Friday, November 28, 2008

Troops move into Kilinochchi

Infantry formations of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA)’s 57 and 58 divisions have entered Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)’s celebrated political capital; Kilinochchi. As we reported earlier, pitched battles have been raging across the town’s western, southern and south western borders since the 23rd this month. By the 27th, troops had made inroads into the town by breaching the earth bund spreading from western to the southern borders of Kilinochchi, despite heavy LTTE resistance and bad weather conditions. Since then small groups of SLA commandos and intelligence units have been operating inside Kilinochchi town.

LTTE did attempt to prevent SLA from entering the town and also to regain lost areas several times. However, infantry units of the 57 and 58 divisions with the support of Commandos have been able to hold them off in almost all their attempts so far. Obviously, there have been casualties for both parties but we do not have the exact casualty figures with us right now.

The army has not officially declared the capture of Kilinochchi yet. Perhaps they are waiting till every last inch of the town is searched and declared safe and any LTTE resistance lingering in the area is hunted down. They may even be considering the possibility of an LTTE counterattack from the direction of Iranamadu jungles. Currently, search and defensive ops are continuing.


  1. I was watching whole Mumbai encounter ,I feel our commandos are much more better than Indian commandos.Perhps we can call them here for a training.

  2. Regarding India...
    What goes around, comes around.

    We should never forget the fact that India created LTTE. (Although a lot of people split hair on whether it was created by 83 or something else.)

  3. DN

    Has SLA fully captured K'chi now? or just entered? or fully captured and search operations still going on?

    What about tigers breaking this Iranamadu tank bunt?

    I strongly assume LTTE will do massive counter attack soon there!!

  4. DN-

    The army has not officially declared the capture of Kilinochchi yet.

    Does that means you have some confirmation of Army having full power in Killi?

  5. thanks DN

    lets start drinking :)

  6. be careful Lkdood. You are married now :)

  7. DefenceNet,

    First of all let me thank you.

    Tell me if civilians have vacated Kilinochchi?

  8. Blogger perein said...

    be careful Lkdood. You are married now :)


    i'm not married

  9. lkhood,

    Good to have drink after an achievement like this. However, I will spend more time in taking care of loved ones of fallen heroes and injured heroes.

  10. Blogger last_mile said...

    Tell me if civilians have vacated Kilinochchi?

    civilians moved out

  11. yes Sam

    i agree

    taking care of fallen heroes families, injured heroes must be a top priority


    "Superman" velu who few days ago boasted that capture of Killinochchi by SLA is a day dream of MR, now wants to stop the war..

    Mu'ge oluuwe gooo...

  13. Defence Line, Daily Mirror

    Lots of info

  14. Mahen, Peter, Mr. Brown, Bahirav, Real, Amir and others...

    Velu is waving the WHITE FLAG now.

    Where is the RED BIRD..

    What a shock...Idiots...

  15. Vigilante

    Mahen is at Nachchikuda.. celebrating mahabuuru day.. with SLA guys..ha ha

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  17. What happened to the Velu's usual rhetoric of death and distruction.?

    Tiger has become a Cat..

    Now it is time to cage the CAT.

    Conclusion, No eealam in 100 years..

  18. Defence Column, Daily Mirror

    Large differene in view as compared with Daily Mirror above and DN:

    "Though some predict that Kilinochchi’s fall is imminent, ground troops do not confirm this situation as they have to advance further into the built up area to fully capture the Kilinochchi town. If the Tigers are to withdraw from Kilinochchi they will at least make their defences in Puthukuduiruppu stronger. The total strength of the LTTE should be reduced to at least by another 1,000 if Kilinochchi is to fall to the Forces’ hands."

  19. Time to capture Kilinochchi:

    Defence Spokesman: "imminent"

    DN, various bloggers at LNP: Unclear, but soon.

    Daily Mirror: "battlefield information revealed that during the next week, troops will be able to capture the Kilinochchi town area."

    Daily News: 1000 / ? casualties per day = number of days to capture. Unclear, but seems longer than a week.

  20. Ninja,
    I forgot, yes, Mahaen is waiting in Nachchikudaha with a WHITE FLAG for

  21. bandara the LTTE terrorist,

    Please don't laugh too much. You will have to laugh a lot for upcoming jokes like Paranthan, EP, Mullaitivu and Velu attainign Mahabooru status. Be very careful since too much of laugh can be toxic, not that I care if terrorists like you perish by some means.

  22. Vigilante,

    Red bird is long gone.

    Veza's latest tactic is Bruise Feins's WHITE COCK.


    See you patriots tomorrow. I am out.

  23. where are these LTTE di-ass-phora eelamists?...have they come to SLanka to join the LTTE..all the way from Watura-kakkussiya?

  24. Great news ….thanks DN,

    Lakshman Kiriella: Any body can capture Thoppigala..go to Killinochchi..
    Vezapille : Killinochchi is day dream of Rajapaksha…

    Well now…our great heroes there…may triple gem bless you all…we need peaceful country…Vezapille is crying for India’s help…now India got their own problem..still searching for terrorists….

  25. "Theruwan Saranai" to ALL our troops..May GOD lead you to victory with the minimum of casualties over this bloody effing LTTE filth..May the blessinging of our Lord Buddha be with you at this time of need and focus your minds on exterminating this bloody LTTE filth that has plagued our country....

  26. DefenceNet,
    Please let us know the casualty figures when you have them..

  27. defencenet,

    thanks for the update.

    SLA has followed a very prudent approach about victories. this is the reason for NO REVERSALS in this campaign.

    well done SLDFs.

    May God bless our soldiers living and dead and comfort them for they did what God wanted them to do; bring them back to our midst again and again for they are us and we are them.

  28. srilankan,

    mate, figures will be out at the next emergency debate in parliament.

    IMHO, we should not reveal it b4 that.

  29. It seems LTTP guys strip down their tiger kit and leaving crazy

    Vanni Meheyuma 27/11/2008

  30. ඇදහැලුනත් වැසිපිට වැසි නොම වෙච්චී
    බාධාවක් හමුදාවට කිලිනොච්චී
    නගරෙට ඇතුල්වීමට නැද්ද ආරංචී?
    ප්‍රභාට පිහිට වනු දැන් මොන අප්පච්චී?

  31. # Not a hero’s speech, only a plea for pardon: Minister
    Click here

    # UK Commission lists Lanka among ‘pressure points’ owing to terrorism
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    # Heavy rains hinder march to Kilinochchi
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    # Special security network for Colombo hotels
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    # Karunanidhi’s plight
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  32. never in my wildest dreams did I think army will come and take Kilinochi

    I really thought they will get bogged down in Madu.

    Amazing news !

  33. vezapillai’s bullshit speech analysed.

