leader Prabakaran.

    The LTTE cadres belonging to the Inteligence Group threatened Eelaventhan of dire consequences, in case he insists that he wants to meet Prabkaran.

    It seems Eelaventhan told the LTTE cadres that normally Periyavar - the elderly, use to meet him whenever he visits Vanni and accordingly he wishes to meet Periyavar on that occasion too.

    But the determened LTTE intelligence cadres told him with a defiant No and told that they are taking over the vehicle of Eelaventhan bought on tax concession, because he is a member of parliament, and kept him under house arrest until such time Raseen Mohammed Imam, a Muslim from Jaffna was sworn in as a national list MP of the Tamil National Alliance in his place.

    Sivanesan described how Eelaventhan’s wife screamed and cried when the LTTE intelligence cadres threatened Eelaventhan.

    While the three TNA MPs and the TamilNet reporter were discussing, Sivanesan told them how he was discriminated because he belongs to the toddy-Tapper caste and so many other details.

    After the discussion and when the parliament session for the day was over, Sivanesan went to his house behind the parliament buildings.

    According to sources, he has called and told them that he was summoned to come immediately to Vanni and he left from the house allocated for parliamentarians on early morning 4 AM on 6th march, on the fateful day in his car to Vanni.

    The rest is history.

    - Asian Tribune -

  49. I would want to call , the TMVP as the Eastern Alliance of the GOSL..(on the lines of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance which ousted the Talibans with the help of Americans.).
    I hope the Northern LTTE fighters will give up the struggle for a political solution when they see the achivements of the tamil people in the East.
    Then again, as long as Velu is there , it is just a dream.

  50. Defencenet,

    Any idea how large the bomb was (the weight I mean)? And & says it was an IED. A normal bomb and an IED are different right? So was it a parcel 'bomb' or 'IED'?
    Can you please explain more on this.

  51. Sinhaya,
    No disrespect to you.As you know our brave hearts are fighting a cruel war against suicidal sadistic lunatics.As for the TNA mps..this all started with the "prestige" aspect of belonging to the LTTE because no one ever dreamed that the eastern province will be liberated.It is a moracle because for once "it is not just money talking".I am sure the TNA mps knew what they were getting into at the time they were voted in and they had ample opprtunity to save their skins which seems the order of history.So no pity on them.Their "liberator" is responsible for them and not us as long as we had nothing to do with their deaths because we simply dont want death of these pathetic crustaceans on our hands what for?.As for they can go F**K themselves.Now is not the time for criminals to start crying because they have been mistreated by their own liberator..why dont all TNA MP's go and ask their "liberator" for gods sake?

  52. Guys,
    Here is another good chance to see how 'PRO-LTTE' Sirasa is!

    Let's see whether they will mention the word 'LTTE' while reporting todays bomb blast at wellawatte! ;-)

  53. sorry that should read "as for asian tribune they can go"..

  54. China making inroads in India's backyard, wooing Lanka


  55. The SLDForces are a very brave fighting force and none of the following,
    1)A centre for battered women
    2)A psychology/psychiatry think tank.
    3)HRW in the U.S
    4)A rehabilitation organisation for pathetic crooks and habitual liars.
    5)An organisation representing the LTTE di-ass-phora ..wait for it..overseas..WOW!!

  56. Thanks for your concern perein,

    Actually I live a few hundred mtres away from roxy.. We heard the explosion but no harm by the help of god... I feel sorry for those who got injured.. My thoughts are with them.

    have u guys got any details about it? did it blew off due to mishandling?

  57. riyaz,

    [This has nothing to do with LTTE/SLDF]

    Why did God go through the trouble of helping you escape when He had/has been willing to let millions others perish for no fault of thier own?

    Give me a break with this God nonsense.

  58. Riyaz,
    Bro..may god's blessing be upon you.

  59. riyaz,

    "have u guys got any details about it? did it blew off due to mishandling?"

    Well, a friend told me that a 'bothal patthara' collector (seems this is the guys who is dead) tried to check what it was, probably thinking it was something that he can take. But I'm not sure about this, could be only a rumour.

