Monday, December 1, 2008

57 division captures Kokavil

Kokavil, a major LTTE stronghold along the A-9 highway, has been captured by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA)’s 57 division. Fighting has been going on in this area for quite some time with both 57 division (north of Kokavil) and Task Force 3 (south of Kokavil) been engaged in frequent firefights with LTTE cadres. 57 division units who moved southward from their positions south of Kilinochchi yesterday, were able to take control of Kokavil area by today morning. Kokavil town and the area where a former Rupavahini transmission tower is located, is now under SLA control.

Meanwhile Nedunkerni, a major LTTE stronghold in Mullaithiv district is facing increased pressure. Army’s 59 division who recently captured Otiyamalai, are around 4km from Nedunkerni. Task Force 3 is also advancing east of Mankulam and a possible link up between the two divisions could prove to be disastrous for LTTE cadres in the area.

In other news the SLA is planning to add yet another new division to the Wanni theater of battle; Task Force 4 (TF$). Task Force 4 will be raised as a semi offensive division. The area where this division will initially be deployed is unclear as of now.


  1. Good moves my SLA

    Now LTTE terrorists have to keep on guessing where to defend and with a few more pieces to fall in to place

    the game is on or should i say check mate

  2. Thanks DefenceNet for the update.

    Chiran Jayathu !!!

    Time has come VP to find out the exact center of the Mulathivu district.

  3. Peratama Yamu Lanka...
    Keep up the good work. Thunurwan saranai.

  4. DN-
    Can you please get to update the map with Re-captured Kokavil.

    We should keep the web image going same time with major re-capturing.

  5. Looking at the article map it looks almost like an encirclement. I wonder what the LTTE casualties were.

  6. SF/LNP @ clusters

    /sad to inform you that the battles are painfully intensifying and coming to an would have seen the ltte's mourn about clusters...we don't have any information that it was civilians who were targeted. it was a well fortified bunker line which was taken off and whats left is rubble now. if all goes well clusters will decide the fate in muhamalai nk alone...TN can post any pic and say its this or that...last year tn made blunder with a pic being posted which was found ages before taken... of course with war casualties take place but when they say an all important cluster weas used on civilians and only 5 died it defies logic to those who know what these weapons are...the truth is the ltte has been hit very badly by the SLAF...and it wants attention of the world to stop the devastating weapon./

  7. Captain Saliya Upul Aladeniya PWV, WWV, SLRS (කපිතාන් සාලිය උපුල් අලදෙනිය) (1964 - June 11, 1990)

    was the first recipient of the Parama Weera Vibhushanaya, highest war time award for valour of the Sri Lanka Military. He was a Sri Lankan army officer who refused to abandon the injured of his platoon and, fought until the Kokavil army camp was overrun by LTTE.

    Educated at Trinity College Kandy, he joined the Sri Lanka Army in 1989. After basic training he was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in to the Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment.

    Lieutenant (at that time) Aladeniya was in command of an army outpost with a handful of men at Kokuvla (Kokavil) that was established for guarding the television relay station. The camp was surrounded for several days by LTTE cadres who outnumbered them five to one. The food and water were running out in the camp and so was the ammunition. In spite of many requests, reinforcements sent from Lt. Aladeniya's regimental headquarters in Nuwara Eliya never reached Kokavil, having been diverted elsewhere. Orders to withdraw from the camp came at the eleventh hour but then it was too late and Aladeniya had wounded men whom he did not want to leave behind. Pledging that he would rather die alongside them than leave them, Lt. Aladeniya fought on till an adjacent fuel dump exploded, killing the majority of the defenders in the camp.

    Lt. Aladeniya lost his life and was posthumously promoted to rank of Captain and honoured with a Parama Weera Vibhushanaya medal on June 21, 1994.

  8. thanks for the latest article

    great SLA

  9. Ninja
    Thanks for the post on Captain Aladanya,bring back memories of our collage heroes.

  10. Vigilant
    Good article in the Island, specially referring to General Sarath Fonseka as hot tempered and that’s what we need in Sri Lanka,a hot tempered go-getter who will not pussyfoot but get the bloody job done. Good show and good luck to SF.

  11. Still one mile from Killinochchi?

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  13. Peter, when was the last time the LTTE captured any territory? Eight years ago?

  14. DN,
    now that western shore is lost for the ltte, where are their war supplies coming from ? if they are not coming at all, whats your estimate of their stock?

  15. Kokavil is a small territory. Only wanted for broadcasting facility during 90's. Now we have Satellite communication. Therefore pillar never needed. Is Sri Lanka still communicate via those pillar's ? In our Eelam we uses latest Satellite.
    Move on with latest communication media. Eelam is not in 3rd world.


  16. The eealam is full of shit..No standing buildings from Mannar to Pooneryn. Only Kadjan huts. No wonder you need satellite


  17. There is no world for eealam. Eealam doesn't exists.

  18. We will introduce cable technology for all our households.
    Singapore will have to face a big competition with Eelam world.
    If we can build bunds, tunnel's as a part of our defence line (in no time), do you think underground trains, and cables wont be possible?
    Modaya's keep dreaming about our land.

  19. The eealam is full of shit..No standing buildings from Mannar to Pooneryn. Only Kadjan huts. No wonder you need satellite

  20. Velu dug enough holes the size of Grand canyon in Wanni you can float an aircraft carrier...

    Before you build tunnels and dams feed the 300000 refugees who live under the trees..

    Moo Nam Pol Booruwek. Karaththa'yak witharai moo'ta a'du...

  21. @ Mahen,

    Now we have Satellite communication. Therefore pillar never needed. Is Sri Lanka still communicate via those pillar's ? In our Eelam we uses latest Satellite.
    Move on with latest communication media. Eelam is not in 3rd world.

    We have seen the LATEST technology when the Black Fat Oily Pig is screaming in last week to save them from SLDF. You better check it again.

  22. MAHEN පොන්න කොටියා,

    අනේ පොල් බූරුවෝ...! තොගෙ මොලේ පුකෙත් නෑ යකෝ...!

    underground trains දාන්ඩ තොපිට රටක් තියෙන්ඩ එපායැ

    ගොන් තඩියෝ, තොගෙ මහ එකාට රෙවිල තියෙන්නේ මොන කේබල් ද?

    මකබෑවෙයන් සක්කිලියා.........!

  23. MAHEN සක්කිලියා,

    "We will introduce cable technology for all our households...."

    පකෝ කේබල් අදින්න කලින් තොගේ මහ බූරුවා විනාස කරපු ගෙවල් ටික හදල දීපන්...

