Sunday, November 25, 2007

LTTE satellite communication center bombed

A communication hub of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was subject to a Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) aerial raid today morning. The target which was located in Dharmapuram (North East of Kilinochchi) was bombed at 7.20am using 10th fighter squadron's ground attack aircraft. The target is reported to have been completely destroyed in the attack. LTTE casualty details are not available as of this moment.

According to Military Intelligence, the location bombed was used as a communication hub and a gathering place for senior LTTE cadres. It is also reported that the base was equipped with advanced satellite communications equipment. LTTE is known to use satellite communications to connect to its arms network which is spread across the world and to contact its cadres deployed in a number of foreign countries. They effectively used satellite phones in the Anuradhapura Airbase raid to provide real time updates to their command center located somewhere in Wanni.

The latest attack comes only days after LTTE's strategic communications wing leader 'Alex 'was killed in an airstrike. Alex, along with LTTE's political leader and Pooneryn military commander S.P. Thamil Selvam and 3 others, was killed in a SLAF bombing raid earlier this month.


  1. Weldone... Let's keep hitting those high pofile leaders and places.
    Theruwan Saranai.
    Do we know the exact damange yet? or is it while before we find out?

  2. Hi Defencenet,

    There is a news item in Sunday Divaina news paper saying that 3 ambassadors are involved in anti GOSL propaganda(to topple the government as well as to stop Military operations) for the sake of LTTE. It also says that these people represents powerful con tries and they are performing the role of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. It doesn't mention whether they are European or Western. I would like to know whether you or any other member has any clue about the countries they belonged to? I hope Mr.Robert Blake(US) is not one of them.

  3. ambassadors from US, Germany are well known Ranil supporters.

    but does the Bush government know that Ranil is a GAY man? It may not bode well for a highly conservative government to side with a highly liberal movement such as Ranil's UNP.

    They are doing the carrot and stick approach to force SL to peace.

  4. In the recent past, I know certainly that both the German and Australian Ambassidors who have been misled by LTTE was under huge criticism by GOSL for their unnecessary involvement and bias towards LTTE.

    The other one I suspect is the most obvious, who is the Norway Ambassador.

    I may or may not be correct.

    Not in the distance past, the UK Ambassador also started some new tone of addressing with some bias comments towards LTTE, and the protest of Foreign Office has made him realise his duties I believe. Now you do not hear from him much; perhaps he has got the message that he should not get his eyes blinded by LTTE covert operations.

    For some reason or the other, Sri Lankan people love Blake.

  5. Decapitation is the way forward.

    Next step needs to be to take out the known underground bunkers that the fat rat is known to hide in. With luck, the vermin will perish in his hellhole when it caves in as well. If not, well, we've got him on the surface, running around with an entourage of 300 people and plenty of body heat....

    It is time to smoke 'em out into the open...

    At the same time, there needs to be some action against those who fund the terror from abroad. Listing them as 'persons of interest in connection with international terror' would be a nice start...

    Smoke 'em out, Sri Lanka...

  6. Topical Storm,

    I can not agree with you more...

    You are my Chaminda Vaaz who has lot of Punch and to the point.

    "Person's of interest" thing is highly recommended. US does that to anyone who finance or support terror.

    GOSL did not do it until now. It needs to be initiated. That will make many wet in their pants.

    Just after Shanthan was arrested, LTTE could not find 100 people to attend an open protest. In the past there have been 1000s coming to LTTE protests when they were called.

  7. Perein, Lankaputhra, Ogre, Jack, Mathematica nice to see you guys back!

  8. There's more abt the innocents killed by the SLAF..the usual crap coming out of the tamil terror camp in the aftermath of the attack on the sat-com center.

    There's also this new article on strategypage which is interesting abt the new chinese fighter which the SLAF is also interested in;

    Looks like the Indians are going to learn the hard lesson that once free-economy takes hold, even their old friends, th Russians' loyalty will be price marked with dollar signs.

    It's a nice Sunday morning here in the good ol' USA, with nothing but good news from the ol' home land...

  9. "but does the Bush government know that Ranil is a GAY man? It may not bode well for a highly conservative government to side with a highly liberal movement such as Ranil's UNP."

    I am pretty sure That Robert E Blake is a Democrat. By the end of next year US president would also be a Democrat. They have no problem with gays. May be ambassador Blake is preparing ground for next year.

    "You are like Champaka Ramanayake.. Loads of Research.. "

    Thanks mate. But I don't deserve that (I can't sing either). The suitable candidate would be Tropicalstorm.
    And you are so balanced with your analysis and unwavering love for the country you should be the captain (But I don't like Mahela). So I would say you are like Arjuna the player (not the politician).

  10. Gentlemen ..we need to be careful here.Remember the only persons who benefit from these newspaper articles are the newspapers themselves.I think ambassadors of most western countries were influenced by LTTE sympathisers because in reality SLanka is a very distant land to them.But after the experience of the french ambassador (Mortar attack)..things are changing..From the LTTE point of view that was the most stupid thing to do ..thankgod they did it.Personally i prefer the "mindset" of the French ambassador.We need to cultivate the french and the americans.I think the president is doing that

  11. Guys,
    I don't agree with S B Disanayake in many things. But he is a hell of a political animal who has a sharp analytical mind. Please read the following comments made by him which may not coincide exactly with UNP point of view. (but may be close).

    click here.

