Wednesday, November 14, 2007

LTTE aircraft spotted near Anuradhapura

Two light aircraft belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were detected flying towards Anuradhapura early morning today. SLAF radar at Vavuniya AFB detected the incoming aircraft which triggered the activation of the air defense system. SLA soldiers stationed in an around Anuradhapura area opened fire at the aircraft but according to our information they were unharmed. SLAF immediately scrambled several aircraft to intercept the tiger light planes but by the time they were airborne the tigers had managed to evade pursuit for a 7th consecutive time. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) of SLAF too were deployed to identify the landing location of the planes.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) intensified its attacks along the Wanni forward defense lines after suffering from a bloody nose in an all out attack on the LTTE FDL on Muhamalai few days ago. Instead of mass troop movements, army has reverted back to the strategy of small group based attacks which have once again proved their effectiveness. 38 LTTE cadres have been killed in incidents at Wanni FDLs during last 5 days with minimal casualties to SLA troopers. SI (Special Infantry) and SF (Special Forces) attack teams have carried out several successful strikes against LTTE targets in the general area of Omanthai. Intensity of their attacks was such that at one point an 8 man SF team overran a small sized LTTE camp in the FDL. LTTE cadres deserted their "Vietnam Base" (situated between Omanthai and Mullikulam) in face of the SF advance.

Meanwhile fighting was reported in the general area of Trincomalee during the last few days. 13 LTTE cadres including the deputy leader for Trincomalee were reported to be killed in these attacks.  


  1. Come on Boys Get the tiger Zlins in your pippers and shread them!

    We must shoot the tigers out of the sky! and soon.

    DefenceNet, how many tiger AC were detected? 2 or more?


  2. "SLAF immediately scrambled several aircraft to intercept the tiger light planes but by the time they were airborne the tigers had managed to evade pursuit for a 7th consecutive time"

    does this mean that our aircarfts have no capacity to hit those Zlins in the air since it take some time to airbone. What options we have in this regard?

  3. Did our aircraft takeoff from the AABase or vauniyaAB?...i still think it is a good idea to equip a few cessnas with cannon and a crude radar shoot the planes "in the back"..

  4. hiru, considering the zlins turned back after 25 miles (?), that wouldn't have given time for our aircraft to catch up to them before they got back to their territory.

  5. Plus, where are those MiG-29s we've been getting since half an year ago?

  6. why do we need to use migs at all considering that we are trying to conserve their flying hours unless the LTTE have migs?

  7. Because,

    "SLAF immediately scrambled several aircraft to intercept the tiger light planes but by the time they were airborne the tigers had managed to evade pursuit for a 7th consecutive time"

  8. Defencenet,

    "SLAF immediately scrambled several aircraft to intercept the tiger light planes but by the time they were airborne the tigers had managed to evade pursuit for a 7th consecutive time".

    Do you know if they scrambled jets (Kfir, K-8) or helicopters?

    There is no way helicopters and props will locate/catch up with the Zlins as long they are just testing us like this. The LTTE are too smart to fly into where heli's/AA guns will be waiting for them like at AAB unless they have been disabled first by ground attackers.

    "i still think it is a good idea to equip a few cessnas with cannon and a crude radar"

    Do you know how big a military spec radar is? It takes up pretty much the entire nose cone of a fighter and can weigh about 60kg. Where exactly would you fit that on a tiny cessna?

    The Zlin's will be quite safe until we acquire a proper interceptor.

    Alternatively we should look at an integrated gun/SRSAM system like the Tunguska. The missiles have a range of about 15km I think. The unit costs about USD 8-10mn. Two or three startegically placed units would be sufficient.

  9. shay i am not speaking about these complex radars..what are radars really..blips on a monitor..??..cant we build them locally...?...we need a uncleared blip on a at least locate the direction of the plane.. i am sure there are ways other than going for complex systems...

  10. Shay,

    tanguska would be great (i hear India in buying 36 of them) but at 8~10Mil a pice as you said would we be able to afford them?

