Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Explosion in Nugegoda

An explosion was heard in Nugegoda area a short while ago. According to reports, the explosion took place near the Nugegoda junction near the Bodhiya.

Update: Unconfirmed reports suggest that at least 10 people have been killed and a similar number are wounded. However, these figures are expected to rise as the explosion occured at a time when Nugegoda junction was heavily crowded.

Several nearby buildings (Including the popular No-Limit store) have been damaged by the fire which raged after the explosion. The fire has now been put off and most of the casualties have been transported to Kalubowila hospital.

There is heavy traffic surrounding the Nugegoda junction as of now and the adjoining roads have been closed temporarily. If you cannot reach your family members or loved ones through their mobile, this may be due to the fact that most mobile networks are down at the moment due to congestion.


  1. another explosion-in mount lavinia,apparently-any updates..

  2. renegade can you confirm that mate

  3. ranil,got the news from a friend,dude-still waiting for a clearer picture.

    By the way,16 people have been killed at nugegoda,according to the latest reports,which i got..

  4. i didnt hear any news abt mt.lavinia.
    can u confirm pls ?

  5. renegade...
    got the same info on the figures...but nothing about the mount thing...called up a guy who lives there also but still no go on that

  6. some say 37 dead! and about same news of Mt.Lav

  7. Guys,

    I have been highlighting the civilaian casulaties in the north, for the past two days inviting some ridicule from idiots like Tikira.

    The ruthless outfit always avenges Tamil civilian casualties in the same way in the south - in the same number.

    This pattern is obvious in the past and our defence authorities should have taken this on board, a bit more seriously, rather than sweeping thing under the carpet.

    Sometimes military victories can intoxicate the masses to the extent their vision of reality gets impaired.

    This is not the time for the blame game; security lapses are obvious and must be dealt with.

    People must be aware that we are still in the middle of a war and not at the end yet.

    I am sure a ring of these women is on the loose and the searching may have been dampened down for some reason, after a successful operation in the past.

  8. so i guess there was no Mount Bombing. Fantastic, last thing we need in SL is people spreading more rumors and panicking....

  9. Unofficial- 16 dead, 37 injured. Around 15 of 37 seriously wounded.

  10. Guys,

    I am sure the SLAF will treat the outfit in kind; but they must make sure, the civilians are spared in retaliatory strikes.

    It is high time Pottu was targetted exactly the way Shelvan was dealt with; he is always behind these despicable acts; this is the area of his 'expertise' - targetting defenceless innocent.

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  12. ppl who spread false rumors like renegade! above about a bomb in mount lavina are doing terrorist's work for them. at times like this we should confirm our sources even more than at any other time.

    as for terrorists this merely confirms their true nature as a bunch of criminals.

  13. nope.mount lavinia bomb attack sems like a rumour,however,got an sms sayin that a suspicious parcel has been found at navinna-bomb disposal unit on their way.

  14. renegade anything more about the navinna parcel? sure another bomb..I hope the general population including the ministers(JVP) support the budget now..

  15. MY prayers for the injured and dead.This was only to be expected as i expected many more incidents which shows that security has improved.Over the 30 years we have lost so many innocent people including forces and heroes all of them.If this coolie thinks he is scaring us he has another thing coming.He cant understand that we are somewhat immune to bomb blasts by now.The SLAF is doing the right thing now..however the innocent people in the north should be saved at all costs.

  16. Our greatest intelligence asset- the people- need to be on constant guard.

  17. This is terrible :(

    My condolences to the deceased and speedy recovery to those injured.

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  19. srilankan,waiting for confirmation about the navinna bomb parcel,but today's events- two confirmed bomb attacks already,suggests that the tiger suicide bomber cells have been activated-so,be vigilant,be alert! only last sunday,i noticed a surprise army check in the dehiwela/boralesgamuwa & maharagama areas..apparently,these checks continued till tiger hit teams are moving,especially in these suburbs-dehiwela,mount,attidiya,boralesgamuwa,even nawala/rajagiriya areas.they are less likely to situate themselves in 'obvious' areas,like wellawatte/bamba or kotahena..

  20. LTTE will be banned.
    Internationally they would have no future. They have gone backward at least 10 years from this.
    Everything has any connection with LTTE will be bombed including their court complex and the police headquarters in Killinochchi. Tamil civilians should be warned(in north) to have no connections with LTTE. There will be more bombs. But we will prevail if the opposition behaves responsibly.

    Feel very sad about the loss of civilian lives. No way of stopping these until the fat pig and pottu killer are no more.

  21. if u react with so much anger for these dead people. Think about how we felt when you killed SCHOOL CHILDREN yesterday?

  22. There are several tons of C-4 hidden in the up country tea Estates.

    Follow Chandrasekar's men. You will find the tons plus RPGs, Claymores etc.

    People there knows who is involved.

    The police in many of the up country police stations take bribes from LTTE and just shut their mouth up.

    Take actions now before those explosives burn the South.

    Target the LTTE leadership and only the leadership in the North.

    Any other acts are counter productive. Else, the government has to kill at least 200 LTTE cadres per day to win the war.

    I repeat,

    1. Curb the LTTE in estates
    2. Find the MANPAD brought down to Katunayake/Negombo.

  23. The school children have been killed 15 Km from Kilinochchi Town, 50 Km away from Army's nearest ops point. That means LTTE did the killing to prop up their Mahaveer day claims.

    Many Tamils believe what LTTE says.

  24. Just called my local LTTE agent and told him I wanted to donate another 700 $ for defending my people. My grandmother. My relatives. My uncle.

  25. Now where are those so called Human Rights groups?

  26. when ltte-soldiers die deep into our territory then its your DPU which has done it.

    But when they killed school girls, then its 'oh how can we get so close to kilinochi and kill them? it must be ltte'

  27. "renegade anything more about the navinna parcel?"

