Friday, November 2, 2007

S.P. Thamil Selvam killed in airstrike

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam suffered a major setback when their political wing leader S.P. Thamil Selvam was killed in an airstrike today. His death occurred when SLAF 10th fighter squadron and 5th jet squadron's ground attack aircraft bombed a suspected rebel base in Kilinochci at around 6 AM today. 4 other senior LTTE cadres who were at the  base too are reported to be killed.

Although Thamil Selvam was the leader of LTTE's political wing, he was recently assigned to the defense of the Pooneryn sector from a possible army invasion. At the time of his death, he was commanding a considerable number of LTTE fighters in the Pooneryn sector.


  1. WOW WOW WOW!!!

    This is a big blow!!!

  2. First LTTE 'brigadier' to be killed. Lol.

  3. This is a big Blow to LTTE , but killing some one make it only a temporary blow....some one will take up that position.....Army has to capture Vanni and other areas ASAP...Army should act very wisely from now on.....

  4. times eye

    Don't be a fool. Rushing into Wanni ASAP is a stupid move at this stage of the game.

  5. I wonder if VP had anything to do with Tamilchelva's death. There were rumors flying around that VP and Chelva didn't see eye to eye on a few issues.

  6. this is one of the best news itmes i heard about sri lanka in a long time. The most important thing now is to take advantage of this and flush out the terrorists from our motherland.
    The morale of the LTTE will fall to an all-time low to learn the fact that an "invincible" leader is not immune from the SLAF bombardment. It is just a matter of correct intelligence flowing in and the most secure LTTE positions can be targetted.

  7. 'times eye' must be feeling like damn fool now :-D

  8. GE,

    you might have something there, about VP and the attack...

    and yes David,

    First time for a "Brigadier" frome the tigers...wonder what that makes VP? Lol

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  11. however, it will be very stupid to over-react and go all out into wanni. It has to be a meticulously planned, special force headed offensive.

  12. thats true thamilchelvam was kind of moderate.......killing him is GOOD but it doesn't make LTTE less stronger....he'll be forgotten in one month and some one will take up his place.....Air force has done a good work under pressure (When u consider huge failure in Anuradhapura)....this could be a good incident to increase the lost moral of SLAF...hope they could keep it that way

  13. 1) He could be really dead an announced
    2)He could be alive and disapper like KP but all arragements done for his burnt out? body which nobody can identify as its wrapped.

    IF 1) is likely, a) was he assinated and then "killed" in a air force attack or b) was he killed by Prabha.

    If you ask me it could be a boon to Prabha for Chelva to be dead. 1)Sri Lanka has targetted the LTTE political head, so no negotiations can be made 2) The dispora get worked up conviniently before Maveera day and throw their support behind LTTE and also funds flow in. 3)LTTE says that Sri Lanka is clearly intrested in war and LTTE is now compelled to go for an armed struggle.

    Lets see how the drama unfold in the comming days.

  14. A great day of precise targeting & bombing by our FLY-BOYS!woohoo! keep it up! i understand 4 other top-rankers were killed..

    Payback in memory of Lakshman kadir-that's what i'm talkin about!!

  15. I also never knew the chelva was ever referred to as COL before. How come he dies as a BRG.

  16. Others killed are:

    Lt. Col. Anpumani (Alex), Major Mikuthan, Captain Neathaji, Lt. Aadchiveal and Lt. Vaakaikkumaran.

  17. Navindran...About TC i am inclined to agree with you.I think he was killed by VP and his body placed in the bombed out remains.I hope the Tamil VP buy weapons which are located and captured by the army.Will help defense budget.We must instruct them to buy modern weaponary.If this happens what a turn of events.Remember the time when the joke among the LTTE was-if we need modren weapons we get it from the army?



  19. I think the mlitary intelligence should work o nthe premise that TC left the country.they need to findout how he left the country.The point is:If he can leave the country undetected so can VP&Assoc.

  20. DefenceNet..(when you have the time..) how do we know the names of the others killed so soon?.IS it intelligence or spy planes?

  21. Now if only our SLAF can get their hands on a FOAB.

  22. srilankan, The names of the others were published on Tamilnet...

  23. Srilankan,

    The names of the others are also given on tamilnet.

    So do you think they were also killed by VP and placed at the bomb site to make it more convincing? LOL : )

  24. Navindran TC has been promoted to field marshall..He is to be taken to arlington cemetary in mass..according to my "reliable source":):).

  25. Thanks mew_lobo &shay.Are you sure the others are not cadres who died recently due confrontations with the army.The only way to know for sure is to conduct post mortems to establish time of death which we cant.Now can these guys from norway help us there?.

  26. a black tiger training facility (located north or Iranamadu) too was bombed today morning.

  27. Hmmm>>> tamilnet and other pro LTTE websites were unusually quick to announce the news>>

  28. goldeneagle, lankapura, srilankan and others who raised the question,

    We do not think that this is fabrication.

    There are many reasons as we are running out of time we'll cite the main reason:

    Black tigers almost raised the Eelam flag in AAB and put the morale of SLAF to an all time low. It is unlikely that the LTTE will help SLAF regain lost pride with a story like this.

  29. 1 is finished, let’s go for others...
    Make them feel insecure,
    Make them busy,
    Make them desperate...
    Make them frightened, that they can’t even go to the toilet or plan anything
    Now it’s time to hire someone to finish, KP and all foreign bustards
    (by the way there’s another Patriot here… can u please change that name or shall I)

  30. Also, in pro LTTE media articles related to this story, notice the word "political leader Thamil Selvam".

    Any outside reader would be fooled into thinking that SLAF just killed someone not involved in military operations (in other words a 'good guy')

  31. .... and another bites the dust!

