Saturday, November 24, 2007

LTTE's Pesalei attack a failure

Yesterday morning at around 8, the sea going arm of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) opened fire on Pesalei police post on the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) held Mannar island. Sea tigers who had their boats hidden among fishing boats, launched a sudden attack with the element of surprise. However, thanks to the vigilance of SLN personnel guarding the area, LTTE objectives were not met. The fight endured for more than two hours until the tigers retreated towards Vidattaltivu. It is now believed that LTTE's intenetion was to hijack a SLN Water Jet and drive it to rebel territory. No SLN troops were injured nor killed in the battle. According to MCNS, 17 LTTE cadres have been killed but DefenceNet can only confirm the death of 13 tigers.


  1. Now this is what I call "respite at the end of a busy week in the rat-race!:

    Outstanding work boyz! At the rate the maggots are being liquidated, has any entrepreneur thought of a venture such as ‘Terra Organic Fertilizer Inc.’….???

    OaO Asithri

  2. Here is more evidence that LTTE supporters come on all colors and stripes and that we must be constantly on the vigil:

    NGO banned for “links” with LTTE, 23 nov. COLOMBO: Colombo on Thursday banned the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO), an international non-governmental organisation, on charges of links with the LTTE. The announcement, following a decision by the Cabinet, came days after the U.S. proscribed it on the ground that it was a front organisation raising funds for the LTTE.
    These are the goodies in UNICEF container!

    (23rd November 2007 22.15 S.L.T )

    The initial investigations carried out on a container brought down by UNICEF, alleging that the goods are for the use of its employees in an emergency, have revealed that they are in fact goods that are necessary for troops engaged in guerilla warfare.

    There had been 5610 parcels packed as 'Ready to Eat Meals', each parcel weighing 1.2 kg and containing 36 items used in guerilla operations. There had been water purifying drugs, medicine, boxes of matches, spoons, cans of cooked meat, fish and biscuits, tea leaves, sugar and salt.

    Security sections say the parcels are 'Combat Rations' supplied to combatants in a guerilla war.
    In addition to 5610 parcels of 'Combat Rations' there had been 35 motor bikes, 5000 caldrons, more than 100000 mats, more than 100000 towels and a large stock of clothes.

    The news about the container was revealed to the Parliament yesterday by JVP Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa. As soon as he revealed the news customs took steps to seal the container.
    When information regarding the sealing of the container was known Jennifer Taylor of UNICEF and her husband Richard Taylor had gone into the American Embassy in Sri Lanka and has not come out yet.

    See what I mean about the insidious nature of the LTTE supporters? They are omnipresent, including in this very forum pretending to be "just Sri Lankans."

    OaO Asithri

  3. Asithri..i hope the the govt confiscates the container,deports the guilty parties.. and distributes it among our troops if they need it.

  4. Does this mean that this racket of providing terrorists with dry rations have been "passing customs" during the tenure of Mrs Jennifer Taylor?

  5. Full Marks to the Navy for a job well done!!.

  6. Weldone Navy! send them to a watery grave....


    Btw, didnt the army chip in to the fight? Army units in Mannar are very active..

  7. asithri,this is a defence forum,not a porn blog,so please restrict(don't use)gutter-filth.i understand it must be difficult,but try,ok?..thanks

  8. "Separately, three soldiers including an officer were seriously injured in anti personal (AP) mine explosions in the North of Manthai area around 5.30, this morning (November 24). The officer succumbed to the injuries while being taken to medical attention. Ground troops suspect that the AP mine had been chemically improvised with highly toxic substance by LTTE terrorists. Further investigations with this regard are continuing."

    Defencenet do you have any info on this toxic mine? Doesn't sound plausible? how much agent could you fit in a small land mind and would it not be destroyed by the explosion and such a small amount would be dispersed too quickly no? But I am no expert which is why we ask you :)


  9. Rifard the LTTE fart (as mentioned by someone ago) is appearing again as Renegade.

  10. To counter LTTE claims of homeland concepts and show to the world that LTTE's claims are illegitimate, try the following...

    I am not the author of this...

    Sri Lanka is the homeland of the Sinhalese people.

    Tamil Nadu is the homeland of the Tamil people.

    The Sinhalese provide the civilisational basis of Sri Lanka and Tamils provide the civilisational basis of Tamil Nadu.

    The Sinhalese do not go to Tamil Nadu and claim 60% of the coastline and 30% of the land area and say that it is a ?Sinhalese homeland?, so why do Tamils come to Sri Lanka and claim 60% of the coastline and 30% of the land are as a ?Tamil homeland?? To the Sinhalese, Tamils are trying to steal something that does not belong to them.

    Imagine if the Tamils went to Punjab and did the same. Or to Andhra Pradesh. Or to Karnataka. Or to Maharashtra. Or to Kerala. They would be beaten black and blue.

