Monday, December 15, 2008

Ampakamam falls to Task Force 03

Another LTTE held village in the Mullaithiv district, Ampakamam, was captured by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) on today (15th) morning. Ampakamam was an strategically important village for the LTTE and it was used for a number of military purposes including cadre movement and logistics transport. Small attack teams from VIR (Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment), SR (Sinha Regiment), SLLI and GR (Gajaba Regiment) attached to the Task Force 03  have been targeting LTTE fortifications in Ampakamam for a few days until the tigers were left with no choice but to flee.

Meanwhile, several pro LTTE media have been celebrating ‘victories’ achieved by the LTTE on the Kilinochchi front. One such article claimed that LTTE fighters killed over 120 SLA soldiers and injured another 250 or so troops. Actual SLA casualties are less than half of these figures and the SLA were not pushed back in any of those fronts. As reported earlier, Terumurikandy junction is under SLA control even as of this moment. Some humorous articles even suggested that SLA operations were being halted due to shortage of troops. These are not true. The army is actually planning to deploy another new division – The Task Force 05 – to the Wanni theater of battle in the coming days.


  1. Thanks DN,
    Any shake(Change) in 58, 57 Command structure? or somthing like that.
    Rumor going on about Brig.Shavendra Silva mooving to Diyatalawa(I know it sounds Nuts), any news?

  2. Hurraah! a desperately needed achievement.

  3. Desperation seems to be coming from only one way fellow poster. That way is LTTE and delusional DiASSpora.

    Defencewire reports that up to 600 tamil youth have been hiding from the LTTE recriters in the Malitivu jungles.

    I address these words of Moses to Prabah: Let our people go.

  4. Check this out, bit older but
    really good


  5. The MOD's policy of not disclosing our own casualties was always a stupid and indefensible position to take for this very simple reason. It allows the LTTE to create the media narrative and get their version in, first.

    Even if that version is untrue, the first impression, stands . Look at the recent case of the LTTE claiming 120+ SLA soldiers were killed. The MOD has been forced to prove that that has not been the case. It makes the MOD look like they can only react to LTTE stories. Even when the real SLA casualty figure is much lower, the damage has already been done with the outside world only remembering the first, false LTTE figure of 120 deaths.

    Churchill put it so well: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

    The MOD should be in command of the news and driving the agenda. By not disclosing accurate and truthful casualty figures it allows the LTTE to drive the news agenda, to the MOD's detriment.

    From a military point of view, the sacrifices made by our soldiers should be commemorated and recognised, with their names, ranks, place of battle etc. We, the living who are forever in their debt should be allowed to know their names and the extent of their sacrifice.

    In today's internet-enabled age, you simply can't keep this sort information censored, especially when your enemy has access to the internet, also!

    I urge the MOD to re-consider reversing their stance on not disclosing our casualty figures and to also include full rank, title etc.

  6. Mango
    well said mate...
    sad that our planners are that smart to realize these things
    we are always no2 against lpte when it comes to using propaganda and media

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  8. Cool DN!

    SLA's days are numbered

  9. # 'LTTE abuses civilians in Wanni' HRW report
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    # SCOPP Chief responds to questions posed by FLICT
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    # Indians; We Are Free to Tell You!
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    # WFP continues to dispatch food convoys to Wanni: Refutes BBC report
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  10. Elephant pass bridge still in use? The only other land based option for the LTTE is the beach route from mulativu via the Chundikulam Sanctuary.


  11. Tamils are bereaved, none can deny - Dallas Alaperuma

    Transport Minister Dallas Alaperuma stated Tamil speaking community are deprived and such actions cannot be hidden.
    Tamil community was penalized from the historical period, hence a proper political solution should be designed, which is a important role in everybody s life was stated by him.

    By granting a proper solution to the Tamil speaking people, would settle the country s national issue was pointed out by him. He stated this, on his participation at a ceremony held in Matara.


