Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LTTE deserters asked to surrender

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have asked its members who deserted the organization to surrender by the 20th of August. The announcement was made via LTTE's official radio station 'Voice of Tigers'. According to the announcement. deserters were asked to report to LTTE's political headquarters by the 20th August.

Voice of tigers radio is broadcast via Fm 98.0 from LTTE stronghold of Kilinochchi.


  1. :)
    yep, give any sort of update than waiting for a big story, which would also seems to be happening on a weekly basis..
    Keep up the Good work

  2. Ha ha ha, this is a joke. We should counter this offer with something the deserters can't refuse.

    "Surrender" to the LTTE and face possible danger or surrender to the government, go under rehabilitation and join the mainstream Sri Lankans and carry on with your life.

  3. How hard is it to take out this Void of Tigers?
    I think it's important to take out their means of distributing propaganda.
    This will create a state of confusion specially among civilians and that will hopefully make them come to govt. controled areas with the help of some govt. propaganda.
    Ideal scenario would be to take out their transmitter (98.0) and transmit govt. info on that channel.
    I am sure we already have equipment to locate FM transmitters (probably TRC might have these equipment too).
    Also, I think it's possible to override the signal with a more powerful transmitter.

  4. Tata,
    great idea!

    Triangulation is the method I think.

    Yes we should transmit over FM whatever they are tranmitting on. Is this courtesy Norway?

    Man it would be really scary for them to hear calls for surrender over their normal programs.

  5. VoT's eastern broadcasts were on 103.0 before the army captured Vakarai, Verugal etc. It's not easy to take down physically since they dont need that much equipment to broadcast to a limited area; i.e. a pirate radio station.

  6. Thanks DN for the clarification.
    How practical is it to override the signal with a more powerful transmitter?

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  8. It is easier to override any FM transmission with a more powerful transmission on the same channel with a higher bandwidth would override LTTE transmission.

    How about transmitting:

    Genuine VOT: This is our Thaleivar Vezapizza's speach....

    Army Broadcast Overriding: "I the maniac Vezapizza order every brain-washed LTTE biaatch to surrender to the Army.. "

    These are the ones we should say "he! he!"

  9. with a powerful transmitter you can broadcast over the tiger broadcast

    if the LTTE changes the frequency

    Army can change accordingly

  10. DN

    thanks for the update

    anybody planning a holiday in Kilinochchi ?

    what are the attractions in Kilinochchi ?

  11. Guys,

    If it is so easy to over-ride their frequency, what are we waiting for? It should've been done a long time ago and this would have been an ideal way to get through to the population in Kili.

    What's stopping us doing it? Even broadcasting dead silence would do!

  12. Last year we bombed VoT just before Vezapizza’s speech. Even then they managed to broadcast it from makeshift stations. Would this not have been an easier and more foolproof way of doing it?

  13. Defencenet,

    Thanks for the update. This is a indication that LTTE is short of experience cadres.

    Any updates from 57 and 59 fronts will be much appreciated? In the coming weeks 59 has lot of surprises for LTTE and the control of Andankulama area is key here. Army now has many options with the control of northern Mannar and where we can get from there :)

  14. It is vitally important to take down any LTTE tv/radio broadcasting.

    Two ways I can think of doing it and possible difficulties with each.

    1) Destroy hardware

    It is relatively easy to locate a radio/tv transmission with a RF (radio frequency) field strength meter (RF spectrum analyser). Once the general area is located, a good visual observation would locate the transmitter as it sould be a fairly visible structure. A UAV should be able to do it, I suppose.

    However, this could be located in a densely populated area so SLAF would not strike it. Also the hardware is not “high tech”. A low power (50W – 200W) solid-state transmitter could be slapped up together fairly easily. It could also be moved from one place to another quite easily. The main visible structure is a 10m – 50m mast that needs to be erected to fix the transmitting aerial panels to. So if/when one transmitter is destroyed, they can set up another quite quickly.

    2) Radio jamming

    This is when a stronger signal of the same frequency drowns the original signal. This could be the solution provided we are able to acquire a couple of high power (2kW – 5kW) portable transmitters with frequency agile (variable frequency) IF tuner units. These are readily available, used mostly for outside broadcast (OB) purposes. Slight modifications to the frequency and transmitting aerial panels may be necessary. These are not mega bucks, should be cheap to buy. The transmitting panels could be designed to transmit in a narrower direction focussing most of the signal in the required direction. Larger population bases (like ‘Nochchi town) could be easily targeted from where ever the mobile transmitter is located. The military risk is minimal.

    To counter this, the LTTE could change the frequency but then the listeners also need to be told each time the frequency is changed. This is a practical challenge for them. We can also monitor the changes and adjust our jamming signal frequency accordingly. Additionally, using the jamming signal we can transmit our own message to those areas so when the listeners tune in they hear our message instead of the LTTE’s.


    In addition, we must not forget the good old fashion tried and trusted methods like leaflet dropping.

  15. Para,

    Just saw your posts after posting my previous post.

    As far as I can see, there should be no reason why we can't do this. As you said, we should have been doing this for years.

    My suspicion is that because it a simple and low-cost exercise (as opposed to expensive and complicated) our psyche says “it can’t be effective”. We should be able to broadcast TV quite easily too. Same is true for leaflet dropping. How about text messaging? Cheap and effective ways to communicate beyond barriers.

    I am yet to hear GOSL doing leaflet drops over Vanni. Printing, even in high quality graphics, is very cheap. Dropping them is at no cost. Just unload them over Vanni on your way to take a target there. Bingo!

    I am also at a loss why these simple/cheap techniques are not employed.

    Defensenet, do you have any explanations/reasons?

  16. I too can't see why we are not already using these methods to block VOT.
    HR violations? Violation of free speech? If I remember correctly, when the VOT was bombed, there was a big hue and cry from NGOs.
    Maybe someone has some hold on govt. for not going ahead with above.

    Side note:
    When I was about 13 or 14 years old I built a small FM transmitter and accidently I discovered that, when transmitting in a certain channel, it quite effectively jammed the TV signal (I think it was Rupavahini).
    I used this quite effectively to watch what I want when my sister wanted to watch something else.

    So, I think practically it's quite possible.
    But there must be something else that prevents govt. from doing so.

  17. Pakka-Lanka,

    Mate, to be honest, I didn’t know about radio jamming! However, now that yourself , tata, thambala, NOLTTE=Peace & LKDOOD have enlightened me on the issue, I am also at a loss to explain why we haven’t done this yet!!

    Well, I suppose they may have overlooked this possibility and there is a chance that planners didn’t either think about it or didn’t know about it. This is why I think it is important for them to visit blogs like these as there are few good ideas flying around here at any one given time!

    On the other hand, as tata mentioned, it could be something political. However, the impression that I get is that the equipment needed is not that heavy and we should be able to block the signal without too much of a fuss. I mean what is stopping us using the equipment inside a HSZ?

    Of course, don’t let any NGO come anywhere near the HSZ ;)

  18. "My suspicion is that because it a simple and low-cost exercise (as opposed to expensive and complicated) our psyche says “it can’t be effective”."

    And also in the psyche of some politicians it says, not enough money involved. Sorry but it's true.

  19. Guys,

    You're all right, this can be done very easily by decreasing SNR. The following is from wiki:

    Intentional communications jamming is usually aimed at radio signals to disrupt control of a battle. A transmitter, tuned to the same frequency as the opponents' receiving equipment and with the same type of modulation, can with enough power override any signal at the receiver.

    The most common types of this form of signal jamming are random noise, random pulse, stepped tones, warbler, random keyed modulated CW, tone, rotary, pulse, spark, recorded sounds, gulls, and sweep-through. These can be divided into two groups – obvious and subtle.

    Obvious jamming is easy to detect as it can be heard on the receiving equipment. It usually is some type of noise such as stepped tones (bagpipes), random-keyed code, pulses, music, erratically warbling tones, random noise (hiss) and recorded sounds. For example, China, which used jamming extensively and still does, plays an infinite loop of traditional Chinese music while it is jamming channels.

    The purpose of this type of jamming is to block out reception of transmitted signals and to cause a nuisance to the receiving operator. One early Soviet attempt at jamming western broadcasters used the noise from the diesel generator that was powering the jamming transmitter.

    Subtle jamming is that during which no sound is heard on the receiving equipment. The radio does not receive incoming signals yet everything seems superficially normal to the operator. These are often technical attacks on modern equipment, such as "squelch capture". Thanks to FM capture effect, Frequency Modulated broadcasts may be jammed, unnoticed, by a simple unmodulated carrier.

  20. More on capture effect:

    In telecommunication, the capture effect, or FM capture effect, is a phenomenon associated with FM reception in which only the stronger of two signals at, or near, the same frequency will be demodulated.

