Thursday, December 4, 2008

Troops move into Alampil

Infantry formations of the 59 division have entered Alampil area where a major sea tiger base is located. Alampil is located around 10km south east of Mullathivu town. As of now this area is practically surrounded with SLA units moving in from north and north west of the town. To the south and south west of Alampil lies the Nayaru lagoon and to the east is the sea. LTTE base located in this area plays a major role in LTTE operations in Mullaithivu district not only because this is a known sea tiger launching pad but it also is a major logistics hub of the tigers. Anyway supply line from Alampil to Mullaithiv has now been cut off by the 59-1 brigade.

Map picture

Meanwhile infantry units of the 57 division demolished an LTTE boat in the Iranamadu lake last evening (3rd). The boat with an unknown number of LTTE cadres on board, was close to the tank’s southern bank when it met its doom.



  2. Jaya wewa.

    Is this an another occasion where LTTE tactically withdraw and strategically relocate them selves to another same area???

  3. Thanks Defencenet for the update.

  4. I think 59 Div needs more help..They are deployed on a thin stretch not far from the coast.

  5. "I think 59 Div needs more help..They are deployed on a thin stretch not far from the coast."

    Task Force 3 is on their way :)

  6. Great work SLA...
    Alampil captured
    Nedunkerni under seige
    LTTE in big trouble in Mullaitivu!

    3/4 of killinochchi has been captured. But there seems to be some resistance around the killi hospital area. Looks like the LTTE is using what seems to be a natural earth bund/high ground to their advantage in this area, but not for long!

    The 3rd reading of the budget is just around the corner...
    *hint hint*

  7. 59 is highly vulnerable for an attack from the rear.

    I have been in the Kokilai-Nayaru areas and it is the sea and thick jungles stretching miles and miles.

    It is good to know that TF-3 is on their way to support 59 Div.

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  9. Defencewire,

    We would all appreciate if you can give us an update on Killinochchi and Parathan battles. I expect these to falls with the next two weeks if killi has not already fallen to SLA hands. Parathan being the last.

    The only valid reasons I can think that Army do not want to publicize on fall of killinochchi 1) Being Eastern part of the town is not secured 2) being LTTE planning a massive counter strike on 57 in killinochchi. And flood have not help Army's battle plans for Killi.

    However, as expected fall of Parathan will force LTTE to rethink of Killinochchi.

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  11. @ NOLTTE=Peace, oil hedge Scam disaster. Mahinda has to take some responsibility here. He has no idea Central Bank & CPC were into these mal practices?

    It is quite sad when our brave soliders are making huge sacrifices for our future generations these guys are destroying the country.

  12. Exactly SLDF, that is the exact thought came to my mind.

    Out of that $400M, if $10M was used, all the disabled soldiers could have been provided with some housing.

    Could go to Api Wenuwen Api.

    The problem in Sri Lanka is 'No accountability'!

  13. Thanks for the update!
    I hope country will never forget Major Lalith Jayasinghe...

    I always thought that Killinochchi drama is just a propaganda and nothing els ..I do not believe that there is any military value in Killi..I think Killi story is just to keep LTTE busy in Killi and to give a hot feeling to general public. SLA is well planed this time and they know exactly where they heading to. If you analysis the SLA strategy you will understand their aim so far. This is the way it should do.
    Good leadership
    Planning and implementation in any condition
    Objective is to give maximum damage to LTTE and not capturing the land.
    So far strategy is working well ..some said monsoon will make harsh condition and they will trap inside LTTE area ..yes conditions are harsh but well experience SLA doing good job..
    But we must admit final stage of this war you can also see casualties because remaining LTTE carders have no option but to fight in their own territory.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Indian TV doesn’t give any news about any air port incidence.

  16. Indian TV doesn’t give any news about any air port incidence.

  17. Just informed by Indian NDTV that 2 men with Hariana number plates have fired some shots at the air port in Delhi,perhaps a criminal act.

  18. Nice Post mate..has there been any discoveries of bunkers or weapons left behind by ltte ? I dying for 58th to capture Iranamadu cuz, I loved to see the Tin Can runway & bunkers !

    But,what really pisses me after all these yrs. Ceasefire when the damn ltte looks like facing anihilation ! That Indian minister coming to press GOSL for a ceasefire bullshit ? Why did the y wait all these time while Innocent people were getting killed by the Ltte ? Arer we stupid ? SLA will finish this offensive and get rid of this maggots.

    Also, now all of a sudden "Cluster Bomb" issue ? Wow, correct me if I'm wrong here...didnt Ltte master the art of Suicide bombing? When we kick some ltte butt all of a sudden....hey, look what the SLA is doing ? I just hope MR doesnt give into any pressure and finish off this ltte plague & rubout the Fat ass PB !

    Go SLA !

  19. NOLTTE=peace,

    Iam shocked. We serve Sri Lanka for pea nut while few people sell her good bucks.

    These guys should be ashamed of them selve. No these guys don't have shame. They and their will be cursed by history.

    Hope MR has the guts to stand on his feet on this issue.

  20. Black Panther
    Yes! We are yet to see any honesty in our leaders and I suppose they represent the characteristic of out people, very selfish and perhaps greedy and this is a sad irony. Do you drive in SL? Do you notice how selfishly they drive as if the own the road, never give in to another. That come from the grass roots and the leaders just take it a bit higher. No amount of our people going to Churches, temples can rectify this. Leaders pitilessly rob and waste our meagre resources. Yet we talk much about our culture and I say just look outside our island at people who donot gloat about their glorious past but still gracious, honest and very charitable.

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  25. No LTTE=Peace

    "Recently, our foreign exchange position has depleted from USD 3.5Bn to
    USD 2.5bn due to the intervention by Central Bank to maintain rupee

    Mate it has gone down to 1.9 billion as at 01st November.

  26. @BP

    Hope MR has the guts to stand on his feet on this issue.

    I'm sorry mate I don't think MR will do such. Have we seen such punishments from him in the recent past? I think no.

    He safeguards his colegues what ever they crazy things they do. It has proven with Mervin. Still no word about Fouzy regard the court order.

    May be he wanted create enemies at this hard time. But it's an utter failure of MR if he acts as blind in this case.

  27. Correction:
    May be he do not want to create enemies at this hard time.

  28. DN/GUYS-from janes

    Jane’s Intelligence Review Reveals Satellite Pictures of Military Buildup in Sri Lanka

    London (17 th November 2008) -- Analysis of high-resolution commercially available satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe and Geoeye has allowed Jane’s Intelligence Review to verify that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have constructed two 1,000 m paved runways between 2002 and 2007; one of which is currently being extended to 2,000 m.

    These airstrips are unnecessarily long for the light aircraft that the LTTE uses for aerial attacks and are probably intended to handle larger cargo planes delivering weapon shipments.

    One such shipment of artillery shells remains stranded in a Central Asian country after Russian intervention to prevent its delivery to northern Sri Lanka.

    Christian LeMiere, Editor Jane’s Intelligence Review commented, ‘While the imagery does not confirm the airstrips are in use, the investment of significant resources suggests the LTTE has developed facilities that can serve air logistics needs at a critical time in its three-decade war with the Sri Lankan state. Jane’scan also confirm that the LTTE has made at least one attempt to arrange for a consignment of artillery rounds to be flown in.’

    The construction of a highly visible runway could be seen as part of the LTTE’s ambitions to develop the trappings of an independent political state, complete with an airport.

    There is no evidence of the airstrip being used to launch any of the nine missions flown by the LTTE’s Zlin-143 aircraft. Indeed, it quickly became apparent that the airstrip at Iranamadu was probably not being used in the attacks at all. It is highly visible to the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) reconnaissance flights, vulnerable to air strikes and unnecessarily long for the Z-143, which can take off and land in under 600 m, according to Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft.


  29. NOLTTE=Peace,

    Thanks for exposing CPC scam.

    This scum team of the CPC must accept now that they were trapped by the Banks and turn against them.

    SLA, please put the tag on these traitors who ever they are. It is very much possible that the LTTE was behind the manipulations to trap Lasantha de Mel.

  30. SF @ LNP ask the question , if Killi is not captured how come SLA attack an LTTE boat movement in Iranamadu tank?

    Read the intresting revelation and the contributions from other forum users like stopterror and KWijayabhu...


  31. One more thing,

    the boats SLA captured in Alampil must be the ones the fisher folk used in their day today lives.

    The boats are no way belongs to the sea tigers except for few. This is my guess.

    SLA should expect a counter attack in this sector any time.
    They will be cornered around the lagoon, if that happens. Hope SLN will provide cover if that is the case.

    One more thing, another menacing cyclone is heading towards Sri Lanka's east. It is likey LTTE might try to take advantage and attack a vital installation somewhere in South/Eastern sector.

    The other thing is , SLA should also take precautions to protect the soldiers from drowing in this bad whether.

  32. Looks like LTTE diehards are lying low before coming out to celebrate an LTTE counter attack.

    Hope we cover all our week points before LTTE strike.

    I heard 6 black tigers arrested around KAB...

    Anay updates on that DN?


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  36. Thanks all of you guys responded to CPC scam... Hope we could get out of this mess with a smaller damage, and take preventive actions to avoid such happenings in the future in anywhere in the state sector.

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  38. Onceinawhile

    Let me ask you this..

    When you get a date with a hot chick, do you worry about what dinner may cost, or focus on getting laid?

  39. DC

    Mr Nalin Fernando wrote

    ‘Western countries zeroed in rapidly to condemn the Bombay outrage in contrast to their hesitant response to what happened in Sri Lanka 23 years ago. Now there is a fear of another Indo-Pak war, if irrational thinking prevails as it often does, in South Asia.’

    Western countries shows no interest on religious centres that’s why it didn’t catch the headlines when the Malgawa,Anradhapura or Colombo Stock exchange and Colombo’s commercial centre was attacked, hardly it made news but the incident in MUMBAI was different as these people in the West had an vested interest there and that’s the reason why there was so many foreign expats business people who were there and got caught in this killing spree and Mumbai which is an important gateway for the foreign interests to the subcontinent which they were allowed a stake, just like in Sigapore,Thaiwan and perhaps Malaysia made a strong impact when attacked by terrorists. To day there was a big golf tournament in Malaysia and also they had the F1 Gran Prix which propelled these nations into the international arena thus getting the positive attention to the all powerful nations. This is the reason why American Secretary of State visited Pakistan and India to calm things down.
    Sri lanka is facing a formidable enemy of the powerful Diaspora not forgetting the 55 Million across the sea and the way we are going our financial resources are diminishing and with the IC turned against us or ignoring us, though winning the battles in vanni be will done in due time but not the war as you can see honestly the victories in the EP is off the mark, mildly speaking as there is still a rebel presence harassing us. Our leaders are for reasons unknown are isolating themselves and the island from the world to our peril.
    Likewise when a Tamil suffers any injury or death in SL that makes an immediate impact in the West because the Diaspora impact is great with a sizeable vote bank and with a sizeable bank balance and one must understand that money and votes count in every country and money and votes also talk. Unless we get our infrastructure and our mindset right in the country we will have a very sticky future as I talk to so many people that I come across here in UK and with the knowledge thus acquired this is the conclusion we have come to.
    If we are to solve this once and for all the country must have a fair and honest discussion and get the support of the good natured intellectuals of countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan where the problems and threats are similar to us but they have truly got over it.

  40. Kevin

    Good points, but the war's burden on the country's budget will diminish once the major battles in Wanni are over.