    Is there an alternative AD system at a cheaper cost like the ZU-23-4 Shilka with an upgread?

    The Chinese Type-90 35mm AAG systems with TY-90SAMs sound attactive...would you agree?..inspite that they are yet to prove them selves in Combat.

    or may be we could buy a heap of cheap QW-2 MANPADS and hope some one gets lucky :)

    or may be we could buy some surplus Israeli/US Vulcans or buy the new IAI Machbet!

    Any views on the F-7G the SLAF is said to get? it is said to have a copy of the Israeli EL/M2001. Hope we get them soon...and not least eight. Then we could try to keep the India/RAW Mig-25 and Canberras away!! :P

    Over to you

  11. "cant we build them locally...?."

    A country that cant even make a single bullet yet is not going to have much luck making airborne radars.

    "i am sure there are ways other than going for complex systems".

    These systems are used because they work and you need to have it if you want to shoot down a plane, which is not a very easy thing as some people seem to imagine. If it was, the SLAF/SLA would not have failed on 7 consecutive occassions. If cheaper less complex systems worked, then we would have already bought/used them.

    To be effective a radar on any interceptor would need a range of at least 20km I would guess (probably even more). In addition, the the Zlin's are very small with minimal radar signature. Flying low, even a sophisticated look-down-shoot-down radar could confuse it for ground clutter at a distance. So there is no way that you can patch together an effective and proven radar system over here, having never made anything comparable before.

  12. Any of you know how long will it take our jets or Heli's to be airborne? I believe it is 15 to 30 minutes.

    On the assumption that it is 30 minutes max, these Zlins can cover around 120 km (based on 4km per minute) or at least 90 KM (3km per minute) avoiding ground hits.

    I am just curious to know

  13. nemesis,

    The reason I suggested Tunguska is because the SAM's on it have a range a have up to 10km and they are mobile units.

    Point defences, whether guns like ZU-23-4 or MANPAD's are not going to work, because as you can see today, the LTTE are not going come within line of sight of our point defences, unless they are sure the defences have been neutralised like at AAB. Not familiar with the Chinese thing you mentioned, but if its a cheap copy of something like Tunguska, we should definitely consider it.

    I dont agree with buying F-7G's. The EL/M 2001 is what the Kfir C2 is supposed to be carrying anyway. Instead of buying a dedicated interceptor with no ground attack capability we should buy a multirole fighter like Mig29SM which can be used for both. I'm sure we can get them second hand, so shouldn't be as exepensive.

  14. shay:many interesting points there.I still feel that if we had a few cessnas (tainers we buy) with cannon that can be airbourne soon..we will improve our chances of shooting them down.If a prof at a czech university (as i remember) could build a system to expose these so called US stealth bombers...we can...

  15. Thanks Shay,

    I get what you say about multirole jets.

    as you said with the clutter fuzzing up the radar even Doppler ones, may be we should try a using Passive IR/thermal AIRS system to cordinate the Interceptors like what the Columbians do to take down fast-low flying durg runners?

    I saw an EMB Tucano shoot down what looked like a piper twin on youtube using this system.

    The SLAF has far too many birds and each in few numbers..about time we shed the rust and streamline the fleet eh?

    The Type-90 is a Chinese copy of the Oerlikon 35mm GDF AAA sytems with a copy of the Skyguard Radar and FC.

  16. srilankan,

    your belowed cessna's (we already have comparable aircraft in the SLAF inventory like PT-6), wont get off the ground any faster than what is already available, such as Mi-24's, Bell's for example.

    They are slower than Mi-24's and other such aircraft. So they will have no chance of catching up with the Zlin's if they only make a short appearance like today.

    They are less heavily armed than the Mi-24's, which can also carry AAM's.

    They have no radar or any sensors, unlike the Mi-24's which at least have a FLIR unit, which might be able to locate the Zlin's.

    So what rationale do you have for saying that a cessna will improve our chances of intercepting a Zlin compared to what is already available????

    "czech university (as i remember) could build a system to expose these so called US stealth bombers...we can..."