    The capture effect is defined as the complete suppression of the weaker signal at the receiver limiter (if it has one) where the weaker signal is not amplified, but attenuated. When both signals are nearly equal in strength, or are fading independently, the receiver may switch from one to the other and exhibit picket fencing.

    Amplitude Modulation, or AM radio, transmission is not subject to this effect. This is one reason that the aviation industry, and others, have chosen to use AM for communications rather than FM, allowing multiple signals to be broadcast on the same channel. Similar phenomena to the capture effect are described in AM when offset carriers of different strengths are present in the passband of a receiver. For example, the aviation glideslope vertical guidance clearance beam is sometimes described as a "capture effect" system, even though it operates using AM signals.

    For digital modulation schemes it has been shown that for properly implemented OOK/ASK systems, co-channel rejection can be better than for FSK systems.

  21. Parakrama,
    Yes, I think it's better to jam the signal than bombing it.
    It's better in all perspectives as far as I can think (cost, propaganda, etc.)

    NGO: Did you jam VOT?
    Govt.: Huh? What Jam? We don't do jam. Ask MD or Kist.

  22. In order to create ultimate ethnic harmony, can I propose Duwaraka to Asithri?

    This matrimonial will bring peace to this beautiful island.

    She is not bad looking at all. Please ignore the ugly barberic your future father in law next to her


  23. NOLTTE=Peace: " I propose Duwaraka to Asithri " Mate, ha ha ha awesome idea! One of the best for a while!

    Asithri won’t have to worry about Fatty too much as he will dead beat after running from bunker to bunker.

    What do u think Asithri will get for the dowry? Truck load of TNT and 1Kg of Cyanide? + Tsunami funds ? lol

    On honeymoon night Asithri will have to be careful not to pull the Bra too fast as that may activate the BOMB! : ))

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  25. tata,

    "NGO: Did you jam VOT?
    Govt.: Huh? What Jam? We don't do jam. Ask MD or Kist."

    You pull an important fact in today's SL politics. Gradually, NGOs and INGOs have become kind of authorities who can question the GOSL. In an ideal world, GOSL is answerable to the people of Sri Lanka, not these miscellaneous NGOs. NGOs are not representatives of people by any form or shape. Our elected representatives are in the parliament and provincial councils. Most importantly, When it comes to local politics, all the INGOs have no right or whatsoever to engage in politics.

  26. lkhood,

    Damn, I want to see Prabha in a glass casket in the next picture. By the way it is very interesting to see his bodyguards, perhaps Ratha Regiment around him.

  27. I don't know whether there are ethical constraints to a govt being involved in jamming voices of dissent. It is one thing to beat up majority community media, or even kill the odd one here and there, but to jam a minority's radio?? The lefty world, the liberal ponsies, gays and kimp-dicks all will hold their little breaths in pure indignation until their usual pink complection turns deep gay purple.
    There needs to be more constructive dialogue; the govt should address the Wanniars regularly, a presidential addreess or two thrown in, with plans and promises of imminent peace and prosperity. The message has to be nonchalant towards the whooting war, and more abt the future; what happens when the shooting stops. The strong promise is that the shooting is going to be over soon, in such a way the deep psychological message gets into the civillians' heads.
    It's almost over, and will be soon. And then the good times will roll. So try not to screw up, because uncle Mahinda is going to reward all good boys and girls..

  28. Sht! I'm getti' old. Looks like I need glasses...

  29. PriyaS

    [Ranil will remain a ponnaya as long as he talks, walks, thinks, dances like a ponnaya and associates other ponnayas.

    Words of wisdom from a likely future statesman of the Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka!

    ;-) ;-) ;-)

    Cheers brother!

    OaO Asithri

  30. has anybody seen this picture before ?

  31. tropicalstorm,

    Well said.

    "will hold their little breaths in pure indignation until their usual pink complection turns deep gay purple."


  32. KaatiK

    (about the LTTE)

    [In these deperate times it doesn't make a difference, there is nothing to compete for. All are in the same sinking boat.]

    How true brother!

    We, as exemplified by you a proud Tamil and me a proud Sinhela, will join hands soon to celebrate OUR victory…our country…our island…our future as SRI LANKANS!

    OaO Asithri

  33. lkdood,

    What picture? You forgotou forgot the link.

  34. The SLAF has air-dropped leaflets in wanni reqsting civiies to move into govt controlled areas.

    The govt should have made the very busy NGOs and the Human Rights groups that operate in those areas do this; after all they are the folks with the bleeding hearts, and should be more than happy to do things that benefit the civillians they talk so much abt.

    SLG; more clever thinking and less talking please!!

  35. Lkdood

    [has anybody seen this picture before ?]

    What picture mate? No pic or link provide!

    Anyway, I love this picture:


    Not my pic…this belongs to National Geographic…

    if I had my way, the caption would read: “Defeated tigers suck on the nipples of a bitch”…!!!


    OaO Asithri

  36. machang,

    It's on his earlier comment. Looks like poor Sun Goat is trying to shoot a Kfir :D Somebody should tell him to use a 'real' weapon against that

  37. lkdood

    Velu's picture with the fancy rifle is an old one. They simply cropped the scenary and re-published the same picture, and there must be a reason for it; my guess is the gook's paranoia driven manic depression is climaxing and he must be demonic right now.
    They publish these pictures to have a calming effect on the diaspora and others proactively, before the news starts leaking out.

  38. Blogger machang said...


    What picture? You forgotou forgot the link.

    August 20, 2008 6:38 AM

    i posted it higher in the thread

    here is the link again


  39. Karuna says LTTE has Aluminium Nitrate based Chem weapons, ready to use. MI didn't know, he says.

    Aluminium Nitrate is more of an explosive and requires heavy concentrated loads to cause an explosion. It is not the same as a chemical weapon, which typically cause fatalities when ingested thru breathing or other forms of contact.

    Another would be the issue of delivering a heavy load to the middle of a heavily defended target.

    The LTTe does not have the capacity to deliver it aerially on a military target, but could attempt a truck bomb on civillian/soft targets, including in Colombo.
    SLA forces need to watch out for buried explosives, particularly as they occupy vacated LTTE camps. It would be easy to bury such a weapon in an abandoned camp, knowing that the SLA just sails right in, Rupavahini crew in tow.

  40. DefenceNet

    Is a strike at E'pass from the south side easier than from the Peninsular?

    Who occupies the coastal belt upward of Trinco, extending up to E'pass?

  41. I think jamming is not effective if the distance between our (powerful) transmitter and the enemy's transmitter is very high.

    Though our transmitter is powerful than their's, the listeners in kilinochchi area will receive Void of Tigers instead of our one as the the signal strength of Void of Tigers is higher in nearby areas.

    However, since, now we are close to kilinochchi now we can employee that technique.

    [[LKDOOD said...
    anybody planning a holiday in Kilinochchi ?

    what are the attractions in Kilinochchi ?]]

    There is a high tech radio station in Kilinochchi. :)

  42. Prabha

    I'm gonna open a massage parlor in K'nochchi to provide employment to the newly unemployed Malathi's.

  43. guys guys

    why are we not looking at the significance of the announcement than jamming - let's consider the the message not the messenger

    lppe's accepts desertions possibly for the first time and are so deperate to broadcast a public call to return - an amnesty of sorts i guess.

    have they ever poublcly shown desperation before ?

  44. Crum…

    I was just going to dwell into the complex world of communications technology involving network jamming, FQ monitoring, triangulation, etc. etc. and provide my worthless 2 cents worth when the following caught my eye and the rest of my being went in that direction irrevocably: LMSSAO!!!

    NOLTTE=Peace said:

    [In order to create ultimate ethnic harmony, can I propose Duwaraka to Asithri? This matrimonial will bring peace to this beautiful island. Asithri, she is not bad looking at all. Please ignore the ugly barberic your future father in law next to her]

    Brother NOLTTE=Ecstasy,

    You have my full concurrence to go ahead and propose it!

    Fcuk, if that’s how she look, then humble OaO Asithri will giver HER the dowry, consisting of vast swathes of land in Ruhuney, 10000 field cows, 20000 wild hogs, not to mention the $Million fully equipped tree-houses on Koggla lake! Man, dowries don’t come this lavish…get it?

    As for the fat black ugly oily pig father…I will make a solemn promise to my beloved Duwaraka that his ashes (scooped up after a PGM strike from a PrettyKfir) will be kept in an urn in our blissful-matrimonial house next to the cat-litter bin.

    Gawd you guys…you know how to get humble OaOA going don’t you!

    LMSSAO!!! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  45. I had the pleasure of reading few of the weapon and accessory analysis from 'Nemesis' (oh what a beautiful analysis)... and this picture also has been subject to his analysis in the past.

    However, we would love to see it appearing again..


    Nemesis, over to you!

