Thursday, August 28, 2008

200 soldiers hospitalized for food poisoning

Nearly 200 soldiers of the Sri Lanka National Guard stationed in the Hennanigala SLA base have been hospitalized due to what appears to be food poisoning. According to our information, 2 soldiers whose condition was critical were airlifted to National hospital, Colombo.

Doctors from nearby hospitals have been called to Dehiaththakandiya hospital to which majority of soldiers were admitted. The exact cause for the incident is not confirmed as of now but it is suspected that it is food poisoning.


  1. This is really bad, There are lot of gaps we need to cover.
    We need to avoid these kind of events while our moral is high.

  2. DN-
    Any idea what sort of poison found in food?
    Hope precautions been taken to avoid this get to other camps?

  3. Food poisoning? I think this is a coverup for SLA soldiers having uncontrollable diahrea and they want an excuse to stop serving in the SLA because they gonna get blasted away by Tamil Tiger fire power.

    Okay, let's open the floodgates of accusing the food bacteria which naturally occurs of conspiring with the Tigers and making the SLA crap their load.

    Guys, please don't panic, or speculate, and don't blame the ones you love to hate.

    Remember your morale, is high because it is permitted to be.

    False sense of Morale,
    False sense of Victory,
    False sense of Tigers,

    = Anihlation just like in 1999-2001. Then SLA and racist Sinhala government running arounf begging world to urge Tigers to come to negotiating Table. LOL.

  4. if there is sabotage involved, culprits must be punished severely.

    it cannot be a LTTE instigated attack bcos tigers know that any form of chemical warfare is highly disadvantageious to them. ALL rivers and waterways flowing to LTTE areas flow from SLA controlled areas. what can be done is only restricted by IMAGINATION!!

  5. The LTTE informed us
    [ 12.08.08]
    The former head of the LTTE’s eastern faction, Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman, fears that the LTTE could use chemical or biological weapons in a last ditch effort to to save themselves from military defeat.

    The LTTE tested their weapons
    [TamilNet: 13.08.08]
    4 IDP children food poisoned in Ki’linochchi

    and Now!!!

    "200 soldiers hospitalized for food poisoning"

  6. Sharp, I think you should be worrying more about those 200 000 cattle running from tree to tree in the Vanni and living on government supplied food rations. I hear even grandmas are doing the 100 metre sprint in record time, enough to put Usain Bolt to shame.

    Moshe Dyan, I think you're right. If it comes to that, all that needs to be done is to put some cyanide into the food rations and destitute and homeless rats in the Vanni will be dying like flies.

  7. Alankulam captured. Less than 1 Km to Yogapuram Wanni operation 27 th August 2008

  8. ganja,

    that is tooooo harsh, mate. there are other TARGET methods, undetectable methods, apparently-suicide-like methods, etc., etc.

  9. I also think it would be a good idea to buldoze the fuck out of all the capture towns and settlements (being extra harsh with the "martyrs" graves). Leave them as just rubble and nothing else. That way, on the off chance that the LTTE does capture them back they will be holding onto nothing but rubble.

  10. Moshe Dyan, yeah agree could be too harsh :)

  11. Moshe,
    Let the doctors find out the exact poison.However once it is discovered it may not be made public for security reasons.It is only after we trace the source can we discover any useful info.
    The idea is not to provide the LTTE with more cadres by driving the peaceful tamil people into the arms of the LTTE.Consider the recent attempt at destroying the troop transport in trinco.If it was destroyed then i would say that it is a precursor to an attack on jaffna.It shows us that these LTTE fellows are short of cadres in order to "prolong" this LTTE filth only done for financial gain.The whole idea here is to prolong the war for more financial gain.I watched a clip in which a fat LTTE bastard(ignore hidden camera)with a red shirt was being interviewed by an english speaking reporter of some sorts briefly.It shows any viewer that this war in SLanka has not affected this fat LTTE prick at all.See right now there is a distinction between the tamil people living in SLanka and these so called diassphora buffoons.Once the campaign is militaryly successful we have to take the war to these fellows at whatever cost.Lets put it this way.5 years from now if an ex-tmvp cadre goes overseas and kills a LTTE disphora cadres children/grand-xhildren because their dad killed his parents before forcibly conscripting him to the LTTE i will speak to all my friends overseas and provide the TMVP/ex-LTTE cadre with all the protection we can provide for him(good defense lawyers etc).Vp wants an international thaamil LTTE mafia style lets give him one.

  12. I like that idea about targeting the diaspora buffoons. Here is a non violent method...We should start with Canada. The GOSL should send spies to all LTTE functions in Toronto, take down names etc of those who attended, and those who have funded and are funding the LTTE. Then, remove the visa on arrival provided for Canadians. All those who have attended LTTE rallies or funded the LTTE in anyway should be PERMANENTLY refused entry to Sri Lanka when they apply for a visa. Tamils (especially the expatriate monkeys) will no doubt scream blue murder, but it's up to Sri Lanka to decide who it lets in or not. They and their offspring can spend the rest of their lives in Canada, and will never be able to vist their relatives/family/friends in Sri Lanka or buy their summer holiday homes in the Vanni. lol

  13. Fake photos if you look clearly this photos with prabakaran it's a photoshoped image.
    check the cap of prabakarn clearly visible prabakarn's image dubbed with ltte airwing image

  14. Ganga,
    w.r.t the tmvp/ex-ltte cadre I sincerely hope i wont have to do this because i am a "singhala" buddist of the "chauventist" govt & the ex cadres deserve a normal life afterthis filth is over.I prefer the 2nd line of attack.What does a LTTE di-ass-phora buffoon currently at waterloo university want the most..ok ok other than a 17 y.o white canadian pussy?..he wants a GOOD JOB so that he can visit his "sori" lanka and show his "credentials including his ****.So the 2nd line of attack is EDUCATION for ALL our peoples.I want to see people from ALL parts of "sori" lanka (including areas like anuradhapura/pollonnaruwa/eastern province etc) competeing for jobs with these LTTE shits overseas.

  15. Ganga,
    Now thats a really great idea! but may have to be done with some amendments so as not to hurt the "innocent" tamils caught in between.our logic is this:if you leave a country on the basis that you are going to be killed/or the "singhalese" hung you on a cart and paraded you all over the city(sacred hindu festival)there is no reason to visit it again is there?.well you can take all your relatives to Canada and build EELAM there.

  16. san
    check the cap of prabakarn clearly visible prabakarn's image dubbed with ltte airwing image

    Yes 100% Fake Image!!