  32. Thanks for your comments DefenceNet.

  33. I hope our forces will be able to weaken the terrorists further, and the Govt. will be able to "liberate" the innocent Tamils with a lasting political solution.

    May the Noble Triple Gems & the entire population in Heaven (thisthunkotiyak deviyo) Bless and protect our Forces.

  34. well well... what have we got hear... lot of conspiracy theories coming out already, as to what really happened to the "Barber"?

    Have U guys ever noticed, every time a prominent LTTE leader gets killed or targeted by the SL forces, for some weird reason, the deceased/wounded seems to have had "issues" with VP...?

    I think this is how the LTTE down-plays their losses!

    Whatever it is, I'm just happy to see the end of that smiling monkey!

    Yeah! agree with U guys... this is revenge for killing our beloved FM, late Hon. Laxman Kadirgarma...

    Of course we will have to kill about 100,000 TamilChelvans to get true revenge on the loss of Laxman K, but I will settle for this now!

    The mail you requested regarding the "Defence Fund" is on its way...

  35. I guess TC won't be smiling like a chesire cat anymore.

    I bet satan is watching him filling out his entry form into hell right as we speak.

  36. as much as this may seem like a victory i believe that there is still more to over come for VP its just another life no one is indispencable hence nothing should be underestimated

  37. When come to Terror, there are no good guys. some ppl can make these A*** holes their heroes... but who cares what ever wrote by who ever. Let's keep hitting the big targets like these.
    I knew it's too good to be true when I seen the sun shine this part of the world.
    Soon sun will shine for ever. One more to hit.
    God bless you all our brothers and sisters.
    Those F*** who were saying air target keep hitting the civilians can shut their ***** now.
    ONE MORE TO GO. We are all most there.

  38. VP must be sweating bullets right now.

  39. Those who has provided the info to hit the targets. THANK YOU .. THANK YOU... THANK YOU.

  40. This is indeed GREAT NEWS. Now if only we can get VP take a similar exit? Yes, Yes Wow!

    A little bastardised version of a quote I read in DB's facebook page;

    On a warm Kataragama night if I passed by
    And God Skanda was standing there
    What is the prayer that I would say to him?

    This is the prayer.

    Lord of Courage
    Master of War
    Make firm in me a heart too brave
    To ask you anything.

    May our security forces be blessed and guided by the triple gem!

  41. Well done !!!! We are proud of you. . We are awaiting of this kind of news. We know for sure that you can win this battle. We need peace full country without tigers. Will all get together and fight for Sir Lank ‘s frredom.


  42. Dona Kathirina.. i am with you all the way...We have to save our country and the innocents from this filth.

  43. The Airforce strikes back!

    Took that one from the star wars trilogy. hehehe.

  44. I heard Prbha was going in an out of Sri Lanka during the peace process times, with the help of Chandrika & Ranil.......he may go out now too

  45. dsome-
    I would pray the same. Let's make it as a group prayers all.

    Lord of Courage
    Master of War
    Make firm in me a heart too brave
    To ask you anything.

    May our security forces be blessed and guided by the triple gem!

  46. I have mixed feelings. I guess it's good to destroy as many of them as possible.

    But, a political office was targetted (top political leaders dead). I know there are issues with calling them "political" members, but let's not dwell on that.

    This is going to give LTTE ammo to do more crazy attacks that they have been trying to avoid lately. Like not worrying about civilians and use of dirty weapons. It will also allow LTTE to say that SLGovt wants war. Tamil diaspora will also step up funding as a lot of them respected the smiling tiger.

  47. "I also never knew the chelva was ever referred to as COL before. How come he dies as a BRG."

    Very few high-ranking Tigers use their ranks the media, and especially not TC, since he was styled as a political leader. I guess they posthumously promoted him.

    I too am a bit surprised at the immediate announcement by the LTTE of such a shocking blow, and it's a bit tempting to assume VP killed him. But I doubt that. He was too valuable a figure. IF VP or someone else killed him, I doubt it would be announced that he was killed in an airstrike as its handing the GoSL a morale-booster straight after the A'pura disaster. It would be easier to say he was killed in a car crash or accidental explosion. So I'd say it's genuine.

    The only possiblity that can't yet be excluded is that TC was killed by a rival within the LTTE, and in a way that will be difficult to hide. So it was decided to announce he was killed in the airstrike.

    But that's just conjecture.

    I can't think that this'll bring funds in from the diaspora, as it will hit their morale. TC was a very charismatic figure and in many ways seen as the next generation of the LTTE leadership. More likely this'll make the diaspora wonder if the war can be won.

    To say that TC can be forgotten and replaced in a month is also quite silly. He was both an experienced and successful military commander as well as popular figure among younger Tamils, because unlike VP he was a very visible individual.

  48. kbs-
    If it's the so called political f***'s then why other self appointed terror's were there?
    Discussing the peace process?

  49. Although one may automatically have the desire to celebrate upon hearing of TS's death, we must understand that this is merely a battle won and the war is still far from over. The government should control the sentiments of the masses and not allow too much celebration to take place over this, as it is a sensitive news item which may result in mayhem. Having said that, I must confess that there is a triumphant feeling that wells up in one's heart upon hearing this news, as TS was a devious and significant stumbling block in the peace talks.

  50. perein,

    Reality doesn't worry. Perceived reality is what worries me. LTTE can use this to run propaganda about SLGovt attacking political cadres.

  51. I wonder what Soosai is thinking about all this?

  52. I suggest "times eye" to read some military strategy, war history books. He seems have watched too much Rambo or 007.