  46. Amma Gahai/Gahawi,

    I love your ramble on Asithri and Duwaraka..!

    We can request our humble Asithri a bomb -disposal training curtsy of the Norwegian People's Aid.

    We should seriously consider this.. !

  47. TropicalS

    [I'm gonna open a massage parlor in K'nochchi to provide employment to the newly unemployed Malathi's]

    Would you consider discounted prices for fellow SriLankan-Americans?

    When I say discounted, I don't mean "expired goods" nor cutting corners on service...yes, we SL-Yankees need to go the whole nine yards matey!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri


  48. Asithri is into it...

    What's next.. ?

    This is going to be a marriage made in heaven - the solution to the so called 'Ethnic Issue' in Sri Lanka.

  49. BTW, Nemesis's analysis is so sharp that I will guarantee you that he will tell what type and make of underwear that the fat pig is wearing when firing this weapon!

  50. Ammata G/G

    [Asithri won’t have to worry about Fatty too much as he will dead beat after running from bunker to bunker.

    What do u think Asithri will get for the dowry? Truck load of TNT and 1Kg of Cyanide? + Tsunami funds ? lol

    On honeymoon night Asithri will have to be careful not to pull the Bra too fast as that may activate the BOMB! : ))]

    boy ‘o boy…I see this can get a bit complicated.

    Not easy as I thought.

    Maybe you guys might want to give humble OaOA a pass and go try Qrious…after all he’s a handsome, well endowed (in more ways than one! ;-) eligible bachelor…who evidently know exactly when to pull all the straps - be it on a Bra or otherwise!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  51. Perein

    [Ammata uddu.... Serapu godai...
    Bata business would be booming... or is it the DSI..]

    Maru wachana malli...I loved it!

    I am still laughing!!!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  52. Asithri,

    Come on man! You can't be running away from this proposal.

    I'm sure you will bang not only Dwarka but also in-laws and OUTLAWS as well!!!!!

  53. NoLTTE=Ecstasy

    [Nemesis's analysis is so sharp that I will guarantee you that he will tell what type and make of underwear that the fat pig is wearing when firing this weapon!]

    Wonder if Nemesis can tell the same after a PrettyKfir/FoxyMiG has done the job on the fat black ugly oily pig with PGMs?

    Now if our bro Nemesis can do that, then he is indeed a genius and we can have give him eternal-seasonal passes to the massage parlour our bro TropicalS is hoping to open soon in Killinocchi (serviced by ex-malathi hotties!)


    OaO Asithri

  54. NOLTTE=Peace said...

    Asithri is into it...

    What's next.. ?

    Next goes like this….

    Duwaraka : Asiii….. where r u patiya???

    Asithri : Duwaaa…..I am here kukku….cleaning my gun!

    Duwaraka : ohhh Asiii… come and unhook my bra…

    Asithri : ohhh Duwaaa… u need me for every thing… it is ok I like it… hi hi hi

    Duwaraka : be careful Asii… u know what is under it… could be dangerous.. hi hi hi

    Asithri : I know what is under it Duwaaa … and I know how to handle it too hi hi hi

    Asithri & Duwaraka both : hi hi hi

  55. Wijayapalan will not be very happy about Asithri becoming the B-i-L of PONNA Charles Anthony.

    Bcos the PONNAYA cannot continue his father's legacy, his sister will do so with Chingalam names.


  56. PriyaS

    [I'm sure you will bang not only Dwarka but also in-laws and OUTLAWS as well!!!!!]

    Thanks for that errr...vote of rather “unusual” vote of confidence bro! LMSSAO!!!

    Yep, this humble OaOA from our deep Ruhuney can bang and even go “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” through the whole household and just stop short of the prized Jaffna goat munching on dried grass outside!


    Now stop it dudes…will you….!!!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  57. LMSSAO!!!

    “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” – (hope I got the spelling right)… a movie I saw at the Savoy in Bamba when I was about 4 yrs old…remember laughing my head off…hope some of you guys remember it too! Sorry, couldn’t help being nostalgic…reminded me of a Sri Lanka that was free from TERRORISM and simply speaking, LOVELY!

    OaO Asithri

  58. OK, my "high-command" just SMS'd me...got to go...thanks for the engaging discussion and fun here...remember we will overcome this horror soon and even after that, I sincerely hope we will stay in touch - to celebrate!

    Take care brothers/sis....

    OaO Asithri

  59. Patriots,

    You have a bigger task in you hands, i.e. to respond to Washingon Times article by Buce Fein. Please respond carefully with the most rational and polite language.

  60. Fein:
    The parallel political dynamic at work in Sri Lanka is the Buddhist Mahavamsa combined with Buddhist monk teachings that non-Buddhist Tamils must be exterminated to honor Buddha's vision of an ethnically pure Sri Lankan state

    My questions is, are there people who buy this bull?
    Maybe there are. It's frightnening.

  61. Noltte=peace, Asithr...

    :) I shall take your comments as a compliment...

    I have given a read on the Type-97 before, but in short it is a export version (5.56mm NATO) of the PLA’s standard battle rifle the QBZ-95.

    The prabah is holding has a forward grip which has been fused to the trigger guard, this is done to give the shooter more control in full auto fire, and to keep the center of gravity of the weapon stable (which in turn helps to give more control and better accuracy down range) The rifle has a L-3/EOtech sight (could be a 557 AR.223 or A65/1 series) holographic sight..which helps for rapid target acquisition and accurate engagement up to around a 150~400m . The attached flash light cum laser pointer looks like a M3 tactical. The barrel of the rifle can fire (or should be able to fire, because the PLA issue rifle grenades to its infantry) standard NATO 22mm rifle grenades (which the tigers have loved for a long time)

    He has a H&K Mk-23 or USP pistol in his holster, a cross draw hipster (prabha is known to favor this style of quick draw which he had mastered with a .22lr revolver [I think it had been a S&W or a Ruger short barreled one in the late 70s and early 80s ])

    Also note the some what well concealed bunker at his 10 o’clock position and one of his body guards maintaining a perimeter watch at the thicket close by.

    Note he is having noise canceling ear muffles (which he would need when our lads from No.5 & No.10 Squadrons start dropping guided and unguided Mk83/84s and soon when our field artillery rain 130mm HE rounds on his hide…:) or may be when a special SpecOp’s team sweeps his underground bunker with flash bangs to take him alive come knocking on his door with a loaded .45cal lol…

    As for underwear, mates I couldn’t say.. all I know is that he would need many of them now because he his shitting a ton in them these days :D

    Over to you..

  62. nemesis

    brilliant,i think you've out done expectations.

    just one question though, what's tht odd looking thing in the shrubs just behind his shoulder

  63. Nemesis,

    Thanks mate.. as Shan mentioned, you had outdone expectations... sheer brilliance!

    As you mentioned, in his 10'O clock position, the guard standing on one of the ventilation blocks of an underground bunker. The trees above are short, and immature. That means an artificial growth to conceal the bunker.

    BTW, Vezapizza does not wear any underwear these days. He wears diapers thanks to Gota and Gen Fonseka!

    Anyway, shall we all go to Washington Times and enlighten the readers about Bruce Fein's damn fabrications? Looks like either this man is trying to brain-wash the readers with a load of bull-crap, or he himself has been utterly brain-washed by his LTTE masters.

    Sam, great post there!

    Washingon Times article by Buce Fein. http://washingtontimes.com/news/2008/aug/20/a-genocide-inquiry/

  64. asthri,srilanka, and any other patriots. There is an article on washing times today, written by bruce fein which mentions bunch of baseless lies to fool the U.S. citizens! Please make comments and asthiri, please make spread the truth as there are lots of ltte supporters with baseless arguments/comments they are posting about the article. Here is the link


  65. Fein:
    The parallel political dynamic at work in Sri Lanka is the Buddhist Mahavamsa combined with Buddhist monk teachings that non-Buddhist Tamils must be exterminated to honor Buddha's vision of an ethnically pure Sri Lankan state

    biggest fu#kin joke of the year. Either this guy has no clue about buddhism or a ltte supporter wrote the article under his name. Eitherway, WOW...who the fuk would believe such bullshit as this. I thought the stories in tamilnet was bad,..until i read this article lol must be the work of a TamilNet writer..jahahah

  66. There is a little boy in this picture. Third from the right. Do you see him? Certainly looks underage to me.


    Are these the LTTE civilian militias or enlisted cadres? Why aren't we bombing these parades, thought at least the UAVs can locate these parades. This is the second one in two days.

  67. NOLTTE=Peace-

    In order to create ultimate ethnic harmony, can I propose Duwaraka to Asithri?

    I know some one was looking for attraction in Killi (Was it LKDOOD?)
    ... Soon you will have a live show in there with Asithiri :)

    Will "The Asithiri" ready to take the challenge :) ?

