Sunday, November 4, 2007

Colombo harbor a primary target of the LTTE

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are well known for their devastating suicide attacks on both military and economic targets. Military Intelligence has now warned that Colombo harbor, a key economic structure, is on top of LTTE's hit list. According to intel, LTTE's plan is to inflict massive damages to the harbor and isolate Sri Lanka from the sea based supply route.

Almost all LTTE suspects arrested in the last few months were either aware of a plan to attack the harbor or were part of such a plan. According to some of them, at one point LTTE planned to deploy sea tigers, land units and its light aircraft simultaneously in an attack. This plan however was abandoned when a senior cadre involved in it was arrested by the army.

LTTE will need a major victory to overcome the huge morale buster that was Thamil Selvam's death. Security forces will have to be in constant vigilance to prevent such an attack in the future.


  1. I think we should keep eye on not just for tommorrow, at least for next 6 months before we relax.

  2. I think someone has to carry out risk assessment for all main government & military locations...I believe we also need to keep eye on our all major bridges connecting to Colombo. The general public have a lot of responsibility to win this terrorism.

    Was child soldier died with Tamilchelvan?
    See :

  3. I think we should never relax till the Tigers are dead and gone. Even after that our intelligence services have to mop up the remaining sleepers.

  4. Vigilance must be at all times and not just when a chief carcass-maggot is decapitated!

    Yes, LTTE may go for a big attack as revenge, but there is another view that they may just do nothing out of the usual or may do it for their usual tactical/strategic reason and not for this. This view holds the belief that this bugger was killed by the SLAF (no doubt there), but the intel for that SLAF hit came from the LTTE itself.

    Outrageous? Not really when you consider some relevant angles at:

    OaO Asithri


    If you miss this one...

  6. What the hell is wrong with Athas?

    Here's what he's saying;

    "..There were claims by some officials that the Situation Report last week had falsely reported that eight Chinese built K-8 aircraft of the SLAF were destroyed during the airbase attack. One of them claimed that the SLAF possessed only one and that our report was wrong. The Sunday Times stands by its statement that one K-8 was destroyed outside the hangar and that five others were damaged inside the hangar. A picture on this page shows one of the five damaged K-8 aircraft inside the hangar..."

    The K-8 is an advanced jet trainer. The picture shown in the article is a prop driven aircraft, such as the following;

    Here's an image of a K-8

    This guy seriously needs some help.

  7. Pictures of both types of aircrafts under reference are on my blog

  8. tropicalstorm, nice point. The aircraft in the picture is a Chinese CJ-6 trainer.

    In fact, looking at the picture, the markings identify it as CT-190, the same aircraft in this picture.

  9. IE buddy provides a shorter link for all their pics, you don't need to copy the one from the actual address bar :)


  10. Jack, can you tell me how you did that? I mean that link thing. Reducing the link and keep it working.

  11. Tiger websites mentioned presence of Ramesh, Balraj, Nadesan etc at funeral today. No mention of Pottu. Is it possible that another big kahuna got seriously hurt?

  12. Guys, can you believe this mf???

    “Prabhakaran complains no peace offers from Sri Lankan Government”

    "(The) Sinhala nation did not open its heart and send a peace message. On the contrary, it is sending war vultures that are dropping giant bombs. It has cruelly killed our peace dove," Prabhakaran's statement said.

    Wow! open heart? LMSSAO! What this Fat Black Ugly Pig doesn’t realize is that his heart is about to be opened with the next SLAF strike around the corner!

    As for:

    "Tamil Eelam nation is confronting an unparalleled loss after loosing the head of our political wing, Brig. S.P. Thamilselvan and five other LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) members,'…Our people are in profound shock and sorrow,''…

    While the Fat Black Ugly Pig is admitting so, there are LTTE hooters all over saying it does not matter much that the Barber died! What a fucking disjointed “liberation struggle” this has become! I see better order from the World Anarchists!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  13. And now for the filthy RW UNP pansies (or parasites – pick your jargon! LMSSAO!):

    " UNP says killing LTTE political leadership sends wrong signal"

    "We congratulate the valiant security forces in systematically disabling the LTTE’s fighting capabilities. But an attack on its political leadership would be ammunition for the LTTE to accuse the government of not being sincere in its professed commitment to reviving the peace process", a UNP spokesperson said.

    Wow! Stupendous and mind-boggling!

    When this war is over (soon), we will have some "scores to settle" along the lines of "lynching the traitors" and many of us can't wait for that day to dawn!

    OaO Asithri

  14. LTTE Armoury pounded... good stuff

    Looks like we have enough intel to work on before the new UAVs arrive :-D

  15. Defencenet, there are many conspiracy theories claiming that Prabha actually killed Selva and covered it up with a SLAF air strike, which is almost a daily occurence in the Wanni. It seems that Prabha was not in good terms with his peace dove according to these theories. Can you confirm that Selva was actually the target of Friday's air strike?

