Sunday, November 4, 2007

How did black tigers control L-70 AA guns?

According to the latest findings from the investigations on AAB attack, it is now confirmed that the Black tigers who infiltrated the base completely took control of both the L-70 anti aircraft guns and the surrounding area. Investigations also revealed that the guns were under black tiger control for a considerable amount of time. It is also confirmed that the suicide cadres operated the guns successfully and directed fire at hangars and aircraft parked nearby, causing widespread destruction. 


Image: A Mi-24 helicopter gunship which was destroyed in the attack

L-70 is a 40mm close range anti-aircraft cannon which requires dedicated training to operate. However military intelligence has confirmed that LTTE does not have any L-70s in their inventory. If so, how did the tigers manage to operate the guns successfully? Did they obtain training from a foreign country or did they have inside help?  This is a question that has so far proved unanswerable.

Both L-70s at Anuradhapura Airbase were provided by India. In addition to the anti aircraft cannons, India also provided four 'Indra" low-altitude detection radars. In addition to these, Sri Lanka has requested Nishant UAVs, laser designators for guided bombs and artillery guns from India. So far no confirmation on the supply of these weapons has been received.


  1. The LTTE had weapons training by the PLO and India. Both have a range of AAA, india made the L-70 40mm locally.

    may be the tigers got a L-70 with them. some years back a UAV was lost and people wondered if the LTTE had radar guided guns?

    just a thought

  2. Nemesis, yes the loss of that uav was suspicious. 3 subsystems went offline at the same time. However another theory is that ltte shot the uav using zlins. None of these are proven though

  3. Seriously how long will it take for someone with military training to figure our how to fire this type of weapon???

    I have seen a 37mm on board the old Chinese gun boats and it's not had to figure out how to fire one. especially at stationary ground targets.

  4. From sinhalanet. Same claim was there in Lankadeepa.

    Security Forces had detected an LTTE light aircraft taking off from the Wanni and heading in the direction of India in the evening of Friday November 2 – the day on which Tiger Political Wing Chief S.P. Thamilselvan was killed in a Sri Lanka Air Force bombing raid.

    The same aircraft when returning to the Wanni had taken a different a flight path, which SLAF radar had detected. The area in which the plane is suspected to have landed was heavily bombed by the SLAF soon afterwards.

    Military intelligence strongly suspects that Prabhakaran's son Charles Anthony – tipped to be the head of the Tiger 'Air Force' - was in the plane in question. The sources believe that he was being whisked away to safety in the wake of the SLAF raid that killed Thamilselvan and five others in the early hours of the same day.

    SinhalaNet understands that the Indian Authorities have already been informed of this development.

  5. The Island editorial.

    "Prabhakaran has no one to blame but himself

    LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is mourning for his political wing leader S. P. Tamilselvam, who perished in an air raid on Friday together with five others. There are two schools of thought about that killing.

    One is that the Sri Lanka Air Force mounted that decapitation strike using intelligence it had gathered on its own; it had marked the target weeks ago but desisted from taking it until time was opportune. And the Tigers struck in Anuradhapura. Others argue that Tamilselvam’s enemies within the LTTE leaked information about his hideout, as he had fallen out with the leadership towards his tragic end.

    Prabhakaran, as his history reveals, knows more than one way to skin a Tiger, according to the second school of thought. He, as is well known, doesn’t tolerate dissent and goes to any extent to remove from his path anyone who, he thinks, will be a threat to his leadership one day. The de facto deputy leader of the LTTE Mahattaya or Mahendraraja became too popular within the organisation and it was expected that he would one day succeed Prabhakaran. Prabhakaran got him ‘arrested’, kept in a dungeon and finally got him murdered together with over 200 of his loyalists. Prabhakaran is also said to have betrayed Kuttumani because he was perceived as a threat. Kuttumani was arrested on a tip-off from the LTTE itself and later killed in the then UNP government-instigated prison riots in 1983. Prabhakaran’s rivals still have serious doubts about how a vessel with Kittu, another popular LTTE leader, on board came to be intercepted in 1993, causing his death. More recently, immediately before Karuna’s breakaway, Prabhakaran sent for both Paduman and Karuna and the SLMM arranged for their travel to the Wanni. An SLAF chopper picked up Paduman from Trincomalee and proceeded to Batticaloa, where Karuna was to board it. Karuna had second thoughts and refused to join Paduman. That was the last seen of Paduman, who is believed to be either killed or incarcerated in the Wanni as his loyalty to Prabhakaran was in question.

    The conspiracy theorists claim that the on-going dispute in the LTTE over Prabhakaran’s decision to groom his son for leadership has resulted in a bitter power struggle, which has led to the information leak in question. The battles fought between the Sea Tiger chief Soosai faction and the Pottu Amman loyalists in Scandinavia, they say, demonstrate how serious the LTTE’s crisis is.

    This view is, however, disputed by the other school of thought, which insists that the full credit should be given to the SLAF for the successful surgical strike mounted after months of intelligence gathering. The military intelligence, the proponents of this view point out, has successfully broken into the inner cells of the LTTE. Even before Tamilselvam fell out with Prabhakaran, they argue, the army long rangers had almost accounted for him, with the benefit of accurate information about his movements and, therefore, Friday’s attack was something to be expected. They ask why on earth the Prabhakaran faction should have helped the SLAF gain mileage with a devastating airstrike and boost its morale in the aftermath of the Anuradhapura debacle. Friday’s air raid also destroyed sophisticated communication equipment belonging to the LTTE, they say, and therefore it is not possible that the LTTE leadership had a hand in the tip-off. Prabhakaran, they argue, could have clipped Tamilselvam’s clips further and relegated him to obscurity after promoting another person for that job, without enabling the SLAF to overshadow the Anuradhapura attack. This argument, we reckon, seems tenable. Else, the Tiger leadership wouldn’t have been so rattled and paranoid in the aftermath of the attack.

    "Our people are in profound shock and sorrow," Prabhakaran has said of Tamilsevlam’s death in a condolence message, describing him as a true leader loved by the people and respected by the international community. De mortuis nil nisi bonum! But, it needs to be added that Tamilselvam was no saint. He was a military man with a political face. That’s why he was promoted to the rank of ‘Brigadier’ posthumously. Remember it is he who threatened to destroy targets in the South following the fall of Thoppigala.

    Tamilselvam was only a dwarf in comparison to the Tamil political leaders and intellectuals the LTTE has assassinated such as Amirthalingam, Rajini, Neelan, Yogeswaran, Sarojini, Padmanabha and Kadir. The LTTE also assassinated President Premadasa, Gamini and Lalith and almost accounted for President Kumaratunga. In India, it assassinated Rajiv.

    Tamilselvam is the highest ranking LTTE leader to have been killed after the pioneer of the LTTE’s crude air wing and Prabhakaran’s personal friend Shankar, who died in an army long ranger attack about six years ago. His killing made Prabhakaran confine himself to his well fortified bunker all the time and opt for a truce, which was also partly due to the fallout of the 9/11 attacks. He was so frightened that he got the Norwegians to insert a special section in the CFA prohibiting deep penetration operations. The UNF government played into his hands by raiding the safe house of the long rangers at Athurugiriya and divulging their identities. The LTTE decimated the entire intelligence network that the deep penetration unit had painstakingly put in place over so many years. But, the long rangers are said to be back in action in the Wanni.

