Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Donate to "Api Wenuwen Api" via SMS

You can now donate to "Api Wenuwen Api" (Together for All) fund via SMS. This facility is currently available for Dialog GSM subscribers only.

To make a donation of Rs. 100, type API and send the SMS to 8877. If you want to donate more than Rs. 100, simply re send the message. For example, to donate Rs 1000, the above message should be sent 10 times. The donated amount will be added to your current bill if you are a post paid subscriber or it will be deducted from your pre paid account if you are a pre paid subscriber.

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  1. Sorry for out of topic and multiple postings


    I would suggest JVP will loose popular support in the next general election...

    LTTE uses terrorism to achive a political goal, where as JVP uses undemocratic metothds of protests, intimidations and strikes to achive their political objectives.

  2. This is a good initiative..

    Need to have transparency.. a nice website would help the initiative.

  3. ***Politics.***
    May be JVP voted against the budget knowing that it would win even they opposoe. However this stratergy is not for the country. This isolates MR and it is not good for the moral of the soldiers. As in generel soldiers also UNP, SLFP or JVP mostly. The only thing we should get done by MR is winning this war. So we should forget our party, support him and force him to win the war. Any one who has a brain please understand the JVP and find another party to vote nexttime if you voted for JVP earlier.

  4. %%% Politics %%

    Earlier I thought JVP truely represent a vioce from a patriotic young generation against terrorism. They show that from the very begining, when main parties tried to have a peaceful solution instead of crushing LTTE.

    I am not interseted in any party, but I have a respect to president, because the way he handles the terrorism. I now realize that JVP is simply doing politics targeting votes. This is all about politics.

    At his stage, it is foolish to ask government to ban LTTE or discard treaty with LTTE , thought it is meaningless now. We have to take stragetic path to crush LTTE without loosing foreign countries.

    The war must be continued with the help of every party including UNP, JVP.

  5. JVP is other side of the LTTE . they don't want to see this war to be ended .so they are not patriot .I am sure they will reduce 10 seats in the next election .

  6. I guess UNP has voted for the budget. That might be the reason I don't hear any UNP bashing.

  7. According to a Russian newspaper, Sri Lanka has expressed interest in purchasing the Chinese / Pakistani JF-17.


    It's a multi role jet Pakistan is planning to replace their F-7s with. If it's true, I wonder how far down the lines that's going to be.

  8. My reply to noltte and srilankan from the previsou trhead.

    "Can a MIG27 do level bombing?"

    Both the Mig's and Kfir's have weapons delivery systems which allow them to do level bombing, dive bombing and various other such methods.

    When attacking FDL's, the most accurate method would be to dive and use rockets for straffing the FDL.

    "How can you trigger a mine without actually stepping on it..?"

    There are several types of mine breaching systems on the market. Some are as simple as an explosive coil of cable fired out of an infantry rifle. The cable is then detonated, which clears a path on each side. Mechanical devices can also be fitted to tanks and IFV's. Certain types of MBRL fire can also trigger mines.

  9. Illegal.existence,

    The JF-17 is only just entering production. So its unlikely that they will be available for export until at least late 2008/early 2009.

    The cost is quoted at around USD 15-20mn each. So I doubt we will be able to afford the minimum requirement of around 4 + 1 trainer anytime soon.

    Some used Mig-29's should be much cheaper and they can also be leased.

  10. India never allow to solve the Ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. India is all these behind i think.
    Now JVP is also seems to be under control of India.
    I voted for JVP. but now i changed my mind.

  11. I don't like to discuss politics, but will make this one exemption.

    The JVP'ers are just bastard sons of Rs. 100 whores. They are nothing but evil political opportunists.

    These JVP terrorists cannot be trusted anymore than the LTTE (they are still terrorists as far as I'm concerned, they have never apologised or surrendered even one of their illegal weapons).

    The only thing you can be sure about the JVP is that they will never support anything that is in the best interest of the country. Their only hope of coming to power is if this country is thrown into turmoil, so they will do everything and anything which creates further chaos and instability.

    I wouldn't make much of their new found "patriotism". It was these so called patriots who made an alliance with the LTTE and massacred even the families of our armed forces (they are still openly celebrating this). Until 2001, they were asking the Govt to just "stop" the war against the LTTE. Their anti-LTTE stance was only adopted very recently when it was politically expedient for them.

    After we have finished the LTTE, we should wipe out these murderous monkeys as well. Anyway, the only good communist is a dead communist.

  12. @Illegal.existence
    I think wikipedia mentioned Sri lanka's interest for JF-17 before the Russian Paper.

  13. Guys,

    JVP once again proved that they are a force of destruction, not of construction: they just cannot exist without a fight!

    They are keen on organising strikes, and university closure, when there are plenty of avenues to address the grivences, in amicable manner.

    These leftist leaders, when coming out of universities, go to the extreme end of capitalism, something they loathe in their school / university days.

    Our dear SB, Mahinda Wijesekara and the likes know very about this metamorphosis better than anyone else.

    It is high time the masses made them understand that their modus operandi is a relic from the past - very distant, of course.

  14. It’s interesting to see how JVP makes their policies through out the history …
    I cant remember everything how they changed …but anyone can look at their view in all these years we all can come to the conclusion about their strategy …

    1971- Revolution
    1987-1992 – Anti Indian (EPKF)/anti UNP
    Since 2000- opposition?
    If they loss next election…..
    2010-? (May be again with arms) to kill another innocent in south.