    ඊට පස්සේ කේබල් බැරිනම් ඕන ලබ්බක් ඇද ගනින්, හැබැයි ඒ උඹ හිතන් ඉන්න ඊලමේ නම් නෙවෙයි...

  24. බොල MAHEN සක්කිලියෝ,

    "In our Eelam we uses latest Satellite...."

    පක තමයි...

  25. Having read some of the reports from the front, the SLA logistical situation is worrying.

    Why was the Army frantically asking for water purifiers, clothes driers etc during the recent rains? The onset of the monsoon is not a surprising event and was predicted with some accuracy. The Quartermaster dept have some questions to answer. Why weren't stocks of these items pre-positioned in good time?

    What about the LTTE counterattack? Their doctrine has always been to immediately counterattack whilst the SLA troops are consolidating the newly LTTE captured positions. Why aren't they doing this? Do they not have the leadership and/or artillery and mortar capability to counterattack? I presume that the LTTE have their own positions pre-registered for artillery fire, in the event of these positions being captured. They've demonstrated this capability on the Muhamali front lines, yet aren't doing so on the K'nochi front lines.

    The LTTE and INGO development: viewing Rupavahini footage of liberated areas, I was struck by the sheer misery and poverty of the villages. The INGOs were meant to be providing re-building and re-construction capability. Now, we all know that the funds were probably diverted to the LTTE. Is the GOSL now going through the INGOs accounts to ask them justify their spending? Surely we have enough accountants in Sri Lanka who would love the opportunity to forensically examine the INGOs' books?

    In fact the Eelam disaspora should be outraged (!) that their hard-earned cash isn't being spent on the 'people'.

    The LTTE and their hidden supporters should be pursued and harried, relentlessly without any mercy or let up.

  26. Piyadasa,

    If you actually want to reply to me, it is advisable to reply in a coherent language rather than the indecipherable text that you have written below:

    "ඊට පස්සේ කේබල් බැරිනම් ඕන ලබ්බක්"

    PS, how many boxes have you opened in your lifetime? Not many I presume?

  27. SLFP farm boys should keep to the chena

  28. Mahen said "In our Eelam we uses latest Satellite."

    wowww really!! and you use the latest tractors and fishing boats also ... :-D

  29. Sakkily brothers,
    Keep calm. We are not in a hurry to capture KILLI or anywhere. You know we sinhala people are a bit lazy and most of all sexy. We like things slow and easy.But we will get the job done at the end. Just you wait.
    The more we go slow the more diaspora money will be gone down the drain.
    The more civillians will abondon LTTE.
    Praba will be more constipated.
    More thangachchis will be pregnant.
    Sakkilies like you will spend more time dreaming about Mahens high tech land.

  30. Mahen!

    Tunnels of cause you dont have to worry.. the fat rat is quite good at it. (he will dig some more before the end)

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  32. මේ මහෙන් කියන සක්කිලියා සිංගප්පූරුව ජීවිතේට දැකල නැති එකෙක්. ඒකයි උන් එන්.ජී.ඕ බුල්ඩෝසර් වලින් කපාපු කානු දිගේ underground trains යවන්න හදන්නේ. අපේ අය කරපු වැව් අමුනු ගැන මේවගේ සක්කිලින්ට කියලා වැඩක් තියනවායැ!

    නිසල් - සිංගප්පූරුවේ සිට

  33. පොන්න MAHEN

    PS, how many boxes have you opened in your lifetime? Not many I presume?

    ගිනි පෙට්ටිද? පල සක්කිලිය යන්න

    තොපි වගේ බල්ලන්ට මේ කතා කරන විදිහ හොඳ වැඩියි යකෝ... මොලයක් නැති කාළකන්නියා...

    බලාගෙන ඉඳපන් ඊලම අරං දෝතින් පුදනකං

  34. Piyadasa,

    You are still writing to me in box text. I cannot understand, if you are writing in chena boy language, I can't understand anyway.

    PS, I think you were deprived of opening boxes in your youth, hence you current obsession with boxes.

  35. Mango,

    You have been speaking some sense here. Yes, indeed it looks like there have been a lapse in planning relating to facing the rain.

    Nano Silver is one of the most effective methods of preventing fungal attacks owing to soaked feet.

    Nano Socks are excellent way of preventing water born foot diseases

    We should get them to our boys.

    Russia has the world's best offroad vehicles, and we should be acquiring at least a dozen to maintain supplies.

  36. We have also seen even the Pradeshiya Sabha members given offroad vehicles, but the army has not got them. Those politicians should be issued with Sri Lankan built Micro Cars, and the Army should be given the offroad vehicles like Pajeros, Cabs, and Prados given to those useless politicians.

  37. I saw a link either here or on Defencewire about buying sock gel liners for the disabled troops - if anyone has it, please post the link.

    Let's do something useful in addition to watching the Eelamists in their despair; watchinng them veering between 'Denial' and 'Anger' in going through their Stages of Grief :)

  38. Clutching at the Last Straw - Buddhism

    I didn't read Prabha's Hero’s day address for a very simple reason; he didn't write it; he just read it. I was not as enthusiastic as certain section of media for this non-event. A bunch from Tamil Diaspora wrote it for him, while taking into account the international standing that his outfit enjoys in the civilized world. So, I follow the selected quotes given by media from time to time - that serves my purpose of information gathering.

    However, I instinctively believe that he may have added a phrase or two to it, using what he is good at: roars and threats.

    The reference to India is a case in point. He didn't beg of India to rescue him, as widely reported. On the contrary, there is a thinly-veiled accusation about the way India handled the Tamil issue; he didn't want to rekindle his friendship just with India, but the whole world.

    The reference to Buddhism may also be his own. His notoriously poor intellect will not go beyond a reference to a religious text. He qutoed from Buddhism, when Selvam got killed too. Judging by what is unfolding in Wanni theatre, he may be compelled to quote form Buddhism on a regular basis - and very frequently too.

    His leaning towards Buddhism is still a mystery. It is very frightening too. In the past, he has been in the business of interpreting the great religious texts for his own benefit. For instance, he indulged in a murderous spree for almost three decades, while quoting the great Hindu text, the Bhagawat Geeta, as if he got the authority from it. People with an ounze of brain know Bhagawat Geeta is not a text for promoting violence. Its metaphorical reference to warfare is only for education and not for copy-cat gestures. When a semi-literate fanatic quotes a great religious text, it is like Jayalalitha lecturing against lesbianism.

    Prabha just made a mockery of Bhagavat Geeta as never before. Yes, there was reference in it - verse 18, I think - that we must deliver our duty without keeping an eye on the fruits it may bring in. A man, who promotes a cult by posing for photographs with blazing guns to make posters for the walls on Wanni schools, can't claim that he delivers a duty while turning down its fruits. He just does the opposite. I am glad he is reaping what he sows.