  68. Tharanga-

    There is a little boy in this picture. Third from the right. Do you see him? Certainly looks underage to me.

    Well noticed. There are couple of those young looking faces present....
    Where is the Human Rights? orr... I forgot.. They do only support Human wrong groups !!!

  69. Dear Nemesis,

    With regards to your analysis of the photo of VP, also note that according to the signature on the photo it was taken on 2/23/2006 at 7.18pm. The time signature is obviously wrong since it was obviously taken in the afternoon or in the morning (shadows) but the date signature could be correct.

    The picture was taken by a Canon EOS 350D Digital which was first sold in 2005 and then production ceased in 2007.


  70. http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20080820_04

    Who is the brunette in the first picture?

  71. chaminda,
    canon eos350d still sells in europe

  72. Nemesis,
    An analysis par excellence.

    Would we be fortunate enough to know a bit of your background?

    Does the likes of you serve in our forces and how many? I would be quite pleased to know that more Nemesis's do!

  73. Have a smile :)

    Positive of a FM Campaign..

    Another 1000 CIVILIAN Recruitment

  74. lkdood, what is the context of this picture you posted of VP? Where did you find it? is this supposed to be an update to show that he is alive and well and shooting at crows?

    As I said the time signature says February 23, 2006. Now when you buy such a camera the time is usally already set. Even if it wasn't, it is still hard to see how you would get a 2006 date in 2008. In these cameras, the time once set, never needs to be reset. I.e. removing the battery etc does not reset it.

    So then why are they using old pictures?

  75. DO or DIE


    Some more..

    Getting ready for the FINAL WAR

    Wanda Kudure PONA PEDURE!

  76. SO FAR 48,000 SLDF ESCAPED..

    GOSL Also recaling every one without any condition.

    here we go..!

  77. MAW bima newei thamage Mawa surakinna gedara gihing. MINISSU ne?

    Ne kiyapang..

  78. Sl,
    Countering Bruce now has very limited value.A more productive way to do this is that once the war is over(militaryly atleast)we make it a point to show the people in the U.S who are interested(via media)the harrowing ordeal the people of srilanka have been through.What Bruce wants now are "sparring partners" to entertain the guys who are paying him.He needs an interactive "audience".Other than action taken by the SL high comm in the U.S lets not entertain him.Keep in mind that this LTTE bs was started well before 1983.This is why they had created a "process" overseas to facilitate immigration of LTTE cadres taking advantage of lax immigration laws overseas.

  79. Looks like the serappu brigade is getting ready for the final showdown. Now its do or die for both sides, hope it is more do from our side and more die from their side. I think our boys are more than a match for these goose stepping, one handed praying mantis saluting, serappu wearing brigade.

    PS, hope the serappu brigade sees more sense. They look like civilians being frog marched into defending, hope they turn againts the LTTE thugs, I am the last one to wish for death to innocent civilians (whether armed or not).

  80. I agree with srilankan. Bruce Feinn is a crackpot and has no credibility left in him, no point wasting our resources combating his BS.

  81. CriMeWatCh-

    DO or DIE


    Some more..

    Getting ready for the FINAL WAR

    Wanda Kudure PONA PEDURE!

    Do or die?
    Well if the scenario is do, then LTTE can hold on to Killi for couple more extra months.
    If die... Not to forget during the first do there were some executions. Therefore numbers are less in LTTE.... lot more breaks will be inside Killi due to innocent been pushed towards FDL by LTTE.
    That's mean only DIE will get applied to LTTE in worst case (possibly with month or 2 delay)

    When this happens it would be bad for the BATA as well as DSI industry point....

  82. Srilankan-
    Bro, things are bad.. Serappu brigage gona get executed soon.
    We may have to look for a diff business... No more serappu soon :)

  83. I can see that these guys are going to be really effective in battle. And what is this new thing they are doing here (1st pic)? Seems like they've already adopted the nazi salute, probably sun goat has thought of a new attractive way for his servants to show their loyalty to him.


    "MAW bima newei thamage Mawa surakinna gedara gihing. MINISSU ne?"

    Mawa surakinna kattiyata padi gewanne kawuda danne ne. Mawa thiya thaman surakennath salli epay. Kohenda ewa labenne?

  84. Some one needs to send these pics to a Human Wrong organisation as evidence of child recruitment. As I pointed out before, there is clearly one or two who are underage.

  85. Tharanga-

    Some one needs to send these pics to a Human Wrong organisation as evidence of child recruitment. As I pointed out before, there is clearly one or two who are underage.

    This where we have the value of the Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama. He's a well respect figure around the world.

  86. Crimewatch, which side are you on? You are an enigma.

    PS, Karuna's father is Sinhala. Its not just a rumour, its a fact, but I can't disclose the source.

  87. Perein, are you being sarcastic?

  88. Tharanga-

    Perein, are you being sarcastic?

    About what mate?

  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

  90. I meant Rohitha Bogollagama being an effective FM!

  91. Srilankan,
    I agree with your long term plan that -
    {“ once the war is over(militaryly atleast)we make it a point to show the people in the U.S who are interested(via media)the harrowing ordeal the people of srilanka have been through”}

    But, I still think we should neutralize this attack, especially since it appears in the Washington Times. Do we want LIEUTENANT GENERAL FONSEKA and Secretary of Defence Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse to be distracted by any legal challenges / video links etc? Remember this is the US – money talks….

    BTW, has anything been done to prosecute this chap for supporting a banned Terrorist organisation? Asithri bro, any comments?

    Sam Perera, Thambala, ammagahai and other patriots, I’ve seen your comments in the W Times, well done. I admire your self-restraint and discipline on occasions such as these!

    Qrious and Pakka-Lanka, if you have time please read The WT article.

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Tharanga -
    "I meant Rohitha Bogollagama being an effective FM!"
    I do not like politicians...
    But I do mean what I said mate.

  94. Perein, I don't like politicians either, but I also like to give credit where credit is due, for e.g., Kadiragramar was very effective in countering LTTE propoganda in the international scene. However, RB has a poor track record, first we lost the seat in the UN HR Council, secondly the embassies and high commissions abroad have done very little to stop the LTTE fundraising and propoganda machine, I blame RB for that as it is his ministry.

  95. Tharanga-
    I do not disagree with you related to Kadiragramar. However now we are talking about the successor of the Kadiragramar.

    (Not sure you do live outside the Sri Lanka or you have the visibility of how difficult to play with the big players.)
    Related to UN lost seat was a matter of time before we loose it. RB or anyone else could not have saved it. However RB is managing the show by keeping the international players away from the SL issue.

    Also Cutting down the LTTE fund-raising is not something any one can do overnight. We need to get the facts right as well as the evidence right prior to approach head of those countries. If we run towards those heads during every simple issue we will get to the ignorant list.
    Do not forget the amount of LTTE driven charities which got banned around the world.

  96. I live outside Sri Lanka and see how bad a job our embassies are doing in countering LTTE propoganda and fundraising. I do understand political and diplomatic machinations very well and fully appreciate that we need to build a case before we go full on againts the LTTE machinery. But there are quick wins that can be had and the Sri Lankan diplomats here are doing very little to achieve those wins. That is the failing of the foreign ministry. I sometimes feel very sorry for the diplomats, they are poorly equipped (with the correct training) and poorly paid.

  97. Perein,

    My two cents!! Three times I interacted in a professional capacity with the current Sri Lankan Foreign Minister. In my opinion he is GREAT for the LTTE. The man is over his head in a street puddle. I am sorry to say but the man is just plain stupid, inarticulate, inefficient and ineffective. To top it off, he is rude and conceited. The man does not know the second thing about international diplomacy and makes a complete fool of himself when with his counterparts from other countries. I was there when he talked with a Foreign Minister from a neighboring country at a reception and Mr. Rohita B stuttered, blushed and ran out of the room Considering most diplomacy is done out of the formal meeting room this man way too awkward and stupid to develop a rapport with any of his cohorts.

    No he is really very bad, but I am sure the LTTE loves him. The banning of anything anywhere had nothing to do with him. In fact I think it was inspite of him. For gods sake this idiot voted against Pakistan at the Commonwealth meeting. I here MR was furious. Luckily Pakistan knew what an idiot this man is and let it go.

  98. Chaminda -
    This is your chance to educate some of us as well as the SL Foreign Ministry to run the show.
    We all are good at pointing out the bad points in most cases. Never give any feed back about how we could make it better.

    I do see what you mean now. I would beleve the change they have made in UK is due to similer issue/s.

  99. People are suffering at the hands of the LTTE. Fathers and mothers who don't want their children to be recruited seems to have handed themselves over to the LTTE in hope of saving their children.

    All these innocent people are sacrificing their lives to protect a gang of high ranked murderers.

    Because of these wars (by JVP in late 1980's, and by LTTE) our country has lost lots of innocent people, youth, academics etc (Not to mention the amount of resources & money).