  12. Sri Lankan consumers are spending more money to purchase petrol from the region

    Sri Lankan consumers are spending more money to purchase petrol from the SouthEast Region was published in a media newspaper.
    A litre of Octan petrol was reduced by 35 rupees during the last two months by the tMahinda Rajapakse but comparing with other countries, our price is more.

    Last week, the price of a liter of petrol was reduced by 20 rupees, hence a liter of petrol is sold in Sri Lanka for 122 rupees. But neighboring countries like Pakistan, a liter of petrol is sold at rupees 80, India rupees 100, Bhutan 95 rupees and Bangaladesh its sold at 130 rupees.

    Hence comparing with the larger countries in the region, Sri Lankan fuel charges are sold with much higher rates due to improper administration and without adopting fixed rates.


  13. S&P cuts SL rating on fiscal concerns from B+ to B

    Standard & Poor's Ratings Services (S&P) lowered Sri Lanka's sovereign rating by one notch to B from B-plus, citing the country’s declining foreign currency reserves and high fiscal deficit. The new rating for the island nation is five notches below S&P's investment grade of BBB, analysts said. S&P said the rating outlook is stable. 'The downgrade reflects... Sri Lanka's deteriorating external liquidity position and the absence of any material progress at fiscal consolidation...increased the risk to macroeconomic stability and external finances,' said S&P credit analyst Agost Benard in a statement.

    S&P also lowered the island nation's foreign currency debt rating by one notch to B from B-plus and local currency debt rating also by a notch to B-plus from BB-minus.

    The agency also downgraded the Transfer and Convertibility Assessment on Sri Lanka to B-plus from BB-minus, which rating agency officials said is a measure of access to foreign exchange by the S&P expects the reserves to be around $900 million by end-2008 from end-October's $2.37 billion due to low net capital inflows resulting from withdrawals of short-term portfolio capital and the government's reduced access to external borrowing.

    It said the Sri Lankan central bank's repeated intervention has accounted for around 30 percent of the fall in reserves, to a level that covers about two months of imports.

    'Sri Lanka risks further erosion of its foreign reserves by maintaining an informal currency peg that is at odds with the deteriorating external fundamentals,' S&P said.

    Sri Lanka's fiscal deficit of 7.2 percent is three times higher than the median level for a B sovereign rating category and without a more robust fiscal consolidation effort, its debt and interest burdens will remain onerous, S&P said.

    Benard said finding external borrowing is likely to remain constrained, given the elevated global risk aversion and tight liquidity. Analysts said, the downgrade will impact on borrowings. 'The risk profile of government borrowing will increase and the cost of external borrowing will be higher in future,' said Dhanushka Samarasinghe, head of research at Asia Securities.

    The IMF last month urged the government to trim reliance on short-term foreign debt amid the global credit crunch and said the Central Bank's protection of the rupee could create the risk of attracting short-term speculation and volatility.

    The Central Bank has already conceded that protecting the Rupee, plus other factors, could result in a Balance of Payments deficit at the end of the year.

    The rating agency said Sri Lanka's rating could be raised if fiscal revenue and balance outcomes and debt ratios improve materially and sustainably, or if there is fundamental reversal of eroding external liquidity. Fitch, which is Sri Lanka's only other rating agency, lowered the $32 billion economy by a notch to B-minus in April.


  14. 3 abducted, teacher reported missing, in Jaffna

    Unidentified armed men arriving in a white van abducted three persons including a student from their houses during curfew hours in three separate incidents in Thenmaraadchi, two Friday and the third Saturday, according to complaints lodged with Human Rights Commission (HRC) Jaffna by the abductees’ family members. Meanwhile, the wife of a teacher from Vadamaraadchi has reported her husband missing since 8 December with HRC Jaffna office.

    The armed men arriving in a white van abducted Ratnam Ranjithakumar, 23, an A/level student, from his house in Va’ra’ni North in Thenmaraadchi, Friday around 11:00 p.m, his parents said in their complaint to HRC.