  60. kbs-
    Have a break mate. I'm sure you would say the same thing, unless you are a god.

    Good to hear from you bro.

  61. @kbs,

    It is my way of being grateful to my creator. It doesn't necessarily mean that others too should beleive in that. I think Our mother land has given us Sri Lankans complete freedom of religion.. Sorry mate if it hurt your beleifs.

  62. If I speculate on the 3 pics of Velu, published by the tamilnet, I can tell you this..

    The pictures 1 and 3 are not of the real Velu.In Picture 2, you will find the real Velu.However their is a problem.May be that pic came from an unrelated event , perhaps another funeral.(we had plenty of funerals in Wanni lately)

    Picture 1 and 3 dipicts the body double of Velu...

    That is my gutt feeling..

  63. Well daily mirror says somewhat similar version of the story. Probably it could have been antoher missed target???

  64. Was the bomb meant to be transported to somewhere else??

    Some one kept it till it was picked up by another to be transported elsewhere.

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  66. another fake appeared in the blog... its a matter of time before he too is viped off.. just like how the real tigers are getting wiped off in the north

    Good luck !!

  67. riyaz,

    I understand. I guess I have freedom to say that I consider your creator to be a cruel entity that plays with lives for sick laughs.

    I'd love it if you could tell your creator to stop this damn war. Are you willing to allow him to take your life if he promises to stop this war? Just a question for you.

  68. kbs, riyaz etc.
    Guys, let's stop discussing religions here. It's a very sensitive subject for a lot of people and if this goes on we'll be seeing a flame war on a massive scale on this blog.

    defence-net(the fake)
    What did you say? I didn't understand a word of it.

  69. kbs extremely sorry if I have stirrred your feelings mate.. I think we should just keep this topic away and concentrate only on defence related matters..

    Sri lanka is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to religious / racial tolerance. I really appreciate it guys and thank everyone for that. A truly multi racial paradise.. everyone has the full freedom to practice what they like.

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  71. Dont worry chamal, I think most of the guys here are matured enough to understand things as it is.. So let us all pray for a peace and brotherhood in this wonderful island..

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. wow...

    The pictures 1 and 3 are not of the real Velu.In Picture 2, you will find the real Velu.However their is a problem.May be that pic came from an unrelated event , perhaps another funeral.(we had plenty of funerals in Wanni lately)

    Picture 1 and 3 dipicts the body double of Velu...

    That is my gutt feeling..

    oho...what a dam may be you are in dream? no no you were in dream so the reality now you can't accept?

    March 10, 20

    Guess who's talking... It's DN's twin brother who like copying...

  74. I got mad because religion is one of the big reasons why 100k ppl have died in this stupid SL war.

    A comment that claims that GOD helped YOU out of some trouble but instead took the lives of OTHER innocent people is just selfish and ignorant. You, Rayaz, basically said "Thank you god for killing that other person instead of me." Of course you did not "Thank god for killing someone" directly. You did so indrectly because you did not condemn god for killing that other person. The bomb is an extraordinary event, and you did not condemn got for allowing such an event. Instead you thanked him for not letting you be the target. Why would you thank god when what actually happened was a BAD EVENT?!?!?!?!?!? You did it for a selfish reason, that's why.

    This blog is about a war that is largely a religious war.

    Anyways, I agree to end this topic of discussion also.

  75. I think sri lankan people in general are resolute and tough minded when it comes to disasters/explosions etc.. If these kind of things happen in the west the entire nation would be disabled. But if u visit the blast site say after an hour or two it would be as nothing had ever happened. Its business as usual..quite a remarkable level of resoluteness

  76. No kbs it is not a rligious war here in sri lanka. You just tune into SLBC service they give ample air time for all the religions. I still would say Sri Lanka is the best place for religious tolerance.. Sri Lankan people have one of the best human values.. compassion and tolerance.

    This war is a terrorist war. some lunatics fighting for a piece of land. It was never a religious war.

  77. HMMmmmm... SLBC service... right.

    This war was never fought along religious lines? This is news to me.