    Open your eyes and see the truth?

    Punjab is the homeland of the Punjabi people
    Maharashtra is the homeland of the Marathi people
    Karnataka is the homeland of the Kannadigas
    Kerala is the homeland of the Malayalees
    Orissa is the homeland of the Oriyas
    Tamil Nadu is the homeland of the Tamils


    Sri Lanka is the homeland of the Sinhalese

    In each of these areas, the respective peoples provided and continue to provide the civilisational basis.

    Tamils in Sri Lanka are only a minute portion of the Tamil Nation which numbers some 65 million. The homeland of the Tamil Nation is Tamil Nadu and NOT Sri Lanka. Tamils in Sri Lanka are a minority group like Tamils in Karnataka, or Andhra Pradesh or Kerala.

    The Sinhalese will never ever part with an inch of their island homeland, just like Tamils will never ever part with an inch of their Tamil Nadu homeland.

    If the Tamils can give 60% of the coastline of Tamil Nadu and 30% of the land area of Tamil Nadu to the Sinhalese, then maybe the Sinhalese will consider giving 60% of the coastline of Sri Lanka and 30% of the land area to the Tamils.

    Tamils need to integrate and coexist with the majority community in Sri Lanka, just like Tamils living in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala do with the majority communities in those respective states. Non-Tamils in the Tamil homeland of Tamil Nadu learn Tamil and integrate with the majority communiy there, so why is it so difficult for Tamils to reciprocate?

    This may be unpalatable to some, but this what many Sinhalese think. The Sinhalese have had enough of Tamils trying to steal their land. Tamils have been attempting this for thousands of years, not satisfied with what they have in Tamil Nadu. The Sinhalese survived those invasions and they will continue to stand against these unjustified and plainly unfair Tamil demands.

    This is the truth, the bare facts.

  11. International community needs to understand why the Sinhalese are fighting against the tamil seperatists..

  12. Wonder why they wanted to Hijack 1 IPC?

    There could be many resons but DefenceNet what do you think?

    Just a thought, The NAVY is used to 37mm Chinese Cannon right? Why not get a few Type-74 37mm twin AAA units and place them in coastal artillery/AA role at key naval stations & sub stations?

    With a 8000m effective range for surface targets it could come in handy...specially for places like Mannar, Kytes and the other islands & lagoons..

  13. nemesis,
    "Btw, didnt the army chip in to the fight? Army units in Mannar are very active.."

    Not really. Bulk of the work was done by the Navy. LTTE never really got a chance to land and if they landed army would have moved in for the kill.

    "Defencenet do you have any info on this toxic mine?"

    We do not have new updates in this regard. We'll post here when we get details ASAP.

    "how much agent could you fit in a small land mind and would it not be destroyed by the explosion and such a small amount would be dispersed too quickly no?"

    Yes it would. But since AP mines target individuals, tigers will not be hoping for splash damage. Instead they are likely to use the toxins to definitely kill the wounded. Since the toxin will directly enter the body through the wound the AP blast created, it may just as well be lethal for the victim.

    "Wonder why they wanted to Hijack 1 IPC?"

    It could have been good propaganda. and they would have gained one WaterJet without risking any of their hardware. None of their larger craft took part in the battle and so it was a win-win situation for them (except their plan backfired on this occasion).

  14. Any coward who has an APM, a Cyanide Capsule, and a rubber band can create a toxic APM.

    These are the kind of brutal animals we are fighting with.

  15. Thanks for the response defencenet, with regard to this:

    "It could have been good propaganda. and they would have gained one WaterJet without risking any of their hardware."

    I think there must have been something more, after all they know there was a good chance for the mission to fail, thus generating negative propaganda. Could they have other plans for the craft, such as sneaking into a naval base or port disguised as a SLN craft?

  16. Guys.. a nice interview with Lt. Gen Janaka Perera

    This is a person whose service can still be invaluable to the nation.

    Perhaps the government think that he is a Ranil's man. Since I know of him for a long time, I know that he is not a person who would give away himself for politics.

    He is a great resources and should be invited back to the scene, and he would be a huge hand to Gota and Sarath.

  17. LTTE terrorists can be found on youtube as well as lankanewspapersdotcom

  18. SL,

    As long as the forum allows and if it is inline with the forum objectives, it is fine. As I believe, this is not a forum for LTTE terrorists.

    This is an Open Forum for Sri Lankan patriots or patriotic defence enthusiasts.

    Defencenet may clarify.

  19. NOLTTE=Peace

    I understand, just stating the obvious. Hey asithri hows it going?

    hope specialforce can give us some insiders on what is going on in the frontline. I was in SL last month, I am hearing the war is not happening from one side and the otherside the war is somewhat happening.