  17. Exodus triggers in non-liberated areas: 29 civilians seek protection with security forces
    A total of 29 Tamil civilians from the non-liberated areas at Mullaittiuvu and Kilinochchi Districts have sought protection with security forces yesterday (Aug 27) at Pulmoddai (Eastern coast) and Iluppaikkadavai (Western coast) military detachments.

    source :

    I think we should not let these people to flee the country and start comfortable life in foreign countries under REFUGE VISA. For example read comments from people like Shayam, balaguru, kutti and Bhairav.

  18. Actually most of the diaspora Tamil twats I have seen are busy doing weed, clubbing, smoking crack, looking for "pussy" (with the the girls looking for dick), drinking till they piss their pants, trying to be "gangsta," partying, ie EVERYTHING except worry about the Toilet Tigers and the "plight" of their people back home. They can't speak or write Tamil, and don't a flying fuck about Hinduism. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's called assimilation :) There are quite a few decent folk too, but outnumbered by the total tosspots. And then there's of course those kids who have been indoctrinated and scream and go blue in the face trying to run down Sri Lanka. Never stepped foot in Sri Lanka but ready to take a big shit in fury in support of the Toilet Tigers. If you thought Tamils looked ugly when they are neutral, you should seem 'em when they are mad. Wow. Talk about being beaten with the ugly stick. Their parents of course are another matter, they are the ones circling around like Golums, salivating for news from Sri Lanka and hooting like rabid baboons in support of the LTTE. Don't let their grey hair fool you. MOST of these Tamil parents have a mile high chip on their shoulder (probably ran screaming to high heaven in 1983) and continue to support the Toilet Tigers as best as they can.

  19. Ganga,
    These ex-pat monkies dont want sri-lanka now.They need sLanka for entertainment purposes only like trying to rule the destiny of 20Mil people and that is only if they get their knickers in a twist on mon/wends/fri and require more money.suits us just fine.When the number of non LTTE SLankans increase overseas this situation is possible because they will invariably be called to LTTE functions which you just attend.Just like mlitary persons cannot immigrate to canada the LTTE supporters should be stopped.

  20. srilankan, all the decent Tamils will of course be provided visa to enter Sri Lanka. By 'decent' I mean those who have not funded the LTTE or attended their rallies. Applying for visa to Sri Lanka should be done on an interview basis only. Let's say some Tamil family has funded the Tamil Tigers and attended their rallies...they turn up for the interview at the Sri Lankan embassy to get visa. They are asked why they want to visit, what their purpose his, do they have family in Sri Lanka, friends, houses etc etc by the interviwer. At the end of the half hour/one hour interview (make it tortuous for them - snigger!) the official looks on the computer and goes "Sorry, our records indicate that you have funded or are funding the LTTE. Your visa application is DENIED, biotch! Get the fuck out of the embassy before I let the dogs loose!" LMAO That would be great.

  21. srilankan, most of the kids among the expatriate Tamils would die from the heat and the mosquitoes in Sri Lanka. They scream in terror when they see a katussa and would commit suicide if they had to deal with leeches. They would shit their pants if they came across a talagoya. They act all "gangsta" and tough, but tell them they might catch malaria and they will run away screaming to high heaven and Tupac.

  22. LMAO fuck that pic is a total fake - i mean the bit with Prabhakaran!! Only dumb Tamil twats will believe this shit. ROFL

  23. Ganja,
    I cannot get over this feeling i get that this LTTE shit was created in concept well ahead of 1983.1983 although bad was just an excuse.However it should have never happened.After this is over we need to concentrate on education for ALL our peoples.I hope(praying!)that the Hon President has this in mind also.

  24. Thanks pulutta, excellent article.

  25. Actually over 250 admitted to hospital and half of them have been discharged.

    Any idea what sort of poison found in food?"

    No official word on that yet. They would have to wait for results from Medical Research Institute from the sample sent.

  26. You guys obviously are blank in the area of food poisoning :-)

    It can be any food related illness from bacteria etc, or natural toxins. And it is quite common (and mild) and only a few cases develop into deadly illness.

    Anyway the cause needs to be investigated for sure.

  27. Of course it could be some sort of poison put in deliberately also, but highly unlikely, cause most patients have been discharged.

  28. Food poisoning could be due to unhygenic food preparation and storage conditions in the kitchen, may have nothing to do with chemical warfare or deliberate actions, so let's not get too excited about this. It is said that they ate fish for breakfast, under-cooked fish or fish prepared / stored in unhygenic conditions is a very common cause of food poisining (due to salmonella, listeria, amoeba etc.) it even happens in five star hotels and restaurants.

  29. Exactly my point mohammed!

    Ltte supports and other "indirect" supporters will be having their dicks up with excitement on little episodes like this.

    Let them savor the moment...

  30. And we all know how unhygenic our kitchens can be (e.g. Nectar Cafe in Fort), so I am not surprised at all, in fact surprised that this didn't happen earlier.

    I hate both the LTTE and opposition getting political mileage on a case of food poisoning, they are putting it in the same league as the attack on SLN harbour! In any other country the politicians would be punished for demoralising the troops.

  31. If any one says that the 2nd image on the TN you should have check ur eyes ..there is another LTTE carder standing next to praba ...check it closer

  32. Shyam, thanks for pointing out the new recruit to the crop dusting squadron. Where is your friend Kuttu these days? I want to hammer him for the poor job he and his relatives are doing in cleaning our kitchens. Is this a new form of warfare?

  33. Shyam,

    Do you happy with this latest Air raid by the LTTE after long long long time silence??

    But I expected something BIG.. :(

  34. Traitors, traitors and even more traitors.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Hi Tharanga, That is a sweeping statement bro. It's not only the Sinhala Buddhist kollo, there are plenty of Sinhala Catholic kollo as well. Most of them come from the less well off Sinhalese masses and religion is not an issue. However, there are plenty of Sinhala Buddhist and Sinhala Christian traitors around, many of them well of sitting in Colombo and bitching about the army, the navy, the airforce and the war effort. Again religion is not a factor. But I agree with you about the Catholic Church. The SILENCE of the hierarchy is telling and the blatant support to the LTTE by some priests such as Bishop Rayappy Joseph is pretty obvious to anyone. However cannot judge everyone by the actions of a few. As for the Muslim community, I would agree with you that they could be more involved in the effort to rid the country of the LTTE. The Malays are as deeply involved in the war effort as the Sinhalese. It is the Moors who are not.

  37. [But having said that, If I am VP and I am meeting the guys who are going to/came back from a suicide mission which I ordered then I would be the one in bare foot and hugging these guy in cheer and sincere gratefulness! ]

    Amma gahai,

    Professionalism should be maintained in any trade you take. If VP appears in relaxed mood with sarong and no foot wear, what would you say about him? What's the message his men get from him?