    Doing something in a lab is very different to developing into a system which can be used in real life. Hence the reason why your czech anti-stealth radars are not on the market anywhere.

  17. I know the circumstances were different..but how did these spitfires intercept german planes?..i know they had ground based radar support and a lot of them..and the german planes were flying for a spitfire faster than a pt-6...?

  18. nemesis,

    Even the doppler based Phazotron radar system on a Mig29 is supposed to sometimes confuse small, slow moving aircraft flying at low altitude with ground clutter. So I guess it would depend on each specific radar.

    Yeah, the Mig also comes with an IRST which can be used independently of the radar to track targets and cue the weapons.

    Thanks for the info on the Chinese AAA, will look it up sometime.

  19. srilankan,

    The situation was entirely different during WWII.

    The German fighters were used to escort large fleets of bombers often during day time. These large fleets would have been easily detected by radar/ground observers and Spitfires would have been directed to intercept. Given the scale of the air war, we cant be certain that every German/allied plane was always intercepted.

    It's very different to two Zlins trying to sneak in for a publicity stunt.

    Even during WWII small planes somewhat like Zlin's were used to sneak into France and drop SOE agents. These planes were not always intercepted. However, everytime the LTTE fly their Zlin's its damaging to the country, so we cant rely on outdated technology. We must have the capability to intercept everytime the LTTE takes to the air.

  20. Each sortie these zlins fly are an invaluable opportunity
    to get rid of them.

    We must realise this and do strive to the hilt to get
    them down. To achieve this end all possible avenues must be

    Can we use remote controlled small planes which are freely available
    modified with hooks with one version having a sort of radio
    beacon to track the plane down another version with
    a high explosive charge that can be detonated remotely and
    another free flying version to attempt to ram against
    the propeller.

    Army navy AF bases can be equipped with these
    and personnel trained to see if this is effective.
    Some simulations can be done to see whether
    this can be used.

    Is this feasible?

  21. article on the AAbase mole..caught..

  22. cannot a sniper rifel be used to bring these zlins down..just a thought...

  23. captivity

  24. Kiri,

    Yes we must try to innovate...

    But mate the Zlins came after about 150~200Kts.. How would a controller direct a RC towards an AC doing 200Kts and just above tree top level.. and do it at night?

    Even with NVGs that would be very very hard.

    We could try but I don’t think we could get much success..

    If the objective is to hit/ram the Zlins/PC-7s of the tigers then why not have some AD Balloons covering low altitude approces vital installations like we (the entire commonwealth for that mater) in WW2..

    These could be relocated so that the tigers cannot plot a path through them… think of them like an airborne mine field for low flying ACs!!

    I think Pakistan AD command still has a few Balloon units around. But some one with a sniper rifle and good night optics could put holes in them….and scoot off leaving them to deflate.. I think the brits made a self sealing version in WW2…not sure…

    RC planes we could modify and experimented for Over the Hill recon.. and mortar correction or perimeter/FDL monitoring and stuff like that..
    also they might be used to train AD gunner who use HMG like .50Cal Browning and the Chinese 12.7mm for AD role…they could do with some real moving target training!!

    Just my 2 cents.

  25. senior terrorist leader Pullawar Annan alias Thuiyyawan Master and four others were killed

    surprise attack by army elite unit

  26. This is just a testing flight, to see how the air force might react, it could be even an attempt to divert attention of the army, its becoming really dangerous now, we need an effective air defense system. We need sophisticated planes which could do Air to Air attacks, not improvised Cessna's...... LTTE air power must be stopped before it become more powerful, the more they are in air the more dangerous they become.......I heard that they are planning to buy advanced planes, maybe they have already bought,(at least one)....if so, when you consider the pathetic situation of our air attack will be unstoppable

  27. during the cold war times, Russia & America had pilots ready for flight on the ground 24/7..... we need something like that....

    We need pilots standing near the planes waiting to give the command to fly.....and we need superior aircrafts like F16's

  28. All,

    I strongly believe that this flight is very likely a diversion for some other major attack LTTE is planning in the south. MOD, don't loose your sight on LTTE plans in the wake of their attempts to launch air attacks.

