Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sea tigers suffer setback in Nayaru

Sea tigers, the sea going arm of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suffered a setback yesterday (19th) morning when naval commando units of the SLN engaged a flotilla of sea tiger boats near the seas off Nayaru. A total of 7 LTTE craft were observed by units of the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) who engaged them. The sea battle which started at around 6AM lasted for nearly 1.30 hours. At around 7.15AM SBS units observed two LTTE boats going up in flames. Another sea tiger craft was damaged and this is when the tigers decided to flee. Two Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) MI-24 gunships were deployed to pursue and attack the fleeing LTTE craft. No exact LTTE casualty details are available. Naval units did not suffer any casualties.

Meanwhile at around 9AM yesterday (18th), a group of LTTE cadres towing two large sized sea tiger craft towards the coast were again attacked by the SLAF. Although no exact LTTE casualty details are reported, pilots confirmed accurate hits on the target.

In other news both parties have suffered heavy casualties in battles that raged during the past week. Nearly 30 SLA soldiers have been killed and around 100 more have been wounded in fighting in National front (Muhamalai/Kilali) and Mankulam in the last 4 days alone. The tigers too have lost a number of their experienced fighters however exact LTTE casualty figures are not available as of now.


  1. Great News!

    All fallen heroes: may them attain nibbana!

    Mankulam Video

  2. DN,

    Thanks for the update. However, this is not breaking news and could be obtained from other sources from yesterday afternoon.

    It would be much appreciated if you could, due to your inside sources, tell us something unique other news sources cannot offer (provided the information is not compromising the military operations).

  3. Risk to SLDF vs. Political mileage

    Some argue that taking 'Nochchi gains only political mileage. This may be true, but isn't political mileage important?

    Though "Politics" is a dirty word in pukka land, we must not forget that there is a legitimate side to politics. Millions of tax payers like myself want to see fruit of our tax contributions. Military gains are important, be it in terms of land and/or numbers of enemies eliminated. It is also important that those gains are perceived as such by the general population in order to keep the morale of the nation high.

    From this point of view, capturing 'Nochchi is important. What the politicians AND the military leaders must do is to balance the equation risk to SLDF vs. political mileage before taking action.

  4. Taking Poonaryn is a great achievement.

    Allow me to indulge in some nostalgia. I am sure there aren't many who would have experienced free travel to the North.

    As a youngster I remember travelling the A32 from Mannar and taking the ferry from Poonaryn. If/when we miss the ferry we would take the much longer land route via Paranthan pasing the big costic soda factory. Join up with A9 turn left and go via salt pans of Elephant Pass. Sometimes we used to take Yaal Devi from Colombo Fort in the morning (or Utthara Devi in the afternoon) to Jaffna. The driver used to really step on the gas past Mankulam since the track is flat and straight.

    We also used to fly Air Ceylon to Palali, spend the day in Jaffna, visit friends, do market shopping, etc. and catch the night mail train back to Colombo. Those were the days....!


    A few countries are lining up to give a consolation prize to all citizens of Tamil Eelam.

    1. Canada is offering to give its entire NORTHWEST TERRITORY for us Tamils as a homeland. The National Democrats and Liberals have promised us NUNAAVET as well provided that we repeat Kent and Dollar farm all over again with the people there.

    2. Britain is offering to give us all of SCOTLAND and NORTHERN IRELAND again we have to repeat Kent and Dollar farm.

    3. Barack Obama has promised the state of IOWA for a new Tamil Homeland to honor the work done by Tamils for Obama.

    4. Norway has promised to give us SVALBAD and JAN MAYEN islands. Both are uninhabited.

    Hon. Thalaivar wants all Eelam citizens to let to know their choice.

    EELAM WARNING: Vote results are liable to be vetoed by Hon. Thalaivar

  6. This is unbelievable!

    "..The vehicle carrying senior LTTE leader Sornam came under army attack at Mankulam late on Sunday, military sources said.

    They said the cab carrying the driver and Sornam had mistakenly entered military controlled areas north of Mankulam,. The military attacked the vehicle killing the driver on the spot.

    Ground sources said after the attack, Sornam had run towards the uncleared areas. The military later fired towards the Tiger official using heavy weapons including Multi-barrel rocket launchers.

    However the fate of Sornam was not known since the attack... (daily mirror)

  7. Moshe, Srilankiya,

    Thanks for the comments on the interview with Soosai.