    Srilankan according to the Daily Mirror a suspicious package has been detected and the bomb disposal unit has been sent to the location.

    "LTTE will be banned.
    Internationally they would have no future. They have gone backward at least 10 years from this.

    No they won't, and no they haven't. The LTTE has been killing civilians for years, this one attacks isn't going to change things. What the "international community", Australia's new government for example, is going to tell the President is that he asked for such violence by abandoning the peace process and launching attacks in the north. They'll tell him to stop all offensives and go back to peace talks.

    I've been saying this all along, we can't just take our time in launching major offensives in the north. We can't afford attacks in Colombo, cos it's going to seriously damage the economy and take us back to pre-2002 conditions. The LTTE knows that and that's what they are bargaining on. They can't win the war, but they'll do all they can to make sure we can't either.

  28. Oh..!! Please give my best regards to fat pig with anothter 100$.. since he wont be living any longer..!

  29. its funny how ltte is killing their own ppl because we all know in nugegoda, there are many tamil civilians..hahaha bunch of idiots. I love it.

  30. payex,

    When LTTE-Terrorists die in areas illegitiamtely held Sri Lankan land by terrorists, it can be many things including Piriba killing his own people. Armed forces of Sri Lanka has no practice of deliberately killing innocent civilians like LTTE just did in Nugegoda. Please keep sending more money to whoever you want and remember that some peaceful Tamil civilians can also die in the bomb attacks in Colombo.

  31. theres no point of going back to peace talks because the ltte will regroup, redominate and then attack stronger then ever. We can't afford for them to do that, we need to attack the leadership now that they are on the run. This is what ppl need to understand. Peacetalks have not worked for the last 30yrs this been going on. Dont be stupid.

  32. Portraying that Sri Lankan forces kill School children and Christian Clergy can draw lot of international sympathy.

    This is what LTTE was doing.

    Even in the Sencholai LTTE girls brigade bombing incident also they portrait itself as the school children were being bombed.

    I am certain that in few days LTTE will kill some Christian/Catholic priest too in similar cowardly attacks and blame the Sri Lankan armed forces.

  33. LTTE just shot itself in the foot with these two acts. Right after Prabhakaran berates SL and the international community there is a suicide attack on a Tamil minister and then another bomb attack on civilians. If the EU was thinking of lifting the ban of the LTTE, I'm sure they will have changed their mind. Not only that the England cricket team is in SL as well, good luck trying to rebuild your shattered image LTTE.

  34. eliminate ltte terrorism!!! my deepest sympathy goes out to the innocent civilians (the proud sinhalese, muslims, tamils, or anyone else that was killed) by the coward ltte bombing.

  35. I hope the SLAF does a few bombing raids in Kilinocchi. I always wondered why they never destroy LTTE infrastructure like their 'banks,' 'courthouses', and other LTTE buildings.

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  37. Well guys, if you do come across any Terrorists or people who AID terrorism which is also illegal,in the world wide web, report them to the authorities without ignoring them.

  38. Payex, it was the LTTE that walked away from the table, way back when Ranil was in power. Please don't twist the facts. In any case, in any war it's the Tamils who will bear the brunt of it. Let Prabhakaran start his "war" -- he'll get more than he bargained for, just like when Mahinda came to power.

  39. "its funny how ltte is killing their own ppl because we all know in nugegoda, there are many tamil civilians..hahaha bunch of idiots. I love it."

    sl you are fucking out of your mind.

    "good luck trying to rebuild your shattered image LTTE."

    Yeah good luck to the economy and tourist industry too, trying to rebuild their shattered images.

    "I always wondered why they never destroy LTTE infrastructure like their 'banks,' 'courthouses', and other LTTE buildings."

    And end up killing civilians? That'll get us a lot of support.

  40. Thanks for the link Hasula,
    just reported you GOSL-terrorists.

    "Thanks for your report. We appreciate your bringing this to our attention, and we'll investigate. Please note that we'll follow up with you only if we require more info or we have additional info to share."

  41. Doubt there are many "civilians" in those builidings illegal existence. In any case, I don't think anyone would mind as long as they are bombed right after things like the bomb in Nugegoda.

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  43. I have stated this before and I will state it again.

    If we really want to win this war, we need to gain full control of the seas around Lanka. Thats when LTTE controlled Wanni will be truly isolated. We need more large patrol ships(OPVs) with good quality maritime surveillance radars that can operate in the deep seas.

    Stopping the major arms flow from the sea to the LTTE is not that hard. All we need is the right equipment and intelligence.

  44. Well payex, hope your aunt, uncle and rellies get a nice parcel from the sky soon -- BOOM! -- So that you know your 700 $ was spent well.

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  46. I passed that bomb location 30seconds earlier. I was in the other side of the road even I was there. Since I was wearing a helmet I couldn't heard big sound and not any shocks observed either.
    I will never get panic about this incident. I will go for the work as usual. I don't want to give any success for these barbarians gang. I feel it is the my duty for our motherland.

  47. "haha you just confirmed my hypothesis about Sinhalese."

    Good. Now spend another 700$ on the 300 000 or so Tamils who are homeless refugees in Sri Lanka.

  48. There is no point in bombing Wanni civilians, just because the barbarians carried out a bomb attack.

    We need to not lose focus with the task at hand. Lets concentrate on the bigger picture.

  49. illegal.existence

    You made some very good points today. Its important in times like this to base one's actions on reason and not emotion.

  50. "haha you just confirmed my hypothesis about Sinhalese.
    laugh my a** out!
    Feel you head and but.. might find 2 horns and a tail.. then you'r a "cow"(poor animal).
    Racist Bast..ed..