    What Prabhakaran urgently needs at this juncture is a breather. His ammunition stocks are running out with no hope of replenishment due to the effective blockade by the Navy, which has sunk as many as eight arms smuggling vessels for the past thirteen months. Now that the army is poised to march on the Wanni and the military intelligence has outsmarted Pottu Amman’s outfit—some foreign defence analysts with a soft corner for the LTTE have warned that the LTTE leader is vulnerable to airstrikes as never before—Prabhakaran might wave an olive branch as a tactical ploy the way he did in 2001, contrary to the belief that he will go all out to inflict heavy damage on the military in retaliation for Tamilselvam’s death.

    His message on the killing is devoid of usual threats. It sounds more an appeal for international intervention. "Despite the repeated and continuous calls from the international community to find a peaceful resolution to Tamil national question," Prabhakran has said, "we have not seen any goodwill from the Sinhala nation." (Emphasis added). He has suddenly realised ‘peace’ and given something to the peace lobby to hold on to. It will be interesting to see what he has got to say in his ‘heroes’ day’ speech which is due shortly.

    Prabhakaran has no way of absolving himself of the responsibility for Tamilselvam’s death. But for his decision to plunge the country back into war last year by capturing the Mavil Aru anicut, Tamilselvam would still have been smiling in Kilinochchi, ‘loved by the people and respected by the international community’ as he says. Having suffered a string of humiliating defeats, he had just scored a win, when disaster struck. Worse, Prabhakaran has run short of surprises for the Sri Lankan state. He has attacked almost every economic and military target from the Central Bank to the Katunayaka airbase; killed a President, a service commander and a large number of political and military leaders; partly destroyed the main oil installation and the fleet of the national carrier; committed a large number of massacres and blown up civilian targets. But, he has not got anywhere near his goal. Instead, he has to live in eternal fear, encircled in the Wanni with the army threatening to move in any moment. His arms smuggling network is in tatters and intelligence wing has been wrong-footed. Worse, he is left with nothing new to do to frighten the State into submission.

    A prisoner of his own violence, Prabhakaran has had to begin from the very beginning after two decades of fighting. He has no one to blame but himself."

  6. hemantha why in gods name did the airforce not shoot this plane own over SLankan airspace?.Cant they shoot down a propellered plane ?is the war with the LTTE like a cricket match?...WE do something to you only when u do something to us? the meantime everything os o.k??

  7. Does the AForce not have the ability to shoot down a plane over its own airspace?

  8. Sri Lankan,
    I feel the same frustration. There were many lapses. But when I think about not so distant past I can overcome those feelings. During the latter part of the President Wijetunga (under prime minister Ranil) period and during Chandrika period they were over running military camps one after the other. The navy was suffering heavily. Air Force was afraid of going for bombing runs due to missile threat. If you consider the current situation we are in a much better position now. LTTE Sea going arm is no match for our navy. Their leadership is so afraid of our air force. The Army is doing bloody well. We have a capable military leadership and unwavering political leadership. You see, gotten used to winning so much we are very spoiled people now. So we expect everything to be perfect.

    I believe that our military machine has transformed from terrible to decent during the last few years. But one can't go to the heaven straight from the hell. Let's give some time. I feel good about the appointed investigation panel chaired by the navy commander. We will see.

    Plans on overcoming the threat of Slin air crafts were based on A'pura Air Base (they say). Due to the ground attack the plan has gone awry. If that's actually what has happened then we may be lucky next time

  9. Many thanks for your comments hemantha.I think the problem here is the communication between forces.

  10. DefenceNet,

    yes, the Zlin idea cannot be ruled out.

    Sweden and norway use the L-70 in large numbers, it is also in use by the Thai's and in singapore.


    the 37mm are similar in make and use to the L-70 (40mm) they have some common workings.

    The twin chinese 37mm were originaly based on the US twin 40mm AA system which russia copied~and made its way to the chinese!

    small world eh?

  11. Our air force couldn't destroy a zlin? again,that flying Bullock carts? I thought we had some air defense system! or its just detection!,I can't believe this SHIT!...... is air force this low standards?

  12. Guys I see some blaming SLAF, but if this story about a LTTE flight to india is true then the bigger question is what was the Indian AF doing? They DO have dedicated interceptors and apparently they brought more radars down to the south because of the nuclear plants etc.

    So I don't think there is much truth to this story personally.

  13. BTW not sure if it was here anyway I saw a comment that some were thinking Charles too was injured and that is who they flew to India, well take another look at the Zlin, do you think they could fit a badly injured man in there? NO neither do I :)

  14. Well unless they strapped him under where the bombs went :)

  15. Defencenet,

    Do you have any information about This news in lankadeepa today?

    It say prabhakaran's son injured from
    air attack.

  16. Uthum,Srilankan,TE etc.

    Carrying on from the previous thread about why we cant intercept the LTTE planes.

    To add to what was said earlier, the Mig 27 is a dedicated ground attack aircraft and does not have capability for air-to-air combat.

    Interceptors require radar not only to find their target but also to cue the missiles (even heat seeking missiles), which are slaved to the fire control radar and/or IRST system. The F-7's we have don't have radar as far as I know, so would have to be guided by ground based radar, same is true for anything else we put into the air to intercept the Zlin's.

    The Kfir C2 and C7 are supposed to carry Elta EL/M 2001 and EL/M 2021 multi mode radars which are compatible with a number of Israeli and other AAM’s. However, I don’t know why these are not used as interceptors. Perhaps, the models we have are optimized for ground attack and don’t have all the necessary systems to perform an air-to-air role.

    Yes, the F-7G is a cheap dedicated interceptor, available with Elta, Griffo or Chinese fire control radars. However, it has almost no ground attack capability given its very low payload etc. So it would be better to buy a multi-role fighter such as Mig 29. Money spent on these types of aircraft is not wasted given what they can achieve as demonstrated recently.

    Until a proper multi-role fighter is acquired, SL will not have control of our air space. Ground based point defences are useless when the LTTE can avoid flying over them and can also fly over the sea to India etc.

  17. in the Lankadeepa (last sunday)
    there was story like this in a certain defence column,
    "previously 12 out of 15 special forces personal who had been in a mission of recon over Mullethivu captured and killed by seperating head from the body"

    what sort of a column is this..
    Defence have you seen that article,
    what sort of a interest they gain by publishing type of articles??

  18. jack, I'm far from convinced that the story is true, but I believe it goes along the lines that India had knowledge about the flight and approved of it. Otherwise there's no way the LTTE would pull a stunt like that.

    I wouldn't say it's entirely beyond the realm of possibility, given the way India seems to be trying to get involved again. If it did happen, there was absolutely no way the Air Force could have stopped it, as they could simply have flown over their territory between Pooneryn and Mannar straight to India.

  19. defencenet

    I don't think the LTTE infiltrators had to know the entire complicated operating procedure to operate the L-70 AA guns.

    I think if they knew the basic simple operations on how to activate it and which button(trigger) to push(pull) to fire, then they are capable of taking down a helicopter. After all these were the cream of the LTTE cadres right? So their aim must good.

    But then again, maybe they could have had professional training on how to operate the L-70 with the help South Indian(Tamil) airforce personnel(sympathetic to the LTTE) in a secret location in South India.

  20. I think story like 'a plane was heading towards india and come back' should carefully understand. My belive is that there is littel chances it to happen. Our barbarian LTTE leader is not doing such a low profile work. I have gone through Sri Lankan defence web sites, tamil nets and related news site, but couldn't find any relevant information.

  21. Defencenet/others

    Is the L-70 a radar controlled AA gun?

    The article in the nation below, says that the AAB runway is being extended to allow Kfirs to operate from there.