    After the LTTE lose their territory they will withdraw into the jungles and carry our a guerilla war. Our troops will fight them there.

    Fighting a guerilla war in the jungles is far less costly than mobilising entire divisions and invading hostile LTTE strongholds.

    Our guys are the best at jungle warfare in the world, and our army will move to with experience and cutting edge tactics to slice the LTTE's throat in the thick vegetation.

    Our defence budget will have to come down. The best way to do this is reduce the army to about 80,000. This 80,000 must be well trained, armed and armored.

    Now on the economic front, if our defence budget comes down, we will have money to invest elsewhere.

    We must invest in highways. Right now lanka is building its first highway in 60 years from Colombo to Galle. We need these type of highways extending to all provinces of lanka. Highways provide access to many parts of the country, this will attract investors. If investors come and invest, those regions will get jobs and development. Investors are reluctant to invest in regions they can only access through muddy roads. Thats why highways are important for economic future development.

    The other area we must invest in is DOMESTIC CONSUMPTION. We can invest in sugar cane for ethanol and sugar. 200,000 hectares(65,000 for ethanol; 135,000 for sugar to meet domestic consumption) will produce enough ethanol a year to replace all petrol we consume a year, and enough sugar to meet the consumption of our nation. This all will create 42,000 direct jobs and about 160,000 indirect jobs and stop $800 million flowing out of the country every year to import petrol and sugar.

  41. Golden Eagle
    Your points are spot on and what you say about Ethanol is spot on as well. In a another 5 years world would have produced the most efficient electric car that would use this bio fuel also Sri Lanka could produce enough electricity to turn Bauxite mined in nearby Indonesia and make it into aluminium ingots that has a demand in the international market. I did a feasibility study using an expert from Brazil who pointed out that we must turn 25% of the island’s land into Sugar cane and we must make painful sacrifices in shifting the population away from the major plantations, thus making a safe environment both for the plantation and for people nearby who will work. In the midst of this we must build other structures like a grand prey track, golf course and a few lakes for anglers with reasonable accommodation, then Colombo must be made a financial capital to attract investment funds.
    While this war is on the politicians in charge must allow the country to function to a reasonable level and standard. Some such examples are major towns are paralyzed by the extraordinary security measures which are ineffective unnecessary and the politicians must not attract unnecessary attention and costly security personal into business areas with their presence. They should move out into areas away from the vital life line of the people in to areas that can be easily protected in a cost effective manner. My businesses and my properties I have invested as a demonstration of my true commitment to SL is suffering immensely thus undermining the jobs of my employee there though I managed to cover up the losses with the income from abroad.
    I am speaking from my own example and experiance where I have invested in a large property with a hope of building a big hotel, thus attracting tourists to hotels in the vicinity as well but from the day I bought it in 1976 I am having endless problems with litigation of vast encroachment with impunity by a powerful person or two where the courts find it difficult to give a ruling and the judges keep postponing until they are transferred retired even expired as they can’t give the obvious verdict. When I appeal to CBK to intervene as the President so that the Judiciary take their job serious on this matter, she instead of being positive she used it in the political campaign to mention my plight saying that the president is not there to interfere with the justice system. If the justice system in SL is so inefficient and hopeless then it is the duty of the people in power to put it right. Now I am strangled with the power of the planning authorities where by those you with the right connections could get away with murder while the honest suffer. Same with my NRFC where several attempts were done by the CB to acquire it and I had to keep it intact by either putting in a pound or two in 12 months, so it is not conducive and healthy to attract investments until the gosl putting the structure right. So why should they as long as they can beg for aid and loans? We should have been self sufficient decades ago if done the right thing and putting the blame on the war is wrong, just as India Gandhi kept the Emergency from year to year as an excuse for not doing anything while her useless son(sanje) was dong corrupt deals lived the high life until he was killed in a plane crash and that country never developed.

  42. Noltte…
    I referred your post to my expert here as I too deal with stock market share dealing and other funds and he says that that it is a miss sell due non approval by treasury and CB that makes in non sovereign where CPC should pay the banks the inflated price of $400.As you know the oil prices have tumbled today and the banks must take it on themselves the loses otherwise for CPC to pay that amount is not acceptable. We can’t be sure if it is corruption but incompetence and ignorance by the CPC to be careful.

  43. Hi

    IS it true that Black Tigers attacked Colombo Harbour.

  44. # Air Force fighter jets pound LTTE positions - West of Paranthan
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    # Public advised to offer donations only through manufacturers & wholesale agents
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    # Tissa confession 'voluntary'
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    # Tamil MPs 'violated constitution'
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    # Why does India continue to interfere in Sri Lanka?
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  45. # 3 more Sri Lankan boats found abandoned
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    # UK Tamils polarised but powerful
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    # What does Prabhakaran dream of?
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    # Pakistan newspaper reveals LTTE-India links
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    # Air Force officers in journalist intimidation case acquitted
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  46. If three boats have escaped to India undetected and how many have infiltrated in to SL? Perhaps they are onetime illegal immigrants going back home.

  47. Kevin

    I agree with your points, but Lanka does not need to convert 25% of our land to sugar cane.

    65,000 hectares(1% of Lanka's land) can produce an estimated 374 million liters of ethanol per year. About 5750 liters per hectare. We need to plant the right type of sugar cane. Right now lanka has about 10 different varaties of sugar cane but their yeild is not as good as the Brazilian varieties.

    In the last 30 years Brazil has developed over 550 varieties of sugar cane. They have been bred over the years for specific purposes. Some varieties can produce over 8000 liters of ethanol per hectare per year!! Other types can produce lots of sugar(sucrose) yields etc etc. The sugar cane in brazil has been planted in the same soil for 30 years and their yields are now higher than ever. Never underestimate the power of specific-bred plants and animals.

    Thats why we need to get Brazilian expertise and sugar cane varieties involved if we go for ethanol in Lanka. Most lankans unfortunatly are too incompetant to get this kind of project off the ground. We need to import the high ethanol yielding sugar cane stalks form Brazil before we start this project. This is a MUST.

    In the case of sugar production, right now lanka has about 15,000 hectares of sugar cane that meet 10% of the annual sugar demand. We need to plant about another 135,000 hectares to produce enough sugar for our population.

    The jobs the sugar industry will provide will be about 200,000(direct and indirect). This will give the rural youth another opportunity for employment. These jobs will greatly combat rural poverty. The money paid in salaries for these workers will stay in the country, instead of going out of the country to oil producing and sugar producing nations.

    SWERA recently carried out a study that said that because of our location in proximity to the sea Lanka has enough wind gust to produce 24,000MW of energy. Right now our country only requires 2600MW of energy. We can produce nearly 10 times the electricity we consume just through wind power.

    Compare that with China, a country that is 150 times larger than lanka. They only have about 100,000MW of wind power potential.

    Why spend money importing coal, when wind can more than cover all our electricity needs. It would be good if Lanka can start to manufacture wind mills.

    What do you think?

  48. Tropialstorm

    "When you get a date with a hot chick, do you worry about what dinner may cost, or focus on getting laid?"

    Dont get me wrong mate. Just wanted to add to the excellent analysis done by NOLTTE=Peace. Done only in a constructive sense. Not the other way around

  49. Correction in my previous post....

    ****The jobs the sugar industry will provide will be about 200,000(direct and indirect)JOBS.****

  50. Task force I,II,III,57,56 are going to be History in the on the Singala , tamil history Books , good job SLA ..;)


  52. 25% of land gone to sugar cane! tourists to your hotel won't have anything to look at

  53. Is LTTE tactically withdrawing to india (seriously)?

    "Three more boats, suspected to be from Sri Lanka, were found abandoned off Dhanushkodi and nearby unmanned islets on Friday. The seizure of three unclaimed boats in a day is the first of its kind in this region in recent past. With this, the number of such boats found along the coast off Dhanushkodi has gone up to six. Friday’s seizure was within three days of the previous incident. "
    -The Hindu

    click here.

  54. Hi

    Is TF4 in in action now. If so where are they introduced?

  55. "Sri Lankan Meteorological department says that the depression which occurred at the center of the Bay of Bengal will probably reach the country as a cyclone tomorrow night.

    Deputy Director of the Meteorological Department S. R. Jayasekara said the cyclone is developing further more at the moment in the east seas of the country.

    The depression is at 700 km east of Trincomalee at 7:30 p.m. local time. The system is likely to intensify further and move in a west-northwesterly direction striking north Sri Lanka coast during next 72 hours, the Indian Meteorological Department’s predicted from the latest satellite imagery data.

    Heavy rains and gusting winds are expected in North, East and North Central provinces of Sri Lanka.

    Deputy Director Jayasekara warned the fisherman against fishing in the Eastern and Northern seas tomorrow."

  56. Hi Cyclone is not good for the fishes as well as tigers?

  57. Prabhakaran will not escape says the Navy Chief (video).

    click here.

  58. Golden Eagle
    Thanks, Yes 200,000 jobs is a reasonable estimate says my man in Brazil. There are company or two who is willing part away with their cash mountains or piles on this venture and they are the big energy companies. I think when the war is over they might get involve with us.
    Thank your post as this subject which interests me as I have been experimenting with different verities in those areas for some time and being to Pelwatte factory as well. I think a person like Mr Ariyaseela Wickramanayake could be of some help as he is doing well for that factory provided the gosl get the assistance of more investment from these countries. I might do it my self if I could start with about 2000 acres just to get the feeling and rest of the area to be given to local people where they do it on contract basis. The processing factory.Kanthali was a disaster where my Bill worked, in the hand of the state was hopelessly managed.

    I think we should be vigilant about KAB perhaps a visit of the ticans will be a possibility.

  59. Still one mile from Killinochchi?

  60. Guys,
    I Came across this article from the Telegraph (UK). The Usual Die-as- pora instigated story: nasty Sri Lankans vs. poor Tamils, the LTTE hardly gets mentioned.

    Then I looked at the comments: Who is this? By George it’s Peter Ratnadurai, our own resident SOICIOPATH, masquerading as a gentleman from Surrey!

  61. Mboi
    Most of the tourist come just to get away and rest and when they have a pint or two they wouldn’t know sugar cane plant from tall grass.Eco. tourism is in fashion as it could be in a tea estate or adjoining a sugar cane plantation. Brazil and Fiji have such ventures and why not in SL?kandalama is a good example where it is of immense help to the local economy. A person I know can’t grow enough papaws for that hotel and to others in Colombo. Lot of culture vultures will oppose progress because they can’t control the enlightened and progressive villages as I remember when Kandalama hotel was built.

  62. Guys, Check page 3 of the above article from the Telegraph – Wijayapala challenges Peter:
    “ Part of the problem is that the apologists for the LTTE tend to show a civilized "human rights" face to the outside world, while demonstrating disgusting racism and chauvinism when interacting with other Sri Lankans”

    And he quotes Peter from DefenceWire.

    "What is Nibbana? Sounds like a seedy three stars hotel in Colombo."

    Peter denies any knowledge of DefenceWire!

  63. Peter,

    "Still one mile from Killinochchi?"

    Still tactically withdrawing and repositioning?

  64. Peter

    We just 'moved in' to Alampil also.

    That means your wife, sister and daughter all three were mine last night.

    ..and they are still begging for more..

  65. Tropicalstorm

    like your style mate...

  66. # Views on ceasefire
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    # Only LTTE sympathisers would ask for ceasefire
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    # An open letter to India India should negotiate with terrorists responsible for Mumbai attacks
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    # Sri Lanka rebels 'in fierce fight'
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  67. 16 LTTE bodies uncovered after LTTE counter attacks..