  53. Thanks for your input David.What is worrying me is another attack on the katunayake ABase..with the help of a traitor of course.It will be history repeating itself.Cant we clear the houses round the AFBase.I hope the govt publishes their findings about the AAFBase.

  54. MOD, the armed forces of Sri Lanka,

    This is good news. We have to take many great steps like this to finish LTTE. However good this news is, don't loose the sight of the original plan. Yet, capitalizes any gains we made from this attack (psy ops). Stay on the course. Execute the plan methodically. Don't rush. Never let our guard down. We have lots of big fish to fry.

  55. kbs-
    Whole world know him as a terror leader / self appointed socalled political factor.
    If in to democracy surely most of the world has thought about LTTE better than now.
    Only reason rest of the world does not want to support SL Gov. fully is too many Tamils live in most of the other countries and last thing they want is to control those lot while Muslim terror is an issue.
    However those Tamils living away from SL also in 2nd or 3rd generation with less dependants in SL. Therefore they do not bother about LTTE and not worried to stop funding.
    Also SL Gov. (I hate politics) has done a good job to date by publishing and discussing the relevent issues with top of the ladder in most countries too.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Very nice news and good on every Sri Lankans. Time to rethink about remain terrorist death schedule as well. If no more terrorist treat means that Peace for innercent people in sri lanka.
    Our Leadership is doing exactly what country need.
    Now time to adopted our Leadership vision.
    Kindly give your big hand to give maximum support to chief in commander.
    Do not misunderstand with political.
    Without Leadership forces will not do anything. There for Leadership is very important to stay live. Otherwise every thing will back flow as well.
    Please think and arrange good things to our forces hero as much as possible.
    This is time to protect our all war heros and should keep eye on every cases as well.
    100% Attention is necessary as well now onwards.
    LTTE is lost and they are in under pressure as well.
    Time to hit hard them and protect our country from terrorist as well.
    Please protect and give maximum support to our Forces including chief in commander and his great team players as well.

  58. LTTE was so swift to accept loss of something wrong..IS PRABHA GONE TOO?

  59. It wont be easy 2 replace selvam. He was one of the senior ltte cadres (he joined ltte in 1983) and this may be ltte's biggest loss after shankar.

  60. david, I seen to disagree on the value of tamil chelvam. Looking at the Pro LTTERs on the LN, you dont see obiviously they try to play down the issue.

    However at the same time balasingam was not targeted by previous governments. I would be suprised why MR would want to take out TC. He does not seem to have the strong dispora and the time frame as negotiator was short.

    If he is really dead, LTTE will play the sympathy card with the dispora especially in the heroes day speeach. Prabha will say that the Sri Lankan goverment does not want to negotiate and that the LTTE is forced to take the struggle to a higher level.

    I doubt prabha is going to mention independence but he would hint strongly this time.

    As mentioned TC was most visible and most easiest to take out. However taking him out at this juncture could be MRs way to reverse the LTTE recent sucess which even Anti LTTE websites were seen to silently praise.

  61. Now.. let's keep eye on who would attend the funeral. Hopefully we can bless them too from the top of the sky.

  62. Defencenet,
    I had a doubt that why Tamilnet was the first to say TS died, in fact most cases they kept everything to be published only if unavoidable. That’s why I made question that this is LTTE fabrication or LTTE inside act. However we should analyze the next situation before we go ahead with any operation or any comments.
    1. If he died who will be in charge in political wing and his or her abilities & weaknesses.
    2. If this is a fabrication or inside act why they have done this? does VP want to remove him so badly.
    3. If this is because of AF attacked they should be honored by finishing one of terror leader but we should not rush to do any offence to Vanni just because of this.

    However this is good time to make LTTE cadres insecure and more vulnerable and if SLA can kill few more terror leaders that will be a very good strength for our SLA to move forward and make feel uncomfortable among young LTTE cadres.

  63. this is the first time i saw defencenet update like this, a post in every second!

  64. Defencenet,

    Was the airstrike carried out using conventional weapons or fuel air weapons?
    It seems that DMI has infiltrated the LTTE deeper than ever.

  65. "This is just a message, that we know where their leaders are. I know the locations of all the leaders, that if we want we can take them one by one, so they must change their hideouts," he told Reuters.

    "When the time comes only, we take them one by one."

    - Gota

  66. I dont think army wanted to takeout TC specifically..He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.Perein they wont be blessed from the sky(sadly)..papers will say "Army bombs funeral" and will publish photos of crying women.Do you know any place that conducts " professional crying classes"?

  67. This gonna be a one of the best days in ma life .. I 100% agree with u defecenet .. this is the biggest lost to the tera since they lost shunker

  68. TC joins Shanker the wanker in hell!!!

  69. Asithri,

    Man, I am waiting for your comments today.

  70. Srilankan-
    If the Most Senor Clown going to attend the TC's big event (too good to be true if he does) we should still do via sky or some way to hit the target.
    International papers will say SL Bombed the funeral, but when investors started to come towards SL all those will be forgotten.

    Already SL stock market gone up after today's event.

  71. Guys this is the day after the death of the pilot Paul Tibbets, Jr. best known for being the pilot of the Enola Gay, the first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb.

    I wonder down the history lane whether one day a Sri Lanka Airforce Pilot would be known for delivery the lethal blow to kill TC !

    This unnamed pilot is one of the heros of this great air strike. Well done to the boys who supplied the intel too and the ground work!

    Well done comrades !

  72. Looks like the euphroria that the diaspora experienced during the past week(after the A'pura attack) just flew out the window with the death of TC.

  73. Thanks perein great news about the stock market:)

  74. Result of a Great effort of the intelligences with SLAF. (Ascot operation)

  75. Here is what I think happened....

    Tamilselvam is dead...Someone senior is also got injured seriously in this raid...That injured person could be senior than TC and LTTE might be thinking that he/they might also die in the near future..LTTE got panicked and annonced the TC's death inorder to cover up the other persons idetntity, so everyones focus is on TC...

