Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tiger airstrip captured as Troops overrun Muhamalai FDL

Troops of Task Force 1 (TF1) advancing towards Paranthan have captured a smaller airstrip used by the LTTE. The airstrip was around 10m wide and 200m long. As of today, TF1 units are currently around 8km away from the LTTE held town of Paranthan. Another small airstrip located south of Mankulam was captured by the 57 division back in early October.

Meanwhile troops of the 53 and 55 division broke through LTTE defences and overran their first defence line in national front. With this move the army have now advanced roughly 1KM into previously LTTE held territory. Whether the offensives will immediately continue further south or whether the troops will remain in their current positions is still unknown. These gains however did not come without casualties. Nearly 50 soldiers have been killed and around 275 have been injured during fighting in national front (Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Kilali axis) in the past few days alone. The army had previously attempted no less than 4 times to overrun this bunker line, until they finally succeeded today. Exact LTTE casualty details are not available as of this moment.


  1. There were high SLA casualties there is no doubt about that. But this gain is significant as the army now controls some of the most fortified LTTE bunkers and a strategically important point. Also, the LTTE used GAS attacks during this battle and there were casualties due to that too.

  2. Thanks DN,
    Great News! War is getting tough!
    One ques though...
    Can you explain why they attacked from National front ? instead not attacking from Killi and Paranthan?

  3. lankaputhra,
    "Can you explain why they attacked from National front ? instead not attacking from Killi and Paranthan?"

    The more fronts SLA opens, the more harder it gets for the LTTE to hold them. They have a limited number of experienced cadres and that's why they've been moving units from national front to Kili and so on.

    With Muhamalai being attacked again, LTTE's task of defending just got harder.

  4. thanks DN.

    May all fallen heroes attain nibbana ..their names will never be forgotten...

    May all fallen heroes attain nibbana ..their names will never be forgotten...

    Now we (all patriots) must get-together to look after families of these fallen war heroes …by contributing Api Wenuwen Api or something which could help…

  5. DN one small question are we exposed to LTTE counter attack in Natioanl Front. In other words would ltte try to take back what they have lost?

  6. DN ,

    thanks for the update . how many such defence lines do we expect up to Elphant pass ?

    won't LTTE be able to construct another one just 1 KM ahead of the SLA captured line ?

  7. India aid sends all clear for Sri Lanka war-analysts

    "Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama said on Wednesday that India had not given Sri Lanka a deadline to finish the war before May elections in India."

  8. @ DN,

    can you clarify the gas attacks?

  9. tigerkiller,
    "thanks for the update . how many such defence lines do we expect up to Elphant pass ?"

    Usually the LTTE builds 2-3 defence lines on important fronts. It's actually not the number of defence lines that matter in national front but rather the thing stetch of open terrain that forces have to cross. Once we cross this thin stretch of land, the going will get much easier.

    won't LTTE be able to construct another one just 1 KM ahead of the SLA captured line ?

    They might. But given the circumstances (58 approaching paranthan and continued pressure from the north), it would be very difficult and will take some time to fortyfy.

    "DN one small question are we exposed to LTTE counter attack in Natioanl Front. In other words would ltte try to take back what they have lost?"

    LTTE counterattack is always a possibility. Specially at a time when they are being attacked on several fronts. It would be a do or die battle for them if they do launch such. Forces have taken necessary precautions and dont forget its the defender that has the advantage at the national front..

    we do not have much informaiton about it. Will update once we get more info.

  10. Thank DN for update!

    Why is it called "National" front?

  11. The strategy is good but I still feels that 53 and 55 was too earlier to make the move. If they wait till the TF-1 get the Paranthan I feels the situation will change a little bit. Anyway the commanders know that moving through that narrow open field is not will be a joy ride. Noble triple gem may care of my saviors!

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  14. "Why is it called "National" front?"

    Due to its importance in the defence of entire Jaffna peninsula.

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  16. We should use this chance to gas attack Lttp and kill as much as possible.We can say lttp gas attack backfired to media.