  51. payex, glad i could help you.
    Keep in mind, this is blog merely brings news and latest developments in SL(military wise), the admin is not racist nor a terrorist and especially, GOSL is not a terrorist organization banned by 37 countries.and especially US where google is based :).
    Sorry i had to burst ur bubble :O - say hi 2 ur local ltte rep for me ;)

  52. my sincere condoleances to the families of the dead and my prayers for the survivors.

    this is a black day for Sri Lanka, as again so many innocent civilians are getting killed. i am very sad. good that this time the press was nearby to show to the world what is happening here.

    it is very clear that the LTTE is to blame for the upsurge in violence since 2005, but unfortunately the state has made it fairly easy for them. the best way of messing up a staunch insurgent group is to lure them out of the jungle and get them used to town life, which will make some among them want more and lose the inspiration. the LTTE started having serious problems with support in the Vanni (and the east!) in 2004, not because they were losing, but because the lack of violence made many people want more of this peace. like the UNP or not and like peace talks or not, it is the most effective way at really confusing the LTTE and breaking their back. they know that, and that is why they must be so very happy with the present government.

    Sam Perera

    "Armed forces of Sri Lanka has no practice of deliberately killing innocent civilians like LTTE just did in Nugegoda."

    unfortunately, i have to disagree with you.
    please look up news archives about what happened to five students in Trincomalee in January 2006, in front of 300 witnesses. those who subsequently wanted to testify were threatened with death by the same state forces. all as a consequence of politics getting involved with the war.

    those who kill innocent civilians need to be punished, but please please please maintain some standards of ethics. blind rage (or the enthousiasm of young boys who rave on cool weapons stuff and are far from the actual shooting and shelling) is only going to get more civilians killed. a revenge is precisely what the LTTE is looking for, to show the world that the Sri Lankan state really does not care for its citizens. ultimately, that will backfire on this beautiful country. America's war on terror will end not too long after Bush leaves office, and after that nobody is going to care about supporting Sri Lanka because the fight against 'terrorism' is no longer fashionable.

    i think the state (and everyone who opposes the LTTE) should keep their heads cool and work harder at truly keeping the moral upper hand in the fight against the LTTE, and not just suppressing anything and anyone who is critical with lies, threats, thuggery and propaganda.

    PS i have followed the debate on MBRLs with interest. i don't know how many of you have seen areas that have been bombed with MBRLs, but in the jungles of the East they just cost a lot of money, because there is very little to destroy. same with the carpet bombing that the Americans did in Vietnam and Cambodia: the people who were meant to get hit pretty much learnt to survive and find their ways to continue supplying South Vietnam with weapons to continue (and win) the war. do not get overly excited by big bangs. it looks and sounds really sexy if you're on the right side of them (believe me, i have seen the streaks of fire in the sky after the rockets were fired off), but is most useful in a built-up environment, unless you know precisely what you want to hit. just calculate the numbers of rockets and shells fired and divide by the numbers of tigers killed. i can tell you, it's not very encouraging.

  53. PAYEX, my dear freind,
    Is this the first time you bombed us,
    Is this the first time we mourn for our lost once,
    Comparing to what tigers have done this is nothing,
    Its the second most battered city after bhagdad,
    Tommorow is a nother day,

  54. Looks like Raja just crawled out of Ranil Wickremasinghe's pants.

  55. 'The sinhalease army killing civilions,unsivilsed militory,poor ethics,tigers are ruthless but little bit ok comparing to army,therefore we want eelaam'is that what you saying raja

  56. "the best way of messing up a staunch insurgent group is to lure them out of the jungle and get them used to town life, which will make some among them want more and lose the inspiration."

    Wow. That sure worked when Ranil did it! I mean, our soldiers were dying on a daily basis, while the airforce was giving free flights to LTTE cadres, and wounded LTTE were in the best hospitals in Colombo. What a way to salute the forces.

  57. piyal,respect,
    i my self witnessed the central bank bombing,thats the first thing came to my mind,

  58. tikira,

    no that is not what i am saying. and no, i am not a UNP supporter, or a supporter of any party for that matter. the problem with political parties here is that they keep changing their stance depending on what gets them most votes.

    what i am saying is that the best way to mess up a militant movement is by hitting them where it hurts them most - their own legitimacy to the people from whom they draw their recruits.

    by enthousiastically retaliating against clear terrorist acts, and in the process becoming careless about civilians, the state has since 1983 continuously increased and not reduced the legitimacy of the LTTE in the eyes of the ordinary tamil people. flawed as it was, the 2002-2005 peace process really messed up the LTTE. Karuna became corrupt and split off, and they were massively losing support in the Vanni and in the diaspora. a few more cases of collateral damage or deliberate targeting of civilians, and their approval rates will hit the ceiling again, even if they are losing physical terrain.

    and mind you, the tigers are still around in the East. how was it possible that two months after "all LTTE camps in Ampara" were overrun, the STF again overran an LTTE base in a place which they had already overrun a while earlier, and after that there have been almost daily exchanges of fire in Ampara District? the Karuna group has been messed up, so the diminishing fear factor is reducing people's inhibitions. the only way to prevent people from supporting the LTTE again is to make them feel comfortable under government control.

    ever wondered what happened to the artillery that the LTTE had collected in Thoppigala? only two 120 mm mortars were ever found.

    being proud of your Sinhala-ness is ok, but you will shoot yourself in your foot if you don't keep your head cool. except of course if you are abroad or in an airconditioned office in Colombo and don't really need to bother. in that case, be a man, join the army, navy or air force, and go to the front lines.

  59. Some racist comments have been deleted.

    Some (not all) of your comments were deleted because you were promoting racism. They were not deleted because you are an LTTE supporter.

    Again, DefenceNet is a neutral blog and supporters from both parties are allowed to post here. But if your comments are racist or offensive, they will be deleted ASAP (provided that we have the time to moderate) regardless of whom you support. Please keep your comments civil, racism free and polite.

    And it's pretty easy to detect when a user posts with multiple accounts :)

  60. Many thanks renegade and illegal.existance.Apparently a man(bystander) got a good ook at the bomber..she escaped and was wearing shorts..hope he gives the police a good description.
    Gentlemen why dont we just speak to those who visit this blog regularly..What oddacity...claiming part of a country..why dont these shits try and do this in england or canada?