    Don't know about Kfir's, but Mig 27's could operate from AAB.

    I'm not sure if its a good idea to locate these aircraft over there, although its closer to the battlefield, its also a closer/easier target for the LTTE. Then again splitting up the fleet would also minimise losses if one air base is attacked.

  22. "some years back a UAV was lost and people wondered if the LTTE had radar guided guns?"

    The UAV you're talking about was lost in August 2006, and was probably shot down by a Tiger aircraft. The UAV's cameras were functioning until the moment of "catastrophic failure" when all visuals as well as engine and electronic readings were lost simultaneously, and cameras would have picked up AA fire. The Tiger aircraft was probably above and behind the UAV.

    I would dispute the suggestion that specialised traiining was needed to fire the L70 in the ground role. Without doubt training is needed to operate the weapon in coordination with radar, but it is relatively simple for an experienced combatant to fire a heavy automatic crew-served weapon if he has prior knowledge of similar high-calibre weapons.

    "The article in the nation below, says that the AAB runway is being extended to allow Kfirs to operate from there. "

    Apparently that plan has been postponed following the BT attack.

  23. Gents/Defencenet

    Slightly out of the topic.

    It suddenly struck me - it seems a bit strange that Velu up to now still hasn't conferred Tamilchelvan a 'mahaveer','voice of the nation','Maamanithar', 'VP's chief c*cksucker' or whatever the latest title is?

    Or don't the LTTE military or political personnel get any titles and they just get a posthumous promotion (as TS did)?

    Anyboy can shed light on this?

  24. shay, Janes Defence Review reported a few months back that the government was allocating around $300 million for Air Force spending. Along with Mig-29s and service facilities for the helicopters we have, I recall there was a mention that the Air Force wanted to build reinforced bunkers to house our jets either in Anuradhapura or Higurakgoda. I think extending the runaways was part of that plan.

  25. Guys/defencenet,were there only 2 40mm L-70 AAA guns at the airbase at the time of attack?i thought there were 2 other 23mm ZV-23 AAA guns,as well?

    Is the L-70 a radar controlled AA gun?"
    Shay,yes the swedish built Bofors 40mm L-70 is a radar controlled gun,even though the radar fire control-system is pretty outdated,by today's standards.However,it is more than sufficient to take out slow-moving helicopters,aircraft like what the LTTE possesess & even most UAV's flying at low to medium altitude..

    Regarding whether the tigers possess L-70's,it can be quite possible,since they already do operate 23mm AAA of Bulgarian/chinese origin.several SLAF helicopters have been shot at by these weapons-some have been downed,but others like Kfirs/Mig's have taken a few hits & limped back to base to live to fight another day!

    The tigers do posses quite a few shoulder launched SAM's(MANPADS) such as american stingers,russian SA-7,SA-18's(igla).But these missiles,i believe are sparingly used..since they are obviously expensive..

  26. Rifard,

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Illegal existence,

    It would be good if we have the budget to acquire more capable aircraft like the Mig 29 (they would have to be second hand though).

    However, a major priority for the SLAF should be reinforced bunkers for the aircraft. The Tiger air raids are more publicity than a serious threat, however all the damages at Katunayake and AAB could have been avoided if we had reinforced bunkers, which surely cant be that expensive to build with local expertise.

    You can see some being built at Katunayake when you take a flight. However, all air bases where we have significant assets should have similar facilities. Also bunkers should be located out of the direct line of sight from our AA gun placements.

  27. Sirasa TV use the word "Mahatha" for TC and Nadesan but they didn't use that word for Karuna when they telecast News at the same day.


  28. This is not new to Sirasa TV. That's their culture


    Here is an update about the AAB attack...

  30. what are these anti aircraft rounds that Navy has recovered from Mannar

  31. Even we lost the UAV's and the Beach craft, there are ways to detect an impending LTTE attack on our FDL's.

    Blind But Not Deaf
    November 2, 2007: The fighting along the northern front is increasing, with nearly 500 casualties in the last week. The air force is claiming five successful strikes in the last week, but there's no way to confirm that. The October 22nd LTTE attack on the air force base, containing most of the military recon aircraft, will have an impact. The government is scrambling to replace those aircraft and UAVs, but this will takes months.

    Meanwhile, the armed forces will be fighting partially blinded. The military can rely more on their radio intercept units, which have been successful in eavesdropping on LTTE radio traffic, and deriving much useful information. Same with the growing informant network inside LTTE territory in the north.

    October 31, 2007: The continuing crime and disorder in eastern Sri Lanka is largely caused by the large number of rifles and pistols available. This is the result of two decades of LTTE violence, and importation of firearms. This has brought over half a million illegal weapons into the country. When the LTTE was defeated in the east, not all the enemy weapons were captured. Many are now held by criminal and political gangs, as well as individual citizens. The same pattern is expected to emerge in the north, as the LTTE is cleared out of those areas. The illegal weapons will be a problem for decades.

  32. oops , the wrong HTML tags..
    This is what I wanted to tell..
    It is very important...

    Meanwhile, the armed forces will be fighting partially blinded. The military can rely more on their radio intercept units, which have been successful in eavesdropping on LTTE radio traffic, and deriving much useful information. Same with the growing informant network inside LTTE territory in the north.

  33. One of the key things the SLAF needs is restructure its ground/air base defense regiments!

    They should be trained well, drilled often and retrained periodically to ensure a high degree of combat readiness.


    That same idea about the UAV been shot down came up some time ago.

    If so and the Zlins had some sort of improvised gun system which would allow Air-to-Air work our Mi-17, Jetrangers or even Y-12s and training AC might be at risk?

    What do you think? They carry little or no armament and fly unescorted. They would be vulnerable in the air since the Zlin can out turn them and get behind them, wouldn’t they?

    I wish we had the SF-260TP and W in a serviceable condition! We could have used them for helicopter escort duties and to evaluate which AC in the air force inventory is suited to chase the Zlins. We could have also used them to train our AD gunners and crews with blank ammo.

    But since they look like the Zlin, we might have a Friendly fire disaster and wide spread panic if they are seen by people on the ground!!

  34. Welll, it doesnt necessarily mean the Ziln has an air-to-air gun system. A co-pilot could have shot the UAV down with a GPMG from the cockpit.

  35. David,

    Reminds me of the first air-to-air jobs from WW1! Before MGs were synchronized to fire through the props.

    Your right, a GPMG would do the job nicely for a UAV. I guess even our PT-6 would be capable of the same thing.

    What do you think of National Service for all young adult Sri Lankans?

    A few months of the basics, few months of mandatory service. Option of specializing and becoming a regular at the end.

    I think it would help SL to get a more dynamic, disciplined, cohesive population.

    The military system might have to change its system or we might end up with a population with the existing weaknesses.

    Lessons have to be learned and policies made up.

  36. Hey,

    Check my name above.

    We are here to 'recycle' (compare past posts of the others and what we have posted here') others' thoughts and fish for much info as possible for the LTTE.

    We are professionals. We have deep knowledge and military training into gathering intelligence.

    However, my second part has not got much brains than f*rt loud, but my first part is very intelligent.

    So, this is a warning to all you blogger buggers. I am here to fish as someone said before!

    I am a no friend of you neither just a military enthusiast, but LTTE crooks.


  37. R*fard&C*ble

    You sound scary. I am shivering, my knees are rattling. Just go home and fly a kite dude.
    are rattling

    Short video about mr Paul Harris

  39. Paul Harris is a great loss to Sri Lanka.

    He is one of the great human beings who came to look after Sri Lanka, like god sent to open the clouded eyes of our short-sighted nation.