    vezapillai gives away valuable clues….
    1. The land of Tamil Eelam is confronted with an intense war as never before (FANTASTIC, WAY TO GO, CONTINUE IT)
    2. With various countries of the world buttressing the genocidal war on the people of Tamil Eelam (FANTASTIC, WAY TO GO, CONTINUE IT)
    3. yet we wish to stop the war and seek a peaceful resolution to the national question of our people (SCARED, AH??????????)
    4. the Sinhala state is aspiring to turn our people against the LTTE. (FANTASTIC, WAY TO GO, CONTINUE IT)
    5. By closing the trunk-line roads, embargoing food and medicine and by suffocating people in tight military encirclements, the government has unleashed barrages of bombardments and shelling (FANTASTIC, WAY TO GO, CONTINUE IT)
    6. Arrest, imprisonment, torture, rape, murder, disappearance and clandestine burial in unknown graves form a vicious circle in which the lives of our people is enmeshed. (FANTASTIC, WAY TO GO, CONTINUE IT)
    7. No aerial bombardment can wipe out their determination to attain their freedom (FANTASTIC, WAY TO GO, CONTINUE IT, SLAF BOMB MORE!!)
    8. I wish to express my love and gratitude at this juncture to the people and leaders of Tamil Nadu and the leaders of India for the voice of support and love they have extended. I would cordially request them to raise their voice firmly in favour of our struggle for a Tamil Eelam state, and to take appropriate and positive measures to remove the ban which remains an impediment to an amicable relationship between India and our movement. (SO MORE TOILET SAKKILIYAS FROM TOILET NADU WILL SCREAM)
    9. Sinhalam has refused to offer the basic rights of the Tamils, split the Tamil land into two, installed anti-Tamil armed groups in the seat of administration while conducting a tyrannical military rule (FANTASTIC, WAY TO GO, CONTINUE IT)
    10. It seeks to destroy Tamil sovereignty………………..(OF COURSE, WHY NOT, RAPE IT)
    11. I would request Tamils, in whatever part of the world that they may live in to raise their voices, firmly and with determination, in support of the freedom struggle of their brothers and sisters in Tamil Eelam. (SO THE DIE-ARSE-PORA WILL START PUNNAKKU THAMIZ AGAIN)
    12. I would request them from my heart to strengthen the hands of our freedom movement and continue to extend their contributions and help. (PLEASE GIVE ME MORE MONEY!!!!!!)
    13. Let us all make a firm and determined resolution to follow fully the path of our heroes, who, in pursuit of our aspiration for justice and freedom, sacrificed themselves and have become a part of the history of our land and our people. (THE CREAM OF HIS STATEMENT: “LET US ALL DIE, COMMIT SUICIDE AS OUR MAHAVEERS DIED”!!!!!!!!!)

    vp suck-kill-aiya’s crap is full of contradictions.

    1. We have had direct confrontations even against superior powers, stronger than us (THEN WHY BECOME FRIENDLY NOW????)
    1.1. The positive change in environment gives us courage to seek renewal of our relationship with the Indian super power.
    1.2. It was because we were firmly committed to our conviction and freedom for our people, that friction erupted between our movement and India. However, at no stage did we ever consider India as an enemy force. Our people always consider India as our friend
    2. When compared to these happenings of the past, today’s challenges are neither novel nor huge (THEN WHY A WAR AS SEEN NEVER BEFORE?)
    2.1. The land of Tamil Eelam is confronted with an intense war as never before.
    3. Although we acted honestly and whole heartedly, to find a peaceful resolution to the national question, all talks were futile (THEN WHY DIDN’T YOU TRUST THEM??????)
    3.1. It is not that we trusted the racist Sinhala state to respect our people’s fair claims and advance justice, but it was to expose the hypocrisy of the Sinhala state and at the same time to impress upon the international community our commitment to peace, that we participated in the negotiations
    4. The Tamil Eelam nation does not want war. It does not favour violence (THEN WHY NOT SURRENDER?????)
    4.1. On the path shown by history, on the command of the circumstances of today, we will continue with our struggle till alien Sinhala occupation of our land is removed
    5. The Tamil national question was also left to drag on with no positive resolution offered (THEN WHY DISAPPOINTED ABOUT A POLITICAL SOLUTION??????)
    5.1. It is now continuing with the war, offering to submit its plan to offer a solution only after the LTTE is defeated. Does Sinhala nation want to offer a solution only after the Tamils are suppressed and killed?
    5.2. In such a situation, how will it offer a just solution to our people?
    5.3. No political transformation has taken place during the last sixty years in the Sinhala nation. Therefore, hoping it will happen in the future is futile. Our people are not ready to trust Sinhala nation again and get cheated.

    My arse………!!!!!!!!!
    1. Using the talks as a masquerade, the Sinhala state made preparations to wage a major war on the Tamil nation (LTTE WAS DISMANTLING THE WEAPONS!!!!!)
    2. Our people living in many lands were intimidated into submission by oppressive limitations imposed on them to prevent their political activities supporting our freedom struggle. (SOOOO VERY INNOCENT MURDERERS IN LONDON, CREDIT CARD FRAUDSTERS, PROSTITUTES….PAAAVAM!!!!)
    3. The Sinhala state shut tight the gates to peace and waged its war again on the Tamil nation. The cease-fire agreement facilitated by the international community was abrogated unilaterally by Sinhala Sri Lanka. (SHUT THE GATES IN MAVIL ARU!!!!!!!!!!)
    4. They have been forced to carry the cross of eternal suffering from birth to death (LIKE INNOCENT JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!)
    5. Besides, our struggle does not contravene the national interest, geo-political interest or economic interest of any outside country (WHY MENTION IT!!!!!!)
    6. At the same time, it may be noted that during the long history of our struggle, we have not conducted any act of aggression against any member state of the international community (OH WHY MENTION IT!!!!!)
    7. Our freedom movement, as well as our people, have always wished to maintain cordiality with the international community as well as neighbouring India. (THAT’S WHY WE KILLED RAJIV)
    8. It was because we were firmly committed to our conviction and freedom for our people, that friction erupted between our movement and India. (TELL US ANOTHER)
    9. However, at no stage did we ever consider India as an enemy force. Our people always consider India as our friend. (OH!!!! THAT’S WHY LTTE TAMIL ELAM GIRLS WENT AFTER IPKF SOLDIERS BEGGING FOR SEX.)
    10. My beloved people! (MY ARSE! THEN WHY ABDUCT BELOVED CHILDREN?)
    11. In a country that worships the Buddha who preached love and kindness, racist hatred and war-mongering vie with one another. (SCARED….AH…..THE WAY SLDFs ARE HAMMERING, YOU WILL SEE BUDDHA!!!!!!!!)
    12. It is the Sinhala nation that waged war on our nation which had earlier adopted the path of ahimsa and asked for justice through peaceful means. (PATH OF AHIMSA WITH SUICIDE BOMBERS)
    It is true Tamil Eelam is a small nation on the globe. However it is a nation with great potential. It is a nation with a characteristic individuality (WHY NOT? THE ONLY NATION THAT IS VANISHING LIKE A TIGER CARCASS)

  34. kaati,

    the time to live wild dreams has arrived!!!!!!!!

  35. Well done our forces next stop is EP and Paranathan.Good show !

  36. Thanks DefenceNet.

    God bless our brave hearts - You’re the best.

  37. I am happy as long as no muslims move into the recatured areas.

    If that happens then people like me will be forced to turn back into do - or - die militancy.

    If SL government decided to put in Muslim maldivians into Vanni e.t.c

    Then I can see a team up even with the sinhala buddhist nationalists.

  38. Thnx DEFnet,
    Congratulations boys....keep moving.....till u get VPs assssssssss

  39. It would be possible for VP to spring a surprise as we expected them to do something spectacular on the 27th and since nothing happened we might relax our guard thus expecting a surprise attack from them after the 27th.Be vigilant I say!

  40. MR is proposing a tight security at the tourist hotels in Colombo, which is pointless. One can’t compare Mumbai with Colombo as the terrorists in Mumbai were targeting the Americans and Brits for their involvement in Afgernistan but in SL the tiger terrorists may not target the western tourists for the fear of losing sympathy from these countries. Therefore our security personal should be used elsewhere to liberate the country from the entrapped terrorists.

  41. Moshe Dayan
    How did you manage to read that long boring speech of VP and analyse it as well?

  42. It would be possible for VP to spring a surprise as we expected them to do something spectacular on the 27th and since nothing happened we might relax our guard thus expecting a surprise attack from them after the 27th.Be vigilant I say!

  43. kevin,

    you should know who you are fighting against in a war.

    although it is from VP and full of hatred, there are SOSs in it. finding these help identify,

    1. WEAKPOINTS of the enemy (i have highlighted these)
    3. STRENGTHS and opportunities for us.

    in my job i analyse boring statements by really boring ppl about politics/economics/defence/corporate governance, etc. how they twist PRIORITIES is very very interesting!!!!

    calling a spade a spade, VP's speech is much more interesting than a speech by MR. it is uncut/unpolished/straight from the thingy.

    for the TE lobby, VP's words are like manna (what god gave to ppl when they were stranded in the desert in the story of moshe aka moses).

    mark my word, the TE lobby will harp on EACH AND EVERY statement for the next one year. that is their homework.