  68. Kevin

    I am not surprised that the Brazilian guy agreed with my estimate of 200,000 jobs. I used the jobs created in the Brazilian sugar ethanol industry to calculate the rough estimate of the jobs that will be created if we went for a sugar ethanol industry of 200,000 hectares In Lanka.

  69. # Views on ceasefire
    Click here

    # Only LTTE sympathisers would ask for ceasefire
    Click here

    # An open letter to India India should negotiate with terrorists responsible for Mumbai attacks
    Click here

    # Sri Lanka rebels 'in fierce fight'
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    # Troops confront LTTE in Jaffna
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  70. I wish to reiterate that our beautiful island will be peace and prosperous when the Tamils have their own country.

    I mean:

    two countries = beautiful island

    one country = bloody island

    LTTE has now informed that SLA was badly weakend in last last 30 years.

    Think about it.

    Come out of the Mahavams mindset plesae.

  71. # LTTE receives heavy beating in Army offensive: troops recover 11 bodies - Olumadu
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    # Heavy clashes in Kilinochchi; Army 57 Div wreak havoc on LTTE counter attack
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    # Sri Lankan Army Is Pushing for End to 25-Year War Against the Tamil Rebels
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    # Twenty two more LTTE activists arrested from Italy
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  72. Golden Eagle
    You seem to be knowledgeable about sugar cane/ethanol and may I know how you seem to have some depth on this subject and perhaps you posted similar view on the same subject some time ago. Are you anyway involved in this industry?

  73. Puli gonna,

    I wish to REITERATE that "our" (sinhalese) island will be peaceful and posperous once you LTTE scum terror suppporters stops supporting.

    1 lion flag = 1 country

    tamileelam = terrorist eelam

    Think about it, otherwise tamils who live in sri lanka who came from tamilnadu will become extinct!!!

    Save your own people you dumb motha F#Uka but not supporting terrorism!

  74. kevin,

    sugarcane idea is a good idea, but I think we need to look more towards electric vehicles specially becuse our country is so small. Our small countries resources are very limited and we need to protect them.

  75. There are many ways to create businesses and once the war ends there will be lot of opportunitists trying to make money by creating more jobs for the youth.

  76. SF @ LNP..

    6 Dec 2008 12:02:01 GMT Report for Abuse
    Thalo SF has set fire to your leaders tail...from yesterday evening the whole of ltte defence lines are on fire...

    claymores are going up here and there and the SLAF launched one of the biggest air attacks todate in vanni...

    plus... was the would have read some information by now...

    the seventh update a few days ago...:) you will learn more in the coming days about this ltte plan...

    four of the ltte 'commandos' stand captured and the hunt is on for the others.over 12 suicide bombers were taken in white vans in the last month alone.
    over 50 hardcore ltte cadres are known to have infiltrated the city some of whom are captured and some at large.

    seems like a few within the ltte themselves are not sure what will happen...:)

    plus ltte suffred heavily got a beating of a time in paranthen,iranamadu nk muahamali and mullaithivu and the battle are still on...

    the SLAF launched a massive air attack with its latest additions...adding on to the ltte woes...


  77. My guess is the arrested LTTE commandos were to receive the SLA uniforms hidden in Colombo.The CID captured that first with an LTTE operative.

    How nice everything false in to place when you try hard to get rid of this LTTE scum.

    Well done SLDF.

  78. More from SF @LNP

    Seven heavy bombardments ,heaviest in recent times,were undertaken by the SLAF with its new gadgets...

    ltte has abandoned sections of irnamadu following heavy Resistance and a cost.the iranamadu battle was least expected by the tigers as it was very well fortified and probably was under the impression that the forces will focus more on less protected areas in western kilinochci and southern mankulam area as opposed to taking the bull by the horn.

    instead gen SF decided to make an assault on irnamadu with a diversionary attack and that in to a few hours virtually set in motion all the offensive divisions in assault including a new induction.ltte suffered dearly and was forced to make an unexpected and casualty ridden withdrawal leaving behind dead.

    the whole of ltte controlled areas are under attack.

    the field commanders operate on a need to know basis.battle field instructions and goals are communicated to them from Colombo and they are expected to reach their goals.

    gen SF has introduced for the first time in the history of elam war a system where even the top runners are fairly unaware of what the final destination or the picture is.

    SLDF shows a peak of professionalism ,unprecidented...

    elam war 4 is the last...lets see how it ends...

  79. Here is more..

    Stopterror @ LNP has this to say regarding last few days battles.

    LTTE Launches Waves of attacks against SLA posts in Adampan
    Saturday, 6 December 2008 - 3:24 PM SL Time

    first four waves were decimated, at least 200 LTTE casualities.

    LTTE did not managed to reach Army FDLs

    As I have said, LTTE w/d to Iranamadu region and planed this counter attack for over a month.

    It was picked up early by intel and the army was waiting for them.

    As this is being written LTTE is planning another counter attack against SLA.

    Large monsoon rains are now hitting the north east coasts, should see a lot of rain sans the cyclone type weather that was seen few weeks ago.


  80. haha...

    I hope vigilante "intel" is not being dug out and scratched out from his a$$H01e.

    From what I hear...the story is saddening for SLA.

    I think some of you may have heard of the saddness recently uncovered in Jaffna and Vanni areas too? I had mentioned this earlier but nooone wanted to realize it.

    They would rather live in a "dreamland" rather than know what the senior SLA commanders and those sitting in their comfortable parliament seats are doing to the SLA men/boys/girls on the battlefield.


  81. Puli,

    "LTTE has now informed that SLA was badly weakend in last last 30 years."

    Wow, now you've got us convinced. Obviously, if it's the LTTE that said it, it's got to be true isn't it? If it was anyone else saying it, we wouldn't have believed you.

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    # Navy celebrates 58th anniversary on Dec.9
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  85. Kevin

    No I am not involved in the industry. I just did my research on the subject and have read countless articles on the subject.

    I was amazed when I found out that lanka had the capability to grow all its fuel needs on less than 2% of its land mass. Its just logical that Lankans must get off foreign fossil fuels, especially a poor country like Lanka who is struggling with its annual fuel bill.

    The number of jobs it creates is also such alluring aspect. These jobs will help erode rural poverty. Right most of the job prepects for the rural youth is the army for the males and garment factories for the females. Would be nice if we can give them more options. Don't you agree?

  86. # In the Peninsula
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    # LTTE's separate State ideology a threat to India -Army Chief
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    # Tigers cornered
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    # Patriotism running in the family
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    # Cyclone expected to hit North & East in next 24 hours
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  87. Guys, check this: Lakbima

    Look at the picture on the top left, looks like our guys are using some serious weapons now (at least the commandos). The grenade launcher looks like a Hawk MM-1 to me. Anyone know what it actually is? And does anyone recognize the double-barelled launcher?

    BTW, the Wikipedia article on Lt. Col. Lalith Jayasighe will be going up on the main page ("did you know" section) in about an hour. It'll be there for about 5-6 hours I think.

  88. Dear SL,

    Who came from India? Sinhaleese or Tamils.

    You 700 criminals expatriated from India. I am not saying this. Your Mahavamsa is the authority for this and it also accepted that the Tamils are the ancients of this Island( Nagar).

  89. Looks like DN has reached endpoint. If it isn't for serial spammer DC we wouldn't have more than a dozen comments a day.

  90. Golden eagle
    I am happy that you have an interest in this subject which will be a perfect life line for our rural folks and country as a whole. I have promoted this to many politicians of all sides when ever we met them in UK or SL.I am amazed to know from my Brazilian friend there are so many varieties of sugar cane and they should be replanted in rotation and they in Brazil replaces it Soya beans which finds a big market in US. Who knows that they might turn soya in to energy. Soya being a legume it supplies the soil with nitrogen that is vital for sugar cane. Also when he was there in SL pointed out that Endera plants grown on hedges can turn it’s fruit in to bio fuels and this plant needs little attention. I wish you could find more about it for me, I am determined to find sufficient land for these project just to help my folks at home. I hope you could join me for a drink and chat in London?

  91. # Karunanidhi continues with pressure tactics
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    # Troops make further gains in march to Kilinochchi
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    # German Chancellor's intervention sought to safeguard Tamil children in Germany
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    # Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman
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    # No MIRACLES for Mano Man!
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  93. Looks like Karunanidi is putting pressure on the Indian PM to put pressure on us to stop the operations in Vanni.Vanni is only part of the problem.GOSL must cut down the waste immediately and put all the resource to the North to finish this off within the next two weeks or so.Mmubai incident had given us some valuable time and it is running out.
    If Karuna and Pillian is truly with us which I doubt should be used to form another battalion or regiment and put them in the front to be of some help to speed things up.

  94. Tropicalstorm is just a chauvinistic racial sinhala-superior thinkin ass,just like arse-i-try(asithri)..these fellows cannot get even a proper erection without first downing a bottle of viagra!!!..

  95. # This is terrible. All this has happened while the Indian Police watching. How can they become a super power. India, though brag about ancient civilization, still live in dark, primitive ages. Send this to all you know.
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  96. # Lanka seeks India help to "finish" LTTE faster
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    # India won't listen to "political jokers" in TN: Fonseka
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  97. Puli,

    The mythological Nagas are not the same as the Tamils. Even the Tamil epic Manimekalai states that the Nagas spoke a different language than Tamil.

  98. Renegade

    I don't need your pills.

    Your wife does it each time.

  99. Kevin

    According to the latest news I could dig out, the government is looking to develop 40,000 hectares around Anuradhapura and another 30,000 hectares around the pelwatte area for sugar cane. These lands have been deemed as suitable to grow sugar cane. I believe the government is looking for investors for this project. Whatever we do, we need to plant the high yielding varieties of sugar cane, this is where we need Brazil's help.

    A Brazilian company called Dedini which builds ethanol mills in Brazil has now developed a mill that produces freshwater as a by product. This water can be used to irrigate fields and for many other things. This is a new technology that will silence all the whiners who complain that ethanol mills consume too much water. Here's the link:

    I could not find much info about the endera plant, but I would like to find out more about its potential. Another plant that can produce bio siesel is Jatropha. Just like soya beans, Jatropha also provides the ground with precious nitrogen. Nitrogen in turn is what generates topsoil. I think Lanka already started a minor start-up project to plant jatropha. Hopefully it will go somewhere.

    But the best plant to produce bio diesel is Oil Palm. Three years after planting the trees it will start to bear the fruits, and full yields will start to come in about 7 years. The full yields are about 650 gallons per acre per year. That comes out to slightly over 6000 liters of biodiesel per hectare.

    Sri Lanka can cover its annual diesel requirements by just planting 50,000 hectares of oil palm.

    Unlike sugar cane, Oil palm needs more rainfall, so we have to plant in the wet zone regions.

    BTW, Lanka has about 1.6 million hectares of unused deplete marginal lands suitable for energy plantations. Thats about 23% of the country! So allocating about a quarter of that land for ethanol, sugar and bio diesel plantations should be no problem. But we all know that beaucracy can be a nightmare.

    Unfortunately I will not be able to meet you in London for a drink and chat, I wish I could though. I am still a college student.

  100. GE,
    What are the energy requirements for growing sugar cane and extracting Ethanol from sugar cane? As I heard, in order to produce Ethanol US farmers are consuming lot of fossil fuel. (So, Ethanol is more expensive than fossil fuel).

  101. hemantha

    The US is producing ethanol from corn, its not even nearly as efficient as sugar cane.