  61. Gentlemen look at this tragedy this way..Lets hope this persuades more MPs to vote for the budget like the JVP for xample.Also remember that we have a good soldier in General Fonseka at the helm..

  62. Defencenet, just a question.

    i just thought about the following: the owner of No Limit was kidnapped for ransom not too long ago. now a bomb goes off near (or in?) his shop. is there a possibility that someone else wanted to simply hurt No Limit and found a very easy way of blaming it on the tigers?

    i still think it is most likely that the tigers did it, but i do think it is pretty stupid of the tigers to be blowing up civilians for no reason at this point of time, because it will definitely harm and not help their international image and support. unless of course they hope for a backlash from the South, as has been their usual strategy. in which case, the best thing to do is to stay calm and deny them this opportunity in the propaganda war.

  63. raja,

    I think you got it wrong. Is this incident you are talking about planned and executed by the SLA command?, most probably not. This could be an unplanned act of lower ranks. The difference with LTTE is that the high command plans and executes such deliberate acts of terror against civilians.

  64. they target civilians simply bcoz;

    1) They are desperately ran out of effective retaliatery options

    2) to break the political stability in the south which enables strong and focused militery push towards them

    3) isolate and to give a negative impact to the economy tourism etc

    4) to win trust from tamil diaspora and to convince them LTTE as a capable front

    simply to score some marks on their annual report card ...and for sure NOT to invite us for PEACE.

    For this Fat ugly pig needs some reasons to justify them killing civilian in south, specially at this time. So he ordered to claymore some girls in wanni.

    What a vampire he is !

  65. Again, LTTE will be banned within few days. People who don't agree with me please don't waist your time arguing. Just wait few days and see.
    When I said "their police headquarters and court complex will be bombed" it didn't come from the emotional side of me. It came from the understanding that this tragedy (even though how sad it is) would be an opening to destroy their infrastructure. No intelligent person on this side is preaching on harming innocent civilians. That's the reason I stated about the forewarning the civilians. People who are so concerned about Tamil civilians don’t like to talk about LTTE's forced conscription of innocents who are getting killed in the front line. To save these lives and many other leadership of this killer organization should be removed. Their infrastructure should be destroyed. Their ability to remain a formidable force should be removed.
    Of course LTTE has been killing civilians for many years is true. But in recent few years it was done in a smaller scale. But this is different. One thing it's large scale. The other is that it's clear the intension was to harm civilians. LTTE's successful human rights front (Some of you are helping them unintentionally) now is bound to be ineffective. So the forces would get a small breathing space in that front.
    Tourism is already way down. Even though few here started whining already (may be crocodile tears) this was bound to happen some time. Exploding a bomb in Nugegoda is one of the easiest a terra. org. can do. When LTTE is weakened they always go back to their old habits. That's the reason I said they have gone 10 years backward.
    So we have to choose now. Are we going to let them continue or try to crush them with all we have? I think our forces have chosen the latter. Whiners may keep whining.

  66. we will make sure LTTE blood soaks the vanni for this act of terror!

    for each civilian dead = 10 LTTE leaders 100 LTTE dirt bags

    In WAR all are victims!

  67. sam perera,

    look carefully at the newspaper archives. i beg to disagree with you.

  68. Raja,
    if anyone wanted to hurt No Limit, the best would be for them to know it is them, wuts the point of blaming it on LTTE there is no way this wasn't u see tamil net denying it ? .....

    the ltte has the motto, eye for an if and when by any chance any innocent tamils are killed they pick on the souther public. Ofcourse i guess they can use this as an excuse to launch attack on the economy....

    all in all, we see how dedicated the LTTE leadership is in earning peoples trust. what fool would order such thing after blaming the IC for nt taking a more active role and the 3rd budget reading coming up....

  69. Defencenet.

    I know you guys must be busy but when you have the time please do let me know if anything out of the ordinary happened in a town called Mahawa in A'pura on the 27th. it's really strange that there is a media blackout on this. mishaps do happen from time to time and there is no sense in hiding them.

  70. SAM PERERA, dont reply to that moron.

    BTW, I think raja is correct,this is done by the army,a female soldier,yep,also, the men in fire fighers uniform are tigers who come to help the bomb victim,raja as i said you before PISS OFF


  71. I would say more bombs will go off within next few weeks...


    Let me speculate...

    Few days ago Police pounced on an LTTE cell in Dehiwala...The other LTTE agents operating in Colombo are now panicked that they will be arrested soon since their cover is blown off...I would say more bombs will go off since these LTTE agents are now randomly getting rid of their lethal cargo..

    If you guys remember last year, a trader at Delkanda Sunday Fair was suspicious about a parcel left with him by a civilian. He promptly alerted the bomb squad avoiding a major disaster.We need to be really alert..




  73. Edtorial
    -The Island

    "The Big Tiger lets the cat out of the bag

    The Tiger chief has spoken. Unlike his previous speeches full of sabre-rattling, threats, warnings and vivisection, Tuesday’s one was not a roar but a whine punctuated by feeble growls here and there. Overall, it was a passionate entreaty to the international community begging for its help vis-à-vis the increasing alienation of the LTTE internationally.

    The not-so-eagerly-awaited speech begins with a lament. Prabhakaran is sad that the ‘Sinhala nation’ is lagging behind other nations in Asia in this ‘Asian century’. Many countries in the region, he says, have made vast strides in various fields and are researching into the space, the moon and the atom. The reason why the Sinhala nation cannot keep pace with the others, according to him, is that it is trying to destroy the Tamil nation. Then he sheds a few tears for the island which, he says, ‘continues to soak in blood’. Not a bad start but he is being a bit too maudlin!

