Friday, November 2, 2007

SLA captures tiger bunker line west of Giant tank

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers from the 57th division moved ahead of their defense lines in Mannar to capture a much fought after rebel defense line north west of Giant tank in a pre dawn offensive today. Army's infantry formations backed by the commando regiment and Sri Lanka artillery, were able to overrun the LTTE bunker line today morning amidst heavy resistance.

SLA troopers have so far found 8 bodies of LTTE cadres scattered near the defense line. Interception of enemy communication revealed that at least 20 rebels have been killed in today's fighting.The Army too suffered casualties in the operation with 35 soldiers being injured and 3 soldiers KIA. Most of the SLA injuries were caused by deathtraps, IEDs and land mines which had been set up in the area by the tigers.

The army operation has been temporarily halted due to stiff resistance offered by the tigers. This has been the story of most SLA operations in the Mannar-Vavuniya region for the recent past. However, this strategy has helped SLA minimize the casualty figures. In contrast to the all out attacks involving massive numbers of troops (I.e. - Operation Jayasikuru, Operation Leap Forward - Idiri Pimma, Operation Agni Kheela) SLA have been waging a drawn out war with the aim of tiring out and frustrating the enemy.

Meanwhile fighting raged in the northern defense lines yesterday when a group of LTTE cadres tried to infiltrate Muhamalai forward defense lines. 55th division soldiers stationed in FDL positions near Muahamalai lead a devastating counterattack across the no-man's-land, ultimately destroying four LTTE bunkers along with at least 10 LTTE cadres.

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF), after suffering a setback at the hands of Black Tigers, carried out consecutive bombing runs on LTTE targets yesterday and today. A sea tiger base and a tiger intelligence camp were among the targets that were hit. Effectiveness of these attacks cannot be confirmed as of yet.


  1. LTTE has announced awards for those that have taken part in the event. They are one or two land unit personnel recieving the award. They could have been in planning or they could have been involved in the attack and managed to come back.

  2. The awards were for the anradphura attacks. Only one pilot is shown. However i guess unless charles anthony was purposedly not mentioned, this pilot who was awarded was involved in all 5 sorties.

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  4. News from the Mannar front is going quite good I heard today. FDLs are no longer where they used to be, by as many as 10 kms in certain places, with SLA advancing cautiously but steadily. Certainly at Yoda-wewa the terra mf’s got a good beating I am told, with hamburger-meat strewn in many places from the MBRL volleys! Way to go SLA!

    As for:

    “The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF), after suffering a setback at the hands of Black Tigers, carried out consecutive bombing runs on LTTE targets yesterday and today…”

    Wow! Come on…this cannot be…this has to be GOSL propaganda! After all, how can SLAF carry out bombings like these after the LTTE “crippled the SLAF” with the attack on the AAFB? After all, how can SLAF bomb anywhere without that single beechcraft? Blah, Blah, Blah…!!! LMSSAO!!! Actually, truly LMSSAO!!!

    Aha, what a disappointment this type of news must be to those RW=LTTE supporting filthy mf’ing pansies! They expected – rather wished – that after the AAFB attack, as they thought the LTTE had won the war, soon the LTTE would come down to Colombo and also kill MR and install RW the she-male hooker on the throne! What an anti-climax this is turning out to be! Ouch!

    Rifard the LTTE cock-sucker ponna:

    No point in hiding your true allegiance (RW=LTTE) as you gave it away when you called this MR GOSL “the filthy government” for which I see Samuel immediately castrated you prior to OaO Asithri putting your balls in the blender! LMSSAO! Listen pee-punk, no neutral but concerned Sri Lankan (and rightfully concerned for various reasons like the rising cost of living for example) would calls the MR GOSL, the very GOSL that has and continues to crush the LTTE mf’s a “filthy government.” Only a RW=LTTE cock-sucker ponna like you would do that.


    OaO Asithri

  5. From Indica a comment

    This can’t be tolerated, Mahinda is in power because of free media, now he’s forgetting that. I remember how he cried about media freedom during Premadasa times, by the way,thinking about this military criticizing thing, personally i think some of our military personnels are complete shit heads, specially big guys(Like gota) and i can prove it, they had only 2 “Katukambi” fences to protect our biggest military assets in Anuradhapura, what else evidence we need?
    Comment posted by poojitha at 30.10.2007

  6. Actually i see the biggest problem is we have uneducated shit headed people in media. They dont know how to talk they dont have a control over what ever they do or publish. They always act like bunch of dogs publishing everything like some bunch of kids. Some dont even know the meaning of professionalism. And I would like to say if not from wired fences, do you all think we should have concrete walls? please go learn why military installations adopt wire fences, without blaming military top brass. you seems to be also just another media shit head.