  38. [The thing is that eventhough ltte has just "takaran" planes which can only drop packaged bombs, is that they KNOW their lmitations. They are managing their assets in a optimal way.They know Colombo is suicidal..]

    Oh my love,Su, you dumped me for men in uniform -DN and DW, are you stopped flirting with DN and DW? I do not see your flying kisses and smiley anymore.

    Well, speaking of the packaged bombs, the WMD is also comes in that form- if you are not aware of it. In that scenario, Colombo will go to stone-age in one overnight. Nothing can be overruled at this point.

  39. Maple Leaf would have shipped all its recalled meat to SLA as gift :)

  40. achilles,
    thanks for posting the hyperlink for THE photo.some bloggers can't get the link what i put earlier

  41. Security forces have taken control of the Palamoddai town, ahead of Vavuniya marking a significant milestone in the ongoing military operations, the Defence Ministry said.

    The town is located 10 kilometres north west of Omanthai, the last point held by the Security forces on the A 9 (Kandy- Jaffna road) above Vavuniya town.

    Troops of Task Force 2 advanced along the northwestern border of the Vavuniya district on the west of the A-9 road have gained the total control over the Palamoddai town despite LTTE resistance.

    At least seven LTTE cadres were killed and 12 others were injured.

  42. By the way, Buddists are all non-vege?

  43. Buddhists are all supposed to be veggies, just like all Hindus are supposed to veggies and all Muslims are supposed to eat only Halal. Whats your point?

  44. According to the Bible Christians are not supposed to eat pork either, like Muslims and Jews.

  45. Ha ha....
    Obviously some are high after the takaran circus and feel that they are qualified to question even religions.
    I too feel very strongly about some aspects of some religions after a couple of beers.

    Guys, please don't take seriously the comments made by monkeys on drugs.

  46. So SLA is making a push northwards from Vavuniya?

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Old friend Bhairav is making an admirable effort to start a flamewar here again. Good to see nobody has responded like that (so far).

    "Guys, please don't take seriously the comments made by monkeys on drugs"

    Comments by monkeys on drugs; apart from an insult to real monkeys, I think this describes the situation very well.

  50. Just saw the Swarnawahini news, Live @ 8

    It reported there were 274 soldiers admitted into the Dehiattakandiya hospital.

    The fish curry they had for breakfast seems to be poisoned.

    There were no facilities at all in the Dehiattakandiya hospital to cater this number of patients.
    They were kept on the floor of the hospital corridor and just laid them on mats.

  51. @ Extreme: Did it say they were deliberately poisoned? Or was it food poisoning? The two are very different things.

  52. None in critical condition now, though. Hope they are working fast on finding what happened.

  53. Tharanga, you beat me to it.

    "Food poisioning" is NOT equal to "Poisoned Food".

  54. extreme,

    Are you sure it's 274? I think it said 218. That's what I heard....

  55. Numbers don't matter, let's get to the bottom of this, was it food poisoning or poisoned food? If it was food poisoning the Bathang Appu in the mess kitchen should be given a whipping and the matter forgotten, food poisoning happens all the time, its no big deal. If it is deliberately poisoned food, then thats a whole different dimension, we need to investigate in detail.

  56. Talk about food poisoning...
    Check Canadian news.
    More than dozen people dead and more than two dozen sick.
    Poisoning is attributed to one of the most respected brand names in the industry (Maple Leaf).

    So, if it's food poisoning, they shouldn't be too hard on "cokia". :)

  57. Sorry for my wordings.

    it was food poisoning.

    Not poisoned food.

    News headlines say 274 soldiers were admitted, but the details of the same mentioned 218. Some of them were transferred to the general hospital Colombo.

  58. Whip the Bathang Appu and the cokias and close this matter.

  59. Bhairav,
    "Well, speaking of the packaged bombs, the WMD is also comes in that form- if you are not aware of it. In that scenario, Colombo will go to stone-age in one overnight. Nothing can be overruled at this point."
    If that happens dont even think of any IC sympathy over the TAMIL cause...
    This Food poisoning cant be of any relevance to ltte. But it is the way the effected are treated that draws my attention.
    I think it is time that ARMY makes Mass scale Tents with make shift beds made available to be dispatched when things like this happends.I just cant agree with seeing soldiers in floor.
    As the fights intensifies in the North, these type of Readymade Hospitals will be a Great help for the injured.
    Just my thoughts...

  60. Qrious,
    Seems You can now Interview Rev. Dulip de Chikera also..
    I just cant understand why they are not saying the IC to intervene to get people into cleared area as that is what will give them safety & these very people who talks to the IC are living in harmony in the Cleared parts so how can they be saying these?
    seems the Higher up ranks also starting to backup rayappu just to keep their Mission in One piece...

  61. Calling the LTTE's and 'peace' activists' bluff

    As the LTTE's formal military demise hastens, the various NGOs, 'peace' activists and other 'useful idiots' are increasing their pressure on the GOSL to halt, slow-down or change tack the military offensive under the (reasonable sounding) pretext of caring for displaced & trapped civilians in the Wanni region. None of us wants Tamil civilians to be killed by either side during the fighting, especially by the advancing SLA.

    Here's a great chance for the GOSL to call their bluff.

    GOSL should immediately declare the following:

    1. The GOSL is willing to work with these agencies to evacuate these unfortunate civilians, currently prevented from leaving the combat areas, into a safe neutral zone, well away from the fighting.

    2. GOSL will demonstrate the facilities being set up such as running water, cooking facilities, shelter etc. We managed to do all of things during the tsunami, so we have the expertise and infrastructure already in place.

    3. Announce this program via radio, TV and leaflet drops to the civilian population in the Wanni. This will put pressure on the LTTE.

    Whatever happens, the GOSL wins.

    If the LTTE refuses to cooperate, their mantra of 'caring for the Tamil people' will be shown to be hollow boast that it is.

    If civilians are killed or injured during anticipated combat, GOSL can on each occasion remind the human rights lobby that the LTTE refused to evacuate them to a safe zone,

    If the LTTE agrees to cooperate, there'll be fewer of civilians available to them to be conscripted to fight the advancing SLA.

    If the NGOs agree to cooperate, the LTTE will be only able to voice their anger that 'their people' are being cared for during heavy combat. Not a very logical position.

    If the NGOs refuse to cooperate, the GOSL can show that the NGOs only wish to criticise, probably support the LTTE and do not act in the best interests of the people they claim to represent, the dispossessed refugees and IDPs.