  16. Can any of you tell me why we can't use our F-7's to go after the TAF crop dusters? Those birds are traditionally fighters, they have powerful auto-cannons specifically for the Air-to-Air engagement role. Do we even use these planes anymore?

  17. And why can't we use the MIG-27's for air to air? They also have auto-cannons.

  18. With the kind of assets we have, the tiger tincans should be scrap metal by now. A couple of old Sia Marchettis could do this very easily, once they are located within our terrain. Of course the Marchettis would not survive in a SAM environment.

    The failure to finish this off until now is all poor management at some point, as was the A'pura fck-up.

  19. NinjaB, this blog accepts HTML tags, so I used the basic tag for links:

    I can'type it in here as it will convert the text, but take a look at this page:

    HTML Tutorial

    Look at the 'adding links' section that is all you need. Cheers

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  21. Great job Tropicalstorm (making up for the time you were absent?). And Thanks for the link Jack and IE.

    So Athas's K-8 Advanced trainer jet is not actually a K-8 after all but a cheap PT-6 Basic trainer.

    This is what Athas said last week below the heading "Aircrafts Damaged".

    "Five K-8 intermediate jet trainer aircraft. In some of these trainer aircraft the glass canopy has melted and the metal warped. In addition, some had the wing stripped off with only parts of the frame remaining."

    After the above comments were published most people in the park started yelling "six K8s were destroyed". So now it looks like the rumor has started from an incorrectly identified aircraft (of course By Athas). In his photograph one can clearly see that the glass canopy has melted and the metal warped. But it isn’t a K-8. I believed it too. Thank you again guys for being so vigilant.
    The number on the wing of that aircraft (In athas's photo) is CT190. SL Air Force has classified it as a destroyed air craft (PT-6 Basic Trainer).

    If this is a mistake by Athas it's really a stupid one. If it's not a mistake (i.e. intentional) I just have to say "Fu-- you ---hole"

    If only one K-8 trainer is damaged or destroyed from the A'pura attack then the total lost would be around US $ 20 million. Very close to air force commander’s estimate.

  22. SLG needs to alert its embassies to work with the foreign intel agencies to monitor tiger fund raising activities, which obviously is the ultimate goal of TC's targetting thru the SLAF.

    As much as the LTTe thinks they can rejuvenate their funding lines by this act, it also provides the SLG a valuable opportunity to identify major overseas donors to the tamil terror outfit and take action agaist them.

    We need to take the war to these overseas terrorism supporter bastards' door steps too. For far too long they've been immune to any fall out from their terror support activities.

  23. I dont think they will attack the harbour.This has become a quest for revenge.. a very high ranking official/s will be assassinated.I hope they are not dismissing the risk to their own lives.
    Our best defense is a highly alert public working with the security forces.

  24. Since over 30 black tigers got killed during last 2 weeks (Anuradapura / TC bombing) not sure LTTE will gamble any more resources during next few weeks.
    Therefore we should keep eye on long run if not every day until we hit THE FAT PIG.
    Good news is we are getting good intelligence these days. Let's keep the good work up.

  25. Tropicalstorm...Some foreign powers need the LTTE to exist.It has become a permanent leverage on SLanka.

  26. The LTTE will try their best to get MR sooner or later, but right now they might look for a lesser VIP to kill, so they can even the score for the time being.

    The LTTE will try to get SLN's Karannagoda next. Karannagoda is in the process of building up the navy to make it the LTTE's arms shipments network's worst nightmare. This man seems to have good foresight when it comes the navy's future role in this war.

  27. I believe Karannagoda might be next because Gota and Fonseka have been targetted before but those attempts failed.

  28. An interesting bit of news about col Karuna.Apparently the human rights watch want the british govt to prosecute him for child soldiers etc.So what about all the other LTTE diasphora murderers who used to kill people in SLanka and clear UK immigration due to their bitish passport.Why do i read a double standard here.The LTTE diasphora hate the fact that karuna helped us and gunning for his blood.So prosecuting him is a good way to gain their vote.Anyway lets see what happens.

  29. The CBO Port (all naval ports for that matter are high probability targets)

    And as GE, said yes the C of N might be targeted instead of Sec. Gota and C of A.

    Poor ol athas seemed to have put his foot in his mouth again!! Any one kit could tell a K-8 from a PT-6, Lol


    Yes the F-7s are still in use, but they like the Mig-27s lack radar to carry out Air to Air work. They must be guided to a target by ground based radar. That’s

    Unless both the Mig-27 and F-7 get a visual on the tiger birds or a good heat lock from a AAM they would find it very difficult to shoot an enemy AC down.

    I think the Gov. wanted to buy the new F-7G (said to be the equivalent of the F-7PG) which is a improved version of the F-7 with better engine, avionics, and Air-to-air radar and medium range AAM.