    The security breach in the anuradhapura base is humiliating. According to my sources, the selvan kill was an accident as the SLAF did not know he was present at the time of the bombing.

  20. sl,
    that makes sense. Probably SLAF knew meeting of high rankers but may not the presense of selvan. However the question is if SLAF knew selvan was there would they still bomb? This explains more of GOSL ploicy.

    Mannar attack.
    How did we know LTTE wanted to hijack waterjet vesel?
    That may be true. However I guess this can be a part of a larger plan.

  21. Noltte=peace,
    I remember that you were inquiring about Jayantha Dhanapala few weeks back. Following news item is related to him (The Nation). Such an a--hole.

    "At a seminar held at the U.N. Office in Colombo on 15th November, Jayantha Dhanapala delivered the keynote address.
    Several Ambassadors/High Commissioners were present with countries like Canada, Switzerland, France, Pakistan and Nepal being represented.
    Mr. Dhanapala made a series of critical remarks about government policy.
    On the “R2P” (Responsibility to Protect) doctrine, he agreed with the views of Dr. Gareth Evans, former Foreign Minister of Australia and present Chairman of the International Crisis Group, in the Neelan Tiruchelvam Lecture.
    Dhanapala said that this doctrine had the support of the United Nations. It was embodied in the U.N. Documents and as the 60th Anniversary Summit Outcome Document, had been accepted by Heads of State.
    On human rights, Dhanapala said that even at times of conflict countries could not rely on a “total abrogation” premise with regard to human rights, and proceeded to criticise Sri Lanka on this basis.
    Prof. G. L. Peiris, who was present, responded to Dhanapala in an extended comment which he made immediately after Dhanapala concluded his speech.
    Prof. Peiris pointed out that Gareth Evans was advocating action (including military force, where necessary) outside the U.N. Charter. Evans, in the Neelan Tiruchelvam Lecture, said that the U.N. system had failed because of the veto available to the Permanent Members of the Security Council. Prof. Peiris said that no Sri Lankan Government did, or could, agree to interventionist action outside the U.N. Charter.
    With regard to human rights, Prof. Peiris said that the government of Sri Lanka never relied on “total derogation” but was committed to achieving the right balance between freedom and security.
    At the meeting of the Government Parliamentary Group on the President’s birthday, Sunday 18th November, the day before the vote at the Second Reading of the Budget, the President began the proceedings by expressing his warm appreciation to Prof. Peiris for his intervention at the U.N. meeting itself. He said he had been informed of the proceedings by several persons who had been present. He said that the response by Prof. Peiris was a source of strength to him, and that he wished to thank the Minister publicly."

  22. Hey SL, Greets, I am keeping fine and hope you are the same!

    Yes, I too heard the freaking nondi-barber was a bonus! SLDF MI had received info. that certain LTTE honchos (the strong belief was Pottage-Ammata aka Pottu Aman was there!) were in that house containing underground bunkers and SLAF went into action and viola, next thing we know, the nondi-barber was fried alive! LMSSAO!

    Brother, you are right...LTTE scum are everywhere, including in this forum but often in disguise, and we need to stand our ground and also be on the vigil for their vile propaganda (also delivered in disguise, or subliminally). Their aim is to somehow bring in a change of GOSL and hope it is Ranil the Pansy who will take the reins so that they can have "thamileelam" (or peelam as some patriots now say, I am told! LMSSAO!) on a platter.

    Time to clarify something that has been said many times before…

    The Fat Black Oily Pig did not allow the Tamils under his grip to vote at the last PE not because he wanted MR to win, but he was strongly advised by LTTE honchos in the West to boycott, to send a message to the world that "eelam Tamils" do not belong to Sri Lanka and as such, they want no part of SL politics! Now this makes sense as if you are struggling to form your own separate state, then you essentially nullify your separatist position by taking part in politics of the very state that you are trying to break away from. However, some misguided (more like moronic) RW supporting cooks (or gooks, pick your poison I say! LMSSAO!) took this to mean that the Fat Black Oily Pig was supporting MR!!! Wow!

    Anyway, as we all know now, that strategy badly backfired and now there are many “eelam Tamils” admitting that the boycott of last PE was a “real bad mistake” (as MR proved to be a formidable enemy, unlike RW the Pansy!). As such, now they have done back-peddling and are now solidly behind RW the Pansy as they know he is their saviour (the recent budget vote circus is a case in point, whereby the Fat Black Oily Pig demanded that every TNA go and vote against the budget!)

    OaO Asithri

  23. Hemantha,

    Thanks for highlighting Jayantha Dhanapala thing ... Oh! What to say..

    I have posted something for you in the previous thread.

    The Turkey was on SLAF for this 'Thanks Giving'!

