Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Airstrikes destroy "Voice of Tigers" radio station

Ground attack aircraft of SLAF's 10th fighter squadron carried out a devastating airstrike on LTTE's official radio station "Voice of Tigers" at 4.20 P.M today. The broadcast station, situated 3.5KM south of LTTE stronghold of Kilinochchi, was completely destroyed in the attack.

LTTE leader Prabhakaran's annual "Mahaveer day" speech was scheduled to be broadcast live on VOT from 6.30 P.M onwards. It was only two hours before this event two Kfir bombers dropped at least 12 bombs on the transmission tower and the surrounding buildings. It is believed that at least 10 LTTE personnel on site were killed in the attack.

Voice of Tigers has been known to use two frequencies to broadcast its services; 98.0MHz from Kilinochchi and 103.0MHz from the Eastern province. It's eastern broadcast station was shut down when Special Forces overran Vakarai and Verugal region early this year.

The SLAF has been unusually active in the past two days. It flew four different bombing sorties today and yesterday, all on targets in the Northern province. At least 3 of these strikes are believed to be successful. Meanwhile several new UAVs are set to join SLAF's 11th UAV flight, which suffered heavily at the hands of Black tigers during AAB attack. The new additions are said to be technically superior to the ones that were destroyed in the attack.


  1. Well done boys... That hurts a lot... Prabha's speech only in his dreams.. Love to see some more action from SLAF.. Keep up the good work boys we're always with you...

  2. way to go-precision strikes at the nerve is what we are gonna be doin in the future..oh ye..so the VOT is no more?..dats superb..

  3. What a great way by the SLAF to greet Jabba the Hut on this 53rd b'day. Keep it up SLAF :)

  4. defencenet,what are the model & make of UAV's we are gonna get,by the way-if its confidential,not necessary to reveal now-maybe later,but its from israel,rite..

  5. Following pics tell the story. Just imagine the evolution of this pig's face from 2005 to 2007.

    Pirapaharan's speech 2005:

    Pirapaharan's speech 2006:

    Pirapaharan's speech 2007 (use vtunnel.com in SL):

  6. What is this 'clown' Rifard the LTTE Fart is trying to achieve here coming back as Renegade to Fish for information?

    This dumb f**k should be kicked out from here - a total distraction.

    I may ask him to shove the Nuclear Warhead up in his a** and vanish from here.

    Golden Eagle, you well spotted the traitor.

  7. It is rumored that LTTE has brought a MANPAD to Katunayake area.

    Be vigilant! May be still hidden in a boat in Negombo area.

  8. Weldone SLAF!!

    Nice little B'day gift for prabah, now lets give a better gift for Xmas!! :)

    Hope the New UAV have better endurence, and good Optical payload.

  9. Defencenet you need to do something about these trolls on the blog. They are getting really tiresome.

    I think Prabhakaran's speech is pretty interesting that he mostly castigates the international community and us "Sinhala racists", but doesn't contain any explicit threats that the LTTE will resume the war and launch large scale attacks against the Army. That says a lot about the position they are in right now. Most "experts" were expecting him to practically announce a full scale resumption of the conflict. Instead he begs the international community to curtail the army and ensure a "Tamil homeland", rather than actually pledging to take the fight to us.

    He also fails to mention the Air Force bombing over the last few days. That makes it pretty certain that the speech was recorded way beforehand. A live speech would probably have contained "...SLAF killed my peace dove and has continued to terrorize the Tamil people over the last few days...".

    And btw has anyone noticed how fat Prabhakaran is these days?

    Tamilnet picture

    At 53 that can hardly be good for his health.

  10. renegade,
    We think it's still too early to reveal info on UAVs. revealing them right now even before they''ve flown the first mission will be helping the enemy. Sorry.

    By the way all these stories about LRRP attacking civilian targets are completely false.
    They dont just pick targets at random and then set off claymores.