    Then, he does a little bit of philosophising. "Buddhism," Prabhakaran tells us, "is a profound spiritual duty." Wow, he knows his Buddhism! "Its philosophy," he continues, "is life without desires, a life of love and justice." If so, then why on earth did he bomb the Dalada Maligawa, where the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha is kept, in 1998 and massacre a busload of Buddhist monks at Arantalawa in 1987? Devil quoting scriptures, one may say! He blames the Sinhalese for being ‘immersed in poison of racism’while claiming to be Buddhists. (Look who is talking!)

    Thus, he cleverly tries to market his violent campaign to the non-Buddhist West, where he is getting isolated. Not a bad try! But, if it is the so-called Sinhala Buddhists who, according to him, are suppressing the Tamil nation, why has he resorted to ethnic cleansing against the poor Muslims who are no party to the conflict? In 1990, he chased all the Muslims from the North and grabbed their property, didn’t he? He has also massacred thousands of Muslims.

    Prabhakaran lambastes the international community for being trapped in a chauvinistic project of the Sinhala state. "The one-sided involvements of foreign powers," he says, "are not new in our prolonged struggle." He cites the Indo-Lanka Accord as an example and views the Indian intervention as ‘part of its regional expansion’. He faults India for having tried to force ‘an ineffectual solution’ on ‘the people of Tamil Eelam’, which, he says, didn’t envisage devolution at least to the extent of what was promised in the Banda-Chelva pact. He blames the ‘Sinhala state’ for blocking India’s solution. Here, one has the ‘Sun God’ lying through his teeth! It is he who went all out to scuttle the Provincial Councils by taking on the IPKF.

    He blames the international community for making the same mistake as India. "What we find most incomprehensible," he laments, "is the fact that these same nations, which labelled us terrorists, not so long ago fought in defence of their own freedom." The reason, somebody should tell Prabhakaran, is that the world doesn’t consider his war a freedom struggle. No freedom fighter destroys the people whom he claims to protect. Prabhakaran has wiped out the entire democratic Tamil political leadership save a handful; destroyed the future of a whole generation by forcibly turning children into cannon fodder; killed thousands of Tamils; exploited the people under his gun in every conceivable way by way of illegal taxes and ransom and violently suppressed political dissent. Has any freedom fighter used disabled people as suicide bombers? Prabhakaran did so yesterday by getting a disabled woman to blow herself up in Colombo! (The International Day of the Disabled People falls in a few days on Dec. 03.) A true freedom fighter cares for the people, especially children and women, whom he tries to liberate. But, Prabhakaran cares only for his family. His children are studying abroad and one is being groomed as his successor in the safety of a well fortified underground bunker, while the offspring of the ordinary people are being abducted and turned into combatants. That’s why, Prabhakaran should realise, the world doesn’t consider him a liberator. Pol Pot, Bokassa, Idi Amin, Papa Doc were not regarded liberators, were they?

    Prabhakaran says ‘the Sinhala state’ used the ceasefire as a cover to prepare for war, and blames the SLMM for doing nothing about it. As far as we are aware, the UNF government made no war preparations. Instead, it totally neglected the military. So did the UPFA government until last year. What did Prabhakaran do during that time? Didn’t he smuggle in several shiploads of arms, as Karuna claimed later on? The present government, he says, ‘assembled its military might and let loose a massive war on the eastern region’. "The Rajapakse regime," he says, after unilaterally abrogating the ceasefire agreement, is ruthlessly implementing its military plan to remove the contiguity of the Tamil homeland…" (Emphasis added). Nietzsche’s assertion that the lie is a condition of life stands! Aren’t grown up men ashamed of lying? President Rajapaksa was lily-livered and weak-kneed until Prabhakaran’s boys captured the Mavil Aru anicut last year, plunging the country back into war. Within days of President Rajapaksa’s election, it may be recalled, Prabhakaran promised war in his 2005 heroes’ day speech. The Tiger chief should own up to the fact that it was his military miscalculations that made a meek President Rajapaksa fight back first and then go on the offensive.

    Having lashed out at the SLMM and the international community, Prabhakaran rises to their defence. He blames the government for reprimanding and controlling the Norwegian facilitators, vehemently criticising the SLMM, branding UN officials as terrorists, instilling fear in journalists and NGO workers. See how concerned he is! But, the question is why he abducted two UN workers a few months ago. The INGOS have been keeping their local staff indoors for months in the Wanni in view of LTTE abductions.

    "It was only when we proved our military prowess and only when we were militarily in a position of strength," Prabhakaran says, "that the Sinhala nation signed the ceasefire agreement." What is wrong with his memory? Is age telling on him? Can’t he remember that it was he who declared a unilateral truce in 2001 and the UNF government only reciprocated that gesture?

    The Tiger chief keeps contradicting himself at a rate. Having accused the government of ‘ruthlessly implementing its military plan to remove the contiguity of the Tamil homeland (read the recapture of the East), he says, "We have strategically withdrawn from the east while launching defensive attacks." If so, why should he worry about the government’s military action? He boasts, "The Sinhala nation could have learnt the dangers of putting its feet too wide apart in our land as it did during past battles… it will soon be forced to face the serious consequences of its misguided ambitions." Hush, Hush! If the government is making a blunder, he should keep silent. It was Napoleon who said, "Never interrupt your enemy, when he is making a mistake!"

    ‘Operation Ellalan, the very first combined Black Tiger and Tamil Eelam Air Force attack’, he brags, has ‘disrupted the daydreams of the Sinhala nation’. True, that raid was a huge success and it dealt a devastating blow to the military. But, has it taken him anywhere near his goal? He has lost Tamilselvam and a state-of-the-art satellite communication centre worth millions of dollars in retaliatory air-strikes. It is sad that he has not mentioned those cadres who perished in seven arms smuggling vessels sunk by the Navy since his last heroes’ day speech. Unbecoming of a leader, eh?