    Will his leaning towards Buddhism herald a new comedy of politics and religion in Sri Lanka?

    If it is the case, he must first find a donkey to partially emulate the Prince Siddhartha. The smart animal, horse, is too good for him. Then he has to make up his mind to leave Mathivathini and the famous glutton, Charles Anthony. Of course, there is no river that is as wide as Neranjana, in Wanni. Iranamadu tank is the closest substitute, befor the floods recedes. Nadesan can play the role of Channa, provided that he doesn't fart too much in fear. Then the combination must go for the ultimate goal, while asking Prabha to make the move. - leaping over the Iranamdu tank in one-go on a donkey back.

    Nadesan must come back exactly as Channa did, but with some form of souvenir.

    We are prepared to accept even if it is a bunch of his pubic hair - at least, the menace is over for good.

  39. This is the editorial from Hindu.
    It sums up the LTTE predicament very well and ts an unbiased report.

    Discourse in desperation

    The characterisation of LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabakaran’s 2008 message as ‘Great Heroes Day’ speech is full of irony. The 3,283-word statement was made public on the evening of November 27, twenty hours after the start of the horrific fidayeen terror in Mumbai. In stark contrast to the response of the rest of the world, the ‘Great Heroes Day’ speech makes no reference to the Pakistan-origin terrorist strike at India’s financial capita l. The apologists of the LTTE might attribute the omission to the possibility that the speech was recorded well before it was broadcast. But how to explain the LTTE’s subsequent silence on Mumbai? The only credible explanation is that any comment on this subject would invite unwelcome comparisons, in Sri Lanka, in India, and elsewhere, given that the LTTE’s own terrorist track record that goes back to the early 1980s, has involved every conceivable atrocity against civil society and common humanity, and even spilt over into India to claim the life of a former Prime Minister. In essence, Prabakaran’s 2008 speech is a mercy plea to India to bail out Tiger forces on the run from a successful campaign by the Sri Lankan armed forces. It is entirely in character that he betrays no remorse for the propaganda war his organisation has waged against India since 1987, portraying it as a soulless power with hegemonistic ambitions in the region. His flattering 2008 references to India as a benevolent “superpower” are patently insincere. They also sit ill with the boast about LTTE cadres humbling the mighty Indian Peace Keeping Force two decades ago.

    Mr. Prabakaran’s discourse must be read against the background of the demoralisation and confusion that have gripped the terrorist outfit since it began to take a battering in ‘Eelam War IV.’ According to every serious assessment, this has weakened the LTTE militarily as never before. With the imminent fall of Killinochchi, the LTTE’s administrative headquarters, and with strategic Ponneryn in the hands of the Sri Lankan army, the organisation that is banned or designated as terrorist in some 30 countries has nowhere to turn. It faces increasing apathy or alienation from the people it claims to represent, hundreds of thousands of whom have tragically become hostage to the fortunes of war. Mr. Prabakaran’s ‘Great Heroes Day’ speech signals his desperation to halt the progress of the Sri Lankan armed forces in the district-and-a-half that is still under the LTTE’s military control. No deus ex machina, certainly not India that has been hit by terrorism more than most other countries, will appear on stage to bail out the Tigers. If they are to have a future, it lies in laying down their arms — as they were required to do by the India-Sri Lanka Agreement of July 29, 1987 — and joining the democratic mainstream to advance the interests of Sri Lankan Tamils.

  40. how far one can see/monitor if a long range camera is installed on kokavil tower?

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Tropicalstorm

    why do u have to post fake photo-shopped photos of other militaries and make it look like ours??..those photos on your blog are russian action in chechnya and american self-propelled howitzers..sheeeshhh..get a friggin life man!!..only one pix is of the SLA..

    Fellow bloggers, don't be fooled by idealistic and chauvinistic and bloggers...

  43. This is great news.
    I heard that there is a chance that SLA will inforce another Task Force in near future But not clear where would they start operating.

    DN, You have any idea where and when would the new TF will start killing tigers?

    I would guess two places.

    Might start moving from Parakramapura, Padaviya area up towards A34. This seems to be the most likely option.

    I would certainly like to see a combined battle from SLA, SLN, and SLAF to inject a Task Force between EP and Mullaittivue. This might seems almost impossbile, but with the way our heroes operate, they might try the impossible. Two places I would suggest are, inject troops to Chundikkulm Sancuary, or to Championpattu via Sea route. SLN would have to do a major job. Though this seems to be highly unlikely, I would certainly like to see this happening. It might be devastating for Tigers if we could infiltrate below National Front and above Mullaittivue.

  44. To sustain a successful insurgency you need (amongst other things), committed population, regular re-supply a rest area where you can hide, re-group and replenish and ideally a powerful external ally or sponsor. From the LTTE's standpoint, their previous advantages are diminishing.

    In population alone, VP's in trouble, unless large numbers of militarily trained and capable Diaspora Warriors fly back to Sri Lanka, en masse and somehow get to the front line. India won't be too amused if they try to trans-ship via Tamil Nadu, especially after its' recent encounter (and humiliation) with Islamic terrorists.

    The LTTE's rest areas are being nibbled away. The illusion that a retreat to the jungle will be sufficient to keep the insurgency alive is just that, an illusion. Western commentators are particularly prone to this delusion. They forget that the 'New Model' Sri Lanka Army will not rest. It will pursue the retreating LTTE until its best combat formations are destroyed.

    So, an appeal to the LTTE supporters on this blog. Instead indulging in pathetic name calling and insults, what would you advise your 'Great Leader' to do?

  45. Mahen,

    Have you seen Amir today? poor guy, I don't know what has happened to him.

  46. Peter,

    Didn't you know what these Madayas have done, they have removed his "paka", now he is without a "PAKA". Now intelligent Amir has become Pakaless-Amir, Modayas!!

  47. Mahen,
    Thought you were insane when you said that Nachikuda will be catptured by LTTE before the so called hero's day...!! I see what you meant Nachikuda already has fallen..!! tomorrow ponneryn..will!! sampur...!! then colombo..!! mumbai in that order finally you will fall from your bed..!!

  48. perein said...

    Can you please get to update the map with Re-captured Kokavil.

    This is like asking the flea to tell the dog to wag his tail.

  49. # Batticaloa south LTTE leader dead
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    # 14 Tamil civilians arrive government control area - Vavuniya
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    # Fifty More Lorries With Indian Food Items Enter Un-Cleared Areas
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    # SLAF jets raid LTTE resistance positions - Kilinochchi
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    # 59 Div Troops heading towards Mullaittivu; LTTE suffers heavy damages
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  50. # Sri Lanka seizes town held by rebels for 18 years
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    # Batticaloa, Sri Lanka: New homes fuel small business boom
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    # The most civilized counter-terrorism offensive in the world
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  51. ["57 division captures Kokavil"]

    Oh! Sobbing LTTE coolies must be fast wondering why on earth they messed with poor sinhala modadyas.