  11. I also believe that LTTE is targeting innocent civilians using claymore attacks to discredit the government.

    LTTE are cowards, so that the government should be very careful on whatever they do.

    If the government DPU has not done such act, the LTTE claims should be denied at the first occurrence.

    It is heartening to see any civilian die, while not aiding terrorism. Feel sorry about the victims.

    On another note, why should we drop expensive bunker busters on destroying communications centers, while our objective should be to use them for Tamil Selvam like LTTE leadership targets?

    I am yearning for the day that I can freely go about in Sri Lanka without any Tamil fascist racism preached by Prabhakaran and his immediate goons.

  12. The accused LTTE payrolled Ethirajan Anbarasan and BBC has produced another article re-broadcasting the Terrorist Leaders' message with a twist of killings of civilians


    This is a self claimed associate of slain terrorist leader Tamil Selvam who had secret meetings in Vanni.

    People widely say that Ethirajan Anbarasan work for LTTE more than BBC, and he has his own personal agenda of using BBC as a platform to broadcast pro-LTTE communication.

  13. r*fard&c*ble,
    do you know the housing sceame in raddoluwa,close proximity to the air force base,mixed populaton,all middle class families,its very easy for the tigers to mingle with the freindly people,you can see planes taking off from there,and there are several short cuts to katunayake,once my friend showed me.i heard the rumor about the man pad,it could be over there

  14. Interesting comment from Gota abt this being velu's last b'day. Only disappointed Gota didn't make it a point to send him an autographed special present to make it happen as well.

    Bravado aside, the underlying realities of that declaration clarifies a startlingly clear picture of the positions (militarily, socially, politically and in international standing) the two sides have accomplished over the long term. Sri lanka definitlely holds the upper hand right now, but must always continue to work towards maintaining and enlarging that gain. We live in a changing world; and one in which anything can happen.

  15. These air strikes put a smile in my face :)

    Can't wait till SLA drops one at Fat Prabha's bunker. Preferably while he is taking a shit.

  16. One who executes does not need to shout!

    First execute and then announce.

  17. renegade,

    "defencenet,what are the model & make of UAV's we are gonna get,,by the way-if its confidential,not necessary to reveal now-maybe later,but its from israel,rite.."

    Do you want serial numbers also?

  18. Guys, have you ever seen a whining pig? If not please click here.

  19. My fellow Lankan Pariots
    I found following tamilnut.com IP address and registration information. They are located in Oslo Norway. Those Patriots from Norway call that f***ers and jam their phones.

    Hosting Service address:
    address: Gaustadalleen 21
    address: 0349 Oslo
    address: Norway
    e-mail: lir@easynet.no

    Registered to following f****** terrorist:
    person: Jan Marius Evang
    address: c/o Easynet
    Nydalsv 38
    0484 Oslo
    e-mail: marius@easynet.no
    phone: +4792035323

    Call them. Spam their email boxes!

  20. Guys,

    See what has happened to a valuable foreign investment here..


  21. WipeLTTE,

    Your patriotism is admired, but such acts are just childish stuff (anyway what is going to be achieved by jamming a telephone line, when there are hundreds of other tel lines that can be used).

    There are many other productive things that you can do with your time.

    One simple thing....Write to your local MPs about LTTE fund collections, and ask them to pressure the respective authorities to prosecute them.

  22. Hemantha,

    About the Whinning Pig..

    Always it has been lot of smoke, and little fire!

  23. Guys,

    There are some fatalities of children; we don't know how it happened. Unfortunately, the Tamilnet is not the most trusted news source on the planet at present. So, we have to take everything they say with a pinch of salt.

    However, if the Army is responsible for this, by accident or misunderstading - under general Fonseka's leadership, there is litte room for blatant violations of human rights, as his record clearly shows it - they must investigate it, and should take remedial measures to rectify them once and for all.

    Civilian harassment in any form is wrong and counter-productive in the long run; our army has left that legacy behind them, a few years back.