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  18. Ponna Mangala now talking for Tamilnut..
    Meanwhile, Mangala Samaraweera, the leader of the SLFP-M wing said Thursday that 200 SLA soldiers were killed on Tuesday alone and more than 700 had sustained wounds in the recent fighting in various fronts in Vanni.

    this man has no faith corrupted assh*** when he lost he is revenging from brave soldiers and from patriot Sri Lankans for his political gain...when it was Chandrika regime and SLA got thousand of casualties he was silent.. these kind of bastards should not be forgiven...
    of course everyone knows there going to be casualities in the war..that's why we are wining...


    I wish his faith is sooner than later…

    Ponna Mangla…get a life..F**** ASh****

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  20. Tamilnut...
    Meanwhile, Mangala Samaraweera, the leader of the SLFP-M wing said Thursday that 200 SLA soldiers were killed on Tuesday alone and more than 700 had sustained wounds in the recent fighting in various fronts in Vanni.

    Dera Ponna Mangla
    You do not know what you are talking about…..if you think about yourself …how much money you wasted when you were in Telecom…then post authority…
    You hate president not because of you love for the country you have no option left …you are not a man or women ..what skills you got to contribute to country…what you have done so & Chandrika wasted so much of tax payers money for nothing lost so many soldiers for endless war when u with Chandrika …now country has a man who got a back born to tell the world that we can fight and we need to unite as one and some media who depend on International funds (through LTTE) do not want to see this war ending…they will love innocent Tamils & Sinhalese die each day to top up their pocket…believe me you can not pool the world this way…in fact you keeping SWRD picture behind you what he had done to the country…he is the first person to blame this anarchy of the country…
    Face off Mangala go get a life

  21. LTTE desertions surge as Northern fighting escalate

  22. I salute our great General. May the blessings of whole country be with this great General and his noble army to free this country from the terrorists

  23. # LTTE desertions surge as Northern fighting escalate
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  24. Contribute to Api Wenuwen Api.

    I did use the UK website(using the paypal facility) to pay about 50 pounds. Then I didn't hear anything about it for a month or two. Then there was a letter in the post signed by none other than Bridier Prassad Samarasinghe(Sri Lankan defence attache) acknowledging the payment.

    Here is the website.

  25. Yes , these guys sent me a snail mail all the way from UK to New Zealand in South pacific.

  26. DefenceNet,

    As you say in, LTTE is using poisonous gas (not tear gas) to attack our bravehearts. This is an extremely serious war crime and we should bring this to the attention of the UN. Even though this will not change a thing from LTTE, we should do our best to further cement the terrorists and war criminal labels of LTTE.


    We shall never leave LTTE alone for using poisonous gases to fight our forces. Make sure to talk about LTTE chemical attacks whenever you can so that we take our best effort to spread the word.

  27. This "Air Strip" is an improvisation of the Poonaryn Paranthan main road. They have developed a length of the main road, made it wider and laid a good surface. Clever..

    Hopefully no more Takarans would take off or land there again.

  28. thanks DN for the update.

    there is no harm wasting a bullet for mongala.

    i bet not even 20,000 will mourn his death. worthless piece of SHITT!


  29. If this "airstrip" is a legitimate one, then there can be dozens of these along any road.

    The SLA needs to just keep the Mahamulai and Nagarkovil lines as they are and focus else where where there is more gain for the same effort.

    Losing soldiers on the M&N front is very foolhardy.

    Now, if the SLA had deployed heavy guns on Pooneryn aimed at the FDLs on the Jaffna Isthmus while simultaneously attacking the FDLs with proper COIN operations with Mi 24s, there might be more effect. However, even these attacks must be simply of the sort with the artillery the main means of decimating the LTTE when they begin to move around.

    I think the 54th and 55th is one too many divisions up there. It would be better to now re-deploy parts of these divisions in other fronts to force the LTTE to further stretch their defenses.


  30. Moshe

    Everyone reaches his hell his own way. When dealing with morons like these, the best strategy is to give them enough rope so that they end up hanging themselves. Shutting 'em up is unfair by the majority who now have the opportunity to listen, watch and judge on their own time. That would erode the little following these guys have in no small way.
    Let's call it 'assisted public suicide'.