    GOSL should be able to get this program set up and running within a month or so.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. The Army men moved over to nearby hospitals as some of them ill badly and the numbers are more than 300.

  64. Palamoddai town is captured!!!

  65. Mango friend...

    Your ideas are good so long as there's no room for a lull in fighting.

    LTTE is desperately looking for a tiny crack in our resolution to buy time... all LTTE terrorrists would gladly give their right hands in unison... to get that little TIME in order to re-group and re-build the terror empire... and kill us.

    Already our mission has built-in plans to look after the IDPs. Sri Lanka should not have any fear of anyone... and no one should worry about Sri Lankans more than Sri Lankans themselves.

    Hesitating now to complete this humanitarian mission will send disastrous signals to all concerned, and will come back to haunt us.

    The mission statement is 'No matter what' as stated by the president, defence secretary and the army commander.

    Anyone can see the results achieved... and the matter ends there.

  66. Was it a sea plane? Some eye witnesses said they have seen the TAF planes that bombed the navy base came from the sea side and also it is a sea plane. This raised alarm bells in the SL defense circle as they were under the assumption that TAF is using single engine flights and using runways some where in Vanni.
    Now, The SL security establishment is re visiting the previous LTTE Air force attacks and trying to verify If it was a sea plans. Reliable sources confirmed that there are more evidence to suggest that it was a sea plane as most of the attacks came from sea side. SL Air Force also believes this was the reason why the radars were not detecting on time as it’s not covering the sea levels. Some analyst commented that SL military says that only 11km is to reach to Kilinochi and in the other side, they are still trying to figure out what kind of plane is bombing them and where they are coming from.

  67. Gringo,

    I agree that there must not be any let up in the attack (a common failure in the past) and pressure on the LTTE.

    But, GOSL must do more to demonstrate (tours to displacement shelters etc) that the LTTE's charges are baseless. Remember, this is as much a PR war as a real shooting war. Only by rebuttal of LTTE lies can they be disproven. It will also be a sign to the NGOs that we're no longer going to roll over & be obedient servants when they make ridiculous and biased assertions.

  68. Sri Lanka appeals to Tamils to flee to govt territory

    1 hour ago

    COLOMBO (AFP) — Sri Lanka on Thursday appealed to minority ethnic Tamil civilians living in the line of fire in rebel-held towns to move to areas under government control, saying it would guarantee them safe passage.

    Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse said the military had cleared a route for people fleeing the island's embattled north, where troops are advancing on the rebel capital of Kilinochchi, 330 kilometres (205 miles) north of Colombo.

    "We plan to give passage to people from Kilinochchi to come to (government-held) Vavuniya. We're dropping leaflets from the air, encouraging people to leave, giving details of routes to take to safety," Rajapakse said.

    UN aid agencies say nearly 135,000 people have been driven from their homes due to fierce fighting between government forces and Tamil Tiger separatist rebels in the past two months.

    "It's better for civilians to come to government-cleared areas so we can start to resettle them faster," said Rajapakse, the younger brother of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse.

    His comments came as the defence ministry said at least 37 rebels from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and five government soldiers were killed in the latest clashes in the north on Wednesday.

  69. 'Safe passage' offer in Sri Lanka
    Sri Lankan troops parade at a passing out ceremony near Colombo
    Civilians have fled as government troops have attacked the Tamil Tigers

    Civilians displaced by fighting in northern Sri Lanka have been urged to leave Tamil Tiger areas by the Defence Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

    There are 134,000 displaced people in the northern Kilinochchi district alone, according to aid agencies.

    Concerns have grown over the safety of civilians caught up in government offensives against the Tigers.

    Mr Rajapaksa says safe passage will be opened to move displaced civilians into government territory.

    In the last three months tens of thousands of people have fled their homes ahead of a military advance to crush the rebels and end their fight for a separate state for the Tamil minority.

    Many have gathered in the areas around Kilinochchi town - the rebels' administrative headquarters and a key strategic target if the Sri Lankan military is to win the civil war.

    Sri Lanka's government has accused the Tigers of using the civilians as human shields.

  70. he he he...

    From the point of proud sons and daughters willing to put their lives on the's not the sea planes... numbers killed... or how many bombs exploded...

    It's the real estate... real estate... and real estate alone... I'm looking for in Elaam...
    LTTE is losing it.... and Period.

    The mission to decimate each LTTE pig... is priceless.

  71. Dear Mango:

    [But, GOSL must do more to demonstrate (tours to displacement shelters etc) that the LTTE's charges are baseless.]

    LTTE and their coolies are now scratching their heads looking for ways to re-internationalize our internal conflict.

    Because...up to the beginning of this year... the issue was indeed internationalized. [remember the era... when ambassadors from Germany, Switzerland, US, India, Canada, Australia... etc used to visit the east / north and make statements on the issue? And give unsolicited advice?]

    What happened? And what ingredient played the major role in localizing our issue and zip the mouths of these foreigners?

    It's not the courage, not the contacts; PR or money that turned the tables...... it's none other than:


    If we do not have it... others will confirm it!

  72. Surely this is a case of food poisonning not poisoned fooods bcz if foods were poisoned then only 10 people cant be in critical condition.I think nearly 200+ were hospitalized earlier and 100+ were discharged after sometime if foods were poisoned don't think that can be possible.This is clear food poisoning incident bcz some are allergic to somekind of foods some are not.Its depend on ur body.

  73. Gringo,

    Totally agree. The only thing that matters is 'facts on the ground'. Is that what you meant by 'tcepseR-fleS'?

    This is how the LTTE used to behave; whatever was said or agreed at peace conferences, they'd carved out their own territory where the govt writ did not apply. Not for much longer, hopefully.

    So, now whatever's said and done, 'facts on the ground' means a daily changing 'fact' in favour of GOSL.

  74. Sharp you stupid FxxK. Tamil tiger power with toy planes??? dropping bull shit and think they are bombs?? Soon it is going to be the black 2008 for your tiger brothers.
    Lets find out who has fales sense of
    moral & victory.
    You keep working in a petrol station
    to feed prabakeran's bank account while other tamils are trapped & starve with no food to eat in uncleared areas.
    keep dreaming that's all you can have.

  75. Gringo,
    I have a feeling that these foreign bastards shut their mouths after the liberation of the eastern province.This alone is incredible and full credit to the army and Messrs Karuna and Chandrakanthan.Other than that they have got a sampling of terrorism in their own countries now.Full credit to the U.S for banning these LTTE bastards in the 90's
    Got cutoff earlier mate.