    The innocent in these areas have suffered enough - economically, emotionally and physically - and those of us from the south do not want to make any more contribution to Nation's collective guilt, whey they suffer any more.

    Let's hope this incident an unfortunate accident, if the army is remotely connected to it, in one way the other.

  24. qrious,i trust you ,youare the guy man ,'those of us from the south',
    wa wa,what a man,
    PISS OFF HA,mate ,dont use different bloody names to join and be the crouching tiger.we are from south,not u,you are so keen to quote about the human right violations,PISS OFF MATE

  25. GUYS chase thease morons from this place ,dont let them make this a nother LNP.identify them and piss on them ,raja,qrious,rena 'bloody'gade

  26. Wipeltte-NICE WORK BUDDY, keep it up,i spread the news tommorowto my pals

  27. Tikira,

    You are a typical 'modayek'; your conclusions about my identity are equally stupid. I am a Sinahlese Buddhist professional and proud of being both a southerner too.

    You act like a maria kade fellow; the guys who lift up the sarong - redda ussa ganna evun - for everything; no substance, just bark off like a dog.

    Shut up, if you cannot prove things beyond doubt. Learn the ABC of decency first and then walk into the 21 st century forum. You are a disgrace to commonsense and still harbour attitudes of 17 the century.

    Our modern army is not fond of killing civilians; they avoid that and right-minded Tamils acknowlegdge that with full of praise.

    Just clean up your grey matter before a constructive discussion.

  28. VOT is a pile of ash!

    Wow! Well done SLAF brothers, OUTSTANDING! Quetion is: What took you so long? This was a low-hanging fruit!


    [defencenet,what are the model & make of UAV's we are gonna get,by the way-if its confidential,not necessary to reveal now-maybe later..]

    So, you want to know the make and model of the UAV’s eh? How about you also ask what kind of missile DefNet recommends to bring them down? Oh yeah? Listen LTTE bitch, you will get no such info. from SL patriots from this site! I’ve seen you popping in here before and attacking humble (!) OaO Asithri re. his “language” when he was laying-it-thick to suspected LTTE supporters and to me, still, that was ok. as it was no skin off my back (i.e. coming from another junior-grade riff-raff like you!)…but this is a different league and as Tikira said, Piss Off!

    R*fard&C*ble said...

    [What is this 'clown' Rifard the LTTE Fart is trying to achieve here coming back as Renegade to Fish for information?]

    Good catch Rf&C bro. I think I responded adequately and civilly (!) to this LTTE bitch!


    [However, if the Army is responsible for this, by accident or misunderstading - under general Fonseka's leadership, there is litte room for blatant violations of human rights, as his record clearly shows it - they must investigate it, and should take remedial measures to rectify them once and for all.]

    Really? Wow, clever bugger, you seem to have all the answers down pat, don’t you? For one thing, you appear to know that this is a fact! Secondly, pray tell me, did you serve in the war-theatre and also as a DPU in Wanni and is that how you are so cock-sure that LTTE only transports their honchos in widely advertised, labeled in large letters, vehicles to tell the whole world that each such vehicle is transporting ONLY LTTE hochos? Poor bugger…you are typical of the pathetic simple-mind dumb-fuck that the LTTE mf’s have taken advantage of over these 25 years to hit us!

    Tikira, bro, I too am strongly suspicious…I would like to watch before a castration in the true OaO Asithri style! LMSSAO!!!

    :-) :-) :-)

    OaO Asithri

  29. Great job guys. Sinhalese trying to kill each other. Probably the only reason Prabhakaran can come out in front of the whole world and dream about his Tamil homeland. If some Tamil fag comes on here, by all means... But lets try to keep things a bit civil among ourselves.

  30. defensenet good job with the blog

    I see a report on RSF condemnation of our attack of LTTE radio station

    when did a terrorist group's radio station became part of journalism?