  12. Editorial
    -The Island

    "Lanka owes an apology to Pakistani people

    The Rajapaksa government, true to form, first got wires crossed over the suspension of Pakistan from the Commonwealth and then regained sanity and stood by that friendly nation. It is heartening that in spite of initial bungling, Sri Lanka has at last shown that it is not devoid of gratitude by opposing the suspension tooth and nail.

    Sri Lanka is not short of friends but those fine-weather friends turn away at the first sign of things turning foul. But, Pakistan has always stood by her. True, the situation in Pakistan has taken a turn for the worse with President Pervez Musharraf becoming more and more autocratic. He stands condemned for his emergency rule and the suppression of the Opposition. But, Pakistan cannot be helped in any way by conferring pariah status on her. For, Musharraf is not Pakistan!

    The Commonwealth ought to twist President Musharraf’s arms hard in a bid to dissuade him from plunging Pakistan deeper into the present crisis. But, the use of its membership as a bludgeon to beat a member state cannot be countenanced on any ground. On the other hand, Musharraf may look an angel—at least as of now—in comparison to the tyrants that the leading lights of the Commonwealth have sponsored. Britain, which is on a crusade to democratise the world, defended the Pinochet regime in Chile to the hilt in spite of his Caravan of Death which left thousands of civilians dead. What moral right does Britain have to speak of democracy?

    Never mind Pinochet. What about the terrorist outfits operating from the British soil with the avowed goal of destroying her Commonwealth allies? The British lawmakers are batting full time for some of those terrorists and even defending their macabre causes in the British Parliament so unashamedly. Britain has no qualms about granting permission for events organised by the very terrorist organisations it claims to have banned. The LTTE, which assassinated President Premadasa and Foreign Minister Kadirgamar, almost succeeded in accounting for President Kumaratunga and is zeroing in on President Rajapaksa, is operating openly in London. Worse, the British Navy had the audacity to entertain an LTTE leader on one of its warships off the Eastern cost in the aftermath of the tsunami disaster. How would Britain react if an Al Qaeda leader responsible for the London attacks was ever allowed to board a warship belonging to a Commonwealth nation? One would like to know what the Commonwealth proposes to do with the member states that are aiding and abetting sinister campaigns to bring about the downfall of other members. Isn’t it those states that must be thrown out of the Commonwealth first of all? The first to go will be Britain!

    President Musharraf has been helping the US-UK campaign against terrorism, risking his life and Pakistan’s national security. Osama and his fanatics together with the Taliban are now training their guns on that country because of Musharraf’s involvement in war against them in Afghanistan. He is still known as ‘Our Man’ in the US and the UK for the services rendered. Sanctions on Pakistan for having gone nuclear were lifted when Musharraf jumped in with both feet to support the so-called war on terror in the aftermath of 9/11 horror. At that time, everybody turned a blind eye to his military uniform, which has, to some world powers, suddenly become something like a red rag to a bull.

    Ironically, the Commonwealth leaders are said to meet with the objective of extolling the virtues of human rights, democracy and good governance. If so, how can they justify the choice of Kampala as a venue? Do they see Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni as being any different from Musharraf?

    Museveni was instrumental in ousting two presidents and has a sordid track record, though he has been able to curry favour with the West. President Bill Clinton, it may be recalled, visited him and chose to call him ‘the head of a new breed of African leaders’.

    However, his involvement in the invasion of Congo ruined the image he had been building among the Western leaders. In The Hague, Congo has accused the Ugandan troops of having committed crimes against humanity such as massacres during their presence in that country in support of rebels.

    Besides, there are hundreds of allegations of human rights violations against Museveni at home. Director of International Justice Programme at the New York-based Human Rights Watch Richard Dicker has accused Museveni of ‘displaying authoritarian tendencies towards his judiciary’. He recalls how the Ugandan security forces stormed a court that released five suspects on bail, who had been in custody for over one year on treason charges. They were rearrested and produced before judges in other parts of the country. Later judges staged a strike in protest against interference with their work.

    Thus, how can the Commonwealth leaders resort to punitive action against Pakistan while enjoying Musevini’s hospitality and helping him sanitise his autocratic rule with the help of the presence of a host of leaders including the Queen?

    As former Deputy Minister and UNP MP Lakshman Kiriella told Parliament the other day quoting the late Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, Pakistan is one of the few countries that have really stood by Sri Lanka in her war against separatist terrorism. It was the country that promptly answered Sri Lanka’s desperate call for big guns when the troops were trapped in Jaffna with the LTTE banging on the gates in 2000. But for those weapons systems rushed immediately—the military personnel were trained in record time to use them—the war would have taken a different turn.

    Therefore, the only way Sri Lanka can avoid being branded an ungrateful pariah is to defend Pakistan in her small way—always. It behoves the Rajapaksa government to tender an apology to the Pakistani people for what happened at the foreign ministerial level and ensure them that there won’t be a repetition of that blunder."