  44. How nice!!!

    Budu sarani, Devi pihitai.....

  45. FROM CNN Manmohan Singh promised "the strongest possible measures" to stop a repeat of such acts. "We will take up strongly with our neighbors that the use of their territory for launching attacks on us will not be tolerated and that there would be a cost if suitable measures are not taken by them."

    hahaha.. look in the mirror dear mr mana mohana

  46. අපේ ත්‍රිවිධ හමුදාවට බුදු සරනයි. ඔහොම යමු..ඔහොම යමු..

  47. The Indians were never able to accomplish anything even close to what our forces have done so far, in any combat. They died like flies in SL when confronted by the LTTE.

    The Indian 'elite' forces landed an 8 or 10 man team on the rooftop of the Jewish Center, where a hostage drama is unfolding. The Mil8 or 17 thy used was hovering abt 20 ft off the roof and was a plump target for attack by an adequately armed person on the roof. It hovered there for at least 3-5 minutes before everyone put their make up on and got off. This may have been a pathetic attampt to show some form of professionalism in handling the case, but it is turning to be like Palin's speeches, each one a bigger fuckup compared to the previous and showcasing complete incompetence.

    Our solidiers would have finished this by now. Even the LTTE could have done the job better than that.

  48. LKDood

    Congrats on your marriage. Perein says you are now married.

    To his grandmother...

  49. KaatiKudduPaan,
    The first thing that should happen is for the Moslems to return to Jaffna! Not to mentions the Sinhalese that were there if they can be found now.

    You and your ilk can do whatever you like.

  50. TS mate
    couldn't agree with you more mate :)
    those military folks were struggling to get off from the trucks they came in... some had trouble keeping their helmets on...
    snipers were deployed with fancy tripods etc but don't think none took a shot...was all show...
    The helo drop was horrible... and even after petitely landing on that Nariman house buggers were just on the rooftop checking out the scenery... lucky for them the terra buggers were too not that "professional" or else the nice hind also would've crashed right in front of the cameras...

    good lesson for those monkies who laughed at sldf not being able to take out a smaller force like lpte...
    for over a day... entire indian armed forces can't take out a few dozen terras

  51. Last week they sank the wrong boat, now they bungle a day light attack on their capital.

    We should think of over running India once Vanni is taken.

    At this rate it would be a piece of cake.

  52. Watching Selma Hayek on Heroes was much better than the live Indian scene..

  53. When Thoppigala was captured... UNP said "It's only a Jungle"
    When East was liberated , they said "It's an agreed deal with the LTTE. All LTTE cardres in East were safely sent back to Wanni. If GOSL is serious about the war, go and capture Killinochchi"

    When troops moved to Pooneryn, they said "It's just gaining back, what CBK gave away"

    There's only one name comes to my mind....

    Shania Twain!


    I guess that's the theme song for the UNP

  54. I wonder what defence analysts like B. Raman are saying now he is so patronising towards Sri lankan Forces in his writings what a joke the indian security has become the laughing stock of the world. After 36 hours they still cant get rid of 25-30 boys who are armed probably only with AK-47's and Grenades No wonder the IPKF fucked up so badly in SL.
    Whole of mumbai would have probably been up in flames by now if LTTE sent a squad

    Our guys are way ahead of the Indians in this regards by the isnt it comical the way the NDTV newscaster are trying to pump up the image of the Indian security forces invovled in the clear up! so pathetic These indian forces are really a joke

  55. Very true Cable!

    I was wondering where are all those Bollywood heros gone :-)

    I thought characters like the role played by Sharuk Khan in "Mai Hoo Na" are real in the Indian Army.... LOL

    Or Abishek Bachchan's role in that movie about an Indian Intelligence agency?

    I now have doubts about the "quality assuarance" of all those nuclear weapons, that India claim to possess. May be they are all made with laughing gas!!!

    India prove to the world that they have the most incapable defense system in the world!

  56. Just imagine if the LTTE was holed up somwhere for 36 hours! the whole world will (AFP,Reuters.....) etc will be passing snide comments implying the incompetence of our forces and B Raman will be writing his column with the same tone but not one news network has called into question the competence of the Indian security forces. Size dose matter

    My respect for our security forces reached a new level after seeing the response of the Indians

  57. The reason that the weather was a hinderance for our troops is because a tropical storm just passed through northern Sri Lanka.

    Now that is passed, we can continue as usual.

  58. Our troops need more tracked IFVs to operate in the front lines during the rainy season. They are lighter than tanks and can play a vital role in transporting wounded troops.

  59. Moshe,
    Thanks mate..I hope the casualty figures are low..logging off now..

  60. Guys,

    I agree with most of the comments made by the folks about the Indian operation in Mumbai. It is a complete disaster. They are so ill-prepared and pooprly trained for an emergency. The security forces are not any better than average Indian public servants, when it comes to apathy.

    They proved once again, how vulnerable they are in a protracted conflict: the forces are divided along race, caste and regional lines; you need a Gandhian miracle to make them disappear.

    The inefficiency of the Indian armed forces was proven in Kargil crisis and the war against the LTTE. And again, it is evident in Mumbai.I just wonder whether these young gunmen simply mingled into crowd and disappeared after accomplishing the mission. That will seal the embarassment.

    There was a chap called Veerappan, a bandit, that played hide and seek with the Indian forces for over 25 years without being caught. He was ultmately gunned down; aged, sick and on the way to a hospital inside an ambulance - not very clever stuff.

    Has India moved beyond that scenario? Unfortunately, not.

    Who can blame great Gandhi for choosing non-violence to achieve things? He may have known the case - instinctivelyl.

  61. Brits .. Made our schools, roads, gave us something to live by like the tea, rubber and coconut estates and gave us our true independence since 1815

    The deshapremi pinvatha who wrote the above, please stand up.

  62. Sri Lanka is becoming the Israel of South Asia. With an Army like this, out country is invincible!

  63. lkddod

    excerpt fromrule book 1 "dictat 3.2.1 you shalt not step into a bar nor drink with buddies without prior approval. drinking on the sly in the pretext of working is allowed as long as you don't get caught'

    rule book 2 will be read out if above dictat is violated.


  64. Well well... what do we see here? I thought LTTE was tactically withdrawing to Killinochi to set up their defences properly and kick SLA's ass (isn't that what some people said, unless something's wrong with my memory?). But looks like they are tactically withdrawing from Killinochi as well... wonder where they are going?

  65. Who can blame great Gandhi for choosing non-violence to achieve things? He may have known the case - instinctivelyl.

    Thats a good one.

  66. Worth watching: All 113 minutes of it - Army Commander Interviewed by ITN

  67. On the Indian hostage issue, now who would air drop a SWAT team using a lumbering MI17? Wouldnt a smaller helo be more ahem...appropriate?

    And what sort of special tac teams carry lumbering AKs? Is it bigger the gun/machinery better the result?

  68. Too bad Velu missed the cakes...

    Guys, this is hillarious...

  69. "On the Indian hostage issue, now who would air drop a SWAT team using a lumbering MI17? Wouldnt a smaller helo be more ahem...appropriate?"

    Depends on the situation. To send in a large team quickly, it would be better to use such a helicopter and rappel in to the target area rather than using several helicopters, each waiting for their turn. If the target area is large and the teams should be deployed simultaneously from different points, then small helicopters can be used. Well... anyway you get the idea; both methods are suitable in different situations. Don't forget that the US forces, who have some of the most advanced technology in the world, use the "MH-6 Little Bird" as well as the "MH-53 Pave Low" for special operations.

  70. keep on dreaming... thats what we want!!

  71. bandara,

    If we ever capture VP alive we shouldn't rush to publish it to media.

    We need to give him a royal treatment.

    What do u think?

  72. Take a look at prabha's speech; he is interested in peace talks again :-) To regroup + by time to lick their wounds. (boo hoooo ...)