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  35. Defencenet

    Why don't we equip our IFVs with SLAT(cage) armor to defeat the RPG threat from the tigers?

  36. I seem to remember an OLD LTTE FOUL SMELLING FART(think he used an European name beginning with a pathetic PEE to sanitize himself from a flee infested coolie to a wart ridden toilet cleaner) make fun about DN’s reporting of a captured LTTE female tiger who was given unparalleled treatment and medical attention as one of our own soldiers. This is that link. WE KNOW THE HARM YOU ARE DOING TO OUR COUNTRY AND WE ARE KEEPING TABS ON YOU. WE WILL FIND U AND SETTLE SCORES LATER. AND WE REGRET THAT WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ERECT A ‘PUKAVEERA’ GRAVE STONE FOR YOUR PATHETIC SLIME REMAINS. BUT WE WILL MAKE SURE THAT OUR STRAY DOGS WILL REGULARLY WATER YOUR FOUL REMAINS

  37. TS,

    you are right, mate.

    my worry is that he can affect SLA recruitment/desertion.

    1. whatever his conduct he has a BIG "listner" base in the southern province.

    2. southern province produces a larger proportion of officers/soldiers especially elites.

    so he is attacking the heart of our recruitment grounds.

    3. funerals in a village create alot of grief in its close-knit society. this can be turned into anger. but mongal cannot decide whether to turn it into anger against MR or tamils. this is a big danger.

    4. things turn nasty at times. there is no need to OPENLY highlight bad ones.

  38. # LTTE air strip

    As you can clearly see LTTE have constructed thier air strips using the roads, as many suspected long ago. This doesn't mean they are no air strips out side roads. But atleast SLAF should have used UAVs to monitor all the roads in wanni and identified such air stiprs. This is in B69 and for sure they have such air strips in A34.

    # Muhamale first FDL

    It is said many soldiers were injured due to extensive gas attacks and inside the captured bunkers due to bombs. SLA should have used some method to avoid these two kind of casualties. It is sad one dies after fighting, capturing the bunker and going inside.

    Some Observations

    1. Some are worrying about 60 SLA KIA. (Out of those some had no worries when 1500 SLA KIA in one night, 10 years ago.)

    2. Time is right for TAF tour.

    Main objective of UNP = coming to power
    Main objective of Mongal = Prime Minister
    Main objective of RaviK = Finance Minister
    Main objective of lankaenews = Having thril with SLA casualties by blaming MR/GR/SF
    Main objective of Kari-alla, RungeB, VajiraA, etc = Good ministries

    Main Obstacle = SLDF winning the war (=peace)

    Immidiate Goal = Stopping or defeating the war

    Method (bound to be failed, as usual)

    # Convince public war will not work due to:
    i. India will intervene - so no point of war - so stop it. (Expired)!
    ii. MR has secret pact with Manmohan - MR will go for CFA - political solution - so no point of war - stop it. (going on..)
    111. SLA has high casualties - so don't join - stop the war. (going on..)

    4. Internet (google video/ youyube) is manupulated by pro-UNP elements. Objective is to divitae support to the war by sri lankans live outside SL.

    5. LTTE may try (as MD said) using a suicide cadre (injued by LTTE in a suitable good way, left behind) expecting to blow up in a MI-17. SLA better be vigilant.

    6. Anti-LTTE does not mean pro-sinhala or pro-Sri Lankan. In fact one can be anti-LTTE and at the same time tamil racist. Nalin De Silva identifies AnandaS, DouglasD etc as anti-LTTE yet tamil racists.


    GSL committs "struturul genocide".

    /Contrary to media reports of a panic-stricken LTTE, the leaders of the LTTE are maintaining absolute cool. A senior political leader of Tamil Nadu who is in regular touch with Vanni was amazed at the calmness he sensed in the Tiger leadership./

    For more jokes visit Ha Ha

  39. Hi,

    Yesterday Sarath Fonseka said it's take another year to finish the war.

    That's too late

    1) India Pressure increase during their election time may be in few months

    2) Global recession hits it's worst starting April to June

    I think we need to finish this at least by March 2009 sacrificing more people & even without thinking too mush about civilians

    I prefer Army to have a fall back plan of destroying the existing ltte area within 3 days of continouse bombing by air, artilery & may even a chemical war fare.