    The following seems to be like a story that we normally see in movies.

    "In fear of forthcoming definite defeat at the hands of the advancing Security Forces, LTTE terror outfit has tightened its grip on the thousands of innocent civilians in Mullaitivu and kilinochchi by not allowing them to come to liberated areas, imminently to be used as a human shield, the fleeing people claim, the latest being the revelations made by the seven members of the family and the novice pastor of the Anglican Church in Sri Lanka who sought protection with the Navy, arriving at the Kallarawa fishing marshalling point by a fiberglass dinghy fitted with 15 horse power outboard motor from Chilawattai in Mullaittivu around 0030 hrs, today - 20th August.

    The group comprised of the seven member family of the father, 47 years, the mother, 37 years, three sons, 10, 16, and 18 years, the two daughters, 15 and 17 years and the novice pastor of the Anglican Church, 19 years, who is related to the family.

    The family had been living in Mullaittivu right from the beginning of their lives with a substantial income, as the father was a businessman owning four fishing craft out of which two had been robbed by the LTTE cadres; and the novice pastor had been living in Mullaittvu as a part of his novice life, though his parents lived in Jaffna.

    Fled due to enormous unbearable threats to their lives, forceful conscription and many other hardships created due to violence perpetrated by LTTE cadres, the members of group further stated that there are innumerable number of people in the un-liberated areas desperately aspiring to flee the clutches of LTTE, and there exists a possibility of using these people as a human shield against the advancing troops.

    Yet, the terror organization has been insisting that at least one child from each family be handed over to them.

    The father and mother said that they want to lead a calm and quiet life by giving their children good education, and they fled the terror reign placing trust on the government, the security forces and the people living in the other parts of the country."

  100. may be the deserters do not want to work for terrorists, thats why they deserted in the first place. they prefer a quality life with sinhala people and time to spend with their families. why should they back a loser.

  101. I think SLDF's message to the LTTE cadres is to "Dessert the outfit and report to the nearest security forces checkpoint".

    "surrender" is for someone who is still believing in something but "surrender due to fear/sheer pressure" or having run out of other options.

    Psychologically, the message should be for LTTE cadres to leave the outfit and join the main-stream. SLDF is there as protectors of these deserters, and facilitators of their journey towards mainstream.

  102. Blogger Chaminda said...

    lkdood, what is the context of this picture you posted of VP? Where did you find it?


    LTTE web site


  103. At least this would create tax payers to dole out 800 father or mother-less families monthly welfare payments when the war is over

    sad.. sad. sad!

    I wish I had magic powers to save these innocent people from Vezpizza's grip.

  104. DN

    If you have problems in Understanding tamil just get some help from a well known tamil friend to translate the LTTE broadcast ..

    The LTTE announced just rejoin to the tamileelam army to protect their nation and the people from the state terrorism of SL ...it doesn't mean to surrender another Lie by the DN ..

    common man howmany days you gonna fool the people in Srilanka .....

  105. DN

    If you have problems in Understanding tamil just get some help from a well known tamil friend to translate the LTTE broadcast ..

    The LTTE announced just rejoin to the tamileelam army to protect their nation and the people from the state terrorism of SL ...it doesn't mean to surrender another Lie by the DN ..

    common man howmany days you gonna fool the people in Srilanka .....

  106. Shyam brother,

    Don’t worry about translation, very soon we will have to surrender to SL. Now go to bed brother,

  107. Perein,

    Someone mentioned that the most effective flank attack can be carried out by air if the terrain is conducive.

    I think that SLAF is going for it.

    Here onwards, any LTTE formation would be decimated first by air attacks, before they reach our troops.

    I heard that several container-loads reached Katunayake in the past few days.

  108. We were as far north as possible at the front for the last 2 nights and read this blogg about the VOT etc.Now back in Kandy I am able to access and write on an ADSL link as at Vanniya the internet is too slow for my liking. Escaping people says that the tigers are wasting time making radio announcements as the people hardly listen to radios where batteries are in short supplies and they have better things to do than listening to dead ropes given by their leaders. Their areas of control are ever diminishing and people in these areas say that the tiger leadership may vacate the areas, might even escape to other countries, reasons for lengthening the runaway? There might be rouge arms dealers that might facilitate such an escape.

  109. Kevin welcome back!

    Hope you are enjoying the beauty of our country and people!

    Are the LTTE still an underground force in Vavunia?

  110. Kevin,

    Grab your "Nalame Suit Ready" to be one of the Best-mens in Asithri-Duwaraka Matrimonial!

    We are going to make ultimate Ethnic Harmony.

    If Asithri is evading the challenge, I am threatening with Asithri to take the proposal elsewhere to MR's Eldest Son!

  111. Above "Nalame" should be corrected as "Nilame"

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. Heavy fighting in Maniyakkulam area.

    Rapid movement through A32? or SLDF managed to use another path to reach Manniyakulam area?

    What hapenned to the LTTE carders in nachchikuda?

  114. Asithri

    Free season-tickets to the US based patriots...

    Abt Velu posing with his pea-shooter; That pic is an old one and these generally hit the media when things turn real ugly in the toilet pit and the gook starts climbing walls in manic depression.
    This should be taken as a sure sign that the pressure is really spot on and the knife is turning deep in tehe gut. It's working guys, just keep turning it, a little bit more and soon we will have a true 'busta-bloodvessel!

    Way to go SLA. Even the few with balls still with Rani(l) are starting to see day-light.

    I am a true and concerned life long UNP'r So when all this is over, as a big favor for the party, i am going to donate a dildo each to Rani(l) and Mangal(ika) with two big meat balls each.

  115. SLG should put the pressure on the NGOs operating in unlceared areas to distribute literature to Tamil civillians offering assistance. These bastards have begun to operate above and beyond the law and there are many ways to bring them in-line.
    One way is to make them perform verifiable and productive acts which conform to our national security prerogatives. If not, it opens up the prosepects for us to hold them accountable for what they do, if anything inimicable to us and then prosecute, incarcerate/ deport as (Persona Non Grata) as needed. We are sitting on the top of the pile and now is a good time to f*rt and sh*t on some of the worms.
    This is not just for vengeance. It will carry great detterant value for the future.

  116. Defencenet,

    Very little information seems to be avaliable on the topic of POWs in this conflict. Given that it has been a largely conventional war for the majority of its duration, a high number of POWs should exist on both sides...in theory.

    I understand that the LTTE is well known for executing prisoners en mass, so I am not surprised that there are few if any rebel held prisoners, but what of captured LTTE? Are the only rebels taken alive those who have entered rehabilitation programs, or is there a permanent POW population? Do you know how many rebels have gone through the rehabilitation program? How many permanent POWs are there? Of those who have been rehabilitated, how many or how typical is it for rebels to rejoin the LTTE?

    This radio offer from the LTTE is a joke, but it opens the door to clarifying the general status of POWs and deserters on both sides.

  117. Guys,

    Sorry, for being quiet for three days; I must emphasize I never had a brush with a spectre of a kidnap.

    I have noticed two debates recetnly and would like to wade in.

    First one about Duwaraka, the daughter of Velupillai of whom a photograph appears to be circulating with her infamous father.

    It looks like Duwaraka has attained puberty and a ceremany has been held in secrecy without inviting us, especially at a time many Tamil village girls attain th same in trenches.

    Some folks think Duwaraka should be Asithri's wife and asihri thinks it should be Qrious who should make the move.

    I think Duwaraka must be sold in an auction house. I don't mind hitting the head of a replica of her famous father while calling for bids.

  118. is this a new development or a correction?

    from defence.lk.

    "According to the Air Forces sources two simultaneous air sorties were carried out by the supersonic fighter jets around 4.45 p.m targeting LTTE defences at 2 1/2 Km east of Nachchikuda and another 3 Km north-east of Nachchikuda.

    Meanwhile, MI-24 helicopter gun ships also carried two separate air attacks targeting LTTE defences one in 1/2 Km north of Nachchikuda and another in 3Km north-east of Nachchikuda around 5.00 p.m. Air Force sources added. "

    1. 3 Km north-east of Nachchikuda has been bombed BOTH by jets and MILs within 15 minutes.

    i hope these attacks were "COMPLIMENTARY" attacks where one compliments the other. jets can take larger targets and MILs smaller or residual targets.

    2. we are slow in nachchikuda which is OK. but what is not OK is not having depth as before.

  119. Chaminda said...


    My two cents!! ... I am sorry to say but the man is just plain stupid, inarticulate, inefficient and ineffective. To top it off, he is rude and conceited. The man does not know the second thing about international diplomacy and makes a complete fool of himself ..."

    Sounds like a typical politician from most any country.