    MR should have him as a diplomat of Sri Lanka.

  40. noltte=peace Mr Paul Harris should be granted honorary citizenship of SLanka.:):)

  41. Rifard & Cable? Yep,sam perera.well said..ooh u make me so scared..i feel like i'm gonna faint..go,get a life,u coward!!

  42. If any of the blog info is very critical, Defencenet is the first one who would giving any info out.

    As for R*fard&C*ble, you need to take this info and time travel before you action....
    Ballo Biruwata Ahassa Phath Wennawada...

  43. kun,
    We cannot confirm the story of Charles Anthony being injured or being transported to India. However penetrating Indian airspace unnoticed will not be easy. India have moved several radars along the south coast and they have placed interceptors in almost all airbases in the region.

    "what sort of a column is this..
    Defence have you seen that article,
    what sort of a interest they gain by publishing type of articles??"

    We did not see this article. We can confirm that such an incident never happened. SF or LRRP does not even operate 12 (or 15) man teams behind enemy lines.

    "Guys/defencenet,were there only 2 40mm L-70 AAA guns at the airbase at the time of attack? i thought there were 2 other 23mm ZV-23 AAA guns,as well?"

    Yes there were. SLAF will get some more 40mms from India.

    Trolling will not be tolerated.

  44. Did India (RAW and DMK factions) train Black Tigers on L-70 AA guns too?

  45. hey Pottu Amman's picture is posted on Tamilnut. Usually this guys doesn't attend functions. Reason - intellegence head. They try to be descrete as posible. This move maybe because he wanted to clear his name from being accused of tipping off MI.

  46. Pottu Amman and Prabhakaran can not get their name cleared...

    It is history repeating in LTTE.

    Same happened to Mahattaya, and Kittu too.

    Check out the Island article

  47. The Island editorial.

    "Sri Lanka must clear her name
    It is a crying shame that some of the Sri Lankan Blue Helmets in Haiti have been accused of sexual misconduct and abuse. And 108 of them will be sent back home. They are alleged to have paid for sex, in some cases with underage girls. Foreign Secretary Dr. Palitha Kohona is right in having called it a blight on Sri Lanka’s good record in UN peacekeeping operations.

    JVP Propaganda Secretary and MP Wimal Weerawansa told Parliament yesterday that the repatriation of the Sri Lanka troops was part of a conspiracy. He said though the allegations of sexual misconduct had been made by an NGO operating in Haiti against only a few peacekeepers, the UN had overreacted by hastily sending over one hundred troops. He said by painting the Sri Lankan troops black, the UN was preparing the ground for sending a peacekeeping mission to Sri Lanka to thwart military operations in the North.

    The JVP usually sees crocodiles in glasses of water. It has earned notoriety for crying wolf. How it tried to save the country from an Indian invasion in the late 1980s is a case in point. So, one may argue we have to take what the JVP says with a pinch of salt. But, on this score, it seems to have read the situation somewhat accurately.

    However, it is a supreme irony that the JVP, which opposed Sri Lanka’s troop commitment in Haiti and wanted them brought back immediately, is now faulting the UN for sending some of them back!

    The UNF government claimed it had created an international safety net for the Sri Lankan State by entering into a CFA with the LTTE. But, in reality, it is the LTTE which has stood to gain from that safety net, which it has exploited to the extent of seeking UN involvement. The LTTE is fully convinced that militarily it is back to square one after twenty five years of fighting and it has no way of carving out a separate state through war. It is now experiencing the standard problems that any guerrilla movement faces in a protracted struggle such as splits. The LTTE is fast becoming a movement of Johnnies-come-lately. Most of its senior leaders have perished at the hands of either the military or Prabhakaran. Therefore, the LTTE is naturally all out to create a Cyprus type situation with the help of the UN so that it can retain the areas which were recognised by the CFA as being under its control in 2002.

    The LTTE and its various fronts are relentlessly working towards that goal mobilising as they do everything and everyone for that purpose. Some of the UN functionaries both here and abroad are in cahoots with them. They also have some think tanks and NGOs in their pocket. Thus, the LTTE, which cannot stand up to the Sri Lankan military has opened a new front—human rights. Ironically, probably for the first time in the world, an organisation listed as a terrorist outfit in powerful countries is successfully using human rights as a bludgeon against a sovereign state. Osama may think he is a hefty terrorist but he has a lot to learn from our friend in the Wanni.

    The US may have banned the LTTE but the Tigers have outfoxed the Eagle in style. See how the US political top guns are batting for the Tigers. Hillary Clinton has insisted on the need to use different brushes to paint different terrorist outfits including the LTTE. (Has Hillary got too much of exposure to Chandrika’s outlook on terrorism, through her husband’s foundation? And is Hillary going to be America’s Chandrika? God Save America!) Some US senators are openly pulling for the Tigers. Some of them have minds so prejudiced that they even don’t want to listen to the Sri Lankan government’s version of an issue. Maybe they don’t want to be confused with facts! Fund raising is going on in the US for the LTTE. A group of LTTE arms procurers arrested in New York a few months ago had, inter alia, been trying to bribe some high ranking US bureaucrats. Although there is no evidence that they had succeeded in their endeavour, usually the Tigers have massive slush funds with which they can offer amounts that not even the best paid in the First World can afford to refuse. In some countries, the LTTE is using votes to sway politicians like in Australia, the UK and most of the Scandinavian countries. Bribery in kind, eh?

    However, none of the aforesaid could be cited as a reason why Sri Lanka should not take stern action against the peacekeepers who stand accused of sexual misconduct. The government has rightly undertaken to probe the allegations though ‘little tangible evidence has been produced.’ That is the only way to find whether the Sri Lankan peacekeepers turned their tour of duty into a tour of sex or the UN erred or slurred them willfully.

    It is heartening that four senior military officers including a female brigadier have been sent to Haiti for investigations. If the allegations could be substantiated, then the culprits must be prosecuted and appropriate punishment must be meted out. The probe must be transparent without any room left for allegations of partiality and cover up. The place for anyone who abuses children is either prison or the gallows, preferably the latter. A soldier, however well versed he may be in warfare, is hardly an asset to a country if he happens to be a pervert.

    A real professional soldier is a gentleman who has total control over all parts of his anatomy. Any woman, man, boy or girl must be safe with him. Else, he is not a soldier but a terrorist. Every country has its quota of terrorists in uniform and such elements must be weeded out for the good of mankind. It is now Sri Lanka’s turn to make a contribution to that worthy cause."

  48. This is a long-due article from generally LTTE sympathetic AFP. This article looks like it bypassed the LTTE payrolled South Asian Sub Desk.

    A great article..

  49. Hamntha,

    That Island article is a superb one.

    Thanks for sharing!

  50. Picture on the island front page. Can we get some thing from that?

    Tiger cadres carrying the coffin of former LTTE Political Wing leader S.P.Thamilselvan to a cemetery in Kilinochchi yesterday. He was killed on Friday morning in an SLAF raid. This was the first picture released by the LTTE to the media yesterday. In the original photograph a small boy in LTTE uniform was present. Subsequently the picture had been cropped deleting the boy from it.

  51. ''The person killed in Sri Lanka was a Tamil. As Tamil blood runs in my body also, I expressed my condolence,'' he (Karunanidi) wrote in the DMK-mouthpiece Murasoli. -DM

    This explains a whole lot about tamil racism which is the root of the war/ethnic problem and (south) indian factor.