    You have been evasive on the gay issue; put the record straight, mate. Just publish a photo with your girlfriend/wife in an enviable position. All Modayas believe it.

    Don't pose with prostitutes and publish here. We have acute senses to spot the difference.

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  10. DefenceNet,

    My personal view is that 30 KIA (and may be more MIA) at national front is too high.

    As a non-military person, I have the following questions. It’ll be great if you can provide some answers.

    - Why can’t we use our UAV’s to create a very detailed map (including bunker positions, earth bunds, heavy guns etc. of tigers) of the terrain in front of our FDL at the NF? If we do have such maps, what is stopping us from picking these targets off one by one with our heavy weapons before launching an offensive?
    - How can tigers withstand our heavy weapons attacks (e.g. MBRL fire)?
    - How can tigers hide from SLAF attacks in such open terrain?
    - Do we use UAV’s to record every little detail of the battles taking place at NF? If so, then surely we can use this footage to plan future operations.
    - If the terrain is flat and devoid of thick vegetation and the battles took place during day time, how can our soldiers go MIA?

    And finally, in your opinion, what is the single most important thing that is keeping us from breaking through NF?

    I know it used to be heavy artillery positioned at K-point, are these guns still posing a headache albeit from a different position?


    PS. All other expert bloggers are also welcome to answer me!

  11. Hi
    People of the Diaspora in UK.I sincerely hope you Folks will attend your function on the 27th in london because perhaps this may be your leader’s last message. I do hope that he will change his mind and declare that he is ready for a negotiated settlement take the invitation of our Hon President and then we are very sure that your great leader will speak to the world from our Parliament on the 27th next year. His cause has been abandoned by the governments in the west while he is fighting for his dear life the conniving politicians in the west is fighting for your votes.MR will be his friend and his saviour at this moment and what a change of events and what a change of fortunes for him coming from the most unexpected quarter? Our President whose forces have surrounded him yet so magnanimous about it. I hope VP have the good sense to take that offer and be the chief minster of Vanni then help us to go after the thieves in your Diaspora who have swindled the monies collected by your hardworking people. We are appalled to see your roads like A32 and A9 poorly maintained and your admistrative centres that have captured sofar has been neglected, not a bit of tar on those roads and buildings are just ramshackle not worth keeping. Your thieving Diaspora money collectors have betrayed your leaders in Vanni by not giving any type of financial aid to elevate their poverty. I have being to their areas and it is a shame that your monies have gone to buy arms to stoke the fires of war while your heroes had to live on the hand outs given as food aid to the IDP while diaspora money colletors live in luxuary with a yearly income of nearly $350 million a year.This must be wrong and there must be a day of reckoning for those rouges who have hoodwinked your liberators and the hardworking Diaspora. If VP does not see the reality of his situation then he may make his next speech sadly from the now found world of Tamilchelvam.Sri lanka is not for division by any one, not even by the majority but it belongs to all peace loving citizens of Sri Lanka.We hope you will flock to that centre to hear your leader. Good luck I say. You see ours is a different country where we accept and forgive anyone, irrespective of ones grave acts of terror and I suppose that it’s our country’s benevolent culture. So we must see you all there,

    November 19, 2008 5:24 AM

  12. Any idea of Ranil Wickramasinghes talk about stopping the offensive on November 26 (mass murderer's birthday?)?

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  14. Kevin
    well said sir :)

    the two destroyed lpte crafts...are they the larger craft or the smaller dinghies retrofitted with heavy guns?

  15. Blogger Parakrama said...


    My personal view is that 30 KIA (and may be more MIA) at national front is too high.

    - Fuckra-ur-Ammae, haha.. go ask your friends with closer connections to SLA... you will wet your eyes and wet your pants...multiply that amount by 3.5..check ur sources then tell me if im lying....

    TropicalStorm said...

    This is unbelievable!

    "..The vehicle carrying senior LTTE leader Sornam came under army attack at Mankulam late on Sunday, military sources said.

    --... then what happened was the Sinhala crapbag woke up from its deep also remembers the dream of the tamil leader being sick and had been sent to india...

    Enjoy ur celebrations while it lasts.....mislead and misguided sinhala sheeps

  16. Sharp, forget about the SLA casualties. Its not a issue even 10,000 KIA. But can you believe what is happening to Ealam map?? :)

    You go to sleep daily thinking that you will hear a good news from LTTE. lol. We can imagine how you feel when people say "Good Morning".