    The LTTE air wing had nothing to do with the success of the Anuradhapura attack, contrary to Prabhakaran’s claim. It was the Black Tigers who should be given the full credit for that raid posthumously. Prabhakaran’s son’s planes came after everything was over just to show off. Did he send those planes to the scene to promote the image of his son he is grooming for leadership?

    Finally, the Tiger chief lets the cat out of the bag. He laments that ‘although 80 million Tamils live all around the globe, the Tamils do not have a country of their own... on this sacred day, it is the hope of our people that the international community will cease giving military and economic aid to the Sinhala regime and accept the right to self-determination and the sovereignty of the Tamil nation." He reminds the international community that it has helped East Timor and Montenegro become independent states. That is the kind of solution Prabhakaran is seeking. He is not just trying to solve a local problem but a broader international issue.

    So, how can the international community or other pundits claim that he who wants to create a state for 80 million people will settle for devolution in the North and the East of tiny Sri Lanka?

    "We are not terrorists, committing blind acts of violence impelled by racist or religious fanaticism," Prabhakaran says, "our struggle has a concrete, legitimate, political objective." Whom is he trying to fool? He had better go tell that to the Marines – or to Hillary Clinton!"

  74. raja,

    "look carefully at the newspaper archives. i beg to disagree with you."

    Well, it seems that I am dealing with somebody from LTTE PR wing.

    As far as I know, LTTE makes up such stories to discredit our forces. Can you tell me the exact date and the newspaper I should be looking for to find what you say? Otherwise, stop your pathetic attempts to spread LTTE lies.

  75. Raja

    [tikira, no that is not what i am saying. and no, i am not a UNP supporter, or a supporter of any party for that matter. the problem with political parties here is that they keep changing their stance depending on what gets them most votes.]

    How very true Raja! I see your point. I see you don’t support any “political party” but you do support the LTTE terrorist maggots as they are not a political party and they don’t need to change stance depending on what gets them votes! How true!


    Hey dog cum-drop, how about shedding this useless “political angles” and entertaining us with some hard-core LTTE propaganda filth? At least that way, yours truly OaO Asithri will be in familiar territory to respond! LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  76. Hemantha,

    Great analysis mate.

    I agree with you...SLAF will now take down the "Killinocchi regime" one sortie at a time. Just wait and see patriots...this is going to come tout de suite I guarantee!

    The LTTE ban will set stage for this demolition to begin (long overdue in my view!)

    OaO Asithri

  77. What I dont get is why the police force don't have a protocol to remove suspicious packages from the public area. Why the hell did the deceased police officer open the package when it clearly looked like a bomb???
    All areas should be on full alert!

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. What I dont get is why the police force don't have a protocol to remove suspicious packages from the public area. Why the hell did the deceased police officer open the package when it clearly looked like a bomb???
    All areas should be on full alert!

  80. Renegade! said...
    another explosion-in mount lavinia,apparently-any updates..

    Wow! So RW=LTTE bitch, what's your game with this type of malicious create panic in the country and 1) bring adverse publicity to SL and affect tourism even more and 2) let your RW she-male pansy get the reins so that your LTTE co-cocksuckers can form "thamileelam"...???

    Dream-on rabid dog cum-drop...Sri Lanka will remain a UNITARY nation forever despite your best efforts to break it up.

    We did it over 2500 years and we will do it, if need be, over the next 2500 years!

    Ha ha ha...Rifard became Renegade once the LTTE cover was blown as Rif&cable said here. Let's see what you come back here about something innocuous (!) as "IBENDOVER” for instance??? LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  81. sam perera,

    look at the situation report of the sunday times, 15th january 2006. does the name Kodakadeniya ring a bell? "he says he acted with defence sec's approval".


    i will not entertain you with ltte propaganda filth because i don't support them. you seem to consider everyone who doesn't agree with exactly what you say a traitor. fine, go ahead. be my guest. looks like the only way you know to respond is by insults. shows well for you, i must say.

    i read something a while ago:
    "could everyone who is willing to die for their country kindly do so this instant?". that sort of summarises my point. being proud of your country is good, but i simply don't like nationalisms that get blinded (on whatever side), that is all.

  82. Hey defence Net

    Any military aid received from IRAN ???? I saw they agree to give 15 billions $ for oil exploration and some infrastructure development ?
    Mate… this is big money since our defense budget is only 2.5billion $ RITE?

  83. raja,

    Please read the very same article you are referring to before making false statements.

    Below is an excerpt:
    "The conduct of STF personnel deployed in Trincomalee has become the subject of a top-level inquiry after allegations that they opened fire at a group of students from Koneswara Hindu College. The probe is headed by DIG (Western Province - North) Asoka Wijetilleke and came on the orders of President Rajapakse."

    Does this sound like the top rank officers are colluding with the others who committed the act? Situation Reports talks about a probe instead.

    On the other hand, orders to commit such acts come straight from LTTE high command. That is what I call a deliberate killings of civilians.

    Please go back and read.

  84. Some important points i read:

    Sam Perera
    *This could be an unplanned act of lower ranks.

    * break the political stability in the south which enables strong and focused militery push towards them

  85. Supun,

    I hardly think the ltte makes these packages to look like bombs and put a big sticker that says "Bomb open with care"

  86. Jonathan..supun has a point here..about protocols.If a suspicious package is detected..before it is investigated the people around it should be evacuated.Did the police have time to do that in this case i wonder?

  87. I got the following message from a friend by instant messaging. May be a spam. Any news?

    pass around:It seems there have been several bomb parcels found in Colombo... One of my friends mom is at Liberty Plaza and it seems the army has sealed buildings till 12 o'clock... They are continuing to search... I strongly suggest we avoid Colombo and Congested areas today.... spread the news


    someone said "It seems there have been several bomb parcels found in Colombo... Liberty Plaza and it seems the army has sealed buildings till 12 o'clock... They are continuing to search... strongly suggest we avoid Colombo and Congested areas today.... "

    IS IT A FALSE OR ????????