    What they want is only just fight (arguments) which makes young blood attractive….
    They will never change for the better…
    I still believe that JVP =TLLE regarding the destruction of country and killing of innocent people in the country.
    JVP must get the blame for the country where it stands now…
    Simply JVP does not know where it’s going and it will change every minute to get the political gain.

    If anyone can write practical history of JVP it would be great for all of us to understand the nature of their party

  15. By supporting the Government, the miniority parties achived a coup.JVP will never understand what really happened to them in the budget.I see paralles of JVP plight and former MP, Sirisena Cooray demise..

    Because of the mini coup, Sinhalese masses will further isolate JVP ...

    JVP hurrilly digging its own grave.They showed their political immatuarity one more time..One thing I prayed for is , that they will not resort to violence once again.

    Peace loving Sri Lankans are the ultimate winners..

    They cannot bring any posperity to the masses, but only strikes..

    The JVP will go into history as the party that distroyed the higher education of hundreds of youths through failed revolutions, protests, strikes ofcourse RAGGING..


    Hakeem, Thondaman more patriotic than JVP - Champika

    JHU strongman and Environment Minister Champika Ranawaka said SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem and CWC leader Arumugam Thondaman have proven they are more patriotic than the JVP which called general strikes when the government launched operations to Vakarai and Thoppigala and finally voted with the TNA at today's budget.

  16. "One thing I prayed for is , that they will not resort to violence once again".

    If they do, it would be the excuse we need to finish them once and for all. The problem for these terrorists when they come out is that everyone gets to know who they are. Even if a few of their true leaders are still kept hidden, we now know who most of them are, where they live, their families etc. So its not difficult for us to kill them if they return to violence and they know it. That's why that senile murderer (Somawansa) flees the country every time there is a change of Govt.

    The JVP have less than 10% of the vote (couldn't even win a single constituency except Tissamaharama I think), clearly shown at the last LG elections. The only reason they have any influence in national politics is because of the bi-partisan nature of politics in SL and the PR system which gives too much power to minority parties. They wouldn't even have half the number of seats if not for the electoral pacts with the SLFP.

    Hopefully, after yesterday, MR would be convinced to part ways with the JVP and go it alone at a future election. This would effectively wipe out JVP influence in parliament. If we do one better and go back to a FPP system of elections, they won't have a single seat in parliament.

  17. What I don't understand is, why JVP is so angree about the PA government policies.

    If UNP comes to power, the JVP will once again start their old games of killing each other.

    As long as SLFP is in power, JVP will not start another round of their famous REVOLUTION...

    REVELOTIONS UNLIMITED, if you vote for JVP..


    What the masses should do is to dump JVP enmass at elections..So they will dilute in to thin air.

    I am glad you guys finally understood the political bankruptcy of JVP.

  18. The Present JVP is Not a Solutions for our Nation, but a Threat and Burden for the nation. Specially We must Whipped them out from Universities, they are the one who Introduce a ugly and violent culture in the universities. so we are getting its fruits now in all the governmental sectors, even Doctors making Strike and Bullshits in their fields. all Sinhalese and others must be join for this task, Please we need a political free education and universities then only we can produce a good citizens for the Nations.
    This is my humble view
    Thank You

  19. Willmeet,

    Welcome to the forum..Take the message around...JVP will not disappear in a day...However We need to collectively counter their policies. Otherwise Sri Lanka will end up as a nation of STRIKERS..

  20. JVP is outdated..
    They are just playing for survival.
    Even some members want to do good there's no permission i think..
    It’s only matter till next election, I personally like Sihala Urumaya

    Where Sri Lankan’s always miss is..
    Public have to have power.. And ppl have to convince that to Politicians..
    so there should be a middle level that has power of ppl , it’s more like supreme council, which has to continuously monitored by people and elected by people(every month they have to be get the mandate of the people)
    it bit like following "Dasa Raaja Dharama" – meet generally
    but the problem is here most people don’t know what to choose… else who will vote for Ranil in presidential election.
    What I need is punishments for the Traitors… including Runil and former defense in charges who were responsible for the Millennium city case and the assassination of the Gen.Kobbekaduwa

  21. I hope the SLDF don't go for the JF-17! It might be new and capable and the Paks/Chinese would love it if the our boys evaluated it under battle conditions.

    But simply the aircraft is just too new to risk our small budget! The Mig-29s might have their probs but at least they're proven aircraft and as someone here pointed out, you can lease them!

    Actually, I just want to ask could not our K-8s carry AA weapons. Because it is a jet you have the ability to interdict enemies quicker

  22. **** back to DEFENCE :) ****

    Navy arrests 37 inside harbor HSZ
    (daily mirror.lk)

    The Navy said it had arrested at least 37 fishermen including 27 divers who had breached security regulations and entered the Colombo Harbor High Security Zone (HSZ). The Navy also seized equipment from the fishermen that included Oxygen cylinders.

  23. What do u guys think about the infantry equipment used army? As I know, the T-56 is the standard assault rifle used. It seems the Army has some Type 81 rifles, but not used in operational area's. I've seen the Type 81's used by Army and Navy personal in and around Colombo.
    Is the T-56 adequate for our forces? Since most of the fighting is done by the infantry forces, wouldn't it be a good idea to upgrade the weapons?
    Also, are soldiers provided good body armour and ballistic helmets? I saw that Harsha international produces modern body armour locally. I feel that more investment should be made regarding equipment used by soldiers.
    Wat do u guys think?


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