  120. qrious,

    dwarga attained puberty in 1996. there was some rumours a few years ago that one PONNA-ambalam was going to marry her. that would be a disaster. charlie boy is anyway a PONNAYA and if vezapillai's son in law is also a PONNA-ambalam, then his inheritence falls on little balachandran's shoulders. apparently he is mentally retarded!

    so vezapillai is looking for a better son in law who can take over from him. VP's favourite child is dwarga anyway and he is willing to give anything for dowry.

    in case he couldn't find a son in law matching his VERY STRICT criteria, he is planning to commit incest in order to keep his clan at the top of the LTTE and the mythical TE. that is nothing for a total barbarian canibal (actually a disgrace to other barbarians) like VP. VP will never give away his masterpiece to PONNAYAS, mentally retarded idiots or worthless jerks.

  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. Moshe : " VP will never give away his masterpiece to mentally retarded idiots or worthless jerks"

    That's make Kuttu, Shyam and Bhairav ineligible to claim Duwaraka's hand!

    Qrious : even though Duwaraka has attained puberty in-house not in trenches like of an ordinary Tamil village girls I still think auction thing is not the best way. And I against committing incest!

    So, Asithri and Qrious backing off from NOLTTE=Peace proposal for Duwaraka then I put my hand up voluntarily!

    I am a “love maker” not a “war maker”! So, I think I can tame the Tiger in Duwaraka ! winck winck! The offspring's will be in the middle-path not extream as my softness mixed with Duwaraka's roughness! : ))

    All I need is a quick training “how to take the bra off with out activating the BOMB” I mean BOMB not BOMBS! I know how to diffuse those two BOMBS! Lol

    PS. VP and his supporters, this is only an attempted humor and never intends to tarnish the image of Duwaraka or I am being sexists! So, pls don’t send a suicide case to my joint to blow me! I mean literally to blow me up! Ha ha

  123. Dwaraka is already proposed to marry the son of Col Shankar. I'm not sure when their wedding is supposed to be held.

  124. kaatikuddupaan: Brother, u just broke my HEART! Lol

  125. [Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

    kaatikuddupaan: Brother, u just broke my HEART! Lol]

    Amma Gahai,

    You can fondle your pencil lead penis for rest of your life as you can imagine in a 3-some action with Gorious and Assithri. If you feel any resource deadlock with 3-some action, ask our senior citizen,Mr.Sam Perera, to join your company, he will be more than happy to help you guys.

  126. Defencenet

    Pageviews per day [?] : Over 3,800
    Unique users per day [?] : Over 1,400

    Source: AdBrite

  127. Amma Gahai/Gahawi,


    Like your humor man!

  128. Dwaraka, before u accept the proposal for son of Col (KFC) Shankar pls read my avowal of love to u and please run in to my open arms to start a beautiful life together in harmony and love forever! We will have lots of Lion and Tiger cubs together and we can do paint ball shooting with them.

    “avowal of love

    Dwaraka, my love , my silver bullet , my explosive rose , my fanatic honey to the bee: my heart ache in pain (like hit by a DPU unit of SLA )after hearing from kaati that ur dady (fatty) bumba proposed son of Col (KFC) Shankar to be ur knight (terrorist) in shining armor!

    My love Dwaraka, I ain’t a knight or a terrorist! I am a lover! I love ur explosive personality, I love ur extremist passion, I love ur exude nature (and all of ur family’s ofcoz) and most of all I love ur endeavor to blow me!

    My love, my heart sank like a dingy boat of ur uncle Sussay’s after this news.
    My love, my soul is so shallow like ur other uncle Pottu.
    My love, my desire to live fades away like ur ex uncle Tamil Chelwam.
    My love Dwaraka, I am hanging in to my last gasp like ur dady (fatty) bumba hanging in to his dreamy mono ethnic racists 2 acres.

    My love Dwaraka, I can keep going telling u how much I love u. But I am still @ work. So if I get caught they will fire me and then we will have to live like kings on tsunami funds!

    So, my love Dwaraka run in to my arms and I’ll hold the BOMBS!

    Love, AmmaGahai

    PS: Bhairav, u just blew ur chance do a 3-sum with me and Dwaraka. Now who is the stupid? Ha !!

  129. Amma Gahai/Gahawi,

    Ha ha man! Excellante..

    You are aother gifted one like Qrious...

    You have lot of talent... innovation...

    great humor!


  130. hate to say it, but i said so. may be terrorists were planning a classic flank attck on the 57 division from 7km from omanthai.

    i said on 19/08,

    "the area AROUND omanthai entry/exit point is going to stay as it is (more or less) for humanitarian reasons. this means the adjoining tiger areas are going to be under LTTE control for a long time. we discussed this.

    this poses a BIG threat to SLA in the event they try to cross A9 from WEST to EAST north of omanthai. it allows tigers an ideal opportunity to attack SLA flanks in that event. DESPERATE tigers don't understand HUMANITARIAN reasons and the kindness of the govt.

    in DELIBERATELY allowing tigers to "keep" a stretch of land connecting the entry/exit point around omanthai to the tiger heartland, the govt. has done a mistake. but the govt has no other choice either.

    TF extra care should be taken on account of a flank attack from the SOUTH (N & E are also possible) WHEN SLA try to cross the A9 from WEST to EAST. tigers WILL use the stretch imediately north of omanthai to shell SLA positions.

    August 19, 2008 5:09 AM"

    from defence.lk

    "SLAF MI-24 Helicopters raid LTTE gathering point - Omanthai
    Sri Lanka Air Force MI-24 Helicopters has accurately engaged an identified LTTE gathering place at Omanthai in Vavuniya district this morning, 21 August.
    Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to defence.lk said that the air bombardment carried out observing an LTTE's gathering 7 Km north-west of Omanthai around 6.30 a.m.
    The Sri Lanka Air Force is continuously carrying out air surveillances to locate the LTTE terrorists and to identify the intensified activities in the enemy territory."

    SLDFs should be very careful about omanthai and sorrounding areas. tigers don't understand humanitarian concerns.

  131. Moshe,
    Tigers won't attack Omanthai with full force. If they do it will be just suicidal. Even if they break the front line they won't be able to maintain the momentum. Surrounding area is manned by TF2 ,61, 56 and 57 divisions. We can definitely overwhelm them. And there won't be any logistic problems for us.

  132. Dwaraka is real nice looking. Very fair. She's quite modest too.

    Only thing is she's quite short like 5'3

    but I've never seen a girl in Vanni that looked as pretty as her.

  133. Out of two, one died when knocked off by TMVP is election propaganda vehicle

    Two people is met an accident near the Police post at Pollanaruwa by the election propaganda vehicle used by Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal contestant Mangalam Master of which one died. The dead person traveled in a motorbike.
    Another election violation incident occurred at Anuradhapura, a coordinating officer of Minister Duminda Dissanayake was shot today afternoon. This incident occurred near the Eppawala Ground. The culprits had come on a blue color vehicle, was stated by the police. The injured official is admitted to the Anuradhapura hospital.
    Another victim of gun shoot injuries too was admitted today evening at the Anuradhapura Hospital.

    Meanwhile this afternoon the vehicles belonging to western Peoples Front were attacked at Kawatha, Ratnapura, of which some were injured.

    AI Methram BAYA Anduwata.

  134. lankanews,
    I saw reports some time ago that pallavarayankaddu fell to SLA. But apparently Nochchikuda has not fallen?? If this is so how are the maintaining resistance at nochchikuda. Is it that some routes are still open for the tigers for logistics east of here?

    Over here at defence.lk it says that it is 57 that is playing at Manniyakulam. But the Divaina article you posted says it's 58.

  135. “Dwaraka is real nice looking. Very fair. never seen a girl in Vanni that looked as pretty as her”

    Kaati, Bro.. ur making me nervous now! I am shaking (literally) like a love sick puppy!

    “Only thing is she's quite short like 5'3”

    Brother, I ain’t a giant too! I am just a six foot handsome guy! : ))

    “She's quite modest too”

    That’s what I am looking for. Kaati, any chance u can slip my love note to lovely Dwaraka???

  136. Again here four air attacks at nochchikuda.

    What's going on here? Anybody in the know? How are they able to offer such resistance? Is Puka Abaran ... I mean Prabakaran there by any chance?

  137. Kevin,
    Please do tell more from your visit..

  138. hemantha,

    nice to hear from you friend.

    yes; tigers won't attack omanthai. my only concern is tigers who are in omanthai can attack SLA positions in the west, north-west (east and north-east) of omanthai.

    surely we can overpower them. but the danger still exists.

  139. no_mess,
    Totally agreed, we don't want any distractions. The mere holding of an enquiry will put a lot of pressure on the operations which may ultimately scuttle it even when then come through it unscathed the harm would be done.