  52. You are wlcome Noltte. I was just giving my two cents.

  53. At the end of the day what people like JVP Weerawansa says is absolutely correct. If we had enough money and balls we would all agree to do exactly what he says.
    proscribe LTTE
    Send the Norwaygeans home
    compulsary military service
    ask the western diplomats to shut up or go home etc.

    But no money. What to do.

  54. Qrious,

    "Guys, according to some information, it took almost four hours to pull the bodies from the site, after the attack. It means that was a direct hit, a well-calculated one and the luck is ruled out."

    Yes the attack was well calculated. Kfir jets that bombed the target flew at low altitude. When Kfirs bomb from such low altitudes, you have very little chance of survival.

  55. Funeral gathering of LTTE leaders:

    I am surprised they are showing faces publicly.. then again they may be nobies.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. "I am surprised they are showing faces publicly.. then again they may be nobies."

    Hi Lankapura I wouldn't say nobodies, Pottu Aman, and Theepan were there, not sure who else, but at least those two are big fish. Pottu aman of course we know, and Theepan was in charge of Muhamalai defences last october when army ran into that tiger trap.

    So maybe they figure they can't be bombed with so many civilians around.

  58. Interesting thread...mmm...some very curious postings indeed by "R*fard&C*ble" and while I may disregard such as nothing, patriots it is a time to do a realty check - and that is many of us have info about SLAF, SLN, SLA, etc. through our contacts with kith-&-kin and buddies we grew up with in the SLDF. Often when we call them, visit them in SL and we come across information that we take for granted and we may mindlessly spit it out in a public forum like this (even something so innocuous as the type of AA guns SLAL has in its bases) so that buggers like this mythical "R*fard&C*ble" will garner that info and pass onto the LTTE's research wing based in the west. Thank you “R*fard&C*ble" mate for highlighting this severe exposure!

    For sure, SLDF is not matured in controlling vital information like other defense forces in the world and the various SLDF sectors have much to learn. This probably is why we have fiascos like the Katunayaka attack, Anuradhapura attack, etc. I agree that this is a “defencenet” and the intent is to talk about "military issues," but I would urge you patriots to be extremely guarded in what you post here as, undoubtedly, there are LTTE supporters mingling amongst us here, often pretending to be even Sinhelas and even criticizing the LTTE in their posting, and hoping to pick up vital info that any one of us might have had access to through our interactions with the SLDF.

    Forewarned is Forearmed! So, let’s be careful!

    “CAUTION” should be the operative word as we continue to liquidate the LTTE mother-fuckers for good!

  59. Asithri,
    I do agree with your thoughts but the hitch is that we do have traitors within the forces... Even in the AAB attack i heard that about 6 personnel have been arrested for aiding the mission of the ltte.... LIttle surprise that ltte had the electric fence not electrified and the moment on penetration and maps of the minefields etc...
    If they can get so much of info i'm sure they knew what AA guns SLAF had in the base, info about patrol units etc. etc.
    I agree with you that we do need to be careful of the info we pass out in these blogs etc but my personnel belief is that the bigger threat is spies/moles within our ranks itself selling out the country for few million bucks...
    remember Parami... that great man was brought down by one of our own...
    what we need is strong intel both looking at our side and at the enemy... these low life scummy traitors should then think twice before helping out ltte maggots

  60. "What do you think of National Service for all young adult Sri Lankans? "

    I am against it. It's all well and good during peacetime, as everybody gets to play soldiers, but during war, it's not always productive. Draftees on the frontlines cannot be relied on and will surrender or run at the slightest opportunity. An alternative is to keep draftees away from the frontlines and in support jobs, but this will create resentment amongst the regulars who will do alll the suffering & dying. The two best cases against conscription are the biggest wars fought by the superpowers post-WW2 -- Vietnam & Afghanistan. Both the USA & the USSR used largely conscript armies, and both lost. Conscription is largely a mid-20th-century phenomenon, and is now giving way once more to the all-volunteer armies of the 19th century. The only countries that still use conscripts successfully are the Europeans (who are largely at peace) and the Israelis (who cannot survive without it).

    A better option is to make the Cadet Corps compulsory for all O/Level and A/Level students.

    "At the end of the day what people like JVP Weerawansa says is absolutely correct"

    Weerawansa is an idiot. He and his bunch have no solutions, but sit on the sidelines like a gang of chimps, throwing shit at everything.

    Conscription won't win the war. The Norwegians aren't the problem, and maybe we would have more money if the JVP didn't try to fuck the country up wholesale twice in two decades. And it's a bit rich that the former terrorist group that did its best to murder soldiers and their families is now talking about the honour of the Army.

    As I already explaained, this isn't a conspiracy or an overreaction by the UN. Just earlier this year, UN peacekeepers in Haiti (from Africa, Europe, aand India) were accused of sexual crimes. SL should've taken note. And the reason for over aa hundred troops being withdrawn is probably because the company in question was unwilling to give up the guilty parties.

    VW is complaining that a proper inquiry hasn't been conducted, which is rubbish. A general ffrom the legal directorate of the Army visited Haiti and recommended that the battalion'ss 2/ic and two company commanders be removed, and that was before the scandal hit the media. What does VW want -- a public international trial so that our soldiers can then be incaarcerated in a Haitian jail? Idiot.


    read this....

    as they always say, you are always innocent until proven guilty.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. I came across this webpage while researching the RAND corporation.

    On the bottom half of this webapge you can clearly see a Map of South India and Sri Lanka. This map depicts "Greater Tamil Nadu" this has been the wet dream of many Tamil racist nationalists who want to create a Neo-Chola empire like country. Even the Maldives is supposed to be part of their "Greater Tamil Nadu".

  64. Thanks,defnet for the info..i s,pose our TROLL must be crying his shit-off,saying-"why did you give away that info?"..let him do so,coz he's a coward anyway..& so-called "patriots",in this forum,living abroad-i got just one thing to say-if you expose corruption in ANY government,do you automatically win the slogan-TRAITOR?..HE.HE..I would suggest one thing to these so-called fake 'patriots'-GET DOWN & STAY DOWN!!

  65. Guys/defnet,i recently read an article in airforces monthly,which showed a KFIR TC-2 trainer loaded up with bombs!!do we use these trainers for combat missions,& if so,with both pilots or just one?

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. If SLAF wanted, Pottu amman and several other leaders could have been killed yesterday. What saved them was the large civillian presence. SLAF and MI knew the exact place where the funeral was taking place.

    Even if a guided bomb was used, at least a couple hundred civillian deaths and injuries would have been unavoidable. This saved Pottu and several other senior leaders who attended the funeral.

    Two Kfir Jets circled over Kilinochci, giving a silent warning to the tigers.

  68. Defencenet
    what you think about this article

  69. noltte=peace

    That yahoo article of your shows how important it is for Lanka to aquire or build a fleet of bigger patrol ships that can go out to the deep seas and hit the LTTE's big cargo ships.

    Plus it also shows that its high time our government puts aside some money annually to carrying out some form of lobbying in certain Western countries to remind some of their politicans not be lured by LTTE supporters into thinking that the LTTE is a bunch of freedom fighters. We must never stop showing to the world what a bunch of blood thirsty thungs the LTTE really are.

  70. Following is from asiantribune...

    If I remember it correctly,after 2004 tsunami, I went through all the pics of Velu in Tamilnet...
    To my surprise, I found two different versions of velu's pics...It was clear to me that a dummy was infact used as a Velu in some occasions..One particular pic I was suspicious about was a Velu giving an award to a Poet in a commomeration in Vanni...As a matter of fact, I rarely visit tamilnet and don't know whether you can find those pics in there anymore..As far as I know, tamilnet removed most of the velu's pics of pre 2004...But it is worth a try for anyone still curious..