    THis will be the last option if too much pressure mounts

    Later repercussions will be sorted out,,,,

    what do you think???

  40. DN,

    Instead of attacking the National Front from Muhamali, can't we attack them from Poonarin by arties and other long range weapons? If we can do that, we can minimize casualties from NF.

  41. LRRU,
    "I think we need to finish this at least by March 2009 sacrificing more people & even without thinking too mush about civilians"

    SLA is not a terrorist outfit.

    "Instead of attacking the National Front from Muhamali, can't we attack them from Poonarin by arties and other long range weapons?"

    Arty and long range weapons can only do certain extent of damage. And some of the bunkers captured in Muhamalai were made of concrete and could even withstand some amount of artillery strikes.

    Meanwhile there have been SLA casualties also due to IEDs attached to captured bunkers going off as well.

  42. 'Yesterday Sarath Fonseka said it's take another year to finish the war.

    That's too late"

    my friend, just let good solders to decide the time frame when and what to fight. we laymen have no clue about fighting, and we should put any condition for the time frame.
    I think whatever happens in india is not our concern.
    The good general is a straight forward man, he talks what he feels. even I think it will take more than a year because slow death is the best method of eradicating these cannibals.

    if we rush we will lose more that is unbearable for us.

    we should not die,we should live for tomorrow, instead let let them die.

  43. Venom of a Fallen Bore

    Mangala, the clinically bloated chap from Matara, is no strange to a special form of comedy. This advocate of peace, who famously supported the war when Chandrika was in power, while being one of her closest confidants, now loses his sleep over peace. He wants the government to negotiate with the brutes; judging by his political summersaults, if the government talked peace, he would have said exactly the opposite: we should have gone for war. So, his political plan is pretty simple - taking up the diametrically opposite position of wherever the President stands. This fool does not get the fact, that in doing so, he eclipses himself from the full glare of commonsense.

    This is the man who introduced the first digital membership card in a well-publicised news conference, a few months ago. The number of membership in his faction of SLFP may be a mystery even for him, since that PR disaster.

    The behaviour of this fashion-designer-turned politico, both in his bedroom and parliament, is riddled with inconsistencies, to qualify him for a dangerous misfit for the electorate in Matara in particular and the nation in general. His hatred towards a particular family is blatantly obvious and it is crystal clear that his only mission is to destroy them in the name of a principled struggle; patriotism and morale of the armed forces are his non-existent goals.

    His former political mentor, Chandrika, was engaged in gross misuse of power on his watch and he kept quiet. When his former political chum, a chap called SB abused a female athlete, he offended the Blacks by comparing her to a Negro with an infamous slur. All in all, his political CV is no better than those of the others in the same profession. Yet, he wants the masses to believe his stupid action plan - doing nothing.

    If you sleep with a porcupine by mistake and the morning-after is quality time for essential recuperation from a nasty experience – for understandable reasons. Sleep with a guy, just for the sake of it, and you wake up to see the whole world up-side down: war must be swapped with peace; the global recession is economic boom time - except for Sri Lanka; the family which he hates so much, is exporting economic mismanagement as a substitute for the dwindling tea and rubber trade.

    The man who used to emulate ostritch has suddenly woken up to elevate gloom to a new height, when the brutes are cornered as never before. He thinks he is indispensable in the changing military landscape.

    Does he need to go Einsteinian to understand the simple fact that military strategy and fashion design are not on the same wavelength?

    On whose behalf is he doing this?

    The answer is much shorter than the gap between two struggling penises in the hope for the stardom of erection.

    So, the tantrums of this bore with sleepy eyes can only be accounted for by looking at his sleeping patterns. The secret may lie in the unpleasant corner he shares with his bedfellows. It needs a serious revamp or he may go down in history as a serial joker from the down south.