    A labourer from Va’ra’ni North, Ramanathan Sathiyanathan, 25, was abducted from his house at Chimil Amman Koayilady Friday around 11:00 p.m, according to his family members’ complaint.

    The person abducted Saturday is Rasan Ravinthiran, 36, the father of 2 children and a trader from Meesaalai West, family members of Ravinthiran told HRC.

    The teacher reported missing by his wife is Thavarasa Surenthirakumar, 30, from Uchchil Veethi, Karaveddi in Vadamaraadchi.

    Surenthirakumar is missing since 8 December after leaving home to Jaffna town.

    Three persons being abducted during Sri Lanka Amy (SLA) imposed curfew time in two successive days has caused shock and fear among the residents of Thenmaraadchi.


  15. Vaiko urges Recognition of Free Tamil Eelam

    The Marumalarchi DMK (MDMK) General Secretary Vaiko Gopalsamy took part in a rally organized by the MDMK in Northern Channai and urges the recognition of the free Independent Tamil Eelam as a solution for the past sixty years of protracted conflict and genocidal war against Tamils in Sri Lanka by the Singhalese lead successive governments.

    Vaiko also furious and outraged over the Sri Lankan Army Chief Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka’s comment of of ‘derogatory’ tongue-lashing over the Tamil Nadu political leaders are corrupt and "Political Jokers' and they are on the pay role of the LTTE, demanded unconditional apology from the Army chief from Sri Lanka and his President Rajapaksa.

    The Army Chief also accused both Vaiko and Pazha. Nedumaran, the leader of Tamilar Thesiya Iyakkam are urging the Cease Fire Agreement because their income will dries up from the LTTE if the war over the LTTE won by the Sri Lankan government forces.

    Eelam Tamils are dying every day, even the schools going Tamil children are not spared of their lives by the chauvinist Singhalese regime in Colombo he said. Sri Lanka is totally disregards the International law of ‘war crimes against humanity’ carrying out daily land, sea and air bombing and shelling on 327,000 internally displaced people including 40,000 children in Vanni, many who spoke at the agitation said.

    Many parties in Tamil Nadu with the support of TN masses are brewing with anger over the army chief’s tongue-lashing and calling the Tamil Nadu political leaders as 'corrupt political jokers' are planning many protests, rallies, and famine protests in Tamil Nadu wide in coming days along with their relentless supports for Eelam Tamils.

  16. "Troops operating in the 59 Division yesterday took control of a three kilo metre stretch of the A-34 Oddusudan – Mullaitivu road from the South West of Mulliyavali village totally cutting off links between Mullaitivu and Oddusudan which was a vital supply route connecting the coastal town with the southern part of Mullaitivu district, military sources told the Daily News last night."

    "Earlier on Sunday, troops of the 59 Division captured a section of the Mullaitivu Nedunkerni road and were operating close to the A-34 Mullaitivu – Oddusudan – Mankulam road that linked Mullaitivu to the A-9 road."

    This is a very large advance compared to the situation on the map:

  17. This is what the Rajapakse triumvirate will get from their own people in Sri Lanka when, very soon, our Thalaivar Prabhaharan hoists the Tiger flag in the capitol of Thamizh Eezham, Thirukkonamalai!!

  18. Pacco the saklli dreamer - we don't have to worry about that day because that will never happen.Elam is only a dream- lam for you babies.
    But soon our country will be celebrating the death of fat prabakeran & we will re-elect our president to sort out rest or you.


  19. Heavy shell attack by the government forces on the Mullaitivu government hospital on Monday, damages two wards in the Hospital, says medical officials in rebel held Vanni.

    Medical Officer (MO) at Mullaitivu hospital, Dr. S Shanmugarajah said that resident patients were removed from the hospital as a precautionary measure. Patients were transferred to Pudukudiyiruppu hospital and staffs have also left due to security reasons, he further said.