    In producing ethanol from corn one unit of fossil-fuel energy is required to create 1.3 energy units from the resulting ethanol.

    In producing ethanol from sugar cane, one unit of fossil fuel energy is required to create 8 energy units from resulting from ethanol.

    So hemantha as you can see, the energy ratio for corn ethanol is 1:1.3, its barely in the positive territory. For sugar ethanol the ratio 1:8, this is because sugar cane stores more energy than corn.

    Sugar cane produces 6.15 times more energy than corn. So its exactly 6.15 times more efficient.

    The US grows ethanol from corn because its lack the tropical climate to grow sugar cane.

    This article explains it in more detail:


  102. GE,
    Thank you for the information.

  103. # DMK, India and Sri Lanka's fight against LTTE
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    # Hero’s Progress
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    # Colombo reports advances into LTTE areas
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    # Tamil MP 'prevented' leaving country
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    # 42 Sri Lankan fishermen detained off Chennai
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    # India must review its policy towards neighbors: Sri Lankan Media
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    # Coast guard finds another bullet-ridden boat
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    # LTTE calls all to join the fight
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    # The Bombay bombing and the LTTE
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  105. Kevin,

    "Looks like Karunanidi is putting pressure on the Indian PM to put pressure on us to stop the operations in Vanni."...

    "Ballek Biruwata Kandak Pathwenne ne!"...

    Do not panick.. we are good!

    I am glad that the joker Narayan who had Paranoia on Sri Lanka is gone for good now.

  106. Goldern Eagle
    Jatropa is endera as we found out the Peradaniya nursery people. As soon as this conflict is over we will do our best to get investors there. I having pushing this idea to several fund managers and energy companies as one patriot says in this blog that we must first use for electric cars, but I think Power generation for the national grid is more nessasary.Surly this industry must give plenty of jobs to the rural folks of all ethnicities. We also could install solar and wind power.
    I wish the Prez going for that air and airport building and that failed airliner, honestly think that money could be used for that project that will help everyone in the rural areas. Also town folks could grow them in their back yards giving them a cash crop and thus creating a small business man receiving this cane as the collectors of spices and raw sheet rubber.

  107. Guys,

    Even the Tamilnet is not very enthusasics about the forthcoming visit by the Indian Foreign Secretary, yet some of our media, the usual suspects, are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    The Taminet makes a reference to the visit by (A)karunanidhi & Co with the saying, "They went, met and came," to which Qrious loves to add, " wet too."

  108. Heath and all the patriots,
    Please make an effort to inform our authorities dealing with the media to include war reporting from the front to Utube in at least 3 main international languages like English, French and German and what they may see the dereliction of their liberated areas, the fascist rule of indoctrinating of children. People in authorities, not the politicians will find that they are fundraising for a worthless cause and those funds being used elsewhere.

  109. Hemantha
    Sorry I misspelt you name.

  110. The Myth of Military Superiority - Based on Hardware

    There is no sign of abating the ripples of the attack on Mumbai by the Jihadhists. Heads have rolled in quick succession and the army, police, navy, coastguard and intelligence services have come in for severe criticism, from the citizens far and wide the country.

    The operation was a fiasco: ten gunmen held a cosmopolitan city to ransom for almost three days; 'elite' commandos took nine hours to arrive at the scene; bureaucrats did not communicate with one another, igniting regional, social, class and cast rivalries, even at the hour of great need; both soldiers and policemen were neither smart enough for the task nor disciplined enough for a quick response. All in all, it was classic institutional and systemic failure, that is going to haunt this great nation for years to come.

    Video footage recorded on CCTV cameras shows the kind professionalism displayed by some policemen; taking pot-shots at determined gunmen armed with Kalashnikovs is like using a step ladder to conquer Everest! there was an incidence where a fatigue-clad commando firing randomly with a single hand - a disastrous performance. The drop of commandos by a helicopter is equally ill-planned and hastily-executed; If a terrorist took a RPG shot, it would have been all over. We must not forget that they did a similar miscalculation while dropping parachutists against the LTTE in Jaffna campus premises. What happened then is something Indian defence forces love to erase from the history of modern warfare. It was a catastrophe for the poor Ghurkha soldiers who are renowned for loyalty, who lost lives - one by one.

    The operation against the militants clearly shows the lack of enthusiasm among the foot soldiers to take risks. A poor soldier could be the sole breadwinner of the family. There are no mechanisms to look after their families when they are gone; no are there movements to rate them as patriots. The plight of a widow - even it she is a victim due to a war - is pure torture by in-laws, in particular and society in general. So, a soldier thinks twice before putting his live in the firing line.

    These are complex issues that the defence forces or police cannot address on their own. So, they just go with the flow. Time and again, the poor-preparedness for war by the Indian armed forces has happened: the Kargill crisis is a case in point.

    India's vulnerability will not be addressed by the might of their military hardware. They have the might; but the men who execute are not ready for the challenge. This will be more evident in a protracted war, if they dare to get involved.

    The situation in the West is no better. In Afghanistan, the Germans are accused of sitting inside tents, while avoiding the confrontation with the Taliban. Only Britain and America are involved in fire fights - and get killed too. The other nations just make their presence felt while staying safe. They have air crafts, destroyers, missiles and technology at their disposal, but are not prepared to take the risk against unseen enemy.

    The birth of guerrilla warfare and piracy on the high seas shows the limits of conventional war machine, , especially at a time, when the co-lateral damage can certainly send the generals to Hague on the charges of war crimes. The unofficial doctrine - Guerrilla warfare cannot be won -has taken a foothold on the global psyche. Even the nations, for instance, Sri Lanka, who tackles it brilliantly does not get the due credit for the success. The presence of impressive navies could not guarantee the safe passage of ships from the Pirates - both Somalis and Indonesians.

    When President Clinton was in the office, there was a serious debacle involving Somali Gunment in Mogadishe. They shot down an Aapache helicopter and gun downed the marines before displaying corpses in the city. America did not wanto experience it again and humiliate themselves.

    So, military might without a corresponding enthusiasm from a foot soldiers is a myth. The Mumbai experience is not an India problem; it is a global one. It is high time powerful nations stopped boasting about military might, year on year out basis. Otherwise, the chaotic operations are going to haunt the corresponding nations for generations to come. The Americans hate the word, Vietnam, while talking about warfare.

  111. qrious

    "It was a catastrophe for the poor Ghurkha soldiers who are renowned for loyalty, who lost lives - one by one"

    Beg to differ,but were they not Sikh soldiers?..around 30 or so were massacred by the Tigers.

  112. The loss of the coastal bases has not affected our supply lines. We continue to get through supplies from India. We are using indigenously made submersibles (submarines) to ply the routes. There are pics of these submarines on youtube. Just type LTTE submarines and you will get a video. The modus operandi is go half way up to TN where a supply boat from Indian side in neutral waters await us, once the submarine gets there, the weapons and ammo are loaded on to the sub. The sub then makes it way back undetected and carries on the supplies to the interior using the various waterways and tributaries.

  113. Qrious,

    great post.

    I think the biggest problem for these so called mighty armies, is that they are fighting some one else's war. The foot soldier does not have a clear and honest motive like fighting to save your country. They are operating pretty much like mercenaries. Are they in the military because they feel a need to serve their county, or is it some thing else? No wonder so many civilian casualties. Because they don't care about the aftermath of their actions.

    However I think that US army is somewhat more experienced than other armies, because they put their finger in everyone else's a$$hole.

    If two of these large armies get into a fight millions will die by the time they get their strategies correct.

    And having the biggest gun is not going to win insurgencies. The best example is SLAF and TAF.

  114. sithsala, thanks for the compliment, mate.

    Renegade! I think it was mainly Gurkhs; yes, the Sikhs paid a price too in different locations.


    Sanity has broken out in the UNP camp at last. They have chosen Karu as the deputy leader. A sense of patriotism will prevail in the great party now.

    The two rabble rousers - Vajira and SB - may be licking the wounds with the tail hiding between the legs. One joker has not even come for the occassion.

  115. Kevin

    I am torn on the issue of electric cars. If we accelerate down that route now, it could mean the end of the ethanol industry before it even began. In order for an sugar ethanol industry in Lanka to succeed, we need cars that consume it.

    I think we should focus more on hybrid flex fuel vehicles. That consume ethanol and pollute less and are energy efficient.

    As I said before, Lanka has wind power potential of 24,000 MW. Right now about 80% of the population have electricity, and they consume about 2600 MW, roughly. In other words we can power the entire country by wind power, even if our population doubled or more. Less than 5 countries in the whole world can boast such wind power potential. Thats why I say that we MUST go for wind energy in Lanka.

    In real-estate there is a cath phrase called "location location location". Well if you look at the world map, Lanka has it. The country is sitting in front of the bussiest sea trade route in world and ocean also provides so much winds.

    I think it would be wise for Lanka to partner with foreign companies for technology to manufacture wind turbines/mills. A "green energy" manufacturing base will create so many well paying jobs. My mantra is : We need to put more people to work, which means more people are being productive and contributing to the economy instead of sitting around at home. The more productive people are, the faster our economy will grow.

  116. # Battle field news
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    # TF 3 sweeping along A- 34; terrorists on the run
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    # LTTE hardcore starts abandoning the outfit- Pooneryn
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    # Army arranges donation of pushbikes for Jaffna schoolchildren
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    # Sri Lanka signs off on record war spending
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  117. "Three senior LTTE cadres who fought for the terrorist outfit for more than a decade have surrendered to Sri Lanka Army today (Dec 8)."

    Authorities should clearly take precautions against LTTE intelligence wing cadres who wants to infiltrate Rehabilitation Camps in disguise of disgruntled cadres.

    This has been the case in the past, and has created huge unnecessary issues at rehabilitation camps.

    Keep your eyes opened!

  118. # No one should be allowed to come beyond the airport to discuss a ceasefire! – Anura Dissanayake
    Click here

    # Ask Lankan minister to say sorry for calling us jokers: Vaiko to Centre
    Click here

    # Tamil Tiger Links with Islamist Terrorist Groups
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  119. Northern War Front 8 th of December 2008 (Video)

    click here

    Wanni Operation. 8 th of December 2008 (Video)

    click here

  120. mmmmmmmmmmmmm Mahen knows everything???? But he does not know where he stands. He keeps imagining things which do not exsist. Those are the symptoms of a serious mental disease. Go and get it checked.

    It happens when you are disappointed & your hopes have been shattered. Also people let you down.

    Keep sending supplies when your senior cadres start to surrender to our army.

  121. Defnet, Air International mag reports SLAF recieved the Mig 29's in Sept. true ? Also, they mention a Mig 27 got .50cal bullet which hit the landing gear hydrolics, which caused a belly up landing at Katu. No idea where they got there info mate.
    Some fool in England wants to try Fatass VP in the Hague.Ya kidding me ? Dod what he did to all others send him to hell !!! Pardon my french fellas !

  122. This comment has been removed by the author.

  123. The Mother of all Insults - Joker

    Tamilnadu Politicians are up in arms; they say they have been insulted by the great general, Sarath Fonseka, calling them as jokers.

    Come on guys, it is not an insult after all.

    Vaiko, whose name nearly rhymes with psycho, are at the forefront in the scene.

    Guess what? He wants the Center to intervene again and this time on this issue.

    Vaiko is very belligerent. He wants the great general to stop everything he does now, including what he does very succesfully, to address this issue. Vaiko, once again shows his gift of identifying priorities.