    These modayas just killed Brigadier Murgan, son of Nag Logan of Canada(formerly Nagulason Loganathan of KKS), Lt. Col. Gauri, daughter of Dave Amirth of UK (formerly David Amirthalingam of Jaffna, Col. Sivaji, brother of Pat Alok (formerly Pathmanathan Alokalingam of Kokaville)

    Oh... baby... they must be feeling very sad!

    However... more towns to conquer... more civilians to liberatte.. and more LTTE dogs to be Eelamized.

    Dear SLDF... while you are killing Tamil terrorists like dogs... carefully check the dog tags of to verify if they were the imported breed… from Toiletnadu?

    Kill more... achieve more.

  52. At the TACTICALLY RELOCATED(TM) Eelam we already have cables and subways, also special nano-technology built armor.

    Yes its the new Eelam TACTICALLY RELOCATED(TM) in Torontopuram.

  53. TMVP is roaring like the old tigers in the EP.GOSL must determine where the ex tigers stand and if they are allowing the gosl to conduct their normal day to day affairs just like in any other province in SL or we might regret it.GOSL have been warned.

  54. This is a Video that will make LTTE Supporters So MAD!

    Please check this out -

    Do you think they are in a position to advice on Sri Lanka's problems?

  55. A sea tiger who ran away with his family (video)
    click here

    Otiyamale (video)
    click here

  56. Peter, Mahan -
    Elam uses the latest communications ,
    not in third world ???
    This is one of the best jokes I've heard for a very long time.

    Please buy those ltte cadres at least some slippers if you cannot afford to buy school shoes. Please also buy some food for them because ltte cadres make Ethiopians look over weight.

    Elam is in 33rd world

  57. Nisal...LOL MATE...LOL!!! I read your comment and just couldnt stop laughing!

    Latest technology for the LTTE is digging a trench, and building a hut out of mud with a tatched roof. Thats their vision for Eelam.

    As someone rightly said, first be able to feed the poor people forced to stay under your rule, without crying saying the government isnt providing anything.

    I thought your'll have your own nation now, better that Singapore??
    F*cking wet dreams mate!

  58. STF
    Well said, these Diaspora members don’t know that they have been taken for a ride by the fund collectors. Not a thing to seen talk about in their eelam,a very depressing place. I had sneaked in to their areas in EP and Vanni as well. All the structures are too backward to describe and built very shabbily which doesn’t belong to this day and age and in that aspect it is a separate state of neglect. I have hundreds of pictures and videos taken and most of their diehards don’t believe it.
    You see on the pictures of A32 and their main trunk road A9 is just gravel road not a bit of tar on the road. So talking about sat Comms is bit out of the mark. Latter is only used by a few rebels.
    One idiotic business man in Sudbury told me that Killinorchi and the town of Malavi has side walk cafes on payments light better than Sudbury and I disagreed because I could only see just ordinary shops with cattle roaming about and a few cars and trucks. I told him he is wearing sidewalk cafes on his body with so much gold ornaments like gold chains around his neck and gold rings on his fingers looted wealth of the Diaspora boys.

  59. Gringo,
    At the end of military operations commence phase-11 of the REAL battle with the LTTE...these LTTE di-ass-phora the field of education..thats where we have to pitch in the best way we can to help our people...we have to engage them in their overseas paradise by competing for jobs..

  60. # Mumbai terror strike and Prabhakaran's expectations of India's support
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    # President briefs Pope on Lanka
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    # Mumbai: possible Tiger links probed
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    # Karuna scoffs at Prabha’s plea
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    # WORDS DO NOT MATCH DEEDS- Pirapaharan’s Heroes’ day speech
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  61. # Not all tamils are terrorists
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    # Severe action against Tiger supporters, warns TNCC
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    # Northern Tamils eager to exercise political choice- Calcutta Telegraph
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    # Mumbai terrorists blast Prabhakaran’s last hopes
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    # Army takes Kokavil, eyes strategic town 10 km south of M’tivu
    Click here

  62. Some of you guys seem to be missing the point; SLA is pulling back southward from Killinochchi. So that means the northward assault on Killi is being directed elsewhere.

    This may be a preude to a complete encirlement to annihilate the tigers holed up inside.

  63. # Now it’s the turn of the civilised world…
    Click here

    # Prabhakaran’s incredible speech
    Click here

    # Time to carry out Prabakaran’s orders to his men
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    # Sri Lankan expatriates in Vienna express support to Ranaviru families
    Click here

  64. I feel sorry for all those who followed the dream of Sundaralingam (mythical Tamil Eelam) since 1920's. Just see where they ended up, cannon fodder.

    The Malay people were blessed not to have any seperatists and today they are model SL citizens (Maj. Mutalif, Col. Rizvi Medin etc.)

    We need more Tamil people like Hon. Lakshman Kadiragamar and Hon. Jeyraj Fernandopulle.

  65. Obama says south asian militants biggest threat to US :)

    CHICAGO (Reuters) - U.S. President-elect Barack Obama said on Monday militants based in South Asia represented the biggest threat to the United States and he was "absolutely committed" to eliminating the threat of terrorism.

    "We cannot tolerate a world where innocents are killed by extremists based on twisted ideologies," Obama, who takes office on January 20, told reporters after naming his national security team.

    "We're going to have to bring the full force of our power -- not only military but also diplomatic, economic and political -- to deal with those threats. Not only to keep America safe but also to ensure that peace and prosperity continue around the world."

    With the world shocked by the deadly Islamic militant attack on India's financial center of Mumbai that killed 183 people, Obama pointed to South Asia as the area of greatest concern.

    "The situation in Afghanistan has been worsening. The situation in South Asia as a whole and the safe havens for terrorists that have been established there, represent the single most important threat against the American people," he said.

    "We're going to have to mobilize our resources and focus our attention on defeating al Qaeda, (Osama) bin Laden, and any other extremists groups that intend to target American citizens."

    Obama offered American support when he spoke to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after the Mumbai attacks.

    India has blamed the attacks on militants from Pakistan. Obama said that while sovereign nations "obviously have the right to defend themselves", he did not want to comment on the specifics surrounding the Mumbai attack.

    "I am confident that India's great democracy is more resilient than killers who would tear it down," Obama said.

    "I can tell you that my administration will remain steadfast in support of India's efforts to catch the perpetrators of this terrible act and bring them to justice. And I expect that the world community will feel the same way."