  7. In Sri Lanka, war dead don't add up;_ylt=AiuiCK1nbm8IRm0x7zp4TlEBxg8F

    Few key points:

    "There is a huge propaganda war going on to show that more people are being killed," said defence analyst Namal Perera.

    "The new battlefield is the media."

    "By projecting a high number of people killed the parties have reduced the value of life," Deshapriya said.

    "Killings are now generally accepted by society as a done thing, and the more the merrier."

    According to Seneviratne, who writes on defence issue in local newspapers, the high Tiger casualties claimed by the military could backfire.

    "When the fighting has been going on for so long and after claiming such heavy losses if you still can't beat them, then there is a credibility issue," Seneviratne told AFP.

    "The high losses indicate that they (the Tigers) have committed fighters ready to die for a cause... You only give the impression that they are a very large force. They are not."

  8. About LTTE casualties...

    It does not matter what GOSL/SLDF says, what matters is that LTTE always admits to either "no casualties" or only a "few" casulaties after each encounter with SLDF, but in one of Bala-the- Para-Balla's (BPP)interviews with a foreign reporter, he admitted that LTTE has lost 18,000+ since this war started - BPP admitted this only because he was trying to hammer in the point that LTTE cannot settle for something less than a total separate state given this "immense sacrifice" as he put it. What he forgot was LTTE has been admitting to either "no casualties" or a "few" casualties all these years after each encounter with the SLDF and according to that kind of claim, only about 600 LTTE cadres should have died in this war all these years! On the contrary, if one went back and counted all the LTTE casualty claims made by SLDF, it would have pretty closely added to the figure BPP gave!

    Another point is if BPP admitted to only 18,000+, then you can bet the actual LTTE casualty total must be much higher as SLDF can only estimate and never confirm such after each encounter.

    So ultimately, LTTE got caught with it's dick hanging out - and not GOSL/SLDF!

    Bottom line: SLDF claims of LTTE casualties are therefore more believable to us than LTTE’s own casualty figures!

    This should be a point that RW=LTTE supporting pansies must consider before croaking like sick crows here.

    OaO Asithri

  9. Dasun

    No criticism to you but the air force has been putting up a cement wall around its base in china bay.

    I'm guessing here but a wire fence would allow the sentries to see whats going on out side the fence as opposed to a wall.

  10. About this Katukambi fence thing, Actually i was not saying that there should not be katukambi fences around the perimeter of the base, what i was saying was that there was ONLY those fences to protect our biggest military assets.......This is a great failure and a loss to Air force, Accept it! if this kind of a stupid incident happened in another country many of those big guys may have been thrown out of the Army by now.

  11. LTTE attacked 3 time, still they had only basic protection to the airforce base........isn't that stupidity .....

  12. it's about time the air force put down their egos and pull up their socks when it comes to base defence. they have lost more aircraft on the ground than in the air! a sad state of affairs indeed.

  13. I am a reader for this blog since few weeks. Our interest is to undestand the current military situation.
    We don't want to listen to political arguments on Rani, Mahinda, Gota etc. Please talk your politics in other blogs. It is because of the politics that our country falls to this difficulty.

  14. well said Jonathan....Our army is always unsuccessful because of their Ego....wait until they acquire some SAM's.....once army chief bluffed about not letting any LTTE aircraft off the ground......Can't believe those flying bullock carts could do stuff like this......i have a suggestion....Army should stop buying those expensive air crafts...lets buy the same aircrafts bought by LTTE...they are cheap and effective.we can save a lot of money.

  15. Well preliminary investigations have revealed that base defenses on AAB were not up to standard.
    Some of these weaknesses had been pointed out even by public newspapers months ago.

  16. Times Eye, moron, are you aware that there is a Navy, Army and Airforce?

    And yes, let's use the same aircraft the LTTE use. They are much better than Kfirs.

    What a fucking moron you are.

  17. After Anuradhapura base attack all the LTTE pigs have awakened from the winter sleep. Even though the Present article is about the battle in Mannar the first comment is about the pig attack in Anuradhapura.

    "personally i think some of our military personnels are complete shit heads, specially big guys(Like gota) and i can prove it"

    Prove it. Who is stopping you. I remember some times back you were the one who was talking about Gota buying a $9.5 million house in USA (a complete fabrication. I posted the correct inf. at that time).