  76. My opinion is that the food poisoning is deliberate.

    From experience, in the Army they have to eat all sorts of foods cooked under all sorts of conditions. I remember finding more than half a dozen dead flies in my beef curry I had for breakfast at Diyatalawa. Those days the food was cooked in very large open pots under the open heaven (or a takaran shed without walls). House flies that get attracted to the food smell fly right into the steam rising from the pot. Before they could fly over to the other side they get hit by the hot steam and kamikaze into the curry. That’s how the flies end up in your plate. We could not even take them out of our plates and throw them on the mess floor. In the Army, the mess is a holy place, not to be desecrated by dead flies. We had to keep the dead flies on the edge of our plates and watch them while we ate the curry they were cooked in! After a while we used to count who had the most flies with their meal. Even after many years I still could eat all sorts of rubbish and not get anything even as much as a tummy-ache.

    What I am trying to say is that an Army stomach is a hardy stomach. It is immune to your day-to-day tummy bug. To take down over 200 soldiers all at once, it has to be something quite serious; not the average “jarava” you may eat at the roadside kadey.

    I sincerely hope they find what it is and be able to treat the soldiers effectively. More than that, put in a system in place to prevent such happening again.

  77. Ganja,

    As much as I agree with most of what you are saying (in fact I think the idea about permission to enter Sri Lanka is a brilliant one which was mentioned sometime back on this blog by No_mess, I believe) I am not at all agreeable with your attitude towards the Tamil Sri Lankans.

    Forgive me if I am wrong, my impression from reading your posts is that you consider all Tamil people to be generally LTTE supporters. The way you stereo-type Tamil people and the condescending language you use (“cattle running from tree to tree”, “destitute and homeless rats”) should be rejected by peace-loving Sri Lankans. You even suggested that all people in Vanni should be allowed to die! (Though later you admitted it “could be too harsh”).

    Dare I say that an extreme display of a similar attitude caused Black July. Please carry out a sincere attitude check with reference to racism and your disposition towards the Tamil Sri Lankans before you respond (if you respond) to my comments. We need to differentiate between three groups of people here; 1) The LTTE 2) The Tamil people and 3) Supporters/sympathisers of the LTTE regardless of their race/gender/faith/location/etc.


    I may be openning a can of worms here, apologies. But I feel there are times we should do all to get "our house in order".

    As the old saying goes "ova denu para hata, thamaa sammathayhi pihitaa sita"- Advise others only when you have attained the required standard.

    Feel free to comment.

  78. It's late at night, early morning really. Catch you patriots tomorrow.

    Good morning to all!

  79. GR says

    We plan to give passage to people from Kilinochchi to come to (government-held) Vavuniya. We're dropping leaflets from the air, encouraging people to leave, giving details of routes to take to safety," Rajapakse said"

    It's better for civilians to come to government-cleared areas so we can start to resettle them faster," said Rajapakse, the younger brother of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse.

    Thats very funny many displaces people have resettled in east... and are they trying to make the people live in a open prison ..and he provides secure life to tamils...? According to his commands more than 6000 tamils killed or still missing ...

    Gotta you will pay for what ever you did to tamils .. you were missed from the LTTE's hands and you are still on the top of the list ...i am very greedy to see your barbecued body

  80. It could be rotten Tuna or Eating rotten Shark. Both can get nasty quicker than any other commonly eaten fish owing to their internal chemical properties.

    Basic food hygiene is important to observe.

    You can eat 1000 boiled or fried flies without getting sick. However, if the fish is already rotten and poisonous chemicals have been accumulated in concentration, then how much you boil they won't go away, unless you apply an neautraliser.

    This could be a Histamine attack.

    If a pre-made fish curry was gone bad and was served without boiling, then the food poisoning can come from chemicals or micro organisms.

    For each type of attack, you have to administer different types of treatments. However, drinking of plenty of fluids with minerals help a lot.

    Main thing is to keep the body hydrated.

  81. Proportionately speaking Vezapissa here is smaller than the rest -highly unlikely.

    However, it looks like the terrorist sitting in the right hand side of Vezapissa is Charles Anthony.

  82. Sorry the photo,[Photo:%20LTTE]

  83. sham,

    most displaced ppl in the east have been resettled. only a very small percentage is "displaced" and refusing to go to places provided to them.

    your figure of 6k is not correct is you are refering to LTTE cadres, it is >9k.

    but even that looks small compared to >75k killed by vezapillai's TE project.

    if GR is not there, there will be someone else. he may be better (worse for you) than GR.

    did you follow the recent election?

    UPFA was canvassing for war, UNP was canvassing for war & JVP was also canvassing for war. combined they got more than 98% of the vote. GR is only ONE man; there are plenty like him out there. although GR is the best we had, i think he (or his successor) can do better.

    if tigers don't allow ppl to come peacefully, they will find reasons (malayria, phyleria, dengi, JE, typhoid, cholera, flu, etc.) and cross to vavuniya for "treatment". in 3 months its the rainy season anyway. VP can't stop the rains. if they are still not allowed to cross, there will be only a few displaced ppl left. so either way VP's human shields are going to be broken.

  84. Capture of Palamoddai and Ulathuveli!!

    With the capture of Palamoddai the omanthai entry exit could become really absurd, as the troops will now be able to cut off the sections north of Omanthai and this will enable to link puliyankulam - mankulam MSR.. This is the reason why the pussies were moaning and groaning all the way in palamoddai. and since we breached deep inside now I guess they would need to look for other alternatives now..

    59 I guess is the most tactical savvy of all the units.. though much was not known about their movements it is really creditable they have reached south of Nayaru and on the other side they have reached thannimurippukulam.. great achievements indeed. I guess these developments will pave the navy to make some manouvres in the near future.. Looks like both the western and eastern shores will become unavailable for them very soon.

  85. Hi Sharp

    "Ganesan had vehemently refused any special relationship with LTTE and any link with any arrested terrorist suspects. In view of the question on so called ¡special relationship¢, Ganesan said he had no such relationships with LTTE. But many were under such wrong belief. During the close up to last presidential elections, late minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and present presidential advisor Basil Rajapakse MP visited his home requesting Ganesan to help them to develop a special link with LTTE. It was to organize an electoral boycott in the north and eastern province during the presidential elections in November 2005. They came with such wrong impression on him. But Ganesan rejected such request on the grounds that he had no such special relationship with the LTTE to help Jeyaraj and Basil for an election boycott in the north and east. "


  86. Shyam,

    "Gotta you will pay for what ever you did to tamils .. you were missed from the LTTE's hands and you are still on the top of the list ...i am very greedy to see your barbecued body"

    Spoken like a true brainwashed retard. What do you expect the civilians to do instead of seeking protection in government controlled areas? You want them to walk in to MBRL or artillery barrages? It might be good news for you, so that you can shout 'SLA kills civilians' but I don't think they will enjoy it like you. They will seek for a way to protect their lives. I'm sure they are not interested in sacrificing their lives just so that LTTE and the die-ass-pora can go to human rights.