    (Reporting by Deborah Charles and Andrew Quinn, editing by Alan Elsner)

  66. Defencenet
    Could you give you opinion on the article appeared on Daily Mirror on 2/12/08 by D.B.S.Jeyaraj column in the following heading, especially the security situation he was commenting on.

  67. WM said

    "I would certainly like to see a combined battle from SLA, SLN, and SLAF to inject a Task Force between EP and Mullaittivue. This might seems almost impossbile, but with the way our heroes operate, they might try the impossible. Two places I would suggest are, inject troops to Chundikkulm Sancuary, or to Championpattu via Sea route. SLN would have to do a major job. Though this seems to be highly unlikely, I would certainly like to see this happening. It might be devastating for Tigers if we could infiltrate below National Front and above Mullaittivue."

    Two problems

    1st the sea tiger threat should be neutralized since the only supply route for this type of amphibious landing is the sea

    2nd Landing forces would face attacks from three fronts ( Front,Left, Right) we dont want that do we ?

    Other thing After landing forces should push few km inland with in a very short time period to establish a proper beach head and a landing site ( too many risks )

    But a more economical way of doing would be harassment by the navy of any movement observed of the LTTE along the coast line( Eastern ) with their long range guns thus effectively stopping the use of the coastal belt

  68. koti mahan said
    (Move on with latest communication media. Eelam is not in 3rd world)
    yes you are correct . Peelam is not in this world)

    Obama you correct machan . finally we will get the work done.

    Piyadasa me ponnawesa mahan ta hoda poltel bothalayak genihin denna ona .ena ena ekata kiyala araganna .:)

  69. Guys,

    I interviewed the Old Fox - Karunanidhi, this morning. As usual, I dedicate the interview to Amir, Peeter and Mahen who call our soldiers, Chena Boys that in Sinhalese mean, the dare devils. Here are the excerpts:

    Q Rious: Good Morning, Cheap Minister! Weather gods haven't been very kind to you!

    Karunanidhi: Oh, f*** them; I don't believe in them any way. I am an atheist, you know.

    Q Rious: Your people are suffering in the state, due to floods, Sir. Jayalalitha is furious for inaction, on your part.

    Karunanidhi: What the bloody b**** telling about me? Floods are not my own making. She should focus on the plight of IDP's in Wanni who suffer from floods too.

    Q Rious: Mr Karunanidhi, what is difference? The suffering is suffering, whereever it happens due to floods.

    Karunanidhi: Well, young man. Famine and floods are a dangerous combination, that is whay I mean. This woman does not get it.

    Q Rious: You sent out lorry-loads of food; so, the starvation is ruled out.

    Karunanidhi: I disagree; when people work hard they need more food. What we sent out was just a drop in the ocean.

    Q Rious: You sent tonnes of food; there are only about 200,000 people there.

    Karunanidhi: You are right; but they are very hard working people, you know. They need lots of food, for that kind of work.

    Q Rious: Such as?

    Karunanidhi: Digging trenches by bear hands and then erecting fences with logs etc.

    Q Rious: Mr Karunanidhi, you are concentrating on a very specific group of Wanni inhabitants engaged in specific tasks.

    Karunanidhi: They are Tamils, you see. I symbolize the whole race.

    Q Rious: How about the people who stretch hands for hand-outs in your state?

    Karunanidhi: Oh, they are untouchables; don't get into skin-to-skin contact with them.

    Q Rious: Discrimination, descending from the top; this is against the discrimination act.

    Karunanidhi: Don't quote me on that; that bloody woman will use it against me.

    Q Rious: She once was closer to you.

    Karunanidhi: Yes, I slept with her.

    Q Rious: Bloody hell! This has the potential to explode your career!

    Karunanidhi: Don't worry, my dear. If the worse comes to the worst, I have a strategy.

    Q Rious: What's that?

    Karunanidhi: I will tell it was in a movie!

    Q Rious: You are gorgeous!

    Karunanidhi: That's what she thougt those days about me.

    Q Rious: What about MGR?

    Karunanidhi: The biggest mismatch - he was a bloody dwarf.

    Q Rious: You heard Prabhakaran's speech?

    Karunanidhi: Mhhh.

    Q Rious: A lukeworm response.

    Karunanidhi: Bloody fool; talk big and beg me of saving him. I thought he can do something for us; just an idiotic brat.

    Q Rious: Will you sever ties?

    Karunanidhi: I never had any ties with him; he is MGR's man.

    Q Rious: You voice concern when he is in trouble.

    Karunanidhi: That's because I can't stand that bloody woman cashing in on the issue. That is all. If she keeps quiet, so do I.

    Q Rious: So, if Jayalalitha is quiet, Tamilandu minds its own business.

    Karunanidhi: You hit the nail on the head, my dear. Tell your leaders to subdue her and I will go into silent mode.

    Q Rious: I will, Cheap, Minister; thank you.

  70. Sri Lanka GSP+ extended by 6-months: official

    In six months, at the very latest, the LTTE will no longer have a conventional military capacity and will be reduced to fugitives in the jungle, teenage diaspora armchair romantics, and diaspora organized crime profiteers.

  71. Mahen said:

    "Kokavil is a small territory. Only wanted for broadcasting facility during 90's. Now we have Satellite communication. Therefore pillar never needed. Is Sri Lanka still communicate via those pillar's ? In our Eelam we uses latest Satellite.
    Move on with latest communication media. Eelam is not in 3rd world."

    1. Yes, we can see the state of your 1st world state in the photos and videos, done with billions of foreign aid.
    2. If this area was of no use, why were you flighting hell bent to save it?

  72. # More civillians reach govt. controlled areas
    Click here

    # Army intercepts LTTE group in Thanthirimale
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    # Families of LTTE cadres protest against terrorist rule in Wanni
    Click here

    # Sri Lankan Tamil MPs to visit India on December 10
    Click here

    # 50 truck convoy dispatched to Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu
    Click here

  73. Hey Dubious Qrious,

    That was the driest and most humourless interview I have ever heard. Where did you get your sense of humour from, might it be the "Andy Kaufmann Comedy Academy"?

    PS, Andy Kaufmann wasn't funny, he was thrown off stage during a stand up routine for not being funny.

  74. Mahen,

    As you seem to represent the LTTE on this blog, perhaps you could turn your considerable intellect to answering my question posted earlier.

    Imagine you're Fat Boy's most trusted advisor. What would you advise him to do to? What direction should his military and political manouvers take?