  18. Navindran, we all know that Indrajit Samarajiva of is a Ranil lover. That dickhead was wanking over the UNP during the elections, writing pages in praise of the UNP and even running the UNP's online website and censoring people left and right if their comments didn't praise the UNP. I'm sorry to say that most people do not have much time to spare for such partisan cocksags like Indi. He can lick Ranil's ass for all he likes, but neither he nor you should expect others to.

  19. Jonathen, mate even the colombo habour has a wall around it. its not a fence. My point is its not def. sec or army top brass who installed fences. and almost more than 90% sri lanka military bases have fences :) if someone talks about having fences was the issue instead of concrete walls and blame top brass for that, thats just silly and baseless. cos base security is not just fences or walls. you cant send sentries home just cos u have a concrete wall :)

  20. times eye,
    "i have a suggestion....Army should stop buying those expensive air crafts"

    Oh, man you are still sleepy. Army does not have any air crafts. It's Air Force man, Air Force.

  21. Hemantha, I wouldn't bother. Dumb fucks like times eye were born without a brain and they will die without a brain.

  22. Ok Air force, they installed new air defense System, they bought planes to do air to air combats,they spent on this and that, just to protect our air space from 4 World War II Air crafts......and still they came and bombed our Air force base and returned safely to vanni....funny thing is that they sent a Bell helicopter with small guns to go after those LTTE air who is the dumb or you......

  23. Shyam,
    You are correct mate. We just captured a one bunker line. After the second they would start sleeping in the summer too.

  24. Sending a BELL helicopter for air to air attack....its the joke of the century

  25. dud chicken farms have better security than SLAF bases...

  26. Times eye

    "Ok Air force, they installed new air defense System, they bought planes to do air to air combats,they spent on this and that...."

    No the SLAF didn't buy any new planes to do air-to-air combat.

    "New air defense system" could mean anything. The only significant assets they are likely to have acquired is radar, which seems to have worked.

  27. We were fighting for more than 20 years....Can't believe how immature our AF is...If an air defense system worked we should be able protect us from enemy attacks, at least we should be able to take some actions...we did nothing...we were playing on their game....thats all..we will never win unless we accept our failures, we FAILED! its a utter humiliation,point.

  28. Shyam,
    Don't waste your time friend. He is just blabbering. What can you expect from a guy who doesn't know the difference between the Army and the Air Force?

  29. Hey,

    "times eyes" you have not collected your facts straight. Before blaming AF, know the history of SLAF and how them were treated for the initial 16 years of the war. Inadequate eqipment and no attention. If you be balanceminded, they have progressed a lot. Hope they will continue to do so. Stop blaming or disouraging them, at a time where we should encourage them or provide ideas.

  30. "Times Eyes" can continue to blabber if he wish to spoil the morale of SLAF or just to entertain the gallery.

  31. It would be silly to take the 18,000 figure given by LTTE as exact. When they claim 'civilian casualties' and blame the forces, I am sure they are not counted.

  32. The comment was from a person called poojitha not Indica. The point i wanted to highlight was that Mahindha himself came to power due to free press.

    Even if PRO LTTE bloggers infiltrate this blog, one defencenet can delete them, two you can try to argue their points out. Do not indulge in profanaties as it lowers only your standing.

    Accusing all who critise MR as LTTErs or Ranil lovers is also wrong.

  33. Two thoughts about the article. 1)LTTE has sincerely diverting its attention to the South to force troop deployment South. 2) Its trying to divert attention from the North and instill fear in the South.

    Speaking to political analyst Jeyaraj says: "LTTE knows that only attacks on military and economic centres right in the heart of the Sinhala region would bring any political solution.

    "If LTTE captures Jaffna, the military would go for Kilinochchi. If LTTE captures Trincomalee, the military would go for Mulaiteevu. This is what has happened over the past 25 years, and now clearly the LTTE wants to change the pattern.

    "After the LTTE attacked Kattunayake they came for peace talks. The hope it seems is that the selected targeting of centres of military and economic importance would finally force the Sri Lankan government to accept the Tamil people's right to self determination."

    October witnessed three such attacks in Hambantota and Anuradhapura respectively.

    Analysts say that if recent behaviour is anything to go by, Galle or Kandy rather than Jaffna or Trincomalee are going to be the districts where the next big battles are going to be fought in.