    In the coming month there will be many more civilian people coming into Omanthai etc.

    Place Tamil speaking undercover agents within IDP camps and some useful information could be extracted + can find out if there are any wolves in sheep’s clothing (Some of the LTTE agents may poison these innocent peoples mind from within).

    Taking time is quite ok, there is no rush in declaring kilinocchi as captured. Anyway in reality the LTTE is reduced to half of mulativu by now.

    mate "last_mile" .. Why rush prabha to the media? He should be treated like any other lunatic terorist asshole.

  73. Did any of you Modayas asked, why Kilinochchi news never became a official announcement. Do not worry we will show some pictures as well as some news bulleting soon.
    Our hero's speech will be shared with you all soon.
    Welcome to share your email to get the direct link before publishing to global domain.

  74. Mumbai incident is a blessing for Sri Lanka and if you watch the Indian TV the people seems ignore their politicians and they don’t want these politicians to appears in the media and steal the limelight of the security forces who put their lives on the line and the politicians could only react as usual by accusing their usual advisory Pakistan where some of the terrorists had come from Pakistan. I hear some of these young terrorists are from UK and will they ask a high profile British government official to report to Delhi?
    This incident will save our island from the continuous attack by the corrupt politicians of the Tamil Nadu.We have a good month till the India’s 9/11 to lose it’s fury and we must redouble our effort to and resources to clean up the remaining terrorists in vanni as no one in the right mind will ask the Sri Lankan government to stop the war and ask us to negotiate with the terrorist who murdered Rajiv and our leaders. So full steam ahead, cut out waste in the country use every dollar to buy what ever necessary to get rid of the terrorist once and for all.
    Mose Dayan

  75. It's OK, Mahen. We know the official announcements are going to come soon, with the pictures and videos. The thing is, it's not going to come from the side you think.

    P.S: And we also know that your 'hero' didn't beg for peace yesterday, he just asked nicely to stop the war before he nukes Colombo. Keep the funds coming...

  76. £250,000 Excel hosted ceremony was a huge success.
    There were over 40,000 supporters participated. Surely those who were in Central London would have
    heard the noise soon after the remarkable speech.


  77. Mahen, the maximum arrangement at the Excel auditorium is for 21,000 people. LTTE's figures are likely as accurate as their reporting of the territory they have lost.

  78. This is what I call an over-achievement.
    You say you'll get Nochchikuda by 27 Nov, but you go and get Excel Center in London!
    What an achievement.

  79. Vaiko Begging in Britain!

    Poor bloke is begging for his former white master to give independence to Peelam. Ha! Ha!

    What can Britain do?????
    Who cares a damn about Britain?????

  80. @tata

    "Over Achievement" ---LOL

    Thats how they all think.

    I wouldn't be surprised if LTTP supporters dream of conquering all of SL with a pee-shooter.

  81. Lankaweb - Vaiko in Britain

    "Patriots of our nation however can be happy once again. After all had Vaiko had an iota of confidence that the LTTE could achieve the pipe dream of mythical Tamil Eelam militarily, he would not have to go back to the old game of begging and bootlicking."

  82. Vaiko is getting paid by LTTE and India should investigate about that.

  83. LTTE blasted the dams of reservoirs in Killinochchi in order to create human catastrophe..

    Now they are in the second leg of commercialising it and trying to get the war stopped.

    These low-level b*stards will go into any level for their survival -but not the Tamil people.

  84. A view of Indian terrorism from Sri Lanka:

  85. DN/GUYS

    Can the STF be sent in to assist the SLA in operations within Killinochi city limits coz they are better trained and equipped for urban warfare i believe??

  86. BTW, the comments about the indian military being unable to deal with the guerilla fighters is hilarious!!

    5 jewish terra's got wasted..good killing boys,but not the other innocent civilians..

  87. Not only Vaiko is on LTTE payroll, but also our irresponsible opposition leader (traitor) Ranil & some of his UNP CO. as well.

    All should be lined up in Gallface & shot like a bunch of animals.

  88. Patriots in London
    There is an interfaith remembrance and Thanksgiving service at St Mary Magdalen
    Peter Ave Willesden Green, London NW10 at 2.00 PM this Saturday and our Sri Lankan High Commission will be in attendance. Please make an attempt to attend. I don’t believe in having these in places of religious worship but the organizers found it fit. So please attend. I hear the prelates from the Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu faiths will be in attendance. Good luck to them.

  89. Must read article:


    We must adapt this tactic used by the Brazilian government to track and kill the LTTE terrorists who hide in the jungles after the North is liberated by the army.

    The LTTE will resort to guerilla war in the jungles after we liberate the north.

  90. (Don't forget that the US forces, who have some of the most advanced technology in the world, use the "MH-6 Little Bird" as well as the "MH-53 Pave Low" for special operations)

    Im speaking from my experience. I highly doubt the Mil17 is a maneuverable aircraft compared to other potential tac helos the IAF have got like the Chetak or the Dhruv which each can carry around 5 or 6 men. This is like your country's airforce using their Mils instead of the more maneuverable Bells.

    And FYI our airforce doesnt use the Pavelow anymore. The crew are to be absorbed into AFSOC's next phase platforms such as the Osprey. Some have even been inducted to the spectres and the predators. Who knows some may even serve with the Hummingbird!!

    All in all I reckon the Indians have taken too long to clear the city out of insurgents. Although I have to admit it is quite a crowded city and it weren't in any sort of warfooting.

  91. STF
    Are you advocating one man rule or one party rule in SL?Your allegation against Ranil.W being bought by ltte is wrong and unfounded, even MR will agree with me.R.W may be many things but not a dishonest bribe taker or to that effect.
    I am no fan of Ranil or an UNPer but I support a healthy debate but not a stupid one and if there’s credible evidence so reveal it.
    Somewhere in the web I was told that Mangala Samaraweera has made a strong accusation against the army commander and we would like the commander to defend himself and even take mangala to courts for deformation.
    We must have a credible political opposition and a transparent government otherwise we will sleep walk our land into another dictatorship no better than that of the Vanni terrorists rule and the sacrifices made by our humble folks will be in vain. We expect the people in power to be honest and transparent as the poor country as ours can’t afford otherwise.

  92. Chamal

    While watching the MIl17 move over the building and hover for over 2minutes before the first commando lowered, I told my kids that the hostages are doomed. The indian commandos took over 5 minutes to lower all 10 and a couple of bags and then the chopper moved away. It was a wonder the attackers never thought of lobbing a granade at the chopper while it sat 20 feet above roof level. If that had been the LTTE they were fighting, the chopper would have been shot down along with the soldiers.

    Now the problem is that the whole world knows that the Indians are incapable of defending themselves in a modern terror attack. The question now is not whether there will be repeat attacks, but when..

  93. Cable

    B Raman has high regard for the professionalism of the SLDF, and considers our guys to be among the best in Asia and also the world, even though his writings are slanted sometimes.

    Mr.Raman is a nice person to exchange your views with and can expect a polite and very professional reply from anytime.

  94. Bomb Jack

    India's bureacracy is a nightmare. It looks like when the sht hit the fan, the decision making bounced around while everyone started reading the unread parts of their manuals of operation, looking for the correct procedure and the chain of command and who should report to whom and which forms to fill.

    The anti-terror cheif who took 3 in the chest and died was seen talking and nodding in agreement with a number of people before going into get killed. If you need a bumper sticker explanation of teh fiasco in Mumbai, it would be consultation, compromise, chaos.

  95. GE,

    use of heat seeking radar.....

    good suggestion. aparently to be fixed to jets flying at medium altitudes.

    "heat-seeking radar in a last-ditch attempt to save the country’s remaining groups of isolated Indians. The body-heat sensors will be mounted on a Brazilian air force jet normally used to monitor rainforest destruction and will be used to locate an estimated 39 groups of isolated indigenous people, hidden deep in the Amazon rainforest."