    The few hospitals in the rebel held Vanni were overloaded with inpatients and 800 to 1200 outpatients were seeking medical help on a daily basis, medical sources further said. Patients are lying on the floors and all the corridors of the few remaining hospital, they said.

    Many new IDPs had moved into the area between Pu'liyampokka'nai and Visuvamadu in Puthukkudiyiruppu in the recent weeks. Acute shortage of drinking water has already precipitated a crisis resulting in the development of various water borne ailments. Health officials said the fresh water and sanitation in the region has become a major problem causing infections.

    95 percent of the internally displaced do not have proper latrine facilities, according to local NGO workers who were engaged in constructing temporary toilets.

    The medical supply for third and forth quarters of this year still not reach Vanni, further compounded an already alarming medical situation there, they further say. The repeated request to clear them from Vavuniya ends in security establishments’ deaf ears.

    Emilda Sukumar, the Government Agent (GA) for Mullaitivu district, said in Vavuniya that many IDPs are still fleeing towards the LTTE controlled territory despite repeated appeals by the government to come to the area of their control.

    "I do not know why they are not coming to cleared areas. But in Oddusudan, I saw that they are fleeing towards Pudukudiiruppu area," Ms. Sukumar said. Quoting from doctors from the area, the government's main administrative officer in Mullaitivu district added that in Pudukudiiruppu, people are suffering from Malaria, Tuberculosis and malnutrition as a result of not having proper nutrition.

    Mullaitivu and Pudukudiyiruppu are currently controlled by the Tamil Tigers.

  20. Malnutrition and inadequate medical care prevalant in the LTTE areas proves the case; the LTTE is incapabe of any administration. the civillians are denied acess to the govt supplied food and medical facilieties by the LTTE, to create the image of a catastrophe.

    The LTTE are only able to blow things up, build earthen bunds and cemetaries. They've only delivered a legacy of destruction and death to all those who believed in them.

    This is exactly why the Tamils in the terrorist infested areas need to be liberated.

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    # Coastal security scheme in Tamil Nadu to stop terrorist smuggling
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  23. Jet

    I've figured out why you guys talk so brave. It is because you've perfected the art of escape.

    I know how you plan to escape when the SLA comes for you...

    You're gonna drop your ass and run like hell. The soldiers are going to be taking turns riding your ass, they'll forget all about teh rest of you..

    Just like the rest of the LTTE pukless kalakanniyas.

  24. pecko

    Your thalaya won't be able to hoist anything, just like he can't hoist his own diabetic dick.

    ..And I heard your own pecker fell off sometimes ago and you've been looking everywhere for a second hand one. I'd like to lend you mine, but right now your wife is busy with it.

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    # The call for Ceasefire and its dynamics ii LTTE objectives behind Ceasefire
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    # Super Power Hubris and Terrorism
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  26. Bruce Fein's got his cash in a stash, it looks like.

    What this guy is promising is a prosecution, one which will open the doors for any military personnel or political leaders to be prosecuted for genocide, one which is going to be viewd with acute suspicion in the US in the midst of two wars going very badly.

    This ought to be a comedy.

  27. thanks for the update DN.

    ampa-kamam = mango-village???

    if its origins were in tamil, it should have been...

    manga-kamam which is not the case!!

    by and by the battle is heading towards the last frontier while stupid tigers are busy with kilinochchi.

    what a sexy strategy?

    tune thamilini's tits on the top and whack her wet cunt on the bottom!!

  28. Multiple operations launched - Defence sources
    Troops launched simultaneous operations today targeting LTTE defences in Muhamalai, Kilali, Paranthan and Kilinochchi, Defence sources claimed.


    Rather unusual release by MOD. Hint of things to come perhaps?

  29. Indian fighter jets violate Pakistan Air space

    ISLAMABAD: Indian fighter jets Saturday violated Pakistan’s air space by entering two places in Kashmir and Lahore.