    Now look out for the other top 5 LTTE leaders presence at the funerals...If any of them are going to miss these funerals...

    He/they is/are the injured/killed other senior tigers...

    Fingers crossed....
    Velu could be the other senior leader injured..

    asiantribune says another leader is injured...

  76. Let us get the facts straight.

    LTTE attacked AAFB to achieve two things,

    1. Boost the morale of their carders before SLDF start the Wanni offensive.

    2. Reduce our surveillance capability.

    They achieved both.

    With the background of this, VP doesn't want anything going in our side to,

    1. Up our morale

    2. Show our capabilities on Air Power

    Under this situation, what VP is trying to is "Damage Control" and trying to draw sympathy.

    Even in a case that TC was killed by LTTE.

    Two possibilities
    1. The location was given to us by them and shows a huge collapse inside LTTE and TC loyal will start a sect or general fear will spread.

    2. Even TC was killed by other means or killed and placed in bomb site, it again shows a huge breakup.

    Third possibility. TC goes out of country.

    TC goes out of country at the cost of Higher morale of SLAF and deep bottom low morale on Diaspora and terror community. Is this a possibility, if possible I assure is VP is totally out of control nd somebody else is handling the media.

    All is all my conclusion is this is a major blow to the war machine of LTTE. They might get a slight advantage in painting TC as a political head rather than a terrorist. That will fade away soon.


  77. Guys it is the time to refocus on LTTE again.

    They are planning mass murder...

    No question about that...

    Don't underestimate the enemy, specially the LTTE..

    AAB would have avoided, if the SLDF didn't loose the focus...

    GOSL should be blamed partely for the false propaganda leading up to the AAB attack...

    We drop the guard...


    Massive retaliation may be around the corner...

    Please be ready...

    Civilians should be organised to protect non millitary targets against any LTTE attacks..

  78. Tangara,

    Where are you man?

    We want you here!

  79. The way this death was announced was a bit of a surprise to me...

    What do you think, will the LTTE would announced it if the victim is Velu...?

    Something is up...

  80. The way this death was announced was a bit of a surprise to me...

    What do you think, will the LTTE would announced it if the victim is Velu...?

    Something is up...

  81. The way this death was announced was a bit of a surprise to me...

    What do you think, will the LTTE would announced it if the victim is Velu...?

    Something is up...

  82. Every citizen (patriotic) can play a part in this war.

    1. Do what ever possible to raise the Morale of our troops. Smile with them, wave to them, talk about their victories, be one with them in their failures.

    2. Be a MI person. Look around you. Look for any trouble. Report rapidly. Ordinary citizen can be a force multiplier.

    LTTE will try to hit us badly, please all be sensitive.

  83. You are correct tangara,

    Please be ready...

    Civilians should be organised to protect non millitary targets against any LTTE attacks..

  84. When Soosai was injured recently LTTE never uttered a word about it...

    Then this happened and it is all over the news and LTTE confirmed these deaths within hours..

    One reason for this could be the LTTE'S new found confidence and morale boost after the AAB attack..

    Am I missing something here?

  85. noltte=peace,

    How are you brother...?

    I am right here...

    One day we should sit down and talk about those brave men who lost their lives and got injured in fighting LTTE terrorists.


  86. Abhaya,

    Keep up the good work...You are right on target ...

  87. Abhaya,

    Keep up the good work...You are right on target ...

  88. sorry for the multiple posts....

  89. We should definitely bomb the funeral. Perhaps Gotabhaya is too much of a gentleman for that.

  90. Guys, It is high time for Ranil to issue a press statement, something like,
    ' We condemn the attck on a political leader who is clearly not a armed cadre. This will gravely affect the possible peace talks in the future[ when i come to power]. Besides he is the only smiling person in LTTE. [very sweet]. I n addition he was a disabled person'

    And I think these an opportunity fpr VP to push his son in to the position. Well versed in English being educated in Ireland[ courtisy of Chandrika]

  91. We should rebomb the same place about 15 to 30 minutes later when all the attaboys come to help. Then we could kill may be about 30, 40 LTTE'rs. There was a mojor search operation in Killinochchi probably looking for LRP boys. The other on who is injured also seems to be a big gun. Apparently they were desparately looking for blood for the injured.

  92. 'Karuna arrested in London for traveling on a forged passport'

  93. Defencenet;
    Is there any chance any one can confirm big FAT PIG (apologies real pigs!!) was n't at this place when others passed away.
    Why did LTTE announce these deaths so quickly?

  94. There is something fishy going on, i'm sure someone bigger is dead or injured, I think its PRBHA or HIS SON.

  95. mottapala confirms that story

    Karuna arrested in London

    Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman was arrested in London this morning for traveling under a forged passport and is likely to be deported to Sri Lanka

  96. We have to broadcast / drop leaflets spreading the news of death of LTTE top leaders and ask FDL low level cadres to surrender.

  97. Illegal.existence-
    so Kaurna wll be in secure place which British Gov would be responsible for. Which means full security would be provided and worst case he would be send back to Sri Lanka.
    So does not see a big issue.

    Now we have to concentrate towards the main security in Sri Lanka as well as working out how to hit THE PIG.

  98. perin problem is the further Karuna is from Sri Lanka he is the better. That guy is trouble. has pictures of the LTTE funeral here

    Since Prabhakaran will probably attend some part of the funeral, it'll be nice if we could track the location of his coffin.

  99. I think the following is the TCs deadly attack reported on around 9 am. I can now attach a lot of credibility to news items appearing on seeing as this actually took place and yielded tremendous results.


