Sunday, November 4, 2007

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How to access DefenceNet from a mobile device

DefenceNet runs on a standard blogger template with minor customisations so it is compatible with most mobile WAP browsers that are around. However we recommend our readers to use Opera Mini mobile browser to access DefenceNet instead of using standard WAP browsers.

Opera Mini provides a vast array of features and is able to render DefenceNet's HTML pages in a higher grade of visibility than that of most default mobile WAP browser's. Since it uses server side parsing, GPRS/3G data usage will be kept to a minimum. In the latest test, Opera Mini completely rendered DefenceNet's home page with only 19KB of data usage and a standard Nokia 'N Series' WAP browser took more than 60KB to complete the same task. 

To download Opera Mini:

Point your mobile phone browser to



Click Download Opera Mini



Follow the simple setup steps on your phone



You can also download Opera Mini via free SMS link or to your desktop computer.



Note: You need a Java enabled mobile phone to run Opera Mini.

HTML tags

Several users have requested a list of HTML tags that can be used with blogger comments. We hope this page from Blogger will help you.

DefenceNet RSS Feed

We've made minor changes to the RSS feed. You can Preview the feed and subscribe using this link.

A heap of thanks goes to TEAM FILEnetworks for creating this post for us.


  1. This works great. Plus Opera Mini acts like a proxy. You can access tamilnet if you are in SL.

  2. Defencenet and Lightning_Struck_Tower thanks for the info on Opera Mini, it really helps me to check the blog while on the move :)

  3. Guys, according to some information, it took almost four hours to pull the bodies from the site, after the attack. It means that was a direct hit, a well-calculated one and the luck is ruled out.

    Thamilchelvam was the last to be dug out; it means he must have been at the lowest level of the bunker. Since his body remains unscathed, apart from a few plasters that cover the bruises - may be when being pulled out. It indicates he may have died due to pressure of the bomb.

    All in all, the scenario sheds some light on the structure of their hide-outs. Let's hope it is universal in Wanni!
    The latest photos of the funeral can be viewed at this link.

  4. Three more people are hacked to death in Tissamaharamaya; Tigers are up to something in the area; may be a diversionary tactic for something more sinister, against a vital target.

    It is high time the security of this part of the country was placed under a competent military general of Major General Karunaratne's calibre, before it will be too late.

    I doubt police alone are up to this challenge.


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