    Pakistan Air Force (PAF), which were already on alert, Pakistan fighter jets quickly came into action and forced the India’s fighter jets to leave Pakistan air space, Geo TV sources said.

    If in the future Indian fighter jets entered Sri Lankan Air space how Sri Lanka Air force will force the India’s fighter jets to leave Sri Lankan Air space. Are our Air force (SLAF) Capable to handle such a threat from India’s fighter jets.

    Sri Lanka Air force need 4th generation fighter jets to handle such threats against
    Sri Lanka Air space. Sri Lanka Air force need’s 4th generation fighter jets
    SLAF should have JF-17 Thunder is a 4th generation single-seat multi-role fighter aircraft jointly developed by China and Pakistan. The JF-17 Thunder is designed to be a cost-effective plane which can meet the tactical and strategic needs of air forces of developing countries. SLAF Should also have The Chengdu J-10 is a 4.5th generation multirole fighter aircraft designed and produced by the People's Republic of China's Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation (CAC) with considerable foreign technological input. The J-10 is designed to be equally useful in both the fighter and light bomber roles and is optimized for all-weather day/night operation.

    Comments Welcome

  30. Churchill was right.."So much is owed by so many fat bastards living in colombo having lunch at the hilton to so few brave worriors"..
    Theruwan Saranai to all our brave troops.. may GOD guide them to victory with the minimum of casualties over this bloddy effing LTTE filth that has destroyed our motherland.

  31. ilham,

    no; JF-17s cannot do it. india has su-37s and an array of jets. i recon the indian AF is the best in the asian region.

    SL can NEVER match the indian AF. best thing is to diplomatically avoid trouble. if they still violate, ignore it in the short term.

    having a chinese military presence in SL, no matter how small and symbolic, makes sense.

  32. 40 SLA killed in Kilaali, according to Some bodies of dead SLA soldiers and lots of weaponry captured by the LTTE from the army.
    Thanks very much Ponsy aiya :-)
    Now dear Sinhalayo, its a Tamil news web site and there are no photos yet. When (if) they release the pictures you can start discussing as to from which part of Iraq or Afganistan did LTTE get those pictures.
    Fello Tamls,
    These guys remind me a of an old Tamil song by MKT (Definitely better than Amaradeva )..."Soppana vaazhvil mahizhndu..."

  33. Only the BBC could take a damning report on the LTTE such as this:
    Trapped and Mistreated

    And try to come up with a ‘balanced story’ like this:

    Tigers accused of rights abuses

  34. Puli reiterates his words.

    "SLA's days are numbered."


  35. SLA push thwarted in Ki'laali, 40 killed - LTTE

    More than 40 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and at least 120 soldiers wounded Tuesday morning when the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) repulsed an offensive push by the SLA along the Forward Defence Line in Ki'laali, Tiger officials in Vanni told TamilNet. The LTTE has claimed to have seized weapons and recovered dead bodies of the SLA.

    The SLA launched its offensive push at 1:30 a.m.

    After 9 hours of heavy fighting, the SLA was forced to pull back its troops, with heavy casualties, at 10:30 a.m., the Tigers said.

    Further details were not available at the moment.

  36. Ilham and MD,,,
    if IAF violates SL airspace there's very little we can do about it...
    Especially militarily,,,
    If IAF does that, best is to help out those deccan boys so they do learn a lesson not to mess with other countries affairs...
    as mumbai incident proved, if you're willing to sink low to a terra level, you really don't need jets and other fancy gear to bring a country down...


  37. wounded pouring into hospitals

  38. Jet,
    Whom are you talking about?
    What are your sources?

  39. # 59 troops cutoff vital road stretch: Skirmishes in southern fringes of Mullaittivu
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    # Troops of 59 Div further extend their defences; 2 LTTE bodies found
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    # 18 civilians flee from LTTE tyranny- Mullaittivu
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    # Air assaults at LTTE reinforcements: Boat confirmed destroyed- Kilaly
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    # Fighting erupts in fringes of Kilinochchi, Northern FDLs: 120 terrorists killed, 250 injured
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    For those who will be contradicting me on the lines that the
    Hoardings are merely asking people to join the LTTE in order
    to protect them from the Sri Lankan forces...