  96. Tropical storm

    ‘The anti-terror chief who took 3 in the chest and died was seen talking and nodding in agreement with a number of people before going into get killed. If you need a bumper sticker explanation of teh fiasco in Mumbai, it would be consultation, compromise, chaos.’

    Thank you sir!
    For echoing above what I wrote yesterday on this blog. People here in UK looking at the unfolding drama in Mumbai with horror. I am glad a few intelligent and sharp people like you can understand the stupidity of our system and even the culture in the east. It took the fire brigade 3 hours to lift a finger to stop the fire. Since 3.00 MP today they have been announcing that job is finished but now just past midnight in UK and there still a shot or two from the building.
    Those chiefs were acting as if they were at a Bollywood film set and got themselves killed in the process. People are very critical of them at least Indians are still free enough to criticize their leaders.

  97. Kevin

    The fire dept guys didn't go into the building. They just hosed it from outside, over the roof.
    Their difficulty is understandable
    since they would've been shot upon entering the building. Even the armed cops didn't dare go in.

  98. Was there a curfew imposed in Munbai during anti terror operation ? Having seen the huge crowd of curious onlookers on the tv, I doubt this very much.
    These guys in India must learn how Sri Lanka tackled this kind of ltte terror attacks in Colombo in a much more efficient and a professional manner.
    Really proud of SL defense forces.

  99. Kevin - Ranil is always trying to defend the LTTE & also the sinhalese mouthpeace (if he is realley sinhalese) of the LTTE. He calls for a ceasefire to discourage our brave troops when they have high morale. He also insulted our army. He never calls LTTE a terror group, instead he calls them fighters (satankamee).
    You don't need to know about rocket science to figure out this traitor is a power hungry LTTE supporter.
    In a time like this opposition parties in the UK & USA would work together in one voice instead of going around the world to defend terrorists who destroy your country.
    I have never voted for any pary but I keep an open mind about what's happening.

  100. # Civilian information helps to avert disaster- Kandana
    Click here

    # Troops brave weather; floods wash mines, booby traps- Kilinochchi
    Click here

    # FM says LTTE's overtures to India will not find accommodation
    Click here

    # 51 families, 134 civilians seek protection with security forces- Omanthai
    Click here

    # LTTE provides ideas for terror attacks like Mumbai: Lanka
    Click here

  101. Tropical Storm,

    Have to agree with you about the chopper insertion, mate. I hadn't seen the video earlier. Now that I have seen it, it's obvious that it was plain stupid. Rappelling is supposed to be a method of quick insertion, but looking at the way they used a single rope and went down it one by one, you'd think they were doing it for the first time in training.

  102. The Indians finally finished the last two attackers in the Taj Mahal hotel.

    The hotel itself is still engulfed in flames.

  103. STF
    Dear friend don’t get me wrong, we have traitors right through our recent political history hope one day it will be all revealed. I too think that Ranil is very stupid and ignorant but my point is he is not a thief, neither a non patriot, but a very misguided patriot. Many questions has to be answered over the over running of the Major camps where our forces were humiliated where very valuable arms and ammunition was lost to the enemy. Some one must answer for the some treachery in the attack of the katunayake air port, the attack on Maligawa etc.Also losing the valuable stocks of ammo to the tigers in mid sea, when transported from a port in east Africa. Our leaders were doing fraudulent land deals and making money while our brave were giving their lives at the last battle where thousands of braves were lost with a humiliating defeat at EP only a CFA that saved the onslaught. It seems our people are having a memory loss but playing with stupid politics gain political mileage, where ambulances were bringing hundreds of injured from the Ratmalana AP and on roads to Kandy from the Northern front. We are not honest and noble enough to accept that than castigate some people bringing that carnage to an end with a CFA. No one seems to talk about the real culprits like CBK and her Notorious uncle for mishandling the offensive and ran the war to an political agenda.
    We are now watching the on going fire fight at the Mumbai hotel fire fight where the historic lobby of the hotel was ablaze while the fire tenders on site was just idling without any action. One can feel the frustration in watching this stupidly conducted drama and I am sure due to this neglect some of the attacking commandos would have been burnt without an escape route. It was so desperate to see, a dog on site was barking in protest, perhaps a reincarnated Indian leader protested at the mere stupidity. Just now they announced that the operation is over for the nth time in one day and casualties to the attacking commandos due to the fire that should have been controlled in the first place.

  104. Don't you guys think Mumbai is a blessing in disguise for Sri Lanka. India is no longer able to ask SLG to stop fighting or have a ceasefire with LTTE.

  105. # Tigers could go back to guerrilla war as mini state crumbles
    Click here

    # Special security for Colombo star hotels after Mumbai attack
    Click here

    # India not to remove ban on LTTE
    Click here

    # TMVP protest against killings
    Click here

    # Mangala's statement on Army Chief condemned
    Click here

    # Eliminating terrorism
    Click here

  106. Tropical storm
    Yes I agree with you but if the commandos are taking a risk so must the others. They must understand that the hotels are usually secured with limited number of exit points due to the personal safety of the guests and the option open for those brave commandos to escape is very limited and obviously the main hall and entrance would have the only known escape route of the commandoes that was engulfed with fire that should have been secured safe. The forces on the ground and outside should have learned very quickly to operate the fire hoses and brought the fire under control. Let’s hope the braves fighting the terrorists had adequate breathing equipment or they would have suffered from the toxic smoke. Good luck to them.

  107. # Mumbai roasts the Mahavir rhetoric
    Click here

    # Wanted for Jeyaraj's killing
    Click here

    # Tackling terrorism: No time to waste
    Click here

    # Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers swipes hard at United States alleging US favor Sinhalese in East development
    Click here

    # Mumbai attacks carefully planned, coordinated to impact geo-politics Needle of suspicion points to LET but the Pak groups denies
    Click here

    # Tamil Tiger Terrorist Leader’s Speech Unplugged in Toronto
    Click here

  108. # Terrorists in Mumbai blast Prabhakaran’s speech and last hopes
    Click here

    # Mumbai is Burning:Are These Terrorists Any Different From LTTE Terrorists?
    Click here

    # Karunnidhi, and Vaiko in helping terrorists in Sri Lanka, become traitors to India
    Click here

  109. Def Col's news items:

    [Tigers could go back to guerrilla war as mini state crumbles]

    This will be when hell fcuking freezes!

    Today, SLDF boys, especially the SF dudes from SLA ARE THE guerrillas!

    Their various strike units can live in the jungle for even 3 months largely immobilized (like the "ghostly" mahason brigade, to prevent detection) and "pop" a substantial number of LTTE motherfuckers for good in a short time (and their track record is rich with such scores!)...

    So, what fcuking "guerrilla warfare" are we fooling ourselves with here?

    This is nothing more than a face-saving grab-at-straws by the so called NGO "defense experts" and the "foreign diplomats" who said SLDF will never ever win a war against eh LTTE!


    OaO Asithri

  110. # 59 Div troops advance towards Mullaittivu, LTTE suffers heavy beating
    Click here

  111. Asithri..

    Yeah.. It's our boys who have turned guerrillas in the wanni. The success of this whole thing is cos now we are talking in their own language.

  112. lol everyone said when the LTTE is concerned we will see an increase in suicide attacks in colombo. complete opposite has happened where LTTE has been pushed into a corner from which they have no means of mounting any attacks.

    now 'defence experts' and bleeding heart NGOs and human rights activists r saying LTTE will go back to guerrilla warfare in the jungles. of course these morons have never been anywhere close to the battlefield and are completely oblivious to the fact that this has always been a guerrilla conflict fought in the thickest fucking jungles in the world.

  113. Anyone know the kill ratios of our LRRP teams and other special units?

  114. Did you guys know that there's going to be land available at bargain prices in some places like killinochchi soon?

    Then there are a few cemetaries that need levelling, to be converted into garbage dumps, to move all the trash from Mattakkuliya area and any toxic waste when the 1st nuke reactor is set up.
    The head stones in those places are going to be available by the ton, for metal works.