  29. Times eye you are spot on brother!!.The question is: when the airforce is contacted about an LTTE intrusion into our airspace..what is the procedure that needs to be followed in order to engage them...and how much time does this procedure take to be implemented..Dont get me wrong i am all for buying good equipment..but will that alone sort the problem

  30. I think the LTTE will bomb a school when it is filled with we bombed that "orphanage"...

  31. i forgot where teenage gils were knitting with rifles...a tiger knitting class.

  32. The Sri Lankan air force, however, denied that Tigers had been in the air and said the firing was part of a "rehearsal."

  33. We have found out where and when TC and gang was present, how comes we are still not getting enough details about these planes?
    Does this means we are closer to hitting Dad (Big Pig) than the Piglet (Charles A)?
    Plus side is we have managed to get some details via radar system.
    Can / does the radar will pick up the air bone or end journey exact point?
    Can this be due to our forces does not have enough experience of using the radar system? if so what would stop training one or 2 who can share the knowledge once get back from training?

  34. I wrote a long comment..But something went wrong with the blog and I lost the entire thing..

    All I wanted to say was this...

    Given the todays events, I am sure, LTTE will likely attack Trinco.

    With these flyovers, LTTE was trying to achive the following.

    1). They were testing the prepartions of the SLAF after the AAB attack.
    2). They wanted to shoot down our UAV's over Vanni and this was a deterent tactic.
    3). LTTE may be expecting another ship load of weapons and under todays choas they tried to unload it.
    4). The other possibility is , this was a diversionary tactic inorder to disguise a ground attack.
    5). By warning people in Mannar to evacuate , LTTE is most likely is eyeing Trinco..If they distabilise East, then it is back to Pre Mavilaru and LTTE is in a better position to attack Jaffna.

    Like I said earlier, most likely of those possibilites, is the 5 one...
    An attack on Trinco..

    May be they are planning to capture large amount of we

  35. Like I said earlier, most likely of those possibilites is the 5th one, An attack on Trinco.

    May be they are planning to capture large amount of weapons from the SLA before moving on Jaffna..

  36. This is something I wanted to mention long time ago..

    I am no fan of desicrating LTTE cemetries in North and East..

    It looks to me the GOSL never learned the lesson even after two decades of war..

    Instead of rebuilding the East, they are going on a rampage in descirating LTTE cemetries..

    The police action alone created this whole war for us...They are the most stupid of the law enforcement authorities...

    Sorry , I have no respect for the Sri Lanka Police...The most corrupt under any standard..

    We need to show the Tamil people in the East that we are genuine in our efforts to bring peace and prosperity to the the Tamil people in the East. I don't understand how that is going to achive by this kind of action..

    Why we allow SLMM to come up with statements because of these stupid GOSL action in the East?

    True, SLA murdered all POW's and distroyed their remins...Most of them were killed using Hand Granades...In places like Mulathivu and Pooneryin that was the case..But the GOSL should not fall in to the same category as the LTTE..

    Besides, some of these cemetries contain the remins of Karuna's men..Why the GOSL arousing the feelings of the people in the East?

    I have feeling that this is the work of some of the POLICE officers sympathetic to the LTTE..

    Whatever it is , THIS PRACTICE MUST BE STOP.

  37. Correction , Above comment shold be corrected as following...

    True, LTTE murdered all SLA POW's and distroyed their remins...Most of them were killed using Hand Granades...In places like Mulathivu and Pooneryin that was the case..But the GOSL should not fall in to the same category as the LTTE..

  38. Can anyone do something about this sort of media programmes

    are there any officials here?

  39. I couldn't figure out how to delete and update comments that I posted...

    any ideas?

  40. Air Tigers strike again!!,c'mon SLAF,how many pinches do you need to wake up from your deeeeeeep slumber..?

  41. Are we gonna give these air tigers more ctedit,than they actually deserve,by going in for more & more hi-tech weaponry? puh-leeez..