    Air Force bombs LTTE leaders' gathering place and Black tiger base - Kilinochchi
    Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets simultaneously carried out two air sorties targeting a gathering place of LTTE leaders and a Black Tiger base in Kilinochchi this morning, November 02.

    According to the air force sources the air raid was launched at 6.00 a.m based on the information received from intelligence sources and continuous air surveillances conducted for a long period of time.

    One of the targets located at Thuruaiaru in Iranamadu which is believed as an LTTE leaders' hideout and the other, a black tiger base located at North-East of Iranamadu, were completely destroyed due to the air raid, pilots confirmed.

  100. If we are attacking the funeral.. We should be more careful cos LTTE will use some Human armor.. there is a very high possibility of civilians will (or force to attend) to that funaral

  101. Let's say we get close to Prabhakaran. Do you all think that prabhakaran will only think of fleeing when he is cornered?

    I am sure that the tyrant has made elaborate plans to escape and places to escape.

    From Air...
    It could be through an aircraft. A zlin? An amphibious craft that will be able to take off from Iranamadu wewa.

  102. Let's say we get close to Prabhakaran.
    Do you all think that prabhakaran will
    only think of fleeing when he is cornered?

    I am sure that the tyrant has made elaborate
    plans to escape and places to escape if and
    when things get too hot.

    From Air...
    It could be through an aircraft.
    A zlin? An amphibious craft that
    will be able to take off from Iranamadu wewa?

    From the sea..
    Gets to the sea from a boat or a small
    submersible along a canal to sea and perhaps
    from there uses a
    specially made boat (on the lines of a suicide
    boat perhaps) that has a very
    small radar signature to get to a
    rendezvouz point in india? Or even a
    submersible that is capable of getting to
    india? Or may be some sort of very high speed boad?

    From the ground...
    This is also a possibility. A super disguise
    and sneaks under the very noses
    of our check points etc. But rather

    Simultaneous diversion...
    If at all this happens
    there will be a massive diversion
    to turn away attention from the
    grand escape.

    we should have special units dedicated within
    army, navy, air force, stf, police,
    intelligence to work around the clock to
    prevent, intercept and engage in such a scenario.
    If he manages to escapse this conflict
    may still go on for more decades.

    We must close the doors before the horse bolts
    this time. It may be a long way off.. and
    it might never happen in this way. But
    we must get ready for it..

  103. "Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) leader V. Pirapaharan has appointed P. Nadesan as the new Political Head following the demise of Brigadier S.P. Thamilchelvan, according to Irasiah Ilanthiryan, LTTE's military spokesman."


  104. Best opprtunity to use Karuna was immeadiatley after he split. He had the man power as well as the equipment. Queen thieves missed it. Now he is nothing but trouble.

    Fleeying of the tyrant is a possibilty but unlikely. I dont think VP could maitain his authority living abroad. There will definitley be infighting and eventually LTTE will break in to pieces.
    I doubt wether the frontline low level cadres even know about TS's death. There morale willbe temporarily low if they knows it.

    MR & Gota strategy is good. Maintaining the pressure and slowly but steadily killing the buggers

  105. 'The LTTE spokesman described the aerial attack by the Sri Lanka Air Force on Thamilchelvan's residence, a cowardly assassination'


    oh really!!

    Perhaps they could elaborate a liitle bit more. How should he be assasinated? A fist fight with Gota?

  106. Many asked why LTTE announce this so quickly. Death of TC is some thing they can't hide. By being first their version got attention. Now TC is a political leader rather than a terrerist.

    Anyhow now we need to win the propaganda war as well.

  107. rifard...mate .... noway ! TamilC death tit for tat for Kadiragamar... I want the fat ass PB then, we are even for Premadasa & Kadir ok !

    That 60's song... Time to kill and die ! It has come to those baboons in the Ltte and save those poor tamil folks form bigotry !
    Hope my bros in the SLA get that jackass Soosai and Balraj too !
    But,isthiri & nolte... can ya go there and make sure he's really dead ! thanks and bill me later !
    Go Air Force !

  108. This is great news! This guy, I don't think had a huge say in LTTE military operations. But by killing him we have proved that our attack capabilities are intact as the Air Force insisted after the A'pura attack.

    This would have definitely sent shock waves down VP's spin. We are slowly but surely coming for you, 'sir'!!!

    The fact that they admitted Thamil Selvam death is surprising. It'll be a interesting few days the next couple of days. Something tells me that someone else, bigger than or equal to Thamil Selvam is among the injured. My gut feeling is Pottu!


  110. To those who were wondering about VP:

    Prabah visiting TC body 1

    Prabah visiting TC body 2

    Few more at Tamilnet but you get the idea. What I don't understand is how Prabah is able to move around like this? Why can't SLAF get him like this? I know about the civilians, but would even that stop such a chance?

  111. Guys..
    Enlarge the image the below image..
    Big Pig attended the funeral at 3 o'clock.....
    Surely Pig must be closer to the funeral...

  112. Who is that women on the left handside of the photo?..looks like she has had a skin graft

  113. Jack could fat pig with blubber have a limited length of underground tunnels to travel to specific locations?

  114. Mates, Look at VP in the pictures.[tamilnet and laksri]
    This is the typical look of a unhealthy middle age man.Diabetic, hypertensive, unhappy, distressed and stressed, lack of excercise,high cholesterol, most certainly on antidepressents as well.
    I can gaurantee he is not going to live for long if not killed. He will die of a massive heart attack.I think even he himself sees the begining of the end.

  115. srilankan
    The woman is having 'vitiligo'. Not a skin graft. [kabarahama in sinhala]

    Guys, doestn't he remind us of somebody? mmmmmmmmmmmmm oh the kottu mudalali round the corner!