  17. Dubious Qrious,

    Send me a picture of you and Moda Dying in a compromising position and I will send you the pic that you requested.

    PS, continue posting your totally humourless interviews, the chena boys here are enjoying it.

  18. Guys,

    Until we get the next big news about Paranthan, I wish to add another interview conducted by a famous joker - Dr Jayalath Jayawardena - especially on behalf of my remote-mate, a chap named Mahen. Excerpts:

    Q Rious: Good morning Dr Jayalath

    Jayalath: Good morning; I thought journalists have abandoned me.

    Q Rious: What made you to draw that conclusion?

    Jayalath: Well, I have been an active player in the past few weeks, yet nobody seems to have taken notice of it.

    Q Rious: That's rather sad; you are suing the Ministry of Defence, aren't you?

    Jayalath: Yes, I am. They depried me of my right to worship at the Madhu Church.

    Q Rious: Very serious spiritual damage?

    Jayalath: Yes, indeed.

    Q Rious: What sort of problems do you face after this - I mean in spiritual sense.

    Jayalath: Lots; Q Rious; lots. For instance, I sense the presence of lots of Satanic forces around me; I have lots of nightmares while sleeping with or without my wife; demons always march with me in step; I see figures of religious significance staring at me from distance. Very disturbing indeed.

    Q Rious: My understanding is these things have been with you well befor the alleged deprivation of fundamental right.

    Jayalath: Then I woul say the situation got worse.

    Q Rious: Which of your list disturbs you most?

    Jayalath: I can put up with everthing except the presence of the figure of religious significance. He desperately tries to make contact with me.

    Q Rious: Can he be the Pope?

    Jayalath: No, I met him recently.

    Q Rious: Did you try the process of elimination?

    Jayalath: I did indeed.

    Q Rious: Is he as dark as a cinder?

    Jayalath: Mhhhhhhhhhh. Yes.

    Q Rious: Can you rule out Rev Rayappu?

    Jayalath: No, I can't.

    Q Rious: I think, he is the man.

    Jayalath: I am also thinking that way.

    Q Rious: So, Dr Jayalath, Rev Rayappu badly misses you and I assume the sentiment is mutual.

    Jayalath: Put it this way; Rev Rayappu and I are on the same spiritual wavelength.

    Q Rious: So, the creation of ripples is explained. How do you rate your piety on a scale of 1 - 10 ?

    Jayalath: 8

    Q Rious: Very religious, then.

    Jayalath: I am.

    Q Rious: A model politician?

    Jayalath: The media must judge.

    Q Rious: Not the voters or general public.

    Jayalath: No, no. Don't get me wrong. The public matter. That was a slip of tongue.

    Q Rious: The on-going war must be stopped?

    Jayalath: Yes, very much so. Both Rev Rayappu and I strongly feel about it.

    Q Rious: Prabhakaran must be allowed to keep his arsenal?

    Jayalath: I don't lick his a***.

    Q Rious: I didn't say it.

    Jayalath: Premature-conclusion.

    Q Rious: A new medical condition?

    Jayalath: I was just joking. Coming back to the question of keeping arms, I think we can learn a few lessons from cobras.

    Q Rious: If you could spell it out for me..

    Jayalath: Cobra keeps its venom only to use in self-defence. My understanding is that Prabhakaran is the same and he should be allowed to carry on like that. He proved that was the case for thirty years - long enough to rely on it.

    Q Rious: If Prabhakaran is a cobra, you can moonlight as the snake-charmer. Is it what did you mean?

    Jayalath: I love peace.

    Q Rious: So does Prabhakaran and so do Q Rious. Where is your stethescope, Dr Jayalath?

    Jayalath: It is with Rev Rayappu.

    Q Rious: You two swapped the roles around.

    Jayalath: Only time will tell. I am off, Q Rious.

    Q Rious: Thank you Reverand. May God bless me.

  19. Mahen said,

    PS, continue posting your totally humourless interviews, the chena boys here are enjoying it

    Yes, indeed. An interview is not as humourous as a game of sodomy for a man who is addicted to it. Ask depated spirit of Thamil Selvam for first hand experience.

  20. Forces attack fleeing Tiger vehicles
    Mankulam: Two Tiger area leaders are believed to have received serious injuries in Security Forces’ attacks on two LTTE vehicles in Andankulam and Mankulam.