  75. # Army 59 Division bags Periyakulam ; eyes strategically located Nadunkerni
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    # Turkey and Sri Lanka to cooperate against terrorism
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  76. # Sovereign nations have right to protect against terrorism - Barack Obama
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    # Prabha prepares ground for Tamil Eelam
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    # Rivals come together to condemn killings
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    # India will try for a political solution in Sri Lanka: Manmohan
    Click here

    # Besieged Madhu church restored to glory: Lanka Prez to Pope
    Click here

  77. Peter

    Your halucinations are becoming starkly more colorful.

    Enjoy the wild ride..but ask your momma and she'll tell you that 'thinking' wasn't what you were built for.

  78. EU extends GSP+ even after much teeth gnashing.

    US extend LTTE ban for 5 years - beyond Obama's first term.

    India extends LTTE ban for 2 years.

    Business is good. Mudalali is doing well.

  79. Dinky W

    I agree with your analysis. Strangely, I was looking at the map with a group of ex-SL, now US military guys and we were discussing this possibility a couple of months ago, and their thinking was very similar to yours.

  80. DW

    Obama sais 'soveriegn nations have the right to protect their territory against terriorist threats'

    Sri Lanka's right to bring all of her territory under government control is now widely accepted by all those who matter. No other precedents are considered a lifeline for the cause of dividing SL by anyone.

    Prolonging LTTE's life is only inimical to the average Tamil's ambitions. It was well displayed when the ordinary people in Jaffna celebrated opening the land route thru Pooneryn.
    Once the rest of the eastern province and north-westrn areas are developed, the game is going to change irreversibly since the LTTE will not be able to control the population under its yoke by the force of guns alone.

  81. Army is getting attention, and is expanding thanks to the Commander and Gota.

    Now, there is a very important party that deserves lot of recognition and expansion too. They are playing a very important part of keeping us safe.

    That is none other than the TID. There was a great time that TID shone beyond anyone's expectations that netted the most gruesome terrorists, and later there was a time it had 'mahasona dasa' and nothing was happening.

    Now again, TID is shining like golden armor. They deserve recognition and expansion.

    During the past two year alone, TID has netted hundreds of most trained and most determined sneakiest terrorists who came to unleash havoc in the capital and elsewhere.

    So, it is time to recognise and well-treat our brave officers of TID.

  82. Tropicalstorm
    ‘Once the rest of the eastern province and north-western areas are developed, the game is going to change irreversibly since the LTTE will not be able to control the population under its yoke by the force of guns alone.’

    I beg to differ as we may able over run the terrorists in Vanni to be appearing and infiltrating else where and the Diaspora will pull strings from abroad to control their community in the island unless the government provide a proper infrastructure and a cultural change in SL where painful changes has to be done where the influence of the ever so powerful Diaspora’s influence over it’s people in the island is ineffective. This can’t be done without the help of the IC.
    To attract the much needed influence and help of the ever powerful IC needs changes to our country’s culture itself. One can see a glimpse of this during the recent Mumbai attack where there was an international presence there where the victims were part of the international community.IC was attracted by the very nature of the structure of Mumbai citizens who are affluent and who are part of it’s commercial structure that had the attention of IC.These citizens of Mumbai is far above the rest of the country whereby they were independent enough to ask questions of her elected leaders where likes of Mervin Silva wasn’t there to strangle their voices of disgust which compelled the people responsible to resign. This will never happen in SL as our structures and culture is far below that of Mumbai but in par with any other place in India. This special area(Mumbai) of India had created the right conditions for much needed IC to say that they will not be deterred by this terrorist act and the TV showed one American business man saying that he will comeback a thousand times to Mumbai. The world’s conscience was with the people of Mumbai and the people of India, should that happened elsewhere in India then it would have passed on as a non event.
    So friends! We are looking at a solution to our problem and a future threat from any quarter such as the Tamil Nadhu.
    We seems to be doing the wrong thing thus isolating our selves from the much needed IC who is powerful enough to come to our aid, instead they seems to be helping the terrorist cause due to the pressure put on by the powerful Diaspora. More than 4 imminent members of the SL community rang my business colleague today to find out why Vieko was allowed in to UK,though we find it un fair the Brits don’t find it unfair just as the gosl found it unfair to sack Peter Hill of Srilankan.Right and wrong depends where you stand.
    The only solution in short is make the island very secular that attract much needed economic and financial infusion and allow international companies a stake in our affairs just like any developed country allows inter company trade and involvement, etc and this itself will guarantee our well being and our security. There was one politician who had that vision but was driven out and we will learn the hard way that over running the rebels is not the end. With the present conditions that has been created no one in right mind will invest in the island, this is the honest truth and that is only way out of our problem. When we have powerful partners in presence it will itself guarantee our safety like in Singapore(against Malaysia and Indonesia) and Taiwan and a lesson to be learned from them I suppose. Good night!

  83. Tropical storm said

    "I agree with your analysis. Strangely, I was looking "
    SL has done amphibious landings in mulative in earlier operations [Ops Thiwida Balaya & Balawegaya ]( Im not sure about the names now)

    but good to induct small teams of SBS & SF & Commandos

  84. Kevin,

    Counter terrorism actions should not be stopped for the next 20 years. For the next 20 years, we should be planning to hit the terrorists hard -even after the war is over.

    Else, it will come back again like a bedsore!

    Whatever the development going in liberated areas, equally we should be hammering the terrorists.

  85. An year or so ago, blogger by the name "rifard and Cable" mentioned about a group of Germany based hackers who had been hacking the SLA,SLAF and SLN networks.

    I have a feeling the group arrested here might have some connection to the group "Rifard and Cable " was referring to .

    This particular blogger has disappeared from the blog for the past several months.

    High powered communication centre with LTTE connections found near Sri Lanka airport
    Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 16:16 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 02, Negombo: Negombo Police today arrested three youths allegedly running a high powered communication centre in the area, suspected to be linked to the LTTE.

    According to the police, the youths who were from Jaffna have been operating this communication centre from a Canal Road residence in Negombo for some time.

    All three youths, who are in the ages between 23 to 28 years believed to have had connections with a group in Germany, police said.

    The police have taken seized some of the equipment used for the operations of the high powered communication centre.

    Negombo police are conducting further investigations.


    Have your say...

  87. Not-ltte
    Counter terrorism should be part of our country’s defence force as every country find this as a threat to their way of like or their assets’ should be for ever until the whole world recognize this, unfortunately it’s a belief among matured nations that ‘ONE MAN’ TERRORIST IS ANOTHER MAN’S LIBERATOR’ because of this frame of mind terrorist and terrorist supporters are tolerated and this is the sad irony. Unless these host country’s have a stake in countries like us they will not be bothered about us. We must be realistic, as if the people in Habanthota is settled in Manchester causing nuisance and they have connection Hamthota and if the UK govt. make a protest then how eager is the SL govt to punish the citizens of Hambanthota? We must look after our own boarders and if countries which has a mutual economic interest will check and help one another with cross border anti terrorist measures like in EU.
    We in South East Asia are far behind these countries as with all the razzmatazz of the SAARC we are still conniving against each other.
    If you have red my post against the SAARC conference you will read why it is a pointless exercise, because it all an expensive show without a substance and a terrible waste of poor man’s money just a stupid exhibition of the values of the developed world without any sincere commitment.