  89. "Again, LTTE will be banned within few days."

    Hemantha, the LTTE have been bombing civilians for years. And are you forgetting they set off a bomb on a bus on Jan 5th this year and killed 6 people. Next day they bombed a bus in Peraliya and killed 16 people. Check out the Wikipedia article on all their crimes here (and add to it if you can)

    If they weren't banned after all this, no one's gonna ban them after one explosion.

    "Tourism is already way down."

    According to SLTB statistics, tourist arrivals was down just 4% in October this year compared to October 2006. For May that figure was a 40% drop. Tourism was recovering, to an extent, but none of this is helping.

    Jonathan, would you care to elaborate about Mahawa?

  90. Guys please stop spreading false rumors. According to the Daily Mirror

    "Police conducted a search operation inside the Liberty Plaza shopping complex in Colpetty, following a bomb scare, but police sources confirmed that the complex was safe."

  91. Police conducted a search operation inside the Liberty Plaza shopping complex in Colpetty, following a bomb scare, but police sources confirmed that the complex was safe.

    read the news..don't panic. But be on alert. Don't spread rumours.

  92. DefenceNet..(when you have the time)..a comment by renegade suggets that there are a lot of explosives scattered around in the south.Does the govt have a plan to find these..sorry a bit out of your domain..

  93. illegal.e

    I think we both hit the comment at the same time.Sorry for the repeat friends



    Can anyone take actions against them??????????

  95. Hasalaka,
    Newspaper reports are not accurate. It’s $1.5 billion (not 15 billion). Still it's a huge amount of money (a bit more than our defense budget).
    Now West must be very unhappy with the government (for seeking better relationship with Iran). LTTE leadership is so stupid chosen the worst time to kill innocents.

  96. Full text of Mr. Anandasangaree’s press release (Lanka Truth):

    Bomb Blast at Nugegoda

    “I very strongly condemn the brutal attack on the innocent civilians at the Nugegoda junction by the LTTE by exploding a bomb which caused the death of 17 people and injured over thirty five others. Brutality had so hardened in their hearts that the LTTE will never reform themselves. The news item that 11 persons including 9 students had been killed in a claymore mine attack by the forces that penetrated deeply into the LTTE held area is a real fabrication. Reading this in the Tamil news paper this morning I felt that this news is a prelude to some serious incident to take place in the course of the day and as expected this tragic incident had taken place at Nugegoda.

    “The claymore mine incident took place in a village which is so close to the Kilinochchi town that the forces can’t even dream of reaching that village and if what the paper had said is true, the end of the LTTE is nearing.

    “Those who were instrumental for this news to appear in the papers had a clear motive for doing so. It is obviously to show the International Community that the 2nd incident is retaliatory to the first incident and also to justify it.

    “As one who knows the Kilinochchi Electorate well, I am positively sure that the forces could not have access to the village where this tragedy took place. This area was a part of the Kilinochchi Electorate before the Mullaitheevu Electorate was created.

    “While condemning this cruel act, I express my deepest sympathies to the families of the victims of both incidents and plead with the people to keep calm without giving vent to their feelings and to see to the safety of the minorities living in their midst.

    V. Anandasangaree,

    President – TULF. “

  97. Japan and India informed through "diplomatic channels" if LTTE is banned == CFA abrogated, then no aid money and there will be UN sanctions.

    I truly hope LTTE gets banned, then the real fun begins for people in the South.

    Maybe thats why fearless leader went to Iran ?

  98. "Japan and India informed through "diplomatic channels" if LTTE is banned == CFA abrogated, then no aid money and there will be UN sanctions."

    Japan and India informing us that there would be UN sanctions....? These two countries are not even in the Security Council.

    Stupid pig.
    You can’t even lie in a believable manner.

  99. Just a few comments:

    Someone suggested that the SLAF should start bombing Tiger banks and petti kade's now as well. RWB's reaction to the bombing of the Tiger radio installation (while a bit silly) is indicative of IC reaction. Technically it's a war crime since radio technicians are not combatants. Although it can be argued that they aare spreading the message. So I doubt bombing shopkeepers and bankers will really go down well.

    Various theories seem to be bouncing around the blog about Nugegoda. If it had been just a bomb scare or threat that was prevented, I might have been a bit skeptical about its timing. But having seen the damage and casualties, I find it extremely unlikely that this was a GoSL job. Why shoot ourselves in the balls just at the start of the tourist season?

    More likely this is a retaliation for the accidental killing of those kids in Kilinochchi on Tuesday. Whatever some of you might say about the LTTE having done it (so far they've never tried to fake GoSL attacks on civilians), it has all the hallmarks of a LRRP job that went wrong. Possibly a LRRp team was waiting for a Tiger VIP on his way to the celebrations and got the wrong vehicle.

    Another possibility is that this is a result of the Mt Lavinia arrest. Some BT operatives might have had their heads cut off so now they're taking targets of opportunity.

    There was a bomb alert at LP this morning, though no news yet if it was genuine.

    Finally, to all you guys who don't live in SL (which is the majority on this blog). Most of you don't really have much of an idea of the ground realities here, nor of the everyday hardships of the population. So please lay off the paranoia and accusations everytime somebody like Raja points out these inconvenient facts. Currently this blog looks like a nuthouse with everyone accusing each other of (take your pick here) being a UNPer, Ranil-supporter, LTTEer, traitor, homosexual, spy or whatever. I was out for a drink yesterday evening ('cos the traffic was too bad to get home) and this blog came up in conversation. Believe me, there are a lot of Colombo Sinhalese who visit DefNet for the comedy value. Most of them don't post 'cos they think the site's a joke, and they had highly disparaging views of most of you. So please use some common sense when posting, especially if the only response that your addled braain can come up with is "Ooh you must be an LTTE-supporting UNP pansy, let's all get together like a bunch of monkeys and throw shit at you".