    The Forces have recovered these armour-plated vehicles.

    The driver of one vehicle was killed in the Forces’ attack.

    The Tiger cadres have taken their injured leaders and fled the scene.

    Several weapons were recovered from the vehicles abandoned by the Tiger cadres.

  21. The Murder of Vavunathivu MO and the blatant hypocrisy of HR activists in Sri Lanka

    read this article

  22. @ Modayas,

    No matter what you singala modayas try to do, our heros day celebrations will go on all over the world on the 27th as planned. There will be a few surprices too for you in colombo and in occupied Eellam. He who laughs last laughs the most...

  23. Ado Mahen the NON Modaya,
    son u seem to be unable to put down 2 sentences without saying modaya !!! so would be really cool if u can use some other word to describe and vent ur disappointment cos frankly reading the word modaya every single time now for a long time is getting bloody boring and annoying

  24. Mahen brother

    ஆடொ தொகெ புகெ மயில் தியனவட

    Can you understand?

  25. Peter Bro,

    No I do not understand what you have written, it is Tamil text but not Tamil words. In English this reads as:

    "Ado Thogee Pukke Maile Theeyenawada"

    What does this mean? Please help. Are you trying to tell me something about Nov 27 events? Thanks.

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  27. The expert copy paster, Defence Column has joined the blog. Have you come across the word "originality"? If not, please look it up.

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  31. Defence Column-
    Keep posting mate.. At least you will drive that Mahen away.

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  33. Perin

    Ya.. I'm not bothered by his meowing

  34. for you all who love peace in Sri Lanka...

  35. "There will be a few surprices too for you in colombo"

    Yes, there will be some surprises around the 27th that will surprise your surprises.

    Anyway almost all surprise mongers have been taken care of by white vans and there's nothing much to fear as well the people are on high alert!!!

    What can you do? I don't thing that VP bum suckers will be able to even break wind on the 27th.

  36. Most of the tamils who live in europe,canada,usa are uneducated because when they left srilanka they had very little basic education due to war the (which is prabakeran's fault).
    They are hard working when it comes to cleaning, running corner shops etc. But you can easily spot them amongst the others because they always look like they are "fresh off the boat".
    They can easily be brain washed(like Mahan, Pee ter, sharp) and believe any rubbish that tamilnut publishes.They are very naive about the present situation of the war.
    Also only Modayas call other people modayas & it is a fact.

  37. Stf,
    They are not that naive.The basic plan All along has been to give these LTTE fellows living overseas..where nothing bad can happen to them advantage over other people in SLanka.This is why the EElam war phase-2..the education of our people in overseas unis..stating with "wathura-kakkussiya2 in canada has to happen..Can you imagine how jealous these LTTE shits will feel..when people of SLanka compete with them for jobs overseas...i mean prestigious ones..but not as prestigious as working for a takeout restaurant..

  38. Stf,
    We are interested in the war..not what some LTTE shit in thaamilnadu said to someone else..we dont give a shit..since this is a blog about the progress of our forces..not what some LTTE goose living in paradise overseas told someone else..who gives a shit..

  39. Hey guys,

    Petition to UNO from Tamil Nadu to stop capture of Killinochchi & Mulaithivu

    who the F#@K is this ?


  40. Anti-tiger rally in India


    LankaTruth 18th Nov: 2008, 11.15 AM

    A rally organized by Abily Bharathiya Dharma Assembly was held in the town of Ajantha in India. The participating Buddhists of India condemned terrorism in Sri Lanka and the Tamil Nadu politicians who support terrorists in Sri Lanka. They extended their support to the governments of India and Sri Lanka.

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  42. An analysis of military situation.
    -By Col. R. Hariharan

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  44. sharp

    The plural of sheep is also sheep.

    Hope this helps in your intellectual self indulgence.

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  46. Muhamalei seems to have fallen to our lads! any news??

  47. First LTTE defence line at Jaffna taken:

  48. @DN

    Appreciate an update from you on the MKN fronts. Thanks.


  49. I copied to defencewire, what SF@LNP said in his space.

    Seems like SLA gained some territory at a massive cost.

    My heart goes to those brave sons of Sri Lanka, who gave their lives to distory the LTTE scum.

    May peace be with those men.

  50. strategypage,

    Check the new article.

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