    My inner soul(90%) tells that LTTE has been using a dummy for Velu on some occasions prior to tsunami in 2004..But that is all I can tell you...

    This is the comment from the above article..

    According to a Norwegian reporter (whom I met while he was in SL)who was in Sri Lanka with Erick Soleiham visiting Kilinochchi, to achieve peace in Sri Lanka the Sri Lankan Forces must kill Tamilchelvam, Pottu Amman,Prabakaran (he is positive that the present make beleive Prabakaran is not the real one as he has met real Prabakaran on several occasions) Soysai, Nadesan,and another one top runger in the LTTE. As our forces killed the TC now we have only another 4 left, if Prabakaran is only a puppet, then only 3 left. If the Forces act with the same strngth there is a posibility of bringing LTTE to the negotiation tables on their own accord. My Congratualtionto the Sri lankan brave Fighter Pilots for a job well done.

  71. Guys/defnet,i recently read an article in airforces monthly,which showed a KFIR TC-2 trainer loaded up with bombs!!do we use these trainers for combat missions,& if so,with both pilots or just one?

    Please tell me.. please tell me!

    I need this info right away to pass to my buddies in Vanni.

  72. Rif,

    What is going on with your cables...?
    No offence...

  73. R*fard&C*ble,

    What can i say? "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

    Thank you for showing that i have made an impact @ defencenet

    but keep in mind that complete observiance makes you look like my bitch (apologies to the canine kind)you may like it but i really dont so try really really hard to post something original.

  74. HE.HE.cable u got that right,man!some ppl are born 2 b bitches!i guess we gotta forgive those type..make laws like "GAY LAWS',just like in the UK.etc..cable,just ignore this imitator-he's a TROLL..i can bet his face has a very suspicious resemblance to my arse..apologise for the slightly foul language..

  75. NOLTTE=Peace,yes i do feel india has/had trained black tigers in operating L-70 AAA's.their RAW intelligence wing in the south is still infiltrated by LTTE sympathisers & moreover,the state government also openly supports the LTTE..

  76. Tiger praising its tail!
    I am both.

    BTW, LTTE got to know about the L-70 AA guns through their intel network and got trained using the manuals. And they had no need to get the training from any Indian sources.

    However, Tamilnadu is still providing all the C4 explosives, claymores, and mortars for LTTE with the patronage of Karunanidhi.

    May be he could have shown LTTE how an L-70 AA gun works.

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. "BTW, LTTE got to know about the L-70 AA guns through their intel network and got trained using the manuals. And they had no need to get the training from any Indian sources."

    maaa bitch! just have to ask and he delivers

    good little doggie!

  80. I say, we should have just bombed the funeral to kill Pottu. We should have used a smaller laser guided bomb or secretly send a Mi-24 armed with ATGM to target Pottu with percision.

  81. Nice article from the island hemantha.Lets wait and see.

  82. Guys whats very worrying is the tissamaharama attack and LTTE infiltration in the east.What can the army do to minimise this?Any ideas?.

  83. "Mi-24 armed with ATGM to target Pottu with percision"

    Mi-24 would not have survived fire from 23mm/14.5mm AA cannons which the tigers had moved in.

  84. Defencenet

    So they were worried about a possible SLAF strike on the funeral.

  85. We should be having "truck mounted AA Guns too". They should be able to move and locate in strategic locations to be when necessary.

  86. goldeneagle,
    Yes they were. Anyway they do usually place these AA guns in close proximity (these are truck mounted) whenever a memorial or a meeting is held.

    In fact we do have truck mounted AA. Ever seen the odd looking vehicles that are sometimes parked near the parliment? That's them.
    Anyway these are outdated weapons systems.

  87. This is an old story and most of you might already know this. Seeing this photo in reminded usan interesting intel report the army got some while back.

    Look closely at this image:

    This photograph shows Prabhakaran and other senior LTTE leaders attend Anton Balasingham memorial in Kilinochci. Watch closely the figure between Thamil Selvam and George.
    He's apparently in a wheelchair and is wearing green colored clothing that is used in hospitals. Also if you look at his right hand, you'll see bandages around the elbow area.

    This memorial took place soon after the fall of Vakarai. According to MI back then, injured leader was Sornam, Bhanu or Balraj. This injury was speculated to have been caused by an airstrike.

    Photographer had purposely avoided exposingof the face of the injured leader.

  88. If anyone from DoD is reading, please check out this:

    Can they be sued for defamation? As far as I know there are no allegations of rape, just using prostitutes?

    Not trying to justify what they did.. but everybody knows what the US troops do when they were in Phillippines or Thailand.

  89. Guys,
    There is a Video about "LTTE Atrocities on innocent civilians" in the following web site.


  90. Following news item is from "Daily Mirror".

    "Hakeem condoles with LTTE

    “I would like to extend my condolences and deepest sympathies to the LTTE for the demise of Mr. Thamilselvan. I am making such a statement at the risk of being branded a traitor in the south but that does not matter” he said, winding up the emergency debate in the House yesterday."


    I knew he is a cunning fox. But I didn't think he would fall this low. When Muslims were killed by LTTE Thamil Selvam may have sent his condolences to Hakeem privately.

  91. Hakeem will do the same thing to the Muslims in Sri Lanka that Prabhakaran did to Tamils.

  92. Defencenet,

    That image

    has been taken in the "Mourning Bunker".

    It is in the next room to Prabha's room.

    Hope both these rooms get busy soon!

  93. DefenceNet

    "In fact we do have truck mounted AA. Ever seen the odd looking vehicles that are sometimes parked near the parliment? That's them.
    Anyway these are outdated weapons systems."

    Are u referring to the land rover defender jeeps with the AA gun at the back ? I have seen them parked at Galle Face, I guess this is when the president is at the Presidential secretariat.

  94. Lankapura, one of the accusations made against the SL contingent in Haiti is "statutary rape", or sex with a minor.

  95. I was reading last week's defence column in the Daily Mirror and the text seems vaguely familiar. So I compared it with some of your previous posts and apparently I was right

    Defencenet from Oct 31
    The loss may not be felt for long as several countries have come forward to aid the SLAF replenish its UAV inventory ... several new UAVs might join the SLAF fleet as early as mid November. We have unconfirmed news that the new UAVs will be more technically advanced than some of those that were destroyed in the attack.

    Daily Mirror from Nov 2
    Nearly two weeks after the LTTE attack on the Anuradhapura Sri Lanka Air Force base (SLAF), plans are underway to replace some of the destroyed military aircraft, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), as several countries have come forward to sell their products.

    Accordingly several new sophisticated UAVs will join the SLAF fleet by the end of this month. It is also reported that the new UAVs would be more technically advanced than some of the UAVs that were destroyed in the air base attack.

    Defencenet from Oct 31
    Meanwhile India has come forward to supply the Sri Lankan armed forces with anti aircraft guns. India previously provided an air defense radar to facilitate early detection of LTTE's low flying Cessna 150 light aircraft.

    Daily Mirror from Nov 2
    Last week, India announced that it was ready to supply the Sri Lankan armed forces with anti aircraft guns. Earlier India provided air defense radar in order to facilitate early detection of the LTTE’s light aircraft.