  42. tangara,

    LTTE has no right to build cemetries at their will. So are you and I. We can't just build a cemetry in public property of our choice without permission from the government. Therefore, any such cemetry or monument shall be removed immediately.

  43. There is a mole in the SLAF hanger itself who informs LTTE when SLAF scramble to take off.

  44. Until ltte hold onto these gives them a a huge moral booster and a nice carrot for the tamil diaspora to pump in more funds...
    It's about time SLDF really take measure of things and figure out a way to lure these zlins in an take em out... Obviously what we have already can't get the job done and the Zlins also won't just go away...
    It's a huge problem we have to tackle and it's about time they started to do something about it...
    Even if it takes a dedicate interceptor... they have no choice but to do it cos Zlins will continue their job until we shoot em off our skies

  45. The dickheads give Sri Lanka shoddy radars and then complain when Sri Lanka gets better ones. Typical Indian behaviour. Arm, train and finance the LTTE, then refuse to arm the SL forces, then bitch and whine when SL goes elsewhere.

    US spy radar worries India

    TIMES NOW has learnt that Indian government is deeply concerned about a new US maritime spy facility in north eastern Sri Lanka.

    Based out of the Vavuniya region in Sri Lanka, this facility was recently presented to the Sri Lankan Navy by the Americans. It is meant to aid the Sri Lankan government's fight against the LTTE as part of the global war on terror, but New Delhi is worried that this listening post can also be used to spy on key strategic installations in southern India - like the Thumba rocket launch station near Thiruvananthapuram, the Kalpakkam nuclear station in Tamil Nadu and the naval dockyard in Vishakapatnam to name but a few.

    The Sri Lankan army has so far largely depended on Indian radar systems, but this new US listening post linked to satellites is a cause for concern because it gives Washington new spying facilities right on India's doorstep.

    The sophisticated US maritime surveiilance facility was presented to the Sri Lankan government only last week, as part of the US National Security Act that allows the US government to aid countries fighting terror.

    But the facility also virtually gives Washington a vital new strategic listening post in the region.

    It is believed that Union Finance minister P Chidambaram who visited Colombo earlier this week to attend a lecture, also raised this issue among others with the Sri Lankan government.

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi is also believed to have raised this issue with the Centre.

    It is also believed that the Sri Lankan Air Force managed to pinpoint and kill the LTTE chief political negotiator Thamilselvan in an air raid last week, only after it received specific intelligence about his whereabouts from this US listening post.

    At the time the Sri Lankan defence secretary had warned the LTTE that Thamilselvan's killing was a warning that the Sri Lankan Army now had the wherewithal to target its individual leaders - which is why and New Delhi is worried that such sophisticated US facilities right on India's southern doorstep will give Washington a major spying facility over Indian strategic assets.

  46. Fucking Indians, they are responsible for starting this war at the first place.....this incident shows that India wants this war to continue in controlled manner... its the only way that India can keep the grip on the region...... Once we thwart LTTE India will be our biggest threat......Who are they to decide, what we need for our national security?

  47. "this incident shows that India wants this war to continue in controlled manner..."

    True say. I think anyone who spends sometime analysing the past and present will come to the same conclusion. India is NOT interested in its neighbours settling their problems. India is interested in keeping conflict going in neighbouring countries so that she can dominate the area and exert her influence. India has far more leverage over Sri Lanka because of this LTTE issue. If the LTTE were defeated, that leverage over Sri Lanka automatically disappears. India is worried over US and Chinese and Pak influence in Sri Lanka. Once this LTTE menace is done with, I hope the SL government ends this continual kowtowing to India. What I find amusing is how they accuse Pakistan and Bangladesh of "cross border terrorism." Geez, I wonder who fucking started it?

  48. I'm confused! How can a maritime radar locate ground base targets?

    Also now the American donation makes sense. They are sharing nuclear technology with India and by giving us the radar that is linked to satellite (as this report suggest) they could keep an eye on India.

    Anyways, we shouldn't complain. Indian help is next to useless!