  100. hemantha

    cheers mate ... thanx for the info.. hey have a look at our web site

  101. DavidB-
    Technically those who works for and works with terror groups are terrorists.
    So do not talk about the technical issue when we deal with terror.
    Need to act smart and be vigilant.
    So leave THE BOOKS a side and think smart.
    You really need to go out and see what happening in other side of world as well as country.

  102. The Colombo explosion is the only way to reply to SL government State terrorism.

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. Thinesh's statement should get corrected as "The "Colombo explosion is the only way to prove LTTE still killing innocent civilians"
    I think s/he done some mis typing :)

  105. well,well,asithri,you do seem to have a very narrow mind & a microscopic brain-are you,by any chance an Algae or maybe a Fungi?-coz arguing with a fellow like yourself is's like talkin to a dog with rabies!(not babies)

  106. Perein, you talk big for someone who isnt even in the country. As I said before, use your brains before you use your fingers.

    Whether they are technically terrorists or not is immaterial, so if you want to forget education and stick your heaad in the sand, go ahead. That's why we haven't been able to defeat the LTTE for 25+ years. We thought you don't need experience or awareness, just brute force. Technicality is a piss into the wind in war.

    So before YOU tell ME about war, come get your arse in the grass with the rest of us. I'm ex-Sinha and I have fought in this war that you're wetting yourself over. I have also lived in Europe for several yeaars. I think I'm quite aware of whats going on here in Colombo, out in the NE, and in the rest of the world. So I suggest you get a clue. That goes for the rest of you foreigners as well.

  107. David B-
    What are you talking about not in country?
    Are you trying to say you can track where about users location? or are you trying to show off you have some IT skills? hahaha
    Get a life before you talk. Your problem is keep advertising what your books etc. This is not a public advertising board.
    Reader a lot.. Listen a lot.. type a bit and talk a bit...
    Have a good day my friend.

  108. Payex,

    I guess you do owe money to the LTTE since you are living a good life in a western country solely because of the LTTE work, and I am sure that is what the LTTE states when extracting money from the tamil expatriots.

    So I guess I can understand your mentality.

    But however, don't try to fool us with your own notions re. the Army killing the school girls and all that. I am not saying that they have never done. That I dont know. In a war, so many un-expected, un-planned things can happen. If some one thinks that one can extract the LTTE guys 100% and target them, then that is a bit silly. But however, this is the reality. Yes, there had been discrimination to the tamil population long time back mostly because of foolish politicians like Bandaranayake. Further, discrimination by the majority population to the minority occurs ALL OVER THE WORLD, every hour, every minute. However, Sri Lankans have improved vastly and right at this moment in time, with tamil nationals holding/having held prominent places in the country, like the AG, the DIG and various such other posts, to say that there is discrimination, is again, well, speaks for itself!!!

    Also, don't fool yourself in to thinking that no matter how many pounds and dollars that you guys give, your dream will ever come true! Which nation gives away part of their country to a group of people solely because they happen to populate that area?? And let alone, to a renowned ruthless group of terrorists? Where did this happen in the world recently?? If we do happen to really do this, what about all the other tamil nationals living in the other parts of the country, other than the north? Be realistic!!

    However, I guess there is no point in both of us pointing these things out to each other. You will continue to have your own narrow minded opinion and I will continue to have mine. Lets see what will happen. I can say this! If the educated realistic tamil population identifies the tigers for what they are (don't forget the tamil mothers killing themselves cause their children have been taken away to become suicide bombers- i bet you do not have anyone close who have faced such a situation, with your dollars and all) and we overcome this problem with a viable solution, (dont think it is not possible - the TAMILS DO NOT FACE DISCRIMINATION ANY MORE!!) think how the country can prosper!! (provided the corrupt politicians let it!!

    For your information, I am married to a tamil and am proud of it!

  109. DB as much I respect ya mate ! I have to disgree ya mate ! We live in a real world where freedoms are guaranteed and people held accountable !
    We dont claim to point fingers at others or know the situ on the ground , rather. it's common sense that prevails.Because,more one gets exposed to the freedoms, More the mind analysus a scenerio !
    We all Lankans, dont forget that ! and I dont hate anyone, but, I dont stand for Despotic terror in the name of free homelands.

    And for your friends who laughed at this site are the same guys who stand in the way of progress and tolerate curruption and incompetence.
    You are a good man and I read your feed at the Galle Book Seminar and I hope ya do well mate. But, always there are two sides to the Coin ! By the way few years ago we, lobbied and got the Ltte banned after many painstaking yrs. of facing ltte propaganda and garbage ! Dont forget that mate !
    Freedom mate it's Bitch !

  110. "Your problem is keep advertising what your books etc"

    Ha ha, maybe you should try reading some boooks, Perein, 'cos from your posts you seem barely literate.

    "Reader a lot.."

    Do you now? Lol.

    Rajarata, you're overreacting to my post. I didn't specify names when I mentioned "foreigners", for the simple reason that I''m not really interested in the verbal abuse that will result from it. So if the cap fits you, please, by all means wear it, but if not, move on. You don't need to preach to me about the advantages of western democracy, because as I said, I've lived there for several years. What I take offense to is the foreigners on this site who are mostly unaware of the ground realities when they throw abuse at anyone who doesn't blindly worship MR and Gota, but try to see both sides of that coin.

    As for my friends who commented about DefNet, you're once more assuming things about them without any knowledge of the subject. You prefer to insult them rather than find out what they dislike about the posters here. That's exactly what I mean, Rajatrata. We live here, we travel out of the country and around the country, including the NE. And before you ask, most of the guys laughing at the site are Sinhalese Buddhists.

    So tone down the paranoia and mindless abuse, because you people are making both the site aand yourselves look silly.

  111. DB , Yu da man ! Do ya yahoooo ?


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