  13. LTTE says 984 cadres are dead this year. (when to when?) LTTE should say when and where they died as I guess tamilnut count was less than 84 for sure. Muhamalai just one tiger killed.
    BTW, Defencenet, what would you say about this figure?

  14. ninja:

    According to the LTTE numbers 1135 cadres perished from Nov27th last year till now excluding today's casualities. 984 is the number year to date (till Nov 25th or so). LTTE is getting a pretty good haircut.

  15. According to the tamilnet, civlians died in today's attack. If true, it is tragic to see a family go through such terrible end. I am sure SLAF acted upon good intel. LTTE will not admit loss of any big shot. TamilChelvan is a special case where LTTE tried to gain IC sympathy. Eitherway, it is of utmost importance to avoid any civilian casualities.

  16. There is no doubt that this strike also was a plum. However, my only question is, since this place would have been in existance for sometime, why we didn't take it out earlier. It would make sense to demilish the enemy's communication network early in any conflict. We need to bring these guys to the level of having to resort to smoke signals, soon.

    Also wonder what kind of birthday gift Gota has for velupullia. Hope it is a big one that makes a loud bang and makes everyone sooooo happy...

  17. Some of the photos shows that pieces of boulders that have been unearthed owing to bomb blast. But no pieces of concrete. This is strange. If the bomb hit a fortified bunker, it should unearth slabs of concrete.

    However, the boulders are strange, because they are the type of ones that found on building foundations (pre quarried stones).

    If the bombs hit a bunker, and the bunker had been built using quarried pieces of stone, then this may be the case. But it is highly unlikely that LTTE would use these large pieces of stones to build a fortified bunker as such bunkers are less stronger than fortified concrete, which uses smaller 3/4" to 1" stone cubes.

  18. NoLTTE=Heaven (LOL)

    “Asithri reminds me Kaluwa when in his early days hitting massive shots every corner on every ball”

    Wow! No bro, I am no such hero like Kaluwa (what a pol-adda he was!)…no, I am only another crazy (but proud Sinhela) Sri Lankan rioter who is just madly in love with my motherland (every time I visit SL – which I do every year – and come back, I am very pensive and do soul-searching for days on). Yes, I hope to vacate the US and settle down in good ole SL once again, hopefully in a not-too-long off-future and am in fact currently making advance preparation for it (some day, I will share details with you patriots and invite you to come to SL and share my “dream” with me…believe me, I do not mean to sound presumptuous or pompous, but you will be glad you joined me!)

    Aha, not a time for sentimentality…back to business…


    Yes, it was certainly a damn faux pas vis-à-vis Pakistan! One thing MR GOSL must get together is how to behave professionally, skillfully, when mingling in the IC ! This kind of embarrassement is not doing any good for our SL!

    As well, you point re. the US politics and how it might change US’ attitude vis-à-vis SL is valid. Yes, if the democrats come to power and the next US president is someone like Hillary Clinton, then bloody hell, we better watch out as the LTTE is surely going to benefit to some degree – as result of their propaganda hard work. This is why it is important to execute our war – with extreme prejudice as OaO Asithri always says – consistently and ruthlessly to assure that we either liquidate the LTTE mf’s altogether or at least, break its backbone to the point of making the LTTE a “vegetable.” I know the SLDF boyz are doing a great job at this moment, but we must realize that we do not have an eternity to get this “clean up” done…I for one, am not sure how else we can accelerate this clean up as I am certainly not a military buff…but those of you who are so inclined (NoLTTE=Heaven, TropicalS, etc.) have great ideas and I suggest you send them to MOD.


    “LTTE says 984 cadres are dead this year. (when to when?) LTTE should say when and where they died as I guess tamilnut count was less than 84 for sure. Muhamalai just one tiger killed.”

    Bang on! LTTE scum always deny their casualties, but as I have said many times over in various sites, they had to admit this high number – i.e. approx. 20,000 KIA – only because it is important to their message “we have sacrificed heavily, so we cannot settle for anything less than “thamileelam.” This is why I say that MOD claims are more credible than LTTE claims as if you go by all the LTTE claims, then about 19,200 of those LTTErs (i.e. out of the 20,000) should have died from over consumption of water or lack of sex! LMSSAO!


    “There is no doubt that this strike also was a plum.”

    Spot on bro…yes, I called CMB today and was able to gather info that this was indeed a “plum hit.” Details will come out in due course, but the fact is this is the type of lightning decapitation strike that will enable us to get Pottage Ammata or the F-BOP (Fat Black Oily Pig)! LMSSAO!

    Blacker: I have noted…and am unreservedly elated…am also having some second thoughts…cheers!

    OaO Asithri

  19. offtopic : Mathamatica, appreciate some more details of the language learning CDs. Where can these be bought? There are CDs in English, but for Tamil and Hindi learning would be much easier from a Sinhala CD.

  20. When I tripped and fell once, a LTTEr asked me “want a hand?”…and hell, I said NO as I don’t need a hand from a TERRORIST! Am I glad I refused!