  34. Times eye

    Do keep in mind that the SLAF have fought most of the 25 years of war on a pretty much shoe string budget.

    As of late they are getting the funding they need and they have become more effective in pounding the LTTE.

    Why else would the LTTE try to take out the fighter jets, gunships, UAVs, Beechcrafts etc.?

  35. We must not try to rush more troops to the south to prevent possible LTTE attacks there. This is exactly what the LTTE wants, they want to spread our forces thinly over an ever increasing area by threats of attacks. Then they will attack the thinly manned FDLs.

    Don't get me wrong, the LTTE can attack anywhere on the Island and we must do our best to foil them--local intelligence must be improved. We also need to have bombing sniffing dogs at every checkpoint in every major city, this will make carrying out carbombs and truck bombs much much harder. There is still no device that can match the detecting abilities of a dog's nose. Sometimes nature is best.

  36. Our army lacks coordination,contingency planning , forward thinking, learning from mistakes.....etc etc

    reason for this is that they don't give the right place to the right person.....they only offer positions on political favorism..we are paying for that....

  37. Some of you assholes still try to protect the grave mistakes done by SLAF.....SHAME

  38. Anuradhapura incident is a good example of how stupid our defence officials becomes in an emergency ..We need people with EQ/IQ there

  39. The radio just announced that Thamilselvam was killed in an air raid. Any news on this??

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  41. According to Tamilnet:

    Thamilchelvan killed in SLAF air attack.


  42. Here is another link, LTTE peace secretariat confirms.

  43. Tamilnet also said the same,
    Brigadier ThamilSelvan... !!

  44. Brig Udaya Nanayakkara just announced that Tamilselvam's been killed in an 0600 airstrike today.

  45. yep, boys TamilChelii is dead, LTTE peace Sec. confirms it.

    Great job No 5 and No. 10 Squds!

    Now we should prepare for an international backlash saying the Gov. has taken out the LTTE ability to negotiate and all that type of crap.

    And also the LTTE might target Keheliya Ramb, or our peace Sec. Kohona or even the Army spokesman.

    just a thought..

  46. seems that SLAF is still having some sort of UAV's operational for spying, coordinates etc.
    They've been trying to take out chelva a few times even with DPU teams i believe... Finally SLAF has done it with some neat bombing runs...
    Must've been on solid intel...
    wonder who are the other high rankers are...

  47. I think it could be fabrication even. According to the news it was a sea tiger base and how come this baber was in a sea tiger base? There was a dispute in LTTE top with him. Could that be their attemp and cover the truth from thir own carders. ?

  48. Defencenet is this a true statement about Thamil Chelwam:



    Well done boys!


    Where's your whining now "tiger eye?" Going to bitch some more about airforce again asshole?

  50. These LTTE sinhala speaking cadres committing crimes in the east in army uniforms is very worrying(ex-killing plote members).What do the readers think.

  51. Kari DemalaChelvan uda giya wage.

  52. This Thamilchelvan was recently causing problems to LTTE leader, maybe this was a set up to get rid of that guy, a military victory i say well done....but that doesn't make SLAF great....they re still responsible for incident in anuradhapura.....its our tax money

  53. "Army should stop buying those expensive air crafts...lets buy the same aircrafts bought by LTTE...they are cheap and effective.we can save a lot of money."

    Actually the LTTE aircraft have been totally ineffective. Whereas our SLAF has just killed Tamilselvam.

  54. Gihing choo karapang tiger eye... Looks like the SLAF just butt fucked you LOL.

  55. Defencenet,
    I just wondering whether this is a kind of fabrication of LTTE.

  56. Congratulations SLAF and MI...
    Great job guys...
    We all know who is next in the list, dont we... ;-)

  57. David,

    you naild it bro, keep em comming

    yep we just toast tamil chelli n a few top tigers, so eat dust any1 who thinks that the SLAF can do well with their birds!

    They may have trouble looking after the AC on the ground or shoothing stuff down, but as for Air to Ground work NO.5 and No.10 is worth their weight in gold!!

  58. Well done Air force now if you can only improve on your defence. This is payback for Lakshman Kadir. Never too late.

    Dasun you seem to have missed my point or I yours.

    Times Eye there is constructive criticism and then there is you who seemed to have flown over the cookoos nest one too many times. try being focused and rational otherwise its just blabbering.

  59. gon kariya prabhakaran ut mehema ahuwunotin niamai. kari hutta tadiya wage taama jeevatun atara innawa.

    habai tamilcelvam dan na.