  115. Asithri is correct.

    Let them go into the jungles where our guys will eat them alive and use the skin to make shoes.

    US seal teams 1 and 6 learn their jungle skills from our guys.

  116. We may witness an era of cross border warfare involving India in an aggressor role soon.

    India will now understand the need to adopt a pre-emptive doctrine and may pressurize Pakistan into supporting their actions. While they will balk at provoking a retaliatory strike by Pak, there is still the likelihood of unilateral Indian action against Pak based terror groups, if Pakistan fails to help in arresting and prosecuting.

    Just when I was thinking the 'O' man in the whitehouse may become a pain in the rectal area...

  117. Guys,
    Not directly linked to defence. However due to Mumbai terror issue,
    Cricket may no go ahead in India with Eng / Pak from Dec - Jan.

    By looking at the below Calendars surly been a good neighbor as well as to boost the
    relationship with India, why should not we volunteer to send our team to play there?





  118. According to SF in LNP, some bitter battle expected in EP / Paranthan.

    Check towards bottom the above link...
    Senior Member
    Joined: Jul 2005
    Posts: 4746
    Member Profile
    LK Information 29 Nov 2008 Bitter battles expected across paranthen and EP now...

  119. btw, SF in LNP has edited the above text. Therefore you may not noticed any more.

    Edited By - specialforce - 29 Nov 2008 07:58:53 GMT


    Some pics of the Mumbai attack.

  121. An old audio clip to kick start the memory of those who don't remeber(where the LTTE was at a cetain point of our time). And look now where the LTTE is!

    List of work carried out by the LTTE

  122. # Troops of the 59 Div enters Otiyamalai: LTTE beaten off with heavy casualties
    Click here

  123. KEVIN: Brits .. made our schools, roads, gave us something to live by like the tea, rubber and coconut estates and gave us our true independence since 1815 ...

    The imbecile!

  124. Have we capured Killinochichi???

  125. Troops of the 59 Div enters Otiyamalai: LTTE beaten off with heavy casualties

    Another step to linking up the 59th and Task Force III. Thus cutting LTTE territory in half.

  126. වේලුපිල්ලේ ප්‍රභාකරන්
    බංකරයක් ඇතුලෙ ඉඳන්
    ත්‍රස්තවාදි බළල් ලෙයින්
    උතුරුකරය තෙත් කරපන්

    උඹේ හිතේ මළ සමයං
    රාජ්ජයකි ඔය ඊළං
    ජීවිතේට ආදරෙනං
    හමුදාවට යටත් වෙයං

    ඩියස්පෝරා රවට්ටගෙන
    බූරුවන්ට අන්දාගෙන
    සල්ලි වලින් බල්ලො මරන
    සුද්දගෙ වැසිකිලි සෝදන

    තිස්පස් වැනි අවුරුද්දක්
    ත්‍රස්තවාදි කෙරු සටනක්!
    ලබාගන්න ඊළමයක්
    බින්දා වගේ දැන් පුස්සක්

  127. something from LNP for those that haven't seen it yet...

    dumindak @ LNP said...

    'Even after 24 hours indian commandos are not able to bring down the terrorists. I asked from an indian friend why indian commandos are so inefficent, and our Special Forces will do it in within an hour.
    his answer was india is the 'biggest democracy'. that why the delay in shooting down the terrorists. even before a commando wants to shoot a terrorist he has to get the vote of other commandos, so it delay the shooting.
    and he says democracy sucks our country.'

    Marksman @ LNP said...
    'Holi cowwams, thats awful,

    so when commando #1 sees a terra , he calls 'I got a visual on 1 bad guy 12.5 meters west, calling for vote to shoot, #1 YES, #2 YES, #3 YES, KABOOOOOOOOM .. aftger few mintues #4 says : We have a situation here, #1,2,3 are down, I repeat # 1,2,3 are down and I have a visual of the bad guy, I call vote to shoot #4 Yes #5....... ?????????? LMSAO!!!!'

  128. classic! pakistani ambassador Hussein Haqqani suggested on the BBC that since the terrorists were dark skinned (and therefore probably not from pakistan, or north india, or arab), that they could be LTTE! :)
    indian is reaping what it sowed, interesting article (bit old though):
    "The Indian diplomat G. Parathasarathy admitted supporting terrorism in Sri Lanka. He synically recorded his confession “We have learnt our lesson” for backing the terrorist and that “India paid it price for backing the LTTE“. India has not paid a price for the atrocities committed by the LTTE. It needs to pay the price and call the dogs of war off. India is not doing that."

  129. another offensive division coming into play? wow ....

  130. GoldenEagle,

    "We must adapt this tactic used by the Brazilian government to track and kill the LTTE terrorists who hide in the jungles after the North is liberated by the army."

    The Brazilian govt is using body sensors on aircraft to track indigenous peoples without getting too close to them, not looking for terrorists to kill. In any case we probably would not have access to such technology, assuming that we could find a way to distinguish terrorist from civilian.

    LTTE will not be able to make a comeback if they're reduced to guerrilla warfare, but they will remain an obstacle to reconstruction. The Eastern Province is the best evidence of both.

  131. [Even after 24 hours indian commandos are not able to bring down the terrorists. I asked from an indian friend why indian commandos are so inefficent, and our Special Forces will do it in within an hour.
    his answer was india is the 'biggest democracy'. that why the delay in shooting down the terrorists. even before a commando wants to shoot a terrorist he has to get the vote of other commandos, so it delay the shooting.
    and he says democracy sucks our country.']

    Holy crap actually what happened 'black cat' commandos had to brough from Delhi since there r no commandos in Mumbai.It took 24h.And when they reached they didnt know anything abt hotel's inner structure.But on the otherhand some terrorists were working as hotel employes they knew the hotel as it's on their palm.

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. But I still beleive our commandos would have finished the game within hours.I think their problem is they don't have on field experience like our commndos.You can have all the training in the world but when it comes to the real fight your experience counts.

  134. # Troops of the 59 Div enters Otiyamalai: LTTE beaten off with heavy casualties
    Click here

    # NGO nexus hatches conspiracy against military operations
    Click here

    # 7 Tamil families, 26 civilians flee LTTE, seek protection with security forces- Jaffna
    Click here

  135. "...actually what happened 'black cat' commandos had to brough from Delhi since there r no commandos in Mumbai.It took 24h."

    WTF? What kind of an excuse is that? They didn't walk, they were flown there. Could have made a 4 or 5 hour delay, nothing more. Authorities are trying to cover up their faults by feeding BS to the public, same as what happens here after a tincan comes and drops a bomb.

  136. Dear members,

    Socket Gel Liners (socks) for the amputee war heroes

    A friend of mine living in UK is running a Rehabilitation Aid Project to donate Socket Gel Liners (socks) for the amputee war heros and talking watches for the blind.

    Each Gel Liner costs about £10 and so far they have provided 323. The socks need to be washed everyday due to hygiene reasons and takes 2 days to get dried, thus each disabled war hero needs atleast 2 socks. The target is to collect 4000 socks.

    Please visit the project site, for full details. It also contains links to articles published in the web site acknowledging the donations of phase 1 and 2.

    The project has been carried on with full transparency, and after each phase a full project report will be furnished to all donors.

    You can donate via PayPal using your Credit/Debit Card by clicking on the "Donate" button on the top right hand side of the above web site.

    Please contribute generously, it will cost only £20 to help ease the pain of an amputee war hero who has made a great sacrifice to bring peace to our children.

    Thank you


  137. Defence Column said...

    # SLAF raid LTTE positions in Kilinochchi

    Yeah very succesful air raid ...check this for LTTE casualties ...

  138. # Italy: Sri Lankan president to meet Pope
    Click here

    # UPF urges for immediate ceasefire with LTTE
    Click here

    # Why is Kollywood supporting Lanka Tamils?
    Click here

    # Prabakaran's speech leaves Sri Lankan state only two alternatives
    Click here

    # Desperate Tigers Seek Refuge in Buddhism
    Click here

  139. This is an interesting link for u modhayas who think that the SLA is winning the war in the vanni, this gives some insight from one of ur "bravehearts".