  116. Big Pig must be few miles away from funeral.
    Wonder we can hit the Bulls eye since all aware where about Pig is.
    Go on boys.. One more hit...

  117. Hi fellas ... I just got a feed on our Peace Keeping Contingent in Haiti.BBC seems to making a real big deal abt. it ! Well, you guys figure this out ! But, I stand behind my Bros. !

  118. Hi fellas ... I just got a feed on our Peace Keeping Contingent in Haiti.BBC seems to making a real big deal abt. it ! Well, you guys figure this out ! But, I stand behind my Bros. !

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. Velu is at the funeral...Now look out for the other seniors...

  121. Also in the above link, the bodies were outside...Then they moved them inside before velu appears..

  122. Blistering Barnacles, Thundering Typhoons! Some FUCKING BULLS EYE! Way to go SLAF!

    Why am I not surprised!!!

    Some "Political Leader" this mf was! This filthy parasite was nothing but a leprosy afflicted crotch maggot and may his soul burn in apaya (hell) till eternity!

    Aha, now that feels better...

    Anyway, RW=LTTE mf's should look at it objectively - after all he was on borrowed time and they must be glad he functioned for this long, peddling TERROR. If you guys remember, this filthy parasite escaped by a mere whisker a claymore from our DPU cool-catz a few years ago. Aha, the claymore went off just seconds before his vehicle was on target...that was just too bad and I almost went into a depression at that time! LMSSAO!!!

    Well, well, I see some of you guys have had a field day here castrating a "tiger eye" I see! What a pity that humble OaO Asithri was not able to join as he was traveling to the west coast while you guys were having fun! Sam, rajarata, and others: Sorry guys, I was in-flight while all this was going on...what can I say, the life of a proletariat! LOL!

    Anyway, Gotta's Friday evening here and time to drink some vintage "Pol Pala" and party given the removal of a deadly parasite from planet earth! LMSSAO!

    Greets to you guys...

    OaO Asithri

    Blacker: I saw a couple of spot-on posts from you. Commendations are in order! ;-)

  123. Guys

    Pottu is the real winner. Rumor has it that the info which got TC targetted came from highly placed tiger source, apparently with links to Pottu.

    Pottu has eliminated everyone else on his rise to power and now only velu and the podiyen kolla are standing in his way.

    Place your bets guys, mine's on Pottu as the next leader of the LTTE, in which he'll make the kind of deal that Karuna made.

  124. Wonder what the value of those damned Mig-27s are now....

  125. Rif

    It was a pre-menstrual woman pilot...

  126. Interesting article by Raman

  127. Its a sad sad day for BBC's Ethirajan Anbarasan!

    "Both the Tigers and the military have been accused of gross human rights abuses throughout Sri Lanka's long-running civil war."

    -hehehehehe... how does this relate to this guys death?

    "I met him on a number of occasions in recent years, both in Sri Lanka and during peace talks in Geneva."

    -ane paw! lol

    "He always came across as smiling and friendly - although his enemies say behind the warm exterior there lurked a ruthless, hardened military man."

    -smiling and friendly... lurked a ruthless, hardened military man! Any other adjectives???

    "Even recently, a senior rebel source told me Thamilselvan was away in the north-west heading a rebel fighting unit."

    -ahh! so you are justifying the air attack now? You meant to say that he was doing political work in the 'north-east'.

    "Unlike many of his comrades, SP Thamilselvan did not look like a veteran guerrilla fighter. Dressed in a suit he could have passed himself off as an executive and was very at ease at the negotiating table."

    -damm! LTTE's CEO! lol

    " He was always keen to tell the world what was happening to the Tamil population in north-east Sri Lanka."

    -while smiling...

    "After the devastating tsunami in December 2004, he was quick to ring the BBC Tamil service to say what was going on inside rebel-held territory.

    He supervised relief efforts in rebel-held areas, and was praised in many quarters for his actions. "

    -hehehehehe...shit! I've no comment except to say we always vote the wrong people into parliament

    I'm not going do the whole thing but...Yeah BBC! MOTHER FUCKER was a terrorist you dumb bitch!

  128. Jack/Perin,

    We cant see any tamilnet links, bocz we are in Sri Lanka.

    is there any other links..?

  129. What do you think about follwing
    (1) UK diplomats constantly pressur GOSL not to target kilinochchi

    (2)TC got killed

    (3)Next day Karuna arrested in UK


  130. UK has little influence over what's developing in SL. This is a SL, India, US game.

    Didn't you wonder what happened to all those scandenavian ass holes too?

  131. I was watching the bbc news and bbc tamil reporter said

    "..these setbacks happened earlier days and this is not new to LTTE. It has been proved from the history that Ltte will recover and hit back quickly, no doubt about that.."

    The bbc news headline is the death of TC (spend more than 10 min, showing he is always laughing, a friendly man, blow to the so called peace process...etc)

    However Palitha Kohana gave a good interview with bbc.

    I think this incident shakes the hearts of many ltte supports exposing as " intermediate thinkers (madyastha mathadarin)"

    What about our bbc sinhala service?
    I hate those people.

  132. Ona Gonekuta yudda (war) karanna puluwan.Eth lankawe 98% k balaporoththuwenne samakami (peaceful) wisadumak.

    Lakshman kirialla.

    (What a ashame. Is he taking from his mouth?)

  133. We have a big problem. Read this news article in BBC
    S Lanka troops 'abused Haitians'
    The UN is sending home more than 100 of the 950 Sri Lankan peacekeepers in Haiti, accusing them of sexual abuse, including with underage girls.