  49. "Indian help is next to useless!"

    I'm afraid Indian "help" is worse than useless, it's actually a liability.

  50. tangara mate, do u think they would go for air and sea attack on colombo harbour or trinco ?

    While our gunners are bz targetting the zlins, there could be suicide boats and frogmen attacking when the attention is on the sky... They want another publicity show an attack from their "navy" and airforce!

    And I think all this hype on a possible attack on Colombo Harbour is just psy ops thing by the LTTE. With all the attention, they focus somewhere else. They attack us where we least expect them to attack.. the question is where ????

  51. DefenceNet and others,

    B.Raman keeps on reiterating that SLAF has Pakistani and Ukrainian pilots, is there any truth in this ?

    I thought we had Ukrainian pilots as instructors.. but do we still have them ? This guy wants to keep discrediting SLAF for their achievements!

  52. good posts guys,

    India keep a hold on us by not letting the Tigers be crushed. It’s very clear to any one.

    And a "listening post" typically would only have SIGINT equipment and multi spectrum Jammers, voice loggers and crypto people to de code intercepts.

    not radar to detect "ground targets" and that is why i think what makes India jittery...they don’t want their Nuke test data to fall to US and the Indian Maritime dominance to be challenged!

    Tangara, alpharomeofoxtrot,

    Don’t for get use of Sea mines and the talk that the tigers might have got a midget sub!
    We must protect are naval assets.

  53. "Times Eye said..., and we need superior aircrafts like F16's"

    Who the hell do you think is going to pay for them?

    "tangara said..., With these flyovers, LTTE was trying to achive the following."

    Or they actually couldn't carry out their intended mission due to the AA fire. Remember Katunayake? Sometime around May, LTTE air craft were spotted approaching KAB. They tuned back due to heavy fire from the ground, and haven't tried to attack Colombo since.

    "I am no fan of desicrating LTTE cemetries in North and East.."

    Are suggesting we leave all the LTTE cemeteries intact with all their flags flying and boasting how this dead guy became a martyr of Tamil Eelam while fighting the terrorist Sri Lankan state?

    If we want to keep hold of the East for the rest of this "war", along with mass development of the whole area, we need to make sure the people there accept that they are part of Sri Lanka and that that is not going to change. Convincing them that the LTTE is not coming back is a big part of that.

  54. B.Raman is an idiot. He has a Tamil background, and his sympathy for the LTTE shows quite clearly. He sits somewhere in India and uses online reports as the basis of his write-ups. He is a dipshit.

  55. nemesis, also remember China too wants a foothold in the Indian Ocean.. India is not to happy with our new Hambantota Harbour project with the Chinese...

  56. DefenceNet,

    What stops the Air Force deploying airmen armed with SAMS along the potential flight path, when they know the planes are airborne - at least at strategic places ?

  57. I heard that it takes the Kfir jets about 25min to warm up its engine before it can take off. If this is true why don't we fit a few of our Kfirs with newer engines that don't take 25 min to warm up?(Maybe the engines of the newer French Mirage fighters will fit) This will be the most cost effective solution to get us jets that can get airbourne on short notice.

    If this can't be done, I think we will have to replace our old beaten up F-7 jets with newer F-7G jets.


    Do you know if our airforce is going through with the F-7G jets or not?

  58. illegal.existance... i dont think the people of the east ever wants war again..they just want a leader they can rely on and who will develop their area and help them.The Hon prez seems to understand this.

  59. So what exactly did the US give us last week?

    A maritime surveilance facility or a sophisticated land based listening post?

    If it is a maritime surveillance, then why is it located Vavuniya? Shouldn't it be located close to a shore?

  60. "I couldn't figure out how to delete and update comments that I posted...

    any ideas?"

    Log in with the account you used to post the comment. Scroll to the posted comment. You will notice an icon of a small recycle bin below your comment. Use that to delete. Unfortunately there is no way to edit the comments (yet).

    RomeAlphaFoxtrot ,

    "I thought we had Ukrainian pilots as instructors.. but do we still have them ? This guy wants to keep discrediting SLAF for their achievements!"