  140. Recent battle field pictures;


    Eastern Province killings conducted by Army, Chirmen says to the President via Pillaiyan
    22 assassinations within two days
    (Lanka-e-News, November 29, 2008, 9.45PM) The Batticaloa district local government chairmen’s federation informed the President Mahinda Rajapakse via Chief Minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillaiyan that the Army was responsible for the spate of killing that took place in the villages of the district in the past few days.

    The Chief Minister phoned the President from Batticaloa this morning and asked to strengthen security and to stop killings.

    A communique issued today (28) by the federation of local government chairmen stated that the Army should bear the responsibility of the spate of killing in the district in a context LTTE had been thrown out of the district. The communique pointed out that 13 killing were conducted in three days and 22 killings took place on 26 and 27 alone in Tamil areas.

    The local government chairmen ask who killed the people in Tamil villages like Ariyampaththu, Kadathawalai, Kalawachikudi, Erivil alongside Batticaloa - Kalmunai road that are under Army control.

    Batticaloa Municipal Council Chairman Sivageetha prabakaran handed over a copy of the chirmen’s communique to the Chief Minister Chandrakanthan yesterday (28) and the latter faxed it to the President today (29).

  142. Orrrrrrrrrrrrr Thiru the sakkileya is awake. Did you dream about what you wrote just now? In reality your LTTE gay boys are hiding in the jungle & having a gay orgy with uncle Praba.
    Welcome to the real world.

  143. STF, u little imbreed, are u done sucking on ur mom's left titty? u modhayas don't know wat's going on in the vanni, ur "bravehearts" are already realizing the wrath of the tiger, wat happened to ur capture og killinochi? why the sudden silence on that, i never knew that the "mop up" operations take this long....the truth is that u dumb modhayas fell for the trap in killinochi and got slaughtered, this is the first counterattack carried out will continue and modhayas will continue to return to colombo in body bags and wheel chairs!

  144. Guys
    Our patriots in London gathered for an interfaith memorial service for the braves that gave their lives. This event was well attended by the Christian and Buddhist clergy and the guest of honour was his Excellency Justice Nihal.Jayasinghe the Sri Lankan High commissioner, well supported by his HC staff.
    Notable message that was declared By the Prelate of Kingsbury temple was that there should be harmony among the religions in SL to achieve peace that leads to Economic Prosperity in the island.
    H.E the High Commissioner declared quoting former British PM Mrs Thatcher that country’s integrity is paramount and worth fighting and dying for.
    It was unfortunate that I couldn’t attend, nevertheless my friends have done it giving me the essence of it’s activity. Though the numbers are not so great as that of the terrorist event on the 27th and I could only quote from the book’ Many are called few are chosen’

  145. I wonder if it’s worth sending our military personal for training in India or acquiring their defence equipments like radars when they have performed so incompetently in Mumbai fiasco?

  146. ho ho ho

    defencewire is back with another fairy tale

    moda sinhala army better than indian army


    God Defencewire like God gota, God ponseka is in a dream world

    keep these comedy articles coming

    God Defencewire

    why no mention of the 'captured Kilinochchi' ?

  147. Ok donkey Thiru I suck my mums tits , the worst is you suck your dads & your tamil brothers dicks you ponaya. Don't forget to put on your saree & pottu while you are doing the blow jobs.
    We know what's happening in Wanni
    our troops are killing as much ltte cats as possible to feed our lions in the zoo.
    Your praba is fat enough to feed two lions . The lions get live & fresh meat to eat when he's been captured by the army.

  148. latest battlefield reports

    more & more poor village boys are making the ultimate sacrifice & many more are injured

  149. latest report from colombo

    more & more village families are saying that they are not hearing from the sons in battle

    walk in the park war :)))

  150. Ltte gay bunch ( Thiru, Amir) are up after a long sex session.
    Peter, mahan & Sharp must be very busy having an orgy in bed.

  151. time for moda sinhala keyboard heroes to join up & enjoy the winning life :))))

  152. Defence Column, Sunday Observer

    Lots of info

  153. Mahasona said...

    By the way DW, why don't you try and stop this "Defence Column" idiot. He is a thief trying to steal web traffic from DefenceWire just for the sake of earning money. He is a spammer please stop him.


    even moda sinhala don't like this Defence Column pakaya

  154. thiru said...

    here's an interesting link for u modhayas to give a real insight into the fighting and casualties to ur SLA in vanni:

    moda sinhala don't believe the truth

    they all live in a fantasy world

  155. Amir,
    most modaya's live in the very poor agricultural country called villupillai supporters have got the upper hand in life since you live in paradise enjoy the wonderful "credit crunch" in future and embarce it with open arms..due to a series of credit crunches in future the various populations living in paradise will not want to find someone to blame so you are free to enjoy paradise enjoy.....enjoyyyyyy...however being a student of "wathura-kakkussiya" in canada will be very helpful..

  156. moda sinhala air force killing innocent civilians

    barbaric sinhala animal air force

  157. Boooru Amir is shitting all over the place as usual..

  158. Vigilante,
    Honestly who gives a shit.We have much more important problems to worry about than associating with these EELANG supporting foreigners

  159. Sorry out of topic.

    Indian commandoes in Mumbai showed to the world how NOT to conduct anti-terrorists operation.

  160. All the arguments against the present SLG and its handling of the war by the perpetually confused Thisaranee G., is now on Asian Tribune. Another author makes a completely different analysis.

    Both seem to miss the fact that there's more than one way for anything to happen.

    The Mumbai massacre will not change India's stance on Sri Lanka. Rightly or wrongly they consider a chauvanistic approach to the 'tamil question' in SL and will want to force mediation after the LTTE is neutralized.

    Their antipathy for the LTTE will anyway escalate and that will be advantageous to the SLG.

  161. no one in singala side understand why tigers lure them in to their heartland, none of the singala generals have no idea , why they still be a 1996 heroes lol, tigers getting what they want, its going to be a sheep hunting soon, i feel extremly sorry for the soldiers who were in the battlefield . because war is delight full who have never been in war...
    DN i hope u wont be biased for the upcomming battles .. please post the true statements here from now on atleast.. thank you

  162. Bandara

    Your sympathy is so very welcome.

    BTW tommorrow I will be making reservations for a piece of real estate, approx 700miles wide, 1200miles long, to migrate all of you eelam-kolaams. It's the nicest place for you guys, you'd be so thrilled, it will freeze you into disbelief.

    Welcome to fcking northern Greenland, asshole!

  163. Bandaram DN is not bias like your namilnut.
    At the moment our SLAF dropping 1000kg bombs in your LTTE heartland, soon it will turn in to a
    one big hot well where LTTE rats soon boiled to death.
    Yes LTTE is getting what they want it is called THE DEATH.

  164. Srilankan
    ‘Honestly who gives a shit.We have much more important problems to worry about than associating with these EELANG supporting foreigners’
    You are absolutely right ! Average person here couldn’t care two hoots about what’s happening in SL as they don’t even know where it is. The problem here is these politicians who have got the Diaspora votes to keep them in power. I don’t bother to lobby them anymore as it’s like pouring water on a duck’s back.
    The moment Sri Lankan government stop asking them aid, loans or even stop attending some international events then they might take us serious.GOSL must make every effort to develop the country on a secular model perhaps like Singapore where there are much opportunities for all, then the very wealth generated within will safe guard us against any cause for separatism and we must adopt a formal attitude to our problems. After clearing EP we should have retired the surrendered rebel leaders, to a diplomatic posts away from their nests so that they don’t came back to haunt us in future while developing the EP on our terms by even resettling people in the correct proportion just like in Singapore, where any housing development the houses and flats are issued to people on basic on fair ethnic numbers. We must consult Singapore to give us some leads on this.