    What a SHAME

  134. This is a Result of our Bad diplomacy with UN officials....Some idiots in our government doesn't know how to talk(They think diplomacy is being "Katahakera").Some idiot in GOSL called UN diplomat a terrorist, now we are paying for that.


  136. This is a Result of our Bad diplomacy with UN officials...

    I don't see the connection. It is a a lapse in discipline on the part of the troops. The BBC articles only say that they paid for sex. If it is illegal in that country, or if they were aware the girls were underage they should have known better.

  137. Let's spread the love

  138. I think we shud stop commenting abt this son of bitch kiriella and his comments . these comments that he make will promote him a high profile cabinet minister post in the next unf govt.(That is his dream) ELSE any "gona" can understand that u cn't have peace with that fat pig....

  139. About the..soldiers..assuming this is true.What kind of "gon paraya" will engage in sex in a foreign country knowing full well that the eyes of the whole world are watching.I hope this alone does not reinforce the view the LTTE diasphora have been propagating to the world for over 30 years.I dont understand it.One minute they are winning an award the next 100 are sent back?.All the diplomacy and the collossal amount of money wasted on the on months of diplomacy is all in Vain!!.Now he govt has to start again and waste more money which we dont have to accommodate variuos people in hotels..etc.Can someone please give me more info of what actually happened and the numbers involved.
    What happens to all the honourable soldiers in the army because of this riff raff?.the worst part is now we may not be able to maintain a large force and the loss of their earnings

  140. UN officials, & Western media is slowly turning against US, can't you see Guy's...........100 something soldiers done the same thing, i don't think so, maybe few did and they are punishing a whole unit, just because they don't like GOSL...GOSL doesn't have good picture among west, this is a plus point for LTTE propaganda....All wester media has painted the picture of Amy killing a smiling friendly guys are just like frogs in the some BBC & CNN.....We need people who can think to handle our media not political 'Katahakera Henchaiyyas"....

  141. Dasun Premadasa --- I was exactly talking about people like you.... most of our politicians can only say ANE HUKE kind of stuff when it comes to diplomacy.... thats why we are still struggling to defeat 12000 terrorists.........

  142. Looks like the LTTE is planning to use their planes kamakazi style to take out MR, Gota, the army commander or the navy commander.

    This is what Lanka guardian is reporting. I say its high time that MR stops appearing in public to address rallies. We can't risk it.

  143. Wonder What Kinda Bombs they use this time. guess they might have used Guided bombs (Laser). so the target might designated by Another Aircraft something like UAV or Beechking HISAR.. i guess this place is hard to infiltrated by a LRRP team. probably they might have used another aircraft.. This what we called "Pin-Point Accuracy".

  144. Pro-LTTE poll
    An eye for an eye (the world is already blind)

  145. B#1

    Please use following link

    Then enter

    for URL To Begin Browsing

    Now you can view TAMILNUT

  146. Times Eye, the reason we cant defeat terrorist here is not cos of politicians or anything. its just cos of people like u who support terrorists. First of all cut the bullshit and just admit thats its hurting to see ltte leaders getting killed like dogs.

  147. Hey Dasun don't behave like a complete idiot..if some one talks against GOSL he automatically become LTTE supporter or a srilankans are afraid to show the mistakes done by Army & GOSL...thats why Air Force got fucked up twice in katunayake & Anuradhapura.......if they listened to the warnings given by Iqbal Athas 2-3 years ago...LTTE couldn't even reach Colombo to show up their aerial power, when he wrote an article saying LTTE has acquired planes people like you labeled him a terrorist...Its time to put down the ego and listen to people...

  148. "The loss of Thamilselvan in this way would be a very big setback to any hope of peace talks in the near future - which in any case were not apparent either," Jehan Perera of the National Peace Council, an advocacy group, told Reuters.

    is this dog using is asshole to put out his words.... shik we live in a country where this kind of amanayas live
    Where were these SOBs when kabethigollava massacre and a'pura attack were talking place

  149. To maintain the vigilance of the Forces at all times, important targets have to be taken out at regular intervals.

    Vigilance fails over prolongation, AAB is an example.

    Otherwise, follow the following Mantras to the letter, day and night:

    A man who is alert, vigilant and diligent can never be subjugated.

    A man who is not alert, vigilante and diligent, is as good as dead.

    We live a philosophy of the intellect (Buddhi), intellectual excellence is the minimum necessity. It has no place for complacency, it is in fact a philosophy of combat, no less than the combat against death itself. Nirvana is attaining the Deathless, after defeating death.

  150. Obviously this is a sign of things to come. The LTTE always waged 'total war' and they bet on making us not do the same in return. Preventing the SLG from taking the same stance was accomplished by manipulating world media and thru them the diplomatic community. That's how the LTTE's bogus, but very realistic looking 'invincibility' image was built up.
    Today, when the SLG takes the same stance of going for 'total war' the LTTE is no match. In that scenario, there is an important and urgent need to counter the peaceniks and other interested parties from preventing the SLG from accomplishing what needs to be done in order to bring in a lasting peace.

  151. The srilankan airforce has only killed only a human being with highly unacceptable principles.

    This will result as an addition to be a homicide which happens often in lanka.

    This will not bring a permanent solution.

    His principles will get stronger and some one who is better than him will take over his position.


    World's Largest Democracy

  152. Tropicalstorm,

    You nailed it right on the head.

    LTTE's strategy has always been to wage a total war with maximum force against the Sri Lankan government at all times.

    They have cleverly managed the NGOs, World Media, and the Diplomatic Community to put pressure on the government NOT to carry out such brutal force.

    Whenever the government take LTTE head on, they start crying foul and use peripheral attacks on the government. The NGO led bogus Human Rights Abuse attack is one of the biggest.

