Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Explosion in Narahenpita

An explosion has occured near the E.P.D.P leader Mr. Douglas Devananda's office at Narahenpita today morning. Mr Devananda is unhurt in the attack.

A female suicide bomber detonated an explosive laden jacket when security personnel tried to check her at the entrance.

Update: One person has been killed and two other have been injured in the incident. One of the injured is in critical condition.


  1. Didnt you hear the case was broken wide open when the couple who were coordinating the operation was nabbed we days ago.

    LOL the Mutt bomber panicked and blew herself up.

  2. Ogre, it's not really nothing machan. For one, the story is already on the BBC front page (bad for tourism, again) and Tamilnet says the person who dies was an EPDP "coordinating secretary".

    The Army really needs to work overtime to keep Devananda safe. Looks like the LTTE will stop at nothing to kill him.

  3. Bomber acted like a polio patient (or was actually handicapped). Either way its a new low for ltte.

  4. yeah I am worried about it somewhat, b/c he is a moderate. But this does not help LTTe. All that BS that velu spoke reversed by a single act of terror.

    as much for the tourism that is a lost cause

    because LTTE will not stop at anything

    the goal, the only goal of this government should be total annihilation of LTTE and their supporters.

    remember WWII last stages; it was 1945 April.. Nazi Germany on the verge of defeat, but a greater was in Pacific had to be won. USA was Bankrupt fighting the war previous three bond sales had only 25% subscription, there was no money for the war, fuel sheds were empty, ship building halted, plane production cutting down and the no money for ammunition!

    It was not until Iwo Jima battle and that single picture of GIs' planting that US Flag that gave so much hope to the nation and fueled the war machine to finish off Japan.

    If not US would have had to take a conditional surrender and we would probably had fought a much nastier war later on.

    develop the local industries to propel this war effort, there are plenty of jobs to be created. One million dollars employ 500 people in sri lanka. spend the Armed forces budget in SL. Learn to duplicate, reverse engineer, steal technology we already do not have.

    why pay 100-2000 dollars per arty shell ? this is why i am mad.

  5. its a new low for the Tigers,
    Duglas has a ton of luck!

    But the bad news is like Illegal.ex said is the ton of bad press this brings.

  6. I think this infact is more bad news for LTTE than the GOSL.As somebody pointed out this is total opposite of all what Fat Pig had to say yesterday.

    Remember,He was bashing Sinhala nation for genocide against the tamils.Now the same man sends a tamil human bomb to kill another tamil and end up killing another tamil and wounding few other tamils.

    Now who is carrying out genocide against whom?

  7. Has anyone check that link
    it's good comment on our soldiers

  8. The comment by someone on a previous thread that the LTTE might have sneaked in a MANPAD to the Katunayake area is very worrying. I have also wondered if they might try something like that. Presumably the SLAF jets are most vulnerable to a missile attack when they are taking off/landing. I hope the SLAF are prepared for such an eventuality.

  9. If we divided this war into two periods as Before MR & After MR,
    most of LTTE attempts were failed in the period of after MR.

    Some incident were not only failed but also like "Nayata gahala polla waraddha gaththa".

    01.Attack on Sarath Fonseka
    02.Attack on Gothabaya Rajapakse
    03.Attack on Anu'pura Air Base


  10. They used a pregnant suicide bomber to target the army chief, now they use a polio-sufferer to target the minister for social welfare. I wouldn't put it past them to start using children next. Nothing is too low for these people... and to think some tamils abroad fund this. Shame on them.

  11. And VP has proclaimed in his Freedom Day Message, yesterday, that he is calling upon 80 Million Tamils across the Globe to support the establishment of Eelam in Sri Lanka.

    Now, why would those millions of Tamil people want an Eelam in Sri Lanka when they already have their own TamilNadu?

    What a crackpot!

  12. B#1, how come u say the attack on the A'pure Air force base was a failure for the LTTE? They got the birds they wanted ! It was a failure for us !

    Defencenet, - its a very common thing in SL for us to forget past incidents when new things come up. Do you know of any progress in the investigations in the AAB incidents? You mentioned the base commander was at fault for having very slack security. Any other developments?

    This is one incident which we dont want to swept under the carpet. People at fault should be found and sentenced.

  13. B#1 also remember the attempt on the army commander - the suicide bomber visited the Army Headquarters many times as a pregnant women... and she infiltrated the high security - with no security. This was a lapse.

    A brave escort soldier kicked her when she approached the convoy - thats what saved Sarath Fonseka...

  14. RomeAlphaFoxtrot,
    I agree with you.
    But you didn't get my thoughts clearly.
    [Even in a difficult situation they manage to hit the snake (agree with you),
    but they couldn't kill the snake (what would be the repercussions (reactions)??.

  15. May the triple gem bless the injured and dead in the attack.It however shows improved security which is great.The minister Hon Mr Douglas devananda must be protected at all costs.