    Karunanidhi is angry too; he says no Tamilnadu leader can be allowed to be insulted by foreigners. He wants an apology too.

    A serious diplomatic impasse in the offing - in addition to the one we have now.

    I think this all erupted by a combination of sneaking and misunderstanding.

    The old geeza, Sampanthan, must have sneaked the news to Vaiko's ears and Vaiko became furious at the insult, which is understandable. Vaiko is a political saint in Tamilnadu with an immaculate track record - punctuated only by prison visits.

    This is a misunderstanding. Joker that in Sinhala means the fearless cannot be an insult; far from it.

    In this context, Vaiko is a joker; he is fearless, because he has nothing to lose which is the same as being fearless - no voter base; no fan base; no political insights; no special gifts. So, Vaiko is brave and fearless. What's the wrong with calling a spade, a spade?

    Vaiko's problem is his hyperactivity. He said in Britain that Britain should even now carve our a section of Sri Lanka for Tamils and he blamed Britain for not doing enough, even after being their guest. He has delivered an electric speech to an audience that was already charged. My man who was near the gathering says the events resulted in a discharge - something, he didn't specify.

    Vaiko is a man with plenty of energy. He wants to dispose of it frequently. So he does political exercises, from time to time, to an excited audience. Unfortunately, his reuslts are never in proportion to the energy used up, which is the same as wasted.

    I think Vaiko must practise polygamy. He must marry at least three Tamil virgins and produce a large offspring. Such a gathering will never let him be haunted by genocidal thoughts coming from Palk Straits that regularly visit him during wee hours of the day, when he pees.

  124. what's the bigger insult, calling someone a joker or accusing legitimate people of genocide?

  125. Rajarata

    No Mig29s.
    Mig27 did flop and was under repairs. Was expected to become, but unknown whether operational yet.
    Currently the F7Gs are performing dual roles of interceptor and bomber, with lower loads.

  126. Qrious

    The nattami circus will hang itself once enough rope is given.

    Nevertheless, Gen. Fonseka must learn to stay away from making unnecessary political comments.

  127. # Effigies of Lankan President, General burnt by MDMK
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    # Mukherjee visit still in the balance
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    # Tiger suspect nabbed
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    # Awareness through diplomatic missions against LTTE – Bogollagama
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    # Troops seven kilometres away off Mullaitivu : Ministry
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  128. GE
    Sorry to rejoin this late as I live a very busy life here in London.
    Since my initial qualification is in Electrical engineering I am a bit biased and reasonable to assume that power from ethanol, wind and solar must be first fed to the national grid or used to pump water up to a reservoir up a very high elevation and during peak times generate power to the national grid. Solar and wind power is not regular and constant but when available should be used to pump the water up and use it for hydro power. From the grid it can be utilized for many devices like home electrics,industrial,cars etc.
    At present US’s General Motors have developed more types of electric cars than any other car maker and one reason for them pleading government funds for further improvements to their electric vehicles. The amount of Mega watts produced by the wind generators is very promising for the island in future.

  129. # Suspect still at large
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    # Mixed feelings after escaping from tiger country
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    # LTTE's desperation
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    # Sri Lanka Navy celebrates its 58th Anniversary today:
    Dedicated to defend Motherland
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    # Use of Cluster Bombs in war
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  130. DN
    Is there’s any truth in RW’s claim in the Island that the vanni terrorist have nearly 15,000 regulars? Perhaps more like 3000.

  131. Kevin

    I agree with the need for our power grid to be adequately supplied.

    The two things we need to focus on is roads and electricity. If we get rural areas connected to the rest of the country with proper roads and highways and also connect them to our power grids, then foreign investors will jump at the opportunity to invest in those regions and create factories and jobs there.

    After all who wants to invest in a region with no electricity, and muddy roads unsuitable to move heavy machinery on?

    The reason I disagree with going for electric cars right now is mainly to do with jobs. If we produce ethanol fuel from 65,000 hectares it will create about 70,000 jobs. These jobs will help expand our middle class and reduce poverty. I don't mind flex-fuel or hybrids, but electric cars could endanger those jobs ethnanol can produce.

    We need to expand our middle class with the creation of decent paying jobs, and spend of vital infrastructure (roads and power grid) to attract foreign investors who will help industrialise the country.

  132. Tropicalstorm said,

    Nevertheless, Gen. Fonseka must learn to stay away from making unnecessary political comments.

    Well, mate he is a human being after all. I think it is a spontaneous reaction to the kind of silly things as you correctly said, the circus, is engaged in day in, day out - intervention, intervention, intervention. The great soldier's reaction is not pre-meditated. I think he is a patient man; otherwise, he would have used RW inside a cannon tube for his provocations.

    An Indian journalist has uncovered the funding showered on jokers by Tamil Diaspora in Canada. The intense Tamil sentiment is laid bare!

    By the way, Mahen does not seem to refer to us - modaya - anymore, after I translated the word into Sinhala for him, which means the enlightened one.

  133. # Snipets from the battle field
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    # Muslims in North will be able to return to their homes soon - President
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    # Elimination of terrorism in all its forms, too - President on 60 years of UDHR
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    # Tamilnadu, Do Not Preach What You Do Not Do Yourself
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  134. The 'Best Reply' to Tamilnadu Jokers is below from the "Srilankan Guardian"

    'Tamilnadu, Do Not Preach What You Do Not Do Yourself

    - Well, for that, we the public of Sri Lanka, a sovereign nation across the Palk Starits, would like to remind Tamilnadu Political jokers this;

    by Nacholibre

    (December 09, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Tamilnadu pro-LTTE, anti-Sinhalese politicians are up in arms against the SL army commander, Gen. Sarath Fonseka. They say that Gen. Fonseka’s reference to some “political Jokers in Tamilnadu” is derogatory to them and India and thus, they are demanding apology from the General or else, they want India to summon our President for reprimand or ask to withdraw the SL consulate in Chennai. The pro-LTTE goons of Chennai are burning effigies of the SL President and the SL army Commander.

    What comedians these Tamilnadu, pro-LTTE politicians are!!!!

    One thing is clear from this on going saga of Tamilnadu comedy programmes. That is that they are of the firm belief that Sri Lanka is a colony of Tamilnadu, or, India. Their actions and words are quite reflective of this misguided thinking. For the starters, Tamilnadu political scarecrows are openly supporting the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, LTTE, with which the SL armed forces are locked in a decisive battle. The TN politicians do not try to hide their support for the LTTE terrorism and demands from India that it go all out and stop the humanitarian operations of the SL army so that their beloved LTTE will not be annihilated.

    Secondly, some political jokers like Vaiko of Tamilnadu has the nerve to openly say that if India does not intervene in the internal matters of Sri Lanka, he is prepared to come to Sri Lanka armed with several thousands of his supporters to assist the LTTE to defeat the legitimate armed forces of Sri Lanka, which have a legitimate endorsement from the majority public of SL to annihilate the LTTE. Yet, the Tamilnadu LTTE loving politicians seem to be of the firm belief that it is the opinion of Tamilnadu that should govern Sri Lanka, not the opinion of the Sri Lankan public.

    Thus, these Tamilnadu political comedians are saying and doing everything possible under the Sun to derogate and despise Sri Lanka in a bid to bail out the dying LTTE, and in the meantime, expects the people of Sri Lanka to take their insults sitting back, without uttering so much as a word. against their masquerading political comic acts. Therefore, when our Army Commander speaks his mind about the comic drama unfolding inTamilnadu, as he has the sole right of to exercise his freedom of speech, these same Tamilnadu jokers are so infuriated of being allegedly derogated by the mere words of the Commander!!

    Why?..because, as I said earlier, they are of the opinion that Sri Lanka is a colony of theirs, which they think they can handle as their Tamilnadu public wants.

    Well, for that, we the public of Sri Lanka, a sovereign nation across the Palk Starits, would like to remind Tamilnadu Political jokers this;

    Keep your jokes to your own audience in tamilnadu and elsewhere in India. It fails to amuse us. If you Tamilnadu comedians deem it fit to undermine our own sovereignty with your actions and statements, you have no right to expect that SL Army Commander nor any other patriotic Sri Lankan would sing hosannas to you in return. It is high time you Tamilnadu political jokers grew out of your own hypocrisy and minded your own business when your own back yard in India is burning with the plight of terrorism. - Sri Lanka Guardian

  135. Stand by with the Great General Gentleman..

    If I was interviewed, I would refer Nedumaran, Vaiko, and Karunanidhi as 'Ass Clowns' - those LTTE sh*theads think that we are one of their colonies..!

    Indian Government should investigate these Ass Clowns for their connections to LTTE and prosecute them for their crimes.

  136. As a citizen of Sri Lanka, I totally agree with General Fonseka. These moronic racist terrorist jokers like Nedumaran and Vaiko has no business in Sri Lanka. They are neither Sri Lankan citizens nor welcome by Sri Lankans to meddle with our internal matters. What makes them jokers is the inability of racist terrorist morons to understand that they are not citizens of Sri Lanka. Speaking for myself, I say go to hell NeduMoron and Psycho.

  137. Peace Loving Sri Lankan citizens should come to the streets and demonstrate against the LTTE Sh*thead Ass Clowns: Vaiko the Psycho, Karunanidhi, and Nedumaran.

    Organize demonstrations.. come to Lipton Junction, Use the Stage in Viharamahadevi Park, and burn the effigies of these Ass Clowns (as they conveniently did burning effigies of MR, Gota, and SF not long ago).

    These Sh*thead Ass Clowns have forgotten that they did those stuff few weeks back.

    Indian Government should be ashamed of them for nurturing these Sh*thead Ass Clowns!

  138. TN politicians are jokers simply because they are asking for a cease-fire with LTTE thugs who killed the most promising Indian National leader.

    SF has forced the TN goons to show their true colours :
    1. Goons want GOI to save LTTE and let it carve out the Tamil Eeelam. Eelam will then be the base for TN to separate from the Indian Union, at an appropriate time, for example after getting all the prime investments from the centre.
    2. If LTTE is not saved, TN goons will launch the separation struggle, immediately.

    In fact LTTE is the offspring of TN smuggler thugs. TN racists are the real culprits.

    Jai Tamil Racist Nadu !

    Jai Hind indeed.

  139. Save Sri Lanka from those Tamilnadu Ass Clowns!

    Come to the streets and demonstrate!

  140. Kevin
    "power from ethanol, wind and solar must be first fed to the national grid or used to pump water up to a reservoir up a very high elevation and during peak times generate power to the national grid"

    You say you are an electric engeneer, but this remark clearly explains you havent done much physics or have much common sense. Nobody uses solar power or wind energy to pump water up and then generate electricity.

    General motors may have made more electric cars than others. But none them are practical. Only practical electric/hybrid on the market are toyata Prius, Honda Civic hybrid, Indian WhiZ. None others are commercialyy viable.

    Americans are rubbish in making automobiles.

  141. "pump water up to a reservoir up a very high elevation and during peak times generate power to the national grid"

    Once one bright lankan also asked during those power cuts, why can't we use sea water to fill up our reservoirs and generate electricity. Afterall we have a sea full of sea water and it's all around us.


    Bright indeed!

  142. Oh Obama.. you are thrashing America, even before coming to power..!

    Are you thinking of dissolving United States when you come into office, because it produces rubbish?

  143. Qrious,

    I wrote to Mr V Gopalsamy, apologising on behalf of the Lt.Gen G S C FONSEKA.