    Yes we do have instructors from those countries. But our pilots are Sri lankans (we used to have foreign pilots but this has changed now).

    What stops the Air Force deploying airmen armed with SAMS along the potential flight path, when they know the planes are airborne - at least at strategic places"

    In fact units armed with SAMs have been placed around most strategic locations in Colombo. When LTTE planes tried to bomb Kolonnawa the airman stationed there had tried to target the Zlin using his MANPAD. Unfortunately it did not lock on the target.

    LTTE planes take different flight paths each attempt. Therefore it is not possible to clearly distingush a route and place MANPADS near it.

    DefenceNet, how many tiger AC were detected? 2 or more?"

    Two were detected.

    "Can anyone do something about this sort of media programmes

    are there any officials here?"

    We are not officials. Any way you cannot do much about such videos as they are hosted in Servers in the US (so is DefenceNet).

    Do you know if our airforce is going through with the F-7G jets or not?"

    Well we cannot confirm this as of now. With the recent loss of some UAVs and trainers, plans may change.

    And yes a Kfir takes around 20 mins to get warmed up and take off. After take off it normally reaches Jaffna in about 6 mins.

  61. defense net please don't reveal sensitive information about forces, it may help LTTE

  62. Yesterday night (14th), around 7:20pm, a mysterious aircraft, without any lights, started circling Ratmalana airbase. The plane flew right over my house at Gamunu Mawatha, Attidiya. Which is about 300m from the Ratmalana airbase.

    The airbase sounded it's alarms and directed searchlights on this aircraft but did not open fire. Possibly because it was flying just outside the range of our AA guns, and maybe because it was flying over a residential area. The aircraft kept circling the base for some 30-40min. I did in fact see the aircraft with my own eyes, however it was too dark for me to ID the aircraft type. After the aircraft flew away, Air Force ground troops conducted a house to house search of our neighborhood.

    I spoke with a couple of the soldiers I know this morning and they said it was definitely not a SLAF aircraft and that is wasn’t a training exercise. I spoke to one of my pilot friends at Katunayaka airbase and they also confirmed that this aircraft was not one of ours and that they didn’t have any idea as to the identity of this mysterious plane.

  63. Sammy,

    Y don't you post this on latest post of DefenceNet. otherwise no one will see this.

  64. "cannot a sniper rifel be used to bring these zlins down..just a thought..."

    How? It's hard enough to shoot a running man, never mind a fast-moving aircraft.

    "B.Raman keeps on reiterating that SLAF has Pakistani and Ukrainian pilots, is there any truth in this ? "

    I don't think Raman's said this. His most recent article talks abbout PAF advisers and SSG instructors.

  65. Dear David,
    Hope you had a nice holiday in hikka?.:):).

  66. Hey David Good to see ya back mate ! Where ya been Son ? Anyhow, fellas can ya pleeez stop revealing this Maritime Radar business ? Please, cuz, it's bad enough we have moles in the bases, but, I mentioned last week ! This radar is v. good ! But, dont reveal anything sensitive till our boys have recieved proper training ! As if on cue, Bart is right Indians are concerned ! Ya damn right we need that radar & Indian idiots dont want us to have anything sophisticated ! Well, they can kiss my candy ass all I care !

    By the way isnt that great White House banned & froze TRO here ! But, they were able to spirit out some funds before the freeze ! Idiots !
    I thank the White House for sticking with us on this one !

  67. Hold on rajarata..lets not celebrate yet.True the TRO was banned.Ask yourself whats in a name.A name being just a label means nothing really.If i am right you are going to see 100's of LTTE cornershops opening up ..serving masala dosai...where the clientel are only too happy to donate to the
    "cause" the form of "tips"..I hope the US govt will not loose its nerve in time..They need to also look into some schools that are teaching their children "EELAM".The US govt is also going to have to investigate individuals who move money in the form of assets..are a few examples.A lot more has to be done to really break the LTTE network because these guys have had 30 years to consolidate themselves.


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