  16. The women dying is her own business provided she does not hurt anyone else unless of course they have agreed to die also.It is also good that she exposed herself which hopefully gives the security forces in colombo some new leads to investigate in tracking LTTE members

  17. RomeAlphaFoxtrot,
    As we know SLAF is the biggest headache for LTTE.
    what i believe is SLAF didn't show their real strength or power, but their bombardment was once in a way.
    LTTE Should not wake up SLAF by attacking like this (AAB).

    This is what i called they failed.

  18. I was wrong apparently..the security outside Hon Mr Devanandas office did not bother to check her since she appeared to be suffering from polio..

  19. Srilankan : May the triple gem bless the injured and dead in the attack.

    We are used to look at Thisarana as a miracle maker. Triple gem could do nothing against the elimination of Buddhists from India, Tibet, Central Asia... attack at Dalada Maligava, Sri Maha Bodhi.. etc.

    It is the study of the Triple Gem which could make us invincible.

    Triple gems resides with ones who are alert to the realities(thatha) of the world. Buddha himself is called Thathagatha.

    We must get our mindset correct :

    Appamado Amathapadam
    Pamado machchuno padam
    Appamaththa namiyanthi
    Ye pamaththa yatha matha

  20. This relates to the previous article..

    I think GOSL should be careful when selecting targets to attack LTTE in Vanni...It is better they avoid all millitary targets with the civilian elliment like the VOT.

    We should not allow NGO's like RSF from capitalising on incidents like this one..It is good that not many killed...

    It is not worth it...Go after 100% millitary targets..

    Regarding LTTE manpods in South, I mentioned this possibility to the Defence Ministry about an year ago in an email...

    I have the email sits in my email sent items...

    Hmm... I wish I can foretell everything before it happens...Even then if we are not prepared like in A'Pura AB, then we will not going to win this war on terror.

    Be prepared...

    LTTE will go after another VVIP target within the next 4 weeks.

  21. VP is a semi-illeterate man with very little education; that is why his messages are always a hilarious platform for self-contradiction.

    After the demise of Thamil Selvan, he mourned about getting hammered by so-called giant bombs dropped by vultures; this was the same man who pushed 20 kids to their grave deliberately for the attack at the AAB. It is fun to watch what he says about killing while his adult life is coloured by his desire to kill, branding anyone gets in the way as traitors.

    His message is simple, but understandable in the context of his mind set: approve when I kill, but condemn when the security forces retaliate.

    I think VP is a child in an adult body; his behaviour bears the hall marks of this strange phenomenon.

    By the way, the person who comes here as Tikira is also in the same league, but less harmful. He cannot write a single sentence properly here; he covers his handicap in that department with borrowed filthy words like P*** and f*** from Colombe Scum. He needs some divine intervention too - to address his stupidity - as VP need for his very survival at the eleventh hour.

  22. Er... B#1, the Apura attack was a success. The current attacks by the SLAF are nothing to do with Apura. SLAF strategyy is dictated by Security Forces HQ and the MoD. If not for Apura we would be having more success than we are now.

  23. defencenet,no worries-understood..

    By the way,shitters like R*fard&C*ble should be removed from this blog-these so-called 'nationalistic' & 'patriotic' hypocrites,in my opinion should have a 100 Megaton Neutron-bomb delivered to their plate for lunch!!..

    all you phony 'patriots',living abroad,or even in srilanka,is the reason that this war is dragging on-you,asithri,who the F*!K do you think you are,livin abroad & making judgements..the only thing you can think about,i guess lookin under MR,ranil,mervyn,gota,etc.. & keeping your mouth wide open for them to release their shit into yor Mouth-which is shit,anyways,so..please try to keep discussion in this forum to matters of defence & military & avoid bringing in your bedroom escapades here-this is not a PORN blog..hope you understand?--innit?
    P.S-continue sucking george bush's salami,as do enjoy it,don't you???

  24. yep,guys fellows like asithri,rif@rd&ca#ble,tikiri,et all,have very limited vocabulary,which is just as puny as their tiny brains-probably a maggot or worm can think better & more rationally,than these fellows..hmm..i pity u fellows..

  25. Guys

    This blog is becoming a train wreck. Accussations are flying all over the place about covert LTTE supporter blogging here to get information. It seems that paranoia is setting in.

    First of all, lets get one thing straight. We don't really know who anyone is in these types of blogs. We can't see their faces or listen to their voices. So how can we come to conclusions on who they really are?

    The LTTE always has had good intelligence. I think they usually know what type of weapons we are going to get before those weapons arrive in Lanka. After all they do have extensive links with black market weapons suppliers and they also bribe their way into getting more info from corrupt foreign defence contractors and inside men.

    I doubt that an advanced terrorist organisation like the LTTE is placing a lot of hope in these types of blogs to get the latest info on our military's purchases. With over 25 years of waging war, it is safe to say that they have developed extensive connections to get info other ways than blogging.