    They tried to murder Gotabhaya Rajapaksha, now that they can't manage it the LTTE terrorists and the support lobby are trying crooked methods to distract Gotabhaya Rajapaksha and General Sarath Fonseka.

    I go really worked up about this being at Washington Times.

    People with better ability to answer logically to the point should go there comment. As no_mess said qrious, pakka lanka, kevin please put your efforts there.

  140. Perein,
    Bro once this is over we have to conduct an investigation w.r.t the kind of business we can engage in and it may not be about a product may be more of a service:):).

  141. Tharanga and no_mess,
    Many thanks for your comments.I think about Brucie this way.What is the worst he can do?.Speak to us about "Human rights" abuses and whatelse?.ALL his activites regarding us will be via the medium of speech and thought on his part.On our part we can wish him a very happy "serocis of the liver" or a ever sooo fabulous "Pancreatic or testicular cancer" not to mention the fantastic "leukemia" for him ASAP and also engage in stupid debates to the enlightenment of the LTTE Diasphora.This will also give the LTTE di-ass-phora an opportunity to question our sources today about the "ever so cruel" treatment they have been receiving from the "singhalese" fx like the sacred hindu festival where we forcibly hung them against their will and paraded them round the city in trucks.THe U.S govt is not going to lock Brucie up but we are going to make idiots of ourselves.Brucie wants us to engage in some kind of "debate" with these LTTE di-ass-phoras.It is ever so late for debtes now.Debating time is OVER!!.What is the worst that can happen to Brucie.His friends and some Americans may see him as a Right Royal Idiot and his "golfing" mates may crack jokes about him with their mates.Our task is to increase the number of Americans who know the truth and see our point of view also.For this we have to wait till this is over militaryly.However in the meantime we have to organise a series of events trips/media/Tv where the surrendered LTTE cadres and those currently conscripted in the Wanni are given a chance to tell their stories to the world after the military campaign is over although this may have points that goes aginst us as well.

  142. Funny talks by thamil chelvam, "In an interview with the Reuters, the leader of the LTTE’s political wing, Mr. S. P. Tamilselvan, declared that the organisation would target major military and economic structures in the future with an aim of crippling the island’s economy.

    He also told the Norwegian envoy that the co-chairs had failed to pressure the Sir Lankan government over its human rights abuses.

    “Our targets would be in the future major military and economic structures of the government of Sri Lanka,” Tamilselvan said speaking to Simon Gardiner from Reuters Friday.

    “They will be targets which help the government sustain its military operations and military rule,” he added. " source:::http://www.tamilguardian.com/article.asp?articleid=1326 this is almost one year ago

  143. Srilankan-

    Bro, while looking for new business, came across with some spare parts related to current
    Serapu Business
    Now if you got to the bottom 1st picture,

    1) There are lot of second hand slippers like those soon.
    2) Do you see the some greenish bag towards near end of the picture? It clearly has India and number like JUNE 2008. Now any guesses what could be in that bag?

    Ignore the 1Q but interested to find some feed back on the Q2

  144. Srilankan and others-
    I would believe that Brucie and co. is in LTTE pay packet. Soon / if not already the company cannot afford to pay those employees.
    What about the some one in current government trying to approach one of those clowns and ask them to tell the bad part of LTTE with some one off payment :)

  145. Guys,
    I think ammagahai has gone back to work, so it’s safe for us to talk….., Now that he is offering 3-sums, I think we should encourage Dwaraka and ammagahai’s marriage. We can have all the fun without dealing with dady(fatty) dumba.
    I’ll delete this before Asithri wakes up…. Don’t want Dwaraka to end up in the USA.

  146. Not sure any one seen this yet?
    Is this right?
    God... is this the same Human Wrong (Rights) ?

    "Kappana Bari Athaa Sibinna yanne"

  147. Welcome to the future Sri Lanka

    The Renaming of cities in Sri Lanka:

    Back to the Roots

  148. Perein,

    Yes, I had seen it earlier. It was published in BBC too, I think I mentioned that AI has finally worked up the courage to say something againts the Serappu Brigade.

  149. Defencenet:

    I've been reading this blog for a long time and I'd like to express my sincere thanks to the people behind it in allowing us a a truthful glimpse of the conflict than can be obtained from the official sources.

    It is such a relief to see the Sri Lanka Armed Forces finally being allowed to perform in a professional manner. To see what I mean, take a few minutes to read what I wrote in Lankaweb during those dark days of 2001, after EPS was overrun.



    A few questions from having watched the SL news videos on Youtube:



    – Why are SLA officers walking around with their rank badges and decorations? I've also seen NCOs with their rank badges on display. Surely this is an open invitation to LTTE snipers to take out these high value targets?

    – Are all combat soldiers in the SLA supplied with body armour or do they remove them after ops to gain some relief from the heat and weight? In many news reports, many are seen without their body armour.

    Here in South London, I wonder what's going to happen to the LTTE supporting shop-owning diaspora? Perhaps I'm imagining it, but they appear to be quite gloomy these days!

  150. We made a few SF guys who came to Kandy on perahara duty, now gone back to the North and to the front it self and we followed then as far North as possible and I must say their morale is high compared to what we noticed during jayasukrini(forgive my spelling) and this is bad news for the tigers. I was told by these brave guys that the tigers have no hope in retaining their power. It was a known fact for years that the tigers have buried weapons and ammo in places like in the graves and now they are looking into it, perhaps found some, though these guys are friendly they would not like to reveal much in public. When we were passing a place close to minneriya and walikande someone in the know showed concern about Karuna’s people taking a bit in to their hands and gsol must look in to this because our forces are doing a professional job and some one else must not muddy this. Hearing from the foreign mission contacts in Colombo they seems to be generally happy with the way the war is conducted as the rules of engagement is as good as accepted. Will be in Colombo to feel their pulse as their help is needed for the next battle overseas where these terrorists raise over 300 million dollars per year. We are hoping that these two elections will be over so that much needed personal are sent north.
    Everyone concerned in the frontal areas are wondering how these terrorists will escape the forces that are closing in. Perhaps by sea or by air. What we heard from these guys can’t be mentioned here in the blogg, perhaps DN may give it in a measured way. Hoping to hang around for another week or so.

  151. Noltte
    I can’t wear that Nilame suite as it is bloody hot here and it is heavy too. I will stick to my sudas’s suite if asthiri invites me to his wedding in US, but must see the ending of this fascist rule in Vanni, where the Tamils too are getting fed up, clearly demonstrated by their respect to non Tamils and their silence over these matters of a homeland etc.MR has destroyed their myth of a Tamil homeland. Last night MR explained his government’s policy and its aims and even answered question live from places like KEBITHAGOLLAWA IN Padavia areas. We are truly impressed with his explanation and he was not in a mood to compromise with the terrorists and I wonder why he wore a black and white bush shirt on that lengthy TV interview? Perhaps mourning the death of some terror leader like VP,sin anay!

  152. Colombo - A student belonging to the majority Sinhala community was shot dead at an university in predominantly Tamil minority eastern Sri Lanka by unidentified persons on Thursday night, military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.

    The student was identified as a 27-year-old first year business management student attached to the Vandaramullai University in Batticaloa, 240 kilometres east of the capital Colombo.

    The spokesman said it was not clear as to who was responsible for the shooting or the motive for the killing.

    The shooting came as students belonging to the majority Sinhala community who have been selected to attend the university staged a protest in the capital, refusing to register at the university because they claim it is not safe.

    The students selected to go to the university are asking the government to allow them to register in other universities in the south which are located in predominantly Sinhala areas.

  153. Notltte
    Before I hit the sac, it’s 1 am in Kandy.I will mention what I noticed something here in Kandy and in up north just in a small town just north of Vauniya, a guy a brave gentleman, a professor like spectacled chap. He was first at the last day of the Kandy perahara walking along with the perahara looking very closely at the crowd taking almost 10 minutes to move 10 feet, looking very seriously and with determination at the faces of people seated on the floor as if he was looking for some people, and he took his time, perhaps trying to remember the faces, took notes on his notebook and the same guy was there up north a few days later. Must be a high ranker of our intelligence unit and I admire his bravary, with no weapon with him he was doing his rounds in that dangerous place.
    No ltte,
    Yes! There seems to be a tiger underground n/w not only in Vauniya but in other places in the south as well. This why these brave guys are out there and I would buy him a drink any where in the world for brave guys like him and I always wondered who he is,herhaps an experienced high ranker who knows his onions.

  154. The Charge of the Bata Slippers Brigade
    By Lord Konnapu Bandara

    Half a league, half a league,
    Half a league onward,
    All in the valley of Death
    Rode the six hundred.
    'Forward, the Bata Slippers Brigade!
    'Charge for the guns!' he said:
    Into the valley of Death
    Rode the six hundred.