  88. Guys,

    I hope and pray that the parliament will be dissolved as soon as brutes are wiped out so that the TNA cowards taste a sense of insecurity, as millions used to do.

    They can use parliament and other privileges to abuse the position and then run to India everytime brutes are cornered, like a bunch of kids.

    Thye are not going to be voted in again for parliament and the moment they lose the privilege of being MP's, they certainly have to live in Tamilandu for ever - and as refugees, not as representative of a race. That will be bloody good.

  89. Vigilante,

    I found the below commnet wriiten by the same person an year ago. Seems like that he knows stuff about Negombo.

    R*fard&C*ble said...

    It is rumored that LTTE has brought a MANPAD to Katunayake area.

    Be vigilant! May be still hidden in a boat in Negombo area.

    November 27, 2007 9:20 PM

  90. Yes Observer, hope SLDF eyes are all set on a LTTE attack outside of North..

    LTTE seems to be preparing for something..Few days ago, SLA uniforms were uncovered from a house frequented by an LTTE operative in Colombo.

    Rifard and Cable knew many LTTE terror plots. But unfortunately he rarely appears in the blog.May be because of some harsh comments by Sinhalese blooggers against LTTE bloggers. Even though they are directed at LTTE bloggers, moderate tamils too get hurt.

  91. Rifard and Cable is still here boys. He is just watching.

  92. I am here ;-)

    Watching and helping the "Light Side" whenever I can!

    LTTE uses Satellite Modems to communicate. SL intel services should acquire equipment that pinpoints specific SAT Comm devices and randomly sweep suspected neighborhoods.

    Vigilante.. I am amazed by your memory!

    Keep up the good work!

    Another note.. this is about Part of the 500Kg of C-4 explosives came to Hill Country that are still missing... It is believed that it is buried in a Service Station operated by a Tamil in the Southern part of the country. Stacked alongside a buried Gasoline Supply Tank. Another part of the C-4 believe to be installed in a Petrol Tanker, and is being used daily to transport Petrol.

    These are coming from the little birds.. May be true.. May be not! Little birdy has so far being 'nearly' accurate.

  93. I am planning to start a blog to discuss current LTTE strategy. Will let you know the details of the blog soon. Objective is to counter utter crap written by DW and DN and reveal info from the LTTE side. Eelam supporters and chena boys will be allowed to comment.

  94. Mahen,
    Is it necessary you to create a blog to describe LTTE strategy? coz, as you n Peter described up until now they were "strategically relocating" themselves starting from East now almost until Kilinochchi. Dont need a blog to describe that strategy. I am guessing, Would there be a time when they strategically relocate from Mullaitivue? How nice is that strategy LoL !!!

  95. SF guy is still maintaining that Kili is captured:

  96. R*fard&C*ble

    whats your take on the roumer that Kili and nedunkerni have already fallen ?

  97. Observer,

    No idea mate!

    I had a direct connection with Killinochchi and Mullative many moons ago.. but not anymore!

    All what I got is second or third hand info, and their quality reflects the length of the chain too..

    My personal belief is that Killi is not already fallen.. but LTTE has abandoned many parts, mainly because they can not defend, and may have been focusing on key areas where they have the advantage over Army.

    They may give up Killi west, but will put stiff resistance in the shape of an inward arc where they will let the Army into the arc from the middle and try to flank from the sides.

  98. Sri Lankan soldiers and their families speak to the WSWS
    By our correspondents
    28 November 2008

    Reporters from the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) spoke to a number of soldiers and their family members over the past two weeks about the war and its impact. Their names have been withheld to protect them from possible victimisation and reprisals by the military and associated chauvinist thugs.

    The actual number of army casualties is likely to be far higher than the government or military spokesmen acknowledge. The WSWS found out from its sources at four hospitals—the National Hospital, a military hospital, and the Colombo South and Jayawardanapura hospitals—that about 200, 400, 60 and 200 patients respectively are injured soldiers. These hospitals are in and around the capital of Colombo.

    At one hospital, our reporters saw 20 soldiers—some without legs and others without hands. Some had lost their sight and others their hearing. Many of them had been engaged in the fighting for Kilinochchi. Most were reluctant to talk, but one soldier gave a glimpse of the ferocity of the battles.

    “We can’t say what the final outcome of the war will be. The LTTE has been weakened, but they are still able to attack. A group [of soldiers] came towards us smiling. We thought they were our colleagues, but suddenly they attacked us. Several of us were killed and I was among the injured. Many will die or be injured. Many will join the queues of disabled,” he told the WSWS.

    Our reporters spoke to a family member of a dead soldier who used to live near Bandarawella. He was just 21-years-old when he was killed in fighting early last month. Most soldiers are economic conscripts—young men and women, mainly from rural Sinhala areas, who have joined the military because of the lack of jobs and educational opportunities.

    The dead soldier was the only son in the family and had two younger sisters. One is married and other one is still studying at grade 10 level. His father had heart problems but works as a driver because of the family’s economic difficulties. The soldier’s mother explained that she had only agreed to him joining the army reluctantly. She said he had told her: “Do not worry mother we will not be put straight into the battle.”

    “Several army officials came and asked us to sign some forms. My son only finished his training and passed out July 5. He had been involved in military operations for only a few months. Now our child is lost because of this war. Though they promised to pay his salary nothing has happened. We received 100,000 rupees [less than $US100] for the funeral.

    “All this happened because of our poverty. We were able to build just two rooms of this house from the earnings of my husband. What can we do now? My son told us with his salary we could start to build from next January. If he didn’t join the military, we would have built the house somehow. I do not know how we will live without him.”

    A neighbour summed up his disgust with the government and the war: “The war is for their survival. What has happened in the East? Now it is being given to Pillayan!” Following the army’s “liberation” of the eastern province, the government has installed S. Chandrakanthan, also known as Pillayan and head of a notorious paramilitary outfit, as chief minister.

    WSWS reporters also spoke to the family members of a young soldier from Ambalangoda who was killed in northern Killali this month. He joined the military in mid-2004 and had already been wounded once. He died on the day he had promised to come home. His mother was heart broken. “How can I bear this sorrow?” she exclaimed.