    He accepted my apology and been a former Army General himself, he stated that he understands the frustration our commander feels. He told me that he remembered a similar incident over a remark he made about President Ayub Khan, during the 1965 war. So the matter is closed.

    But he said he is Totally P….. off with you, for what you wrote above. He stated that unlike the Lt Gen Fonseka’s comments, yours are premeditated, and below the belt. Further more this is not the first time you have written about the LTTE and its leaders to entertain DefenceNet bloggers. And obviously since you don’t have 170,000 men and women to defend you, he told me he will teach “ The Sinhalams “ a lesson, starting with you.

    BTW, if anybody wants to contact Vaiko@MDMK, write to this address.

  144. # Tamils skeptical about Mukherjee visit
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    # Rajapaksa: will launch new spring in the north
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    # Editor of Lankan daily fired over 'joker' remarks
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    # Sri Lanka regrets army chief's 'jokers' remark: India
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    # Army harvests more victories as Kilinochchi goal nears
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  145. # Norwegian People's Aid phases out in Sri Lanka
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    # Sri Lanka placed on ‘Red Alert’ list
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    # We will completely disarm soon: TMVP
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    # Nobel Peace Prize winner to mediate in Lankan conflict?
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    # Troops hand over LTTE bodies to ICRC
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  146. re: Sf's remarks.

    1. what he said was truth and nothing but the truth.

    2. but he should not have said so, even though it is the truth

    3. can you refer to the inmates in a mental institution as lunatics, crazy, etc? no. it is not POLITICALLY correct.
    if karuna-nidi is not a joke, he would never have got offended. so KNOWING that he is a joker, calling him that is not acceptable.

    4. someone like jeyaraj MIGHT have said so. then it is between two poliicians and the country's army commander is not involved. but the fact that even the others didn't say means, they either didn't want to say or they didn't have the gutts.

    in any case it is better not said.

    there is an election and the JOKER is a king maker; he knows that.

    anyway GOSL has already countered SF's remarks.

    "# Editor of Lankan daily fired over 'joker' remarks"

    "# Sri Lanka regrets army chief's 'jokers' remark: India"

    BTW "# Army harvests more victories as Kilinochchi goal nears"

    wow! keep harvesting THEM!

  147. as a tribute to karuna-nidi, we should refer to him everytime his name comes, as "THE JOKER" or "THE JOKER FROM TN"

    Click here

    # Foreign Secretary declines to speculate
    Click here

    # The JVP and LTTE are two of a kind
    Click here

    # Tamilnadu factor in India’s foreign policy
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    # Naveen won’t follow Pa-in-law Karu Karu hurt by President’s attitude
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  149. 33 countries face possible genocide, says report

    Steven Edwards, Canwest News Service
    Published: Monday, December 08, 2008

    UNITED NATIONS - Genocide and other mass atrocities are underway or risk breaking out in at least 33 countries, says a new comprehensive watch list slated for release Tuesday - the 60th anniversary of the United Nations prevention of genocide convention.
    As reports indicate UN peacekeeping efforts are in crisis amid dwindling contributions of both cash and well-trained forces, the authors of the new study call for an international focus on genocide prevention in countries they've identified.
    Since the world pledged "never again" in the wake of the Holocaust, Cambodia, Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina are but three examples of places where mass slaughter has occurred.
    The list by the New York-based Genocide Prevention Project for the first time combines the findings of five leading independent watch lists to create a "watch list of watch lists."
    "Red alert" countries include Afghanistan and Iraq alongside commonly known regions currently experiencing genocidal conflict such as Sudan's Darfur and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These and Myanmar, Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka all made the list's top eight because they appear in each of the five "expert" indexes.
    The next 25 "orange alert" countries appear in at least three of the indexes and include China, Colombia, Philippines and Indonesia as places where ongoing or simmering violence could flare to genocidal proportions.
    "It is possible to identify early indicators of mass atrocity crimes. But what happens now is the international community sees what's going on, gets paralyzed and, if it acts, really only acts after the fact," said Jill Savitt, project executive director.
    "You don't see assertive proactive diplomacy in the earliest possible moments, when the bloodshed isn't widespread or before arms have come into the region."
    The report says prudent application of "carrots and sticks" - which it describes as the panoply of economic, diplomatic and legal measures available to nations and the UN Security Council - can result in "averting an escalation of violence."
    Savitt said what's been lacking in the past was "political will," but added that may change because of a convergence of recent factors.
    One is the stated determination of Susan Rice, U.S. president-elect Barack Obama's choice for U.S. ambassador to the UN, to prevent future genocides after witnessing the after-effects of the 1994 Rwanda slaughter.
    Another is current discussion around the 60th anniversary of the genocide prevention convention, which calls on countries to prevent and punish actions of genocide.
    Finally, there is what Savitt called the public "guilt" over what occurred in Rwanda and Bosnia, and what she additionally called public "hunger for a response" to the Darfur crisis.
    "There are things states can do like dispatching the highest-level envoy - someone of great stature who can call (British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's residence) 10 Downing Street, or the UN secretary general, or President Obama," she said. "There are all kinds of penalties and inducements, including trade and aid, membership in political bodies, or expulsion from them. And even simple public criticism can work."
    Still, many analysts agree the international community has long had difficulty trying to change state behaviour purely using sanctions or diplomatic pressure.
    Among countries in the project's list of 33, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan and Zimbabwe all face varying UN or state sanctions aimed at convincing them to obey the international will.
    The list comes as Irwin Cotler, former justice minister and attorney general, Monday released a petition calling on countries that have signed the genocide convention to "hold Iran to account for its genocidal incitement."
    "The enduring lesson of the Holocaust and that of the genocides that followed is that they occurred not simply because of the machinery of death, but because of the state-sanctioned incitement to hatred," Cotler said.
    "In the case of Iran, there is no justification for inaction," he added, citing statements by Iranian leaders calling for the destruction of Israel.

  150. Guys,

    I interviewed a victim of a slur.

    Q Rious: Mr Vaiko, very good morning to you!

    Vaiko: Good Morning.
    You are a Sinhalese, I hear.

    Q Rious: Yes, very dangerous species. We eat people alive!

    Vaiko: No, no. You are pulling my leg, aren't you?

    Q Rious: Committing genocide is the same thing, isn't it?

    Vaiko: When my people are getting killed, we use that term. But, don't take it too far. We use it sparingly, you know. We don't want to be potrayed as jokers.

    Q Rious: By men in uniform?

    Vaiko: Yes, especially by them.

    Q Rious: It is OK, by a political rival, isn't it?

    Vaiko: We do it while mud-slinging. It is normal. But the men-in-uniform shouldn't do it.

    Q Rious: What's the exception?

    Vaiko: They are armed and we are not. That is distinct enough to leave us alone.

    Q Rious: You got insulted, I hear, by this word - joker. I don't think it was particularly directed at you, but you were the first to react. Any comments.

    Vaiko: Whenever Tamils are insulted, I take it as personal. That is my nature. Some in my own race do not have that sentiment, unfortunately.

    Q Rious: Mr Karunanidhi, for instance?

    Vaiko: He always reacts later. This is the problem.

    Q Rious: Certainly, later than you!

    Vaiko: Absolutely. That is also, after a very heavy push.

    Q Rious: Advancing age, may be the problem.

    Vaiko: There are a number of things. I don't want to divulge them here right now, but I will do it near an election.

    Q Rious: You have your private army, I gather.

    Vaiko: Yes, but they are not armed.

    Q Rious: At the moment?

    Vaiko: Yes, a fair assesment.

    Q Rious: When Thambi wins Eelam, things might change.

    Vaiko: And if we are pushed against a wall, I would say, yes.

    Q Rious: The Centre must be worried.

    Vaiko: If they are not, I will always give them something to worry about. That is my nature.

    Q Rious: That means, you deliberately give them headaches.

    Vaiko: Put it this way; I don't like Northerners.

    Q Rious: Feeling is mutual, i suppose.

    Vaiko: Yes, that is why Eelam is a must. And then it should expand Northwards without losing any time - and in my life time.

    Q Rious: There may be a stampede for the top slot.

    Vaiko: But, most of the older elements will have gone for good by then. We, the, middle-aged can take things over.

    Q Rious: So, Karunanidhi will not be around to lead that nation.

    Vaiko: No way. He will have gone by then.

    Q Rious: Isn't this a joke that you think the Centre is not aware of this plan?

    Vaiko: They may be. They might even think that it is a joke.

    Q Rious: Mr Vaiko, how do you call the folks who are engaged in a joke?

    Vaiko: Jokers - Off the record, off the record. Don't quote me on this. Don't quote me.

    At this point, the interview came to an abrupt halt. Vaiko, started marching along dusty roads of his village in his customary vetty and a pair of trainers, which some think, symbolize what he stands for - joke.


    No-Mess, thanks for the information, mate.

  151. Guys,

    The scaremongering circus is back: Sri Lanka is on that red list and this red list; our society is the same as Somalia; the list goes on.

    I hear it is the anniversary of UNDP or somehthing like this; so,they make their presence felt.

    Diaspora cluthing at any straw!

  152. This comment has been removed by the author.

  153. Q. It is widely acknowledged that the approach of engaging the LTT E took a decisive turn after Mahinda Rajapaksa became President. Could you outline the key differences in thinking and engagement that has led to the current success of the security forces?

    SF. Yes, there was a marked difference in assessment of the enemy, necessary preparations and also strategizing after President Rajapaksa came to power. He immediately appointed Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the Secretary, Ministry of Defence. I was appointed as Army Commander two weeks later.

    This is not to say that we had failed miserably in earlier efforts of course. We scored limited successes though, and suffered equally bad reversals. It is natural for the blame to be laid at the door of politicians. It is they who decide to go to war after all, and so the praise or blame as the case may be accrues to them. However, we, who do the fighting, were not blameless either.

    Overall, we didn’t handle the problem properly. This is why people thought that the LTTE was invincible and that Prabhakaran was a tactical genius. Both are false perceptions. Prabhakaran is just another terrorist. ‘Hit and run’ was his mode of operation. He had nothing to protect. Our mistake was that we gave him room to operate and allowed such perception to take root and indeed dominate the general political thinking.

    Our politicians lacked determination. They were half-hearted for the most part, prone to complacency or defeatism. There were too many briefs, too many experts and too many advisors. It was difficult for politicians to take firm decisions. On the other hand, when decisions were made, we committed blunders, all three services did.

    Q. What was your battle-ground experience like?

    SF. I spent three years as a Battalion Commander, another three as Brigade Commander, three years as the Commander of a Division and three as a Security Forces Commander. I had considerable battle-ground experience. Wherever I served, in whatever capacity, I did my job. I never failed. It is unfortunate that on occasions when we succeeded, others failed, thereby nullifying gains. We captured Mankulam in 1998 after fighting for 2 years, but later, under a different commander, Mankulam was abandoned in less than two hours.

    Q. In your opinion what was the fundamental flaw in the command structure of the security forces and especially the Army?

    SF. Well, the main problem was not putting the right man at the right place and the right time. It was all about service seniority and not about performance. We had high-ranking officers, but not all of them had the necessary commitment or proven skills.

    There was also a sense that people were just going through the motions.

    No one seemed to want to finish this matter. In fact many expected me to follow suit, that is, hold this post, retire and then take up some diplomatic posting.

    Q. What did you do differently?

    SF. I knew that the war will come, regardless of the CFA, regardless of sporadic rounds of negotiations. So, as the Jaffna Commander, I launched a training programme for the infantry. So, when I took over as Army Commander, I was ready with troops, training and tactics. On the ground, I deployed small teams into enemy territory, especially Special Forces teams.