    'Forward, the Bata Slippers Brigade!'
    Was there a man dismayed?
    Not tho' the soldier knew
    Someone had blundered:
    Their's not to make reply,
    Their's not to reason why,
    Their's but to do and die:
    Into the valley of Death
    Rode the six hundred.

    With many apologies to the great poet Lord Alfred Tennyson

  155. http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=rFLwGIfl20Q

  156. we need to jack-up the HARVESTING rate. it seems that by putting preassure on kili is a good bait for tigers.

    nows the time we need MORE weapons.

    there should be no let up in war as gota said. we have to eradicate them fully. this needs hell of a lot of weapons and manpower. our planning has been very good so far. it should be maintained. the most restrictive is money when it comes to planning. we can get an idea of how our planners did in the past.

    defence expenditure budget and actual compared from 1995-2000.

    1. it has obviously increased
    2. the increase can be broken down to PLANNED increase and UNPLANNED increase
    3. PLANNED increase = this year budget/last year actual (in simple terms, how much we increased it after considering the last year)
    4. UNPLANNED = this year actual/this year budget (in simple terms, how much we overspend)
    5. total increase from year to year is PLANNED x UNPLANNED
    6. also total increase is increase from one year to the next in actual spend


    govt's planning disasters can be seen from the second column leading up to 1999. we should never do that next year. column 3 shows a STAGERRING 1.6 for 2000 in UNPLANNED expenditure due to wrong timing of purchases. we all know what happened.

    instead the govt. should have put that money into 1999 which would increase the 0.9 (column 2) higher and 1.19 (column 3) down and the CRAZY 1.6 down, down and down.

  157. Kevin,

    Thanks for the update mate!

  158. Decisive Military Action for Long Term Benefit: The March on Vellankulam
    by E.T. Bailey

    click here.

  159. VOT


    My dear Tamil people,

    I hope you are keeping well and well-informed too. The enemy is on our door step to invade our country. Our country is a pariah state for the international community and the head, your beloved Prabhkaran, that is me, is the world's most unwanted man. Hasn't the international community exercising double-standard? They did one thing in Kosovo and the opposite in Vanni. This is grossly unfair.

    I love my people; that's why I am not running away. Of course, borders are sealed by the enemy. But I have to say I have been there before, when I am confined to close quarters yet managed to slip through the net. Of course, at that time, my body was more flexible than now it is.

    My enemy, which is by default, your enemy has launched a personal vendetta against me. They first said they just wanted the land of Vanni and have changed the tune a bit: now, they just want me and Pottu. You all will see the pattern: this is getting very personal by the day; my dear people this is in clear breach of Geneva Convention. As you know very well, we always respected international agreements no matter how hard the circumstances are: we always deny involvement in the civilian killings; we usually put the blame on other sinister groups when it happens; basically, we wash our hands off civilian killings. We stopped those clandestine activities after the tsunami: I know Tamil people in Mulathivu blamed me for instigating the tsunami as a collective punishment for bad deeds committted by me on the Sinhalese civilians. I have leart my lessons.

    Our enemy has taken over our farms; so, if there is a steep price rice in the coming days, especially in vegetables, blame on the enemy for the development.

    My dear Tamil people, the coming days are very important for the survival of our nation. The enemy wants to bundle up each and every one of you and throw them into sea; believe me, this is not propaganda but the truth. So, my dear people, we must stay together as a team to reisist this vile move. Can you imagine being thrown into sea as a bunch of sticks? This is dreadful.

    My dear Tamil peopel, there is a way out of this menace. We must fight back: please sign up to our new recruitment drive that is now underway: go in large numbers with enthusiasm; don'g grumble; you fight for a noble cause; send your son and daughter to the front line; send the older people for auxilliary duties; send babies and children to earth bund that we have already constructed to scream at the enemy on the eve of invasion. Screaming is a powerful weapon; the human rights organizations have been doing it for us for the past 30 years that kept the enemy at bay.

    My dear Tamil people, don't be serious about the enemy propaganda. They always bring up the issue of my children. I am sure you all wish them success. They are doing rather well: Charles Anthony is an IT specialist; Duwaraka is flooded with marriage proporsals, even from the enemy; Balachandran has fallen in love with an Australian girl to follow in Bala's footsteps. They are doing really well. Mathivathini is really pleased with it. They will carry the flame of liberation from continet to continet, I assure you all.

    My dear Tamil people, in the coming days, our fighters will tell you where my bunker exactly is. So, please surround it in large numbers so that the enemy can't brech it. They have been good at breaching earthe bunds that we constructed, months ago. I advise you all to form at least nine layers around my bunker to beat the enemy off. This is what Nadesan' calls the 'good lesson' I am sure you know how important it is to protect the leader.

    If you can, please talk to the media about the good things done by me: I always cared only for Tamil people at the expense of others; I am the only one who says that the Tamils are the greatest race on the earth who deserve not a separate country, but a separate continent; I added good things to the Tamil culture - the inter-caste marriage; equal opportunity to our women to be in suicide buisness as well as administrative role.

    My dear Tamil people, I made sure Tamils are known all over the world. The world knows we are not a race to mess with. We invented the first human bomb; even the Duke of Edinburg, the Queen's husband have asked a Tamil priest in London whether he was related to Tamil Tigers. See, we are known all over the world. We didn't commit enemy casualties; it is done by our rivals.

    So, my dear Tamil people, please be united against enemy and united in protecting the leader. Protecting leader is the most important duty of the Tamil people today. Please don't run away into the arms of the enemy as in Jaffna in 1996. If that happens. future generations will never forgive you. Protect the leader and his famil for the survial of the Tamil race.

    Take the Queen off the bee colony and see the disintegration of the community. You don't want to see it happenning in Vanni. So, my only appeal is to protect the leader on behalf the community.

    I will deliver my final speech soon. Please take care of the leader first then yourselves next.

  160. =====================================
    57 Division troops captured strategically important Tunukkai and Uyllankulam in Mullaithivu district, this morning.

  161. Qrious-

    Ayubowan , Vanakkam and very good morning...
    Good to see ya back bro. Looking foward to read few articles from you during the long weekend. No excuse now :)

  162. "hear from one insider source that LTTE hierarchy instructed its folks in Canada that two towns will fall under SLA and asked diaspora Tamils to be calm- this was said 2 months ago and they haven't even said which towns those were- it could be Mullaitivu or Thunukkai, furthermore that source saying, SLA will never enter into Kilinochi town which will become graveyard for them if they do.

    Believed you have seen above quote by now.
    Now that reminds me something which have seen live on Tele good few years ago. Event was when American forces took on Iraq. Sadam's spokesmen were saying we do this.. done that etc. Then when came to capturing the last city in Iraq, there were some minor events outside the last city. Inside the city.... It was nothing at all.
    Between the 2 forces one major different is America worked with high tech weapons.... Our brave hearts works with skills .... Todate have proved what our forces can address with out very high tech devices.

    Top of above I do see a big advantage which SL forces will have when get to Killi.
    Due to civilian getting employed, would LTTE really know who would be their cadet/s ? Therefore if we managed to get inside of those units, should be able to work out most of the upcoming challengers.
    May be our intelligent already done that by now ...

    What are your thoughts?

  163. Tunukkai and Uyllankulam captured.

    -Ada Derana News Alert

  164. Qrious-
    Bro, thank you for digging out the Praba's upcoming speech.

    "Take the Queen off the bee colony and see the disintegration of the community. You don't want to see it happenning in Vanni. So, my only appeal is to protect the leader on behalf the community."

    Cannot wait till the Queen bee to join TS.

  165. "hear from one insider source that LTTE hierarchy instructed its folks in Canada that two towns will fall under SLA and asked diaspora Tamils to be calm- this was said 2 months ago and they haven't even said which towns those were- it could be Mullaitivu or Thunukkai, furthermore that source saying, SLA will never enter into Kilinochi town which will become graveyard for them if they do."


    Regardless of what you say it's sitll a possibility no? I hope the army takes care.

  166. Pissuda machan... There is no double mind about it achieving the target by our brave hearts...

  167. I hope so man. It's just that the possibility still remains, so naturally part of is unsure. Hope for the best nevertheless.

  168. Shan, Noltte=peace,

    Your welcome mates…. Yes, it could very well be a ventilation shaft for a underground bunker.


    I see your point, good eye you’ve got there…see if you can dig up some more. I read some where that digital images have the serial no of the camera imbedded in the image it self. May be worth a bit of digging eh?


    Thanks mate. I, as I have said before is just an “ordinary” guy :)

    But yes, there are many in the forces (whom I know of and have befriended) who are highly proficient in their respective fields.

    We can rest assured that those who guard us (though not quite “cultured” in Her Majesties English and etiquettes by the standards of few in some cases) are the very best our land can produce at this stage in the current environment.

    They are tougher than nails and can out con any fox and are sharp as a rapier. Hope this answers your query.


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