    Well LTTE can't make a direct threat like this can they?
    With their actions and past and more so current records
    it's obvious this is what they mean.
    Read the article in whole for more of a justification.

    I really feel terribly heart broken for these kids.
    If you Tamils out there have a heart pressure the
    LTTE to put down arms and surrender. That's the
    bravest thing you can do.

    Believe it or not!

  41. # Barriers for the equal education in the North
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    # Rebel in the family
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    # Trawlers off Kochi selling diesel to LTTE agents
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    # LTTE Billboards on A-9 Say It All
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    # Will LTTE lay down arms if UN supervises?
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  42. Themaraadchi residents flee shelling

    Residents of Mirusuvil and Usan areas in Thenmaraadchi fled from their houses when shells fired by Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) targeting the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) bases in the said areas fell and exploded, Tuesday around 5:00 a.m, according to civil sources in the area. The shelling began following the Tuesday clashes between the SLA and the LTTE.

    The shells fell and exploded in Mirusuvil, Usan and near St. Nicholas church in Usan causing the few families in the area to flee.

    Most of the residents had already left their homes since clashes between SLA and LTTE intensified in recent times, the sources said.

    The actual number of families or persons who fled Tuesday from shelling is not available to them, the officials said.


  43. Artillery duel in Northern Front, SLA closes road to transport casualties in Jaffna

    Clashes between Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which began with an SLA offensive advance through Ki’aali Tuesday around 1:20 a.m continued through the day with artillery duels and gunfire exchanges, sources in Jaffna said. Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) helicopters were seen engaged in transporting casualties and injured soldiers while Kandy road and Palaali road were blocked several times during the day enabling ambulances to carry the dead and injured to Palaali SLA hospital. The SLA has suffered considerable loss of lives and injuries to many, sources close to SLA said.

    Both sides kept up artillery barrage. The SLA directed Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) on LTTE territory. SLAF fighter jets too were engaged in bombing LTTE held areas while gunfire exchanges were heard from the area, Thenmaraadchi residents said.

    The SLA attempt to penetrate and advance into LTTE held positions had not been successful, sources close to SLA said.

    SLAF helicopters kept flying above Vallaive’li in Vadamaraadchi as well as along the coast of Jaffna lagoon and over other areas in Jaffna peninsula raising fear and anxiety among its residents.


  44. STF commandos assault 4 sisters in Batticaloa

    Special Task Force (STF) commandos assaulted four sisters heavily with batons and sticks Tuesday around 9:00 a.m when they launched a cordon and search around Village No. 40 in Batticaloa district, according to the residents of the village. The STF commandos had warned the sisters that their entire family will be killed if anyone attacked the STF.

    The sisters injured in the assault are A. Kayalvili, 24, A. Rani, 26, A. Tharsini, 18 and A. Packiyavathi, 16, a student.

    The STF commandos had forced all the residents of Village No. 40 to gather in a public place and subjected them to rigorous interrogation during which the above sisters were assaulted.

    Families in Ka’luthaava’lai and Eruvil had been killed earlier while Vairamuthu Rajani, a 30-year-old woman, was assaulted, resulting in a broken arm, in November during a similar cordon and search.

  45. Mango
    ‘Look at the recent case of the LTTE claiming 120+ SLA soldiers were killed. The MOD has been forced to prove that that has not been the case. It makes the MOD look like they can only react to LTTE stories. Even when the real SLA casualty figure is much lower, the damage has already been done with the outside world only remembering the first, false LTTE figure of 120 deaths.’
    As far as we know both sides claims high figures of casualties of the others but the only way to check the facts are to count the exchange of casualties. When the forces claim 2 kia found with 2 weapons then it is a result of a small skirmish but not of a major battle.GOSL forces must press on at much faster phase if we are to avoid any trouble from India. Finish this once and for all. We seems to be on a lower gear at killinorchi in spite of the superior strength in numbers and equipment and I wonder if the phase is set to a political agenda? Then it will fail as Churchill was defeated after winning the war.