    Else they always have been claiming that the government is massacring the innocent civilians, despite all the governments efforts to minimise civilian casualties.

    They have created the illusionary invincible picture through utter manipulation. This should be broken down while removing dirty loin clothes of bogus NGO and media shackles.

  153. Johnson

    As long as someone with better and acceptable principles that lead to a mutually accptable existance, Sri Lankans would be ok with that.

    If someone with his own principles, or worse take his place--well, we can take him out too.

    We are getting good at this. Unlike the folks in the World's Greatest self-proclaiming Democracy, Sri Lankans have proven that we are capable of fighting another twenty years of war if that becomes necessary.

    The guys who are replacing the dead guy are not.

  154. Interesting article by R Jayadevan

  155. World's largest democracy - I believe it is India with over 1B people ..right?

    Who says USA?


    India is so far silent except for the tamilnadu politicians...

  157. One more thing,

    So far most of the LTTE top five leaders pass through the TC's body.

    Pottu is the notable absentee...I could be wrong..If any one got links, let me know...

    Asiantribune said another leader was injured in the bobming raid...I am just curious who it was?

  158. Looks like the SLAF did velu a great big favour, by facilitating the next elimination of the second tier challengers.

  159. Interesting guess there tangara.If pottu supplied info regarding TC's location..will he be in the same location when he bombs hit..I thought it was charles anthony.

  160. "david, I seen to disagree on the value of tamil chelvam. Looking at the Pro LTTERs on the LN, you dont see obiviously they try to play down the issue."

    I fail to see how you can deduce this from comments in a forum. His value was much more than just to morale. He was one of the highest ranking Tigers, second only to VP, and head of one of the LTTE wings.

    "However at the same time balasingam was not targeted by previous governments. "

    Balasingham was never involved in the military side of things. He remained quite firmly a theoretician and idealogue. He also spent a good portion of the past 25 years outside SL. To kill him would've been counter-productive to the GoSL as they would've been seen to have killed a moderate.

    "I would be suprised why MR would want to take out TC"

    Unlike AB, TC was also a military commander (for the Pooneryn and Mawilaru areas) and responsible for planning and strategy both in the past and present. A perfectly legit target even though VP has termed the man "Our Dove of Peace" lol.

    "However taking him out at this juncture could be MRs way to reverse the LTTE recent sucess which even Anti LTTE websites were seen to silently praise."

    Well, things like this don't happen overnight. The DMI would've been tracking TC and other Tiger brass for a long period of time (remember a DPU/LRRP unit narrowly missed TC back in 2002). So this is nothing to do with A'pura. I doubt the military really needs an executive order to top someone like TC. The GoSL probably has given the Forces a standing order to nail whoever they can.

    Abhaya, the reason I doubt that this is an inside job is that VP would not wish to give the GoSL such a morale-boosting victory. If TC had been killed by the Tigers, they would have blamed his death on an accident.

    "This is a Result of our Bad diplomacy with UN officials...."

    As Lankapura says, what they're accused of is soliciting prostitutes and statutary rape (sex with a minor). It's more indiscipline than real sexual abuse. Nontheless it's very embarrassing and a PR disaster for the Army and the GoSL. The MoD had already removed the battalion's 2/ic and two company commanders, so there was definitely a discipline problem.

    "What happens to all the honourable soldiers in the army because of this riff raff?"

    Don't be so naive, SL. What do you think the Army is made up of, boy scouts? Do you think its coincidence that the Holy City of Anuradhapura has more brothels per square km than any other urban centre in SL (including Colombo)? Young men like sex, and if it's not freely available, they try to buy it. The problem is if prostitution is illegal in Haiti, the soldiers should have been warned not to try it under severe penalties.

    "UN officials, & Western media is slowly turning against US, can't you see Guy's...........100 something soldiers done the same thing, i don't think so, maybe few did and they are punishing a whole unit,""

    TE, this isn't some insidious plot by the UN, but a result of the soldiers' own code of conduct. In training, if one unknown recruit fucks up, the whole platoon is punished, but if the platoon points out the guilty party, the platoon is still punished! So the unspoken code is never admit anything. So what probably happened is that the UN made the complaint to the battalion officers who would then have got the RSM to parade the unit and asked "kaudha huththo ara gonnu hikuway?" Silence. So as a result everyone got blaamed. But bottom line is that only 108 soldiers are being repatriated, which is about the strength of one company. A battalion has about 1200 officers & men at full strength. What was the SL detachment strength?

  161. Dear David,
    Thanks for your input.I was thinking that because of a few indisciplined individuals a lot of soldiers lost the chance to serve overseas not to mention the income they and therefore their families loose.I think the UN pays for this.No i dont expect them to be boyscouts but this is a question not only of discipline but how the world may see our armed forces after all this Bshit propagated by LTTE diasphora and the diplomatic damage that has to be redressed at a greater expense.Having sex in SL is fine...

  162. Yeah, but you take the average SL male. The first thing he does when reaching a foreign country is look for the red light district. So soldiers on a lengthy deployment will be the same.

    I'm just surprised that prostitution is illegal in Haiti.

  163. Thanks David ..i hope that this will not affect the future deployment of SLankan soldiers overseas.

  164. Hi Guys, How do we know TC is actually dead? There was no post postmortem - we have only LTTE's word.
    Since there was no chance of having any "peace talks" in any foreseeable future, and because Prabha wanted his son groomed as the next LTTE leader, he may have got TC to step down peacefully. They must have got his "polmudu" mustache shaved and provided one of those Norwegian passports bought from that crooked cop and getting ready to send him to Norway on retirement or most probably to organise fund raising and arms procurement!!


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