    Now a Pig and few wild animals left for Christamas and the Chinese New Year.

    Ninja Bandara,
    I enjoyed your postings with deep analysis in the past. Do not slow-down man.. keep up the good work.

    There were some other dudes here who made great postings, and they seems to have suddenly disappeared too. Love to see them coming back.. Mathematica.. where are you?

    Man, you doing great work.. please paste the link in the bottom of any quotes you make from external sources.. it would be easier for the reader.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  24. BTW,

    Golden Eagle resembles Marvan Atappattu to me (cautious and steady), Asithri reminds me Kaluwa when in his early days hitting massive shots every corner on every ball.

    David Blacker is Muralitharan. Bowling spinners here. Tangara is typical Sangakkara.. good supporting arms.

    Sri Lankan, you reminds me Arnold. Long shots, steady.

    Nemesis, you are so technical that reminds me Watmore.

    Enough for now! :-))


  25. Hemantha,

    You are like Champaka Ramanayake.. Loads of Research..

    BTW, can you sing? Champaka can!

  26. Thanks for the compliment noltte=peace:)

  27. Here's an interesting article, made really worth reading by a response by our friend David Blacker;

    David; kudos to you for doing that. This particluar forum is run by a typical peacenik, whose leanings leave a bad taste in the mouth...

  28. To be honest.......I am not really happy that we are planning to buy more 122mm MBRLs. I think we already have enough of them.

    I was really hoping they would buy a few higher caliber(220mm,270mm, 300mm,350mm) MLRS units.

    I think the 300mm would be a good bet, and we won't need more than 5 or 6 300mm MLRS units. This is a small island after all. Its is said that about 6 300mm MLRS units have the firepower of a tactical nuclear bomb.

    A 300mm MRLS unit is very valuable because it can launch 2350kg-2900kg of explosives in one volley. The RM-70(as stated above) can only launch 250kg of explosives in one volley.

    A single 300mm rocket can carry 600submunitions in them. Each submunition will have a kill radius of 5m-7m. Now imagine 10-12 of these rockets unleashing about 6000 of these hand grenade sized submunitions over the area the size of 1 square km.

    It will be like rain, but instead of rain drops you have hand grenade sized submunition bomblets coming down on you. It will all be over in about 20-30 sec. After that....... just the smell of burning trees and roasted flesh.

  29. According to the Air Force has bombed an LTTE "satellite communication center" and totally destroyed the target. Two days before Prabhakaran's heroes day address. It'll be great if Prabhakaran can't get his speech telecast around the world. Way to crash a party.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. noltte=peace,

    Thank you for the compliment which I don't think I deserve...

    Any way guys, keep up the good work...

    Without noltte=peace , we will be like a bunch of Muppets(thanks Mavan...)..

  32. Tropical, not everyone who disagrees with a military solution is a peacenik. But if you guys disagree with people like that, y'all should start commenting on those blogs instead of sticking to sites like this.

  33. tangara

    Concerning your text Sri Lanka is the homeland …. may I mention that Sri Lanka was generally known as SINHALA in the past. It can very much be possible that Cholas since 7 century, promoted the name Sri Lanka to drive a wedge between North India and its offshoot Sinhala. Note that even today, in Begali, our country is known as Singhal. North Indian Hindus become pale when they hear the sound Sri Lanka – the mythical land of the demaon Ravana … !!!! However, for the Tamil Hindus in Tamil Nadu, Ravana is the greatest. While Nindians burn the effigy of Ravana, Tnadu burns that of Rama. … a little lecture on Indian mindset !

    However, since nothing is static and Singhala people are integrating more and more ethnicities (races), it is better to talk about Sri Lankan people instead of Singhala people. This will allow us to integrate more and more Tamils into our Sri Lankan folds.

    I also believe that Tamil language itself must be considered as an asset and we must use it as the natural second language. Sri Lankans has a mission as the gem of South Asia. Any one who know Singhal can mater Hindi in 2 months. Imagine, how rich SL kids are with Singhala, Tamil, English and Hindi as birth rights.

    There is a group of patriots in SL working on this line of thinking and they are already distributing a multi media CD for learning Tamil, free. Soon a similar Hindi CD will also be available.


    NOLTTE=Peace and other patriotic Folks,

    Great to read all of you. Wish there are still more participants.

    It is never enough to emphasis that the alertness (APPAMADA) is the key to a good tiger hunt.

    The tiger will pounce again similar AAB. This time we must get the beast.

    All the same, the Tiger lets our forces to learn how to be alert 24*7*365 hours a year. That will make us wake up from the colonial slumber.

    These 2 legged tiger cowards must be annihilated using all means as soon as possible. As Gota says, the next generation must not suffer from this Tiger curse.


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