    On the contary, these types of defence blogs are a god send to your average common Joe weapons enthusiasts. I understand that there are many people here who are worried that the info in these blogs can somehow compromise our national security. They might even feel guilty after a terrorist attack, thinking that they might have unwilling given the enemy a helping hand with the info discussed here. I fully trust that Defencenet and Defencewire are smart enough to only give out information about our military hardware and tactics that are common knowledge among the military personnel. I am sure they will not reveal top secret classified info here, or let classified info revealed here in posts by certain bloggers(with close connections to military) stand for too long before erasing those sensitive info containing messages.

    Now with that said, I am sure that there are covert LTTE supporters popping into these blogs then and now to post pro-LTTE anti-Sinhala messages. These types of activities are hard to stop. Lets not give them the attention they crave.

  26. Guys,

    I am proud to be a Sinhalese and say so loud and clear; there are lots of Tamils who are anti-LTTE. It is stupidity of macro scale to paint everyone with the same brush. Most people want to live a normal life as the rest of us do.

    I agree there are some who come here with obvious sympathies to the outfit. We can sense their motives by what they say or what they inquire for; sometimes, a bit of scare-mongering goes on their part. That is also good; it triggers off a brain storming session without a pay. The armed forces can fish out vital ideas from a strategic pool created by that. No one has a monopoly to come up with great ideas.

    At the same time, there are some stupid Sinhalese guys who come here equipped only with a limited vocabulary with a matching hatred and a set of narrow-mind. They cover their weaknesses by cliche of filth - P***, f*** and the like.

    An idiot by the name Tikira insulted me the other night, as I said precautions must be taken to minimize the suffering of the Tamil civilians; I am sure this is the sentiments of majority of the Sinhalese.

    Being patrotic Sinhalese, we must help stupid people like Tikira to improve on his English: I think this column can be a stepping stone for that purpose; all Tikira has to do is to get rid of his corrupt ego as he does with a dirty underware, and contribute something to this great blog with simple sentences, to start with. He should not indulge in writing long sentences; it is too early for him. He might switch back to his old mode - end up sentences with filth, when he runs out of words.

    Guys, we must take the plight of people like Tikira very seriously. He is handicapped - of course, verbally. Look what happened today. Pottu Amman's latest recruit is a disabled woman. Will he spare people like Tikira who is verbally handicapped in his misdemeanoures? I am sure Potty is clever enough to buy Tikira, may be for peanuts.

    Let's unite and save our beloved Tikira. Please forgive me for my cyber yell to track him down - Is Tikira budida bun? Which when translated to English comes closer to "Is Tikira fast asleep?" He is in hiding somewhere, after heaping insults on me.

    Guys, sorry for the distraction; Let's talk defence matters sensibly, while keeping our sentiments in a control mode. Idiots are parasites of intellect and social harmony.

  27. Explosion at Nugegoda

    An explosion was reported from Nugegoda. Eyewitnesses said there was a fire following the blast near the Bo-tree junction.
    Updated @ 6.15 p.m / Nov 28

  28. Looks like it was a bus....DefenceNet, Guys any news?

  29. Mathematica thanks for your input..i am praying for the quick recovery of the wounded and hope my prayers will guide the spirits of the dead to a better incarnation.It really has nothing to do with buddas teachings.

  30. In VP's speech, he blamed the international community, and said that the 'international community failed him'.

    My immediate thought was that VP is indirectly telling that he is going to resort to his old days tactics of massive indiscriminate bomb blasts in the South.

    Here he is..

  31. Aha, retribution for these suicide bombings will be delivered with many fold interest, with "big-bang of the unexpected" in the very near future...guaranteed!

    [ all you phony 'patriots',living abroad,or even in srilanka,is the reason that this war is dragging on...]

    Wow! Really? The war has dragged on not because of LTTE's racist fascism and intransigence, but because of "phony patriots" you say...Wow! What an intellectually profound statement! LMSSAO!!!

    Hey RW=LTTE bitch, with that dumb slip, you just gave away who you are - another RW=LTTE supporting bitch who is coming here sniffing for intel to pass back to your LTTE co-cocksuckers! Can't blame you for trying I guess!!!

    So RW=LTTE bitch, did you get the SLAF UVA types/model info. that you were after here yesterday? If not, I suggest you check this site:

    :-)) :-)) :-))

    OaO Asithri

  32. I cannot emphasis the need to protect EPDP leader at all cost against VPs barbarism of using Polio Patient as a suicide bomber. I suggest we install metal detectors on those office entrances and big department stores with lots of civilians.

    Everyone please assume UAVs detailed information are classified and do not disclose it here. If that information is leaked, we can use counter espionage techniques to track those moles. Not all the time LTTE can bribe the arms dealers to find out what SLGov bought.

    Can we discuss how the LTTE operate their safe houses? Let's discuss counter espionage techniques in finding the LTTE informants and operatives.


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