    His father said eight soldiers were killed along with his son. His brother, who is also in the security forces, said that he had 10 days leave to attend the funeral. He said he had flown from the north in a plane carrying 20 injured soldiers and two more bodies. Every day injured soldiers and bodies are flown from Palaly airport on the northern Jaffna peninsula to Colombo.

    The family is poor. His father is a carpenter, but unable to work because of poor eyesight. He was urging his remaining son to find a way of transferring out of the war zones.

    Thousands of soldiers have deserted the military as a result of harsh conditions and abuse. One young soldier, 22, who joined the military in February 2007, fled because his officers refused to approve the leave for his marriage.

    The military police raided his home early in the morning on September 14 and detained him at the Boossa detention camp. When his wife visited she was only allowed four minutes to speak to him. She is four months pregnant and is now staying with her brother at Kurunagala because she has no means to live. It is a tiny house—one room, a veranda and a kitchen.

    Her husband is now being held at the Kuruwita camp, about 75 kilometres from Colombo, with 120 other deserters. He has managed to speak to his father and told him to tell his cousin not to join the military. Like so many others, the family is very poor. His mother left him when he was a small child. His father had little work. He quit school after grade four, then joined the army.


  99. Thanks Rifard. Glad to have you back, hope you can provide more insights and comment frequently.

  100. # Successive air raids at LTTE strong points - Kilinochchi
    Click here

    # Troops uncover LTTE body during search operation-Kilinochchi
    Click here

    # Army commander speaks to his Wanni ground commanders
    Click here

    # Gajaba UN peace keeping battalion is ready to embark
    Click here

    # Defence Secretary shares thoughts with hospitalized war heroes
    Click here

  101. Hey True Blogger,

    Do you really believe WSWS when they say "We received 100,000 rupees [less than $US100] for the funeral".

    RS 100,000 is about US$ 1,000. What exchange rate did they use, Pluto's?

    Please change your name to False Blogger.

  102. WSWS is another Norway funded organisation that is executing the latest LTTE agenda of demoralising people.

    Recently these goons met up in an Anuradhapura hotel to hatch the plan.

    Kumar Rupasinghe, WSWS, BBC, and many others were part of this 'demoralising campaign'..

    Now they are all out writing about the 'misery of war' from this side..(they tried the other side and failed)..

    You may read many such articles that aimed at demoralising Sri Lankans in the coming days. And they will tell Stop the War to us, and not to the LTTE.

  103. hi Mohammed Zubair .

    I am not falseblogger :) ... in the source its correct .. read the source .. this is an email forward i got it.. someone purposley changed it (??).. i dont know about that .. Thats why i always go and find the actual source and post the link ...

  104. In the article:
    "We received 100,000 rupees [less than $US1,000] for the funeral"

    Wow! Now, that's respecting the dead. Rs. 100,000 only for the funeral?

    This shows two things:
    1. trueblogger doesn't have a clue about the ground reality of SL. Maybe he should change his name to 'paidblogger'.

    2. The original author of the article is either trueblogger himself or a similar paid coolie. :)

  105. # Battle regains momentum as floods subside in Kilinochchi
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    # Sri Lankan boat riddled with bullets found
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    # Suspected Tamil Tiger appeals extradition
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    # Mangala Samaraweera – The devil in evil politics
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    # Lankan bishop seeks India’s help for release of civilians
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  106. The World Socialist Web Site (WSWS)was set up by the Western Powers to destroy the world's Socialist Movement, and now they are using the same channels to destroy Sri Lanka's image.

    There are many none-Tamil Sri Lankans who help such efforts.

    It says, a 'Sucker is born every minute', in Sri Lanka, it is every 30 seconds.

  107. DN please tell your Hon.president to not to accept the indian prime minister's peace talk shits, i hope thats not what u guys want during this "Winning" war, isnt it?

    thank you

  108. # Mangala Samaraweera – a petty poofter pretending to be a witty Oscar Wilde
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    # "Every country has the right to protect itself", says Indian FM
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    # "Lessons unlearnt" by our Journalists writing about Sri Lanka's problem.
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    # Mano Ganesan Called for international Intervention in Sri Lanka
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    # Mumbai terrorist attacks and wishful thinking of Kumar David
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  109. # 'A chance emerging to bring prabhakaran to international criminal court ' says Paul Harris
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    # Lanka not among cluster bomb signatories
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    # Failures of logic and intelligence and discrimination and memory in attacking Sri Lanka
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    # Anglo : Saxon Attitudes
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    # “LTTE is part of problem in Sri Lanka”
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  110. # Recognising Sri Lanka's Strenghts - A release of PROTECT SRI LANKA
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    # Prabha on the run - Keheliya
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    # 75,000 landmines removed
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    # Sea-borne raid on Mumbai India’s failure justifies Lanka’s call for better strategy to thwart LTTE smuggling
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    # Troops repulse attacks by LTTE small groups At least 10 Tigers and one soldier killed
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  111. NOLTTE=peace,
    Keep calm bro..the norweigians or their grand fathers cant affect us..even if every single LTTE thaamil di-ass-phora girls are doing Barathanatyums in front of the causacian men gods in norway.Let us ALL get ready to help our people in the field of education so that they can apply for jobs overseas with the thaamilselvan smile(optional). Strangly enougH Mr Obamas speech does not seem to support the Brave LTTE war heroes..wonder why..One fact is for sure..he is surrounded by these LTTE di-ass-phora coolies with that intelligent thaamilselvan smile.

  112. A beautiful Analysis by The Long Ranger.

    The Crumbling Muhamalae

    click here.

  113. Dear Patriots,
    Looks like terrorists sympathizers in Norway have started their song and dance about cluster bomb ban treaty. In tandem this TNA goon Gajendran has started crying about them.

    It's fantastic that our chaps had the foresight not to sign this so called 'Wellington Declaration'. If we had signed on to this dumb declaration, we would have agreed in principle that our stockpiles of such munitions should be destroyed. There are 75 countries that stockpile these munitions, so it's not like we are the only one.

    We need to drop cluster bombs on the fat terrorist and his goons until the last goon is blown to smithereens.


  114. R*fard&C*ble,

    Thanks mate for the response !

    Cheers !

  115. cluster munitions are a curse, they r no different from ap mines. sldf doesnt use them and its counter-productive for them to use them, since their own soldiers will be operating in bombed areas in the future. there is also an international convention on ap mines, that hasn't stopped the tamil tigers from farming the 'tamil homeland' full of them. now i wonder if there is an international convention on suicide bombing...

  116. You are most welcome, R*fard&C*ble..

    Please do contribute more often..

  117. 16 visits from the friendly airman today to the glorious republik of Velupilaistan.


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