  46. Stepping up pressure on the Centre, the ruling DMK in Tamil Nadu today said External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee should be sent immediately to Colombo as 'promised' by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to make all efforts to arrange for a ceasefire between the Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE.

    A resolution adopted at the high-level committee meeting of the party, headed by Chief Minister M Karunanidhi here, said that Mukherjee should immediately visit Sri Lanka "to hold necessary talks and make all efforts" to convince Colombo for a ceasefire.

    Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Karunanidhi said Union Shipping Minister and senior DMK leader T R Baalu would meet Mukherjee in Delhi to convey the view.

    An all-party meeting under the leadership of Karunanidhi had met the Prime Minister on December 4 and discussed the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, where the latter had reportedly promised to depute Mukherjee to Sri Lanka.


  47. Tigers recover 8 SLA bodies, seize 18 weapons in Ki'laali fighting

    Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) said Tuesday that they seized two Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) launchers, one AK-LMG, fourteen T-56 assault rifles and a shoulder-fired rocket after repulsing an SLA-initiated offensive push that lasted for 9 hours from 1:20 a.m. Tuesday. The Tigers have earlier claimed that at least 40 SLA soldiers were killed and more than 120 sustained injuries. Information from Jaffna also indicates heavy casualties on SLA-side.

    The SLA has admitted that 25 soldiers were killed, 10 soldiers were missing and around 160 soldiers sustained injuries in the fighting on Tuesday explaining that they made a 'tactical withdrawal' in Ki'laali.

    Sources in Jaffna said that the main access roads, the Palaali road and the A9 Kandy Road were blocked several times by the SLA to transport military casualties.


  48. made a 'tactical withdrawal'

    very smart !

  49. I guess it would be useless to ask this Jet character not make posts in bold type face...

    Someone already requested but the crow like behaviour has not stopped..

    So much for civilised behaviour..


  50. army spokesman on government radio

    "few SLA died"


  51. more injured arriving at hospitals


  52. 'few died' according to army spokesman but the mortuaries fill up

    nice cover up by the army & governement

    poor sinhala people & tamils suffer

    for rich sinhala & sinhala living abroad this is a game


  53. After the capture of Pooneryn on November 15, crossing Akkarayankulam bund on October 31, and capture of Mankulam on November 17, it is a month. Evidently since then, momentum of advance has been stalled due to adverse weather on a few days, and stiff LTTE resistance that had been progressively increasing. This would contradict repeated Sri Lankan assertion that the LTTE was on the run. If this is not so, what is holding up the troops?

  54. "This would contradict repeated Sri Lankan assertion that the LTTE was on the run. If this is not so, what is holding up the troops?"

    Ltte has no where to run now and they are doing a suicidal fight and that's what holding up the troops.

  55. Its just the usual Tamilnut story.

    1200000+ SLA killed
    0.000001 or (-1200000) Tigers dead

    After all the LTTP has SUCCESFULLY REPULSED(TM) attacks from the SLDF since Mahaweli Oya!

  56. [Evidently since then, momentum of advance has been stalled due to adverse weather on a few days, and stiff LTTE resistance that had been progressively increasing.]

    Its obvious, the LTTP are now holding their last major cities,

    Giranika (Kili), Mooladuva (Mulaithivu), Alimankada (EP), Puranthenna (Paranthan) and Oththanthudava (Oddusudan), once these are captured, the final stage of the battle would be to smoke them out of the jungle.

    But as usual the LTTP will always stage a comeback (as claimed from Mahaweli Oya) Just WAIT AND SEE(TM)!


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