  44. qrious

    that was a good one that deserves to be copy pasted on an e mail and sent around for the benefit of those who are not on to DN. This guy deserves the humiliation.

    i have done and hope others will join me, will be the icing if it eventualy gets to the qrious writer

  45. defencenet,
    thanks for the latest update.from the current SLA's FD there are 17-18 kilometers we have to cross this thin stretch of land untill we comes to mainland or elephant pass.this means to cross this whole area we have to sacrifice lifes of many soldiers or are there any other better tactic?

  46. Guys,

    A wave of pessimism is agian sweeping through the blog in the light of unofficial speculative casualty figures at the Muhamalai front.

    We just get into this mode from time to time, propelled by the sites like Tamilnet and LankaeNews.

    By definition, a casualty is not the same as fatality. Those who have an agenda against the military and its success are hell bent on diluting the vague difference between the two to show the lack of distinction.

    Yes, there may have been a lot casualties and significant fatalities - more than normal. The news from captured bunkers show the scenario is inevitable - and of course very regretable, in the light of the loss of lives of brave soldiers.

    I never thought the capture of Poonerin would be that swift not did many of folks here. Against all odd, Brigadier Shavidra Silva led him men to achieve that.

    Last week, D B S Jeyaraj, the Tamil columnist predicted the fall of Elephantpass very soon. The man who first shed light on the earth bund that spanned across Wanni, may have some information with regard to Elephantpass to say it: Tigers may have slowly shifted their hardware towards Mulathivu while keeping a tight front at Muhamalai.

    Whatever Mangala & Co. say, the fall of Muhamalai, Elephantpass and Paranthan will happen in any order - any time from now on. The LTTE will brace itself for the inevitable in the next few days.

    There are signs the grip of keeping civilians at bay is fast loosening.

    In 1996, civilians in Jaffna broke through fragile LTTE defences to come to government-held areas and that was a partial humiliation for the brutes.

    In 2008, when that happens in Killinocchi, the humiliation completes to give them the ultimate credit for the futile exercise in the name of liberation.

  47. Sri Lankikaya, thanks mate for the comments.

  48. Accidental firing during training session - Military
    Military confirmed that an accidental shooting during a training session at Lindawewa army camp resulted in the death of 2 soldiers and injured 12.

  49. Defencenet,

    Can't the SLA repeat a Pooneryn on Muhamalee by attacking from behind the LTTE lines in that narrow streach of Land?

    The push from Paranthan to West will trigger the collapse of LTTE's Muhamale FDL'S. The Question is can we do this on Paranthan FDL's.

    My main concern is , if LTTE captures(hope this will not happen) Mankulam to Nachchikuda with a counter offensive, then that will be a disasster for the SLA.It will split the 57 and 58 divisions..

    I am no millitary person..

    My 2 cents.

  50. Vigilante,
    Good points.

    I am not sure whether the same done in Pooneryn is possible in Muhamalai. But how about advancing from a thin line from the Jaffna Lagoon side and kilaly lagoon side and then after adavacing some distance join the two columns circling off a terrorist area in the middle at which point a central column thrust can be made. Supplies and Evacuatation can be supported from Jaffna lagoon side can't it? The kilali lagoon side could be a problem.

    About LTTE caputuring from Mankulam to Nachchikuda... well they can try but I think we are fully prepared for that eventuality.

  51. if i may take on from where qrious left

    the pessimism has set in particularly due to the comments made by (ava)mangala and then promoted by lankaenews. not many in the media carried the story so it goes on to say a lot about (ava)mangala's agenda of demoralising everyone . doesn't that show whose behind all this.

    not even tamilnet quoted 200 soldiers KIA, it's up to you now to decide whther its' the truth or an exaggeration and a feeble attempt to demoralise troops. it also left for you to decide whether these people are traitors or not.

    a recent article in 'the Island' by a retired colonel of the SLA said that the media has conditioned the minds of the people to judge the war by the number of casualties. he went on to say that casualties in war is not like the score in a cricket match.