    OaO Asithri

  21. Here is what the dumb-poof PGM bombs – as alleged by the UNP politikkas – do when we deliver them from our Pretty-Kfirs and Foxy-MiGs:

    Wow! That looks to me like a bloody whole acre has been razed to the ground! Now I wonder how a bloody dumb-poof bomb can do this much damage! LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  22. Asithri

    "Yes, if the democrats come to power and the next US president is someone like Hillary Clinton, then bloody hell, we better watch out as the LTTE is surely going to benefit to some degree"
    Asithri, this is an inaccurate statement. If Hillary becomes president she still can't act alone. She has to rely on the congress to get bills and laws passed. Besides the Republicans will be all too glad to pounce on Hillary and label her a "terrorist supporter" anytime if she wants to lend a helping hand to certain terrorist groups.

    It would be political suicide for her to start supporting or sympathizing with certain terrorist groups around the world.

    And BTW, lets no forget that it was Bill Clinton's admistration that gave Israel the green light to sell us Kfir jets in 1996.

  23. GE-

    [If Hillary becomes president she still can't act alone. She has to rely on the congress to get bills and laws passed. Besides the Republicans will be all too glad to pounce on Hillary and label her a "terrorist supporter" anytime if she wants to lend a helping hand to certain terrorist groups.]

    Well, she has already made certain pronouncements in favor of non-anti-US terrorists (like the LTTE; hope you are not ignorant of such knowledge!) and besides, you are cock-sure in time to come the Congress will be Republican dominated, but if it is the case that it is again Democrat dominated, someone like Hillary will have it all laid out for her agenda to soft-peddle vis-à-vis Non-anti-US terrorists!

    [And BTW, lets no forget that it was Bill Clinton's admistration that gave Israel the green light to sell us Kfir jets in 1996.]

    Agree mate. However, it was also Bill Clinton’s admin that gave oxygen to the Al-queida terrorists, by soft peddling on them (although there were some disjointed military responses, ineffective largely speaking, I admit) when what was required was a sledgehammer response (like OaO Asithri says – “liquidate with extreme prejudice!”) and all of the US and the Globe paid a hefty price for that soft-peddling on Sept. 11, 2001

    OaO Asithri

  24. Noltte=peace..bro..The bunker could have been carved out in solid rock..Will be much harder than reinforced concrete.However may be a photo of a previous bomb explosion/skirmish.If it is carved out in solid rock..(like some temples)..they will be pretty deep.

  25. Asithri

    Terrorism has a different meaning in the US now. I'm sure you know that. The Republicans hate Hillary the most, they will be ready to pounce at any of her weaknesses. Trust me on this.

    Let me explain, everyone seems to forget the fact that the LTTE has had proven prior links with Al Quaeda and the Taliban(remember the stinger missiles?). I am pretty sure the LTTE still have connections with them. AQ still learns a lot on terror tactics from the LTTE.

    With all this evidence why would Hillary support the LTTE??? If she does, she will be supporting a group who is allied with America's arch enemy Al Quaeda. And you guessed it, the Republicans will have a field day with this. The LTTE has shown that they may not be directly anti American, but indirectly they are due to their links with AQ and the Taliban.

    The Republicans are masters at blowing out of propotion even the smallest of issues to make them national headlines(remember what happened to John Kerry(actual veteran)in the 2004 elections). I highly doubt that supporting the LTTE is a line even Hillary is willing to cross in this post 9/11 climate. It will be like steping on a land mine.

    Do you undertand now where I am coming from?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. GE,

    Further to what you said earlier on another thread about the RM-70 MBRL's. If we are lucky the new MBRL's we are getting from Slovakia might be the new RM-70 Modular which is now being offered by that country. That can fire both 122mm and 227mm rockets. But we might not be that lucky...

  28. shay

    It would be very interesting indeed if we went for the RM-70 modular. Apparently Slovakia is offering the modular upgrade to other RM-70 operating countries.

    But the main question is, can we buy 227mm rockets easily or not. With the EU concerned about the human rights situation in SL, they might be reluctant to offer us much 227mm rockets. On the other hand, China and Russia are always willing to sell to us.

  29. GE,

    Its true that 227mm is NATO standard. However, if Czech Republic/Slovakia/Ukraine are still willing to supply us these weapons, we could probably buy the rockets from them as well.

  30. shay,GE,..
    The modular upgrade to existing RM-70's,seems pretty good,if we can go for it..larger caliber,longer range & more BANG for your buck! is it slovakia which is sellin us these MBRL's..i thought slovenia!(my bad)..anyways,slovakia & czech republic are still good friends,i guess even after their seperation..what about new MBT's reported,by defencewire? are these T-55AM2's,or are we gonna go for upgraded T-72/T-80/T-84 versions?..i beleive,now since we do have BMP-3's,these must be put to point in confining them to barracks..unless,of course they are in need of spares/servicing..

    and guys,if you could enlighten me on how the cluster munitions dispenser on upgraded RM-70 rockets works?is there a timer,which triggers the mini-bomblets,at a certain altitude..

  31. shay,227mm caliber should be more than sufficient for our needs & 5-6 of these heavier weapons can wreak HAVOC on tiger ammo dumps,troop formations,bunkers,maybe even minefields???,etc..etc

  32. Hi Defencenet,

    When you have time can you give an idea about the air power of LTTE. Do they have any helicopters ? There was a rumour that they have one Mi 24 ? Is it true.