    Arapang botale!!!!

  60. I am no LTTE supporter but TChelvam was a "moderate" among the LTTE-(he wanted to agree to some truce during last peace talks but Vp stopped him).This from a govt point of view is great news because now they have the perfect excuse to decimate Vp&co.However i dont know if killing TC(if true-remains to be confirmed) actually helps vp to establish his grip on the people in the north further which means that it has become harder to dismantle the LTTE from within and will involve our army going to the north (ie heavy casualties).What an end to a guy whose whole life has been murdering people with pistols and knives if true.Reminds me of the saying"what bad you do to others comes back to you".

  61. Tamilchelvam was a racist cunt, ranting and raving about the Sinhalese at every turn. Only second to kari hutta prabhakaran with his rhetoric and hyperbole. Please go read his mad rants and you'll see. Newayz, the fucker is dead and good riddence too. Can't wait to see the face of the racist members of the Tamil diaspora when they wake up hear this.

  62. Talk about payback in style! Action speaks louder than words!

    Times eye, looks like you picked the wrong day to start you diatribe against the SLAF.

  63. LMAO yeah, tiger eye got stripped, slapped and pissed on.

  64. Criticizing military doesn't make me a tiger....i love my country than most of you.. we help army than you guys who salute their every stupid moves.........

  65. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (National)

    Change of British High Commissioner to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

    Dr Peter Hayes has been appointed British High Commissioner to The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in succession to Mr Dominick Chilcott who will be transferring to another Diplomatic Service appointment. Dr Hayes will take up his appointment during January 2008.


    Full Name: Dr Peter Hayes
    Married to: Kirsty
    Children: One daughter and one son

    2005 - 2007 FCO, Principal Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary
    2004 - 2005 Washington DC, Her Majesty's Consul General and Counsellor
    2002 - 2003 Washington DC, Counsellor Science, Technology, Energy & Environment
    2000 - 2001 Department of Trade & Industry, Director of Nuclear Decommissioning
    1998 - 2000 FCO London, Deputy Head, Environment, Science and Energy Policy
    1997 - 1998 Office of Science and Technology, Assistant Director, International
    1994 - 1996 Cabinet Office, Head of Research Establishments Review Team
    1990 - 1994 Department of Trade and Industry

    Press Office, Downing Street (West), London SW1A 2AL

    Sange tamilC was all you say..he was an uneducated man who killed innocent people.The question is:Does killing him really help us end this war soon?.Remember what we are looking for is members of the LTTE killing each other happyly.Then we may be able to go in with less casualties and kill the rest of them(a big if mindyou...).

  66. Aney go and cry at Tamilchelvan's coffin "tiger eyes" methana puka denne natuwa.

  67. Srilankan, so you think it would have been better if Tamilchelvam wasn't killed in the airstrike, because it would have "aided us"?

    WTF are you on?

  68. Sangre ...your words describe how pathetically stupid you are....some of our leaders in politics and army are similar kid of people....thats why we still can't defeat a terrorist group with less than 15000

  69. Actually if anyone has demonstrated stupidity here it is you Tiger eye. You and your fucked up dumb shit brain that thought that the army flies planes. I mean seriously, why bother visiting a defence blog if you don't even know the fucking basics? Now go suck Ranil and co's dick. That's where your talents shine.

  70. Now i'm UNP HA HA .thats funny are running out of filthy words for talk like our Dr Mervin.....

  71. SLAF Zeroing in on Prabhakaran

    "Thamilchelvan was the public face of the LTTE and used to interact openly with media personalities and foreign visitors to his office. His location and the place of his residence were well known. keeping in view the decapitation operation launched by the SLAF last year, it is surprising he and his associates did not take the normal precautions such as changing the places of their residence frequently." says Raman

    Read More

    Sri Lanka Guardian

  72. Sangre,

    You sounds like Asithri's brother...

    anyway welcome to the forum...

    You seems to have a language

  73. asthiri... did ya see the feed on Ltte suicide planes on Guardian mate ? true ? I just saw TC's coffin on Guardian too !

    There's a really detailed overhead photo of Palay AB on a photo site taken by aid agency worker from a AN-32B ! Who the hell allowed that huh ? It even shows the port too ! Crap how stupid are we ! I asked the dude to take it down & well, I hope he does ! Crap !
    I hope before we go to Wanni, we cut the ltte heads off first fellas ! Go Air Force ! Go Army! Go Navy !

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