    In fact, in general, I went against the traditional thinking. I appointed junior officers who had battlefield experience to key commanding positions. For example, it is the No.5 officer in terms of seniority who is posted to the Jaffna Security Forces HQ. In this case, the person appointed was No. 15 in seniority. There was, naturally, a big hue and cry at the beginning, but as these officers began producing results, these complaints died down. Similarly, some of the Division Commanders in the front are way down in the seniority list. Brigadier Shavindra Silva, for example, who spearheaded the capture of Pooneryn is the 45th in terms of seniority. In all this, the support and wisdom of the Secretary, Defence, Gotabaya Rajapaksa was crucial. Together, we looked into the all important areas of arms and ammunition, weapons systems procurement, strategy and recruitment and training.

    The Defence Secretary also knew that we would have to fight. At that time 40,000 soldiers didn’t have helmets. Many had just one uniform and one pair of boots. There was a shortage of 40,000 numbers of flak jackets. We needed to replenish stocks and get ready for a prolonged engagement with the enemy and this is exactly what we did.

    We were lacking in strength of numbers as well. The battalions were depleted. I created five more divisions. And, as the people realized that something concrete was happening, that this time around there was commitment, capability and determination on the part of the political leadership as well as the security forces, the recruitment drive was extremely successful.

    Earlier we would recruit approximately 3,000 per year, but now we are achieving targets of 3,000 per month. Immediately after we took Mavil Aru in August 2006, we managed to recruit 6,000 in a single month. In 2007, the total number of recruits was 32,000 and this year we have already recruited 34,000. The strength of the Army when I took over was 116,000. Today it stands at 170,000. So we have sufficient reserves now. I created 50 new battalions.

    In fact this time around, it was the LTTE that was not ready. They were taken by surprise when they realized we were ready. Indeed, their strength has been depleted considerably. They started with 10,000 cadres and with new recruits the number went up to 15,000. They’ve lost around 12,000 fighters. Today they are left with just 2,500.

    The huge human resource problem that the LTTE is facing is evident in the battlefield. We frequently come across teenagers, girls less than 15 years of age, and even Sea Tigers and intelligence operatives in the bunkers.

    Q. How about the general strategy in terms of battlefield operations?

    SF. We didn’t plan to nor were we interested in capturing a place and putting up a flag. That is the least important thing as far as we are concerned. At times the pace was slow, at times it was not. For five to six months last year, we proceeded only 7 kilometers. From April to November this year, we marched 60 kilometers. When we attacked and captured Mankulam in 1998 I was JOC. It took us 4 months to secure the place. This time Mankulam fell within four days.

    Q. We have come a long way from Mavil Aru. The map indicating areas controlled by Government forces and the LTTE keeps changing. What is the current situation?

    SF. As you know, we have routed the enemy on the Western Coast and are now pushing eastwards towards Mullaitivu. At the same time we have troops moving North on the Vavuniya and Welioya fronts. We had one Division and one Task Force operating from West of the A-9. Now we have 3 Task Forces in operation. Earlier we inducted a new division, which is operating from Welioya. On that front, they are now approximately 12 kilometers from Mullaitivu. In fact Mullaitivu is now within artillery range.

    Q. The LTTE, we were made to believe, was a formidable foe. It was said they possess a conventional fighting army and some even said that Colombo would be blown to pieces if the security forces dared attack the LTTE. Has there been any resistance?

    SF. Of course they resisted and they are still resisting. There is no way that 12,000 cadres can die if the LTTE was not resisting. It took two months to capture Malavi and Thunukkai. We were held up for two and a half months at Nachchikudah. As you may have heard, the LTTE has constructed a 17 km long bund South of Pooneryn and a similiar one west of Kilinochchi and Paranthan. There are booby traps, landmines and of course LTTE cadres for us to contend with.

    We went looking for resistance. We didn’t look for easy gaps to penetrate enemy lines. We kept attacking and softening the targets. We know they are not going to hand anything over to us on a platter. Air Force operations were also very important in this. They engaged key depth targets. Navy killed over 300 Sea Tigers too.

    Q. There is the perception among certain circles that the LTT E has been adopting a strategy of tactical withdrawal. Your views?

    SF. This is nonsense. ‘Tactical withdrawal’ has never been the LTTE’s strategy. ‘Tactical withdrawal’, in that case, should have happened before they lost 12,000 men. Had they withdrawn from Pooneryn three months ago, they would have saved 1,000 lives. No, they are weak. The ideal time to attack was when we moved North on the Western front. They could have attacked our flank. They also had the option of launching an attack on Jaffna. Had they opted for this and succeeded, it would have been a serious situation. Now it is too late.

    The LTTE’s policy has been one of recapturing. This is what they’ve always done. This is what they did at Sampoor when the CFA was in force. The LTTE never talked ‘tactical withdrawal’ to its cadres. Of course some people believe that the LTTE will hit back, as they did in Mankulam. On the other hand, we know that history and we will not allow repetition.

    Q. Has it been a one-way street though? How about losses on the side of the security forces?

    SF. The LTTE has experienced and skilled fighting cadres and therefore yes, we have suffered losses as well. About 500 of our men have lost their legs to anti-personnel mines. Every inch of the way has been booby trapped. We have recovered some 500,000 mines so far. It has certainly not been a cake walk. Who should we blame for this, if not those who gave the LTTE the hardware, those who made it possible for them to bring in the hardware?

    Q. As of now, few would argue against the need to eliminate the LTT E militarily. On the other hand, there is the question of civilians, trapped in the Wanni and used as a human shield by the LTTE. How do you negotiate around this problem?

    SF. Well, in no military engagement can you absolutely avoid collateral damage. We cannot avoid destruction of property, for example. However, everything that is damaged will be rebuilt. This is the strategy adopted in the East and it has succeeded. On the other hand, contrary to the claims made by those who pumped in a lot of money to the Wanni, there’s absolutely no ‘development’ to be seen in these areas we have liberated in the past few months. The NGOs and INGOs had done nothing in the East. They have done nothing West of the A-9 highway in the North.

    As for civilians, we have been exemplary in adhering to the policy of Zero Damage to Civilians. There were 17 civilians who died in the East when a rocket hit a refugee camp that the LTTE had re-located so it was next to an LTTE facility.

    In the North, there have been two incidents only. In Mullaitivu a coconut estate controlled by the LTTE leader Swarnam was attacked. One man and a child had died in this attack. Also, west of the A-9 and South of Kilinochchi 4-5 children have been reported killed. In the second incident it was found that they had done fatigue work for the LTTE.

    Thus, we have 24 civilians confirmed killed after two and a half years. All things considered, this itself indicates that the security forces have done their utmost to minimize damage to the civilians trapped in the Wanni. After the LTTE abandoned their entry/exit point in Omanthai some 400 civilians have managed to cross over to Government controlled areas. These numbers will increase in the coming weeks and months. This doesn’t mean that everything is going to be easy, let me add. The LTTE had 4 years to stockpile arms and ammunition during the time the CFA was in operation. They still have a lot of money. They will fight. But we are ready.

    Q. The East was cleared, but there is an alarming LTT E presence there, with a series of killings happening over the past few weeks. What’s the situation?

    SF. This is true. There is a group operating. But they can’t last. We are not and will not overreact. Small groups do try to come through our defences, many get killed, some get injured and a few manage to evade us. However, they don’t have the back up necessary to continue for long periods of time. They have to beg for food and medicine. Some hand themselves over. Once the land route is sealed, we can expect this to end.

    The LTTE has essentially lost the support of ordinary Tamil civilians. There was a trade fair in Jaffna the same day that Balaraj died. He was a top LTTE leader and a popular personality as well. We expected a low turn out for the fair, but 50,000 people came. When we captured Pooneryn, there were celebrations in Jaffna. There were 1,000 three wheelers in that procession. And their slogan, significantly, was ‘Prabhakaran, release the innocent civilians in the Wanni’. We were naturally surprised. The truth is that infiltrators no longer have safe houses in Jaffna. The civilians give us information. They have essentially lost confidence and faith in the LTTE. The LTTE has lost all credibility as a group claiming to represent Tamil people.

    Q. You said that one of the key reasons for this success is the political leadership and its determination. Are you saying that if tomorrow there is a different administration with a different approach, all this could be reversed?

    SF. Like any country, Sri Lanka must have a national security plan. If the people elect a weak leader, one who underestimates our ability and overestimates the strength and capabilities of the enemy, we will lose territory and the problem will get worse. Such a person can be a leader but is definitely not a patriot. So yes, things can change. National security will go for a six.Whoever says ‘stop the offensive and go for a CFA better look back at what happened during the last CFA. At that time the LTTE had two 120 motar and two 122m guns. Four years into the CFA they had 80 120mm motars and 22 122m guns, 3 130mm guns and a 152m gun and of course correspondingly large amount of ammunition. In 2002 they had 4,000 cadres. By 2006 they had 12,000. During this same period, there weren’t deaths, yes, but in four years another army came into being. There were several rounds of talks between 2002 and 2004, but nothing came out of these discussions. There was another attempt at negotiations in 2006. Again, no results. We didn’t achieve anything, but the Tigers got stronger. They developed a police force, build runways, secured airpower and developed the Sea Tigers outfit.

    Such people, sad to say, don’t mind the security forces suffering setbacks as long as it also means the President is weakened and their political objectives are secured. They celebrate setbacks and are upset when the security forces score any significant victory over the LTTE. In fact, it seems that they wouldn’t mind if Prabhakaran became President of this country.

    I think, like in other countries, national security should not change, even if governments change. The President has to be a patriot. We have to live with pride and honour and this need has to be recognized by whoever is in power. Presidents and politicians, they come and go. But citizens remain. They need security. They want a country, they want a future, for themselves and their children.
    Q. There was an opinion expressed that the capture of Pooneryn was timed to coincide with the vote for the Second Reading of the Budget. Is there any truth in this conjecture?

    SF. No. Our strategy is directed towards eliminating terrorists and not to put up a flag or become part of political games. It is the realities of the ground situation that determine military strategy. I can’t win the confidence of my fighting cadres if I let political imperatives dictate battlefield decisions. If I did that I will lose my soldiers. No one told me to capture Pooneryn on such and such a date and no one expects me to do so either. This is a serious matter and we can’t be playing games with our soldiers and our national security concerns.

    In this regard I can also refer to the time of the last budget. At the time we suffered a setback in Muhamalai. No one charged us of engaging in a conspiracy to bring down the government then.

    War is no doubt a political decision. The credit goes to the political masters, that is, the Government. The timing of a particular success is a different matter, though. These are processes that are independent of one another in this case. We have been tasked with fighting an enemy, eliminating a terrorist, and not buttressing a political party or a Government Whether what we do on the ground has an impact on political affairs is a different matter. We don’t concern ourselves with such things.

    Q. How has the business community responded to your efforts?

    SF. Tremendously. They appreciate the sacrifices of the security forces and have contributed generously to the welfare of our fighting men and women, especially the housing project. They want to see an end to this, naturally. For a long time, they were asked to believe that the LTTE could not be defeated and that some accommodation must be made. However, now the business community, like most other people have realized that negotiation is not possible with the LTTE and therefore we need to finish this off and that we need to come together in this critical moment.