    These punks (peace doves), who shag, eat, drink, piss, shit under the protection given to them with the bloody sacrifices of our boys have the odacity to say attack against Journalism. damn them

    I wander what these monkeys such as RSF would say if USA had a Al Quida radio station. or in UK if IRA had a radio station of such?
    or in France muslim separatists had such a radio station.

    Pace doves are so eager to hide under the protection given to them by Men who fight war. They forget Peace is a by product of War it self, and cheos is a product of poorly run wars.

    In the war between LTTE and Sri Lanka there are no civilians, but only Victims.

  31. I agree there are some trolls here extracting information

    We do not need to say what we have,

    but I do encourage pushing propaganda stories on DPU teams.

  32. I wonder how many heavy guns LTTE has in Muhamali FDL?

    importantly how many of LTTE heavy guns can reach a perimeter extending 9 km south of Muhamali? These guns include the 122, 120's 160. how many shells do they have available? are these guns mobilasable?

    how many troop carrying vehicles does the LTTE have in these areas?

    where does the LTTE obtain spare parts for these

    we do know that the captured APC and tanks have no spare parts and are sitting idle (they are towed), but their guns are used extensively. (so how many 100 mm DT rounds are available?)

    Amoung other questions:
    1.What is the LTTE total force capacity at Muhamali FDL (including reserves and other available reserves) our estimate is 6000

    2. What is LTTE' daily fuel requirement, where are they getting fuel and where are the fuel storage facilities?

    3. How is LTTE's communication structure set up? How they uplink with the rest of the world and how to stop the propaganda from reaching the peace shits.

    taking out the LTTE is easy if we know their fuel status, arms, and mobilizable man power. This is the difference between SL and other powerful nations.

    as I said before we need Air patrolling air craft to take out targets at a whim of notice.

    when we take out a FDL, LTTE brings reinforcements (this is why muhamali is difficult), we need to cut the LTTE reinforcements, communications, sea movement.

    thus the best solution is to have AT-10 instead of choppers (not Mi24 which are sitting duck when they adopt)

    we may also need strike steams with some balsy guts, which can land behind enemy lines and attack rapidly.

    the goal is to kill them and kill them all !

  33. in effect we do not need to cut dissect out defenses here like that traitor Iqbal does.

    we need to cut and dice LTTE actions to see their weak points.


    STOP FUEL supplies to LTTE and it will die a slow death.

  34. Suicide Blast Near EPDP Office Col

    A suicide bomber blasts herself at checkpoint to Douglas Devananda’s office Isipatana Rd Col, says military official. Eight injured

  35. Ogre
    SLDF has been capturing many fuel stocks that were heading into ltte territory but i'm sure there are enough and more traitors from our side too who will sell ltte fuel for money...
    But at least it's a great thing that sldf is blocking whatever they can so that ltte have to work harder to get supplies

  36. Defencenet

    can you confirm if anything out of the ordinary happened it Mahawa, A'pura yesterday.

  37. DefNet, how 'bout a post on this claymore attack? It did happen on the LTTE heroes day just before the ceremonies, and the Army spokesman haas given a rather ambivalent statement on it -- basically saying it's not us 'cos we have no troops operating in LTTE areas ;) -- which has been given even after successful LRRP strikes.

    Now, I'm not saying this IS a LRRP strike, but the Tigers haven't done an own goal of this sort recently. Is it possible a LRRP unit was targeting a Tiger VIP and got the kids instead by accident?

  38. defencenet,no worries-understood..

    By the way,shitters like R*fard&C*ble should be removed from this blog-these so-called 'nationalistic' & 'patriotic' hypocrites,in my opinion should have a 100 Megaton Neutron-bomb delivered to their plate for lunch!!

  39. The 'soft-targetting' by the LTTE (killing civillians) today, must be used to maximum propaganda value. This is something that needs to be taken to the International community and revisited repeatedly in the future.

    There's opportunity in chaos. Usually it is highly rewarding when used properly.


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