  33. renegade,
    your right, it might be Slovenia, not Slovakia. However, since we have got MBRL's in the past from Czech/Slovakia, I'm sure we could get the upgraded versions from Slovakia as well. Anyway, Israel also offers an upgrade of existing RM-70's to fire both 160mm and 122mm rockets. I'm sure they will be willing to sell it to us.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. cal,
    "When you have time can you give an idea about the air power of LTTE. Do they have any helicopters ? There was a rumour that they have one Mi 24 ? Is it true."

    LTTE does not have an Mi-24.
    They did have at least one Robinson r44 helicopter but this is confirmed to have crashed during training. According to MI they do not have any active helicopters as this moment.

    Their aerial power lies mainly with the Zlin 143s. MI believes they have 5-10 Zlins in working condition.

  36. shay

    We can get our RM-70 upgraded to the modular version whether its Slovenia or Slovakia. No problems there.

    They can sell us rockets too, but the bigger more influential members of the EU could pressure them to stop supplying us the 227mm rockets, since the 227mm rocket is a western made calibre rocket where as the 122mm is a soviet made calibre rocket.

    So in other words, the EU big shots have a bigger say in the sale of 227mm rockets by other EU countries than in the sale of soviet derived 122mm rockets.

    Thats why Russian and Chinese weapons are more prominent in the SL army. They are more willing to sell to us, cause they don't care who we clobber with it.

  37. DNet,
    I cant understand why do they need such a big Airstrip in IRANAMADU, if they operate only Zlin 143s. Cant we assume that they have something above this.????

  38. renegade

    I am not sure of how the cluster munitions dispensers work. All I know, its one bad ass weapon.
    The main downside with the western 227mm rocket is that they are expensive. About $55,000 per rocket. The 227mm GMLRS rocket(GPS guided version) costs about $100,000 a pop, it has very good accuracy.

    I bet the Russian and Chinese 300mm rockets are more cheaper and they have bigger warheads too.

  39. defencenet,i think one of our Mi-24's went down,behind enemy lines a few years back..but fortunately,it was immoblized & destroyed by the had to do a hard belly-landing,due to AA hits to the tail rotor & engine exhaust was just forward of army FDL's,so the pilots were able to be rescued easily..

  40. a little bit off-topic here..what do u guys think of the new Aussie PM? is it good or bad?

  41. B#1,

    Perhaps they have plans to expand their fleet in the future. Sea tigers started with a few fishing boats and now they've got 30mm cannon mounted Murajs. We should make sure the same does not happen with their air force.

    Anyway Mi has warned that the airstrip at iranamadu might actually be a hoax. The real airstrips and hangars are said to be located in Puthukuduirippu (mullaithiv) and two other locations. But this claim is very much disputed.

    yes there was such a crash. But its confirmed that tigers didnt recover anything useful from the crash site.

  42. "I cant understand why do they need such a big Airstrip in IRANAMADU, if they operate only Zlin 143s. Cant we assume that they have something above this.????"

    It's possible that Iranamadu is a decoy, or that it was used for night training, before LTTE pilots were proficient enough to take off & land on the shorter hidden strips. It's also possible that it was built for air resupply by aircraft flying in from the Maldives or SE Asia.

  43. Renegade!
    I was trying to read bit more about the Ausi New Prime minister.
    But it's very difficult to get some info at present.
    I think it will take good few months before we find out about his vision.
    However our foreign ministry should work towards getting some support from Ausi new team.

  44. guys/defnet, is it true(i heard a rumour),that Pakistani AF does bombing runs on behalf of the SLAF,for certain important missions-To take out hi-value targets,for instance?..according to my knowledge,they don't have any long-range bombers to do this,so how come?..

  45. Does anyone know how much a AMX fighter bomber made in brazil or italy would cost. looks like a dam good option price permitting for us.

  46. Ching-Kuo (IDF) Indigenous Defence Fighter, from Taiwan also looks good for us

  47. Jonathan

    Our MIG-27s have a slightly larger payload than the AMX.

    If we manage buy the Ching-Kuo (IDF) Indigenous Defence Fighter, it will piss China off ALOT. We need China more that Taiwan.

  48. Guys,

    There have been two air raids in Killinochchi this evening, possibly using bunker busters; the target is obvious. Success? let's wait and see

  49. yep...there were 2 raids in Kilinochchi arnd 5 PM today...Tamilnut is dead silent about it...this is going to be pretty mind says it's a BIG FISH again....

  50. hopefully we will find out about the damage during new couple of hours.
    Let's hope it's the bull's eye.

  51. I am waiting for a good news with ..bless my country to get rid of this shit forever....

  52. Some MIG-27M facts:WEAPONARY
    one GSh-6-30 30mm twin-barrel cannon with 260 rounds(optimised for ground-attack);upto 4000kg of 50-500kg bombs(MK-82/84 & fab-500),tactical nuclear bombs,cluster bombs,Kh-23/-29 laser/TV guided Air-to-surface missiles,57mm/240mm rockets,R-3S/13Air-to-air missiles,3 auxillary fuel tanks..please note that these are just a few of the weapons that could be carried aboard a Mig-27 'Flogger'

  53. tamilnet has info on the latest attack. According to them there was a beach craft hovering above during the whole episode.