    I'm in no way discounting the value of our soldiers but it's a part of war. (ava)mangala discounts the value of the regaining of pooneryn saying pooneryn was captured in 1993 as well. let us all ask him at what cost and why it had to be captured in 1993 - isn't it because the then politicians due to lack of foresight and commitment left it be captured by the LTTE at the cost of the lives of brave soldiers.

    the most important questions comes now, why do we have to regain Pooneryn that was captured by the SLA in 1992, isn't it because the government that (ava)mangala was part of let down the soldiers who were garrisned at Pooneryn and the sailors at Nagasivanthuria were sacrificed. The LTTE overan Pooneryn and many more camps including elephant Pass due to the mistakes of his government. Did he utter a word when the lives of 40,000 soldiers in jaffna was at stake. Did the government that he was part of provide proper leadership and equipment to the army. did they do anything to bostthe morale of the soldiers or did they demoralise them.

    Why is (ava)mangala in the opposition, isn't it because he was chased out of the government due to his ineptness as the minister he was.

    doesn't this show what his motivation is and why he wants to discredit the government and by innuendo discredit the forces.

    this funeral has succeeded to a certain extent. this blog and DW were both in dull moods and pessimistic. this may have run thrugh the country but limited due t the media, for once, thinking right and not giving his views too much publicity.

    it is now the duty of all patriots to counter these threats and support our valiant soldiers. the lives they sacrificed are not in vein. the gains to the motherland has been immense.

    Strategic towns have bee taken and the the battle has taken off in the Northern front. as you would have noticed the difficulty is breaking off the FDL's, thereafter the SLA has moved forward steadily crushing whatever is in their path.

    people be brave, it takes a tough person to be brave. don't be disheartened by utterances of losers and the false propaganda. don't get lead away by monkeys, concentrate on the task at hand. support the forces selflessly, support the government that leads the forces, give what you can, and most importantly be proud of your country and your country will be proud of you.

    be Sri Lankan

    sri Lankikaya

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  53. Ltte is going to launch another Air raid before this 27th.Our airforce and other vital installations around the island must keep on alert

  54. Hero’s Day 2008 – UK
    The LTTE – a proscribed terrorist organisation in the UK- will be holding its annual Hero’s day celebration at London Excel Centre* on 27 November. See post (November 16, 2008 3:54 AM ) for venue details/ to whom to complain.

    The highlights of last year’s celebration were, Adele Balasingham lighting the flame of sacrifice and the speeches by 3 UK Labour politicians. After the event, some of these politicians pleaded innocence, saying that they were unaware of the nature of the event; that they could not understand the speech, etc.

    List of UK politicians who could be misled again this year. Please inform them of the true nature of this event.

    Click on the name to email the MP.
    Robert Evans,
    Virendra Sharma,
    Simon Hughes,
    Keith Vaz,
    Joan Ryan,
    Siobhain McDonagh,
    Andrew Pelling,
    Lee Scott,
    Edward Davey,
    Angus Robertson,
    Sadiq Khan,
    Barry Gardiner,
    Mohammad Sarwar,
    Andy Love.

    Related Links:
    Anti-Terrorist hotline
    Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

    Please Note:
    Some of the above links will request postcodes & telephone numbers. For example: Croydon MP Andrew Pelling – Just Google Croydon council, and use council details…
    1) The first seven MPs (Robert Evens to Andrew Pelling) have been very active at London LTTE events this year.
    2) If you know of any other names, please add them to the list.
    3) *There’s a talk that the LTTE might be moving the Hero’s day venue to the ALEXANDRA PALACE London. Contact this address if you want to warn them. Remember Balasingham’s funeral was held here.


  55. Col. Bhanu injured due to artillery fire

  56. Massive Stocks of LTTE Suicide Boats & Weapons Amassed

  57. # GMOA will rush specialists to Jaffna
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    # NGO operation to save Killinochchi for tigers revealed
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    # AI Statement on Sri Lankan IDPs Subjective and Misleading
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    # One on One with Ambassador Blake
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  58. "Imminent victory is now clear: Army Commander

    Joining in the “Thulawa” political programme telecast by ITN last night, he opined that the LTTE has reached its end. The Army Commander said many LTTE fighters have been forcibly recruited. Last week a teacher was abducted. The army chief said that he saw a photograph of a priest’s body inside a bunker. There are less than 3000 terrorists together with forcible recruitments. The troops would advance towards Vishwamadu which is 10 kilometers from Mullaitivu after the capture of Kilinochchi and Paranthan. About 500 terrorists die every month. In about four months another 2000 may be killed. Thereafter only about 1,000 fighters would be left. The terrorists would finally be confined to a 20 square kilometre area. Then a decision will have to be made."