    Defencenet from Oct 31
    Another major loss the SLAF suffered in the incident was the destruction of the Beechcraft surveillance aircraft. However the LTTE may not gain a long term benefit; Plans are already underway to repair the other Beechcraft which is currently grounded due to a technical failure.

    Daily Mirror from Nov 2
    During the attack, the multi-million dollar worth Beechcraft surveillance aircraft was completely destroyed.

    But the air force had another Beechcraft which was grounded due to technical faults. It is also learnt that arrangements have been made to repair it within a short period and use it for surveillance operations.

    Nice to know where our defence correspondents get their news from.

    And keep up the good work guys.

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. "How did black tigers control L-70 AA guns?"

    They got instructions from the same guy who revealed the minefield map and deactivated the electric fence. The rest, they improvised.

    FYI - defencenet,

    The guy in the wheelchair is not Bhanu or anyone else but Castro. These things were discussed in Tamil forums. I am quite surprised MI didn't know who it was.

  98. Defencenet,

    The defencewire blog says that the army are closing in on Veduthalthivu. Any information?

    Is this to the north our current FDL's like Madhu?

  99. panhinda,
    George Castro is clearly visible in the picture so it is not him. He's next to Madivadani (1st row).

    Between Thamil Selvam and Castro there is a guy in wheelchair in the second row.

    Yes operation continues amidst heavy resistance. Anyway its not halted as tamilnet claims.

  100. DefenceNet..(when you have the time.. i know this is an ongoing operation)..but exactly what kind of resistence are we speaking about and if so why isnt the airforce helping?.Cant the airforce just bomb these guys?

  101. on brave war hero

  102. srilankan,

    Resistance comes in multiple forms. LTTE Artillery and mortar strikes are continuous. Add mines and deathtraps to these.

    Airstrikes are ineffective as LTTE fighters are scattered in the area.

  103. Hi defense,
    the particular news item i have found,
    it was in the 3rd page of the paper(3rd page of the e-news version)

    will you be able to check that out..

  104. we shoul have 'truck mounted AA guns"

    well,we do have these guns,although antiquated..reminds me of the TALIBAN,when they were on the 'offensive',against Northern alliance forces,in Afghanistan!!they used these truck-mounted 23mm aa guns,to good effect..

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. Defense,
    I have captured the news as a picture
    it's in the 4th column of this link
    check that out

  107. tiger funding in canada

  108. patriot,
    thanks for the link. As we said before the bit about SF soldiers is entirely false.

  109. Thanks DefenceNet.I am praying that our casualties are minimised.

  110. Defencenet
    whats happaning in Muhamalee... Pls let us know ASAP

  111. soldiers enquiry-now thats very interesting..wonder if the guy at the UN office was fu**ing a tamiltiger/tigress?.My sincere apologies to our troops

  112. or a combination of the above..2/3 some..?

  113. Open question to all,

    while all if not most media articles keep discussing TS as a political leader keep trying to point out TS as a terror leader. Which is a very good action.
    However what we have not discussed in is the other terror leaders who got bombed/killed. Why does authors does not write about those other leader who got killed with TC. ie: Missions those guys carried out and how many innocent people lost because of those guys. Moreover child solders recruited by those terror leaders.

    Or is it just me missing those articles?

  114. he.he..2/3 some..probably..anyway,our own historic city of anuradhapura is pretty much catering to the needs of our soldiers-they have got a thriving brothel 'cottage' industry,going on there!!(with official sanction,nonetheless)..


    This is a distraction like the incident at the Island Newspaper office close to Regal Cinama, just before the AAB attack..

    I would say, other Airbases like Rathmalana are prime targets...

    A massive suicide attack using explosive laden trucks cannot be ruled out...

    The reason for that is, LTTE can justify such an attack on civilians and millitary targets...

    Guys, please
    Keep an eagle eye..

  116. This is from dailynews...

    "He was a member of the strategic specialists that planned many LTTE operations. Five other senior rankers, Anpumani (Alex), Mihuthan, Nethagy, Adchivel and Mavaikkumaran also died in the attack and it is a big blow," Arular said.


    It looks to me ,the guys who died with TC are equally important to LTTE and it is a massive loss..

    SLAF saved the day for us....

  117. Tangara-
    You are spot on about the below.
    "It looks to me ,the guys who died with TC are equally important to LTTE and it is a massive loss.."

    This is the exact reason I have raised earlier query.


    Fighting has erupted in Muhamalee..

  119. Before a U.N agency accuses a foreign govt body they need to follow the proper procedure meaning both sides.It is right for the SLankan army authorites to ask for all details of the incident from the apporpriate UN body naturally .I hope the UN body will provide all details in full.

  120. This is something that I speculate on an unrelated issue...

    Usually sea mamals like Whales and Dolphins die due to high activity of the Submarines, specially of the submarines operated by the US naval forces..This is an on going issue throughout the world and some animal rights activites raised this issue with the US and other Navies in the world..We had a recent birthing/death of a whale close to Colombo...If this whale didn't die of natural causes, then it is highly likely that it died due to high submarine activity around Sri Lanka..Sonar's on those Submarines are lethal to these sea mamals....

    I could be wrong...This is just a thought...

    If I speculate further, it is possible that someone other than GOSL knew/or even assisted the SLAF operation against the TC...

    It is possible that the US navy(or another country) paid a visit close to our shores after the AAB debacle...

    I am speculating this way because, after the Elephant Pass debacle, USAF fighter flew a sortie over the base after it's fall..

    That was a rumour at that time.If I remember it correctly, some newspapers reported that incident at that time..

    I hope defencenet can shed some light on that incident in 2000/2001..

    On the contrary,
    It is even possible, some other country sympathitic to LTTE paid a visit...

  121. Don't take the above seriously and it is only a speculation...

  122. Defencenet

    How many L-70 have we acquired so far?


    Any idea who this is ??

    Authorities are also investigating a Wall Street financier suspected of donating millions of dollars to the rebels. He is identified only as "Individual B" in court papers and has not been arrested.

  124. Sorry for the multiple postings,

    GOSL messed up this one...

  125. Where do some of you guy's get your tall stories?

    DefenceNet posted on Nov 4, 2007 re BT's taking control of SLAF L-70 AA guns at AAB is so far fetched and distant from the truth that the LTTE must be in fits... you are giving them more credit than they deserve... and maybe ideas...

    I found the source of this fairytale at - - togther with a picture of a L-70 from, of all places, the Israeli Airforce Museum

    Get real guys. If they had so much as taken control of even one L-70 let alone two, with a range of 4km's and capable of -5% depressed fire and 240 rpm rate of fire, they would have caused immense destruction of all SLAF facilities including the ATC tower, officers's mess, hangar other AA gun pits etc., and more importantly caused many more SLAF cassualties.

    The fact that the tower and the mess, as well as, a few other structures situated within sight and range of the L-70 went unscathered speaks volumes....

    The fact that SLAF and SLA SF troops had to finally flush out the BT's holdup atop a tree and water tower next to the hangar... illustrates that the counter attack was never to regain any L-70's in LTTE hands/control.

    After expending their RPG's and LAW's, with which they took down the Beachcraft & Mi24's the ill-fated attempt to 'assault' the V-area by a dozen or so BT's across the runway and being mowed down in the open or by detonation of their suicide kits... without having fought it out from the cover of the L-70 posts (as they did near the hangar) is clear evidence of the falacy of the defencenet 'story'.

    Panhinda said...

    "...They got instructions from the same guy who revealed the minefield map and deactivated the electric fence..."