  54. Onecountry that is interesting so is the other beachcraft fixed now?

    Or is Tamilnet just talking about regular UAVs?

  55. Off Topic (Tamil & Hindi learning CDs)


    At the moment the medium is English but if there are volunteers, the English texts can be translated to Singhala. (A minimum of HTML and Java Scripting knowledge required)

    These non commercial CDs are free, with the receiver engaging to make 5 copies and distribute them free.

    I can send one to a School/Temple of your choice. Then you will make 5 copies and distribute free to where it matters.

  56. guys,
    This is off the topic. I wanted attension of this article:

    about LTTE working in the upcountry area (Haton, Badulla, Bandarawela, Nuwaraeliya, Ragala, and Udapussellawa). Please MOD clean this LTTE intel cells.

  57. Good job SLAF, pound them boys, pound them ~ Now, go back and pound the site one more time cuz, tigers always recycle !
    Does this mean their Tiger TV news was knocked out too? Anyone ? I hope SLAF did !
    GoldenE...that was a stupid move by our FM man ! Pakistan, that's friend folks !
    Jonathan... Jane's reports AMX to be in $5.95m range go check !

    Like Defnet said earlier we need to keep sensitive info sensitive !

    By the way Hilary Clinton, I hope that liar dont get elected cuz, she has a Tamil in her campaign crew in NY. These bozos tell her anything they can come up with ! She's more sypmathetic to ltte propaganda and refuses to listen to our side !It's amazing when I meet europeans here, they seems to buy ltte sad story lock stock and barrell ! Suck ! We need to do a better job with ourside of the Story !

    Now SLAF pound those guns in Pooneryn as a bonus !

  58. Rajarata..i think the pres expressed support for pakistan after the initial fiasco but there seems to be more than meets the eye here.
    As for hilly.. our best defense is a developed eastern province.This loss a real blow for the LTTE because the "ever suffering" multi millionaire LTTE canadian tamils are now limited to the north.

  59. renegade!
    New PM in Australia is a bit of an unknown. The previous foreign minister was real good to us, and refused to even meet groups that did not disassociate themselves from LTTE. There has been a lot of buttering up of the new government MPs since before the election, but the party has traditionally been a haven of LTTE lobbyists. Also there is at least one MP who had spoken in favor of LTTE while in the opposition. They can be damaging in government. We'll have to wait and see.

    Thanks, I will see if anyone here is interested and send the details. How can I contact you or the publisher?

  60. Sorry to hog the space fellas ! I just atttended a Defense Expo and was suprised to hear Tom Clancy's Sri Lanka coflict scenerio in the back of his book "Carrier Group"
    He writes series on US Armed forces and here he maybe by accident switches the leadership in GOSL 7 Ltte and of all people ! Arjuna Ranatunga becomes our Prez. Well, you fellas gotta read that book ! It's very interesting cuz, at the end Indian AF gets their butt kicked by the new F-35's launched from a US Carrier and warning to stop harassing us ! Well, read it fellas and Good Luck !


    LTTE claims that 4 civilians were killed and 6 injured when SLA hit civilian settlement twice. Then I looked at this picture.

    Looks like SLA has hit a bunker. On the bottom left hand side, there is a hole in the ground.

  62. Has anyone heard whether the fat pig made his annual squeal yet? Nothing on tamilnut yet...

    Let's hope Gota delivered his birthday gift on time...

  63. GE

    Good points.

    I'm just bringing up these points for discussion purposes and not for anything else.

    The AMX also has a air to air capability which the Mig 27 doesn't have but i was mainly looking at it as a potion when compared to the Mig 29

  64. Vibe,

    Certainly SLAF has hit something of importance. All the Tamilnet photos have been cropped carefully not to show the craters.

    In one photo it shows 1.25 - 1.5 foot thick pieces of concrete.

    By looking at limited details, you can guess the kind of construction of the bunker. The bunker roof is about 6-8 foot below the surface. It is a 1.25 to 1.5 foot thick concrete slab. On top of the slab, there is a 3-5 high pile of foundation grade/size stones and soil. Top has about 3 ft of plain soil. They have planted trees on this top soil. In this part of Killinochchi, you can indeed find harder soil than what you find further north, and usually the tree roots go deeper. But the roots of the uprooted trees have not gone deeper. I assume that may have been sitting on this stone mixed soil and therefore had no opportunity to go deeper, mainly because of the concrete slab.

    The photographer has been careful in both the occasions not to show what has been actually hit direct. Clearly, it has been done to cover-up something.

    In one of the photographs, you can see a Motor Cycle helmet similar to one worn by LTTE traffic policemen.

    None of the houses have had a direct hit. All of them show secondary affects i.e. blast wave. But in one of the houses (actually an extension of a house/building), something has fallen or collapsed through the roof in two places, but it is not a bomb at all. Whatever has collapsed, it has collapsed on to the back right side of the wall and simultaneously something that has fallen with brute force from the front right hand side has crashed and crushed the bottom part of the front wall too. What has been fallen in the front side should be at least 2 feet in diameter and have hit the bottom of the front wall to collapse it outwards crushing the bottom. This could not be stone boulders, because if it was the case, those should have been left there. When it hit the wall, it should be left inside the house or should be on top of the collapsed wall. But it is not there. It could be a heavy important item not to be shown.