  87. Guys,

    This is the long-awaited dialogue between OAO Asithri and Rev Rayappu. I used eavesdropping to collect it in its entirety. Enjoy it and pray for Rev Rayappu - in that order, please.

    OaoAsithri: Gurr gurr gurrr

    Rev Rayappu: There are no Tigers here any more; who is making that noise?

    OaoAsithri: It is a lion Reverend, a lion. Gurr gurr gurr. You got it, then; a lion in Tiger’s den, to be more precise. Ha ha.

    Rev Rayappu: Oh, you are pulling my leg.

    OaoAsithri: I am prepared to pull anything I can lay my hands upon; ha ha,I am pulling your leg, to start with.

    Rev Rayappu: OK; just tell me who you are.

    OaoAsithri: I am Oao Asithri, a Sinhalese

    Rev Rayappu: You are from ?

    OaoAsithri: New York

    Rev Rayappu: You are from New York; then how come you are in Vanni?

    OaoAsithri: Call it omnipresence, Reverend.

    Rev Rayappu: That gift is only for high priests; you can include me in that league too.

    OaoAsithri: You are a priest; but not high enough for gifts, especially for God-given ones.

    Rev Rayappu: The Sinhalese always underestimate me; I deserver more respect and recognition.

    OaoAsithri: Reverend, we did under-estimate you and paid a heavy price too. I can tell you that we don’t over-estimate you either. Respect and recognition, well you have to buy it from the Cargills, Reverend. I don’t mind being a broker in the deal.

    Rev Rayappu: Your initials, Oao – what do they stand for in Sinhalese?

    OaoAsithri: ඕන එකකට ඔට්ටුයි - that means, a man ready for any mission

    Rev Rayappu: What is in your hand, young man?

    OaoAsithri: It is a baseball bat.

    Rev Rayappu: What is it for?

    OaoAsithri: Hit the balls!

    At this point, the instincts of the Reverend forced his hands to fall down towards his groin. It was a false alarm. Oao was a way ahead of Reverend on the scale of decency, despite being a layman.

    Rev Rayappu: You shouldn’t carry these things while visiting the clergy.

    OaoAsithri: It is less menacing than Kalashnikov! People used to visit you with heavy weapons.

    Rev Rayappu: I don’t use machine guns.

    OaoAsithri: But you go to any length to defend the folks who rely on them. That is the common perception any way. I heard you have a funny side too, Reverend.

    Rev Rayappu: I am glad you recognized it. We are high priests but we have to live our lives too. I am sure; you do the same in a great city like New York. There are nice girls in New York, I heard.

    OaoAsithri: Yes, there are plenty of those chicks; you got nice chicks in your congregation, didn’t you?

    Rev Rayappu: Women love high priests, as we wield a lot of power, you know.

    OaoAsithri: You love powerful figures too. For instance Nadesan and Prabhakaran.

    Rev Rayappu: Birds of a feather, flock together.

    OaoAsithri: And they mate in commotion too.

    Rev Rayappu: Hak hak haaa. That is not rated as adultery, though.

    OaoAsithri: You bend rules, Reverend.

    Rev Rayappu: I must admit our Church has been doing it all the time.

    OaoAsithri: Your Church nearly burnt Galileo at stake for the simple belief that the earth goes round the Sun.

    Rev Rayappu: It is one embarrassment; but we corrected it, OK. Late Pope John Paul admitted that it is the case in 1992 to put the record straight.

    OaoAsithri: After centuries. You make blunders and leave a bitter taste with the forthcoming generations. That is not piety. I told you about New York chicks. Now it is your turn: tell me about Vanni Chicks.

    Rev Rayappu: They are dark; but the rest of the anatomy is the same. Hak hak haa.

    OaoAsithri: You, priests are supposed to observer celibacy, aren’t you?

    Rev Rayappu: We are not supposed to lie under our breath either, hak hak haa. If it was the case, there would not be a Church any more. Yes, we are controversial and it guarantees our survival. It is God’s will.

    OaoAsithri: You throw out the Ten Commandments then.

    Rev Rayappu: That is Moses stuff; we follow Jesus – to the letter.

    OaoAsithri: When did you offer the other cheek last time?

    Rev Rayappu: Yesterday!

    OaoAsithri: Spell it out, Reverend!

    Rev Rayappu: To one of our Vanni chicks.

    OaoAsithri: You are a very naughty man, Reverend.

    Rev Rayappu: I may be; but I am not an extremist, at least in that department.

    At this point, Asithri pushed the baseball bat through Reverend legs to lift him up. The Reverend screamed while looking at heavens. But the divine help was not at his disposal.

    OaoAsithri: I pulled your leg, Reverend!

    Rev Rayappu: I disagree with you, young man. You almost crushed my most important physical assets.

    OaoAsithri: Your balls!

    Rev Rayappu:Yes it is very important to me. I derive everything I say and do from it.

    OaoAsithri: That’s why you sound controversial. Isn’t it problematic for the Church?

    Rev Rayappu: It is. What can they do? They are not in the business of castration.

    OaoAsithri: I can do it for you; I will leave it for another day, though. Once Vanni is liberated, I want you to enjoy your happy live; but don’t put your foot in things.

    At this point, Oao, gently delivered a blow on what we anatomically call Reverend’s head, implying it can get stronger and more lethal if he is not careful in future.

    Rev Rayappu: Time for confession, young man.

    OaoAsithri: I don’t have to confess; I haven’t committed anything wrong.

    Rev Rayappu: You nearly crushed my balls.

    OaoAsithri: Which commandment is that?

    Rev Rayappu: It is not a commandment as such. I just pulled your leg.

    OaoAsithri: You have been pulling my legs quite a few times; I wish you became a court jester instead of a priest.

    Rev Rayappu: We play clowns, sometimes. The congregation is in terminal decline. That is one way of boosting it.

    OaoAsithri: I feel divine intoxication; I want to make a move.

    Rev Rayappu: God bless you, young man. Please come again to visit us – but not with the baseball bat. It nearly made me useless.

  88. Nice Map

  89. I could almost picture it (Asithri-Rayappu interview) in my mind...hopefully we will see the video foottage soon on Youtube...

    Well done Qurious!

  90. qrious

    another jolly good one mate.

    BTW, where is oao - enjoying matrimonial bliss in the wanni? last seen with dwarka somewhere in the wanni..