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. Ranil the unp sakkilee kallathonia has got the welcome he deserves in India with black flags for supporting ltte.
    Death to Ranil, Mangala,UNP & everyone who support LTTE to destroy our motherland.

  61. Sri Lankans to demonstrate in Paris on Sunday against LTTE terrorism
    Hundreds of Sri Lankans are expected to gather at Trocadero, under the shade of the most popular tourist attraction of the world, the Eiffel Tower on November 23 to protest against the dreaded terrorist outfit, the Tamil Tigers. The demonstration, organized jointly by all the Sri Lankan associations and societies in France is scheduled to begin at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday.

  62. # Sri Lankans to demonstrate in Paris on Sunday against LTTE terrorism
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    # Sri Lanka may win LTTE, not the Tamils' problem: India
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    # Two soldiers killed in camp tragedy
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    # Ranil also runs into protests in TN
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    # Death toll up at Muhamalai
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  66. @ DN,
    cant the SBS and the commados attack the muhamalai defence line from behind ???

    the commandos can attack from the pooneryn side while the SBS can attack from the champiyanpattu-mulliyan area. and the 53 and the 55 can attack from muhamalai and nagarkovil respectively...
    this way we will be able to trap the tigers and as Moshe Dyan says.... the harvest will be high...

    they would have probably moved their artillery towards mulaithivu. so the risk of being attacked by rains of artillery will be much less...

    and btw when we captured the 1st FDL of the LTTE in muhamalai, was it at day time or night???

  67. virus alert,

    thanks for using the right vocabulary, mate.

    you sure understand the concept of "attitude". an example from management.....

    1. olden days they said " we will satisfy customer needs"

    2. then they said " we will satisfy customer needs AND wants"

    3. then they said "we will make our customers DELIGHTED"

    4. now they say "customer is the king"

    accordingly at each stage, different actions were used STEMMING from these concepts. needless to say in today's competitive environment, the one with the RIGHT ATTITUDE (customer is the king) wins.

    its the same thing, but different attitude, different result.

    hope our all our top brass has similar attitudes.

  68. defencenet,
    Why doesn't news reach us at a critical time like this when the army is storming though the FDLs of the national front ?other thing I wanna know is wether the army is making this offensive bcos of pressure from India ? Has they given us a deadline to halt the war?
    Thank you

  69. DN,

    I got a doubt ..after the Pooneryn captured and the SL forces made an offensive which is failed ...why don't they attack the LTTE who in the Muhamalai with MBRLs ... and they could have give some fire support with their SBS team ....

    And most specially .. have they open a rout to Jaffna penisula through Pooneryn..?

  70. # Commander congratulates his Pooneryn & Wanni heroes
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    # TF 1 displays LTTE weapons captured in Nachchikuda and Pooneryn
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    # All items sent from Tamil Nadu to Kilinochchi should be checked by SLSF.
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    Over 40 civilians reach to Omanthai escaping terror grip
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  71. I just noticed this map:

    The army seem to be at least 5 km away from Kilinochchi "center". So seems unlikely that all of Kilinochchi will be taken on the 27th.

    However, there seem to be several areas that have been captured but not announced by Kokavil, Puliyankulam, and possibly Alampil. Maybe this will be officially announced on the 27th to spoil VP's birthday.

  72. TN politicians are jokers simply because they are asking for a cease-fire with LTTE thugs who killed the most promising Indian National leader.

    SF has forced the TN goons to show their true colours :
    1. Goons want GOI to save LTTE and let it carve out the Tamil Eeelam. Eelam will then be the base for TN to separate from the Indian Union, at an appropriate time, for example after getting all the prime investments from the centre.
    2. If LTTE is not saved, TN goons will launch the separation struggle, immediately.

    In fact LTTE is the offspring of TN smuggler thugs. TN racists are the real culprits.

    Jai Tamil Racist Nadu !

    Jai Hind indeed.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.


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