    There is also an unusually thick long cable swinging from the hole of the roof (do not get confused with the branches of the Wada tree). And in front of the Calendar, there is an unusual piece of metal hanging from a cable too (an earthing piece of an Antenna?). In the bottom, there is a large metal sheet with some burn marks in the bottom (perhaps it could have already been there or someone has placed it to cover what is behind).

    Just my laymen eyes found looking at the photos of both the SLAF treatments. A specialist may tell more.

  65. Oh forgot..

    Finally, I wish that the severed hand in one of the pictures belongs to the fat pig!

  66. Prabha's speech is scheduled for 6pm SL time. Doubt it'll be live though.

  67. Jonathan

    You are right, its a more all round fighter jet than the MIG-27.

    It is indeed an interesting choice for a multirole fighter. Not to mention that it is cheaper than the MIG-29 as well.

  68. David Blacker
    "Doubt it'll be live though."

    Good question
    I believe if it is Live, he must mention a very latest incident which was happened recently, at least last bombardment.

  69. Jonathan/GE,

    The AMX can’t really be described as a true multirole aircraft. It only appears to be configured to fire the AIM-9 (Sidewinder) or the Piranha short-range AAM in the air to air role, mostly as a defensive measure. This might be sufficient but can’t find any information as to what sort multi-mode radar it has which would make it effective in the interceptor role. Also since it’s a smaller platform, it might not be capable of carrying the larger bombs which are currently carried by the Mig 27 and Kfir’s.

    But, you're right. It is an interesting aircraft. However, it seems to be configured for western weapons, so there would be a concern if the LGB's/missiles would be made available to SL.

  70. Shay

    Interesting points.

    below is the link to where i read up on the aircraft

  71. Cool the SU 24M Fencer can carry 7.5 to 8 tons of free fall bombs. cant remember who was talking about it in the previous threads but a couple of these would be a good option for limited carpet bombing

  72. the above was purely for discussion purposes

  73. defencenet/guys,do you think maybe we could obtain a few(5 or so) tactical nuclear artllery shells from ukraine or former soviet republic states,to be fired from our 152MM artillery guns-better than any MBRL,by the way..alternatively,we could deliver these 'nukes',thru our Mig-27'S? what do you think? is it beyond ethical & moral values or?..what if the tigers manage to get their hands on a few of these arti-shells in the black market & a shell is fired at,say for example Palaly AB-then what?..just hypothetical,i know-your thoughts,please..

  74. Guys,

    NOLTTE=Peace is right in his assesment of the damages by the bombings: what we see on the Tamilnet are due to secondary explosions; none of the houses is a direct hit. They have been very careful not to show the primary hits. It is obvious that they have something to hide.

    When the boat yards of the Sea Tigers were hit, Tamilnet used to say the same things - civilian casualties and property damage. Sea Tigers hardly exists now; so, those bombing raids cannot be stray shots, as claimed by LTTE sympathisers.

    At the same time SLDF must take every precaution not to damage innocent civilians. Not because of the so-called heart-and-mind exercise; it is a moral issue. In the past, it was not the case, always. Nowadays, things have changed for good and we see the success at the war front.

    By ridiculing commonsense, Tamilnet is gambling on what is left of its dwindling readership among Tamil diaspora.

  75. Lankaputra..sadly the LTTE is with us to stay..however much VP has sacrificed children he has shown the "docile " tamil a few important facts also.One thing he has shown them is that..even if you live in a single roomed house without electricity and are a humble onion/chilli farmer.. you can immigrate to "greener pastures" overseas one way or other..In time the LTTE intend to build massive political bases overseas(if they have not done so already) in order to influence western politics SL.So here you have some shit who has never seen SLanka in his/her life deciding how we should live.Its like a sport..when you are bored you influence politics from overseas..very easy..This is why the only way to beat the LTTE is to increase the number of Slankans living overseas by teaching them skills needed overseas..see what the pres is doing..clever man!!.the best way we can beat the LTTE is to help our own family members..if each of us do that then..According to the Lord Buddha...a united family is a force very difficult to destroy".On a larger scale a united race is even harder to crack..Lets give these bastards..some competiton overseas shall we..this applies even if the war is won on the battlefield.

  76. jonathan,

    Thanks for the link. According to that link the AMX carries the EL/M 2001 radar which is also carried by the Kfir (also capable of carrying the newer EL/M 2032). This should mean that its theoretically compatible with all Israeli AAM's like Python series. So it looks like quite a capable basic interceptor if the price tag is only USD 6mn as someone claimed.

    In the ground attack role though, it seems to be heavily configured for western made weapons (not always compatible with Russian/Chinese bombs) and doesn't seem to be capable of carrying the big 1000lb and 2000lb bombs (at least its not mentioned).

    For discussion purposes, the Su-24's were very complicated aircraft to operate and not very accurate, even though they are now being upgraded. For only USD 35mn, the Su-34 (new replacement for Su-24) is probably the most capable aircraft of its type and is fairly cheap by todays standards. It can carry 8 tons of bombs and even has a small sleeping area for the crew for long range missions (some sources even said a toilet).