    Q. Finally, a word about NGOs and INGOs and ‘humanitarian concerns’ they articulate frequently…?

    SF. It is easy to make a song and dance when you don’t know what you are talking about or know nothing of the ground reality. For example, the suicide cadre who blew up the bus in Fort had been reported ‘missing’ to the ICRC by his mother. People need to have a sense of proportion. I am not saying that all NGOs and INGOs are in cahoots with the LTTE. That’s not necessarily true. The truth is that very little if at all has been done in the North by NGOs and INGOs, a situation which would naturally make anyone suspicious about what they were actually doing in these areas with their money, their personnel, their equipment, vehicles and other machinery.

    The ICRC performs a very important role. Medicines Sans Frontiers does some good work and I am aware of this. But the majority of INGOs and NGOs have not done anything constructive. They’ve mollycoddled the LTTE, have not acted in the national interest and the authorities should take serious note about all this. We are aware that some actually left equipment with the LTTE. The bottom line is this: if you can’t deliver, then leave!’

  154. Hi Everyone,

    Why no news from the War fronts last few days????????

    I'm getting scared........have we actually gone for ceasfire??

  155. # Fighting continues at the Wanni and Northern battlefronts: troops recover 25 AP mines
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    # Sri Lanka wins bronze medal at '52 World Military Boxing Championship'
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    # Army reconstructs Trincomalee - Mullaittivu road connecting North and South
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    # FM highlights threat of terrorism to democracy at Bali Democracy Forum
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    # TN police refute media reports about LTTE infiltration
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  156. Obama

    You say you are an electric engineer, but this remark clearly explains you havent done much physics or have much common sense. Nobody uses solar power or wind energy to pump water up and then generate electricity.

    Stretch your imagination a bit and make it a reality. That’s what we do to invent new thing in the West.
    Perhaps you may have seen in films where farms in US had been used wind power to pump water to their farms to irrigate their live stocks and plantation. That is mechanical energy and go a bit further and we see solar power and wind power is used to supply the grid specially solar power during day time that surplus energy is used to pump water to an high elevation and stored to resupply the grid during peak times in the evenings. I could go on further how it is done why it is done. In Wales to get the elevation the hydro power plant is many hundreds of feet below ground and thus the electric energy is used to pump up to a higher level to supply the peak hours. This means there’s sufficient water flow to almost double the number of generators thus meeting a high demand specially at night and in winter. We don’t have set and rigid ways that’s why we are progressive. My life here stated with power industry and spending rest of the working life in digital technology in communications.

  157. # No logos on Wanni shelter material
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    # Vaiko flays government for 'ignoring' Sri Lankan general's remarks
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    # Karu is happy that war is successful
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    # Sri Lanka clothing exporter goes east with US aid
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    # India concerned over SL ID card bid going to Pakistan
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    90 SLA were killed and 12 bodies were recovered.

    You can see the brave soldiers pictures.

  159. # Vaiko and the Expected Apology
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    # Jaya is not a Tamil: CM Karuna
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    # The Slow Crawl to Kilinochchi
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    # India digging her own grave
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  160. well, those 12 soldiers are slightly luckier than the other soldiers who died fighting alongside them. They might get a proper funeral. Perhaps their families will know that they are fallen heroes and get the Rs 100000 compensation that is promised by the GOSL after going through untold hardships. The other soldiers whose bodies were taken back by the SLA will have no funeral. They will be unceremoniously buried somewhere in Vanni where they met their demise. There are thousands of their peers waiting for their time to meet the same fate. Poor souls. The triple gem must bless them!

  161. 90 SLA were killed and 12 bodies were recovered.

    you mother fucking DN where is the photos, i want to see my own brothers dead bodies common post it up...

    we had enough with this rajepakse bullshit, elect Ranil next time people

  162. well said peccko:

    well, those 12 soldiers are slightly luckier than the other soldiers who died fighting alongside them. They might get a proper funeral. Perhaps their families will know that they are fallen heroes and get the Rs 100000 compensation that is promised by the GOSL after going through untold hardships. The other soldiers whose bodies were taken back by the SLA will have no funeral. They will be unceremoniously buried somewhere in Vanni where they met their demise. There are thousands of their peers waiting for their time to meet the same fate. Poor souls. The triple gem must bless them!

    this is how sla loose their own troops morale by not sending the dead soldiers, boddies, which is good advantage for tigers, who are lurking in vanni places for this bitches...

  163. More news to come,,,this time DN get holidays for himself, or he will bring new topic with bullshit stories watch...
    because they cant take it anymore, when tigers loses 12 -15 sla gives their lives in 90 to 100 , i think the ratio is good isnt it you pakkayas ..

  164. [img][img]

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  169. []

    Keep the photos, celebrate and then lose the real estate!

    How about a CFA now????

  170. Bandara
    Steady on old chap and no point getting all worked up.!

  171. Bandaram - who told you that 90 sla killed? Did your mother send you a text massage from praba's bed room ?
    we all know tamilnut is full of shit.
    Only a donkey like you believe it.

    We also know that SLA is only few miles away from prabas's fat ass.
    LTTE MONKIES are paranoid because SLA are kicking prabas ass left,right& center.

  172. Bandarm you fool 90 sla pass out after complete their course yesterday. Not passed away.

  173. Hey Maggots,

    This is what a crouching tiger looks like, rather wet isn't he?

  174. Kevin

    Hopefully our economy can grow at 8% or more after the war is over.

    If the major combat aspects of the war ends, then we can reduce the defence budget to about $800 million from the current $1.7 billion.

    That plus going for ethanol and growing our own sugar for our own consumption on Industrial-farms will save the government about total of $1.5 billion a year.

    This will help greatly to close the budget deficit and import/export deficit we have. If we do things right we can easily have a budget surplus.

  175. The reason the LTTE morons come here, because they can get accurate news.

    They know deep down in their heart of hearts that Tamilnet is a bunch of crap.

    Thats why LTTE coolies come to Sinhala websites and not vice versa.

    Just don't respond to their taunts and ramblings. IGNORE THEM.

  176. "They’re no jokers but criminal confederates

    ----On this score, we cannot but subscribe to his view. Nay, we fault him for having been charitable and fought shy of calling a spade a spade in describing those terror backers. Why did the battle hardened soldier pull his punches?"
    -Editorial (The Island)

    click here

  177. GE
    Yes we could make a budget surplus due to the saving on energy imports by giving ethanol production out of sugar cane. I honestly think that the state should not get involved in a project like this but give it the private sector that could run more efficiently as I saw how Kanthale plantation was run. In the hands of the private sector there will be a profit and the country as a whole will be benefited from the tax on this profit or it will be a doomed like the CWC and other government run corporation that will only serve the cronies of the politicians in power without benefiting the people with jobs and a cash crop for the small holders. As my friend said we should try to go for 25% of the island that means relocating people and leaving our rural areas for plantations of tea,rubber,coconut, sugar cane and wild life. We are perhaps decades away from having a nuclear reactor and by that time nuclear fuels will be only harvested for the affluent industrial countries and costs will be beyond an average person in SL.
    When a country is desperate enough to survive then getting this high percentage land prepared for ethanol is obvious just as Singapore is desperate enough to reserve one of their highways to land their military aircraft should they come under attack. With our own ‘oil’ the ethanol we could buy all the foods like rice from nations like India, Pakistan and Burma as already our small holders of paddy and coconut estates have given up producing. A serious project given to private sector will produce products(ethanol) we need at the most competitive prices.
    What we are proposing is a theoretical possibility and beneficial but will it be practical in Sri Lanka when Booker Tate wanted to do a similar project in Uwa all the culture vultures, bogus environmentalists and politicians of the extremist types opposed it and killed it?

  178. This comment has been removed by the author.

  179. lol .. you people really a bunch of jokers, u'r country economy already went to the ground, rajepakse the cunt.. just running the country with that victories since his army never met a real attacks from tigers yet..
    who ever loves to be coolies for those singala modayas, or trying to be vessels, be like them, soon u also gonna get wiped out from the island map..

    to Gold Eagle: lol i came here to see how could possibly singala gov medias could brainwash those pathetic racist singala people.. , no wonder srilanka have no freedom for public medias..

  180. Looks like defencenet has closed the shop.

  181. # WFP apology for BBC falsehood on Sri Lankan IDPs
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    # Tamil Nadu sleeps while deadly serpants breed under the pillows
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    # Pressure LTTE to free citizens caught in war zone: TULF
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    # Government to probe allegations
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    # Troops rescue wounded Tiger ‘cop’
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  182. Hey Guys,

    Have a look at this

    SLA soldiers withdraw carrying casualties [Photo: LTTE]

    How nice the LTTE dickheads are ??? to let SLA withdraw carrying wounded/dead solders like this. Do you guys believe this?

    I reckon they are making a new movie this time. Nice try ... idiots!

  183. # Imagine a situation without the LTTE or a political solution
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    # New UNP dy. leader says forces on the verge of finishing off Tigers
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    # They’re no jokers but criminal confederates
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    # From Wanni With Love
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    # Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind
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  184. Guys,

    I like the way the Tiger Cop is carried away. He looked bemused by the sudden honour bestowed upon him.

    We love to see the poor fellow being treated for his wounds. The departure of his mates at the hour of need is further proof about the existence of the special patriotism in Eelam!

  185. to dear Mother fucking "Master of all" Cunts to you:

    i think you never atleast smelled the laws of war, u cannot attack the Medics, already wounded, surrenderd, soldiers, btw i dont know why im saying this to u people, since u dont know anything about it and u never gonna listen because all u'r army leaders wants is Genocides..

  186. does that really a tamil cop, lol or some poor innocent guy who caught in the middle of the war lol...

  187. puli,

    but there aren't 90 there. at most it is only 10???

    the rest (80) may be LTTE cadres!

  188. qrious,

    what a fantastic sight?

    not that they have to do; but they have gone a step further in strengthening ALREADY strong ties.

    peace be to them all.

  189. This comment has been removed by the author.

  190. Kevin

    I couldn't agree with you more. The private sector is the best to keep the industries at a profit.

    Thats why I favor large scale corporate industrial plantations/farms for our agriculture. All over the world small farms are dissapearing because they cannot compete with the bigger more efficient and productive industrial farms.

    Right now we have 1.6 million hectares(somes studies put it at 1.7 million hectares) of unused depleted marginal lands. Thats about 23% of the country. If we utilise these lands correctly, we can produce enough ethanol, sugar, biodiesel, corn, milk and rice to meet our country's demand. There might even be some land left over.

    (BTW, the 1.6 million hectares does not include any of the forests and protected forests. So environmentalists can't complain)

    Unfortunately our agriculture sector even after 60 years of independance is still inefficient and technologically lagging behind, many parts are not productive enough. One example is the dairy industry.

    It only produces 20% of the milk the country needs. This is because most of the cattle breeds the country has have poor milk yields. We need to import better breeds that can thrive in tropical conditions and produce large amounts milk. One such breed is the Girolando cow of Brazil, another is the Australian friesian sahiwal. Other tropical dairy breeds that deserve a mention are the Australian Milking Zebu and the Jamaican Hope. If we import 150,000 cows and 1000 bulls of any of these breeds, after about 5-6 years of reproducing we will have about 600,000 cows. Thats enough cows to produce enough milk for the country's population. About 1.8 billion liters annually.

    Right now we have about 1.2 million cows who are only able to produce enough milk to only cover 20% of the country's demand.

    If we industrialise our entire agriculture sector, the amount of good paying jobs created will be huge.

    We can also create a large manufacturing base in the country, we can attract foreign investors by slashing the corporate tax rate in addition to improving our road newtork and power grid. This will make running a business in Lanka so much easier for foreign companies.


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