  165. oh, pleaseee, dont give the same bullshit again and again ... it purely shows how biased u guys could be, bashing me , not going to change the reality my friend. wake up! , do you know how many singala soldiers died so far in this eelam war IVth alone... im feeling pity for u people, the guy who is best in singala country is Ranil, to be honest he is purely evil minded singala leader, who played wild games in politics than the "mindless WAR monger " he is the one who gave the strugle to the tigers. no wonder tamil people didnt vote the last election , to let the rajapakse won the election, because he is only beelive in war, not in politics,

    in current era , war only can be win by the political way, not the Army way, as u see many that happenings...

    again.. you guys will read a history that rajepakse is the worse leader who worse than santhirika who ruled the country to be ruin......

    one thing is certain your boys aint coming home.... because they are gonna become fertilizer in vanni ..

  166. # Vaiko attends LTTE Heroes’ Day rally in London
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  170. SLAF uses cluster bombs on civilians 2 five year old kids killed and 21 injured ..

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  172. Bandara,

    Yeah, go on... it's like LTTE hasn't lost a single cadre isn't it? It's only SLA that loses men, your people just rise again from the dead and go back into battle again as soon as they find a new pair of Bata slippers...

    "...worse than santhirika..."

    WTF is a santhirika?

    "one thing is certain your boys aint coming home.... because they are gonna become fertilizer in vanni .."

    We've heard this before. Someone said that 6000 soldiers in Jaffna are going to come home in body bags (was it Bala or Tamilselvan?). Turns out that it was the other side that had to run for their lives in the end. And the guy who said that has achieved eelam now..

  173. # 3 INGOs to be sent home
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    # Britain under fire for complicity in LTTE show
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    # 3 LTTE suspects arrested in combined Army-Police search operation- Batticaloa
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    # Floods subside in Jaffna; Security forces lend humanitarian assistance
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  174. Dear Defencenet .
    Todays Sunday observer carries stunning story about a air attack by LTTE in 1994 and shooting down the aircraft by SLAF . Is this true ? .Did LTTE have aircraft then ? .I was made to believe that the first aircraft was spotted by Navy only in 1998 ?

  175. # A Service of Remembrance & Thanksgiving Holy Mass!- London
    Click here

  176. Tropicalstorm

    you have got to be kidding rite?

    SLA operating self-propelled howitzers??..and M109's???..or have u taken pix from other sites from other military and done some photoshop work..coz it really is unbelievable except for the MBRL pic,which is also the older model chinese-bulit MBRL and not the czech-built RM-70..

  177. moda sinhala army in for a shock


  178. DC
    Thanks for the link and pictures of the interfaith church mass where my dear and near took part, thanks to our Hon High Commissioner it was a moving occasion I heard.

  179. Renegade! said...


    you have got to be kidding rite?

    SLA operating self-propelled howitzers??..and M109's???.

    Tropicalstorm is a moda sinhala + crazy man

    SLA has F17's also :)))


  180. ho ho ho

    Chidambaram is the new home minister of India

    this is very good news for moda sinhala nazi :)))

  181. Amir

    "SLA has F17's also"

    So what's the big deal? You people have B-2s haven't you?

    Anyway, looks like M.K. Narayanan & Indian internal affairs minister have resigned after the Mumbai attack.

  182. This comment has been removed by the author.

  183. MIA said...

    Dear Mr Sam Perera,

    Once again you have called the terrorists Prabakaran "Mr. Prabakaran." At the same time you have not addressed Defence Spokesman as mister. This is a clear indication of your terrorist bias. You had enough chances to correct your terrorist inclinations but you never did. As I told you nitwit earlier, you are paving your way to history's unmarked graveyards reserved for faceless traitors. Please keep going knowing your destiny.

    If IA was scared about "unmarked graveyards", he should have given up his (if you know who he is) high risk job a long time ago.

    He has unearthed millions of dollars worth corruption in the military establishment. Fear of "unmarked graveyards" didn't deter him.

    It will not deter him now.

    Sri Lanka is cursed with plenty of chest beating "patriots". They blindly support the government and critisize everything about the LTTE.

    LTTE is a product of Sinhala racism of 1983. If you can't understand this there is no point wasting time discussing the "war".

    moda sinhala animal sam perera can't understand anything

    no brain

  184. sinhala animals using cluster weapons to attack civilians


  185. No insurance compensation for dead soldiers

    The Sri Lanka Army is yet to issue death certificates for many of its soldiers killed in the battlefield, Spokesman of the 'Defence Watch', Mangala Samaraweera said.

    Noting that only the cremation certificates have been issued, he said that the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation has informed these families that that certificate was not sufficient to approve the compensation for soldiers who had been insured.

    Therefore, families of many dead soldiers waste their time at insurance companies to collect the insurance compensation, he further said.

    Mr. Samaraweera was speaking at the media briefing of the 'Defence Watch' on Nov. 27th.

    "The SLA is to recruit thousands in the future. The government has decided to recruit them starting on Dec. 01st and send them to the battlefront in the north without insuring them for six months. These, inexperienced soldiers are being sacrificed like broiler chickens," he said.

    Claiming that the government has already decided to deploy 50,000 security force personnel to defend the liberated regions, he also said that the SLA is to recruit 22, 000 soldiers and the Sri Lanka Navy is to recruit 8,000 sailors.

    In addition, 5,000 and 15,000 personnel are to be recruited to the Sri Lanka Air Force and to the Police respectively, he added.

    "api wenuwen api"


  186. Renegade! said...


    Nice article

    However I don't think u can compare the mumbai crisis with our katunayaka 2001 attacks..after all, the Tigers(Black tigers), stealthily crept in,overcoming the utterly lax SLAF security and managed to destroy millions of dollars worth of civil and military aircraft..did they achieve their mission-yes.of course..Was their death or suicide a mission failure?-not at all!!..they dint want to harm any civilans or foreign tourists at the airport for this well-executed and daring mission..therefore no hostages needed to be held..they simply wanted to wreck the SLAF and as an added bonus the national carrier as well..

    Traitor !

    God Defencewire is always right


  187. Amir said,

    Chidambaram is the new home minister of India

    So, what?

    Yes, he is a Tamil from South India, but not a sentimentalist. Are you pinning the last hope on him now? Home Ministry is for internal security, idiot! Not to deal with external security. There is a defence minister for that.


    Heads started rolling after the botheed operation to subdue ten attackers. Naryan, the man who used to lecture on us how to govern, is out - in shame. This man must have been on LTTE pay-roll. Look at the damage done to the repuation of the Great Bharata Mata due to people like him holding high office.

    It emerged that it took 9 hours to get the commandos near the hotels for an operation; Indians say the acted like headless chickens - clueless about what to do.

    Let's hope they leart their lessons; I doubt it very much though!

    Going to war with Pakistan is going to be a catastrophe, in this context. The Indians can never win a protracted war - and for obvious reasons. The diluted patriotism is everwhere.

  188. # Wanted: A New Tamil Leader For Peace In Sri Lanka
    Click here

  189. moda sinhala favorite pass time is using fake id's

  190. true srilankan said...

    # Wanted: A New Tamil Leader For Peace In Sri Lanka

    defence column modaya using another blogger id


  191. US Extends Ban on LTTE

  192. DN:

    Some idiot donkies are using this blog like a chat room cluttering it too much preventing useful discussion. Please delete their posts.

    Fellow bloggers: Please do not respond to the donkies whose only goal is to ruin this blog.

  193. Sandun said...

    More bad news for LTTE supporters...

    Anti-LTTE Tamilnadu politician P. Chidambaram became Union Minister of Home Affairs in India.

    haha modaya

  194. Killinochchi will become a major military garrison town.

    This will happen without any media fanfare.

    Mullaituvu jungles closer to the coast area may remain one of the most difficult terrains for SL forces to fight thru, even though some of our divisions specialize in jungle warfare.

    With time, all things are possible.


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