    They are cheaper than MIG-29s and our pilots are quite good with F-7 now, so I think we should get them.

  30. One more thing, please don't under estimate Athas....he has predicted LTTE air attacks in Colombo 2-3 years ago..... if anyone in the army had balls to take some actions after his words, the story of Anuradhapura & katunayake could have been different...its time 4 our forces to put down their ego and start thinking

  31. Sri Lankan Security Forces have vowed to hit back with greater vengeance for every act of LTTE until the elimination of LTTE hierarchy completely with it's leader Velupunde Prabakariyan.

    The so called LTTE retaliation is nothing new to Sri Lanka. It has been always on their menu just as acts of terrorism.

    However now the SL forces have adapt a strict policy of " Terrorise the terrorists ".

    So they say - " Go ahead & retaliate. Then expect our retaliations too. Hit us once, and we'll crush you thrice ruthlessly. Then see how painful our retaliations would be for LTTE. "

    Maintain that policy and LTTE will know how to behave properly.

  32. Ninja Bandara..,


    You can shorten very long URLs using their free service.

  33. now would be a great time to put some money and realy effort behind our Locally made UAV program!

    At least if we could make a TUAV with about 20km range and about 4hr of endurence, with a good IR/CTV and rangefinder with GPS, it could come in real handy!

    just a thought

  34. Rahim m,

    "So they say - " Go ahead & retaliate. Then expect our retaliations too. Hit us once, and we'll crush you thrice ruthlessly. Then see how painful our retaliations would be for LTTE. ""

    You make lot of sense mate. It looks like that’s our policy now. A very good one too.

    The weakest link on our side is president Mahinda R in the sense that he is the most irreplaceable of them all. He is more vulnerable due to his behavior, sometimes is very close to being reckless. If LTTE would be able to get him all the political hell will break loose in the south, forces would loose the momentum and LTTE would get the really needed breathing space.

    When a president is politically threatened he tries to reach for the masses in the expense of his security. End result is more opportunities for the terrorists to get him. Same happened to President Premadasa and he had to pay with his dear life.

    Mr. President,
    You may have your weaknesses and strengths. But the country needs you right now. Please stop your reckless behavior and be safe.

  35. Now confirmed...those Bunker Buster missiles are in action:

    From Hindustan Times:

    "What was attacked on Friday was a Command and Communications Centre of the LTTE at Thiruvaiyaaru, south-east of the group's political headquarters of Kilinochchi, a place which top military leaders, including Prabhakaran, visited.

    On that fateful day, Prabhakaran was not there, but Tamilselvan was. Along with him was the LTTE's communications expert, "Lt Col". Anpumani alias Alex. He was in charge of the strategic communications wing.

    In view of the constant air raids, the communications centre had bunkers, and Tamilselvan and his colleagues were in the bunkers when the SLAF's Kfir and MIG 27 jets struck at 6 am with bunker buster bombs, which proved to be deadly."

    Cool! Way to go SLAF!

    Stay tuned for more rat-holes to explode in the near future.

    OaO Asithri

  36. Nemesis,

    I second your idea about UAVs whole heartedly. It is a must need to do locally.

    Will save several million $ overtime too.

    What you say about MR and his total reckless behaviour about his personal security is absolutely right. MR's stupidity in that regard should be stopped. He should not gamble with his life, and it would be a gamble for a nation too.

    MR, Gota, Heads of the Navy, Army, Airforce, and the military assets should be protected with the highest degree of professionalism and accuracy.

  37. Thanks for the link Jack and noltte=peace.

  38. We need to trust our Navy that they will do their job perfectly. I don't think LTTE will plan to do another failure attack, instead it will choose less secured location to attack.

  39. piyal the chances are they will engage in an LTTE claymore mine attack against some buddihist monks and devotees naturally trained by the SAS to meditate.

  40. There is still some hope... a refreshing bit of common sense... which seems to be lacking in quarters where the trained military minds are missing out...

    Lankaputhra said...
    "I think someone has to carry out risk assessment for all main government & military locations..."

    The perimeter is the first line of defense in an Airbase. Specially when they are located in close proximity to urban environs.

    It was through the fence they pentrated Katunayake on July 24, 2001 and again at Anuradhapura on Oct 22, 2007. It was the same MO at Kellanitissa Power Station...

    Adding more men and increasing the number of bunkers have not helped.

    We seem not to have learnt from the lessons of the past and history repeats itself...

    It's high time that the authorities did just what Lankaputhra suggest. All the great military training, foreign courses, psc's etc have ignored the basics - like they did during Jayasikuru and post Jayasikuru... holding a thin line disregarding the basics...

    How much more death and destruction is required to drive the lesson home?

    Its not only miltary camps and airbases that require a structured risk assessment but also National Critical Inrastructures i.e. Ports, Airports, Power Stations, Refinery and Oil Storage Tanks and even Water Purification and Storage Tanks etc.,


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