    LTTE is basically Hindu Tamils (no "Tamils" but "Hindu Tamils). SLDF is basically Bhuddist Sinhalese.

    LTTE kicked out all Muslim Tamils from Jaffna. Wait, maybe it was just a coincidence that the tamils they kicked out were Muslim?

    Maybe it's a coincidence tthat there are hardly any Hindus in SLDF?

    No way, tthe SLBC airtime nullifies all these facts.

  78. Gents,
    Can we keep this page for defence related matters pls..?

  79. My comment above, "This blog is about a war that is largely a religious war," is not my way of jusifying religion talks on DN.

    I only made thatt comment so Riyaz realizes how weird is to thank God when tthese innocent civilian deaths happen - especially since this blog is about a religious war that has killed 100k people. We're discussing a religious tragedy here.

    The comment wasn't there to justify religious chatter here. Just a clarification.

  80. srilankan,

    Agreed. I am waiting for the decapitation of LTTE. I think this will be the best way to further this war. Invest in getting the heads.

  81. Let's take a time out.
    Tea time..
    Any one for Tea? Srilankan got some Mari biscuits....

  82. Finally to kbs,

    You have all the right to beleive in what you like, Because this is a wonderful democratic country..

    As for muslims being kicked out of the north.. again i would say it is a blessing in disguise..

    But I still would say This is not religious war. I still say Sri Lankans are one of the best people in the world with great human values.

    Its only a minority who creates troubles.

  83. chamal,

    Yes it was an IED which as the name suggests is an improvised bomb which is not used in conventional warfare.

    More details here:

    btw STF has shot dead two lTTE cadres in Sangamankanda, Ampara. This is an area frequented by LTTE cadres who scattered after Niyathai Jaya.

    Meanwhile troops have launched a pre dawn attack on a LTTE line in Ilanthivan, Mannar. 10 LTTE KIA , 3 SLA KIA, 12 SLA WIA.

  84. thank god I am still alive to read your blogs guys...

    May god bless every one.

  85. Defencenet,

    Nice to see u mate.. How is the situ at parappkandal.. there are some contradicting reports going around.. Is it completely still under SLA? can u clarify when u have time

  86. riyaz

    good to see you here

    thanks DN for the update

  87. Yes, thank god Riyaz is still alive.

    I remember watching a video after the Tsunami where they were interviewing some poor peasants in a fishing village who had survived the ordeal. One of them was saying "thank God for saving my life... blah blah blah." I was thinking to myself "You idiot, half your village/family is dead. Why you thanking god?"

    Anyways that's my last comment. That is a true story I wanted to share because it's really funny and sad at the same time.

    Anyways, may God bless SL and end this war. May our soldiers stop dying in the battlefield. May God just get rid of the few rogue leaders and let everyone build some peace.

  88. On a different note..

    Sri Lankans are one of the most soft hearted people in the world.. Something you wont find in many nations.. I think it has something to do with this soil.

  89. WOW.. DN got his logo in front of his name now :) ...
    Let's avoid the unwanted conversations and talk about the logo if does not have any defence related subjects.

  90. KBS,

    You don't believe in god, so what? Just becuase you don't believe in something doesn't give you the right to look down on other people. Leave Riyaz alone, we need patriots like him here.

    This war is not a religious war. Most of the Muslims who got kickd out are just that, Muslims. They just happen to speak Tamil but that doens't make them Tamil, they are Muslims. It's a little bit strange to identify a group of people who believe in a certain religion as a race (e.g. Muslic race in SL), but that's just the way it is in SL. Get your facts right before you open your trap.

    Riyaz, thank god you are alive mate!

    Take care.

    BTW - I don't believe in god concept as I am a Buddhist!

  91. Thanks guys,

    As I said earlier every person in this lovely island has the right to beleive in whatever they like. But let there be one thing very clear. This island cannot be broken into pieces, we all need one united sri lanka where every community can live side by side, with peace and harmony.

  92. Fmr. deputy sea tiger Mangalesh
    killed in Mannar.

    Here Mangalesh seen lighting flame-o-sacrifiso.

    good riddance!