  91. Mano Ganesan is a Black Sheep who carries out LTTE agenda.

    All his allegations are against the Government, despite all the facts that LTTE is blatantly violate every human right in this world with thousand times more weight than any of his accusations against the Government.

    The funny thing is, this goon and the other NGO/INGO HR champions who make huge hullabaloo on smallest speculated HR violence, but go into oblivion, as soon as there is obvious gross HR violations by LTTE i.e. indiscriminate bus/train bombing.

    In the last round of LTTE bus bombings, this goon suddenly went silent for nearly two months to come back to make a big noise about an alleged physical assault on a journalist.

  92. Qurious – another great scoop mate. I’m surprised Oao did not finish off the bugger.May be it is due to the calming influence of Dwaraka and the vegetarian diet he now follows. Looking forward to their next encounter.

    Shan – Any discounts for DN bloggers?

  93. Shyam brother,

    This is for you from What to do now we will wait for our READ BIRD 007.

    ---- hi hi -----------
    Setting Up The Last Stand

    August 29, 2008:

    The LTTE "capital" is the town of Kilinochchi, 330 kilometers north of the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo. Kilinochchi was captured in 1999, during a major LTTE offensive that drove the army from the northern tip of the island. But now, after 19 months of fighting, and nearly 7,000 dead, the army is closing in on Kilinochchi. With that town captured, the LTTE will be operating more like guerillas than an army. That would bring an end to a 25 year long rebellion that has killed over 70,000.

    In the last week the fighting has created nearly 500 casualties, most of them poorly trained LTTE fighters. The LTTE has lost about three-quarters of its northern territory in the last year or so. The LTTE still has over a thousand veteran fighters and troop leaders, who could inflict high casualties on advancing army troops. But if the LTTE losses these key personnel, they lose their ability to wage a terror campaign, after they have lost control of all their remaining northern territory. While the LTTE is now dominated by radical factions, some of the rebel leaders are still willing to make some kind of deal. The question is, with the LTTE so close to defeat, are enough people in the government interested in a deal.

    ---- hi hi -----------

  94. [The question is, with the LTTE so close to defeat, are enough people in the government interested in a deal.]

    NO DEAL... NO DEAL.... NO DEAL....

    Only DDT- Death, Destruction and Terror... await the LTTE terrorists and their coolies who 'created' discrimination, attached ethnic labels to Sri Lankan nationals... and harmed our law-enforcement folks.

    LTTE pigs… Your lunch is ready in the slaughterhouse…. Come and get it!

  95. The war on terror should be put on to HIGH GEAR right after the LTTE terrorists go into hiding... and receive graduation certificates as ‘fearsome guerillas' from the respected academies such as BBC, AP, AFP etc.

    One by one... day after day... proud Sri Lankans must hunt down each one of them... each one of them... each one of them... as clearly stated by the Secretary of Defence.

    Thick jungles in the north should be the playground to killing LTTE pigs, for our proud SLDF, without whom today Sri Lankans would look like a bunch of spineless a**holes trying talk sense to a bunch of terrorist animals.

  96. Gringo,

    Spot on mate.

    LTTE consists of the world's most barbaric inhuman. Their demise is the hope of 21 million people in Sri Lanka.


    What is this saying?

  98. Control of the kokkutuduwai beach stretch from Kokilai to Nayaru lagoon taken by SLA. Wanni operation 29 th August 2008

    click here

  99. Tangara,

    This says LTTE dog Colonel Adavan is handing over gifts from megalmaniac Vezapizza for (non)heroic actions these brain-washed kids performed against SLARMY in the Vavunia front, creating destruction and confiscating weapons and other valuable goods from the Army.

    The bastard says that their war is like how Egypt fought with Israel, and asks folks in Ampara to join them to fight with SLDF.

    Oh.. it says that they are advancing in the war-front and inflict heavy damages to the Army :-) (LOL).

    This is all Punnakku for naive Tamil Die-Ass-Pora!

  100. In 1998 -1999, I visited Kokkutuduwai, Kokilai and Nayaru. Still have beautiful memories.

    There are about 300 fisher-folk families come to this area during the Warakan season in Negombo, and do their fishing.

    There was a school for these kids too. We took supplies to these kids. I still remember their innocent faces.

  101. Guys read this,
    SLA soldiers were given "pittu" for dinner by a LTTE carder in mistake and more interesting facts about LTTE's air raid.
    Rivira Ranabima

  102. I am very pleased that the army is in the proper "frame of mind".Once this is militaryly over we need to broadcast our findings about the LTTE to the world which includes interviews with conscripted ex-LTTE cadres.Have to make the lives of these LTTE diassphora supporters as embarrassing and hard as possible.These LTTE bastards think obama will bring them a peace deal..
    BTW..Norway and Denmark are good friends.This is why that film"my daughter a terrorist" was shown in Denmark.

  103. Tangara,

    A small correction, on the above, the bastard (who is the Head(less) of LTTE Military Training School says, they fight light Israel who fought the Egypt war.

    ..and also he whines about many people living under trees (thanks to their wet Peelam)!

  104. Gringo,
    WEll said.Dont forget that there are a lot of forced conscripts in this as well.We need to devise new tactics to catch them.Gringo once the military campaign is over we have a long way to go before the LTTE is finally defeated.

  105. noltte=peace,
    ALL our peace loving peoples have suffered so much over the past 30 yrs because of this LTTE filth while you see these fat LTTE bastards overseas getting away scott free.WE may sadly loose another say 5000 troops but we WILL get these fellows one way or another.We have to do it simply because we owe so much to the brave/innocent people who have been killed by this filth over 30 yrs.Its high time that SLanka stopped being their playground

  106. Did you guys see the vid on the night op?

    The coldier's verbiage is interesting.." thunakata fire kala, dekak bies una. Thawa thunakara RPG gahuwa, eka bidy ekak hambu una, dekak out giya..."

    The very impersonal approach is quite fascinating. Is this a pschological technique to avoid the fact that it is real people that they are talking about?

  107. Sri Lankan, who ever told you we would lose another 5000 soldiers, lied.

    There's plenty of talent and commitment on the ground that can and will prevent an extra-ordinary loss of life.

    What you are going to see is a stiff resistance followed by a complete collapse.

  108. LTTE counter strike could happen anytime between now and December.They are waiting for the most opportune moment.It paramount that SLA do all it can to privent mass murder of its troops prior to that. SLA morale will hit rock bottom if they are to loose couple of thousand soldiers in non combat operation like an attack on a troop carrier.

    LTTE plans are clear, they want to lay seige to Jaffna after attacking a troop carrier ship.