    YOU PROBABLY NEVER EVER VISITED AN AIRBASE OR SEEN A MINEFIELD AROUND ONE... YOU DON'T NEED A MAP OR HAVE SOMEONE "reveal" WHERE ITS MINED... as for "deactivation of the electric fence" - the closest electricity to the fence are the security lamps...

    just another canard to 'dirty' SLAF image... No one appreciates your brand of patriotism. Least of all us soldiers serving in harms way sacrificing our today's for your tommorrows...

    Loose talk costs lives. So does speculation!

  126. janaka de silva..The target of BT's was to destroy as many planes as possible right?..why would they waste their time on destroying concrete structures?.I however agree that this bravado BShit associated with them is completely fabricated-by simon gardner.

  127. janaka de silva..what is your rank and where are you stationed?.However you have to accept the fact that the main reason the BT's broke through was due to a lack of security.Also all three defense forces are the SLDF.Each of the 3 main elements of SLDF are not individual private companies to do as you wish.Killing TC is fine but i wish it was not at the cost of 26 Acraft destroyed and damaged.You should know better than to bad mouth the army or navy and vice versa.We all appreciate the sacrifice of the SLAF.This kind of rivalry is very very dangerous for the army since they are in the front line and need the support of the airforce.God bless

  128. Janaka De Silva:

    I agree with you. All the info. I’ve gathered so far corroborates your assertions. This is not to belittle DefNet's news posted here, which is again based on "accounts" but I guess in a situation like the AAFB attack, there are much hear-says and beliefs and as such, it is easy to get so many "versions" and even a version not quite corroborated, even later, by facts. Anyway, we owe thanks to DefNet for doing the wonderful job he has done and continues to do!

    OaO Asithri

  129. Janaka De Silva,

    Welcome to the forum..It is good to know that real forces people read these blogs...Most of the contributors here want to see our forces succeed in the fight against LTTE, REGARDLESS who they belong to..

    Fighting LTTE is a team work...We want all of you to win..That is the bottom line..We speculate things so you brave men and women of SLDF thought about all possible cenarios of LTTE attacks against the GOSL...

    Apart from my work, I spend rest of the time , pondering how best to help you guys fighting the LTTE in Sri Lanka...I am sick to the stomach like most of the contributors here, when we here the bad news about any fighting or LTTE attacks..

    We want you to win this war..

    May the force be with you all the time...

    Give our regards to your buddies in the forces...

  130. The training videos released by LTTE on the Anuradhapura attack shows a large asphalt area which looks like a runway.
    Any chance of identifying it ?

  131. tangara... that over flight over E'pass was done by a US Navy P-3 Orion EREIS as warning to the Ltte to stop the advance on Jaffna in 01'! Cuz, that US Navy the Arabian Sea near Oman did a 360 & came towards Colombo for 2 days ! Then, someone in T. Nadu told the Tigers to watch their ass ! Did it work dunno mate !

    The Wall Street honcho who gave the Tigers $... check with the Author ! That article was awesome !

    Also,Lockheed Martin wants to extend the GlobalHawk UAV joint mission profile to include N. Lanka with the SLAF ! Which means some good intel down range.But, this iz old news mates !

    But, we need to find a way destroy those 2 Zlins now ! I pray my SLA brothers breaks thru Mahamulai soon ! Pound them.....Gemunu Bound them.... everyday ! Go Army & FAT ass Prabha can kiss my ass !!

  132. tangara:

    We appreciate, most bloggers at DefenceNet do support the war effort and this is encouraging.

    Remember, its not only people from the forces read these blogs. I am sure the enemy does as well – though some of it must be entertaining...

    Its been busy week... so do excuse my not responding earlier....

    By-the-by, from yours and srilankan's responses, there is a small matter that needs to be clarified:


    "Also all three defense forces are the SLDF. Each of the 3 main elements of SLDF are not individual private companies to do as you wish...You should know better than to bad mouth the army or navy and vice versa...We all appreciate the sacrifice of the SLAF.This kind of rivalry is very very dangerous for the army since they are in the front line and need the support of the airforce."
    I have not 'bad mouthed' any of the services... nor asserted 'rivalry' only pointed out inaccuracies of DefenceNet and panhinda... I'm not in the habit of looking up and spitting.
    * What I refered to as 'structures' are not necessarily concrete....
    * 40mm shells directed at the officer's mess billeting dozens of pilots and officers would put the SLAF back much more than loss of aircraft... which are easier to replace. This would have been a possibility had the LTTE taken over a L-70.
    * You have gone way overboard in your estimation of aircraft/helicopters lost at Anuradhapura (26) which is more than what even the LTTE claimed to have destroyed. It does not matter as to the exact numbers or the comparison of the bodycount. 21 for 10. For long we have fooled ourselves and our country parading bodycounts. In Vietnam, US force's obssession to show increased bodycounts resulted in the ARVN making 'photo missions' of 'enemy KIA...'
    What matters is that the enemy was able to penetrate the perimeter, gain easy access to locations from which they were able to inflict serious losses in men and material and achieve their mission - not only in terms of death and destruction but also the psychological 'victory' of a successful raid.
    What is little understood is that this was an act of desperation following the successful destruction of their arms smuggling ships by the Navy and a string of losses in territory to the Army and of the successful SLAF attack on Vishwamadhu. The fact that they threw at least 21 BT's on this mission and their suicidal attempted assault across the runway indicates their desperation... not bravado... as some try to make out.
    And by-the-by, its true one salutes the rank and not the man in the service... but when it comes to winning battles its not the rank but the man that counts. This is in response to your question about my rank.
    Post-Anuradhapura attack, some high ranking officer's are putting on a brave show-of-face, as if nothing serious has happened and we are "back-in-business" kind of attitude. While this is indeed true in most respects including the fact that the FTW is continuing its mission, SLAF's attack capability was not at all affected by ANP and life goes on... and a life is taken.. aka Thamil Chelvam... , such simplistic attitude is going to cost us more lives and greater losses.

  133. Janaka De silva..many thanks for your comments.I did not think of the loss of pilots which would have been far more costly in the long run.Now i wonder why they didnt just go for the pilots..probably because they were unable to penetrate the airbase fully before the airforce reacted.However the loss of planes is sad since it is now known that only 5 persons were guarding them.I am in agreement with you that this was an act of desperation..definitely...These 40mm cannon shells? you stated are they from the AA guns?

  134. Sri lankan:

    Yes. The L/70 is indeed a 40mm Anti Aircraft gun. Originally developed by Bofors of Sweden. The predecessor of the L/70 is the model L/60 also 40mm caliber developed before WWII and saw extensive service with many countries including UK, USA in WWII and saw service up to the '80's even in the Falkland War. The L/70 is a modernized design using a larger 40 × 364 round firing a slightly lighter 870g shell at a much higher muzzle velocity (1,030 m/s). The rate of fire was increased to 240 rpm and is power operated from an integral generator. The rate of fire has been further increased to 330 rpm. Is deployed with the 'Flycatcher' radar and there are several versions including a naval turret.

    The Indians uses the L/70 extensively in their AAA Regiments with more than 600 guns in their inventory. Inducted in the '60's it is manufactured under license by the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) of India. The gun system was upgraded by the OFB and Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL). More recently, Bofors (under new management and flag of BAE Systems SWS Defence, by signing an agreement with OFB to upgrade the L/70 once again. When firing rounds such as the OFB's 40/70 PFFC IM 212 (Pre Formed Fragmented Cubes) fitted with Proximity Fuze Fb 40, it can be a deadly weapon.

    We got ours from the Indians.


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