  93. riyaz,
    "Nice to see u mate.. How is the situ at parappkandal.. there are some contradicting reports going around.. Is it completely still under SLA?"

    Northern Parappakandal including the town (its not a large town anyway) was brought under SLA control few days ago. ltte are launching small counterattacks from their current line so the area is not completely silent (its natural in any war).
    Anyway the Parappakandal area (4sq km) is under sla control.

  94. Thanks defnet,

    MCNS reports some clashes around adampan general area.. have our brave hearts got a foothold in adampan? It seems like a three pronged attack to capture the junction.. if you have time could please update us on the current positions of sla and the distances approx.

  95. Gentlemen,
    Can you see why this LTTE filth has invaded our country to this is because we are not UNITED as srilankans.Under these circumstances it is very easy for the LTTE to play one ethnic minority against the other..they have been playing the sinhala/tamil card for 30 yrs and desperately trying to play the sinhala/muslim card now.Dont forget the honourable and patriotic service done by those brave tamil/muslim members of the LRRP teams in the past that were killed.I am sure the LTTE would have loved to employ them for a fee of course..

  96. WE must NEVER EVER FORGET the contributions made by other ethnic minorities such as the burgers etc in the defense of our country.

  97. Perein,
    Sorry bro..a bit busy these days with work.Will you settle for kiplings cakes?

  98. @sri Lankan,

    I am with u bro. Totally agreed. Let us not allow anyone (not only ltte) to play with ethnicity cards, That has been the major downfall of this great nation.

    Forget about the ethnicities, let us work along a common identity.. SRI LANKAN identity and build thisnation again

  99. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  100. Riyaz,
    Many thanks for your kind comments and fully agree with you bro.I will be offline for a few hours but will try to log on later in the evening.

  101. Srilankan-
    Very well said bro.
    Once LTTE issue sorted, one of the long term solutions could be mixing / sharing the area in all locations.
    Specially North and East. Should enhance the South too.

  102. Guys-
    DN's cute twin is doing some posting again...
    Cool.. But she only knows how to cut and paste...

  103. she ?


    how do u know Defense-net is a female ?

  104. lkdood-
    Mate, I said DN's twin sister..
    That does not mean DN's a male of female. But for sure.. twin is a female with cute A*** :)

  105. President Musharraff mentions in his autobiography that the Pakistan Army set-up a special unit to track SIM Cards used in IEDs. Cellphones are commonly used as a trigger mechanism for some IEDs. The London bus bumbs, many of the bombs in the sub-continet, Iraq, etc. I read some where that the SIM cards typically survive the blast. The Americans gave mobile jammers to Musharraf, and these devices saved his life (I belive)on two occasions. During the independence dy celebrations, I belive the Govt asked the mobile phone companies to temporarily shut down service to certain localities for a limited time period. Of course, jammers are no good against suicide bombers.
    Now that the SLA has a research and development outfit, hopefully they are developing expertise in this area.

  106. Now the tigers are in conflict with one another have been killing each other?

  107. the london bus bombs wernet cell phone activvated the Madrid bombings were though

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  111. Batticaloa Municipal Council - Results

    Pillayan - 14000+ (11)

    EPDP + PLOTE + TELO - 9000+ (6)

    SLMC - 1500+ (1)

    Other (1)

  112. Sandun,

    Thanks for the update. Seems like they really don't need weapons. Way to go !!!

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. srilankan,

    Nobody here advocated the division of a united Srilankan people - though I did point out that such a stupid division exists (has existed).

    The sooner we realize that this war is being fought with some religious/racial overtones, the better we'll be able to unite the people once the LTTE is gone (or even before).


    Just because you talk so positively about SL and Sri Lankans in your post (and maybe you have a nice little life too) does not change the reality of what's going on. We are not united right now, and the sooner every realizes this the faster we can resolve this.

    We need to make the East an example and unite the different races there and develop all areas equally (and hire police officers from all races).

    Just simply taking over Wanni won't be enough... sorry to tell you that. There are some hidden racial overtones in the broader population, much like there has been in Kenya for dozens of years. We have to chip away at that.

    March 11, 2008 3:08 AM


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