  109. Tropicalstorm,

    "Did you guys see the vid on the night op? "

    Can you give a link?

  110. China’s Influence in India’s Neighborhood

    (Republished with permission from
    New Delhi Center for China Studies)

    The Chinese have tried to maintain cordial and correct relations with India despite frequent reiteration of their territorial claims. China has also been expanding the areas of cooperation with India on issues affecting the interest of both the countries. A small beginning has been made in conducting joint training exercise between two armies of the two countries. This strategy has enabled China to keep India’ concerns at bay, even as it increased its influence in India’s neighborhood. Though the shadow of India continues to loom large over its neighbors, China has succeeded in improving bilateral relations with each one of them.
    The very size of India and its seemingly all pervading soft power kindle a sense of disquiet if not fear among some of India’s neighbors. This ‘Indian bogey’ is also used as a pet ploy in the political gamesmanship of countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Though India had taken remedial measures, for historical reasons the ‘bogey’ is likely to continue to hobble Indian articulation in the region. China appears to have leveraged itself as the answer to ward off the Indian enigma in these countries.
    For instance, Pakistan and Bangladesh have inherited a historical sense of insecurity about India after Pakistan was created in 1947. This provided a convenient foothold for China to step in. India’s economic domination of its neighbors has invariably resulted in lopsided trade imbalance tilted in India’s favor. Building better trade relations with China offers a way for them to balance this tilt. There is widespread fear of Indian cultural mélange submerging the national and ethnic identity of some of the small neighbors. These fears are compounded by the physical threat posed by India’s large armed forces... In the case of Nepal and Sri Lanka this fear is latent though they have enjoyed friendly ties with India most of the time.
    China appears to have prioritized its relationship with Pakistan and Bangladesh occupying the top slot. These two nations have built symbiotic relations with China over the years resulting in the creation of infrastructural and military assets that would come in handy for China, when required. They are followed by Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Maldives in the Chinese order of priority.
    Development of China-Afghanistan relations is hobbled by: China’s multi-faceted relationship with Pakistan. But despite this setting, Afghanistan remains a vital part of China’s energy infrastructure linking China with Pakistan, Iran and the oil rich Central Asian nations. So it came as no surprise when China secured in May 2008 the $3.5 billion Aynak copper field project in the remote Logar Province, making it the largest foreign direct investment project in the Afghan history. The Aynak copper field probably contains ore worth up to $88 billion. Significantly, the Chinese bid included the cost of building a 400 MW coal based power plant and a railway line from western China through Tajikistan and Afghanistan to Pakistan. China’s readiness to make such a large investment in a troubled region underscores its strategic significance for her, apart from its value in developing Western China.
    China’s effort to increase its influence has three facets – economic, military, and political. The emphasis and combinations vary from country to country conditioned by situational priorities. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are visible examples of China building a win-win relationship using political, economic and military leverages.
    The economic aspects include extending loans on low interest and commercial terms, aid, project financing, infrastructure financing etc. Chinese aided projects invariably have visible national impact. Some of these projects include the Gwadar port complex in Pakistan and the port project at Hambantota in Sri Lanka, and the construction of six vital bridges across major rivers in Bangladesh.
    Most of these projects have the potential to add to China’s strategic access and mobility in the region. For example the new extension of the Xinjiang railway up to Kashgar about 500 kilometers (via the Karakoram highway) from the China-Pakistan border is complimentary to the project to widen the Karakoram highway. It is significant that China is also involved in the construction of a rail line to link Gwadar with Pakistan-Iran railway line. Similarly, the extension of railway line in Tibet from Lhasa to Indian border region has strategic connotations to the Chinese assistance in developing lateral communications in Bangladesh.
    China’s military initiatives in the region are quite a few. Briefly, it comes in three forms: weapons sale, military training, and providing access to weapon technology. Of course military relationship between Pakistan and China goes much beyond these limitations and include sharing of nuclear and missile technology. These are well documented. China used Pakistan’s urge to develop nuclear capability to build enormous strategic bonds that have grown over the years.
    When the independent Bangladesh came into being. When a military coup overthrew the Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s regime, China got cosy with the military dictatorship. With the Bangladesh armed forces equipped now mostly with weapons and armament of Chinese origin, China is firmly established in the country’s strategic security initiatives. China has been awarded a project connected with the development of Chittagong port.
    We see this happening all over in Sri Lanka. China increased its influence in Sri Lanka’s strategic spectrum. China is inching closer to Sri Lanka as well. Recently, Sri Lanka allocated an exploration block in the Manner Basin to China for exploration of petroleum resources. This allocation would imply Chinese presence just a few kilometers from India's southern tip, thus causing strategic discomfort. In economic terms. It should be noted that the Chinese are already present at Hambantota on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, where China is building a Port and bunkering facilities and an oil tank farm. This infrastructure will help service hundreds of ships that traverse the sea-lanes of commerce off Sri Lanka. The Chinese presence in Hambantota Port would thus be another vital element in its strategic circle already enhanced through its projects in Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

    China’s strategy in Nepal has probably been reworked to handle the Maoist dominated democratic regime now in power. China had supported King Gyanendra of Nepal when he was fighting the Maoists. When the Maoists overthrew him, China changed sides overnight. It increased the aid to the Maoist regime by 50 percent to 120 million Yuan over the 80 million Yuan given to the Gyanendra regime. The democratic regime’s readiness to suppress the peaceful protest of Tibetan refugees in Kathmandu recently when the Olympic flame was brought in showed its readiness to please the Chinese. If China’s influence expands rapidly in Nepal, it holds serious portends for New Delhi’s strategic security calculations. .
    Having gained a strong foothold in India’s neighborhood, China is poised to increase its strategic clout enormously in this region. This is likely to haunt India’s strategic security planners in the coming years.

  111. -------------



  112. Bomb blast was in Pettah it seems. About 35 injured says Sirasa

  113. This how the answer will be man for the DPU claymore and air raids targeting civilians ...

  114. The pussies can keep many bombs like these, but it is not going to stop the march towards kili...These are last acts of the coward pussies

  115. @Shyam

    Look who is jumping..

    But these bombs will only make us even more strong to finish this fight to the end.

    LTTE is going down.. And very soon..

  116. TS,
    No one gave me the estimate of 5000 deaths.I just said that even if 5000 were to die we are finishing this LTTE filth off this time.God help me.. i dont want 5000 soldiers to die..So many many of our good people have died due to this filth.Once this is over we have to make those accountable answer some very interesting questions....a somewhat limited witchhunt..
    Well said mate..well said..No this is not going to stop.As for this bomb explosion just imagine it ould have been a lorry full of C4.


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