  77. remember a large number of kids sacrified are from the east..

  78. I just want to ask you guys something about VP speech today. If he speaks live, is it possible to detect where he is by analyzing radio waves? What I heard, in Israel army they detect even small bombs through satellite systems I guess by using the thermal radio activity enhanced systems. Is there any possibility for us to use this technology in SL?
    Apparently there are many Sri Lankans are involving in the different countries to develop these systems and SL gov must seek to get their support for this war on terror.

  79. lankaputhra,

    yes, I think there is technology which can help locate from where radio waves are being transmitted. However, they would probably have the transmitter located at a different location to where he is. Also he might be using satellite phones etc. which are probably harder to locate than normal radio transmissions.

  80. "what do you think? is it beyond ethical & moral values or?"

    Aside from the above, it's probably impossible to get hold of. Even if we did, it's the perfect way to make sure we get sanctioned (or worse) by the US, EU, Commonwealth & UN.

    As for ethics & morality, ever wonder why no one's ever used a nuclear weapon in anger since 1945?

  81. The single biggest drawback of the AMX is that it is a subsonic aircraft.

  82. Guys,

    Tamilnet claims that a DPU attack claimed the lives of 13 school children. It is prettey disturbing, if true.

    The Tigers are brutal enough to retaliate in equal measure; it is high time our school kids in the south were taken care of, in the coming days.

    This is what happened in Anuradhapura district two days ago, in proportion to what they claimed to have happened in Mannar.

  83. damn! hope that was not done by DPU...
    they've been taking on ambulances etc cos ltte'rs are using those nowadays to move around...
    But a school van is a lil too far to take it...
    I dont think DPU will "target" kids in anycase..
    hope this is not even a mis hit or an accident :(

  84. i think the AMX is not a very shapely aircraft-infact,its pretty SU-24 fencer or SU-25 frogfoot would be nice-thank u..

  85. It is a significant day in terms of stock taking.
    As I remember two years ago, today (27/11/05)it was like this.

    * People were really scared that there would be a bomblast that most of the parents didn't send their children to school

    *Lot of people avoided Colombo unless otherwise they really had to come

    *(Majority of) Tamils in my office were really enthusiastic about VP and what he had to say

    *The Sinhalese people were highly demoralized and only a few actually believed that we could beat LTTE

    *There was virtually a defacto State covering one third of this country.

    *No body really wanted the government to get away from the CFA despite gross violations committed by the LTTE

    *Some really nothing people(like S.P.Thamil Selvan) were more powerful than any of the southern leaders

    *If I told anybody that 2 years down the line LTTE would be confined to just two districts in the North I would have been dragged into a mental hospital.

    These are just few points that I would like to highlight. Anybody who has a correct frame of thinking would realize whom we should thank for these achievements.

    We Sri Lankans are really good at being ungrateful. I remember a series of advertisements that ran on local TVs in the run up to the Presidential Polls 2005 in favor of Mr.Wickremasinghe.In those ads it was depicted how the war disables soldiers were neglected by the local community;not even by giving them a seat in a bus. Those ads were so creative any body who has seen them wouldn't even think of joining the army. Can you imaging what would be the result if such a leader became our president in 2005.definitely we would have had two teams representing this Island in 2008 Olympic games.

    So, let’s not forget these facts. Let’s keep our party lines out for just one year. Let’s make some sacrifices. Let’s see the end of this menace once and for all. Let’s make this the last (so called) hero's day speech. Let’s pull this together in one direction.
    Just for one year....

  86. n

    Well said. But I do think that one of the biggest factors in our recent military successes is that the military is given more room to make their own decisions on how to fight each battle. In other words the influence of politicans on how to run the war is reduced by a huge margin than ever before. Thank Gota for this new system.

  87. Guys,

    The Voice of Tigers building in Wanni has been flattened by the SLAF, minutes before that infamous broadcast; there appears to be a lot of casualties, especially among those who worked there.

  88. Defencenet

    There is a story doing the rounds that the air forces accidentally dropped a bomb in mahava in A'pura

    is this ture

  89. yes its true. more updates to come.

  90. I like the way we keep hitting the targets.
    Therefore international community cannot say too many things about civilians etc.
    Keep up the good work

  91. Jonathan

    Daily Mirror carries the following story:

    Air Force drops 'dummy bomb' in Lunuwila

    An Air Force F7 fighter jet dropped a 'dummy bomb' on a bare land in Lunuwila, Chilaw this afternoon after experiencing a technical fault while in mid air. The aircraft was on a training mission at the time of the incident but there were no damages or casualties.

    Is this the same story you are referring to?

  92. Off Topic (Tamil & Hindi learning CDs)
    Send a credible postal address to: tamilcd36 at yahoo dot com

  93. Jon, AMX mate has only 4 hard point plus with 2 fuel tanks.. that leaves 2 for loads.. not good ,plus the range for AMX 400miles hmmmm. Going to vanni and back needs a Kfir,Mig 27 or Su 25 Frogfoot more ideal !Even though AMX made for Hot and High climes.


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